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File: 1579117753284.jpg (65 KB, 625x625)
65 KB
Weekly reminder that TERFs hate all feminine men regardless of their gender identity.
This includes femboys, twinks, boymoders, gay men, bisexuals, cross-dressers, chasers, transvestic fetishists, gender non-conforming men, men on hrt who don't identify as women etc.
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File: Redpillcomics19.jpg (207 KB, 750x1124)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Ok, stay away from women then.
Feminism = hating men
TERFs = hating men and transwomen
TERFs are the good guys though
ok incel

File: 20200115_125938~2.jpg (425 KB, 1433x1698)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
Looking for someone in Baltimore ashleylowe459atgmaii
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File: 20200115_131226~2.jpg (627 KB, 2171x1487)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
Message me on there
File: 20200115_132840~2.jpg (1.1 MB, 2711x2983)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
I don't know how to do it
yup this ones going in my cringe compilation
this one is for the hon thread
File: 20200115_131602~2.jpg (1.08 MB, 2825x2239)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I hope you like

File: chad.jpg (30 KB, 800x450)
30 KB
Any other LGBTs repressing for the sake of western civilization?

I pretend to be cishet so I can pass down my Nordic genes and raise a good trad family.
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The only problem with National socialism is that it is a Jewish perversion of ethnolocalism
This is my reasoning for being closeted.
I just don't want the possibility of people thinking of me differently when it's not necessary.
Twin studies show being gay is at least partially influenced by genes. Of course it's not the whole story since hormonal development in the womb also plays a role, but still
>Of course it's not the whole story since hormonal development in the womb also plays a role
Don't forget about epigenetics.

Anyone else hate that itchy feeling of your leg hair growing back in? Can't there be a better easy way to get rid of leg hair that lasts for weeks?
File: 1571880119344.jpg (25 KB, 480x480)
25 KB
>Can't there be a better easy way to get rid of leg hair that lasts for weeks?
fucking retard
laser is hard to come by for some.
waxing is fucking painful.
God I wish I were her
She's so smug knowing she's a cute anime girl and I'm not
I don't mind leg hair as much as the other spots that are harder to get rid of, stomach, chest and nipple hairs are the bane of my existence

File: Koala.jpg (771 KB, 1024x768)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
>The concept of passing is transphobic uwu
What do I do when trans girls tell me this and make me feel like shit for wanting to look like a fucking woman? This is some next level bullying
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...can I? Teach me Dad.

The fucked up thing is that they, like, pass better than me lol. I'm the bitter hon. I just don't take my bitterness out on others.

I keep hearing this from twinkhons.
>What do I do
Cut her out. You don't deserve to have people in your life who push their ideology over your own comfort.
wait how please tell me the cheat code
I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to pass, but I do think it's absolutely horrible to treat hons who put in the effort like shit because they don't pass (this mentality also causes people to repress because you make them horrified of becoming a hon)
I agree

File: bwky45x8uvx31.jpg (172 KB, 828x1530)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Why are straight relationships so terrible compared to gay ones? They seem more like some cynical exchange that people feel pressured into rather than a real expression of love.
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Wat you perceived as depth is merely an illusion, the same way we project human-like personalities onto pets and other animals.
It's simply not there.
Most hets feel trapped within their relationships. This is especially true since hets feel more beholden to religion and their families.
You are misquoting that abuse statistic, try to read your own shit.
>muh lesbian bed death meme

What a sad human.
Okay, but I disagree.
Everyone is entitled to being wrong. Same goes for you.
>Most hets feel trapped within their relationships
So do most homos. Gay men have completely given up on monogamy in general. You call that a healthy relationship?
>You are misquoting that abuse statistic, try to read your own shit.
OK you're right, it doesn't say that lesbians have higher rates of abuse, it says they have the same level of abuse as heterosexual relationships, so the notion that they are more loving or less abusive is obviously not true.

