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File: trans-doomer-gf.png (73 KB, 372x374)
73 KB
Previous thread: >>14341603

Post your voice clip to get feedback, or discuss voice related things.


(suggest FtM stuff if you have some)
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How do you motivate yourself to keep practicing?
Depends. Are you comfortable presenting as your correct gender while having a voice that doesn't match that at all? To me that sounds like a nightmare and that's all the motivation I need. You'll sound like a weirdo dipshit the first month or so but once you get over that cringe curve it gets easier to practice.
Didn't have to do a bunch of voice training thanks to T, but always worried I'm having the tranny voice
Give it to me straight
Sounds fine to me.
Feel free to send in resources on voice training stuff, I might add them to OP next time.

What if bottoms are complex human beings like everyone else and have different needs that include both being teased and loved and should be treated as such even though they like dick in their butt.
You'd think so, but nope. "Bulli then love" is like a cheat code that woks on every bottom without fail
lol no

please... no more...
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good bod big slightly chisiled head
can't she buy other clotihing?
she keeps wearing this fucking shit since like 2015
Why do trannies use incel lingo
I fucking love “it is over”
i'm not an incel, what this "its over" meme means?

File: images (5).jpg (34 KB, 610x350)
34 KB
Beach house edition. Dont forget your speedos and swinsuits
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What kind of sandwiches, anon?
File: decore inspo.jpg (131 KB, 944x627)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I'd like to add some murals to the courtyard, please
File: 1579072556076.png (128 KB, 574x383)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
I want to used the bathroom but i really dont want to see what's in the sink this time
Swimsuit?Why would I bother, we're all friends here!
Heh, you'll do anything to think you're a woman huh? Keep em coming! I've got laundry for you to fold too!

What did she mean by this?
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>against horniness
What the fuck are you even going on about at his point? What does that even mean? Also you really do think every fucking sex worker is a victim just because you've had bad experiences and all the ones you've known were in bad spots. Totally a fair and non biased stance on the subject.
No i dont think every sex worker is "a victim", i was trying to illustrate it can be more gray than that. the majority are at a minimum VICTIMIZED though. and the majority of sex workers arent 1st worlder cam girls.

>Totally a fair and non biased stance on the subject.
help me understand, what is unduly biased about being influenced by our experiences and acquantices in combination with facts? Like im not saying anything too fantastical here and you havent leapt to debunk anything i said. you're just getting mad at me for not liking that sex work exists and is a largely involuntary or otherwise victimizing field.

The horniness thing is me just riffing, but sure excessively horny people are a huge turn off for me. its not sexy when someone you appreciated becomes a gibbering cumbrain and loses any sense of sensuality. and its cringey to read hornyposts, porn comments are probably a good example.
Sounds like you've been brainwashed by the whole coomer/cumbrain meme and took it way too seriously.
Nah, i like those memes and ive seen some perverted characters in my time.
god I hate youngshits so much. I started HRT at 17 and my shoulders are twice as wide as hers :/

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>stealing their sister's underwear
Maybe if nasty feminists weren't so eager to shame eveyr transgirl she wouldn't be afraid to ask for her own.
>what mens spaces?
gay bars, for one. Meant for just gay men, now you go there and there are tons of straight chicks just hanging around clogging it up for everyone else.
>what mens spaces? men dont have anything dedicaded to them specifically unlike womens homeless shelters etc
Yeah because any club or event that was men-only, cis feminists demanded their way into

And then had the audacity to cry foul when the tables are turned on them by transwomen!
>I was sent to conversion therapy when I was a kid where they tried to convince me to open my mind to cocks, and your rethoric is a mirror. Fuck what I'm actually sexually attracted to, why can't I just learn to choke on dick like all the other girls?
That's not even what conversion therapy for kids is like. If you're gonna concern troll at least do it better you moron.
I don't think sexual orientation is immoral. It's just nonexistent (in the sense that we usually talk about it as a consistent attraction to certain body parts but not others)
either transwomen are women and they're allowed in dyke safe spaces or they're not women and you're transphobic either way I don't give a fuck

Are you happy now? YOU killed this poor man. YOU took him away from this world! And for what? Because he protested a drag queen that was molesting children?

I am ashamed of you all and you should be too. I'm throwing up in my mouth just thinking about this. Makes me sick.
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>a drag queen that was molesting children
Wasnt the deal that one drag queen turned out to be a sex offender and then after that incident every single drag story time thing became news and conservatives were like "that's disgustin!" And have decided to target all of them?

