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Post /k/ approved songs
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File: cooldude.jpg (23 KB, 386x558)
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zds zds zds
File: DymKC57W0AEpArx.jpg (116 KB, 1024x724)
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116 KB JPG
File: 1611194489679.jpg (30 KB, 365x410)
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Hey tourist, why are you posting here and not in your home? Don't answer that retard. Know your place, >>>/trash/

What is the best, least used range of frequencies to use in a SHTF scenario? I know it's not legal "right now" to broadcast. I'm talking about when everything goes to shit and we are bugging out. What would be the least used range of UHF VHF freqencies I can utilize for my familys radios. Thanks for any help guys. Just trying to get them programmed and all on the same page per say. I don't want to accidently use a high traffic freq and have to change it up on the fly.
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File: finding IRLP repeaters.png (355 KB, 688x1034)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
If you don't live in that location, here is how you would go about finding that information yourself.
>Echolink et al
And a reminder there are phone apps, so if 1 or more parties has cell or internet service, they aren't required to use a radio
So he's just what you're looking for in a man? We're happy for you!

That, and he answers the question of whether Abbree antennas are any good.
I got a Diamond SRJF40 on one of my two Baos. Its really kinda nice with the all-gooseneck construction

Interesting one. Have not heard of this one before. Pretty similar to a Nagoya 771, except it is more bendable? How is the reception compared to the standard antenna?

Scrim thread
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File: scrim.jpg (87 KB, 1280x720)
87 KB
thanks m8
where's the foregrip?
File: 1589665005239.png (678 KB, 623x676)
678 KB
678 KB PNG

File: 1603241834172.png (118 KB, 600x528)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Yanks still can't buy ammo edition

>how to get your bangs
>The Aus /k/ google doc of knowledge.
>Australian Gun Guide, now with updates.
>Guide for buying your first centerfire rifle
>Optics guide
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I literally got a pay rise yesterday cunt. Spastic farmers and brain dead nationals voters can suck my fat union cock
For most people I think the sweet spot of rural living is about 1/2hr out of a major regional town. The town is big enough that you still have the majority of services you have in a capital city but it doesn't ever really feel busy and there's plenty of work. But you can still have a decent sized hobby farm/bush block to fuck around on.
>My customers are squeezing me so that gives me the right to force my workers to work for less than the minimum wage and fuck them on room and board.
>Wow nobody wants to work for me unless they're blackmailed by the government.
is that just a new version of the good ol' brno model 1? if so, every child should have one.
hi seppo go shoot at 3yds lol
Chill out homes

Why are people here so damn poor and get butthurt over things like 4k worth of nods, and IR lasers. Every single thread where someone posts somethings like a SCAR, KAC or LMT gets shitted up by the "JUST AS GOOD" crowd who claims that they have infinitely more training with their PSA or some ruger junk

I barely see anyone with suppressors, nods, or high quality optics on all of /k/. It just a bunch of garbage rods and a lot of time spent coping on the lack of money.

Is it because for a large amount of the /k/ userbase, this whole gun hobby/identity is a coping mechanism for their lack of economic value in the modern economy?

Its kinda like /o/ where people post their used civics and constantly spam at people with porsches and corvettes that they are too scared to drive their cars "fast" unlike with the shitboxes
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>Poor people buy poor guns because they value their lives very little.

or here me out they don't have the money to make a bigger investment you pos
>10k will be worth 150k by the time I'm 60
>which is 5 years living expenses
You're a stupid nigger and don't understand inflation. 150k 30 years from now is not worth nearly as much as 150k now.
150k equiv value now will have the buying power of 49k now in 2050.
File: bcm11.5_2.png (2.09 MB, 1512x851)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
i just dont see how that helps me more than buying 3000 more 5.56 (at 2020+1 prices) and training 2x a week until i burn through it
check again
>in real terms
The lucas attitude of 1 rifle, 1 plate carrier, and nods over multiple guns just isnt what a lot of us want. I like in TN and most gun guys USE their 10/22. I would rather spend an afternoon plinking with my 22 target pistol with my homies than larping and thinking about how every time i pull the trigger its .50 cents.

