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Imagine my shock!
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Self identified HSTS here are a rarity here now, it's not 2015 anymore anon literally nobody cares
Sad, cuckchan as a whole is hell now, that's why people use webring, be /tv/ fags, people into politics and anime, etc.
Lmao the author posts in r/nascar all the time. Of course... Apparently they haven't even transitioned?

Aggro agps are cancer.
Is there a way to use reddit on phone without having to make an account or download the app? It's as bad as fucking quora
if you have android, Slide is lighter and it doesn't need an account

TMZ = MTV show about gossip
SJW = social justice warrior
twitter = """"""""social justice"""""""" show about gossip

It's funny because acronyms
>this bald nigger
She's not black.

File: K-On laughing.gif (700 KB, 458x260)
700 KB
700 KB GIF
>be me
>have Borderline Personality Disorder
>get hellaciously angry and go berserk over absolutely nothing
>scream at them, make ridiculous accusations, engage in obvious emotional abuse, etc
>after I calm down, I have no idea why I freaked out so much, but I honestly find it hilarious how much I overreacted
>I'm a new person that can't relate to my old self
>I become frens again with the person I sperged out at
>"haha it's pretty funny how retarded I am, sorry about that bro, gotta admit it was pretty funny though"

Any other BPD legbutts know this feel
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I hope all your friends abandon you
Stupid young passoid
i used to be bpdbrained until i realized how much i was hurting myself and people around me and actually tried to improve myself
Extra kys
Let's hope they don't leave you after your next inevitable freak out, yeah?

File: tenor.png (118 KB, 250x300)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>ywn get the carefree middle school nights of gaming with friends before dysphoria ruined your life back
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Talk to him again, retard. You know it's just your brainrot and you don't want to act this way.
my childhood was terrible
I never had any friends or did anything worth remembering through school. I was always holed up in my room doing something inconsequential and time wasting. I'd like to have made good memories, to be honest.
I only know factual knowledge like that I had a group of friends an that we played a lot of video games and I was basically started to get addicted to the internet. I think at the time everything was alright and I actually enjoyed gaming but I really dissociate from my memories and have no idea "who" I actually was in my past. I feel like I have barely any memories of who I was as a person. And this is basically for any time more than a year back.
>ywn get the carefree middle school nights of gaming with friends ever even to begin with

>Get horny
>Goes on grindr looking for hot and cute males
>Few days go by
>No response
>Get's frustrated and jacks off
>Remembers that I have a girlfriend that I love so much and loves me the same way
>Few days go by
What the fuck is wrong with me, what do I do
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>my son (a cute brunnete)

lol i know what you meant but lol
with the cute brunnete*
you don't see your girlfriend for days? are you sure you have a girlfriend, anon?
this so much this
t. an ambiamorous bitch
>tfw tranny so my only dating options are bi men
>tfw bi men are huge cheaters

What’s gonna be the fate of tranners 50 years from now?
Bigger dicks and boobs.
Thick white loads.
Tiny super feminine bodies
What's going to happen to the fate of all the fake tranners! All the fake disorder people.
File: file.png (1.97 MB, 1280x720)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
according to the sciencehons we have floating around on here, they (meaning trans women) will age better than cis women do since their hormones will not fluctuate

I see a lot of general hate for chasers, but i think there's based chasers and cringe chasers where most are cringe.
based chaser traits:
>only tops
>fascination with trans people outside of direct sexual attraction
>thinks autism is cute
>roman bisexuality, so basically straight and sees you as a woman
>genuinely likes being masculine
>attracted to women but only interested in tranners
>tall or a roided out meatcake manlet
>sarcastic shitposter
>strictly monogamous
>past experience with tranners has made them familiar with all the things that make you uncomfortable and how they can make you feel better
>not ashamed about having a trans gf, protective, and open to marriage eventually
>calls themselves straight
cringe chaser traits:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Can I date tranners without being labeled a perverted chaser or are you just instantly labeled one if you show any interest in non cis women? I don't think id search for a trainer but if I met one and we got along well I wouldn't mind going out on a date. I'd be a bit worried about hurting their feelings if I'm not attracted to her
that's not being a chaser. chasers specifically seek out tranners and often do things like require them to not get SRS (not due to fear of results but due to craving girlcock)
>not due to fear of results but due to craving girlcock
Literally every result of srs is worse than keeping the girlcock, for both parties, no matter how good your surgeon is. It's all fun and games until someone loses all their sexual nerve endings and makes a nonfunctional hole that smells like poop and kills themselves.
so a chaser is basically not a chaser.

