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File: download.jpg (11 KB, 299x169)
11 KB
Will Slater surf in Tokyo? edition
>Any summer surf plans?
>Opinions on competition structure?
>Anyone surf Tsurigasaki beach?
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There's not plenty of black people surfing. It's like one in 10 thousand surfers are black lol.

The blacks just aren't adapted to being around the ocean or the water in general, no point trying to encourage them to do it for the sake of diversity. Just let them do what they are good at and kill each other in tribal wars or gang fights.
I don't surf because I'm afraid of sea creatures, but I'm glad there's a surfing thread, I honestly thought that this was a dead sport that was only being kept alive by oldies that couldn't let go of their glory days.
bruh, i'm in portugal now, buncha hot young dtf chicks are surfing here (or "learning to surf") british, german, canadian, all very young
I'm seriously contemplating doing my surf instructor certificate solely to fuck young internationals that are on surfing vacation.
I got up on a board for the frst time at 26 yo.
I'm 43 and getting pit everyday.

File: 676542345.jpg (113 KB, 900x900)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
please tell me im not the only one who swears his name has always been Mike Valley
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File: 56757546.jpg (21 KB, 474x474)
21 KB
>please tell me im not the only one who swears his name has always been Mike Valley
That's Inglederb Vallelacious
In 2005, I fucked Mike V on the train tracks behind a Ross Dress for Less. Man, his ass could grip. Real tight, not a hair on it, and a sphincter you could only dream of. I had fun at first. But he was so weirdly macho about it. He kept saying things like "thats right bitch, am I gonna make you nut?" and "fucking fag I bet you can't wait to bust in my fat hairy man ass hahaha faggot". I just ignored him and kept railing. He continued unironically calling me his bitch and a fag as he had several hands free prostate orgasms spilling seminal fluids onto the train tracks, getting more angry and dominant after each one. "Yea i bet you like dudes. You look like a pussy" he'd say "I cant even feel your limpdick bitch." I just kept clapping, wondering wtf is up with him. After about 20 minutes of railing Mike's boypussy, drenched in sweat and his cream, I finally got a nut off despite his constant berating and degrading comments. He immediately hopped off, laid flat on his back and bent his legs over his head so the cum dripped out of his asshole directly into his mouth. "The fuck you looking at? You like this gay boy?" He kept saying. After he got every last drop. He cackled like a rooster and punched me in the face as hard as he could. He nearly broke his hand, but I was fine. "Fucking fag" he said as he limped off into the sunset, shaking his wrist. That was the first and last time I fucked Mike V on the train tracks behind the Ross Dress for Less
Yeah, cool story, bro.
nope vallely.
>Man, his ass could grip. Real tight, not a hair on it,
>I bet you can't wait to bust in my fat hairy man ass hahaha faggot"

fucking liar cant even keep your story straight for more than 3 sentences.

got myself a 30EUR woodie in a shop and each time i went "trying" I've felt making some progress.

also: it's pretty fun and rather straightforward. run fast, drop, step, go wheeeee. And the "really good" locals on the beach are very down to earth. no mystical up it's ass vibe surfing has

does anon skimboard? discuss
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Sometimes in the summer I like to go to the beach near me and go skim boarding. Can't surf on LM and can only body board on windy days so it's pretty popular.
i've never seen anyone do anything cool on a skimboard. i don't get the point.

i looked up some videos of pros and it seems like you're supposed to skim in and get a 1/2 second ride off of a beachbreak, but i've lived near the beach my whole life and never seen anyone do that.
>i've never seen anyone do anything cool on a skimboard

i'm in Portugal now, seen some dudes with epoxy skimboards doing wraps/carving a bit pretty consistently.

Also some flatland skate stuff like shoves/spins in air are a thing. Check this dude out for wave skimboarding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldMEWIOl2FY&ab_channel=SkidKids and that crazy kid who does his "urban skimboarding" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwYNqqeAM94&ab_channel=AdrienRaza. I do it because it's easy to "pick up and start", initial investment is cheap (as long as you're living by the beach) and it feels fun. There're still places one can take this whole concept too, so hop on, anon, you might like it enough to become the next big dude
I saw this little schmuck in Hawaii doing frontflips off the waves he was hitting. Was wild
my wooden 30$ board seems like it's overstayed his welcome, i'm seriously thinking bout buying something more advanced

Down hill kino
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File: street luge.webm (2.8 MB, 480x360)
2.8 MB
is this some kind of ai controlled drone? looks like he's summoning it back to him at the end
Those bigass French mass-start races will be happening again soon, right?
Yes, MoH, the Mega, Derby de Chamrousse and Maxi. I was thinking of doing the MoH but I'll not be in france in July and the Derby of Chamrousse this year was supposed to be in April(with snow) but ecologist n!ggers whined and wanted to stop mtbing in the mountain. They failed but now it'll be in july. Did the chamrousse 2021 without snow, it was pretty good, and tiring. That was when I convinced myself I needed an damper upgrade for the MoCo on the Yari. Absolute shit
Why didn't you say that in the first place, ESL-kun?

