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File: 1653116976135.jpg (147 KB, 1080x720)
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147 KB JPG
Thought about Taiwan's coastal defense tactics to fight off chicon invasion: https://youtu.be/zAXbSaKxluE?t=29
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Asia is a Greek term for the continent you live on bud, the Greeks and Romans named your civilization millennia ago. It's such a sad state of affairs in China that you lads can't even rename your own race to something that suits you better because English speakers, the folks that won history, won't let you. It must be hard to be an Asian, even before you think about how you can't get a date because women in the west don't want men devoted to their parents ahead of their wives and children, but go ahead and blame that on penis size if it makes you feel better. You can go home any time if it's too hard for you to adjust to here, Zhou.
Wow, words change in a different language.
Crazy. My genocide denying Chinese professor also noticed that.

Shut the fuck up, leftist.
File: file.png (756 KB, 848x543)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
Brimstone would be inneffective vs major surface combatants like Frigates but it would sufficient for landing crafts like pic related
Don't need to kill those individually if you kill their motherships
Type 271 landing crafts have no mothership.
They can cross the Taiwan straight, which is the PLA plan to deploy their heavy forces

Where do they rank among german gun makers? Or even euro gun makers if you’re ambitious.
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it was, 70 years ago. there are still a lot of P1 and P38 pistols available as surplus or on the secondary market so it would be hard to make a new run pay off.
James Bond.
Some places in Germany like Suhl have a strong gun culture. The town of Suhl has been making guns for hundreds of years and they even have gun smithing in their high schools.

Also, Suhl was the original home of JP sauer und Sohn, Simson, Haenel, and Merkel
I've shot the pps m1. It's pretty soft considering it's size. The pps doesn't get enough credit, it was basically the first polymer subcompact single stack. Beat the shield. Beat the Glock 43
This guy wins.

I know engineers from Walther, HK, and even FN. They're all incredibly similar and great quality.

File: Francis Marrion.png (1.71 MB, 1506x1744)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG

File: 1646516249696.jpg (209 KB, 1024x684)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Ressurection Edition.

Kept you waiting, huh?

We sell armor and armor accessories
Discord link: - RETURNING SOON -

>Plate Land Wiki:

>Wiki article on Ballistic Armor Standards:
>NIJ Levels I-IIIA stop handgun and shotgun rounds, levels III-IV stop rifle rounds, though Level IV stops Armor Piercing rounds only.

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A Piece Of Shit
Soft armor molds better to your shape then hard plates.
You can't even pretend to conceal plates.
They are like sticking a math book under your shirt.
With soft armor you can at least not stick out that bad.
But everyone who ever worked around armor will know you are wareing it.
So its up to you.

The adventages of soft as protection are none.
Soft doesn't protect against knives or spikes.
Soft doesn't protect against poly-coated 9mm.
Soft doesn't protect against any exotic pistol threats that are becoming less exotic with time.

What it does protect against is old boomers and their hollow points.
So if they miss and hit your armor, you will be fine.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Soft armor is not about protection. Its about threat.
Soft armor is mostly clothing at this point.
So its not going to be about protection, as soft armor is not going to offer protection against most threats.
But soft does offer a slight chance that the threat you will most likely encounter can be avoided.
Its like a seat belt. Its not saving you from injury or death, but it may save you from going threw the windshield.
I have a slick carrier with multicurve plates that isn't obvious under a sweater.
>Soft armor is mostly clothing at this point.
This is a retarded fudd-tier meme. 80% of the people who are killed with guns are killed by rounds that soft armor could have stopped.
Also, in combat zones, frag is the most prevalent threat, and frag is reliably stopped by soft armor.
Soft armor is good.

File: bAJoNckD_400x400.jpg (32 KB, 400x400)
32 KB
Is calling the parents of killed enemies and notify them a good idea?

