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File: file.png (1.99 MB, 1280x933)
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1.99 MB PNG
Just curious, are there any "genderless" names that are good for people?
To try and explain, theres like names that are traditionally male (craig, steven) traditionally female (madeline, samantha) or can be used for males or females (alex, sam). But I can't think of any names that can't be used for men or women?
Like an example from fiction would be picrel, the Eldrazi from MTG, they are all genderless beings and have names like Emrakul or Ulamog. Or from the Cthulu mythos, Cyäegha and Cynothoglys, but are there human names like this?
Yes I know this is a stupid question/concept but I'm very curious about it rn
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Lots of inanimate objects can be names but aren't commonly used at all. Colors, plants, minerals, gems, regions or place names.

I see them used all the time by she/they feminine afabs on instagram and tumblr.
Yeah like sorry my post was kinda all over the place I was drinking :/ I meant like, I find a bunch of these genderless names in fantasy, but are there any actual names like such that a person could be named without being a weirdo
Cedar or gray would definately fit the bill, those are actually pretty nice :)
Are they? Oof my lore knowledge is lacking I just play the game lol
No I want names that can’t be used for men or women
I am gendered, I think, but I was curious because I know some who aren’t but their names are still a male & female name even though they identify as neither
Actually anon it's the other way around, the Zendikar gods are folk memories invented from the Eldrazi. The Eldrazi are the origins of the god myths.

The Eldrazi do get gendered and not necessarily the same as the gods (different Zendikar cultures invented different gods based on the same Eldrazi titans, e.g. the kor have three gods, the merfolk have a different three) but you can think of that as a meta thing for the players. We assign Emrakul a gender the same way the merfolk and kor do, but that's not what "she" really is, as an eldritch abomination.

How to find a bimbo mtf post-op no-depth gf? Pic related.
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wtf happened here
this is why japmoot needs to delete the name field
I normally don't trip, I just came out because I felt that Boris has been calling me a faggot for a while. Idk, I guess we just agree to disagree.

I'm dropping my trip after this again and posting anonymously, slinking back into the shadows.
is that thing cis
You’re a fag. I’m not Boris though.
No, It's an mtf. Hence "pic related" in op post. Botched S6E9.

qott: pc music or drain gang ?

thread theme: https://youtu.be/vcAp4nmTZCA

links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4

previous: >>16256096
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File: stingforface.jpg (17 KB, 600x413)
17 KB
I want my MTV
Imagine a world where instead of people showing you baby pictures in real life, they can conjure up their social media front page and show you any time they want.
the reason why i don't want srs is so i can put my dick in a hotdog bun and take a picture of it
Back in the day when they still showed music videos? Based
my dick doesn't even fit in a bun

>tfw you are the world's first agp mt(ftm) wannabe

anyone else want to be an agp ftm? I'm mtf but mentally I still feel very m, I just really wanted my body to look like a perfect cis girl while I adamantly demand that I am a boy. am I retarded? how come transitioning mtf and ftm get to live their dreams but I will never be a repressing agp ftm? life isn't fair
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You transitioned but still want to be force feminized lmao
This is relatable and fine and also hot
>I am not female brained, I have a boys spirit
these are myths
Why is this actually me?
>it's not forced fem? I want to have "started" like that
It's "forced" in the sense you're a boy spirit "trapped" in a girl body.
>mtfs dont want to be male, they want to be female.
>I want a completely 100% girl's body
See? You're an mtf, it's just that the "f" you want to be is a tomboy, like an ftm.

File: 1570550774822.gif (1001 KB, 350x273)
1001 KB
1001 KB GIF
Why are some people dominant and some people submissive? I am a sub and I feel like I don't understand why I am the way I am or I am not the way other people are. Sorry for maybe a stupid question, but what's behinds this stuff? Why are some gay people tops and some bottoms?
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Dominant = strong, can protect
Submissive = weak, needs protection
The idea that certain life experiences or personality traits lend themselves to creating a sexually subservient or dominant person is a false one, quite frankly the best answer we have scientifically speaking is that it's just random chance. We would beed to know a lot more about conciousness and attraction before we could speak on that matter in a way that isn't just guesswork.
I've heard that masochism can be used as an "escape from responsibility" of sorts, like as the stereotype goes powerful politicians and ceo's are usually the most submissive.
I thought they raped children
thats a very compelling theory.

