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I've had 10+ concussions and am super sensitive to head injuries these days.
I've always wanted to try martial arts but can't risk getting hit in the head.
Is there any discipline with near zero head injury risk?
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BJJ is useless without learning how to do takedowns.
Judo is pretty good if you have a decent instructor that will teach breakfalls
Try the internal martial arts, they're like a more metal version of Yoga if you find a good teacher. Best endorphin rush I ever had. Don't believe people who describe Tai Chi as "gentle low impact exercise". The more you relax, the more intense it is. I imagine it's the same for bagua and xingyi. You will get quads of steel.

Sparring is not so common in these arts but the discipline is real.
Yep. But OP doesn't get to fight because he has brain problems. He'll have to be content with guard pulling BJJ comps.
Go for taekwondo or kyokushin or shotokan karate

those don't have punches in the head and you won't be knocked out that easily in training

File: images (1) (7).jpg (27 KB, 556x551)
27 KB
Would having experience in kyokushin and kung fu help me learn boxing?
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This is what I kinda thought thanks anon

I was gonna anyway no matter what anyone said here. Just was asking a question that's all

Thats why I quit kyokushin. Kung fu class I did was actually abit of improvement from that. They actually did some sparring. Downside was we couldn't use everything we learnt while sparring because alot of techniques were "to deadly" to spar with which narrowed down everything to just striking anyway. Also got sick of doing forms where we couldn't even pressure test what we were learning.
basically with boxing you just have to learn to guard high, bob and weave and use footwork.
Was sparring basically tuishou sometimes and sanda?
Little more like sanda
What kind of a kung fu school did you go to that didn't teach you tuishou? I mean I understand most people would view it as a waste of time and space in training schedule but its a decent drill to understanding the feel of another person's balance in wrestling situations.

Are dutch and japanese kickboxing the same, except japanese kickboxers tend to have karate background?
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Dutch kb is infamous for no pads, no holding back, and not being able to utter the phrase "light training" in any language. It's great for an experience, but there's a reason no one does that much.
The way their schools operate just look into it, lmao.
That's because the Dutch can't spend hours each day doing pad work and drills like Thais in training camps can. Most Dutch kickboxers have to work a job while putting in as much gym time; hence they focus on fundamentals, conditioning, and hard sparring to make-up for their lack of experience and ring time.
>can't spend hours
>putting in as much gym time
Dutch CTE on full display
Well yeah. Mike's Gym is the best example of how wrong this is.

Lucien Carbin and the way he trains his stable is what Dutch Kickboxers should be. Very slick combos and feints as well as devoting time for clinchwork. He has them spar, but only after devoting time on pads and bags.

Hello, I've been training since March, and while some months I've been more consistent with my training than others, I typically train at least 3-4 times a week. Recently, I had my third sparring session, and I have another one scheduled for tomorrow against someone from a different gym. I'd appreciate any tips you could offer. I wore a gray shirt during my last sparring session, and I'm aware that I didn't perform well. I struggled with ducking, clinching, and had little to no head movement, but was just feeling unusually tired and my throat was hot and the flow of air was so hot for some reason.

Here's the sparring, I am in the gray shirt. Slightly taller.

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Since this is /general/
How do I identify a "good gym", as a complete layman? I want to get into the sport, but since I am a novice I don't know what to look out for in terms of gym/instructor quality.
Find a place that prepares it's students for actual fights/tournaments. They don't have to put out Olympic level boxers but any half decent gym will produce fighters that at least compete locally.
But honestly, this isn't something you have to worry much about with boxing compared to bullshido arts -it's one of the benefits of taking up boxing, you're almost guaranteed to be learning something legitimate.
Just make sure you're not going to a "cardio boxing" class or something, which have become increasingly popular the last couple of years. But their usually advertised as such, so it's not really a problem if you pay attention.
Hands too low, elbows flared, not throwing enough combinations. Very little head movement. You need to stay closer to your opponent if you're going to threatening straight punches, that you opponent was shorter, mostly throwing hooks and completely controlling the distance just shouldn't happen. Too many lead straight rear hands from too far away, which let your opponent slip and counter easily, head movement or higher hands help here. Leaves the body open but I didn't see either of you throw to the body. You have your weight over your front foot then you're leaning when you throw, which throws you off balance and makes your recovery slow. Learn to check hook against a charging opponent, and to tuck your head to your opponent's shoulder in a clinch.

Keep it up.
You probably need to be throwing with you hips and shoulders more.
I injured my right hand's wrist pretty badly yesterday while doing mitt work. My coach was empahzising on throwing powerful hooks and he doesnt just hold the pads, he swings them. Now my hand is kind of fucked and I have a small competition tomorrow. I think I'll still be able to just use jabs though. Hopefully it will heal by tomorrow
Anon you did better than what I imagined you were going to do based on how you described the spar.

File: 1692639079065.jpg (42 KB, 588x522)
42 KB
Do you guys gatekeep certain techniques or strategies that work for you from your club?

