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File: z24013254V.jpg (126 KB, 960x693)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
By best, I mean
>possibly immune to biased judges
>encouraging fighters to be active
>gives the win to someone who would probably win in a no time limit fight
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I'm not even russian. You don't need to be russian to know that in terms of mma russian muslims>Americans and Brazilians>rest of the world.
Knock Out 30 points (the guy actually gets knocked out), TKOs 20 points (referee stops a match as a KO), 10 points tap out, 5 points for take downs, 2 point for each strike with arms, 3 points for each strike with the legs, spinning + jumping techniques get extra +2 points since they are harder to pull off in MMA.
Nah, Russians ain't that good, second place I would say definitely.
They don't even use the current scoring rules properly
One FC has separate striking & grappling points which might be better
I don't see how you decide whether striking > grappling* except if you have each fighter select a priority before the fight starts, and then they're judged based on how well they do at that priority
So a wrestler vs a boxer, the wrestler is judged on his offensive grappling and control, and the striker is judged on whether he was able to outstrike the other guy
This is retarded for obvious reasons but the alternative is to decide - or have judges decide - whether striking or grappling is more important, in the moment.
The current scoring criteria already does this (striking > grappling) but the judges don't actually follow it really so they're doing this and the fans don't care
The meta for scoring big is to control the grappling and strike a bit to show that you are "damaging" the guy and not just hugging him like a fag.

File: sherlock-punch.gif (1.96 MB, 498x223)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
>MMa fags stay on the defensive too much
>thai niggas onky try kicks
>Kickbox fags as well
>BJJ niggers try to have gay sex
>Wrestling niggers as well
>Boxers actualy take the initiatives
Why s boxxing the only entertaining fightijg sport again?
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File: 1693271841681399s.jpg (2 KB, 125x125)
2 KB
You've obviously never practiced any of those things. Spectators don't belong on this board.
This b8 is so gr8 it deserves a reply

>Tyson is fun to watch
He is but most boxers aren't
>ufc niggers are not
Watch Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson, Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier or Demetrious Johnson vs Adriano Moraes fights and tell me how are they not entertaining
It's amazing how many boxing "fans" never name boxers that require more than quick google as the ones they watch. One of the most filmed sports of all time and the cunts can't be fucked to bring up anyone interesting.
you won't even watch boxing besides "mike tyson bets kos highlights", turn into a boxing card ans try to watch it entirely without sleeping, it's the most boring shit ever

File: wotore.jpg (133 KB, 1200x675)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Wotore is a polish mma promotion with very specific rules:
>there are tournament fights and super fights
>winner of the tournament gets $12 000
>no gloves, just wraps
>no weightclasses
>no fence, falling out 2 times meant loss in the first tournament but since wotore 2, if you fall out, you just fall out
>first 2 rounds last for 5 minutes, third one has no time limit
Banned moves are:
>eye gouging
>clawing and pinching
>spitting at the opponent
>hair pulling
>groin strikes
>throat strikes

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File: kibole.jpg (16 KB, 273x184)
16 KB
I love the new MMA leagues and events coming from my country. This one seems pretty cool. A fellow football hooligan that I go to the gym with was fighting in a 3v3 cage match, unfortunately he got slammed to the ground right at the start.

Also, amerimutts, why football hooliganism isn't a thing in the US?

Like, when I see a US basketball or american football match it seems like it's a family event where people dance and shit, like what the fuck? A football match here ends in a mini riot most of the time and during "high risk" matches there are literally thousands of policemen, most of them in riot armor. One of my friends ended up in an ICU with a smashed liver because he wore a cap with our club logo in the enemy city.
Because america falls more into individualism. Most people don't give a shit about what you do or like as long as you don't get in their way. Plus, why fight people when you can just watch hockey players fight each other?
>why football hooliganism isn't a thing in the US
you tryna get shot?

an armed society is a polite society. I know we have a lot of you know whats but at the end of the day people aren't so quick to start shit because there can and will often be dire consequences
and that's a good thing
you aboslutely can outstrike multiple untrained opponents.
Only if you can knock them out with one punch or a very quick combination

File: side control.jpg (56 KB, 1024x576)
56 KB
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General
George Costanza approves edition


Belt Checker

Previous thread

Thread question: White belts, why aren't you a blue belt yet? Higher belts, what's your favorite white belt destruction technique?
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The young athletic guys just end up doing both im from MN so I understand that our scene isn't the biggest but every major gym in our area are mostly comp Gi teams
And you also have karate schools on every corner but how many muay Thai gyms are near you?
Casuals want to do something easy, which gi is easy
You can just grab on and start tugging people around and immediately it feels like it's working
Nogi is hard because it's so slippery and There's nothing to hold on to, you have to be way more engaged and moving much faster and you really can't cheat submissions you have to have them absolutely locked in or you lose them

This of course makes it way better for fighting but also not really as appealing to casuals

Migrate when ready
stop using the internet so much its making you anxious.
This is why I HQ/knee slice pass.

