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File: mini14.jpg (124 KB, 1200x414)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Biden is obviously going to win in a landslide. They are going to do epic levels of election fraud. An assault weapons ban is inevitable. Even worse Biden proposes requiring existing ARs to be NFA registered. The mini-14 does pretty much what an AR does but isn't legally defined as an assault weapon. Will it become America's rifle like the AR is?
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Me, obviously
how are you going to EO against the bill of rights with no law? Don't you think Obongo would have done that shit?
>mfw they will come for my fucking .22 lever gun
No but there were still a fuckload.
Mini 14s aren't polymer and aluminum Lego rifles. They aren't going to be $400 cheaper. You AR fags are cancer like Glock fags.

>go to walmart to get some cheap ammo for my new pistol
>ammo all behind a counter, finally someone shows up
>ask if they have any 9mm
>acts offended, responds “No, we don’t carry handgun ammunition at walmart stores!”
>while standing in a giant aisle full of rifle and handgun accessories
>giant sign next to the cash register about how buying a gun is a bad idea
as a new gun owner i didn’t realize things were this bad
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Are you me?

>reading hickmans x-men along with the new justice league run
>rereading Bendis’ run on Superman
>hate reading dark knights metal
>reading silverage Losh and justice league

I fucking hate Scott Snyder
I’m with you. I don’t know why Snyder has so much fucking power when he just writes nonsense. His Justice League wasn’t his worst but I’m glad he’s off the book. I’m completely finished with him and don’t need to read his new Metal series.
I just wish Priest’s Deathstroke hasn’t ended. That was my favorite run of the last few years.
I met priest at a con last year. He’s a good guy. The nicest comic book lads I’ve met at cons have been Mitch gerads, Jim Starlin, and Dan Slott.
That’s awesome. Priest always struck me as pretty cool just from reading interviews with him. And I’d love to meet Starlin some day. I had a pretty long chat with Paul Levitz a few years back, he’s a really nice guy.
I gotta go to bed so if this threads dead in the morning it was nice talking to you, anon.
I agree

Good bey anon :(

File: 4hq6b944vbp31.jpg (141 KB, 1334x750)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Noguns with access to all kinds of metalworking tools here. Automatic weapons can't be that hard to build can they? Obviously they wouldn't be as effective as actual ones but if the state is being a little bitch it's better than a slap gun right?

>For legal reasons I'm required to say that I'm only talking about building hand cranked weapons as to adhere to local law.
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File: ee2.jpg (24 KB, 641x404)
24 KB
Alternative question. If you live in a commie state where buying ammo for a caliber you don't have a lioscence for is illegal what are your options? I know hand loading is a thing and the black powder should be easy to get but how hard is it to get casings or shells without alerting the ABC bois? Am I going to have to cross state lines and buy at a brick and mortar store or can they be gotten online.

Purely hypothetical question here jannies. Go lurk elsewhere
>buying ammo for a caliber you don't have a lioscence for is illegal
How easy is it to get a license for a 12 ga. break action shotgun? And then build one of the aforementioned belt-fed monstrosities?
ok, given i'm fairly sauced but a fairly simple cartridge could be constructed of an open ended copper pipe, which you solder flat circular plate on the end with a properly sized primer hole or blank nailgun cartridge, load with powder. then wad, then shot, then top wad/ sealant . ammo is simple when you have all of the components innit?

Its hilarious how for being heavily regulated full automatic firearms are so easy to create.
Ngl I don't want to play along and get any kind of lioscence

File: IMG_20200528_121731__01.jpg (1.96 MB, 4608x1164)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Appreciation thread. Show your favorite guns off. These are my smle and Remington 700. My favorite children
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File: 20200513_173826.jpg (171 KB, 1298x650)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
It's so damn fun to shoot I'm not even sure I'm gonna bother taking anything else to the range in the next few months
waiting for my at3000 to complete the holy trinity of pistols
File: B8.gif (1.9 MB, 500x249)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
I cant belief you fags cant see the bait
>the SMLE was a gift from my gramps
Based gramps. Wholesome, anon.
Model 8 Remington 35

I was given a bunch of 38 special ammo and conveniently am planning on buying a revolver.

