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File: getoutofherestalker.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720)
65 KB
>31 yo german male
>homeless/hermit innawoods
>armed with bow and handgun, disarms 4 cops at gunpoint
>as of now hiding innawoods
>guy (Yves Rausch) pic related

you can't make this shit up
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>Sam Hyde
Of course he can
looks like Sam Hyde desu
He just keeps getting away with it
Governments are so easy to bait. You KNOW the guy has laid a system of traps. But they are going to follow him into his lair and someone is going to get hurt or killed or at least made to look even more foolish. So what should they do? Nothing. Ideally they should have kept the whole thing under wraps, but too late for that. Now they should make up some bullshit story that they believe he fled the country and then don't say another word. He'll come out. Then you can catch him.
they probably could have played it off as a training exercise too but the germans have never been ones for inconspicuous behavior

>be ghost gunner
>come out in Q4 2020
>be biden
>win presidency Q4 2020
looks like it was doomed to fail boyos
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its possible just not with the dd cut software you would have to use a grbl controller and either find/create the g codes and something to bolt down to the ghost gunner. or you could take the inefficient route and control the machine manually and do all the measurements physically and just use your eyes.

That's not true he also prevented the importing of almost a million m1 garands and m1 carbines from korea and greece ;(

The current threat is at the state level more than the federal. Just ask NY and Cali. I think CO got their shitty mag ban upheld too!

People at least fight gun control sponsored by the dems. If its the reps they can't get the cock in their mouth fast enough.
Have you completed a lower yet? If so post pics. I’m debating getting one.
>not a glowie
>Reminder that the worst president for gun rights in the last 50 years was Reagan.
what is Clinton AWB
File: 1594643337087m.jpg (71 KB, 555x1024)
71 KB

File: image.png (63 KB, 960x640)
63 KB
Should I buy a Ruger 10/22 as a hunter gatherer rifle for urban harvesting?
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File: 1357169970546.png (340 KB, 750x600)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
I live in the desert, so it's fairly diverse. Even some cows sometimes. But more likely a rabbit, snake, dove, etc. .22 would make a good meal and the rounds a e cheap and plentiful. All I read here lately is there is not .556 anywhere...never hear that about .22's
I totally agree. I actually really need a .22 and am probably about to buy the ruger one that comes with a magpul stock. But i was more dissing on the guy I was replying to because he didnt get given a gun when he was young. Which is just sad
9mm, 12 gauge and .223 is more appropriate for urban hunter gatherers
>old way of thinking
When they hear you, they will find you.
Those who made good threads died of Cov2.

File: nv.jpg (62 KB, 867x475)
62 KB
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The only result of this fire is vatniks and changs having a new card to play in the shit-flinging that goes on in this board, prove me wrong.
Vatniks are tards but frankly the wumao are correct now, it is only a matter of time till they dominate the pacific, the US navy is actively drilling it's face into the ground as hard as it physically can with how massively incompetent it's members are, no amount of grand strategic planning or good design philosophy and procurement can make up for being completely rotten internally.

Add to this the United States new tendency to collapse itself every 4 years because of internal strife and the US looks like a true rotten edifice.
File: 1594505204544s.jpg (2 KB, 125x123)
2 KB
>the US lost one of its 20 carriers
>quadruple of what any other country has today
>hurr durr the US is finished
you also do realize that the accident on the Forrestal didn't happen due to some mistake with navigation or some shit, it happened because of a shitty bomb on a plane, literally as probable as a fire due to a malfunction
this has got to be some shit bait chang
Hot damn it’s still burning.
>>the US lost one of its 20 carriers
No it lost one of 8 LHD's you know one of those things you would need to stop an invasion of Taiwan or in general to project power with marines in island heavy places like the Pacific

What do you put inside your rifle grip?
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File: 1593373154056.png (1.31 MB, 1248x1778)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Adderalls to give the gun (and myself) more speed.
Who makes a foregrip with a compartment to hide my treasure map?
#4 gel cap filled with potassium cyanide
Weed lmao
16 decoy wallets (0 real ones)

File: Pistol_Carpati_Md-74.jpg (7 KB, 252x182)
7 KB
/k/ Romania thread?
File: large_000000.jpg (25 KB, 800x800)
25 KB
Words cannot describe what I would do to obtain one of these.
>Words cannot describe
Damn, how am I to know what kind of degenerate sex stuff I can put on order themy go find one of these rifles?!

