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File: Pavnattack.jpg (29 KB, 346x331)
29 KB
> He was a sensitive man who kept a journal and seemed far better equipped for winning hearts and minds than for combat command. But he got one, and I remember flying out to visit his fire base the night after it had been attacked by an NVA sapper unit. Most of the combat troops I had been out on an operation, so this colonel mustered a motley crew of clerks and cooks and drove the sappers off, chasing them across tile rice paddies and killing dozens of these elite enemy troops by the light of flares. That morning, as they were surveying what they had done and loading the dead NVA--all naked and covered with grease and mud so they could penetrate the barbed wire--on mechanical mules like so much garbage, there was a look of beatific contentment on tile colonel's face that I had not seen except in charismatic churches. It was the look of a person transported into ecstasy.



>and often covered their bodies in charcoal and grease to aid movement and make detection more difficult

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Agreed anon
I find it hysterical anyone still thinks like this.
File: 1575579210780.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
>Ho Chi Minh loved America
>OSS reports in and after WW2 that Vietnam would readily become a U.S. ally given the chance
>Current administration at the time snubs the Vietnamese and instead supports France the colonial occupier
>Firmly pushes Ho Chi Minh into the soviets arms
>We fight it out due to being Frances ally and trying to stop the red spread
>Fast forward to today
>No Enmity between the US and Vietnam and Vietnam is a staunch US ally
Man we could have skipped the Vietnam war. I know why for geopolitical reasons we didn't. Sets a bad precedent though when you bust Britain and Frances colonial ambition in the Suez but somehow support the French in theirs later.
Well, their secret service backed mafia brings billions of dollars back to 'Nam every year.
File: marbles-mind-blown-up.gif (1.45 MB, 500x309)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB GIF
what happened if their scrotum got caught on a barb?

File: Z.jpg (5 KB, 290x174)
5 KB
You do have spare parts for your "assault weapons" right anon? I have a spare bolt, bolt carrier group, complete spring set, lower assembly spring set, 2,500 round maintenance kit, and 5,000 round maintenance kit
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No I have a milled AK with an adjustable piston in 7.63x39mm and chrome plated bolt carrier and chrome lined barrel.
2 seconds of realizing that's retarded and unnecessary
I have spare rifles with spare parts kits for each
I didn't buy it because I think the gun is going to die at 2500 rounds. I bought it because it was like $5 and has a bunch of common wear parts
I have four complete rifles that share all moving parts.

was there actually something wrong with the M110, or did the Army just want new toys?
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I heard they have to many recoil impulses for what they are trying to use them for. It is hard to hit enemy at distance with a bolt slamming into buffer hard af. Glass is good tho
Probably why the newer models have adjustable blocks and heavier buffers.
>I've heard first hand from both Army and Marines on the 416
When did the Army drop the m4?
not yet they're probably waiting for the Sig SPEAR before they do anything. USMC wants to move to an all-IAR infantry squad, Army uses 416s in the DMR/SAMR role
Ranger that had used a 416 and messed with an IAR during a joint exercise with Marines.

What's generally the best -state-of-the-art, perhaps - intermediate cartridge?
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.308. Fuck manlets and their manlet cartridges.
Where? Combat in a metropolitan city versus the mountains of Afghanistan require 2 very different rounds. If its urban 7.62x39 works great out of short barrels and has excellent material penetration. If its long range though, 6.5 grendel is better. However if you need to operate in both environments 5.56 is the intermediate among intermediates as it does fine at long and short range while not being exceptional
File: godsgivencaliber.png (669 KB, 1022x703)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
There is only a single caliber that's worth using
File: zergface.png (54 KB, 183x200)
54 KB
.45-70 govt is the only govt i trust

It’s never coming back bros
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File: mattress man.png (27 KB, 383x838)
27 KB
Rittenhouse's case is far clearer than the Mattress Matter. Looking at witness testimony, autopsy reports, and video evidence, there's no way a jury could argue anything besides self-defense, at the worst a dubious weapon's charge which they'd struggle to make stick.
Just use a bullet puller and recharge them yourself
People here at barter level economics. They are trying to figure out if .22ccix5 is worth 2 squirrels or 3 birds
>people taking the bait
y'all are fucking retarded
>t. knows nothing of logistics and supply chains

File: file.png (909 KB, 960x720)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
How successful was the Argentinian attempt to convert a destroyer into a submarine?
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The Brits already helped them convert a Cruiser into a submarine some years ago.


