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bith bi, raising children together. one womb, two seed givers.
two moms and one father?

i figure we'd face less rejection and hate then most gay couples.

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Nah someone has to take the pooners. Guess your little family just got bigger! I mean I guess if the cis lady has to have sloppy tranner sex surely you wouldn’t be opposed to taking one for the team and getting pegged right?

and this

i actually dont care for males who arent family.
three children.
one received by him planting his seed in the c-wife's cunt with the t-wife fucking her ass

and one by the t-wife planting her seed in the c-wife's cunt with him fucking the t-wife's ass

though the female cum will be pretty hopelessly dead once the e levels are high enough.
I would only do this if the trans woman was as into me as I was into them. I would mainly focus on her and only fuck the guy for the sake of stability of the relationship. Preferably I'd be really good fuck buddies with the guy and intense lovers with the trans girl.

Yeah I could make that work.
based bi woman

File: 1695760553549382.png (533 KB, 673x638)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
This is literally me
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we have witnessed real consequences for saying shit like this on 4ch countless times already yknow
actual honeypot
File: 2505 - SoyBooru.gif (794 KB, 1150x1533)
794 KB
794 KB GIF
>Reze is a fucking minor
does analloerotic mean you want to fuck yourself and your body is like a sex toy? that's what mine is
I don't fit into any of these fuck am I faketrans again
File: nervous.jpg (48 KB, 500x500)
48 KB

File: 1695812404386507.jpg (98 KB, 903x1077)
98 KB
Why are pooners such tryhards?
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>a wholesome bro code
so let me get this right, some pooner thinks she's just gonna come in, research for 20 minutes, and write some some behavioral list for all actual men to follow?
thats your job lil girl
I'd love to be able to kill you, but sadly it's only legal for you to kill you, whereas not for me. I refuse to take out the trash and go to prison for a person.
Unironically thats pretty malebrained tho.
>"Dont snitch"
>- criminals
I did time at a max security level IV state prison (short sentence but got caught with a cell phone which was being heavily punished at the time). While no snitching is supposedly the cornerstone of the convict code, I can 100% guarantee blacks and/or gangs do NOT think it applies to blacks telling on whites. I'm not kidding "nah nigga it ain't snitchin if he a white boy".

File: 1686913431956958.jpg (79 KB, 500x691)
79 KB
size 13 womans shoes
its so over i should just rope now
thats crazy
i'm size 14 in womens and have almost 10 inch hands at 5'9
i'm literally a hobbit
you'll be ok
anything over a woman's 10 DOES NOT PASS
sorry hons. but one glance down clocks you forever
lmao clown shoes ass niggas HAHAha
Size 13 men's shoes here
I don't want to ever try female shoes to save myself the humiliation

File: IMG_5228.jpg (31 KB, 735x725)
31 KB
if you transitioned >= 25 you are not a true transsexual
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All the numbers are bullshit. If you troon out and go stealth, you've transitioned. If you're clockable for any reason whatsoever, you're still a man. Age doesn't matter, a 15yo brickhon is still a man, and a 30yo stealthoid is a woman
I'm fake trans and trooned at 18
Idk how tf people can do this I gave up "repping" after like 2 years 1.5 years of dysphoria depending when I count from and mine isn't even that bad.
>projected self hatred

I started at 18, I don't think we should make anyone older feel bad unless they're a boomerhon
truth. the #1 rule of being trans: don't be ugly
too late

File: 1664208721766251.jpg (23 KB, 400x354)
23 KB
bonus: https://youtu.be/tKu93n5-QS4

qott: @ whoever was bitching about anime grillers, happy now?
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ok so like. do you ever feel like through the internet, we collectively invented god? vast amounts of data and influence and righteous anger and power made up of billions of internet connected nodes. to me it seems that network connected devices are like physical manifestations of the God-In-Aggregate. the security camera is , to me, the purest representation of this. obtrusive, conspicuous, and unambiguous in its function. it exists to watch. you do not know who is watching. you are just a subject
whenever i epic fail, god chuckles to himself
shut up lain
i wish i was lain she has a cool hat and nobody tries to section her when she talks about her relationship with the internet
Is this a belief you could be reasoned out of by someone that isn't judgemental and knows a lot more about how networks work than you do, or is it like a faith thing that you won't budge on?

File: frengen.png (17 KB, 554x554)
17 KB
>looking for
>not looking for
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also, apologies for the double post, but reflecting on what you said and why someone may be upset by it is something I think most people refuse to do so I in general will take back seeing you in a negative light. Sorry if I reduced the number of adds you got. good luck and all that.
Of course. I was definitely in the wrong with that, and thank you for correcting me. You're absolutely right. I was just being bitchy for the sake of it.
And tone is hard to impart over text, but the FP thing is something that I mostly meant as a tongue in cheek thing. Like my posts are 1 part stream of consciousness, 2 parts shit post. They're long and rambling and mostly just me typing shit as words come into my mind with no further consideration.
That is fair, we take polar opposite styles of expressing ourselves online it seems, I take everything too seriously and directly a lot of the time so i find it hard to read tongue in cheek-ness into things. It probably didnt help i was in a bad mood that day too. Best of luck, your responses pleasantly surprised me.
Of course! Good luck to you, too! I hope you have more pleasant days in the future!
File: 1695184050480377.png (16 KB, 676x870)
16 KB

File: IMG_4983.png (30 KB, 1019x794)
30 KB
Which societies should I go to, or should I just look for people doing my course? I’m in my first year of a stem degree if it helps
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Ask on tttt if theres anyone who goes to your uni. Most 4chan users go to uni
This, what's your uni?
You the one supposed to state your uni
oh no someone could ID me from a shitty state school with 40k people. (if you went to an ivy you wouldn't have a problem as they engage in multi gender orgies to prove they are not cringe). if you wanted a bf(female) shoulda gone to the seven sisters.
What country/state are you in?

