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File: h1cnmyct.jpg (200 KB, 1000x750)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Hi /k/ommandos,

my dad passed a while ago and left me some beautiful guns. He taught to shoot clays with these.
I want to take my younger brother clay shooting, but meanwhile lead-free ammo is mandatory on our local ranges.

I found some steel ammo from RWS, that indicates to be compatible with old guns, which are not designed for steel shooting.
I could imagine soft iron ammo to be soft enough for old barrels, but this one seems to be actual steel. I am hesitant to use it with the old guns.

Are there people on here who can share some actual experience regarding this (admittedly europoor) problem?

File: OIG.k3eo.iKSoe9Ix.jpg (109 KB, 1024x1024)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
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File: OIG (9).jpg (318 KB, 1024x1024)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
C'mon fellers. We've got us a rock to kill
nice weapons discussion
File: OIG (10).jpg (238 KB, 1024x1024)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Nah, I doubt they do. They operate as a global company, if you're going to have an AI that makes images and not have it be totally useless it has to be able to shit on basically everybody. Which it can other than a few individuals which can be used anyways by just getting creative with prompts.
Can’t generate images. At work now. But moar comic book style stuff. I wonder if telling it to draw like John Romita, Jim Lee, or (lul) Rob Liefeld will work.

File: ledroolov.jpg (340 KB, 1200x900)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
AR fags need not apply.
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Yugo Mauser made for the Syrian Army, they sent it to some Lebanese militia (don't know which, but whoever had it carved "Achmed Kamal" in Arabic into the stock. I assume the IDF captured it and gave it to an Israeli police department who auctioned it off to someone in America. There aren't any import marks; I have no idea how it got here.
not especially rare but my .30 Carbine revolver is nonetheless fairly unique I suppose
is that thing loud? I always wonder about high pressure revolvers.
loud and with a very big muzzle flash
one of the few guns that I find is equally fun to both shoot and to watch someone else shoot
File: IMG_20231003_111910173~2.jpg (2.39 MB, 2878x2250)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
full size .45 IMI/IWI Jericho 941F (not to be confused with MRI Baby Eagle)
for most of its production, the biggest .45 Jericho size on offer was the mid-size FS. far as I can tell, full-sizes were only very briefly produced and imported by KBI, about a decade ago.

>New here? Read this

>Want to hunt? Hunting license info:

>Want to buy something? Recommended vendors list:

>Want to help firearm rights?

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File: 1624576852466.png (1.83 MB, 1242x1215)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Don't threaten me with a good time
Thanks anon. Turns out it was loaded with 8mm lebel
File: 1580515884767.jpg (80 KB, 750x734)
80 KB
>2:20 PM EST
Tomorrow retard, lol

File: 1691642141725693.png (855 KB, 1024x1024)
855 KB
855 KB PNG
It's that time of year again. Does /k/ have any spooky innawoods stories to share.
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>I am the* thing in the woods

Should you fear the redneck in the sticks?

Not if your intentions are pure and your soul is kind.
I was a P.F.C. on a search patrol, huntin' Charlie down
It was the jungle wars of '65
My weapon jammed and I got stuck way out all alone
And I could hear the enemy movin' in close outside
Just then I heard a twig snap and I grabbed my empty gun
And I dug in scared while I counted down my fate
And then a big marine with a pair of friendly eyes
Appeared there at my shoulder and said, "Wait"
"If Charlie wants to tangle now, he'll have two to dodge"
I said, "Well, thanks a lot" I told him my name and asked him his
Woah-oh-oh-oh Camouflage
Things are never quite the way they seem
Woah-oh-oh-oh Camouflage
I was awfully glad to see this big marine

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
When he led me outta danger I saw my camp and waved goodbye
He just winked at me from the jungle and then he was gone
Then when I got back to my H.Q., I told 'em about my night
And the battle I'd spent with a big marine named Camouflage
When I said his name, the soldier gulped and a medic took my arm
And led me to a green tent on the right
He said, "You may be tellin' the truth boy but this here is Camouflage
And he's been right here since he passed away last night
But before he went, he said Semper Fi and said his only wish
Was to save a young marine caught in a barrage
Woah-oh-oh-oh Camouflage
Things are never quite the way they seem
Woah-oh-oh-oh Camouflage

