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File: gc.jpg (299 KB, 612x920)
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299 KB JPG
I wish to begin HRT soon but I don't plan to transition socially because I'm too tall to pass at 6'4'' and I have no friends and don't care about social transition anyway, I'm already 32 years old so I already lost the chance to be cute anyway.

Problem is, I live in an a very intolerant rural area and it gets very hot here in summer, I know my parents and siblings will hate me doing it too, I actually took HRT for 2 months 4 yetas ago, but I stopped because I was very often leaking something from the nipples, but I kept taking Dutasteride and since then my moobs grew enough to fill an A cup despite being only a little overweight.

How am I meant to hide the feminization that will happen and how do I keep my parents and siblings from hating me forever? They are the only people who talk to me and if other people find out, they won't even treat me as human anymore. I've had this desire for 20 years and I can't give up this time to please everybody else like I always do.
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>Because every time I tried to express what I truly think or do what I truly want, all I got was the worst type of hate and scorn from everybody, after a ffew years of that I gave up on everything and no longer do what I want
I guess I'll just say I'll start HRT because I want better skin and less body hair, it is true it does that anyway, then I can hope people won't laugh at me too much.
You're 34, anon. Your life's half over. Stop caring what people think and move somewhere more accepting if you need to.
Can't move because I have a high paying job much above my skill level and if I really it's back to flipping burgers because I have no qualification, I'll just take the titty skittles and hope for the best, shouldn't be terrible because I'm not going to transition socially. I really need to take control of my life.
I'm 32.

File: IMG_3833.jpg (1.48 MB, 1170x1627)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
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Come in, Travis!
My stories cooler and more wholesome
Im cuter :3
It doesn't seem so bad if you listen to NIN's Closer Instrumental whenever you look at them.

add me on discord
pol pot's strongest soldier#9083

File: W3KRY1.jpg (253 KB, 2000x1270)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
He's ugly and manly
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the only people who say this are closeted gays
I don't like cock. Take your meds
There's very little femininity in that face. She looks like a guy in a wig.
he's a guy with long hair
>race is really skin deep!
>postures as pro-science

its crazy how much of a fad becoming trans is seemingly becoming

assuming reddit to be more indicative of the actual population than here, its very obvious many people are transitioning for the most mundane and least valid reasons imaginable
Reddit is not indicative of any normal population
>its crazy how much of a fad becoming trans is seemingly becoming
yeah that 2% regret rate crazy bro
File: hail-satan.gif (1.35 MB, 498x354)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB GIF
It's all just a buncha fembrained trender gaydens, pay them no heed.

biofoids ruin the fun without fail

File: 8313521472229.jpg (52 KB, 1080x870)
52 KB
Are gay people allowed to disagree with how trans people view themselves?
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it is
dissent is strictly forbidden
the trick is just don't say it to their face. We all know what they really are it's not worth the trouble of trying to clear the air with them. The straights will put them in their place soon enough anyhow.

We just gotta lay low sis. Don't do any degen faggy shit
Sure because I disagree with "gay" people. Twinks are for straight tomboys. Bear on Bear is the only real male homosexuality. Flamers are for the wall.
why would twinks date women?

File: whisperer in darkness.png (104 KB, 480x581)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
"anti-woke" fags are worse than SJWs because at least SJWs weren't this fucking stupid
do u mean days as in homosexuals or do u mean fags as in annoying people

File: 1685434953523033.png (2.86 MB, 2048x1671)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
why do i want to be a woman what the fuck is wrong with my brain please just make it stop
Touch grass
it’s just rng it’s ok
woah dude chill
cuz u cant accept being gay and being a woman would mean your behavior and attraction are normal instead of life-ruiningly weird
The socialite mind.

Inspire Confidence Edition

Goal of the thread: Talk to a friend or loved one, or in a pinch, feel free to socialize with us. Talking to people is a human need, even to those of us who exhaust quickly from communication.
Daily goals can be repeated. Remember to keep score, it can only go up!

>What is this thread for?
Getting better is hard, and sucks. A lot. It does not get easier doing it alone.
Share resources and experiences with combating depression, anxiety, personal issues, achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, etc.
>Why is this thread /lgbt/?
Struggles with mental and physical health are an indisputable part of /lgbt/ life, be it from dysphoria, social pressure, heartbreak, or just unfortunate lifestyle choices.
>Notes to consider:
Please be civil. Shame is your greatest enemy in fighting urges of self abuse (be it sh, drugs, or just self deprecation). Relapsing into bad and unhealthy habits is to be expected, the goal is to increase the average amount of time it takes between relapses. Any improvement is a victory no matter how small. Your worth and right to get better are non-negotiable. And most importantly:
>Note on advice
Generic advice won't necessarily help you in particular, but for those it does it is an essential foundation to build future progress on, not a miracle cure. Do not underestimate the effects subtle changes to your lifestyle can have. Try first, keep us posted on your progress, build from there.

