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File: DOA6_Demo_Hitomi_C1.jpg (114 KB, 920x1080)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
why doesn't it exist
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why doesn't it exist
Gi is boring af to watch. It slows down the fight because people hold onto the grips for way too long and end up tiering each other out. Literally nobody wants to watch two grown ass adults sit in each others guard for the entire round, but that's like 90% of all GI matches.
You're thinking in terms of offense. What about defense? Training in jacket wrestling means learning how to deal with someone grabbing YOUR clothes. Sure, a t-shirt may stretch or rip if you're using it to throw someone. But the old "grab their shirt with one hand while hitting them with the other" is universal and present in almost every street fight.
Uncomfortable?? Have you ever worn one? They are extremely comfortable.

The Taekwondo Dobok is pretty close to a normal pants and shirt, and can come in either very light, or very durable materials. Or both, if you can pay. Mainly, the only things different from typical clothes are that the collar comes a bit low (though it doesn't go all the way down like Y shaped gi's), and of course the length of the shirt which falls under the waistline. The former could be a problem, the latter, probably not. It seems like a sort of awkward thing to grab.

Also, of course there is the belt, but that's sort of part of the look, no?
When presented with a t-shirt or baggy pant leg instead of the skin-tight compression shirt and tights, it's hard not to grab and take advantage of it. Rashguards let you train like you don't have clothing grips, while mitigating the sanitary risks of skin contact - and are a godsend.

This is a BJJ problem, because IBJJF rules allow a greater degree of passivity than most grappling sports. Just have anti-stalling rules closer to wrestling, judo, or sambo.

In most jacket grappling rules, grabbing the skirt below the belt is a foul.

File: 1598614809375.jpg (46 KB, 640x480)
46 KB
90s Edition
Previous: >>15773

When was your first game? Got any vintage setups you still shoot?
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yeah, its trendy to put holes in the picture itself and not above and below the picture. thats literally the trendy part.
>chiller font

Though I would say masks have massively improved nowadays. I wouldn't use any of those 90's masks at all.
File: 1647919529690.png (152 KB, 398x299)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
i want to eat paintballs
Does anyone have recs for mail-in places to get tanks hydro tested?

File: March1990.jpg (201 KB, 800x1052)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Thrasher Cover Edition

Step 1. Go here: https://www.thrashermagazine.com/component/coversarchive/covers/#top

Step 2: Save and post a cool cover.
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Hot. Admittedly, I kinda want one. Am I missing out?
>Am I missing out?
The only thing they are fun for is carving on mellow banks and pretending you are surfing. You're not missing out on much, they're just a novelty. If I still had a board like that I would just bring it out at the end of a session at a park and cruise around the park barefoot to cool down.
Ah, I gotcha. Looking at prices, might as well just stick with a standard board anyway. Though I do have a motorcycle so it’d be kinda cool to just throw one in my bag and go.
Isn’t barefoot kinda dangerous?
Yeah I suppose it's dangerous, probably way easier to roll your ankles when you're skating barefoot. It's still fun though when you're not taking your session too seriously.

File: goat.png (1.06 MB, 1008x914)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
king edition


flograppling.com, don't be a poorfag and just pay the membership. alternatively you can get a flowrestling membership for $30/month and apparently it still works.




99kg+: 1st Gordan Ryan, 2nd John Hansen, 3rd Josh Saunders
99kg: 1st Nicolas Mergali, 2nd Kanyan Duarte, Craig Jones
88kg: 1st Tye Rutolo, 2nd Lucas Barbosa, 3rd Jay Rodriguez

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Yeah he'll probably be competing in an hour. They're going through the first round of all weight classes from heaviest to lightest and they're nearly finishes -88kg

/xs/ bros there is a better thread here on /sp/
>housed in a secret location by FBI for testing purposes
>640 £
>I don't go to the ground
>reverse neck rectangle, RKO

Now that you can take me seriously, I'll be watching at

methstreams dot com

I won't be competing this year, I have a conflicting match with jormungandr scheduled for the next quarter-century. Good luck to all my children though.

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Looks like a manlet trying to get his gf to suck his dick. And failing.
Okay cool. If you were beginning in both, might the way you balance them change?
Always remember to have your oil checked
Anyone watching the ADCC?