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1651445531221.png (129 KB, 448x222)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>every single image everywhere all the time is AI
shut the fuck up niggers
Good story, anon. I have a friend whose husband is a game warden in north FL in the Tallahassee area. He said you can come across some weird shit in the woods around north Florida. I've visited the area a couple of times and stayed around the Three Rivers area. To me, that's more South GA than north FL because of all of the rednecks.

File: Sleeping bag.jpg (270 KB, 717x380)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Realistically, how can I clean this Russian sleeping bag so I don't get hepatitis from its last owner? The people I'm staying with are real nice but don't want me to put this in their washing machine, which is understandable but does anyone have any ideas?
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Bathtub, rotate frequently when hang drying to not fuck up loft.
File: Mine detector.jpg (219 KB, 717x316)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
I didn't buy any of it. It kind of came into my possession.
Oh yeah, i wanted a 6b45 but the everyone seems to have a million Wagner patches on them plus the Ribbons and it just screams fake.
>Didnt buy
Thats cool, i wouldnt sleep in it though mate. Any western civi sleeping bag would be better than that and theyre cheap as fuck.
Whats the green box inside the box and the long green tubes? A radio and periscopes?
File: Close up.jpg (2.51 MB, 4000x1800)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Pretty sure this is a mine detector. I doubt it works. It doesn't have a booklet, just a plate with inventory items listed.
>Mine detecting status
>Copper wire stolen
Yeh i wouldnt trust it

File: gtcover.jpg.optimal.jpg (70 KB, 744x487)
70 KB
I like Garand Thumb a lot but hes kinda fallen off lately. i found this new guy whos kinda fun to watch but not as cool. https://youtube.com/shorts/stSgUcEgHDw?si=ltBr272kj7JKSHMk
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Don’t care. You’re still wrong and gay and a state department bot shitting up a hood board and an ok thread with your gay anal sex Ukraine posting
Deeply ironic obsession about trannies, given that shit came from the same place that gave us communism and the current russian oligarch jew kleptocracy - jewish postmodern philosophers
>no guns
>no u
As always
>Tactical gut allows for a longer bandolier and as such, higher capacity
Damn anon my eyes are open.
File: qasgdhf.jpg (476 KB, 1042x820)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
They ALWAYS leave out the part about universal disarmament being the end goal when they try to bait pro-gunners into supporting commies.
The only more incriminating thing is the fact that commie governments, every one of them, just happened to stop at the "disarmament of the public" part, and never disarmed their enforcers or their military, because they liked exporting communism at gunpoint, and liked being able to keep their own people in check.

>That's retarded because the people you just used to overthrow the rulers will just kill you instead.
Nationwide gun confiscations happened after every single commie revolution and no one did shit, you dumb fuck.

File: 1696292547440855.webm (3.12 MB, 1280x720)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB WEBM
unironically how did the russians pack so much shrapnel into a bomb?
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this is not russian, it's a video of ukrainians hitting russian positions.
Looks a bit like a shooting range, and I don't think I see any fortifications. Probably a decent ways behind the front lines.
I’m trans btw idk if that matters
Ghostery isn't safe anymore anon, just so you know, that shit also caused more problems than it solved and it lets through ads on purpose.
Ya know I'm pro-TZD, but this is legit good footage of weapons, as the /k/ube demands, and all warfare is based, this thread is a shame.

Happy birthday Mario edition

Git gud guide https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2.pdf
Pastebin https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNik

A trip down memory lane
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anyone have any youtube video suggestions on improving grip or the like they found helpful?
Awesome! ty

These Bob Vogel videos helped my passive recoil control A LOT.
Thank you so much. Beautiful spell of weather right now, bugs gone at last, really want to take advantage and put in some real practice.
Glock 19.

