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File: shotgun.jpg (56 KB, 739x256)
56 KB
Make /SGG/ great again. This one is for shotty owners without a mental disease. Post scattergats, roast others, you know the drill
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File: Mossberg 930.webm (994 KB, 640x352)
994 KB

930 SPX is the poormans semiauto which is suprisingly good.
The need to photograph this? Why? Some nurse suggested this so they can heal and treat this consequence of human existence as a live birth and ect. Ect? It happens but was once upon a time, you had other children to feed so you sacked up and moved on. But now, because we lack soul, there is a photo of a horrible moment of parents in shock and despair. Just because something is possible, doesn't not mean it's prudent.>>43359221
Xerfudd here. I don't get the appeal of that knob of a shotgun grip. You fellas put that up your ass for sexual pleasure? I can't see any other practical use case.
in like 50 years when my body is about to give out on me, i'm going to build something to hold a 12 gauge as still as possible and I'm going to load a buck shot shell into it. will i be a vegetable or will it succeed? planning on putting the end of the barrel above my ear or maybe pretty close to my ear but on the side closer to my face
12GA Shotguns are very useful for bandits, opening doors, bears, home defense, riots, sick animals. Practically cut a man in half.

File: eating.gif (1.9 MB, 1000x564)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
my uncle wants to take my shooting for the first time but he's kind of a redneck retard so I don't think he'll have any hearing protection for me to use
is it really necessary? would just old earbuds I have be enough?
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What electric muffs are best for shouldering?
Anything slim. Like I said earlier, love my Walker's razor. Howard Leight impact force are decent. Peltors are oper8or
You want thicc cups if you want better protection, generally.
Even if you don't give two shits about your hearing, having earpro will help you avoid developing a flinch when you're shooting, which is a habit you definitely don't want to have.
Just get a pair of Peltors and earplugs.

We're not dead! We actually have writing this time, and from multiple writers!

Remember to leave (you)s for writers! Make their day, and keep them writing!

Pastebin: Fucking lost cause nobody actually looks in there anyways. Lots of shit is gone now, fuck.

Should we keep this a monthly thread or should we stay with a daily?
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I've got this old thing I wrote for /tg/'s writefag thread. I half want to write again but I need to find some free time in the first place.
She murdered EM-2! She deserves nothing but my scorn!
File: Special Jaeger.jpg (515 KB, 2000x1333)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
I'm working on a setting for a story right now and I wanted /k/'s opinion on whether it sounds plausible or not, as well as what kind of unintended ramifications might be that i hadn't thought of.

>set in the year 2055
>China and India just finished a war that's left both of them militarily crippled and in deep recessions
>EU is caving in on itself
>EU army is a confused, disorganised mess so mired in bureaucracy it's essentially useless
>USA has been withdrawing troops and shutting bases, more concerned with fighting narcos in South and Central America
>UN is as useful as it usually is, just with less money available now
>With the lack of a super power to act as world police, independence movements, militarised criminal organisations, pirates, bandits, and militias have sprung up everywhere
>To answer the call for security forces, a new golden age of PMCs has begun with three big corporations rising to prominence
>The hi-tech and well-trained Eiffel Group, consisting mostly of Western forces
>Tarkova Institute, a Russian weapons developer with their own ground forces
>Shougang Security, a Chinese PMC with close ties to the Chinese government, typically act as a police force to protect Chinese overseas assets

The plot follows a small team of mercenaries conducting various missions around the world while an arms dealer with unknown loyalties plots against them. I'm trying to think of a better motive than just money for the arms dealer, but I'm not sure what. I like the idea of him starting little wars everywhere to keep business up, but I want something grander in the works too, like all this is leading to something. Anyway, opinions and criticisms welcome.
>affection: 100
>dummies: 5
>mod: 3
am I doing it right?
>I'm trying to think of a better motive than just money for the arms dealer
the arms dealer is a strong believer in ancap & is trying to kill two birds with one stone by undermining the stability of governments while at the same time showing to the world that private sector is far more effective at bringing & maintaining peace than national militaries.

File: XWAUT91 (1).jpg (42 KB, 450x292)
42 KB
if I'm taiwanese am I obligated to buy this? also how is it?
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Inhumanely underrated post
>they have to be yellow, not brown
Very ironic - jungle asians like Viets and Pee Noise tend to be much more supportive of gun ownership than Chinks, Japs, or Gooks.

