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File: skylar-deleon-now.jpg (36 KB, 780x439)
36 KB
>sitting with my parents
>watching some dateline murder mystery documentary
>some guy who murdered a couple on the ocean and took their money
>3/4th of the way through they reveal he did it because he was a tranny trying to pay for SRS
>it goes into detail about how he previously tried to cut off his dick
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the two tranny killers iit aren't famous and are effectively nobodies
the gay killer examples are fuckin world famous serial killers that millions have heard of
>Maybe tone down the homophobia?
only if you turn down the transhpobia :)
that axe girl even failed to chop anybody dead so she's not even a murderer
Ed Gein was a transvestite, Sissy. Bruce McArthur targeted middle aged men.
not to mention the fact that the gay killer examples both harmed and killed tens of people while the tranny examples aren't even above 5 :)
yep gays totally aren't more violent than trannies at aaaaalll
Lmao another delusional tranny that thinks universal healthcare would cover his operations.
Theyd just deny all those surgeries for resource rationing and put their surgeons towards traditional higher demand surgeries. Instead of having expensive surgery options, you’ll have zero surgery operations.

File: 1548022060647.png (727 KB, 600x800)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
Any other lgbt here have no willpower left?
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One of the best things I did was get a job.
It’s dull as fuck but it gives me a reason to get out of bed at the beginning of each day. Also helped that I was completely agoraphobic after shutting myself away from friends/family for a year and a half after a suicide attempt which resulted in me having to dropout.
It’s physically labor too so the extra movement and exercise goes a long way.
be my bf
move and start life anew. it’ll be like a big adventure
Im not gonna leave my dad to rot. Plus 350/ month rent aint that bad.
oh hey im almost the same

I’m a trans girl planning to become a cam whore. Tell me why this is a bad idea.
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File: Screenshot_117.png (155 KB, 529x181)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
gender: male (80%)
gender: male (67%)
gender: male (47%)
gender: male (41%)
gender: female (52%)
this is stupid i got all this results from different pics, is all about angles

age: 08 (60%)
you end up like Zinnia
puberty doesn't end until 22-24 for most
That's a fantastic idea, I dont know how much money they make though. I know porn stars dont make a lot which is pathetic and they should rather work minimum wage and save their soul.

Dont know how much you make being a cam whore.

File: giphy.gif (743 KB, 500x281)
743 KB
743 KB GIF
How long does it take for a guy to grow out his hair from short to long?
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7 years
6 inches a year is the max rate
not true.
Your hair will grow about a penis length per year
there's so called classic length, it's about to the buttocks, that's maximum what most of the humans can grow (it was named like that because it's what girls who traditionally didn't cut their hair got), and many can't reach even that
it would take you maybe about 5 or 6 years to reach

File: 1565670781298.jpg (65 KB, 1024x576)
65 KB
do any trannies wanna abuse me into not being a terf? i took the terfpill in 2016 and recently i've wanted to get away from the ideology but it's so hard to stop obsessively hating creepy hons. someone tell me how much better they are at being a woman despite being trans or shame me for being the type of dyke that everyone hates
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>one black guy omitted a crime and now I HATE ALL BLACK PEOPLE SO FUCKING MUCH
>please someone tell me how to not despise all black people because some commit crimes
Just hate the creepy hons and love the gorgeous stealthmoding passers
And feel relatively neutral to the harmless semi-passing twinkhon boymoders.

Works for me lol
How about I just be nice to you instead! :)
None of this is abuse, you sound very very fragile anon. The fragility might come from you going deep in an ideology that takes victimization and amplifies it tenfold. You probably should stop doing that for your own sake but you sound really obsessed by a few girls with dicks. It's not healthy.
we hate hons more than you

Is it just me, or are polyamarous people usually below average looking and outcasts/misfits?

Most of the cis women are fat. Most of the cis dudes are nerdy basedface types. The trans women don't even come close to passing. Most of the non-binary people are AFAB and just the female version of neckbeards.

Don't get me wrong, almost all super nice people. But is there something about being an outcast that draws them to reject societal norms? Or do attractive people just have non-monogamous relationships but don't need to form an identity and community around it? They can just fuck who they want and don't need the crutch.
Attractive people can get easy sex, so their non-monogamy is in having plenty of one-night flings. Unattractive people can't get easy sex, so their non-monogamy is in having multiple committed partners.

Don't fuck up the vibes /gg/, uncomfy posts will be violently punished

previously on gaygen: >>14402979
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Hehe me.
ew ew ew ew ew wtf ewwwwwww
Pit Bulls need to be exterminated.
ok based
FUCK pitbulls

File: 1551229742586.png (1.46 MB, 800x1135)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
> no tripfags or namefags
> don't /pol/ post
> don't ask if things are "masc", it's more about attitude than appearance
Other than that, let's get underway shall we?
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It can be difficult, keep at it
Beer froze, fuck my life
Don't drink alcohol it's bad for you.
File: 1563831782731.jpg (84 KB, 850x670)
84 KB
Yeah nah, fuck off
File: 1576206357116.jpg (444 KB, 774x900)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
> be neutral / semi-masc
> like cute shit like flowers and romance
am I just cursed?

File: 1570113459939.jpg (457 KB, 1200x1537)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
Does B and T have a secret alliance?
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Well B wants to have sex with T, but B wants to have sex with everybody so its not that flattering.