File: 3456.jpg (190 KB, 1800x1070)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
So hypothetically would a Luger be a terrible open carry gun with a proper holster?
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If you ever have to defend yourself, the police will take it as evidence...
Never thought about this before.
Is the fact that you cant see any of the gun enough to make it concealed carry? (depending on state of course)
In on of those states can you just fold a flap over your holster and call it a day for CCW purposes, leaving it clear that the gun is a gun?
As people are posting about the c96 here...
Do anyone have the pic where someone have rammed a pencil down the barrel of one??
I really really need it...
Lugers were still being produced for the german military into WWII. The P-38 was to replace it, but it never managed that.
Do it

Are these a meme or do they work ?
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belt fed upper homie
What, the spade grip setup? Yes, it works, as far as I know.

There exist good quality 150rd drums, and some belt-fed uppers.
It's a fucking corruption.
it's literally an overpriced M-4.
>4500 bucks for belt feed
Just pay the 3500 for a """demilled""" israeli browning and definitely don't drill a naughty slot in a bit of sheet steel
>semi auto
>mag fed
you're retarded for even thinking this could be something practical. quit being poor and stupid or go play airsoft.

File: 1586247111531.jpg (35 KB, 602x334)
35 KB
Post 'em if you got 'em
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File: sielen 2.jpg (64 KB, 558x600)
64 KB
The russian piston rounds were neat. Not really practical outside their intended use, but still neat.
Knox's stuff seemed to good to be true, but there's not a lot out there on it.
It's a sabot, imagine it like shooting .243 Winchester out of a .308 Wincheser rifle. Problem is that you're still using the same bore, so twist rates aren't necessarily going to be well suitable for the different projectile, seems to work reasonably in some guns, and get shit for groups with others.
all of them
File: 20gaSCIMITAR.jpg (43 KB, 625x199)
43 KB
File: thunderzap.jpg (253 KB, 600x643)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I want it so bad

File: RugerMini30-003 (1).jpg (443 KB, 1555x1166)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
In my area, the "big name" platforms such as AR-15 and AK are sold out or being sold at insane prices. It's a sellers market.

However Mini-14/30 and SKS are still available for very reasonable prices. I can basically get a Mini and an SKS for the price of one AR here. Ammo is of course a clusterfuck.

What are your predictions for changes in the market? I predict a surge in popularity within the next year for the Mini and SKS. Prices will go up too, but I think we will also see an increase in availability of accessories and new wild shit coming out like more bullpup conversions to bubba your shit.

For handguns I think we will see more focus on less common calibers since 9mm and 45 are worth their weight in gold. My money is on .380 being pushed next.

Absolutely nothing will change with shotguns.
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Were you just not around in 2012 or what?
Shit that went for high dollar before the ban will go for mid tier NFA money in 10 years. Shit that was cheap as hell before the ban will be expensive. Then after the next ban it'll all be worthless because the ownership pool will be so low.
Honestly: No. I fucked up.
Shit will be rough around any election year. Coupled with rona and race riots it's even more tumultuous. The gun/ammo industry works in cycles and batches. It's not a 24/7 stream of guns falling into boxes off a conveyor belt. They produce x amount of guns each quarter or half or even yearly. So a massive bite into their production lines will fuck it up. Just look at the beef/pork situation we were in. Shit will normalize over the months when new batches come in from the factory and depending on who we get during the election and how quick they go after guns.
I think 50million people will be dead in 10 years just in the United States alone.
Even if most of them are over the age of 60 that leaves a lot of stuff that will either be destroyed, sold or inheritied.
One of the largest wealth transfers in history.
What does this mean for fireams it means sales.
Whether prices rise or fall is economic policy not demand.

I wish the Ho 229 was the first operational jet fighter instead of the Me 262.
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File: Horten bomber 00.jpg (60 KB, 800x600)
60 KB
Where does the myth of German unreliability come from? It's unfounded.
File: Heinkel He 178.jpg (42 KB, 760x428)
42 KB
its briddy dank but has some aerodynamic problems
if Jack Northrop and Horten brothers were able to communicate and combine their ideas it would have saved several decades worth of time in refining the flying wing
>first operational jet fighter
not really as big of a deal as it sounds and very light on the "operational" side of things
but if prioritized early it would have spurred more rapid development from other nations had it been viable at the time
Gloster Meteor and de Havilland Vampire mite have been bumped up a little
for every nation engines were a problem
but also no one nation had any idea on how to make the wings and control surfaces for high speed flight

dat fuel consumption
dem leading edge slats
>its briddy dank but has some aerodynamic problems
Which ones?
>dat fuel consumption
It had a range of 650 miles.
people who hate "dem nazis"
File: Horten H IX V3.jpg (141 KB, 1440x956)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
stall characteristics mid turn
turning in general
most of Jack Northrop flying wings also have this problem
horton flying wings were better but not perfect
it took all the words best engineers over 50 years to get things to a more workable state
>It had a range of 650 miles.
most of its volume is occupied by fuel
the engine design and lack of metals to make it better kept the fuel consumption high

