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On my YouTube TV app there is a “browse by topic” tab where I can select things like history, travel, trucks, etc, and it would always have “precision sports” and “shooting range” but those are now gone and I have to manually search what I’m trying to find. They are making it harder to access even the gun channels that they deem kosher
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The blanket striking across pretty much every guntuber over the last month is the final nail in the coffin. YouTube wants them gone, it's just time for a competitor to provide a similar level of service.
Utreon and Rumble are good alternatives but I feel like every 12 months there's a "new YouTube killer" that doesn't make it.
Man how are you gonna go and post that wholesome, warm and fuzzy shit in the middle of this depressing thread.
All the stupid shit about muh fudd braces confirmed some (not all) guntubers as pro-Russia assets. All the feigned outrage about non-existent censorship by /pol/tards on here is another tell.
Mad about increased gun ownership now, huh? Shoulda thought of that before, dontcha think! "Muh rights" are just your cover for wanting oppressed people to remain unarmed, you hypocrite bitch.
Is Plaid Papa ok?!
Oh yes he's fine, pumping out pro NATO propo's like a good little boy.

File: Capture.jpg (210 KB, 1301x868)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>b-b-but i need it because im a disabled veteran!!!!
dude just use your service dog
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You think the ATF is going to give their number one enemy more weapons to defend themselves with?
File: maxresdefault (14).jpg (240 KB, 1280x720)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
>not using braces for their intended purpose
Fuck ya mudda
That dog tall af
How reload?
Get 100 round drums and an arm workout at the same time.

File: Flag_of_Michigan.svg.png (282 KB, 1200x801)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
The cunt governor has made gun control an agenda priority this year. Buckle up fags, it's gonna be a rough one

File: zastava m21.png (262 KB, 1024x462)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
I'm making my license and I want to buy myself a rifle. I also live in Europe (Poland), which probably makes selection of rifles that I have access to different to what Americans have in their gun stores. I want something lethal but soft shooting and with flat, retard-friendly ballistics, so it's gonna be 5.56/.223.

I've seen some American youtube experts who said that AR-15 is obvious choice and AK is for people who already own AR-15 and are bored with it's superior ergonomics and ease of shooting.

My issue is that I will rarely shoot my rifle anyway (maybe a magazine or two per month and probably even less as the time goes on), and pic related (Zastava M21 - basically an AK in 5.56) is 3 or 4 times cheaper that most AR-15. Same goes to used Beryl or Valmet.

Also are European-made AR-15 any good? Most gun producers in here have short-stroke piston systems in their flagship models, so it seems more logical for me to buy some of these (e.g. CZ Bren-2 or Grot - latter was cheaper last time I checked, but I don't know how current war will influence prices before I have my license).

People who I've been talking with irl seems to have soft spot for AK (probably because in ex-commie country, some version of AK was their first rifle), so I don know. Will AK in 5.56 kill incoming Russians/unwanted guests as good as more expensive rifles in 5.56 wshtf? Or maybe is it better to pay more for a rifle that my wife or kid will be capable of using with less training (I've heard AK kicks slightly more, even if it's 5.56 - however I haven't felt that much difference myself - maybe because I'm fat)?

If I pay extra is some European AR-15 better choice or some of European mutations of AR-18?
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Kup 416tke albo beryla. Odpuść tanie ARy, odpuść tanie kałachy.
Ruskie sajgi to totalne gówno w porównaniu do beryli.

Wypisz się z frajerstwa.eu i zapisz do normalnego klubu gdzie będziesz ćwiczyć.
Zastava or Beryl will be fine. If you end up going for an AR by the time you get your loiscence get something with a DI system, it’s what it was designed for and if it’s going to be your only rifle you don’t want to have proprietary parts that you can’t replace if the model gets discontinued or the company goes under.
if this is the only rifle you buy I would definitely spend the extra money on an AR over a 5.56 AK. I have a Zastava Npap and it is okay, but I only have it because I already had an AR and wanted an AK as well.
With that said, there's nothing really wrong with Zastava and if that's all you get, it will be just fine.
What is the scoped .22? I like the look of it.
>rock and lock magazine
Better cause its way cooler
>dust cover rail will not hold zero
Which are bad anyways
>fewer aftermarket parts
Still has a huge aftermarket, even if zenitshit is scalped, zenit is bad anyways
>AK fire selector (dogshit)
Just keep the gun on fire the whole time youre in combat
It has a safety therefore a safety is just as good as another safety because it safes the gun
>integral rear sight
You can take it off you know
>dogshit sight radius
16" AKM and AK-74 has the same sight radius as 14.5" M4A1 or any carbine FSB
>stupid side mounted optics

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What happens if you strap this to a ballistic shield and run at the enemy?
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Faster than most. Like 4000fps

Whats immediate proximity? You use these things and you will be close enough to need to take cover from random crap it throws back. They are command operated if you are a follower of the Geneva conventions..

