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File: 1591101894312.jpg (220 KB, 906x457)
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Za Dom!
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File: 1591101894313.jpg (55 KB, 907x462)
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U Zagori na izvoru rijeke čikole,
Stala braća da obrane naše domove.
File: TomsonSrbenda.png (469 KB, 749x422)
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File: Laser Bazooka.jpg (147 KB, 720x720)
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Is using a laser to blind "them" a viable """non-lethal""" solution regarding riot control? What else might work to keep shit from hitting the fan?
Also keep in mind this thread is about non-lethal tactics, not politics; stay on topic or we're getting 404'd.
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Ir lasers still blind but wont give you away. . . Microwaves can be set up as a less than lethal hot foot but there will be damage to the surroundings and they are obvious. A paint sprayer is great, a pressure washer with a powerful degreaser or a strong powdered cleaner like commit/brass polish, stink bombs are effective on low impulse control groups and can lead to trampling. Sand/spicy seasoning and a powerful leaf blower/industrial fan
I know it's stupid, but don't take sides or you might start something. Fair point about the goggles though.
>mag dump and make sure you kill the fucker.
Easier said than done, especially when you're facing multiple adversaries. A mag dump will be far more likely to wound more people than it actually kills. Still, points for casualties putting people out of the fight.
Ultrasonic pain phasor anyone?
File: 48401145.jpg (26 KB, 474x473)
26 KB
Go ahead and offer assailants your orifices, best of luck with that OP

I finally decided to buy a gun. The gun store was mostly sold out of things I was considering, but did have a Desert Eagle, so I bought it. I have shot guns before just never owned one, Ive never shot a .50 though. Did I do alright?

Note: Im not buying a shotgun or rifle right now cause Im moving in a few months and dont want to hassle with a large safe.
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It’s really not that big a deal as people make it seem, I mean you can literally tell the difference in ejection from how much you limpwrist, but you’ve got to basically be not holding on to the pistol to have it malfunction in .50AE
You did fine white man. The .50 African Eliminator will protect you in these trying times.
File: DSC_0010_1.jpg (350 KB, 1620x1080)
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350 KB JPG
deag naysh
>easily achievable evidence? Er um excuse I googled. There saved thread.
Fag post receipt
I know this sounds like another excuse, but I wont post anything remotely personal on 4chan. Some of you slueths are ungodly at being able to track people from the most minor details.

Give me a few days and Ill screencap this thread and post the gun for proof. My timestamp will be the latest Bitcoin block hash.

File: nervous dog.webm (2.89 MB, 512x640)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
>Be college commuter to poor, majority-black city
>the joggening occurs
>There are protests in the city but they don't escalate
>remember 2016 election, shit can still get hairy on a moment's notice
>a few violent crimes have happened near campus in the past so getting jogged isn't unheard of in peacetime
>innaMichigan, can't carry because not 21 and my state only has reciprocity for residents of other states
>handguns are also registered
>tasers require CCW license
>daggers and stabbing weapons are also verboten for CC
In the meantime, what's the best weapon to prevent myself from getting Jogged that won't get me assraped by Uncle Sam and Mister Mich?
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isn't Michigan still shut down? Just fuckin' stay at home and use a long gun for HD and don't go out after the sun has gone down.
>Even if you cant carry
Never heard of open carry?
I don't think you understood my post.
I'm nowhere near riot country, but my job is. And IIRC we have transportation laws that specifically say you have to keep a gun and ammo in separate parts of the vehicle during transport. So a long gun is pointless.
Tell me exactly how you think that logic tracks. If you have to keep the gun/ammo in the car and then put the ammo/gun in the trunk then why do you think a handgun is viable but a long gun isn't?
Black power revolver for sure

File: kjm41hb53d251.jpg (1.32 MB, 3297x2870)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
Post your daily carry.
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Are you wavywebsurf?
bit of a cringer
File: 654drg654dg65d4g6d.jpg (1.07 MB, 2350x1217)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
No idea who or what that is.
You mean an area like Minneapolis? Or D.C.?

Around 100 years ago the RN (amongst others) started to experiment with aircraft taking off from ships.

The USN and RN are both commissioning new carriers that will serve for 40 and 50 years respectively.

But what might their replacements look like in the 2070's?

And in 2120 after perhaps 200 years of naval aviation, what then?

Aircaft are heading towards being unmanned, but what about the ships themselves? Might an aircraft carrier in 2120 just be a robotic arsenal ship with retrievable missiles/drones.
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>Even today they are only useful for power projection over weak countries really
Why do retards always parrot this exact phrase? It's not true. A mobile airbase is always useful.
>In a real big war those carrier groups will get nuked day one.
Stupid argument that can be applied to all conventional warfare and is wrong every time.
>you can't raise an army it'll just get nuked
>you can't run an airbase it'll just get nuked
>you can't run satellites they'll just nuke orbit
>I Imagine attaching one to a catapult would end badly lol

I want to see this now
you could probably get a good feel for how it would go by tying two chinese lanterns together, sitting them on a bench and hitting them with a pressure washer.

New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Don't forget to sign these petitions that will also get ignored

Wanna donate to the CCFR to help beat the commies in court?? Americhads can help too:

Wanna sue the government???
>CCFR lawsuit: https://firearmrights.ca/en/we-are-going-to-court/
>TSE lawsuit: https://www.canadiangunnutz.com/forum/showthread.php/2016053-TSE-to-launch-a-court-challenge-against-the-OIC

Wanna see the FULL BAN LIST???