File: 1452386890167s.jpg (6 KB, 250x151)
6 KB
Lazy bake/Where is OP edition.
>how to get your bangs
https://www.firearmownersunited.com/how-to-get-your-firearm-license-state-by-state/ and;
>Optics guide
Shooters union are copping heat from plebbitors on r/ausguns cause they posted an article that said "inner city types"

No ASIO, AFP and Poltards allowed
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Just guns, ammo purchases are basically unrecorded.

Powder sales are logged in some States (Qld for one).
well it's hard not to be, when you're being replaced by hundreds and thousands of indians and chinks, every year.
Isn't under the explosives act or something werid, though, not at WLB's behest?
File: images (42).jpg (32 KB, 640x480)
32 KB
Ready to get tacticool fellas?

File: Daylight's End Pic 1.jpg (115 KB, 630x420)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
I was watching pic related, and although it is not a great film it had me craving the display of vocalised tactic/doctrine, such as:
>"Covering," "moving!"
>"Changing mag," "reloading"

inb4 Generation Kill
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It was absolute crime kino. It wasn't gun porn to satisfy my weapon autism but it was still a good show.
File: vLy5sGS.jpg (231 KB, 1305x2047)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
She's not trailer trash, She is trailer treasure.
I'm disturbed by the similarities between Penny from Stardew Valley and Penny from RWBY
>No country for old men
I also dug the episode where he goes undercover as a Canadian ornothologist.

Makes me wonder if Pat Mac used that as a convenient cover back in the day.

How do I turn my house into a /k/ approved fortress?
I'm building a new home and I'm paranoid about security. How do I make it easier to defend in case of an attack by a horde of barbarians?
Obviously the most discreet the better to not entice the curiosity of criminals
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Do a nice underground. Just check the emplacement of utility lines before using heavy machinery. Or you could always do it clandestinely by using shovels, pickaxes and a nice amount of time. Just be aware to what you can mine and can't (Don't dig your foundations that's a bad idea)
File: 1517609294267.gif (1.44 MB, 400x300)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF

>854 AD
>Be me Mael Sechnaill I, High King of Ireland, of the southern Uí Neíll clan
>Seized the King of Tara, High King of Ireland title from the Ulstermen by absolutely crushing Viking raids and Norse-Gaels horseshit constantly for longer than I can remember.
>These are the same breed of vikings that Ragnar Lothbrok and Ivar the Boneless belonged to, the vikings that punked the Anglos
>Still haven't consolidated my power entirely
>Fucking dickshit munstermen are holding out in their lands
>You'd think watching me squash the ubermensch Vikings would've made the Munster kings fall in line But...
>Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill.
>Arrive in Munster and come upon something resembling OPs pic
>If my murderous rage was at 8/10 before, it is now 10/10 flirting with 11/10
>Go on to devastate several Munster kings and take the extra pleasure in ruining their lands.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Brick, sandbags, drywall. The thicker the better.
=/>3 foot thick steel reinforced concrete walls
small windows with steel shutters on the inside
bank vault style doors
air filtration
escape tunnel
Use ICF and build in bulletproof windows with steel frames.

For bonus points, and to look like a richfag, build a perimeter wall by growing hedges around a wrought iron fence. That gives you something that you can't climb with a ladder and can't cut through.

I've got nootropics, anabolics, supplements, alcohol, sutures, gloves, bandages, seal patches, blood transfusion kits, healing syringes, healing powder, healing juice, healing medicine, fresh oxygen packets, and a fresh oxygen dispenser.
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File: Medic.jpg (314 KB, 1716x1184)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
>all these larpers with morphine, Vicodin, fentanyl, and codine in their kits
>not even a drop of narcan
Enjoy your drug-induced homicide charges.
Did you pick this up at the BASED department?
Jam it between the second and third rib if dumb dumb can't breathe after a chest seal... What's complicated about that? Using it when it's not needed can't really do much harm besides being a big fucking needle if you stay in line or outside the nipples.
How to spot a LARPer's kit: no duct tape

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