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File: mentaldisorder.jpg (45 KB, 300x300)
45 KB
Seriously asking.
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Yes and that's why LGT often avoid us bisexuals: People usually hate other people with mental disorders.
I don't care about the gender of the dog I play with
I don't care about the gender of the pig I eat
I don't care about the gender of the human I ...
File: aye_fair_enough.png (237 KB, 485x400)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
>no difference between bisexual women and men
>bi = psycho
It's more accurate to say that psychos tend to be bi, but most bis aren't psychos (at least bi men).

Ok how do I wank my cock
I’m Gay and bi
I’ve been using spray as lube
My cock hurts
How do I do it properly
File: Cheers.png (10 KB, 230x219)
10 KB
Put it in a Belt Sander. Great for ironing out the creases in your dick. Once they've gone, try using a lion's mouth. Great experience.
Reads like #JustJewProblems. Idk, OP, I wasn't mutilated, so I just literally spit on it and then do the deed.

File: ENsLVZ3WsAInow0.jpg (42 KB, 476x550)
42 KB
fuck pink pillers, fuck curehon, fuck repression, I want to be completely void of emotion so I can live out my natural lifespan in peace without any personality of emotion to get in the way. cracking fucked me up and I need to die inside

are there any methods or drugs that can do this?
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alcohol makes me feel dead inside try that
Get a job and move out lol
>tfw I am already dead inside and am not satisfied with that and want to be dead outside too
>tfw too dead inside and coward to do anything to kill myself
i have some job offers but I don't think I can mentally handle holding on to a job so I am going to turn down the offers.

I guess suicide is the only way out then huh
wdym i feel horrible and sorta dead inside but I clearly still have too many emotions and a personality to function. I need a more complete death without a physical death

File: AGP.png (43 KB, 1063x426)
43 KB
Uhh guys? Is this a sign?
i noticed the same when i booked in march
too bad covid fucked my country and spain and i had to move it

File: images (7).jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
i super duper hate how i look which has resulted in me just not caring about my appearance what i wear etc

how to not get sad over what i cant change
you can change your appearance though
i hate parts that i cant change though ie my face
god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to kno the difference amen

File: pvw5akjpglg21.jpg (26 KB, 540x462)
26 KB
Is anyone here actually happy? I'm pretty new but most of the time it seems that people are either mean to each other or commiserating about how shitty their lives are.
I'll start, I'm in my twenties and I hate my life. I'm highly intelligent but I can't manage my time at all. Making a list of 15 simple errands to do and actually completing them in a reasonable time seems to take a herculean effort. In university, I used to get good results by completing assignments that were supposed to take weeks on the night before, but after university I descended into NEETdom.
I have no goals, I can't pick them based on emotions because nothing makes me happy anymore. Religious external meaning also isn't an option because I'm an atheist. I have constant low-key existential dread due to the fact that every choice I make closes off other possibilities and someday I'll be dead and nothing will matter anymore.
I'm also bisexual but still haven't come out because I know that both women and gay men dislike bisexual men.
How about you, /lgbt/?
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not really
Gay and unhappy. Somewhat regretting my life choices, disgusted by my own body and will probably die alone as a result.
I’m pretty happy but I’m also not trans, which is probably why.
Thanks anon, yeah I'm planning to see a psychologist or psychiatrist, my bad time management is making it a bit difficult though
this is 4chan

File: 1564054019705.jpg (12 KB, 250x202)
12 KB
Is it literally over if your ribcage is wider than your hipbones as an MTF?
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fuck that retard, you do you. it's your body, not his
Well if the fat goes to you're hips it should look even better.
That's the issue, im on a low dose, and ive seen so many tranners on here get memed into gaining weight and their figure ends up passing even less cause it all goes to their gut
thank you mr. skeltal
Ribs measurement of 100, hips under 80. If I could magic 1 thing fixed that would be it.

>go on r/femboy
>Literally 99% trannies and transvestites in wigs
The fuck? What happened to 8 Jackie chan's /cuteboys/ board? Just want to see questionably aged twink boys

Tumblr is dead as a porn platform, reddit dead, 4/8 dead

Is Twitter the only option?
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Not fucking trannies lmao. BOYS.
wrong. there's also tiktok. but that's so zoomer i doubt anyone here could stand the autism
File: 58854811_p1.jpg (497 KB, 900x1166)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
pls, where does a twinkhon go to find a twink bf to love and adore and cherish and stuff....
It’s actually back idk if it’s thriving but it’s back
Femboy subreddits have been like that for years, larper.