Is it wise to start doing bjj while I am boxing amateur? I am afraid if I start learning I might have an injury that will take me out of boxing or permanently effect my performance
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BJJ destroys bodies. Just google "BJJ ruined my life." There are all kinds of warm fuzzy stories about how BJJ saves someones soul during a hard time in their life or some shit like that. But that's all you're going to get in the end from doing this shit. All martial arts carry this risk, some more than others, and BJJ is a pretty bad offender. It shouldn't come as a surprise. The more technical the art the greater the chance for error, either in applying force or properly receiving it. If you are already worried about injury. Stay the fuck away from BJJ.
You are already slightly retarded as a boxing amateur, how many hits to your head have you taken?
I was training and competing in muay thai for seven years before starting BJJ.

I’ve been hurt more often and more severely in two years of BJJ than I have in nine years of Muay Thai including matches. I have multiple chronic injuries that I’m on waiting lists for surgery to deal with. One of the injuries is a cervical disc injury that could make me paralyzed from the neck down if it starts affecting the spinal cord.

BJJ is fun and good but if you still want to compete in boxing, or lifting, or just want healthy longevity, I recommend you avoid all acrobatic sporty movements and to stick to the old school fundamentals. Discriminate with who you train with and stick to guys your own size or smaller/higher belts who can flow roll, and tap immediately if somebody tries to stack you or crank your neck relentlessly in training.
Meant for OP: >>161791
lol looks hes not the only one brain damaged

File: 19.jpg (130 KB, 728x1041)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Redpill me on axe kicks. I've heard they're hit or miss because they live you in a vulnerable position and you need to be extremely flexible but I don't think they're completely useless Andy Hug was FUCKING guys up in K1 with them
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Its more of a high class thing to kick someone in the head than kneeing them, everyone can kick low and use their knees in myau thai fashion, but can you kick high to finish a match?
He was an actor yes but with legitimate martial arts experience from his time in Hong Kong and some other actors tried to mess with him and he whooped them a bit to tell them to fuck off.
A few things are toned down, some stuff was cut for time reasons, and the ending is different, but the pacing is imo significantly better.
I loved the manga but it really dragged at times. The movie has a faster pace.
Our one dog used to just sit and spin leaving lil shit doughnuts on the floor
Maybe that tecnique would work for you anon?
crop cop much?? retard

is knife fighting /xs/ ?

what kind of extreme sport would best condition you to survive a stabbing attempt ?
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>>158376 this
>>161471 if you have your housekeys on a long chain, in your pocket, you can very quickly swing it like a morning star against an attacker, But if you miss the first hit, you should turn and runnnnnn
This is Retard shit, you’re not going to have time to take off your fucking belt while someone is trying to stab you and swinging your keys “like a morning star” is far less effective than taking a single key and shoving it in their fucking eye. Regardless, the best thing you can do in a knife attack is get control of their weapon arm so that they are unable to stab you. Learn to grapple, faggots
it seems OP's pic is a nationalist militant from russia doing knife practice
i think he showcased skills of knife in the reggie yates (or something, the annoying black guy with big glasses) episode on russian neonazis
>look up info
>he hosted a "full contact knife fighting tournament"
>its an MMA match with a sturdy prop knife, like Dog Brothers
>I thought it was a real bladed knife fight held in some abandoned military base
i feel like a retard
bro is holding that knife like a fucking hammer the fuck

I need advice from boxers, I am 21 y/o and I have been boxing for about 2 years and my coach has been egging me on to fight in amateur. What are some things I should expect?

> I can only train about 2-3 hours a day which is usually how much I train, is that enough?

> I have been doing boxing as a hobby and an outlet I take the training seriously but do I have to be 100% passionate about boxing to succeed? I have many other hobbies I like to do but I just don’t want it to completely consume my life.
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ok OP, how good is your built?

