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File: 1591071880165.jpg (107 KB, 700x463)
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107 KB JPG
I applied for a new CPL after moving to a new state and won't be able to get prints taken until the end of January. If you've applied or renewed what is it like in your area?
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get the FUCK OUT
They don't even taste the same, though. How long can the ruse last?
Most is shipped to China, the rest goes into meat products that are not "select" cuts which mostly means canned food
Kek... Sending fake produce to China. Are you Chinese yourself? That's top shelf dodge. Godspeed dodgy anon.
Ukrainian actually, my family moved here in the late 80s

What is the appeal of piston ARs again?

>Muh reliability
Disproven over and over by DI torture tests

>The HK416 has freefloat!
Literally nothing to do with piston operation and can be slapped on any normal AR

>Special Forces use it!
SF has gone back to URGI M4s
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>bong engineering
Wrong on both counts, retard
Well what if a troop is issued an old mag instead of the EPM? You know, the magazines that work fine for literally every 556 cartridge in existence instead of the out of SAAMI spec m855a1 that got rammed through procurement?

Once you get the feed angle settled, you still have the problem that it cuts your barrel and bolt life in half
File: weapons.jpg (95 KB, 636x1096)
95 KB
Why does the UK even need nukes? Just call the US if someone shows up to your island with nukes. No private country needs more than a conventional military to defend themselves; having nukes just increases their likelihood of being involved in a nuclear war or nuclear accident
The US's strongest attempt to replace their main rifle in 50 years, the most active European military other than Russia, and the world's largest armt - one that is likely stronger than the US's are all very relevant.
Enough of this low tier trolling. Being a dumbass to try and bait attention, isn't brilliance, its just sad to see.
For the SCAR program? It wasn't.

This guy is an idiot. The two finalists for the SCAR program were the FN and the Colt Type C, which was a piston AR with a non-reciprocating handle

When he chose Berlin over London?

Could he have done anything after the war started?
Before the war started. Italy had the same issue Japan had in that they both had absolutely terrible industrial capacities and could barely wage war. Japan got away with it because all the nearby nations were pushovers but Italy was faced by markedly more competent enemies and lacked Japanese enthusiasm for running headlong into gunfire. However the industry problem is a fundamental problem for Italy due to its geography and topography making mass industrialization on the level of Germany or Russia impossible. Mussolini would've had to put aside his bloated childish ego for Rome II: Extra Virgin edition and just stayed neutral like Spain, just letting the Germans and Allies pass on through. It wouldn't make a victory but at least they wouldn't have been sodomized as hard

File: 20200930_172622.jpg (2.98 MB, 4032x3024)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
Pic related, also it's 1974.
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>shitter pocket pistol
>Styer Mannlicher rifle
checked and kek'd
Very nice OP.

Have you ever cleaved open a deranged koala skull with that axe?
I'm a strange dude
Only drop bears get my axe.

Feel free to explain/justify what you bought and why.

Pic related-
2 x Ruger 10/22: For women in house.

Maverick 88 12 gauge: Simple 18” shotgun for dad who never practices.

Ruger PCC 9mm: My bedside gun.

AR-15: For when the mob is in the front yard.
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It was sold as an “other” in my state. No one has had a problem with it at the range.
not if the overall length is lengthy enough. He seems to be good. Then it’s a “firearm”
File: 20200915_234325.jpg (3.57 MB, 4032x2788)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB JPG
>Winchester 1300 Hunter
>Winchester 1300 Defender
>Ruger Meme-14
>JFK Special
No pistol till I turn 21 but I've been stocking up on 9mm. Plan is to get a Beretta 92x.

File: 12356.jpg (72 KB, 1024x1024)
72 KB
This thread is for night vision setups and what anons recommend.
My question. Is it better to get 2 pvs-14 single tubes and connect them to make them into binoculars or should I just wait and shell out for a dedicated duel tube system? I've been looking at these gen 2+ WP Echo tubes and they seem pretty great. Are binoculars even worth the money compared to a mono tube?
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why are you buying nvg if you're making minimum wage
That might just be my inexperience under monos since. Some of that also might come down to what surrounding light conditions may be, in the time I used a PVS14 I was more often kicking the power up and dealing with the noise in order to confirm if there was anything I need to care about, although even that was few and far between since I was generally not worried about other people with nods around and I would just use an IR flashlight instead.

If just a toy and you can get it cheap enough, yeah I could see going Gen2. I'd be penny pinching. Ideally if possible I would look for something with a proper PVS14 housing in order to use a normal J-Arm and rhino mount. It might also be helpful depending on which environment you're in to grab an IR flashlight.

First off, RNVGs and DTNVGs are not detachable. RNVGs are a fixed mount, DTNVGs, PVS15s, BNVGs are articulated mounts that can swing out but not detach an eye piece or anything. So selfish or not that plan does not work.

For the price of RNVGs if you are trying to get your friends NVGs too you could just as easily get two separate PVS14s.

And finally for the fact that you are barely making minimum wage consider that NVGs are not something you should be investing in. NVGs, even something like a Aurora sport are not cheap. It is either a) a toy which in that case you have better things in your life to put the funds toward or b) inadequate for the task you are seeking to accomplish. If you're hurting for cash and concerned about fighting in the dark you want a flashlight, not night vision.
I have never really seen anyone recommend ATN but some things I notice looking at it:
-Dovetail mount
-Plastic hinges, known breaking issue
-Heavier than a DTNVG
-Apparently has a short eye relief (partially dependent on where you like your binos to be or if you expect to wear googles/mask at the same time)
-Non standard battery connector (although truth be told I know very few people who bother with the external battery packs).