File: deargod.jpg (826 KB, 3048x1544)
826 KB
826 KB JPG
Bost your best Aliexpress finds

>current finds in the mail: knock off of a 1st gen Ferro Concepts Slickster, Haley Strategic D3CRM chest rig, D3 flatpack, and Spiritus SACK MK3

>all for less than $200

Legitimate companies get naynay'd
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One silencer design created in Norway was so good a British dude stole the design and sold it to the British army.
>No actual sizing chart or size selection
Being a manlet is suffering
Link to Chinkshit Spiritus MK3 sack pls?
>Skip the armor for now and go with a chest rig

Chest rigs are big retard for anything but 3gun (which is probably why so many sports shooting faggots gush all over them).
>t. amerilard stuck to a motorized scooter

File: psa.png (112 KB, 685x798)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
New to rifles, will these parts function together?
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I was going to bet high but I'm thinking you get four (you)'s.
Just as good.
I sent you instructions, check your DM's
Some ban states it is actually a loop hole as long as you add a VFG

File: M1911A1.png (862 KB, 1200x751)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
Anyone know a good website for a 1911 parts kit? Everything I've seen for days looks sold out
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File: 1548858349471.webm (1.8 MB, 640x640)
1.8 MB
Anyone have experience with Metro Arms?
File: 1535164807555.jpg (57 KB, 500x366)
57 KB
imagine the smell
You can always kit a 1911 or glock together on ebay for like 350$


There’s a gun show in my area this weekend. Are these still worth going to in 2021? What can I expect if I go? Pic unrelated
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>oh yea fuck my asshole harder daddy biden
Don't go with your car or truck and only go in with a bike you don't mind if it gets stolen because the police qnd qtf likes to photograph every nameplate in the parkinglot at every gunshows so food for thought...

Also use cash money only, no stupid ass credit system like the young folks use because last thing you need is a paper trail leading back to your house.
Id happily trade taking suppressors off the NFA for getting rid of red state gun shows. Every one ive been to has been full of hood rats looking to avoid background checks. But it will never happen. And i can see how its a slippery slope leading to banning private gun sales
You'd be surprised how many people the "Are you the actual transferee..." question trips up. They'll ask "What does that mean?" and the seller, of course, tells them "It means you're buying it for yourself" at which point the buyer responds "Oh, no, I'm buying this for Tyrone" and the seller who was probably suspicious but willing to play along to make some extra money now pretty much has to stop the sale.
I remember when I was younger I went with my dad to buy a hunting a rifle. It was really busy at the gun store and the guy in charge of handing out and receiving the 4473s gave a mini lecture to everyone on that question where he defined the words and did everything short of saying "Just fill in 'Yes'".

File: schmbscp.jpg (47 KB, 850x850)
47 KB
What are ideal melee self-defense weapons that compliment your firearms well?

I bought this Schrade brush sword for $30. Hopefully, it'll be good.
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Not compared the knives or a machete. It also can't do knife/machete things. I think the point of the op was for a tool that can double as a sd weapon should he need it
this, if you can't resort to deadly force yet, you pull out the mace and spray at a safe distance, then close the distance and use your tazer a few times. then to make sure they're no longer a threat you whip out your collapsible baton and smack em around a little. all these items are considered regular weapons unlike knives and guns which are considered deadly weapons and may lead you into trouble if you use them without the appropriate set of circumstances (depending on your state)
looks like a gardening tool
A fully loaded ruger lc9 is 21 oz (600g), about on par with a machete or tomahawk. An lcp is 12 oz (340g), lighter than more than a few knives. And either of them will blow those out of the water as a backup weapon.
>a tool that can double as a sd weapon
He never mentioned the word tool.
Either way, what tools you need depends on another set of factors. And a lot of good tools are not in fact good weapons, so whether you even want to unify them into one is another question.

