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File: 4800-MC_1200x.jpg (153 KB, 1200x1200)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Backpack/assault pack/recce pack general

Is the k3 4800 worth it? Looking for an external frame pack, 650 is steep but ill consider it if its actually a buy once cry once deal. Mostly doing camping and huntint, 1-3 days

Currently use a kelty coyote 65
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never post here again and feel bad about being retarded.
The Kestrel is the best pack I've ever owned. I also have a Kode-22 daypack.

I've used Gregory's, MOLLY, ALICE, Blackhawk (back when they were around), Camel backs, and have traded on the trail more packs than I can remember (just to try them out).

I've converted several people to Osprey.
>Useless in the woods
you're retarded
>Liberals love them so I hate them
you're retarded
Is the frame comfy on there? I was thinking either that one or a molle 2 pack for muh everything pack
The ILBE is a massive step up from the MOLLE 2, definitely the better choice.

File: LM308SSR.png (92 KB, 1536x424)
92 KB
Tell me that this is a shit fucking 6 MOA gun no one really needs and there are better alternatives everywhere. Tell me that it is heavy, has a high failure rate and eats optics like the SCAR 17. PLEASE, BECAUSE I AM GOING TO FUCKING BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT BUT I CAN NOT JUSTIFY IT.

I would have bought it 4 weeks ago, said no, I dont need it, ill sleep over it. I now want it more than ever despite not needing it at all. Help me, /k/ommandos. Talk me out of it.
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It’s a great gun, the only con is that you will go bald
>6moa gun
I'm dubious that anyone actually bothers to make guns that inaccurate.
My LMT mws 308 is sub moa with 168gr fgmm. Got it for 2(/k
>only $4k
Poor, get this instead https://www.impactguns.com/amp/Semi-Automatic-Rifles/Knights-Armament-SR-25-E2-APR-Rifle-308-Win-20-20rd-Black-W-MLok-Rail-819064016335-31961/

File: download (1).png (9 KB, 246x204)
9 KB
I think none can top the One of the 33° Stormo of WW2 Pic related. But feel free to try
frog with dik n balls
Coincidentally It Is also the symbol of my gender

File: Eugene_sledge.jpg (9 KB, 236x316)
9 KB
Eugene Sledgehammer> Dick Winters
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Dick Winters and the 506th and dem island boys Gyrenes would 100% agree, and checked.
>died the same day as the nukes fell on Japan
File: 22501.jpg (136 KB, 800x950)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
File: 0_a1f15_46ba2dd4_XXL.png (474 KB, 631x804)
474 KB
474 KB PNG

File: OQWoD1C.jpg (30 KB, 360x589)
30 KB
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heheh, wobbawobbawobba
Some quick research helped me realize curving barrels actually works

Loony as it sounds
Look up demolition ranch curving bullets pvc pipemssvv+
>pajeet weapon
You absolute cretin
You know when old books and movies and stuff make a big fuss over 'Toledo Steel'? That's why. Toledo swordsmiths have an impressive level of control over the properties of the steels they made swords with. Something like this would be more likely to be a demonstration piece of a specific smith's ability than an actual weapon.

File: cat gun.jpg (93 KB, 1242x1090)
93 KB
It's /k/aturday bros

Post cats and gats
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File: PXL_20211208_074945994.jpg (2.81 MB, 4032x2268)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
She loves sleeping on the router
File: 20211127_063443.jpg (1.68 MB, 3264x2448)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Love me cat
Love me AR
File: licky kitty.jpg (79 KB, 496x515)
79 KB
File: 1611010559195.jpg (117 KB, 1280x960)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
File: heil kitler.jpg (35 KB, 500x278)
35 KB

A fellow Kitler I see

So let’s say a civil war breaks out.

How would you defend and fight in Pic Related both in summer and winter? How would your techniques change depending on the season?

Will this be like the mountains of Afghanistan where people are either ambushed in valleys or popping shots from one side to the other.
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Tax breaks.

Why fight over that when you can climb it and just enjoy the scenery?
1) they look the same
NM runs a bunch of business benefits for filming in NM.
i'm not your bud, friend

You think any of these soldiers got their foot in the door at PMC thanks to these mercs' recommendations?

>You went out for a walk
>You saw something you weren't supposed to.
>A vehicle but something was wrong
>They saw you.
>Later at your dwelling strange things start happening
>TFW they are in the house

What do you do? While their are anecdotes of people shooting greys their are also many where weapons had no effect or failed to function

Do you bug in or flee?
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I ain't scared of space manlets with oversized heads.
458 socom 7-foot grey eliminator
The ayyys have are not known to actively hurt/kill humans... however there are have been some issues in the past. Guns didn't help the poor bastards in Colares.

