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File: 1694212059350710.jpg (247 KB, 1240x2350)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Trans people boast about HRT giving them a catharsis moment that finally makes them feel real and breaks the dissociation but that hasn't happened with me. The dysphoria itself has definitely been alliviated a lot, but this feels more like a return to back to the grey monotony of when I was subconsciously repressing than some awakening to new colorful world of emotion like some people describe it. I am only barely more sensitive, can cry more easily (mostly from self loathing for being a tr*nny) but even then there seems to be a disconnect between what I am feeling and... me. Can anyone relate ? Breaking my dissociation was one of my most expected effects from HRT and it has been very disappointing so far.
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Brazilanon ?
same, my life might as well already be over. iwnbaw and iwn be happy or do anything.

Levels? I bet your T is not suppressed.
T is suppressed, 47 ng/dl

File: the_zaza.png (105 KB, 329x338)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
places to store diy hrt in NYC? any trans support groups or anything like that? Self-storage is out of the question. Super cheap or free services are appreciated.

planning to inject wherever I store the HRT at aswell

File: file.png (980 KB, 750x916)
980 KB
980 KB PNG
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Ugly 2 Ugly. Nothing of value was lost or gained.
bad skin and the slight sign of chin pubes is not hot.
more like an 8yr old to a 15-16 yr old.
Holy fucking, terfs want this guy in the womens toilets?

How can anyone look at this for longer than 5 seconds and realise its nonsense, thats a bloke, if they step into the womens they're gonna get the shit kicked out of them.

My brain reads male, they pass. Fucking lunatic terfs bruh
He looks better senpai. Whatre talking about? Sure he has acne but thats part of starting t. Hes gonna be a really hot guy in like a year or two and pass really well

This is probably most reatrded question in human history but does ftms look better blonde or brunette?
I am naturally brunette, I kinda what blonde hair but I don't want to look like a twink/femboy.
Picrel is what colour and hairstyle I want.
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This only applies to women, I've never seen blond men be treated unseriously
Dw about looking gay, op a ton of straight s.oy boys dyed thier hair so it no longer has the same stigma
you'd look like a lesbian
the only guys who get bleached hair are twink gay femboy and absolute
douchebags druggies
the most malebrained hair color is your natural color unless you're able to get your dyed hair look absolutely natural.

btw I know nothing about hairstyling since Im cis but you could get a haircut that in no way hides your forehead. from what I've noticed many guys get haircuts that cover their forehead to make it smaller which makes them more androgynous and thus younger so more attractive in that way or y'know less bald and trannies and femboys get haircuts that cover their forehead as much as possible to looks as female as possible so I guess revealing it would make you look masculine
Ur hair looks nice
I don't really think I would look like lesbian cause I have too much masculine face. But somehow I am still scared I will look like wannabe twink.
So I guess o am staying at my natural colour. Also tnx for the rest

File: 1696034353540303.webm (646 KB, 490x270)
646 KB
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Well maybe she wouldn’t have to if trannies weren’t like this
stop it you're making me laugh and I'm supposed to be in quiet bedtime mode
>I hate it when may or may not trannies exist in my vicinity
The only thing I hate more than trannies existing near me is the trannies I imagine. Their so horrible.
Asian women admitting that butch women are men, lmao. We all knew this of course.

File: 1692727806083902.jpg (205 KB, 972x857)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Woah YAS kween slay! such science! such victimhood! such love! such identity! Such NPC! Such DEI EGS! Such LGBT! Such Bioleninist pedoganda! Such grooming! Such Cultural Marxism! Such vulnerable! Such marginalized! Such Diverse and Progressive! Such objective scientific and psychiatric authority! Such israel! Such Jew! Such ZOG! Such greatest ally!Such corporate sponsorship! Such walmart!Such Sex Work ! Such BLM! Such Nigger!Such Gay! Such queer! Such AIDS! Such Poz! Such unlimited expansion of the administrative state! Such such democracy! Such antifascism! Such counterterrorism! Joe Biden! Such FEDGOV!such empathy and basic human decency!
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Drag queens are gay men. Not trans! This weird sexualization is gross. Fucking pedos want to do this in front of kids.

The picture shows kids giving this faggot dollar bills like a god damn stripper. Do not support this drag shit in the public.
Yeah I know drag queens are gay men, where did I say otherwise?

>This weird sexualization is gross. Fucking pedos want to do this in front of kids.
Drag isn't inherently sexual

>The picture shows kids giving this faggot dollar bills like a god damn stripper
Or like any other performer who performs for tips. Dumbshit. If you get a boner at a drag show that's a "you" problem.

