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File: 1838617904.jpg (144 KB, 1280x720)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Do we have Aikido practicioners here? have you ever had to use your skills outside of Dojo? how did you fare?
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I'm currently deciding between judo and aikido.
Should I do both or will I learn bad habits?
Lots of people do both, there is even something of a truism that aikido is where old judo players go out to pasture. That said, beginning two arts at the same time is probably a bad idea for several reasons, both time management and keeping them separate.
Is it normal to "test" a teacher?
I'm going to check out an aikido dojo later today and I want to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of an aikido move under normal conditions.
Happens all the time in every style. If you want to go out of your way to avoid seeming like a dick, schedule a private lesson. But otherwise, no one worth even a week's training with would care that you want to know you're at a good place.
Aikido is GREAT for learning stuntwork. The structure of training is designed for safe falls and compliant partner drills and looking good.

It has very little to offer in terms of grappling or combat sports. When people who are experienced in other combat sports are able to pull from Aikido something useful and incorporate it into their own style, that doesn't mean Aikido is valuable, it just means that practitioner has the ability to learn different things.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
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110 KB JPG
We discuss laser tag and laser tag related activities.
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I used to grapple my friends in laser tag, one of the advantages to a wrestler of playing inside with lots of corners to surprise people.
You vill NOT run climb jump or shout
jannies better clean this mess up the last thing we needed on a karate/bullshido forum is some pseudo /k/ shit kys fgt

newaza edition

Thread for judo (other jacketed wrestling styles welcome)

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2022

November 4-6 - Baku Grand Slam
December 3-4 - Tokyo Grand Slam

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2023

January 27-29 - Portugal Grand Prix
February 4-5 - Paris Grand Slam
February 17-19 - Tel Aviv Grand Slam
March 3-5 - Tashkent Grand Slam

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I'm not a hater but I understand why people don't like to watch him, he doesn't have good technique, it is average maximum. But, he constantly wins because of his huge size; if he was 5'10" he would be a recreational judoka. He was born with height though and he is using it to his advantage so I don't think there is anything wrong with it.
my throws suck ass
i'm going to stick to pulling guard forever
goodbye /judo/
>tfw plateauing
He's on the extreme high end of the heaviest weight division, which doesn't actually have a weight limit.

His wins are more due to being a massive man who can still manage to move somewhat athletically and while he obviously needs some technique to win, it's not that great and he seems to mostly win from penalties or a sloppy drag-down type of thing where he's just throwing his weight around. His Judo isn't relatable or relevant to anybody watching since everything he does relies on being a weight bully
bump limit reached

new thread:


File: 20230130_233721.jpg (2.63 MB, 4080x3060)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
My hands skin is fucked, it hurts and i cant climb as much as yesterday because of it. What should i do ?
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anyone assessing pulleys is a goofy little trolololo silly jester

you're being a bitch though just take a rest day after every climbing day and you'll adjust. Everyone goes through this and you will always have to manage skin as a climber
File: 1664681242734321.jpg (96 KB, 1024x1023)
96 KB
Stupid fucking nigger. Why did you feel the need to make this its own thread? Was /cg/ not enough for you? You just had to put your bitching on its own pedestal? Fucking leave and never return.
youre not gonna form callouses overnight, climb 1-2 times a week for a month or two until you can feel your skin getting stronger.
yes it will hurt, dont overdo it.
Use chalk and tape
Stop climbing before your skin breaks, it'll heal faster
Rest up. Your hands will become suitably calloused in time. With experience, you'll learn to rely less on your hands for climbing and more on your feet.
It's natural to cling on with your hands as a newbie, with practise you'll learn that your feet can support literally all of your bodyweight on the smallest of nubs - your hands are there often just to maintain posture by pinching protrusions on the wall (overhangs being an obvious exception.)

File: Polish_20230104_183125779.jpg (747 KB, 1920x1280)
747 KB
747 KB JPG
Which type of fist is better?
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left but put the thumb on the inside to protect it better
You're supposed to tuck your thumb
Both are wrong
when you wear boxing gloves
Correct. But also point your wrist downwards as much as you can.

What's the most painful thing you've ever experienced during a fight?
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accidentally got headbutted in the liver by a heavyweight wrestler
My testicles being squeezed in a full grown man's vice grip for like 30 seconds
This is hilarious. Especially if he squeezed AND twisted them.
Too bad they didn't let their woman do any testicular conditioning before being put into that situation am I right?
No, you aren't right retard. It's just hilarious that some faggot got his nuts squeezed in a fight lmao

Ok faggots, which martial art will teach me how to:
>take on multiple attackers
>break bones
>assassinations moves
Tired of people fucking with me, I want to teach any fuckwit that tries anything funny a lesson
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The Kame Style
Kali and firing range practice, pretty good assassin set up. John Wick Gun-Fu style.
> Implying martial arts aren't taught with weapons as well.
> Implying he's a retarded noob.
File: 324523454325342.gif (448 KB, 498x498)
448 KB
448 KB GIF
> America.
> Free country.
> Get arrested and thrown to fed prison for an "attempt" to rob a bank because you were constitutionally open carrying on the sidewalk of a bank.


