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>Google what post-WWII war has the most deaths
>Second Congo War has 5 million
>Happened when I was a teenager
>Never heard of it
What happened in it?
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niggers killing nigger just like chiraq and Detroit
You got 90% but missed the Jihadis out doing ISIS in cruelty and the the Christians outdoing the Jihadis when they go full crazy anti-Balak crusader mode.
>Apparently animals in the new world and Africa can't be tamed and you can't grow crops there.
>Because of this Africans and Native Indians got mogged by Euros since agricultural civilization comes from those things.
>Makes no attempt to explain how Euros mogged the Asia part of Eurasia because he's an amateur geographer applying geography when it suits him.
>Greeks invented the steam engine and did nothing with it before Jesus was born
>Chinese made gun powder and the printing press but did nothing with them.
TL;DR Guy trying to cope using geography to explain Euros/some middle easterners are more innovative and conquered the world because they were smarter.
That was the Biafra War. Still though, Roland was the best.

>and Africans did domesticate donkeys - which are native to Africa.
>The ancestors of the modern donkey are the Nubian and Somalian subspecies of African wild ass.[20][21] Remains of domestic donkeys dating to the fourth millennium BC have been found in Ma'adi in Lower Egypt, and it is believed that the domestication of the donkey was accomplished long after the domestication of cattle, sheep and goats in the seventh and eighth millennia BC. Donkeys were probably first domesticated by pastoral people in Nubia
>North East Africa is definitely the same thing as the fucking Congo
Just waiting for some we-wuzzing.

File: A-10.jpg (409 KB, 1600x1067)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
>Let me guess, you NEED more?
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (142 KB, 1280x720)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
fine bombing goat farmers with no AAM. sucks against everything else
yes. i need more pictures of it in green.
Still perfectly serviceable, they just dont want to spend the money to modernize it properly or just build a new generation airframe, they keep chasing consolidation of the fleet to a single type not realizing they are cucking themselves in the long run with properly rounded net capability. its a good plane, has its problems, keep it near an F15 and its golden.
yes, more shots on target
that thing could't hit the side of a barn, while fragging everyone around it (especially friendlies)

File: Untitled.png (689 KB, 689x515)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
Uhh guys, where are we?
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File: italian guy.png (401 KB, 532x602)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
ayyy tone, checkem digits eh?
I'm gonna fuck it.
Job well done boys. Lets hit those showers.
Oh and one other thing, when did the tanks get here?
wtf? how are there tire tracks on Mars? i thought only drones went there?

File: 1653180761038.jpg (31 KB, 277x508)
31 KB

He's not in Chernobyl anymore, tour of dead vatniks with an AZOV bodyguard.
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I though that was quite good actually. He did a better job that a lot of big news companies showing what is happening to the locals.
Fuck the comments are full of Russians threatening them. What the fuck is wrong with them.
super sus isn't really oldfag shit, he was pretty relevant only like 3-4 years ago, even in english-speaking internet circles.

>t. zoomer who's been lurking since 2015
Fucking filth what the fuck
>Eng subtitles
The little zone gnome never disappoints.

>The platform’s structure is tipped to enable both highly controlled flight close to turbulent water surfaces and sustained flight at mid-altitudes.

>Ultimately, the Liberty Lifter program seeks to address issues with traditional sealift capability, which can be vulnerable to threats, requiring functional ports, and could result in long transit times.

>“This first phase of the Liberty Lifter program will define the unique seaplane’s range, payloads, and other parameters,” Alexander Walan, a program manager in DARPA’s tactical technology office, said.


Why a heavy lift seaplane in 2022? Is this for dropping off shit for the marines on islands in the Indo-Pacific without an airfield/ seaport?

Anyone know moar?
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Only if you lose. That's why burger black ops are building 10MW laser drones and Brilliant Pebbles: Starship Edition.
hmm...guess the ac-130 floats are not working out great. or this is a rival program.
Ooh Ohh, I know this one same shit idea more money.
Boeing Pelican anyone.
Long term program probably. AC-130 float was investigated to see if a quick-fix was possible, and looking into the Japanese sea-plane for a COTS solution reflect the same urgency. The fact that a DARPA program was launched indicates to me that an easy quick-fix was not identified.

Yeah, those are gonna see heavy use

Probably because tube+wing is just a lot easier/cheaper to manufacture than lifting wing bodies or whatever other exotic planform

Its not a shit idea, you just don't know what you're talking about. As I explained earlier, this is a more refined WIG concept targeted for the Pacific war. I can see it doing a lot to overcome the limitations imposed by vulnerable, fixed-megabases (think Guam)
>Probably because tube+wing is just a lot easier/cheaper to manufacture than lifting wing bodies or whatever other exotic planform
Honestly probably a hell of a lot more stable on takeoff and landing too. Realistically, probably a hell of a lot more stable when just bobbing around. Two big as hell "floats" means no fears of yawing too hard or getting pushed in a weird way in rougher conditions and burying a wing and half your props in a wave or something,

AK General /akg/
Woods Edition
>Thread #1755

Old Thread: >>53655773
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The WBP is my goal AK, but I can't really justify the extra $500.
There is someone in this thread who posted one on akfiles for $1130.
>caring about a fucking screw
really nigga
The grip is my palm and the nut is in your mom
Do you get a cowitness with that optic?

