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File: maxresdefault.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Why doesn't the US military ever have real parades? I love parades. Everyone loves parades, well, except for the guys who have to be in them lol

For real though, it might help the wider public appreciate the military more. People have been having military parades of some kind or another since antiquity, America is unique in not having them and so it's military lacks a soul
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File: parade.png (120 KB, 540x540)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
military parades are only useful for authoritarian governments to scare population into submission and to promote jingoism. There's no place for them in democracies.
>everyone loves parades
nah, people have better things to do than to watch grunts walk, holy shit get a life.
In the USA military is subordinate to the ruling class of bankers and not allowed to demonstrate pride in their profession.
jewish phenotype
America is too divided to have real military parades. It would anger homosexuals, hippies, pacifists etc.

They did it again. Sig is unstoppable.

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File: 1652110601455.jpg (151 KB, 725x1024)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
post sugar
That's so fucking disgusting.
it is like a weird science experiment
Larue SUURG was way cooler.
I like the Rattler, that one's good, I just fucking hate the M5 with a fury.

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imagine getting findommed by them haha LOL
Ones that fit
and those dont?
Jesus was Jewish.

File: TimHarmsen.jpg (333 KB, 1200x700)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
>Hey guys did you know that if you fill a gun with mud and dirt and sand and then drag it behind a car it won't work?
Anyway, buy my merch and Dragunovs please.
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>Y,y,y,y YOU!
>the faggot reveals his disgusting nature.
go catch monkeypox lol
this thread sucks MORE UKRAINE!
r_nt fr__
would you like to buy a vowel

File: 1650346950596.png (1.32 MB, 1200x799)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
We're in the timeline where Marines does the smartest decisions
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>bitching about awards
post dd214 faggot
Marines are a cheaper version of the Army. They only exist because the DOD saves money because they can equip retards with less than the slightly less retarded armyfags will accept. You can think of them as the discount army.
>We're in the timeline where Marines does the smartest decisions
Flavored crayons in their MREs?
lol the camaraderie
>sort of specific to the Australia's Pacific domain.
Yes and heaven knows the primary domain of operation for the marines will not be in the Indo-Pacific. Kek.

File: Major dead.jpg (441 KB, 1075x909)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
What's the tactical benefit of having a Major General pilot an attack aircraft, solo, deep behind enemy lines?
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the new "cauldron is closing" actually
The Ukrainians have been caught placing the same dead general in different places to pass him off as a different killed general.
>Look it up
any particular places we should look? i'm thinking something about intel and some glory, and just to be random, throw the letter Z at it?
My Nigga thinking it's Ace Combat
Whats the tactical benefit of constantly saying you've killed generals that turn out to be perfectly fine becuase the retarded situation you created is retarded and didn't happen?


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ahhhh, wolf pussy
>The year of our lord 2022
>the left still cant meme
>block the trucks radiator with wood driving off road
these ruskies are brilliant
its for when youre stuck in mud, retard
Seething orc discovered

File: HaLwi[1].png (269 KB, 691x342)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Tired of jannies not doing their jobs?

Want to hunt?

Want to help Firearm rights?

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Homeless people deserve the slow deaths they are giving themselves
Druggie faggots deserve to overdose in front of their laughing parents
Tranny freaks deserve every tooth ripped out, and every nail bent backwards.
Faggots and effeminate manchildren deserve to be slowly roasted alive.
You’ll get this in hell, if there is a merciful God, and if there is not, You’ll get it on earth before the end
Genuinely you should kill yourself if you get the chance. It would make your parents happy. Take the stress lff their shoulders.
Fuck off with your pseudo-philosophy and just start posting text blocks of poo poo pee pee since we all know your real intention is to just try to ruin the threads

I’m glad to not have your relativity!

Tomas Budinavičius
No, I’m not the uploader of the music video I posted. But uh feel free to find them and uh do what you want to do.

Sometimes I feel like it’s just you and me on this website. What’s your ASL?

So what arms/equipment do they make that isn’t completely mogged by their western counterparts.
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Did it have a muzzle brake? These make it less obvious when comparing them to ARs and such.
Russia’s answers to the f-22 are:
* not caring because it’s only good for obtaining air superiority, which Russia wouldn’t have when fighting against the USA anyway
* waiting for the f-22 production lines to shrivel up
>Did it have a muzzle brake?
It had the slant cut compensator. It worked OK, it mostly returned aim somewhere close to target.

