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File: 1606707759115.png (196 KB, 502x373)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
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Have you tried being poly?

If you take in partners faster than you break up with them you can build up a buffer of partners, so when one breaks up with you, you don't have to wallow in sadness alone. Not knowing if it might be years before you meet someone you're compatible with, and they happen to be monogamous, yet single and interested. And then you have to assume they aren't lying about one or more of those things. I mean, what is cheating, but someone saying their monog while secretly indulging their poly inclination. We have the patriarchy/theocracy to thank for making so that Cis/het/monogamy was literally the only legal option for centuries, but those chains have been broken.
lmao stop being a bpd freak and you wouldn't have that issue
I'm like that too :/ real nigga til the end uwu
I ghost people all the time because I'll get some spontaneous desire for friendship, but then my introverted nature kicks in and it becomes too draining to keep up. I don't want to ghost but I have no idea what else to do, I've spent hours trying to write messages explaining why I don't want to talk to someone anymore, but it never sounds right and I don't manage to send anything.

File: JPEG_20200320_182217.jpg (224 KB, 1080x1920)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Im too broken to be around other people, I hate exposing other people to my toxic bullshit. I dont even know what im doing here anymore.

At least there I couldnt off myself and I couldnt hurt anyone else. It was just me and my stuffie and some books. They gave me all the meds I could ever need to not need to think again. I wanna go back.

Im almost 23 with nothing to look forward to and no long term connections because I push everyone I care about away so they dont have to deal with me anymore. Unironically I actually have none now.

I dont eat. I dont sleep. I consume drug to cope and its not even working anymore. Life is suffering. Nobody reached out to me for thanksgiving because im a disappointment to everyone in my family. I ate maybe 400 calories that day and felt like a pig for it. What the fuck is the point.

Theres only one place I belong.
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if pic rel is living with you, why don't you two bond over your apparent alienation/distrust from the outside world, and help give eachother some courage to pursue self improvement and feel more at ease outside of the psych ward.
You are super duper fucked and doomed and also I agree psych ward is top comfy id go back and probably will
I wish I knew you irl so I could give you a hug
I hope things work out for you sometime and that you're able to rebuild yourself
the week i spent in the ward was probably the best of my life. no worrying about what to do. no big problems to deal with. just one day to the next. picking out stupid little meals on a sheet of paper (hamburgers again please) and sharing comics i got from family with the guy across the hall. shit was easy. real life is hard and it's full of too many hard problems that nobody else will take care of or help you with. too many decisions.
yep, exactly this. it made living a lot easier having everything scheduled in advance and sharing that schedule with others.

File: 91zDZ60ed8L._AC_SL1500_.jpg (166 KB, 1500x1269)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
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22 sadly and still boymoding at 24
>then again I want a big man to embrace me and tell me I'm cute so... I guess some have to be men for us to have that
I say this often too lol! Some of them have to take that crap so we can have boyfriends and husbands.
I'm 20, I still haven't. Plan to partially hormonally transition at 22 or 24. I wanted to go on hormone blockers at like 12 but couldn't, god life would be easier if I did.
18 and I never thought about it until now... but I think transitioning is really something for me. I've never felt socially, sexually or spiritually accepted but, that was until I met my new transitioned, pansexual, demigod roommate Ernesto. Never seemed to really fit in with the other boys, but after meeting Ernesto I think this change may be one of my only hopes at unveiling my true self. Thoughts?
Be sure Time and testosterone stand still for no tran.

Listen to daddy Jocko and practice aggressive decision making. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Joatn09rLGg

If you want something and you are certain you want it, don't be the sitting duck and wait for it to happen.

cisbians using “I’m just not attracted to penises"

Expect not one is attracted to penises. No one is attracted to vaginas. No one is attracted to genitals. You’re attracted to a person.

When you first see someone you’re attracted to them as a person. You don’t know what genitals they have, implying you can tell a trans person from a cis person is cissexist and would force you to admit you are attracted to trans people before you find out they’re trans.

So ask yourself why you’d be attracted to a trans person until you find out they’re trans or what genitals they have?