Stop pretending like het relationships are less successful than faggot relationships. You're obviously incorrect

File: EAuaz6sXsAEL_Zw.jpg (34 KB, 612x764)
34 KB
Personally as a bi guy I prefer women's asses by far.
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>The difference between twink and femoboy is attitude and dress aesthetic
there are twink body types that just would never be classed as femboy regardless of attitude/dress aesthetic imo
We might have different qualifications for twink. For me a quintessential twink appearance is James Charles. If you're defining twink as the the tag on porn sites, I see most of them as just typical gay.
Pretty sure tomboys are young by definition. Even if a woman keeps the andro clothing and interests, calling a 40something a tomboy would just be weird.
lol I'm talking more 25 than 40 - when girls can still pull off the look. It's like alt/goth girls, they fucking vanish once you leave school/college - only ones left are lifers who likely married a alt/goth guy.

File: WTF.png (69 KB, 400x320)
69 KB
>tell friends I'm bi
>they accept it although they make some jokes about it (no problems here)
>eventually they sometimes call me gay and homosexual
>i say to them I'm bi but they still think of me as a FAG
>i ask them why they call me gay or fag if I'm interested in both sexes
>"bro if you are a dude and you like dick you're a fag even if you like women too. "Bisexual" is for the girls."

Am I really a fag if I even like women too (even preferring them)? Are bisexuals, fags (or semi-fags)? If yes, why?
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I think that anon meant
File: Adornable.jpg (172 KB, 1280x720)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Breeders are simply seething, because their comprehension is incredibly low.
Thank you.
Unironically: get better friends.
File: 1567750523867.png (269 KB, 531x398)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
>second boast pest boast
what does this mean?
the second person to boast is a pest. is that it?

File: 1571628226961.jpg (10 KB, 240x240)
10 KB
ive come to the conclusion through much dating that men are trash.
imma just be a transbian now
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File: Theotokos.jpg (390 KB, 1204x1500)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
It is fair. The only truly good person born, aside from Christ, who was God and Man, was a born female.
>taking someone who believes in Jew fairytales seriously
File: Jesus tokes.jpg (119 KB, 685x886)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Yeah if you're a child. There's no way you could ever personally have enough experience to extrapolate to all men, that's just statistics.

File: 1577621606026.jpg (77 KB, 720x1024)
77 KB
i am FIRM in my belief that this once WHOLESOME gen (boymode gen) was killed by ANIME.
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Move soon plz I would like to cuddle up with a qt under a warm blanket. :^)
One final bump in attempt to keep this thread alive ;-;
why would yo make a thread about ugly boys with misshapen boobs
I'll have you know I have round boobs... still gotta grow more, but they aren't cones.
Because they need love

File: 1552000404694.jpg (62 KB, 464x477)
62 KB
>my bottom boyfriend has a bigger penis than me, but he said he only wants to bottom and doesn't really have any desire to top
Why the fuck am I not just dating a transgirl again?
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I'm a hung bottom too and the one time I got fucked by a guy as big as me I was sore for awhile. Sticking to avg dicks.
Big dicks are great for hookups but average dicks are LTR material.
t. hung bottom
Pretty much. I could do a big dick once or twice a year max. Average if I want to fuck regularly.
Source: my rotting wound

File: hypocracy.png (35 KB, 712x515)
35 KB
TERFs discussing how tanners hate chasers. Calling them ridiculous and hypocrites. Thoughts?

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Go back.
File: Redpillcomics19.jpg (207 KB, 750x1124)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
>Tranners being hypocrites?
How so?
File: 1567750878905.png (664 KB, 867x722)
664 KB
664 KB PNG

In its core, AGP is about your attraction to your self image as a woman. You have the control over what your AGP will entail. If you fantasize about imagining yourself as a porn star in a submissive role, then you will start to identify as such and you will require more of that fantasy to be sexually satisfied. However, if you fantasize about being the strong women characters on TV or history, such as Xena, or admire intellectual women, then you will start to see yourself as that and want to be that. The problem with the male AGP is that testosterone drives them, therefore their lives slowly start incorporate a rabbit hole of progressively more degrading sexual fantasies. To combat this, male AGPs should be allowed to start HRT from early teen years*. As male AGPs get an equal ground to female AGPs with the help of exogenous hormones, we should work to eliminate the consumption and production of pornographic materials—which could be anything from porn movies to obscene billboard advertisements—degradeful to women and encourage the proliferation of the fictional and non-fictional strong and intellectual woman characters in our society.

