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File: brenmg42.jpg (135 KB, 707x1128)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
This war is something else man.
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Muzzle looks different
Dat Beretthur
Retrieve all United States aid and comfort from Ukraine. Stop your war at Russia. If you are a regime, and if you supply aid and comfort in Ukraine then you war Russia. If you are a regime, and if you war Russia then you are not justice warriors. If you retrieve all United States aid, and comfort, from Ukraine then you forfeit war at Russia. You are a regime. Forfeit war at Russia. Retrieve all United States aid, and comfort, from Ukraine. If you are not a regime then publicly declare free for all in both law and also order. If you do not publicly declare free for all in both law, and also order, then expect commensurate justice application within the United States. Rebellion.
I may even rebel against United States regime. United States time slip years off committments. Government employees see masses using wrong dates, and government employees cooperate the wrong date. In time slips, jailed, imprisoned, and probationed endure extra punishment and correction. Punished and corrected are not brought back to court for resentencing nor time served reassement. Release jailed, imprisoned, and probationed at America. I am on probation. Respect me. In time slips, millions dollars disappear out of bank deposits and charity donations. Terrors, tragedies, and failures entail United States is regime or else United States lacks credibility in justice. United States is a regime, and United States lacks just war at Russia.
If you continue assuming United States is not a regime then United States must publicly declare both law, and also order, impossible in our too chaotic world. If both law, and also order, are impossible in our too chaotic world then justice requires strength. Russia is obviously, logically, absolved in exclusive question to Eastern Ukraine for joining Russian Federation.
Where is this copypasta from?
I think a vatnik bot posted it on /uhg/ or /k/. It was pretty hilarious because the Ivan who wrote it clearly doesn't have a good level of english.

File: pontoon.png (678 KB, 784x861)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
/uwhtddtot/ - Ukraine War Happenings that don't deserve their own thread #7
Title says it all, Post and discuss minor habbenings around the conflict that would otherwise waste a thread.
Previous Thread: >>53643998

▶Tools and Resources


Oryx visually confirmed losses mapping (RU+UA) Now back from his break, expect updates soon.

Institute for the Study of War campaign assessments

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it’s true.
File: lost_.gif (3.67 MB, 400x300)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB GIF
what message is that supposed to be?
we use one of maximum 100 hypersonic missiles we have on a target of no big strategic importance of which u got probably a thousand.

But, I can't help but feel like both NATO and russia are giving eachother time to ramp up production of new weapons. I just feel like there will be a hundred thousand factories mass producing new weapons for both sides, by issuing war bonds soon.
They Can't Keep Getting Away With It...

File: 1637108539020.jpg (32 KB, 689x411)
32 KB
Talk all the shit you want about it being a neutered G3 with a cucked magwell, but this thing has aesthetic.
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File: 1518759382535.jpg (575 KB, 1632x1224)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
so we missed out on overpriced guns with butthole stocks?
In Germany we can buy pic related, a bit cooler than a SL8 imo
Got that SNES aesthetic
digits confirm

Fresh javelin kino
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File: retard.png (91 KB, 694x402)
91 KB
Okay, Oleg.
the tank did its job. There are no more missiles in the area.
Why did the cameraman spend half the time filming a fucking leaf, is he Canadian or what the fuck
Didn't Canada send a ton of foreign recruits. Like Canada had a large Ukrainian population that went home to get some war trophies.

Military water purification thread.
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Distilling salt water is easy enough, but lifestraws are neato for hiking
File: Malutsa_action_Malutsa.jpg (229 KB, 836x620)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Based logistics schizo doing gods work. After Ukraine I will never ever insult, slander or otherwise defame the based POG's of supply provision.

Pic related for your enjoyment, a South African containerized water purification system.
I like this
File: 1000-67744592.jpg (69 KB, 595x587)
69 KB
those kind of filters only filter organics IE bacterium, spores, and most viruses. It is just a really fine sieve and does nothing about chemicals. also if you are thinking about getting one of those I would recommend a sawyer filter instead because it has a dirty water pouch that you can use to filter it into a clean container. also the sawyers are smaller. I have used them for a couple years on backpacking trips.
File: 1646003760124.png (293 KB, 400x400)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
>1994 was 82 years ago.

