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File: ruscrip.jpg (278 KB, 960x1280)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
The funny crippled guy you might remember from a few vatnik photos ops in Kherson has been killed by a "precision HIMARS strike" on his hotel room.


Turns out he was a member of Ukrainian parliament, before he fled to Russia after the /k/lankening. There are a even a few videos of him acting like a jerk from that time.

Here he fights a journalists for filming him:

Here he climbed onto the chair of the speaker of the parliament:

Here are some more photos from that one photo op:

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File: file.png (1.77 MB, 960x1280)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
That image gives the illusion of booba
If he took promotional photos with Ukrainians or did morale stuff with them he would’ve died a hero, or at least as a tragedy of war. In Islam, the worst punishment in hell is reserved for those who betray
when tell genie that you want your dick to be so long it would touch the ground
how can you even achieve being virgin at that age?
i started having sex relatively late in my life (started when i was 20yo) but when i was 25 to 30 i literally had to do jumps through hoops to avoid getting pussy

Is this the best non-larping practical carry gun? Is the hellcat or p365 worth the extra weight?
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File: lol_not_my_problem_xD.gif (802 KB, 510x510)
802 KB
802 KB GIF
Blow your dick off if you want.
File: 02209253933.jpg (377 KB, 1768x1260)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
NTA, but it does. page 23
Is it even worth buying into the micro compact trend when I have a workable lc9s? I'd love 3-4 more round on tap but realistically I can't justify the expense. Shill me on a replacement(I already have a g19)
File: Lcp2clip.jpg (515 KB, 1455x1115)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
for me it's the 2. it's the smallest and lightest, so when I need a little gun, I don't want a bloated little gun just for extra capacity
its the best pocket carry gun if you live somewhere cold and don't where tight clothing.
chose for pocket carry or choose something else.

File: 1663832899486565.jpg (417 KB, 522x1740)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
Roadmaps to gun license in European countries, so far we have: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom:
Want your country to be up there? Write a quick guide yourself (max 6 points).
If you got any questions, or want to ask about details - go for it.
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First of all, thats a great rifle anon. Congrats!

Second, I would not recommend storing the rifle in the box, you may get problems with mold. Do not forget to rub down the metal with an oiled clothe before storing. If the rifle sits for a long tim and you left sweat or residual skin on the outside, you might attract rust.

Third, if you are shooting small amounts of factory ammo through a bolt gun per session on like a monthly basis, using a boresnake and removing powder residue from the boltface are totally sufficient after the trips. Thoroughly clean the rifle every 6 months or when you observe unexpected behaviour. Inspect all the wear parts then too.

Why is your moisture level so high, do you live by the sea?
never said it was, but then again, it seems to work wonderfully
alright, I'll get the kit and give it a thorough clean
when should I use a nylon brush instead of a brass one? I see people using either in tutorial vids with no apparent reason on why they're using one or the other
>do you live by the sea?
Padan plain towards the mountains aka moisture central
plus this room used to be cellar so...
you should head the piano strings cracking on thir own due to the piano wood expanding, lol
Hey anons, i have a cool idea. I talked with a bunch of lads from all over EU, and figured that every country has some great, top of the shelf brands, that cost a fraction of all the shit we import from the US, while being equally good or better, just unknown outside your region. If a few of you guys contribute, we can have a cool database of generally unknown brands we are proud of, and we can maybe add another pastebin with it, who knows

Important note: try to write about a products you used yourself, it would add some credibility to the list. If you just heard some product is good, but had no opportunity to try it, consider mentioning it

