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what is it with this board and diapers?
is it because of spiro side effects or is it because you can't use public toilets
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admittedly it's probably my own paranoia more than anything, because most people don't notice, but it gets weird when people do.

Not rude as such, but normies are aware of adult diaper wearing as a kink, so there's sometimes weird questions when people find out, like when boomers find out a person is gay and then sort of stammer out confused acceptance, like "yeah, uh, well, whatever makes you happy." I try not to be obvious about it but given that it's a 24/7 mandatory medical need, sometimes discovery is unavoidable.

>misgendering someone who's talking about a childbirth accident
I didn't somehow become incontinent during someone else's labor, you dumb shit.
File: 1613843588094.png (1.7 MB, 1754x2481)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Listen Anon, so long as everyone you care about knows it's medical why should you care what a normie thinks. They're obviously the weird one for instantly associating diapers to a kink rather than a medical condition. Then you move on despite their reaction and boom it didn't matter. You go home knowing you have confidence in yourself. You shouldn't be upset you have a disability, embrace it. You're the reason I don't disable myself for this fetish. Chin up diaperfren.
how have kid if LGBT?
ok monkey
This, but also because the overwhelming majority of abdl fetishists are men and trannies (over 90%, typically). You can see why this would stray from heterosexuality.

File: 1613439194006.png (419 KB, 545x645)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
>tfw detransitioning because of health

is it respectable too pay for sexual favors since once you detransition you are completely and utterly unwanted at this point?

You understand that cis women also have sexual fantasies about having sex as women right? What did you think a normal female sexuality involved?

My ex used to masturbate to herself in the mirror while groping her tits, if one of you troons did that you'd be convinced it was time to rope.
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File: the-united-states.jpg (194 KB, 1000x1000)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
wow another thread Cindy makes all about themselves and their schizo self hate bullshit
oh my god hahahaha that wasnt my point

instead try imagining that cis female sexuality is entirely focused on seeing themselves through the male gaze and that it is the "default female sexuality" and that they do not find men sexually attractive and lust after them, and that their sexuality is totally AGP so that some fucking traggots on a mongolian basket weaving forum can feel better about their erotic target location error
Not my point either

Cis women seem to take at least some interest in their own body, what is done to their body, and the idea of things being done to them.

You cannot escape from.the fact cis women consistently score as AGP on all of Blanchard's tests.
Moser C. Autogynephilia in women. J Homosex. 2009;56(5):539-47. doi: 10.1080/00918360903005212. PMID: 19591032.

File: bi-noodle.png (357 KB, 842x653)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Why are bisexuals so happy?
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it's because we have the best pride flag
who the fuck said I'm happy?
we do have a kickass flag though
Because long ago we broke off from everything else involving the lgbt community (in the 80s and 90s mainly when we were getting more hate from lesbians and gays than from straights or even christians) not having to focus on all this infighting really does wonders for your happiness your
Schizo nonsense from a person who isnt bisexual
> We aren't

File: 1574667253810.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1080)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
Post your ideal looks and let other guess your letter/fetish.
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File: 1609867240951.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
File: scarlet.jpg (243 KB, 1367x2048)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
forgot pic woops
File: steam 10.jpg (207 KB, 587x1051)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Cis male coomer

File: 1614212462686.png (2.69 MB, 2208x1242)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB PNG
Is it maximum devilish to tell a hon that she's beautiful and passes so she acts all confident and full of herself, that way it hits much harder when she's struck down by reality?
ok which one of my hugboxing friends on discord are you
If they're dumb enough to believe you
You know exactly who Cindy.
no i dont and im getting pissed off right now fuck this post i hate it

File: orange juice.png (179 KB, 379x461)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
what would you want to see in articles about /lgbt/?
no i'm not asking you to do my homework for me, i have plenty to write about and have been here for years, but i want some insight
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I want to know how many homo-romantic guys are ace. I know you don't want to report stats but that kinda breakdown would be fire.

