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File: Jlu8HGdm_400x400.jpg (30 KB, 400x400)
30 KB
Why do Libertarian trannies exist? They're always gun nuts too, obsessed with freeze peach. What's in it for them?

Like this smug cunt here, I fucking hate Lilith Lovett so much.
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I don't think you know what virtual signaling means, idiot.
Libertarian actually has two possible meanings:
>Anarchism but minorities and LGBT people aren't allowed (basically what >>16653410 says)
>Anti abortion, creationist, fundamentalist conservative but thinks libertarian sounds cool, aka Ron Paul truthers
Mexico is a third world country. Fun fact America's homicide rate is on par with Mexico's.
>”Assault Rifle”
David Friedman his son is the Ancap one and he has a specific vision of Ancap very different from the retarded Rothbard/Hoppean one which most people associate Ancap with.
Bryan Caplan is probably a Friedmanite/another thinker I respect.

Here’s a look into the kind of stuff David does:
And one from Caplan (despise Rubin but good interview):

File: 1597295311217.jpg (348 KB, 1637x1615)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
Have you even tried Pimozide yet to cure your condition? What do you have to lose?
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Funny 2010 meme but yes there is actually a difference and it matters in this case
>knowing shit about neuroscience
>believing n=1 studies and anecdotal shitposts with anime girls attached
dunning kruger
it takes all kinds.
I was on a heavy dose of anti-psychotics for a handful of years. I was misdiagnosed because I did drugs, lied about doing them, and wound up in a psych facility for a week.

I've since got my life together but let me tell you withdrawing cold turkey from psych meds was one of the worst experiences of my life and I would not wish it on anyone.
Are you retarded?

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>>16653607 why do they have pink holes and geneitals, i don't get it, is their blood pink, why did god make them so inticing?
>Mixed race
Lol. Anglos have brown holes. Only Scandinavians have pink
i'd still fuck one, i just think it's intresting that white bois have pink ones, of all the colors on the rainbow.
File: 1548273037488.jpg (197 KB, 1930x1698)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
They are aesthetically pleasing to me
big if true

File: 1593376560103.png (909 KB, 640x1136)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
Say what you like about Hatchan below
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How do you feel about dating a loser who will never finish high school?
who gives a shit she's definitely cooler than u
>going on 4chan to protect your partner
Come on now. I won't be mean to you, I don't know you. But you're probably deserving of way better than the notorious piece of shit that Andreas is. I won't go into details here but he did some pretty fucked up shit in the past. He really is not someone you want to invest effort in. You may have fun for a while but at the end of the day it gets boring when you realize he's just an egocentric autist
we met on lgbt dipshit, i never interacted with hatchan stuff until now but i don't like people spewing out bullshit

File: 1594186341292.jpg (30 KB, 400x400)
30 KB
>mfw ppl think I'm over 30
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File: IMG_20200515_000734.jpg (2.27 MB, 5472x7296)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
This pic
I want to make you my pet cf (cutefriend)
File: 1597330709123.png (909 KB, 640x1136)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
i mean, if had to judge by this pic you definitely look over 30
File: 1597335290285.jpg (56 KB, 385x375)
56 KB
>I'm 20
Nearly 39 and routinely get clocked for younger. I remember being twenty something...this fucking ride never stops..

post fave kpop songs
File: FB_IMG_1573727508884.jpg (92 KB, 768x960)
92 KB

So why does 2 fucking % of the entire population of highschoolers identify as trans??? What the actual fuck?? Shit like this makes me doubt so many transitioners when it's more likely they have different problems than dysphoria and are using transitioning as a coping mechanism they get praised for and make trans friend groups with.
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what about the official number on hrt? the number that matters.
>muslim in the lgbt space
doubt.jpg and how about no, they're the second worst group to lgbt and women's rights in general just after blacks.
Identifying as trans does not mean actually trans or transitioning. They probably included "enby" retards or people with they pronouns.

Most trannies are in fact NOT open about being trans or accept themselves being that way, and repress.
This. Like 90% of trans people nowadays are AFAB doing it for oppression points.
It's also why AFABs make up the majority of gender clinic referrals and the majority of detransitioners.

File: tenor.png (190 KB, 500x280)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
I've been on E for a couple of months now and around the same time every months I get cramps in the abdomen. Sometimes they're really intense. I also feel bloating, chocolate cravings, and moodiness. Can anyone else relate? Hoping for serious responses.
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Apparently my levels shot through the roof well into the range where it would be equivalent to PMS levels recently, but I didn't really feel anything different because I always had extremely varying moods throughout the month or even during the week, and overall my emotional maturity has improved drastically these past few years, so if anything it feels like my "PMS" would have been back then and not now. So idk.

