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File: Scamovich.jpg (501 KB, 1920x1080)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
So, what'll it be?
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No female allowed in the zone you fuckin coomer bitch ass nigger.
Some bandit would rape her then you to death anyways and while that happens I’ll be laughing while I take their base and all your fuckin loot twink ass bitch.
>кaк дeлa
uhh yeah, I need a rifle. What do you have? oh... jeez... Uhh... alright a bit out of my price range. Got any work so I can afford that SVT? You want me to kill a high ranking merc in pripyat? Yeah ok. Me and my Makarov will head right there
a shotgun that actually works please.
and two loaves of "Bread"
yeah. tarkov really set the bar high for scavenger shooters (despite being annoyingly shit) and metro exodus absolutely took the wind out of stalker 2's sails by being a very well made hub-based post-apoc shooter. If they want to succeed, i feel like they REALLY need to get autistic with the artifact hunting and anomalies, but im worried they're just gonna bank on nostalgia
I feel this on a spiritual level.

File: 262984984+847+848541+.jpg (309 KB, 1800x1200)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Who are the most elite fighters in china?

What are their loadouts?

Do they have a chance against spec ops from other leading military nations? (US, russia, uk germany, etc)
>elite fighters
Chinks curl into balls and cry when hearing the name "Taiwan", they aren't warriors but weak femboys like modern Swedes.

File: 1546572346372.png (426 KB, 641x548)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
>muh dangerous I is skeered
DA trigger is usually north of 12lbs but the gun weighs less than that. You could pick the gun up by the trigger and it wouldn't go off. A glock WITH a trigger guard is more dangerous.

>I c-ccan't cut a gun anon!
Yes you can. You don't have to chop up some minty vintage detective special. Plenty of old beaters and new inexpensive revolvers you can have fun with.

>revolvers are dumb
No U.

If you love snubs like I love snubs and don't know the history behind the snub and its' relation to the Fitz special you should look into J.H. Fitzgerald. He is one of the biggest reasons mass produced snubnose revolvers are even a thing because they weren't a thing until he started doing his custom chop jobs at Colt. Colt eventually did a "factory" chop job on the Police Positive and called it the Detective Special. S&W said "haha fuck you we'll make a snub and call it the Chiefs Special we out rank you faggot!" and the rest is history.

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File: R2.jpg (163 KB, 1067x800)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Why remove the trigger guard tho? It's one more thing to catch your clothes.
It might catch when re-inserting into your pocket, but pulling it out you won't catch anything.
Yeah, reholstering is where most NDs happen. It's making the most dangerous thing you regularly do with a handgun more dangerous - so I wonder what the point is. It's not saving much weight.
the point is making drawing and pulling the trigger as fast/reliable as possible, it makes more sense in the 1930s

File: ChinaMilitary.jpg (457 KB, 1600x900)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
How strong is the Chinese military? Could their military steam roll over eastern Russia? Could their Navy take control of the Pacific?
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And looks like he doesn´t pay rent.
Oh, I thought it referred to Arma like the game.
Based knowledge poster. Thank you for the contribution
Yet out of so many, still your repeated posting is seen by all. The one word responses. Pic/webm posts. "Take your meds", the list goes on, and it all points to you Armatard, not away from you. This is how we know.

And you all laughed at me

>posts video of Avengers Helicarrier cgi followed by a PowerPoint of a cargo plane deploying drones
>thread image is a Lockheed Martin F-22
> "and you all laughed at me"

I’m sorry OP, I give this thread an honest effort and I can’t discern what fucking point you’re trying to make.
A while ago I said they should make flying aircraft carriers. Nobody believed it could be true.
Anon, they already tried this idea, it's like a putting a carrier in orbit, just no, not now
>File: F-22_Raptor_edit1_(cropped).jpg
>Avengers Helicarrier
>cargo plane deploying drones
>flying aircraft carriers
They are all fucking different.
Any plane carrying a loitering cruise missile is already in essence a suicide drone carrier, by your logic.

