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File: sadcat.jpg (35 KB, 551x551)
35 KB
would gay men ever consider a relationship with another gay man who happens to take hrt?
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who hurt you, transbian conspiracy poster?
it ain't a conspiracy if it is true
im sure it varies person to person, but they almost certainly exist
I abslolutely would
yes, but i'm also a gay man who takes hrt

I'm not comfortable being called "he". I feel like I'm being misgendered when she calls me he or him. I wish she would ask me my pronouns. What does this all mean?
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how does one give an answer to this
Are you here to think or just to hear an answer you want to hear
Believe me it does. I die a little inside Everytime someone calls me a man.
via possessing self-awareness
Do you also hate having to check "male" on forms and stuff when they ask for your sex/gender?

File: dickpic.jpg (557 KB, 3000x2000)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
...but want to get his dick sucked BY YOU?

I personally would find humilliating this situation.
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I would tell him to get on his fucking knees and open his mouth
who the fuck do you think I am
I hate my penis. I love sucking penis tho.
It's a perfect match to me 'cause I don't like having my dick sucked at all.
Are you trans?
say, "sure," then wrestle that bitch into a 69 and jam your cock down his throat while sucking his. he's gotta learn that fair is fair.

File: Leddit.jpg (323 KB, 708x692)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Does anyone else find tranners hecking cute wholesome? Even a great strategy like regretting SRS ends up sounding so damn adorable.

>I was always a soft feminine top even though most of the time I wasn't able to penetrate bc the HRT was making me soft so in bed I was bottom most of the time.

Aww <3

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File: IMG_20200602_044750.jpg (381 KB, 1583x2048)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
Is this sarcasm or are you autistic.
that sounds pretty epic
t. grappa, a fat 30 year old neet repressor who wishes he could be a transbian.
Op is cute

Former /pol/fag here, I'm sorry for being so mean to trannies when I was aggressively repressing
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imagine being a capitalist in 2020
imagine being that fucking retarded
Capitalism is based. I don't expect Dunning-Kruger retards like yourself, who think the Federal Reserve is capitalism, to understand.
Are you a transbian? Because if yes don’t worry you’re going to experience twice the bullying you dished out.
>misogynist incel
>misogynist trancel

Wow big shocker.
fuck you incel. you are not forgiven

>tfw 6’1 ftm

Feels pretty good.

File: 1587614002106.jpg (151 KB, 506x490)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
if u are visibly lgbt and with ur significant other DO NOT show affection in public. no kissing hugging etc. not only are u putting urself at risk but others as well by forcing people to see lgbt couples and making people like us less and less. just keep it in the bedroom. you can wait until then.
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you’re just putting your life at risk anon
Lmao and I’m disgusted by fat people in bikinis doesn’t mean I don’t think they should have the right to wear a bikini
No! Its unfair how straight people can do it but we can't. I just want cuddle.
my gf and i kiss, hold hands and grope eachother in public. thats not going to stop
Race 'mixing' implies the ability to have children. But otherwise good for you two.

File: smug934.jpg (60 KB, 500x500)
60 KB
>you'd never know the pain of being a true woman, of having a period once a month!
>have daily UC
File: bird.jpg (48 KB, 750x938)
48 KB
kinda based op
File: 1279011586367.jpg (34 KB, 565x575)
34 KB
>so you wish a you had a vagina just to experience these painful periods? Wow. You think being a woman is all about about pain and suffering? That's pretty problematic pal.
>You think being a woman is all about about pain and suffering?
TERF ideology is pretty much this.
File: pleasure 100%.png (96 KB, 217x230)
96 KB
every time I take a shit and the toilet bowl is stained red I gloat to myself about how this is another box ticked off that TERFs can't use to attack me