File: 1687419177358951.webm (630 KB, 600x336)
630 KB
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xaxaxaxaxa autocannon also works as cluster artillery
the decadent degenerate xoxol wectoid bourgeois have no chance against us in second great patriotic war ww3
570 moa - sweet
If you were smart, you'd be doing the same thing.
this actually makes it vastly more effective as a machine gun, if it was too accurate it would just drill one single hole in whatever you were aiming at instead of suppressing a whole area
yes, we're all well aware of the cope used to justify this level of incompetence.

File: 202986221024.jpg (129 KB, 720x676)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>Russia allots a third of 2024 spending to defence
Will this help them?
248 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
don't. ceasing to feel upset about the injustices that go-on in the world will lead you to be far too comfortable with stagnation and rot. and do you know who are the most comfortable of all with that kind of moral decay?
desu, a significant part of being British is a majority of countries and people having some sort of seething grudge toward you passed down from their forefathers and you not even knowing they exist.
damn, ai is getting way too good.
File: 1687800213744228.jpg (353 KB, 800x450)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
File: Woe betide.jpg (808 KB, 1628x1050)
808 KB
808 KB JPG

File: 1670917711392.jpg (452 KB, 1928x1022)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
Did the Waffen SS have good combat performance in the war, or did they suck?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
it would depend on the unit and time
early ss formations (poland) where shit because they had hardly any proper training and uniform equipment. But they would keep going even after having taken stupid levels of casualties
During Fall Blau they performed like regular formations while still willing to take high casualty levels.
During the initial invasion of the soviet they did well, but so did most of the Heer.
Afterwards you got other nations/ethnic groups entering service and the number of formations would bloat. At this point there isn't a real verdict you can give to the ss formations in general. But they where willing to take stupid levels of casualties as before and would at times simply refuse to give ground. This reputation led to a lot of them being used as blocking or firefighter formations.
The SS formations took higher casualty ratios than general Heer and the casualties they inflicted is hard to estimate. So at a tactical level they where probably kinda shit.
But with their willingness to take stupid level of casualties they where useful strategically as they'd get the mission done even if it would cost most of them.
A great tool to have as a commander and you'd have to be a tool to be a grunt in them.
t-Flemish guy who lost his grand uncle during the fighting around Zithomir and Kiev in 43
>None of my men fear death
>They will happily charge through MG fire, artillery, landmines, and barbed wire with no regard for their own lives.
>Why are all my men dead?
If it's not the link, then it could be a bug in the system.
I don't see anything in the text that should trigger spam filters.

Let the devs know.
There's a category for spam filter issues.
Seriously sucked.
Depends on the unit and the time, the first 12 were great
>superior tactics
If only Germany thought of outnumbering the allies and having at least 4x of the industry that they had in WW2 as well

File: 1874293806.jpg (126 KB, 800x727)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
redpill me on these meme bullets
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
why do you want circumsized bullets anon
>redpill me on these meme bullets
Looks like an effort to produce something more armor piercing than monolithic copper without running afoul of the GCA or having to go to true exotics like Tantalum. They claim going from 40 HRC for plain copper to 48 while still being identically legal, which isn't terrible as far as improvements go, though for reference hardened steel would generally be 55-66. I'd expect somewhat better penetration through IIIa(+) though I doubt it'd beat true IV plate, it's nothing like tungsten.

Assuming the price wasn't an outrageous premium I guess you could consider it for EDC. But since it's 5.7 it's kind of a meme anyway unless you're using it in a PDW. If you are and are fine with that then sure, load improvements are always reasonable. Doesn't look like anything weird or sketchy, just a mild improvement in material that's legally compliant.
Aren't AP ammo basically illegal in states? How are they selling this to civilians, cab someone explain.
ask your supervisor, glowie
>Aren't AP ammo basically illegal in states?
"AP" is defined under the GCA in terms of specific materials or jacket % weight, not in terms of whether it penetrates armor. From GCA 1968, "armor piercing" is defined as
>(i) a projectile or projectile core which may be used in a handgun and which is constructed entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium; or
>(ii) a full jacketed projectile larger than .22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile.
First note that in practice "may be used in a handgun" has been interpreted extremely broadly and thus covers a lot of ammunition one would normally consider only for rifles. But more importantly even that aside, note that it's specifically about materials or jacket weight. The test is not "can penetrate IIIa" or something like that. If you make a bullet that ISN'T from one of the forbidden list then it's not, legally, armor piercing. The same an air rifle or for that matter some scifi future super conducting quench gun isn't a "firearm". In this case, they say they're using a copper alloy and then hardening it which does not use beryllium (or presumably tungsten or whatever else). Regardless of how it performs, it's not AP under federal law.