File: latest.jpg (46 KB, 656x512)
46 KB
Would an ATGM be able to stop it?
My Aunt dated one of them when they were a punk bank called The Cockroaches

File: kewlt2i3462.jpg (153 KB, 916x636)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Why do all the Russian flag officers look like bloated alcoholic fucks while Ukrainian ones actually look like they can do a pull-up?
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CIA derangement syndrome is a inheritance of the USSR times, Russia can't do no wrong it's all CIA's fault
File: feel_the_difference.png (3.63 MB, 1250x1373)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB PNG
Pidorashka, pls.
They jelly they don't know how to glow.

They have numerous alphabet agencies but there has not been a single Russian favorable coup or high level assassination without it being smeared all over news or without blowing your own real, occupied civilian buildings and leveling adversaries cities.
File: 1648577045410.jpg (27 KB, 480x443)
27 KB
look at the TOP OF HIS HEAD
I unironically love DS9, even with the niggers in it.

America, Ukraine, Russia all have presidential elections in 2024. What does his mean military wise?
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Trips of truth
File: J E W C Y.png (590 KB, 550x601)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
All three countries will commit voter fraud, and accuse the other of it.
Joe Biden will annex Russia and be elected president in both America and Ukraine.
only jeb can defeat the russians.
Italian election in 2023 will be an important bellwether for Europoor commitment in the war.

File: unknown.png (684 KB, 657x657)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
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What AR?
Till you broke the pin in the middle and it folds in half.

Who are you? Why are you here?
File: 9237hfd30.jpg (823 KB, 3264x2448)
823 KB
823 KB JPG
queer little spazzy redditors from shitty subs like ncd have flooded /k/ recently, hence increased presence of sados going on about trump and republicans and all sorts of moralising.
the sheer wit of that absolute cracker of a joke would've gotten a lot of updoots over on reddit.
Looks like you just made a SBR by chaining a stock from a sub2000 to a glock
It’s the 4th time i see this exact same post today
Post guns

if a nation that hast spend a lot of money on its military in decades wanted to modrnize where would it start?
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Drones. Drones are cheap and effective force multipliers. Hire some NATO trainers to build out your NCO corps and logistics, buy some drones, and call it a day.
Think long and hard about why you'd fight, with who you'd fight, how you'd like to fight that war, how well your current gear fits that fight, and then start buying the shit you're missing for that fight.
looks like anti tank and anti air missiles are the way to go
and training your troops
Depends for what. If you are not in military union and have essential threat for some big country your main goal is to get close to 100 nukes with a way to deliver them asap. Like Israel and North Korea did.
As recent events have shown, creating a functioning staff officer system, NCO corps, and cadre reserves is probably your best bet. From there you'll have the institutions in place to figue out how to modernize based on your specific situation.

File: file.png (1.12 MB, 1364x758)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
>everyone always brings up gsc, uppo your asshole, tank anime, and various shounen trash about "war" and such
>nobody ever mentions the GOAT just because it doesn't have loli girls to fap to
yare yare daze
name a better /k/ anime, I'll wait.
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wait wtf happened to cartridges on ship cannons?
Disgusting 3d animation and quite possibly the worst voice acting I've ever heard.
But a very cool story and aesthetic choices that make it still enjoyable nonetheless.
File: 600px-Canaan_OP_00.jpg (44 KB, 600x338)
44 KB
Ajin had some entertaining gunfights because of the "mechanics"
was considering giving CANAAN a shot because I stumbled upon picrel browsing imfdb but I'm conflicted because they botched the barrel or color scheme which is a big no-no and the hammer isn't precise either anyway, it's also probably trash for incels but I don't have much to do on the other hand
How /k/ is From Up on Poppy Hill?
File: flowerpot.jpg (95 KB, 1043x591)
95 KB

File: rich piana m1a.jpg (24 KB, 500x281)
24 KB
someone post some 7.62x54r battle rifles please I think they're cool
we'll be considering 6.8 Fury to be a /brg/ caliber while the council continues to determine it's fate

Prev >>53544830
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File: yeah.jpg (631 KB, 1008x756)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
I have decide to not use one.
>decide to not use one
Spicey choices make for spicey stories.
just svt then ?
since svd and psl is a dmr and no one own an avs
I heard zastava or was it valmet that made ak in that caliber, but I never saw it
they do but don't realize it ?

