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This might be a long shot, but can anyone id the knife in this picture?
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That's not a Camilus mark is it?
All I know about it is I've had it for well over 15 years, it's comfortable as fuck and the steel is pretty solid. Around 10" oal and about 4.5" usable edge Only markings on the entire knife are

Nope. This is actually the first time I've ever seen another one referenced, never seen another on in the wild. Granted its not unlikely that this type could have been sold under various brands like knives often are and guns used to be
yeah i think it's the thing on the bottom right
you can find it under "Huntsman japan". here's one on offer: etsy dot com slash listing slash 589552603 slash sale-huntsman-knife-sheath-special-420

sorry for the formatting, spam filter is being mean to me.

File: imrs.jpg (876 KB, 1440x958)
876 KB
876 KB JPG
Are there any protective goggles or glasses that can prevent blindness by laser? Also general laser thread.
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This one's only a paycheck away.
Want 150dbs but only have 100$?


178 decibels.

thats exactly what the democrats and ANTIFA type groups want so they can have their "kent state" moment for the video and photo propaganda
High powered train horns can make targets extremely uncomfortable and even deafen them, or at close ranges harm tissue.

What is the best rifle, and why is it the Mosin-Nagant?
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I only have three rifles and my mosin isn’t even the best out of those three. I love it though.
Fuck off C(an)uck
Never a good rifle. Once a cheap rifle. No longer a cheap rifle. Terrible thread
File: IMG-20200710-WA0019.jpg (43 KB, 720x709)
43 KB
>doesn't even have a floating barrel
>made by kulak slaves in a gulag out of wood pallets and melted bean cans
It is cool for its historical value, and that alone. Any $500 off-brand hunting rifle in current year will be lighter and shoot straighter.
Of course commiefags are all just larping fetishists so whatever.
I just like my m44 for the noise and blast. it's pointless otherwise.

File: lil_boy.jpg (143 KB, 703x462)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Is the use of nuclear weapons ever justified?
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Yeah, are you retarded or something?
they were getting nuked either way. the invasion planned for 7 nukes on the beaches and army formations to soften up for the landing with a naval bombardment all the while. they were also planning on bypassing fortified cities and nuking them.
the japs got off light.
Should’ve used more if it would’ve prevented anime.
File: nietzsche.jpg (34 KB, 524x400)
34 KB
You use what you have to win, no matter the cost. If you have to level a city so your troops dont have to die trying to occupy, who cares. Its not your city. Same concept with nukes and everyone who owns a nuke. Fuck them, my people are more important, their shit isnt. Thats why more countries need nukes, same reason why more people need guns. MAD has reminded people to be courteous to your neighbors, but comfortably cautious towards being stupid.
Two wasn't enough.

So I finally got around to shooting an m1 garand and all I can say is wow. The sks is pretty much the extent of my intermediate cartridge experience. I was led to believe that the 30-06 was brute of a round but I found the m1 overwhelmingly more pleasant to shoot than an sks. The sks has this really harsh snappy recoil that I dont really care for but the m1 has a much nicer, sort of shotgun feel to it. Idk I was just surprised at how controllable and nice it was to shoot compared to an sks.
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File: 4411022.jpg (65 KB, 631x775)
65 KB
oh man no kidding. I understand why they're doing the test but a part of me still feels bad because I cant just go out and pick up an m1, let alone trash it.
If a trashed m1 is the cost of admission to what these guys offer I can accept that. But my god it doesn't hurt any less. They way he slams it against the gritty metal lip of the Barrow sparks a phobic kind of reaction.
does make you wonder about the mud they were fighting in and how they kept their weapons clean on Okinawa in ww2. people mud. holy shit.
If you can't find the Schuster gas plug, there's also the Garand Gear gas plug, which doesn't need adjustement and effectively undergas the rifle noticeably enough.
Both have their pros and cons. Garand Gear is install and forget. Schuster while it needs readjustement if you change ammo, it can potentially make the rifle to cycle even softer than with Garand Gear plug or even completely shut off the gas system so it works like a straight pull bolt action rifle.
For AK-pattern rifles there's the KNS adjustable gas piston.
File: 1593815760131.jpg (167 KB, 1125x1085)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
damn, thanks for the info anon. very helpful.

