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Hey /k/ I have an idea but I’m not sure it’s viability. What would it take to become a gun manufacturer of guns whose patents have expired? So manufacturing older designs like the FN1910 or the TT-33? These designs are relatively simple and could even be improved upon like chambering them in 9x19 rather than 380 for example.

Do you guys think there would be a market for these outdated but time tested designs, especially if they were inexpensive like the price of Hi Points?
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Cnc machinist, manufacturing engineer, and 07 ffl here.
You cannot make new manufacture old guns for a cost which people are willing to pay. I could make literally any gun you'd ever desire but you wouldn't want to pay my shop rate x the hours it would take.
>muh 5 axis cnc
A 5 axis milling center costs 60-200 thousand ameribucks. Now double that for tooling and fixturing. Now add a building with thick enough concrete floors and 3 phase power ($7-10/sqft NNN), and then pay someone who can design, model, program, set up, and then run parts on said 5 axis. Modern machining is FUCKING EXPENSIVE but once it's proves out you have amazing productivity and you can amortize the cost over a run of thousands and thousands of parts. $1 million for a 5 axis cnc shop is not an exaggeration.

If you desperately want a left handed garand in 9mm tokarev or some shit you can find a guy like me to do the project for you ($$$$) but you'll never have a successful business that makes big runs of odd guns.
This guy knows. The design of a firearm reflects the manufacturing methods intended to be used to build it. Those neat old school guns are designed around methods that don't exist anymore except through small boutique very expensive production. CNC doesn't do things the same way FN did things with an army of employees and lines of dedicated-to-a-single task machines.

You'd be better off designing a gun that brings back the old FN pistol aesthetically and conceptually but designed with modern methods in mind. All steel, single action, nice rounded snag free exterior.
CNC does not scale and does not get cheaper with volume. There's a reason why most cheap guns are made of stampings, forgings, and casting, because you can shit out a vast quantity of them.

The only exception to this I can think of is Apple, who bought something like 10,000 CNC machines to make their macbook at scale. You cannot afford to do this.
File: 1486075045160s.jpg (9 KB, 249x212)
9 KB
>cnc does not scale and does not get cheaper with volume
the literal point of CNC is it scales and gets cheaper with volume. quanity 1 makes no sense to make on a CNC, quantity 100000 you'd be a fucking retard not to make on CNC
>cheap guns made of stampings, forgings, casting
forged or cast parts need machining to bring to finish dimensions, nobody makes guns from raw casting/forgings

>mfw this whole post

File: 357_SIG_-_FMJ_-_SB_-_1.jpg (646 KB, 2272x1704)
646 KB
646 KB JPG
I've been shooting .45 ACP and .38 Special for years and now I decided that I want something with a little more bang. I kinda want a .357 SIG because it's relatively obscure in my area, I literally never saw anyone use it at the local range. I'm guessing that because it's got almost the same power as a regular .357 magnum, the recoil is going to be very sharp, exactly the opposite of what I'm used to with my current handguns.
Is this a meme or an actually fun caliber?
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You want a caliber because it’s obscure? Back to plebbit for you
File: 9mm Super.png (53 KB, 480x339)
53 KB
File: trajectories.png (54 KB, 718x1040)
54 KB
>Go heavier not faster for a better handgun round.
That all depends which you're (more) concerned about, missing or not hitting hard enough.
Faster means flatter trajectory, so you can make hits.
Heavier means more retained velocity, so it hits harder and/or has enough velocity to expand.
The correct answer is "both faster and heavier", of course, so you can make hits that count, but that's not practical beyond a certain point.

Taking the light&fast approach to extremes can certainly have real problems -- by 150 yards, the 65gr .357 SIG is down to 1100 fps, and thus roughly .32 ACP energy.

But sticking to normal weights, compare 125gr .357 SIG's 1100fps at 100 yards vs .380 (or even 9mm out of a short enough barrel) at 10 yards, and it's really not lacking in momentum/energy. As long as you use bullets that work at those velocities -- and there's plenty of .355 bullets that do -- it's just fine.