File: 1640349628744.jpg (1.07 MB, 2882x4084)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
wait what was the point of this thing again lol??
Kill T-55/T62s and IFV/APC with its gun
it's entirely obsolete as an armor killing weapon and only stayed around as long as it did because drones and light attack aircraft like the A-29 weren't really realized until 10 years ago
But now the airforce refuses to buy spare parts for it so the fleet is going to hang around only as long as there are planes to cannibalize
>OP thought there was a point to that jet

>American and Ukrainians have asked Malaysian Government for sale and immediate transfer of its fleet SU-30MKM Super Flanker
>Malaysian MKM is the most advanced variants of SU-30s family which is combined both east and west technologies
>The Malaysian MKM also were ONLY Russian Sukhoi that capable of using American Paveway II and JDAM
>Malaysian success of experimenting of using French Damocles targeting pod were followed by Russian who tries to develop their own targeting pod similar with Damocles

Malaysian are also the victim of Russian aggression when Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 were shootdowns by Russian-aligned terrorists. As right now Malaysian are not yet responded as they're probing for the possible replacement of their Super Sukhoi.
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Why do these SEAmonkey cunts have feuds? They're all made up and didn't even exist 70 years ago. You guys haven't even had a war yet, have you? Why the vitriol?
hey sea monkeys. buy some bayraktar to kill each other.

Why do Western nations have feuds? Let's not pretend that's any more reasonable. Believe it or not, our contiguous culture predates yours by thousands of years-- the presence of colonalism doesn't simply erase all social bigotry and norms. South East Asia has been inhabited by humans since the time of Homo Erectus.

Human beings are petty creatures with a genetic predisposition towards tribalism. This should not surprise you. Same shit, different continent.

One thing that is curious however is that Southeast Asian racism is more viewed as IRL shitposting than actual malicious intent to wipe out another racial group. It's almost a social obligation, like the way you'd gossip about your dipshit neighbor who blasts Dubstep at 2am. Not that there's no racial violence, but SE racism is both more disseminated, and less malicious, than Western racism.
File: 20220521_013638.jpg (91 KB, 834x1024)
91 KB

No wonder Indonesians treating Papua as a place to dispose those "undesirables " (a.k.a honest) personnel from Indonesian Army and Police.
FA50 isn't too bad, its pretty much the obvious option besides maybe the M-346. JF-17 isn't really LIFT/LCA, Yak-130 is out of the picture with Russia's dumbassery, Hurjet doesn't exist and Tejas is literally poo in the loo. Sure its not some new multirole aircraft, but the Malaysian government are too retarded to allocate more funds for the armed forces unless sellers are willing to accept payment in fucking palm oil and condoms.

File: usnavy.jpg (368 KB, 2100x1500)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Englishman here. Are military police in the US Navy who are assigned to navymen on shore leave wherever to arrest them or contain them/round them up if they get too drunk or whatever and need to be contained or arrested still called 'Shore Patrol'? Or is that like an old term from like WW2 or some shit?
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That doesn't seem so bad. if he behaves himself he gets his full pay and rank back? Or are there asshole superiors who make him scrub toilets and showers forever?
Yeah if he's been a decent sailor otherwise he could turn it around after a while. Everyone makes mistakes when they're that age. But if he's been a shitty sailor and this is a pattern of behavior, they would likely use it as more ammo to kick him out of the Navy.
yeah, if he's the only sailor certified on the whatever the fucksit radar or computer or a whatever, they might just let it slide to. or if hes in good with a chief who the captain owes a favor. ships have insane command digression until something goes wrong
That's the way it's always worked in every organized military branch everywhere, surely?
File: 44508443.jpg (21 KB, 267x400)
21 KB
I think so, for the most part. It pays to be competent and well liked.

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