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File: FX-05 Xiuhcóatl.jpg (319 KB, 2626x1176)
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319 KB JPG
Do you think Mexico would improve if they had something similar to the second amendment?
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no one gave a fuck
What about the arabs?
File: pcr.jpg (144 KB, 960x720)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
If Mexico had it's own second amendment, I will be buying a large estate on premium land within 48 hours.
They technically have it. But they made it useless by drafting it in such a way that it cancels itself.
I know. It is unfortunate.

File: FABARM STF12.png (61 KB, 512x163)
61 KB
What does an $1100 pump action shotgun do that a maverick 88 doesnt?
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Higher grades of steel can be quite a bit more. Want it made out of stainless steel? That'll be more too.
Is stainless better tho? I avoid that shit in knives so IDK why I would want it in my guns
I mean, it's more corrosion resistant, but harder to machine and more expensive because of nickel and chromium content.
>why would steel that has a better ability to stay clean and has a good ratio of strength to weight but is known for having poor edge maintenance be used more for guns than for knives.
Why are you like this?
File: remind you.jpg (102 KB, 806x1024)
102 KB
102 KB JPG

Is Grendel the best AR15 chambering that is practical?
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They’re stilling selling their own “MkW-15” platform in both 6.5mm Grendel and .458 SOCOM, and they can both handle hotter loads than are safe for the standard bolts meant to fit in an AR-15
>said bolt face requires quite a bit of weakening to fit the x39 cartridge base.
That, and the larger case head are why 6.5mm Grendel is loaded to lower pressures than 5.56, as you probably know. Sure, a new platform would allow a stronger bolt and higher pressures, but it would also allow higher OAL, so why not go with something like .264 USA?
Why not go straight to the AR-10 then, with something like 6.5 or, even better, 6mm Creedmoor? I don't see the point of an inter-intermediate compromise that can't reach 3000FPS - although I admit that is a rather personal opinion.
Fair enough. I run mine with a can, so shorter is better. But both lengths will work very well for most purposes.
6mm Creedmoor AR-10 would be a great standard-issue rifle if they could they could make an EPR style cartridge with high BC and good velocity from a 14.5” or 16” or whatever barrel-length is desired. But if you know from the start that you want polymer-cased ammo and specific performance from a specific barrel-length and projectile then a lighter and shorter cartridge than 6mm Creedmoor can be adopted with performance that is close enough.

Pylon industries or the guys who turned the good SA80 prototypes into a shit production gun?


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whatever you say
They started doing serial productions only 10 years ago and their first model has notorious reliability issues, absurd maintenance cost and even their newest ones have ridiculous wait time for spare and replacements parts.
TL;DWs on the vids?
Mostly its going to be stories of engineers that are generally good at mechanical work not being good with the specifics of firearm engineering.
It makes sense. There's a lot to the technicalities of guns that don't exist elsewhere. And vice-versa.
I wouldn't put HK in charge of putting a car into production. They don't understand how it works, even if all the component parts individually are basically things they're familiar with.

Its just that firearms are underrated in some aspects as to their technical difficulty.
In that they're not complex as a whole, even complex firearms are notably less so than like again a car, or for OP, a missile. But they're heavily involved in the small details.

The guy that burned the ship was actually a chad

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I would understand if he dropped out during Hell Week but day 5?
I think that the dude is straight up not soldier material. No shame in that, but he obviously didn't take well to learning that
>Not knowing what the words you use mean.
Sad. Many such cases.
>Didn't have the right mind to be a Seal
I say he had the perfect mind to be a SEAL
i guess they kicked him out because he'd outseal the other seals
I was going to berate you because A) You're a newfag and B) Shouldn't you be able to find it on Google? Guess not. Antique wordfilter of "emo" to "Bosnian" kind of like how PENIS was capitalized and put in different highlighted colors (I miss that one).

File: 832957234534.jpg (605 KB, 1600x900)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
Approximately what proportion of posters on this board are tourists nowadays? Just from posts alone, I think it's reasonable to assume that at LEAST 75% of people posting on this board are total newfags. The number of posters doubled in the past year alone, and such estimates don't account for the continual loss of oldfags. Over periodic visits over this summer, I've noticed that obvious reddit transplants accounted for at least half of the new threads, more than I've ever seen. Of course, such trends are to be expected from the summer, but board activity has been dropping over the summer. Could this simply be accelerated rates of user loss caused by some recent influx of shitty users? If so, even with the very optimistic 25% estimate at the beginning of the year, this fraction has possibly dropped to approximately 10% due to this effect.
What the fuck do I do? Where did everyone else go? This place is one of the few I had left.
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I'm still here, but you're right, the demographics changed a lot. 2020 flooded us with retards, /pol/ nogunz, and reddit refugees. Now that their panic is over they've mostly fucked off because this was never a hobby to them, just a panic. Yeah, it pushed out a lot of oldfags but some of us are still here because we have nowhere else to go. I'm also posting less because some faggot from /v/ keeps getting my IP range banned for my phone so I can't post at work.
Yo, how do we actually post videos of real shootings for discussion. Multiple times now I have had my thread prunned.

Does it need to be covered by some blow hard on Youtube to not count as current events? Is there a wait time of 2-3 weeks from the shooting?

If it's because it's inter-racial violence, what the fuck do the moderators want us to do? This is America. It fucking happens. Are we only allowed to post the video if it's white-on-white crime?