I’m looking closely at the sp101 in .38. I used to own a gp100 but hated the fouling after shooting .38s.

My question is: is the sp101 .38 as strong as the .357 version? I plan to continually buy bulk .38 and +p loads to shoot through it,
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File: IMG_20200316_160721091.jpg (616 KB, 2450x2267)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
I've got this gun and I love it. It's actually pretty dang good and tough as nails. Brazil makes a decent beater wheel gun
File: Model 10s.jpg (965 KB, 2016x1512)
965 KB
965 KB JPG
Get a model 10 it will be way more accurate than the SP-101 and the trigger will be better guaranteed.
I have owned an sp101.

1. Aesthetic as fuck, highly recommend the 3" barrel. A longer barrel doesn't make much sense and a shorter barrel won't take advantage of the magnum round as well as it could.

2. Fouling, after about 50 round of .357mag, the double action is so stiff that it's really hard to pull the trigger double action. The gun is not intended as a range toy to put hundreds of rounds through. You need to clean it after about 50 rounds, particularly for double action. Single action doesn't really matter as much.

3. Cleaning, to clean under the cylinder, which you must, you have to take the grip off. Then you have to push in this annoying button under the grip, than can be slightly annoying, then you have to drop the entire action out and only then can you remove the cylinder. So every cleaning requires a detail strip. in short, the gun is annoying to clean.

4. Shootability, I thought it was great. However, 2 of my friends said it hurt the knuckle on their middle finger under the trigger guard. I have no idea what they were doing or how they managed to suffer this pain. I had no issues. It's a very heavy for size gun and the grip covers the back strap. I thought it was fine until it got too dirty.

5. Conceal carry, I think revolvers are much less comfortable to conceal carry. The sp101 has a 5 shot cylinder so it's thinner than most, that's good for conceal carry. It also has the revolver handle that sticks up more from the waistband. I found it poked me in my fat roll pretty hard when I moved certain ways. If you're overweight, a pistol will be much more comfortable to carry.

I hope you found this feedback useful.
Also, all that applied to the .357 model, I didn't realize there was a .38 only version. That's pretty lame. .38 is not a good round.
>.38 is not a good round.
Not good for what?

What makes World War One so creepy?
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>Bismarck was a jew
bismarck thought the navy was just fab thank you very much
>War of Northern Aggression
do it again sherman
anon that sounds like absolute bullshit, but I didn't know that equines couldn't vomit until recently so I'm not one to judge
The Indian Corps deployed 2 divisions to the Western Front in 1914/15 under General Willcock, were used to reenforce the BEF after the casualties it suffered during the Marne, and the Indian Corps saw action at Ypres and Loo.

I get as mad at shoehorned shitskins as anyone else, but the Sepoys were deployed and did fight on the Western Front.

File: 158491_t.jpg (132 KB, 1155x1155)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Name a better carry cartridge.

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i want my HST
please do not be rude, my friend. It is a good round. It has red polimer in it and works well
File: 1562123919391.jpg (98 KB, 540x835)
98 KB
RIP rounds. This was written by a fellow /k/ommando. Wish I saved the picture of his leg.
It's the knot
barnes xpd/corbon 9mm when it isn't being price gouged, winchester pdx is a pretty good alternative. solid copper for life

holy fuck, what?

this, but there are a handful of tests that show the tip held "too well" and actually kept the projectile from expanding in an identical gel/fabric setup that other cop-killaz had no problem penetrating and expanding.

File: shaving ryans privates.jpg (80 KB, 1259x658)
80 KB
there's a scene in saving private ryan where a china man is in the beach trying to destroy beach stuff.

Did the us military really have china men in there ranks and they were allowed to fight?

picture related it's from saving private ryan
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That's pretty cool anon. Did your grandpa try to keep his ethnic customs/traditions alive in the family or he really assimilated American culture?
China was an ally in WWII. More than that, it was under occupation by Japan and US was saving its ass.
Chinese worked hand-in-hand with USA in a variety of anti-Japanese campaigns, having Chinese troops fighting against the nazis would be no problem.

