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File: 85625_ts-3090481390.jpg (127 KB, 1155x1155)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Or, close to the question I really want answered - if you're not hunting birds, what is the point of a shotgun, for game or for home defense?

Obviously I don't wanna catch a chestful of double ought - but I also don't want to catch a 308 either.

Is there some magical combination of distance and loading where shotguns outperform rifles of similar weight and size?


The real question I have here is not really about firearms, it's about game design. Games often try to be "balanced" which sometimes leads to stupid shit like e.g. Mass Effect where pistols are more accurate than Assault Rifles.

And thinking about game balance, I got to thinking about the point of shotguns in a game. Is there (again, besides shooting at birds or, I guess, drones) anything they're better at than a similar size rifle?

Clearly people purchase shotguns in real life so they must have some advantage - but what is it? Is buck shot actually better for taking a buck than punching a 308 through its chest cavity?
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>implying every single person on 4chan doesn't occasionally browse /v/

I actually never have. I don't care about other people's opinions on video games, and don't particularly feel the need to share my own.
>the real question is not about firearms, it's about game design

remind me again where you're asking about guns?
File: sir bearington.webm (1.59 MB, 800x720)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB WEBM
You are so obviously an underage nogunz faggot.
>You can sneak around ponds and just shoot them on the water with a rifle
Because that’s illegal in every state. People do it for fun, so hitting flying birds is way more of a challengd

File: Afghanistan.jpg (107 KB, 1280x1024)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
What are some good books or other sources to read about US/Coalition and Taliban tactics in Afghanistan?
Yeah it’s probably alright for you in moderation. I like two cream two sugar per 12 Oz cup.
This is /k/
He can't stand the sight of a Russian, his autism makes him freak out
Pretty sure there is alot of books, but the coalition tactics come down to targeting anti coalition groups on the region and leaving it in the control of the ANA afterwords. The taliban tactics changed a bit because they wait until the coalition to leave and also set up some IEDs. Along with targeting officials associated with the Afghan republic. The taliban tried fight the coalition head on, but that ends up in failures and even taking a pot shot will lead to a quick death.

>enter a knife fighter's "zone"
you done goofed.
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You're a faggot because you're acting like "disemboweling a degenerate" is "cost", and not a benefit in and of itself. Slotting retard trash isn't a "necessary evil" it's an objective good. You should be happy to do it.

Any decent person should *want* to do what he did. You should be willing to pay for it.
>he's turned around helplessly and getting stabbed repeatedly
The epitome of the concept fuck around and find out.
Moralising idiots are attempting to make the idea of self defense irrelevant by pretending a criminal has no intent to cause harm.
As a functional human you have no intention to go out an cause harm, but if you where placed into a situation that mean you where desperate enough to attack someone you are desperate enough to kill someone - if you where not that desperate you would have chosen a path other than violence.
Self defense works on the assumption that if there was no intent to harm, or atleast a disregard for the possibility of harm, they would have avoided violence.
You are simply responding in light of that intent.
>can't even rob a wagie in the USA
Hello??? Isn't that a good thing?
>the spinal stab
was it necessary?
He was a fan of Spiñal (can't do the N trema) Tap I guess

File: Kuznetsov.jpg (45 KB, 640x480)
45 KB
Ukraine is fucked once Russia decides to deploy it's ace in the hole
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If nothing else chinks are really really good at (and absolutely obsessed with) keeping appearances. You can bet anywhere an officer might show up is kept squeaky clean, although other places probably not so much.
File: file.png (484 KB, 780x440)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
Judging from its track record, slightly more than the russians currently feed it
File: bearlythere.jpg (162 KB, 750x543)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Welp. it was a good run for a while Ukie sisters.
Guess its tie to pack it in.
>but can it play doom?

File: retiree vladimir 1420.jpg (404 KB, 788x1388)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
Would weather weapons be effective in war? By weather weapons, I mean things like man made tsunamis, droughts caused by cloud seeding, artificial forest fires, or perhaps engineered pests that damage food crops
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The US literally used weaponized weather in Vietnam and it was kind of successful.
I see, that retard of pic is talking about the nuclear coperdo
>Literally some schizo on the street
It's like twatter, except even worse.
If drown swarms ever become super serious I thought that localized tornado generation may become a thing using something similar to how cloud seeding goes.
File: 1685825384544522.png (505 KB, 649x763)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
>drone swarms



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>We cannot stand against both Mordor and Isengard
>LotR reference