Even Canada bought them for Afghanistan (though they were sorta ashamed of having to buy slavshit, they made their markings super small and subdued).
Gee, I wonder WHY Russia would never have air superiority over the US you fucking moron

What’s with the lack of interesting/charismatic individuals this war? Back in 14 we had Givi and others.
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File: 1649189461269.jpg (328 KB, 1693x1080)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
I've seen this ginger before.
>>nothing really to fight for but blown up buildings and an empty economy
It's literally the most important agricultural exporter in Europe. If Ukraine disappeared the world would be fucked. Letting Ukraine fall into Russia's hands would be a global catastrophe.
>get a chance to decide to live in Russian breakaway state or EU country
>pick Russian breakaway state

What did he mean by this.
I got a blowjob from Lexi there oh, seven years ago now I guess. Wonder what happened to that whore.
File: IMG_6622.jpg (35 KB, 480x336)
35 KB
Clearly, Crimea was a setup for this to eventually happen. If Vlad the Puppet gets scared and thinks he won't get what he's promised, he won't so gleefully walk into the bear trap set for him. After all, the first one didn't kill him. Russians are just easier goys to fool for the grand plan, in the west you actually need to heavily infiltrate and monitor everyone constantly because they're capable of rational thought, so if enough just decide to start noticing things then kikedom is fucked. Russians could read the entire Talmud and still not get it, then babble on about muh patriotic war for jewish freedom as they shoot more white people. With a few nudges in the right direction, they can largely self-govern and be on standby for Zionist schemes.
>zelensky has been president for not even a term.
Like I said, planted for a purpose. These people put on a show as if they aren't running a one world government behind the scenes. Russia, China, and the US all sit on the UN security council, Dems and Reps eat fancy dinners together and laugh as their voters bash each other's heads in on the streets below, they're all the same shit. Reject society, the only powers that I trust are God and steel. The rest, you can only keep at arm's length for however much they're of use to you.

The Su-57 is objectively better than the F-35, which is considered by many to be the best fighter jet in the world. Why does the F-35 have this reputation when it gets utterly BTFO'd by the Su-57? I am sure it would also BTFO the Chinese Clone-35 as well.
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There's no such thing as a good faith vatnik, earnest arguments are indistinguishable from low effort trolling because their worldview is based on lies on lies on lies on lies. Every time a vatnik speaks he contradicts himself or some official party line, but that's fine because the lie he's telling is also an official party line despite the two being mutually exclusive. Every lie they tell incurs a debt to the truth, and eventually that debt must be repaid.
vatnik copelord got really quiet after this post lmao
File: 1642136355385.jpg (3 KB, 125x125)
3 KB
>it took russian niggers three months to take over simple steel factory right next to their borders while they cried about nazis like some twitter tranny
>it's other who are delusional about army strength
And the Marines would've never taken it at all.
Thr USMC has stealth fighters and could bombard Azovstal precisely, unlike Russia which relied on high level bombing with unguided bricks of HE.

File: 3253453245.jpg (97 KB, 684x384)
97 KB
>Stevens 77 was the most issued shotgun of the Vietnam war
>Basically completely forgotten
What went wrong?
the same thing that happened to tons of smaller manufacturers: They got bought out by another company. Stevens has been a Savage sub-brand since the 1920s, and when savage took a hit in the 80s they canned the Stevens brand and the american Stevens plant. When Savage came back they imported cheap chinese shotguns under the Stevens name. What happened to Stevens is basically what happened to companies like Plymouth or Oldsmobile, they just stopped being independent entities.

Also the most important thing Stevens did was invent the .22LR.
They're just meh at best. Not the lightest, not the most robust, not the prettiest... They don't excel at a single thing compared to any other pump you can get your hands on. It cannot be understated; millions upon millions of pump shotguns have been made in the past century, and getting your hands on one is all a choice of flavor. Why buy offbrand vanilla ice cream when the premium is only 1/10th more in price?
It's mainly just the Vietnam cred that makes me interested

I'll start
I love these rigs but I hate how they fucking chafe on the back of my neck. Anybody got a solution for this?
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I have pocket carried a Rossi 462 for years. Every day, no issues. I never realized it's a "big" gun to pocket carry. 6" total length and 26oz.

