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File: 1630317219406.jpg (127 KB, 1007x563)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>The reason you don't have a bf is that you hate yourself!
But lots of people (especially other fags and trannies) are in a relationship and hate themselves.
>Those relationships aren't healthy!
Yes, but at least it's a relationship, even with no standards men won't bother with me. Even a shitty relationship is better than nothing.

Why do NPCs keep saying this dreck?
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shut the fuck up sexhaver
I would like to know that I am loveable and that would do wonders for my mental health.

I've been abused and taken advantage of by people I wasn't in relationships with.
a shitty relationship is far far worse than nothing
>HxH poster
>makes retarded post
imagine my surprise
Only relationship havers say this. Telling.

Gone fishing with toys in the attic over the rainbow with no marbles edition

Repgen is for repping any and all things all LGBT, not necessarily just trans.q
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Honestly i just need to forgive myself for not having transitioned when there was still time and close this chapter of my life but it is like im still frustrated for shutting myself up when i was eleven and giving up on life, I can't accept that i can't go back in time and fix this, I can't accept that i lost the time and what is done is done, time doesn't wait for me and never will but i still feel like i need to fix the unfixable and can't move on
my point is, vowing to never play VRchat will probably make you more depressed then playing it sometimes, then realizing you can't achieve this in real life after you take headset off
I need to find someone to life for or a cause of whatever, anything, i just feel like i can't afford to chill and wander around else this shit come back, i need to find something to make this feels irrelevant in comparison but i feel restless
Nta but, either i cut all tranny shit out or i get into a turmoil of emotions that end in binge and purge cycles
Weirdly I don't think i would mind this shit so much if everyone was going through it, i think the sense of isolation breaks me hard
I hate that imma zoomer, that i knew all through puberty that this shit was out there but was so afraid to do anything, i didn't feel safe anywhere it felt like everything would come to my parents knowledge and the more i pushed the more trapped i felt, i was afraid of asking shit cause anything would change their view on me and both of them were unstable af, then i hated myself for not trying it while too afraid to try anything and having no idea what could happen

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Post pre training comparison or fuck off
sure! https://voca.ro/1m7gW3ZecczO
>fag thread reaches front page

time to ready the copypasta
Chud-anon, we’re gonna kill you with kindness


File: 20220521_191619.jpg (534 KB, 1080x1920)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
probably with barbiturates

How sharp an implement would it take to just ram down inside the bottom lip and take off the front few mm of chin tip projection? A screwdriver's not going to cut bone. And would any amount of local anaesthetic e.g. lidocaine be strong enough to not immediately go into shock? I don't need to decrease vertical chin height or it'll just make my jaw look flat-bottomed on a head as developed as mine. Literally just need the tips chipped off to compensate for the prognathism. The nose angle I might be able to change with affordable PDO threads. Brow ridge I don't care as much about, I'm Br*tish.
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I know guys don't care about it, I can pull just fine, it's my gender dysphoria from being a tranny with an average skinnyfat woman's body and a fully-developed British man's face that I want FFS to fix
welp today's the day I either get my nose botched, successfully decrease my nasomental angle and increase my nasolabial angle, or get told doing a thread lift isn't right for me
I don't know how to tell you this... but your profile is MORE feminine than 2 of my (ex) cis gfs.
you have really nice skin wow
holy yikes

this broads honkers are enormous
has anyone addressed this already?
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File: patrick-bateman-stare.gif (2.97 MB, 498x206)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB GIF
Could you imagine what she'd look like with both of her tits sliced off and her severed head impaled on a 12 inch cock so that it's going through her neck hole and coming out of her mouth?
Man every trans new "it girl" gets worse. First Gigi, then Blaire, then Hontra and now her. I might as well detroon at this point but I like being a woman but these people make me want to commit Seppuku
File: heres-your-bathbomb.png (311 KB, 640x652)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
She's the epitome of the online armchair slacktivist who thinks she's making the world a better place by epically owning the transphobes on Twitter while running constant harassment campaigns against anyone who disagrees with her
She baselessly accuses people of being Nazi's and pedophiles and harnesses her army of 17 year old permahons and tucutes to bully them
She is r/traaaa incarnate and easily the worst possible person we could have trying to be a "prominent trans activist"and I hope everyone associated with her kills themselves
File: 1114102.jpg (34 KB, 640x480)
34 KB
>neck tattoo
Wow. Couldn't have said it better.

y'all know the drill post charts, guess letters and all that, give recs
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stereotypical tiktok enby
lol im mtf ;p
but like ive been on a real black metal kick lately im just getting into it, im trying darkthrone a lil lately they seem like exactly what i want
nice, ic ic
in my mind
>furry on the album cover + super hot yet not super masculine dude + edge = ftm
i really only know mayhem that well out of those albums
File: may 13 2022.png (3.8 MB, 1700x1600)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB PNG
forgot to attach image oops

File: 1539802591724.gif (892 KB, 500x280)
892 KB
892 KB GIF
>got a first crush on a man
wtf I'm supposed to be a transbian
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>transbianism is just fear of rejection manifesting as "sexuality"
I think this is the most depressingly accurate thing someone has posted on this board all week
It's a fear of a lot of things imo.
And switching to it later, after being involved with men, is due to being sick of getting used or mistreated by men.