You are cringe
>Reject K-Pop
>Embrace S-Pop

File: Power Overwhelming.gif (564 KB, 800x430)
564 KB
564 KB GIF

File: 20230602_230135.jpg (1.16 MB, 3276x2224)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Congratulations /k/, you are gifted a are magical staff that allows you to summon 4 loyal military related beings that will follow your exact orders and are given all of their guns/gear/ammo that they require. The catch is that they cannot speak a language you understand and are only around for 12 hours then they disappear for 36 hours before you can summon them again. What current (or past) country would you overthrow using them?
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All that matters is if they can have your children. Both biologically, and by the conditions of the OP.
(i.e. do they "reset" each day when they disappear?)
File: 1685831727848.png (1.5 MB, 728x1019)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
I choose Esdeath, Albedo, Faora, and finally an extremely OP booba sorceress that can, among many things, create infinitely customizable OP minions so I can create anyone else I can think of at any time regardless of military relation, and open up portals to parallel universes, fuck your gay ass rules
All speak Classical Latin, a prime Monica Bellucci minion is created to teach me, they also learn English
>What current (or past) country would you overthrow using them?
All of them... eventually, but my dick comes first
>extremely OP booba sorceress that can, among many things, create infinitely customizable OP minions
You couldn't even come up with a name.
No-imagination "I wish for more wishes" fags get to spend eternity with Pinhead and the Cenobites.
Her name is OP booba sorceress
Or as I like to call her, magic tits, or sometimes just "mmmmm" while my habds are outstretched and making a squeezing motion in her direction
I would summon the cast of EYE Divine Cybermancy and have MC Rimanah triangular gate the religious leaders of nation controlling cults. Also there would be lots of Franco-Germanic-Japa-Chinese swearing and I’d score myself a Fuller Auto SMG since EYE agents can conjure that shit out of thin air.

wood edition

post wood (furniture)
admire wood
handle wood
embrace wood

thread theme ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_V6y1ZCg_8&feature=youtu.be

As always; No Trips, No Traps, No Airsoft
Previous Thread: >>58363341
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So you want op pic M1A wood stock? Well, of course you do!
Lam is more stable: https://www.dupagetrading.com/product/java-laminate-m14-stock-set/
>Yeah that's what I wanna do but at the same time I need to get the ball rolling on that new Flow 762 ti
I stupidly was lazy about it and missed my chance. Going to backorder it today though.
Each Silencer bought advances us towards common use law. Keep doing your part.
Not gonna kid myself, once you have a couple probably not helping much after, but having them has meant being able to introduce more people to them and dispel the very, very, very common misconceptions. Some have even become new owners, but if nothing else helps build political pressure. There is some obvious low hanging fruit there that really shouldn't be controversial if only we can make it something of a priority on even one side and avoid polarization too, which should also be possible. Doesn't have to be a big cause just a small one.
File: falveprvcog.jpg (1.14 MB, 4000x2252)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Finally got a bipod on the vepr

Russian Civil War 2.0. Design your faction like an RTS. Choose their special weapons and tactics.

If Chechens don't have snackbar trucks, I ain't playing.
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File: Mike S. laugh.gif (1.5 MB, 360x360)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
>Shoigus curse: Factionwide penalty in ammunition generation
>the USSR might refoorm?
>not if the KGB has anything to say about it!
The 1993 was just the same coup done by the same people but disguised as a liberal uprising.
>Wagner Group
Elite mercenary core made up of volunteers from russian ex-military and maybe some others supported by prison conscripts and random mercenaries they picked up in Africa as cannon fodder
Middling armor and almost no airforce
>New Russia
Has the best armor and airforce by far, but regular units are made up of unmotivated mobiks since all the best guys are either dead or joined Wagner for better pay
>Kadyrovite Horde
Fanatical force driving shitty vehicles "supported" by Kadyrovites proper who apply debuff on enemy morale but are middling at best themselves, no airforce at all

I am bad at making RTS
Alternative concept: Cold Civil War
>the real Vladimir Putin died years ago
>different political factions have taken over and independently run seperate regions and elements of the country's government
>using body doubles, they have collectively created an illusion of him being still alive and managing affairs himself, allowing them to operate independently without the public catching on
>even within their own hierarchies only a handful of key individuals know the truth; many within may know about the body doubles, but merely think it's done for their leader's safety
>these seperate, independent factions continuously fight one another for greater control of Russia
>at the same time, they have to work together to keep up the deception of a single united government led by a beloved leader, lest the whole sham collapse around them
File: necromunda_6054485 (1).jpg (176 KB, 497x700)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
so this is gonna be like Another Warhammer 40k Game?
Necromunda, The Russian Civil war.

Also I wanna have the Orthodox-Church.
Battle Priest.

The old Communist Factions.
The Communist Commissars
Old Drunks/Mobiks that can only do Human waves
Old Russian hardware from before the WWII

File: IMG_6578.jpg (81 KB, 800x444)
81 KB
Will this catch on? To me it seems ideal for CC. Everyone wants the ballistics of 9x19, as much capacity as possible, and as small a frame as possible. Clearly these three demands conflict with each other. 30 Super Carry satisfies these requirements better than 9x19, .380 ACP or anything else. I could see 30 Super Carry growing in popularity with something like .380 phasing out.
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
And it was developed during the high-cap magazine ban when people were trending to larger calibers to offset the lower capacity.
I'm just mad it's not really 30 cal. If it was, I'd have been more interested.
i think the biggest reason they created it was the police obsession with bigger calibers and hiring women as cops
Bullet length fucks you from using any legacy designs for a custom barrel. Perhaps a 10mm Glock frame with special steel mags could get you the necessary clearance (32 vs 35mm OAL)?
File: SuperAccurate38Loads1.jpg (45 KB, 770x450)
45 KB

File: IMG_8210.jpg (707 KB, 1125x1884)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
It seams like the famed artillery advantage of the russians is vanishing. Did ukies save up the shells for so long or do russians not engage in counter artillery stuff?
Are they starting the counter offensive in zappo?
75 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Worse, I held LPL and got rugged. No worries, making good gains elsewhere.
I applaud thee
File: 1260170601102.jpg (17 KB, 436x291)
17 KB
Oh, if they were smart enough (And Ukies are) to hit exactly at the bridge part, that is not so easy to "quickly repair".

