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File: 1590947532623.jpg (183 KB, 921x1304)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
QOTT: Have you appreciated your mother and/or mommy today?

Please be excellent to each other and ignore all bad faith posters, such as:
>obvious trolls
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same reason we have boymoder gen AND manmoder gen AND repgen AND agpgen, different atmospheres generally different small on surface huge in practice terms.
Have you talked to her about this?
i dont want to make her feel bad or force it i just want to hear it genuinely
I'm not sure what else there is you can do really.
cry and die to heartbreak i guess

File: 3333.png (291 KB, 592x424)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Otherwise i'm gonna pussy out and cancel my appointment
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Elliot Rogers lookin ass
you are absolutely gorgeous, very happy for you :)
How long have you been on hrt for now?
not particularly
not perfect either though, a bit discoloured i guess
approx ~15 months
wow you're gorgeous, would it be possible to look close to that without hrt and stuff?

File: EmLA5nnXgAESgRz.jpg (44 KB, 897x675)
44 KB
Did my first injection today (0.18ml estradiol valerate). Don't have any prior experience with injections or HRT. Is it normal that it takes a lot of force to push the solution in the skin? I used a 1ml insulin syringe (12.7mm, 29 gauge) and injected into the upper outer section of my buttock.
I think I might have injected into my muscle because it was so hard to push it in. Is this normal? Also, what would happen if it was indeed the muscle into which I injected?
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Wouldn't just make it an I'm injection, hence not mattering for absorption anyway? I mean i do subq but since I'm quite skinny this also worries me sometimes
Ideally you'd use the proper needle size for either IM or subQ, but you'll get slightly better absorption going IM with the trade-off that it's riskier.
I know switching when I finish these short needles to im. For now I was just wondering as well how likely it is you'll pierce through the entire subcutaneous layer with a subq needle
it doesnt happen
im doesnt have "better" absorption, it has faster absorption which might honestly be worse.
it's a lot riskier too idk, i don't think anyone untrained should be doing it personally.
Hmm. I thought IM was able to achieve better E2 levels. Interesting, I'll have to keep looking into it.
And yeah I do SubQ because I'm not trying to hit a blood vessel and die. I pass out at the mere mention of it so having to aspirate and see a ton is not in my best interest.

File: 1616637399640.jpg (139 KB, 912x2000)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Went lurking to a TERF forum and was kinda shocked at how much they seethe at gay men. Saying we sexually abuse and harass them constantly and we're worse than straight men.

Is it just because gays don't kiss their ass every 3 feet like their simps?

I hate women and minorities
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File: 1620497733681.jpg (173 KB, 1192x909)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
I hate anyone who isn't a white gay male.
I don't hate anyone based on their condition
>tfw no cute southern redhead twink to make into my good submissive housewife
I don’t hate women and minorities, just as I don’t hate wildfires or mosquitoes. They can’t control their nature; they are what they are. I simply do what I can to prevent them from being a part of my life—whether putting up nets or voting for stricter immigration laws.

I recognize that it’s challenging, but I encourage you to approach this more stoically. Regardless of what they deserve, you deserve peace, king.
Based. White homofash is the future!

File: 2017-06-29-his-trap-sidex.png (468 KB, 1000x1533)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
Quick PSA for femboys

Remember to exercise. You're shooting yourself in the foot if you're not hitting up the gym. Nobody wants a twig in a skirt.

>Train lower body 4 days a week
>Train upper body twice a week
>Train abs 4 times a week
>Eat a lot of health foods and proteins (see what bodybuilders eat to bulk, eat close to that amount)
>Waist train and stomach vaccums
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One more thing to add: Getting a FFS is still a good idea even if you're a femboy. Plenty of fem cis men do this as well.
File: 1619160531198.png (107 KB, 331x260)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
>4 days a week
okay how you planing your rest days champ thats not gains friendly
4 days/week is fine if you're in somewhat decent shape already
just don't go too crazy with the volume like you could with 3 days
you dont even technically need rest days if you train with low enough lifting volume each day
training abs will turn you into hunchback unless you do heavy derplifts. abs is heavily prone to hypertriphy like neck. erectors not. been there done that. just do 2 sets of leg raises after workout with deadlift. see all these guys with le nice abs are hunchbacks. photo is taken from front but you can still tell. if anything do crumches on physioball so abs will not shorten. do not walk around in a way that shows abs the most. lordosis is way better than kyphosis

