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File: 45598.jpg (369 KB, 1438x1917)
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369 KB JPG
Idk if you'll be on tonight anon who asked me about my Desert Night sweatshirt at the theater but I found the site I got it from. MOEGuns has em, but kommando store was a good guess.

Anyone ever been outted as a Bulgarian fishnet mender in public? At a rally or a range maybe?
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I had a coworker see me browsing and came up to me Ina whispered tone and looked all concerned and said "you go on 4chan?". I just said "yeah but I just stick to the blueboards." Obviously he had no idea what the fuck I was talking about but maybe he figured it out later.
I've met 1 (one) person from /k/ in real life and he was a fucking faggot. Will not ever do it again.
All the discord trannies and zoomers have ruined this place.
Based on the heaps of absolute shit that gets posted here I imagine I'd rather not meet a good chunk of anons.
i miss working for a luxury cinema, would find cash in the leather recliners all the time and the rich white milfs would tip me because i would joke and flirt with them as an usher. now im just a physical labor slave...

File: d30-sov (1).jpg (20 KB, 221x297)
20 KB
How does /k/ feel about the idea of privately owned light artillery?
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File: 1634866112635.png (29 KB, 540x283)
29 KB
>broken arrow broken arrow!
File: 123321231321.jpg (117 KB, 768x960)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>taxes are annoying
How does one shoot a cannon accurately? Does the training you get working with one platform traslate to other platforms at all, or do you have to start from scratch when going from say, a howitzer to a heavy mortar?
Theres a liveleak copycat on telegram. Its alright.
You know the starting point (the location of the gun) and you know the end point (the target) the shell is a known quantity with known ballistic properties. You can do the maths to figure out how far the projectile will travel with any given charge behind it when fired at a specific angle. In WW2 accountants and men with similar training/experience were preferred for assignment to artillery units because they were expected to be able to do that sort of number crunching quickly and accurately without needing a few years of heavy duty mathematical education. Nowadays I'd imagine that most of it is computerised though (type the variables into the FCS and wait until it gives you a solution).

File: 82593_kaiucav_818355.jpg (40 KB, 1024x536)
40 KB
Did South Korea hack into Lockheed Martin's libraries so that they can design an unmanned stealth bomber from scrath? Where are they keep getting these knowledge from?
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the b2 is like 30 years old. shit is probably public domain by now
>America held domain over triangles
File: maxresdefault.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Memes aside, RoK was probably given a lot of the B2s schematics when they asked, and probably had NATO engineers on call to help.

File: glock.jpg (64 KB, 1103x747)
64 KB
Will you dumb niggers carry tourniquets now?
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About all this tourniquet duration shit, is it not dependent on HOW you apply it?
Atleast in the finnish army what little first aid training we got (iirc, might misremember) there was "significant bleeding wound" tightness and "oh fuck, immediate bleedout" tightness
we were instructed to just fuck shit up in the latter case despite the potential loss-of-limb in <30min - 1h because it beats loss-of-life
I got my info from multiple medical studies of both battlefield and emergency room conditions.




It was dark red which is on the side of probably bleeding out. Bullet might have plugged the hole a bit. The other person applying his belt as a makeshift TQ slowed the bleeding as well. If he had just tried to apply pressure it might have worked unless there was a missed exit wound.
Other anon here. The army conducted research throughout the entirety of Afghanistan and in its TCCC guidelines provides rough timelines for limb salvage/stability and 4 hours is the safe, easy limit. 6 hours is relatively safe. Limited data on 8hours because its rare to need it that long. This was based on thousands of injuries and a mountain of data. After I think 6 hours you can consider transferring to a pressure bandage but applying the pressure/Israeli bandage and then slowly letting up on the TQ and watching what happens.

And surgeons regularly TQ limbs for multiple hours in the OR for routine surgeries so they can work on a extremity without then bleeding excessively. I've stood there and physically watched this happen on multiple occasions.