Do you guys only carry with a specific ammo? I wasn’t the most prepared for the ammo crisis, but I managed to find a good amount of range ammo from a buddy and he hooked me up, now I’m carrying 115gr fmj
I only carry custom made cum loads. Basically I drill out a hollow point .45 to make the cavity larger then I fill it with cum and seal it with wax.
File: 1610953949730.jpg (40 KB, 480x352)
40 KB
i just use whatever range ammo i have lying around in loose bags. if i dont have any of those i buy some of bubbas hot loads, he makes them while he drinks and watches nascar
I carry gold dots because
>speer is based in my state
>I remember the gold doot meme and it makes me smile
you Crossed?
Yes, i only buy federal, american eagle, remingtin core lokt, hornady, and for 45acp i get winchester.

File: BackstopTractor.jpg (257 KB, 1280x720)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Hey guys, /fit/izen here. Looking to make a range at my pops place over the weekend. We've got a chainsaw, tractor, and most tools that I think we will need.
Going to drop a few trees to clear the shooting lane and then use those to make a backstop (pic related). Hope to reinforce it with a load of topsoil and RR ties in the future.
Anyone done something like this before? Tips and tricks that might make this more effective at catching rounds?
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File: IMG_20200621_150415.jpg (369 KB, 1200x900)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
I used metal fence posts and dropped the logs between them with the tractor, put a pallet behind for an air gap, then pushed a dirt pile up against the pallet. Make sure to raise them off the ground or they'll rot quicker
File: IMG_20190214_182532.jpg (421 KB, 1200x900)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Forgot to add that I planes and sun dried the logs first, very important step to prevent rotting. Here's my old one, which had no anti rot construction and it fell to pieces in five years
Rubber sheet laid over the live side of the backstop will stop ric. Other alternative is old tires cut in half or into large sections, although metal belt inside will give you grief if you haven't got the tools.
This guy has the right idea. I went autismo on my version by double stacking the wood, and creating a 2 foot wide space in between that I filled with sand, then stacked sand bags on the outside. Mine is about 20yds wide and 8 feet deep. I do have the top soil like in pic. Cost me 600 dollars for the materials and to rent a winch.
It's easy enough to make your own with tools and materials from your local hardware store.

File: A195 (1)_0.jpg (147 KB, 1260x840)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
How fucked are they if Beijing Biden looks the other way and let's Xi rape and pillage the little island nation?
100 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Crimea thought that too.

p.s. We don't have any bases on Taiwan outside of maybe CIA safe houses.
Tell that to my t91
>Russia is a non-threat if they're kept in check properly, which is not the case for now.
It is more that people have legitimately stopped caring for the interests of the US at this point; If Russia is doing the things you claim they will just cheer them on.
Okay, you live in your own autistic world.
Not very good fag, Taiwan has good natural and manufactured defenses. Biden would be pressured Real quick by congress and the people, Korea and japan troop on the ready. It is impossible for Biden to not do shit. I believe Taiwan has very few viable amphibious landing zones.

What's the most solid cleaning kit that His Lordship Bezos offers under a hundo. Something that will take care of all calibers, handguns, rifles etc.

Thanks. Have to make sure these babies are lubed and glide RIGHT to the bottom in my upcoming boating accident.
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the Ruger store

Amazon has them for $25.
Make sure you update that infographic to add 8 gorillion covid deaths and remove the same number from other causes for no reason at all.
No... just no...
>doing the same thing that bullets do is bad
a sparkly clean bore shoots worse. boresnakes break up and remove 95% of the crap, and allow more even oiling of the bore.
I have OPs pic and I love it

File: IMG_20210116_205718.jpg (2.24 MB, 1920x1440)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
poorfag general
wolf brand AR's and affordable imports edition
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I'm trying to find a bolt action with a threaded muzzle, chambered in .308, and in the price range of 500-800USD. Most of my research leads me to guns that don't have one of those qualities. I want to be able to expand on the gun later in my life, so perhaps a gun that doesn't have those things but can be modded to fit the bill in the end. any advice?
I just bought the t91 upper
how's yours doing?
File: y_f2c34591.jpg (91 KB, 454x807)
91 KB
How and where do you buy funs online?
lol why, get a red dot
>give ffl
>ship to ffl
>go to ffl
>get fun

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