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File: Feminism_symbol.svg.png (83 KB, 2048x2048)
83 KB
Whats with the anti-feminist sentiment on here? It's not in an MRA way but in more of a weird leftist way.
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>but in more of a weird leftist way.
Feminism is a right wing ideology of female nationalism. The left has long since criticized it as such, but you assume neolibs looking for a piece of the feminist funding pie are leftists and now are confused.
File: 1507638773231.png (231 KB, 415x410)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
white girl "lean in"" the future is female" feminism became lame after Hillary lost and terfs started attacking trans people
Feminism is an inherently flawed system that works to make unattractive short mens lives harder and more isolating and sad. We live in a gynocentric society.
Feminism sucked way before 2016. There's a deep history of feminists protesting and shutting down any kind of equality or progress for other groups besides women. Just look at the way they treat shelters for abused men opening up, all to other feminists meekly wagging their finger at best because anything more would go against their cult conditioning. Hell even the few rights and liberties LGBT people and racial minorities have today have had to be fought for tooth and nail against feminist oppression of non-cishet white women.
All women are evil conniving whores with no heart or empathy, why are u suprised?

File: 1685825946754043.png (92 KB, 318x377)
92 KB
How do white boys feel about latina transgirls?
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better than cis because you won't turn into aunt Gabriela at 30 y/o
I want to have relations of romantic and sexual nature with them.
every latina tranny i have ever met was exactly the same as a white tranny the only difference is that they spoke spanish
Why we would get out big asses get fucked by a transbian instead a cis man?
Maybe because you liked girls?

does anyone have any make up tips for beginners? i was to brainwormed to practice because makeup made me feel like a drag queen, but i think i’m at a point where i’d be willing to try. plus all my cis f friends talk about makeup pretty frequently and it kinda makes me feel left out since i have no idea what they’re talking about half the time.

would probably just want some really basic stuff but i’m not even really sure where to start/what to buy etc
Ask your cisf friends not here lol. I learned mostly from YouTube tutorials so they're very helpful too. Makeup is pretty difficult as it depends on that person's facial structure and colors that match your face. I'm sure cisf girls like to help another sister who wants to learn about make ups.
yeah i know i probably should buy part of me kinda thinks they hate me because i’m a tranny and just think of me as a man so they would just think i’m weird and they wouldn’t want to show me
Hmm I obviously don't know the relation you have with cisf girls but, if you were just in a group and not very friendly with them that can happen. If you are scared you don't have to. But yeah make up depends on that face, so general advice is to try out different types of makeups in YouTube tutorials and see what you like and you feel look best on you. No need to buy many expensive stuff btw.

i started at 19 why tf did i start so late why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why
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mfw start at 27
started at 24 gang rise up
wanna swap then retard??
t. started 7 years later than you
File: vlcsnap-00520.png (495 KB, 1280x720)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
growth stunted at 13 hrt at 16

File: IMG_3513.jpg (3.24 MB, 4032x3024)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB JPG
how the FUCK do you shave your asshole?
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I have no idea what Walgreens is.
I looked on their site, they have some stores where it's sold but none of them are in my country.
Ok it's not even sold on Amazon here.
you pull a sick tailwhip on your shitbox mtb thats older than you on those ramps and fuck up the landing and end up with the back tyre between your butt cheeks ripping out all the hair cos ur slutty ass went to the skatepark in a miniskirt and thong
thats how i do it atleast
unironically tho i just get my shaver up there and do it without even looking no need to overthink this unless youre modelling or something and need a perfect stubbless butthole
i suffer in bongland
best weve got is some rotting wood ramps on rusty frames on some chunder tarmac and you gotta go through a muddy field to get to it

File: 1637737545058.jpg (42 KB, 640x360)
42 KB
How do I transition to skimming billions off the governments of the wealthy west without the approval of their own citizens? This is the only sort of transition I am interested in.

I am currently dating a twunk cis man, a passing trans man, a femboy, a goth cis woman, and a cute trans woman.
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Poly is cringe anon
>It's okay anon, you'll find a partner soon.
I already have one, she's moving in a few months
To each their own, people love in different ways.
Oh shit, nice! Congrats anon, I'm really happy for you both.
Caring about your label is retarded. I say i'm bi just to avoid retarded conversations.
You're just a horny retard

File: 1685675082570615.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x1536)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Why do trannies with beautiful faces end up having plastic surgeries that end up making them look like pastic
Not enough affection from a loving chaser.
A faggot appears
>plastic surgeries that end up making them look like pastic
"looking like plastic" comes from getting botox injections and shit that paralyzes muscles and makes your face not move properly. Most trannies aren't getting botox, they're getting the bones shaved down, which in no way makes your face look like plastic.
I have an extreme mouthbreather chin and giant nose ("witch" vs "angel") along with kind of a generally long ugly face and as much as I want the possibility of ffs to look forward to I just don't see what they could really do with my face without completely changing my visual identity and profile and probably leaving me with significant damage to recover from or cope with for the rest of my life
Because ffs is to make you pretty, not feminine