File: radiojuggle2.png (507 KB, 1200x766)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
>What is Combat Juggling?

>Where do I get equipment for Combat Juggling?

>What are some examples of Combat Juggling in practice?


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Stupidest thing I've ever seen.
This is more retarded than chess boxing.
>Penn Jillette on commentary
I immediately cracked up

File: 3000.jpg (480 KB, 3000x2000)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
Olympic weightliting for Judo?

Has anyone tried this/knows of anyone who supplements their Judo with Oly Lifting (Or vice versa)? What was the carryover/results like?
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The basic movements are a hell of a lot harder to learn than a deadlift or a squat, but even if we're deciding that that doesn't count as "hard to learn" it still takes much more time to put heavy weight on oly lifts than more basic ones. Oly lifting is plain inefficient unless it's your focus. Power cleans are probably as far as a martial artist should take it. Or do the kettlebell variations.
They aren't that hard to learn. In a month of training 2x a week for 2hrs you can have the snatch and C&J movements learned, and then you can just keep training and add weight slowly.
I agree with most of these comments. Olympic lifting I think has a very low ROI. Even if you spend 36 hours to do a "passable" c&j you could have spent that 36 hours practicing judo. It's also unclear whether your progression in the snatch and c&j is due to what you want to be training (power) or technique. I recommend doing normal compound lifts for strength then instead of OWL movements do: jumps and other plyometrics, throws with medicine balls/sandbags/etc "speed work" with the barbell Westside style, inc jump squats
Just get Kettlebell Pilled and do olympic lifting at home high volume, high rewards, especially for Judo.
Only issue is not everyone has a sparring partner available 36h of the week or able to go the dojo every day, usually dojos run 3 times a week schedule.

File: 1z_1642606449.jpg (180 KB, 1218x684)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
How would you create a team fighting sport? For instance, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. What would the meta look like, at least initially? I bet it would infact be primarily striking since going to the ground would be an incredible risk.

For instance, maybe something like a scaled-down version of Russian stenka:

>The "wall-on-wall" fight (with anywhere from dozen to several hundreds participants) was performed strictly by rules and could go on for hours. Both "walls" had a chief fighter, who served as a tactician and a commanding officer. "Walls" themselves were tight straight formations 3-4 ranks deep. Repeated attacks were performed, aiming to push the opposing "wall" out of the game area. Basic tactics were used, such as breaching using heavy fighters (who were usually held in reserve), encircling, false retreat and others; but as a rule, tight wall formation never broke. Tactics also included battle planning.
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Then you might as well just have N individual fights and then just tally up the score. And if you have that why not just dispense with the scoring and teams entirely? Team fighting sounds interesting, like some old caveman fighting thing, but in reality fighting is an individual sport. Small scale hand to hand fighting has always been a one on one affair.
the team mates could still strategize on who to keep in play to give their team the best chance at winning. they could also try to do tactics like ganging up on the strongest guy of the other team in a blitz style at the start to get him out quicker, could be difficult to pull off, but its possible some interesting dynamics could be born of it. ive seen matches where it's 2v2 or 5v5 or so and yeah, as soon as one team loses one they've lost the whole fight. keeping the team numbers equal throughout is the only way to keep it competitive. though it might be interesting if they allow for some freak match ups like 3 fly weights vs 1 ngannou.
For the first mode the strategy is simple, keep the bigger and better team-mates in for longer, not a lot of thinking needs to go on. As for a few people ganging up on one fighter that won't work if there are equal people because putting all your attention on to one dude means you are super vulnerable as your back is turned, meaning you have like less than a second to do damage to one dude before your back gets taken and you lose. So that's why people fight one on one, because if they turn to face someone then they turn away from someone else.

So there really isn't a lot of strategy involved in team fighting because it's not like a relay, just a bunch of one on one fights. This makes team fighting a mostly pointless exercise.

If you really wanted a relay system then you could just have one fight going on and have team-mates tag in at certain points. So maybe you are a striker and someone gets on the ground, then maybe you tag in your grappler buddy to take things from there. But if you have either a finite number of tags or a cooldown between tags or a set tag order then there are constraints that you can actually build a strategy around. If you tag in the grappler and the other guy gets up then your grappler is facing a striker and so you might lose by KO etc.

Strategy requires constraints, and there really aren't any in an mma match, that's kind of the point, so teamfighting mma is kind of useless.
What if they gave each team a weight limit
Weight vs weight, teams can be pitted in uneven numbers as long as each participant falls under the allowed weight category, pankration rules other than no "stomps" on the grounded opponent or strikes to the back. Referee can call out any fighter that can't defend himself properly and has taken too many hits etc or gets bloodied out.