File: 20200602_124015-1.jpg (580 KB, 2322x4128)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
that's all
this surgeon is a dark wizard
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Jesus she's cute af holy crap.
File: picnic_pic.jpg (123 KB, 960x960)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
No, that was an example of an FFS patient who got a good job done with Facial Team, you can see that her brow and orbital ridges were shaved down completely, which is extremely rare for FFS, especially with Facial Team who are known for not being aggressive enough. So I wonder what's so different about these cases that they were able to shave more than usual
She didn’t have much of a projected frontal bone to begin with. Lucky her.
I've seen a fair few posts where people say facial team are able to be more aggressive in their approach but you really have to talk to them and push them for it. They prefer to go for the natural approach, but will do otherwise if you ask them.
Just remember there's important nerves behind your orbitals that are important which is a factor in how much they can shave off.
Congratulations OP, great results
Literally retarded kek

File: 1st-Nonbinary.jpg (357 KB, 1751x1080)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Are AFAB nonbinary women just trans men who realize that being male (and a dickless manlet especially) sucks and so invent a new identity to minimize dysphoria while keeping female privilege?

AMAB nonbinaries are probably the same, see Charlotte the commie who LARPs as a straight femboy on 4chan but actually is publicly nonbinary.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sure, but being an attractive man is pretty sweet. You must not know.
Why must you retards always reduce it to an objectively worse or better situation rather than two different flavors where you might prefer one depending on your natural disposition?
Some of them want to have a presentation that aligns with the norms of their current sex but as the opposite bio sex. E.g. afab enby wanting to be a fem amab or amab enby wanting to be a masc afab.
Being Chad would make me dysphoric. Besides we both know that most trans men aren't going to turn into chads. Plus the requirements to be considered attractive as a woman or an androgynous enby are lower than the requirements to be considered attractive as a man.

Because being female is objectively better except for maybe receiving a bit more respect as a man sometimes.
Objectively by what metric? You can't call something which is highly dependent on subjective experiences objective, aside from statistics that show that they have certain systematic privileges or whatever. You just prefer being treated as a female because you are a trans woman. Most men, cis or trans, would not want to be treated/live as an attractive woman even if there are a lot of perks to it because that's just not what they want according to their personal values, aside from bodily dysphoria, unless they were really desperate just to be desired and see their body as a detached vessel.
>they're not just using nb as a cope for being to gnc to be trutrans

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Are you aware that anime is literally an actual thing in japan? ‘Non-existent’ what does this even mean. If it doesn’t exist how even...wtf...you are exactly like those sjws who complain about anime when they know nothing about japan and have lived in a western bubble their whole lives, plastering something from another culture with all their preconceived notions and biases when none of them even apply.
File: download.jpg (6 KB, 262x192)
6 KB
>Make the most obvious and stupid bait...
>Only get based response...

...Wait that's not how bait is supposed to work on this site.
>my response was based?
Th-thanks anon!!!!I love you!!! x3
Based and redpilled

>be ftm femboy with 40 year old gf
>look like I’m a 12 year old boy

I love being a legal shota with a mommy gf.
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
absolutely fucking based.
FtMs have a pathological obsessions with yaoi and wanting to be gay cis manga boys
>ftm femboy
>mommy gf
everything about this is revolting to me
Everything about this is based besides the femboy part
I'm a gay cis male and I'd love to be a legal shota to a daddy, but I'm ugly as fuck and look like a man, not a boy. :(

File: sadcat.jpg (35 KB, 551x551)
35 KB
would gay men ever consider a relationship with another gay man who happens to take hrt?
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who hurt you, transbian conspiracy poster?
it ain't a conspiracy if it is true
im sure it varies person to person, but they almost certainly exist
I abslolutely would
yes, but i'm also a gay man who takes hrt

I'm not comfortable being called "he". I feel like I'm being misgendered when she calls me he or him. I wish she would ask me my pronouns. What does this all mean?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
how does one give an answer to this
Are you here to think or just to hear an answer you want to hear
Believe me it does. I die a little inside Everytime someone calls me a man.
via possessing self-awareness
Do you also hate having to check "male" on forms and stuff when they ask for your sex/gender?

File: dickpic.jpg (557 KB, 3000x2000)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
...but want to get his dick sucked BY YOU?

I personally would find humilliating this situation.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I would tell him to get on his fucking knees and open his mouth
who the fuck do you think I am
I hate my penis. I love sucking penis tho.
It's a perfect match to me 'cause I don't like having my dick sucked at all.
Are you trans?
say, "sure," then wrestle that bitch into a 69 and jam your cock down his throat while sucking his. he's gotta learn that fair is fair.

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