You are a schizo
lol this dude read so much /pol/ that he can't talk normal now. get some bitches on your dick, bro
File: delusional.gif (238 KB, 400x211)
238 KB
238 KB GIF
>trying to just that drag isnt sexualized and tipping a drag queen is to show 'apperciate for the art'

how many gigs of child porn do you have on your computer pedo!?
I don't disagree with most of what you're saying but I'm a tranny, what do?

File: IMG_3435.jpg (105 KB, 524x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Old thread is about to hit 300. Time we start a new one.

QOTT: When was the last time you’ve gone to adoration, anon, and have you had an encounter with The Holy Spirit?
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File: 1690733201038490.png (3.28 MB, 1024x2964)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB PNG
pass homie
no pass but pretty

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
omg lia the curves!! u look good
uwu and so on
>Id take you on a cute date if u were close to me not even cap
maybe if i ever manage to get a passing voice lol
File: Gigi.jpg (17 KB, 319x354)
17 KB
Just dont talk. Women shouldnt talk anyway.

File: file.png (860 KB, 537x790)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
cis women FEAR the muscular chad-hon
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this is literally just a guy with long hair
thats indistinguishable from a cis male

if i had that body i would probably want to kill myself even more than i already do
>this is literally just a guy with long hair
How is he different from any other troon?
The boobs and hair and lack of beard shadow distinguish it.
dont froget the pretty bad case of man tits
there's plenty of guys with little to no facial hair and dont have much of a beard shadow

File: hardcock.jpg (40 KB, 640x480)
40 KB
After being stealth for a consecutive 7 years I find myself exclusively able to stomach 70s classic rock and symphonic black metal. I'm a zoomer, what's this mean poonbros?
youre becoming malebrained (the male socialization is setting in after 7 years)
Nah, I was male socialized before. I trooned out in middle skewl and never told anyone, pretty lucky I know. I got bullied pretty hard (mostly by chicks) for being a mega autist though so I'm thinking that might've done it.
it means you have the music taste i had when i was 14 (i listened to black metal exclusively while thinking about killing myself)

t. 20 yo permaboymoder

File: 1696035693367563.png (158 KB, 1332x636)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
I swear, cis women are on their version of late capitalism
Obviously a LARP you autist

QOTT1: do you have anything you have a strong interest in? hobbies, series, games, et cetera
QOTT2: do the characters in the series (if applicable) remind you of anyone?
QOTT3: should we have total unmedicated mental illness expulsion from the thread?
Previous (cognitohazard, tread carefully.) >>32940451
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Imagine copping this hard. Remeber me when you detrans
I see. So ftms are no men at all
he has imaginary bug friends that he hallucinates life lessons and extracts his morality from. schizo posting basically
my doctor is forcing me to do once monthly IM injections I hate this shit why wont they let me do subq
they want us to suffer
so i had my appointment earlier today, and i get testosterone on november 20th!

File: zoomerpepp.png (546 KB, 1092x1058)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
honestly, you all would be hotter if you just were 2D

File: 1692567623515448.jpg (10 KB, 250x250)
10 KB
What's the most malebrained way for me to kill myself?
Just doing it. successful execution(pun intended) without talking to people on the internet about it

That being said don't do it. Find a way to alleviate the pain instead.
stress heart attack
1. Shut up about it and cope till you die of natural causes
If above fails
2. Self-inflicted gunshot
Falling on a grenade in a war

File: IMG_4992.jpg (954 KB, 1170x1342)
954 KB
954 KB JPG
you either have it or you dont
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Congratulations on your transition, Tobey Maguire!
i dont :(
Yeah it's unfortunate that big soph seems to have latched onto you like this
>tttt filled with passoid hsts

Sis we both know that you learned how to pass and be healthy literally every where but here
I don't have it. So far what I think is the biggest marker of will you transition well or not is if you have a smaller skeleton or not. Female body proportions aren't that big of a deal. It's the overall size that matters. If you're smaller like 5'7" and below with a thin neck, a smaller head and smaller feet like size 10 womens and below, you'll be fine. Goblin faces don't matter because you can grind that shit off with FFS. Being tall isn't a death sentence as long your skeleton is just long and not big.

File: temp.png (643 KB, 797x672)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
Is Geoxor music fembrained or coomerbrained
I could never imagine a guy listening to this type of music but a dude is the producer of it so....

his music is pretty well made though.

the art he uses has always reeked of agp repper

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