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File: 20200917_234506.jpg (686 KB, 976x2709)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
>ywn put her in a diaper and hear her call you daddy
why live
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File: 20200922_075300.jpg (1.72 MB, 3784x2128)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
from her old Twitter content
File: 20200830_163907.jpg (1.2 MB, 2944x2208)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
also what the fuck is wrong with him holy shit he is insane
File: 20200228_151529.jpg (1.5 MB, 2944x2208)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
I found her personal insta too ugh she looked so good all bruised swollen. I wanna choke her until she is even more retarded than she already is
her hips kinda cute doe
the shoulders tho lol
decent if you're GAMP i suppose

File: b80.jpg (127 KB, 1000x1000)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>Be me
>Fuck a trans girl
>You're gay, OP
>What? No, you're a girl
>I have a penis
>You're still a girl
>You sucked my penis
>The penis of a girl
>You asked me to fuck you in the ass
>Yeah, it's called pegging, it's straight
>No, you're gay
Why are trans girls so transphobic, /lgbt/?
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because i'm actually part of the subject. now go eat a dick, faggot.
>trans women are women
that's very debateable, not widely accepted and according to most about all definitions we are not. the only exceptions to that would be passing trans women who can fulfill a couple of definitions but even then it's kind of limited as the social role is dominated by the (perceived) ability to get pregnant. just reiterating this braindead statement does nothing, it's like saying 2+2=5. in my opinion it heavily depends on the individual wether they can actually be considered a woman or not. trying to force people like yaniv is insanity.
>If you're so annoyed that people say women menstruate, then stop saying they don't
wtf? work on your reading comprehension. i'm annoyed by the trans community who gets pissed off over people saying women menstruate. some people already changed their wording due to the bitchfits of our radical trannies. i saw an offical health advice somewhere that said "people who menstruate" instead of just saying "women". this isn't the only example either. the insane hate and harrassment rowling got over pretty innocent statements is another one.
>because i'm actually part of the subject
authority bias, that anon is right, you're a retard
>that's very debateable
not really, lots of people accept that they are male but socially women(that doesn't mean they would date them)
>accuses me of authority bias without any logic to it
>immediately after that refers to an ominous mass of people that shares her opinion so it's totally right and non-controversial
>if I mindlessly kowtow to the undefended claims braindead cis people make about trannies maybe someone will love me
I'm so used to trannies being significantly more intelligent than the cis population, that when I encounter one who isn't, it's just sad...
someone who pretends to be smart should be capable of reading the line where i said that i'm married and have a loving family. also
>claims that all the things i saw with my eyes are made up
literal gaslighting. kill yourself abuser.

File: 5f2.jpg (26 KB, 680x549)
26 KB
>Meet femboy online
>He is about to pass me his discord/insta
>Finally,im getting da booch
>Either my internet goes down or his account gets terminated
Is this divine intervention?am i not supossed to get the bucci?
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i dont like the cheese facebook frog rat
i dont like you people and i want to go back to before you all learned about this place
i want my secret club back please everyone leave me here to mourn in solitude
you dont deserve it
The same day something like that happened i dreamed about hell,why everyone is allowed to sin except me?
Once again,i am unable to get da buss
you already posted this on /x/

just curious, why do so many people that are gay tell me within the first few minutes of meeting me? Am I supposed to treat you different after I learn who you like to fuck or something?
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I guess, I'm generally agreeable and I like to think nice, so I guess maybe they feel comfortable? Idk but it makes me feel weird
>Am I supposed to treat you different after I learn who you like to fuck or something?
Well most people do desu
They want to fuck.
gay people are so rare that it's almost an obligation to make it known

sad truth
Hi, I just wanted to tell you I'm gay.

File: lamo.jpg (117 KB, 634x927)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>has a "gf"
>no name, no photo
>dresses like this

my gaydar is beeping on this guy
stop wasting oxygen, also have a great weekend unironically :)
he does give off bi vibes from that picture alone, if i were to guess he'd be a kinsey scale 2
File: lando-main1.jpg (86 KB, 600x974)
86 KB
Same vibe
respect the drip, ayden

File: klcfekfmajq31.jpg (250 KB, 1862x1397)
250 KB
250 KB JPG

Has anyone else got these results from hrt?
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what the heck have you been reading for 20 years? hair transplant is not 50k, an expensive surgeon will be like 35k, and transplanting body hair onto the head isn't really a thing except maybe in super extreme cases
On this
I guess I need a needler
yeah I bought rollers since they're dirt cheap, bit Im fairly sure those pena would work better
After doing some research the pens are hellishly costly and the rollers seem to tug your skin instead of exiting cleanly due to the rolling motion. Still might have to go with them as well.