File: MMA_Image.jpg (35 KB, 650x440)
35 KB
Recently been getting my girlfriend into watching the UFC events with me and she’s been liking it a lot actually so I’ll show her some good fights here n there in between events.

What are some essential fights she needs to see? Not just UFC but any organization or any combat sport. Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing ect. (The more bloody the better. She gets amazed by that)
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I don't know why, but there is absolutely something special about watching fights live more so than watching them in the past when who wins is often known by the title of the video, it takes the fun out. If you really want her to get involved, take her out to watch live fights in your area. Amateur, pro, smokers, whatever you can find. Being there and watching it happen is just a fun experience and a good date night idea.
Just try to avoid anything TOO specializes, a TKD tournament or jiu jitsu tournament isn't the same as watching boxing, kickboxing , Muay Thai or MMA. Boxing is simply a big enough sporting event she'll enjoy going just to see local celebs and stuff.
This is a good idea. Experiencing anything with real striking, outdoors, in a ring setting, is a very cool experience. Like you're somewhere between a movie tournament showing, and a history book about old prize fighters and shoot wrestling.
Weird. You seemed pretty active ITT and responding with confidence and snark to everybody, but after you received this response >>111085 you completely disappeared. What happened?
Olives vs Jim Miller is an entertaining grappling match and a good opener to Olives, if you show too many brawls and fun stand and bang fights, the grappling is just a bathroom break tonew ufc fans.
Like 14 if you want to be elite by your prime(28-34). If you're a big boi you can be a champ as a lhw/hw starting at age 30 because they all suck.

MMA requires you to be competent in at least one martial art by the time you are out of your teens, because you're going to need to learn A LOT. You could get really, really good at one particular art starting at age 22-24.

File: yuki.webm (1.14 MB, 1920x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB WEBM
is bowling an extreme sport?
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Doesn't look like it kek. Your best bet is probably google and youtube videos.
>3 bowlers
>2 lanes
I don't see the problem
File: FblJF8SaUAA4lqp.jpg (545 KB, 691x1037)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
File: FcYh-GOaQAkUfet.jpg (187 KB, 1108x1477)
187 KB
187 KB JPG

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General



Previous thread
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search for methstreams bjj
gordon ryan vs nicky rod coming up soon
File: gordon.png (449 KB, 810x516)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
File: nicky.png (457 KB, 806x524)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
It's over.
did it even take a minute?
New thread >>116778

File: 1662115499256885.webm (2.9 MB, 1280x720)
2.9 MB
A well-executed bumrush will win you 99% of the streetfights you will ever be in.
Signing up for martial arts classes in your adulthood so that you know how to fight in a streetfight is pretty fucking useless. You will always get fucked up by the more seasoned fighters, and a streetfight doesn't follow your little sport rules.

What will win you fights, is a flurry of uncoordinated punches, knees and kicks, which will make the vast majority of opponents either get knocked out by a lucky strike, or trip over while they're backing up, giving you the perfect opportunity for a ground and pound or repeated kicks and stomps to the head.
Sure, a very experienced fighter will probably fuck you up if you try something like that and don't hit a lucky strike. But let's get real, you following some BJJ classes once a week and dodging sparring is not going to make you beat those guys either, so why waste your time there? You most likely don't have the stamina to last in a long fight either. You're better off just practicing your strikes and kicks against a heavy bag, so that you can perform your flurry better.
And one big plus about this is; you're at 0 risk of CTE until you're in an actual fight. Meanwhile judo faggots and boxing chuds are getting their brain turned into strawberry slush with every strike they receive, or fall they have to "break".

I've only been in 2 streetfights in my adult life, and in both times I've executed the bumrush. In the first fight I knocked out a tooth, after which the fight ended and I eventually got into trouble with the police. The second time I was stopped mid-flurry by a security guard, which I count as a TKO.

Trust me guys. If you don't have over a decade of martial arts experience, in which you trained multiple times a week to perfect your technique, don't bother picking it up. It's a huge waste of time.
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Literally what will make you win is a fucking gun or knife.

