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>got out with my friends again, drank too much and almost told them that I am thinking about trooning out
I am a failure...
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OP admitted it though. You have to be a bit of an alcoholic to drink so much that you lose all inhibition
Take your pills honey. After three years HRT I just talk about how much I wanna suck cock when I'm drunk it's an improvement at least
How have you never gotten drunk with your friends
Its 4chan, he has no friends
>Take your pills, Alice
Nigga, where do you even get your pills.

do you think it's possible to find a cute twink bf who consistently loves me and will not cheat?
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>is 5'9
>is 24
all the others are me but I was so close
ill take u bud no worries
ayyye nice I've always wanted a cute twink bf. Where are you from?
thanks bubs
I think so yeah, don't despair OP. They're out there.

File: 1638991340169.jpg (251 KB, 1170x1569)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
how do we improve the mental health of latina tranners?
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Spaniards aren't even white.
You forgot northern Spain was Visigothic. My mother’s family traces itself to their knights. They’re all tall, blonde, fair skinned

Unfortunately I inherited none of that

This thread is for real women only. Men, stay out.
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You pass so well
File: 1625579067600.png (1.3 MB, 1216x1216)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
why is this thread so catty

honestly every time someone tries to convince everyone they're hsts by acting like a Mean Girls character, it really backfires and I end up thinking they're agp
Is there an AGP equivalent for that pic?
>Men, stay out.
Or what
the tranbians are coming to invade ur thread

File: Pelagos (ftm).png (1.28 MB, 1280x1280)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
ITT: we post our favorite fictional /lgbt/ characters
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sometimes you just want a guy who can fuck shit up
I haven't played retail since 9.0, is Pelagos still a good character?
File: starscream.jpg (121 KB, 1024x1024)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
File: cole.png (658 KB, 732x1020)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
any game that has lgbt themes sucks, because they are really bland and its always be stereotypes. Here is my sim, an ftm sim and huge dumb fuck.
File: 1627101240346.jpg (16 KB, 255x360)
16 KB

File: 1489866679360.png (293 KB, 500x706)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
And does it alienate others as much as it alienates me? It's weird that most people who supposedly have the same orientation as me are all closer to tranny chasers who trooned out than anything else... I wish I could relate to "my own kind" but I just can't at all, not just in orientation but also in interests and general femininity.
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hey that’s not true! i live in new york and it is the Same
Oh no...
>wanting to sexually harass lesbians
Lol hon
AGAMP is the heighthon sexuality
it is pretty based though

Why do chubby unpassable trannies make me harder than passoids and cis girls?
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You have to stop I can only get so hard and don't want to waste my day jerking off to you.
do you have any social media with more pictures or an onlyfans?
wtf is this godlike fat distribution, what age did you transition? im so jealous
I cant understand people who are okay with being fat, let alone people who have a FETISH for it, but I guess thats most fetishes, but it still baffles me because I feel obese and gross even though a BMI of 21 is supposed to be good, its hard to lose weight on estrogen though
i transitioned at 15 (im 28 now) and ive been on and off hrt ever since
nah not yet, maybe if people are interested

why do straight tranners have such weird superiority complexes against transbians and bi trans girls? As soon as one of them realizes I pass better than them and that I like women, they lose their shit on me. it's really quite tiring when a lot of them look like picrel and still think they're more of a woman than me just because they like men when I'm literally intersex. (it's just klinefelters)
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>a paragraph of mental gymnastics
Followers of the Blanchard cult are truly beyond saving. The world would be better off if Blanchtard and his followers all drank the Koolaid just like they did in Jonestown.
Not him but nobody cares then little girls get molested in their families. It is practically a tradition
Because they (like most people) need a superiority complex. I mean I'm bi, and genuinely find myself more androphilic than anything else it's why I date men or trans women.
Also intersex, mosaicism but I don't think that has anything to do with anything
>I pass better than them
that's because klinefelter's gives you a different life.
you were literally intercepted by doctors at birth and given life-altering hormones and surgeries.

or else you're larping.
nno i dont anon, sorrry but i'm not at fault for that. pretty sure clinicians have noted me as having low self esteem so how would i have a superiority complex...