File: mephistopheles3.jpg (74 KB, 494x600)
74 KB
Starting to get really anxious about slowly sterilizing myself.

Like panic attack levels. I'm not even really attracted to women, but the idea of not ever getting to see what my biological children would be like is really getting to me.

Feel like I've been tricked or duped, like mephistopheles is going to jump out of the curtains at any second and laugh at me. Anyone else relate?
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Bro, go to the sperm bank first, if you can't afford it(don't know the prices where you live) then wait with transitioning. don't let some faggots bully you into not having children. godspeed
take bicalutamide without e, it will not make you infertile... probably
you can always stop e for a few months and let your balls recover
i dont understand why any trans woman would want to be a father
>wanting bio kids

What do you guys think of nonbinary people that claim to have dysphoria and medically transition?

We all know most enbys are twitter feminists with dyed hair but lately I keep stumbling upon nb people that will medically transition
like they get top surgery but no T, or T but no top surgery, stuff like that
are they "valid"?
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implying i wont 40% before i get to either of those stages
look at this faggot ass boi here id whip his ass
why should i care what other ppl do w their bodies ? nonbinary people aren't the sole reason why cis people won't take us seriously, it's because that cis people will take every chance they get to discredit and mock trans people
Most enbys who’ve been out a couple years in San Francisco and Oakland (arguably the area with the highest number in the country) eventually get hormones or top surgery.

That’s mostly due to the fact that most medical providers merely ask for informed consent a couple therapy sessions and a few appointments.

Our free medical system provides for cheap/free hormone access and surgeries are free if not cheap.

This is kinda becoming more and more a reality for people who live in places where medical transition isnt crappy.

But also people microdose or go on and off hormones and medical providers generally are cool with that

File: facepalm.png (74 KB, 434x434)
74 KB
>AGPs being incels pre-transition proves they're not actually women!
A feminine straight man will obviously be an incel because most women don't like feminine men
How are you this dumb
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>Also, I only had sex with women if they courted me in a way that made them basically the guy in the relationship.
how did you manage this??
>humiliating and dysphoria-inducing.
Based trips of truth. Especially if the girl is a narcissist.
Enjoy being cheated on with real men, there's a reason cis lesbians don't like bi girls.
The male gender role is a curse.

File: 1600721778882.jpg (72 KB, 675x900)
72 KB
So um.... I'm straight and I've been single for a year now after a 5-year relationship..... I got abandoned and now I feel attached to a person... And um... I'm depressed I can't change them into a girl... I hate that modern women are ruined... I'm frustrated that this lockdown has made my friend group even smaller some I don't even see anymore... A lot of people are very mean or at the very least not as nice as them.

They're the one person who is always overflowing with kindness of my life...

At the same time I miss my girlfriend's titties... But I also want to snuggle... I think all the things going on in the world and my mind is slowly crushing me on the inside....

I want somebody to hold and hold me again...

What's going on with me alphabet gang?

Please try and be nice... Oh wait this is 4chan so this could totally be ironic
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I mean I feel like holding anyone would be fantastic but at the same time... I don't know.... I'm a pretty right-wing guy and I want kids.. and I feel like this is desperation but they're the only person that really supports me...

I think this lockdown has made me go crazy and there's so much piling on me..

They're one of those things that make me happy... Even a lot of my interests aren't doing it for me anymore, video games don't feel as fun, I'm always out here on my job at night, I put off watching anime... I get invested in politics is a way to divert for my own problems but then those politics drive me back into them...

I really just want somebody to hold me...

What is ymmv?

I mean both of us swap pictures of sexy anime girls but we have an incredibly strong friendship... Much stronger than it should be perhaps more affectionate than most it's kind of strange...

