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File: sleepynanase.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
what would you do if you came across a boymoder, that was sooo tired, that hadn't sleep a wink, that didn't know what to do, that although she's so tired she'll have another cigarette, that has her mind set on you, and just generally, that knew she'll give you everything she's got for a little peace of mind?
stop smoking cancer sticks
Im so sleep deprived the depersonalization wont go away.
Go to bed and cuddle until were both sleeping in each others arms

File: gex.jpg (39 KB, 700x538)
39 KB
>start hrt at 25 after consciously repping for almost a decade

How do I make it quick and painless?
File: 1612116779241.jpg (91 KB, 736x552)
91 KB
get it a tall strong bf, it helps
t. trooned at 23.5
>start hrt at 26 after unconsciously repping for basically forever
>unconscious repping
doesn't exist




it's kind of unfalsifiable/freud-esque
it definitely is a thing. I wanted to be a girl since I was like 5, had dreams of being a girl, had long hair until puberty and enjoyed being mistaken for a girl, etc. The only trans people I ever saw or heard of were boomers with breast implants and shemale porn stars, so I thought that while I wanted to be a girl, I didn't want to be that. I was also sheltered and didn't know what sex was until high school because my parents never talked about sexuality at all and made sure I never watched anything "inappropriate", so I didn't know what sex worked until high school, and never was comfortable asking them questions I should have asked.
I didn't know that you could just take hormones until I was 18 or something, at which point I was already tall and thought it was too late. I wanted to take hormones and be a femboy, but I was too scared of having visible boobs and didn't have money for laser, so I told myself that I didn't need it and it was just vanity and I should be happy as a normal guy.
I spent a bunch more years miserable and depressed, occasionally getting to diy hrt checkout and backing out. I still at no point thought I was actually trans, it was like I'd locked the idea away and refused to look at it. But around my 26th birthday I had a terrible mental breakdown and cracked hard, ordered hrt online the next morning. I have zero doubts about being trans now, but I would have realized it much much sooner if I'd been exposed to any positive representation before I was basically an adult, or had any idea how being trans worked or what it meant or felt like. I assumed trans people just developed into the opposite sex, or that a doctor would just do a test and tell you that you were trans or something. If I was born 5 years later I probably would have transitioned 10 years earlier.

File: rcd1i7drwkea1.png (372 KB, 3840x2160)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
how do ftms feel about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gee7g68REQM
Can relate to the sentiment expressed early on because I do the same kinda thing with my clit and labia, like sorta hangin around with my hand in my pants fiddlin around aimlessly

t. pooner who just now had to take his hand out of his pants because it was taking too long to type this one-handed
snatch itching
No when my pussy itches it is impossible to get rid of by scratching it. Doesn't happen often. I do love cupping my whole pussy in my hand though

File: y2jvc7oxgl551.jpg (67 KB, 744x793)
67 KB
>be me
>MTF, 3 years HRT, look like a mix of picrel
>happy with my body, but have a very low libido, not sure if I should date women or men
>get really high, 300mg CBD
>start feeling horny, forget what I look like so I start going through the last years pictures I took
>I'm super fem looking, absolutely no one would ever mistake me for a man, or even as a top
>realize that people around me probably assume I like dick, and am visibly queer
>get super hot and bothered by this and start dry humping bed
>breakout the vibrator and then have 6 (yes, six) orgasms in a row. Incredibly pleasurable sexual experience

Okay there's now shadow of a doubt in my mind that I'm AGP. Really not sure how to feel about this
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I mean yeah kinda if you turned your oompa loompa and bighead netflix skyrim knob down 45% sure the symmetry is kind of there.
In other words I guess if you lost some weight you could realistically aim for a similar look and some of it is also the camera lens fisheye.
I looked exactly like the right pre trans, and I was really handsome and hot, in a blue collar twink kind of way
I used too get high on speed stay awake for days and record videos talking to myself to assess my passability.
Rewatching my videos doesn't make me wanna fuck myself, they just make me think "fucking hell that girl is hot, she could get a really hot boyfriend"

Do tranners wear bunnygirl outfits?
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That's why we are all here. This little dude is gonna end up helping some trannies get bfs
Is the implication here I can get a tranny gf for the cost of one bunny girl outfit?
File: 1674876372468.jpg (322 KB, 1920x1080)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
astra > finn
yes but in my case you won't like the result

File: 1654434238627m.jpg (42 KB, 432x1024)
42 KB
Trannys should be forced to say "daddy am I making you proud" while being rammed full of chaser cock
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You can't be serious>>29363426
That's not me who posted that fucking retard
I'd define her
idk, i just do my best to keep the worse parts of my personality (attentionwhore, unstable, degenerate, depressive) under control

File: basedlain.jpg (38 KB, 720x720)
38 KB
Seriously, it makes us looks bad. most of us love our trans brothers, don't make all MtFs look like AFAB hating bitterhons.
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you can get pleasure from phallo
most ftms dont get phallo tho due to complications and the arm/leg scarring like you mentioned
I want a ftm boyfriend so we can go to gym together
File: 30ihuttre9m81.jpg (57 KB, 640x684)
57 KB
i need him
I like transmascs, I think most of 'em are pretty cool.
i like ftms. i want to befriend and/or fuck one

t. femboy top

Is Ready or Not trans coded? I've run into a lot of MTFs and boymoders who play it

also, is Veronica from FNV boymoder representation?
No its retard coded, why play this when you could play swat 4?
File: 20221211195309_1.jpg (283 KB, 1920x1080)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
it's graphically superior
Nothing beats a game with a bit of crust.

