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post 'em
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Why does Doctor Who engender so much faggotry?
Because it's inherently gay, written by gays to excite gays.
File: 1602367387525.png (96 KB, 736x571)
96 KB
Your mother will die in her sleep tonight
the amount of estrogen in that pic is fucking astounding.

Where can I get a tube AK mag like the norkchads have?
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Go be a commie faggot somewhere else
They use fake equipment for the photo ops, obviously.
Do they carry extras?
Maybe it's just the first magazine, then back to box magazines after that
In any case yeah it seems awkward.
>be American
>43th booster shot announced, have to report to pharmacy before work
>get robbed by niggers on the way there
>police show up to shoot me because my mask fell off
>a stray bullet hits a black rapist
>country devolves into anti-police riots again
At least I’m not in hekkin north korea
I see our local slavic friend has shown up to the conversation.

we got too cocky...
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Imagine being an apologist for a tank the Soviets themselves agreed wasn't fit for front-line service.
The T-54 and T-55 were a major step up when it came to the T-34 in regards to quality control and reliability, but its window of effectiveness was short because NATO operating vehicles that were anything less than on par with something that outnumbered theirs' three to one was unacceptable. Time had to be invested in outfitting and training infantry in the usage of man-portable anti-tank weapons, because the T-55's numbers meant that you could run into armored opposition even in the bumfuck out of nowhere jungles of Africa. That's what the T-55's mission was - against any professional military, these things got boned because professionals could almost always afford something better.
I will give you one moment where the T-55 served above and beyond its expectations: Soviet War in Afghanistan, all T-55s present were used by air-mobile units to reinforce motorized division to the tune of only one lost vehicle. Sure, Afghanistan was a fuck anyway, but the doctrine of "a tank anywhere" proved perfect against the Mujaheddin where anti-tank weapons were limited to what their non-existent logistic lines could ferry from US suppliers.
Granted, the Soviets abandoned them rather then bothered sending them home with them after everything was said and done, because if you're good enough to reliably perform missions in a T-55, you're valuable enough to be shoved into something with better specifications.
Are you actually fucking retarded? If israelis had T55s and T62s and arabs had Cents and m48s the six day war would be over in 1 hour, you cant use anything but raw stats to compare equipment because it was used differently you retard. Or that would mean that PO2 is better than F94 because it caused one to crash
its a fucking recon tank
again retard
T-55s, despite being superior on Paper, got trashed by Walker Bulldogs with lower Numbers and Gook Manlet Crews

File: fudder.png (1.69 MB, 2358x1234)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
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A rite of passage?
ha ha marrijuana nice 420 blaze it :D
Well, you shouldn't
The elusive double bait, timeless.
It’s 30rds are ridiculous


KINOsuba edition
New here? Want a firearms license? Read this:

Previous: >>50896173
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Request Dlask to make you one of their 6.5" Serbu special 870s and get a pistol grip for it, ccw a shotgun like a chad
Hell yeah. Bring a bottle of Apple Crown and shoot him.
Mmm vodka fuck yeah give me some of that shit
Mine is okay, never had any zeroing issues. Looks like its made of metal. im not going to test it with baseballs though
Based, does she have cock pics?

File: 1634382250496.jpg (270 KB, 774x937)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Post packs. Day packs, Assault Packs, Rucksacks. All packs welcome.
A general thread for showing off your packs, questions on choosing a backpack, what to pack and what not to pack, sleep systems, and other related things.

Basic information on choosing a backpack, backpack fitting, what to pack, how to pack efficiently, and more

Mystery Ranch edition

Previous Thread: >>50834601
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Do you know how heavy or how much volume the stuff you want to carry is? Do you need anything special about the pack or just a normal pack to put stuff inside? Is camo required?
dunno about the weight or volume. just looking to carry warmer clothes if i need them, knife, flashlight, water, and snacks.
Sounds like most daypacks would be good for that, let me think
20" AR is a great innawoods gun
Any color preferences?

File: qasdfgh.jpg (22 KB, 474x332)
22 KB
If the Sphinx became animate what kind of weaponry would you use to destroy it ?
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riddle answers
Depends on what all it's doing mostly. If it's running around wrecking shit, then arty and atg ordinance like >>50898578 said.

If it's doing sphinx shit and actively guarding a spot and challenging people with riddles I'm getting a group of eggheads together to answer its riddle and find out what it's guarding because explosives are expensive.
A cannon. I would shoot it right in the face.
slave labor.
I'd ask it if the egyptians were KANGZ or not

File: 1634788540462.jpg (337 KB, 990x969)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
F in peace edition

Talk about 3D printed and DIY guns

Previous: >>50849344
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Ive looked and have yet to find one. I guess they either get deleted or nobody wants to upload a video from start to finish
mod9 v2 vs fgc9 mk2

Not FGC-9, but I enjoyed this guys DIY videos:
File: RIP.png (635 KB, 720x704)
635 KB
635 KB PNG

AK General /akg/
Closeup Edition
>Thread #1559

Old thread here: >>50885957
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File: IMG_20210713_102919786~2.jpg (1.95 MB, 3947x2043)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
Friday night is MAK-90 night.
File: IMG_20210202_152733.jpg (2.8 MB, 4000x3000)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
>nobody likes Zastava guns
I just say that to rile up the redditors. I don't mind them, but most of their owners are cancer.
If I send off my kit to a builder, will they need to circumcise the bayonet lug and ship it to an FFL if i'm in NJ? That troubles me so much.
Yeah they will have to, or your FFL will have to.