File: 49ofSMM.jpg (51 KB, 500x560)
51 KB
>trans little sister got disowned by family
>took her in since she was homeless and had nowhere to go
>she's been feeling depressed because she feels all alone and like nobody loves her
>always tell her I love her and I'll always be here for her but it only seems to make her happy for a little while
>want to see her happy again
How can I cheer her up?
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probably most other threads use another word that flags yr filter as well, this thread is rare bcs only mention of trans word is >trans idk ^^ just trying 2 help gl cis anon
>terfbian stumbles into tranner advice thread
>everyone is perfectly civil and discusses 4chan usage tricks
gives you hope for humanity tbhon
Best bro/sis ever
fuck the boy out of her
Certified technique. As a big bro you should be doing this

File: IMG_0012.jpg (89 KB, 640x960)
89 KB
Stupid work called me and said I can come back, after not having worked since like mid March. And I'm really nervous and scared.

I'm a dumb boymoder who is obsessed with weird things like horror movies and warhammer, and in general I hate people. And I hate having to go back to working at this stupid bookstore, I don't even like books anymore.

I've gotta wear a mask all day too, so I can't wear my glasses so I'll have trouble seeing and trouble breathing.

Does anyone have any tips? I'm really nervous and stuff and I hate working so much, I just wanna be a wife and a mom.
I fucking hate having to go back to work too, it fucking sucks especially with the pandemic

Maybe try to take this as an opportunity to just girlmode more without Giving a Fuck
Try to rekindle your passion for books. Working on something you like will be easier. This is a human problem, not a trans problem. You can be brave and overcome your shyness. You're gonna do great. Having some experience in the work field will make your future husband respect you a lot more.
It doesn't matter what I like though. The books I read are fantasy, horror and manga.

Only old people and spoiled women shop at the store, and I don't read their mass produced random fiction books or romance novels.

File: f9xiyuixsx351.png (1.29 MB, 1219x1478)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Hons and repressors are welcome but encouraged to not derail the thread too much

Question of the day: how do you cope with the fact that we'll never be loved and eventually die alone?
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File: 1585221707804.png (44 KB, 399x400)
44 KB
my lifts were 175lb ohp, 275lb bench, and 405lb squat all for reps and i just started HRT yesterday

if you think you can lift away the gender dysphoria you're in for a rude awakening, just trying to save you time while you're still a dyelfag so you wont have to lose as much upperbody muscle as i am now
No, it's still big
Honestly very cute I love your hair
Not great, not terrible. I assume you'll oh look better given more time. Idk why everyone makes manmoders sound like that huge repressor meme guy, only with conetits
File: 1563080258906.jpg (18 KB, 500x281)
18 KB
Valhalla awaits. If the situation was hopeless the propaganda would be unnecessary.

File: lauging dying pepe.png (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
>go on reddit literally every tranny uses the tranny angle
You don't use the tranny angle do you???
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What's the tranny angle?
From above
Bottoms do the same thing on grindr it's kinda funny, I know I do it

>phones distort your selfies either way. its either a bad angle or a good angle
This tho
You know the angle
No, but then compare all my non-angled photos to the angled photos and now think i have a really long face compared to everyone else.
phone cameras are shite, cameras are innacurate in general unless you actually know how to use one
you could even argue that still images are innaccurate, in real life people see you in constant motion and from lots of different angles

File: 1575843907147.jpg (299 KB, 1242x1275)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>tfw blessed with agp
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AGPs should be transitioned at 13.
legit shit
there should be more awareness of the typical early signs of transgirls who aren't explicitly open about it growing up, to teach them it's a real option, and also that their thoughts AREN'T actually what normal cisboys think (most of them have no friends and aren't socialized to realize what normal male psychology is from their peers until much later), but also it's not shameful or bad at all
I think I p much immediately realized that smth was very wrong and I needed to transition. I looked up transitioning on Wikipedia after hearing about it in sex ed, and it talked about HRT and how it's more effective the earlier you start. It really freaked me out and I realized there was no way I could wait around, and so getting hormones became my focus like immediately, but sadly by the time I got them it was a little too late. 13 seems like it would have been perfect because that's the time when I realized I definitely needed HRT
There was basically no information about HRT online when I was a kid lol, barely had computer or internet access as it was (most families were only just starting to get them installed back then), and of course nothing about trans stuff in sex-ed (which was mostly about christian stuff in my school lol).

