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File: Battle.png (183 KB, 326x1069)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Could the United States and South Korea overthrow North Korea? Assume China supports North Korea economically and provides weapons and intelligence, but doesn't get involved directly.
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There's little reason to bother with Nkorea unless they start getting uppity at the borders
They’re pointed *at* Seoul, but they can’t *reach* Seoul. And the ones that can are shitty ones that can only fire one round every five minutes or so (read as: will rapidly get skullfucked by Sork counter battery and air power)
Plus, the Sorks have been planning for this shit for seventy years. I’m pretty sure every family has their own private little Saddam bunker
Also, it’s not really a deterrent. The biggest deterrent is that A) China really doesn’t want a US aligned nation right on its border if it can help it, and B) fucking nobody wants to deal with the humanitarian shit that would come after knocking over the Kims
>but doesn't get involved directly.
how did that assumption go last time macarthur
The south would oppose reunification. The ruling parties (government, Samsung, that feminist cult, etc.) are happy with what they got under them, adding the burden of bringing up to speed a country and population decades behind will impact their wealth and control.

Found this trigger on the side of the road next to some railroad tracks, can anyone tell me what gun it came from? Looks like a revolver trigger to me.
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ok reddit
or goyselle
File: triggers.jpg (11 KB, 280x180)
11 KB
Almost looks like a Ruger mk trigger.
That's a famas trigger.
My martini henry has these on the trigger

File: 1673011666171136.jpg (27 KB, 402x604)
27 KB
Give me proper arguments that aren't 4chan and actually are properly supported by facts, as to why NATO would steamroll china/Iran/Russia in a full non nuclear conventional war.

And no, basedjacks and american wargames made by american thinkthanks aren't proper arguments.
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File: 1603003120502.jpg (146 KB, 1073x1055)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Like all major strategic concepts it is a combination of factors
>economic mass and structuring
>Production and defence economics
>organisational and doctrinal differences
>the presence (or absence) of democratic governance and civilian oversight of the military
>Institutional knowledge and inertia
>force generation and sustainment
>intelligence gathering, assessment and use
>alliances, shared values and the power of friendship
>technological and scientific development
>logistics and logistical planning
>geography and positioning
and many more besides. Despite what Chinese propaganda may tell you, the western powers and friends hold an edge in all of the fields mentioned above. In some fields that edge is greater than others, but it is present in all of them and that is why if war were to break out today the west would win
Also note that I have not mentioned any specific weapons systems or tactics, because these are not relevant to your question
If you add up all the US allies there's similar raw population but with a vastly bigger economy and control of more natural resources.
I'm afraid not. Desert Storm was one of the most successful military operations in all of human history (not hyperbole) and made both Russia and China SOIL THEMSELVES and start trying to reform their military.

That being said, at the time the US military was still at the peak of its Cold War readiness and had Stormin' Norman (who was the last NATO general that could be considered "great") in charge. Whether or not they can pull off something similar again remains to be seen.
Russia is a walking corpse at this point. They can't beat NATO weapons from 35 years ago and they sure as fuck can't beat the current stuff. China has surprsingly little in the way of the type of raw materials you need to wage war and what force projection they have is completely untested. There's a ton of shit going on behind the scenes over there too and I really doubt the CCP wants to go toe to toe with the trading partners that give Chinese people a reason to go to work instead of riot.

messing around my workouts at home with striking a heavy bag with something like picrel
growing up playing baseball the underhanded swing feels natural to me, though i like the power behind the backhand strike as well
here's some basic movements i'm doing:
Push kick x underhand swing x vertical hammer strike
Push kick x backhand strike x rear leg body kick
2x rear knee strikes (clinching bag) x spinning backhand strike - for style

post your melee weapons of choice and any training you do with them
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File: illo_2.jpg (24 KB, 200x272)
24 KB
No match for my iron crotch qigong
Manriki, both on its own and incorporated into strikes and clinches
What do you live in gotham city what in the name of clown shit is this
File: thumper.jpg (13 KB, 259x194)
13 KB
I am also a fan of small weapons like these and saps and such. I just got a Wingard Wearables Thumber (pic rel) and it's awesome. Oiled and flame sealed/hardened hickory with a 3/8" steel rod in the head. Distal taper both ways down, the end hurts to get poked by, even lightly, and the rod in the end could definitely break bones. Modeled after Eastern Woodlands Native American root ball clubs.