Or to look at it another way, comparing the energy of 125gr .357 SIG and 230gr .45 ACP, .357 SIG has 40% more energy at the muzzle, the same energy (within 1%) at 100 yards, and only 9% less at 150.


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I see them on sale because people shoot plinking ammo more than defense ammo. Apparently among LEOs it is the go-to caliber for killing dogs.

File: Seiko-5-SNK809-Review-15.jpg (307 KB, 2100x1400)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
what watch does /k/ wear?
>seiko snk809
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File: 20190819_173415.jpg (2.35 MB, 4032x2268)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
Smol boi

i do not discriminate lol, casios are cool (the retro type at least)
Everything runs out of battery? Really?

WaterPROOF? Really?

Im not arguing with this nonsense.
model? and how much did you pay for it. I NEED IT.
>Everything runs out of battery? Really?
when are you gonna be without 5V DC to charge over USB? during a nuclear holocaust? have a spare mechanical watch for that. for all other times, wear a watch that's not a fashion statement.

>WaterPROOF? Really?
water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. so good for anything but scuba.

File: 1566149340964.jpg (1.94 MB, 4608x2176)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
what are we drinking today, /k/ ?
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Ya know it!
and into good hot chocolate made with heavy cream too. its like a brandy alexander with chocolate milk, but hot. my great grandmother from the old country used to make them for us as kids at christmas. we would all get shitfaced off of one, and go to bed while the adults got tore up.
File: the bomb.jpg (29 KB, 480x640)
29 KB
Founders makes some god tier stouts and porters, and Stone Xocoveza is really fucking good too. Not ashamed to admit I love these things. My number 1 is pic related though.
If you have a place like Total Wine or Bevmo in your area, they do sell a huge variety of those little minis check it out
File: poorfagstarterkit.jpg (508 KB, 2880x2160)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
orale compa

Can anyone recommend some good books, documentaries, or films?
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I feel the same way, that's why I find the pseudo-revisionism distasteful.
File: EDDIES4-930x600.jpg (182 KB, 930x600)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
and took the most baller pics. 49th battlaion (loyal eddies) lewis machine gun section
Now it can be told by some British dude
>To the Last Man: A Novel of the First World War (2004) is a historical novel written by Jeff Shaara about the experience of a number of combatants in World War I. The book became a national best seller and received praise from people such as General Tommy Franks.

This is a must read for anyone interested in "The War To End All Wars."

File: Tula.jpg (71 KB, 800x800)
71 KB
What does /k/ think about Tulammo? Is it shit or a good source for cheap ammo?
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Well Mosins are known have sticky bolts my guy but regardless it seems Tula is only good for semi-auto stuff.
Hi, I'm an idiot, how does ammo cause poor aim? Seems like that would be a gun issue but, again, idiot.
Different powder loads, bullet shapes, weights, lengths and so forth act differently to millions of different variables.
Ammunition can have deviation from shot to shot in bullet weight, velocity, jacket thickness, or even not the same shape. This leads to poor effect downrange, lower quality ammo has looser tolerances and bigger groups, even if the shooter is aiming perfectly.
Huh. I see.

File: Spook.jpg (2.24 MB, 4032x2268)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Larpe Diem Edition

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whats the difference between the ELW and LW, nobody seems to really know.
That's way less ghey than I thought it'd be.
File: Large Cummies.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Poll for y'all retards. I bought a PSA 16" in December of '18 and just finished putting almost 3,000 rounds through it. As it's my only rifle, I want to get another one, but I got some indecision . Should I do a .300 memeout build (7-9in barrel, can, law folder), build a gucci AR10, build a non shit AR, or get a 300 dollar savage bolt in .308 and go all in on an optic. AR10 and bolt rifle would be used for Elk hunting, meme out would be for home defense.
>implying the midwest doesn't turn a golden brown every fall
FDE unironically works fairly well in the fall when all the grass is dead

File: Kukri.jpg (67 KB, 550x550)
67 KB
Hey Anons what is your favorite knife?