Ive seen them cut down trees they are strapped to so I'm pretty sure they'd cut the shield in half too, and you'd end up with some of it inside your chest
72 virgins give or take a few
Checked. Sounds like something warm and pure.
>72 virgins
a translation error, is a T-72 with Russian virgins
Sign me up (for the draft)

File: 34565687680789'.png (401 KB, 563x393)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
>500,000 rubles for the first destroyed Leopard2
>1,000,000 rubles for the first CAPTURED Leopard2
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I live a third world country that had entire regions facing starvation due to droughts until the 1980s and a bag of flour is nothing special. Also handing compensation to people in food items is something very typical of socialist governments, not poor ones.
I'm not even a curry. I'm just a guy who one day had enough of the constant pigger spam.
>denying white genocide
Why the fuck does everyone forget about Eritrea?
Goddamn I want a lion monkey

File: investment guns.png (606 KB, 669x508)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
what are you putting your money into for 2023?
i hate "muh investment" niggers so much its unreal
I bought about $5k worth of luxury playing cards past 2 months
80% glocks and standard capacity mags cash and carry from gun shows.

File: Wic-win-cover.jpg (21 KB, 283x351)
21 KB
World in Conflict American Campaign: Half the Russian fleet sinks due to poor maintenance and corruption before even reaching Seattle, the rest are beaten at the harbor by the Seattle Police Department and Captain Bannon's logistics division as all surprise is lost when police radios start picking up unencrypted Russian transmissions since Valery sold all the encrypted comms equipment for vodka.
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Yeah the second American mission of Generals was a base level Black Hawk down situation of running around a town filled with angry mobs rescuing pilots.
So fucking happy that the community brought multiplayer back online, game is seriously one of the best out there.
File: WiC.jpg (120 KB, 1280x720)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>However, at the same time, Bannon did organize the Seattle retreat effectively.
How fucking dire was the situation what a mere O-3 was handling the retreat?

Also you will never go into battle against godless commies while carrying the standard.
That is a feel that still hurts to this day

File: FB_IMG_1674775565486.jpg (151 KB, 1080x1080)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
What's the story of this particular patch? Is it because Russians are Muslims?
I don't know, but I know azov were initially a reactionary group countering the russian chimpout.

"reactionary group" is correct. The nazism is a marketing gimmick used to collect and unite people under a flag of outrage. It's a group designed from the ground up to safely stoke the nationalist base and give them something to do.

File: A237 (1).jpg (162 KB, 1555x875)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Should aircraft be considered extra-long-range artillery?
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can the machine guns be used for ranging for the big gun?
That's how it works if you have air supremacy and America almost always will, but the war in Ukraine has both sides using aviation as basically flying Grad batteries
I dunno but sounds like extra-short-range aircraft to me.
I think systems like Rapid Dragon could be counted as artillery units
I fucking love b-25s, but the quad 50 nose with the 4 cheek mounted 50s is the best version

>B-25s with as many as eight fixed .50s in a hard nose, plus four more in external “cheek” pods affixed to the fuselage slightly behind and below the cockpit on each side. Add in the top turret rotated to fire straight ahead and you had a battery of 14 .50-caliber machine guns with a total throw weight of about 215 pounds per second. One version of the late-model B-25J had 18 forward-firing machine guns.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (211 KB, 1280x720)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>combat footage of Terminator released
>NATO announces they're sending Abrams and Leos
>Claim "Russia 'likely considering' deploying small number of T-14 Armata"

Is this it bros? Is the holy grail, which has caused years of flame wars in weapons forums about to be released?
Will we get to see Abrams vs Armata combat footage? Or even Armata vs Leo?
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I still haven't seen any footage of a T-14 moving under its own power since that parade where they were first shown off, which also saw one break down right on Red Square.
>deploying small number of T-14 Armata"
so all of them?
>and russia is still using tanks from the 60's
it took the Americans nearly 43 years to make "Future American Tank 2"

kek AND lel
that's a testament to the strength of the abrams design and american manufacturing. if you build a tank right the first time, using foresight and the best technology in the world, you don't have to replace it for a good long while.

File: Ebony 02.jpg (61 KB, 400x267)
61 KB
Ebony 02, The world has forgot but I'll never forget. Salute.

>Defending the ideals of America
>Bombing third worlders in a fake war against communism totally orchestrated by jews
Stupid goy, no refunds
>dropping bombs
He's a hero. Doesn't matter who they hit. The world needs more bombs and less people
>The world needs more bombs and less people
Indeed, (((we))) need less people, start by killing yourself first
Nah I'm not a person it wouldn't do any good.