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Look, it only helps Putin if we go halfway. If you are an anti-Putin Russian living in my country, I consider you a brother.
The attosecond you open your mouth to spew vatnik fifth column propaganda, your life is forfeit. The life of your family is forfeit. Your entire close social circle has to be ripped out like the tumor you are. I am a moderate and I want to see your """people""" live through a thousand Auschwitz's.
>anti-Putin Russian
They aren't much better. Even Russians who claim they don't like Putin start to rant about the American NATO Jewnazis oppressing them if you talk with them long enough (don't).
As Russia further mobilizes, the dads who received those calls can be assigned to interrogate hohol prisoners.

Nice job piggies. You turned into Russian Govt vs piggies, to The Russian People vs Piggies
>Come kill me all you want, you cant un-kill your dad kek
Advanced warfare in action, compliment of Xbox Live

File: Z_van.jpg (76 KB, 638x420)
76 KB

>Russia - 3709, of which: destroyed: 2055, damaged: 74, abandoned: 290, captured: 1290

>Tanks (684, of which destroyed: 368, damaged: 21, abandoned: 52, captured: 241)
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>here’s this burning trashheep 400m away
>it’s totally Russian bro
>trust me, some guy on Twitter said so

Yea, no. Good luck with your fantasy tho
I appreciate your attempts to keep the thread alive
No physical evidence of Russia existing in 2023
2 more weeks until Russia takes over all of Ukraine and also Europe fellow anon.

File: 1469660043723.png (81 KB, 400x397)
81 KB
are the only factors that matter for handgun terminal ballistics. Caliber is irrelevant for centerfire rounds. Hollowpoints are a marketing meme to sell you overpriced shit you don't need. Fite me.
File: AG109.jpg (15 KB, 190x257)
15 KB
This why I shoot only rifled slugs. If it ain't leaving a fist size hole on your plates it'll knock yo fat ass out.

File: radar-reflector-3.jpg (47 KB, 1000x563)
47 KB
So these things look a lot larger on radar than they actually are, because they are designed to reflect the radar exactly back at the transmitter.
Couldn't a drone be constructed that acts similarly, but its rcs also resembles a plane/ballistic rocket, something that's a lot cheaper than the actual thing, but looks the same on radar?
A drone like this would confuse air defenses a lot
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radars work on differentiate the speed of an object from its surronding anon. RCS can varry based on the system performence, range and wavelenth used. The speed however is a true factor.
Microwave ovens are radar.

They work when you set the timer and push the on button.
The US did exactly that on the opening night of Desert Storm.
They've done this for decades, so yes, they can.
this is retarded. radar can not discern "speed" since electrons are static. what it does is substract its own position from the radar network (NORAD) and communicate with other radars (Ethernet). By continuous substraction the radar can estimate location and speed of an object.

coincidentally, this is a similar to what is happening in Ukraine, pic related.

File: Leopard-2-A4-KMW-003-2.jpg (567 KB, 1220x630)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
>Germany will finance the delivery of 15 Leopard 2 A4 tanks to the Czech Republic as part of the so-called ring swap procedure. According to the Ministry of Defense, the tanks are in the inventory of German industry. The Bundeswehr will take over the training of Czech soldiers. The scope of supply will also include ammunition and spare parts. All necessary agreements are currently being prepared for this purpose.

>According to German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, the Czech Republic is supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine, while Germany is helping to fill the resulting gaps with Leopard tanks. She said this was decided today by the cabinet in Prague. "We will also work even more closely with our Czech allies in the future on armaments but also on structural cooperation between our armed forces," the minister announced.
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>Replies to post arguing about if damage was caused by crew or atgm
>spergs about penetration of said atgm, speculates crew survived with 0 sources to back that up also claims tank is repairable from fucking bird's-eye view image.

In my book your a seething retard circle jerking whataboutisms
I didn't claim it didn't get damaged by an ATGM.
I don't care if someone else did.
You claimed it's a death trap, which I refuted. Therefore you are wrong and a seething moron.