Hint: It’s because you’re a sad little transmisogynist and you deserve to have your teeth beaten in.
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I'm just gonna have to accept being gay one of these days since my whole sexuality revolves around loving dick too but damn, i never asked for this. it was always there. right from the start of puberty, agp tendencies even earlier than that.
Honestly I love breasts too, which is why I my preference for trans women is at the top.
It's either a bait or pure retardation.
Genital preferences are a thing. Technically, I'm a bi mtf top, but I vastly prefer fucking cis men, while I can fuck a pussy, pussies still weird me out because I became a bishit quite late in my life, and fucking a dude is just hotter and more natural to me.
For a good and healthy relationship I need both romantic and sexual lives to be fulfilling, if I'm attracted to a person, but sexually they aren't what I'm looking for they get friendzoned.
Personally, I also don't consider FtMs and bottom dysphoric MtFs to be good dating or even hookup partners. Our compatibility is pretty much nonexistent.
It's bait, they always mention the teeth knocking thing.

>Expect no one is attracted to penises.
i am, anon.
i want to smooch a big dick so bad as a symbol of my pure respect, admiration and submission to it.
i want to pleasure one so bad

I’ve had ~4 cisbians reject me in the last month. Two of them said something along the lines of “Sorry, I like women.” with that little smirk when they say ‘women’. One of them had the fucking nerve to say “I’m not into dick.” One decent one said “I’m not looking to date right now,” and didn’t try to passive aggressively insult me, but of course I knew the real reason.
This is the kind of discrimination trans women face. Especially lesbian trans women.
But of course, TERFs have the gall to deny it, and not only that; no, we have “male privilege” too.
Transmisogynists do not care about women. They care about those they deem “good enough”.
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>estrogen penis =/= testosterone penis. they are different physiogically
What kind of a cope is that? Bottoms with genital dysphoria are hilarious in how you cope with it. My E dick is still definitely a dick, and is used like all dicks, I top men with it. The only major difference is how it smells, even after all these years this smell change weirds me out, so bizarre, bi guys say that it's funny and confusing that it smells more like fem genitals.
Like white guys who "just don't find black skin attractive" we need to look at the sociological construction of that preference, and not just take it at face value.

Any lesbian could say "I'm not attracted to you" and that would be valid, but when they make the declarative statement "I'm not attracted to MEN" to a trans woman they are being shitty and transphobic, categorically misgendering all trans women. That's textbook transphobia.

Cisles just have the cis privilege of openly transphobic to a trans person's face and facing no consequences.

But calling them phallophobic is stupid. Just call them TERFs.
Nah it's dumb. I wouldn't call a straight guy homophobic for not wanting to fuck a guy.
jesus christ dude
nah dont make this a race thing
You don't get black people bleaching their skin and then demanding white people date them.

File: 5342754.jpg (25 KB, 600x600)
25 KB
bitch got a penis
Not me :(
so? so what?

File: D_x-hTuX4AMIzmM.jpg (151 KB, 960x983)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
What's the most extreme refuel you've ever seen?
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based redpill, thank you anon
I like this fuel a lot.
>does this shirt make my tits look big?
No, that would probably be your obesity
Unironically the statistically best choice desu
What is it supposed to redpill? The pro-trans side is clearly the most rational

File: s7u5e8iwqub41.jpg (101 KB, 828x1014)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>tell friends im a top
>be emotional sensitive
>be a bit of a drama queen
>act very feminine compared to them

Do they know?
as in do they know youre a bottom? yes, yes they do. friends are perceptive. if they were good friends though, theyd tell you that they know youre a bottom and that you should be true to yourself and be confident in what you are. they wont love you any less.

