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File: 2017-06-29-his-trap-sidex.png (468 KB, 1000x1533)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
Quick PSA for femboys

Remember to exercise. You're shooting yourself in the foot if you're not hitting up the gym. Nobody wants a twig in a skirt.

>Train lower body 4 days a week
>Train upper body twice a week
>Train abs 4 times a week
>Eat a lot of health foods and proteins (see what bodybuilders eat to bulk, eat close to that amount)
>Waist train and stomach vaccums
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4 days/week is fine if you're in somewhat decent shape already
just don't go too crazy with the volume like you could with 3 days
you dont even technically need rest days if you train with low enough lifting volume each day
training abs will turn you into hunchback unless you do heavy derplifts. abs is heavily prone to hypertriphy like neck. erectors not. been there done that. just do 2 sets of leg raises after workout with deadlift. see all these guys with le nice abs are hunchbacks. photo is taken from front but you can still tell. if anything do crumches on physioball so abs will not shorten. do not walk around in a way that shows abs the most. lordosis is way better than kyphosis
File: 1620609195102.png (119 KB, 635x493)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>training abs
What are you talking about anon?
A good chunk of train 6 days a week. If you're already fit you can handle it.

File: 230 - qwpnqIY.png (26 KB, 370x320)
26 KB
My breasts have grown so much now that I have to wear a boymoder bra or else my nipples will show through my shirt!
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File: sure.gif (20 KB, 220x147)
20 KB
>the hoodie that works.jpg
underbust 32+4=36
yea, thats why women by in large complain about bras not being comfortable, but those who use the ABraThatFits method talk about how they finally have a bra that fits them well and is comfortable.
>but those who use the ABraThatFits method talk about how they finally have a bra that fits them well and is comfortable
That's the oxygen deprivation talking. AFAB literally can't breathe in the band size that reddit gives. Let alone AMAB, who will find wearing their reddit band size impossible because the male chest gets wider as you go upward, and a bra band size is derived from measuring the under bust.
>i can't even wear hoodies anymore
i think hoodies with a zipper down the middle work better for that, just keep it unzipped so it adds layers and its harder to see an obvious creases compared to flat fabric

File: gree.jpg (54 KB, 396x495)
54 KB
Am I supposed to do something if I'm a boymoder who gets 'flirted' with at work.
>old guy at work is flirtacious with the women, but obviously its just playful flirting
>he starts chatting with me from like 5 feet away, calling me 'love' and I think he even said darling
>don't pass for shit, look uncanny, seriously no idea how this dude thinks I pass without a mask from that close
>keeps asking my colleagues "whats her name?"
What am I supposed to do? I didn't say "oh im a guy" cause he wasnt saying sir or anything, and im socially retarded. I know straight guys are super sensitive/fragile about their straightness so idk wtf will happen if he will just detest me for being a fag freak or what. What do?
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>maybe his vision is shit.
I thought this at first but then I remembered hes literally the bus driver at the retirement home I work at. No way they let him drive with shit vision, I think hes genuinely blind to sexual dimorphism or something. I'm not lying I genuinely don't pass. I don';t hate him or anything Im just worried he'll sperg out on me when he finds out im male
ok yeah thats awkward as fuck. if hes not directly addressing you i guess you can pretend its not happening. but you might need to regrow balls if he genders you female very clearly to your face or risk getting outed the longer he does this

or just avoid this customer as much as you can whatever your job is. im assuming a waiter or bartender or something
He's not a customer hes a colleague and I work in a retirement home part time. Thanks for the advice tho anon
Ah. I was imagining a retail or food-service situation. That's a bit more complicated. I think you need to just be like, actually I'm a man or whatever and end it so it can't escalate. If he freaks out, that's on him. If you're as unassailably male-looking as you say, people will definitely be thinking he's the weirdo there.
idk anon i get harassed at work sometimes too, i had some old guy rub my arm while saying i have nice hair when i was pouring him water but im an idiot so i didn't report him and just did the classic "h-h-h-haha t-thanks"

Why are enbies valid? Why do we allow and support this as a community?

