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File: 20200622_173358.jpg (2.39 MB, 4032x2268)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
Any intersex people out here?
Having a bad night
Was born with "ambiguous genitals"
Later they were 'corrected' to a fake penis
I was given top surgery and forcefed testosterone and i hated it all
Now im an adult im taking estrogen snd identifying as female
But i dont know
Living in my own body feels like abject terror
Idk anyone with the same experience
I never had a real vagina and i never had a real penis and ive never had a real reproductive systems
Ive never been bestowed the gift of creating life
Ill always feel like not a real man or woman no matter how i identify
I hate this
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that sucks.
thanks for the sympathetic words...
am feeling a little better now that I've had some rest
I tend to group myself in with MtFs. Socially I am MtF since I was raised as a male and I really don't tell most people irl about my medical history.Like... idk... feels so stupid going "Guys I'm a woman now, but I'm not trans cause my dangly bits were never actually a penis to begin with".
Medically I'm more similar to an FtMtF, I spent some time among their communities but it was kinda shit. They're so bitter and hate trannies. Also, the ones that did get any masculinization don't really regret it. I was really hoping to get advice from anyone with buyers regret on top surgery but I didn't find it there
Kinda curious to see how a intersex penis looks like desu.
at this point it looks like a micropenis with lots of stitches and scartissue all over
looked different back in the day but shit that was so fucking long ago
i watched a documentary about a similar case where someone was "assigned male" after being born with ambiguous equipment who went to confront the surgeon who did it to them..."he" was in his early twenties and all he got from the encounter was disappointment and a shrugging boomer. it was heartbreaking.

File: scorpion thought.jpg (1.1 MB, 1748x982)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
What is Scorpion thinking?
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>OP is such a fucking faggot holy shit
Wpuld you fuck scorpion without his mask?
I only practice safe sex.
Off topic cosplay shill
why was the hitbox for motaro so dang small in mk3

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The word "vulgar" has latin roots and meant "common" but is now used to mean something like 'crude, indecent, obscene'. Meaning of words changes and develops. You can't claim someone isn't trans because their gender identity doesn't conform to the original meaning of the prefix in the original language.
>The vast, vast, majority of women want to not have facial hair.

t. Slav
Sure language changes over time, I get that. But rules are needed to have things work in a society. I am not saying we need to be controlled 100% by them. But setting up guidelines is important.

You can still want to be the other gender, you can have that desire, but I won't support you if you don't make an active effort to make me believe you are that.

There is a reason I don't go around calling myself trans even though for the last 15 years I wish I was born a girl.
kys uggo
literally only the first two are valid

File: Olivia Culpo.jpg (63 KB, 1080x567)
63 KB
What does being a woman mean to you?
What do you feel when you "feel like a woman"?
What would your ideal life be like?

I'm a cis woman just trying to understand trans women better. I don't mean to be disrespectful by asking this, I'm just curious.
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>Yes I have. No-one answers the questions because they can't define what makes a female or why they feel feminine. Its a full thread of people batting away the problem and saying 'I just didn't feel male' which again is vague and nonsensical.
What makes you think that there is an objective answer to this question?

>why is becoming a butchered hall of mirrors version of a women your response to 'hating your male features'?
It works.

>have you ever considered that hating yourself comes from actually hating yourself and you've been coerced into this process by damage control trannies convincing everyone how much happier they are?
How do you explain the correlation between being trans and various biological sex-atypical qualities?
>It sure does sound like you haven't read the thread.
>What makes you think that there is an objective answer to this question?
All I see in the thread is 'I don't feel, I do feel'. Why is it all down to feelings? Feelings can change, you can be tricked into feeling a certain way. You can be influenced and brainwashed into thinking a certain way. You can reinterpret memories to justify that you've always felt a certain way.

