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Im mega autistic so id probably still be here but ive been consumed with regret lately. Wish id never come out as trans but I don't want to detrans and I wouldn't have wanted to be a dyke in high school either. Pic unrelated
I only come here for lgbt so no
File: 1664494408239879.jpg (48 KB, 500x671)
48 KB
probably. the reason why i stayed inside so much and was so hyper online since a young age was because of my speech impediment. it made socialization difficult and kids would bully me, so i just stayed inside on my computer and played video games all day.
i use /trash/ for homog and stuff, but i dont really like jumping between more than those 2 boards its too hard so maybe not
yes i am a trump tourist. trump brought me here.
Nope only used 4chan because of boymoder greentexts

File: 1675513196325.png (22 KB, 657x527)
22 KB
Why the fuck did no one tell me that ftms are just giving away free pussy? All I have to do is aggressively gender them and their pants fly off
>You're looking fit BRO
>DUDE you have nice ass
> Woah this is totally gay sex MAN
I would have stopped being an incel a long time ago if I knew this shit
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This only works w pooners (aap) bc they desperately need someone to validate their delusion that they are a yaoi protag
Tentatively based... but can you prove you're really an angry misogynist?
Please post a paragraph or two about how much you hate women and want to mess them up.
Don't forget when they wanna roleplay being a little boy getting railed by a grown man
are pooners really that easy? maybe i should become a ftm chaser. instead of larping as straight and sucking gdick ill larp and gay and coom inside the poon
you should, its great

File: FoJSF_yXoAQhKUw.jpg (409 KB, 1536x2048)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
All trans women should be passers and all chasers should die.
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File: kalindra.jpg (18 KB, 306x500)
18 KB
I don't know, Kalindra is old school from when I was jerking off to trannies like a decade ago. Don't know about her biography.
And what are you going to do about that? Rape someone?
File: Fi-LbGsWQAAW5Gs.jpg (87 KB, 1021x632)
87 KB
nah, she's always like that, and she has all sorts of angles of her face
File: mop.jpg (488 KB, 1398x1358)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
well she's objectively very attractive and would have no problem dating exclusively high tier guys if she stealthed so I know I should feel proud that I ranked high enough to get a reply, maybe I'll just put on my normie mask that I use at work to try to make eveything seem natural and normal and everyone totally wants to be there doing that thing

this feels too much like actual work though, how does anyone date, like at all. maybe it's just an excuse to play dress-up and try to make foreveralones jealous
>all chasers should die.
that's not nice, i did nothing wrong

File: mogus.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I don't think that transitioning makes you a woman, but I need to admit that some trannies are pretty hot.
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Who says they are bait?
They are woman if they look like women
No, they are not.
No worries, I can't see myself as a women either
T. Ranner
Based and truthpilled.

File: E9F8t_XWQAk-ASz.jpg_large.jpg (615 KB, 1536x2048)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
Isn't quarter of a century enough to decide whether you like being a man?
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Aside from the violence like >>29465656
mentions we had a different way of living and thinking. It’s like we struggled to conceptualize that transgenderism was even possible and if it was, that we could get in on that shit. It’s like our society was build for repping and there was a conspiracy to keep everyone cis.

I do believe that transgenderism is a social contagion for many people, the more you know about it the stronger the pull it has.

I grew up as an AGP boy born in the pre trans era and running into r/asktransgender and /lgbt/ really fucked me up and escalated my dysphoria and desire to transition. I almost fell for the trans meme in my early 30s. I repped because I was a Trump supporter and it seemed scary and difficult and not worth the effort. All these years later I see the cracks in the trans dam forming and I feel like I made the right decision.
I didn't know about how to transition when i was younger. I knew I didn't like being a man but i couldn't just order lena juice it didn't exist yet
Not all of us were lucky enough to have the resources or the environment to do it earlier in life or even know if we'd ever even be able to. Average transition age is 28 for a reason, not 16
retardation or they just want current year clout. i stopped changing in major ways since i was like 8 lol
I realized I wasn't nearly as irrepressibly masculine as I thought and would make it so I transitioned.
t. transed at 27

File: 1675537803005892.jpg (357 KB, 832x796)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Why are there so many trannies that look like autistic metal heads with long hair while a small amount passes as cis women?
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because we are autistic metal heads with long hair
I don't know it must be genetics or the fact that I started taking HRT at 27
I looked like an autistic metal head with long hair before HRT now I just look the same but a little softer/curvier
If you have to ask, it's too late. Somewhere in between, your character grace.
Idk but I'm an autistic metalhead with long hair and now there are a bunch of trannies that look like me. Kinda hard not to get AGP when I'm fapping to trannies and I look down and see basically the same body type as I'm fapping to. It has gotten to the point where I am masturbating to my own penis.