Example, I have this document on grip-fighting (Judo) that allows me to dominate everyone in this aspect. Not sure if I should share it or not.
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More often than not when I share a genuine piece of experienced based information some nofights will tell me how I'm wrong. So not gatekeepeing but pearls before swine and all that
That often happens with something fairly simple too. Like some disengagement that you don't see much because it doesn't score points, or feint gaming, etc.
Yeah it's the peak of Mt. Stupid meme.
The opposite. I was so open with everything I know that my gymmates would ask me for advice instead of our coach. He even confronted me about it, and I'm like well shit man they ask me questions and I answer them, tf you want me to do?
Actually it's the opposite for me. My club gatekeeps techniques from us and I learn the real techniques by watching Youtube.
Then I start using the real techniques in class and the instructor is like wtf.

Not sure if this is supposed to go on /xs/ or /sp/, but what do you think of the sport? All I see on here is HEMA.

I'm trying to get into it and I'm looking to pick up some gear. I probably want to fence Epee. Any recommendations? The club has gear, but a lot of it is gross and sometimes not working, especially for left handed stuff.
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the get for the foil...
You're both right. You're correct that there are heaps of fat cringey retards fencing oly, Anon is correct that at the moment HEMA is a stronger attractor for blubbermonsters. Doesn't mean that *none* of them end up on oly now but it's true that we're avoiding some of the worst trannies and fatbeards thanks to the HEMA filter.
I had my first session today. It was fun, but they only run once a week. Is that enough to get good? I intend to practice footwork on my own but I can't really do much else.
I'm thinking of going with foil or maybe sabre for my weapon.
1x a week is eh. Do 2/3x minimum when starting out if you can.
>I intend to practice footwork on my own but I can't really do much else.
Hang a tennis ball on a bit of fishing line and stab it as it swings about.

File: front by anon.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB WEBM
Parkour thread.

Where are you at with your training? How have you been working around the limits of weather and lockdowns? How much do you apply the utilitarian Hébertist mindset of being strong to be useful to your training routines?

Freerunners can post, too. Maybe even gymnasts and trickers if you don't get your own thread up and running.

original thread >>1236
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File: basketchad.gif (209 KB, 500x500)
209 KB
209 KB GIF
parkour circumvalation ...Is there anyone who has done this\tried this? I think I just invented the concept; travelling the world, or a country, or a big distance (300KM or more) but abiding to certain rules\regulations such as: Only moving in handstand pose, or doing long jumps, or rolling or doing backflips. Every time you come across a monkey gym in a public park, spend 30 minutes doing calisthenics.
How can we create a formal challenge\set of rules for this? I think it could be a pretty fun challenge
I haven't paid attention to "the scene" in years but traceurs used to tour locations with famous obstacles (e.g. a particular gap or set of stairs known for its difficulty or for being iconic in parkour) and clear them. What you're describing sounds more like those exercise circuits they put in public parks but bigger:

a song for the older traceurs here

Damn this guy has to be the best freerunner rn. The trick at around 2 min mark was insane imo. Also noticed that Ed scott didn't place this year for style at spl omg
File: parkour stance.jpg (219 KB, 999x1500)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Besides the traditional gym pants, harem pants, and shorts, do you guys have any pants that you like for parkour? I'd like to figure out something that looks normal enough but fits comfortably and facilitates good movement. Best solution I've thought of so far is getting something a couple of waist sizes too large and having a tailor bring it in for baggy legs and a tight waist. Looking at the Duluth Foreman Pants right now but I'm not 100% sold on them.

File: downloadfile.png (238 KB, 368x576)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
In a fight what matters more shoulder or height?
Weight. This is why there's no such thing as shoulder classes.
There should be height classes though its more feasible for a lighter guy to beat up a guy his size vs a taller guy because of reach difference. Closing in is the hardest part of a fight.
height is a factor but when people say "big" they're talking about body mass
like a 5'6" caveman is going to be more powerful than a 6'2" lanklet

Thread for Judo (other jacketed wrestling styles welcome)

>Discussion starter
Who do you think is the cutest judoka?

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2023
August 18-20 - Zagreb Grand Prix
September 22-24 - Baku Grand Slam
October 20-22 - Abu Dhabi Grand Slam
December 2-3 - Tokyo Grand Slam

328 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
okay, weeb
>I don’t know why people started using it like this in the west, they don’t do it in Japan.
You've never been to a Judo or Kyo dojo in nipland, have you? They 100% "Osu" all the time.
This anon here >>166951

How many weekly hours is it necessary to git real gud? I've found one place that's fairly convenient and looks good, but it'd only give me 4.5h/week and another that didn't look that impressive, but I could train there comfortably 6h/week and maybe even push 7.5h if I felt like it.

The more work you can put into it the faster you'll git gud ofc, but also intent matters dont just "show up"
I'm asking more about if quantity or quality has thr greatest impact. Is a lot of training at an OK place better than not that much but at a really good school? Of course I'd be making full use of every second I'm there.

