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File: 1653032520972.jpg (939 KB, 1200x1800)
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939 KB JPG
Is this true? Are men the heartbreakers rather than women?
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Anyone can be a heartbreaker, male or female.
Women who have had their hearts broken by men view men as the heartbreakers.
Men who have had their hearts broken by women view women as the heartbreakers.
It goes both ways.
Woman break hearts by rejecting men.
Men break hearts, by manipulating away your vulnerability, breaking your guards, then basically using or rejecting you on some level.

One happens when there is little involvement, the other happens with some major involvement.
Woman may play with your heart in a similar manner too, with lots of involvement, but as a man you shouldn't be the one getting goofy like a woman, being lead on or around by her.
Entitled moid here.
Try to argue with that: https://incels.wiki/w/Scientific_Blackpill
twitter --->
<--- reddit
Now gtfo
Highly dark triad men more often go with highly dark triad women, and high scores in the dark triad correlate with more sexual partners and promiscuity.

>not teasing your trans gf until her head goes all fuzzy and she can only think about you
what's wrong with you, anon?
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oh yeah thanks i forgot
Beer in bed anon here; if I was in your place Id already be pressing her bitch button with both hands around her wind pipe. Damn shame.
>Sorry to disappoint but random hookups aren't really my thing >_>
>Enjoy your democracy sausage after you get some sleep tho.
maybe you two could date for real though. give her a shot
um, I dont think im as bad as most, just slight bpd, just a small anger "fits" people called it and a little spontaneous decisions and I may be looking.... :3?
File: sip.jpg (80 KB, 418x401)
80 KB

File: R14kkDj.jpg (39 KB, 657x527)
39 KB
Trannies say teehee add me on discord, you say hi, they never answer, whats their problem?
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Transgirls are the easiest to get a nude out of because they're more willing put it all out there out of desperation and habit. Not all, but definitely most. Do you ever read back the conversations you've had with them? I have a habit of recording phone calls to listen to them later because if I fucked up somewhere I need to know when it happened and how not to make the same mistake.
>then getting "Oh cool. That sounds nice. Are your legs pale?"
He's warming it up for the grand reveal. It's hard to type with two hands when one of them is full.
i should clarify the weird sexual comments are usually total non sequiturs out of nowhere
autism and coombrain
probably just not used to talking to women
I made a profile on a hookup site and being bombarded by messages is tiring. I'm just a crossdresser with a smooth, femboy type, slim body.

File: 8.png (369 KB, 662x662)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
>can't boymode because of HRT boobs
>can't girlmode because of adam's apple

this is truly the worst timeline. I sometimes can't help but wonder if my life would've been easier if I just put up with being a regular guy
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Sports bras, baggy clothes, etc. I don't bind. Unless you have massive fucking tits you can deal with it without breaking your ribs with a binder.
Not OP, but I have B cups after 6 months...
And bras make your tits sag, there's no winning here. Also what >>25885475 said.
really true i just want to boymode forever but i also dont want to have 0/10 boob
That can very easily be hidden you moron. Even if it's not flat as a board no one is gonna bat an eye.

File: WOMEN.jpg (1.69 MB, 1000x2083)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Why is it so that trannies have to look great and polished while cisshits can look inbred, greasy, retarded and ugly and STILL be considered "real [insert gender]"?

The answer is transphobia but I'm tired of retards pretending as if there are no hideous cis women. Using the YWNBAW makes me cringe because I'd rather be a tranny than look like Sarah Jessica Parker.

The fact that transphobes and terfs will let any cis bitch slide by only to "own" us makes me think that these cunts are legitimately mentally challenged.

>Fellow troons, would you rather be cis and look like one of the women on the left or would you rather stay the way you are?
I sure as shit would rather rope than be one of the cis ghould pictured.

>inb4 chaser
nah I'm just a troon with working eyes
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>don't want kids
>no reason to date "real" women over trans women
feels good to be a chaser
File: 215-111.jpg (8 KB, 249x202)
8 KB
thank you for existing, you are literally the reason I get up from bed every morning, cuz If I had the t4t transbian hellhole adting pool as my only option, I would rope
File: 1631351955380.jpg (21 KB, 300x250)
21 KB
>thank you for existing
you too anonette
Two options since most people still hate trannies
Either be a known tranny (don't pass) but still look good enough to overcome the stigma.
Or just be a passer that stealths and you can get away with being average.
Need more non-passoid/twinkhons out there mogging, stealth passoids do nothing for trans rights

File: Capture.png (603 KB, 686x885)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
meme thread
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its interesting
Whenever I get this feeling, I remember they're like 75% of native English speakers and mostly monolingual. I take breaks from english language interwebz 'cause it's the only way to avoid them.

