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File: 180b0a1.jpg (59 KB, 828x361)
59 KB
I haven't felt this bad mentally in a while and really need a boost guys. Let's have a laugh and stuff
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>that female zogbot with the adopted niggers
Who would that be?
The western woman
you made me smile anon
Jorgenson will get more votes than Perot and Paul put together

> I guarantee it

File: Capture-24.png (275 KB, 838x456)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
What was the most aesthetic battle of the 21st century and why was it the Battle of Marawi?

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>that high cut
Is that a repurposed tank helmet?
Look at em freeing the shit out of that cemetery lmao
freeing it from the zombies
>Brutally cold winters
No they aren't.
Is that a Tiger Stripe ACU ?

File: DatJet1555x.jpg (167 KB, 1555x1046)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
What makes her so Based?
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Love the Streak Eagle concept


"So they took a pre-production version of the F-15 and stripped everything unnecessary off of it, to include the bulk of its paint. It had an Air Force graphic on the fuselage, but the standard gray, anti-corrosion paint was removed to save even that little bit of weight. Their goal was to set all of the major time-to-climb records for planes."
File: 1427441622857100359.jpg (150 KB, 960x576)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
the tomcat was the testbed for the aim120 so don't discount it on the basis that the phoenix may or may not have been an unreliable missile.
Never defeated by another fighter. A Strike Eagle has been lost to ground fire.
>The phoenix is a paper missile

well memed friend

lets just ignore all the many Iraqi aircraft it turned into flaming wrecks over the desert in Iranian service (and the many drone shootdowns in US service) and base it all 3 misfires from Operation Northern Watch

No idea on old thread but general camo discussion and sharing. Watching A Bridge Too Far so ill start with the denison camouflage smock i like it
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I want a set of BDUs, 8 point cap, and a desert night parka in that camo
File: 124045_ts.jpg (112 KB, 1154x1154)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
based italianposter, I like a lot of their camo too
m65 navy camo
I wore my night desert parka to work today. It's getting chilly in the mornings in Indiana. I like it but false pockets demand an under jacket
They should get a really fucking bright color in case someone goes overboard

Say what you want about Nutnfancy but he is one of the few original guntubers who does not shill and still provides the original content that made him a name. Yeah he might not be super high speed or a former SOF guy but he does a good job I think. Maybe I’m just nostalgic about a simpler past in the ~2010 timeframe but I still like watching him.
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that doesn't make sense, because he's promoting the low-end scopes from firms that offer scopes at 4 to 5x the price.
File: 1599452790871.jpg (73 KB, 640x640)
73 KB
All of these Gen X guys who got into hardcore prepping in the mid 2000s are going crazy right now. They're so fucking excited for what's about to happen.
Amigo you posted le cringeo
yeah, probably lol
There is valid criticism of nutnfancy but he is 100% honest and too autistic to compromise his integrity.

File: WW1 trench gun.webm (788 KB, 900x450)
788 KB
Lets see some magazi...no wait I do mean clips.
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sorry bro, you're legally required by law to die, wouldn't wanna scare the wildlife with the loud boom.
One third of Nazi Germany's logistics were done by horse-drawn cart.
war sucks
Kidd's new home is my town! won't see it for like 2 years but HOORAY
I want this on a tee shirt

File: 2-MP5A3-013F-LEFT1.jpg (75 KB, 1400x987)
75 KB
>I am forgotten
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>fuck PCCs in general, what a useless category of guns.

>quieter and less percussive blast
>cheaper ammo (under normal circumstances)
>compact & less penetration, ideal for home defense

Just use a real pistol like a regular human being, fucking larping faggot
File: IMG_20200803_092222.jpg (3.21 MB, 2976x3968)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
>tfw leaf
>tfw pic related is the closest I'll ever get
I know it's not as tactically viable as an SBR but I just think they're neat
SP5s and clones are getting sold out all over the place, though