>How do you explain the correlation between being trans and various biological sex-atypical qualities?
like what?
i feel like me, but the person i am is restricted by living in a male body and social role
"feeling like a woman" and "woman trapped in a man's body" are just memes to make explaining easier
You still haven't replied to >>16259946 which addresses your idiotic drivel fairly comprehensively so put up or shut up.
>All I see in the thread is 'I don't feel, I do feel'. Why is it all down to feelings? Feelings can change, you can be tricked into feeling a certain way. You can be influenced and brainwashed into thinking a certain way. You can reinterpret memories to justify that you've always felt a certain way.
have you read the opening post?
>What do you feel when you "feel like a woman"?
That might have something to do with it..

Now, what makes you think that this one contested word has an objectively correct definition but other contested words do not?

>like what?
The NHS estimates that roughly 1% of the population is trans. The identical twin of a trans male has a ~33.3% chance of being trans as well. Being trans correlates with genes that reduce one's sensitivity to the dominant sex hormones of one's sex. Trans people, even before undergoing HRT, tend to respond to certain stimuli (like androstadienone) in a sex-atypical manner. When it comes to the shape of certain regions of the brain trans men tend to be more male-typical and vice versa for trans women (though it is worth noting that we're discussing group level differences and that there are plenty of men with female-typical brain features and vice versa). Again, before HRT. On average trans men really are atypically masculine and trans women really are atypically feminine. What do you make of that?

File: 2afwgb7.jpg (25 KB, 300x400)
25 KB
>30 years old, closeted ftm
>5'2", fuggo 3/10 on a good day
>anorgasmia, because my self-hatred game is just that strong
>if I transitioned I'd just go from looking like a dumpy failed woman to a caricature of an incel

It'd be okay if I wasn't handsome. I'd be happy just to be mediocre. But even if I wasn't too short to pass, I'd still be a fug. Why go through so much effort just to wind up a different kind of miserable?
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Find a way to bypass your anorgasmia.
Find a man with brothers, have a son.
Live vicariously through them.
>Live vicariously through them.
this is miserable if you're self aware
Post pics
>hey I'm dysphoric
>cool cool have you thought about dissociating through nightmare sex and having your brain mass literally shrunken by multiple pregnancies?
This is how you go from GD to GD/PTSD (or as I like to call it, GD plus PTSD. The PTSD is not a mental illness unto itself, but rather another horrific component of a fully nonfunctioning tranny system made unbearable by the GD intrusive thoughts, sexual dysfunction and BDD comprising a full HSTS as defined by Blanchard.)
at least you'd have all that M A L E P R I V I L E G E to look forward to

The human skull is the most dimorphic and easily sexed portion of skeleton after pelvis, providing accuracy up to 94%. Trannies throw a tantrum say that this is not true and that the pelvis is a much more dimorphic area of the human skeleton. It is true that the pelvis is a dimorphic area, yes, but in day-to-day and face-to-face interactions the impact of the skull is immensely more determinant than the impact of the pelvis. Specifying something this atrociously obvious is an insult to anybody's intelligent, but trannies are so stupid that we really do need to state the obvious.

The pelvis is not readily and easily visible in day-to-day interactions. There are several tricks to feminize the pelvis. However, if you have a feminine pelvis and a masculine skull, you will never be seen as a woman. If, by contrast, you have a masculine pelvis but feminine skull, you will pass.

The skull contains innumerable dimorphic sub-regions such as the zygomatic arches, the mandibular ramus, the bitemporal width, the eye chambers etc... all of these areas bombard the observer in a split second. For example, men have a much higher orbital height compared to women, yet trannies think that women have big eyes.

Before some stupid fag says "nobody cares", there are obviously people who car. Duh.
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> accuracy up to 94%
Much fewer than 6% of women are trans, so most women with "male" skulls are cis going by your post.
>cheek implants
human skulls are sexually dimorphic and cannot be changed.

t. tranny
jesus christ the stupidity. accuracy of 94% doesn't mean that the remaining 6% is trans

File: IMG_20200710_213441.jpg (168 KB, 1092x1080)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Reminder that you will never get any meaningful changes as a femboy unless you start taking hrt
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stop taking advice from 4chan memes.
don't take hrt to look like an anime character.
Favorite meme with this template so far
>diet affects skin
nice broscience
>the building materials don't determine the building
You are what you eat. Eat greasy be greasy.