Mine is the Kukri
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Maybe because many knife users need no serrations.
But what if I want to cut rope or something?
A sharp straight edge does the same shit serrations do without the pain in the ass of sharpening. Serrations just make a dull knife feel sharp longer.
File: knifefold2.jpg (15 KB, 598x229)
15 KB
You can cut the rope with regular edge.
Picrelated is a folding gully - an antique sailor's knife. No serrations.
Take a look at Genova awl knives (genovese a passacorda), they have no serrations either
Leatherman Wave

File: 1914luger-660x495.jpg (87 KB, 660x495)
87 KB
I want a Luger P08, I know virtually nothing about buying one however.

Where is the best place to get one? Gun shows? Online auctions? How much would I expect to pay for a working one? Are there any good reproductions of it?

Is one of them so antique that it would be blasphemous to fire it? I intend to take it to the range. Anything else you can share about acquiring one is welcome.
All those places are good bets. Online auctions you get what you want, but pay more. Unless you have one in literally perfect condition, you're fine to fire it. None of them are legally antiques. Just take care of your fucking gun. If you're rich, lugerman makes quality reproductions. Expect to pay at least $700. And read, read, read. Read as much material as you can so you can differentiate between what is correct and not. Not being educated is a great way to spend $2,000 on a $700 gun
File: Luger.jpg (229 KB, 719x858)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
There happens to be a set of message boards dedicated to Lugers out there. Find them and read through.

Lots of decisions to consider.

But since you want a shooter, the two best routes are Russian Capture, or Finnish surplus converted from .30 Luger to 9x19
You can find mixmasters that will (probably) shoot for $800-900. Otherwise commercial DWMs are fairly common and you can probably find a pretty decent one for $1200-1300. Swiss 1906/29 Lugers are probably the best bang for your buck tho as you can find full rigs in good condition for $1400-1500.

Check out Simpsons LTD to get idea of what you want.

File: kill niggers.jpg (1.92 MB, 6271x3135)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
Is it possible to have that ruger-style slide on a 9mm pistol like this?
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this, I don't think it's based on any specific pistol but I can't see any reason you couldn't build one

this angle makes me think it's a rotating bolt locking on that angular bit, and you could have a short stroke gas piston kick the carrier back

autistic retard who hates thought experiments
If you also moved the sights to the shroud you could make an argument for it being a telescoping bolt.
Completely spitballing here but from that gap in the back of the bolt carrier I'd guess that there's something that locks in below the rear sight.
A bolt has locking contact surfaces.
not all of em
what about open or straight blowback?

File: download (12).jpg (255 KB, 480x975)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
This pic is a page from head of OKW (Wehrmacht Supreme Command) and Hitler's closest military advisor, Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel's memoirs.

These were written while he was imprisoned during the IMT or Nuremberg Trials as they are commonly known.

In this passage, Keitel alleges that it was Hitler's vehement insistence that the Waffen-SS be given the highest percentage of recruits and the best of said recruits had an adverse effect on the overall fighting ability of the Wehrmacht overall.

Now many German Generals wrote memoirs in the decades after the war, and historians seem to agree that most distorted the facts or outright lied to put all the blame for losing the war on Hitler and not their own decisions. However this was written by Keitel less than a year after the war ended. He also for the most part stayed loyal to Hitler during the trials although he did deny knowledge of and disavowed the things happening in the camps.

So is this a valid reason Keitel is giving here or is it just him trying to cover for his own mistakes as a Field Marshal?

Full memoirs can be found here:
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

Nah, exactly the same thing was also said about the Luftwafe ground troops (ie the best people being sucked out of Wehrmacht recruitment pool). I guess that the Germans and their post-war fans simply couldnt accept the actual truth that they simply werent good enough to take on the whole world and win. Whether or not the Wehrmacht could have gotten a bit better NCOs if different administrative decisions were made at some point would hardly change anything in the end.
That's a damn chauchat
>Blaming the Waffen SS, the branch who did most of the heavy lifting and attacks

>Not blaming the Airforce or specifically Herman Göring and especially after seeing the "Herman Göring Division"

Didn't the SS have abysmal performance anyway? I've heard something about them only having a 30% success rate compared with the Heer.
It's almost as if the germans were both strategically outmatched AND made avoidable ressource allocation errors.