Why do we overengineer all weapons today?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Because it means we got to field a rifle comparable to the AR-18 for twice the cost and a lot more weight. We can't just buy a rifle, that would be cheating. Better to make a bad rifle, the buy H&K and make them fix it. This is how UK military aquisition goes, it's tradition to go the longest most convoluted path possible.
File: 1643767754967.jpg (674 KB, 2560x1714)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
we don't
Whatever Enfield did to make the L85, it was not engineering.
File: 1674427478693790.png (233 KB, 807x615)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
>anno domino 1990+33
>this piece of shit is STILL in service
I am not looking forward to handling it at all, guys
It's like every bong thing. They're so prideful that they insist on using domestic designs even though they're objectively bottom-tier. France and India actually make better shit now.

The US requires everything to be manufactured domestically but it can be from anywhere as long as it wins in testing (which sometimes means the head of procurement gets paid off, source: original M9, M17, V22, F35).

File: ackgerasimov.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
That the West is going to supply heavy equipment like tanks etc to Ukraine, including possibly planes in the future.

I don't think send in the next wave is going to save them come the end of the mud season unless every single conscript has an atgm and manpad.
72 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>they use Tanks as imprecise artillery, which wears down those barrels even further.

Smoothbore cannon + low pressure/medium velocity HE round at 700 m/s = the gun barrel can take thousands of shells. They use tanks because they have a lot of 125 mm HE shells and all russian tanks are equipped to be used as ersatz artillery. We've seen cell phone movies from the inside of russian tanks shelling something 8000+ meters away in the night, at that distance the tank isnt visible and the only thing the defenders see is the muzzle flash.
It looks like the Russian plan is to take as much of the Donbass as they can and to hunker down. The battle for Ukraine is lost, but maybe they're hoping to force a stalemate in the east and to get away with the two republics. I can honestly see that happening. But I feel pretty certain the the Ukrainians will retake the south at some point. And as other people have pointed out, Crimea will then be very hard to defend. That will be an interesting situation.
File: ChVK_Wagner_Center.jpg (434 KB, 1314x1698)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
I think it depends a lot on Putin and succession. It has a fall of the Roman Republic feel to me, you can't have that many potential successors with men under arms in the field during a succession crisis. Sooner or later someone is going to turn round, cross the rubicon and "save moscow".

Pic related should never have happened, certainly it cannot be what Putin wanted nor going around calling Gerasimov a faggot and mumbling about getting the Ukraine war over so he can "get to business". Soledar is a strategic objective, but not so much in terms of fighting Ukraine but in amplifying Prigozhin's cult. Shoigu has Patriot, Timchenko has Redut, and of course there is Kadyrov who is doing a good impression of a man obsessed with preserving his forces close to home. Merely from the rate at which they get assassinated its reasonable to think the commanders of regular forces are themselves warlord adjacent. Do you want a civil war, because this is how we get a civil war.
File: jhkjh.jpg (118 KB, 836x705)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Now post the real Xi.
File: norf.png (42 KB, 413x624)
42 KB

File: 103999_a.jpg (30 KB, 800x800)
30 KB
I just can't help but think of 5.56/.223 as pitifully weak.
>can't defeat body armor
>can't reliably down anything smaller than a varmint
>not even legal to hunt with in a lot of places
>not good for long range because the wind pushes the lightweight projectiles around easily
>shit out of short barrels because it's entirely reliant on velocity for effectiveness
Does it have a valid place in the world, or is it only hanging around because of the AR15s popularity because people like to copy the military?
88 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
No fucking clue, I guess it's a bit of the typewriter monkey theorem at work. As mentioned, by all rights, this was a bullet that should have penetrated anyways. Meaning it's clearly not any kind of example that demonstrates the perils of BABT as concerns bullets that are pretty comfortably stopped.
i never used the word most.
>I just can't help but think of 5.56/.223 as pitifully weak.

Its the replacement for 7.62x33, a straightwalled pistol type cartridge with a round nosed (piss poor aerodynamics) bullet. German 7.92x33 aka 8 mm kurz totally dominates american 7.62x33 ballistics wise.
Yeah I though of it as well, but in real life most of the ammo I do fire I fire into paper or very rarely steel. In that context 5.56 makes a whole lot of sense just because it's cheap and has a somewhat flat rifle-like trajectory going out into 200-300 yards. It's very different from say 22LR. Plus, for a home defense gun it's more than enough. But for hunting it's meh.
I've mentioned this multiple times and yet most people continue with the old "varmint round for varmints" fuddline. At this point I just figure that anyone who's receptive to the idea of 5.56 hunting & bullet choice will have gotten the message already, and those who refuse to think about it because it's incompatible with their world view or are entirely dismissive of the principles and nuances of terminal ballistics altogether, simply never will listen.

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