On a more doable note I'd like to read a snarky sarcastic column about clocking straight guys as obviously gay and just playing hard to get.
Seriously nerd? There's nothing to talk about gays bash u. In a modern country atleast. If you aren't American why bother
That's too broad. Narrow your scope to some phenomenon specific to the board.
please fuck do not make an article about /lgbt/
this rampant newfaggotry only breeds further, more advanced newfaggotry and such recklessness is the impetus for our decay
what the fuck ever happened to 1 & 2
>what the fuck ever happened to 1 & 2

i'm not meaning to bring people here, quite the contrary actually, this is a bleak and depressing place to be hooked to and i will write it with some care, you can be assured i'm not advertising for you
maybe so, but it's supposed to be for gay normies to read and also non-chan users who are interested in 4chan...

File: trans pass.png (1.56 MB, 988x991)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Why do straight transgirls pass so much better on average than gay transgirls?
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We wouldn't fuck you
I'd make you my gf as long as I don't have to touch your penis
You're not ugly you're delusional
well i feel like thats circular logic because i feel like the people who think i look better than them probably have bdd themselves honestly
That might have been a shitty way to word it but the message still stands. You really are not a bad looking girl and what do you get gendered more as when you go out in public? If it is female it should be a good indication of BDD. Also nah I've seen full body vid of you before i think that you posted in passgen? I don't remember but you looked fucking great and I was seething because I do not have a body like that and I probably never will, on top of that you have a really cute and fem face. I am very envious of you but I should not let that cloud my judgement. You deserve to be happy and I am sorry if I am not much of a help but just know that even if you hate yourself and think you look horrible there is going to be somebody out there who sees beauty in you. I hope you can find somebody like that maybe a bf or gf would be good for you they could help bring up your self image.

File: 20210222_203534.jpg (14 KB, 386x240)
14 KB
Manmoder general
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File: EvB-0F7VcAAAOe3.jpg (132 KB, 1228x868)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
It's so frustrating how women can be effortlessly feminine without effort. "Tomboys" still look like women. Meanwhile if I wear a hoodie I just end up looking like a gopnik or a construction worker.

>yes, I know picrel is anime and not a real woman. I just liked the picture because agp
I hate it when people say "real women still have to put in effort and wear makeup and take care of their hair and learn to dress well to look feminine : )"

Well, maybe, but they don't have to do those things to look /female/. Cis women wouldn't look the same if they didn't do those things, but they wouldn't look like men either. It's such disingenuous bullshit.
File: 1613969804034.jpg (95 KB, 622x584)
95 KB
tfw massive gorillahon linebacker shoulders and broad chest Arnold would kill for
This person is kind of in genderless clown territory desu.
You look like a he/him lesbian

File: 1614128872728.png (75 KB, 300x300)
75 KB
I hate being a transbian. Cis women hate estrogenized men and good-looking tranners are usually hsts.
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Make a shit ton of money or get famous.
Be a fucking woman not a man and like men??? Are you retarded you're literally just gay and contradicting yourself
You're not trans you're a femboy
>Cis women hate estrogenized men

t. cis woman

File: Innamorata.jpg (165 KB, 932x1199)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Lot of people here come saying stuff in some threads that they don't deserve to be tranners because they are gross, fake, that they just have a fetish, that they don't fit a certain narrative, etc.

The truth is that it doesn't really matter, if you don't like living as your natal sex and would really like to become the opposite one, you deserve to transition if that is what you would like.

So I highly advice to stop doing mental self harm to yourself and start to ignore any transphobic party or shallow people that tries to gatekeep everything (specially ignore gender critical feminists)

When you say "you don't deserve to be tranner" as if you were something lesser or not worthy think that cis people don't obsess over this thing, and the early you get treatement for your dysphoria the better it will be.

You may also think it's just a fetish that trans people can't feel horny pre transition while imagining themselves as the opposite sex, but that's not true, it's natural for a gender dysphoric individual to have a mental image of themselves as women if that's what they want to be, so don't think it's just a fetish because of that, imagining yourself that way is just natural.