File: cirnocry.jpg (10 KB, 224x225)
10 KB
if i have sex with my boyfriend am i gonna get monkeypox
only if you hold hands.

Women are arbitrary more attractive than men and males only stay cute and attractive while they are under 25 and testosterone hasnt turned their bodies into a furry balding ape nightmare

Most straight women are not even visualy attracted to men.Why? Because evolutionary they didnt need to be.Caveman big and strong = caveman rape attractive woman.No imput from women there

Women are only attracted to men via meta attraction or attracted to his non physical qualities(ability to support and help her).So why the hell do men let testotsterone turn them into ugly abominations instead of taking hrt and remaining attractive?
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Why would they want to look ugly?
Also gender dysphoria isnt even real
You’re assuming that masculine traits are inherently ugly
What does it matter if someone's ugly or not? All that matters is how much money you have.
I just explained why they are
Read the first post
It matters because you can be both rich and attractive isntead of rich and ugly

Age gap relationships for trans girls: based or cringe?
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Too much getting yelled at by angry daddy can cause hairloss.
Think so. Giwtwm
File: abramovic.png (709 KB, 720x933)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
>That's like me shitting on a plate and saying it makes me feel like a chef
that just looks like a painful way to be picked up
based based based (if they pass). i love daddys

Why are bisexual women like this?
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All bisexual """women""" are deluded trans men
A lot of lesbians are like this too.
AAP means Autoandrophilia.
>In Ray Blanchard's transsexualism typology, the proposed paraphilic tendency of a biological female to be sexually aroused by the thought of becoming a male.
Either you assume she's trans in denial or you have problem with reading. It's clearly stated she want to grow penis while still being woman, she isn't trans man. It's autogynandromorphophilia, wanting to be woman with some male traits
this is extremely based

File: file.png (84 KB, 542x250)
84 KB
why are cis women such cold, unfeeling, inconsiderate, psychopathic BITCHES?
File: 1652819924835.png (53 KB, 481x96)
53 KB
It's almost always middle/upper-middle class white cis women who are like this. It's like with rightoids, they aren't a part of any in-group so they like to cosplay opression in order to be "a part" of some imaginary demographic.

Romanticizing being a minority & getting shat on is cool when you can tap out at any moment.

>tfw basically nothing good has ever happened to you.
Have you never eaten cheetos?
Maybe something good can happen now. Maybe it can be the start of your adventure.
I doubt it. Good things just don’t happen to me. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

File: bleh.jpg (69 KB, 630x630)
69 KB
im a girl with a dick
its a very surreal experience and i feel like a freak
but at least there people out there who are attracted to me
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why are you even here chud
its not that bad anon. find some friends that actually care about you and are nice (preferably not from this place) and make your own server full of niche people and hide from the outside world.

t. happy tranny :)
based don't ever cut it off <3
if i pretend the dick isn't there you are just quirky women

I can top with the best of em or take your dick up my ass. What's not to like?

Not only that, I've got tits and can pee standing up. Truly the next stage of human evolution.

File: 1652972617775.jpg (335 KB, 1063x640)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
What do repressors typically look and act like?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I disagree, lots of them look like slightly feminine IT guys.
oh fuck
File: Eyq9XzqU8AAvYST.jpg (57 KB, 750x750)
57 KB
Apparently I come across strongly as gay. I don't see it but apparently the guys in my class thought I was dating girls to hide it and not because I actually liked them. I mean don't get me wrong. I do like guys just not only guys lol. I'm mostly just quiet till the occasional person takes a liking to me and forces me to interact with people.
from experience they don't really have a set personality they just replicate the mannerisms of surrounding masculine figures until someone calls them out
Why did repgen get deleted at 100 posts?
File: 1641951804909.jpg (131 KB, 1125x974)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Those in power fear the knowing repressor.

File: 1640192394552.gif (1.9 MB, 316x213)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
My trans gf has a loose bladder and has pissed my bed several times. Should I take her to the doctor? This is getting out of hand
Throw him off the balcony
You should tell him to stop taking hormones of the opposite sex and have the gash where his penis was cut off treated with antibiotics to prevent infections and wear a diaper so the remnants of his poor urethra doesn’t spray uncontrollably.
Or yeah, probably this if you want a quick fix
The answer is to encourage her to do pelvic floor exercises everyday. Just squeeze the pee stopping muscle and hold for a long time in short sessions throughout the day. T keeps these muscles strong in Amabs, so they can get too weak on E. If that alone doesn’t help, they’re probably on an AA that is making the issue worse and will need to lighten up on that and consider E mono therapy instead.

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