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File: 1695634608455.jpg (45 KB, 486x409)
45 KB
>He actually uses a fucking WAND for home defense
>He doesn't even own a tome or a grimoire
>He thinks staff control will actually stop dark magic
>He hasn't even practiced casting spells with bare hands or gauntlets
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>*transforms your sword into a venomous cobra*
what now fighter-boy?
I would swing the venomous cobra at your head
Joke’s on you, I teleported across the room five minutes ago.
For home defense, I only follow what the dark gods have ordained as sufficient, the great eye of Calmonaust. Sure, I had to mount it on the top of my spire, and sure, I can’t use it INSIDE of my spire, but I can annihilate any fool within a ten mile radius with a beam of direct concentrated mana. Even stavelets cant do shit to me.

The U-2 has performed its first flight with Avionics Tech Refresh (ATR) upgrades. Lockheed:
>The ATR upgrades make the Dragon Lady the first fully open mission systems compliant fleet, enabling rapid and affordable capability enhancements to support the future battlespace.

ITT OMS, 'open architectures' generally, and upgrades to military forever-craft and equipment.

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the guy who samefags and thinks people don't notice is doing it in tons of threads - tune him out i guess
Wouldn't it be cheaper to just let Musk fly his megarocket and fill teh sky with cheap-ass recon sats?

I mean it'S a lot less retro cold war type daring pilot shit, but it also can't fall out of the sky in China, Russia and North Korea becasue the engine died, or somebody down there had an actually functional radar and SAM.
I'd let her erect and launch my booster.
>fill teh sky with cheap-ass recon sats
No, working on the edge of what's physically possible gives results that are proportional to the tool used - there's only so much you can do with a small aperture and lens for example. If you want better resolution at altitude you need to increase the size of the camera. They are not that big (see pic above) because the technology is old (it's still part of it, film needs space) but because they need to be this big to work.

And while cost can be a factor to assess and use other methods where it is possible to use new methods a single big satellite or a plane like the U2 is still the cheapest if not only feasible solution.
there's also the economics of LEO and orbital decay. kinda sucks, given the diversity of payloads now possible to miniaturize down to even a 1U cubesat.

File: Super Kike.webm (508 KB, 1022x1026)
508 KB
Your Masters edition

Previous thread: >>59625782


>Before you ask a question, check the FAQ

>Free ASVAB Practice Tests

>Fort Jackson Army Basic Training Guide (Nov. 2020)

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File: Shoo Jew.gif (270 KB, 400x480)
270 KB
270 KB GIF
>2 posters
Hello, OP. I take it you are that one single schizo who makes all these demoralizing /meg/ thread OPs and always flipps out when he doesn't manage to do it?
Learn English you faggot.
>that jaw
if he had some plastic surgery he wouldnt be bad looking
Looks more like a Turk than a kike

>this is what Americans actually believe
the purpose behind that was so that the co-pilot could take over while the pilot slept
since while you could extend the range of the plane by adding bigger and bigger fuel tanks, you couldnt extend the range of the pilot who might be too tired to even fight after 8 hours of flying
I thought it was just easier to wave to your buddy that way
Also there's a night fighter version where you need a second crewman for the radar anyway.

The most retarded and American (actually retarded and American are synonymous) thing was that they fused two 51s together and the best armament they could manage is 6*.50. A 109 was armed better than that.
>he doesn’t know about the gun pod

You are playing Russian roulette against 3 players but you get to choose the revolver. What are you choosing and why?
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File: dardick.jpg (77 KB, 900x678)
77 KB
dardick, but I'm going last.
File: noisemaker.jpg (61 KB, 800x800)
61 KB
This one.
For obvious reasons.
File: 550x312.jpg (31 KB, 550x312)
31 KB
Smith and Wesson number 3 so we don't make drag lines on the cylinder when we spin it.
File: IMG_1761.jpg (235 KB, 1170x1039)
235 KB
235 KB JPG

File: file.png (1.38 MB, 1280x720)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
>both a 30mm cannon and a 30mm grenade launcher
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I'm gonna go off video game knowledge but I think the cannon is for lightly armored and wheeled vehicles the grenades are for infantry.
what's it look like
>30mm cannon
for cannoning
>30mm grenade launcher
for grenading
perfectly balanced and an absolute unit.

and they wonder why NATO wonder waffen can't do shit against 1970s Russian equip.

