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File: stance.jpg (779 KB, 1200x1345)
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Why did it take several hundred years for people to realize that handguns are more accurately shot with two hands?
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custom target pistols.
Weaver is best if you aren't wearing armor and in close quarters. Chapman is best if you want accuracy. Isoceles is best if you're armored. Simple as.
The theory was that shooting one handed you could present a slimmer target.
It's the most accurate when you're at the range but one hand is faster to the draw and in self defense that's infinitely more important. The bad guy is going to be 3-5 feet away from you. You don't need to be accurate. You need to be fast.
That's how my grandfather taught me to shoot

File: Tsar_photo11.jpg (96 KB, 325x255)
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extra ecclesiam nulla salus

present "pope" excluded of course
File: 20191020_211714.jpg (1.83 MB, 3112x2352)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
damn does anybody besides the internet know you live like that ?

That wojack on your wall, holy shit.

I have a binary trigger and I’m torn on what PSA ”premium” AR I want to build for it.

>M4gery like pic related


>10.5” with SBA lower and KAC RAS

Which would you go with? I’d really like it to be a clone of a military rifle without an optic and with a chrome lined barrel. It’ll mainly be used for mag dumps
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Isn’t it easier just to do a 16” m4gery?
k well ignore everything in the thread then

clones are based on aesthetics and perceived attractiveness, and nothing else. Do whatever the fuck you want, its a dumb range gun.
brownells should make colt ACR repro parts
They don’t have to be 100% correct, he’s using PSA parts
/k has become a collective of retards

File: 20180107_135841.jpg (1.19 MB, 2560x1440)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Trade, create, and sell your patches here.

>Previous thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

>Thread theme
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you guys are so fucking horny, what's the point of velcro-backed wearable porn?
What? You dont let your bros jerk it over your shoulder?
File: 1573927511592.jpg (41 KB, 283x352)
41 KB
>Jewish control of society is a spook
pretty sure youre the spook dummy
File: w6Uuoaa.jpg (252 KB, 1680x942)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Hey Frens, it me.
For those who've been asking, the store is temporarily "Closed" which means no orders will be going out. I got a new job and I'm busy trying to get my life together again before I commit myself to the store again. I want to be able to be at maximum efficiency before I even think of trying to fill orders again.

On that note, I don't have a schedule for re-opening or the next drop, but I'm hoping that it'll be soon and with some nice goodies for the folks who've kept an eye on me since I started.

Anyway, Merry Christmas yall. I'm still lurking and answering emails so don't worry.
>and will start making jerky when I get some time and recipes
Buy a cheap roast ,I usually go with a bottom round.
Cut into manageable chunks,cut fat out, cut with the grain into strips.
Don't do a marinate makes a mess,do a dry rub, what ever you like such as dry garlic,black pepper, paprika etc.
Put tin foil on oven racks,lay out meat not touching.Crack oven door turn heat dial lowest setting above off.
Keep eye on it till you get the hang,lift once and awhile so doesn't stick to foil.
Then refrigerate as it has no preservatives.
Dehydration waste of time you can't make enough.

File: 1575669682789.jpg (51 KB, 600x643)
51 KB
More lethal edition
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File: JPEG_20191205_191716.jpg (224 KB, 1080x1920)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
I've got hard cast semi wadcutters my friend loaded right now. Was wondering if there was something better
Chances of me getting into a gun battle with local fauna is pretty slim.