Ha Ha, it was I.
File: 1580171434146.jpg (99 KB, 773x581)
99 KB
i'm surprised they didn't need our help this time.

What fucking ammo was Dutch using?
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SEALS love to write books
.45 acp
Wasn't he the main character in Twister? That movie about tornados?
File: 800px-Hiram_Johnson_2.jpg (111 KB, 800x978)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
He looks nothing like Hiram W. Johnson
This dumb faggot is going to try to tell us The Thing never happened either. There are military bases in antarctic for a reason.

File: ea9yjn80tjg11.jpg (110 KB, 1002x995)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Is the big Glock, small cock meme true?
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>men don’t use pick up trucks to haul stuff anymore
>men don’t use big guns for war against tyranny anymore
>men don’t use lifting to overpower their enemies in glorious melee combat anymore
It’s not a psyop, anon
It’s gloating
It’s a pickup I use for hauling, it’s got more utility in its back than you do entirely.
Guns and fitness are cool. Massive trucks that cant do anything are gay.
File: FilthyDegenerate.jpg (377 KB, 1079x573)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
>seethes about sweatmarks and a messy desk
Bruh, that desk and bed are straight up vile
>doesn’t have any (real) guns
How many times are we going to have to show you, you fucking moron

Can europoors get plates?
I am sure brits can't. Also a weird thing I heard about italians is they can get ceramic plates but no steel, can any italian anon confirm?
How's plate regulation in Europe?
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If some chinless sped wants to dress up as a retard who started a war they had zero hope of winning, why shouldn't they? It's not my problem if they want to make a fool of themself. You faggot commies are just as bad as /pol/niggers.
I have no clue about body armor regulation in Europe. but anywho, it's definitely not hard by any stretch to just make your own goddamned plates at home with ceramics, fiberglass cloth, and anti-spawl coating.
What an absolute clusterfuck of a thread. Half the posts in here are probably trolls and bait, but fuck if i can tell which anymore

Are they good like they are, or do the need to be changed?
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>getting rid of Foxtrot

F and N, easy to remember.
>let's make half assed changes to something that's widely adopted and worked for decades to attain minor and ambiguous benefits
File: yes 2.jpg (369 KB, 1600x900)
369 KB
369 KB JPG








Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>be autistic
>don’t own a firearm chambered in 22 mag
>find several hundred rounds marked down at lgs
>buy them

So /k/, I was thinking about picking up a new S&W 648 to fill this void. I don’t have a wheel gun and it looks fun to plink with. Would you guys suggest I go with something different if I was only going to ever purchase one fun chambered in that round? Open to rifles or pistols but want to keep the price around $650 like the S&W.

Also, 22magnum thread I guess.
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is it worth $500 more to have an eight instead of six round chamber, a SA/DA instead of purely SA and a much easier time reloading? personally for me no. your situation might be different.

the ruger single nine might be an intriguing middle ground, it has a loading gate and is SA but also has a big nine round chamber. not convertible between .22lr and .22wmr, though. though nor is the 648 to my recollection.
You look like shit
The 648 is not convertible either to my knowledge. The SA/DA seems like a plus to me. I honestly hadn’t considered the heritage. Fuck me I’ll probably end up with both.
SA/DA may appear to have the best of both worlds but honestly its kinda shit unless you really plan on just shooting it DA 99% of the time. for SA shooting you want a purely SA revolver, the trigger pull and reset is way better on SA's than SA/DA's.
PMR30 is the only reasonable choice

File: Squad.jpg (173 KB, 960x540)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Is there a /k/ team for Squad?
Started playing it recently and I want to play with fellow autists
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've got 1000 hours on the European servers and I've only gotten a handful of logis playing music (just as fun each time imo).
I mostly main vehicles though.
This shit is unplayable at the moment.

