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YES I will carry a .22lr for self defense
YES I will carry it in my pocket only, with the pocket holster it came with
NO I will not carry one in the chamber
NO I will not carry extra magazines
NO I will not practice my draw
YES I will have it on safe at all times without a round in the chamber
NO there isn’t a damn thing you can say to change anything

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with proper situational awareness this will defeat every threat possible.
Nice blog, faggot.
>with proper situational awareness this will defeat every threat possible.
Spoken like a true tard.
Other than not having a round in the chamber and not practicing your draw I think all of these are just fine.

File: 1604179507467.jpg (30 KB, 440x571)
30 KB
إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللّٰهُ • Edition
Prev >>50034680

File: file.jpg (70 KB, 929x960)
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holy shit this is fucking ancient
>Dog doesn't have a gun

Fucking Communists
File: file.jpg (35 KB, 700x700)
35 KB
Perp cant use hostages if you shoot the hostage first
File: 1613237712893.png (726 KB, 1914x2000)
726 KB
726 KB PNG

File: questionmark.jpg (84 KB, 1109x868)
84 KB
what the fuck is this thing?
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To the Marines? It's a slow ass boat with down syndrome and AIDS, which can seat 9 but gets stuffed with 15, so if anything happens you can't bail out and everyone fucking dies.
To the Army and Air Force? It's a weird ass BMP, call for air support and claim an enemy kill.
OP that is a Famas
That's not a Stryker.

File: 2cc.png (190 KB, 500x737)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Went for the ADF, just wanting to do a basic line army job (was listed for combat engineer and mechanic). Was in the office with about 5 other dudes and 4 chicks. We all go through the medical stuff at the same time, was told I'm all good. Then we sit in the office again and all the chicks and one dude go through the psyche and job interviews and leave in like an hour. The other 4 guys and me are left in the lobby area for like, 5 hours until they tell us there's 1 hour left till they close the doors and most of them leave. I decide to stay to just see if I get anything to happen, and one of the actual ADF guys forces the psyche to see me. I do the interview for like, 5 minutes and the guy says I'm not independent enough for the military and to come back in 5 years. This was 3 years ago. Did 'I' do anything wrong or is this just some PC recruitment BS that DFR is doing that won't actually mater in the actual forces? Pic related to my feels after that day.
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OP, can't you realize it's >>50036196,
It's like when doctors declare caesarian sections necessary so they have time to get a full 18 holes in.
What's it like having the attention span of a goldfish? To miss out on so much because it's longer than a tweet or headline?
Similar thing happened to me, but they caught onto the fact I was autistic
>not independent enough for the military
lmao what??? The military literally exits for people who can’t be independent.

Whats the best caliber and why is it 9mm?
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>when you miss all 7 bullets
If you miss your first 7 shots in any situation where you need to shoot, you are definitely already dead.
>.357 magnum
Dont make me pull up vids of cops taking 2 mags to hit someone in a shootout and winning the shootout
That's a seriously dumb ranking. Does the Tard Monitor know you're using the computer?
File: 1607900872657.jpg (94 KB, 1024x1013)
94 KB
calling BS, cop tased him first then he dropped , fired and got incapped by 1 or 2 rounds. 9 is fine

File: Russian Iveco1.jpg (383 KB, 1280x960)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Russian LMV "Iveco" blew up in Syria. 1 Dead 3 lighlty injured. The capsule of the armored car remained intact. The dead soldier didn't use his seat belt and also did not equipe his helmet. The car hit the tm-62 mine.
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>changing the oil required you to : pump it full from underneath, start the engine,run through the gears, use a computer to tell you exactly when the oil reached X degrees celsius and then you had to count the amount of oil droplets coming out per second to the correct value, before closing the filling plug.

What the fuck.
Ironic, if Russia hadn't decided to go full retard in Ukraine their entire military procurement would be in a better place. Bet Russia's really wishing they got those Mistral classes.
They lost plenty of industrial support from Ukraine as well. Big chunks of shit like the R-77 were built in Ukrainian factories.
Well they were probably going to lose that anyway given the politics of Ukraine and the reason why Russia went full retard in the first place.
Moving towards the EU doesn't necessarily mean they'd stop selling equipment to Russia. See: Mistral-class