> Just post it to /pol/
Really? So that's where we're pushing discussion of actual tactics and questions of US criminal law?
It's a blue board issue. Death and violence is NSFW so it has to go on red boards the same as nudity. Generally those threads go unreported because /k/ has no native janitors but someone must be reporting your threads.
File: 1622028387317.png (484 KB, 455x677)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
fuck im '08
can i get waiver if i remember word filters on b?
unironically tranny jannies from discord
inb4 muh pol and chud

File: shooting gallery.jpg (129 KB, 1000x563)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>go to amusement park with qt grill
>at the shooting gallery
>country is /noguns/ but I am rare /hasguns/ who puts in the hours at the range
>buy 8 shots
>quickly glance at guns to spot one with a somewhat straight front sight
>shoot down two flowers with 7 shots off hand
>girl is visibly aroused
Have being /k/ ever helped you socially?
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Germans, I swear. Dutchman here, took several people to the range just for fun, everybody knows it despite the idea being that it has to be for sporting purposes. Hell, I brought my gf yesterday and all I got was a couple of happy faces and plenty of offers for her to shoot a Contender and several revolvers. Germans just cannot into social interactions, I guess.
Kek, based implication
File: 1589055503494.jpg (23 KB, 476x476)
23 KB
>be Sweden
>range is completely empty, not a soul in sight
>can do whatever you want
small dick energy
>Have being /k/ ever helped you socially

Yes. Met the cool boomer at the local IPSC chapter who helped me around with shit and paperwork to get my loicenses. Been to a couple of hunting trips with the members as well, and i've gotten a couple of good catches for guns i wouldn't otherwise get for nearly as cheap.

I will never take a woman to the range though.

Do you ever shoot without ear pro just to know what it sounds like
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Do you ever shoot yourself just to know what it feels like?
This post is extremely low quality.
A few times, but then my insurance dropped me.
I did once. It was fucking loud.
Shot my carry pistol inside my car with the windows closed, I do not recommend it.

File: 3-37.jpg (212 KB, 1125x1500)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Not blacklisted yet
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Damaged 80% AR lowers, buffer tube and broken uppers. This is for accessory testing, not to build a working gun. Need a stand-in device.
I know someone on here screwed up drilling that block out.
File: 1628187702688.jpg (382 KB, 685x514)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
Located in Houston
File: 1628187836698.jpg (2.22 MB, 3141x2108)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
Pic messed up.
File: 20210804_154334.jpg (3.86 MB, 3264x2448)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB JPG
Selling mint cz82 with 2 leather oem magazine pouches and 3 mags for $800

Would Mexico help if the US was invaded?
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Mexican here
I would celebrate the death of the globohomo empire
File: merchant-mexican.jpg (100 KB, 932x960)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
who do you think is doing the invasion, retard?
Everyone would help the invasion.
File: 1597687115618.jpg (30 KB, 530x298)
30 KB
Germany promised them Texas, NM, and Arizona in WWI and they still said no.

File: INS-Vikrant-4.jpg (37 KB, 759x422)
37 KB
She's a beauty.
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Is the capacity of 26 Mig29K's and 10 Ka-30s good for a carrier it's size.
Battleship used in Gulf War
That IS why this thread is being derailed and slid
imagine the smell

File: doog.jpg (31 KB, 600x398)
31 KB
What makes the ideal companion for bugging out, and is it even worth it to bring a dog? Why/why not?
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Pretty much this. I have a belgian mal who likes to stay 10-15 yards ahead of me when I take her on walks in the woods and she'll alert bark if she sees something fishy (usually it's a deer or raccoon). When I take her through more dangerous areas with predators I keep her on a leash, I remember once there was a mountain cat like 20 feet ahead of us and I had to dig my feet in to hold her back because all she wanted in that moment was to fucking kill that cat. It probably would have fucked her up bad but I will always think the world of her for immediately thinking "kill giant cat to protect human" instead of trying to run away. She's the best friend I've ever had.
Do the world a favor and euthanize your domesticated vermin, all of you.
In a perfect world all dogs get the rope.
Guess how I know you're a nigger
File: IMG_3199.jpg (1.06 MB, 1814x2419)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Easy, Ridgeback. Why go with anything else when you can have a lion hunter
They have nasty attitudes if not trained properly, but like other small dog breeds.

what are some space weapons
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In vehicle to vehicle rockets would probably be the best bet. No real need for explosives so maybe just direct strike. If space battles would be anything like old school naval battles they could last days. If that’s the case then maybe some sort of laser that could start cooking the vessel from outside of rocket range.

From space to planet, heavy metal alloy kinetic energy weapons. Maybe in the not so distant future some sort of focused EMP burst
It would be very stealthy due to its extremely low radar cross section

And underrated.
I think you'll find that's Thunderbird 2 painted silver.
File: spacegun1.jpg (44 KB, 800x450)
44 KB
A Soviet cannon called the R-23M Kartech was fired from an orbiting space station in 1975

File: tran10mm.jpg (155 KB, 1033x615)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Why can't they shut up about their obsolete cartridge?
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According to this article, 10mm was invented to break black bucks, and was only neutered into .40 S&W because of incompetent female FBI agents;

this is a 40 sigma and wide chinned post.
accept its not.
180gr literally has more penetration and capacity then 230gr 45.
40 absolutely has a role.
File: .40S&W.jpg (53 KB, 1154x1154)
53 KB
>ask dad what his favorite handgun cartridge is
>he says .40 S&W is "a bad motherfucker" and that it'll drop people
>buy a gun in .40 S&W
you guys are overthinking it

File: path.jpg (563 KB, 1593x1080)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
>Blocks your path

Nothing personal, German infantry
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>ha ha, jokes on you! I was only PRETENDING to be retarded

don't know why you mongoloids think this is a good defense
File: download (8).png (575 KB, 898x762)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
So einfach, dass sogar ein Kind es gebrauchen könnte. Und das tun sie.
I still play CoH with an old friend from college at least once a month. Other than the pathing, what a great game.
my niggas

BAR spam best meta
>>ha ha, jokes on you! I was only PRETENDING to be retarded
Quote the line that says that, anon.

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