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Show us your transition timelines.

Month 1 HRT vs Month 13
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get your brows done professionally and see if you can make that hairstyle symmetrical (uncovered side highlights jaw) then pass

props on learning how to do your eyes it works wonders
File: boomer.jpg (367 KB, 1525x822)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
1 year in, im already 32 so idgaf, just let me be an autistic manchild and keep my youth, dont even want to be female.
File: 1606365916547.jpg (55 KB, 880x880)
55 KB
Chaser here




Pass (sum weight loss and I'd detroit smash)


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What are you autistic about you absolute qt?

File: 20201201_002238.jpg (190 KB, 1175x567)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Draw me like one of your french hons /tttt/ lmfaoooooooooo
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it doesn't even look like her except for the pose. you sad fucks would call a streaming pile of shit BASED if it said trans bad on it
>hurrrrr you type enter so you lurk Reddit
Nah bitch i just hit enter twice per line because in my day we had chat rooms and you had to hit enter to submit your line, and then type enter again to start typing more.

Shit was before your time so I understand you not understanding.

Way to deflect on getting rect
>you sad fucks would call a streaming pile of shit BASED
I didn’t see anyone call OP’s pic “BASED”, to be fair
this is how you will spend the rest of your life
I’m having fun tbhun

File: femboy.png (565 KB, 1323x2280)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
if a femboy and a tranny fuck, is it a transbian relationship?
yes and anyone who denies this is a coping 'femboy'.
im mtf and want to dominate a femboy catboy ftm
Depends on if it's a "FEMboy" or a "femBOY"
idc all i know is i want to take a cute femboy, flip him onto my bed and just climb on him and start kissing him. starting at his cheeks, then a bit of his lips, then trailing down to his neck and shoulders. i rip his pants off like a ravaged animal, and grab and molest his hips. just feeling his ass, his thighs, and pressing our chests together. i want to finger his cute little prostate while his legs are up and so helpless and cute looking. i want to make him cum and then cuddle up with his head resting in my cleavage, letting him play with my boobs. i just feel this primal desire whenever i see a femboy. theyre so beautiful. i want to play with his cute little nipples while im fingerblasting him and if im post op i want to sit on his lap and just have my neohole swallow up some femboy pecker. i just lust after femboys so goddamn much.
t. mtf

c-could someone please, in vivid detail, describe the way they would make love to their trans gf?

a-asking for a friend...
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>gets up
>”where you goin bitch finish me off” in my man voice uwu
>gets on her knees
>starts going to fucking town on my dick
>getting close
>i wanna be your girlfriend is playing
>completely lose control at the “i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna be your bitch” part
>we lay in the bed and vibe for a while
>fall asleep in each other’s arms
>pissed i wasted my trip
>not even attracted to girls

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i fucking hate transbians thats what i think
With my pp in her butt
fuck dude, i'm not a transbian kys. i could've wrote a story with a dude, but those are all booooring
jk its a good story and kinda funny too, thanks for sharing!

Chanel santini detransitioned why?
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jersey shore lookin mf
stop gatekeeping faggot. that benefits literally nobody.
>Even the female socialization thing I think is mostly a meme. they only get corralled with the girls mostly because of young male homophobia and bullying

More likely certain kinds of gays simply enjoy socialising with females of their own age. AGPs always play the homophobia card feigning concern

>(meanwhile agps get almost no socialization at all due to ostracization and turn out fucked lol). so much of the typology is based on this dumb shit

AGPs wouldn't get this kind of socialisation because (1) they're not good company, male typical behaviour (2) they're not sexually attractive. There's a role for female or gay friends, not goofy CD friends
Well it benefits homosexuals so that we dont have to be told we need to engage in heterosexual sex in order to be gay.

If you are sexually aroused by a vagina, you are not a homosexual man. No amount of gaslighting or guilt tripping will change that. If that contradicts with your own sense of self or identity, then that's on you.

Go see a therapist or some shit, but gay men dont need twats like you telling us its 'gay' to be balls deep in pussy. YOU are the one changing definitions, its not on me bro

t. gay top.
lol. I love to belong to the 1% elite of sexually attractive humans and give it all up because it gives me more oppression cred

File: EmWaiVEXEAYxH27-orig.jpg (273 KB, 1020x1280)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>Be MtF
>Hanging out with a group of people
>There's a cute guy there
>He keeps avoiding me
>No one else is avoiding me
>Later find out he's an FtM and someone else had told him I was an MtF
He's trying to pass?
>Later find out he's an FtM and someone else had told him I was an MtF
whoever is telling you both this is the issue
So he's scared of you raping him kek
this. your friend's a rat

File: IMG_0748346.jpg (233 KB, 879x912)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
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This is not about vanity. The layers of vanity are there because of insecurity and the pursuit of acceptance through femininity.

Dead AGP Eyes
Don’t insult my girl Ali like that. She’s gorgeous, I love her look.
She dresses like a fucking anime girl

i think imma need a name
Looks uglier?

Pressure me into ordering T, I'm tired of pussying out of experimenting with it
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what are you hoping to achieve with the experimentation?
just fucking do it faggot it's great
join us, brother
you cant identify out of being a female it wont protect you
lower voice, masculine body fat distribution, slight increase in muscle mass and of course more masculinized facial features but that's unlikely
pussying out isnt very male brained you know

File: 1605729983707.jpg (162 KB, 736x881)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
General for gender non-conforming men.

QOTT: what are your short and long term goals?

