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>autistic intershit pooner
>ID as bi female for 5 years but have no luck with women because I'm too socially retarded to understand female social dynamics and sapphic dating
>Have sex with autistic bi men because it's easier and they'll fuck anything, eventually get bored and become femcel
>Now ID as bi man, other men assume I'm straight because I don't have any fem mannerisms irl, cis women ignore me because my intersex condition stopped my growth at 11 and they all treat me like a teenage boy
>Happy banging MTFs but want to try cis pussy for the first time
>Discover /clg/ and see that it's full of transphobic dykes, one posts about having a crush on a pre-everything FTM and others tell her to fuck him before T "ruins her"
>Develop fantasy about tricking a lesbian TERF into sleeping with me and then hatefucking and dominating her, making fun of her weak feminine body and tiny cis clit

I had lesbian-coded sex with a trans girl while identifying as NB and it felt horrible, made me realize how dysphoric I really was and that I didn't want to be seen as female in any capacity. But ever since actually transitioning the thought of tricking a lesbian into sleeping with me sounds so hot and taboo, especially a transphobic one. I wouldn't do that to a nice girl but the thought of having sex with her still sounds hot. A TERF probably wouldn't find me attractive in my natural state since they're repulsed by intersex bodies, but after IDing as female for 20 years I know how to hide my male features very well. With enough hair removal, make-up and vocal training I could probably make her think I'm just an early T or even pre-T pooner who just hits the gym. Hiding my features adds to the thrill. I bet she'd feel all proud of herself degrading a lost sister into lesbianism and tell all her weird dyke friends too. Am I a degen or is this a normal thing to fantasize about given the circumstances? I imagine lots of people want to hatefuck the people who hate them.
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i think "one of the good ones" implies bowing to another's worldview, like telling them "yeah i'm just a guy in a dress but isn't that pretty based amirite" or "i'm not like those crazy ones", which isn't helpful. what gets them thinking is being who you are while *still* reaching out to listen and talk to them, not being demure
Not that anon, but I agree the process can feel weird and even manipulative. But there's not much you can do about that. People just have such a hard time listening to "outsiders." It's just getting your foot in the door though. The hope is they'll come to see trans people as more human in general.
I think the "I'm not like those other crazy trannies" part is kind of implied though. Because if you were they wouldn't be talking to you, y'know? Like the implicit message is sort of "we're not all like THAT."
>no dominant ftm to break me and make me his
why live
Yeah, which is why it makes me so uncomfortable, it just strokes someone's ego and creates more entitled "allies"

yeah but having to hold someone's hand & teach them "actually trans people are human" is NOT something I'm cut out for, I'd definitely snap on them eventually.

is it true that there's no point in starting hrt after 19?
i keep seeing it on twitter
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Why does everyone assume that just cause you're old that means you're a big macho manly man? I'm 36 and fuckin tiny. I hate how everything assumed if you're male that means you're a big muscle dude. No. Yes I'm old but I absolutely believe I could pass. I'm small, my voice is naturally fem, I have beautiful long hair. I bet with some make-up I'd totally pass easily.
post pic
File: hello_world (1).jpg (2.28 MB, 3264x3264)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
>hormones at 19 for two years
>re started at 23 and I have been on estrogen for 11 months.
hormones can change any part of your body, except the shape of your bones, it depends on your complexion and genetics.
The best time to start HRT was yesterday but there is still today
and even tomorrow is better than the day after if you REALLY cant do it today (just take the pills though)

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umm so what's their explanation for transbians then? 'cause I sure as shit don't desire men. Men are gross and have no purpose in my life at all. If I could live in a world of only women and trans women, I would be happier.
Okay? People still know gynephilic trannies are the creepy ones.
I think so. Before they changed the transition criteria to allow heterosexual men to transition, who were obviously transvestite, transsexuals were more passive than most women. They were cautious and unmotivated to engage with women and did so only if they passed well as the most unobtrusive regular heterosexual females. We were never interested in the extreme positions of women, being like lesbians.
most vaginas are kind of weird looking you have to be a guy to like them
For real! Its so frustrating because if you integrated there wasn't issues. Its all different now.
You seem neat. If you wanna chat, feel free to add me: just-another-christina#0925

File: bikini.jpg (618 KB, 2560x2048)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
can boymoders do this?
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I can say being on the bigger side small is the way to go, you can tuck and it looks way better than a massive sweaty estrogen hog
imo a bit of a bush gives it a hairy vagina look when doing a lazy tuck if on the bigger side, but for actual tucking I bet the hair just makes it worse
File: your cock is so small.png (793 KB, 1080x1059)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
ngl if i could have a cute little button cock i would


i do love a little bit of fluff on others desu
>will never have a cute tranner say this to me
I literally already said I look disgusting lol

What hips? My entire torso just looks male

File: 1663031159445428.png (646 KB, 576x512)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
How should I take this?
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Do you think she's cute? If so, are you confident in dating a trans person? You see her as her, and accept that other people are going to be ignorant and maybe hateful or phobic? If you can't handle the pressure it's okay - many people can't - but don't give her false hope. It's one thing to get dumped in general, but another to be double-dumped because of her sexuality as well.
I actually really want to date her because she's so nice to me when no one else is. I'm just afraid of the fact that I live in a conservative area and a lot of people will hate me forever. But I also don't want to let her down.
People who are afraid of change usually start to change their minds once they see it person. If people know she's trans and there hasn't been a flashmob yet, I think you're relatively safe as far as that's concerned. I think it's more likely people wouldn't know how to treat you, or how to talk to you, rather than hate you; this all changes in time, as they realize really fucking nothing is different at all in the grand scheme of things. Let people explore their feelings. Let people be attracted to each other.
Ok, I'll ask her tomorrow. I have nothing to lose anyway, she's my only true friend and I want to make her happy.
good luck fren

