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Can you explain the appeal of sissy hypno? I'm a fetishistic crossdresser but I don't understand how these videos are supposed to be hot.
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Right? Between the homophobia, racism, and poppers, the sissy shit has to be the most vile porn on the internet hands down and it absolutely doesnt have to be like that
these desu
I'm really into hypnosis/brainwash in general, but I fucking hate any porn on the subject. I seem to only get a kick from well produced fiction (for lack of better words).
I find them hot when they show the man's entire body. But generally it's just the dick
I don’t need to be hypnotized to know I am a little panty wearing cocksucker.

File: Trans-Girl-Next-Door.jpg (68 KB, 1280x759)
68 KB
what are some some positive aspects of being transgender?
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>source: my ass
this is literally hon cope without any sane scientific explanation.
bi men like me
and bi men are usually more comfortable with themselves and have done at least a tiny bit of introspection (compared to straight cis dudes)
your body reacts to hormones
a penis and vagina are the same things just rearranged
the cells in them will probably react appropriately when you supply the right hormones
there's an explanation, dunno if it's true though
yeah this desu. if you look decent/get on hrt before test fucks you/can afford surgery
That’s more for gay men. Trans people have a genuine medical condition. You can’t really blame them. They aren’t failed males. They should’nt have been born male in the first places that would be like saying a disabled person is a failed human because they can’t thrive. Completely wrong thinking.

File: unknown.png (1.92 MB, 1280x1774)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
I know what you fuckers are up to. I know you are men like you and I, and why you chose to become a woman. I know what you masturbate to at nights. You're not fooling me. I am both a random anon but also your conscience.
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you're just a before & were an after, dear sister
Why would I give a shit if I turned into a woman?
Will I suddenly stop being a loser who browses 4chan all day if I had breasts and a vagina?
I don't even jerk off to gender bender doujins because I want to be a woman, I just love the corruption aspect of it all. I am quite happy with my manly hairy body.
>not having a man do that for you

File: what did i do wrong.jpg (50 KB, 663x696)
50 KB
Pic is context
>be me
>transgirl stealth pre-op (not for long)
>dating BF (seen in pic) for 2 years
>relationship starts getting sexual after his initiation
>gets to a point where we fuck a day ago he cums really fast
>day after I get this msg...

What did I do wrong? Am I really that disgusting??????? what should i do D:
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File: 1618426944447.jpg (35 KB, 578x527)
35 KB
PE is bad but whats worse is being totally unable to cum because you deathgripped for years and seeing the disappointment on their face when you dont bust and they think youre not into them. and then you have to explain that its your fault not theirs and itll get better eventually but it never does because they leave you and you go back to deathgripping because your life is empty anyways and some orgasms are better than none
About what?
I deathed grip for nearly a decade before getting laid. There is no telling how many nuts I blew in under 30 second. That led me to believe I would nut early with girls. Not the case. 8 different girls and not one nut without jerking myself off on them.
based covid hypochondriac

File: 1610828746471.jpg (825 KB, 1564x1439)
825 KB
825 KB JPG
>told my dad that I'm a tranner
>he told me to introduce him to "cute ladyboys"
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based dad, either hook him up with one og your friends or let him fuck you

he cute?
File: open relationship.png (97 KB, 1118x628)
97 KB
Based dad, you should totally hook him up with some tranny friends of yours. It'll be good for them, it'll help them feel desired and valid.
lol i hope this is real. your dad is based

File: 1627063033879.jpg (89 KB, 922x1024)
89 KB
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wow this shows FFS really does help with passing,,,
>abolish gender AI

You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?
Post screenshots
It's over
>Programming an AI to recognize made up fantasy genders that in no way relate to genetics.

I support MtFs in women’s sports because it’s funny
Same. Especially in combat sports
Those MMA fights are hilarious. I might transition just so that I can legally punch women.

Imagine naturally having organs that produce ANABOLIC STEROIDS and squandering them. Imagine being born into a body that is the embodiment of human physical potential, capable of incredible feats of strength and endurance, and never developing it.