Sticky: https://pastebin.com/rmr0v3jB

Discord: discord.gg/bxQaahk

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I love u
I think my twink fem bf is slowly moving into femboy territory. I fucked him in a collar and thigh highs and a microbikini.
Hearing that feels nice even though its meaningless. I wish I had a clear path.
Any Yugo femboys looking for a femboy friend >.>
Imma need a pic of that for research purposes

File: pepecoffee.jpg (49 KB, 657x527)
49 KB
Are there any tranners who don't have childhood trauma?
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Mine was extremely tame. My parents were pretty chill, my extended family were normal. I had a few close friends and got lightly bullied at worst.
i may or may not have been molested on a school bus lmfaooo. i dont remember that much but one time after that, i saw her in a grocery store and i just had to run away from my parents into another aisle and just start crying and breaking down. i also dont remember that much before i was 10.

also my birth mom was an emotionally, physically abusive schitzophrenic who was on steroids and beat my adoptive mom a LOT. i was yelled at a lot and would mostly hide in the corners of rooms covering my ears.
I don't have any.
Unless you count some mild neglect ig
I may have tried to kill myself?
I'm not sure but I know I had to go to the hospital for eating an entire bottle of pills
never been molested but I do have other childhood trauma

File: trapped.jpg (10 KB, 600x400)
10 KB
how can ayone take pride in being this ? im a freak of nature and i can do nothing about it because nature fucked up and fucked my brain, and if you say just stop thinking about it i wish i could, but these are intrusive thoughts cant stop thinking about it because it will never leave me alone, im pathetic broke down over looking at a dam add for a bra, a fucking bra, how is there any pride to take in this ? when its literly all pain
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>overcoming this idk if there is any pride in this when a bog standerd human can live without even flinshing
i think you lack reading comprehension.
no i just suck a wrighting
half a year is not that long, it could be a phase.
i was away for half a year ive been this way since i was 12, im now 22 trust me not a phase, also diagsonsed so piss off with that nosion that is a phase
that means nothing, depending on your country doctors will diagnose trenders
>piss off with that nosion that is a phase
just trying to help you. whatever, if you want to be a tranny so much then welcome to our happy family :)))

File: looking.gif (358 KB, 255x184)
358 KB
358 KB GIF
I feel I'm just gonna call myself non-binary because I will never pass.

I look like a blend of a 12 year old child and a depressed veteran. Meh, I hope to find someone who can accept me.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i will just stick to mild repressing myself, never doing hrt or anything like that, just coping in my own strange ways

plus alachole lotso f alchol
pic show us
Explain pls

Hold me daddy

>a blend of a 12 year old child and a depressed veteran
great description. I feel the same!
>Hold me daddy
trust me you can find better then me

File: foto_no_exif.jpg (1.43 MB, 1505x3433)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
What could HRT realistically do with this body? I'm 21 btw.
27 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’s risky but you could take black marker relaxin to make your hips bigger
Just give it a shot, there's not really anything to lose. There's not many people who had feminine bodies pre hrt
You need borises cock in your ass bitch
of course theres something to lose, if OP is not mentally ill beyond help he will live on as a guy, and no bitch tits are preferable.
You're statistically not very likely to regret HRT at all, but people regret not starting HRT all the time

... the non AGP transbian.

First you’ll need:

1) a shy autistic boy who doesn’t get along with other boys
2) a feminist mother who will let him play with dolls/do other girly things
3) an absent father that will foster a deep seated hatred of all men.

Steps for the mother:
1) tell him that “clothing and hobbies have no gender” so he’ll be more naturally drawn to female coded interests like art, fashion, acting, make up etc.
2) make sure to distance him from other boys as much as possible. If he gets bullied by other boys in school for “being a sissy” reinforce his draw to femininity by surrounding him with girls his age
3) this will foster a positive association with women and a negative association with men
4) be as candid about human sexuality as possible from an early an age as possible, but keep it PG enough that he won’t later consider it to be grooming
5) once he inevitably becomes a recluse during his teen years, expose him to transgenderism

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What makes you say that?
femininity doesn't cause trannyism it's the other way around. trannyism causes a extended and extreme desire to be femininie and do feminine things

repressors are often terrified of feminine things because it triggers them, it subconciously reminds them they want to be feminine, which they cannot accept, so they push it away forcefully. and they project this onto other people. "if i allowed myself to do all these girly things then i'd become a tranny so it's the same for other people". no, non-trannies can do whatever feminine things they feel like in the moment, and then they go on with their day, doing masculine things, and feminine things, without being horrified of either.

it's normal for kids to play all kinds of games and do dressup and whatever. desu you're probably more likely to cause trannyism if you forbid a kid from playing like this because it can cause trauma and neuroticism and self-hatred
>non AGP
>desu you're probably more likely to cause trannyism if you forbid a kid from playing like this because it can cause trauma and neuroticism and self-hatred
maybe thats why I >>17980250 became a fucking tranny :(
But I’m not agp.

File: 1575768938929.png (503 KB, 778x736)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
Cis female bisexual chasers are the most opressed lgbt group.

pic unrel
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oh, that's nice to her.I want to get my hair peach coloured but i am never going to leave boymode so :(
you actually seem like a cool person and im kind of just shitposting at you
good luck with your boymoder gf nerd
Are you scared to go to the salon? Maybe you can try something simple at home. Have you seen the way some egirls do their bangs or two strands to frame their face? That might be cute, and more subtle!
Thank you, in that case I forgive you for cyber bullying me.
yeeeeeea i am way too nervous to go to a salon I just get my haircut at like a super cheap male place
how old are you? im just curious

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