File: plains-game-rifle.jpg (1006 KB, 1000x667)
1006 KB
1006 KB JPG
Bolt action rifle thread, get in here.
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the accuracy of a gun is measured in MOA(Minitue of Angle). There is a much of math that no one really does and is simplified to how big the group size in inches at 100 yards. 1 MOA is good. .25 is about the best you can ever hope for. 3 is okay if it is a cheap semi-auto and anything more than 3 is shit
Yep, Brownells, Labor Day sale I believe. Their Howa barreled actions aren't a bad way to go but they are a bit heavier than a 700. Aftermarket is getting there slowly, though nowhere close to Remington or their clones. Mag length with the internal magazine is longer than Rem ADL/BDL, though still shorter than a binderless AICS. Howage barrels are becoming common as well.
It can be any number of things.
>action moving within the stock differently shot to shot
This is why proper stock inletting and proper bedding are important. You want the gun to do the same thing every shot
>shit touching the barrel causing inconsistent harmonics
This is why freefloating (proper inletting, in the case of a boltgun) is important
>heat issues
Thin, hot barrels cause vertical stringing because the barrel literally gets hot enough to start drooping under its own weight.
>inconsistent crown and/or rifling
Nicks or poor concentricity in the crown cause an uneven release from the barrel, pushing a bullet erratically. Rough or tight spots in the barrel, usually in the rifling, cause uneven drag on the bullet. Can be due to everything from poor manufacturing to just being shot out to damage the owner caused in mishandling.
>oversized bore
Usually only an issue with button-rifled guns and poor QC (Remington, turkshit) due to worn-out buttons, but occasionally happens with cut-rifled or hammer forged barrels due to a myriad of reasons. Causes incomplete obturation of the bullet which allows gas blow-by, which means uneven push of the bullet.
>crooked/sloppy chamber
Pre-Smith-buyout T/Cs were infamous for crooked chambers, as were Remingtons at one point. Bullet enters barrel slightly cockeyed and may not straighten out fully. Same thing with oversized chambers.
>twist rate unsuited to a given load

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Specifically in the case of MY 527 Carbine, it was:
>sloppy inletting and zero factory bedding
This meant that the action kinda did its own thing shot to shot within the stock. Could be easily and cheaply fixed with a full-length action bedding with Devcon, but the fuckers trashed the pretty stock without asking me. Also why the first stock cracked, all that recoil force was landing on a single screw hole in bare wood because the recoil lug wasn't touching the stock.
>overly thin barrel for the cadence of fire I was expecting to shoot
It got hot too fast and drooped, causing unacceptable-to-me vertical stringing. My 527 Varmint doesn't do this, but it also has a substantially thicker barrel.

1.5 MOA with 7.62x39 is widely considered good, even if it is with only premium ammo. It's not a round known to promote accuracy, even when using good components, and most ammo out there uses the antithesis of good components. However, since I had the 527 Varmint first, and that thing was under 3/4 MOA out of the box, it really left a sour taste in my mouth.

The 527 Carbine has the POTENTIAL to be a really good gun. But you gotta put some work into it, to fix some factory oversight (mainly the inletting/bedding). It should be cheaper than what it is for the corners they cut. If it were a $400-500 rifle instead of a $650 rifle I wouldn't be nearly as upset.
do not buy any semi autos anymore. they are next on the chopping block.

File: 1599069898754.jpg (112 KB, 1504x769)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Your handgun on an ammo drought edition


Git gud guide:

Previous thread: >>46595498
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File: fypsqr97qdi01.jpg (1.33 MB, 4032x2268)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
are recover cases just a meme or are they useful? i want to put a light on my beretta but the case looks pretty ugly imo
File: 1365213397973.jpg (96 KB, 300x255)
96 KB
delete this
two berettas in the shoulder holster, crossdraw deagle, iwb snubnose. oh and don't forget the 1911 in my ankle-holster
They're bulky, ugly, and your only holster option will be a condor "one size fits none" nylon holster
What is your drop-gun?

File: Gun-Store-Ladies.jpg (60 KB, 600x450)
60 KB
Hi Anon! Sure! We can let you take a look at that!
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Its not a man reverse image search it, https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/female-ira-fighter-1970s/
They all look like methed out mexicans
You forgot the part where he muzzles you, himself, and everyone else behind the counter as he unholsters.
GoA is itching to file a lawsuit over it. They'll do it for sure with a guaranteed pro-2A court.