So modern air combat is really just missile spam until someone gets unlucky and gets hit?

Does that mean if you don't have a stealthy airframe you're basically fucked and always on the defensive?
113 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
I love it when this retard literally copies paste my old posts calling him out.
Nigel is a manufactured name for numerous users that track this retards thread shilling, including me. I don't know any that track using the archive though kek, you just seethe because the archive is used to point your attempts to misdirect out as the lies they are.
I respect you calling this shitter out, he keeps trying to misdirect his twitter fart stuff to some random 68 year old bong despite the last two years him being a Floridian in an arid location, I would estimate ages 28-45 with mental health issues considering his images posted on the past but it's honestly just a feeling.
Sorry for the delay, hope this isn't too late.

What's wrong with >>59720172 is that it's essentially very outdated. Modern 5th gen aircraft and those jets working with 5th gens don't act like this at all. Modern sensors - LPI radars, passive EO, very good ESM combined with targeting quality datalinks means that instead of "jousting" it's more like spotter and shooter.

Obviously the match up will determine what strategy you go for. But for 5th vs 4th gen you're essentially abusing your advantages - low RCS, an LPI radar, and awareness of where the enemy is without broadcasting thanks to your datalink. One jets is tasked with staying out of range but gathering a picture, he will be using his radar, using afterburner, whatever it takes to keep a track on the enemy while not getting close enough to fight. The shooter is basically a submarine, waiting off axis (out of front radar coverage) until he can move in, fire a missile, supply missile midcourse data with the tracking data supplied by the spotters datalink and the target won't know he's bene shot at until the missile goes active moments before hitting.

5th vs 5th, you're both expecting to detect each other at a smaller range than your weapons. rather than just flying head on until you get a useable return, shoot then hope to dodge the missile, you have tricks in the toolbox. Both in terms of formation - placing the shooter miles (many tens) ahead of the radiating spotter, and using his radar to receive the reflected emissions from the jet to the rear. or by using technology - grouping multiple radars together to blast the same point in space at the same time. reducing RCS might reduce your reflection but if you just increase the energy heading at a target the reflection signal to noise will obviously increase.

Modern air combat is a lot more like hide and seek in a field at night with spotlights, all black clothes and a very long spear.
I forgot about cooperative engagement. Can't AWACS now also give midcourse guidance to missiles like AMRAAM/JATM so the shooter doesn't even need to radiate?
>So modern air combat is really just missile spam until someone gets unlucky and gets hit?
Sorta, it's this and hit and run tactics. Jets don't stop moving and moving fast can make missiles more lethal. Imagine it like cavalry with javelins. You run towards your target, chuck a missile, and then pull away.

>Does that mean if you don't have a stealthy airframe you're basically fucked and always on the defensive?
Hell yes and for multiple reasons.
1st. Stealth means control of the engagement. If you're stealth you can choose to fight, wait, or run.
2nd. Once you close your missile bays your enemies will loose target track. They'll know what zip code you're in but that's not enough to guide in a missile.
3rd. Most fighter planes have their best radars in front so if you get behind them you'll get a free shot or two before they can react.

File: cardboard .webm (763 KB, 848x480)
763 KB
oi, stand still while I cardboard ya
75 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
>when western countries love logistics so much they can blow you up with it directly and skip the middleman
God damn I love it.
File: 1695325559460321.webm (3.67 MB, 1080x1920)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB WEBM
Street Fighter 6
How much would one of these cost?

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