Picrel is an nb/gnc troon
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File: ohmygod3.jpg (1.04 MB, 3264x1836)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
am I a hon?
or do I just look like a fat girl?
Why do you have those lines on your stomach? Genuinely curious
i think its a really weak 6 pack or smth

File: rare thom.jpg_large.jpg (119 KB, 1156x1160)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
baby thom yorke edition

▶ Resources MTF:

--- Full MTF Course ---
•L's Guide

•Google Doc

•Supplement L's guide with..
False Folds:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdsaPJdU24s [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Anyone Can Play Guitar, poorly sung by me <3
/vtg/ is going to stay online if i have anything to say abt it
Thom Yorke was really cute when he was younger

what can i do to make my voice pass (mtf)?
passes really well
The beige hue on the waters of the loch impressed all, including the French queen, before she heard that symphony again, just as young Arthur wanted.

how do you ask if someone’s into guys without coming off as pushy?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>do you like guys?
what if he is chinese.. it’s a really cute boy in my math lectures
"Do you shy away from prostate exams?"
Just ask him out. Least awkward way to go about things.
Tell us how it went OP!

File: 143.jpg (25 KB, 680x383)
25 KB
I am a girl and i like feminine boys and feminizing them, is it normal? I find it hot when two feminine boys make out with each other and then share a popsicle while cuddling in bed, falling asleep. I just wanna hug and nuzzle with some cute shy boy and ask him nicely if he wants to wear my clothes and then HUG HIM really tightly so that he will like it and do it more and more and then I can peg him nicely (if he wants to) and then he tries to kiss me very nervously and shy ahhhhhhh i cant.

What are your views on this? Should I seek help? I am basically a typical yaoi fan but my desires are shattered by the sad reality and i think it is very hard to find a cute bf who will be willing to do this, but is it possible?
32 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I do it. Except I only like to force fem trans dudes with top surgery and on T.
you sound wonderful...can we go shopping for panties together? I owuld love to be pegged by you but can we switch sometimes too? I have a nice cock supposedly...
bro i need you
Actually this thread is making me miss force femmimg FTMs
brb Scruff
bi male, I grew up in niagara, living in toronto now. Been to burlington hundreds of times
Too bad this isn't like 3 years ago though, when I was actually a twink

File: cuddle-up.png (160 KB, 639x625)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Last song you and your bf/gf/w.e. cuddled to.
Y'all know what to do.
File: crying mako.jpg (52 KB, 1280x720)
52 KB
>tfw LDR
I'm too skinny to cuddle...
cuddling in a psych ward? based

is it normal for your balls to drop a little bit after starting hrt?
i swear to go my balls dropped like half an inch or more
45 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Clap those balls against my face
no thanks anon
That wasn't a request it was a demand
ok sir!
See, it's that easy to be a good girl

File: THE YEAH ZONE BABYYYY.png (385 KB, 960x789)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
i take my anger out on animals because ill never pass
26 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m not surprised at all. Troons are horrible people who should not be allowed near children.
See? Troons are some of the absolute worst “people” on the planet. Dog raping sociopaths.
You're pathetic
gonna keep doing this until i can afford ffs
Do you wet the bed, by chance?

File: 1618908249815.gif (686 KB, 500x281)
686 KB
686 KB GIF
>don't believe in ghosts
>bf says he'll protect us from burglars and home break ins, but ghosts will be my responsibility
>keeps teasing me about being afraid of ghosts when I say they aren't real
>start having ghost dreams and now I'm afraid of ghosts I didn't believe existed days before
>too many guts to admit I'm afraid to get up alone when using the bathroom at night now

How do I go back to disbelieving ghosts? Hes constantly exposing me to new fears because he thinks its cute when I ask him to check something scary for me. I want him to be the scared one for once.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
your bf is a faggot, sorry
>we get a gun
>neither of us has used one before
>he books classes to learn how to fire a gun
>says it would be a waste to teach me because I'm too emotional and couldn't keep a cool head in an emergency
This is so cute I want this
Use this, very effective against ghosts.
He's not wrong though. I mean, just look at the statistics.

