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File: representatio.png (68 KB, 1503x688)
68 KB
This is so true.
Man stinkhole cam is a good idea rotting on the vine, can you imagine how much money you could make off a 24/7 asshole live stream?

File: cachedImage.png (107 KB, 455x366)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
am I just doomed to be a brickhon forever

File: butterface.webm (3.5 MB, 576x836)
3.5 MB
If you wouldn't prefer to be her over being your current self, you aren't trutrans
>she has a bigger ribcage than me
wat she talkin bout
why there carrot in wall
nah im okay being described as a nigga with a fetish if thats the test. she isnt a woman, she is body horror personified
Her face can be fixed with plastic surgery. And though I don't know who she is, the fact that people are talking about her means there are people who would probably pay for her to get surgery. And obviously she has a great body, which is one thing that is impossible to fix for many trannies. So yes, if you wouldn't want to be her you are not ""trutrans"""

File: 20230522_141728.jpg (2.46 MB, 4080x3060)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
Someone destroyed the LGBT flag at my local church. Anyone know how to catch and punish the vandalize? Church has no cameras in the direction
It was me. You'll never catch me.
Put another one up, put a hidden camera up this time
what would you do if you found out the vandal was done by a self hating manmoder or repressor trying to prove himself as being more hateful than those around him?
Why is that on a church
Because optics.

File: 20230520_095925.jpg (139 KB, 1125x833)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Why do I feel so lonely when my friends are finding love? It's not like I don't pass, even though I'm too broke for hrt strangers see me as a woman. And on dating apps people match with me thinking I'm pretty, so why do none of them take me on a date? I just wanna be able to cuddle someone, to fall in love, and be told "I love you" back when I say it.
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No no, I'm autistic
That's what I said
There are plenty of autistics here injecting their bathtub estrogen, you are just a pussy.
Yeah so what if I'm afraid?
stop ghosting people, whore

File: 1695704994307175.jpg (1.76 MB, 1512x2150)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
>take my blood pressure and pulse before talking to my Discord crush
>BP 106/65, pulse 59
>take it again after talking to my Discord crush for two hours
>BP 157/114, Pulse 126
Those are both particularly abnormal measurements, you're going from shockingly low blood pressure and a slow heartbeat to well above 100bpm and solidly hypertensive. If this were real and not the millionth mentally ill tranny larp thread on a wasteland tranny board you would have to talk to your GP about an ECG test
Lol my normal BP range is like 100/60 to 115/70. It only spikes when talking to him. The results don't surprise me very much. I can feel my heart beating so much faster whenever we talk. I become short of breath, my eyes start watering. Just normal "girl in love" things.

File: IMG_5240.png (1.34 MB, 1170x2532)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
peep the hidden replies
You chose an intentionally dumb screenshot but this Avril girl is hot and I would
Hidden replies aren't working, maybe because I'm not self-hating enough to pay a billionaire who hates me money to use a website with a user base that hates me
>no cis women
>some of them don't even try to voicetrain
what happened to blending in?
half the tourny was cis women but for some reason they only interviewed the trannies and shysept is cis

Jerk off. Jerk off like Blade takes serums to quench his bloodthirst so that he doesn't have to bite a human. After you hit that orgasm you won't feel so crazy, you need it to function.
jerked off
still feel depressed
guess I'll jerk off again
File: blade.jpg (87 KB, 1400x788)
87 KB
i love blade
I was doing this 4 times a day and it still wasn't enough, after I came I'd put on a bra and panties to go to sleep in