File: aikido.jpg (728 KB, 1500x998)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
How to beat an aikido master?
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How to lose to an aikido master?
1. Make your wrist limp
2. Give your hand to him
3. If he grabs it, do neck flip
Be a sistema sensei master
aikido isnt even a real martial art
The only way is to become a aikido master yourself

File: Camille.jpg (215 KB, 644x713)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>I would be camille balanche's saddle edition

Post real mtb qt 3.14s

> What good bike can I get for under $500?
a stolen bike. Possibly a newer used entry level hardtail but don't expect it to survive rock gardens, jumps, or drops. Or an older mtb which won't be as good as newer ones and will still have a front derailleur, but it'll be good enough.
> What good bike can I get for under $1000
Used hardtail
> What good bike can I get for under $2000?
New Hardtail
> What good bike can I get for under $3000?
Used full suspension
> What are the excellent value brands?
Marin, Commencal, Canyon, Polygon, YT, Propain, Kona, and many more. Sometimes the expensive brands have an excellent value bike

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It was definitely a lot harder to climb with them even though I downsized to a 30T chainring. My other bike also has a 10-50T garbaruk cassette in the back, but I'm using a 32T chainring.

I NEED to ride. I don't crash on my gravel bike but that bike might be too aggressive to be comfortable on my wrists. I'll do a short test ride this weekend and then maybe I'll do a road ride
New thread
I think the same, I haven't really explored too much besides my surrounding mountains. You went to italian side of mont blanc? Italian women are hot. I went to chamonix this summer without the bike, the northern mountain looks quite steep and looking at a mtb website there are several track that go down but were closed july and august due to tourist. On the southern one(mont blanc) there are quite alot of trails, also steep. Kilian bron rode there https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cel44DlKiah/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=. If you look down you lose.
File: PXL_20220811_141137234.jpg (2.37 MB, 4032x2268)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG

Yeah, this trail on the pic was really cool but I had to push/ride up a relatively steep trail to reach it (but I had an ebike). There seems to be a lift tho from the other side. I was in france mostly in pds so far (bikepark) but I'm interested in singletrails more now. (bikepark stuff gets kinda boring after a few years and since corona they tend to be too crowded for my taste)

>Italian women are hot.

don't tell me. I actually visited my italian crush in torino this august when I was going for montegenevre/briancon.
>45 in canuckbucks on a chain
yeh thats why i stick with 9s
>How poor are you
yes ts a 9s cassette deraillerur and shifter
>1-34 with an 11-50 is the problem.
doesnt seem to be, works fine for other people
i still havnt gotten chance to go to where my bike is stored rn and do the hanger alighnment
im pretty sure thats the issue, ive got the tool to straighten it now
this bike shifted like shit before i did anything to it btw, its actually way better now but still skips gears annoyingly
i have a feeling the aliexpress hanger replacement isnt straight either

File: th(1).jpg (22 KB, 401x225)
22 KB
Reminder for the manlets.
Size beats skills
20 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: tyson height.png (50 KB, 668x226)
50 KB
Reminder that size isn't just height. Tyson would be a manlet by 4chan meme standards.
Wasn't it a powerlifter? When did it change to be a bodybuilder?
File: manlet rage is real.webm (510 KB, 1280x720)
510 KB
File: Champ.jpg (78 KB, 422x616)
78 KB
>what is the super hluk tournament

File: biatlon.jpg (70 KB, 800x534)
70 KB

The tank biathlon is a mechanized military sport event held by the Russian military as part of the annual International Army Games. Inspired by the winter sport of biathlon, the sport emphasizes the complex training of tank crews including their rough terrain passing skills combined with the ability to provide accurate and rapid fire while performing maneuvers.[1] The Russian team has finished in first place, every year.
full training curriculum of ancient indian royal-warrior caste men.
I guess mixing horse-riding with wearing and armor is a bretty good way to build a very compact,wiry,mighty body? Archery and horse riding are difficult in themselves,imagine adding a heavy armor to those
Girls und Panzer irl

File: 1674936633388755.jpg (39 KB, 512x503)
39 KB
>BJJLet think the opponent will grapple with them instead of simply punching them in the nose

7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm afraid that fighting becomes the next made in chan incel personality
It would be an oxymoron, since nogs always want to fight anyone who comments anti-black shit on youtube, and nogs always claim to be alpha. If you can beat a nigga's ass, that nigga is now bitch made, and he becomes the beta in the dynamic. Might is always right
Right-wingers obsession with black men gayness just show their level of desperation
I would have said chad too, but white chads don't necessarily fight, they just play sports
>karatecuck thinks opponent will stop trying to grab them if they simply punch them in the nose

>Bjj fighter mostly knows chokes and joint locks but he knows it's not enough so he also know basic strikes and wrestling

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