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Greece is the most militarized country on earth.
In Greece, in order to become an adult, a boy has to serve in the military. People look down on men who didn't serve in the army, whereas those who served additional months are seen as brave men.
Songs are written about the military and soldiers sing about getting back Anatolia, Thrace, Crimea or Epirus. We name our children after famous military generals like Alexander or Pericles.

1/3 of all Greeks want the military government to return and 60% of Greeks think Greece should expand its borders.

There are two military parades every year in Greece.
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I almost hope the CIA and whatever wouldn't have fucked with you in the 40's, that the communists would've won.
ARMA is about to happend irl
Imagine being so cucked you are being actively discouraged from considering your very own culture superiour to others.
I knew *nglo-s*xons are pathetic, but I didn't know they are this pathetic.
no its just recess, schools reopened here recently

File: bag924.jpg (1.97 MB, 4060x2000)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
The general for all things body armor.

Discord: https://discord.gg/Az4sBHH
NIJ CPL: https://nij.ojp.gov/compliant-armor-body-armor-complies-nij-ballistic-resistance-standard-010106
An anon's four ways a youtube test can be gamed:
My objective is to test your Level IV against this M993 that I just coincidentally happen to have. Now, let me show you the list of ways I can game this test in your favor.

1. The M993 is fake and is actually M61 (steel-core AP) or even basic M80 with an adjusted external appearance.
2. The M993 I show on camera is genuine, but I swap magazines off camera and splice the footage, so I'm shooting just M80 at the plate.
3. The M993 is genuine, but I deliberately screwed up the powder load and it's shooting much slower than it should be. Since I don't happen to have a chronograph, this is easy to bullshit.
4. The M993 is genuine and I'm actually shooting it at the plate, but the plate you sent me is significantly reinforced and will pass the test with flying colors. Good thing I either didn't weigh it or used a standard-type plate as a stand-in.

File: its all so invigorating.jpg (165 KB, 1200x800)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Does "gun culture" exist anywhere in East Asia? Outside of airsoft, that is.
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File: 348s.jpg (25 KB, 348x348)
25 KB
Everyone loves chicken biscuits regardless of race, nationality, or geography.
File: 1601989030395.jpg (51 KB, 480x640)
51 KB
>Shooter Security
>Harmony well protected repetitively with gauge 12 thoroughness
t. assmad korean jap mutt
tl;dr US gun culture is this unique thing.
As the CIA says, the wogs start in Calais

Body armour but with ERA, thoughts?
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File: Polish_20201218_000244899.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x1920)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Oh boo fucking hoo let me get my trumpet and play some taps for you. One of these died RIP Reeses In Pieces
Same problem but more weight. The steel plate still gets slammed into the wearer and any limb in front of the chest piece gets blown off.
Kill yourself namefag
It better be NERA

Post your favourite propaganda poster

File: grot.jpg (132 KB, 788x410)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
How long in a combat environment would it take for rifle parts to rust so, without daily maintenance?
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I've always wondered that with AK's, as to how well they preform when they aren't in 0 humidity environments and still receive the no maintenance that the average african/middle easterner gives them
File: 1611584488917.jpg (135 KB, 788x410)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
You can fingerprint outlines in the rust patterns.
This. Happened to me. Left my AR in my car while overnighting for an event in Alabama. Next day there is rust on the FSP and the nick that shows up on the upper near the bolt release.
my shit rusts in 6 hours in arizona if i put corrosive rounds through it and don't address it instantly.

File: this_is_fine.jpg (54 KB, 800x450)
54 KB
>9th generation military
>get kicked out of boot camp because I tore my ACL on the initial PFT
>dad is proud of me despite losing the only thing i ever cared about
>think about suicide every day
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I must be a genetic freak. People left and right around me breaking their bones and shit. When I was at bmt I saw at least 50 people within my surrounding flights go to medhold because of shinsplints. It happened about as frequently in my first duty station and even deployed. It's usually bitches and pudgy dudes. The only time I heard of a chad getting this done to him was some ranger who was running a marathon and kept going even though his legs were breaking apart. I've fallen off roofs, got hit by cars going 35mph, fought(amateur mma), and been in car and motorcycle crashes. Never broke a single bone.
Oh and jumped out of planes. Heard of some times people broke their legs/hips because they land wrong, but still I wonder if they're weak like the rest.
You tried. A lot of boot camp is if you can push through an injury. That's not the kind of thing you can. Tears can flat out fuck your shit up for a good long time. I had a tear that was pretty bad. It was a lot of years of physical training and doing manual labour jobs to fix it till I could get through military training after that. Would get this throbbing pain with weather shifts and could predict if it was going to rain within a few days reliably in that specific spot. Still get it sometimes but it's more dull and not as often, kind of hard to tell about it in places you never been feeling could mean a different amount of days in different places.

You can surpass what you were at before that happened.
who is the hot black chick in front?
>dad is proud of me
He knows you did your best and won't be shackled to an institution that sucked cock even in his day, much less 2021+

He gets to spend more time with you and see his son be free and happy.
Do not take this away from him

I need a sig p250 fire control unit. where/how do I get one?
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You wouldn't have this problem if it was a glock
It's an excellent gun. It's also a gun without a market. A full sized DAO would have been a hot seller in the early 90's. There were still a lot of LEO's and civilians in those days who learned to shoot on a revolver and didn't really trust semi autos that didn't have safeties.
As far as DAO pistols go the P250 has a pretty decent trigger and the modularity was revolutionary. It just isn't something that people want.
I learned to shoot on a revolver so I shoot the P250 prett well But there is no reason I would choose it over the P320.
If you have the parts for a P250 then you most likely have the parts for a P320. Barrel, grip frame, sights, and mags are interchangeable.
>just different holes
Except one is a striker and one is an internal hammer. FCU and slide are different.