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goodnight bump.
aww, that synchronicity <3
File: 7rndl35pq03b1.png (2.34 MB, 1800x1200)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG

File: images (38).jpg (18 KB, 576x470)
18 KB
like i used to be a guy but my fucked up brain just decided that actually no im not and i need to castrate myself and take pills that make me physically weaker and grow boobs and make my butt fat
now i go out wearing literal >dresses
i feel cucked by my own brain somehow like imagine if the guys i used to fight with in high school saw me today i would literally kms
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i earned the incel lingo by being a failed male loser for most of my life
Yeah I thought about the fighting thing
There was a guy I fought with twice
Lost the first time, fight got broken up the second time
i was thinking what would happen if I met that guy irl
I thought I'd probably go crazy and beat him
Then I remembered I'm on HRT and weak af and anyway he probably could have beaten me at my male prime anyway
Did he fight u cause u were ugly and fat?
No he was just harassing me and I decided to fight him instead of taking it
that is just ultra frustrating to me too
used to be a time where i could beat the shit out of most people i saw on the street now its the opposite like cmon thats so embarrassing

File: notes.gif (767 KB, 300x316)
767 KB
767 KB GIF
would tranners date a guy who is shorter than them
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Would pooners date lesbians that are attracted to them as women but called them he him to be nice?
It prolly means jackshit you tard and ur just incoherent at english cause ur tarded.
i would
it means penis were you born in fucking 2018
Did you mean, benis but stupidly spelled it with a "d?"

File: 977596.jpg (581 KB, 2047x1623)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
last thraed >>31272475
qott how do u cope with hot weather
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I'm glad you enjoyed them. IMO the series continues to try harder and harder to be more of a cinematic experience rather than a gaming one. They lack the challenge that the older games had and because of the new action based system don't even feel like final fantasy at all. Bravely Default kind of picked up the four heroes of light gimmick, but never really evolved beyond that.
paige seven?

It's not about what you say, it's just something you should try to avoid doing in your mind. It's wrong.
Paige é papi

i needed to keep myself busy for five seconds bc i was close to self harming haha :)

Nothing screams AGP gigahon more than being a communist
agp gigahon reporting in. get out the way weaklings.
What if I'm a fascist?
how do i remove hegelian dialectics from my brain so chasers would finally start likimg me
ppl drawn to communism and fascism are always the bottom barrel trash of society. established attractive ppl dont follow radical left or rightwing politics so yeah. you ever seen a single atractive commie or nazi that isnt from the 20th century? neither have i
AGP. Caring about politics is male brained.

File: Fj3eQJIX0AE95tl.jpg (123 KB, 676x900)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
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You talk like a menopausal woman
Damn, you hang around menopausal women who talk about 0/10 no effort larps and sceeencap tourists? That's kinda based
Seethe moreover
shes based and dindu nuffins wrong and he is an idiot for not taking her virginity right there and then
Extremely obvious LARP. Also imagine talking about your "cruch" past age 12.

File: lemmy.png (35 KB, 1024x1024)
35 KB
Reddit's imploding, people are moving to lemmy already

Are we gonna let lemmy get infested with TRAs too?
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Bitcoiners aren't the same as crypto bros
Just read about Lemmy but it definitely wouldn't go mainstream as mastodon didn't. Also I don't use it so idc. Why the fuck you care about redditfags.
they might as well be, and its literally all anyone there ever posts about
And lemmy is mostly communism posting. These places can change with more communities joining
the commies have been quarantined now, its not like it was

File: britjak.png (119 KB, 522x580)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>2nd crackhead altercation happening outside my window today
>day 8 of not talking to a person that isn't one of the family members i look after or a cashier
>i fucking hate this town
>passer but super autistic and basically don't socialize irl
>grew up getting bashed and assuming i was the only fag in town
>literally no social spaces here that aren't depressing pubs or the GW frequented by a convicted pedophile and managed by a retard
how do i maintain a positive attitude towards life knowing that I'm stuck here with no friends for the next couple of years and everyone i get to know drops me like a bag of rocks when they figure that im trans
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I used to live in Stockton on tees. Complete shithole. Now i moved to Birmingham.

Much better.
that's, actually my plan, my gf lives in birmingham
stockton is like 2 fields away so like half the people on my college course were from there
The city centre is fine but its really expensive and full of students and yea you can be openly queer here but there are still dickheads, Darlo is even worse absolute dead end, you should move to Leeds it's a lot friendlier and better for trannies
Isn't Birmingham just as bad as other places? I'd have thought it would be full of horrible ppl
Its different. Stockton is like being suffocated and choked by the past. Birmingham is like dying in slow motion whilst surrounded by uncaring strangers

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