File: DiscoChad.png (70 KB, 178x258)
70 KB
Hello, I've only shot a gun twice before, both times 9mms, first time some sort of Glock and the second a Walther of some sort.
I've lurked this board for a few years and figured I could ask for help here.
I have a few issues, and I'd like some advice for dealing with it.
1. I instinctively close my eyes when firing, how do you guys deal with this?
2. It's very difficult for me to aim down the sights with both eyes open, though I've heard this is the best way of going about it.
It's impossible to find the iron sights this way, and closing one eye to do so before opening both again seems like cheating.
3.I'm very bad at managing the recoil.
Is there anything I can do aside from going shooting more (which I plan to do as soon as I can afford it) to deal with these issues?
With the 3rd one I have been working on building my grip strength with pull ups but I'm hard pressed to think of anything I can do for the others, except, as I said, shoot more often.
Also, would glasses interfere with the ability to shoot with both eyes open?
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Welcome to the sport.
1: Everyone does to some degree. Are you flinch closing, like you are kinda like "I don't wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna *close then pull trigger" type of closing or do you mean the natural flinch response of a loud/percussive occurrence that we reflexively close our eyes to protect our peepers? If you are per-emptivly closing you just have to desensitize to shooting quite a bit more. Take more breaths before the shot and squeeze slower, relax more, it's not gonna hurt you.
2: Have you determined which is your dominate eye yet? Search that on youtube and try to figure it out. If you are right hand right eye dom or left hand left eye dom it is easier to adjust. If you are opposite hand opposite eye dom you need more practice but can overcome it don't despair.

What I'll tell you for this is do sight drills. With a PERFECTLY CLEARED firearm (Seriously, make sure that shit is empty) and your finger off the trigger and in a safe position outside the trigger guard, hold your firarm down and away then raise it and aim at a point on a wall. At first, don't focus on finding your sights, focus on finding where your eyes meet with the top of the gun comfortably and try to duplicate that position in the next step.

Next, you want to find your front sight each time you raise and try and get your front sight on that spot on the wall.

As you do this, remember to always draw into the same position and work it repeatedly.

The more your draw and eyes line up you will then start to transition into drawing straight up and lining your sights up. Once you feel the correct positon where all of this is lining up work on that repetition.

Draw straight into the position where your sights are already lined up on that spot on the wall and your eyes naturally fall across your sights.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3: The best way to do this is with dry fire exercise which should only be done with the OVERLY FUCKING SAFE AND CLEAR firearm I suggested earlier, AND that dryfiring your firearm won't damage your firearm. If you are paranoid buy some snap caps in the caliber of your firearm and use those.

The exercise is simple from there, get your trigger prepped and ready as if a real round was in the chamber(But for fuks sake make sure there isn't one) and then feel your trigger out. Feel where it breaks and fires, and feel where it resets back in after the firearm cycles or the next shot is ready to go. Youtube vids for this are great tools.

Once you know your trigger practice pulling it and resetting it without moving your pistol from the point of aim. If your firearm moves while dryfiring you are moving while actually shooting and throwing your aim way off.

The last element of 3 is push/pull pressure. Both long guns and handguns require push/pull pressure for proper recoil management. This is done with your shooting stance and more with your arms than your hands, so don't worry about grip strength.

For a rifle you want to be pulling slightly with your trigger hand towards your shoulder and twisting slightly in towards your other arm. So for a right handed shooter you twist slightly clockwise.

Now when I say pull and twist I don't mean adjust your position, just apply a bit of pressure on the frame/grip of the firearm but don't actually move it.

With the other hand you want to apply the opposite of both, so your hand on the front grip/guard of the rifle push slightly forward/away and twist the opposite direction.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
<cont again

The reason for the opposite pressure is because it provides a stable shooting platform from a freehanding position. You are locking shit down and preemptivly ready for the recoil.

Keep that in mind, you are READY for the recoil, not trying to fight it before it is there. So when I say a slight pressure/twist, I mean slight. After you start to learn what it is you are doing by practicing it you will understand more on how much pressure to apply to keep your muzzle down.