>Wisport, great quality backpacks, not the lightest but still fairly light, extremally comfy and sturdy
>Bayonet belts (especially with Templars Gear molle) i know a few Euro SOF groups use them, comfortable and very flat profile
>Direct Action, not that unknown but still very recommendable, mostly for plate carriers, chest rigs, pouches and gloves. A little bit pricey, but very worth it
>Strela supressors, heavy as a bitch but very cheap and unbreakable, quite aesthetic looks, consider buying one for cheap and placing it on a range toy
>Although Belomo is mostly known for slavshit scopes, they now produce some decent, good priced scopes, i also had an opportunity to use their binoculars, very sturdy and nice
>Ironclad gloves, again, not that unknown. Never had a pair myself but all my friends that tried them preferred them over mechanix, especially in longevity, those lasted 2/3 times longer
Off the top of my head I can think of few
>ADC - Armi Dallera Custom (ar 15 and ar9s supposedly high quality)
>DR15 Custom - they build ar pattern rifles and some hotguns in various calibers. From exact replicas of service rifles to custom competition ones
>ROME Rottigni Officina MEccanica - custom chassis for some bolt action rifles, high quality suppressors, muzzle brakes, scope rings, bases etc. Pricey but I've seen some of their suppressor on some of our military rifles.
>Audere - various bolt action precision accessories/muzzle brakes etc
>Explorer cases- basically pelican cases but cheaper, supposedly of good quality
>Blackfolium - some slings and accessories
If I remember anything else I'll post about it. It would be also a good idea to post good websites that sell firearm accessories here in the eu, as finding something reliably can be a pain in the ass.
add Contessa rails/mounts, Matbea's catalog aside from their revolvers, Nuova Jager and Fabarm

Do clean nuclear bombs exist? Could you nuke a city and keep it at least safe enough for colonization soon after?

What would happen if a nuke was used to wipe out a major city rather than some crazy global doomsday scenario?
I suspect smaller modern nuclear weapons have a relatively short half life of radiation area saturation . wiping out cities is the crazy global doomsday scenario tho anon. tit for tat escalation kinda thing . think like hiroshima/nagasaki going all in calling your enemies will to fight or surrender except they are also armed with nooks. in this case ukes dont have any we know of so itd hard to say if theyd hold out, and what the west would do.

Let's say your rifle is zeroed at 50 meters, and you know your target is 300 meters away. How would you adjust your aimpoint? Also, how would you calculate where you're second zero would be?
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Shit, your right, my mistake.
File: 1650321117909.gif (1.79 MB, 498x498)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
Post Bussy
nbd anon
Ask me how I know you've never touched a firearm.
I've done a bit of shooting, but I've never done any long-range stuff that would require me to make such adjustments.

File: 1634814862463.png (165 KB, 376x335)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Would it /k/?
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From what I understand Russian troops have to be open to breaking down walls sexually.
definitely dont link the fuckin video you loser
Why cut out the reply
That would be the most retarded move in the world.
>be Ukrainian solder
>kill drunk vatnik invading your country
>oh fuck you're almost out of ammo
>notice that the dead guy has magazines and ammo that is compatible with your gun
>you can replenish your ammo quickly
>now you can keep fighting
If they had the XM5 they would have to pray that the US can keep sending enough guns, ammo, magazines, and parts to keep their troops from carrying paperweights. From what I've heard they are already having enough trouble giving their people enough 5.45 and magazines and they have been telling people to take ammo off the dead Russians. Deploying the XM5 without the resources to sustain it would be a disaster though I'm sure Sig would cum all over themselves telling everyone it's the official gun of the US army and it's in Ukraine killing Russians.
It's both and neither. The ammunition is designed to defeat body armor that might be worn by American civilians, and the scope is designed so that the government can give them to the blackest retard gorilla niggers fresh off the boat from Somalia without having to train them too much.