>10\40 destroyed
>25% chance of being blown to bits
Sure thing retard
>going to Berlin
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
File: kmll.png (485 KB, 841x798)
485 KB
485 KB PNG

File: 78363684474.jpg (5 KB, 174x144)
5 KB
i am think about buying a thermal monocular and i found used ones for half the new price andn i am wondering why. are there any big disadvantages of buying used ones? do they have a low life time?
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You can't afford them.
Are you looking at a handheld FLIR unit? A few months back Adorama was selling a few models for $800-1000 when they were originally like 4700 or something. They were actually great units too, picked one up myself. 320 resolution and 60hz, looks phenomenal for the price. I still see a few on ebay for decent prices new and used, so this might be what your seeing.
>proprietary internal battery which requires expensive factory replacement
What prevents you buying a cheaper battery of the same voltage and soldering it to the power lines yourself?
could i use a thermal camera with some computer program to make nudes/xrays of people?

File: file.png (473 KB, 800x534)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
What about it?
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>while you studied electronic warfare, I studied the blade...
Why do they name this shit katana and not the slap chop hellfire
has it been integrated with any system yet?
File: TojiObachi2.jpg (56 KB, 564x693)
56 KB
So how many times is this shell folded during its manufacturing process?

File: Elevator.jpg (62 KB, 960x540)
62 KB
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>i heared the lift controller guy dropped the lift killing everyone with no survivors
you couldn't even do that if you wanted to.
File: 1647313573853m.jpg (76 KB, 1024x577)
76 KB
File: elevdvator.jpg (195 KB, 895x967)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
damn they are still in there....
ANOTHER time anomaly...

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Easier to manufacture and stronger. Still not as strong as quad rails but they can withstand a lot more force exerted on them before bending.
Samefag here.
How is that any different from any other AR?
G36 still works fine
fucking krautniggers needing to kneecap the bundeswehr and hire more "consultants" in every possible way
Whys it gotta look so cool bros
you can make a regular ar look just like that

File: straya.jpg (51 KB, 750x743)
51 KB
Can Australia ever be conquered?
56 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm sure of that I don't doubt it. But despite chinese incompettence attrition wise the poor blokes hiding in the outback will just be able to kill some random patrol. And if they build up their forces significantly the plaaf will just bomb them from the air if they get a sniff of where they are hiding. Australia in this scenario would have to focus on sinking those pla landing carriers before they get here. Survive the air war, sink the carriers so they cant do amphibious assaults. Both of those armies are good at what they are doing but Australia unfortunatly has the population of two chinese cities
I got bit by one of the big bastards at a car wreckers, poked a decent pair of holes and hurt for awhile but nothing major.
A friend got bit by a White Tail and it fucked him up, ~1/4 of his calf went necratic and had to be shaved off by the docs, still weaker in that leg a decade later.
we'd just do the same things the Taliban do, but with fewer civilian casualties
roadside bombs, targeted killings, kidnapping, drug dealing, bribery and extortion, the occasional armed robbery for shits and gigs
It's not about inflicting military defeats, its about making the occupation so unbearable/unsustainable for the occupiers that they give up and leave
white tails are fucked, they're the only species of spider that I kill on sight.
Everything else gets the old glass and paper trick
While technically true they're just totally fucked anywhere that people actually want to live.

Drawfag here. Someone commissioned me to draw their Escape from Tarkov OC (yeah I know, but its better than drawing for furries) using their favourite loadout and specified this particular foregrip on their weapon of choice

Trying to find images of people using these things and can only find like three or four images, and they're shit for use as reference material since the photos are from the leading side and don't show the finger positioning.

Someone able to explain to me how this thing is generally held? Do you grip the lower part of the triangular bit with your fingers and rest it on the edge of your palm, or do you put your thumb through the hole and wrap your fingers around the rest of it?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is this the de facto way to use them, though?

That's the sort of information I was looking for, ty.
That honestly wouldn’t be difficult, furries and wonder bread pay extremely well.
>Is this the de facto way to use them, though?
Yes, that’s Travis Haley, just look up photos of him for gun related drawing reference in general
Put your thumb in the hole and pull down while firing to mitigate vertical recoil
File: PXL_20220521_175824373.jpg (1007 KB, 2413x3084)
1007 KB
1007 KB JPG
Similar to this I reckon

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