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Youngmanmoder Gen is a safe space for all those transitioning in their 20’s who are currently male presenting. We are no longer boys, yet we aren’t men.
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File: ymca reunion.jpg (51 KB, 500x332)
51 KB
YOUNG MAN! There's no need to feel down!
i’m gonna start losing weight tomorrow....
File: 4mNdAHnlyk.png (57 KB, 300x250)
57 KB
I'm a big chungussa
yeah im a fat fuck
tell em bagel

I mean, it's not like I call myself any of these meme terms irl or consider it a significant part of my identity. but as I said, I often don't feel like I "deserve" to post in /bmg/ so I'm glad there's another option. it's not that deep.

File: Gender-Dysphoria[1].jpg (319 KB, 2000x1200)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Hi /lgbt/ - I am a straight cis male and have a question for any trasgender anon's out here. I am hoping you can give me an insight into your thoughts.

I have 2 questions:

1. Do you see yourself as mentally ill?
I am specifically referring to the gender dysphoria, any other conditions such as autism, ocd or being a schizo making you mentally ill do not apply. That being said - even if you do not see your dysphoria as an illness - do you think other mental trouble contributed to the way you are?
Include the age you 'knew' you were a different gender and when you actually started transitioning/thinking about transitioning. I find this relevant.

2. Transgenderism has become more publicly accepted over the last decade and far more transgender people are now 'coming out.' than ever before. Do you think this is purely the result of the fact people feel safer coming out and representing themselves for how they feel inside, or do you think there is a percentage of people who normally would never consider themselves a different gender having their thoughts almost 'twisted' online or by communities they are part of and turning transgender.

Tripfaging purely so I can ask questions.
Do not take this as a personal attack.
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Why do you think you're cis, anon?
You say it's dumb question, yet kind of proceed to weight both sides of the argument.
Answer this instead (perhaps applies to everyone):

Do you think there is a significant percentage of people who if living pre-information age or even born in the modern day but never exposed to transgenderism would not consider themselves a different gender on the inside at all - but now given exposure to wider acceptance and the 'pink pill cults' you mentioned they are now seeing themselves as transgender. I leave the definition of 'significant percentage' to your own interpretation.

I was born with a cock and balls and feel like the gender which I am biologically.
I called the question dumb because the answer is obvious. You asked if there are false positives and obviously any diagnoses has some margin of error
I think even in the vacumm of a transphobia free world transition is a very difficult and painful process, so i dont think most people would choose it unless deep down in their bones really need it
However, i do have some concern with trans people with other mental illnesses or disabilities that harm their ability to guage the consequences of their actions; but even still, while i think those populations are at risk , the worst case scenario for most of them is they detrans eventually when they see the light
>I was born with a cock and balls and feel like the gender which I am biologically.
what does that mean? how do you "feel like a gender"? what's a "biological gender" if sex is biology?
I feel like you're just being picky about the language but fully know what I am trying to say.
I was born with male genitals, in a male body and know I am a man. I used gender/sex interchangeably even if the modem day definitions treat the two as separate concepts - so if it helps you get your head around the concept just replace one with the other in my post.

Equally let me ask you how does one born with the same genitals as mine ever feel 'like a woman'?

I see. Thank you all for your answers. Please understand I am merely trying to educate myself.

I for one welcome our new tranny overlords

>racist femboys giving trans eggs bad advice for a decade on lgbt

what do yall gain from this
they support diy hrt, so there's no harm in trans eggs having cringe femboy phases in their early 20s, they grow to fine women then
>sincereposting about agp in 2021

File: 134532245764.jpg (233 KB, 918x920)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
awesome anon :) me too
File: 1252356487659.jpg (775 KB, 2560x1440)
775 KB
775 KB JPG
Based. I do too anon. I even have 5 transgirl friends who broke up with their bfs to date other girls exclusively.
File: 1603760075254.gif (140 KB, 112x112)
140 KB
140 KB GIF
same uwu, but i'll never have another gf
why so tsundere sweetie
Monosexual cope.

