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File: 1557260783994.jpg (187 KB, 1000x1000)
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Any experienced anon here can tell us the difference between dating a tranny and an actual girl? Besides the penis, cone tits, male hobbies, how does it compare?
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not that anon, but it's polycule, retard!
Sounds like I hit a nerve.
I strongly identify with this post
please put your fingers in my mouth
>played on easy

File: Kang kong.jpg (33 KB, 420x420)
33 KB
when will the gays rise up and kill all trans and women?
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about time
i will just call myself a femboy bottom who takes drugs to look fem for longer :3
Do it faggot.
Alright tranny prepare to go to the camps

Are you up late? Are you sad? So am I. I am fueled in my work by pain.

Tell me everything you have lost.

Oh, and post your letter. It's lgbt relevant.
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Thank you, dear. I mean it.
>but I scared him away. He couldn't deal with me anymore. I don't really blame him either.
what happened anonette? i'm sorry about your pretransition 'friends'
>Dreaming about how differently my life would've played out if I wasn't trans, or I was born a girl.
File: IMG_20200117_044835.jpg (3.66 MB, 3024x4032)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB JPG
>what happened anonette?
I have dysphoric episodes and also diagnosed BPD. I never really got help for it when I was younger but I wish I did. I couldn't now since I have no health insurance and it really sucks. It was really bad before I met him but I've been working on it. Near the tail end of the relationship I only had a minor episode every few months but one day he just snapped at me and got sick of it. He didn't wanna do the relationship anymore. To be fair, I wouldn't either
Pic related, a cute sushi plushy he got me a few months ago. I love it a lot
> i'm sorry about your pretransition 'friends'
No need to be sorry! It's not your fault. I have hopes that i'll maybe find a new friend or two one day.
Sometimes people are in our lives at crucial times to help us through those moments. As tragic as the parting seems, it is still fortunate that you had that support in those trying times. Do not let it discourage you from forging new bonds, and take what you have learned from past experiences to forge stronger ones in the future.

I've been there as well. Keep the faith burning within you.
>but one day he just snapped at me and got sick of it. He didn't wanna do the relationship anymore.
you need to find motivation in yourself, to get the feeling he gave you without needing somebody else to give it!
you can maybe try contacting him eventually
>To be fair, I wouldn't either
why not, how bad are you?
>No need to be sorry! It's not your fault.
it's sympathy, because i can relate. but i never had a friend like that

i’m a girl, and i’ve been straight this whole time, i’ve dated two guys, and i am dating one at the moment.
but lately i’ve been feeling a bit bisexual like when i look at female (just celebrities) they look very attractive to me. that probably doesn’t make me bisexual since i don’t want to _be_ with them but i’ve never felt like this before? i mean they’ve always looked pretty to me but it’s even more so now. i’m confused. and not just that, irl, whenever another girl is nice to me i feel so warm and nice. i don’t really talk to guys either, i’m more around girls.
i’m confused. anyone ever felt like this before? is this normal?
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You are straight.
How does it feel when you think about hugging a girl? Kissing a girl? Smelling a girl?
kissing a girl, is okay i guess
i mean i have kissed a girl before but i was only like six years old and we were playing a game xD
hugs are great too
can’t threesome we’re too young for that lol, but no i’m not really into that kinda stuff either desu
it’s very confusing
all females are bicurious, while all males are either straight or gay

that's normal

File: 27.jpg (221 KB, 800x1119)
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221 KB JPG
Passing trans girls, is life better as a girl than it was a guy?
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I'm a bisexual and have no issue with trans but I don't seek them out.

Have gotten with them before and it's nice though.
Could be a difference in local culture.
>I don't really have a normal girlhood because garbage parents so my pre T experience was just a few months really.
Why, what happened?

At least you weren't raised to be a cis girl!

>They don't really seem to get you're a person too.Guys are like that when you're a girl
What do you mean?

>gay best friend territory. It's a surreal state where you're almost like a girl but not at all.
How so?

>They want to talk about boys with you in a less modest way than they talk about them with one another.
Weird. I wonder why that is.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You need to get rid of your penis first. If you have a cock then you are just going to find chasers who are attracted to your cock.
Are yall just trying to make friends with shitty women? I've been full time for over a year and am friends with almost exclusively cis women. And they're amazing and warm and those I knew back when I didn't pass for shit included me in things anyway.

I think there's this difficult step in transition where you have to actually assimilate into your "new" gender's social norms. Having a cis gf helped me a little but mostly you've just gotta dive into the deep end and learn to swim.

