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File: unknown.png (1.67 MB, 1200x900)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
post some cool ufc shit...
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Based digits speaking the truth here. GSP was the GOAT and some of these bitches are going to have to work WAY harder to even come close.
*loses to Poirier twice*
Frens, what are you looking forward to? I'm really eager to see Dustin vs. Charlie for the LW belt. Also can't wait to see Gaethje back in action.
I'm a bit confused as to what the UFC are doing with Stipe, he doesn't have a fight booked. Why wasn't he the one fighting Lewis or Gane? I would love to see Stipe vs Ngannou 3.
And for the record, I hope the UFC drops Jon Jones. Dude is a fucking scumbag and doesn't deserve any more sympathy.
I want to see Gaethje to know if he's all in on the backfoot game or if he can switch it up when needed.
I am right now waiting for something to happen on BW or FW. The most exciting divisions are dead at the top. Yan is fighting but it feels haphazard.
Jones is not getting cut, if only because the UFC is used to holding contracts like a grudge. Somehow DC is still trying to be the role model Jones never listens to.
Hello frens, I’m really excited for the next cards coming up. Covington vs Usman 2, Chandler vs Gaethje, Olivera title defense, and etc.

We need more MMA stuff here

File: test.jpg (256 KB, 1082x609)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
This is the basic ruleset for a game called pickaditch, which is sort of like actually quidditch but with javelins and breaking javelins with handled logs and thrown cabers.

I created a game I call Pickaditch The COmpeteitve Soort Version of the True History of The Dark Ages of Hogwarts.
Basically there are two groups of javelin throwers they throw 300 javelins each of four colors into a 250foot square arena from one side of square, and going counter clockwise twice then clockwise three times. Every rotation the teams consisting of 1-6 players throw 60 javelins. Once a pile of a color has been made it is chosen who gets what color. If there is a side at mathematical disadvantage they may take both of the weak colors and get one additional round of Beaters Every other rotation javelins with bobs on the ends of longer are thrown into chuff, flashing, or mounds. To qualify as flashing you need 3 groups of 4 javelins, for a mound you need 8 loose vectors with 6 javelins a piece, its all wooden javelins everyone wears boots broken javelins are worth 5 a piece if pile isn't broken through From the starting of the clockwise turns three caber logs of any size are thrown to break javelins a caber is thrown to break a pile if a continuos line can be drawn through the pile of only broken javelins shafts this is worth 500 points. and 200 points if the pile suffered a throughing. A bob stuck nowhere is worth 80 and for bobs stuck on bobs you get 80 then 800 then 8000 for snitching the pole. Once the bob breaks or it touches the ground no more points may be scored for bob shots. There may be different type of bobs used. with an extra zero for scoring a bob on top of a bob. Each bob has a turn color and they may not be thrown on top of each other before waiting a full turn, though they may be kept to throw later at once. Halfway through the game after the first clockwise rotation
Beaters are sent out with logs that can be wielded to bat at the javelins and break them in suits of metal armor, these logs they weild may even have handles on them. 20 points for a broken javelin, 2000 for a throughed pile getting gleaned, a side loses 10000 points for hitting down a bob. Cabers thrown succesfully may be rethrown
There is accompanied by also a system for magic play where people score points by throwing bobbed javelins and thhen they cast on it and bobs are thrown on top of that until the spells they stack up making houses temporarily that slytherin keeps gorse for pincushioning quickly, gryffindor keeps points for temporary lodgings taken down reasonably. Ravenclaw keeps wraith for wraith. Hufflepuff gets gorse for just playing. Technically while in other houses there is the everpresent danger that the picketeer could make you part of the landscape with ultima pikt. But ultimately only Hufflepuff truly views it and treats it as a game so they don't have to live the consequences like that. The more rickety something starts and the stronger it gets the more points it is worth. Ricket makers are called seeder who seed the field with ricket to be improved greatly. Leans are one of the harlbacks who adjust minutely the positions. Stalwarts make things strong and solid. And Snitchers defy normal proportion. Then they make neaphtali hoops through which mysticism must be cast to harvest neaphtali(the part nephilim stuff of choices and naphtali stuff of what things are). Once a pile is secured permanently it is considered Snitched and its first points value can be tallied. House founders are at benefit of their houses unless they build build a pikt or choose to not let the fountainhead Perfect Best Best Really Reasonable aspects of the created house naturally grow. Though Bloom may be entirely be cut off. Points are only scored in the Inception of a House after that they form Elf stone and in their third form they make Fountainhead