File: EZC2ysBX0AgGVkb.png (488 KB, 680x671)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
Do straight femboys exist?
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>And so the male lesbian (1) does not want to play with males, (2) does
not want to make love to or experience sex with males, (3) does not
have male recreational interests, and (4) does not even want to procreate
male children. The vast majority of the love-shy men interviewed for
this book confessed that if they ever did become fathers they would
want to have girl children only—NO BOYS. In stark contrast, only one
percent of the self-confident, non-shy men felt that way. In fact, the
non-shy men preferred the idea of fathering male children to the idea
of fathering female children by a ratio of almost three to two.
yes, my friend is a straight femboy
This just sounds like transbian eggs being interviewed by a boomer that doesn't understand that not all trannies are straight.
The ones he interviewed didn't want to transition.

> Moreover, none of the love-shy men
studied for this research entertained any wishes or fantasies of any kind
pertinent to the idea of obtaining a sex change operation. All wanted to
keep their male genitalia; all wanted to remain as males. However, all
deeply envied the perogatives of the female gender and truly believed
that these perogatives fitted their own inborn temperaments far more
harmoniously than the pattern of behavioral expectations to which males
are required to adhere.
Being a straight man really sucks, you have to fit into a really narrow box or be alone forever while every other group gets to do what's natural to them. The idea that men are privileged is complete nonsense.

File: 1591079529983.jpg (317 KB, 1152x2048)
317 KB
317 KB JPG

seethe some more
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>Talking about politics
> Writing huge paragraphs
> In a fetishist message board

Mental illness is real
Welcome to the maga train
You may well even be right! I fully admit i might be projecting my perspective onto events as much as i try to see things objectively and in big picture terms. I love Cornel West a lot and even post Bernie campaign i have a lot of fondness for him and the whole crew you know? Cornel, wolff, harvey j kaye, i just dont know if we'll get the policies they prescribe or can exert organized pressure to get them. I could be being pessimistic.

Thank you for listening to our interview, mother bat was a joy to speak with. I hope to have her on more as a guest cohost in future episodes. This weekend i should be recording with a hamtaro superfan.

What fetish of mine do you want to talk about

Hell yeah I want to make america great again thats why i voluntered my time for the sanders campaign!
>What fetish of mine do you want to talk about
How you get aroused.when you look at yourself in the mirror
Im happy when i notice gains but i dont get sexually aroused, i usually punch the air and do an elvis dance. Cmon dude ive talked kink here before try harder

File: 1591112927452.jpg (138 KB, 768x1024)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Do I pass?
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I know reverse image exists cunt I just don't care enough
I hate that modelling gives straight up ugly girls big egos.

>do i pass

lmfao nigga you past
she doesn't just have one or two clockable features, her entire head and body is clockable
she honestly looks like a hon

File: 1590976200151.jpg (171 KB, 1107x1107)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Is it common for gay bottoms to have nonsexual crushes on girls?
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The first one was my best friend from eighth grade, and we had known each other for half the year before I started catching feelings. The second girl I fell in love with was my friend from residential who I had known for two months or so and it was really gradual. I tried to date the first one but I wasn't into her and the second one I just became really close with until we grew apart.
Do you feel like you are less and less capable of experiencing this romantic attraction as you grow older?
Also what if you barely know them and become obsessed and form a strong attachment to them in your mind and become emotionally dependent on them & feel depressed months after from just a few interactions?

Like I can understand feeling something more than usual if you've known them for a decent amount of time but it feels like these chemicals are pumped into my brain that makes me infatuated with certain girls within the first few moments of them speaking to me

I last became obsessed with a 25 year old woman (I'm 22) just from her asking me why I don't talk on the first day of working at a new place, I had seen her at first a few hours before and felt attraction like she was special but once she spoke to me everything about her just took on a new form in my brain and when I answered saying I don't want to bother anyone she said we're at work who cares and the rest of the day I thought about that moment and smiled
I started thinking about her constantly, having their face seared into my brain, felt an ache in my heart every time I saw them, started having nonsexual romantic dreams about them, felt strong emotions the rest of the day after interacting with them, replayed the memories over and over again in my head, felt so alive when I was around them, everything about her, her face, her mannerisms, her character, her tones of voice, the way she carried herself, her smile, her eyes, her hair, whenever they look at you/greet you/smile at you you forget about all your problems and insecurities and everything else fades away, you feel an intense yearning to be around them or just see them again, feel depressed when you no longer are around them

