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File: 18.jpg (106 KB, 928x881)
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My dad told me while he was drunk that he would accept me as a girl if I were cuter. How do I become cuter?

File: withered wojak.jpg (211 KB, 800x450)
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211 KB JPG
i want to be boyremoved but i know i dont deserve it. all getting boyremoved would do is turn me into a hon since im built like a fucking brick wall. im in hell

File: og2508za0lp81.png (3.12 MB, 1263x1541)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB PNG
Am I gay or just a sexual degenerate? I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and since then I have started hooking up with trans girls. I literally cannot stop going on tinder and meeting up with them. Why am I so addicted to them? Because they are easy ?
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damn bitch is hot except the bolt-ons, I'd do unspeakable things to her
Degenerate because you enjoy ass sex with sissy men - yes
Degenerate for banging trannies on Tinder - no... every chaser should really try that at least once. You're a chaser anon. Welcome to the club.
Yeah, you’re gay. That’s why your relationship with your GF failed.
Porn addiction
Anyone have a link to sweater? i want

Ok, you were right. I'm trans.

You may all mock me now for you being right all along about being just another tranner trans in trannersville who now must deal the fact that they could have just sucked it up at the start and gone and pursued it for a full year etc, etc.

This is your designated "LMAO I KNEW IT I TOLD YOU SO" Or if you maybe wanted to ask questions that'd be cool too.
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Is 4chan really known for disliking emoticons?
go back to being an anon, tripping isn’t a cute look for u sweaty
Literally my parents. Just be an enby lol. Like that isnt a semantic and id still wanna medically troon as enby

Yeah, I don't think she really got how little that'd help. Basically the same thing as the experimentation that I was doing anyway.
Who cares; it's not like there is an objective definition and facts about who is “trans” and who is not.
What difference does it make?

I have no idea where to start with voice training. I'm pretty tomboyish, and I want something that isn't stereotypically feminine, but that still reads female: is it possible for a trans girl to successfully have a voice like Ryuko here? How would one train for that sort of voice?
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I didn't get any request aaaaa
Bump D:
here you go op: https://vocaroo.com/1eR8bVCLxRE1
Yeah it's definitely possible and some people will love your voice

t. tranny podcaster with a 30 y o soothing mommy voice as described by listeners
i tried again and the account has a pfp this time so i think it worked for real this time sorry

File: 9215297697766.png (14 KB, 112x112)
14 KB
Do trans women like dating highly effeminate gay bottoms?
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I know I do!
ur mad funny lets be friends
because i'm not a top, and i personally find men disgusting? why the fuck do you think
do you find yourself disgusting?

Babe! Its midnight in Britain! You know what that means!
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looks like some weird ai morph of olive and sock lmao
Only clarifying because you said “I don’t want to be a girl” and if I just say pass to that I feel like I’ll get jumped on with some “oh so I pass as male? That’s so based!!!!! :(“ which isn’t that I’m trying to say.

I am getting the fourth round of laser soon hopefully
Tell them to crank it to max. Only thing that works (and it does work).
oh so I pass as female? That’s so cringe!!!!! :)

File: 2973466557742.jpg (75 KB, 432x432)
75 KB
Please record yourself saying "I'm AGP, Dr. Blanchard!", and post it here.
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shit hits differently irl
ok do it again but try to sound more GAY
have some vocal fry


> More evidence toob did it

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File: 1651614362039.jpg (468 KB, 1936x2592)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
I will make them hard.
File: 1630723775771.jpg (33 KB, 500x465)
33 KB

Stop being a degenscum
Tube did this not Natalie. she never wanted any of this. stop victim blaming
File: 1645940656606.webm (940 KB, 320x567)
940 KB
Make me.
I'll vote republican its for your own good

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Why does it happen? Half of them hates 4chan and another half hasn't heard much about it.
This has been happening for over a year now at least
That’s hilarious
one of my cis friends started using mogged
and uses it for hugboxing. Where will the degeneracy stop

File: 5705069820019.jpg (29 KB, 320x240)
29 KB
People who are not exclusively attracted to the same sex should be drowned in a river of bleach.
What makes you say that?

File: trans article.png (478 KB, 1080x1224)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
This is a good article about how cis people's panic about trans kids and their medical care is just fake concern. it also talks about how trans teens have seeked out medical care since the early 20th century and the effect of natal puberty on trans people, specifically trans women. Maybe some cis people will read this and understand. There's some really good quotes in there. I really liked it
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>The stuffed animals I liked my parents gave away
My dad literally just took my stuffed animals away from me once I passed a certain age and gave them to my sister lmao.