File: a_zorb-733232.jpg (125 KB, 576x864)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
How is your zorbing going
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How did they die though? They're protected by a giant bubble.
File: spooky zorb.jpg (196 KB, 768x326)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Hell yeah it's almost Halloween. I was thinking of getting this pumpkin zorb ball for trick or treating, it's only 700 bucks
They got really really dizzy
How're they gonna treat you though? Shoving you?
Can this be done safely? Would it have to be a dedicated zorb-zone? Or can you go down anywhere when expierienced?

File: 1633132176579.webm (1.45 MB, 240x320)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB WEBM
Does anyone know good books on learning Muay Thai or BJJ? I'm interested in learning some basics so when I finally can join a class I'll be a bit more knowledgeable / have an asier transition.

Some information BJJ dummy a punching bag and floor mats.
youtube videos would probably be better than a book.
Drill to Win is awesome, since you guys don't nearly drill enough anyway. The Bas Rutten books are ok.

Don't really know any REALLY FUCKING good books on martial arts though, most are shit desu and I read a lot of them.
Drill to win looks great, a bit pricey but great.

As for Bas Rutten looks like he specializes in TKD might check it out.

Thanks anon.
Just join a gym honestly.

File: HotDog eating.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Hot dog eating should be an Olympic Sport.

File: Nora.jpg (50 KB, 544x544)
50 KB
Nora's crotch edition

You're never too old/fat to skate.
Skateboarding is 90% mental 10% physical. You're never too old to sprain your cankles.
Skatepark Etiquette: Don't piss behind the quarterpipe
Trick Tip: go faster to avoid wheelbite
Beginner Tip: put your trucks on a new board one at a time. keep your front in the front and back in the back
Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8hXK2W17ak

Thread Question: What do you think Nora's undies smell like after a four hour skate session?

old thread
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This part was SICK.
I respect those guys for their skills (can't really play guitar but know enough about it to appreciate what they're doing), but you get what I mean. It's not even hate from me, just boredom. I used to draw a lot and thought photorealism and Great Master era painting was the best...but then you see 9001 technically amazing paintings and feel nothing any more, where some amateurish art work that expresses something more exciting or relatable or just interesting still holds your attention. Often it's something normies like too because they retain their sense of taste where spergs don't.
What can you do to start getting on top of the coping for grinds? I feel like when I bring my back truck up I can feel it slip out and I suck at locking it in
just gotta stand up on it if that's what you're aiming for. you can't really cheat it. obviously you should probably have axle stalls on lock, and just aim to do an axle stall but come in at an angle so when you get on the coping you're actually grinding instead of just stalling on the top. if you suck at locking in i don't even know why you're trying to grind out a 50-50.

Is skydiving a good idea if I want to cure my fear of heights?
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Climbing is probably the easiest and cheapest. Start on gym boulders, learn to belay, do outdoor etc. You fall so iften you get used to it. At that point fear of heights should be pretty much gone. Weird thing is I still get nervous about 3m diving board but have no problem jumping off the top of a 5m bouldering wall on to mats. I guess the diving board feels too spindly and weak or something.
I'd try parasailing. Any beach/coastal town will have many parasailing rides. A lot more cheaper and relatively more safer. Plus the experience is gentle as opposed to skydiving
skydiving doesnt really feel high. Climbing, abseiling and bungee do.
File: hold on.gif (560 KB, 320x200)
560 KB
560 KB GIF
>OP pic
Is she wearing a strait jacket or is she a nugget?
nugget looks like

File: rideproud.jpg (208 KB, 1000x1000)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Ride Proud Edition!