File: mc ride gasp.jpg (481 KB, 1475x828)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
i am avitale group three
i am malebrained af but have a strong desire to transition, i will not stop hormones and i am planning to get a starbucks job to go to deschamps braly. but i know deep down inside im an impostor. i think like a male, i made rape jokes when i was 14 and i played video games, and am into computer science and music production nowadays. my favorite musicians are sewerslvt, machine girl, autechre, and maybe sweet trip. i am not a fucking woman. i feel so bad cause i knew this one youngshit passer at the local lgbtq center and she looked so pretty and i will never be her. im 18 and i want to hang myself so goddamn much but now i have little breast buds and i enjoy them too much to kill myself. not in a sexual way.
i will never be a woman and everyone on 4chan and discord tries to pinkpill me but i am a realist, even my mom who initially was against me when i came out, came around and is supportive and thinks i need to be more accepting of myself.
but i cant hon out. i have a bad jawline. a really really wide one, i kept all my wisdom teeth cause the dentists thought it was wide.
my midface is bad.
my midface structure looks like this person
i want to die
i will never fit into society
that is why i manmode
65 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>troon feels insecure about body and not passing
"oh just take the pinkpill, repression is bad and you will pass with enough time and effort"
>troon posts pic of themselves on 4tran
"omg hahaha look at this ugly hon, repfuel suifuel 41% brickhon boomer

many such cases
okay bro
At the very least you shouldn't feel insecure about your body, its honestly quite nice.
thank you anon, i really appreciate it
Now show us your ass

I want a man to confess his love to me. I want to see him squirm and be scared out of his mind. And I want to banish all those fears and make all of his hopes and dreams come true by saying yes and becoming his girlfriend.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Wow another thread about a meta-attracted tranny trying to use men for validation. How original.
I fucking hate you
File: EndMe.jpg (73 KB, 933x949)
73 KB
you say that shit but when your neckbeard coworker does that to you after talking about how he wishes he could kill his ex wife i betcha you aint gonna jump out the seat for him

believe me it only works if its two ways, im still trying to get a job after that shit hit the fan
Depends on how much of a bitch the ex was.

File: 22s3mykaqa261.png (342 KB, 640x673)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
weebs in our thread?! edition

>QOTT: Watched any good shows or animes recently anons? Anything to recommend?

/wlwgen/ is a general for all types of girls who like girls. lesbians, bis, pans, cis, trans, whatever.

>Am I a Lesbian? Masterdoc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I6qGAzzibnRJFin_c8U2OBm0588M-V0NmfobQnRii44/edit
>wlwgen discord server: [invites closed for now]
>(Any extra resources welcome!)

thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwZMRjlH5XY
idk i just love this song dont judge me!

Previous thread: >>17947471
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It honestly means a lot to hear this from a cis woman, thank you
i do that and pretend its my ldr gf
same. distant girls
There's much more of a biological differences between biological sexes than races anon, like it's the number one cause of differences
Yyou are literally a heterosexual cis male and you do not belong on /lgbt/.

Spot the flaws.
30 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
The 2 boats on the right and left of the right pic are dif than the the left. The from boat with the wake has dif paint. That's it im too drunk to look for more
She doesn't have her crotch in my face
Ass is flat for a Brazilian. Still cute though!
She only lives there. She’s Syrian I think someone said. Mattar being a middle eastern name.

The flaw is this stupid fucking thread being posted everyday for 6 fucking months at least. I took a huge break and this shit is still up every day fuck you

File: io31hn2rkcr51.png (675 KB, 1000x1133)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
Fem4Fems (incl. Transbians) who encourage pinkpilling are no different from masc4masc gay /fit/ bros who go around encouraging guys to lift weights. Gays and people in general are typically more attracted to people who look like themselves, or at least their own ideal selves.

This is true even among the breeders. You ever notice how straight couples sometimes look like they could be siblings? People prefer people who look like themselves. If this wasn't the case, then nobody would have blond/red hair or green/blue eyes, because those are recessive traits that would be bred out if people didn't seek partners who shared that trait.

