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File: bbpsara1890i.png (97 KB, 800x330)
97 KB
Iron and steel warships, 1850s-1900. Post your faves.
I love the Hydra class. Greece definitely got a lot of mileage out of them.
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And the last of the sisters, just for completion, showing off her aft mounted gun. There seems to be no real reason why they did this for one of the ships, and personally I attribute her horrid luck to this perverse design
File: Ψαρά 1.jpg (215 KB, 1600x1022)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Hydras were beautiful. Here is one of Psara
I like the peek-a-boo bow gun.
To add: When he's not samefagging in his spammed threads, he goes to other threads and claims OP is him to throw people like you off and make them hate his enemies and people calling him out, hoping the confused bystanders will attack those in the future for him. He literally has no other way of getting any form of support from others.
Would you rather serve on the Monitor or the Merrimack?
Assume they aren't going to have their historical ends.

>arms dealers
>openly stated that most guns are owned by responsible citizens
>No you are not responsible for what people do with your product, it's just a product
>wait actually guns bad let's just ban hammer them
>Wait no le based Casper will sell any weapon he can and gun control is unattainable
Were the writers just high? What did they mean by this?
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Black Lagoon was so unrealistic. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom was better.
File: Obese Ruby Gillman.jpg (136 KB, 1280x1272)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Got you covered senpai.
>t tarantino inspired pos
ayy lmao
File: Fat SOPMOD with RO.jpg (136 KB, 1402x1088)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
It would be extremely painful.
File: Immobile Gwen.png (609 KB, 1500x1313)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
Gwen is here for you.

Backpacking/hiking in Mountain Lion territory all next week. Is a Benelli M4 with 00 buck good enough to put one of these down if I need to?
I would take something more along the lines of an M1 carbine if you insist on not using a pistol just because of weight, although you probably aren't the kind of hiker to drill holes in their toothbrush to save a couple grams
Attaching a small jingly bell to one of your feet will do more for your safety than a whole arsenal of guns.
Buffalo bore 38sp will be enough
You are right, I'm not. My group is driving across the state and doing short (2-3 hour) hikes at various locations. I'm not super concerned with the Benelli's weight considering how shirt the hikes will be, I'll also have my FN 509 on my hip as well.

File: IMG_1333.jpg (195 KB, 1200x960)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>New here? Read this

>Want to hunt? Hunting license info:

>Want to buy something? Recommended vendors list:

>Want to help firearm rights?

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There will never be an Anglo prime minister ever again, will there?
He didn't listen to le heckin climate soientists! Now le icecaps are gone!
where we're going after trudeau we wont need a prime minister
File: 9977.png (228 KB, 1121x723)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
File: immi.jpg (46 KB, 766x309)
46 KB
That's ok anon because some of them are French

File: 15776459149210.jpg (294 KB, 600x400)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
Can an insurgency win against the US government? ISIS lost in Iraq and the Iraqi government is far weaker.
The Taliban only 'won' because America got bored of spending money in a foreign shithole. That won't happen when it's an internal civil war.
Is it even possible to win?
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What else would the plan be though?

Cause like I doubt they'd be able to hand out social security to people. And I figure most people will take a legal government that gives them social security than the opposite.

Typically insurgencies happen in very poor countries where insurgent movements can provide more services to their community than the central government can, but I don't see that happening in the US.
>Cause like I doubt they'd be able to hand out social security to people.
Look at what Hamas, Hezbullah or the Taliban were/are doing. They are providing social and legal services of higher quality than the respective government. They also have a religious/political vision that is appealing to a lot of people. Again, the struggle is mainly political and violence is just a means to an end, not the purpose of the entire operation. Feeding the poor, providing fair and equal trial and thing of that nature is what wins the struggle. The violence for the most part is just a tool to polarize society and force bad decisions on the opponent.

