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File: 1561326455960.jpg (65 KB, 500x500)
65 KB
I get called a tranny because I don't want my dick to be sucked or to fuck my tops.

Its completely emasculating and ruins the dom/sub dynamic. Imagine if a guy said to a girl "hey can you peg me with a strap on" any normal girl would be completely turned off by that, why is it any different for bottoms?
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>I'm not a tranny
>I just want to model my sexual conduct as closely as I can to that of a natal woman
Stop being bottomphobic
Bottoms are not trannies.
Only bottoms who never want to use their cocks are trannies
>wanting to use their cock
That is called being a vers/bottom
So are tops that never want to use their ass straight?

boys who like boys that became trans girls! say what you like about them!!
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File: 1571405362728.jpg (36 KB, 306x360)
36 KB
Ah okay. Well regular boy here. I love transgirls because they are cute and cuddly and they have just the right amount of 4chan autismo that makes them ideal wife material. I like how I can chill and play vidya or watch degenerate anime with them, or how I can talk about nerdy stuff with them. I like how clingy they are, and how much they enjoy physical affection. I like how despite having an outward appearance of degeneracy and horniness, they can actually be very very wholesome. I like how kind and caring they can be, especially towards their own bf.
I don’t watch anime myself but I like nerdy guys and I’m always open to exploring new (nerdy) interests so I’d love to watch it with a bf
I was in a D&D group with a friend, presenting male at the time but really feminine-looking, gets androgynous haircuts, gets taken for a girl often, cosplays as a girl at cons. Then she comes out to me that she's been on hormones and boymoding for years. I encourage her to come out, eventually she does, she looks great. I tell the local transphobic asshole to keep his mouth shut, and luckily he does. I think I like her but it's really weird because I was her friend since high school and knew her as a boy and it makes me wonder about my sexuality and what others would think of me.
How do I get a sweet bf like this ugh.
Well, I don't like them because their trans. What the transgirls I've liked have had in common is being incredibly intelligent and cute.

I haven’t been on this shite for a long time. Didn’t there used to be an asexual general around here somewhere?

In a homosexual relationship with a very active partner. No sex for about 4 years now in a 6 year relationship AMA

Also free bump from
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Then do you think it might be worth it to date as an asexual? The idea both terrifies and excites me. What if I'm not really an ace and we both get hurt in the ways that many an /r9k/ thread describes? After all, I probably qualify as sex-positive given I consider my fetish an essential part of who I am. Wouldn't that be annoying in the very least to them? But fetish dating doesn't seem like it would work out. RP is boring, both textual and 'live action'. Shit maybe I really am an ace. I'd rather a gf that would write fetish stories with me than to write (a sexual) one about /us/. How the fuck does that even make sense? Has being anon for too many of my formative years fucked my ego so hard that I'm anegosexual?

Thanks for reading my blog, talking this out's definitely helped. Polite sage.
If you can find someone like that, why not. There are apps ace people meet up on if you want someone exclusively asexual and there is no harm trying.
I'm pretty similar in terms of having a sexuality based largely around physically non-doable kinks with no relation to sex. Kinda sucks as it means you basically have a functional sexuality, it just doesn't work in a way anyone can relate to. Same with the partner to make kinky creative stuff with too, kinda gave up on actually finding someone like that though and figures i would be perfectly fine in a normal ace relationship. But oh what heaven that would be.
The alternative is just forcing yourself to have sex like youve been doing, sucks but it's the choice we all have.
>Has being anon for too many of my formative years fucked my ego so hard that I'm anegosexual
That’s pretty good but nowhere near as crackpot as some of the elaborate pseudointellectual crap I came up with to avoid admitting to myself that I was asexual, I r8 7/10.

File: 1508760925901.png (272 KB, 453x469)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
>tfw you get shat on by both sides of the argument because you're a bi tranny
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>Nooooo! Something that contradicts my blanchardist theory I didnt even read! Better make some shit up.
I have read Blanchard. Bisexuals don't exist in Blanchardism. Heterosexual (as male) transsexuals are classed AGP always even if they have bi attraction. Similarly a HSTS with AGP traits (like getting hard wearing women's clothes) wouldn't be AGP according to him.