* I am confident that any male AGP would want to start HRT if they knew about it and if there were no societal pressure to keep the status quo of their endocrinological system. If you are so wicked to deny a teenager their bodily autonomy then you should at least stop complaining about the existence of fetishistic predatory AGPs.
126 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw ppl actually unironically believe this Blanchardian pseudoscience lmao
Ksenia and her acolytes are heavily posting in this thread. It makes sense that only the most mentally ill among trannies believe this shit.
The OP is not about Blanchardism at all.
Yeah Ksenia is a dumb Blanchard denier.
Blanchardism is reality denying. It calls any trans woman that is a counter-example a liar, as if they could tell for sure that all counter-examples are lying by mind reading.

File: 7cfcisur2vv11.png (391 KB, 720x398)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
Thread for sharing HRT changes you weren't prepared for. Might be ones you knew would happen but happened too fast or ones you didn't know would happen at all.

>fucking migraines - I googled and it happens due to blood pressure changing, but there is little resource on it. luckily they passed now, but I had to go to a doc and got super expensive pills to manage them. was awful.
>the bliss. I'm happy. too happy. I smile to myself sometimes which never happened before. my coworkers got scared that something happened to me and asked me if I'm fine. I am. I doubt it's hrt alone, but hrt and scheduled surgeries - and whilst I will still need bottom surgeries and be longer on hrt for more changes, damn the relief is real. if you see women being grumpy in the streets, just stab them with pp growth juice.
>I like dogs more. IDK why. cats are still the best, but I really don't mind dogs that much. expect they smell super bad.
>I fear less. might be also related to the suicidal episode when I was waiting for the diagnose and I might've lost the rest of survival instincts, but overall, I can't be bothered. dark alley? if it's a shortcut, sure. I wasn't very fearful to begin with, but I think I'm even less now.

Share yours, plx.
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well I am just now getting off the hon dose but in any case, and even though the parches didnt absorb very well and I am on injections now, I did notive some changes and more now with injections. Softer skin and I lay in bed waking up imagining if a man was rubbing his hand across my chest I would just die. It would be too much. I feel more sexually interested now, where before I my favorite thing to do was to masturbate hands free, then be done with it and even deny that I was gay and a bottom. Now I actually want a bf and just the thought of it is almost too much. I guess I should take things slow.
>I feel more sexually interested now, where before I my favorite thing to do was to masturbate hands free, then be done with it and even deny that I was gay and a bottom. Now I actually want a bf and just the thought of it is almost too much. I guess I should take things slow.
Dysphoria makes people ace. Transition is a way to be comfey and yourself. Go get 'em boys.
honestly this even though i wouldn't say constantly personally
i literally couldn't cry before hrt even if i wanted to/was extremely sad. i even kept track of when i cried because that was always such a rare and special moment and only happened like once or twice a year
Where do you get you injections and for how much?

Do any of you ever leave the trannynet briefly only to completely lose hope when cis people talk about us?
For example, here are THOUSANDS of REDDITORS spewing out pseudoscience about blockers, making shit up about “forced transitions”, posting literal TERF propaganda, and screeching endlessly about the “evil tranny who raped me by not telling me they were trans” strawman. (implying this has ever happened)
What do you think of cis people talking about us?
>inb4 thread is shat up by le ebin xD /pol/dditors
109 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wonder if these numbers are only so high because lower iq trannies repress

That's why the HSTS IQ is lower too: because gays don't transition based on the same factors as AGPs, so low IQ doesn't equal not transitioning for them the way it does for AGP repressors.
There's really no way to tell. But repressing is incredibly low IQ, so I could see it. It could just as easily be something inherent to trans people too though... FTMs (who are way less likely to repress) having similarly high IQs kinda makes this seem more likely.
When I was a toddler I had an accident that left me with a cosmetic problem. I shrugged it off whenever someone asked me about it, but I was actually very self conscious and it had a significant effect on my mental health. Eventually I gave up and had surgery to fix it, and it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Surprisingly, it didn't make me get addicted to surgery or start finding new flaws to obsess over or whatever the usual stigma is. Instead, it just immediately fixed a problem that decades of "just accepting myself" never could. It completely changed the way I think about cosmetic surgery. It's been years now and I rarely think about my old problem spot anymore, but once in a while it catches my eye in the mirror and I still get a little moment of glee that it's fixed.
What was the accident/problem? From the context I'd guess a facial scar.

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