File: UHOH.png (2.89 MB, 1899x618)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
sig sisters.....
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File: inrange blm.png (72 KB, 550x944)
72 KB
File: karl hates garandthum.png (86 KB, 1037x700)
86 KB
sorry that that happened to you anon
File: 1622260407787.png (830 KB, 2500x812)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
You can have an DI gun with a folding stock.
The buffer tube and the Stoner mechanism aren't inherently linked.
>bolt doesnt go into battery
>still refuses to use the forward assist

File: chrome_pJYKOGHrOi.png (82 KB, 753x655)
82 KB
It seems you don't have to be young nor a marine to live through Jarhead movie plot. Hope he finds a nice Ukrainian girl after the war. With his citizenship it should be easy.
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This is just not true
>What a fucking loser
If you think that's bad, imagine being such a bitch that your husband would rather die in a war than live with your crusty-ass cunt.
t. western woman
Ukie women aren't Russian though?
You were gone for 2 whole months, obviously i had to cheat with 12 other guys!

File: o0lwdxwyioy81.jpg (37 KB, 1000x700)
37 KB
So when people buy these, do they get posed in /arg/ or /brg/?
/brg/ like they do with other AR10s
They get posted here:

They post in /lgbt/.
New general.

File: 1647391251187s.jpg (6 KB, 250x205)
6 KB
So many U-Boats were sent on very long distance missions all the way around Africa and into the Indian Ocean, but all that distance they often traveled alone. Assuming that along the way there would be countless Allied ships on patrol, how would the U-Boats receive updates along the way of threats along their route and take measures to avoid them?
How did a U-Boat communicate with the outside world?
>How did a U-Boat communicate with the outside world?
With fire.
They used encrypted radio signals that were decoded with the Enigma machine.
Wouldn't they be easy to locate this way?
Why do you think they had a higher loss rate than the Kamikaze squadrons? Being a Uboat Sailor was a death sentence.
If they were close enough for their long wave radio sets to communicate with Germany, they did that. If they weren't, they were on their own. They knew more about threats than Home Base did anyways.
Only if they were reporting out, which they did more often than they should have. Still in 1940 it was hard to triangulate always.

Show me your best guns people
up <_<

File: ShortSword.jpg (266 KB, 1500x1500)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Pakistani shortsword from Minecraft edition.
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File: 03286.jpg (58 KB, 539x2653)
58 KB
File: bk2.jpg (138 KB, 960x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
And one I can guarantee is not historical to round it off.
Even if it's a flatter blade, I'm thinking something like the Elmslie type 1a, mentioned earlier on, or one of the Dussacks in the second or third pics you posted. There's enough extra material, blade thickness non-withstanding, that it would definitely add weight. Another thing to consider is the Geibig type 14 blade, which has a relatively thick spine that could add enough weight blade-side to draw the point of balance away from the hilt. I'm not ignorant of the fact that adding more weight to counter other weight will just end up with a heavy piece of shit though.
I do agree that a hollow pommel would be a good way to get around the weight collecting around the hilt too much. I think that decreasing its size would achieve this better, while simultaneously getting around the tendency of those sorts of pommels to dig into your wrist/palm, if held improperly. I initially thought it might not be something to worry about since the way one grips schiavonas tends to line your hand up in a similar position to a properly gripped lobed hilt but I did some practical testing and it just wouldn't be possible. I honestly think that decreasing the size of the pommel would the the way to go here. You don't have to mangle the aesthetics of it while solving the issues it brings to the table.
As a last little remark, if you shrink it to the right size then it should slot nicely into a basket like the second example you provided, making for peak aesthetics imo.
I'm not for Russia or Ukraine, since both are being led by kikes and both are pitting random men into the meat grinder against one another in the hopes of kickstarting WW3. But you've drank the koolaid from all the shills on here. You sound unhinged.
>pitting random men into the meat grinder against one another in the hopes of kickstarting WW3.
I mean the only alternative to that is ukraine just giving up and letting itself be raped and murdered, so there's not much of a choice for them

File: 20210815_185637.jpg (3.05 MB, 4032x3024)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB JPG

File: 1653244090873.png (3.1 MB, 1920x1278)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB PNG
Bravo Company Manufacturing edition
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Mike doesn't pass anything
This is the truth and anything else is just fags getting butt hurt over dd barrels being the best. You get sub moa from a chf chrome lined barrel. Criterion is a boutique brand and they make fine, accurate barrels with many meme profiles. Are they better than DD? No.
m on r*ddit means months
Ah cool. Maybe you should go back
This makes me horny

File: what-is-a-barrel-bomb.png (723 KB, 751x725)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
*New item unlocked*

Syria’s barrel bomb experts in Russia to help with potential Ukraine campaign.
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File: has4056s5_1_1.jpg (29 KB, 425x393)
29 KB
File: Fat Plane.jpg (204 KB, 1280x720)
204 KB
204 KB JPG

Truthfully this feels more like something Ukraine could easily improvise. But it should just be loaded with explosives. We should put down our cut rebar and industrial bearings, and kill each other like civilized people.
File: 1653171166948.jpg (92 KB, 634x619)
92 KB

I smell another drone strike. Introduce the barrel bomb experts to REAL ordinance.

Seriously /k/, with Russian and Syrian "OpSec", how long will it take to find these clowns?

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