Unless by brown you mean poos and pakis. Though Pakistan is one of the only non-Western countries to officially protect gun ownership to some level in the law, I don't think many Pakistani immigrants carry over the same respect for guns to the US.
What’s this meme called? Especially the creature in it? I swear I vividly remember that same creature from some movie as a kid.
>actually beliving white americans are this mixed
The vast majority of white americans are purebreed germans.
Maybe in North Dakota or the Midwest, but on the coasts and in the south, there's a lot of mixing

File: Tata Kestrel .jpg (147 KB, 1280x720)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
So.. India, the righteous and defender of freedom, democracy and Human Rights will need at least 200+ IFV (Either wheeled or tracked) to protect it's border against evil Pakistan terrorists and godless Chinese communist threat.
Here's the specifications
>Speed 80kph on and off road
>Have a 35+ years of service life
>Have a payload option of 2 tonnes including crew and must be light enough for India IL-76 and C-17 transport
>Twin ATGM system with 90% hit capability and can be detached for crew use outside the IFV
>Can operate at 45° Celsius and minimum 0° Celsius
>Must have minimum 30mm gun with 7.62 GPMG
>Total CBRN protected and APS protection module installed

So../k/. What is the suitable new IFV for India? American must give some input to defend their GREATEST allies in the whole West Asia.

A toilet with wheels.
It’s kinda funny they can’t even build a troop carriers. I mean China, in the middle of the fucking cultural revolution, can do it, and here we are, in the year of our lord 2000 + 19, and these fucking brown ass curry niggers can’t even build a moving box on wheels.
Super power in less than a month, guys.
File: global-firepower-2015.jpg (37 KB, 537x528)
37 KB

> Mars Orbiter Mission 1 (MOM): India on Mars
Mangalyaan cost just $74 million, which is so much cheaper than anything NASA or ESA can achieve. For example, NASA's MAVEN Mars orbiter cost around $672 million, while ESA's Mars Express cost $329 million. NASA's latest InSight lander cost $828 million.

daily reminder that we can put a satellite in mars orbit for the same budget as jewlywood takes to make a single cuck capeshit movie. Hell your movies arent even good bollywood is better too. get fucked
>Canada #14

not even that... shit list

why does everyone hate bullpups again?
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1.iron sights shorter length and thus lower accuracy
2.ergonomics are poorer, cant see whats going on, cant hold it right...
3.brass exits in a way that left handed users cant use gun
4.no ability to adjust stock for different sized shooters and most bullpups are made for manlets
5.disassembly is a nightmare usually because of weird trigger linkages
6.as it reminds me, the trigger is not as responsive as for other rifles (slack)
7.very poor cheek welds traditionally
8.malfunctions occur near jugular vein
9.awkward reload that takes eyes and barrel off target
10.gun is stock heavy and muzzle light, which means recoil will tend to tip the barrel up more, which reduces speed of follow up shots
11.price is often ridiculous for what it offers because its harder to make such a complicated contraption work

And finally.... Bullpup is the wrong answer to a question - such as solving an ammo issue by modifying the firearm. If you ask how to get same velocities out of a shorter gun just cut the barrel and use a quicker burning powder, you will have the same velocities. Most of the reason people want high velocities is because high velocity ammo fragments, but if you want your ammo to fragment you can just use frangible ammo.
Another claim is that even carbines cant be used from vehicles, but folding stocks solved that long ago. Thats why many bullpups will try to mix technologies like caseless (G11) or top loading paralel mag (P90), it needs these additional features for the wow factor or no one would ever care.
I can only speak for the tavor, but those have had the heavy triggers ironed out for a while. Again, pretty good gun otherwise
desu if you don't own a bullpup you're probably a faggy poor
>what's stopping you from picking up one of their rifles
A few were imported into Canada around a year ago, but there was pricey markup and i didn't have the cash at the time. They quickly dried up and i doubt there will ever be another shipment again :(
Never said it was meaningless you idiot, I said it’s not going to make a massive difference in a home defense situation. The advantage you gain in length gets negated by worse accuracy, shit trigger, and worse ergos. Like >>43361610 said, the guys who have a choice in combat arms choose to stick with ARs and other conventional platforms because of the disadvantages of bullpups.

File: mRsCtrY.jpg (538 KB, 1264x3074)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Best of /k/ Post the best shit you've seen here.
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File: catalog2.jpg (490 KB, 1200x3100)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
I thought these were pretty good ;)
It was nifty while it lasted but I think it was taken down.
Oh boy can't wait for all this shit to appear on faceberg being posted by some DANK, EPIC, BASED, AND RESPILLED /k/ boogaloo badass gun pages
Something needs to be done about those pages.
Boogaloo posting is annoying.

still waiting for proof

File: ka52.jpg (40 KB, 525x350)
40 KB
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English not your first language?
First time experiencing banter?
>Its "your"

Dumb vatnik

No helicopter carries a meaningful amount of armor. Even the "flying tank' Mi-24 suffered brutal losses to HMG fire.

The AH-64 carries armor for the aircrew and otherwise relies on redundancy and separation of critical parts. The old joke is that it can fly home with a 23mm hole in anything, including the pilot.
>if i lift you off will you die ?

