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Post guns and stick
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Leaf here I agree please nuke us.
File deleted.
It's a poltard edit of an Onion article originally about al-Qaeda.

File: 20200710_223854.jpg (38 KB, 1024x671)
38 KB
Images with a depressed or isolated feel edition
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File: 1593351382295.jpg (64 KB, 719x688)
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"Anthony Viet-Killerino here"

You might like Hans Fallada for more Weimar Republic insights.

File: 1497481853760.jpg (728 KB, 1024x718)
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728 KB JPG
I'm afraid we're all out of .22lr at the moment. Is there anything else I can help you with, sir?
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Just give me the complimentary crab legs and get out of my sight.
kinommandoes and kommandoes are merging
*every gun on/k/ simultaneously racks*
You came to the wrong range, trashrat.
>Le Hollywood drama sound
Don't you mean everyone makes random clicky sounds with their Glocks?
File: popcorn.jpg (142 KB, 1000x750)
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142 KB JPG
Que quiere senor?

File: Czl.jpg (46 KB, 1924x1198)
46 KB
Guns are made out of steel, they aren't toys.
I really doubt something made to last could break by just dry firing.
I borrowed a gun from a friend, looks like pic related. And it just broke on my hands because according to him I did a couple of dry fires, which in fact I did.

But I really really doubt something made out of steel could break that easily.

Is there any document or test saying how dry firing can't possibly damage a gun?
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your dumb thread was better the first time, which isn't saying much.

> Sat 13 Jul 2019
wait, do you have a list of gay threads that you cycle year to year?
The Cz52 is known for having a firing pin made out of poor quality steel. If you broke your friends, buy him a replacement one, there's good quality steel ones you can get which won't break.
In my opinion, the Cz52 is an underdesigned pistol in general, it's not at all as nice as the Cz75 and Cz82, and the very brittle firing pin is just one of its issues.

There's also high quality replacements for said rollpin, which are cheap. The stock rollpin is pretty much the only damning component in the pistol.
It ain't gonna shatter the pin like on an antique rimfire or anything, but dryfiring does cause wear, and particular wear for rimfire gun.
Huh, I thought it was just deja vu.

File: somoist.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
what are some weapons?
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You shouldn't post bait threads
Wee ponds
File: 1579055865100.jpg (83 KB, 880x629)
83 KB
Here's a weapon!

>they wheel you into the OR with the surgeons, the nurse...
>and the EOD people
What is weapon?

File: 1556571839222.jpg (226 KB, 2100x1420)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
any firearms/warfare related book recommendations? im trying to get physical copies as i prefer that over ebooks

bonus points for anything that isnt a field manual
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>One of the best authors ever writes without any complex punctuation at all
How will grammarfags EVER RECOVER?
File: king of shotguns.jpg (35 KB, 497x545)
35 KB

No U

Thanks anon

I recommend "Hell, I Was There!" by Elmer Keith or "I Am Soldier of Fortune: Dancing with Devils" by Robert K. Brown. I never see those mentioned in these threads despite being the quintessential mall ninja reading.
File: ocr.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1049)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Got lucky and found it for ~80€.

But don't you worry anon, I've begun OCRing it and I'm currently proofreading. Currently at page 87 out of 597, if I keep at this pace, should be complete by the end of the month. I'm gonna crash that market once and for all.

Next up is Executive Outcomes: Against All Odds by Eeben Barlow which also sells for outrageous prices.
Which books on Rhodesia are actually worth reading and not just the usual whenwe crap?
>rules for thee but not for me
Basically grammar fags are the type that love being told what to think. If they are told it's 'Literary fiction' it cannot be shit; that's fucking definitional. So they will tell you it's marvelous for the very reasons they would have told you it was shit if it didn't have the "authoritah's" stamp of approval.

They really are insufferable little cunts.

File: 329011.jpg (66 KB, 630x420)
66 KB
Usually they showcase new weapons every year from the country that France has invited and new concept weapons.

Last year was pretty entertaining with the flying soldier unit and the anti drone gun

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I mean the muslim is kinda normal because of algeria and all that crap. And if you get you head out of tweeter for a minute youll see that france is not the uk and don't give a huge fuck about gays. They love to riot for anything slighty related to work buts thats kinda it
File: 1578589204998.jpg (307 KB, 2016x1279)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
I have better things to do than to watch africans parade.
This year will just be a ceremony with minimal parade due to covid.
Didnt some bikes crash last year?
File: Bastille_day_2018.jpg (454 KB, 1920x1080)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
It was in 2018.
That year they also failed to draw their flag correctly in the sky.

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File: urban.png (794 KB, 851x473)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
In all seriousness why does the military keep changing into camo pattern uniforms? It seems like a giant waste of money. The only thing that I can think of is because it's somehow attracts newcomers or "boosts morale" like "look what we made for you Anon! You're so special to have these unique pattern & designs" :^)
Contractors need money and general officers need post retirement jobs
I like the direction this post is going, but we need to go farther.
Ugly ass camo but it demonstrates what the army found in tests. Desert camo patterns work well in urban areas.

Tiocfaidh ár lá
6 days late, OP.

I’m looking for some true war stories that display the brutality of war. What does /k/ recommend?
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These and "Shake Hands With the Devil"
Its a culmination of factual stories based on the kike soldiers stationed at that base.
the story is fictional but everything that happened in it actually happened, just not to the main character.
Martin Gilbert's 'the first world war'
Matterhorn was great. Would get drunk in the bricks and read it during corporals course lol
If you've read his non-fiction book you'll see Matterhorn is basically not fiction either. Pretty much all of the /k/ombat stuff really did happen as depicted, including the repeated up-hill assaults. And the Canadian chopped down M60 dude was actually a real person too.