What kind of truncheon/baton do you have?
I would just think "why is this guy pulling out his wife's dildo"?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720)
65 KB
So I want to preface this with: I already have 2 500 magnums, a Smith and wesson 8 3/8 inch barrel version and a Smith and wesson 4 inch barrel version, so anyways Brazil's shittiest gun maker announced at shot show they're gonna make a 500 magnum. Both of mine are stainless, I like the look of the matte black one. Question is, how shitty are Taurus revolvers, and how bad could it really be? Should I just get another Smith and cerakote it, or should I give the brazilniggers a chance?
A .500 Magnum made of pot metal? Oh boy.
Why would you buy an inferior version of something you already own? Id get it if you only had 1 and wanted to dual wield but this?
That's what I fear. I KNOW everything from brazil is absolute trash, but I've heard the revolvers are actually okay and I've also heard they might be made in america, but I've known people to say Taurus semi autos are dog shit but they say the revolvers are low tier but decent/serviceable. Itll just be a range toy for sure but if its gonna go Kentucky ballistics fuck that
Want matte black finish, I like the full top pic rail, its cheaper than another Smith, and i dont have a 6 inch.
File: 1650146897325m.jpg (47 KB, 1024x585)
47 KB

File: МАКО.png (3.57 MB, 2500x1000)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB PNG
ITT: based fictional vehicle design
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I'm with you anon, FPA ships are the gold standard
guns in front, engines in back, crew section in the middle, thin long box. Cold logical design you'd think would look like the first ship you build in space engineers but they somehow look beautiful.
For a military sci-fi the military aspect is nonsensical and the sci-fi is barely set dressing but the designs are awesome and I will shill them till the day I die.
I really like the F-69, which is supposed to be a joke. It's like a modernized semi-futuristic VTOL Su-47 that can toggle between fixed wing flight and acting like a helicopter. It's armed entirely with directed energy weapons, including a ball turreted microwave laser in the nose.
Dont be silly.
Halo Fleet Battles revival when
I wish the series put more effort into showing ship classes and varieties.
Like those little cube fighter things Merkatz seems to use a lot for example.
Same with ground vehicles such as the respective tanks/ground vehicles of both sides.
But the alliance ships truly are something else. Less sleek than imperial ships but they have a utilitarian approach to them.
With imperial ships, they launch from ground ports and are built with landing on any planet in mind, be it on land or water, hence why they have their claws and perch themselves like a bird. They also have some aerodynamics in their outer design and have escalators and elevators for dispatching troops to invade planets, mostly in mind to quell insurrections.
The alliance ships have neat bridges as they have troops in them working and reading instruments while contacting other ships in the fleet. Imperial ships keep manpower on the bridge to a bare minimal. There is also a lack of pillars on alliance ships, meaning their captains and commanding officers have higher chance for surviving when a beam hits the ship. I could go on but the series has so many little details that are overlooked or not explained enough.

File: Yakub.png (85 KB, 284x424)
85 KB
What kind of gun would he invent?
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Ultimately because their forefathers rejected the Messiah for worldly things. Intelligent, clever, but not wise.
Fuck you Nigger, you should've made a better lock for the containment chamber
Don' run Niggah! We be frens!
Are you afraid of spelling the word "Jew"?
File: SHEEEEEEEEIT.png (2.3 MB, 1600x866)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG

File: 1674860320360399.jpg (30 KB, 673x439)
30 KB
Massive BTFOing of TWO Russian columns by SINGLE Ukrainian tank
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We all have ideas on what would make this a better place. Noguns should be banned for one thing. But rules are supposed to be enforced.
rip and repost to catbox for future reference
Looks like it didn't actually remove the face, just caved it in and shattered the bone, can see it shake around as he tries to move his jaw to call for help.
Whole thing moves as he tries to say something.
Why are thirdfags always so opposed to trying to have a functioning society?
>nooo you just have to worship graft and tyranny just because!!!
File: 1673376560466976.jpg (383 KB, 1772x1146)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
lol, lmao even

File: investment guns.png (606 KB, 669x508)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
what are you putting your money into for 2023?
i hate "muh investment" niggers so much its unreal
I bought about $5k worth of luxury playing cards past 2 months
80% glocks and standard capacity mags cash and carry from gun shows.
investment and speculator niggers are human scum and are the lowest form of lifeform. they ruin every hobby and make it wildly more expensive for no other reason than theyre niggers and want to make a quick buck while producing nothing

Boeing just revealed this concept for a blended wing body tanker/cargo aircraft


The Air Force wants stealthy cargo and tanker vehicles and wants to see demonstrators by 2027
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looks cool. i believe the blended wind is less about stealth and more about having more payload while being more fuel efficient
>The Air Force wants stealthy cargo and tanker vehicles and wants to see demonstrators by 2027
Tankers yes, cargo no. This model was probably slapped together from a leftover stealth bomber model.
It's kind of a joint program. They've been kicking this around with AFRL since the early '00s with MACK, AMC-X, AJACS, etc.