I think I'm just losing my mind and maybe I'm using this as a way to distract myself play up some drama in my head to distract me from other drama.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Your mileage may vary.
It just means there's no 100% way of telling if you're legit gay IRL without actually trying it. As we said, fantasies are fantasies, there's also the whole forbidden fruit thingy, especially given that you're right wing leaning. At the same time, you could just be subconsciously repressing it due to your beliefs, but in actuality you could be bi who only explored his attraction towards women, but not men.
>I want kids
Do you think we don't? Sure, there's child free fags, they exist among cishet people too, but many of us want kids too, surrogacy and adoption aren't exactly exclusive to straight people, you know.
Slip girl pills into their lunch.
File: images (38).jpg (11 KB, 232x217)
11 KB
I don't know if trying it makes a difference. Surely I have enough self-knowledge to understand myself.... I feel like I'm coping:/

I mean I want to live the trad lifestyle... I want to be completely normal in that regard...

I've never seen a guy in real life and thought they were attractive, I have with women all the time...

I've had gay friends most of them extremely dysfunctional but I cared about them sometimes like brothers, never felt any attraction to them though.

Is there such a thing as platonic cuddling in friendship maybe it's just I feel deprived of human touch:/

Which is crazy because I am attractive, I'm really tall, I'm charismatic, I'm funny and have great facial features...

I wasn't implying there wasn't a desire but I do think it's different when two people make a kid together in terms of the connection I want to father a child with a Women I love.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Ehf9UDkXcAA1S4y.jpg (26 KB, 474x366)
26 KB
I mean I know this is a joke but isn't that illegal LOL

File: tiddiebounce.webm (1.49 MB, 648x640)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB WEBM
Old thread vanished.

Post tids, don't be an obnoxious twat.
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>mfw i have to pay out of pocket for hpv vaccine
>even if we have healthcare and it's free for women
Fuck this not-gay-enough earth
File: 15985999278331-ga.png (324 KB, 500x617)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Pussy pass is real
I have no idea, but I'm not complaining.
Day off tomorrow, let's hope I can make it through work today.
I used to watch this gaming youtuber grohlvana who in the past kinda gives the same vibe as>>17124938. GV was cute but he got fatter and fatter. I stopped watching when he started looking disgusting. rn tho my husbando is rhabbyv. his friend got him into fitness and whatnot and he recently posted progress pics on insta
File: IMG_20200922_012727.jpg (1.24 MB, 2000x1333)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
How do i stop being horny for hunky bara beastmen. I occasionally fapped to them but for a while now i've been finding them hotter than 3D porn. I'm scared, i don't want to become a furry guys, what if i end up not being attracted to humans at all?

File: 104.jpg (91 KB, 1200x675)
91 KB
Can hormone levels change sexuality? If so, is there any scientific literature supporting the claim?

I hate being gay a lot and recently had blood labs conducted; it turns out I'm extremely low test. Of I took test supplements could I become straight?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Can hormone levels change sexuality?
Let's assume that it did.
Do you actually believe lgbt people would be given a choice in the matter?
I started liking boys and girls less after starting e but idk what the (scientists) have to say about it
ayden's are hondosed, if they diyed their t they would be better off and hetero more often, it's the same reason why polycule catgirls are transbians

There are no positives.
I have very high E and effectively zero T, and I'm still gay. I actually only felt any attraction to moids when my E was lower and my T was higher. How does that work?

There's lots of positives. Many gay men are happy. You could be too. Just stop hating yourself.

File: 1600284848346.jpg (495 KB, 1480x2093)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
Can E make nipples with no sensitivity more sensitive? Any first hand experience?
Yes. Mine had no sensitivity whatsoever pre-transition, now playing with them is a good way of putting me in the right mood for fucking.

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a /diap/ discord sounds great, I'd join if someone made one (or if there already is one)
There's a couple right now. Small and cozy.
Can someone invite me?
gentle daddy dom looking for cute subs to be caring and lovey dovey with. big plus if you're into ageplay or diapers
Can I get that invite too?

File: 3535724323538.jpg (2.2 MB, 4000x3000)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
also known as gorillamode, thanos mode and, recently, permanent boymode general.

Reminder to ignore hatchan.
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The world is not a binary, you should know that fag
>I don't see how my hair colour has anything to do with my brows but okay.

It brings attention to them

>He's like a clone of me though

I'm sorry
Ok so what, you still read female to me even though you like cars lol

Also not samefag, multiple people think u pretty soz bbz
what's the difference between manmoding and boymoding? is it age?
Boys and men have aesthetic differences, it's much harder for a typical man to pass than a boy. So it's more like the age you look, how masc you are. Or how bdd you are in some cases /;

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