Its not a compromise having different weapons rather than one big one, they all COMPLEMENT each other and the sum is greater than the parts.

Nothing like this exists in NATO inventory, even though its a fairly easy construction that could've mostly be done as some rushed stop-gap or even in the field.

If Russia invaded Europe, and NATO was losing, and finally in their desperation they removed the fags and trannies from command, you'd see something like this on NATO IRVs. I mean, the only thing a Bradley is missing is the all important auto-mortar WITH the auto-cannon and ATGM.

Why "all important"? Because without high volume (doesn't have to be fucking Blockbuster Grand Slammers) indirect fire your AFV is VERY vulnerable to any barely trained gun with an RPG hiding over little hill or in a spider hole and your auto-cannon and ATGM can't touch him. You can see where he is very LIKELY hiding, and "where would I hide if was him" but you can't touch him, because your equipment was designed and and procured by fags.

Imagine the PTSD from an extended time of knowing you are helpless against the sudden death that could be behind every little possible cover you are required to drive past. :)
firing the 7.62 MG, 30mm automatic grenade launcher, 30mm autocannon firing APFSDS at twice the speed the bradley's 25 can do, and firing 4 ATGMs all at once is utterly hilarious to look at in war thunder

How would you rate Finnish total defence doctrine in the light of how Russia conducts modern war?
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lol @ rosya streisanding their border with NATO
File: Uduehw8.jpg (2.28 MB, 4096x4096)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
Fartsniffer's a great lolcow with delusions of /k/ grandure.
First of all, russians have shown themselves to torture, rape, and pillage at every level and thusly should be killed at any point they cross any border. Secondly, finland is in NATO now, so the first VEH DEH VEH suicide squad that goes for broke is also going to get russia stomped upon.
>"This is really my board. Impunity"
>This thread has been pruned or deleted
Warriortard is such a dumb loser.
File: 1668724263825675.png (1.11 MB, 1902x1598)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>The current doctrine revolves around letting Russia penetrate within Finnish borders and then bleed them with guerrilla tactics and what not.
>The Finnish doctrine therefore has to change so that the main goal is allowing Russia advance as little as possible in case of any future conflict.
Refusing to cede depth in exchange for destroying the enemy is the height of foolishness. If you want to volunteer to sit still in front of an armored spearhead supported by the pre-Ukraine Russian artillery arm, go ahead, but that's not the recipe for a successful defense. A concentration of force like that can grind its way through anything the Finns could throw at it.
>What Russia's attack in Ukraine has shown is that ceding any ground at all to Russian troops will lead to disastrous effects to Finnish civilian population
Evacuations are the norm and what the Ukraine conflict also showed is that defense in depth is the optimal solution. Look at what happened in Northern Ukraine. The entire Russian front there collapsed because they were allowed to reach depth without the ability to sustain their forces. What defeated the Russisan effort can be seen to match what the Finns themselves publish to be their doctrine. If it worked in the Ukrainian steppe, it's for sure going to work in impassable Nordic forests.

>arms dealers
>openly stated that most guns are owned by responsible citizens
>No you are not responsible for what people do with your product, it's just a product
>wait actually guns bad let's just ban hammer them
>Wait no le based Casper will sell any weapon he can and gun control is unattainable
Were the writers just high? What did they mean by this?
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bud even when I was 14 I thought the show was meh and felt insulted by how ducking stupid the last two episodes were. yeah I got some Valmet musclemommy but overall it was a net loss.
Jornungand directly mirrors our world's America World Police one.
Anime almost exclusively follows that thinking because outside of the United States most people believe that is true because they are raised as such. If they hadn't been raised that way, their government would not have nearly as much control, and in Japan's case their society might literally just break down.
You see the same thing in Hollywood too- and here I'll concede a bit- it's much easier to make an exciting film if you can focus on one character tipping the scales of fate for an entire nation/world/species/whatever, and Americans who like action movies and shit don't stop to question it. It fosters a sense of dependency and discourages personal agency. Watch Westerns and black lagoon.
File: Elizabeth Sketch.jpg (928 KB, 2705x2705)
928 KB
928 KB JPG
>likes fatties

