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Hello I love dick. I however do not want to like dick. I want to like pussy, like famous straight man Chris-chan. How do I become pussy lover?
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ew so weird to spray ketchup on top of your fries
Least straight HSTS
My wife Rei likes it like dat tho
WTF Is a HSTS nigga i just weanne be strat

File: 1675531191918.jpg (167 KB, 1280x960)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Can one not be trans and still transitioning be right for them?
I'm not really trans because I only started having dysphoria (and it was only really physical dysphoria) as an adult and had absolutely no signs as a kid (didn't wish I was a girl), but starting HRT really made me feel good. I don't even feel the need to socially transition, and only came out with she/her pronouns because people were starting to gender me female fairly often and people were questioning (when I was not around) if I was a guy or girl when they knew my male name.
being trans is transitioning. 'trans status', or being trans, is not related to how you identify
get a job
you don't have to feel dysphoria to be trans (euphoria isa thing too), and you don't have to feel the need to transition medically since childhood to be trans either. those are common misconceptions.
gender is a spectrum and you are legitimate to be who you are, wherever you are on the spectrum, and even if you are moving on it. Cheers !
>starting hrt made me feel good

thats all you need

UK leader Rishi Sunak has doubled down and is outright quoting tervert mottos now:

>"Of course, I know what a woman is, an adult human female."

On sports:
>"When it comes to these questions, biological sex matters."
This comes as UK Athletics proposes a ban on trans women in womens' sports.

On reforms to make it easier to change your sex marker on your birth certificate, which were passed in Scotland but overruled by the British government from Westminster:
>"The bill that was passed in Scotland, I think has real implications for the, how we think about these issues on a UK wide basis and the interaction between these things, particularly on women’s safety...Women walking around in the evenings should and deserve to feel safe. And they should be and deserve to feel safe."


We all know the UK is not anti-trans, of course, but this sounds an awful lot like Sunak is beginning a journey fully down the 'Adult Human Female' TDS rabbithole.
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I want this indian fucker to rail me hard. I love conservative brownies
>Women walking around in the evenings should and deserve to feel safe. And they should be and deserve to feel safe
was he having a stroke while saying this?? why is someone who thinks this is a good way to string together two sentences prime minister?
is he a fresh esl arrival or smth?
He needs to make a point that he is a good guy who has concerns. Therefore repetition
>women should feel safe!
>imported rape gangs?
>part and parcel

what brands do boymoders wear?
Amazon basics
Whatever looks good on me, only retards care about the brand

Feels good to have a PENIS and to be a MAN. I can live my entire life in joy that I am a CIS BIOLOGICAL male and never have to worry about being a tranny. My herculean strength. My ability to constantly experience a sense of pleasure within a few strokes. Im so happy. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my post.
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Oh but I'm not gonna beat you physically anon. I have already planted the seed of doubt in your heart via my superior pre-hrt T levels. You now know that more masculine males have failed to repress. It's only a matter of time
Insisting upon something that is not true does not then make it true. It's a farce. Much like how you trannies are about your choice to transition. I could overall say much the same to you.
And I seriously can't type onions? Truly oppressive behavior akin to facists.
It's ok anon. I was standing where you are right now. Just get on fin if you aren't already. You're gonna thank me later
>have tits
>pass as hot cis
>have dick

Yeah nah, i love it when chasers drill me
>more mind tricks
Fucking trannies. I am a Chad. Masciline males fail because they are trying to be something they are not all the same. They have a restrictive view of how they should act. All male or all female. This leads to failure. I am naturally an alpha, but it should be obvious how this leads to dangerous downspiral into trannydom. One falsehood into another. This is basic wisdom.
How about I chase you the fuck out of my post, tranny?

are autistic people more likely to fixate on the opposite sex/being trans even though they’re cis
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autistic people have 6 times more chances to be trans or non binary, and trans and NB people have also an increased chance to be neurodivergent or autistic.
For your question, I don't know. But since the puzzle piece is a hate sign against autistic people, I'll just ignore the request.
i can do those things i just dont like to do them
saying "i'm autistic" is a lot easier than saying "i don't like making eye contact with people, i have a hard time talking correctly and understanding sarcasm and jokes, i take everything you say literally and i tend to be incredibly honest and truthful" every time someone asks why i act so strangely and assumes i am attempting to deceive them, so i will keep using it to explain my condition
i read some autistic people do in fact get dysphoria because they fixate too much on gender
no, but there's strange link with gender dysphoria and autism in both MtFs and FtMs, but oddly when they get HRT and transition they are "cured" of their autism becoming more well-adjusted and socially outgoing persons. They may retain some autistic symptoms (ie. stimming and sensory issues) though, but can't be really clinically diagnosed autistic anymore due to lack of social symptoms.

I don't honestly know what this means, but I guess is that certain forms of autism are neurologically linked to gender dysphoria. It should be noted though that vast majority of autist never have any kind of gender dysphoria and especially (non-GD) AMAB autists are more masculine (in personality) than average men. However autistic AMABs who have gender dysphoria tend to be homo or bisexual and have feminine faces along with short bottom heavy pear shaped bodies or having very tall elven (or supermodel) like slender builts. Similarly AFAB autists with gender dysphoria tend to be very tomboy or butch lesbians.