It's one thing to repair a rail track that has been bombed. It is entirely different to repair a railroad bridge.
That strike would have completely severed the ability to provide supply, maintenance, ammunition and food from the direction of Kerch Bridge to Melitopol.
If we are going to see similar strikes on railways on Melitopol-Tokmak-Chernihivka-Mariupol axis, that would leave that part of the front line pretty much without any heavy reinforcement or supply.

The russians might still try to bring in supplies to Melitopol-Mariupol axis on trucks, that that is nowhere near to be enough, if the Ukies are going to push to that direction.
At this point I'm not sure if Smerch, Tornado-S, and especially the guided munitions for same, even exist. We've seen Uragan in combat, where are the Smerch?
nah, you losers "refrained" from nuking Kiev because you have no functional nukes. The onlyy ones you potentially had were the ones you almost lost by dumping them near the front line so you could maybe use them.
Even if you fags could use them, patriots would shoot them down because your launch systems, personel and intel are that piss poor.

provided by planting IEDs in the path of your own withdrawaling forces?

124 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
intel was much more spotty in those days. Air recon was the only way of getting aero photos, no spy sats existed and the vatnik union was a paranoid police state with closed borders.

Even german, despite sitting right next to them, were disturbed at the amount of captured/destroyed gear that came out of the first year of Barbarossa
Live and learn then, friend.
Every singly pillar on which modern society operates is a liberal invention, and every single time societies stray from the path of liberty they enter terminal decline.
The reason both ends of the horseshoe hate liberty is because it works, because it provides what their promise at a fraction of the costs and because it has consistently btfo them throughout history.
We wanted anglo dominance for europe but the bongs dropped the ball on that one.
My Plan for Israel and Palestine was just to nuke both if they can't figure out how to get along
There's no problem if you just nuked the Problems and it would overall save a lot of money
t. Patton

What is the Submarine of the Skies? Is it the AC-130?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
What kind of submarine? nuclear? diesel? SSB, SSG, SSK?
File: 155852582.jpg (97 KB, 960x483)
97 KB
Comparing the look it's more an airship.
There's nothing really perfectly comparable to a submarine's combination of isolation, stealth, and ability to glass entire continents. B2 is close but you don't spend 6 months in a B2 on each sortie. Spaceships are close in terms of isolation but they're not stealthy.
File: icbm_747.jpg (471 KB, 2026x2075)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
>What is the Submarine of the Skies? Is it the AC-130?
It's this thing.
My immediate thought is what happens if a rocket malfunctions and fails to clear the tailfin

File: Warrior Zelensky.gif (196 KB, 800x449)
196 KB
196 KB GIF
Pictured is the symbolic change of Ukraine from fresh-faced & naive to battle-hardened & experienced.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Meanwhile Russia struggled for 10 months to take ONE city....and apparently Ukraine STILL holds a tiny part of it, lol.
File: kuek4lzkekj41-237027321.jpg (87 KB, 1000x668)
87 KB
>How has the Ukrainian military evolved in weapons use during the war?

Are we talking about the Ukrainian military 2014-2023, or just 2022-2023?
That's very shallow overview mr. anon, i would add that even before himars we got a lot of at weaponry like Javelin, Panzerfausts and AT-4's which were incredibly important as before our guys literally couldn't do anything against russian armored groups with bmps and t72's besides just sitting in the trench aaand that's it. Technological superiority of russians felt a lot higher then it is now with all this western tech, as an example, i remember that during battles of Severodonetsk russians were picking ideal long range positions for their t-80BVM's and were using guided rockets from more than 5km range - meaning being absolutely involnurable
The opening of the war was loterally a 'who can fuck up harder' competition

For example the ukranians had no military formations between kiev and belarus, they thought the main offensive would be in the east

If russia had used the tactics they actually trained their army in, soviet style wide front offensoves, instead of trying to replicate the iraq war, we could be looking at a very different situation today
Bakhmut is roughtly the size of Wilmington, Delaware.

Hey friends. Small thread about a clash that happened this morning and the weapons used.
It seems 3-4 Israeli soldiers armed with small arms broke into the Egyptian border and were killed by Ak-47s. I'll post scenes of the class and the guns used
33 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is pretty bad even for conscript standard.
That is antisemetic, our greatest ally is in jeopardy, send 4 trilion dollars.
well deserved desu
I don't hate Jews but Zionists deserve the most painful death.
I don't hate Zionists but Jews deserve the most painful death.

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