>I don't see that happening in the US.
The only serious threat to the state in the last 150 years was communism because of its narrative and appeal to a large share of the workforce. I do think that social/ecological movements have the highest probability of success unless there is a massive resourgence in orthodox religiosity. Anons that suggest political programs like creating a fascist ethnostate are totally on the wrong track, beacuse you will never rally a meaningful amount of people behind that idea to give it a decent chance of success. You want to identify issues that concern the majority of the population while the government does not address them.Then you start a political movement and use the most radical elements for militant action. Again, insurgency is a means to a political end.
>Can an insurgency win against the US government?
To be blunt, the US having a Federal system of government makes this complicated. To sustain themselves and win long term, insurgencies need to supplant local government institutions by force. This presents a problem for the American insurgent cause he's not actually killing "the Feds" the majority of the time. He's attacking "the government" at the State level and under. He's killing local cops, local judges, city mayors, state level congressmen, governors and every so often bombing the odd elementary school that teaches something badwrong.

How many non-schizos think this would actually work out in the United States? It worked for the Taliban in Afghanistan because the centralized national government in Kabul was both astronomically corrupt, comically dysfunctional and the vast majority of the country didn't care about it. There's likely a lot of people who think Washington DC and the White house is a joke, but would get really angry out if the Inna Woods crowd actually started doing the kinda things the Taliban needed to do to takeover Afghanistan in their own states/home towns.

>Cause like I doubt they'd be able to hand out social security to people. And I figure most people will take a legal government that gives them social security than the opposite.
The issue is way worse than not having money to bribe people with gibs. Long term to manage such basic things as "paying their full time soldiers", the insurgency has to start taxing people and business. Most people and businesses aren't going to want to start paying taxes to an insurgency.

That racket worked in Afghanistan primarily because the taxes the Taliban levied in territory they controlled ended up being more fair than the exorbitant bribes that corrupt national government officials demanded.
File: _DSC5862.jpg (671 KB, 2048x1366)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
It will be heavily lopsided in terms of deaths and the only chance of winning imo is widespread revolution. If Washington rises up and just Washington it will be crushed quickly but if you can get multiple places across the nation to rise up together it will cause serious problems. There’s strength in numbers and that will be our only strength unless we can make significant victories and capture stockpiles of real military weapons
Yeah, but like their respective governments were Syria and Afghanistan. Those are very low bars to clear.

I should also point out that the biggest anti-government forces in the US FUCKING HATE welfare.

You're also looking at the problem from the reverse end. See before you figure out HOW you are gonna overthrow the government, you have to ask WHY you wanna overthrow it. And therein lies the problem- very few people wanna overthrow the government because it's a representative democracy. Sure it's got corruption and sucks, but also it's responsible for maintaining the roads, schools, the army, people get to vote and air out their grievances, people aren't randomly getting assassinated or poisoned for disagreeing with the government.

So the people who DO wanna overthrow the government want it gotten rid of for extremely niche problems- like say the government likes gay people and black people too much. And if THATS the rally cry, then yeah you're gonna have a recruitment problem since no gay or black people are gonna wanna help you overthrow the government, and most people aren't bothered enough by gay and black people to risk being shot at by the American military.

Like you said- Communism could have had mass appeal, except the US moderated under FDR and started handing welfare out which got people to stop wanting to be communists.

File: 76.webm (713 KB, 480x264)
713 KB
>il-76 goes off the runway
>immediately explodes in a fireball

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>/k/ - Current News Tangentially Related To Ukraine
There was plenty of runway.
The pilot touched down with 55% of the runway already behind him.
That'll buff out.
Is that normal?
Russian engineering at it's finest. Keeps the conscripts on their toes.

File: IMG_4493.jpg (46 KB, 602x402)
46 KB
How do you fight wars at very high elevations? Is it just a big clusterfuck between the elements and logistics?

