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File: 20584794.jpg (198 KB, 1080x1109)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Why are LGBT's so hateful? Lesbians don't like men, gays don't like women, nobody likes bis and both men and women hate tranners.
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Thanks, I haven't heard that in a while
Sounds like you’re a chaser
No, I like all women 2bh. I also like the gays but they don't hate me
the more alienated you are the weirder and more specific the things you hate get. you start thinking of more specific and discreet events or types of people you may have to encounter and get bothered by this. normal gay people or people in general hate large specific groups like republicans or democrats or larger minority groups.
Surround yourself with positive people instead of surrounding yourself with hateful/close minded people.

why is /tttt/ so heteronormative? where's the love for gay and bi trans people.
gay trans people are heterosexuals so...
Fellas is it straight to be gay
girls belong with girls UwU

File: mmAbNVCL_400x400.jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
Why does seeing trans porn or trans pornstars make me so uncomfortable? Natalie mars/Bailey jay etc give me the willies.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 279x180)
8 KB
>be me
>teen years
>install an app that supposed to be used for to "make friends"
>nobody is making friends, just dating
>i meet some random dude
>found out hes actually a femboy
>he starts dirty talking me for absolute no reason
>I G E T H A R D
>start considering my sexuality
>i start dirty talking back
>he wants to meet this summer
>one day tell him this made me uncomfortable and ghost him
>i actually turned gay

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this happened to me once

except i was a gay femboy and now i’m a straight tranny
wow youre stupid cunt
You'll get over it. There's plenty of fish in the sea.
File: bisexual2.jpg (22 KB, 321x403)
22 KB
This is why I fuck everything and anything that looks my way.
No regrets.
Op thats how all homo fags act

File: ddgfygf.jpg (170 KB, 1280x720)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
do trannies make good pets?
do they require any special care?
what do I feed them?
can they be trained to use a litter box?
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Good I can finally get euthanized
why would you be euthanized?
cause im a bad dog
File: (749 KB, 500x281)
749 KB
749 KB GIF
i wanna be someones pet
thats all

File: 20210224_181300.jpg (66 KB, 1080x320)
66 KB
Why the increase?

What's going on?
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This works both ways because boypussy and boy pussy are both hot
it doesn't break down by gender for zoomers sadly, most of it is probably women but we don't have the data on how many males are identifying as non exclusively heterosexual
They really should have divided up the bisexual group.
its women for a different reason
women are naturally more sexually fluid and lack the natural "disgust response" that cisstraight men tend to experiwnce when exposed to their genders equivalent of HOT SWEATY HOMOSEX
because being poor is respectable if you're gay but not if you're straight

File: 1611021803592.png (434 KB, 570x429)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
Does your body fat distribution pass?
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I love fat bailey so much bros...
File: 1612506154067.jpg (3.54 MB, 3387x3035)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB JPG
reminder to not be a picky eater if you want to want find a significant other

Fixed for you, anon
File: 1611476358127.jpg (12 KB, 353x352)
12 KB
>gain weight
>still have monster ribs
Where'd it go to?
I wonder what's her band size in her fat-mode. I wanna know if I have any hope of looking that good or would my upper body still stand out.

File: 1591942206200.jpg (32 KB, 225x350)
32 KB
>meta-attracted AGP cis male
>depressed, anxious for a decade
>doctor, psychiatrist want me to try therapy again
>finally make appointment
>therapist says "I don't think I can help you, k-keep looking though"
Need to kms
Need to kms
Need to kms
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were you like that one anon who redpilled his therapist about blanchard and agp
See >>19238375
how are you so freakish, like, what are your problems?
Didn't even get to the part where I had a chance to say "AGP," but
>anxious, depressed for nearly a decade
>ZERO IRL friends since I was thirteen
>NO support system at all (ever) other than basic parenting stuff, and of course they wouldn't be supportive of me being a fag
This was seemingly especially puzzling to my therapist as I had moved over the past few months, and she thought I didn't have a support system because of that, and I had to clarify multiple times I didn't really have one *at all.*
>on hormones because I want to be more feminine
>never been in a relationship
>persistently rejected even at work
>female therapist
besides offering actionable advice and qualifying you for psychiatric aid, therapists mostly serve to offer validation for hire.
a white longbeard saying that your emotions make sense and that you are not unique will give you primo mental recovery

File: 1omhhijopyi61.jpg (122 KB, 640x932)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>my only genital dysphoria is from being circumcised
>Restoration doesn't return the lost parts
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Probably very much the wrong board to reveal the deranged depths of my power level by explaining what I meant be that
This isn't the perfect board for it?
Do u think 8 year olds should be allowed to do heroin? Because I do
Your point?
It's a reference to a game called superhot, go play it

File: EONZcNMUUAA3Erm.jpg (143 KB, 940x788)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Was porn a factor in your transition?
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>be me
>little kiddo who always desperately wanted to be a girl, but never heard of trans people before
>age 13 start seeing linetrap on 4chan and associated comments
>think to myself trans people are just about sex and I'm not a sex weirdo.
>age 20 start following trans youtubers
>oh wait trans people can be normal too
>age 21 landslide of realizations and accept that trying to live as a guy was the reason I hate myself
>massive chest, massive skull, five mile chin, doomed to honhood if I transed.
>tryna figure out how to live repressed now

Fuck porn
Is this actually a quote by her? Source?
Nope but constant demasculation throughout my childhood up until now probably had a role to play
amazing how i once had sympathy for trannies before i actually listened to them
Repress healthily on hrt anon, you don't have to masculinize further.