The dating market must be pure heaven.
for you

File: kabar.jpg (41 KB, 1010x1010)
41 KB
Kills a bear in your path
17 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
stab twist pull
You are gonna get stabbed either way, unless you got a fucking claymore shoved up your ass for personal protection, guns kill quicker, just magdump his ass and don’t stop until he isn’t moving, would you rather empty a glock into a motherfucker, have ability to run away, put distance between the two of you, or fuck around with a knife and get it stuck in clothing, have his adrenaline fueled ass stab you even though he’s dead as hell or just shoot him

>Unless you are british, use a gun like the founding fathers intended
k, got it
Then is it cringe to carry around a kabar, if I probably won't ever need to use it? A standard utility knife would be more convenient for anything besides fighting, and we've already established that unzipping dick on them is better than trying to finger fuck with the knife.
>how should one use a knife for fighting?
Put it in the other guy.
Are you fucking retarded?
Guns can kill instantly, knives can't
Aim for the head

File: 20230721_121657.jpg (586 KB, 2880x2880)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
Pic related shows that 5.7 is better than 9mm
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
the amount of guns that shoot it has tripled recently and it looks like its getting cheaper. more like 5.56 prices than 60cpr
We’ve gone over this before. The very wikipedia article the copypasta cites literally contradicts it, you can find multiple instances of survivors who were shot in the thoracic cavity from that alone. Some cursory searching shows that there were even more survivors that the wikipedia article didn’t explicitly describe as being shot in COM.

Confirmed thoracic cavity hit survivors:
>Najee M. Hull, lung shot also damaged spleen
>Justin T. Johnson, double lung shot
>Shawn M. Manning, shot 6 times in total, lied in wait playing dead for a couple minutes and then stumbled out under his strength as I recall
>Dayna F. Roscoe
>Alan Carroll, femoral artery also nicked

Probable thoracic cavity hit survivors (listed as being shot in chest):
>John Pagel
>Jonathan Sims

Possible thoracic cavity hit survivors (described as being shot in back and/or insufficient information regarding wounds):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>op is spamming this yet again
>muh fort hood
It's also hilarious how 5.7fags would keep quote 10" or even 16" barrel velocity numbers and then pretend they're the same for a pistol.
>the amount of guns that shoot it has tripled recently
Wow, they have 6 guns now? Also are there any microcompacts or at least compacts yet? What velocity?
>and it looks like its getting cheaper. more like 5.56 prices than 60cpr
It's 50-60 fucking cpr still. 5.56 is 38cpr. 9mm is 21cpr. Who are you trying to kid here?
its literally 40-45

File: 1686387147709.jpg (447 KB, 1536x2048)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
>go hunting
>pic related

What's the correct move here?
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File: fingolia.png (42 KB, 640x582)
42 KB
The average adult male head weighs between 8 and 12 pounds. For a bird to carry that much weight it's going to need a HUGE wingspan, much bigger than the bird in that picture.
Leave that eagle alone you fucks, it's performing a sky burial
File: le turan face.png (60 KB, 560x812)
60 KB
is it an african or european swallow?