Blanchard breaks totally if someone is actually born bisexual from childhood because that can't be classed as neither as there is not enough time to develop a meta-attraction.
>Bisexuals don't exist
bisexual women do
doing it to attract men or fetish
op here, good thing i was talking about loving boys with my grandpa at 6
i've had one thread about this already where the blanchtard just came in and tried to convince me of being a meta-attracted agp to which i replied with the history of my sexuality and he basically just stood there and repeated
people itt are doing the same thing, how did those retards unironically fall for blanchard

>had a dream where I grew tits
>woke up
>kind of sad it didn't actually happen
I hadn’t an odd one too
And by odd I mean especially odd fantasy-sci-fi stuff with a detailed world that didn’t even really touch on gender issues till the very end

I guess it sort of one of those fantasy worlds where they use magic instead of science and tech and people try to treat it “scientifically “

Also most breakthroughs came from reverse engineering eldrich artifacts from a previous civilization. Which means archeological expeditions in ruins.
>had a dream where I was a 100% passing tgirl
>felt like everyone could instantly tell and were calling me an imposter
good thing I'm cis I really don't think I could handle all that extra pressure

File: c3f.jpg (48 KB, 680x437)
48 KB
Old thread

No namefags
No tripfags
Don't /pol/ post
Post comfy images and feels.
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>two butt pics
The bottom in me doesnt like sharing
Could use more squats.
Not bad though
Are squats really that effective?
May want to delete this one since we can see sack

File: ..jpg (54 KB, 981x900)
54 KB
why even live like this
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Contact? I'm in houston
OP here
While I do agree that I sound a lot like a chaser with broken bird syndrome, I can assure you that I've had many (arguably too many) assorted relationships
And the point is that I'm not really into those kind of relationships where everything is laid out and easy and happy, I want complex and difficult relationships where both of you try to better the life of the other one
And yeah, I'm not really chasing here since 99% of this board is american and I suck at ldr
tfw no bf to help me recover from surgery and protect my fragile bandaged body
hello I am boymoder I live in pittsburgh pls contact me if you are interested
File: 1574643735909s.jpg (2 KB, 125x116)
2 KB
I have a recurring fantasy about befriending a boymoder and supporting her through transition. As she gets more feminine and comfortable with herself I start to fall for her and eventually ask her to be my gf, which she accepts (because this is just a delusion in my head).

However the confidence she now feels manifests as a desire for dominance and she starts to take the lead during sex; things like scratching my back from missionary, teasing me in public, biting my neck, sitting on my face or buying me a collar. My demented coomer brain strongly romanticizes personal growth expressed as assertiveness in relationships and has variations of this fantasy for ftms and closeted cis gays. Too bad it seems like most trans are subs before and after transition.

0ld >>14016744
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File: 1574315744893.jpg (77 KB, 640x640)
77 KB
see you say this but you're still like way worse than any leftist when it comes to tolerance isn't that weird????
How would you know how tolerant I am? On a clinically administered psychological profile I scored higher than average openness to experience, and I consider myself personally to be quite xenophilic. My love of things foreign is probably the impetus for my desire to preserve my own nearly moribund culture.
No :)

File: 1544652963481.jpg (542 KB, 1800x1800)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
I'm a cis gay guy(bottom) and I plan on going on HRT for better aesthetics and preservation of my youthful looks, will my coworkers eventually be able to tell?