Not ready for the NY reload yet, but I can
draw, fire six, reload, fire six in about 25 seconds.
I could get it a little faster with a proper gunbelt setup.
>I could get it a little faster with a proper gunbelt setup.
Problem with carrying 2 guns while hiking is the fact that i have to carry twice the weight.
Just pay $$$$ for ultralight everything else to balance it out.
If i thought i needed that extra firepower I'd just carry a rifle desu

What college degrees will prepare me for the apocalypse?
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Dance therapy.
EMT certs are useful, but you are going to get treated like shit and make a measley 13$ an hour.
File: lkeapustaja22.png (126 KB, 398x275)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>teach you any of that shit.
Nigga are you dumb? That shit was obvious. Why not go the spicy route and try to go BSN to med school.
Have fun dying from a UTI
Undergrad chemistry or chemE
Then get an MD

File: image.jpg (439 KB, 500x707)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
It's one of the best movies ever made, but someone was saying it isn't actually realistic.
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lol, those west hollywood guys dicked around for an hour to the point one of them anheroed out of boredom
Lapd has an mrap now
what about back in 1995
Car crashes are actually pretty loud, especially the airbag. You tune most of it out because of what's happening but after you start wondering why your ears are ringing and your thumbs hurt..
they had a fleet of thin skin caddilac gage trucks and a shitty apc
which takes hours to get running

Which is more cringe, posting about what weapons and gear are needed to survive le zombie apocalypse or what weapons and gear are needed to survive Civil war 2, electric boogaloo?
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I dunno about a landslide but, the left will not do shit. They know they have demographics on their side and even if he wins 2020 there will never be another republican (or white male for that matter) president after him.
the people here who adopt these fucktarded tumblr memes need to nd into their mouth
>Which is more cringe
Some faggot that isn't a tweeage girl using the word 'cringe' in that context.
>there will never be another republican (or white male for that matter) president after him
hence, the eventual boogaloo
I only pray you are right anon.
And that is exactly why I want Trump to get cheated out of 2020 in a spectacularly obvious and dirty way.
Last chance to piss off the Boomerwaffen.

Guy on craigslist is selling this for 100 bucks
Should I bite?
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$100 is about as low as youll find the m1816 foot artillery sword, or coup-chou (cabbage cutter) as it was called. it is generally agreed that it wasnt particularly useful as a weapon during its service, due to its short length and relatively high weight, but its still a cool piece IMO. if you can verify that the hilt isnt wobbly id say go for it. they are not valuable, so you can polish it up, sharpen it, and use it as a garden tool guilt-free.
due to their success, Napoleans military was incredibly influential to europe and especially the USA. these swords were initially used by the french, but eventually much of europe and the united states copied the design, which is why you see them issued to artillerymen in the us civil war.

article on the influence of napoleon on us military: https://civilwarhome.com/napoleontactics.html

It's an artillery sword. Possibly French. If it's legit a $100 is a good deal for a conversation piece.
Give him the money, then take the sword, then rob him with the sword
looks like he cut out a piece of the middle, will probably break as soon as you get it

File: Trenchcoat_CG.jpg (84 KB, 950x1300)
84 KB
>Skyshield reports heavy casualties, stay alert
>Contact confirm Anticitizen One
>Range 30 meters, bearing unknown
>Weapons off safe, prep for contact
post yfw
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He ramped off the building and did a backflip and landed.
It's a violation of c symmetry and particle parity
She's blasian.
>Unit down in Residential block

File: sako_trg_42_l1.jpg (702 KB, 1024x605)
702 KB
702 KB JPG
>guns you want and can afford, but wont buy because you have zero use for them.

For me its the Sako TRG42
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You can blame your fellow whites for making Cali the way it is. You all made your bed now lie in it.
Big 8 shot 357 revolver.
File: 648.jpg (164 KB, 1000x667)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
For me, its the Smith and Wesson Model 648 chambered in 22WMR

might actually buy tho eventually lol
All lever actions rifles and their calibers, too expensive, too niche but I'd love to have them for free.
Big bore revolvers, same reasons.
Custom bench-rest rifles, same reasons.

Guns are tools not glorified luxury toys, unless you're wealthy you should only buy stuff that will be used to the ground.
T36 is mine. I REALLY want one, but, I can't really justify it.

I CAM justify a TRG42, Though. I also really regret not picking one up when I had the chance. Now, they cost way more than I want to pay for one.I can afford it, just don't want to.