Now if you think you can't transition because you are "too horny and that means this whole thing is a coomer thing", you have to realize that you're probably with high testosterone levels which will make your sex drive to be high, but sex drive can change dramatically when you take HRT, so don't punch yourself over that, you aren't worse than other people, you also deserve to be respected and loved as a person as long you don't cause harm to others. So if you want to transition but feel you don't deserve it that you are gross, fake, just stop thinking that way. Love yourself more and take care of yourself more, if you really want to transition don't delay your HRT, the earlier you start the better it will be for your mind and body. What you truly deserve to is be happy.
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Thanks! I know it'll be scary, and hard at times, but I'm gonna make it. We're all gonna make it.
>one of the other players referenced her with male pronouns and she meekly corrected him.
I was also the kind of asshole back then that won't use the wrong pronouns, but will instead avoid pronouns entirely.
God, I was an immature, repressed asshole.
At least you didn't harmed her, there are lot of evil repressors who are aggressive towards trans girls and say transphobic stuff to them when they are early transition and in a very vulnerable state.

I really hate when people attack innocent trans girls, specially if it's other dysphoric people because they know what dysphoria feels like. Gender critical feminists and other kind of tranphobic party are also evil but they are way more ignorant and will never understand what dysphoria is and wouldn't be able to empathize properly even if they tried, unless they are repressors, wouldn't be surprised if some of them are.

Good thing is that you didn't really attacked her, you didn't really harmed someone so that's better than lot of people.
I'm glad I didn't too. I was definitely transphobic, but I kept it to myself. I hated that they could o something I couldn't, really. Just pure jealously, even if I didn't recognize it as such.

File: hoodiewoman.jpg (358 KB, 1300x1950)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Boymoder General
Exercise edition

QOTT: How do you stay /fit/? what do you wear to exercise?

older /bmg/ /ssbbg/ /bddg/: https://archived.moe/lgbt/search/text/%2Fbmg%2F%20%2Fssbbg%2F%20%2Fbddg%2F/type/op
Boymoder greentext compilation: https://twitter.com/BoymoderNetwork/status/1236842588591861760

Previous thread: >>19198294
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has anyone else been shopping with their mom and the cashier calls you both ladies?
was p poggers B-)
i-i don't know why i do that i mean. i don't do that haha anon
Why do you boymode?
File: 20210211_201842.jpg (412 KB, 3405x2274)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
>tfw visibly trans
because it was the mask that made them say it

File: time.jpg (29 KB, 480x269)
29 KB
Intersex Exclusionary Reactive Trannies. These people are going to ruin our spaces the same way blacks ruined the NBA.
you should know threads with trunks as the OP get ignored

File: 1603224869395.jpg (131 KB, 478x788)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>tfw my dick is sore from making my boyfriend choke on it so much
god damn, this is a struggle. i think it was out of shape from lack of use (i am a boymoder)
three times in a row is pretty good though, right?
118 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
it will never fade into nothingness
I suppose it won't. I'll never forget you boymoder who makes her bf choke on her penis 10 times a day.
Let me guess, he’s a femboy or just feminine looking?
no, he's kind of normal/masc
I thought all boymoders were agp transbians or meta attracted agps that only bottom

File: uhoh.png (82 KB, 1224x581)
82 KB
This is an actual assignment from my English Comp 1 class. I have been repressing for about 5 years, since I was 14. My new year's resolution was to stop thinking about transitioning entirely so I won't be so depressed anymore and it's actually worked really well so far. But I checked my assignments today and saw this is the next paper we have to write. I don't want to unzip this part of my brain, not after the progress I've made. If I have to go into detail about this I'm gonna be an emotional wreck for days. I don't even know how I would approach this subject without outing myself. What should I do :(
29 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I do agree however I got raped by a girl so idk which perspective that story would end up being from

I think realistically this would be the best way to handle this. But I'm also not sure how much an outsider would really understand where I'm coming from
>I do agree however I got raped by a girl so idk which perspective that story would end up being from
bruh how, I got a kink to be raped by a girl
>I don't want to unzip this part of my brain, not after the progress I've made.
but you already have.
I mean, you're literally browsing and posting on a majority trans forum, you're stumbling hard at the first real test of those defences you've built to protect yourself from being who you really are and getting rightfully triggered by your literal life being your assignment.
anon, please accept yourself before you become another statistic.
my gf is 6' and it makes her hotter. quit repressing, you're young as fuck

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