One of them is a bisexual psychopath who I suspect has AGP, will he be able to smell my girl pheromones?
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It’s true.
I have soft skin and fat distribution but only puffy nipples and a slight bit of fat. I can easily feel my ribs beneath with out feeling any obvious breast tissue but I’m probs ano
>t. 29 cypro and e implant
>T raping my face
Dumbass, growth hormone starts dropping in early 20s, and T actually starts dropping after around 30. Unless you’re a late bloomer, puberty is DONE by the time you’re 20 lmfao. Why do brainlets constantly spew this bullshit about their face completely transforming in their 30s? As long as you get laser hair removal, you’ll basically look the same. The only thing that continues to grow/change throughout your life is nose and ears, not bones
File: uhhhhhhhh.gif (1.07 MB, 266x268)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
>With help from /fit/, transchan.net and /g/
>and /g/

Christ I’m hard just thinking of you

File: Me.png (865 KB, 960x960)
865 KB
865 KB PNG
I been thinking about taking estrogen pills do you think i would look like a cute girl ? <3 <3
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File: 1547284999495.png (341 KB, 432x465)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
>Atleast 6'5
>Tailored suit
>Can grow facial hair
>Glasses & Master's degree hanging on the wall proves that he's not just looks, but has smarts and a quick wit too
>Probably has a wicked sense of humor.
Based 1940s boxing reporter
Not sure, but looking like that, it doesn't seem like you're living a good life as a dude in the first place
That’s what you call a chad ? He looks like a skinny neck beard, hell he’s even got the hat, pedo moustache, and the “style” which really means just a out of place incel suit that he wears 24/7. I wouldn’t be surprised if this person has even lost his virginity let alone held a girls hand.
Looks chad as fuck, you're out of your mind.

Confused mtf here. Why do you guys find your dicks cute? I'm not exactly comfortable with it so the whole "girl-dick" thing throws me off.
that's a twitter/tumblr/discord thing. trannies here hate their dicks
different people experience dysphoria in different ways
some hate their dicks, some don't mind them
It's a universal truth that dicks are more visually appealing than vaginas regardless of sexuality
It's cope
Well, its a dick on a girl, ego girl-dick. What else are you gonna call it? Aint comfy with mine either, but it is a girl-dick.

Truth aswell, but i dont think its got anything to do with this.

File: cfd.png (105 KB, 253x306)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Has boymoder harassment gone too far?

Im just tending to the till(cash register) at work, getting maamed, sird, and confused looks.

And then a aprox 30 year old somalian walks up to the till turns around and strikes a selfie with me. I dodged pretty quick.

He didnt seem likevthe kinda guy who uses 4chan

So now im thinking what gives.

I admit it must be pretty bizarre to see someone who looks like a woman and then has a male voice, but I dont think it merits a picture like im some of freak of nature. I have no choice but to boymode at work cuz I need the cash for hrt. Id much rather use my actual voice.
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>I dodged pretty quick
keep doing your thing and practicing voice at home
stay the course anon. you can do it!
Based Somalian wanting to share he found the shemale from online porn irl.

Well yeah, who wants a confused ugly cis girl?
i work retail and i've had laughing people take pictures of me before. shitty feels

File: image.jpg (7 KB, 232x217)
7 KB
Why do submissive bottoms get shat on? Everyone accuses us of being self loathing
cuz u r

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Gays are naturally normies. They don’t spend much of their time on messageboards
The only reason I spend time here is because I like nerds desu
Shit you can't be serious
>doesn't know what hon means
>links to reddit
>Reddit spaces
41% straight tranners
59% chasers

there is no one else on this board
There are a couple of eggs and trolls

I'm starting to realize every tranny is an AGP who jacks off to the mirror.
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noice i feel dumb for not realizing GoT would also have a table top game.
Oh it's actually excellent. When GW shelves fantasy it sort of balkanized fantasy rank and files and IMO the game of thrones one was the best successor to pop up. Pretty simple but has a lot of interactivity and depth and has a super accessible price point compared to GW shit
Thanks anon I appreciate that :)

No hard feelings. Being trans is dysphoric and hard most of the time. I've attacked people when I was feeling awful, too.
>it's a me a taftaj
sure hon
ah yes another thread of you posting your hon pics. you seriously hijack every fucking thread on this board and make it about you. fuck off.

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