Helps not to be bitter tbqh

File: downloadfile-1.jpg (18 KB, 474x266)
18 KB
Why do I imagine myself as the girl when I masturbate to porn?
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you've watched too much porn
Time to take your anticistamines, Alice.
>watching porn
that's a bad thing, little girl
Not true

Take the Notorious H.R.T

File: 8der666gzwry.jpg (105 KB, 1280x1280)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Are there any examples of a successful transition at / after the age of 30? Asking for a friend.
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If that's a hon then I don't mind being a hon lmao
Does estrogen magically cause these people’s hair to grow back? Because if transitioning can prevent alopecia I’m definitely gonna go for it then. I’m still in my mid 20’s and my hair is still very healthy. That’s always been my central point of pride when it comes to my appearance.
yeah hrt is pretty good for preventing male pattern baldness
some desperate "cis" people even take hrt to prevent hair loss if they find that the traditional means like finasteride don't work

growing hair back is a different question, that tranner got lucky with her regrowth, it's not guaranteed and will need a heavy use of minox anyway

microneedling also helps
It prevents androgenetic alopecia and can grow back hair that was lost recently. >>14387391 is definitely a wig though.
I believe it was posted that it's regrowth

File: g.jpg (121 KB, 871x903)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
hate my gaunt cheekbones so gd much

luckily underweight and 0mo hrt (I bet that is the first time anyone has ever said that phrase) so it may be able to change

pic unfortunately related
i wish we could switch bones. i like the shape of your jaw and mouth because i want to have them
>t. ftm
Anon I was 24 bmi when i started and had gaunt cheeks like that when i started HRT and wanted to kms.
A year of HRT later my cheeks had filled in a lot and they look a lot softer, especially around my mouth.
I think with your starting place you'll get a lot from HRT and also from gaining weight.
I hope you can get through in the meantime ):
Rocky Dennis?
Or Hazelnut?
Bump my thread then anon

File: 1507082067220.jpg (510 KB, 873x1170)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
i want a trans girl to stick her girlpp in my puci!
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My discord is Clownie#3219 if you want to add me XD
Isn't it kinda true? Unless they are a straight or bi girl.
Don’t listen to the trolls I’m sure you’ll find a Tranny to fuck you!
thank you anon that is so reassuring! i appreciate you
I love this thread I hope both of you fuck <3

File: 9180-1016424693.jpg (71 KB, 800x720)
71 KB
>girls I know is detransitioning from being a guy because she didn't like it
>still says she's trans just 'living life as female'
I want to slap her.
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is this the "i didn't socially transition before medically and didn't bother to think about the social expectations around the gender role i want to adapt" FtM starter pack?
Feminists have zero idea what it's like to be a boy, despite being the ones who supposedly care about gender inequality and want equal treatment for both sexes.
woah it's like being a tranny is a fad or something
an ftm tranny

File: IMG_0510.jpg (69 KB, 640x620)
69 KB
>be me
>have very bad genital dysphoria
>7 inches

What did they mean by this?
more dick means more skin to work with when they make your vagina, don't worry kiddo
I don't mind having a hung girlfriend to own me while I crossdress.

File: cat.png (430 KB, 899x1115)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
Why does my trans gf have earthshattering orgasms JUST from me sucking on her nipples? I'm cis and having my boobs sucked on is kinda nice but that's it. If I just barely boop her nipple as lightly as I can she reacts like I tazed her how can she possibly be that sensitive?
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You're dumb. Someone's nipples usually get more sensitive on hrt, especially for the first couple years. And if you had sensitive nipples to begin with, then it's just amplified even more.
>HRT makes your nips super sensitive for a few months to a year or two when your boobs are coming in
Is this true for teenage cis girls too?
not from what i've heard asking my cis friends
how do you even ask that as a tranny

File: 1578697368105.png (340 KB, 640x720)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
>trans girls say you're gay if you like their penis
>simultaneously say straight men should find them attractive even though they have a penis
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You just fuck'em and ignore the bs just like with real women.
The men are erasing their own straightness by playing with cock. Do I think straight men can be attracted to trans women? Yes. Do I think they’re straight if they play with a penis and balls during sex? No. Stop conflating the two and saying straight erasure like youre fighting for a cause lmaoo
I can neither confirm nor deny whether that seems a good plan lol.

>There is someone out there for everyone, even stupid dumb chaser scum.

Arent you a chaser though 'King Daddy'?

You post on an /lgbt/ board and talk about hooking up with tranners and use a name with daddy in it lol
>Being sexually attracted to phallus as a male is not heterosexual. This tautological and non-controversial.
>Your argument is only correct in the context of post-ops

THIS. This guy gets it. We aren't hetero, we are some flavour of bi...

File: image_.png (1.1 MB, 933x800)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
My crush just posted this pic on her instagram. I'm devastated. She knows I'm trans, and even though we're not friends exactly she's been polite to me the few times we've spoken. But I don't know how I can even be around her after this, I'm so fucking angry I wanna just punch her in her stupid fucking TERF mouth... but I'm also so, so heartbroken, I haven't been able to stop crying since I got back, I've been crying so hard I started hiccuping.

Why must other people treat us so poorly? I never chose to be born trans. I never chose to be born a lesbian. I never wanted to be different, in fact, all I've ever wanted is to fit in. It's not our fault we're this way, so why can't bigots just leave us alone? Why do they need to make our lives even harder with their hate? Every time I feel like I'm coming to terms with myself, some bigot always comes along and makes me feel like shit.

Sorry for venting. If you were me, would you just let this slide or would you confront her? If you had the chance to make a hate speech complaint to the University which could potentially get her in trouble, would you? I'm not sure what I should do.
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The real question is, is it okay for cis females to want you murdered?
It’s ok, because everyone wants me dead in some sense, nothing new.
>everyone wants me dead in some sense
That doesn't make it okay anon :(
blessed post for a blessed thread

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