Uncontrollable flood of complete noobs and retards ever since the 1.0 launch. It's been really horrible.

I'm gonna give it another month before I play again.
>play game made by commies and faggots

Lol no.
I disagree for the most part. I think squad has genuinely found the best middle ground between Battlefield and Arma. It does a good job of funneling players into a teamwork oriented environment if they want basic things like ammo, revives and spawns but still holds onto most of the playground 'do whatever seems fun' feel of battlefield. I've got 500 hours on Squad, typically get ~20-30 kills a game and really help my squad get stuff done. Whenever I hear some autist try to micromanage his squad and yell at them, "I play pro-squad", they are typically not very good and are clearly not having very much fun.
Squad is an unfinished PR with better graphics and also this >>46774685

Is there any way to see an IFF beacon with a smartphone camera? Going to pick up pic related from someone and even though it's not much, I would like to see if it's actually working.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
he needs it to help identify him as antifa to the other antifa at a trump rally
Thanks, that helps I'm just going to take his word that it's working, it's only $15 and for larp afterall
Fuck antifa and fuck you nigger-lover
>only $15
I'm confused. Isn't this basically just a blinking LED? I used to play disk golf at night, and we'd just tape a watch battery and LED to the bottom of a disk so we could see it. IR LEDs aren't much more expensive.
You can get them new for $25. It's just an IR strobe that pops on to a 9v. It's potted in epoxy, there's no controls or anything.
Do you know where I can get the high power LED component? I want to make some 3D printed replicas for LARPing so I don't risk my original downed pilot strobe. I imagine the blink pattern can be done with a 555 timer or an arduino if you want programmable control (a bit overkill).

File: FB_SnowinLondon_small.png (145 KB, 600x314)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
I have neglected my noggin!
My nose and my brain!
Compromised my cranium with the probability of pain!

Do you use helmets or gas-faces?
Earmuffs or tarp?
How do you keep from eating something sharp?
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
What I’ve to tell, consider it well
Only a fool buys steel armor or helm.
Get thee ceramic,
And in a plate bag jam it,
So rifle shots don’t ring your bell
Based and Poetpilled
File: happybat.jpg (36 KB, 638x399)
36 KB
These seem very nice, and by no means 'spensive.
Now I can suffer combat as just a little less pensive!
I will will tell /lit/ and /tg/, even /d/ of these tales; how the Neathy /k/ommandos assisted Mr. Veils!

>Woe and calamity!
oh there goes gravity

File: AR-15-Front-Sight-Base.jpg (338 KB, 1024x866)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Redpill me on this type of sight. Why are they so common if they get in the way red dots and scopes? Will I regret cutting it off so I can use other types of sights without needing a riser?
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
just chop that fucker off bro, you won't regret it. irons are for larpers and poorfags, you'll never use them once you get an optic
HK front is superior but the US front site is decent
holy mother of BASED
They dont really get in the way

>so I can use other types of sights without needing a riser?
All sights will need a riser of some kind or they will be hilariously low on an AR
The question is whether the riser is "absolute" or "lower 1/3rd" height

Get a lower 1/3 height one and it wont be a problem

On red dots it doesnt block the dot and it also is a good reference point to look at in case youre looking at a bad angle and lost the dot, and for higher power optics it becomes a black blur that covers nothing
>Building an AR-10 off an 80% lower.
>I have everything for the lower.
>Need to buy an upper
>Please help me find one I can actually buy right now.
>I like the traditional Iron Sights that you see in Vietnam Era M16.

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