Is it not good to put a light on like this with electrical tape? Is it just gonna melt or something? I'm not like trying to be all tactical operator man with the most expensive lights. I just wanna make sure I can see what I'm going to shoot.

I dont care if not like, the most effective, I just wanna know if this is gonna fuck my gun up or something.
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It's fine but the tape's adhesive will turn to some slippery sticky mess in a few months, especially with mild heat every now and then (I've used electrical tape in stupid ways many, many times due to the ability to stretch it and give tension and other properties). Use black duct tape instead if you want tape.
SWAT dudes in the 80s and 90s uses to tape shit to their rifles before quad rails and mounted lights were extremely common. It will work but getting a real one should be a priority.
Trim those ties please, I’m freaking out.
File: 20200712_093720.jpg (1.5 MB, 4032x2268)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Just use bike innertube or get a scope ring and a barrel clamp for peak performance.
Delta used hose clamps.

File: deadosprey.jpg (164 KB, 1200x900)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Post some pics of tax payer dollars going down the drain.
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Anyone got the webm of the ah64 hitting the water on exercises. Apache longbout.
You take a look inside? If movies have taught me anything, it would be filled with cocaine, and have skeletons in the pilots seats.
File: harrierbastian.png (420 KB, 616x410)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
I can smell this from my house and I live 40 miles away.

File: 1586394490944.jpg (95 KB, 589x726)
95 KB
Girls and guns thread?
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Nobody, but anyone with even a shred of integrity cares even less about thots attention whoring with guns.

Virgins are based, I wish I were inexperienced so that I could have my first time with a beautiful 11 year old girl on our wedding night.
>will ND her big toe
you have never held a single action revolver
Wow thank you. I didn't know how to feel about any of these images until you replied to each with your retarded ranking.

File: tiit.jpg (7 KB, 196x258)
7 KB
Now, we all know the reasons why mechs wouldn't be that usable on Earth.
>square cubed law
>only advantage over tanks is height
>warfare in the future of this scale will be mostly drones anyways
>anti tank weapons especially useful against weak points on the mech such as the joints
>advantage of height can be done better by things like helicopters already
But, say there is enough industry and infrastructure on Earth's moon to justify large-scale ground based warfare. A mech's advantages might shine here.
>legs are actually more useful than tracks here, since tracks will be damaged by rocks more easily than legs, since the legs can step around the rocks
>height advantage multiplied. For one, no helicopters and no real sustained flight, since no atmosphere. For two, the horizon is much closer, so being taller gives you a comparatively larger advantage than it does on earth.
>being a vehicle on the moon makes you vulnerable to anti-tank weapons already, since basically everyone is a balloon ready to pop.
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Earth soil is nothing like lunar fines. You're looking at a very different chemical composition in a completely different environment.
Stop being ignorant and read the damn article.
Here, I even copied and pasted the first few lines.
>Lunar soil is the fine fraction of the regolith found on the surface of the Moon. Its properties can differ significantly from those of terrestrial soil. The physical properties of lunar soil are primarily the result of mechanical disintegration of basaltic and anorthositic rock, caused by continual meteoric impacts and bombardment by solar and interstellar charged atomic particles over years. The process is largely one of mechanical weathering in which the particles are ground to finer and finer size over time. This situation contrasts fundamentally to terrestrial soil formation, mediated by the presence of molecular oxygen (O2), humidity, atmospheric wind, and a robust array of contributing biological processes. Some have argued that the term soil is not correct in reference to the Moon because on Earth, soil is defined as having organic content, whereas the Moon has none. However, standard usage among lunar scientists ignores that distinction.
>Moon dust is different from Earth dust
Wow it's fucking nothing.
I know you're just grasping at straws but isn't this a bit too pathetic?
File: All Out.png (11 KB, 200x200)
11 KB
File: Wojack coast to coast.gif (167 KB, 500x382)
167 KB
167 KB GIF
4 u
Kerensky pls

File: 1594554563292.webm (1.67 MB, 960x960)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB WEBM
Are there female operators irl?
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>"Um achully Incels, there are female operators, look at the females in (non-operator role)"
Shit thread. An operator is a SOF doorkicker, that's where the term came from; it was created to differentiate themselves from spooks, ie "operatives". There actually were female personnel in CAG as early as the Balkan shit in the 90s, but they were support personnel like analysts and acting as beards for the actual shooters so they could pose as a couple. And that's fine, that's a role no man could fill without extreme surgery, but it doesn't make them interchangeable with the SOF they're facilitating any more so than an embedded terp does. Incidentally, FEGs are no more operator than any other intel sperg. Contrary to what Lucas Botkin might believe, proximity to operators does not confer operator status.
nobody got time to read all that shit, tripfaggot. i know you crave attention but FUCKing hell
I think she paid for them with money.

She's an accomplished pastry chef and a model/cosplayer, but is slowly shifting to being more involved with just guns rather than gaymes.
Literally add the word "nude" to a google image search.
Google doesn't include nudes by default any more, you need to explicitly search for them, even with safesearch turned off.
File: 1589112800810.jpg (63 KB, 658x668)
63 KB
is it really this easy to drum up (You)s from kissless virgins mad that their crush gets to be SF and they never will?

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