People who find partners that look like themselves are more likely to have longer lasting relationships.
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>work to get body and dress style that you find attractive
>surprised when you also seek out dudes with a similar build style
this isn't really all that strange, it's just not something you see in straight relationships since dudes and chicks are so dimorphic
Hmm. I like guys that so look like me. But I have a size difference fetish, so if really like a guy who looks like me but is like 6'+ tall.
File: images (4).jpg (14 KB, 225x225)
14 KB

Just find a transgirl whose body type is close to yours and then wear a matching cosplay and film it. Maybe with matching facemasks or makeup if necessary.
>If this wasn't the case, then nobody would have blond/red hair or green/blue eyes, because those are recessive traits that would be bred out if people didn't seek partners who shared that trait.
This part is wrong. Also the rest is iffy
>because those are recessive traits that would be bred out
>t. has no idea how recessive genes work

File: surgery.png (55 KB, 400x271)
55 KB
agps should all transition
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: repression1.jpg (86 KB, 555x305)
86 KB
people who say agps should repress and continue to live in pain despite being clearly dysphoric are evil
There’s better medicine out there than becoming a mock female when you’re past the window for a successful transition, try acid mushrooms or dmt
estrogen is far healthier than drugs
Stop telling me to cut my dick off.
I really shouldn't have.

File: sad girl cry 3.jpg (84 KB, 500x375)
84 KB
I just lost my best friend of 7 years because he was using tranny in a derogratory way and when i tried to ask him in a respectful way because perpetuating casual transphobia can be what leads to a lot of trans violence, and he wasn't able to give the modicum of respect to do it and went on a whole tirade about how it was just a word in his vocabulary, and free speech he can say whatever, it all boiled to ahead when i put my foot down and asked him to cut it out.
he refused, telling me that i've turned into a snowflake because i'm standing up to him.
>i'm all alone now
i kinda need someone to talk to. i've felt more isolated than ever.
142 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
its just willow (predictable) and one dumbfuck
they're communicating how the friend made them feel and what they think, not policing or forcing them to do anything. i can't believe you don't see the irony in telling OP how to think and feel about her friend's remarks. she decided to cut contact after respectfully trying to explain that it was hurting her, it doesn't seem like ghosting was used as a threat to force his actions. everyone gets to be happy! if he felt like it was a lame overreaction, he can enjoy a better life without that occuring again. OP can enjoy her life without casual slurs thrown around. i have my own doubts, of course, it looks like she failed to properly communicate why it was offending her, and completely cutting contact is usually unessecary. it's possible OP just wants attention and is cropping discord convos for pity points. who knows. in the end, everyone has autonomy over their own actions. women are just less emotionally stable, so prone to doing dumb shit or reacting in bizzare ways. OP may feel a very real sense of grief, and even if she had used ghosting as an ultimatum, that's a product of her feelings, however skewed and unreasonable.
I see where you are coming from, but at the same time you did this to yourself. If you sit down and be honest with yourself your ability to be offended vanishes. You won't care what the fuck anyone says because you are secure with yourself. It's a powerful tool that you've always had.
real recognizes real, and i'm real fucking ugly. have another taste:
uwu owo~ trannies are so sensitive, i just want a trad bf that isn't repulsed by my fetishes because he's equally as degenerate and conservative~ he loves it when i larp as a based racist jew and i love the approval i get from the online incels i used to be a part of. self awareness is totally contradictory to feeding my narcissism!

of course, i find it easier to be toxic and confront those i see as braindead online. i insult people to hopefully make them feel a similar level of garbage their words and thoughts add to this platform. i see no negatives from being rude to trips that think they're hot shit, but only shit up the board. it's a great outlet for me, and most of them aren't going to be affected by it much besides getting the attention they want so desperately. it lets me flesh out my own thoughts and opinions, giving me a prompt to react and write back at. win-win :)
in reality, im just a fag that likes getting dominated by my bf. he's so fucking sweet to me and genuinely compliments my mind and mannerisms. i don't think i deserve his hugboxes, but he's the best thing to ever come in to my life and i do my best to show him this with my limited capabilities. i love running my fingers through his hair for several minutes, smelling it, playing with his beard, and covering him with kisses.
You give the dumbest advice. You know what happens when someone crosses one of your boundaries, refuses to apologize, and you apologize for having the boundary in the first place? They will never respect you again because they know that they can walk all over you. It's not being sensitive, it's called having a backbone and self-respect.

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