File: peak repressor.png (327 KB, 461x522)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
>be mtf 22
>only started HRT like this year
>talked to my friend's ex I used to hang out with sometimes in high school
>he says that he always thought of my friend circle as the "alt" one
>i am surprised
>i think back

>be me 16 in high school
>friend has coloured hair and shaved side of head
>i have coloured hair and grow it out to be super long
>i wear emo hoodies and band t-shirts
>i go to bring me the horizon concerts 'ironically'
>i literally scroll cringy depression tumblr hashtags and have an edgy sideblog for it
>i have enby bf/gf
>i have mentally ill female friends who cut themselves

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: download.png (54 KB, 1200x632)
54 KB
I'm using this definition. "Transmedicalism is broadly defined as the belief that being transgender is contingent upon experiencing gender dysphoria or undergoing medical treatment in transitioning."
Is that definition inaccurate?
I don't really see any big issue with it. Like, if you don't experience dysphoria and have no desire to medically transition, how the fuck are you trans????
Someone please explain.
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>biological traits
Yes, trans people have a lot of biological traits associated with them, that still doesn't mean you can physically observe dysphoria. Lesbians have a greater number of male brain characteristics than most FTMs, and vice versa for gay men and MTFs. Should we just transition all homosexuals because of that? No.

To me transmasc/transfem are more identity-based than FTM and MTF. When I say FTM/MTF I'm kind of using it in the same way someone might say AMAB or AFAB, I'm more so referring to a physical state than a specific identity. I know that's not entirely common though.

I used the shower example because I've actually met transmed people that said almost exactly that. "These fucking trender fetishists could never understand true dysphoria! I would shower under 10 times a year because of my dysphoria! I would pop enough Benadryl to send myself into psychosis because screaming at the demons crawling into my room to steal my eyeballs was better than dealing with dysphoria!" Those weren't even vents, they were statements that people were trying to use as legit reasons to hate late transitioners that ever had PIV sex during their lives.

I sincerely have tried multiple times to have some faith in the transmed argument. But I constantly see some BS where someone claims that bad hygiene or self-harm validates your dysphoria more than taking hormones and getting surgery does. Makes me get the idea that both sides of the argument are just caught up in their feelings. I know that not all transmeds are like that, but I also know that if I called myself a transmed (despite technically being one) I would be associated with irrational ideas such as the above.
File: 1619642825200.jpg (184 KB, 595x608)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
I'm transmed socially, anti-transmed medically.
>believe that "trans" is an important social identifier in current society and there's nothing wrong with socially gatekeeping who gets to use it and who doesn't, just like it's not by any means illegal but still generally frowned upon to claim you're a gay man and use that leverage to speak on behalf of gay men when you're demonstrably straight and haven't ever faced any of the issues that gay men face
>but also take the hardline stance that anyone, regardless of dysphoria, should have on-demand HRT and even SRS
based and facts
>Yes, trans people have a lot of biological traits associated with them, that still doesn't mean you can physically observe dysphoria. Lesbians have a greater number of male brain characteristics than most FTMs, and vice versa for gay men and MTFs. Should we just transition all homosexuals because of that? No.
but it's pretty damn clear that gender dysphoria is the result of virilization/feminization, even if we can't pinpoint the exact source yet
I'm AMAB enby. I'm on a full and typical tranner HRT script but I prefer to present androgynously, including voice. I go for negative androgyny, not positive (ie not one of those beard + makeup fags)
This may or may not be a cope for me not passing as female.