Droppers, forks and brakes, that's what really matters in life!
Also most of us are all over at >>>/n/ because that's the proper cycling board.
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I go every week and it's a gamble. I've gone 3 days after it rains and it's all hero dirt, I've gone 2 weeks after it rains, it's still all slick mud, then I go in the middle of summer when it hasn't rained in half a year and it's really hot, and it's wet and slick because it was unexpectedly foggy one morning the week before.
So I'll just keep riding because it's better to ride in the mud than to not ride at all.
What bike is that?
File: signal-2021-10-19-111258.jpg (839 KB, 1536x2048)
839 KB
839 KB JPG
i ride a Propain Spindrift 2019 and a Dartmoor 26 Player 2021(i bought it used and it had a shitty fork, looking to upgrade for a pike dj) but i had a bad chrash at a bad shaped double and broke one of my vertebreas and almost got paralysed. so this season is over for me. i am kinda scared that i will fear bigger jumps now or that my had will act up when riding up to them. it doesnt help that i only ride for a very short time but i hope it will be alright. Our local community is really strong so i dont doubt they will help me back on track. Pic related is my freeride bike
>broke one of my vertebreas and almost got paralysed
Shit anon, were you wearing any protection?
I'm in love with the looks of that bike, get well


What martial arts should I learn if I'm a weeb? Idk MMA stuff at all but I am a huge weeb and my hobbies are juggling and lifting weights and working hard and circus stuff.

Also I was watching soke anshus videos a transgender ninjitsu master and I love them she's inspired me to learn MMA
170 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Based and secure in one’s sexuality pilled
Go full jidai geki on motherfuckers.
Closest thing we have to fight club without literally pounding hobos in back alley.
Only rule : match lasts until you hit other dude twice after announcing where you hit him, everything else is allowed.

Why learn dumb dance like aikido when you can learn better moves with capoeira and also get all the gyarus.
This looks really fucking lame.
crap bait
dude just find random romanians and throw them with your new found jap autism

>van Steenbergen
>Szymon Godziek
Who ya got?
Van Steenburg just threw the biggest front flip ever and then ate shit on the very next jump
What is this and where can i watch it
Red Bull Rampage, biggest MTB event of the year
All available on https://www.redbull.com/us-en/live/red-bull-rampage-2021
Cool thanks.
They put the whole replay on youtube as well.

File: 1623797257646.jpg (16 KB, 230x232)
16 KB
I bought one a week ago and I'm doing 8 minute solves
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Does anyone else cube while they're studying/listening to lectures?
There's something about keeping my hands busy that helps me think as autistic as it sounds
Yes, it is really autistic
also yes, i did that a lot back in school
>one hand blind folded
>having eyes in your hand
I tried it out. Realized it's not really about solving the thing without knowing the procedure, more about solving it quickly and/or with the fewest steps. Lost interest.
>without knowing the procedure
once you learn f2l, there is no procedure for the first 2 layers. You do them intuitively and I like doing them the most desu. I wish there was an intuitive method for solving the last layer too

File: 1077574.jpg (82 KB, 1000x1000)
82 KB
Guess where I'm going to put the 4 needles and on what platform

File: z0jpw1obt1r61.png (245 KB, 519x676)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
How many of the conspiracy's listed on this chart are actually true?
120 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
"Human weapon" did an episode on israeli krav maga. It absolutely is the same combatives shit.
There's a pedo problem in martial arts in general but like >>67373 says the triangle symbol is coincidental. The people who say that BJJ is a secret pedo cult will also tell you that the @ symbol was made standard in email protocol as a secret pedo spiral signal (yes really).
>Gracies fixed fights - dunno but ufc
>1 was to give an opportunity for all the gi chokes
I think this rumor goes back to Ken's claim of being gi choked in UFC 1. It's hard to see from the fight camera but it was a rear naked. The positioning is really weird with Royce off to the side like that, not an orthodox back take by any means. But he's not grabbing his sleeve or lapel. Ken also claimed that he was choked out by a belt at one point, so he's clearly just spitballing excuses.

This rumor has snowballed into people occasionally claiming that Royce used tons of gi chokes during his UFC run. He in fact only has two gi submissions in his entire career. Both of them occurring during UFC 2 and both of them being lapel chokes using his opponent's lapel. He fought a judoka and karateka that tournament who both opted to wear a gi.
I admire the creativity of the person who managed to write this complete gibberish but, at the same time, hints of making sense

File: youtube-video-gif.gif (3.39 MB, 240x135)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB GIF
would you do this for $100

I know I would
I cant backie flat takeoffs yet, but when I can id do it for free
File: Madagascar.png (179 KB, 598x358)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
I've done corbets before, but I guess that's childs play compared to this.

File: bwc.jpg (52 KB, 1119x629)
52 KB
Is this the ultimate extreme sport?

>spain wins
The game was rigged from the start
el peruANO pelotudo

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