>162% punching force on average

>Higher bone density

>Greater lung capacity

>2x strength at both the highest and lowest levels of training

You were given cheat codes and you threw them away. You have no one to blame but yourself.
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Exactly this, I can bench press 330 lbs but it provides 0 actual practical benefit to me, it's probably healthier to have more muscle mass than less, but thats something that really is only an indirect and minor effect. Most people simply don't give a shit
>he does not realize the weakness of his flesh
>he doesn’t crave the strength and certainty of steel
File: 150px-Stalker_ep1.jpg (12 KB, 150x464)
12 KB
Here's your dyel cyborg body
Literally this. Trannies themselves understand this, allies understand this (even if they pretend they don't), yet transphobes are somehow the only people that can't grasp this concept
I'll trade my foid body for yours

why does /lgbt/ hate Abigail so much? I thought it was really inspiring and beautiful when she came out
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File: 1618803687512.png (543 KB, 1653x595)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
PT also has an alt account on twitter
oh sorry someone already posted it
tube's desperate to go to vidcon now it's been announced that hontra's going.
OH FUCK. Ok Natalie i know you lurk here if your reading this DO NOT GO THERE. please stay safe and expose PT before this happens oh my god

File: x16 (4).png (1.16 MB, 993x1426)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Thoughts on this?
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>trans people say the manga is "bad trans representation"
>meanwhile all the cis men reading it love it and waifu Kei
Explain this to me.
Gee whiz I'm SORRY for asking guys. Lesson learned I guess.

OP should have just mentioned the source in the post to make it lgbt2q5mk+ and disability friendly
Trans people don't like it when they're portrayed as predatory hypersexual crossdressers, news at 11
File: udays98dyas.png (389 KB, 960x689)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
But that's literally what they are?

This hon just came out fresh the oven
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we know it's you. just say you have a humiliation kink
File: 1626376638765.jpg (344 KB, 1595x952)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
these threads make me feel better about myself

File: 9.png (3.29 MB, 2006x2833)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB PNG
I had a threesome with my boyfriend and another tranner. My bf blew loads all over her and wanted me to clean it off. I spent several minutes cleaning jizz off her body with my tongue while my bf watched. Does this make me bi/dyke now?
It makes you a degenerate horny slut, the best kind of girlfriend though desu.

How do I find a boyfriend?
Just go to the boyfriend store
Amazon is better; they allow customization. I got free shipping on my 6’4” nordic top bf
I dont like Amazons business practice. They capture free roaming boyfriends and put them in horrible living conditions until a buyer comes by. I had to escape from their hunters multiple times already.

File: 1613082985726.jpg (88 KB, 1280x1036)
88 KB
>seriously tempted to steal friend's underwear
I literally can't get off without boysmell. Is it worth the risk bros? I asked him nicely and he thought I was joking.

(He also sees me as a boy even though I'm on HRT)
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Underwear smells better
Well yea…
I just think it’d be a lot smarter to ask for a shirt rather than stealing his underwear
>"No, please, I literally can't get off without them!
>"The ability to make me orgasm is in your hands! Please, please give me your underwear!"
>"Sorry, anon, but I just can't do without 'em. Guess you'll just have to keep begging."
Is this how it went down?
No, he was just dismissive once I told him I was serious. Like "no, I need those," and "no."

take it anon, hope he never finds out where it went

Is it weird I'm a straight guy who doesn't like being around other straight men? I exclusively prefer the company of women and non-straight men (even if they're just bi).

With straights, it's just a dominance hierarchy where status and competition is their lifeblood. Where it's all about one-upping each other, trying to be the number one of their group (while still maintaining alliances somehow), backstabbing when the opportunity presents itself, being on the offensive for mostly no reason, more focused on taking any opportunities that come their way but never so much the logic behind them, disparaging others over the pettiest of differences, fighting (both physically and verbally), and number of other things that happen in private.

I never get this with women or LGBTQ men. I'm sure this crap still exists in small circles of them, but I've never experienced it. I just have a better time in their company than with straights.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
youre a soiboi
I’m the same, almost. Cis straight guy, with plenty of male friends. I just don’t like men at all. They smell, and are gross. I prefer to hang out with my gf and her friends. I don’t hang out with non-straight men at all, and prefer straight men. Non-straight men combine the worst parts of the 2 genders.
I’m a down low bi guy who appears cis and masc but I always feel uneasy around cis masc men that I haven’t met before. Feel like I gotta be on guard and competitive.

I feel relaxed and comfortable around women and fine around gay men. There’s no feeling we may need to fight or compete.
I am also a straight guy.
I have no problems with dominance, or men, or women.
I don't try to make myself heard.
When I need to talk, I am heard...

But MY GOD people are so BORING...
Within 5mins of starting a conversation I get bored shitless and walk away...
get better friends, lol

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