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Is there any truth to the rumor I've heard of American mercenaries fighting the brits in the falkland's war?
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Galtieri pushed to annexe the islands as a way to distract his population from how shit everything at home was, and the recession his government had pushed Argentina into. I doubt he could have afforded even the cheapest merc outfits around.
No you do not understand, there is no limit to how dumb Americans can be and the stereotypes are true. I live here and the people believe everything they see on TV they DO NOT think for themselves.
Yeah but those people would have booked a flight to Fiji, and would probably forget that they need a passport.
maybe a slight bit of truth. A few people here or there, but we are not likely to find out for another 20-30 years how many or what their involvement was. There has to be some grain of truth in there.
I think the most you could stretch it would be a couple of Argies that had education in the US or maybe spent some time there enough to speaka da engrish but that would be about it
Once they're tard wrangled into the Argentinean army, wearing the uniform and in the shit with the other grunts its not really like a mercenary

File: 1575257566694.jpg (130 KB, 998x787)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
A thread for bolt action rifle appreciation why are they so much fun bros?

Also has anyone here rechambered a rifle before? I'd like to swap out the barrel on my Mossberg in 30-06 to a barrel for 6.5x55 Swedish, but I can't find the barrel thread pitch info and Mossberg refuses to provide that info.
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not what you want to hear, but 12 gauge shells are still plentiful, at least in Shasta County CA where I am. If you're a nogunz and want something for your home, a shotgun will always work fine for that.
Hey that's fun, man! I think you'll probably enjoy shooting it more than a lot of other rifles. Figure out the holds and don't get upset if it's only a 1.5 MOA gun with that ammo haha
not in cali but yeah thats still great news, Im trying to avoid pistols for a while for many reasons and plan on a shotgun for home defense, hope it stays that way
What's wrong with having a left handed rifle?
Yeah they look fun. Kinda like a mini bolt battle rifle chambered in an intermediate cartridge. Plus, ammo commonality with my Vz.58. Yeeeee.

Baochad edition. Post your Komms system.
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The Baofengs will not receive digital trunking transmissions. Their DMR radio is their only digital offering, and it won't either. You need a digital scanner (about $500) to receive digital trunking...if it's not encrypted.
Valid points.
This is the FCC with a WARNING



Forever yours,
That'll stop them
Right?!? I think the goal is just to activate all the amateur tattle tales. Our local net more or less put out a warning to be on the lookout for radio traffic that's being "obscured".

My condolences to every ham named John who happens to have a long mustache and a chair against the wall in the coming days.

File: f-15 normandie.jpg (254 KB, 1274x704)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
ITT: we post warplanes that are arousing
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The paint was really heavy anon
Dunno, but "artificial sapphire" really ain't all that fancy, it's just a non-porous alumina. Though that in turn of course doesn't mean it can't perform well.
My fav
File: 1584027806110.jpg (66 KB, 858x511)
66 KB
p-51B, the most sexually arousing mustang variant

Post /k/ approved songs
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added to gym playlist thx
File: 1610930259479.jpg (50 KB, 992x558)
50 KB
>he doesn't have a student visa
It's like you don't want to play with better guns.

File: 01o6l8ufjek21.jpg (1.12 MB, 4032x2326)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
why wasnt this the future of firearms?
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Yet another Teutonic firearms engineering disaster.
because the army tried to find something new and failed. Had that program worked as intended we would at least have double boolet in 556.

We do not, the g11 was cool but I'm willing to bet it would eventually run into cooling issues due to no casings.

The firearm you posted had issues with the plastics not keeping the shit inside of it dry due to cracking. Also would likely have issues with cooling as well.

Colt stepped forward with double bullet on an m4 carbine (it had a pretty cool barrel shroud).