I have a p320 so no reason for a p250

If p250 came out when cops were switching from revolvers, it'd have sold

Especially when cops kept shooting themselves with glocks and pds were asking for heavy glock triggers

I guess nds are acceptable to police now

Nds and jams = glock perfection

File: iron sights pov.jpg (39 KB, 1024x579)
39 KB
How many hours of shooting practice do I need to be an expert marksman?
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While you're getting memed to death for asking a dipshit double retard type question I'll answer you with seriousness. When you've been shooting enough to understand with absolute certainty why this thread and your question were dumb. And even then you may need more time.
How many rounds per hour?
Over how many years?
It depends on how many headshots you get and how often you shoot on bonus XP weekends.

"MMMMUUUUUAAAAHHHH the British Martini has always been celebrated for its excellence!"
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a thread died for this
it was a better thread than a martini has ever been
are you a AAA game developer?
No. Not yet.
>have to unscrew bolt head to remove bolt
I know the French hate Germans, but come on! Mauser bolt-releases are plenty practical.

File: Z-24bubbafit.png (26 KB, 1000x385)
26 KB
ITT: We refit ships
>Picrel is Z-24 as in 1944 but with one gun replaced by prototype armored AA mounts and 55mm singles replacing 37mm twins
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I don't see any modernization
also man in the high castle is gay. Tranny hoi4mod does the setting better
>Tranny hoi4mod does the setting better
TWR does it better than TNO
seems like the Missouri. But I would rather see a new AA put alongside a large single barrelled autoloader cannon with the "its a japanese" box from the type 73 on the mantlet.
>seems like the Missouri
an old ship being used way beyond its time.

File: peak boomer.jpg (130 KB, 1004x577)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Why isn't there a military that focuses on pistols and knives for close combat instead of long range fighting with rifles like most militaries?
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>Right but you could compensate for that with with armor piercing rounds and high powered pistols.
All of these things are things that you can equally add to a rifle for even greater advantages

>Also it is easier to aim a pistol at a close opponent than it is a to aim a rifle at a close opponent, so a soldier with a pistol would have an advantage over a soldier with a rifle.
Most of the time, no - even close the rifle has the advantage right until stabbing range
File: 1611343790699.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
>implying Keys didn't casually toss the mags outside his bridge on the floor
You'll never prove otherwise in the HIGHCOM tribunal
sniper rifles are not like in the video games kid. extraordinarily difficult to use. eat shit retard and lurk moar.
fuck off and die
nogunz, newfags, and retards who don’t know about sage

In an emergency situation, can regular noise canceling earphones work like in the pic? I have a pair of skullcandies that I keep on my night stand to help me sleep because Im a really light sleeper and was curious on how well they would protect my hearing in a home defense situation.
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Turning energy or amplitude into dB is the same as graphing it on an exponential X axis.
No. Your retarded
A logarithmic axis*, I mean. Like it starts at 1 and then goes 10, 100, 1000. So it's the same sort of scale as a dB graph that goes from 0 to 10, 20, 30. The only way it could be misleading like you said is if you don't understand what dB is, which they should not explain on the graph.
File: maybe.png (365 KB, 500x496)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
if the point of these bar graphs is to present the data in a visual form that can be more easily interpreted as amount of noise/potential hearing damage of different firearms relative to each other, wouldn't it be better to not use an exponential x-axis? As shown, it'd expecting the viewer to know how decibels work and do the exponential calculation in themselves.
We experience loudness exponentially, or more accurately logarithmically, which is why dB is basically always used instead of the actual energy of the sound. So for graphing potential hearing damage you might be right, but in terms of experienced loudness dB is better. The real trouble is displaying the graph without a log scale on the x axis, since the top bar is 45 dB higher then the bottom and that's over 10000 times the energy. Bar graphs don't work well when one bar needs to be 10,000 times the length of another.

Is a revolver a pistol?
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All revolvers are pistols, but only pistols that can be revolved around the finger (like Revolver Ocelot's) are revolvers. Regular pistols can't be revolved around the finger.
File: 1235823805487.jpg (34 KB, 588x588)
34 KB
you can if you practice enough
>is op a faggot?
based yeah poster

File: 1598995210656.png (1.24 MB, 960x960)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>someone tries to attack me
>nearly had to shoot them but they got scared off by the gun
>always thought I'd be ready to act in that moment and I was
>did everything right but now an anxious and emotional wreck after the fact
>spend almost all my time now thinking about how I nearly had to kill someone and could have been seriously injured or killed myself
>running through all the possibilities in my mind
>feel really jumpy and nervous all the time now
>guns feel more important than ever but not fun anymore
>just want to feel safe again
I can't go into details because of legal stuff but does anyone else know these feels? I'm having a really hard time. Trying not to cry writing about this right now.
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Shut the fuck up weeb
Shut the fuck up gaijin
File: 1595639932023.webm (2.99 MB, 852x480)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
It was details like that which caused me to think chinese or black.
File: 1611135881707.jpg (149 KB, 1000x745)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Because nogunz panic bought and now can't being themselves to use em.
File: 1595438008307.jpg (425 KB, 912x1206)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
>aggravated attacker
>misses out on the chance to get a legal confirmed kill
whata fuckin loser

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