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Old >>14401034
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Spill the beans sis
I'm a virgin and have never sucked dick, so you tell me.
the perfect bf doesn't ex- GOD DAMN IT THAT'S HOT reehbuehuieh
Get on my level boys

hunger games threads belong on /b/ and posting them elsewhere is a bannable offense

File: transflag.png (243 B, 213x106)
243 B
243 B PNG
Before I start, I just want to say right now, if you take even an inkling of consideration of whatever I have to say, please tell me. I know that 4chan is practically the worst place to look for redemption, but I want to see just a shred of hope that someone can change. No matter how small it seems.
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>unironically going on 4chan to spread propaganda
File: 1567712663781.png (936 KB, 644x644)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
>well cited, sensible argument
I didn't disagree with the data I disagreed with the approach.
People simply aren't convinced by propaganda.
alright, that's fair.
also, i think we've been having threads on this shit for a few days, now? wasn't this same research being talked about a lot, earlier? i thought boris made a thread on it.
>sex identity is innate and not as binary as people think
>intersex exists

Honestly, all of this is pretty well known here
But none of this will help ugly people pass

File: Drh0E1vUUAAXjOu.jpg (37 KB, 530x535)
37 KB
>at faggot psychiatrist session
>"So anon do you watch a lot of sissy hypno pornography?"
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the one whos based in biology obviously.

Either their argument is correct and the other argument is offensive and people who follow that offensive doctrine are either fetishists or some might be repressing the fact that the biology argument is correct, thus meaning they too are actual trutrans transsexuals, but have gone through elaborate steps to build a social construct identity around themselves as a defensive mechanism for conflict and to create a self-label and self-identify in order to form a group for safety and social conformity reasons.

Or the biology argument is wrong which means both parties are wrong, and transsexuality is a meaningless social construct.

I choose to believe there is a biological basis we dont yet understand, because otherwise everyone is just being retarded and killing themselves over superficial bullshit.
thats a lot of words.
why do you have a problem with people having fetishes?
are you a puritan?
the biology argument has no opinion about fetishes.
it is merely a biological division of two parties.
you are the one attaching emotional significance to a standalone measurement.
whether you have fetishes or dont have fetishes doesnt matter.
the biological condition is present or it isnt.
you are a savant or you are not.
it doesnt matter if you pretend to be a savant and like when people fart on you.
It doesnt matter if you are a savant and like it when people fart on you.
its unrelated.
File: bulli.gif (2.5 MB, 650x327)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB GIF
>you pretend to be a savant and like when people fart on you

File: 1111.jpg (47 KB, 790x717)
47 KB
Hey all please sign my petition to separate /LGBT/ into a sexuality sub and a gender sub.

We're both being flooded with content that isn't relevant to us...

Scroll to the bottom of your screen and hit feedback.
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This is actually a great idea, around 4 out of 5 threads are tranny threads, and there is no easy way to filter them out
literally you can just go to plebbit and find gay bi les trans whatever sub and go there
fuck off
would support, not because I have anything against the T but it would make it much easier for us other people to note have to search trough a majority of threads that are not interesting for us at all.
File: 1569062606462.png (10 KB, 429x410)
10 KB
you have to go back. please just get the fuck out of here.
redditfag detected

So what's the deal with "Avery" the new very-obviously-MtF Pokémon trainer?
transbian, look at those stockings
>long hair, but not styled
>neon clothing in public
>top specifically hides bust area

okay gamefreak, what are you trying to tell us
>longhair = mtf
yeah okay

also modern pokemon is trash

>AGP wants a woman body, even if it gives them some arousal and feel dysphoric over male features (mostly because of testosterone), they still wish feminity because they want to have it.

>HSTS Basically... transition to attract straight males... how is that more valid? they could just be gay men.
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Imagine thinking women can't be angry. Lmao.
Big difference between can be, and are encouraged not to be. I'm a eunuch who can hardly open a sauce jar without using a spoon. It's not hard to feel intimidated. You find outlets for your anger, because expressing it the way men do isn't safe.
Socialization has nothing to do with passing. And you are using so many stereotypes that is just sad.
>Socialization has nothing to do with passing.
Of course it does. Moreover, much of what people like to call arbitrary social constructs aren't arbitrary at all. They come forth from biology.
You are missing the point. That is what most normies think. Just think of what they see in gay culture. Yasss queen and other shit.

File: eexv26fv7a841.png (545 KB, 640x823)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
What is the word for when your "instinctual" sense of gender is different from your *actual* gender?

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File: 1572411716360.gif (898 KB, 487x560)
898 KB
898 KB GIF
Breath of the Wild was major, MAJOR agp fuel for me.
What the fuck was Nintendo thinking making Link like that?
File: 1572402023052.gif (2.99 MB, 186x186)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
gender non-conforming
being different from what you're expected to be doesn't mean you have to overhaul your entire life.
I call it masculine energy or feminine energy
File: 6243_CaraputeHentai.png (26 KB, 128x128)
26 KB
I don't know what you all mean by "AGP"

I'm not the type of person who "gets off" at the thought of being a woman... or while wearing women's clothes.

Truth is... I'm bisexual... more into dudes than chicks... and would feel "at home" in a female body in totally mundane situations.

