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File: kkk.png (163 KB, 287x255)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>"I have question for you Khabib, For people who want to get into the fighting industry and start somewhere, what advice do you recommend especially for Female?"
>"For you, I have a very good advice , Be a fighter inside your home"
Unfathomably BASED

File: 20220807_124157.png (497 KB, 539x858)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Last night in São Paulo Leandro was in a club with a few friends drinking in a table when this guy went there and grabbed a bottle from them while asking what they would do about it, Leandro got up and got bottle from his hands, in the altercation he took him down and "deescalated" the situation, their friends broke it apart and the murderer pretended to walk away, Leandro was sitting down when the guy walked to his table and shot him in the head twice killing him on the spot
I hate brazil
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Just don’t get into street fights and if a man steps to you shoot him.
There's also the chance that you seriously injure or kill someone on accident. All it takes is for the other guy to fall funny and catch brain damage and suddenly you're on the hook for hundreds of thousands in a civil suit and doing time. Optional ego street fights are retarded. Obviously this doesn't apply to fights where you are straight up attacked without warning, although that's pretty rare. If someone wants to kill or mug you they'll bring a weapon. An unarmed mano a mano fight is 99.9% of the time a beef you can walk away from.
settle down Tyrone just because you don't like cops doesn't make your bullshit true lmao
The fact that probably there are americans in this thread criticizing a cop killing an innocent person is kinda funny, actually.
how is that funny?

File: front by anon.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB WEBM
Parkour thread.

Where are you at with your training? How have you been working around the limits of weather and lockdowns? How much do you apply the utilitarian Hébertist mindset of being strong to be useful to your training routines?

Freerunners can post, too. Maybe even gymnasts and trickers if you don't get your own thread up and running.

original thread >>1236
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He's a DYEl.
most 2pl8fags have pretty shit balance and mobility tbqh.
also if anything the fact that a fat redditor like antranik can do handstands should prove that you don't need to be strong to do them.
he also organized ido portal's schizoposts into something actually readable which is pretty based
Thanks for the link, gonna work on it. am actually dyel
Have you ever seen someone train parkour in a helmet? How common are head injuries?
How's the one-month progress?

Is bjj a good way to make to make friends? I dont really care about the sport I just want to smash side mirrors and pick up fights and graffiti walls
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BJJ is for faggots who enjoy rolling with sweaty dudes. Prove me wrong.
True. Boxing is better and also cooler.
I'm considering doing bjj, and I had my doubts already, but honestly this thread makes me want to not do it at all.
I think I should at last do a few classes though, I don't mind contact in general, and maybe I won't have such bad experiences.
Or maybe I can just do Judo. I don't wanna do strike stuff because I'm afraid of brain damage. Also I have gum issues, so I'm afraid of getting my teeth knocked out.
Our gym has a permanent reservation at a burger place every Friday.
Bjj is hella gay. All you have to do is ask yourself the question, what man willingly volunteers to roll around with sweaty dudes in compromising positions regularly? Fags, that's who. While your at it, ask yourself this, what submission grappling technique can be employed quickly & preserve your mobility? None. BJJ chuds aka fag rollers, love to harp on and on about how they dominate MMA. You know what, yeah, in a 1v1 fight where you don't have to worry about anything except the one other person you're fighting with. It's not bad. But if you want something practical where you're not depending on unknown factors, that shit goes right out the window. Saying an uppity nigger gets in your face and you're forced to throw down. Are you going to go for a submission move when all his little homies are taking positions around you? Or would you rather toss his ass and stay on your feet rather than risk getting curb stomped? Judo is vastly superior in this regard. Any grappling style that focuses on throws is. Best part is, they still teach just enough submission shit that if a fag roller tries to floor rape you, you'll know enough about escapes to get out of their queer game.

ITT: We take a non-extreme sport and change it to make it extreme.

Marathon but you can sabotage your opponents any way you want. Weapons allowed. Basically the Road Rash game but on foot.

Dodgeball with bocce.

Polo but with rodeo horses.

Water polo but the water is slightly acidic so your skin and eyes start to burn after a while and you can only get out (rotating with other team members) once you score.

Any motor sport but without brakes.