File: 4664.jpg (2.4 MB, 3853x2906)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
I'm tired of the propaganda threads, shilling and shit flinging.
>inb4 vatnik, nice try atf, glownigger, etc
This is a weapons board, Let's have a weapons thread, post and r8
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File: file.png (589 KB, 1253x622)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
"I guess even a bonehead like you can understand a man acquires all this over a period of 50 years"
Or you could have both.
File: 1592879548151.png (793 KB, 640x480)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
i love your enfield
is it a mk1 or mk2? I've been looking at getting a no4 for a while and am spit
what happened to your bluing? did you strip it off or did it come like that?
Nigger, you can literally see on the OP pic that every fucking rifle has an aimpoint, trijicon or eokek dot. the exceptions are the 10/22 with a cheap scope, and the ak with a slav dot.
Other than that I do own armor, lights, like to compete and while i don't go to the gym that's because i live in bumfuck nowhere so instead i workout at home and do 14-15 miles by bicycle every day
The ones posting shit like this are always noguns

File: 1635563814695.png (227 KB, 427x482)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
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File: 1643068844007.jpg (697 KB, 2500x1695)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
File: 1638176799541.jpg (1.7 MB, 4878x2189)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
File: 1633821412281.jpg (551 KB, 1200x1324)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
File: 1663361313512364.jpg (105 KB, 950x747)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
i enjoy an armored car

File: 1648581397733.webm (2.91 MB, 1024x576)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
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Inferiority Superiority Complex forcing themselves to cope by trying to make themselves look like the underdog who is somehow actually superior in every way to their rivals.
none of them were insulting the poster tho.
>India getting intravenous infusions of ganges water and cow urine
國 (country) still appears in Japanese here and there as in 帝國 (empire) due to the historical context.
That the US should start leaving?

File: nz4hewogm4481.jpg (59 KB, 717x897)
59 KB
Shalom! Anon its Sunday. Come! And confess your sins!
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Haven't bought a single gun in an entire year. Saving for a house. Have $150k ready, and still feel like a poorfag given the housing market
It's okay anon. Houses will come back down soon
I sometimes pretend to be pole and shit on krauts and EU just to stir shit.

I once left a gun visible on seat of my car and then locked the keys in - in the middle of a city. Normally i woul simply hike home and get spares, but since there was a rifle lying on backseat in plain view i had to camp there for hours untill my brother could bring them to me
(im europoor, leaving a gun unattended and then having it stolen would fuck me up)
I'm trans

What are your thoughts on the big sword you'll often see in fiction? There's some examples of these kinds of things appearing throughout history, but is there any sort of information on technique you'd need to utilize in addition to raw strength in order to effectively fight with something like this?
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you mean Dante he is a super human half-demon freak and he plays around with that thing like its made of foam. Which is the point. The only practical value is that anything that can twiddle a sword that big around is usually strong enough that you'll get cockslapped and your head flies right off.
if by zanbato, you mean nodachi; which is more like a western longsword. A lot of those big greatswords were actually carried by someone else, a horse or slung over the back until needed. Then you sling them back out and hold it in your hands. They're actually really light, like 5 or 6 pounds at most and well balanced (which is the entire point of a sword).

As for actual use, it's all about reach and swinging around. Zweihanders and the like would be used as mobile troops to flank around pike formations, or as shock troops to break other unit ranks (that aren't cavalry). I'm a little skeptical of claims that large swords were actually used on cavalry to any serious degree.
Big swords like in pic were used by heavily armored guys (particularly with lobstered gauntlets so they can do moves like in pic without getting fucking fingers cut off).
They would either be used to counter enemy armored guys (literally just smashing them into fucking submission wit big sword) or going into pike formations and using reach of the sword to counter polearm reach.
If you're so strong via some supernatural trait you'd break a smaller sword, scaling up could be practical.
>if by zanbato, you mean nodachi
The other thing you have to be careful of with those is that many, if not most, of the ones in existence today are basically ceremonial art objects made for religious shrines. The odatchi used for war were nowhere near as absurd as the ones you see in fantasy art or on the wall of a Shinto shrine.
Things like Dante's sword from Devil May Cry, Gut's sword from Berserk, Sephiroth's nodachi, Cloud's buster sword, etc, are 100% fictional exaggerations, there is no way any of those could actually be effectively used without breaking the laws of physics.

