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File: 1662174917902747.png (393 KB, 407x608)
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393 KB PNG
need more st4t greentexts & screencaps like this
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I don’t want to reclaim my genitals
Why would I want to have genitals that I don’t like and use them in that way
I want to get bottom surgery
File: 524BxZqP_400x400.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
That's fair but I don't think SRS is advanced enough to be worth it and this is my cope. I often fantasise about being st4t and fully transitioned in every way but alas
I cope with stuff like peecock which is a packer that has suction for your t dick while you’re topping
nta, im 'fully transitioned' but don't have srs, so I prefer more 'normal' sex stuff that doesn't have me hyperfixate on the wrongness of my body. also putting my parts in something makes me want to vomit
please post link

File: 1599677068358.jpg (53 KB, 498x392)
53 KB
I just want to be normal bi man while having boobs and being on estrogen, but normies will nag me if I do this.
We truly live in a society...

I started smoking delta 8 again recently. How does it affect you? It took me forever to finish mine because it doesn’t get me high. Regret not getting HHC.
I usually take a liquid extract of THC-9 in alcohol. I've tried delta 8 gummies and they work sorta fine, it's similar as a high just not the same and not quite as comfy or euphoric and it also seems to last a bit longer and upset my stomach a bit more, tho with perhaps a bit less anxiety/paranoia

Smoking hurts my throat so I just drink it. I don't know what HHC is but I think it's silly they are gonna legalize all these similar chemicals and keep delta 9 illegal.
yes i use pot constantly, mainly for art but also because i'm addicted. smoking's ok, i don't hit my bong more than like hourly but i prefer vapes when i can find them for the convenience. edibles are fine too, alongside other psychoactives. i think most (but not all) trannies ought to try some kinda dissociative/psychoactive, due to how many i've seen/heard have a good experience with them
i live in a legal state so i just buy really good shit from the dispos
its gotten so much better even just in the last 5 years
How often do you smoke?

And more.

For all you fellow useless neet mtfs who just can't land a job and have been thinking of doing hookering, fret not, iv decided to take the bullet for our kind and tell you first hand what's it like, but only half of it will be greentext format because that's lame:
I'm a 23 year old mtf who has been a neet for many years. No workplace wants me, so I advertised myself on Grindr, then the perfect guy messages me, gives me his number, and asks me for my address, we didn't even hash out a price, the first mistake of the day. All I told him was to bring money with him.
When I met him he was so good looking, just like in the pics, and he showed me on his phone that he was also an escort and said that I could earn lots of money by doing duo work with him. If only I had of backed out at this moment. Anyway, we find a secluded place for me to suck him, but here the first mistake comes into play, he thought he could fuck me, all I was ok with doing was a BJ.
But let's rewind:
>I'm on my knees
>Before he unzips I ask him if he can give me the money
>He asks me how much
>I say 160
>He gives me 50 (is the going price for a BJ to be fair)
>I say fine.. and take the 50 euro
>Sucking his xxl dick that I can hardly fit into my mouth I'm grossed out

Thread in multiple parts, effing insane how low the word count limit is per thread, I need to find a better place to blog asap
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You think that having to resort to prostitution is a benefit???
I think he's saying that the average man is in the same situation, but doesn't also have the option of selling their body as a financial safety net.
>leaking precum into my mouth
You are not supposed to have prostitute sex without a condom.
blue chew and super male vitality every day baby (note i have never had sex)
Yes, exactly. Also the average male cant just have sex for housing in a worst case scenario like mtfs can.

You hoes could neva

>First date I’ve been on in a while, heh
>*fidgets with hands*
>so... you’re... uh... trans
>notice his dangly manlet feet move gleefully
>You look good though
>do you wanna see my character on baldurs gate?
>Oh yeah, this is the one with the trans character in it
>*looks at you expectedly*
>So, uh, I read that some trans girl don't like their penis to be acknowledged
>and other brave trans girls love for their penis to be sucked by a real man
>um, uh, so what are your thoughts on this?
Olive is that you?
>oh that is

File: FFqPu5yWQAMVPcv.png (667 KB, 540x877)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
>fantasize about Adam Smasher cyborg bf having cock tailor made to completely fill up my back pussy
>fantasize about demons gangbanging me in hell for all eternity
How am I supposed to ever get an irl bf when I got cucked into developing unrealistic fantasies?
Lol, nice

File: 8vals.png (92 KB, 800x650)
92 KB
Where do you guys stand politically?
Are you involved in politics much IRL?
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The only good thing about you bolshevik antifa is how much you abuse and kill your own miserable kind.
>You're bolsheviks.
this Leftists are disgusting to be around. I wish all these twitter communists itt would go back.
>Irl activist.
You mean anti-freedom, bolshevik terrorist.
>Where do you guys stand politically?
left, radical i guess
>Are you involved in politics much IRL?
yes, very but i really dont want to be and i dont really know what keeps pulling me back. would drop it in an instant if i didnt freak out every time i heard news about nature destruction
go back to twitter. You don't belong here. We don't want you. 95% of the site hates your miserable guts.

