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File: 1648953895363s.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
I'm tired of living trannybros
Start a cult then

File: EXhuqaDUEAAJI3O.jpg (46 KB, 500x720)
46 KB
why are the mtfs most obsessed with the idea of "missing out on female socialization as a kid" always the most malebrained and AGP?
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You're unironically doing a phoenix wright breakdown irl right now, stop posting, get your shit together.
I know not being a fucking hyper-empiricist, extremely epistemically strict, Richard Dawkings styled reddit atheist rationalist, is schizophrenic apparently. I unironically hate scienctifically-minded individuals. They are the most cancerous types of people to have ever been invented.
File: b57.jpg (42 KB, 618x597)
42 KB
EVERY CLAIM NEEDS A STUDY! Hey did you know that the vast majority of the people, probably including yourself do not have the capacity to prove that the earth is round? So since you currently do not have the means to prove to me that the earth is round, why are you currently 100% confident that the earth isn't flat? Can you prove to me that the earth is round, if not why do you believe it if you didn't form that claim through evidence.
op here, this is what i was getting at (bad word choice)
socially inept cumbrains that are resentful that they "missed out on" an experience that they and people like them cherry-picked, and even if it was accurate yeah you need to move on, rather than wallowing in your misery
also holy fuck can these redditbrains go back to where they came from, demanding a research paper to confirm a fundamental aspect of human existence is not the flex you think it is

File: 1648253839713.jpg (8 KB, 224x225)
8 KB
>Orthodox family

It was over before it even began
just boymode :D
I hate having a giant nose. My midface doesn’t help. My dad’s nose (probably a represser) is even worse. And my uncle got a rhinoplasty.

Y'all stalking me?
Jewish tranners are cute though. You have big booba dna
>The 25% chance I have big booba dna

thanks anon. Needed to hear that tn

File: 1650680686936.jpg (25 KB, 633x633)
25 KB
I want a bf to fat shame me and make me feel like shit till I finally get my shit together and and start shaping my body how I want it to be.
File: XuxMhDz.png (343 KB, 609x526)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
I wouldn't want to pork a porker, let alone date one.

You have enough self control to eat but not enough to go for a walk and put down the fork? Seriously?
I wouldn't verbally abuse you. I'd just drag your ass to the training mat and give you the choice between push ups or mating press.
Having sex once a week only when the scale goes down would be more effective.
You're just giving the fatty(me) the choice between sex and exercise.
>getting your husband to get his shit together
Literally a wife's job...
Daily sex is a good start for cardio. If you're so unfit that you can't handle an hour of sex then nothing is stopping me from making you do both. Though in all seriousness I would keep you on a daily regimen and see what we can do about your diet while we are at it.

picrel is me
why aren't permapooners doing this? just develop an ETLE and jack off to your tits in the mirror
just gonna keep living like this until i hit the wall at which point i'll microdose T because i won't be agpfuel any more
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File: 1609130539180.jpg (3.84 MB, 3600x2347)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB JPG
No this is
>actually its anything that the person with AGP finds personally attractive because AGP isn't an adjective
shes agp anon. 2 her, her body is a 10/10 bcuz it turns her on so much
File: unknown-14.jpg (931 KB, 2479x2479)
931 KB
931 KB JPG
Excuse me but im the actual red

Also how tf do i get an agp repper afab partner
File: 1650073698231.jpg (2.16 MB, 1666x4032)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
Hey you wanna be my gf

We can do breeding/forced fem play and not have to worry about protection lol

How do I become POOPY?

I heard that it’s a cute thing that all trans girls should do that makes them adorable and tiny and stupid girls who need daddy. But I don’t know how to do it. What is poopy and how do I become poopy?
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I promise I'll never stop talking shit.
holy shit kill yourself
good. keep on shittin
>holy shit
wrong thread for that, the closest thing people have here is shitty holes
i love this

File: DWCOMPANSION.png (445 KB, 720x582)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
Trans actress will be playing the new companion in RTD's takeover.
In coming British media meltdown.
wow vieo's really come up in the world, good for her
File: 6ca.png (50 KB, 645x973)
50 KB
File: 1640031703753.jpg (32 KB, 407x419)
32 KB
holy shit
I 'member when Dr. Who was a hot gay guy... good time, still a shitty show and didn't care then, don't care now.
God, I remember when this was a really fun show. It's fucking tragic watching this happen. Can they please stop raping the corpse.

Cis women love and project onto these characters, meanwhile troons love and project onto childlike colorful or infantilized anime lolis. At what point do we admit to ourselves trannies are pornsick fetishists whose idea of womanhood is bizarre, twisted, and subservient?
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my situation is more complicated, I can’t fall in love for people because I am aromantic, I hate being selfish, I hate selfish mindsets, I would like everyone to put others before them and I will be the first to do so. I am guessing your situation is not that far apart from mine, before I put a stop to it, I got into relationships (rarely) and they never ended well because I was warm to them because I thought it would be better for them and when they it stopped being that it was no longer my job to be there. anon… I think I do understand you, and yes, there’s not many of us, but we do exist.
why are trannies so sexually repressed? it's odd. they want to attract men as if they were real women, and real women want to be young, cute and desired by men, they want a strong man they desire to "subjugate" them, but the tranny seethes and copes if someone tries to emulate this. they're "pornsick" or whatever other buzzword. they preach and clutch their pearls and act as if they are experts on womanhood lmao. none of you are or will ever be women. you are the least qualified as mentally ill failed males to speak on the topic of femininity, ever. you have no idea what women actually want and by extension you have no idea what healthy males want, which is a cute woman with a feminine side.
You just answered your own question
That she later gains a circle of friends just as awkward as she is just adds to it
>trannies project onto Makima
What do they mean by this?
>cis girls project onto characters that are emotinally scarred, stunted, mentally deranged, and (in the case of Mikasa and Sakura)
>trannies project onto characters with supportive/quirky friend groups, driven personalities, develop emotionally and mentally, and work through their insecurities and roadblocks in the case of Tomoko
Trannies, I kneel