>black people are bad because they commit violence and crime at a disrpoportionare rate
>religious zealots are good cause... THEY JUST ARE OK? THEY DINDU NUFFIN THEY WAS GOOD BOYS
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Wouldn't that just mean that crushing black protestant groups would vastly improve the African-American community? Shit, if the USA implemented taxes on churches, we'd see some cool shit.
Keep in mind that 20th century communist states were generally atheist regimes and still ended up killing a lot of people.

Religious zealotry can lead to violence and intolerance but to us chuds, we suspect atheism and liberalism will lead to its own horrors.

Picrelated careful what you wish for.
Always hated that film. Not one of Mike Judge's best and it always seemed insanely classist.
I enjoyed the film alot. When my city got a Carls jr a few years ago I burst out laughing thinking of idiocracy.

You’re right it is kind of classist but I didn’t realize it at the time. Ironically nowadays I have more respect for lowbrow people because they tend to share my right wing conspiratorial views.
Atheism can be violent if it is combined with dogmatism, irreligion is distinct from this

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is that you in the picrel? if so, don't you already have bangs? i'm confused.
Its faceapped bangs
How are them for years with hair similar to yours. When I was younger I used to wear a different hairstyle kind of like a wolf cut
Yeah, i was am agree to the hair also. When i was school for years, i short though not bad long time.
File: 1656467964064.gif (2.25 MB, 430x215)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB GIF

I want to be with a guy who feminizes me and pat my head calling me good girl, and breeds me >:Dd WHERE I FIND, DATING SITES R GROSS
t. femboy/twink
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File: 1675184713969730 (1).jpg (44 KB, 468x579)
44 KB
I could pretend to be horrified
I really really really need a guy to make me get an orchie
Yeah, that's probably the realistic way I would need to actualize that fetish. Just dating a trans girl and helping her get an orchi and then sexually bullying her about it after she's healed.
Would become more wholseome and less like a fetish at that point, but that's alright.
yeah I mean realistically you'll never find someone you can actually force to do this against their will
but you could find someone who you could roleplay blackmail and threaten into getting castrated and then humiliate them for it after
I'm used to not living out my fetishes.
All my past girlfriends were just regular girls and I never did anything particularly hot or sadistic with them aside from normal bedroom stuff like choking or hair pulling. Except for a brief fetlife phase in my 20s when I hooked up with this older married lady, but even then it was just tame paddle stuff coupled with regular sex.
>I'm used to not living out my fetishes.
doesn't have to be like that though

File: fuck.png (436 KB, 740x681)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
how do i get bigger boobs? i've been on injections for a year, i'm thin and in shape but they're still really small i think
eat more

File: FoDPdy1agAAwso3.jpg (71 KB, 680x490)
71 KB
What is the best way to go about verifying the twinkhonhood for our twinkhon only state.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i think its bc naturally, those who are real twinkhons got bdd and went like "IM SUCH A GIGAHON" etc, while the passoids went like "ill never pass ill always bc clocky im such a twinkhon". and so on for virtually all transppl bc most are bdd
File: 1672522259401081.jpg (66 KB, 536x489)
66 KB
i fucking hate attention whores
eh i dont think its always attentionwhoring but yeah quite a few are
thatll be very difficult without picture proof obviously
also it seems like a lot of the trutwinkhons have moved on from using this board and now there’s an influx of youngshit zoomies who have a distinctly different phenotype but are still trying to fit themselves into the preexisting culture
I think if someone (no maliciously) called you a twinkhon then you can say you're a twinkhon.
Source: this happened to me so I think I'm a twinkhon

File: CarmenStreet.jpg (231 KB, 872x1054)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
And I live in Florida! I see tons of transphobia on the Internet, but none in real life. What gives?
15 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You also have to let go of the idea that everyone is out to get you or mock you or whatever. Most people don't care about you as long as you aren't being a problem for them and a slightly ugly woman who might be a dude isn't a problem actually.
Not really

As you said, I've been here for a decade. The fact that even my enemies acknowledge that affects me more (in a positive way) than the implication that I of all people care about apperance.
>only 1 in 10 people treats me like subhuman vermin
While tolerable, that's enough to give anyone mental health problems. >20% would be it's over status
Rule one of being a tranny: don't be ugly. The prettier you end up looking the more people think you've made the right decision
where? theyve not been good to me t. Florida boymoder

File: 1675262735127709.jpg (351 KB, 1117x800)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Helping friends Edition
previous: >>29406341

Goal of the thread: Work on one skill you wish to be better at. It can be as simple as reading a small paragraph of a text book on the subject.
Daily goals can be repeated. Remember to keep score, it can only go up!