When I did finally find stuff when I was like 16-17 or so it was still all about "talk to therapist, go do two years of RLE" etc stuff that seemed terrifying, and some murmurs of online black market HRT that nobody could corroborate wasn't cancer juice or not. I still didn't know trannies actually existed outside of some hons and porn stars lol, it still felt so fake to me, but I was still obsessed...
>It really freaked me out and I realized there was no way I could wait around, and so getting hormones became my focus like immediately,

File: TinyPacker.jpg (15 KB, 360x480)
15 KB
Do cis women have fantasies about transforming into having a woman's body from a male body ever?
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How many women have you asked to give an extensive list of their fetishes? Like I’ve never met someone with a fetish for dinosaurs but I don’t doubt that their might be someone who thinks that. It might be very, very unlikely but I’m sure people have fantasised about all types of gender morphing before.
Like, I’m a cis girl and I’ve thought about guys crossdressing as girls before, I know it’s not exactly the same and it’s not my own body, but I don’t think it’s impossible for a woman to have a thought like that. Also because women watch less porn on average, most of them probably not going to have extreme fetishises like that even if they might be turned on by it if someone showed them it, y’know?
mine is.
t. agp
File: imagine.jpg (143 KB, 484x898)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>I’ve never met someone with a fetish for dinosaurs but I don’t doubt that their might be someone who thinks that.
Sounds like a rare fetish or a mental illness

gays of /lgbt/: would you, under any state of mind, have sex with or date a black person?
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Nope, I probably wouldn’t even date any non white as I tend not to find them attractive.
Black men procreate by fucking other black men?
Depends. Race isn't an issue, though I mostly prefer more fem guys, which I don't see very often with black guys. Case by case though.
Would and have

How do i give myself bulimia to help with weight cycling
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
get an and become a bulimic when restriction becomes unsustainable
how do i get an
If you managed to give yourself bulimia you’d probably just end up unable to stop gaining weight. Just weight cycle like everyone else does
go to r/edanonymos and see how itll solve 0% of your problems and create a billion new ones

File: 1593196003128.jpg (433 KB, 1536x2048)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
This is why yall need diapers
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>anon doesn’t know what a shadow is
This is why you need to clean your room, anon
File: 672359573.png (2.45 MB, 1396x1171)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
kek now i see it

File: 1594158841129.jpg (34 KB, 618x636)
34 KB
Lately on Twitter and on the internet in general I've seen more and more "white gay" hate. This worries me: first, usually that is covert way to make fun of fems. The yt gays I seen being dragged were all fruity. This is just homophobia and probably POC of who do it are for the most part self-hating, but hide it by targetting *white* gays, but really what they hate is themselves.
I have seen many trans people and NB get on this train too. This is not good. Some trans people unironically hate the gays and that's horribile: we need to stand together! You have it harder as a poc transwoman, but being gay isn't easy either.

Let's all love each other! I know that white gay haters have their heart in the right place(they usually are leftist) but that's not the way to fight racism and homophobia.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
uh, more people shit on 'truscum' than than the other way around bruh

I agree. We need to unite.
I’m so confused, the first sentence sounds like you think homophobia against white gays is bad, and the second sentence sounds like you think homophobia against white gays doesn’t exist
What are you saying??
Oh I'm very aware. I didn't mean to imply the contrary. Basically any trans space online will flat ban you for even asking why someone without dysphoria would transition. Hence why I'm here. I don't even understand the counter argument because you can't talk about it without getting banned it seems.
it's just incel cope for the fact that whites are at the top of the dating market and they ain't getting any polar bear dick

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