Severely overrated meme guns you should never have.
25 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Own one. They’re insanely heavy. Like 9lbs heavy. So while they’re ergonomic, very accurate, reliable, and rugged, they’re tanks in more ways than one.
See. Garbage. If you want heavy and accurate you may as well go for a 308. Be careful with your no fly zone though it might try to stick a finger up there.
File: 1565826013914.jpg (81 KB, 1016x1024)
81 KB
You're clearly retarded and have an emotional reaction to firearms. The AR is objectively the most ergonomic firearm in mass production. Estonia made an excellent choice with the LMT. They listened to rational people and because of that their guys won't be dying. If they listened to emotional people like you their guys would be at greater risk with less effective equipment chosen because of its country of origin.
>oh the charging handle isn’t ergonomic
If your rifle isn’t a piece of shit you only ever need to use it once. Stop being a faggot.
>unironically pushing for galil in the 21st century
oy vey

File: 2019.jpg (2.73 MB, 3141x2279)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB JPG
Can anyone identify what unit these guys are with? They said Marines but they look kind of out of regs and I haven't seen anyone use those BDUs for 5+ years
Stolen valor or not?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
>unironically writing an autistic essay
Young Marines if I had to guess. It’s a youth organization.
File: 1468620396487.jpg (77 KB, 866x838)
77 KB
>Watching fat black chicks lose their mind over having to go in water was hilarious.

Story time faggot
/k/ discovers the existence of Philippinos ITT
Youth marine program out of southern Connecticut (judging by the old uniforms and 203 area code."

Ive seen some barrels with 90 % lands 10% grooves and others with 50% : 50% etc.. why are there different rifling ratios? Shouldnt there be a single optimal level?
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
they aren't parallel in 3D space, but in the plane of contact.

its like if you laid knife down flat on a whetstone, even if the knife isn't perpendicular to the stone when you push forward the whetstone isn't going to start spinning and the blade's edge is parallel to the stones surface.

again, filthy phone posters aren't allowed to post images where i'm from.
i feel like i also need to mention that if bullets weren't bigger then the inner diameter of the riflings, as in they never filled the gap cut into the bore of the barrel, they would never gain spin from the riflings. That's why a .223 caliber barrel uses .224 diameter bullets, or a .308 caliber barrel uses .309 diameter bullets. don't believe me, get out a pair of calipers, pull a bullet and measure it, actually in the case of most .223/5.56 you can just measure the bullet right where it meets the neck of the casing and it will read .224 inches
I know this already. The bullets diameter is equal to the diameter of the barrel from groove to groove. The lands dig in and pinch the bullet into both deforming and rotating from the rifling.
I think...
Yes i get it.
The bores surfaces are parralel to the bullets motion but the contours of the rifling are not.
I thought the guy was saying a helical rifling track was parallel to the bullets motion.
>not firing your bullets on a helical trajectory

File: 12343241324.png (1.34 MB, 746x1027)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
The last gun you shot is now a woman /k/.
There is a catch though, despite the fact she looks and acts like a flesh and blood human, she's still fundamentally a gun. After a range trip she'll complete wash herself in oil instead of a shower, instead of ammo she eats bullets and shits loaded magazines, the inside of her body is completely coated in carbon if not properly cleaned, after getting wet her skin will actually start to grow rust like some kind of horrific rash, her sneezes are above hearing safe levels and spit carbon/oil everywhere, etc...

How do you deal with this pretty but unnatural abomination in your life?
39 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Uh... Mutant half robot near 0% glock made glock girl with glowy eye because of an RMR and X300. Requires SOMETHING to see because no irons yet. hmmm
>>H&R topper 88 in 12ga

I'm not quite sure what to expect.
Mamma mia! Why you'a no feeda me da Fiocchi with Hoppes sauce, anon-a?
Farmer's daughter.
It was a PTR 91...

So just G3 from Upotte I guess.

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