II need an optic, sight, and light but i know nothing
Got my first AR after lurking for a year
Private sale 16 inch, iron sights
I like it, my girlfriend took me to a range for my birthday as a surprise and liked shooting
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File: 1527210224988.jpg (111 KB, 560x843)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Are you dumb enough to bite?
You had me rolling dude
File: IMG_20210414_203757723.jpg (842 KB, 3264x2448)
842 KB
842 KB JPG
Cheers then
File: IMG_20210414_204050848.jpg (873 KB, 3264x2448)
873 KB
873 KB JPG
I got a new phone, holding it straight up seems to make the picture sideways idk why I'll try holding the phone sideways and see if that fixes it.
Holosun 510C
Magpul sights
Streamlight HL-X
If you have money to blow and want more upscale shit get aimpoint or eotech for the optic and surefire for the light
It's a new phone indoor get why it tilts pictures can anyone help with this. What should I put my camera in.

In theory in my favorite Roblox game The Hood if I went into a high crime rate African American neighborhood conceal carrying and looking like I had money and then killed any niggers that tried to mug me would I get away with it legally? And again for any authorities reading this is just in theory in my favorite Roblox game The Hood that takes place in a high crime rate African American area.
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>Gets shit on so hard that he breaks the LARP to rage at the guy who shit on him

Thanks for another (You )fag why don't you five me some more?
you sound like you're only 14 so your minecraft record will be expunged when youre 18 if you can afford good legal counsel, but your family and friends will prob not want anything to do with you

It’s 2021. Even if you shot someone attacking you in your own damn living room at 3am you probably would get charged with a hate crime if they were basketball american
File: 1617849800524.jpg (59 KB, 734x960)
59 KB
Holy shit fuck off obvious glownigger

File: cartridge-box-36-1.jpg (363 KB, 1200x800)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
19th century CCW edition.
Let's hear it for the little guys - 1849 pocket, and 1862 police. If you lived in the 1860s, what would your daily carry be?
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Hey 3D print .577flex anon i didn't see your posts since Friday how did it go?
File: IMG_20210414_220603.jpg (2.92 MB, 3000x4000)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
SNIDER'S back on the menu!
File: IMG_20210411_192622.jpg (2.09 MB, 3000x4000)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
It got delayed until this upcoming weekend. I'll have a slightly less impressive thread than last time, (I had an assistant last time for filming etc.) but I'll do what I can. It'll be Saturday afternoon.
Fuck you, how much?
Honestly quite a bit, paid 100 (plus shipping) bucks for 1k. I'm not totally assmad about it because this is only going to be used for snider and .40-60. so spending 10 cents on the primer is still a huge savings over buying ammo fresh. Snider is like 8-15 bucks per shot new and 40-60 is like 3.50+.
And the low round count means this will last me a long, long time.

File: 17795911_401.jpg (59 KB, 700x394)
59 KB
>accidentally shoot down a passenger plane with one of your missile launchers
what does a /k/ommando do in this situation? hide the evidence?
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Low effort, You double nigger.
>what does a /k/ommando do in this situation? hide the evidence?

Blame the authorities who allowed commercial airliners to fly over a war zone with active SAM systems that destroyed your air force just 3 weeks prior....
Blame Russia
bullshit repeated for twenty times still won't be the truth, faggot
The rocket motor needs a slow burn so that the thrust vectoring can change the rocket's trajectory during the flight.

File: 1618082614562.jpg (91 KB, 1200x691)
91 KB
General Dynamics is having their NGSW BVLLPVP built by Lonestar. What say you, anons? Is this good news or bad?


>Lonestar Future Weapons will assume the prime contractor role in the final stage of the NGSW weapons system submission, focused on manufacturing the advanced weapons required to meet or exceed all standards set forth by the US Army,’ True Velocity announced.

