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File: 41795-DEFAULT-l.jpg (207 KB, 1350x900)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Long story short I need a new conceal carry pistol. Was carrying MP Shield 2.0 9mm but looking for something new.

>Under 500
>8+1 minimum
>IWB preferred
>9mm but 40mm okay
>One with actual aftermarket options


Pic related, it's what I was carrying.
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MP shield
>>juries view revolvers more sympathetically than autoloading bottomfeeders during the nigh-inevitable court case after your justified self defense shooting
This is absolutely fucking false and has never been proven to be the case ever
Thats not even close to being under 500 dollars you retard.
I second this, though I recommend the xl model unless you truly intend to use it as a pocket pistol.

File: PMR-30-7.jpg (86 KB, 1106x711)
86 KB
>Glock 44
>10 round capacity
>580 USD

>30 round capacity
>300 USD

Defend this
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Can't Flim Flam the Zim Zam
File: BasedBrah.webm (2.27 MB, 640x480)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB WEBM

File: 1574661767782.webm (700 KB, 960x540)
700 KB
>Only 10% attractiveness

The absolute state

File: 1570755979116.png (219 KB, 1111x1648)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
First Statements: Coping with post Black Friday financial mistakes.
Deals still available but everyone's broke until Friday.
Bullpups take it in the rear.
Stocking stuffer ideas. Xmas is coming quick, buy your waifu Hoppes #9 purfume. Fuck up badly this year? A FAL Para Congo with a big bow fits nicely under the Xmas tree will say sorry I'm a POS.
BREN 2 never ever.
Deer season is wrapping up; post pics of where you missed the deer with your 4MOA BR.
147gr surplus tracer ammo test planned. Test guns limited to 18" barrel.
Snow job: Tips and tricks for the perfect winter camo rattlecan job.
Portable potables: sling slung shoulder solutions. Dealing with cold war sling mount theory and application. Prereqs: Wood screws 101, Butt shaping and pad removal 201. Preq for Solvent and bluing inhalation 301.
Optometry - SCAR 17 gets its eyes checked. Status: busted glasses. Learn the signs of rapid early onset optics deathrattle.
Mag fagging fights. Maybe it won't be FAL mags again this week.
New old stock used African surplus and other tells you're being ripped off.
>Just buy a DSA t. /brg/
Bring Pelican case to life with custom BR-chan stickers.>>>/k/patch

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Eww. I want something a bit more practical where I can put my gear queer equipment on.
It's for the blue training ammo right next to it. You can get that stuff super cheap. Note the lack of rollers.
That's a 5.56 mag friends.
Good job.
If it was a G3 mag price, try 1/20th.
Never sell guns. Work extra and get both.

File: sprbunkerassault.jpg (312 KB, 1917x1080)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
You're in Captain Miller's place, it's section of the movie where you're deciding whether or not to attack the MG42 fortification under the radar bunker with the dangerously scarce man-power you have.

What would you have done differently if you were in his place, if you'd have even done it at all?
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The Enigma was comprised by the British you historylet
File: George.jpg (716 KB, 4688x4688)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
“Ohhhhhh who will bring back my Johnny boys bones”
Where the fuck did the confederacy/anne frank thing even come from?

File: holdthosebags.png (2.64 MB, 2416x2142)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
The general for a proper discussion of body armor, including but not limited to the selection of proper threat levels, knowledge and issues with body armor standards and the industry, as well as emerging (and purposefully) forgotten technologies. Check image related for your primer and our approved list of plate vendors as well as blacklist of plate vendors.

Discord: https://discord.gg/Sqk4pkz
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Lapua, Nammo, RUAG, and Stiletto all make .338 Lapua Magnum AP loads. They're terribly expensive but can do ridiculous feats like penetrating Level IV plates out to over 600 meters.

There are urban legends that the Stiletto .338 can defeat a considerable amount of hard armor out to a whole kilometer away.
Anything i look up says ITAR restricted. Is AP ammo illegal? Sorry for dumb questions.
Be advised those Bulletproof-it HESCO 4401s come with big THIN BLUE LINE flag graphics on the plate.
Doesn’t change anything but they’re kinda disgusting to look at.
Hot loaded monolithic copper within 50m?
Still kind of doubtful.
Is Hesco body armor good?

File: great lakes.gif (8 KB, 250x275)
8 KB
Which of these states is best for gun owners?
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Well two cities. Kinda. The Muslim Arabs all live in Dearborn yeah, but there are a lot of Christian Arabs in Flint.

No they really don't. Cleveland is a handful of buildings, a campus, and the projects. Detroit WAS Motor City and is now Nigger Mordor.

Honestly, I don't care about that because the cop usually just goes "cool where's it at", and the people affected by it most are criminal niggers who get fucked in court as a result.

Since when? I would dearly love a source.

They hate them.