File: 8209502466_5551a77c17_k.jpg (732 KB, 2048x1677)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
Charlie's in the Trees Edition

Old Thread: >>158937

Keep strictly real-steel related topics in >>>/k/, gun and gear porn's cool as long as you don't spam.

If you have a useful guide or want to rework one for the OP, post it and someone will add it to the next one.

>Updated Newbie pastebin

>/asg/ retailer guide

>Legal comprehensive, crosscheck with your local laws to be on the safe side

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: me fr.jpg (681 KB, 1920x1080)
681 KB
681 KB JPG
Biggest problem with the P90. Those retard mags
that's what I mean, those mags will still be a pain to carry
>30 rounder in an M16A1 for Nam
any reccomendations for good varied surplus stores that might ship to the uk? nearly every one ive found is 90% dpm/mtp/plain colours or full of dogshit repros

Could firefighter be an extreme sport???
>be me volunteer firefighter
>responding to structure fire
>me and all the dudes blasting 80's rock in the brush tanker
>we pull up, huge ass barn fire
>fucking realize there's a horse still in the barn tied up
>country kid, connects his pack and runs in to get rescue the horse(mind you were kinda not supposed to save them, this is a barn from the '60s, very rundown very large, full of dry horrible wood. Could collapse very easily)
>im hooking the tanker up to the pond, when I see country kid running as fast as I've ever seen him run, with 2 cats in hand
>horse comes running behind him
>horse keeps chasing him
>my face when this horse that's chasing my friend, as he just saved it
>few minutes later, barn collapses
>fires out after quite the fight as some embers blew apon a bale stack

that was pretty extreme if you ask me, and like my friend ran a good bit that night, with all his gear.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I imagine watching people crawl through a purpose made burning structure to rescue a dummy could be interesting. What would be the real difference between that and parkour tournaments though? You might say the fire but the participants would be wearing fire retardant anyway so it's kind of not.
>retard doesn’t know what a sport is
>”is this an extreme sport????”
>I imagine watching people crawl through a purpose made burning structure to rescue a dummy could be interesting
Have you ever done or watched people do this type of training? I promise you it’s not.
I have actually watched it done at a training school, nothing was on fire though.
If they have those skills competition events like military and certain police divisions do, that would probably count.
Guy risked his life to save a fucking horse? Did anyone bonk him in the head back at HQ for being an idiot?

File: 1694719177584183.png (285 KB, 680x723)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
I want to learn wrestling couse my grandfather was a wrestler but I'm skinnyfat and autistic and I'm afraid I'm just gonna embarres myself.
Everyone’s embarrassing when they start. No excuses, just do it
Lift moar
You're a soijak poster. You're already a embarrassment.
Start wrestling. When you notice you get better at it do some compound movements In the gym like squat, deadlift, hip thrust or powerclean. Remember to pick wrestling over weight training tho.
>I'm just gonna embarrass myself.
That's combat sports in general for all of their first year or two, all of them are
>people teach you about what pain is and about how bad you are at preventing them from hurting you

After that though? You get to do the same to all the newbies and normies in your life, for the rest of your life. If that deal sounds worth it to you, stick with it.

File: hug.jpg (102 KB, 1200x900)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General
Welcome home, son edition


Belt Checker

Previous thread

Thread question: If someone throws a punch in a roll, what's the correct response?
315 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
>he actually believes he’s going to sell 500 tickets at 40 dollars to have people watch him have a BJJ match in a brewery
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Holy fuck anon, thanks for the laugh. I hope you’re not investing your own money into this venture.

Migrate when ready
Already ran it 12 times ya putz
literally laughed out loud
>mounted triangle
>danaher closed guard

File: 1695148411910188.jpg (53 KB, 558x558)
53 KB
>train Jiu Jitsu at JJ/BJJ gym
>all the men who train Jiu Jitsu are fat and out of shape and old (including my skinnyfat DYEL-ass)
>everyone who trains BJJ are all mid 20's shredded dudes
Is the steroid culture just really prominent in BJJ or should I make the switch?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
have you tried training more than you eat anon?
JJ schools are archaic, and most are not teaching practical skills. Do BJJ or combat JJ if you want to learn something
Japanese Ju Jutsu is fag nerd shit like Aikido, BJJ is the ground game of MMA
I was going to say the exact same thing. It's not a real martial art, that's why the participants are out of shape.
In addition to what's been said, as more and more wrestlers have moved into it post high school/college, the general level of conditioning rose both passively from their existence, and actively to keep up with the new blood.
>steroid culture just really prominent in BJJ
Yes, adcc is the premier tournament everyone is striving for and steroids aren't illegal in it so there's no reason not to do it

File: 1694964815550047.jpg (150 KB, 1392x783)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
The weak should fear the strong.
I don't see why people care so much about women's sports. Maybe striking because bone density disparities can result in severe injuries but in grappling this is just experience. Also I guess this technical makes BJJ straight for once.
it's not womens sports in particular, its society being forced to restructure itself to accommodate a fetish
the guy lost albeitthoughever

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