I only worked with her for 6 days and I was strongly attracted to her the second I saw her but she made me feel so alone after those 6 days during which I had conversations with her 4 times like what the fuck
I high key feel you on that ngl. I always thought it was more of a bpd thing for me, but that happens occasionally. Maybe talk to a therapist about it since having a fp can end badly if you don't handle it well... Or maybe it's just love at first sight idk i'm not a psych.
i love this sentence for you
Funny enough, happens more often with transfeminine folks. Though lately I've been questioning if I might be bisexual, still prefer dudes.

would u guys like me more if i were a based racist nazi tranner ?
literally everyone (that matters) would like you if you were a fascist transwoman
you're cool already desu
i'd like you more if you 41%'d yourself
i'd like you more if you stopped being a tripfaggot
who’s everyone that matters? anonymous racists on a mongolian rice farming board?
mmm i guess you’ll never like me then, anon!
thanks anon!

File: 20200602_160907.png (1.01 MB, 720x900)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Would they do the same if it was one of us?
No fucking of course not, trans women get sent to male prisons to be raped every day for years and nobody gives a fuck. Cops harass trans women constantly since they just automatically assume they're prostitutes since that's one of the only professions that will accept us and NOBODY cares. The gays literally had to riot all on their own to stop cops from harassing them and fucking with their establishments, but trans people don't have the numbers to make that effective and again- nobody else cares. But hey, at least black lives matter even though ours don't.

File: YP2.jpg (32 KB, 267x400)
32 KB
>Tall guy (more than 6.2) and also quite strongly shaped (big shoulders, muscular...)
>Always suffered of gender dysphoria but took a while to realise it .
>The usual stuff like dreaming of being in ranma1/2 or sailor moon or always picking female character in vidya but thinking it was ok because "I like girls".
>Quite popular with girls and usually considered handsome (pic related) so decide to simply cope with it.
>Gets more and more uncomfortable with my body/sex but still decide not to do anything from fear to appear like a freak to others and almost never talk about it.

What the fuck am I supposed to do ?
It would only make my relationships/work more complicated and I also know that I would never be happy with the results of my transitioning but the more times passes the more having testosterone and a fucking penis becomes insufferable...

Also I say appear like a "freak" but I DO NOT consider trans that might not pass as freaks and actually really respect and admire their courage and decision to be themselves, but simply that society often see them as such and I don't know if I have the guts/will to stomach it.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
and if you can never pass and dont think your life is better off with hrt, then detrans and get a mastectomy

this is what i'm doing. crossing my fingers that the 2nd year of HRT gets me closer
>u could do hrt
Yeah I thought about it, just to get the hormones/poison out of my mind/body...

>until you think you can pass
The thing is that ain't happenning, you just don't realise how thick my shoulders/upper body actually are (I do my best to have thin/small muscles but I can't change my bone structure).
Even if my face could pass my body never will.

Some trans women might be happy with that and some people might like the look but I know almost nobody would see me as a woman.
I really wish I was born with a small frame (actually more like a girl to begin with).

There is also the fact that my gf wouldn't accept it and I can't blame her since she is straight...(I wouldn't like her to change sex either since I'm also straight...wait... if I consider myself a girl and also like girls does that makes me gay..?..well who cares...)
Well its not actually me (I wouldn't post personal pic to 4chan...), that pic is from the sartorialist, but he looks just like me (actually thats how I discovered the blog, a friend saw that picture and thought it was me).
1st year didn't do shit for me, but 2nd year has been everything so far. Don't lose hope.

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