THEN you apply in all of the above. Your draw results in your sights lining up with your eye level. Your push pull twist steadies your aim. Your trigger break and reset fires without moving and then readies the next shot in line with your rock steady stance and hold so the next shot is primed and ready the moment your gun snaps back in line with your eyes.

It will NOT happen your 2nd or 3rd time shooting. But it will show progress each time you practice.

ALL of that bullshit said, safety first, fun second, serious training third. You are spending money on a hobby for fun and relaxation right? Don't get frustrated when your not shooting sub MOA groups right out the gate. Play the long game and if you REALLY want to shoot even better faster skip a couple range days and save that ammo cost to buy a class and get some real training in.

Stay beautiful.
Why train this only every other day if you don't mind me asking?

File: innawoods 1.jpg (178 KB, 680x650)
178 KB
178 KB JPG

gotta enable flash settings and reload the page to get it to work, but post em
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zippos are good, I have one. but desu a few bic lighters and a sandwich baggie with vaselined cottonballs will do you better in my experience. super light and compact, and I've found you can dry out wet tinder with just a little of the stuff.
File: paulh.jpg (145 KB, 680x650)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
saving this thread
yeehaw nigger you're gonna need some fire too. definitely save.
Did someone say RWDS
File: Basic.jpg (156 KB, 680x650)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
My setup pretty normie teir

File: IMG_20200805_202158__01.jpg (3.84 MB, 3097x3987)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB JPG
Longest 10 days of my life, but I finally got my first gun. I really hate California
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no. its unfixable and really beyond salvation at this point


>Homes that are confirmed to be hosting parties by the Los Angeles Police Department will have their utilities cut, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday in the wake of reports of parties during the coronavirus pandemic in recent days.

>The mayor said that he had authorized the Department of Water and Power to cut utilities within 48 hours after parties were confirmed by the LAPD.

>"You're breaking the law," the mayor said in response to a question about the constitutionality of shutting off utilities on private property.

the communists have full control, its only a matter of time before your power and water gets cut for being a registered republican or other wrongthink crimes. especially during a second Trump term when they will be lashing out in rage because orange man still won
just ignore him. also the vast majority of libshits who are buying guns and arming up right now are white radical communists and anarchist sheltered college age brats who think they are revolutionaries
1850, over 95% of all Mexicans stayed in the US and stayed with citizenship. The 70 years after consisted of Chinese and Mexican workers blowing up mountains with dynamite. 1920 came and the East Coast Anglo came to California because Hollywood was made. It’s a Yiddish trick. Accept it’s Hispanic or get out, simple as. I’ll be voting red. The next few months will be crazy. Go to Arizona if you wanna be a cunt.
Thank you white man. Thank you long nose man. You’ve saved my state.
Seething mutt

What are you going to do when they come and take your Jordans anon?
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>load out from your enemy

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Blacknats that have a bone to pick with cops and I can sit down and have a beer together.
>Fake TQ
lel hope it doesn't break when you need it most
sling is improperly fitted so she's muzzling her foot, it should be pointing safely at the ground at a slight angle
so based on that I'm certain they don't really know much
File: 818.png (515 KB, 600x603)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
I genuinely can't determine the gender of the left one.
they're a firearms training compnay, not NFAC or BLM.

File: 1595211720595.png (126 KB, 610x606)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
What is the actual purpose of weapons that can carry 5 rounds or more? I never use that many rounds at once hunting, and if you need that many for self defense you're just a bad shot.
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Yeah I'm a just a terrible shot. So I'll keep my 30 and 40 round mags and you can just shut the fuck up.
File: 1583550076693.jpg (38 KB, 778x512)
38 KB
this based man would be lynched in the streets nowdays

It's for when Kony 2012 comes for your chinese cartoon plastic hot glue holder collection
What's the purpose of a car that can go faster than 85mph?
What is the purpose of tasty food that is not just nutrition?
What is the purpose of living in a nice house with a yard and not cuckshed#11553?

why was there no knife thread? pic related is on sale for $37 shipped and im tempted, anyone here already got one?
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 71yDaZ2dgVL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (55 KB, 1500x751)
55 KB

this was a dollar cheaper yesterday, still only $17. worth it?
dunno, i seem to remember them normally around $50


its $37 shipped and comes with the leather scabbard and sharpening stone so its pretty tempting
looks bad ass, how much are those? and what is the notch at the base of the blade for? wire cutting?
That mark is a tribute to Shiva, one of their gods.
The Bushman is pretty good for its intended purposes. The sheath will fall apart in short order so plan for that.