I always felt like external stimuli interacting with brain chemistry would have more of an affect on mood than PMS necessarily, my female friends have their worst breakdowns because of what's happening in their lives, not because of PMS
t. Yaniv
just give it time
Why are you so obsessed with bringing up Yaniv when she's not the topic of the conversation? Are you actually simp-ing hard for her?
>Apparently my levels shot through the roof
>well into the range where it would be equivalent to PMS levels
Do you know anything about the female cycle? Right before the period is when PMS occurs. And its when E levels fall rapidly.
lmfao, that was my first post on Yaniv, calm the fuck down
yea I'm simping for a midaged AGP pedophile

What do you coom to /tttt/?
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>Cis girls are sexually aroused by men
many cisgirls are sexually attracted to men but also aroused by their own femininity. cisgirls aren't repressed in this way though like transgirls are, but they might form a distinction between being a "proper girl" and being a "slut" and get off to that, which isn't about men explicitly but their own identity as women.
i know what anon you are though so I won't bother trying to argue lol
Also straight porn where i just jerk off to the dick because for some reason it's better than most gay porn.
Video and pics of me crossdressed

Or cis het a amature porn .
if some roastie cisy wants to say "choke me daddy uwu" it's fine but when i a grown ass man want to do the same, all of a sudden there's a problem
usually nothing but recently loli and bestiality hentai have been forcing my hand

File: 1537945867199.jpg (278 KB, 820x960)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Tervetuloa, minun ei-binääriset ystäväni!

Previous: >>16566333
Discord: rT5W24J

Threadly reminder to not reply to bait, as in aether's words, "It is futile trying to justify one's existence to those who claim it is invalid".

QOTT: If you could live in another country, or speak another language fluently, what would it be?
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Ooh, do elaborate on what the latter is, never heard of it.
File: finnish mole.png (273 KB, 650x487)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
i'm visiting from gaygen for a comfy finnish nonbinary general
>Do you prefer to be read as female moreso than being read as androgynous?

No, but I like it when (queer) people call me "sis" jokingly

>How do you feel at the thought of living in the future as a male?

Well... that's what my biological sex is, so I don't have any choice there. I wish that I was biologically both, and that my body reflected this (I am technically intersex, so there's some truth to it).

>How do you feel at the thought of living in the future as a female?

I wouldn't want that either. It wouldn't be an accurate representation of how I feel inside. Too fem feels "wrong," but in a different way compared to too masc.

>How do you feel at the thought of living in the future as neither?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: skelethink.jpg (39 KB, 572x303)
39 KB

>call me "sis"
Is that more because for once it's not a male reference, or something else?

>It just felt so much better. That's all I know.
Social pressures (the ROGD meme) can be written off considering your past history with being referred to neutrally. Would you label this experience as euphoria?

You definitely have discomfort socialising as male. Whether it's intense enough to be called dysphoria is another thing.
Being non-binary is only your call. If I had to say what you could do next, try discussing that with someone, find a new name for yourself, and ask a handful of people to refer to you as such.
Was just thinking of asking here who else is from Finland.

Onks muita suomalaisia tääl?

File: 5686583.png (99 KB, 727x735)
99 KB
trapfags acting like victimized minorities is the funniest thing ever
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you have to go back
Lol just got banned from there asking bought reclamation
>"I will post Stirner in every thread until someone takes me seriously!"
you can't reclaim trap if you're a woman. trap is a term for gnc males
women (including trans women) btfo'd

>AGP General - Comfy edition

How do you best like to relax and have fun on a day off, AGPgen?

Previous: >>16611677
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File: 26-15-990x990.jpg (112 KB, 990x990)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I mean the best description of it I've ever seen in /agpg/ was this one
>but sometimes it feels like some slipped a girl program in with the rest of my apps. I'm a guy with all my guy programs running but the girl program in running along with everything else.

