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I want to act more masculine but at the same time I really enjoy being feminine and don't want to give it up

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Batshit crazy people are the most friendly and tolerant people you will ever deal with. It’s only if you get close/intimate that the crazy becomes a problem.
File: 1653133728279.jpg (1.15 MB, 2196x3708)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
His eyes don’t match the rest of his face. The hawk is very strong and masculine but the eyes don’t match. Needs brow implants.
*The jaw is very strong
They deserve to be ridiculed.

File: gigachad.jpg (56 KB, 1068x601)
56 KB
> tfw you know you're trans but you have this facial structure and you would rather just look like a man than become an abomination
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The one where you asked me to tell you that everything was going to be alright :v
I even made a vocaroo for you https://vocaroo.com/1eLpExuZXJXa, albeit in Russian XD
>you're a turbohon, but you're too attractive for a hon
Bruuuuuuuh.... I'm the /tttt/ queen of hons, I guess.
omg i just saw it thank u~ ur rlly sweet
also nah you're just the queen of tttt desu
>makes ur posting in hon threads just mogging
Forgot to add, comments like this kinda make me feel that I don't belong anywhere, which is pretty damn sad. I don't pass for passgens, I'm too pretty for hongens, I'm too old got bmg, mtg is its own thing, and some posters in mmg perpetually seethe because I honmode from time to time. I literally can't find a place to post....
just mog them anon. You don't mean it and you do be a hon. You are just literally too good looking to fit in with us but you're also kinda aspirational looks-wise.
Thanks, nonny <3
I hope my levels stabilise by the end of the next week, so I'm no longer as doompilled :(

File: 1653141154858.png (339 KB, 566x835)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Screenshot of a passing tran doesn't pass.
I'm worried bros
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File: BE INFORMED.png (2.4 MB, 1728x2304)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
>Yes, with their express permission.
no, we need to start spreading around posters or something warning young trans to not become one of them
She already had bottom surgery
Basically worthless now
true. IF anything the chaser should take her pp as trophy and hang it on the wall like an antler to denote his conquest
File: nice rice.jpg (48 KB, 648x496)
48 KB
>doesn't pass.
it's never going to get better and I'm never going to pass

Any tranner who will pity date a sub 4 chaser?
I'm very loving and loyal
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lmao trying being gay you gotta douche too.
>boo hoo i have to wash my penis and make friends
yeah lmao nah i would hate that shit.
im a woman. i dont have to do this shit. nobody ever tells women they have to do all that shit to get a partner. even if they have standards they don't have to do that shit.
>nobody ever tells women they have to do all that shit to get a partner
lmao what planet are you on
that's cuz you're a mega troon slob, he's what a woman gotta do
>learn make up
>do your hair every week
>learn how to cook and clean
>exercise daily, any cellulite will be the death of you
>skin care routine every night
>be sociable
>don't get rape challenge (impossible)

File: 1652915684656.jpg (300 KB, 825x906)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
When will you realize that this site is hurting you?
On your deathbed you'll regret being an incel chud on some right wing extremist forum during your entire youth.
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based and coomercuckpilled
>coomers are made not born
lmao true
so where do I get a tranner to constantly drain my cock so I can die happy?
You have the choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill (4chan) or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill (reddit).
Decide wise.
I think I have too many mental problems to try be normal.
Even tho I really wanted a bf but I got fat so idk what to do with my freetime

File: 2_years_later.jpg (60 KB, 616x585)
60 KB
i can't transition until i overcome extreme internal transphobia
what do i do?
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i really wish you would
like rly, i feel like you'd make me do it :[
ty for being so kind btw
pls consider adding me
gn /lgbt/
Study reproductive physiology and neuroscience.

Androgen insensitivity syndrome, SRY translocstions, dozens of intersex conditions demonstrating a multitude of intermediate phenotypes beyond the characteristic male/female extremes.

Sexually dimorphic hypothalmic regions of trans individuals resemble the typical brain regions of their identified sex not their birth sex i.e. if you're trans there's a strong liklihood your brain is physiologically female despite the male body or vice versa.

The only reason you're teabsphobic is because the modern hyperconsumerist end stage capitalism requires political boogeymen to keep the mouth breathing masses distracted and LGBT folks are an easy target.

Additionally a lot of hate that used to get directed against the gays/lesbians has been redirecred at trans folks because being gay has become fairly mainstream in 2022 in the western world.

Just be you. Let people play their dumb games and do what makes you happy. Gender, sex, male, female it's all empty of intrinsic characteristics. These are complex emergent phenonmeon.

You can decondition most social conditioning by seeing and understanding where the conditioning origiated.

It should also be noted many older cultures accepted non binary gender paradigms without issue. Native americans had a third gender neither male nor female but having characteristics of both, they were venherated for their wisdom.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You should probably send this to their discord it's good info.
this board will make you hate and resent yourself and others. Only if you're out and confident can you use this board without getting brainrot.