good to know
i only chase tranners because i want to date a linux user

>boyfriend makes me my morning coffee
>it’s black
>not iced
>not 1/4 creamer with caramel drizzle how I like it
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>like the taste of hard liquors.
Once you're an alcoholic you enjoy that taste simply by association
I will never admit this in real life
but I am actually a bottom
You meant boygirl not girlboy, anon

girlboy = afab who is a boy
boygirl = amab who is a girl
being a bottom who is upset about masculinity is cringe
Idk about you, but I can't ever submit to any man, It will destroy me mentally forever, It's not about masculinity, I couldn't care less about masculinity, It is just me as a person, masculinity has nothing to do it and I will never top either. This whole Dom/Sub stuff makes me shiver.

how common is this actually among trannies? i've always done it but didnt know that it was a trans thing. also why do you think that its more common among trans women.
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as a teen i got in the habit of washing my bedsheets once a week lol
nowadays on hrt i dont cum anything
I did this when I was a kid, it was how I learned to masturbate either against or into pillows or grinding against the corner of my bed

of course the confusing part was that I would "secretly" (like I had to keep it a secret in my own head, fucked up) think about being a girl and having sex like a girl when I did this but nope haha definitely not trans
I do it with underwear on but you can press down to stop it from coming out if you want, and it comes out when you pee
File: 1618342559293.png (258 KB, 918x669)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
>masturbated in prone my entire life, never jerking off
>trooned out
>like I had to keep it a secret in my own head, fucked up
I done this a lot too

makes sense

File: _115637822_chappelle1.jpg (59 KB, 976x549)
59 KB
Can you make jokes about the trans community without being transphobic? Can anyone say any example of those non transphobic jokes?
100 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
The first step is making jokes
Here's the full quote from the special:

>And they canceled her because she said in an interview - and this is not exactly what she said - but effectually she said that gender was a fact. And then the trans community got mad as shit, they started calling her a TERF. I didn’t even know what the fuck that was. But I know that trans people make up words to win arguments. So I looked it up. TERF is an acronym. It stands for Trans-exclusionary radical feminist. This is a real thing, this is a group of women… that hate transgender. They don’t hate transgender women but they look at trans women the way we blacks might look at blackface. It offends them like, “Oh, this bitch is doing an impression of me.”

He's saying that's what TERFs think, not that that's what he thinks. And he's right; they do think that. The person in the tweet isn't the kind of person he's trying to pander to, and I think he's consciously aware of that and tries to joke about feminists too to make it clear.

You're right that in practice a lot of his audience are just clapping at the trans jokes because they're transphobic, and that's a legitimate criticism of the special and how many will interpret it, but it's different from saying he's transphobic himself

I thought Dave Chappelle's tranny jokes were hilarious, you fucking clown. They weren't offensive either, and he was very compassionate.
Honestly I feel like you can but it would only pass the non transphobe filter if it was made by a trans person themselves. Like rn we live in a world where straight people can make jokes about gay people and it won't be homophobic and anyone of any race can make jokes about other races and it won't be racist by default. But we're not at that point with trans people yet where you could make a trans related joke on stage and people won't have to start worrying about your internal beliefs.
>The person in the tweet isn't the kind of person he's trying to pander to
Oh is it? How many non-transphobes does he think is in the audience? 2? 3 people?
>You're right that in practice a lot of his audience are just clapping at the trans jokes because they're transphobic
Is that ok? Would he be okay making racist jokes to a group of genuine racists?
>but it's different from saying he's transphobic himself
If he knows full well that he's playing up to his audiences hateful views of trannies, what does that mean?

