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File: 713HGXbtWrL._SL1500_.jpg (112 KB, 1500x1500)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
What does /k/ think of the Swiss Army Rescue Tool?
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There are versions with the serrations reversed, the entire length, or gone completely. European market stuff. I believe the Italian one has a wood saw in addition to everything else, because apparently that's an important tool for Italian police.
Thoughts as knife or rescue tool?
If knife, then there are other models and options.
If meant as rescue tool.
I like how it still has a bottle opener. For when you're dying but still want a cold one.
It's probably just part of the standard flathead screwdriver.
I mostly bought it as a rescue tool, but as a knife.
It's a wire stripper/bender too! :D
But yes, though it locks in this model.

File: 51V9Btr-i-L._SY879_.jpg (46 KB, 433x879)
46 KB
post /k/ music partner

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>Rebel souls
>Deserters we are called
>Chose a gun
>And threw away the sun
File: texasporterhouse.jpg (90 KB, 717x900)
90 KB
That son of a bitch Van Owen
Blew off Roland's head
“Otto Wood why didn’t you run when the sheriff pulled out his 44 gun”
True story of 1920s North Carolina bandit

File: slapjack.jpg (95 KB, 750x1000)
95 KB
are they effective
are they noisy
could you block one unarmed without having broken bones
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315, 405, 225 (incline)
A blood choke and a strangle are very very different things. blocking someone's airway won't result in unconsciousness for 30-180 seconds at a minimum and is far less effective than a blood choke.
>225 bench
>struggles to move a torso on top of himself
They make a pretty damned loud leather slap against flat skin, hence the name. It's a metal weight inside a flexible leather holster. It's not a good melee weapon.

It's a blackjack in the Thief games and it fucks shit up.
a 300lb sack of shit is a lot different than a 300lb moving human ya know

File: sfp9.jpg (178 KB, 1200x803)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Japan's adopting a new service rifle and pistol.

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>Germany and Japan wouldn't be allowed to have a fucking police force
>much less a military of any kind
Also based but allow outsourcing to private armies and do it for every western country
Are Japanese people even physically big enough to handle real guns?
>we wasted these migrants
>to the untrained eye... Innocent farm workers
>but you must trust me, these were North Koreans
The thing is none of them have a "bad trigger." The Glock is pretty subpar but people are way too sensitive about it. My shitty Brazilian revolver with a 20 lbs DA serrated trigger is bad. Even a Glock 19 has a ~6lb trigger with a good reset and a short pull that doesn't make you put the trigger on the frame to make it fire. P64's and VP70's, those are bad triggers.
Vp9s are for poorfags. Don’t think you jumped class.

What is the best budget 9mm pistol and why is it the hi-point c9?
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HiPoint C9 or Taurus G2C or SCCY pistols.
>gun nobody can find
>good budget gun
>SCCY pistols
literally worse than a hi point.
Fucking gahtdang bullshit
It's whatever cheap beater pistol or revolver you find in your local pawn shop
then you spend the money you would have spent on the gun, on ammo to get good with it
when you're actually a competent shooter, then you get the luxury of buying a new pistol, now you know what you want in one

File: great lakes.gif (8 KB, 250x275)
8 KB
Which of these states is best for gun owners?
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Ohio is pretty good. Not the best cc state but there isn't too much restriction on buying guns.
Why do people whine about shall issue CCW licenses so much here? Even with Constitituonal Carry you should get a loicense anyway so you can carry in other states.
>going to other states
Simply a list from least to most red
>Illiois(because Chiraq)
>Wisconsin(like Vermont, naturally liberal)
>Michigan(super based, but niggers)
>Ohio(high population, tons of based white people)
>Indiana(like Utah for boring corn protestants)

I'd vote for Ohio. Cities there are terrible but the smaller towns and communities are great and theres a ton of stuff there compared to the others. Indiana is probably overall safer for gun owners because they have the least liberals and niggers out of all the states.

File: 1566410875047.jpg (53 KB, 891x597)
53 KB
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread: >>43420964
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Plus your literally a hobo by the river at that point. I’d recommend saving everything you can and getting some sort of property, it’ll gain value and be an assist
new thread
Is all Privi Partisan ammo non-corrosive? I have an old white box of 54R I got at a gun show, primers are apparently boxer with a green ink/dye around them. Will I need to clean nugget after shooting?
Why not live in a camper and save money on rent?

File: 34587203452345.jpg (886 KB, 3430x1756)
886 KB
886 KB JPG
If you sank a large enough boat in shallow waters and made it immobile, could you claim that it was an island to increase your territorial waters? pic slightly related

For example, the Chinese could pre-fab a big barge with an airstrip, sink it in the middle of the SCS, then claim it was an island instead of having to dredge fuckloads of sand? People have fought over smaller pieces of real estate made out of rocks (like okinotori). You could stack a pile of rocks on top of your sunk aircraft carrier if people bitch about muh "no rocks"
yeah but... sand and manhours are cheap....
File: BRP-Sierra-Madre.5.jpg (46 KB, 659x463)
46 KB

Philippines is sorta doing this right now
why bother?
the chinese could just swoop in and take over some seastead full of useless tech yuppies like a gang of africans taking over a white farm, rather than waste money themselves on development
There is established international law about seasteading and land reclamation. In general yes but if someone tried using it too strategically they'd get slapped.