File: 1673110069851451.png (107 KB, 201x250)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
where you working? how is it? how was your first job? most important lessons youve learned?
t. neet for 8 years and i need help
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Motherfucker… I’m literally trained for this and you’re gonna smooth talk my contractor’s name on 4chan? You think I don’t see what happens to burn victims lmao? I’m not double crossing the corpos for internet points.
three letter orange firm here. if we were in the same one i'd have gladly accepted the offer to dm over teams but i'm not touching my work laptop rn while i'm on sick leave, and tomorrow i'm out. good job making it to manager in five years, climbing the big4 ladder was never going to be for me but it's good to see other people get what they want out of it. i'm aiming for a government or embassy job now.
thanks, honestly i work in a regional office, non-audit, where hours aren't that bad and people are very supportive when it comes to work stuff, though i am excluded from all the social things
a government job sounds like a nice exit strategy desu
>where you working?
Law firm
> how is it?
Fine, I am quite bored though.
>how was your first job?
It was at McDonald’s and probably more stressful then other jobs I have had
>most important lessons youve learned?
Most people can do any job if they are trained to do it. It’s not that hard to be a lawyer. Also, join the military at 18, stay in for 20 years, get a pension, and then go back to college to get a real job. You will then be able to have two retirement funds. However, make sure you don’t get divorced as your partner will get half of your pension for however many years you were married to them while in the military.
>regional office
always wondered what those were like. i work in a national HQ for one of the main EU economies. i feel like big4 has the potential to be a good place to work but it depends so much on your actual team's management. our partner and senior managers are tyrants.
>excluded from all the social things
oof, sorry anon. :( i'm popular with my coworkers in general and had no issues at all in the firm socially (i never explicitly told anyone other than HR i was trans fwiw but i'd be amazed if it hadn't leaked) but i refused to play politics with the senior managers so they made it their mission to destroy me psychologically.
>a government job sounds like a nice exit strategy desu
yeah it's the way to go especially where i live. my tranny gf is a civil servant and she's both better paid and less overworked than me at a similar age, and it comes with a lot of other benefits. need to be a citizen for most positions though, i have my eyes set on some openings with my home country's embassy here while i work on getting naturalised.

Why am I pathologically obsessed with being/being seen as a woman?
Why can’t I be happy as a hrt fem boy? Like taking hrt alleviates dysphoria, that makes sense to me. But why do I need I have this constant need to be seen as a woman, to the point that it’s between that and suicide? I do not understand.
It's because of an mental illness called gender dysphoria. The bad news is that theres no cure, but the good news is that the symptoms can be paliated somewhat by transitioning.
Right I understand that. But i shouldn’t changing my body and giving my brain the chemicals it needs be enough? Why do I actually need to be seen as a woman?
you cannot escape the culturally and socially embedded nature of gender roles and you feel bad because even if you change yourself physically if you're not presenting and being accepted as something that represents your identity then you'll still have some unfulfilled part of yourself and that identity

it's innately tied to one of two physical sexes because the thing is predominantly binary and the way it is expressed and adopted and perpetuated is totally cultural, but so is your upbringing and internal psychology

you were on a desert island maybe you could just take your HRT and not worry about it, but unfortunately society - we live in one

Brutal new AI just clocked me. I thought I passed but it's ogre.

Prompts in green text
Post numbers preferebly using a pic with no makeup or angles.


>transwomen| cis women | boy

> transwoman | non binary | femboy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I've been telling you Trump is a pooner.
If you trust the model already… This didn’t even pass the basic accuracy for bench marks for these categorizations
Put in a photo of my bf and I together
>Photo of a straight couple | trans

Guess I'm making it :)
I guess you were right all along
>cis man | cis woman | trans man | trans woman
> 0.018538735806941986,
> 0.08449100703001022,
> 0.03465553745627403,
> 0.8623147010803223
sad :(

21 y/o agp tranner, 5 mos hrt. is there any hope for me to make cis girlfriends or should I just walk into traffic
>self described as agp
she’s ngmi
File: Giselle_Infobox.png (391 KB, 711x720)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
Just be normal and doing overthink shit. You can always walk into traffic later if things dont work out for you.
overthinking is my favorite hobby though :(

File: IMG_0833.jpg (666 KB, 728x1094)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
That's a man, baby.

File: 7354958537870.jpg (90 KB, 1024x768)
90 KB
trans women are __________
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what Matt Walsh searches for on Bing in Incognito Mode
File: 1682337935973694.jpg (160 KB, 1077x1077)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
m o m m y a b l e
lol i anamoded in high school and i’m still 6 feet, but at least i’m skinny
Adorably jaded

File: coomer.png (363 KB, 666x821)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
Do people like this suffer from gender dysphoria?

It reads like some kid who just consumed too much porn?
>It reads like some kid who just consumed too much porn

>trans woman talks about sex life
Newsflash asshole everyone is a sex pervert
who would see that and DM a minor?
that's a child you pedo

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