File: 1437884757201.gif (2.36 MB, 420x428)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB GIF
I'm an AMAB and I wish I was a non-HRT FtM softboy
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Same, but tomboymoding is fine too. It's easy to malefail when you tomboymode on HRT.
Non-HRT FTMs are essentially just tomboys, you can't truly pass as a man without T therapy. I felt the same way as OP before I took the tomboy pill, shits fire I feel great now.
Do you wear female clothing?
Not sure what "female clothing" means specifically but the majority of my wardrobe is androgynous styles in women's cuts


File: EqoFcwhVkAETXV2.jpg (637 KB, 717x1034)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
I adopted a transgirl yesterday and she keeps saying uwu over and over. Is that normal for a scottish breed? She also keeps demanding I give her coding books. Do I give into her requests or discipline her?

Speaking of discipline, what's the best way to discipline an MtF? Not even 24 hours and she keeps humping all my pillows.
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Never do this, treat your transgf as your personal body pillow and cum dumpster.
We're getting her neutered in a few days. Poor thing seems to be in heat.

I'm a fan of Scots, their read hair is so pretty. I also love Swedish breeds.
I want to beat up a trans girl
>Best way is to tie them up with one or more vibrators inside/on them
p-please do this
File: 1573482488557.jpg (353 KB, 768x1024)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
Scottish??? Fuck if you are gona complain about her pass her my way. I'll treat her 10 times better than anyone else.

File: Eq8vY7mW4AAh0W6.png (67 KB, 822x901)
67 KB
>Cannot fap to porn where women are partaking anymore
>Cannot fap to consensual sex anymore
>get excited and hornyish at the thought of being feared
Wtf it's the bi top to rapist pipeline real or im just a born rape depravate
I fantasize about kidnapping cute twinks all the time
what do
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super based i want bi rapist top to kidnap me
Unironically,i kinda agree
Nice numbers tho
>let alone one thats into that
I have some good news anon lmao, consensual noncon is a common as fuck fetish for bottoms, especially if they’re super fem
I think i know that but im pretty sure that most of them live in western countries,wich is really far away from where i am
Fap to beachballs

File: 1608491833879.png (489 KB, 640x480)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
Why do I get hornier on HRT? I thought it was supposed to kill my sex drive.
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Because I'm ugly and no one would want me

>Because I'm ugly and no one would want me
Yeahhh look they just passed a law making it illegal to be a based hrt femboy and not have a top to enjoy your body and help you enjoy your body
I'm gonna need your address
I'm in CA, I'm ugly and not remotely feminine though.
File: eab.gif (108 KB, 260x195)
108 KB
108 KB GIF
>I'm in CA
Big if true you guys are adorable. Bonus if hispanic
>Not remotely feminine
And you're not getting any more feminine without my services. You're going about this all wrong. The feminization comes during the topping.
I wish I was OP

File: 1598375526944.jpg (141 KB, 902x1634)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>make a conscious effort to love myself instead of hating myself when I look in the mirror
>dysphoria dissappears
why aren't you doing this instead of becoming a tranny?
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that's Iliad
The Iliad was about Greek shit, not weeb shit.
The issue isn't the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind.
Thus, I'm talking about "who you are" at this deep level... it always re-emerges, and what one is actively doing via "just being ok" with who you "currently are" is actually just suppressing/repressing your own actual self, and you're impeding your own self-actualization.

It can certainly make dysphoria subside for a little while, I've done it, and before I accepted or truly knew myself... I was a master at self suppression (all kinds of reasons here, I was a damn good actor to myself, but I realized I was constantly lying to myself and not acknowledging my own feelings as important).
So, you actually end up impeding your own self-development, via not fully acknowledging yourself, to acknowledge your own feelings as important IS self love, and via that self-acknowledgement it leads to self-development and actualization.
To not explore those dysphoric feelings is to suppress them, and to try to "be ok" with the self without confronting those deeply felt feelings, then you are coping, and not integrating or dealing with that dysphoria, and are actually running away from yourself.
If you do end up figuring out it was something else, after exploring, and you didn't need to transition; then that's all well and good, but for me, accepting myself fully, acknowledging my feelings as important, deciding to go on E was my first tangible step, and after my chronic depression slowly faded away into happiness/contentment.
For reference, what I tried was self-acceptance without dealing with my dysphoria, I tried refining my masculine form, I was always complemented on my looks ("you're beautiful, handsome, etc"), but yet I was chronically depressed... what I feared THE MOST was my dysphoria, and after I finally confronted it, explored it, and decided to risk it, I have literally never been happier with myself.
As Jung said, "that which we need the most will be found where we least want to look."
Based myselfmoder
truly being a "myself moder" is going through the process of self individuation, and not suppressing the self.
see >>18761910 I consider it being a "myself moder" as the critical mass of lgbt/identity is basically individualism.