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Chinese did it better. Americans retard that can't into next gen stealth fighting jet.
Ping pong bing bang. American eat burger. American have big penisu. Ching chang I hate america
thank you for translating this guys >>50899920 post
File: Rah-66_w_apache_02.jpg (88 KB, 778x627)
88 KB
People have no clue about what the F35 is
Its raw performance doesn't matter
It's essentially a realization of this idea
it's far stealthier than the F22 and far more advanced
its in there designating targets for missile trucks and the new AIM260 or bomb trucks
This. I don't know why everyone's focusing on ultra-maneuverable dog fighting ace combat aircraft when the whole point of the f35 is to serve as a stealthy sensor and comms platform

File: IMG_2324.jpg (2.32 MB, 3264x2448)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
/ktg/ Knife Thread General
*Smol Boy Edition*
Post some small knives, or large I don't care. I just got the Al Mar on the left. Nice keychain knife that doesn't look like a knife.
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That sheath and clip come with the knife. He put a sticker or something on the sheath.
File: 20211022_180822.jpg (2.49 MB, 3025x3567)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
That clip is factory from Cold Steel, for the Kobun. I enjoy how much grip its has. I've worn it in the waistband of many gym shorts.

>put a sticker or something on the sheath
On the nose, bud
It's a gift for a person who has multiple motorized grinding stones, lol.
Sounds like the right gift, for the right person then.
>niggers don't have father's

FN America is a dirt bag company, with dirtbag warranty polices, and pistols that will get you killed.

> Running the gun until a spring breaks invalidates the warranty
> Send us your gun every 2000 rounds for a factory inspection or we don't honor our warranty
> Dry firing the gun invalidates the warranty

Their pistols are even worse.

> Arizona DPS sues them after multiple FNS-9 pistols shit the bed on duty
> 509 striker breaks if you dry fire it
> 509 hinged trigger snaps in two if you shoot it enough
> 509 will not fire if you dunk it in water
> 509 designed to that it bricks the gun if you try and replace the trigger with third party replacements, unless you know the secret of how to remove a dowel
> Magazines twice the price of Glocks
> Sub-compact and compact models cheap out on not giving you a threaded barrel, calling it a "target" crown instead

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> 5.7 BTFO a 120 year old cartridge so hard that the military promptly selects pistols chambered in a 120 year old cardridge for all of it's issued sidearms
I'm sure it was a great purchase, anon. All the guys at the range nod respectfully in your direction when you load up your mags.
>Being a landlet
>Going to the range
Outed yourself as a poorfag lmao.
>Inb4 I went for a "course."
I have somewhat small hands and have no problems handling the fnp-45.
Odd ad choice. It's almost like FN knows something about their customer base that we don't.

File: glock.jpg (64 KB, 1103x747)
64 KB
Will you dumb niggers carry tourniquets now?
29 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oof, didn't see the Ace. The fuck is that hat then? Think it says "world's greatest pizza".
Also based boss. Any company that prioritizes their own image over their workers safety deserves to have their execs forcibly relocated to Brazil with nothing but the clothes on their back.
Always a possibility. I'm in a car a lot, I can see a t bone happening and the gun going off that way.
Zero clue why he'd have that hat, maybe just one of those guys who doesn't care as long as he has a hat. She carries a little J frame revolver herself, tries getting us all together to go shooting once a month.
I agree with you about the company, find it to be bullshit no matter what excuse.
must've been since it apparently fired when he dropped his pants or something

File: ihatefeds.jpg (97 KB, 780x585)
97 KB
Anyone coming to Clybel tomorrow?
Am currently blasting rope into the brownies.

File: Albedo furry shit.jpg (70 KB, 666x912)
70 KB
>tfw one of the most realistic depictions of space warfare is done by a furry comic from the 1980's

Why is the majority of shit regarding space warfare so bad and unrealistic? Also, general space warfare thread.
51 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Drones and Minds are the best characters in Iain M Banks stories. Humans are in just to have some fun, or as punching bags
good point, that is a way to handle it, just have space stuff be inscrutable and humans along for the ride or to do shenanigans on planets or whatever
Are there people ITT who actually think engagement ranges would extend beyond a thousand kilometers?
You want CHOADE.
>Surely this new ship design will show those belters what for
>100x nuclear missiles inbound

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