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File: 1634923004784.jpg (136 KB, 820x505)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Is 18 too old to start taking estrogen?
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>large majority of mtfs
Which are full blown classic hons, also assumes you have not bad genetics
> with lots of effort you can often still pass depending on genetics
As I said, treat good genes +
Late as being interchangeable with medium

It still is being fucked up and at that point I would rather HRT femboy mode than “effort” which actual women never need for passing
No, it's not too late but you should probably start as soon as you can.
The vast majority of trans people don't start until 18+
I would say that
15> is early depending on when you started puberty
16-19 is lower middle
20-23 is upper middle
24+ is late

Being a twinkhon is better than being a man.
t. mishit twinkhon
Cite this there’s literally no way it’s true
The best time to start it would have been a few years ago, but the second best time is now.

File: 1604749307147.jpg (212 KB, 992x1403)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
if you want a bf just to learn to cook + bake
every guy I've come across finds it extremely endearing and my bf really likes it about me
god i wish i wasnt a microwave retard
i litterally do not know how to use an oven for anything other than a frozen pizza
File: 1618220061510.png (395 KB, 700x701)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
If you want a bf as a tranner you don't have to do anything. Tons of men will chase after you even if you're pretransition-tie.r
>tfw love grilling and general outdoor cooking
>tfw no cutie with a preference for the indoor end
>tfw never making a meal for visiting family with grilled stuff and dishes made by her inside

it's the perfect workflow too cuz we'd rarely be on each other's way except for when I'm prepping grill stuff, bringing it in, or swapping foil on trays (to bring it in on)
if you care for your hair, skin, and nails, eat right, know how to dress yourself, and are actualy cleanly, men will go head over heels for you. if you learn to cook and clean and iron and bake men will go wild over you. you domt even need to be a tranner,lots of men would just love a boywife

I miss her bros. Why couldn’t we have stopped her?
Wait what do do you mean
abducted by aliens researching human mental illness
many such cases
No really what happened? Is she okay? Did she kill herself?

File: a pepeful of secrets.jpg (56 KB, 499x499)
56 KB
How do I know if I need jaw surgery? Post reference pics. I already know that I need a brow lift, rhino and hairline lowering, and thise are already massively expensive, so I don't want to spend money on something that's not urgent.
File: image0-16.png (280 KB, 623x502)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
>tfw litterally have aerochad face and joke about being aerodynamic lole

QOTT: weekend plans?
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File: 20211022_205411.jpg (634 KB, 1854x1600)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
I need to START binge eating, let's get this party going who's gonna make the grilled cheese sandwinches
poor child though oml
people who manage to get addicted to hard drugs are simply weak willed
>get addicted to hard drugs
how to get ketamine from not the darknet? seems interesting to try.

Hair edition!

What do you do with your hair? Any styles you like?
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fair point. old memes die hard. I will always wish to be the little girl.
>tfw no gf to cry to anohana with and go there irl
>no gf to treat me like jintan and sit on my lap and make me turn red
wagm...one day..
Don't cry anon! There's someone out there for you like I was out there for my gf.

hey troons, actual women here. come Debate me on transrights. Right Wing Feminist Squad#1246 on discord. Debate me axe wounds. pic unrelated
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File: lol.jpg (16 KB, 255x204)
16 KB
fix your discord nigger
The irony of that Pic with this post
But all vaginas look like ax wounds, your bio one is just as freakish as a surgical one.
why would I do that

File: 1632076728186.png (272 KB, 575x620)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
what is THE one irrefutable evidence that trans women are women
besides gender dysphoria causes suicidal tendencies
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please explain how the day to day life of a passing trans woman would be any different than the life of a cis woman with a hysterectomy
its almost like childhood defines experiences and development of adults
irrelevent, people still see the passing trans woman as a woman. she is a woman because people treat her as such. socialization can be rewritten with enough time spent immersed.
apparently you're living under a rock because majority of the population don't
see: dave chappelle
It's not a claim that can be empirically proven or disproven because it's not a claim about material reality, it's a request for redrawing of category boundaries, which can't be objectively right or wrong, only more or less useful in a given circumstance.

File: 1634523021257.jpg (61 KB, 720x720)
61 KB
>tfw no transbian polycule group ironman where we spend our social online lives together
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we play runescape we used to being cringe
yeah i was one of the 3 and im cute as fuck and love sticky icky transgirls and sticky icky kush and agility
ugh unpassing rapehons flirting
im cringing
cringe is good idiot
being afraid of being cringe is just being a repressed nofun prude
Post pic sweetie:)

File: 1.png (297 KB, 517x484)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
File: 1634878525209.png (317 KB, 608x480)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
>trans person = ugly person with terrible fashion sense
based media smokescreen for twinkhons
Why does the media ALWAYS make sure to highlight the ugliest ones?

Oh who am I kidding, we all know the answer at this point.
File: anime-blushing.gif (701 KB, 372x360)
701 KB
701 KB GIF
because they want to help twinkhons pass. the media is on our side!!

File: _100255644_heather.jpg (54 KB, 976x549)
54 KB
What are red flags when dating a transperson?
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being a communist
oh i thought your meant "those problems with criticism and the like"
that being said

>to be trans is
The disclaimers go at the start yaknow
Especially since the narcissism adhom a common factor between literally all transphobic rhetorics
>is* a common
you arent even trans right?
why tf is a chaser trying to explain to me how i feel about being trans?
again: you are more than welcome to fuck off at any time
>posts their nudes online
>goes on about blanch-shit
>wants srs
>he/they or she/they

>Get horny
>Goes on grindr looking for hot and cute males
>Few days go by
>No response
>Get's frustrated and jacks off
>Remembers that I have a girlfriend that I love so much and loves me the same way
>Few days go by
What the fuck is wrong with me, what do I do

File: 20211003_160919.jpg (622 KB, 2160x1961)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
Why my shoulders gotta be like this ;-; how do I make my arms smaller, amputation is being considered
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I've always thought I looked tall in photos(where its just me obv) I think I'm just a lanky short person

It's kinda crazy how many things can be fixed if you have enough money. Makes you wonder how so many rich people end up as hons.
>Why my shoulders gotta be like this
Y chromosome
Yeh idk I guess if ur over 40 surgery might be too risky
Expansion of the shoulders and ribcage during ages 18-22, many such cases

Its really not. Barely anything can actually be fixed with money, it's not like clavicle reduction is going to make you have a female looking upper body, and it leaves you with a weird hunched posture. Earlier transition beats out money every day

File: 1634858580370.jpg (267 KB, 1535x2048)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
There's nothing more pure in this world than autistic tranners. They must be loved and cherished.
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What happens when the socks tumble out of his bra?
You look cute! Autism gang <3
Hello fellow stoner. You're looking good as well!
>Monosexual ... don't exist
Blue board. (Fun fact, I once got banned for three days from a blue board for posting my tits- while pre-HRT, meaning they were no different from a guy's. Which was actually weirdly validating since male nipples aren't usually considered 'nudity'.)

File: tran horse.png (684 KB, 1058x849)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
>tfw no tranner gf that is into horse cocks and let my horses breed her
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You haven't heard about how tight and warm mare pussy is? Must not have been here long
Getting paid to jerk off stallions is a respected lucrative profession. Doing it for free is illegal and disgusting
but its fine when cis girls do it ugh
Do we need a union for stallion fellatio professionals? Let's go on strike to keep those filthy scabs from taking our horsecock loving jobs from us.
>not breeding a mare yourself
>not railing the best anus in the entire animal kingdom
shit taste

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