File: received_829457511771835.jpg (80 KB, 1170x1804)
80 KB
what kind of fuck fuck scenario would you need to stealth deploy 2 LAV's and 40 dudes?

they'd still need to land at an airfield, stealth or not, a handful of guys with AK's would fuck that thing up on approach.

I'm convinced at this point the MIC is just making shit up to get our tax dollars
i thought they were liquidated.

My local gun shop just quoted me 819$ for a CZ P01

Im looking for my first CC, does anyone have a suggestion for the price range?
Im not willing to look at Glocks so dont bother suggesting one of those pieces of shit
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>still has all the same longivity issues.
My P01 is a 2012 date code, it was the first pistol I ever bought back when I turned 21.
Have ~12k rounds through it, mixed 115 and 124 grain.
Have had to change mag springs, aside from that, nothing.
What longevity issues are you talking about?
Having a rather pathetic roundcount compared to contemporary guns of that era. Like glock sig or berreta. That said even though its "bad" its still extemly unlikely the original owner will shoot enough for cz to fail. This is a czs bad by 50k and glock will pass 75-100k easy deal. Those numbers were made up i dont have the actual ones off the top of my head.
>CZ thread
>No one's mentioned Gunsmith Cats
I am sad
>walked into LGS
>$961 for a full size sp-01 steel frame CZ

god damn I didnt know CZ's went up so much. I thought a couple of years ago they were like $600, but now their p10's are that price.
File: CZ P-01 Omega.jpg (3.75 MB, 4032x3024)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB JPG
Based Wood Grip dtnr4vCZ Compact enjoyer

File: sig-sauer-mcx-spear.jpg (117 KB, 1719x841)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Thoughts on the SIG Spear? Did the US military make a good choice?
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learn to read, retard
the tv ammo is probably dogshit
File: maxresdefault (19).jpg (181 KB, 1280x720)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
now where have I seen this before?

I think this will replace the NGSW when both are actually tested in combat
tvcm ammo could pretty much fit any 7.62 gun out there with only slight modification. i don't understand why the Army didn't at least pick the ammo
probably rampant case head separation and poor performance in general

Gun ownership is increasing among left leaning Americans. Let's discuss the implications this will have on gun culture and manufacturors in America.
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File: 1610429395636.jpg (94 KB, 600x450)
94 KB
High grade, detailed, and thoroughly thought out bait. Refreshing.
>label your cronies as the workers
>label anyone not in line as counter revolutionaries who should be disarmed and/or shot
it's that easy marxbros
File: Larxene grin.png (228 KB, 530x301)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
1. More people will start hunting. This means more people will be eating healthier and there will be more money for conservation. Hunting will also become less stigmatized than it currently is in mainstream culture.
2. Gun control will start to become a losing issue for Democrats (if it isn't already). They may decide to drop the issue all together. This could mean (in the future) that states like California will wind back some of their draconian gun laws.
3. Left-leaning people may change some of their social and political views as a side effect from the responsibility of owning a gun.
4. It will be harder for the media to marginalize gun owners as backwards hillbillies.
I love NM. Theres enough land to get away from the spics and not see one for weeks. Albuquerque is the biggest shit hole in the country, but outside of there the state is great
They can go ahead and try, good luck enforcing it when the centers of the population live 1hour away from non mag ban states. What are the 50 State cops going to try and enforce it?
You should check out APO and the Kurdish theory on Democratic Confederalism. Fall closely to what you are describing.

Buy something, maybe sell something... perhaps even trade something

No jews
I know this is a longshot but if the guy who bought a qwik point fiber optic red dot is here I found the missing elevation cap.
I will buy it from you just so that the guy who needs it wont have it

>Image Limit Reached
>Last Thread>>56855906

"6 shots. More than enough to kill anything that moves" Edition
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File: 435634634634.jpg (678 KB, 2338x4096)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
>One of the new shows of this season is about a guy who's forcefully gender reassigned by his sister who then proceeds to groom him into becoming the cute little sister she always wanted
I'm normally not one to use the term trannime, but this shit might actually warrant it.
I have personal experience with this creature. Stay as far away as humanly possible.
It's what anyone who's creative or gets laid uses androidjeet

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