File: FS1mL9VWQAEEbWQ.jpg (347 KB, 1114x2048)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Is he on HRT?
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File: 1570586241556.jpg (19 KB, 480x510)
19 KB

forgot pic related
Good, stay safe.
where am i going to steal fits then?
File: image.jpg (941 KB, 3088x2320)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
I can post tummy pics here
those instagram fits look good on pics but cringe IRL

File: Bootyrub.gif (278 KB, 498x399)
278 KB
278 KB GIF
As gay men we need to agree: HIV is bad.
Some guys got HIV by accident, like from a broken condom, being cheated on, or rape, and in that case I sympathize 100%, but a big chunk of men who have HIV got it due to poor decision making.

Is it livable nowadays? Sure, but it's still disgusting.
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all demographics of men i mean. not all men think with their dicks but some do and it's horrifying and im not sure how much they can actually control it because surely they wouldnt risk their lives if they could control it right?
>Why is HIV so glorified in the gay community?
The fuck are you talking about?
>Why are the mentally ill, mentally ill
Gee dunno
>another case of cis fag being degenerate

this is proof t4t gayden is superior
>not treating pozzed guys as subhumans who deserve to be gassed means you glorify HIV
Come on

>mtf friend just found out she's trans a month ago and immediately went on hrt
>has zero changes yet, hasnt even tried voice training, doesn't pass at all
>plans to come out to her violently transphobic family next week
how do i tell her that this might be a bad idea? i value my friendship with her a lot and i dont want something bad to happen to her after she does something reckless like this, but i also dont want to hurt her feelings or come across as insensitive
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Beat her until that stupid bitch understands
show her some reddit posts about how phobic families reacted to their daughters coming out.
she probably likes that site.
wouldn't they have noticed her turning more feminine anyway? not saying it's safe for her to come out but just wondering
within a month? is this the true power of hrt for teenagers?
no!! i meant if she stayed silent but continued t taking it over the course of 1-2 years wouldn't they notice

File: 1652804733128.png (33 KB, 259x224)
33 KB
Daddy...the niggers are back in the street...pwease make dem go away
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That was me your dog but you asshole. I was watching you bdd post and as soon as I pulled out my dick, I heard a door open and barking then bam. Nearly tore my phalloplasty in half
wtf is it with "uwu soft trannies" and racism?
less dysphria ovr not being a real white owman
Overt racism is a male trait though, at least be subtle with it
Male hands typed this

File: discordpic.png (21 KB, 250x250)
21 KB
Summer Break Edition

>Primary Interest
>Other Hobbies/Interests
>Looking For
>Not Looking For
>Favorite Album/Film
>Discord Tag

Don't post without posting your tag.
Keep it on-topic. Don't hit the bump limit arguing over personal drama.

Don't take this too seriously, people will ghost you and stop talking after a day if you don't keep talking and find common interests, and if you can't find much or don't click that well you probably won't make good friends.
56 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
based glowies assigning people their own agents now
gaming, nerd crypto shit, lifting, cooking sometimes, my dog
>looking for
idk. I am in a relationship with a woman I suspect is cheating on me. Also I am black, so if youre racist dont bother.
>favorite album/film
man on the moon 2, no country for old men
>disc tag
no one would want it
yeah i am boy syrup on twitter you fool
consider suicide
File: 1650448633190.jpg (263 KB, 823x978)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
18 year old emo moder
>Primary interest
I like to draw qt lolis and ponies
>Other hobbies/interests
Learning japanese
>favorite album/film
I'm into a lot of vkei bands
>Discord tag

File: pep.jpg (15 KB, 410x357)
15 KB
I spend way too much time on this board. When I go to /pol/ its's always jew this nigger that. /tv/ is just gay with troonjak spammer sprinkled on top, guns and cars get boring after a while. It's a bit concerning how Im here all the time. It's not even that my sexual orientation or gender identity is in question. Teeter is just comfy.
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>/pol/ is the only place left that is still like old school 4chan
>real life trolling and raids etc.
File: 1650204427990.jpg (363 KB, 1536x2048)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Just coom. Once I coom I can put the trannies behind me and go back to /pol/
File: b8c.png (662 KB, 944x4013)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
please return
>/pol/ is a bastard child of leejunfags who ruined this site
Probably the best reason to can that shit board I've ever heard

File: 1652809091085.jpg (50 KB, 224x220)
50 KB
I am very uncomfortable with referring to people who look like this as "she"
please understand
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A poop sock?
it's to grip with your fingers.
people with long nails can't wrap their hands securely around their phones.
idk why everyone else uses them.
theyre comfy to hold
I saw a tranny who looked sort of like soph working at my Target today, how do I make her my wife? I already tried staring at her tits until she became visibly uncomfortable

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