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The test has a bunch of technical gun terms that he needs to understand so those should be priority. Action, stock, receiver, bore, stuff like that. You can find the PDF of the manual in the OP pastebin, just work through that and highlight stuff he doesn't understand.
Not him but another alum. Mac has got to be one of the most liberal, left-leaning schools in Southern Ontario. No way a gun club would by the MSU.
Their heads are very small and their brains are tiny. Plus they move unpredictably.
I only want white people in Canada to begin with.

File: You want some.jpg (58 KB, 979x719)
58 KB

>Fat slob in his 60s
>ate 4 bullets
>still pissed

WTF am I looking at here!? Were those rubber bullets.
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Then the standard for handguns needs to change.
Did he die?
lmao this happened in Hayward. I live here and this incident happened near my old High School. Shits crazy.
Cops are dumb untrained fags that spook whenever they hear a loud noise (Taser being deployed) and think "Oh time to start shooting" doesn't help that it's department policy to unload if you think another officer has.
Builds handgun rounds that hit rifle velocity out of 3 inch barrel, nobody buys it because it rapes your hands, spend 20 years mad. . . Do it again with a super light sabot or flichette but that becomes armor piercing and nobody buys it, spend 20 years believing the products are two time losers. . . Build low grain plastic fireballs that perform pretty well and wait for the other shoe to drop so you can go back to the drawing board.

File: EZfLCYrXgAIHPEr.jpg (48 KB, 600x400)
48 KB
K, how the fuck do I find a mossberg 930? I bought a respirator and hazmat suit months ahead of them running out, but I live with my mom cause it's impossible to get a house in the area for under 1500 a month for a s04 pod and she would rather throw herself in front of a truck than have an evil republican murder stick in her house. I humoured her for a while but at this point I'm just gonna buy one and let her chimp out how she does. They're backordered for months across the entire state
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I tried to but my mom did that thing where she drags me away by the arm
how old are you? if youre 18 just ship a gun to an ffl and dont tell her, if you need to use it the least youll have to worry about is her knowing you bought a gun
This. But if they're too fucking stupid to do some research for their safety, it's on them.
Pay to have one shipped from a less shitty state, contact someone on armslist and make them a good offer to ship it. You're going to pay more for guns at this time since you're buying them last minute, that's just the way it is. People are buying my guns for moronic prices right now but if you think about it paying $200 more than the previous bottom dollar price won't seem bad when there's a hoard of orcs at your doorstep.

File: 1431889274225.jpg (93 KB, 450x800)
93 KB
I miss modle-man, brehs.
His name was Tommy Thyroid, lumploaf.
yeah he was like a funnier sieg

For me, it's the combo knife sheth and clip sheth.
he's probably just in jail, i'm sure we'll see him again if he hasn't killed himself 4 wheeling or something.

It's over. We'll never see Mr. Thyroid again.

Hey /k/. Bought my first carbine. 9MM Ruger. Thoughts?
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congrats. i wouldnt have got the take down tho
A Ruger 9mm carbine w/33 rd glock mags loaded with hollow points will be significantly better for home defense than a shotgun you tard
Better choice anon than a shotgun. You did well. Its easier for a newfriend to learn.
Nice purchase. I’ve wanted one of these for a while for HD.
Bottom line: if I can afford one of these or an AR-15 which is the better buy for home defense? I.e., shooting baddies in a confined space.
You already know the answer, bud...

It's a heck of a shotgun

>ITT post optics and questions about optics

I just got about $1600 in tax returns that the IRS fucked up with and I want to get an RMR for my ACOG. I have the red chevron like the OP pic if it matters

What model would you recommend? Are they even worth it?
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I just want to expand, it comes down to what is your personal risk tolerance. I'd probably be willing to carry a Holosun over a more expensive option if I were buying all my optics again.
Some people are not, it's personal preference.
I wear all my gear when I ride my motorcycle, friends of mine speed and squid. It's the same here.
Wow, that's cool to hear. That's exactly where I'm at. I've carried nothing but iron sights for years, but I want to see what all the craze is about.
Where can I get a FLIR monocle for nighttime emergencies? $4K seems like a lot of money/
Holosun 509T on trex arms canted mount
am not skinny boy

enclosed emitter = no splooged dot
What optic for a .223 bolt action 16.5 inch barrel ?

/comm/ general

I have an online test reserved in a few weeks for my ham license. Can any licensees recommend some online resources to get ready? Pic unrelated

File: 1590792589962-1.jpg (522 KB, 1262x1280)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
Role Playing is gay, cuckolding your own fantasy is even gayer
File: me-and-my-neighbor.gif (3.75 MB, 816x458)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB GIF
>not Bira
you bring great shame upon yourself

Is Gen Berger’s decision to narrow down the capabilities of the Marine Corps a wrong decision? Will Marines still be relevant in global theaters?

Former Navy Secretary Jim Webb is one of the critics of the Marine Corps' plan. In an op-ed for The National Interest, a conservative foreign affairs magazine, Webb said the Force Design 2030 plan, which calls for close naval integration and island-hopping missions, will leave the Marine Corps less relevant as a stand-alone military service
But Webb, in his op-ed, said Berger's plan to "dramatically alter the entire force structure of the Marine Corps" to take on China ignores the unpredictability of war.

"There is no greater danger in military strategy than shaping a nation's force structure to respond to one specific set of contingencies, giving an adversary the ability to adjust and adapt beforehand," he wrote
Why would the Marines be a standalone fighting force when we have an Army? For that matter why are soldiers given automatic rifles when they still rely on machine guns for suppressive fire?

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