File: 1620590868160.png (255 KB, 725x407)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
wish i had a fren to draw with
what do you wanna draw anon
really bad just want to draw as i chat
well I won't be free for the next few days but it could be fun idk

File: Walking_with_Dinosaurs.jpg (697 KB, 1100x1527)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
My face doesn't pass, my voice definitely doesn't pass, I'm 5'8 1/2" so 95th percentile for """"""women""""""' in height, I'm a transbian, I'm a rapehon, I'm autistic, I'm a creepy autist, I'm , I'm mentally ill and have bad social anxiety, and I'm generally just an unpleasant person to be around. I don't think she's trying to have me make friends, otherwise it wouldn't literally just be women. At first I thought she was just trying to help me make friends, which is somewhat less bad than what I suspect she is doing, which is to try to find someone for me to hit it off with. We're on the 6th different person she's introduced me to, and every time she does it she leaves us alone to talk bc of some excuse she probably just made up. This last time (Friday night) it was with someone I actually had a lot in common with, she also had autism and liked playing old strategy games, which is a really cool thing since I never meet anyone like that. We just sat around awkwardly together at my friend's house, but as we talked more we got more comfortable with each other. I really liked her a lot, and I forgot that I shouldn't be doing this with any woman at all, so we ended up falling asleep together and holding hands while we rewatched some history documentaries that we both happened to like. The last thing I remember is her falling asleep on my shoulder and me also passing out. I woke up with her head buried in the crook of my neck and our arms around each other. I hadn't been in such an intimate encounter since I was in highschool, which still makes me sad. Even now writing this I keep feeling happy about this, even though I absolutely shouldn't at all, but anyway the story isn't over yet. My friend got back from her "overnight errand" at around ~9:20 in the morning, and suddenly I remembered who I was. I started quietly panicking as my friend walked in on us cuddling on her sofa, with her autistic bi friend (I forgot to mention but we came out to each other the night before)
116 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretend the periods are a line break with a maymay arrow, frickin dummy
If you're in a relationship saying you love her is def appropriate and i'm sure she'd appreciate it(especially considering she went in for the kiss on you early, I think she def would love you letting her know how much you love her)
imo proposing is atleast half a year in in most cases and prob a bit more
moving in idk depends on the relationship
bruh the first sentence literally has 10 commas
anon it's not that hard....
stop browsing here and get a therapist. AGP is a /pol/ psyop to make you feel like shit anon, if you werent attractive she wouldnt have liked you. Unironically just post porn here and get banned, for your own sake.

File: sad.png (298 KB, 500x344)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
>tfw no degen
31 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
she posted yesterday >>20439398
degen is friendly and nice
lmfao i'll see u tomorrow!
Yeah to say she's leaving :'(
God I want to fug her so much then cuddle her afterwards

Why are cis lesbians so insecure?
>be trans lesbian
>match with lesbian on Tinder
>start messaging
>tell her I'm trans
>she tells me she didn't know
>tells me shes a lesbian and she doesnt like dick
>apologizes for wasting my time
>I explain to her that attraction is based on secondary sex characteristics and has nothing to do with genitals therefore she can date me no problem
>get blocked
Why? What's the point of using dating apps if you're just going to be a shallow, transphobic pos?
154 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
weird comment
retard #all retards are the same
this isn't a person, their reasoning makes no sense. AI lesbian psyops lmao
You cannot backtrack a statement of "genital preference is part of sexual orientation" by instead saying "oh genital preference is part of sexual orientation for SOME people", because it still isn't true. It's independent. It's transphobic to correlate the two.
you have to go back
Who bumped the thread?

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