This is all before the CCP won the civil war so things were a bit different.
>shaving ryans privates
patrician filename.
hodge twins have it also some black people have blond hair i think they live in some islands

also there were some blue eyed and green eyed people in asia
Go ahead then

File: PG-2_rocket.png (23 KB, 1872x1204)
23 KB
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The impact fuze is piezoeletric maybe you can use a microphone.
Use a carjack press, and two simple dyes to make the liner.
File: 672wg0490-02.jpg (280 KB, 1000x1000)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
I noticed water piping expansion chambers and and manifolds have these pretty copper cone shapes on the end. Would be nice to cut off and polish to use as the end cap for a walking stick.
Have you ever seen a primer commonly used in ammunition? Think in reverse comrade.
Eat shit and die glowie

File: bugoutbag.jpg (234 KB, 1080x707)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
I Will start.
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It's weird because all the pics he's been posting are found on that sight but also in the photoset there are VA/WV maps and gear with gadsen patch
>It's weird

why is it weird?
It's kind of weird for an American to be posting on a Russian forum in Russian
Perhaps, he is a Russian American. They do exist.
Fair point, I have met a few over the years

File: BZZZZZZZZZZZT.png (1.63 MB, 1580x1076)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Infantry version when?
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Lasers a thousand times more powerful than necessary to blind you can fit in your hands, anon.
the US couldn't even issue earplugs that worked or body armor that didn't melt, and this was after more than a decade in the middle east, they won't counter lasers until thousands are blinded
1. The Inverse square law
2. energy attenuation over distance due to refraction
3. energy efficiency (i.e. the specific energy of a battery vs gun powder)
Take the pirate route, put an eye patch over one eye at all times, if you catch laser to the eyeball at least you got a second chance.

also the terminal effects of energy transfer in a bullet vs the ablative effects of a laser.

File: 13a-sized-big.jpg (709 KB, 1200x603)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
Give me your insights on guns with engravings
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>all unique posters
Pretty good.
if you pull it on an assailant they will be so intimidated by your pure, luxurious style that they will throw down their weapons and surrender
it's not a tactical advantage it's a strategic advantage
Unless you practice with it, it will look fantastic when I take it off your fucking corpse.
File: 1580328088361m.jpg (133 KB, 1024x934)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
blessed thread

Chris Kyle is airdropped into MN. What happens?

Who does he stand with?
And who would he put down?
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>What happens?
>Who does he stand with?
Whomever he's told to
>And who would he put down?
No one.
Then several years later he'll write a fictious chapter about it claimed it shot some joggers.
>Is Kyle the real deal?
No. He was a SEAL.
Stands around, jerks off. Does nothing. Maybe some civilians get killed because of a mistake he made, then makes a book deal. You know, what they always do
He'd get clapped by a Hi-Point in the back
Either he would commit war crimes, or lie about committing war crimes.

File: Britt.jpg (15 KB, 300x169)
15 KB
This man's medal of honor should be revoked
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Whos that and why
Bump and agreed.
This guy is seriously everything negative all the other communities think about SEALs.

>Bissonnette and O’Neill are no longer welcome at SEAL Team 6 headquarters. The command’s top noncommissioned officer placed their names on the SEAL Team 6 rock of shame, the unofficial list of unit pariahs. The list also includes Britt Slabinski, who was blacklisted in 2015 following the New York Times article that quoted him denying he’d ever ordered his men to kill unarmed Afghan targets. “That’s what’s wrong with my community,” the former SEAL Team 6 leader told me. “Our sense of what’s right and what’s wrong is warped. No one was upset that he ordered a beheading or all the men shot even if they were unarmed. They were mad because he spoke to the New York Times and lied.”

File: Gabonese-Sagaie-2.jpg (296 KB, 945x629)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Why aren't these cute little things more popular? Seriously, they're perfect for reconnaissance, and I bet these things could be even cooler if equipped with an HSTV-style cannon if possible.

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