File: 1628942633174.jpg (516 KB, 2880x1800)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
The fact I want to be a cute little coddled princess with no real worries in life doesn't mean I cant lift and pray and prepare myself for a Christian marriage with a real Christian woman

Cope groomers
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Ok groomer
File: N100321c.jpg (107 KB, 900x666)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
onolatrist kikes are the ones who are in fact groomers though
that would make you either a crossdresser or a homosexual, both of which are condemned in the Bible. and before you go peak retard and say something about the Old Testament, the moral law laid out in the OT is eternal, universal and unchanging. it's ceremonial law, commanded by God for temporary, pragmatic reasons relevant to the nation of Israel, that was fulfilled by Christ.
How would I be a cd or a fag? The things I fantasise about are directly opposite of what I am aiming for in life lol
i see you still have a hard heart and soft brains.

Almost all mtfs are bottoms which makes sense because they are women. But the FTMs are all bottoms to, shouldn't they be tops?
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>it makes them suicidally dysphoric when they try because no working dick
>>inb4 strapon
>Strapping makes it worse
makes sense. ive talked to some ftms and the responses were similar. i feel bad for poonbros. it seems on the area of genital and sexual dysphoria it hits them way harder than it hits us. >:
File: 1323123516269.jpg (54 KB, 600x600)
54 KB
>Why are ALL

Nice generalization, dumbass.
If god didn't want me to take cock, then why vagina

File: 1660632785978028.png (517 KB, 529x662)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
started hrt at 17, 19 now
but i still identify as male for a few reasons
1. being clocked as female when im presenting male feels alot better than the potential alternative.
2. people are nicer to neotenous people, and the threshold for neoteny in males is lower than in females.
3. breasts are easier to explain to sexual partners than a penis
4. bi men more likely to date you because being gay is less weird than dating a troon in many places
5. i dont feel like a caricature when i act feminine bcuz im not trying to be female

im not transphobic but i do hate myself so this works great for me. i dont think id gain anything by changing pronouns.
File: super_boomer_boymoder.png (235 KB, 512x512)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Prob I'm. It's easy tho big booba make that a bit hard :\ Also a manmoder
you can kinda tell i have breasts even through a sports bra and 2 layers of clothing, but... i simply do not care. its extra sus cuz im skinny as hell, plus theyre still fucking growing wtf, but i simply do not care. if anyone asks then ill say its muscle

File: 1664297360047.gif (1.74 MB, 202x255)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB GIF
Look at this cute dog

File: 1664319624411075.png (146 KB, 640x513)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>be top (cis male)
>tfw my bottom bf (cis male) has been feeding off my masculine energy/lifeforce for over 2 years
>I have preserved my maidenhood (cis male) and my energy is pure
>he has taken in enough of my strength to replenish and purify his depleted jing
>his bottom demons (literal) have died off
>now we will marry, and close the energy loop in the bedding ceremony
I'm nervous, but excited. Any other trad couples here follow the old ways? I'm not sure what to expect
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I feel like there's a real ignorance of homosexual tradition on this board
The lengths "tops" will go to to justify their cocklust, lmao. Points for creativity ig
I'm more apprehensive than lustful desu, but of course we will have to consummate our vows at least once to close the loop
suuuuure anon
Doubt me all you want, I just hope he'll be gentle when he takes my flower

File: 1663164693363608.jpg (229 KB, 800x800)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
I wud definitely scare her off whenever I rage while playing vidya
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>distract my gamer bf in the middle of an intense match
>he loses because he's distracted
>he yells at me and calls me a stupid fucking faggot
>he throws me onto the couch and rapes me
>afterwards he turns off the console and we cuddle the rest of the night
larp but hot
>tfw no gf who starts sucking u off while u are in-game and her distraction makes u lose a 1v1 so u rape her as punishment
here's the real story
>be me, husstuss
>still like video games
>play a lot of COD as a kid
>always one of the weakest members in the team
>regularly get called a stupid faggot and get teabagged
>internalize it and begin to fetishize it
>now i need my boyfriend to be mean to me and call me slurs to make me cum
yeah you would i dont like being around drama or foghting or ragey

File: npressfetimg-33.jpg (72 KB, 978x570)
72 KB
Maybe I just need to work out more ;-;
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ask blair yt
my bmi is 24 lol so no
Guess I'll just have to wait :/
thank you, I will eat a lot of eggs now
mines worse tbhon
Yes, surgery
>looking at hank hills ass enough to formulate it as a typology
that's a frog...

File: image_6483441.jpg (114 KB, 750x750)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Post your ideal chaser bf

File: janeyelizabeth.png (1.39 MB, 1536x2048)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
wonderful delights edition
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the fact that you are bothered by it and need to supress anything means you're literally one bad day away from becoming a troon my man.
no, it's not like that, I don't act irrationally, ever. like I haven't even attempted yet, cause I'm waiting till I'm all set up and prepared to make it as clean and painless for me and others as possible
or it's almost as if it hurts to know that someone you're close to and is supposed to love you actually hates you and would disown you if they ever found out what you really are
i mean they won't though if you're serious about repressing. if you're not sorry i guess.
>they won't though if you're serious about repressing
that's why I'm here

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