That's interesting, and also deeply retarded. In the US mil they just say to go all the way or not at all, same in civilian EMS. The idea is if a limb has bleeding requiring a TQ you can't fuck around with "just letting them bleed a little", and it's not like you can clinically measure their blood output. It sounds like a peacetime military sort of too good of an idea thing that isn't practical at all realistically. You just crank until bleeding stops.
Yeah. If you apply it loosely it's actually worse than applying it tightly (correctly). Allowing that slower trickle of blood prevents clotting and can actually increase chance of death due to tissue damage and other issues that I can't recall because I didn't need to actually remember anything other than "crank that shit down".
Sorry if it was unclear; the first option wasn't "letting them bleed a little" or anything like that, the second option was just you tighten it properly and then you tighten it again to a point of tissue damage essentially
I think it might have had something to do with the fact that the main form of predicted medevac was dragging your buddy through the thick-ass forest by yourself

File: 9zfh1rx5muo11.jpg (59 KB, 640x900)
59 KB
i need to kill a pibble mutt. the bastard is my neighbour's and he's repeatedly trying to dig under the fence and get to my chicken coop. any ideas on how to make it quick and relatively quiet?
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This, make sure you get a picture of it eating a chicken too
Antifreeze works.
This is my kind of pitbull
>poor understanding of the English language
>chicken coop
Yup, op is definitely a spic manlet

>The United States, along with their allies (The Republic of Vietnam, South Korean, Australian, Thailand, New Zealand), lost about 12,500 aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.
>North Vietnam lost 150 – 170 aircraft and helicopters.
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>bombing raids
there weren't any, they were only flying to disrupt USAF missions
I think he meant american raids bombing north Vietnamese planes on the ground.
Comparing stats from different countries is impossible when they have different standards for counting things thus always skewing data.

And for every downed aircraft the MIC got a contract for building a new one. Guess whose technicians deemed an aircraft worthy of further service or not.
>yes and then America singlehandedly lost barely anyone fighting in Vietnam even though it fought the whole war on its own without any help of some South Vietnamese army that definitely wasnt there

File: 12342412.jpg (314 KB, 2446x850)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
>Basic bitch round receiver 91/30's are fast on their way to becoming legitimate collectors pieces
It's a weird feeling
They been for decades, there just used to be way more of them than people who wanted them.

Collectibles. They are becoming worth having. A Collector's Piece would indicate rarity, exquisiteness or uniqueness. A 100 year old hammer is also a collectible.

File: qn73krvij3171.jpg (67 KB, 1080x720)
67 KB
Is there a reason why most of the insurgents there seem to be fighting with shit tier bolt actions or home made stuff? Myanmar has been a Syria-tier destabilized state since WW2 and is a massive hub for smuggling so what gives?
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Those faggots on your pic are not "most of the insurgents". They're the metrosexuals from Rangoon who revolted. The Karen, Wa and Kachin rebels are well equipped and are fighting a guerrilla war against the central governement for 40 years.
File: fg_1902788-jdw-1732.jpg (199 KB, 1477x984)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>thinking the Karen aren't also rocking 40 year old AK's and chink M4 clones which break after a mag
el o el
It’s not like the Burmese army is much better equipped. They use domestically made guns (Galil, G3 and Uzi clones) of dubious quality.
>The CIA hasn't seen a reason to get involved.
They are running this whole shitshow in Myanmar

File: 20210129_143319.jpg (410 KB, 2048x2048)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
i am from the japan. how i get guns in my country?
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you can legally own a shotgun in japan
Probably the Yakuza.
Being an expat in Vietnam = everyone knows you have yellow fever and nobody cares
build them

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how many mig-21s required to take on the us air force?
Considering a ton of pilots are leaving due to jab mandates, and the F-35 doesn't work, probably doable with the number remaining in working condition.
Who doesn't like the MiG-21? Any interceptor shoehorned into a mainline fighter ends up being kino.
Ever since i first saw a mig 15, i feel the same
While landing the damn thing bounces more that a fat girl during sex.

File: Riffle-1024x692.jpg (171 KB, 1024x692)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
How old are you now, and how old were you when you started learning gun safety and marksmanship?

I am 50 now, and started learning when I was in first grade, so about 8 years old or so.

I started off with my grandfather teaching me the basics of safety and responsible ownership and use, plinking with 38 specials, and learning long range marksmanship with his Garands (he had three lifetimes of surplus 30-06). By the time I was 12 or so, I was in our local scout Junior Gun Club, and eager to get onto the Junior High rifle team. Yep, guns were welcomed in schools, and curriculum and clubs were there for students. And this was Massachusetts. Pre Dukakis though, so not socialist controlled.
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File: 1634766840992.png (94 KB, 800x1060)
94 KB
19, first gun I shot was a 270 Win when I was 5 and I have a list of bad habits like not wearing earpro
Source on that image?
I never shot a gun until bootcamp. I was 18
nigger how the fuck do you not know how to use google?
jesus christ you're actually retarded.
this place gets worse every day, kill yourself. fuck.
I'm 25, took my first life by 20 and started shooting at around 6 and grew up with guns. Learned to butcher deer from my grandpa.