Posting pictures from Kargil war
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File: IMG_4489.jpg (195 KB, 650x586)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
File: kargil 2022.webm (864 KB, 234x426)
864 KB
File: IMG_4501.jpg (172 KB, 714x529)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
File: IMG_4499.jpg (91 KB, 778x452)
91 KB

Is he the only semi-competent general Russia has had in the war? The surovikin line is crumbling right now but it managed to buy monke and friends several months despite massive manpower and logistics issues.
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Whats the coversion rate for boot to mobik these days. Must be pretty bad, worse than in '91?
File: Commies kissing-2.jpg (243 KB, 1080x643)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Sounds like about any government formed by a revolutionary party. Do people think groups of militants who want to radically transform their countries do it by obeying the law and gaining fair elections?
Its not Gerasimov. Its Putin who's ordering no step back.
*most of Bakhmut
Its Germany, France and the US who are lagging behind the UK and Eastern and Central Europe, not the other way around, kraut.

Tactical Gear Thread.
Talk about gear.
old: >>59588616
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I got the Haley Strategic mag inserts for my Veloctiy Gen IV chest rig after reading and seeing people having success with them.
Absolutely can not get it to work.
Either I can't get it to re-insert every time, or when I pull it out it punches me in the face, or I can't get it to work at all.
I already took all the pull tabs off because they suck and just get in the way of trying to use the rig. I really wish the kydex inserts would work but looks like I'm just going to be stuck running it with zero retention.
Do you or your group do community patrols by any chance?
Sort of. Patrolling property for poachers stealing telephone lines (even the telephone poles for some reason) and cattle is pretty standard here and mostly everyone does that. Having people you can radio as kind of a QRF is common as well. We don't really patrol at night i.e. neighborhood watch though because you'd just get agitated into doing something stupid. We hire licensed private security for that.
I'm not familiar with the Velocity rig. Does it have any velcro inside the mag pouches?
Does your org do any community patrolling or have resources for learning how to or best practices?

File: 1667025211814948.png (2.28 MB, 1200x797)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
>fully automatic autoloader
>in 1977
how the fuck did the baguettes figure it out so fucking early???
2S19 only came about in 1989; K9 is only getting it with the A2 in some 4-6 years; PZH2000 needs manual loading of propellant; M109 is still fucking manually loaded to this day.
i am genuinely baffled; i thought french armor was second rate at best, but this waaaay too ahead of its time to even be remotely bad
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A lot of nations inflate and deflate to make things seem better. Your guys did a heroic last stand and died to a man? Well you say there was only 1,000 of them when there was actually 4,500 and they fought 100,000 instead of 50,000 and they killed 16,000 instead of 4,000. Makes you look better, they look worse. Remember, a lot of these battles were during wars and you needed propaganda victories. As they say, history is written by the victor. This is why most good historians, when looking at a battle, will look at what the winner and loser said about the battle in their histories and try to extrapolate a number. There is also issue with a lot of nations doing this worse or better than others. For example, the USSR said 8,000,000 died in WW2 when it was actually 20,000,000. So you gotta see who said it and when and what nation they hailed from and what their general belief is.

You just have to take everything with a grain of salt and realise that a lot of battles are not as clear cut as the wiki page says.
>WW2 is bad because they surrendered DESPITE not needing to
Average French infantry carried on a saying from WW1, "they made us do it once".
France was never going to win WW2 after enduring so much to win the Great War.
China seems really low for how long it has been around. US seems relatively high for its age. Need something like battles per year of existence, or some percentage of battles won.
China didn't fight offensive wars and their internal conflicts are rare but extremely brutal, Americans have been in a state of war since your conception so it makes sense and closer the wars are to present times, more battles a military fights compared to antiquity.
>China didn't fight offensive wars

File: 1694525336253792.jpg (309 KB, 640x427)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Not one in the catalog...
I'm a poorfag and my eyes are fucked up. I can't see my irons on my 10/22. Looking for diopter/peep sight recommendations.
219 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
So I'm looking at two Remington 700, but over the years I've read that Rem's quality has shit the bed. How do I find out if these two are the good stuff?