A big one that would also put me off is that I don't actually know who makes their intensifier tubes and would incline towards an Elbit or L3 produced tube since that process is basically black magic.

tl;dr it seems a little too good to be true. For that same cost of around 6500 you could also get a set of brand new green thin filmed
DTNVGs from Steele Ind.
I'm in school and live with parents so I have no bills to pay. I can easily save up for 1-2years and drop like 6-8k without worrying about money. Just getting the money is hard.
Oh thanks for the info I thought DTNVGs were detachable.
There are powered bridges for PVS-14s to couple them into functional duals

File: gün.png (963 KB, 1440x2042)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
I got one of these yesterday in like new condition along with 250 rounds (including some Hornady XTPs) for $500. Is that a good deal? Also recent acquisition thread I guess.
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rip your wrists
If you don't know, you shouldn't be here. Fuck off.
You did okay for right now. Pistol visible lasers are a meme. XTPs aren't top of the line but they're okay and what a lot of handgun hunters use.
You can get a new one for under $500 today.

Normal prices are in the $425 range, and they have gone on sale for $350.

File: 1601399014993.jpg (3.4 MB, 2400x3000)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB JPG
If I want to die killing people for money in a third world shit hole like the paramilitaries in the Congo war, where would I go to get the job? Where would I fight? What kind of gear would I need to bring, and what kind of gear would I be given? Essentially, how do I into UN/CIA hitlist?
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What's so "man among men" dying in some irrelevant shithole for money? You're literally disposable.

>doesn't want to murder brown people for money
>doesn't want any distraction from phytoestrogen-fluoride-netflix-sportsball-tinder bread and circuses
>volunteer to fight in some third world civil war
>piss off a first world country
>suffer for ungrateful locals
>get droned by some chairforce office worker that gets to go home every day
Manly as fuck, OP.
>gets dysentery and dies shitting his brains out in dirty shithole country
better than 60 years of being low-information tax cattle for the global elite

File: ssa.jpg (106 KB, 727x800)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Mine is SS Autumn.
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File: 1544240805930.png (138 KB, 349x415)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
How does it feel knowing you're betraying your ancestors in favor of one of the least interesting, least original and least factually accurate religions in modern existence?
I am fully invested in Greenzone and it actually works pretty well where I live. Probably not the best looking but it sure does work.
Well ones played the others
Because nature doesn't look like a circuit board
What makes that an A2 and not an A4?

File: mpv-shot0008.jpg (117 KB, 1424x798)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
There is something incredibly nostalgic about the FN FAL that no other gun can invoke to the same level. Why?
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I’ll give you feels you don’t understand fuckin try me bud :^)

Also g3 is the superior battle rifle in terms of energy, via HK slap alone.
Based post
so you're admitting it

>Laughs in S&W DA revolver, 1911, or Colt SAA

Pistols are what speak to people.

The FAL is no more nostalgia to me than a Webley, BHP, Luger, or Tok. Yeah its Cool, but its not a legend.

For Rifles, the Nostalgia is SMLEs, Mauser 98/k/s, 1903/a3s, and the Garand.
>i liek wwii stuff i'm so quirky exks dee

AK General /akg/
Improved Dong Edition
>Thread #1097

Old thread here >>46745402
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Probably just their 103.
New thread

No one with above luke warm IQ still has a discord account in 2020
why are you that color
I've grown to hate the small shitty stock grip. My slightly above average hands want more
What's your favorite AK grip

another kill for the f-16. Time to update the graphic
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I haven't checked the updates all day, someone wanna give me a QRD? Any confirmation on the SU-25s shot down or the S-300s being moved towards the front?
There isnt one gunsight video of an S-400 or S-300 being destroyed, because it never happened.
>>46777222 (CHEKEM)
Yeah because an equivalent to the A-10 is going to do well on A to A. Retard. I wish I could track you down and gorilla fuck you for being so stupid.
Syria wasn't using the S-400

File: bhp.jpg (5 KB, 259x194)
5 KB
Can you redpill me on 3d printed guns? I see a lot of hype on twitter and Reddit but from what I see it is the only lower receiver or frame printed, which means you still need to have a BCG/slide/upper receiver and barrel. How is that helpful in any way if you're printing the least necessary part? Am I missing something?
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He is too consistently faggoty to not be a single person.
But remember, he is Californian. Never underestimate their faggotry.
I remember reading that you can use an airsoft ar fire control group in the fgc9, how does that even work?
Inclined to believe it's not true or they are using parts from a gas airsoft gun. I haven't looked through all the documentation for the fgc9 though, as I'm currently more interested in working on getting my printer to cooperate with asa for some u bolt lowers.
with minimal modification.

File: calvin.png (213 KB, 1634x534)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
dadless, brotherless, more or less friendless anon here
how do i into guns?
you look up your state's laws, get registered if you need it, then you go around looking for a range, maybe buy into a tutoring or new shooter program id you're that unconfident in your first time.
i never knew tutoring was an option, i'll look into that
A lot of local gun shops offer classes for new comers. Often they are oriented towards home defense or conceal carry, but they all involve going over the basics of gun ownership as the prime demographic for these classes are newbies. NRA and other 2A organizations also offer in person classes and online seminars.

t. know a guy who teaches said class at an LGS
Go trap shooting and join their club. Most fun of all, also sometimes rich boomers daughters are there to outshoot you. Maybe get some coaching from them ah
Yea, you should definitely do a course if you've never into guns. Just to make sure you know how to be responsible with it. If you're really nervous look into doing one at a range. They'll shoot with you some there after the basic stuff

File: images (3).jpg (6 KB, 345x146)
6 KB
is this the greatest handgun ever made like Ocelot says?
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No the Colt single action army is
Colt SAA is one sweet motherfucker.

Its BTFO by S&W's Triple Lock and the Military and Police.

Colt sucks, and always did.
you're one dedicated motherfucker

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