File: 2yn4mdedf8y21.jpg (498 KB, 2560x2560)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
If you really think about it, Rei and Asuka represent HSTS and AGP respectivley
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File: ymir3.jpg (39 KB, 675x675)
39 KB
I'm HSTS and relate to Asuka the most out of the characters
Kaworu-kun's boyfie :3
ive seen a ton of transbians on tumblr talk about how they think shinji is an egg so i unironically think he has an agp mindset
it's easier to list who isn't AGP in NGE

File: 559385667.jpg (39 KB, 500x500)
39 KB
Are you supposed to use conditioner every day or just once per week?
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File: 1607985767326.jpg (76 KB, 560x840)
76 KB
Holy shit lgbt is stupid and disgusting. I use pretty gentle shampoo/conditioner/bodywash because of psoriasis. If your hair/skin is getting dry it's because you don't moisturise enough and use shit products, not showering/washing is a meme you fucking gross morons.
might be eczema
I have very fine, curly hair and my skin is naturally oily. I NEED to shampoo every day or I look like oscar the grouch. I was driving myself insane because people like the ones in thsi thread kept saying you shouldn't, but it's actually fine.

But yeah sulfate and paraben free shampoo is a must
Please do not take hygiene advice from 4chan
Greasimess can be caused by drying your hair by constant washing and your skin compensating for it.

File: 20210222_203534.jpg (14 KB, 386x240)
14 KB
Manmoder general
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I doubt it since we got our hurting each other out of the way years ago and haven't even spoken in something like a decade, and she made it very clear that she never loved me or thought I was even capable of loving her (even to the point of entering into public record that she regretted ever spending time with or having sex with me)

I've had to take the time since to try and separate that judgement along with my own wealth of insecurities and shortcomings sprouting from this gender bullshit, including (not that she was wrong) the lovely time she once told me that I wouldn't make a good girl

no, I was in hardcore denial, she would probably find me even more disgusting now
I'm sorry you went though that.
File: EvB-0F7VcAAAOe3.jpg (132 KB, 1228x868)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
It's so frustrating how women can be effortlessly feminine without effort. "Tomboys" still look like women. Meanwhile if I wear a hoodie I just end up looking like a gopnik or a construction worker.

>yes, I know picrel is anime and not a real woman. I just liked the picture because agp
I hate it when people say "real women still have to put in effort and wear makeup and take care of their hair and learn to dress well to look feminine : )"

Well, maybe, but they don't have to do those things to look /female/. Cis women wouldn't look the same if they didn't do those things, but they wouldn't look like men either. It's such disingenuous bullshit.
File: 1613969804034.jpg (95 KB, 622x584)
95 KB
tfw massive gorillahon linebacker shoulders and broad chest Arnold would kill for

Is there any hope for a HSTS who repressed and became a hon? I wish a guy could love me as a woman, but I feel like my body is fucking ruined.
agp chads win again
Hello fellow HSTS repressor. I repressed because I grew up in a homophobic hell (Texas)... so I repressed the fuck out of being gay... and I had gender dysphoria, but didn't even know what trans (or gender dysphoria) was... so I repressed that shit too.

Then I got into lifting weights because my piece of shit father forced me to play football. Now I feel like my body is fucked up.

I guess the only thing going for me is my femme(ish) baby face? Passing is mostly in the face, right?
I hope so, anon. I accepted being gay when I was 14, the same year that I discovered what was then gender identity disorder. I knew I had it, but I figured it was just a phase that I could get over. I was never forced to play sports because my dad sort of accepted me as a sissy faggot after a certain point, and I avoided most of the worst effects of puberty by starving myself. However, I went through a weight lifting phase from 18-19 and put on a lot of upper body mass. I started hormones at 19 1/2 but then detransitioned because I felt like a laughing stock. I’m growing more comfortable with the idea of “not passing” but feeling unlovable is a feeling I can’t shake. What gynephilic man will be attracted to a 6’0 MTF with broad shoulders, to the point that they would actually date them? I feel like I’m destined to a life of shallow hookups, but I know it probably has more to do with my mindset (and how I accept being treated by others).
>what gynephilic man would be into X

Why gynephilic men? Why not bisexual men? Or GAMP men? Or men who are into tomboys?
I consider bi men and men who are into tomboys to be gynephilic. I just want someone who fundamentally sees me as a woman.

File: 1614198507707.jpg (309 KB, 1280x710)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
>got my butt pounded by a thicc stud last night
>came three times in a row
So this...is the power...of cock...
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
buts its true anon
i actually do NOT UNDERSTAND how people top
penetrating does not feel NEARLY as good as being fucked
it's just incomparable
tops have 0 clue on the universe they're missing out on
I hope they keep having zero clues, because I need a top in my life to make me happy.
lmao same so glad tops exist. I will never tell them to try bottomongi
I literally do not produce enough cum to hfo and I hate it. it all just leaks out when im horny
You need time to stretch when starting out. Don't force anything in there. Forcing stuff in there will damage your muscles and that's not going to be fun in the long run. Anal doesn't need to be combined with pain.

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