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File: Lupin.png (600 KB, 750x515)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
If anyone here is feeling suicidal don’t die in vain or go on a shooting spree; go after Kiwifarms users and their families since most of them are just bullied teenagers.
Also get l*lcow.farm taken down while you’re at it since they doxx trips here.
I ain’t condoning or suggesting murder I’m just sharing my thoughts.

This message has been sponsored by 0chan /pity/
>Also get l*lcow.farm taken down while you’re at it since they doxx trips here.


File: 20230128_004413.jpg (289 KB, 1396x1219)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
boymoder pearl
shit show for shit people watch a goated cartoon nigga
kill yourself <3
based, pearl is just like me frfr
traumatized socially but ignores it because "im fine :)"

is it silly to (socially ) detransition till i can get ffs & a passable voice … have been (ugly) twinkhonmoding for like 3 years but i have short hair again and i just cant deal with looking ugly. when im a twink more men want me ;-; sadly

Why did I have to be born soo lovesick. I just can't stop crying... everytime I think I found the one they just end up ghosting me. I'm soo desperate for mutual love that it's resulted in me being heartbroken again and again...
It's like they just tell me lies so they can get what they want from me.
Why do I have to be this way...
I'm crying so much
Sorry you had to read this I just don't know where else to get this off my chest I'm just a stupid fucking bitch
I feel you on this. I used to be the type of guy who'd fall for just about any girl and I'd get ghosted all the time.

My one recommendation would be to try and turn off your emotions, which helps. Then again, you don't really feel anything anymore which is a whole different thing, so idk.

Wishing you the best tho
Thats life, keep on trying

>you will never date a guy
>you will never wear his hoodies
>he will never playfully pick you up
>you will never get bridally carried
>he'll never pin you down during sex
>you will never have cute dates sightseeing at museums and aquariums
>you will never listen to him autistically infodump about whatever interests him
>you will never massage him and let him rest his head in your lap after a long day
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70kg :sob: :sob:
>Be dude
>Didn't date my boymoder
>I forced her to wear my coat when she was cold during a winter walk and I gave her my hoodie that I had grown out of at the gym
>Used to pick my boymoder up when we hugged, sometimes crushed her ribs during the bearhug
>Usually carried my boymoder fireman-style, only bridal-carried her once
>Never had sex with boymoder, only made out twice
>She used to drag me to all sorts of weird places that were sorta dates I guess
>She's the one who autistically infodumped me about soulsborne lore, gaming PC's, history, and whatever other weird thing she found online
>She did massage my shoulders once after I carried her stuff when she moved into her dorm

6/8, how did I do?
Don't even know where I fit honestly because I'm a bi tranny. I definitely wasn't an incel though, even while living as a guy. I'm dating a cis woman now though so I keep feeling self-conscious about transbian stereotypes
>trannies aren’t inherently diseased and unlovable

Best joke yet.
Yours truly,
-Real man

File: nani.png (33 KB, 229x252)
33 KB
>You're a straight transgirl? Actually you're a gay man escaping homophobia.
>You're a lesbian transgirl? Actually you're a straight man who gets off by crossdressing.
>You're a bi transgirl? Actually you're a futanari obsessed porn addict.
We should start making up similarly nonsensical "explanations" for why people are cis.
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Read/watch "The Bear that Wasn't," kids.

>"You're not a bear," said the manager. "If you were a bear you would live in the zoo. You're a silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat. Now get back to work."
A "Real Man" (tm)(r)(c)
Yep. It's just a game of "heads I win, tails you lose" played by transphobes.
>Oh you're straight? You were just groomed by old Disney where the prince saves the princess
Unironically true for some people I imagine. Our society pushing heteronormativity so much makes a lot of people never even question if they aren't straight.
oh you’re cis? did your mom groom you into keeping that gender?

File: 1674880247163152.png (671 KB, 786x789)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
What will the trans OF thots/cam models do when AI can generate 11/10 gigapassoid with giant horsecocks
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
They have the same faces
You are faceblind. They are all very similiar but not the same
Onlyfans and camwhores provide parasocisk relationships too
bruh the hands
File: 1674841158685881.jpg (331 KB, 1600x1100)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
AI is convincing but its not perfect yet
Eh AI always fucks up the hands and teeth

>start transitioning in sophomore year of college
>guy friends immediately drop all contact with me, I’m effectively persona non grata
>girls I know start treating me like their gay best friend
>they get my name right but I can tell they don’t take me seriously at all
>do an internship in a different part of the state over the summer, then spend a semester studying abroad (endo is based so she prescribed me all the meds I’d need in advance)
>go from awkward lanky twinkhon to hourglass-shaped passoid while I’m away
>return to the states this semester
>guys try to pretend I don’t exist but I keep catching them staring at me
>cis girls seem actively threatened by my presence and treat me with barely-concealed contempt
what should I do
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>Having a passing voice mindbreaks most normies because they don't know it to be possible. It can turn clockable features into "unfortunate" ones. I think it helps in the dating department as well because most guys will get weirded out by the guy voice.
ok that makes a lot of sense actually
thank you so much anon thinking about that actually really helps with my voice training motivation

Yeah, voice control is actually a superpower.