This isn't inherently sexual to me.
File: 736.png (420 KB, 1280x720)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
>fake denialposting

Please don't call my denial "fake," Anon

please leave your application for a tranner gf here please
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Because you're incels
Shrodinger's patriarchy: they're oppressors, but also incels
I'm not trying to find the right person or anyone from this post, just curious as to what responses I would get by posting honestly. I'm smart enough to know that 4chan dating often doesnt go well so I never took it seriously to begin with
File: MJIfMUf.jpg (38 KB, 522x372)
38 KB
>thot patrolled

>tfw your own internalized homophobia turns you on
>as in, I kinda like the idea of guys playing into it, calling me a fag, not a real man, etc as i'm on my knees at their feet and they're facefucking me hard like i'm little more than a sex toy to them, knowing that I'm a disappointment to my dad who expects me to have a wife and kids and the traditional boomer-tier family unit meanwhile i'm a fucking queer indulging in my degenerate cocklust

Do trans girls hate bi guys?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
just call it bussy ...jesus
>Do trans girls hate bi guys?
They shouldn't. Bi guys and GAMP's (semi-bi) are the 95% of their dating pool. If you like dick you aren't straight.
They aren't boys though.
No. Bi guys are alright, I'd be worried in case they were chaser-y, but that's about it. Oddly enough, I often find myself attracted to gay guys, but I know they'd never want me, cuz I'm a tranny.
I guess I nerdy, cute, cuddly bi guy would be perfect, but... eh...
B is best

File: motivation.png (261 KB, 520x520)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
A few days ago I saw in the browsing history that my mom has an account on a forum for gender critical parents, and has made multiple posts about me

It hurts so much to see what she posts, and the replies made by people specifically to make sure I never can transition. Posts telling her to not pay for therapists for me who support trans people. Posts cheering her on when she's stolen my hormones away in the past

It hurts knowing its too late. I can try to move out and transition, but I will never have the support of my own mother
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>That's sad but probably a good thing too
Eventually you realize that you never had a family to start with, and sufficiently good friend or partner gave you more than your family ever did. Sad I guess, but for me it's a happy thing. Everyone sees things from their own frame of reference, so what is basic for most other people is luxury and happiness for me.
>Eventually you realize that you never had a family to start with
I'm not out to my family but I've come to this realization. They won't kick me out but they'll never understand how I feel, so I guess I'll never come out to them. There's no point. I want to share things for the sake of being understood, so I need a partner or a good enough friend like you said for that, instead of expecting it from people who never can understand.
oh, as for the minds of parents it's just christian (protestant) fundamentalism and the ideology with it as far as i can tell. my mom's family wasn't christian, but in the last decade or so my mom's become really christian. her sister is much cooler with it.

my dad's side ranges from conservative as fuck to middle of the road libs, but none of them are christian (well - one practicing catholic who's the most liberal in the family). also in the dad's family are my lesbian aunts, who everyone is universally cool with; their homophobic adopted son got kicked out of the family. so all those controls are why i think it's the christianity (for her, specifically – not necessarily in general). she's cool with the lesbian aunts who've been together since the late 90s, so my hope is that she'll just get used to me being trans, as well.

tldr: religion is a disease, as is more broadly basically any way of thought that tells you you have some intrinsic claim to your relatives just because of blood relation. just gotta make them realize that you will fuck out of there purely out of spite and they will consequently lose all their power, even if in terms of material conditions it's infinitely worse to leave the house. that's not necessarily an option for everyone, but for me i have college and don't really give a shit about debt (late capitalism, baybee)
>my lesbian aunts,
>their homophobic adopted son got kicked out of the family.

OP sounds really controlled though, sadly. But it really does sound like she needs to take your advice and escape, and at least then be in a safer position for seeing if her mom comes to terms with her being trans.
yeah my family's kind of weird in that respect; which is why i tried to generalize with the tldr. the weird thing is that the variety of christian fundamentalism that son got sucked into (by his wife) is broadly the same as what my mom follows.

File: 1579117753284.jpg (65 KB, 625x625)
65 KB
Weekly reminder that TERFs hate all feminine men regardless of their gender identity.
This includes femboys, twinks, boymoders, gay men, bisexuals, cross-dressers, chasers, transvestic fetishists, gender non-conforming men, men on hrt who don't identify as women etc.
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File: Redpillcomics19.jpg (207 KB, 750x1124)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Ok, stay away from women then.
Feminism = hating men
TERFs = hating men and transwomen
TERFs are the good guys though
ok incel

File: 20200115_125938~2.jpg (425 KB, 1433x1698)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
Looking for someone in Baltimore ashleylowe459atgmaii
9 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20200115_131226~2.jpg (627 KB, 2171x1487)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
Message me on there
File: 20200115_132840~2.jpg (1.1 MB, 2711x2983)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
I don't know how to do it
yup this ones going in my cringe compilation
this one is for the hon thread
File: 20200115_131602~2.jpg (1.08 MB, 2825x2239)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I hope you like

File: chad.jpg (30 KB, 800x450)
30 KB
Any other LGBTs repressing for the sake of western civilization?

I pretend to be cishet so I can pass down my Nordic genes and raise a good trad family.
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The only problem with National socialism is that it is a Jewish perversion of ethnolocalism
This is my reasoning for being closeted.
I just don't want the possibility of people thinking of me differently when it's not necessary.
Twin studies show being gay is at least partially influenced by genes. Of course it's not the whole story since hormonal development in the womb also plays a role, but still
>Of course it's not the whole story since hormonal development in the womb also plays a role
Don't forget about epigenetics.

Anyone else hate that itchy feeling of your leg hair growing back in? Can't there be a better easy way to get rid of leg hair that lasts for weeks?
File: 1571880119344.jpg (25 KB, 480x480)
25 KB
>Can't there be a better easy way to get rid of leg hair that lasts for weeks?
fucking retard
laser is hard to come by for some.
waxing is fucking painful.
God I wish I were her
She's so smug knowing she's a cute anime girl and I'm not
I don't mind leg hair as much as the other spots that are harder to get rid of, stomach, chest and nipple hairs are the bane of my existence

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