I'm against the idea of permanent transition but also against the idea of ignoring or suppressing my AGP entirely, balance is key for me. Being able to drift entirely to one mindset or the other or somewhere in the middle is so appealing - I wonder if this is what people mean by "genderfluid", but either way I don't care to make it an identity so I don't identify as that.
File: Boku no Milk o Meshiagare.jpg (572 KB, 1280x1811)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
The idea of some normal athletic big guy, or a scrawny wirey shy incel virgin, becoming a really full bodied woman with big hips and breasts and having to deal with that change, to how they move and feel or look to others and the sorts of things they can do, is such a hot idea it drives me nuts

acceptance is always the answer IMO regardless of how far the person needs to take it to be happy or not
the idea of a "girl program" running and slowly influencing things is an interesting story idea too...maybe someone can slip it into someone as a feminization thing (the Farfalla doujin series basically does this). or the person tries to find who placed it in them, but it turns out...it was always there!
Yoshida Gorou must be a transwoman, all their doujins are allegory (? is that even the right word) of a transgirl's journey through her transition.
soooooo many japanese tsf artists are very likely to be closet trans... poor repressed japan.
File: 1571774918918.jpg (446 KB, 1387x1200)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
>the idea of a "girl program" running and slowly influencing things is an interesting story idea too
I know right, closely related to feminization, the anima, even corruption in a sense depending on how you look at it, this whole interplay of things... What's great is how many more possibilities open up in terms of fantasizing/daydreaming (sexual and non-sexual) compared to if I didn't have AGP and just had my non-AGP fantasies/daydreams which are just as appealing as well but in different ways.

File: doriane.jpg (265 KB, 1920x1080)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Did Dorian Electra just make a video about the neckbeard to AGP tranner pipeline?


2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dorian is ridiculously talented, at least as good as Contra in terms of aesthetics and nowadays content too, difference being Dorian is subtler and can actually write music.

But you can't say that on this board because it's full of seething ex-MRA hons that will screech at an AFAB for having the AUDACITY to actually play with gender instead of being le transsexual.
the gentrification of gaming continues. i thought their song about being submissive was awesome thougjh
gentrification of gaming???
Idk who this is but funny song and hot singer
Honestly they only have a handful of good songs (mind body problem, man to man, career boy, jackpot, Adam and steve). The rest are absolute trash and genuinely painful to listen to. They just have a good eye for what aesthetics would be popular with people. Thats it.

File: 1597227216701.jpg (102 KB, 581x471)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I'm experiencing this weird sort of angst. I recognize that labels are man-made so whether trans women are women depends on which definition one uses. Nevertheless I still yearn to be a woman and to be recognized as a woman in this eternalist one-true-definition sense that doesn't really exist. I want to alter my body and dress in a certain way, yes, but that's not all I want. Not really. I want the universal, fictitious mantle, and that I can't have it makes things feel pointless. The most absurd bit is that I understand that the mantle itself is worthless. It doesn't do anything. It is a useless object of beauty.

Now, I could start some demented will to power crusade and try to get everyone to accept a definition I'm comfortable with, but seizing such a prize by force makes it unappealing. Doing this is akin to wanting to be beautiful and getting everyone to redefine beauty so that you count as beautiful. Your desire is not truly fulfilled even if beauty is now in a very real sense what you supposedly wanted it to be.

I feel like it'd be easier if I could stop caring about labels and just do those things I'd like to do but I don't even know where to begin on that front. The truth is that I want to do many of those things because they are things that women do. How do I both essentially transition from man to woman and pretend that I don't care about being a woman? I do care. It's just that I'd like not to care but transition anyway.

That I recognize all of this doesn't dampen my desire at all. It's immensely frustrating.
Just stop caring about labels. Trans girls who constantly use labels are cringe. Trans girls who just live their lives the way they want and just accept that they don't need a rationalization for it are based.
How do I do that?
>Nevertheless I still yearn to be a woman and to be recognized as a woman in this eternalist one-true-definition sense that doesn't really exist.

Oh yes it does exist. They started calling it "female" instead of "woman" however
In life you can't always get what you want. This grief can be processed through like any other. Eventually, you'll arrive at acceptance, and you'll find that you can be happy even if this one thing isn't how you'd want it. Build on and cherish the good things in your life, focus on things that are within your means to make better and change.

drop some transition timelines. they dont have to be yours
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>Ribcage growing in 20s
what did we do that made her snap? does this mean no more podcast?
Honest! Gave me such grief! Still not /too/ bad though.. i think I can work with it see >>16653305
Maybe? Idk maybe not but im going to do my very best and take this a day at a time. :)
Have a blessed day <3
she thinks shes so much better than everybody

why would she ignore you lol
Yeah it's just that my ribcage started growing in my late teens, and it also made me speed my transition, currently 19 and 3 days on hrt. Wish you luck, wish me luck!

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