File: PLW[1].png (11 KB, 645x773)
11 KB
>want to fap
>hands still smell like clp and brake cleaner
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>he’s never bought milsurp
>want to fap.
>Remember God is always watching.
>Don't fap.
That just makes me harder
Nothing else gets the carbon out of my HK23's trunnion short of scratching it with dental picks. It's the same receiver as the G3 but after several belts it really gets baked in there. And the smaller lower energy 5.56 means you eventually have to clear it out to ensure function.
Not on the job 2 week Standard Time
Wait u.s. military manual.
Don't bruise it you may lose

post your pointy sticks
shameful bump
>tfw you realize nearly all of the weapons that have ever existed are essentially pointy sticks, blunt objects, or fire

Dump truck or sports car?
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What would you recommend new then? Militech?
Depends on your use. I have never used Militech, but I think they are good, and the Russians seem to love them. I have an HHV, but I did not pay for it, and the ACH is probably one of the best helmets you can get as far as protection goes short of getting an ECH, which is also heavier. Go with what you need. A helmet is always good to have, even more than plates and a plate carrier.
>Dump truck or sports car?
you'd look real stupid with a Ferrari full of dirt
If you want ARC rails, Militech.
If you prefer better pads and a better retention system, HHV.
If you just want the cheapest decent helmet possible, Longfri.
All of them should perform just as well, or better, than Ops-Core. Dead serious.
did a guy with a gentex lid fuck your girl?

this test has ruined most guns for me. a gun that can't survive getting shit poured on it is sub par. simple as.
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Or just use an ar15
Lol I left my saw laying around and the XO took it apart and sent me looking for all the parts and lost the trigger guard, did an entire workup without it, just running around with a hot saw with no safety
Unironically this
>over gassed guns function better after being dunked in shit over a normally gassed rifle
wow. next youll tell me that it eats steel reliably.
Honestly, with the quality of modern firearms you could ride out the apocalypse with a sport II and a spitfire.

File: iu.png (161 KB, 624x233)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
High Impact Polish Operating

Thread #1454

Old Thread: >>50029230
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>arguing over corn syrup goyfeed brands
shiggy diggy
Based and fabryka broni lucznik Radom beryl 5,56 pilled ja pierdole
File: IMG_20210713_102919786~2.jpg (1.95 MB, 3947x2043)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
Mak 90
>implying I'm not a Dr. Pepper Chad
File: baikal 1.jpg (23 KB, 600x600)
23 KB

Knife for everyday uses.
You hear a lot on this board about the best way to kill a man etc, but what about the best type of knife for every day use? I'm thinking, fishing, cutting rope and such, basically anything that isn't killing another person.
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All this butthurt over steel, LMAO
You are the one butthurt that your chinesium shit is garbage and are coping like a madman "justasgood" means its shit.
But whatever, people have made fortunes off of people like you, the carpenter who buys 20 Husky hammers instead of 1 Estwing, but you got a "good deal" each time so its alright.
kabar short on sale for $50 at smkw right now
Holy seethe
>water pocket knife is a LC200N
LC200N is a fucking garbage steel, Vanax is even more stainless and has far greater edge retention. you sound like a coping poorfag.

File: 0dzdcq1v7hc71.jpg (397 KB, 2048x2048)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
>mfw my team just got btfo
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the best part is how canada and Europe are trying to get more people like this in their countries
Spreading genderfliud tranny rights across africa as ordered by trump.
In their defense they aren’t really secret squirrels like everyone thinks they are. They are typically supposed to act as NCOs for local militias. Imagine being in a ten man team surrounded by twenty ooga boogas or ragheads up against thirty ragheads. It’s a miracle they don’t get smoked every mission.
Fighting to Legalize Homosexuality and ensure that Autogynephiles are safe by killing the evil Transphobic ISIS bigots.
whoa whoa whoa you mean to tell me foreign internal defense is still a mission set? it's not all hitting the X? fuck that.

File: NonnaRussTrad.png (909 KB, 720x1280)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
Previous thread.
We hit the bump limit like we're supposed to. Last thread let's try that again.
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Cute notMiho.
About a year and a half ago I would agree with you, but she's now got a reasonable amount of fan art. There's a decent amount amount of quality rifles with less than 10 fanarts. Ie, m76, gm6 lynx, c14, ots-39, pp-19-1, stg-940 and many more.
Hi there pretty thing
>I'd like her to be a bit taller and bustier
>Bespoke doll
>Not just giving her bigger titties and longer legs
Pls. Also, do all the dummy dolls have to be the same design? Why couldn't one mainframe operate four different bodies?
I've been pretty pleased with my KR103, no failures so far except for some issues with my Polish pmags, but after the 1st round chambered there's no issue (my Romanian AK wouldn't even take them), I'm just waiting for their Tactical furniture to come back into stock so that I'm not wasting money on furniture that won't work without serious modification.

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