Never had an issue with it but was thinking of changing things up. Maybe something slightly smaller.

What's a good middle between this and the little dinky 380s? Maybe a gun that most wouldn't consider pocket carry worthy but is still lighter than my Rossi.
File: file.jpg (178 KB, 1200x1200)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
>What's a good middle between this and the little dinky 380s? Maybe a gun that most wouldn't consider pocket carry worthy but is still lighter than my Rossi.
Literally every micro carry 9mm, pic is out of date but a few examples of
what is the city and state of the USA man who seeks super strict gun control laws, wants a state where getting guns is very difficult, hates pistols, hates guns, and hates the National Rifle Association of America (NRA)
File: 1638219285163.jpg (61 KB, 1024x941)
61 KB
Does anyone have any examples of rotating bolt guns where the cam track is machined on the bolt and controlled by a pin or block fixed in the carrier? Not through the bolt but along the outside surface. Does anyone know what this is called or if this practice even has a name?

I know I've seen it once or twice but I can't remember where.
because there will always be that one retard trying to bring either a pocket pistol or a desert eagle to work

I don't live near any ranges and I live far from the woods, a few hours drive, How do I go about quietly and discreetly zeroing a pistol red dot? 8 have a boresighter but that won't be as accurate as a real zero.

Also, I need it done by tonite because I'll be hiking in the woods tomorrow where there will be lots of hikers and I can't zero there but I need my pistol incase of bears and cougars.

And my pistol is pretty ghetto, it's a Glock 17 with a Holochink 507C but my slide does not have irons installed yet.
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Everyone's so angry here, must be all virgins.
Fuck ya mudda
traffic light. try a few as to be really sure its dialed in
boresight it on a wall 5ft away, move the dot 4 clicks up - you'll hit a bear or a cougar 30ft away

File: 1633031477643.png (129 KB, 502x528)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>President Volodymyr Zelensky said during a press briefing on May 22 that 50-100 soldiers may be dying every day defending Ukraine in “the most difficult direction,” in the country’s eastern regions.

Fucking hell, it's much worse than I thought.. Given these are probably VERY conservative numbers, as Ukraine has seldom admit their own casualties, we can assume it's at least twice as much, perhaps more. How long can Ukraine keep this up?
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American shipped entire factories to China in the 80s and 90s because they weren't profitable enough complying with American environmental protection rules or paying American labor rates. This is how China learned to make what they didn't have at the time.

In the 1940s, America industrialized Russia in much the same way, because we didn't have the labor to make literally everything that Russia needed in the quantity they needed it. America isn't bailing Russia out of this one, and neither is anyone else. Not in the time scale it will take Russia to replace its losses before the war is over.
Russians live in a complete hellhole and are somehow convinced that things are worse elsewhere. I'd feel bad for then if they weren't so obnoxious.
>How much more are you paying for the slop that you eat? I'm betting 40% on average compared to last year.
I don't even know, honestly, it's not worth paying attention to. It could double and I'm not sure I'd notice. I did a budget in 2018 and found that I was spending about 3% of my income on food, and I'm making a bunch more money now that I was in 2018.
File: 1614742522824.jpg (50 KB, 545x577)
50 KB
Russia has 20% inflation and Russian economists predict the GDP could shrink by 8-12% by the end of the year.
My country on the other hand has a mere 5% inflation rate.

Assad as much as he is likely the best option of Syria has a very similar story to Zelenski.

Didn't plan to be a politician, had completely unrelated job.

Part of a religious minority.

Foreign interests push his country from 2 sides (gulf states backed by the west wanted him to allow the construction of a number of gas pipelines to Europe as sending gas by ship isn't economically efficient and costs them billions a month)
However such pipelines would have strongly weakened Russia as the main supplier of gas to Europe so Putin/Russia (the main ally of Syria since the wars with Israel) asked Assad to reject.

Follows attempts to remove Assad from power including the embarrassing half assed operations during Obongo tenure in the US which ended up arming rebels that in turn joined ISIS.

Ultimately he is left with a broken up country, Aleppo in rebels hands.
The east in Kurdish hands.

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