>For its part, True Velocity will continue to serve as an ammunition subcontractor responsible for the provision of its 6.8 TVCM composite-cased cartridge.
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I use the LOP adjustment all the time when I go prone.
GD appears to have transferred all their patents for the RM277 to Lonestar.
Lonestar is a brand new company so I wonder if this is some kinda tax dodging corporate fuckery shell company scheme
The Beretta fires from a closed bolt in semi and open bolt in full auto too. It probably needs a separate selector for whatever is going on inside to make that work.
Didn't the FG42 do this, for the same reasons.
It's a modern FG42, yes. People noticed this way back when it was announced what it was capable of. Technically, even the smuzzle devices might be compared to the very advanced compensator that the FG42 had for its time, only now they offer some sound suppression and aren't giving everyone around them concussions.

The inclusion of an open bolt system does mean they're really serious about the automatic rifle variant though. It's still a little silly to expect it to compete with belt feds but not for a lack of trying on GD's part.

A discussion of budget-limited gear

>if you are genuinely poor, a rifle and ammunition will suffice; put your money towards certification and sustenance.
>keep your priorities straight
>"budget" gear =/= buying garbage
>milsurp/slavshit can be good
>DIY is encouraged
>repurposing is great
>extreme buyfaggotry belongs in the buyfag threads (arg, gq, etc.)
and most importantly
>do not reply to retards and attention whore(s)

Previous Thread: >>48891398
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Boots are the one thing you should never cheap out on
File: IMG_20210414_202011766.jpg (1.75 MB, 4160x3120)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
Poorfag with my jury-rigged nam era load bearing equipment.

I just set it up today so feel free to roast me.
Don't take classes, as long as you know firearm safety and kinda know what you're doing it's completely unnecessary to take classes. Dry fire at home and watch videos from pages T.rex arms on Instagram and YouTube to get ideas for drills and stuff, start static and work your way up to shooting and moving and shooting while moving.
A lot of beginner stuff can be done on your own.

I'm pining for a Colt 604 or Car15 so to cope, lets have an Indochina Wars Thread (French vs Vietnam, US vs Vietnam and then Sino-Vietnamese.) Feel free to give thread feedback or suggest a war for future threads. All context i have is in the filename, and I appreciate anons who include context with their images. images will be First Indochina, then Second then Third.

Across the Fence, Sog Chronicles and On the ground by John Stryker Meyer - firsthand account from a member of MACV SOG during the Vietnam war, great read, crazy stuff and he talks kit and guns which is nice for /k/omanndos.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Lynne M. Black - same as above, Black actually was in SOG at the same time Meyer was so some of the stories describe the same event just from different points of view.

The Valley of the Shadow: the siege of Dien Bien Phu by Kevin Boylan and Luc Oliver - a book about the battle at dien bien phu with a very well written order of battle for both sides.

Hue 1968 by Mark Bowden - A good account of the Tet Offensive and its aftermath in the city of Hue. If you read black hawk down you know what to expect from Bowden, great book and accounts from all sides including non-combatants. probably one of my favorite books ever.

Legend by Eric Blehm - the lead up completion of and follow up of the mission where Roy Benevidez won his MOH, another good read.
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File: metro-updated-map-2017.jpg (177 KB, 800x691)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Metro: But America edition

So lets say it's a full on nuclear exchange. You're a grad student working at the Smithsonian who specializes in Tibetan Pottery or something from Wyoming. Sirens go off, everyone's phones receive an emergency alert. You're one of the lucky few who make it into the metro system before it's sealed off from the surface. Fortunately for you, despite not growing up around them, your years in DC have taught you to never relax so you have an emergency bag in your car you were able to grab where you keep your security option. This bag is no bigger than 20"x10"x10" with no external pockets, just two D-rings on either end for a carry strap and handles.

So here's the game
>what's your security option?
>what's your plan for surviving in the DC metro?

Remember, this isn't Moscow where there are basically strategic reserves of food water and other supplies, there aren't blast door separating stations, etc. The only thing good is that it's a system in the capital and has security/emergency measures post 9/11 but those systems aren't meant to last years or decades.