File: hibconf.jpg (81 KB, 564x634)
81 KB
genuine question, why is it worse to say the n word than it is to say like tranny or faggot and mean it? even with the hard r i feel like it's like kinda the same thing in a way
I obviously don't think either word is okay to actually use and mean it but one has to be abbrieviated in public contexts and the others can be said freely pretty much and I don't get it
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>post this on twitter
I don't have twitter but if someone who can get some traction wants to do it please do and post a link here, I'm genuinely interested in what people think
black people don't pretend they are anime characters
I don't pretend I am one either
Trannies don't respond with violence and burning down cities and assaulting people when called a tranny.

That's why "nigger" is worse
Because lgb can blend in with straight people, and on rare occasion t can blend in with cis people
But a black person will always be black and can never hide it
So racism is a lil more of a spook than homophobia and transphobia

Also lgbt mkvement is a lil behind civil rights movement; the blacks have been fighting for thwir shit longer and harder than us

>"Gay bisexual"

How is this possible?
it's not, words dont mean anything, all labels are free-for-all
>gay, bi, pan
>gender fluid
>open to monogamy or polygamy
this screams "anyone someone please fuck me."
File: retardalert.gif (2.98 MB, 480x270)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF
>gay & genderfluid
>gay & bi

>bulge on display in OKC profile with absolutely no shame.

Explain this, /tttt/!

what was her secret? :(
Herd werk 'n' dedercation yer
why do I have to be alive...
We all crave death here, you aren't alone.

Have any transgirls here ever taken a road test while girlmoding? Did you face any discrimination?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I had my drivers license exam in january. I wore a really slutty outfit and prayed that i would get a male instructor. I got this arabic dude as my instructor and he looked at me totally confused because my documents say om male. Needless to say i passed.
do your insurance premiums change if you legally change your gender?

Mine actually went up with Progressive when I changed to female.
mine went down after
mine didn't

are there really guys that would date boymoders?
i dont think they exist
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
uk and im a mtf boymod3r
Oof, that's a bit far. I'm from Poland.
The vast majority of the human population find trannies to be absolutely disgusting, especially cunt boys. Only a sick pervert would date any of you freaks.
Back to /pol/

u dont understand the terminology

File: 1594254330219.jpg (141 KB, 1080x1350)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
How to achieve hair like this without HRT?
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
its genes really, unless you have super fine hair, stop washing hair with shampoo everyday, learn a decent co wash, regular trims. not washing hair everyday is big. Oiling hair helps as well. But again it depends on your genes and hair type really. Bonus SILK PILLOW CASES AND PROTECTIVE STYLES
who the fuck washes hair everyday? shorthairfags perhaps. 2-3 times a week serms ok women get jelly of my repressor long hair so it works it seems
File: 1574072469634.jpg (45 KB, 564x564)
45 KB
can I achieve a bf like this natty?
Honestly the best thing I ever did for my hair is start getting keratin treatments / Brazilian blowouts - all I do now is wash/condition and air dry twice a week, wrapping in a micro fibre towel for a while after showering and sleeping on silk/satin pillowcases. My hair looks really shiny, frizz free and feels so smooth.
Wash with only water, daily

File: transillustrated.png (76 KB, 698x210)
76 KB
sorry but no one asked for this
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>being fap material is more useful than actually fighting for rights
I think Valentina Sampaio did?
I think trans-obsessed haters actually clock more cis girls than trans people lmfao
fap material will get you rights. the only reason cis males even care about girls is cause they're pretty. the more pee pee's we raise the more cis guys will support our existence. and you need mass support for political shit.
Yeah like I genuinely think these people don’t go outside much or have any female friends, it’s not even an uncommon body type.

File: 1587091660140.png (268 KB, 540x702)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
>Watch BMWF
>Wish I was the girl
I'm CIS, why is this happening?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>cis in all caps
Weak bait
Burn the coal...
because you're racist
typical anime poster
this >>16259129 , you actually fell for the meme

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