Many gyms train their boxers on resistance training and they dont get muscular enough, that a huge disavantage.
Muscles dont matter in fight, unless you have skills and muscles...then you become a competite monsters
>I can only train about 2-3 hours a day
That is more than most people who train
I am 5'7 / 145 pounds lean.
>I have many other hobbies I like to do but I just don’t want it to completely consume my life
There's doping the higher you go. Not as much in amateurs but PEDs are required to be competitive at the top now.
do NOT be surprised if you feel extremely anxious before your first bout. I was so anxious that I ended up throwing up in a bucket. I still won though but the main point is that you should not let your nerves get the better of you

Do you like swimming? I tried picrel today and I became a speed demon under the water. It was very fun.
Is swimming a too limited/personal for a sport to be talked about on /xs/?
Was about to post this on /sp/ but I checked its catalog and it was all Football/Soccer so I posted here instead.
Normal swimming isn't a extreme sport.

File: rattbonelesschrome.jpg (1.99 MB, 1097x1440)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Streetplant edition

previous thread >>161398
399 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
People just assume you aren't clinically retarded so they just go to the most obvious and probable solution.
methinks you arent that insightful or skilled if all you know is a cliche answer...
Methinks I'm not your dad and I'm not obliged to teach you anything.
I didn't realise I was doing this til I went to ollie over something. Realised I need to stay more square over my board. It wasn't really shoulders or legs or anything but just keeping my whole body more parallel. I also think just being comfy on your board, that it's a bit of a mental/safety thing. I'll go a couple months off the board and then try pick up where I left off.
No clips because I realised what I need to work on and it's a bit embarrassing. Also tried the heelflip advice and they felt so much more comfy when i keep my feet more centred pre trick. Keeping my back foot centred eliminated that rotation I was getting.
move on over you lazy little girls you


File: brian-shaw.jpg (110 KB, 600x742)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
How would you (try to) beat someone stronger than you but with little to no experience with martial arts?
I would shoot him with a gun
Kill him with kindness
Leg kicks, jabs, sprawls.
File: 1677966762705224.jpg (73 KB, 1280x696)
73 KB
I do it all the time in MMA with guys who are 40lbs heavier than me and have trained a year or two. Just outstrike them or take them down and transition to a back take/leg lock or if they take me down just wrestle up and transition to the back

it’s easy if you’re good, still a massive injury risk though cause their sheer weight can make accidents worse

File: PIC_1-M-1922.jpg (1.88 MB, 2534x3520)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
>muscular (not as much as Brock Lesnar but still)
>height 203 cm
>reach 249 (!) cm
>weight 128 kg (probably the heaviest you can get to be able to cut to ufc heavyweight)
I mean if you're going to wear a pair of combat boots while fighting it doesn't really matter what you look like or how good of a fighter you are since you can pretty much just drop kick the shit out of anyone.

File: Just-Do-It-300x300.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
"muh best martial art"
"muh street fight"
"muh hema for self defence"
"muh I have a gun"

I have been fighting since 13 and never stoped, I have at least 50 medals and 3 trophys here and it is simple, just go take classes and compete ... there is no big secret

Go to the fighting gym you have at your disposal and practice like a man, can't get any simpler than that

if you win against experienced ppl you're good to go if not you're weak and need to practice more

>you'll never carry a gun everywhere or in parties

>you'll never carry a sword anywhere

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This, pick a versatile art you like enough to stick with, also practice running, jumping, climbing, overhead pressing and deadlifting.
Forgot to mention loaded carries on top, improves your deadlifts, improves your cleans, improves your overhead pressing structure and leg strength, improves your posture.

What's not to love about loaded carries?
fuck all those other exercises, they don't matter, just learn how to fight and that is it, you'll be good to go for anything, good fighters can run enough to save themselves without training for it

File: Glass_Joe2.png (105 KB, 240x414)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
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File: stinkmeaner.jpg (92 KB, 400x300)
92 KB
a young stinkmeaner for sure

Strelka always has some kino shit.
This is what bunch of /run/ general fags look like...

They are pussies.

File: IMG_1714.jpg (195 KB, 1280x853)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Is it possible to get truly amazing at striking without joining a gym? How far can you go with just being self-taught from watching videos and shit?
89 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I trained for a while in Vancouver who's your coach? Kaleb?
I was able to win a fight once because I used knowledge I gained from watching UFC to choke out a bigger opponent. I imagine you could teach yourself. It is certainly no substitute for first hand training with an expert.
Who? Kalib starnes? Don't even know what gym he trains/coaches at. I did muay thai, not MMA. I used to lift at the attached gym that tristan connelly coaches at (its actually the other way around, connelly's gym is just a room in that building)
Get a friend to spar with, shoulder strikes only, learn to avoid and control the distance, if you want to add in jabs/crosses, make sure to hit only chest and use the same principle as point fighting in karate just to get better at distance management, this is done so you don't have to bear injuries from training.

No weak punches allowed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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