This is survival, not COD. If you feel like it your security option could be mace (ill advised as it is).
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>You need to carry ammo, food, extra clothes and socks if you can afford that luxury after a fucking nuclear attack, water, your shit for cooking, meds, hygiene if you have it, items for purifying water
Do you not know what backpacking is?
I carry all of that plus sleeping bag, pad, bivvy in that backpack I posted hiking and camping in the mountains during the summer. Hell, I even manage to bring along a few luxuries like my pipe and booze and some other things.
>extra clothes and socks if you can afford that luxury after a fucking nuclear attack
You left out clothing suitable for all seasons as it's going to get cold down there in winter. You're also going to want to bring or find something to keep you off the ground when you're sleeping as concrete will suck the warmth right out of your body compared to dirt.

>Do you not know what backpacking is?
Yeah, that's easy when you're only packing supplies for a few days than all your needs for every season, especially when most people opt for something larger than a day pack for multi day hikes.

I would go south after the gap and head towards WV to avoid everything MD/Philly related. Inna woods is fine, inna mountains is better. The farther south you go in Appalachia, towards the smokies, you get these closed microbioms with relatively independent weather systems. You find some valley up in the mountains as far away from anything of any value and hope you dont get hit with too much fallout.
File: 20210414_220414.jpg (473 KB, 720x720)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
Again, not saying you aren't still fucked, but if you are lucky enough to somehow make it out of the destruction zone (where no gear you are gonna have on hand will help you), you may get the luxury of slowly dying from acute radiation poisoning over a few months somewhere in the exoburbs because you had gear enough to walk for a week towards greener pastures.
This isn't a survive for months and years in the wilderness situation, there are plenty of empty buildings and you'll be pressganged before long into clearing roads or digging holes or some shit by whatever organization filled the vacuum.

You can imorovise a sleeping pad out of nearly anything btw. The homeless use cardboard all of the time for that. You can cut boughs to do this too.
Then it's US-220 South at Cumberland and hope the locals don't eat you

File: Ey77LdPVIAEVSOH.jpg (338 KB, 1818x888)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
/k/lly speaking, I'm seeing less emphasis on the KPA as a prime mover of North Korean society with more emphasis placed on the Party and its authority.

Are we seeing an end to Songun (Army-First) in North Korea? Recently as well the KPA Supreme Commander emblem is being removed in some parts of the capital with the party emblem taking its place. For a long time next to Pyongyang Station, the Supreme Commander emblem was on display with the slogan "follow the marshal" but recently its been replaced with the party emblem, the hammer, the sickle and the brush logo.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Got from a south korean friend, that North Korea is really affected by Covid through the general lack of everything in the country.
I can imagine so, I doubt they have many ventilators and what not outside of the largest cities, that combined with the general low nutrition of the average citizen means that covid is probably doing quite a bit of damage
>they believe the CIA propaganda about the DPRK
People's Korea is doing just fine without the imperialists. Sanctions and viruses cannot deter the DPRK's victorious advance fulfilling the 8th Congress and the new 5 Year Plan. The Korean people under the leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Un will win another shining victory against imperialism and the forces of nature. Ignore the MSM and zionist media about the DPRK and learn the truth.
Right but the question is about songun. I think Songun is more about saber rattling than any actual internal power structure.

As far as i can remember North Korea has 3 major institutions with the military being one of them. It's set up in way where all 3 can't overtake each other as they all have the ability to retaliate with their own compartmentalized power.
If they were black /k/ would hate them

File: ampsycho.jpg (32 KB, 499x444)
32 KB
For any cops that may be skulking around; Do you avoid pulling over vehicles with gun stickers/decals on them?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I live in a very white town, so I wouldn't worry about it, but car stickers are cringe anyways.
I have one VTX Nation stick on the back glass of my truck. I thought it was pretty simple and tasteful
saw someone with a sig sauer sticker today, with freemason vanity plates. couldn't decide if it was based or cringe. not a cop

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