Seriously, there's plenty of plebbit subs that will do. And tranny plebbitors actually don't have rabies so that's a plus


discord.gg/cxpecxrd (change x to o)

File: pep.jpg (25 KB, 404x353)
25 KB
File: 1653020496760.jpg (74 KB, 761x528)
74 KB
>full head of hair
>still mad

Gone fishing with toys in the attic over the rainbow with no marbles edition

Repgen is for repping any and all things all LGBT, not necessarily just trans.q
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File: 20220519_215723.png (400 KB, 537x974)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
File: 20220519_215729.png (418 KB, 524x974)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
>make comic where the character already kinda passes
>giving hopes to those who have no chance.
I'd love to wear dresses and all that but I feel physically ill when I see my current self in a dress.
>Draw androgynous fag
>Make him pass
Wow, my repression is shattered, only thing left for me is trooning.
Is it possible that i don't have dysphoria but some form of gender cptsd for social reasons? "Internalized misandry"? That i felt trapped into having to be a man and that my body set me apart socially from women in my life i wish i could be close to when i learned not to trust men?

i have decided to stop repressing. but i still have no personality, interests, confidence, and am just generally a very apathetic and soulless person due to years of constant brain damage from dissociation. what do i do? will it get better the further along my transition?
yes it will. Some of us suffer from these effects from having the wrong hormone in us. After starting HRT as your old hormone diminishes and the new one takes over, you can feel emotions, mental clarity, and a sense of well being. MTF or FTM?
relief from repression will help dissociation a ton, i know myself and many other tranners had that experience

File: wang_chart.png (18 KB, 1296x936)
18 KB
medium thickness. like a bit over 5 inch around but not up to 5.5 inch around. i want to be a transbian. i have a dick print in men's pants so i'm not sure in women's pants/shorts that are smaller/shorter passing would not happen. eternal egg?
just get tucking underwear and ur solid
t. mtf with a big flaccid dick

File: DjZdzkDVsAEsLnv.jpg (24 KB, 387x387)
24 KB
i decided i'll become an ftm chaser, but i don't like the trenders or the pooners. the most important part would be the malebrained part, if his personality passes or not, he can be a degen or a normal guy but i don't want him to act like a woman. the second part is i want an ftm who looks like a twink or like one of those cute incels.

now i know I'm asking for a lot, so i will try and become the ideal bf to ftms,what body type do they like? do they like bottoms? tops? vers? what are the do's and dont's for being with an ftm?
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we all have different preferences, anon
i just want someone to cuddle, that is all
oh and if you want a good ftm bf, 4chan is not the way to go
Yeah, but what places fo they go to? Are they on grindr or some other aap? Should i look around uni to see if there is one studying there?
Ok I’m a ftm and dress slightly twinkish. Mostly I just dress like a guy but sometimes I like to dress more fem, I’m 19 and pass as a young guy. My bf is bi and also a femboy type but is verse/top. I’m attracted to other androgynous people especially but also like men & women. I met my bf through smoking and I guess I just look for a partner that’s cute and nice to me with my similar interests lol
>what body type do they like?
I guess I don’t mind slightly chubby guys but prefer lean/average body type
>do they like bottoms?
Yes I love bottoms
tops? vers?
what are the do's and dont's for being with an ftm?
I guess just respect boundaries, just be a normal person, i don’t really get offended about a lot but it’s annoying if I date a guy and he expects me to be like a tomboy
Some are on grinder but they’re either pooners/ degenerates and I don’t think you’d find anyone to date there. Try a normal dating app or maybe a queer one idk.

File: 1652873493122.jpg (499 KB, 750x972)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
Not that I care what you do with your body or think its reprehensible really, but transgender isnt a thing? They're just pre-op, maybe forever pre-op, transexuals + a few transvestites.

Sure, they have some difference in brain structure (the brain map postulation has not been remotely proven, however), but this might just be that they are effeminate/masculine men/women.

Smokers (adult):
>be lonely
>become friends with smokers or develop a crush on a smoker (I've met someone like this, even), smokers provide community via common complaints etc.
>person becomes smoker

>be lonely. Maybe have a diagnosis of autism and dont feel like you fit in. May feel lost and confused for various reasons
>get involved with transgender community (most likely on online)
>subconscious desire to "fit in" and join in on the ups and downs
>have a (common) kink (not Blanchard, just saying it IS there a lot of the time.
>confuses desire to be the other gender/sex with actually secrertly being other sex even though s/he admits it means almost nothing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Funny I dont really know where or how I either made up or hesrd the terms pre-op and post-op might want to be careful assuming I know what Im talking about there...
>Gender is a meme
>transexualism isnt
Wtf? But, wait, what? Okay Im not sure Ive heard of this perspective or not
No wait hang on. Yeah. Only transexualism is a thing.

You were just agreeing. Im a really absent-minded person, so ignore that.

Yeah. Gender is a meme.

But then what the fuck because now you habe a missing piece there. The only explanation is that people do it just because of a fetish or an aesthetic thing or something like that. I guess that works. but the cost doesnt add up however, maybe thats why its rare. Still, the numbers are starting to get higher now for transgenders and there seems to be a lot who eventually get SRS.

This could mean however that some might feel its worth it when it is not...

It could also mean its always worth it?


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Wait no if gender is a meme, then that means...
Wait no I take it back. Gender isnt a meme. I dont feel fem.

Gender is not a meme. Its not...
>>have a (common) kink
AGP causes tranners to be trans.
File: orz.jpg (21 KB, 500x261)
21 KB
But then if gender is not a meme then that...

Gender is... trans* isnt real theres onky crossdressers who like to...

Dysphoria is not... its all memes and lgb isnt real and Im not real and nothing is real any more.

File: fem mike.jpg (28 KB, 829x796)
28 KB
I tried so hard to repress more, but in the end it didn't even matter


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