File: hatsukoi.jpg (192 KB, 814x550)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
How many boymoders here own a binder for emergency situations?
Here, hardly ever wear it though si ce I only go out for groceries. But I do have on singular sportsvra for things like unexpected parties and such

it's one of these threads again
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File: file.png (165 KB, 600x600)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Why do faggots use this website so much?
>Why do faggots use this website so much?
i think you are on the wrong board buddy
hmm i wonder

>Spend a ton of effort on trying to educate someone about what transness is, why Blanchard is wrong, et cetera
>They just ignore some of my points or dismiss them on stupid grounds then say the same insulting stuff as before
It's all so tiresome. Upsetting, too, now that I'm no longer a hollow repressing shell with no emotions. How do I avoid succumbing to Feels? This was so much easier when I didn't have them and hearing the same stuff repeated didn't hurt..
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Because people are wrong on the internet.
In a really harmful way, at that.
As long as they don't feel "truly" trans, people are going to label their gender dysphoria or transness as AGP.

Yes, it reduces transness to a paraphilia, but it's what they feel is the most dignified course of action, since labeling themselves as "woman at birth" or "true trans" doesn't fit
Yeah everyone becomes an expert when trans people are involved. It's such a visceral reaction, you don't lash out at a depressed person on SSRIs but something about dysphoria and HRT puts people in defense mode. They just don't get it and I can't say I blame them most of the time, but just once it would be nice to be heard out.
>why Blanchard is wrong
why are you lying to people?

I swear I need to make a thread on pol explaining what hsts vs agp really is
it perfectly explains transness and accounts for almost everything
I still remember how you were slammed with multiple studies and just went on about how the existence of this board refutes them lol

File: E1AgudZVgAQNM3M.jpg (177 KB, 473x473)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Monograph edition

Thread for questions, discussion, and advice relating to non-binary transgenderism and transsexualism

previous thread:

previous QOTT from dead thread:
>How often do you feel dysphoric, and what about?

latest draft, as promised:

(mostly) dyslexia-friendly version:
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File deleted.
Not femme enough to be girl too femme to be boy.

But you know what? I like it.
tbqh if i try to see you through either a "gal" or "guy" lens i just see a contradiction, so you're doing good pal
are they necessarily mutually exclusive?
Thanks :3
Ella tits shrank cos they cycled off Hrt. They also identify as a boy and not non binary, she, or trans anymore. Just fyi.

did she get srs?

File: 1592358849981.jpg (94 KB, 1200x675)
94 KB
is it really worth it to start transitioning at 28 when my life is in order aside from me being alone and hating myself? I have a good job and my family doesn't hate me, I'm not sure being abandoned by 75% of my family and risk losing my job would really help my mental health.
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I know what you mean, but isn't it understandable that I don't want to "rock the boat", so to say?
of course it's understandable, but it's still a very misguided fear.
If you don't have any support from them now, you're not sacrificing anything. If you think it's likely they'll tell you to fuck off, and you're still repressing - that makes no sense at all.
If you're just projecting your fear of being an outcast due to not passing on your family - that's understandable too, but you need to know what situation you're in, the clock is ticking like crazy now that you're almost 30 and balding
true. Probably hitting the nail on the head there.

Thinking about it makes me unironically shake with fear, but I guess I need some courage for once in my life.
i didn’t start until i was 31 because of this reasoning and it was such a mistake. don’t sacrifice yourself, you deserve to do what makes you happy
>is it really worth it to start transitioning at 28
go for it.
its more about genetics than age.

File: brainworms.jpg (45 KB, 620x351)
45 KB
i like guys but im not gay. i mean i sucked a dick or two but that didnt mean anything.
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same desu
guys are hot and i really like having sex with them, i desperately want a bf and one day a husband but other than that im straight.
that something I call, the mindy swindy switcheroo doublerino this comment was made by me
>bumping a page 10 thread
File: c9215xcd122098438.jpg (47 KB, 648x600)
47 KB
Cus I'm retarded
nah youre cool for keeping the thread up

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