You fellers seen them newfangled krag rifles the Army is buyin'? I ain't never heard of such a thang. I'm stickin' to mah Springfield trapdoor I don't need no 5 shots to kill me some injuns!
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Enjoy your bore throat erosion.
Sure partneelr, is the army gonna copy a German design next?
File: 1893-spanish-mauser-1.jpg (25 KB, 963x209)
25 KB
Tick tock, America. You try anything in Cuba, you're gonna wind up like a bullfighter with no cape. Us Spaniards will kick your ass.
Shut up, nigger.
Well this letter didn't age well.

File: 660563m2_ts_560x.jpg (42 KB, 560x560)
42 KB
Post milsurp, discuss milsurp, become milsurp.
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Looks pretty similar but doesnt have any of the small EGAs or that tanish gray color (atleast not that I can tell). Maybe my eyes are just fucked and I cant see any of that stuff though.

Source: wearing my marpats right now
I just ordered this, should be here by this Saturday or next Monday. Does anybody appreciate Bundeswehr surplus? The one I ordered has green epaulettes btw.
yep, when converted to non-commie sizing i've got shirts and jackets up to XXL pretty much, where are you located so I can make a shipping estimate?
blaming an ethnic group for the actions of their elites is perhaps the most backward thing anyone could do. do you ever apply that same logic to White Americans? because the vast majority of our elites are assholes who consistently donate to causes that undermine freedom of the people.

as for the whole "jews are leftist commies" argument, the reason for most diaspora jews being left wing is simple: the majority of diaspora jews live in urban areas. ethnic whites also follow this same trend. the Irish Americans for most of their history have been left-leaning because they were poor immigrants who migrated to big cities and fell directly into the hands of the left wing political machinery. same thing goes for jews. likewise, you'd have a hard time finding a white kid from Berkeley, the Twin Cities, or Seattle who isn't left wing. and most jews, especially liberal jews, have massive problems with the state of Israel and its right-wing government, which is precisely why they stay in their little homes in NJ instead of packing up for Jerusalem.

>t. grew up in majority white cities in the Midwest
and about Israeli-Rhodesian relations, Israel supported Rhodesia much longer than any other ally Rhodesia had. Apartheid South Africa even withdrew almost all of its support in the mid 70's, but Israel hung on. and Israel supported SA during the Cold War in its fight against communism, and did drastically more than just "prolong the fight to make a couple more shekels". Israel gave SA advanced missile technology and even the resources necessary for the development of SA's nuclear arsenal. this nuclear arsenal made violent military takeover of SA by uMkhonto we Sizwe or their allies in surrounding countries impossible, and prolonged the life of the white South African government to the point that massive international sanctions were the only thing that got them to go bust.

I like BW stuff. Mostly the flecktarn uniforms; good design and good weather resistant qualities in some of it. And their backpacks. Not so eager on the webbing.

Here's my BW bad weather overjacket; more or less a goretex shell with unusually good wind protection - that's a double overlaid front there.

File: hong-kong-1.jpg (143 KB, 1024x682)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Its probably been done before, but lets design a firearm that can be built and used in a place like Hong Kong.

>no access to conventional ammunition or even blanks
>most potential ingredients are banned
>purchases are highly monitored
>can be built inside a compact apartment
Guns are relatively easy to make, the ammunition is the real bottleneck.

I'm thinking a .314 Atlas case milled out of round stock with a drill press. You can mill a berdan primer pocket, and encapsulate the primer with aluminum foil.

As far as propellant goes, I'm thinking sodium chlorate and sugar. Sodium chlorate can be created from an easy electrosis reaction using table salt, and sugar is a common commodity. I'm torn over what would be a good primer. People in Hong Kong wouldn't have easy access to the materials needed for Armstrong's mix, and I doubt you could order mercury or easily make nitric acid during a lockdown. I believe a mix of sodium chlorate and sulfur would work, but sulfur is probably heavily controlled and they have no natural sources. I don't know of any other primer material they could use. Electronic ignition maybe?
Don’t forget it has to be small to fit in their tiny little hands.
File: hqdefault (5).jpg (31 KB, 480x360)
31 KB
UTAH pistol could be an option.
He's built the barrel out of a large bolt and a drill press, then dremeled his own rifling button and hammered it though (this is for centerfire cartridges, although his first build was black powder). You could in theory make multiple barrels and swap them out after each shot.
they're manlets
not gnomes

Hey /k/ I'm not from the board but I need your knowledge for this.

I'm trying to write a book, and one of the characters is an extremely proficient shooter that carries two guns called "Deimos" and "Phobos" (fear and terror), but only for show, while he does the real killing with a concealed carry that he never shows.

I need you to point me to the most huge caliber, impractical, over the top hand cannons you know. I thought about a Golden chiappa Rhino and a .50 DEagle but it would be rather cliché.