Yeah it's a neat concept, but a very under devolved one. Honestly, we are fine where we are now with what we have.
Flechettes suck.
because the military-governments are more fearful of their own subjects/constituents than any foreign enemy, and as such are actively opposed to small arms continued existence, much less development. they are only interested in enormously expensive crew serviced weapons, and those really just for the sake of public-funds/employment racketeering. the more complex the manufacture/maintenance and supply of the consumables, the more specialized the knowledge and larger the crew required to operate it, the better. even to the degree of doing shit like the tiltrotor airplane-shaped-object.

if they cared about small arms advancement at all, they would have made polycase/caseless-option pulse-fire happen LONG ago. they would have had second and third and fourth rounds of trials, rather than a single round and then a decade or two gap with the same old MIC contracts for the same old ARs. if nothing else their subjects would have done it for them, and forced them to follow.

File: .png (757 KB, 896x598)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
Post pics and vids to celebrate Schwarzkopf's masterpiece
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ftf were USS Louisville and USS Pittsburgh
shut up you contrarian dumbass
nah, i don't like middle eastern shit
US stopped being soulful after 9/11

Maintenance Edition

>Newbie pastebin (updated with bbs and batteries)

>/asg/ retailer guide (updated for SB199)

>International and local laws concerning Airsoft, things to consider while traveling

Thread Topic:
How often do you do maintenance on your gun? Have you even opened the thing up from stock?
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You can own both. I got airshit replicas of my AR and Glock.
I have a mosin.
Somewhere in the closet.
The Gun Closet.
May I get the fuck out of here in each other with the plastic balls is the gayest shit ever
Post pic

Is this thing the holy grail of weaponry?
>chambered in 5.56 Nato
>western attention to detail and utility
>robust like an AK
>universaliy capable
Feels good man, why cant mutts have this thing?
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>where the extra weight in the barell supports accurate shooting.
Okay noguns, first off you need to 18+ to post on this board. Secondly hit the gym. Thirdly the US army already uses heavy free floating barrels on most of it's modern carbines.
File: 6jscbAf.jpg (2.94 MB, 5184x3456)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
My only real complaint about it is the fact it's noticeably more front-heavy compared to other 5.56 service rifles.
They are very nice though and I have a second one arriving within the next week or two.
>t. Burger
Yes it's perfect.
>why can't mutts have it
Pay JDI 3000 dollars and you can.
ugly as shit

>Most of the Arctic is frozen most of the time and icebreaker ships are necessary. According to this list of operational icebreakers, Canada has six, the USA four, Denmark three, Norway two. Russia has more than seventy.

>Russia’s fleet is modern, the others are old. Russia has the only nuclear-powered icebreakers – eight in service according to Wikipedia. The Arktika is the world’s largest and most powerful icebreaker capable of operating through three metres of ice; there are three more in the works. But an even larger class is coming: four metre ice; construction began in July. Russia’s icebreaker capacity is so enormous that one of them spends its time running tourist cruises to the North Pole. None of the other Arctic countries has anything like this. The USA is planning to build more to replace its elderly fleet; Canada is “exploring options“.

Why is no nation on Earth capable of challenging Russian arctic dominance?
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File: 944925.jpg (135 KB, 990x638)
135 KB
135 KB JPG

>Akademik Lomonosov (Russian: Aкaдeмик Лoмoнocoв) is a non-self-propelled power barge that operates as the first Russian floating nuclear power station. The ship was named after Academician Mikhail Lomonosov. She is docked to the harbour of Pevek, providing heat to the town and supplying electricity to the regional Chaun-Bilibino power system. She is the world’s northernmost nuclear power plant.[3]

Will they weaponize it?
Unknown, but they're going to build dozens of them. Their nuclear ice breakers already provide power for some communities.
thats cool but its not AS cool
Russia is a failed state with no economy or demographics.
It has over 100 mil people, most resources out of any country, and their HDI keeps steadily improving. By what metric are they in danger?