File: SP5.jpg (104 KB, 750x500)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
/k/ humor thread
Deer Idiot,
Fucking faggot.

File: 704756_ts.jpg (72 KB, 1155x1155)
72 KB
Any of you know anywhere I can get resources of manufacturing AR uppers myself. CNC or otherwise? Haven't for the life of me been able to find any reliable guides, documentation, etc.
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Yeah I know what you're talking about, but I haven't really been able to find many places that sell them, probably for the reason you mentioned. For me though, let's just say I'm someplace where the women glow and men plunder. It's worth making.
Nah, I wouldn't trust a cast upper with my life, especially one that I'd cast myself.
There's no info because you can buy 200 of them with a credit card no questions asked.
In the States, yeah. The rest of us aren't so lucky, and I'd prefer to not rely solely on a Luty.
Not pratically. If you had machining skills (takes years to learn) and you owned the machinery then you could make them. Some rough number estimates:
-If you have a manual mill like a bridgeport, pretty standard tooling, and solid skills (I'm thinking 5 years experience) you might get one good upper out of 20 hours of labor. Expect to have $10k in tooling.
If you have modern CNC machinery (several hundred K), and you know what you're doing you can make them cheap enough to sell them for under $50, which is what the pro makers are doing.

Otherwise it's either finish an 80%, or start doing sloppy-shit tier DIY like >>43431779 mentioned.

I have nearly 30 years machining experience, close to half of that owning my own shop. I wouldn't even think of making AR uppers. There's just no point when they are so cheap to buy. Get 80%ers if you're afraid of the man.
You're better off with the Luty. Craft produced AR uppers just aren't a thing.

An AK might be doable by hand, though. I don't actually know, but I think it would be worth looking into. I still think a carefully made, tested broken in Luty with a threaded barrel, a stock, and a low power scope would be the best option.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (63 KB, 1280x720)
63 KB
Are grenade launchers more effective than small arms?

Say a small conflict started between a company of regular infantry, and a company exclusively armed with MGLs and M79s. How well would they do? What if they fend off even more?
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It would be a shitshow, that's for sure. But grenades are too specialized and will fall apart if that's all your force has. Best case scenario is they pick up rifles from the first few guys they down since that's when they could have any advantage
GL velocity makes for a slow ballistic arc, with heavy recoil and a 10-30m safety-zone where rounds won't detonate. They might win out in the 100-200 meter range, but any closer (or farther) and they're probably toast.
It'd be fun as hell, for the 20 seconds or so that an average infantryman could carry enough ammunition for. Also you've just upgraded friendly fire from 'a tragic and horrifying incident' to 'fun for all the platoon'.
>everyone mag dumps 40mm to obliterate anything they can see
>oh god, now it's time to reload

The surviving rifle infantry would make bayonets great again
However impractical, I would love to see a company armed with nothing but grenade launchers in action.

File: EAG.568-2T.jpg (36 KB, 270x350)
36 KB
Does everyone attach their mag pouches to their plate carrier or do they get a seperate rig? If its a seprate rig any recommendations? I have an eagle cummerbun carrier and want some advice on how to set it up. Not looking for full LARP but somthing practical for classes and if needed. Also plate carrier general thread.
>pic related my carrier
62 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is the first spear STT worth it?
File: 1423141468217.jpg (27 KB, 460x276)
27 KB
>funny how anyone who has a choice doesn't wear their turtle armor.

this but with spurdo camo
File: spurdcamo.jpg (17 KB, 225x225)
17 KB
File: 12341324123412.jpg (151 KB, 960x675)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Nutria brown is a great solid camo.

How will autonomous robots change war? what will be the point of fleshy meatbags in comparison to capable autonomous killing machines fighting wars for humans? Will the aftermatch of battles be spilt oil and rusted metal instead blood and guts?
Do you want Robot Rebellions? 'cause this is how you get Robot Rebellions.
File: 1573046833320.jpg (92 KB, 828x404)
92 KB
Its not gonna be the combat drone that'll strike first, but the service droid.
i am less interested in their impact on war and far more interested in having sex with them
not even the service droid.

The paper clip maximizer AI will declare war holy war on staplers and all who support them.

Post rare guns/pics that show some stuff you don't usually see
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M14 is trash. This post brought to you by BM59 gang
Damn those are some badass weapons
File: 18062407_1_lg.jpg (280 KB, 3600x1477)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
At the same time, FN were basically on the same kind of crack with the FAL, resulting in the 50.41 and 50.42 FALO or HBAR FAL. Heavy barrel, 30-round mags, and depending on the exact model either a folding combination bipod-handguard or a bipod and slightly different short handguard. The folding thing seen here was adopted by Australia and Canada as the L2A1/C2A1 and kept around until the '80s or thereabouts. Brits did the smart thing and just rechambered Brens for 7.62, HBAR FALs all had a notorious issue of hanging up after the first two rounds out of a fresh mag on full-auto.
a perfect prank device
Armenian AS VAL in 300BLK

Practical and useful designs have been a disaster for the human race
>3d printer noise in the background
how about no....

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