File: 1685487370955213.jpg (196 KB, 500x679)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
My therapist told me I have an unhealthy obsession with my dad. She said that I need to distance myself from him.

>Be hapa trans girl
>Am very close to my dad
>Live alone with him
>Deeply desire his approval at every opportunity
>Don't feel valid as a girl unless he sees me as his daughter
>Don't care what about anyone else's opinion of me as a girl except his
>Mom and I never got along
>She was a strict Asian mom and was very cold towards me
>When I came out as a trans we had a big fight and she even hit me a lot before my dad stopped her
>Only tolerated me because of my dad but even after she was noticeably meaner towards me
>Mom admitted that she cheated on my dad sometime when I was in high school
>Dad was devastated by this and they ended up divorcing
>Hatred for my mom reached new heights because she hurt my dad

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nice fantasty, but back to reality, daddy left you to go buy some milk
The suicide stuff is too much but other than that I don't think it's that bad.
>asian tranners try not to be crazy challenge: impossible
Literal BPDemon.

File: john50.jpg (147 KB, 685x1011)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
what would a repper pride march look like? why haven't reppers bothered to make their own flag?
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>what would a repper pride march look like?
It would never happen.
>why haven't reppers bothered to make their own flag?
Because we are not a tumblr xenogender, we are people with GID who chose to cope in a different way than trans people. Simple.
It'll be me showing everyone my dick and wearing a shirt that says "I survived BBC brainwashing sissy hypno".
what would we even be marching for? also, it's kinda like how I'd never come out as a repper irl, people would think I'm retarded for knowngly having dysphoria and doing nothing.
Is that Julie?
File: EGOpLHYXkAAjObg.jpg (47 KB, 640x480)
47 KB
>how come this group of people whose common thread is shame & inability to live authentically don't take pride in their identity
gee i wonder why

File: cis woman.jpg (316 KB, 1440x1800)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
How come trans women with strong and defined facial features don't pass compared to cis women? When women have these strong features like a lot of supermodels do, they still look like women. I'm seeing a lot of trannies here with similar strong features as those said models, but they just do not pass
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Do we have an answer for this?
cis women have one or two masculine/strong features, but trans women have multiple
Because they're women and you're a man who pretends to be a woman
Is it that fucking crazy?
Should i get one even if i know i'll get scars from it? I'm prone to hypertrophic ones
File: 1686561724552398.webm (2.71 MB, 576x1056)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB WEBM
>mfw he's right

I was so surprised to learn these are tr00ns

I want to give everyone the full context
>Be Me 20 and in College
>Have a cute co-worker
I don't have a pic of her but she kinda looks like Asa Mitaka with glasses especially with how her hair looks
>She's really chill, cool and likes horror movies
>Get along well
I asked her to hang out
Hey you wanna hang out next week? You gonna be free?
"Um Why?"
>Look at her kinda confused
Um why not you're cool
"Um I have to think about it I don't know about that"
>She looks kinda awkward Alright well just think about it then I'll see ya later
>Thought I messed up
Later she actually says yes to me and apologizes that we couldn't talk that much due to bad timing

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I guess that I meet the definition of pseudo-ace, a relationship would be short-lived because of the difference in expectations. Normal relationships have sex and attraction, and we're really not interested in either of those. Unless you're ready to be an exclusive best friend with no thoughts of sex, which you most definitely are thinking about, you're only going to end up with frustration and resentment.
>all these missing arrows
I see thank you
I was lazy lol
Would you say the girl is pseudo ace despite being in a lesbian relationship?

I hate chasers so much I wish there was trans inclusive radical feminism. Their rapist behaviour and homophobic denial of own homosexuality is driving me crazy. They're so disgustingly rapey I want to brick them all. The dysphoria baiting they do to fullfil own homosexual-in-denial fetishes is driving me mad.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1540860432493.png (20 KB, 225x225)
20 KB
chaserbros we CANNOT stop winning
You hate us cause you aint us
there is, it's called radical feminism.
aren't you the blockhead liddol pooner who larps as intersex
>homosexual in denial
1: ironic
2: i am not in denial

File: passer.jpg (2.89 MB, 3255x2441)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
/tttt/ is it okay to be a tranny and have an unambiguously boy name if you''re a super femme passer? I think it's funny and cute. thoughts?
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Hank, Jim, Elmer, Mike are cute names for a tranny
I don't think I could handle this my name was one of the biggest sources of social dysphoria I had pre transition. Tho desu I ended up going by a gender neutral name, idk theirs just been something appealing to me about gender neutral names since I was like a small child and I always wished I had one.
there's *
can freddy be a girl's name? places on the internet say it can be
yeah, an ie instead of a y would be the more feminine way of spelling it imo

Does it anon?
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No. It's a brown leather billfold that I've had since I was a young teen. It's beat to shit and I genuinely do not care. If you're mtf and already passing in other ways, you will not be clocked because of a wallet. It's only a concern if you're ftm and have a very feminine wallet, but those are too big to go anywhere other than a purse, and I've never met an ftm who carries a purse.
lolno i have some small red leather one because every wallet that isn't disgustingly large is ""sleek""
i have a (likely fake) Cartier wallet that i filched for myself semi-ironically back when i worked sorting donations at a thrift store cuz i thought it'd be funny
i found it on mercari for like 10 dollars there’s some green machamp ones on ebay but a little expensive. i saw a blue scyther one for cheaper but kinda dirty
i already went looking and cant find it for sale anywhere :(

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