File: womenmarines1800x1200.jpg (54 KB, 621x414)
54 KB
What are your thoughts on conventional, marine infantry riflemen? Are they still combat effective?
54 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Desert BDUs under a flak vest
>Pants pockets almost bursting
41% casualty rate. Still pretty dangerous tho
That's because they're the cannon fodder
It only appeals to retards. Which is what the marines are composed of.
It's cringe.
File: 1439948504757.jpg (89 KB, 720x960)
89 KB

>the year is 2023
>battleships are long extinct
>carriers, the gentle giants of the blue water superfauna, are declining due to the rise of a new generation of fast predators: hypersonic missiles
>destroyers slowly occupied the ecological niche of battleships
>cruisers are critically endangered, frigates dominate the seas
>the nuclear powered clade dug itself into a bottleneck, only submarines survive, isolated from the rest of the ecosystem
>the lack of military biodiversity caused the rise in the populations of naval drones, opportunistic scavengers that work in packs
>strange hybrids carved themselves a place, littoral ships plow the low waters, looking for an unsuspecting buyer
>It is a strange world, a wild world, where the forces of evolutionary arms race shift and turn, uncaring, relentless, remorseless.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
That's literally just a submarine though.
File: IMG_6956.jpg (496 KB, 1284x1304)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
NTA but I think Ukraine and Colombian cartels have both showed us the value of semi submersibles and I cannot wait for the Americanized MIC version of one to come out
Good one anon
File: smx25.jpg (44 KB, 1200x630)
44 KB
Not really. The SMX-25 would be a submersible. With a length of 109 meters, t could supposedly reach 38 knots surfaced, much more than any surface combattant, and a small 300 ft submerged depth at 10 knots, much less than a standard submarine. Range would be 2000 nautical miles. 4500 tonnes submerged and 2850 tonnes surfaced. It would be armed with 4 heavy torpedoes, some decoys, and 16 VLS for both surface to surface and surface to air missiles, possibly including cruise missiles. The hull would be using stealth materials against radar and the whole ship would be very quiet at low speed submerged. 10 combat divers could be hosted within the sub, with a crew of 27 sailors. A helicopter drone would also be embarked in a sealed elevator.
Years ago, Naval Group mentioned they could build the thing with current technology.
It's an odd idea, but one that could prove extremely nasty for hit and run attacks and ambushes.
More in french:
i need an ancient alien version of this but pierre sprey/mike sparks themed

Hey guys! Not sure where else to ask or get information. Sorry for not the greatest quality photographs either. Photo dump to ensue.

I inherited a sword and I know precisely nothing about swords. What the hell do I have here? I know the scabbard is in rough shape, but can someone tell me what I have? Any info would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks!
29 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 124409.jpg (8 KB, 300x300)
8 KB
>The fact that it doesn't have a hamon,
it would be impossible to tell in this blade condition, only way to test without a decent polish would be testing the hardness of edge vs back. mass produced military swords would show little difference, an old repurposed blade a huge one (e.g. running a sharp fine wood file lightly over the back biting into it, but siding over the hardened edge not getting any grip on material).
Looks like gramps left you a little something he took off a Nip officer.
I wonder what the fuck it was used for, considering how beaten up and scratched it is.
I'll buy it
Better than shitty ukie war slide threads

what did you think of this /k/ino?

also general /k/ino thread.
76 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Honestly I think the real glaring part for me that I can remember is the "hero run" at night with Eversmann crossing the field to toss the strobe on the roof. In reality, the chalks marked their own positions with strobes and the lil birds gunned down everything that wasn't at those strobes.
File: 1641422035398.jpg (46 KB, 444x296)
46 KB
Pick one and only one.
File: 1277677317923.gif (1.82 MB, 300x264)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
>In reality, the chalks marked their own positions with strobes and the lil birds gunned down everything that wasn't at those strobes.
Yeah...yeah. I guess that would work, too...
And it's obviously the smarter thing to do as opposed to running across a field with constant gunfire raining down on it.
>MURICA wanking
The entire premise of the movie is that the US was so overconfident that they went in with a hairbrained scheme and didn’t even bother thinking about redundancies, leading to a complete clusterfuck where all the opposition had were burning tires, RPGs, and AKs.

The scene with the dude dropping his back plate, NODs, and water because it was supposed to be a short mission was a summary.

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