Look, I'm not afraid of ayylmaos themselves. It's the hightech bullshit they are gonna bring with. I have no doubt a .22 pistol with a laser would just shred little gray bodies.. but what about if they have some kinetic shield tech or something? I am also sure they can see me through walls
I have the lube on standby.

File: 18904382.jpg (35 KB, 700x508)
35 KB
>The force of the bullet impact and recoil are the same
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I'm not reading all that garbage but at one end you have the bullet weight divided by the gun weight times the velocity, and at the other end you have only the bullet weight times the velocity. If you shot a person right smack in the middle of a rifle-weight chunk of metal they were wearing, it would kick them roughly as hard as it did you. If all they're wearing is just an ugly christmas sweater, then yeah the bullet does different things to them.
It's not that force is a magical thing that explains everything, but it's the only thing you really need to project the upper bound of energy, momentum, impulse and so on, once you factor things like bullet mass and travel time. Yes, it gets more complicated, but the idea that the same initial force isn't what makes everything happen is retarded.
File: 1518127295418.png (386 KB, 600x700)
386 KB
386 KB PNG

>Common “One Shot Stop” and “Knock Down Power” are both myths perpetuated by the uninformed. The actual impact of the projectile onto a target is less than the recoil of the weapon.
>Energy transfer is often quoted and is completely immaterial. First, the transfer of energy is represented by the Temporary Stretch Cavity and as stated is insufficient in rounds <2,000 fps to cause any damage except for brain and liver tissue. Secondly, the human body can absorb a great amount of energy without being damaged. Thirdly, a baseball hit in a game, or a hockey puck has approximately half the energy of a 9mm bullet being shot. Lastly, the human body is not one solid mass where energy is easily transferred throughout the body. Changes in tissue density and space between organs nullifies a vast amount of transfer of energy

>The average human male is 10" thick. Most human tissue is elastic. Organs, skin, muscle, intestines and blood vessels are capable of substantial stretching with minimal damage. Medical and military studies have shown that the outward velocity of tissue caused by the temporary stretch cavity is between 8-15% of the velocity of the projectile at the depth the stretch is created. Furthermore in these studies it was shown that human muscular tissue (other than brain or liver tissue) can stretch much faster than that velocity. Also, the distance created by the stretch cavity does not exceed the capability of the muscular tissue to stretch without tearing. At greater than around 2,000 fps it was tested, seen and measured that our test tissue did show signs of over-stretching and damage. This was noted on the rounds that were extremely high speed at impact (>2,000 fps). It was difficult to measure but is a contributing factor to overall wounding.
>The actual impact of the projectile onto a target is less than the recoil of the weapon.

I believe this... I took a 5.45 in the waist and it didn't push me around at all, I just crumpled reflexively
>I believe this... I took a 5.45 in the waist and it didn't push me around at all, I just crumpled reflexively

File: 0533_-_7b5Mceq.jpg (48 KB, 559x331)
48 KB
>Gun: $1000+, non-floating barrel, 2MOA with good ammo if you're lucky
>Separate optic mount: $200 or $100 for a shitty one
>Ammo: quickly approaching $0.50/round, may soon outstrip the cost of 300 blackout which is basically the same thing

It used to be a $500 gun with extremely cheap ammo. It's almost not worth it anymore.
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i love my m77 but it needs to be refinished
it shoot very good
File: incep.jpg (403 KB, 4032x3024)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Is this you ?
Post AK you tranny
Mmm beaver barf
>Optic mount
Just get an AR if you want a tacticool larp rifle
>50cpr ammo
Saged and hidden

Steel milspec VS Modern Polymer

If you had to choose only one type of magazine construction what would it be? Lets say SHTF
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Nigga you really gone sit there and tell me metal is lighter than polymer?
there are some very light metals and some very dense polymers. But I dont think when it comes to AR magazines the metal ones are lighter than the plastic ones.
USGI mags weigh less than Pmags. Look it up.
Not only are they lighter but they also have a smoother draw from a pouch. It's literally only an oz difference between the two though so it really doesn't matter
>But steel is heavier than feathers

File: weaponlight.jpg (46 KB, 640x480)
46 KB
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fenix is shit too
me too
but first one had fuckd screw and second laser
now im waiting for my 3rd heh
the only answer for handguns is the TRL-6

It's the only light/laser combo that sits flush on a gun on all sides, plus has good battery life, plus has an effective laser, plus has a light that's actually good, all for under $100

It's available for every gun, and frame-locked versions for most small guns without rails

It's common enough to get 'custom' kydex holsters made for it. wide availability

It's the perfect home defense light. srsly look it up
A real man doesn't need his natural night vision to be disturbed by an electric light dispensing tube. We have eyes
I use the lights already installed in my home. I have an button on my phone at will turn every single light on in the house.