Can we talk about archery here? I wanna talk about archery.
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What's the athletic component to archery like? Do you have to do weight training to pull or is shooting enough to build up the strength?
>is shooting enough to build up the strength?
Shooting is how you train the very specific back and forearm muscles necessary to shoot bows well. Most basic weight training programs do not really target the muscles required. Most people start at around 25 pounds in draw weight and gradually increase the draw weight as they get stronger. Never go up in draw weight if pulling the bow with proper form is a struggle. Form is your foundation and the most important part of being a good archer.
What does /xs/ think about backquiver?
Awful. Particularly if you have long arrows
I like Lars but it pisses me off that he almost never shoots further than 10 yards
If there was one way to 'pwn da pros' it would be nailing all his crazy stunts at 70m.

File: unnamed.jpg (208 KB, 900x900)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Get in here gentlemen
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>Agreed. I guess running away is classified as 'aggression' now.
Reminds me of that Chesty Puller quote
>"Retreat? We're just attacking from a different direction"
>supposed to happen if you get put on the the deck?
nothing . you have to get off it which might be difficult for some robots. you can stuck on the screws and sides like blip.

The bot whisper was saying the real issue is its (1) reducing the size of arena proper which has resulted in more kinetic hits and knockouts and damage , more fighting less driving/avoiding
(2) When spinners get driven into corners boxes they hit off wall damaging themselves
the raised box is a horizontal spinner killer
the corners are traps for them.
Pete's trying to spin it as making fights more exciting but really it just fucks horizontals. The corners are miserable and as a driver you can't see very well into the opposite corner. You can see the results of this more than once, a good example is hydra not flipping tantrum while in that corner because he wasn't sure he was fully underneath.
Battlebots is going to shrink or remove it for next season because almost all of the builders hate it in it's current form.
pour one out for my lil nigga blip
12 hours of robot combat. this month's tournament premiered a bunch of new meme bots.


How can I train MMA/boxing at home? None of my gyms had punching bags so I had to buy one and the closest MMA gym is four hours away
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Oops didn't mean to tag >>96221
your reading comprehension is garbage
>How can I train MMA/boxing at home?
What is your goal in doing this?
Because if it's to become a decent fighter or martial artist while training solo with no formal training then you will certainly fail completely and totally.

Martial arts can't be learned alone at home.
It be like trying to learn to ride a horse without a horse.
You could try finding someone near you in the same boat and see if you can arrange a meet up. Assuming you both have the gear needed to spar. I have had to do this before but honestly it is extremely hit/miss. Sometimes that's just the hand you're dealt. However contrary to what this turd...
Has to say, it is possible to become a decent fighter with only solo training. Assuming you're going really hard with your conditioning/training. But that is compared to the average population. Most people have zero training of any kind so even solo stuff puts you way ahead of the curve. Martial Arts absolutely can be learned at home and alone, many have been designed with that kind of practice in mind. What that dink does not know is that many martial arts throughout history were created to deal with some type of oppressive authoritarian force and were practiced in secret & alone a great deal of the time. That is why so many different styles developed katas/forms/etc. Your biggest disadvantage is going to be that you are not used to getting hit and you're not getting the advanced reflex training you would from sparring. Even still there are a lot of solo training methods to help with that.
Insults and assertions don't change the facts.
You can not learn how to fight without fighting. You can't fight by yourself.
There have never been any martial artist of note who did not have some sort of formal training and zero fighters who exclusively trained solo.
And no, that isn't what kata/forms were developed for at all. Have you seriously never picked up a book before on the subject?
They were developed mainly as a easy way of teaching stuff to many people at once. They had nothing to do with "oppressive authoritarian force and were practiced in secret & alone a great deal of the time", and they were never made to be learned without being taught by a experienced instructor/teacher.

The person who teaches himself has a fool for a master.