Like, I agree no sex offenders near kids but outside of that I'm cool with drag story time.
(((gay))) activists
Yeah no I have more important matters to care about.
>mainstream lgbt community not a cult but everyone else is
you're right it's just that some people here are paid to post disruptive and divisive things for some reason

so they don't listen to reason because they're paid not to
if you can't take the heat don't bully other people
also a gay man denouncing same sex marriage is weird

File: images (8).jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
Why are so many of them polygamous?
Aka not loyal to only one partner.

I see it in cis lesbian and transbian communities the most by far.

But I don't see in gay communitys at all.

So.... is it true. Male x male love is true and based?

Can the lesbians plz explain their degeneracy?
Girls fall hard for each other quickly and then lose their infatuation quickly, leading to more impulsive behavior.

Well versatile to be specific.
But its such a dramatic change it feels weird, since I used to be 100000% submissive.

But there is this femboy in my class, passes less than a twinkhon yet is still very cute in a boyish way. He uhm bent over in front of me to pick something up, and well, my dick got hard. He squats weights and is super clean and pretty. And desu I really wanna fuck him and cum deep inside.

The thought gives me dysphoria though. Its hard to deal with.
Im still submissive towards masc guys.

My attraction to the femboy seems to be a dick only type of attraction, aka it triggers only my dick.

Where as my attraction to guys is more of a attraction that triggers my whole body, increases heartbeat and, also my dick.

Sooo does this mean im just fetisihizing the femboy?
I kinda wanna bully him and bite his cheeks and make his nips sore. Iv never had these dommy kind of thoughts before
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Also WHY are fembois so rare?
Im so lucky to find one in my class. But iv literally never seen one on tinder.
>submissive towards masc guys.
>dom toward femboys
nothing more normal than that
>implying fem x fem isn't a thing
ffs op, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take
try it, he might be into it
how many people get the chance >>14400552 you get
Could be that HRT is making you feel more comfortable in your body thus giving you the confidence to top? When I had little to no self-confidence I saw myself as mostly sub, and started to like topping when I felt better about myself.
Sounds like you should go for it.
No idea how you ask someone to let you cum in them and lick your feet though

File: bd0886b.png (53 KB, 259x239)
53 KB
Why are nearly all gay guys coomers?
That's heteroids with their cow tits fetishes and wanting to bang their mom.
I'm not really, but every guy can be a coomer sometimes, and I certainly let that side out on this board a lot

File: 1579282003181.jpg (151 KB, 1200x905)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Post all your right wing trap/trans memes please
File: IMG_20200118_180442.png (130 KB, 500x471)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
File: 68c4a20.png (169 KB, 750x750)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
File: image0-27.jpg (148 KB, 1080x746)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

File: file.png (1.51 MB, 1400x1400)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
How do you trick a straight man into thinking they are gay?
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>making james out to be the victim
yikes sis
become a celebrity, it's ok to fuck a gay man's butt if he's a celebrity
nta but he is
tati threw him under the bus for more v̶i̶e̶w̶s̶ money.

You shouldn't trick anyone. Respect others.

Chasers who aren't exclusively attracted to passing trans women are gay or at least bisexual.
Since 90% of trannies don't pass, this makes the majority of chasers gay.

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
trannies care because they don't want to be seen as male by their partners
People care because tans people seem to only cause issues in society. It also doesn't help that you guys set back the progress gays and lesbians have been making for the past 50 years.
actually im okay with being seen as girl(male).
he acknowledges i am a girl, and a lesser male to dominate.
File: 1573853635047.png (289 KB, 469x422)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
and of course protect!!

File: 1551718188612.jpg (293 KB, 2334x1568)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
Should I tell my fag boyfriend(top) that I'm not actually a fag but just a non dysphoric female brained cis male bottom living vicariously through a heterosexual relationship where we are just normal straight acting males but I take all the female roles in sex and relationships?
44 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
gay men don't want to be women and imagine vicariously living as a woman in a heterosexual relationship.
OP doesnt want to live as a woman, he wants to live as the typical girlfriend as seen in TV and movies.

There is a difference.
That's even more agp.
gay tops and gay bottoms are two different sexual orientations
not into crossdressing = not AGP

File: JazzJennings.jpg (189 KB, 852x1024)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Trannies on a budget, do you ever get your bf or partner to pee in your butt for a quick and cheap enema?
Obvious bait, no trannies have a bf

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