File: Finno-Korean Hyperwar.jpg (204 KB, 960x768)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
As far as murderers in the US are concerned, the .22LR cartridge has killed the most people, hands down. Even a ~$200 pea shooter is capable of taking down a room full of people. Cemeteries around the world over are filled with people who underestimated the venerable 22LR.
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you are really gonna tell me .22flobert isn't the pinnacle of projectile lethality?
I don't think people stay away from .22lr because it's not lethal. Crime stats show that's not true. The real issue is a combination of reliability and to a lesser extent the versatility of performance. .22 is prone to dude rounds and rims can cause problems in magazines, so if you can help it you definitely don't want your gun to malfunction and should do everything you can to make sure it doesn't. Then if you want good functional hollow points you probably need a larger caliber because .22 hollow points almost never actually open, if you want good barrier penetration you probably need a bigger caliber, if you even just want a nice gun with good features you might need a bigger gun.
File: IMG-20211208-WA0000.jpg (40 KB, 800x598)
40 KB
Please refer to pic
A thread died for this.

Ballistics of the. 22 are shit, but as the cheapest semi auto on the market it's over- represented in homicides and suicides.
People aren't getting into gun battles with these, they're shooting unarmed people in the back.
Being semi auto, the attacker simply figures they can shoot shoots victim more times- largely true.
No one is pretending its the most lethal but a lot of people act like its basically a bb gun.

.22lr wil punch through bone including the skull.

My uber driver hit a possum today. I lied and told her she didn't hit it.

I went back to see it, it was still alive but completely immobile and breathing in rattled raspy short breaths. I left it as I was wearing tattered hole filled chucks without socks. It almost certainly got hit by another car afterwords and I will go back in the morning to look for it's corpse. Makes me almost wish I had an airgun to put it out of it's misery if such an act would be legal although I do not know if it would be in my city

I heard someone say that "mercy" kills are a fictional trope and that "you know it when you see it" is extremely unreliable.

Is there any truth to it? I feel responsible in a causal sense yet disturbing by how dissociated I feel from witnessing something die but upset I didn't have a way to either render medical aid or kill it and didn't like just walking off

Sometimes I wonder though, if our lives are really more valuable than theirs. You know what I mean?
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He's a sociopath who constantly attention whores by going out of his way to talk about all the cats he kills in random threads and sometimes makes his own. But don't worry it's totally for enviromental reasons guise!

He always goes out of his way to preemptively establish an ad hoc pretense on specious grounds because he knows that most people hate predatory individuals like him. I think he's some rural fag who can't build a proper chicken coop to save his life.

People like him are the original evil in this world. The only justice is their behavior usually gets them jailed or killed because they can't modulate their aggressive increasingly grandiose behavior. EVERY single one has the same persona. If you trigger them the haughty posturing drops and they chimp out and get sloppy because they need to feed their narcissistic supply and react with rage towards anything that threatens it.

The ones who avoid jail usually integrate themselves into society into positions that allow them to hurt and abuse others. Cops and Soldiers are obvious but these fuckers are everywhere in the music industry, organized crime and the medical field.

Good vs Evil has always been schizos/autists vs sociopaths. GIF related. The pimp was a sociopath. Travis was a schizo.
My dog got to one in the back woods, shook him around and fucked him up. He just laid there barely breathing, dunno if was playing dead or what but I finished him with a shovel. Poor little creepy feller

>possum claws typed this post
>lives with his mom

That explains a lot.
sounds like it was definitely gonna die. i think its pretty easy to know when an animal is going to die in situations like this. just make sure the air gun is strong enough

File: Howitzer.jpg (19 KB, 300x180)
19 KB
How do you guys like this tank?
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Built for BBS (big black sabot)
File: Tiny Tank.jpg (110 KB, 1000x676)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Amputee tanks anyone?
>Self propelled howitzer
This must be b8.

hello my american friend, how's your day

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