Soccer with bowling balls.

Squash but the room is so narrow and you can get hit by the other player's racket.

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That’s not how non-newtonian fluids work. You would snap your neck if you tried to dive into quicksand.
Skateboarding but with a handle on the board so you can whip it around an do backflips
File: xr500 Paris Dakar.jpg (39 KB, 367x450)
39 KB
>A bicycle race through an african nation in a civil war
They used to have that, but it was with motorcycles.
drunk f1
motocross with the steering inverted

File: skatergirl.jpg (250 KB, 1333x2000)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
What is the most extreme sport you can think of?
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I kneel.
Wingsuit BASE jump proximity flying
See vidrel, timestamp included.
Craziest line IMO, footage is NOT sped up.
RIP Chris Byrnes tho.
Unprotected random gay sex
>that break your bones thing from the skate games

File: EtT4Tj1WQAEI1Ld.jpg (76 KB, 1200x675)
76 KB
I'm binging old baywatch episodes, and so far i've spotted: old-school stand-up jet ski (Mitch calls them POWERSKI), surfboards, skimboards, scuba-diving, gliders, all kinds of skates and skateboards, obviously. **THIS SHOW IS EXTREME AF, bruvs!**

If the baywatch team ever goes to a ski vay-cay, i think nickelodeon rocket power would be beaten. Post yo extreme TV and video recommendations itt, anon
File: s-l16002.jpg (261 KB, 1200x1600)
261 KB
261 KB JPG

Boogie Season underway

whomst buying a Leia?
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No it really isn't
Also once you're hooked, money doesn't matter, you crave for it
I live in one of the most expansive countries in the world every load goes for around $40
I did an IAD dive in May 2021. Do I need to start over?

Also, is IAD or AFF considered better?
what's it feel like if you had to describe it? Cliff diving on steroids? Insane roller coaster
It's not that expensive, and as the other anon said, if you like it you will crave for it and want to live for it
I believe it taps into the deep ancient dream of flying that lurk in many of us
You can't describe it, it compares to absolutely nothing
If you're as much as simply intrigued, you MUST try it at least once, it really is worth a shot
It's something one must experience before passing IMO, just like sex
It's even better than sex, at least in my opinion

File: unknown (3).png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
When are you guys going to realize MMA is bad for martial arts?
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Reminder that James Toney tried it and was choked out in less than 1 round by Randy Couture. Guess you forgot that, fuckhead
I said GOOD boxer
It's not? MMA is the best thing to every happen to martial arts. It's the ultimate proving ground.
The dude was the champion of the world. If he doesn't count then your point is invalid.
James Toney ate himself from middleweight to cruiserweight, beating a bunch of top guys in those divisions. Eating his way to HW was probably a mistake, but the dude was a very good boxer.

File: sn-chimpsh.jpg (810 KB, 2048x1536)
810 KB
810 KB JPG
What is the most barbaric fighting stance, art, or sport you can possibly think of? Something with barley any style whatsoever and if used in a real fight would just look insane and disgusting. Just bear-mauling levels of damage, shit that would make corners puke when they found the body of whoever tried to snatch your wallet. Just name whatever combination comes off your head.

I'm thinking Kudo but with a focus on eye gouges and biting, where specifically training for a greater biteforce will help more. Or capoeira but the object is to stick your hand down their throat like a feral dog. How about Karate but with an emphasis on grabbing the genitals and literally using all of your primate force to rip them apart.
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rough and tumble,AKA gouging and biting
aka big knives
Rough and tumble for sure. Although even that ruleset had a kind of "mercy" in that a match was over once you had successfully removed an eye. In theory you could make it more brutal by say, requiring both eyes to be removed for a match to end. If you want truly barbarous and disgusting. In some accounts of gouging noses would get bitten off and genitals would be torn as well. Total facial disfigurement and bare handed castration as a victory condition? Hideous. That is essentially chimp fighting and is the grossest thing I can think of.
purposefully grow out your nails 3 to 4 inches and sharpen them to a fine point, use grabs, rakes, and bites.
ur retarded

File: sddefault[1].jpg (60 KB, 640x480)
60 KB
Experienced Skater General - /Esg/ trial thread