Also on the other side give me ideas for a reliable and undertone gun you can conceal carry and practical at killing in a clean and tidy way.
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I'm assuming this is some kind of crime story. I believe it is retarded because even in states that allow open carry it would make you a hot target for police and they would try to fuck you on any arbitrary rule violation they could.
I'd rethink the PPK, that's James Bond's gun and lots of people know it so it would be really, really cringey if you copied him. I'd suggest going with a generic pocket pistol that is actually in common use today, would get some of these gun fags thinking you know your shit.
Anybody got the picture of the one boomer in a cowboy hat and a red shirt carrying like 4 different revolvers while walking out of the store?
>Carrying a bunch of impractical bulk that lets people know you're armed and defeats the purpose of concealing the weapon you actually use
>Making the weapon you actually use less accessible for no real reason
Your writing is bad and you should feel bad.

File: 1575842450020.png (1.16 MB, 933x700)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread: >>43409697
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party at your house. grilled coyote meat!
I actually want to know. tell us your story
Hero Outdoors has 5/75 rd SKS drums for sale for big igloo
Do not buy anything from hero outdoors unless your ok with waiting a month and a half for shipping.


File: combat.jpg (69 KB, 635x425)
69 KB
Women in the army were a mistake. I just had my third soldier get NJP'd over a cunt female NCO calling my first sergeant directly and telling him that Snuffy ""disrespected her"". She never attempted to come to me, and his ""disrespect"" was her telling him that he wasn't allowed to wear part of his uniform because it was in the worn-out UCP (it was cold weather gear, so by regulation he's right). She "felt disrespected" being questioned by a soldier, and no matter how hard I fought or how much I begged 1SG, he's getting slapped with a company-grade, losing rank AND pay.

Seriously, FUCK women in the army. Giving a woman any type of power or authority over someone is the worst mistake they could make.
236 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are you retarded?
This is a good point to bring up. No one disputes the fact that, all things being equal, a man has more physical capacity than a woman.

In a time trial, the man would win, since there's comparatively little skill involved, it's almost purely a test of physical capacity.
When skill becomes more of a factor, for example in bicycle trials, physique becomes less of an issue.
The fittest man would stand no chance unless he had enough skill.


Similarly, a retarded 300pt PT stud who can't shoot straight is less effective as an Infantryman than a woman who can shoot and has mastered the infantry skills.

On top of that, very few jobs in the modern military really require anyone to be in tip-top condition.
you know what is the worst part ? there is a reason why pilots always eject at the last moment right when the plane is about to get destroyed, you can only eject 2 times in your military service, after that you get placed in forced retirement because you had too many spine compressions.
There's also the natural tendency to think "I can save it, I can save it, I can save it...oh fuck, I can't save it!"

With regards to the spinal compressions, though, I work with a guy who ejected from a A-6 when he was in the Navy and he claims he was a half-inch taller before.
He told me of a guy who had to eject and the seat hit him with such force it broke both his femurs.
Why the fuck even eject?
Why not just brace and ride it out, youre barely falling 50 feet while strapped into a fuckhuge metal jet, its not like the thing is gonna explode in the water, especially not from that height.
Pop the canopy and swim to the surface.

This thread is for the discussion of all things Floridian, some topics include:
-bettering gun laws
-CC-ing in the eternal summer
-good ranges
-invasive species hunting
-S P A C E
-State Parks
275 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Is wearing it for protection a totally foreign concept to you?
Never said it was? CCing is always cool. I was simply referring to OCing.
I'll think you're a bit of a fag for doing it but I'll defend to the death your right to do it. Though I've only seen one other person do it. Some morbidly obese pawn shop owner in a different state was OCing a fucking J frame of all things. Damn thing was almost concealed by his fat rolls.
Yeah so was I, faggot
>Is wearing it for protection a totally foreign concept to you?
>Yeah so was I, faggot
Why even ask that retarded of a question, of course it isn’t.
You are clearly against open carry for defense, you said so twice.

File: IMG_20191130_155739.jpg (2.54 MB, 5504x3096)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
I demand snow pictures and snow pictures only
127 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: AEF_rifles_11-05-2019_A.jpg (1.23 MB, 1500x1000)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
File: 20191211_131323.jpg (184 KB, 976x502)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
So should I bail on this one? Does it look like there's a crack there behind the trigger guard or am I just seeing things?
make sure to lightly oil the metal parts before putting it in storage next time
That's likely a hairline crack that you could easily fix by shoving some glue in it.
File: 20191211_170052.jpg (133 KB, 984x225)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
What kind of glue would you recommend? Epoxy? Also, pic related is the rifle overall. Does anyone see anything blantantly wrong with it? Not as pretty as >>43418698
but if the bore is truly what the seller says and if it truly is a hairline crack that can be easily repaired, then I can look past its more rough appearance.

File: MauserM18.jpg (376 KB, 1366x841)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Want to talk about bolt guns that aren't just milsurps? Want to talk about milsurp bolt guns? Welcome home.

>not doing a pastebin because i don't feel like it
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I'm not super familiar with .270, but i've heard that its a pretty good round with a very flat trajectory, true or not? more modern calibers that do it better?
Kill your self faggot.
The /k/ube encompasses all weapons, from stones to Psychic Murder Beams.
>land of the free
>but you're not allowed to use silencers
well, not true, but we can't get them easily.

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