Fuck, avengers are cool. SHORAD thread
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File: d190211mr0298 (1).jpg (3.15 MB, 5185x3457)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
3 of those trailer radars will be replaced by picrel.
What is it
Is it actually getting fielded or is it still just in testing?
Is there an official designation for a C-RAM mounted on an HEMTT yet? Or is it just a stopgap until somethin better's developed?
It doesn’t have to be trailer mounted. The trailer just lets it be pretty mobile

File: 150 LBS.png (180 KB, 1200x620)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
I got one of these, they are dirt cheap and a real blast to use. Much more powerful than I imagined. With a broadhead I have no doubt useful for hunting or self defense. And you need no cocking device to span it. I have replaced the string with a coated steel cable, thatll probaby outlast the bow itself. Also opened it up and the trigger mechanism is quite simple. Seriously why do Euro's always cry about muh gun laws when you can get a crossbow in most European countries without any license?
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It's not an issue with fiberglass or laminated limbs. These limbs are fiberglass, so some manufacturers buying from Mankung sell them prestrung. Unlike wood, I don't even think fiberclass can develop memory. Unless you're in a hot car with laminated limbs; the resin does soften and bad things can happen under load.
i heard about excalibur, who make lifetime's crossbows. anyone have info about them ?
You can't get a crossbow without a license in sweden
God why is Sweden so fucking cucked with weapons Switzerland and the Czech republic have ok gun laws and are okay
In poland these are actually illegal ,you need a separate permit on the same level as a firearms one, shits fucked.

File: Untitled.png (59 KB, 194x384)
59 KB
Who the fuck pays $1000 for a fucking WASR?
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I want one of these so bad, solely because the reciever size means it could fit into the chassis of an airsoft halo assault rifle bullpup, even the keltecs wont fit properly, with some adjustments and mods i could have a real working one that doesnt feed from a fake magwell
The meek shall inherit the dearth.
>airsoft halo assault rifle bullpup, even the keltecs
Got any more buzz words to vomit up?
Idk about ak (got a vz58 that suits me)
but with 12 k

a shit ton of lowers
a shit ton of uppers (not all 556, get some 300, 308 234 6,5fagmore etc)
a decent reloading setup
a decent stash of aoptices (at leas one for each upper)
ammo and reloading compenment
spare parts
Prices are only bananas for ammo and imported guns, anon.

What is the best, least used range of frequencies to use in a SHTF scenario? I know it's not legal "right now" to broadcast. I'm talking about when everything goes to shit and we are bugging out. What would be the least used range of UHF VHF freqencies I can utilize for my familys radios. Thanks for any help guys. Just trying to get them programmed and all on the same page per say. I don't want to accidently use a high traffic freq and have to change it up on the fly.
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yaesu FT-4XR is the jap answer to the Baofeng, you can get them for around $80 when you can get them.

Nah, there ARE other radios in the Baofeng priceclass. They just don't have anything near the same amoung of functionality and output.
Based strokeposter
Use encrypted DMR on the MURS freqs.
This is the FCC with a WARNING



Thank you,

File: gunsafe.jpg (19 KB, 456x456)
19 KB
What is the logic of keeping your guns in a safe? Congratulations, now if you ever needed it it's locked behind a combination. Hope you can remember it first try at 2 AM when someone breaks in.
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Buy a new house for your first house unless you live greatly below your means. Once you have the money and the equity sell the new construction garbage, buy an older home, then dump money into fixing all those issues before you ever step foot in the door along with a healthy savings for any other additional ones.
you don't keep all your guns in the safe
How is South Africa this time of year?
You don't have to put all of them in the safe dummy.
>gun in the nighstand by the bed
>gun in the desk by my PC
>cheeky gun in the bathroom if i feel like it
>all other big and expensive guns go in the safe until i want to have fun with them
inb4 'b-but anon what if a team of highly skilled cat burglars decide to break into your house for some reason and use their high end equipment to cut through your safe like butter???'
if someone wants to steal my guns that bad i have bigger problems to worry about than them getting into my safe
a proper well made safe bolted to the wall and floor is going to keep 99% of regular burglars you will encounter out

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