You have 300 billion worth of russian assets seized by the US and the entire lend-lease catalogue.
What do you buy to help potato patton win the war against the mongol hordes?
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>Auto bolt rifle
Based and blessed by the Emperor
Least schizo explosives enjoyer
File: unknown.png (803 KB, 640x640)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
based and redpilled
So much this
Shit bait

File: putinnukes.png (34 KB, 967x315)
34 KB
So what are the odds nukes will actually be used before the Ukraine situation is over?
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putin nuking will just hasten russia's collapse
west won't leave it unanswered
well, actually, anyone nuking is insta ww3 and we're all fucked from beijing to washington
File: 1664106071923994.jpg (140 KB, 357x291)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Does anyone have the reverse version about "Kremlin/FSB narratives"?
The scale of corruption in the Russian nuke program is really a critical unknown factor. It receives far and away the most funding of any portion of the Russian defense budget but no one except the western spook brigade has any idea how much graft and incompetence has reduced over all readiness.
>first you came for my warhammer action figures
>then you ruined my magic the gathering cards
>and finally you had the audacity to introduce females to videogames
>i am 1/128th russian, a slavic warrior, and i say enough is enough libtards. payback time
While the current offensive certainly won't end the war in favor of Ukraine, it absolutely turned the tide. The Ukrainians have the initiative and 300k for rotation and reinforcement won't be enough to retake territory during the winter. It will pretty much be a stalemate, which gives Ukraine the benefit of mobilizing even more troops and reinforcing recaptured areas. If Putin doesn't fully mobilize (which he can't even if he wanted to) then Ukraine is a lost cause. You can't defeat a country in a conventional war with these odds, not even a western country could. The US would probably not even dream of invading with these odds.

File: lead.png (1.09 MB, 1000x764)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
How do I remove the lead buildup above the forcing cone? I tried soaking it with penetrating oil (Ballistol Gunex) for a few hours and rubbed on it with a bronze brush, didnt remove anything.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Don't lose your mind. You have a blued revolver. If you scrub too hard or use abrasives or the wrong chemical, you'll do irreparable damage to the finish.

Just keep using ballistol and chopstick like others have said. It's caked on there in layers, that's how it will come off.
Use a torch or soldering iron and heat it up until it will come off with a brush. Lead melts at 375 and steel doesn't get red hot until 400 so you won't hurt anything
You'll need to mechanically remove it, but if it's not causing the cylinder to bind then don't bother with it. If you get too aggressive it will damage the finish of the metal, which will be a bigger eyesore than some minor lead fouling. If you're really serious about it, use J-B Bore paste and COPPER brushes. Copper will be the least likely to damage the blued finish.
its so much already that it rubs agains the cylinder, it needs to be removed.
File: 51QuUUknwoS._AC_SX425_.jpg (45 KB, 331x1119)
45 KB
Gunex doesnt smell much

File: a dog.jpg (107 KB, 713x947)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Design, create, and discuss patches and patchenomics here.

Previous Thread: >>55249287

>Where do I get that swanky patch?

Newest seller list, actively updated

Newer but not updated, contains dead stores

Classic but severely deprecated, basically a museum piece

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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e-ink doesnt refresh the same way and wouldn't support animated graphics very well though.
https://www.etsy com/listing/621823171/no-funeral
File: 29614.jpg (62 KB, 1080x810)
62 KB
I think that'd be a separate product, also color e-ink displays are super expensive right now
Just restocked a load of stuff see picrel. Not pictured are the "fully vaccinated" and "i'm racist on discord dodge charger" scorpion designs. Secret patches and all. I'll be able to restock more once these start selling. Yall have a 24h heads up. Remember to use the code "PATCHTHREAD" for a discount.

I may or may not know of a guy who had the artist of the KS one do a derivative design after splitting with KS and it's GWOT themed. It might get made. Who knows.

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