File: 1598991753005.gif (421 KB, 500x357)
421 KB
421 KB GIF
how would you react if you noticed your son (daughter) was boymoding and transitioning behind your back?
I'd try to ""inconspicuously"" leave informational pamphlets and resources and like gift cards for clothing places or something for them so we could talk if they wanted or they could just tend to their own business with my support and they wouldn't have to end up a bitter old repressor turned hon like me, maybe that's just what I'd have wanted though

i don't understand what's wrong with chasers. isn't it just a genital preference? aren't people entitled to have preferences? you are also entitled to your preferences of course but not everyone hates their genitals
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Chasers aren't inherently wrong. A lot of them are fine. The problem is the loudest chasers are weirdos who see trans women as sex toys and want to get in relationships with us so that they can get their rocks off without regard for our feelings, dysphoria, or emotional needs.
there's a large difference between chasers who go out of their way to make people uncomfortable and people who are honest and upfront about their preferences. the preference of girl + dick is not inherently bad but a lot of the people with that preference are careless about possibly making people uncomfortable. just be upfront and don't force anyone to do anything and there's no issue
File: 91902980_p0.jpg (388 KB, 1797x1208)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
You are and I agree, but the problems are everything else that usually comes with, like believing we're some kind of gender chimera or a failed male to punish rather than just a girl that checks their boxes. In fact I would argue the vast majority of "chasers" don't have a genital preference, they just have a personality geared towards degradation and dehumanization and want to play it out using our minority status and controversial mode of existence as a medium for it. They're attracted to our transness like it's an asterisk on our womanhood, not our dicks because that's just what they like.
>women aren't supposed to have dicks.
If you are somewhat voice trained, and have no facial hair, and no male pattern body hair, and you act feminine (and I don't mean like a gay male flamer with the limp wrist and the oh honey) and you dress like a woman and not a drag queen or a fetishist, my brain is going to clock you as a woman, simple as. Men are not as obsessed with all this eye socket bone phrenology that you tranners are into, it's really quite simple. We gender you when you're clothed, once we get to know you as a woman, the dick is just something different about your naked body. I promise you most guys have seen enough tranny porn it's not going to make us think you're a dude, we're probably not going to announce that we watch that stuff but we do, all guys watch porn, yes really. Even the ones who say they don't.
>It's weird because it deviates from the norm
So you mean like every single lgbt identity

Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else? I’m in my first serious relationship and I really like my boyfriend… he’s an amazing guy and he means the world to me. I love showing him how much he means to me. This can mean anything from planning date nights to cooking his favorite meals. I’m just glad if I can make his life a little bit easier.
Recently I’ve been thinking of pursuing a job that would take me out of the house more. He was more impassive at first, but in the present my bf is adamantly against it. He says it’s his turn to take care of me and wants me to quit my job to become a full-time stay-at-home “boywife.” He wants me to just handle the cooking, cleaning, and household chores, and in exchange he’ll provide for me financially. His job is much higher-paying than mine so it wouldn’t be that much of a burden.
What would you do in my situation? I want to make my bf’s life as easy as I can, but at the same time I don’t want to completely lose my independence…
Terrible fucking idea, if ever things stop working out for you, you'll be stuck. Kind of a red flag honestly.

>mfw the castrated gay mn makes ANOTHER autopedophillia post
Gay man*
based i love being a castrated gay man pretending i'm a kid getting molested
I’m a trans woman and I look just like this drawing

Why me, a straight woman, is into lesbian simping? I can't find any results on the internet about it. I'm not attracted to women but I want them to simp for me and I want to make them addicted and break their heart because I won't date them. At the same time I don't really like them, I just want them to do anything for me. Is this attention whoring? Is this some sort of a fetish? How cruel am I?
21 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Great, tell me which one that would include such things
Thank you hon for this answer!
>I didn't find any result
Well to me it sounds like a dom thing but I don't know that much about fetishes.
Damn that's hot

File: IMG_9370.jpg (96 KB, 894x894)
96 KB
Seeing women and their feminine bodies hurts so much sometimes. Why couldn’t I have just been born with one and why must it be so impossibly difficult to achieve when you were unfortunately born a boy?

File: IMG_0254.jpg (87 KB, 999x1024)
87 KB
mrrow meow mrrew meow meow mrrp prrrrr mrrwow wm mggaow aawa awa w
30 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
nice kittycat. good kittycat. i'll caress your back and tickle your ears.
Why not? I think you could absolutely do a catboy look if you wanted
i like it when you bite. do you want me to bite back? or maybe I have to punish you with tummy rubs.

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