It really is a cope, for all the but the most die hard of fem4fem fag's.
what stereotype?
stop making psyops to coerce transbians into dating men
that won't happen, this board is obsessed with transbians

The purple represents the middle stripe of the bi flag (they are attracted to us because we're between men and women)

The black represents wanting bbc

The white represents cum in my ass

The inverted triangle represents our enormous shoulders and tiny hips

The axe represents the axe wound we get from SRS
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needs to be hairier, and the axe should be more phallic
>the axe should be more phallic
Look at that axe's shaft and tell me that's not phallic enough.
it doesnt even have a head? and where's the GIRTH? my smallest dialator is girthier than this sad and droopy looking shitty shaft.

s m h.
This is actually funny lol
>Le ebin axewound meme
why don't you share that failed srs folder you've been accumulating, OP?

File: not_gae.png (399 KB, 1081x687)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
1 in 10 threads on this board is just a chaser asking trans people something or vice-versa. let's put it all in one place.


>are cis guys who date trans women gay?

>are cis women who date trans men gay?
also no.

>where to meet trans people?
discord, tiktok, this board, dating apps, lgbt-friendly bars, conferences and other events for programming languages like C and Rust.

>what do trans people find attractive?
just like with cis people, it varies from person to person. just bee yourself.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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hot, but incorrect
I would fuck a tranny if I didn't have pussy to fuck but the term chaser is kinda degrading, having such an ugly incomplete freak accusing you of simping for it, when I am just talking to you because I am desperate.
>hairless men
yes unless they browse this board, because those are 3 months from stealing your hrt
Male on male = gay. No getting around it bud. Now fuck the bussy like a good homo and stop lying to yourself.
I think this "ch*ser" word should be banned as slur and changed to "Savior" or just "God".

File: griffithtoast.png (328 KB, 480x533)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
File: 1594337928192.png (15 KB, 584x522)
15 KB
one day we will all be dust. atoms spread out among the stars. we will never be men or women. not forever.
me on the left (a woman)

File: cum.png (579 KB, 1920x1080)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
do you braid your hair, /tttt/? you do know how to braid your hair, right?
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there are no lesbians on this board outside of /clg/ quit larping
Implying there's cis lesbians in clg and they aren't just larping transbians.
Big if true. I wouldn't know the true ratio since I don't try to invade their space like other deranged transbians
Bumping for braids
sorry anon this seems to be a braidenless board I regret making the post clearly it's too fembrained for the average poster here

File: b3qabtgtkRKHg.jpg (27 KB, 300x250)
27 KB
Will ladyboy culture ever be a thing in the west?
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But the only thing that makes you trans, is taking hormones and becoming a tranny, aka in the process of transition.
Just because you intentions are different to other trannies, doesn't make the hormones feminize your body or mind any less.

Femboys and enbies on hrt are trannies.
Just coping trannies ^_^
Though I get what your saying, I just dont see why I shouldn't consider them trans/trannies.
It's where trannies aren't men or women, but ladyboys. And they're everywhere. They like to hide in dark corners of your home. (Usually attic or garage). You have to chase them off with a broom. At least that is what I've read.
File: 1bnwj4dj8lGVyD.jpg (32 KB, 300x250)
32 KB
More please
File: pepePuke.png (23 KB, 128x123)
23 KB
>USA-style trans culture

my moms offered me to go shopping with her at the mall to buy girl clothes multiple
how do i stop being such a pussy ass bitch and actually do it? im aftaid itd be embarrassing
Most employees these days aren’t allowed to say “hey guys” in the work group chat because it’s ‘gendered language’ you’ll be treated with reasonable respect have fun
tell her you need her to kinda drag you there a bit because you're shy. She'll enjoy that. Also realize that hardly none of us have mothers that would do that so utilize that shit. Otherwise you're just wicked retahded.
don't be a faggot like this poster OP
>how do i stop being such a pussy ass bitch and actually do it?
don't do it with your mom and ask your friends instead
>inb4 I don't have friends
lol what a fucking loser
Take a hint and stop wearing her lingerie

>go for walk
>Wearing trashy baggy clothing and a beanie, looking like a more autistic version of lain
>After an hour of walking reach a comfy bus stop with a nice bench under a tree
>On my way to the bench some delinquent looking 19-20yo looking guy asks if I have a cig, I nod sideways then sit down on the bench for a few minutes
>He is outside but talking to his delinquent group who are in the bus, I don't look at them but I can just faintly hear them mumbling (it's night)
>I hear One of the delinquents kick something that must of been public property, it sounded like the side of a bus, but I don't look because I had this weird feeling it was to get my attention perhaps, besides people who do that kind of stuff are always doing it because they want to impress others of their group with their reckless disregard for public property
>Minutes later one of the delinquents walks over to me saying"hey..", maybe the same one, they all look the same to me
>Feel like he is gonna ask me if I'm trans for some reason.
>"Hey.. do you have a place to stay, because otherwise my friend over there could give you a place to sleep" he says with a sad voice and his hand on his chest (this is used to express empathy with my apparent state (he obviously thought I was homeless and was expressing pity for my state)
>I say no I'm fine.

Were these just super empathic delinquents, or was I gonna get beaten up by 5 people if I had said yes? Ill never know.
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If only you knew........ I'm the type where even if I just post my face alone youll think I'm autistic
don't worry, I don't need to see your face to think you're autistic
no but i've tried to give money to a random guy i thought was homeless before
i wanted to die, so i'm glad you left them ignorant.

File: 1653116627306.jpg (122 KB, 843x1600)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
i curse your with tranny magic
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It worked now I am a witch in the cute new indie game Little Witch in the Woods. For real though this game is amazing!!
not nature magic its tranny magic
What sorts of spells come with tranny magic?
File: unknown-568.png (539 KB, 540x596)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
what spell come with being the dog? what spell the river?

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