File: 1643381795153.png (876 KB, 1023x1024)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
Back to the 90s Edition

Old Thread: >>87190

Keep strictly real-steel related topics in >>>/k/, gun and gear porn's cool as long as you don't spam.

If you have a useful guide or want to rework one for the OP, post it and someone will add it to the next one.

>Updated Newbie pastebin

>/asg/ retailer guide

>Legal comprehensive, crosscheck with your local laws to be on the safe side

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Survey: How often do you play and is it Saturday or Sunday?
Pretty much every weekend, and games here are 9/10 times on sundays
I play around once a month and my local field alternatives Saturday or Sunday games. Night games are always Saturdays though.
Sunday usually
>Finally I can go to big 1000 player events again after two years of covid
>First monkeypox quarantine ordered in EU
Fuck fuck fuck

File: crash_meme.jpg (110 KB, 697x412)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
The moment just before the crash.
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She surrendered, had to pay a 1200€ fine + 1€ to the UNCP.
What makes this even more retarded is she is looking directly at him as she walks into him.

I swear women bleed out brain cells along with their periods.

lol this is deliberate. how can you be so fucking retarded.
>6 weeks until first anniversary
>6 weeks and three days until the next Tour

Did they start that early last year?

from 14 to 18 I was super into skating. i would go out in the morning and come back at night. the feeling of learning a new trick was the best shit ever. i never got that good, but i was decent. around 19 years old i started noticing something about skateboarding culture - it started to seem like a fashion show. it seemed most skaters spent just as much time buying skate clothes than actually skating (if not more). this also coincided with the bizzare fact that skateboarding clothes were becoming extremely expensive. i realized people were spending $200AUD on a pair of pants.
so now I'm confused about skateboarding as a whole. is the whole thing just about looking cool. when we do tricks is it just so that we can feel cool when we do it? no other sport has so much emphasis on clothing, it's so embarrassing that we care about it so much.
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I get if it's a small brand/store, but not if it's a huge corporation that you can find in every Journeys in the mall
>you can just dress like a normie and go to your local with other normies
lol you're such a loser
im saying it's perfectly fine and i mean that. skating is more about just skating for most people.
usually the best skaters wear the shittiest clothing, because if you truly care about skating you dont care about your apearence, look at al these pinterest and tiktok "skatevibe" thirst traps and compare them to pros from kind of the road or hall of meat and youll notice something

File: images (5).jpg (20 KB, 489x627)
20 KB
Slaps your sportfus ass, ¿what now?.
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File: file.png (675 KB, 640x766)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
Missing the GOAT
Maybe in your matriarchal commie shithole. Where I live at least, him laying hands on my woman is causus belli to blow him the fuck away. It’s already assault, all she has to do is say “I feared for my life”.
80s made the clean-cut look fashionable again, and anyone who’s become an adult since the 90s has been too low T to grow a moustache and not look like a faggot
File: 1608598429569.png (478 KB, 708x600)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
come on now, anon

File: 1 (20).jpg (213 KB, 1600x900)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
How did it feel?
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Yet the only parts of the middle east that aren't unlivable shitholes are the countries that treat women like human beings.
>I’m 41

If I still post here at 40 remind me to kill myself
And which countries are that exactly. I'm holding back my daughter just waiting for you to say something absolutely retarded.

All I want is just one board without simps
How come every time there's a man against a woman, it's unanimous support for the woman and everyone screams if she gets an advantage?

Do we break our arms cheering for some dude in a knitting competition?

And how come if the guy wins everyone acts like it was just a net loss for everyone?

File: 20210202_134744_HDR.jpg (2.41 MB, 4160x2080)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB JPG
Skateboard poast
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Keeping this thread alive, le bump
You have killed the thread.
Your post was the final one before autosage.
And it was still far from page 10.
goodnight my sweet child
this board

whats up my homies? any ww paddlers here? just got back from a river trip , class V Bottom Moose in NY state

One of these chicks is a champion kickboxer. Can you identify which one?
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Pregenante cause death
>it's so rare to find someone who knows what she loves and dedicates herself to it
why would i give a fuck about that, honestly it's off putting kek, she's probably some kind of mental midget, if not she'll soon be from getting her skull bashed in by negroid mongrels everyday
>yo this whore loves sucking cock and dedicates herself to it, so rare!
Pulling out is a single digit IQ method of birth control.
>noo not the violence, it's bad 4 u
Why are you even on /xs/, you whiny coward? Spectator bitch niggers go on /sp/.

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