Serials are RR92336A and D6812925.
If you actually get called up, just emphasize how much you read about the news and browse social media, and how much you make strong opinions based on news articles. That’s the way to get kicked out.
No, you idiot, that's how you get in. Being easily influenced is what they want.

Instead, just start talking about Jury Nullification. Get everyone else off as well.
>so I don't blow my eardrums out if I use it for home defense
You won't, firing a few pistol rounds indoor doesn't lead to real earing damage
Who is warriortard, and is he pro or anti british. I see the term thrown out so much i cant figure out who it's trying to describe

File: web-xmas-truce-1-ap.jpg (367 KB, 2048x1284)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Happy /k/ pictures :)
that's from a movie

File: F5WMLCYWIAA7L2d.jpg (208 KB, 809x639)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
94 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
As if,you can’t,really tell,from this image?!?!??
Good post Anon.
Having an entire branch of their military consisting of literal faggot moors is a feat only the Castilians would be capable of
what are you talking about

File: womenmarines1800x1200.jpg (54 KB, 621x414)
54 KB
What are your thoughts on conventional, marine infantry riflemen? Are they still combat effective?
55 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
41% casualty rate. Still pretty dangerous tho
That's because they're the cannon fodder
It only appeals to retards. Which is what the marines are composed of.
It's cringe.
File: 1439948504757.jpg (89 KB, 720x960)
89 KB
Top left holding the baby. I knew her. She wasnt even supposed to be there. I wasnt even supposed to be in my MOS but wtf needs of the marine corps.

Captcha PWNPPX

File: maxresdefault.jpg (230 KB, 1280x720)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Welcome /k/ to the Mid-fags knife competition!
>ITT we recommend mid-range knives for various usage
>EDC Knives
>Bush Knives
>Combat Knives
>Dinky lil pocket knives
>Mid-range alternatives to high end knives
You may remember me from such threads as the 'Poorfags Combat Knife Competition' and almost every worthwhile melee thread on /k/
>T. The Britbong Knife Poster
To kick us off I recommend the Condor Bushlore as a mid-range bush knife. Great steel, great construction, blade thiccness is on point, remember to keep it oiled, sexy old school dark wood and brass pin asthetic, set you back about £60 in Bongland and probably about 40% cheaper than that stateside. There's a 3" version also to snap up as a back-up, for those I'll accustomed to the old school aesthetic it's available in micarta.
44 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
I like my Iisakki Järvenpää Pikku-uppo. It’s the little brother to the Jätkänvuolu. They say it’s intended for youth but I find it to be a good overall size and very comfortable to use. I think I paid less than $70 for it shipped. The rat tail thing goes all the way through the handle. The fit and Finnish around the ferrule and the cap on the end leave something to be desired though. It replaced my Marttiini which was even more reasonably priced. I like the blade geometry of the Järvenpää far better than the Marttiini.
Its factory made, Iisakki Järvenpää was a blacksmith back in middle/late 1800s.
The issue with those "cup" sort of fittings in factory made products is what you described, there is a gap. You can handfit it properly yourself, but all factory products come with a shoddy cup fitting.
Martiini has it the worst IMO, and their fucking frong finger guards arent even brass in most of their knives, its fucking shitty cheap cast metal coated in brass....
Want quality handles that arent shoddily mass produced? Thats gonna cost you.

T. Finnish Puukko blacksmith
No doubt there are nicer examples of Puukko’s . But for a mid-tier knife in a mid-tier knife thread it preforms admirably
I have another knife in M390 and it holds a hair popping edge easily twice as long as this thing, so yeah, I'm thinking it's not hard enough. For a pocket knife your supposed run M390 right up to 61-62 Rockwell and this is definitely not that hard.
Minor issue, but you can immediately see where they cut corners on the knife to get the price down. I'm not mad I like it just fine but it is what it is

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