File: tim.27b17960.jpg (21 KB, 930x691)
21 KB
>be me today
>bring garand and px4 compact to free public range
>garand needs lube apparently, takes forever to get the clip to seat
>have to shove the bolt him myself each clip (it cycled fine)
>whip out the compact
>closest target marker is 25 yards
>land half of 45 rounds on paper at all
>a cartridge hits me in my glasses and scratches the area dead center for my right eye
>I had prescription safety glasses in the car
Just kill me now lord
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I like 9mm and 38 super 1911s cause they kick less and comps help them a lot if you need it reduced further
40s and 10mms also do well comped. i just dont really care for 45 1911s that much, too low pressure for comps and ports to help and just kick too mcuh and ammo costs too much
only thing id bother getting a 45 for is for suppressing really, that would probably help it a bit
That age estimate was when I was guessing his age from first look when I didn't yet know he was in Vietnam. As I found out, I was wrong about his estimated age, but still don't know his actual age as I didn't ask. I tend to guess age about 10-15 years under what people's actual age is when they're 50+. I'm used to people over 40 looking older; I'm not sure if it was because most older people "dressed like they were older" when I was growing up or they worked hard and (visually) aged quicker than most I guess the age of these days.
I feel ya, im pretty bad at guessing ages too.
He must be looking decent for his age though regardless. He'd have to be at least what 65? That'd be if he was 18 leaving nam in '75 which would be an extreme. (though i guess this story might not have happened recently).
Anywho, i was just having chuckle when i thought about the numbers in your story that way, I did get what you meant.

Good luck with the continued hunt for ERDL, anon.
Real fucking sporatically huh
>I feel ya, im pretty bad at guessing ages too.
I used to be decent, but a lot of my guesses have been off in the past few years. Getting worse somehow.
>He must be looking decent for his age though regardless. He'd have to be at least what 65? That'd be if he was 18 leaving nam in '75 which would be an extreme.
Guy looked damn good for his age; I'm sure I've seen guys in their late 40s looking like that. In shape, grey/peppered beard along with most of his hair, but in shape and no problems AFAIK. Most (Vietnam) vets I know or heard of around here are out of shape or were fucked up bad from Agent Orange or other chemicals and age just made it worse. Guy kind of looks like Aquachigger, who going by his FB info and some shitty math, should be in his early/mid to late 50s assuming he went right to college or didn't wait many years after HS.
>(though i guess this story might not have happened recently).
This story happened within this year and I wasn't thinking of the age of Vietnam vets at the time of the story, just hoping I could find a source for ERDL; plenty of guys who were kids when this stuff was surplussed still have it laying around, so I assumed that was the case.

>Good luck with the continued hunt for ERDL, anon.
Thanks, anon; I have one piece of it, but it's in large and it's HUGE! ...Or maybe I'm just small. Either way, I'd like to have a set if just for reference and completion of a collection. Ditto Vietnam era or post Vietnam Tigerstripe, US made.

File: 1586193377093.jpg (2.34 MB, 3264x2448)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
So my dremel finally arrived and I dremelled out the inside of the ejector port and around the mouth of the barrel like guys said, and I was having less misfeeds, but it was shooting fire out with the ejected shells kind of like how a revolver shoots fire out of its wheelie thing.

Do I need to dremel it more, or is it okay? How do I put a red dot on it?
Seems difficult to conceal with that long barrel, maybe saw it off?
I was thinking open carry but if I ever needed to conceal it, I could mexican carry it in my cargo pants or something and wear my duster.
Also, should I spray paint it or sarahcoat it? What is the difference?
I hate everyone in this thread

File: 1495831817484.jpg (7 KB, 320x320)
7 KB
>1x-Xx LPVO
>scope + piggy back red dot
>sight + magnifier
which is best for a versatile combat setup?

File: honeypot~2.png (1.32 MB, 1618x1080)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
This is literally the only YouTuber who is talking about guns in my country and he is Possible honeypot.
In my country (Russia) there are probably a few dozens of wide-known gun tubers and hundreds of less known guys that film themselves shooting.
Russia is the mother of guns

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