>What is this thread for?
Getting better is hard, and sucks. A lot. It does not get easier doing it alone.
Share resources and experiences with combating depression, anxiety, personal issues, achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, etc.
>Why is this thread /lgbt/?
Struggles with mental and physical health are an indisputable part of /lgbt/ life, be it from dysphoria, social pressure, heartbreak, or just unfortunate lifestyle choices.
>Notes to consider:
Please be civil. Shame is your greatest enemy in fighting urges of self abuse (be it sh, drugs, or just self deprecation). Relapsing into bad and unhealthy habits is to be expected, the goal is to increase the average amount of time it takes between relapses. Any improvement is a victory no matter how small. Your worth and right to get better are non-negotiable. And most importantly:
>Note on advice

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
45 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
part of your self image will need changing to dispose of some of your inner hurt for good.
I would love to talk about your views in greater detail if you don't mind, but for now I wish you the best of success!
I'll be back later.
what did you have for dinner?
Did 2 pages so far and had supper. Feeling okay. I concentrated on how amazing the comic is in my mind and that helps, though I fear the repurcussions once it becomes clear how much worse the real thing will be.
It's also day 6. (If I don't write that down I lose track.)
i try to limit myself to 2 hours of gaming a day but after that i still really struggle on focusing on studying or practicing and i will just listlessly stare at the screen with background noise and do nothing, i need someone to beat me until i work
It was a burrito, I should still be in my caloric limit but it's hard to estimate. Special occasion, but I don't mind fasting a little in return.
good news, anon! And it is a good idea to remember that the first pages are always a bit wonky, look at many of the successful webcomics.
have you tried to see what happens if you go a day or two without gaming?

File: unknown (13).png (727 KB, 462x640)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
any hot tbabes want to join my harem

t. ftm
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i'll join your harem
are you cute?
kind of
post face babe i'll rate you B)
Not hot either though
Sorry you're catching all us non hotties

File: 1.jpg (17 KB, 418x412)
17 KB
27, never had a real relationship. I know I'm at least kind of into guys but always thought I'm bi. Too insecure to actually explore it tho so just tried to date girls but idk lately I feel like my lack of success might just be because my heart isn't in it.

I downloaded grindr to see what's out there and talked to a few guys. The idea turns me on, I've shared pics with some and I feel super into guys right now, but I'm still kinda scared to actually do anything cos I really can't tell if it's real or I'm just horny and lonely.

>look on straight dating apps and just feel no interest in most girls
>most seem vapid, unattractive, uninteresting, can't imagine actually feeling close to them
>talk to some cute twinks on grindr, super horny, want to hold them and cuddle

Honestly being gay and in denial could explain a lot about me but I really don't know how I feel. The last few weeks I've felt amost manic, panicking about how lonely I am and that I've already wasted my life and should have figured myself out by now.

Most of all I just want someone I feel close to and can spend time with, when I think of what that person is like though I imagine a cute shy person who could be a girl or a guy. World is a fuck and I just want one warm kind person who wants to be with me.

Honestly lately I feel like my brain is just wired to be unhappy. I have talked to girls and am too nervous to ask them out. Now I'm talking to guys I find attractive and all I feel is anxiety and doubt. I'm so confused and lonely.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm 24 but can relate, especially when it comes to the dating app thing
My sister made me download tinder and I just felt like I was pretending everytime she'd point out a woman to me and asked me if I liked them, and then when I'd try to message them it felt confusing, akward, and forced
I've been curious about trying to get a boyfriend for a while now, but I'm a loser who still lives with my anti gay parents, plus I'm socially stunted as fuck and still have lots of self hatred
Well you're younger than me but trust me dude, things don't magically fix themselves. You gotta work it out or you'll just be in the same situation in a few years like me.
bye groomer
File: money.png (759 KB, 848x871)
759 KB
759 KB PNG
> 27, never had a real relationship

You ain't missing anything. Acquire currency instead.
OP your feelings are very relatable to a certain subset of ambiguously bi dudes, myself among them. so long as you can imagine in your mind a woman as a potential partner/on occasion see a woman who excites you sexually, you are a bisexual. that's just a fact. the degree of your straightness vs your gayness is something that can fluctuate for most bisexual people. plenty report those kinds of fluctuations.

the question you should ask yourself if why you are anxious and doubtful about your attraction to men. if you think about men in a romantic/sexual light at all, there's nothing to be doubtful about. it just is an aspect of you that you have to reckon with. anxiety though, that's normal when dealing with new situations. you will stop feeling anxious as you expose yourself to the situation more. message dudes on grindr until one bites and go have an experience with that person and see how it feels. that's the way forward for you if you find straight apps unfulfilling right now but are curious about the homo experience.

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