You can be 6'2" manmoder with full beard shadow and if you can do a flawless femme voice people will be like "oh sorry uh ma'am" and just figure you have a medical condition or something.
checks out
i've still yet to meet a cis person that knew without me telling them that men could learn to do a female voice
i will voicetrain prayemoji
Hot twink damn
Post you bod now

>a lot of the new sissy hypnos are focused on diaper stuff
>he watches sissy hypno
File: maxresdefault.jpg (38 KB, 1280x720)
38 KB
>tfw over 90% of the sissy cross dressers i follow started hrt and call themselves trans women now

File: 1674788459742582.webm (2.2 MB, 576x1024)
2.2 MB
Get surgery now
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Not im academia and law they dont, apparently
>empty promises

How rude, my baking is 10/10
it's important to be pretty but it is equally if not more important to look professional and knowledgeable and middle class
weird incel language, very gross !!!!
i have a tiny tiny amount of debt but it'll be paid off this year or next year
Lol this board is so judgemental. I suppose thats the human condition in general, just hate others to protect your own shallow feelings of inferiority. You cant just say "you do you, and I'll do me", you have to tear others down.

I dont think humanity will pass the femi paradox. At least my tits will be nice, and I'll find a nice bf and be happy and bake my cookies and cakes for him


Its important to be happy, and being pretty makes me happy but whats good for the goose isnt good for the gander. So find what makes you happy, and pursue it. Also what do you mean lookism, whats that?
oh whoops that was another comment
either way, i don't think the woman in the video is pretty, i think she's had a lot of botched surgery and it's kinda sad :/

As a transwoman, I’ve never met a trans who passes. I clock them every time. What “passing” really means is cute enough to be acceptable. Sure, you might fool some dummies, but not the majority.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
because you don't notice the ones who pass
Most people are not transvestigating as hard as TERFs or other trans women, though, while you're mostly right.
There are some trans women (i.e. gigayoungshit, luckshit passoids like Taf) that you would be lying if you said you could clock without knowing. But if you really look, for most, you could probably tell. The thing is most people are not scrutinizing you so hard.
my sister in christ I've seen cis women with most of those combined.

none of these traits will directly and accurately indicate someone is "clockable trans"

im literally a cis guy with no Adam's apple and natrual fem oriented chin/hips/hand size. Am i a cis women now by your definition?
File: funnyplane.png (215 KB, 1920x1431)
215 KB
215 KB PNG

File: anything else.png (112 KB, 288x300)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
I know this is gonna sound dumbass but is there a way to voicetrain quietly? I don't want my familly hearing me doing this shit.
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File: 1657288905649.png (203 KB, 268x362)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
>op whenever she sees a child while driving
not op.
Why the fuck do I bother posting with trip off when this is what happens every single god damn time?

Priorities. Need to have the cute girl voice so they don't send me to man jail.

Those kids had it coming anyway.
i used to turn on the fan and put it on full blast in the middle of the night, and put my blankets over my face to drown out the sound of my voice training. that's what worked for me.
holy shit this happened to me once.
>small empty playground near my house in some isolated wooded area
>walk around on the track that encircles the park
>nobody's around
>voice train to myself
>suddenly hear something from behind
>some older man walking his dog
>he's looking at me funny
>where the fuck did he come from
>immediately go back home and never return
>Killing children is based, being bad at a thing you're practicing is cringe.

Are thre any German trannies on this board?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Sag das nicht mir, sondern /int/. Das meme ist von denen geklaut.
No, we don’t have nazis here.
weirdly a lot of them
deutschsprachig aber in amerika :3

Oh No! It's Friday Night again!
I really want a man to buy this for me
File: 1673206799576968.jpg (140 KB, 709x945)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Oh no..
How far are you willing to go for it?
Depends on the guy. It is a v nice outfit...

File: 1657620649405.jpg (77 KB, 482x549)
77 KB
>claims to love the idea of having an introverted homebody gf
>immediately becomes passive aggressive when I just want some alone time to decompress so I'm not completely on edge
holy shit i'll never be able to date at this rate why are people like this
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Same with bottoms who are really just narcissists with no communication skills (but I repeat myself)
This. You're supposed to decompress with me, silently, cuddling on the couch and eating junk food.
>You're supposed to decompress with me
That's not how it works. I don't "decompress" with people around me. I decompress alone, on my own time.
File: image.png (341 KB, 565x571)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
>reason #12313 to never try dating
"decompress" is slang for "think about things that aren't my bf" and I won't have that

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