A thread for people with more than 2 years continuous skateboarding under their belt. Age/weight posts, ollie/gear advice posts and longboard posts will be received as troll attempts. Those posts can be taken to >>102556

How much time in a week do you spend watching skate videos? I really only watch maybe 3 full length vids a month while watching a couple 5 minute edits. Its weird how every media I consume is passive and I dont need to pay attention while watching it while skate vids you have to focus and actually watch them. Did anyone else feel paymaster was really disappointing for some reason, like the skating was great but it didnt have the same vibe as johns vid for some reason. maybe cause it was an actual company vid and not a homie vid.

please watch one of these two videos and be able to do a back 180 before posting
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I think this one is even gayer than the original sadly
am I the only one who skates 8.25 here...............?
File: 1663547012379.jpg (19 KB, 193x261)
19 KB
Flat foot bros, does this help you?
I'll do anything 7.75 to 8.5 as long as it's symmetrical

File: true man hands.png (716 KB, 1039x636)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
how can I get Real hands using dumbells and barbells? both judo/BJJ fingers(using grips with the fingers? kettlbell-style while holding a couple of dumbells with the handles in an X shape?), and karate/kung-fu knuckles.
Besides being useful for my future labor job, a a fundamentalist catholic man, the hands are one of the few parts of the body I can show in public. So, yes, Id like to make the most of that.
>can I manipulate a heavy barbell in a way thats the same as Rowing?
>can I punch dumbells for lack of a makiwara? plus knuckles pushups

And,basically, what other extreme sports cause a steady, trough time, "body modifications"? bouldering/climbing for the palms,also?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Bruh fuck you. I got man hands from field surveying, mechanics, and bouldering. You get them by being a man you idiot. Commit or have soft hands.
>meme macho bullshit
Enjoy arthritis in your mid thirties. Bone conditioning is fucking retarded and ultimately results in more easily dislocated joints and broken bones. They are meant to be flexible to some extent. Skin is actually more durable and heals quicker without calluses. The niggers hand looks like cystic fibrosis, the one in chink fu clothes clearly shows signs of shitty punching form, and the bottom right is dumbass that should have been wearing gloves. There is nothing manly about being a retard that intentionally damages themselves in the name of macho posturing. It would be unironically more "manly" to not give a shit about what people think. Additionally, no girl likes being felt up or fingered by rough hobo hands.
>no girl likes
haha! a consensual sex haver.
Paradox question: is it more manly to not give a shit what people think and do manly things because you specifically want to be manly, or to not want to appear manly because people think specifically wanting to be manly is unmanly?
This is retarded. Your body will adapt to your needs. If you need rough, calloused hands, you will have them. You don't. Don't fuck up your hands because you want to seem cool somehow.

File: pozoiz.jpg (61 KB, 660x441)
61 KB
One of the easiest xtreme sports people can get into.
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The girls windsurfing.

boosting is for larpers. if you want to spend time in the air get a fucking glider.
do not be a kike and kitesurf instead
I’ve got a huge board from the 70s I’ve been going out on. Probably a bad beginner board and I haven’t taken lessons but I’m figuring it out.
If you guys know much about wetsuits for off season surfing let me know… I’m from cape cod and I know it will be getting cold soon

Anyone know a stream for the ADCC this year? Because fuck paying a yearly subscription for one event.
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A fool and his money are easily parted.
it's literally just 30 dollars lmao. anyway bro, think you have a doordash delivery to make, chop chop
The ADCC stream is as easy to find as crack... or meth even.
u niggas seriously dont know how to use a search engine let alone look for a thread in the catalog



File: Diniz Ligier on fire.jpg (285 KB, 1599x1029)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
A new comfy F1 general now that the old one has gone off the rails lately

No Anime
No Twitterposting
No Redditposting
No posting literal shit
Strawposting and Gimiposting welcome

Also reminder that F1 has had more deaths than many of the sports on this board, therefore extreme
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File: the trio.jpg (271 KB, 1596x601)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
File: 1636924838707.jpg (51 KB, 512x341)
51 KB
I hate F1, i live in Lesmo and it was impossible to take my sunday afternoon nap when this shit is in Monza.

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