File: Private.png (17 KB, 1000x944)
17 KB
ITT: dumb stuff you did as a private
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Lol, reminds me of a buddy who was leading my platoon during an assault and ended up taking the wrong compass heading, making what was intended to be a 400m movement along forest clearings into a 1200m slog through thick vegetation and a steep 20ft deep trench. By the time we got to the buildings we were supposed to be hitting everyone was dead tired and shuffled what was supposed to be a sprint from the woodline to the first building.
>Air Force
Not possible that I'm aware of. I got lucky being in the Navy. School made me an E-3 in boot, got automatic E-4 from my rating, picked up E-5 in less than two years off a 60% promotion cycle, then just demolished the E-6 test first time up on this past 7% cycle.
Air force nigga here,

You can definitely make E-5 select within a 4 year enlistment and you might even sew on during the last few months. But you won't have much time to save up the extra pay, unless you extend for a year.
die for israel goy

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 339x148)
5 KB
Was reading a book about the Regia Aeronautica and came upon this story
>italian wing of fighter bombers patrolling the med
>Spot a lone brit carrier
>Enter into a landing pattern with the carrier to get close because your planes vaguely look like sea hurricanes from a distance
>it fucking works
>carrier doesn't expect a thing
>fighter wing gets right up on the carrier
>drop bombs
>first one misses
>second one hits but rolls off the deck
>third one disintegrates on impact and does nothing
>two guys wounded total
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He served under both. 1st Tennessee spent the first autumn/winter of the war stationed in Virginia with Jackson's men where he fought at Cheat Mountain. The following spring, the regiment was transferred back West for the remainder of the war.

t. have read the book
>be Spanish "Blue Division" soldier
>be in quiet area, lulll in the siege of Leningrad, local cease fire in effect
>see nice white fox
>"That fox's pelt would be a nice present for Mum"
>throw a FUCKING HAND GRENADE at fox
>no sign of fox left afterwards
>all three of Germans, Spaniards and Russians think the enemy has broken the ceasefire
>VERY big battle ensues
>that soldier winded up being one of most decorated of WW2 but kept that tale a secret for decades
t. family tale
>Be German soldier
>Entire force wiped out by Russian tanks
>Manage to take enough of them out to make them retreat
>Armament of entire force still around me
>Set up my AT gun more and spook the Soviets when they try again
>Spend the time between waves scavenging ammo and food
>Get wounded
>Hold out for 2? More days
>Run out of ammo and decide to finally retreat
>Be awarded iron cross for a claimed 13 tank kills and 100 infantry kills all without any Allies to support me
Please tell me the enclosed "material" was used.
I feel like a grenade would ruin the Fox's pelt. I'm not a hunter, though, so I dont really have any background on this subject.

File: 1573679723228.webm (350 KB, 1280x720)
350 KB
Why did Textron make their new rifle so easily jammed by its ejection system? Look at that ejection port. If anything gets in there, it's going to seize up the entire rifle.
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What even is the point then? Another reason Euros should be banned from American procurement.
Honestly, other than maybe cost, what can the M17 do that an M&P, for example, couldn't? Or what does GD, Textron, etc. not know that SIG, HK, et al does?
Anon, Sig USA is not European.
It's an American division of a European company in my mind, babe. Race purity and all that.
Simple solution, ejection port above barrel, benefit of allowing instinctive shooting advantage.

Soldiers aren't trained shooters, they qualify then get dumped in Iraq.... only seals spend years refining training
The gun does not and can not work that way you moron.

Does anyone else here only want to join the military during a war because they want to get a chance to take someones life? I've always wondered what it would feel like to terminate the most powerfully creative and destructive animal to have ever lived on planet earth. Killing an animal feels like nothing. Its just merely physical movement. I was hoping that iran would start a war with israel so I could enlist and get a chance to shoot someone to death and gain the ultimate power over someones life.
File: 1576214542127.jpg (77 KB, 601x338)
77 KB
File: 1575682323679.jpg (20 KB, 639x479)
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