File: akko_bashful.png (561 KB, 790x854)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
I've been talking with this cute, incredibly autistic twink in my class. I think he may be a really well passing ftm but I'm not sure (ngl somehow makes him cuter and more charming). Today he was telling me about how he doesn't have any real desire to emotionally connect with people, but finds it interesting I'm so curious about him. Next week I want to ask him to hang out but I'm nervous about it. I'm also a weirdo who has a hard time connecting with people, except I have a deep desire for it and am very hurt by rejection.
>Today he was telling me about how he doesn't have any real desire to emotionally connect with people, but finds it interesting I'm so curious about him.
this is a huge red flag. it could be anything from ASPD (antisocial personality disorder), to aromantic, to autistic, to just normal but introverted. err on the side of caution

mind you, a more malicious person would outright claim to be romantic or dependent, then guilt-trip you into an abusive relationship down the road. but there is still something to be said about the possibility of the criminally insane simply not having their own long-term best interest in mind, so they meander through life not even being arsed to hide their simply not feeling the emotions necessary to even simply not be evil at their leisure. people can be really fucked up
I haven't asked him about it but aromantic wouldn't shock me and he's almost certainly autistic. Honestly I'm just looking to be his friend. I will confess I am a little smitten but that's not abnormal for me when I meet someone attractive I get on well with. I know from experience it fades after a couple weeks.

He says he's not particularly emotional, but he does have them. I believe him when he says that. But I will be careful about getting overinvested in someone like that. I can see where it could hurt me.

File: 9vTcp8iY.jpg (180 KB, 1080x1350)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>This is a 10/10 to gay guys
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The power of hsts
i always forget about her, she is peak tranner
Nah, not masc or muscular enough.
>This is a 10/10 to bipedo guys
i bet she went to that gym just to get gangbanged
SmartFit is the official "gay sex in the bathroom" gym
No this is

I like girl cock in my man butt
Show this post to your dad and tell him you made it.
Me too anon
No one who posts on this board has a father in their life lmao

File: 1672273482161998.jpg (146 KB, 850x638)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
my favs are definitely acid, mdma, 2c-b and ritalin in that order
drinking some ghb rn for the first time, excited to see how it is :D
also, i'm gay
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lol of course they did you were literally being a little guinea pig for completely new and unknown substances with 0 record of longterm physiological/mental effects made by random people around the world like if you're gonna wreck yourself like that you might as well get into those research studies that pay $$$
i do agree to take it easy though like i've been doing everything under the sun for 15+ years with no problems bc i do it in moderation but like come on bruh

Ofc i fucking knew. I just didn't want to believe and accept it, i ignored everything and just didn't think about it. I don't even blame the person that sold me the shit that had secretly drugs in it anymore. I was naive but i saw the signs but i just ignored them. After that bitch got arrested i had to find a replacement but there is no replacement, i don't know how much shit i have tried because i wanted and needed to feel that high again but nothing came close. Blablabla using ever day, bigger bombs, less effects, negative effects became worse and worse. I stopped after a hell of a week i do not want to repeat and my chaser bf is a fucking hero that he stayed by my side even after all this. If it wasn't for him I'd prolly be fucking dead now. I can live with my memory that is worse than a goldfish, my permanent fucked up vision fucks with everything i look at, my hearing having became worse and having those loud beeps blast in my ears etc I'm such a victim blabla i can never forgive myself that i have hurt my bf and vented my anger out on him while he was the one who saved me and all the other shit i did to him.
4mmc got the banhammer big time.
As a top Kratom Green Marlay.
awe i'm so sorry i was kinda rude anon that sounds terrible
the body is a crazy resilient thing though i'm sure if you take care of yourself and get back on the right track you can eventually get some level of normalcy and health back and it sounds like you have a great support in your bf
wishing you the best fren <3
File: 1664213397294874.jpg (1.02 MB, 2000x2400)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
It's hard to choose, but I suppose at the end of the day, nothing beats acid. Truly unforgettable experiences. But I enjoy ritalin for productivity

I also love getting fucking plastered, even after trying so much shit, but consuming that much alcohol and keeping it going is a pain and ends up hurting

Weed sucks and I hate it

File: url(17).jpg (27 KB, 600x400)
27 KB
The more I learn about all the shit women do the less I want to be one
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He also conquered the known world and defeated Vercingetorix in a military manoeuvre studied in present day military schools for its extremely high tactical genius and leadership skills.

He also left billions to Augustus when he died (after starting out running away from debters), with his death ushering in the very thing the senators sought to prevent: the return of emperors and a subjucated senate.

Besides he knew he was going to be killed, he told Cassius the best way to die was suddenly and unexpectedly. And he plucked his body hair. Shave, nair, wax, or laser but hair is uncivilized. Sort it out
Okay, so Caesar was a bottom. Tops are supposed to be a little uncivilized, it makes bottoms go crazy.
Tops are just walking dicks with opinions you can ignore lol.

Bottoms are more intellectual and creative
I want to partake in it desu, the woman crimes. They do be evil
I'm always weirded out a bit when I realize most people's faces aren't incredibly asymmetric
Must be nice being a genetic success

File: 1664419455530235.png (50 KB, 517x701)
50 KB
i met a trans woman in telegram who lives near my house and ive been talking to her and i wanna date her and i told her im trans too but she thinks im a trans woman and not enby, i live in mexico so most trans women here are hsts and that's cringe there are no transbians it's weird, what should i do?? i wil tell her i wanna date her
you both have a penis? your both hsts then, surprise
yea im amab too enby but fem, plus she is chubby too and i know people see my pictures a lot and she's cute she wears makeup a lot and passes, she's cute
Ok, good luck and have fun with your friend. Just tell her you have feelings for her, honesty goes a long ways.

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