File: 1664082683577131.jpg (1.4 MB, 2169x3768)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Why does she bitch and complain so much?
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>And that’s why hrt and right for trannies should be banned, so people like you will fuck off
Basically from the law point view I'm not different from a cis woman. Even if they ban transitioning they can't change my documents back. The only people who will suffer for this are young people and people who didn't transition and non passing people pass. Passers will be literally unaffected by removal of trans rights. It's very unlikely they will ban HRT, but I also have lena juice stocked that will last years because I like injections. So don't wish for bad, it WILL literally hit you back.
> it will hit you back
nah, for me it won’t change a thing
It will if you are visibly trans and didn't changed your documents. Just see what happened in Hungary. They banned transitioning but the people who already had their sex changed are still legally female.
I am happy for you and I’m glad you’re safe from political hell
your malding passes
I am jealous, I didn’t get anywhere near that lucky sadly
my approach to /int/ is more occasional and at this point I’ve been on imageboards so many years that I don’t care for repetitive arguments because they get nowhere. I lurk there a lot and occasionally shitpost.
it will hit you back
yeah, while that’s unlikely it could happen here and that would be “fun”
Why would I change my docs if I’m visibly trans lmao
Can’t doom those who are already safe but there’s still time for all the passoids

Anyway I’m joking, wouldn’t wish anyone to live a hon life ngl (tho I seethe anyway)

File: 20220922_005448.jpg (14 KB, 370x320)
14 KB
>be me
>date a pooner
>goes well for 5 months
>realize hes insane
>try to leave him
>messy break up, he shows his true colors
>start to resent him a lot
>start to resent all young twinklike boys too
>think I'll be over it in a few weeks
I'm only attracted to men 10+ years older than me now. How the hell do I make this stop.
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>be me
stopped reading right there desu
That's why everyone should have a gun! Melee weapons, carrying a firearm is a thing for weak people
well they're not evil, they just always need to be the victim, so that they can retain the perceived inherent harmlessness they were born into. which means they need you to be the bad guy at all times, the role you were already born into. so it's not tenable if you want a relationship that affirms your gender and the idea that you're a good person with sex appeal.
everything you said is true yes, but I'm still gonna dunk on them every chance I get I think.
>date woman
>get mad at men

File: 7333284172639.jpg (15 KB, 295x293)
15 KB
/lgb/ - lesbian, gay, and bisexual
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I like detrans momma bear
I'll do it, i-if you're c-cute ( >~<)
Shut the fuck up fag, I want to date a dude, not a fucking weeb
oh nerts, my plans for a beautiful woman to watch anime with while she rubs pimple cream on my back were once again thwarted by my own autistic disposition, curses unto you my inability to understand social cues *shakes fist in the air* :( your loss anyway wench, my mother cooks a mean hot pocket, and you shall never see yourself swoon at my trenchcoat and katana collection

Im 18 and my parents still make me go to it. I hate dressing up in suits and and shit makes me feel uncomfortable.
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None of us are perfect, we all have issues and flaws. Mental illness, physical disabilities, to be born in times of suffering and hate - these are ultimately the accumulations of mankind's sin, building off the original one

But they're tests, more than anything. Once we're with God, none of these matter. Distinctions cease to be important, because when we go to heaven we will become perfect and whole.

Remember, God's love doesn't mean no suffering on Earth. Even his only son suffered horribly, facing torture and a slow death on the cross.
Then you need to work on becoming independent. Get a job. Get your own place and stop letting them control you.
What about college? Should i even bother?
Absolutely you should
The kinds of jobs you'd get with no degree- and that's including trade jobs- don't tend to be very good places to be trans
You could always go for an associate's degree at a community college. Become a technician for a stem field.
If you have to go on their money, then either accept that's 4 more years minimum they can control you or don't do it.

File: 2771844280357.jpg (160 KB, 1004x1030)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Should the punishment be fines or a jail sentence?
It is essentially a form of targeted harassment, so I'd support it, but it would essentially be just a reason to sue someone, or get a restraining order. I also don't think that it should only apply to irl interaction. Obviously it would be ridiculous to try and sue someone over Twitter.
No of course it shouldn’t be. Freedom of speech baby
>inb4 right wing dogwhistle
No, I don't know what people think it would achieve. Let people have their beliefs.
the punishment should be a good hour of on and off spanking on mommy's lap before the main course

>tfw hon
>promised that i wouldn't kill myself
>regret making promises
>cry every night

File: older.jpg (49 KB, 750x422)
49 KB
Assuming he was decent looking and has his shit together and treated her as his queen consort, how would the average trans girl feel about marrying a man old enough to be her biological father?
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that'd be ideal--that's the entire basis of classical homosexuality, after all. broke bitch who is pretty captures the attention of a patrician, gets to sit around all day, be a cocksleeve by night, and is thus no longer a broke bitch. modernity means adolescence extends to 25, so yeah where's my fucking state mandated pederast husbando?
nah. the oldest an older guys can be for me is like. 10 or 15 years older. anything more and it’s weird
I love age gaps, but practically speaking, it does cause problems when you're older, by the time he's on his deathbed you probably still have at least a couple decades in the tank
imo the ideal is around a decade older
How old are you?
Euphoria is GOAT-tier media and nobody will change my minde

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