I'm a transbian yet I often have fantasies of having a son and being the present father I never had, is this normal?
I too love shotas
Don't see anything bad in it. I'm a lesbian myself and quite masculine too...I don't see myself as a mom but as a maddy (mom + daddy combined)....dunno...I like the thought of doing stuff mostly dad's would do with their kid.
No that doesn't normal at all

File: 1591560847740.jpg (256 KB, 1920x1080)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
So, does liking men for how they make me feel instead of just visually lusting after them makes me a closeted transbian?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
what the fuck does this even mean
but I thought females don't have a sexuality
You're retarded
it isn't or to be more exact it is not only that
cis women can have meta attraction but they do also have legitimate androphilia on top of that
they both like how masculine men make them feel but they also like masculine men themselves
there is a reason cis women are not turning lesbian by the billions and transwomen always end up as transbians
transwomen ONLY have meta attraction not legitimate androphilia
who cares fuck big man dick if it make u feel good

File: IMG_20210125_110747.jpg (115 KB, 960x887)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>talking to zoomer queers
>"why do you older folks always have to make Pride events so political though, it's supposed to be a big colourful celebration, not a political protest"
>"well, originally a big part of the reason for Pride was always to mark the events of Stonewall, albeit very broadly over the summer season, and repeat the gains in awareness we made back then"
>"why do we need to do all of that and risk alienating the public for one charity though"
They thought I meant Stonewall the UK charity, what sparked the conversation was them seeing some trans people with placards calling for better healthcare access and stuff. Why are zoomers like this? Watching these ipad-nursed iconoclasts walk around acting on limited & incorrect information like this while confidently asserting their moral authority is like trying to teach mirrors to a dog, I have the opposite of patience for it. How do we fix the zoomer problem?

Photo was taken in the early 90s btw. All that, in one decade. Heavy.
79 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah one of my best friends and his gf are both teachers here in leafland and jts just as bad. They just fuck around in class being problem kids and get pushed through and the other kids see this and stop trying too and next thing you know we have an entire generation of retards
HIV wasn't the first STD by any fucking means
condoms were popularized for decades by that point

maybe they didn't ask for HIV but they sure did ask for syphilis and gonnorhea and pinworms. not sure how or why i'm supposed to feel bad for these dumbasses
> muh holocaust
Literally who cares. It was 80 fucking years ago, lots of other peoples have been genocided, and milking Auschwitz so the Israelis can constantly murder Palestinian kids is getting just a little tired.
It's a good thing if zoomers are forgetting the holocaust. It's ancient history and it's just used by the Jews for their tiresome victim complex.
Am I supposed to feel bad for those people? They can avoid getting AIDS by not having gay sex, but of course they had to. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Based. The jews will soon lose all their holds on the good people's mind.

File: KnWDIAaN[1].jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
>take estrogen to become a woman
>actually just become a weird dude with gyno and cellulite on my ass
what now.
56 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
the "true effects" are widely available public information
and yet you weren't aware

And then there is hugboxing aswell as honscience, wishful thinking, delusion, flattering angles, cherry picked pics and the notion that only transition can cure gid but for some people it gets worse.
But you’re literally bruce jenner agp central lmao
which is why I think it would be kinda nice to instill in people that it's not the cure all that people think it is, because your life can become worse and now you're REALLY depressed.

I'm not against people transitioning. I think it would be beneficial if people are aware of what the results would most likely be before they pin their hopes on something unlikely

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