File: big_brother_cringe.gif (2.03 MB, 380x285)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB GIF
>his state doesn't have constitutional carry
34 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
What's wrong with having a weapon of war?

They're quite useful for killing 80 IQ retards and faggots like you.
File: laf4.jpg (40 KB, 499x470)
40 KB
>his country doesn't have public option healthcare
File: 1522303873982.png (195 KB, 1022x579)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Way to out yourself as noguns.
>be florida man
>Based Sabatini introduces bill for CC
>Corona morona is unleashed
>bill dies in committee
File: 1596548096345.gif (415 KB, 480x238)
415 KB
415 KB GIF
>muh weapons of war
this is why we kicked out the british

File: 1564998238783.jpg (19 KB, 327x343)
19 KB
what does /k/ think about the NRA?
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Fucking bootlicker cucks that would (and have) fold like chairs given the chance.
(not really, none of those posts are mine)
Over The Garden Wall was badass. Last throes of the old Cartoon Network.
File: Vice Sprayed.png (995 KB, 712x1080)
995 KB
995 KB PNG
The power you attribute to them is in the "Institute of Legislative Action," which is actually their lobbying arm. The most they accomplish these days is an "acceptable" negative in the net legislative change. The real ground taken has been in the courts, which is where the GOA/SAF/etc. operate
Lurk more you fucking nigger. Goddamn I am tired of these newfags.

File: snafu gunning japs.webm (183 KB, 624x352)
183 KB
167 replies and 79 images omitted. Click here to view.
based and courage pilled
Nah you’re just mad because you’re a cringey faggot

Didn't the balloon bombs only kill a single grade school class on US soil with the rest doing fuck-all?
I bet these niggers don't even know about anontalk

File: MiG-3_at_Mochishche.jpg (251 KB, 1600x1029)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
Why didn't it prove more popular?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The other 2 are repeating common misconceptions
I do not claim to know all either, I was not present

The mig 3 engine was closely related to the il2 and il2 production was deemed more important. The mig 3 was faster than the bf109 f2, it’s main adversary at most altitudes and slightly more maneuverable. It was capable of equipping 2 20mm cannons in the nose. It had a cockpit with excellent all around vision. It was more difficult to fly than an I16,i153 or early yak which also may have been an issue, but was more capable.
You are kinda correct but it seems that you imply combat degenerated into suicidal turn fights at low alts around cas targets/attackers. Having good performance and firepower made bouncing escorts and cas aircraft more effective.
Overall it was probably the right choice as p39 and la5 were quite capable at staying high while the yaks and il2s could preform their tasks well enough low. 109s had to contend with all of that and also had to escort 190s, ju87s, 88s, and he111s at low and medium altitudes as the war progressed until the slower bombers stopped being used all together. At the very end, the luftwaffe was reduced to only establishing temporary air superiority for protecting jabos and intercepts of Boston’s, il2s and pe2s or their fighter screens.
Didn't have a weak armament?
No idea what you are trying to say but the mig could equip 1 7.62x54r mg and 2 12.7s, 2 12.7s, or 2 20mm cannons. It could carry 2 12.7 gun pods, underwing rockets, or 2 100kg bombs.
A contemporary 109 could carry 1 15/20mm and 2 7.92 mgs with a 250kg or 2 15/20mm gunpods or 2 20mm cannons and 2 7.92mgs with a 250kg bomb in e models which were used for ground attack and by axis co belligerents.
190s were not really on the scene yet. The best armed soviet fighter was the poorer preforming lagg3 with 1 20mm (rarely a 23mm with less ammo still, and in 43 got a 37mm) cannon and 1 12.7mg
Probably the best USSR fighter of 1941, marred by politics and greater need for the IL-2 which effectively used the same engine with a different supercharger bolted on optimized for low altitudes.
This. Also it was a bitch to fly and required expirenced pilots to perform. Overall nothing of value was lost with phasing it out of production.
Withdrawing Tu-2, on the other hand, was a mistake.

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