T reluctantly accepts B's advances because its better than G.
We both get people saying to drop our letters from the acronym, we have people who belong to both letters, and also lots of people who are one of B or T, and have their partner as the other. We have a much closer relationship to each other than Ls and Gs to each other.


Bi MtF. Not every bi is into every type of girl or guy. But if you like some girls and some guys, you're bi/
I want to fuck a trans girl.
b are the only ones who want to fuck t, prove me wrong
Gay men want to fuck or be pegged by trans men.

i would like to sound like this h-h-haha

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best MTF musician I know of, also gives voice lessons for a living:
and here's her other channel for voice feminization stuff:
has Zhea ever gotten voice surgery or is her voice attained entirely from training
because I swear thats some witchcraft
she's a supernatural being.
I like this girls' singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6tZ-lh72V0
Only a preview but it bops
She does voice lessons too

File: 420e49bjq8411.jpg (50 KB, 372x766)
50 KB
how does one get a switch to bicalutamide, do they just ask for it?

i’m curious too anaon.... my belly and constant craving for salt is making me really sad i hate these spiros : (
You can just ask them but if they're resistent just complain about side effects you're feeling. Exaggerate and make stuff up if you have to but this isnt adderall or opiates

File: 1579338951095.jpg (214 KB, 1280x1280)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
How come I can instantly tell these two are trans even though they don't have any obvious masculine features?
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>Fallout hat
>Weird unstylish haircuts
>Unfashionable, odd clothes
>Man hands
>low brow ridges
>More bad haircuts

Trannies please check out some celebrity magazines and see how women like to style themselves
>robin passes better than at least 2 of them while being a natty cis boy
File: KIKE.jpg (125 KB, 1168x1080)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
You hons are too self-aware, I literally didn't know these women were trans until you mentioned it.
Go outside and look at real women for fucks sake
shoulders, elbow anle and


Hey guys
I'm a gay male

As of late I have been feeling so weird, I kept overthinking everything and it's just weirder and weirder.

I feel so unnatural for being gay, I have never felt this way before, I always thought it was no big deal previously, but now it's just, maybe the people who tell me that I'm not normal are right?

I often think, what would the people I know do if I told them? Will they be disgusted at me?
I feel like being gay is horrible, you have no history, no society, no culture. You don't even participate in evolution.
There something in my brain telling me I'm mentally ill even if scientists and other people tell me I'm not, but there's no other explanation, there is no reason why anyone would be gay evolution/biologically wise.
Pic related
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I feel so unnatural for being gay, I have never felt this way before, I always thought it was no big deal previously, but now it's just, maybe the people who tell me that I'm not normal are right?

I struggle with this as well, and I'm closeted. I feel like my sexuality shifted from straight to gay (not joking), and all of this has made me question the meaning of my life. I don't get suicidal thoughts, but I do get crippling depression as a side effect of repressing my sexuality.
It IS weird, wanting to be in a relationship with a man. But then if you really think about it, it's no one else's business who you fall in love with.
>no history, society, culture
fuck all of that trash. Almost alll societies are built on a history of exploitation and blood, be glad you're not a part of it. Look forward to the future. Being gay will only be more favorable in time
The concept that being gay instantly ends all the culture you are connected to is ridiculous
Let's say it is a mental illness, m8. What do you do with an illness or a handicap? Don't just give up on life because you weren't born perfect, don't hate yourself for having it, just accept it take it into account and try to build the best life you can. There are far worse tragedies and disabilities that people deal with, homosexuality is relatively benign and even pleasant under the right circumstances
Hey, I feel sort of like this. Even though I'm gay, I don't want to become straight or "cure" myself, I like being into men, but at the same time I feel strange, as though I'm not supposed to be into men, I'm supposed to be into women.

File: proscar1.jpg (17 KB, 350x213)
17 KB
so i'm a boymoder noob and one thing that bothers me it's this widows peak and keeping my hair healthy. does pic related help with that and what else do i need when taking this stuff?
is it part of mpb or have you always had it? bc it can be natural and genetic even in cis women, like pic rel, which finasteride won't help with

Regardless, having your testosterone well-suppressed by either a good antiandrogen or monotherapy does the same thing as finasteride, lower T means lower DHT

please... no more...
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I do not ;-;
Is this a dysphoria fuel thread?
This is killing me
I saw that pic of you shirtless before transition, how does your body look now?
hatchan, you can be as cute as her. believe me. She has a male skull and male jaw. The thing here is that she commits to her looks and her life. Just take care of yourself, eat well, take care of your hair, learn makeup, chill. You had the same body as her pre hrt. by the way, isn't it like 3 am where you live?
That pic is kinda old, i haven't checked but i'm pretty sure my body looks way more masculine now.
>you can be as cute as her.
No way.
>She has a male skull and male jaw.
This is completely untrue. Even if she had a male jaw, mine is infinitely worse.
>learn makeup
If you have to wear makeup to pass, then sorry, but this isnt real passing. True passing is about being able to pass at all time, no matter how you dress or act.
>You had the same body as her pre hrt.
Again, untrue. Even if i had the same body as her, it was almost two years ago, my body right now is probably more masculine than ever.
>isn't it like 3 am where you live?
It's actually 6am and i don't even know how i'm still up.

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