So yeah there is some sort of link between autism and gender dysphoria, but not in sense that autism causes GD in cissexual people. Rather that GD may cause autism or autism is actually some form of intersexuality.

> be me
> 6 fooot tall hon, 2 years hrt
> go to passgen
> see people who are <6 months hrt absolutely mogging the fuck out of me
> urge to cut or drink myself to sleep again
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Your starting point of having wealthy parents, being white in America, being young when you can figure all of this shit out, etc etc

Sophie I don't know what your life is gonna be like, but I can guarantee you that if you keep giving into brainworms and holding yourself back because of your perfectionist attitude probably caused by your parents, a ton of time is going to pass and you're going to be miserable.
But I know that deep down you just post your insecurities and sadness on here over and over as a coping mechanism and that you still do try your best every day to accomplish what you want in life, so I won't judge you just based off of these annoying shitpost whine threads.
i do try. i walk at least 8 miles every dat OR i use my peloton bike to burn the equivalent calories
IM NEVWR GOING to look like a woman
and thats why im gonna kms
it is so over
chanel oberlin

File: amogus.png (103 KB, 878x911)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Trannies are literally like the impostors Among Us. You can see who is a tranny if the tuck.

>nipples point sideways pre-hrt
Is there any point in transitioning?
>nipples point backwards
it never even began

File: 163967251027.jpg (42 KB, 528x438)
42 KB
>be friend a transgirl
>she finds me attractive
>deny politely because I have a gf
>asks me then to convince my gf to have threesome
what do? Is this some sort of trap?
The answer = the same as you would have answered if she was a cis girl.
if yes : it's a trap
if no : there is some transphobia inside you
if you don't want to do it then just say no and explain that you are strictly monogamous
whatever you do just be aware you are walking into a minefield with a lot of potential for everyone involved getting hurt in some way
give her to me you already have a girlfriend you greedy bastard

File: trans.png (539 KB, 1192x1136)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
is being trans "good and cool" for you? should more people identify as being trans?
if you're given the tools to deal with it and live with a body/role you're happier with, and you're not constantly vilified and harrassed for it, unironically yes

unfortunately very few people get that

File: heavendesignteamvenus.png (320 KB, 1280x720)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
literally every human in anime is either androgynous (normal character) or ugly bastard. anime wants to remove gender, and it is a ploy by america to turn the left into sissies.
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>two nukes
>"iTs JaPaNeSe, DuRrR"
Based anime isn’t as awful as I thought
You must be watching gay animes then and not chad ones
File: jojo.png (314 KB, 1000x722)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
>my brother in christ
Ironically the most popular anime with LGBT people is probably JoJo. Not exactly androgyny central.
I really don't get Jojo it just doesn't appeal to me

File: p183897_b_v9_ak.jpg (117 KB, 1580x1029)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
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She's mentally ill, she's a very bitter repper. Also read >>29447496, she self-diagnosed herself with all kinds of bs and then blamed all that non-existent bs on HRT and went on a holy crusade against trannies. She chose the most toxic and detestable ways to cope with dysphoria.
File: 1621030319979.jpg (34 KB, 246x282)
34 KB
Oof that sounds like a horrible situation
You can't exactly send a therapist to their house to force them off the computer either
This sucks for everyone involved. I can't even get angry at them since they're bipolar either.
he's anti-trans as a form of repression, its funny how his audience is like. christian cis women now lmao and he's going to retroon and they will abandon him.
>this is my first lolcow btw
Between him, the detrans sub mod who is still on estrogen, keira bell who still presents male, shapeshifter who is retrooning ... the entire detroon movement is a lolcow. The only proper detroons are a few gay males who wanted to escape the gay life and chloe chole
He is a very pretty person I can see how women would flock to him. TERFs are usually a bit insane so they're adding fuel to his fire.
Man this sucks.

File: 20230204_110706.jpg (518 KB, 1500x2098)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
Doing all that in a maid costume would be cool too
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Here is one of my pics I guess I forgot to delete if anyone is still here
https://unsee cc/album#FhdutRYpGTxA5DzT
cute legs, but you should show more
It didn't really make sense to show more here there is nobody here. Thanks though :3
link doesn't work :(
I guess you were a little late

I like men and dick and I'd probably want a boyfriend but I'd never tell my parents or friends that or be open about it all. Why should they know? I don't think it's any of their business. I am also, more specifically, trans, so why should they also know that I'll take HRT and shit? None of their business.

Why do so many people say this is unreasonable when, to me, it seems strictly logical? Most people hate LGBT anyways, why bother being open? Just still have relationships and sex and all that good stuff but don't tell people about it.
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There's all kinds of gay people who are open about being gay why wouldn't you be open about it?
That doesn't exist, at least not in my social circles and country. It's sad but what can you do.
I'm not gay, I'm trans but even if I was just gay, not gonna be open about it because I'd get beat to death on the street.
File: hehefunni.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB

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