File: ArmyacuOCP.jpg (135 KB, 1080x1440)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Did the Army chose the shittiest uniform on purpose?
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>velcro is bad, for everything
What makes velcro bad? Is it because over time it will lose strength, especially in dirty environments?
Also it makes a ton of noise when opening, so I guess there's that too.
THATS what Americans look like?!
Looks like shit, honestly. If you removed the velcro on the shoulders (which is fucking stupid anyways. What happened to vest pockets?), and the name tags, it would just be Bubba's hunting shirt.
You ever wonder why deer and coyotes and such are all mostly light brown, tan, with flecks of other colors like grey and darker brown? It's because that happens to blend in really really well with mixed foliage and environments. Light brown, while boring and ugly, just happens to fit in with tons of different climates and foliage. It's not like green is some never-before-seen pigment in nature, they could be green if it was evolutionarily advantageous, but it's not. Because the optimal mixed-environment coloration for prairie, desert, and deciduous woods is something like multicam.

That's not to say it won't be beat by SPECIALIST camos, but if you only have ONE camo it's bet to pay attention to what all the animals in the area are wearing--mostly brown, with streaks of light and darker browns. That's the base. We have the luxury of adding extra colors in like greens as needed.

File: the shit ive seen.jpg (400 KB, 1000x1288)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
what bullshit were you told that you believed
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Does this one make you feel clever, smart, and superior?
ITT: retarded boots admitting to their mental defects
Cope harder, commie
But we were told this. Alot. I was in highschool and the history prof was scoffing at how it portrays vietnam as a victory.
File: 1590500604455.png (166 KB, 309x368)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>america won

My PSA didn't come with a rear sight. Would the
>MBUS Magpul Pro 2
be a good choice?

Is there an optic you would recommend? I found myself having a hard time with laser sights at the range
Yes, MBUS is good. Optic? Look at a Primary Arms optic. They make etched reticles (therefore immune to EMPs), and their ACSS reticles are the most advanced reticles probably ever created.

The best part? A simple 1x prism scope (oh yeah, prism is ideal for people with astigmatism) should run you $240. $240 for a CQB optic that'll get you out to 300 meters, accurately. If you want a longer range setup (recce rifles are BASED) then get their 1-6x or 1-8x scope. Those reticles are even more advanced.

They take literally all of your work out of long range shooting if you know what everything in the reticle means. Even has holds for walking and running targets, and 5 mph wind holds.

Brent0331 has made some excellent videos going over the Primary Arms optics, I would highly recommend watching them.
MBUS is defacto PSA rear sight
Holochan 510C for a red dot
vortex strike eagle 1x6 for magnified
or the primary arms equivelant
thank you for stay
Strike eagle 1-6 is fuck huge. Its robust and decent glass but there are better options for the price.
for a 1x6 lpvo? show me

If you don’t have a rain coat you’re doing it wrong.

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Checked and Post rifle
>that one schizo on /akg/
File: 20200808_142002.jpg (538 KB, 1155x1540)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
if smoking weed and coffee is church then yes
What was going through your mind when constructing and painting this?
Something i can pull out of a bag without anything to get it hung up and very glove friendly it get 30 below here on so i opted for
lachless charging handle no iron sights thinking about a low profile flashlight mount and a law folding adapter.
When painting it was just tan and brown with oak trees from my front yard and a burlap sack i had. and then i kind of just fucked it up with red.

File: samurai.jpg (22 KB, 225x350)
22 KB
>konichiwa gaijin-kun, leave nihon or I will cut you down with my katana

what do?
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File: Shinzō_Abe_Official.jpg (324 KB, 1416x1831)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
Fellow Japanbro, why do you refuse to find a wife and have a child? Our population is shrinking.
I've pumped and dumped my way through Japan, don't worry, you'll be fine.
File: g1baky5qwtm31.jpg (61 KB, 640x853)
61 KB
based coomposter
>draw dual wield AMT hardballer long slide pistols in a silver finish with steam punk engraving from armpit holsters
>use my perfected gun kata and advance towards my opponent
>Chang-sensei uses butterfly flash technique: heart of the rising sun and guts my bullet flurry into a thousand shining lights
>his perfect defense and offense cut my barrels down to 4 inches, just like his smol azn pp
>I cartwheel backwards, only losing a strand of hair with my point blank reaction

You're right, my honorary friend. I must return home and find a White woman to make many children with. Our race is under attack and we'll need every White on deck! Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. Racemixers get the fucking rope.

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