File: 1629825829549.jpg (80 KB, 890x565)
80 KB
>need.... boymoder... SMEGMA AGHHHHHHHH
I'm cut and was my thing every day
File: ltg.jpg (39 KB, 680x403)
39 KB

File: 1624306342511.png (12 KB, 607x108)
12 KB
Are all legbutts like this? Or is it just fembrain?
I was sending booty pics to men when I was a teen if I could have got paid I definitely would have done it lol
That's a normal woman thing
are underage people allowed to use reddit and not 4chan?

File: 1622743298775.png (173 KB, 294x442)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
At what point do you just accept you're a gay male and stop caring about socially transitioning and only maintain the medical transitioning? Asking for a friend haha.
when my gf detroons

stop drinking. alcohol makes you look older.
while the occasional wine for digestion in dinner is fine, constantly drinking makes you hit the wall earlier.
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alcohol is such a trash drug for regular use, if you really need to do drugs all the time then smoke weed
File: 1636321545641.jpg (249 KB, 720x729)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
You know what also makes you look older?Testosterone.

Take your pills, swiftie
File: drunkardpepe.png (161 KB, 450x380)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Weed just doesn't feel as good or numb my thoughts as well. I realize I'm in the minority on that but weed just makes me confused and paranoid, and it also makes me more aware of my body parts which is not great for dysphoria
i feel the same way anon. not only that, but it used to make me literally vomit. 50/50 chance if i was smoking weed i’d end up having a panic attack and throwing up. but i just started smoking it all the time anyway because i came to the conclusion that all of the drugs that actually make you feel good are very dangerous if used on a daily basis and i just need to alter my consciousness in some way to fill the gaping hole in my heart. after i developed a tolerance all of the negative effects sort of went away. i’m pretty sure that the problem is just that weed these days just is too strong for people without a heavy tolerance to really enjoy. ymmv
File: Trunksmanga6.png (182 KB, 314x463)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
but chocolate and ice cream are my vices ;(

File: bjork.jpg (108 KB, 970x550)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
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what u lookin at am i crazy 2 u
File: dogpark.jpg (591 KB, 1644x2120)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
File: 1636751352887.png (546 KB, 640x761)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
Former girlmoder (MtF), now coping as an enby because sometimes I feel like a fake female.

>QOTT: What is your drug of choice?
dude weed lmao
>QOTT: What are you wearing this winter
Lots of cardigans. Gonna look for some cute boots, winter skirts, and leggings to keep my look femme yet warm throughout the winter, plus they all make my legs look nice. I also have this really comfy sweaterdress I'm looking forward to wearing again.
I could never wear any of this at work unfortunately (I work in a warehouse), so instead I dress fairly tomboyishly/masculine there: men's plaid shirts buttoned up to my breasts, colored (usually women's) undershirt, jeans, sneakers).
reminder that only cis people can be nb
tfw cis f nb (male)

File: Sin of birth.png (778 KB, 590x2037)
778 KB
778 KB PNG
Repent sinners REPENT ! Leviticus 12 !

See how can you know right from wrong if you did not have the bible telling you what is right and what is wrong ?!
i'm a christian so the OT doesn't apply to me.
File: Flip Flop.png (3.98 MB, 5000x8224)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
>so the OT
Truth is stranger then fiction !
lame and uncreative
It what the bible says there is nothing creative about it.

>friend complains about being lonely and needing attention
>recommend tinder bc it's where I met my gf
>"i don't want something like that"

Are some legbutts self-sabotaging and addicted to complaining without doing something to improve their situation?
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Yeah, or I think they just feel lonely and lovestarved while also recognizing on some level that they are not even remotely prepared for an actual relationship, so they avoid situations where somebody's actually gonna call their bluff and threaten to be their boyfriend
having empty promiscuous sex isn't going to make him feel any less lonely
pretty much the only reason i come to this board is to complain about no bf
>not even remotely prepared for an actual relationship
so i just want to complain in the meantime while i improve myself
this is a big part of why I haven't so much as tried to hook up with anyone in years, I guess I want or need some other kind of connection as well
>having empty promiscuous sex isn't going to make him feel any less lonely
That's where you're wrong.
Having sex is normal and natural and allows someone to get their life back from their hormones.
Not having sex is what makes a person think they have to castrate themselves to have sex.

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