>I only went from being feminine to being nothing of a person at all.
This. My gender dysphoria was so bad I literally stopped speaking entirely for many years. And my parents wouldn't listen when I tried to tell them something was wrong
how do you "come out" at 12 if you don't even know what trans or gay is, "come out" as what? The truth is more like, obvious gay/trans kids exist and all the adults around them can tell they are gay/trans, so some parents shrug their shoulders and just accept it while others decide they need to squash it.
different person but
I did the same as them

I was always consciously policing my movements. Not so much to be masculine because I never really tried to be masculine, just to be robotic. To be not feminine enough to not receive social reprisal.
>those traits are feminine

You have a good point actually. It's just that you are so defensive in your stance you come across as angry and hostile.

If you were an academic you could be inclined to do a study showing that agreeableness is a factor of feminine personality that is determining gender expressions in adolescent boys who are later transsexual.

I see your point and I think you got a valid position. I've only know the people I've known which has been dozens of hsts type who were incorrigible adolescents.

One of the most common features was constantly running away from home. Another common feature was self-destruction like drinking lye or trying to cut your balls off.

This did lead to earlier treatment because it was obvious when we were 12 and 13 years old, we weren't going to grow up to be adjusted adults who are successful in life. If you put yourself in a parent's position what do you think of a kid that has to be in a psychiatric hospital at 13 because of self-harm? I think you lose the fantasy that they're going to be a normal child and start treating them as if survival alone is the goal?
>Not so much to be masculine because I never really tried to be masculine, just to be robotic
Me too, robotic. I later came to associate this robotic behavior with being autistic. More and more I think my autism was caused by being a repressed tran, and the "autism symptoms" are actually just trans repression symptoms, or self imposed and socially and parentally imposed personality and gender erasure

File: img.jpg (1.64 MB, 2448x3264)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
i think i'm fairly attractive but this one number destroys absolutely all chances of getting in with someone and i can't fix it no matter what...

i just want to be able to cuddle with someone i like and get topped by them often but ig i can't have that bc i'm automatically considered an unlovable slob whenever i mention my height to anyone even though everything was fine beforehand
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Dont care about partner's high if it's man/amab, for afabs who can get pregnat it just should be higher than 165, dont want my children to be manlets.

t. 180-3 cm pan twink
File: cuk.jpg (120 KB, 750x746)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
This is what all tall bottoms should do: go for manlets because tall tops want y'all
Don't want***
Nothing wrong with cute long legs.
I, as a 6'2 top, find tall bottoms like you quite cute and I'm sure there would be many advantages to doing things with them, like kissing would be easier as well as sex while standing. Also long bottom legs sound very nice.

File: sn3.png (362 KB, 632x520)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
How do you feel the biggest threat to trans rights is the billionaire Harry Potter author?

File: 1664305012731989.jpg (68 KB, 540x400)
68 KB
It's literally impossible to get laid as an bisexual incel in his mid 20s
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File: 1636351184049.png (340 KB, 502x502)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
>No they don't
What letter? What have you actually tried? What made you come to this assessment? It's true by every metric I've ever seen, unless you're only going for guys who are way out of your league, which just means you're voluntarily alone, and hence not an incel and not deserving of anyone's pity.
>unless you're only going for guys who are way out of your league
You by definition are if you get rejected
>That's just sex.
Yes, that’s what getting laid is. Are you slow?
Especially the people twice your age. In all seriousness you can filter later. Swipe right on every whore and then once you get interest you can filter out the uggos.
File: 1643090874810.png (235 KB, 386x502)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Not necessarily, also just ignoring 90% of what I said, but I assume you're a different anon just giving their opinion. But yeah you could get rejected by half the guys who are in your league just because you're incompatible. If the other half don't reject you, that hardly means they're not in your league.
Read what I actually wrote after that. Inceldom isn't actually about sex. That's the skin-deep normalfag interpretation. Anyone can just find an escort but that won't eliminate your piercing sense of loneliness from being unloved all of your life despite countless attempts and having nearly not existent standards. That's what 99% of incels actually care about.
>inb4 it literally means involuntarily CELIBATE
Yeah, it's a misnomer but it's what everyone means when they say it. It's still not going to fix anyone's problems.

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