are you another cis tourist

File: FB_IMG_1634923220495.jpg (112 KB, 1080x1080)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I'm in a different city, nobody knows me. I found a sex shop. Should I buy a dildo?
I'm straight. I think.
If yes, how to use it?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>see your face
just wear a mask, it's not that hard.
Yes, but wear it home.
(Make sure the base is low-profile enough that it doesn't look like you shat yourself.)
Depending on your physiology it can be very hard to reach with your finger.
t. deep prostate gang
douche your asshole beforehand
use a lot of lube
start with something with not much girth or it's not gonna go anywhere it'll just hurt
use condoms on it to avoid most clean up if you didn't douche properly
Ok guys, I did it.
I'm terrified.
The lady was super friendly and showed me the smaller ones. Got lube and condoms too.
Are they supposed to be thicker than the real thing?

"Pass" means immediately read as target gender. If you can still be imagined as your previous gender, that does not preclude you from passing.

Masculine faces are typically longer. They have longer foreheads and longer distances between nostrils and lips and chins.
Masculine flesh lends towards more jagged edges.
Masculine flesh sits lower on the face, with less pronounced cheekbones.

Masculine faces have more protrusion in their browbones.
Masculine faces have brows that are lower and closer to the eyes. Masculine brows are not as arched.
Mascline eyes are smaller and more rectangular.
Masculine faces have more pronouced jaws. They are wider and lower.
Masculine lips are thinner. Masculine chins are wide and squarish.
Masculine necks are wide.

Masculine eyebrows are bushier and wider.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

HRT femboy is unsustainable dont let them lie to you. You'll get massive breasts and it will be obvious to everyone.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20210514_015002.jpg (242 KB, 1076x592)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Take the hormones, and get tits.

Dont take the hormones, and get old
been on hrt for 3.5 years
my tits are a large b at most
sucks to be you
How weird?
Taking ralox, afraid of weird tits
File: sit.jpg (295 KB, 820x461)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
like, worst case scenario you can get surgery to remove'em.
Or take a proper hrt femboy regimen and cycle to get both benefits

what hairstyles can trannies strategically use to help them pass? what hairstyles are you particularly fond of/wanting to try out? want haircut/hair care recommendations/advice? post all hair-related questions here
qott: what's the longest your hair has ever been? did you have long hair before trooning out?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i remember back when i was repressing i grew my hair out and was really bummed out that i didnt look as feminine as i thought i would, in fact it made me look even manlier and i couldnt understand why? my hair has always been naturally straight so i thought i'd look okay though i didnt really style it or got an actual haircut or anything, just parted it in the middle and tucked my bangs behind my ears. why did i look so masc with longer hair? i actually look cuter and more feminine with medium length hair and bangs
I'm sorry, no.
There's that chemical people use for eyelash growth, bimatoprost. It'll increase hair growth pretty much anywhere you put it. I imagine it'll be incredibly expensive to use for your hair, though
uhhhhh i have nice hair. i just kinda let it grow for 3 years with it getting trimmed. i have thick wavy hair like 2b i think. i dont use shampoo. i use oplex 3 every week then use a deep conditioner after for like 30 minutes. then i just cowash every 3 days.

what do I do /lgbt/
sometimes I want an androgynous sylphlike gf to hum and run her fingers through my hair while we watch the sun gently sink beneath ocean waves and sometimes I want a 6’6 massive buff GF to kick my ass and then fuck me until I can’t stand
t. transbian
Poly triad where the buff she-gorilla tops both of you. Ez

If you're monogamous, please be informed that submissive passing transbians are the property of cis muscle dykes so the choice has been made for you
idk how one person can't do both of these things.
You picrel is like a 5'1 midget, iirc. And that's how most "massive buff gfs" are .
I will love her no matter what :)

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