File: 76450300267.jpg (23 KB, 600x600)
23 KB
How would you improve it?
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Make it DA/SA
I'd shove it down the throat of a nigger, pull the trigger and carve a notch on the slide.
I'm thinking based
*460 rowland
> make it the worst trigger type, with a slow innacurate first shot and inconsistent trigger
> just give it da/sa which no shooting competition is won with
if you had said single action hammer, maybe you could have been respected. but no, you're just a straight up retard. kys

Do varmint rounds from short barrels have good terminal performance?
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>labeling your mags "home defense"

god you dweeb
Is that an xray scope?
I'm serious. Why is that scope so oddly shaped?
It's a Trijicon SRS. Trijicon has notably large objective lenses on their scopes to maximize the amount of light going into them.
File: 1566016326960.jpg (6 KB, 260x194)
6 KB
nigger, these are my initials!

File: 1575423301989.gif (2.49 MB, 659x609)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB GIF
How much fire support can a militia reasonably expect from mortars and technicals alone?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
not much, an insurgent force is going to focus on doing their job and moving the fuck out of the area as quickly as possible. Ideally they wouldn't even engage themselves but focus on laying explosives or traps.

Lots of militia engagements are peer engagements with other militia, rather then asymmetrical.
well that just seems gay

It's much more effective than small arms. But less effective than IEDs in some cases
File: DGECEGVXoAI9pQa.jpg (137 KB, 1079x654)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Depends on how ambitious your technicals are.

Is this loaded?
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Amazing batboy-tier 2bh
File: 1572280837026m.jpg (49 KB, 1024x576)
49 KB
For those that think this is fake, I have a friend that used to work at Goodwill and they found guns and ammo all the time. People just start grabbing things and take it to donate. Or relatives that died and they just want to get rid of their crap. Or they simply dont look in the container.

that does not fit in the box. retarded news article. you're retarded for making a thread about it

I feel like if this was true the article you cited would feature someone finding a firearm in an item....
The mag is clearly showing it's a .22lr, IDK why they have a loaded 9mm magazine on the side.

Second, unless it was sealed completely, every item coming into Goodwill has to be processed (however basic and thorough that some off the street bums can perform). Anything firearms related is turned into the local police department, millitaria is returned to the donor or sent to the nearest base/office of the branch it belongs to (Formal uniforms, badges, embroidered named jackets, ect). Had one time where we cleared a trailer turned in by an old family and found an old Colt Goldcup. Unfortunately even as employees we couldn't make offers (I would've pocketed it anyways), but you'd be surprised how many guns go through Goodwill and get sent to the Doughnut conventions.

Autistic rambling aside, this shit is fake AF. The box is clearly unsealed and even taken down, the rifle with the spare extras and the other equipment that was clearly in there wouldn't fit. This is some weak ass bait.
>T. Used to do Electronics Restorations/Computer Literacy classes at a Goodwill Regional Sorting Center.

File: 1575380909687.jpg (444 KB, 2016x1512)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Trade, create, and sell your patches here.

>Previous thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

>Thread theme
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry nigga, semi auto. Bye bye
Does anyone sell any /k/ube patches anymore?
kommando store has one
>half-life hype
Hype for what?
All the key writers for the half life series are gone. You're left with spin-off games because nobody knows what to do.

ArmA III fag here. I want to make some missions for my community using some lesser known military interventions as the basis of the scenarios. Can /k/ help me do some research? Just post photographs or articles detailing what kind of gear (camouflage, uniforms, weapons, vests, vehicles, etc.) used

The two I’m looking right now are the Liberian Army during the First and Second Liberian Civil Wars, the Haitian and Rwandan Armies in 1994, the Romanian Army in the 1990s, the Panama Defense Force on 1989, and as a bonus, the Iraqi Republican Guard during the latter stages of the Iran-Iraq War and the Invasion of Kuwait.

Also, just post other interesting third world armies I guess.
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use chernarus redux bro
Is that a fucking M20 Super Bazooka? When was this taken?
Portugal and India had a few scuffles
Why not do cold war gone hot red dawn style
File: 20150944.jpg (240 KB, 800x1062)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
That camo looks fucking nice.

If the US designed and produced a functional aerial battleship with nigh incomparable range on it's weapons, resistant to all forms of attack from the air and land and sea with only nuclear weapons being a threat to it, how would the rest of the world react?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>is there an engagement ceiling on SAM batteries?
>could a modern one hit something that high?
Some can, yes. Most can't.
>I think you could apply aircraft carrier defense tactics to the skies
Not really. Or at least not fully.
>what are threats to an extreme-high-altitude flying carrier?
Those would be missiles and...missiles. Unlike surface ships that have to worry about missiles, bombs, torpedoes, and cannons. Which means a layered anti-missile defense.
You could fire at it but then again the flight time is long enough for it to drop decoys or try to shoot your missile down.
Why is it using dozens of contra-rotating propellers when jet engines exist? Why is it covered in gun turrets when you can literally fit all of that firepower into a single missile battery?
>How would nonamericans react to America doing something
By continuing to seethe, as always.
doesnt it have like a 200ton payload?

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