If both are out of the picture I'd say jiujitsu or some other martial art that consists in submission will win you most street fights
Meds. Take.
Why submission and not striking
Jesus Christ, why did you even make this thread? Go outside. Fuck.
I disagree knowing basic submissions and grappling can work. Pic related are two linebacker sized men. The average man is like 160-200 lbs. Even someone who can bum rush and box can get taken down by level change or choked. Ive done it

File: radrat.jpg (343 KB, 1770x1734)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
hi rad rat have a nice day thanks for the tutorials
lowkey one of the best skating channels, glad the guy is having a glow up through a divorce
Radrat is a globalist shill, STFU
Based channel. Most detailed trick tips and deep digging about skating out there.
File: BRUTALtruth.png (599 KB, 1481x691)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
Speaking of skate related youtube channels, I wonder what the fuck happened to BRUTALtruth. His videos about legendary spots were interesting/informative and he didn't have an obnoxious personality like most other skate channels but as soon as his videos started gaining traction he just kind of...stopped. No uploads nor any social media posts, yet he seemed very committed to making more content so it's kind of weird for him to just stop it all so abruptly.
I hope he's okay bros...

muay thai thread
i watch fights and make clips when i see something that i thought was cool. i'll be dumping some of my clips, mostly muay thai but some kickboxing circuits too like K1 and rarely GLORY. maybe some pictures here and there
feel free to discuss muay thai, ask questions or post your favorite clips too.
love muay thai, simple as
305 replies and 150 images omitted. Click here to view.
Where in London are you? I'll rec you somewhere. There are world champions with gyms here
Is Muay Thai good if you're interested in picking up a sport to do competitively? It seems more interesting than boxing, but I'm worried that there won't be enough places for an amateur to get his butt kicked, compared to boxing which is almost everywhere.
I have no experience with this but IMO I feel like Muay Thai is more common/popular for amateurs ever since UFC blew up
Strangely, lethwei gives each fighter one timeout lifeline they can use at any time to stop the fight for a break I think. It been a while since I watched it so I may be misremembering.
It's not as good as muay thai I don't think. It's got no talent pool at all. The burmese want to lump it in with muay thai but the thais refuse to remove thai from the name and the burmese don't like it.
Without the headbutt meme it wouldn't get a look in at all. Plus people like to feel like they know a super elusive secret martial art since MT is a bit mainstream now.

File: pepek2.png (741 KB, 979x1086)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
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i like autmn more only bc there are no snakes.
I mean they arent a that big of a threat unless you invade their space. But the mountain i perfer rn is filled to the brim with therm.
I honestly like going during the autumn just to see the leaves change.
I climbed Mt McKinley, but I only made it halfway before I tired out.
Winter. A summit doesn't even count in my book if it's not done in wintertime or in winter-like conditions.

How do you anons meet other like minded people to practice these hobbies? A lot of these seem more fun/easier to get into with friends. Obviously many /xs/ports are a lot more niche and finding a local club or similar can be challenging.

How did you anons first discover your preferred sport? Did you go in alone, or have irl friends introduce you?

I've been thinking of browsing around meetup.com and seeing what it offers.
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hello Skybro

If you want to jump in Norcal let me know
thanks for the advice
Any LA surfers?
I live within driving distance of kona
You either know what that means or my post is irrelevant to you
How would one go about getting a death-match pro wrestler asian girlfriend?
>I guess I myself could maybe pull it off,I got a tinder match with an FTM japanese girl who said i look like a model

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 253x199)
11 KB
Discuss which combat sports are best in "da streets!" and not the cage.

TMA faggots not allowed. Your shit doesn't work under any contexts.

Which is better for street fighting, grappling or striking?

I lean towards striking as unlike the cage I have rarely seen fights in streets go to the ground.

And 9/10 rarely beyond punches being thrown so boxing would be my choice for most effective for self-defense.

I think K-1/unified kickboxing or Muay Thai would work well if you already have good boxing skills, as never met anyone who could check low leg kicks without being drilled it.

For in the streets grappling possibly Judo over wrestling as people tend to wear jackets depending on the climate where you live. Tho wrestling for the cage.

BJJ outside of standing submissions that I think Judo has anyway, I can't see having any practical use in the street. Tho obvs its the most successful style in the cage.
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The only options I have locally in my small redneck town are a takwando mcdojo or a small kickboxing gym literally right next to a trailer park for $75 a month?
Should I go with the latter? Not a single gym in my town has a punching bag, I had to buy my own
I think a good combat sport to know on da streetz is one that involves lots of legwork, since my first objective would be to run away.
>sorry wife and children, I have to run away now since this is the only valid self defense.
>good luck tho!
>marrying someone slow
And then you're surprised that your child is slow too?
its gonna suck when you have no where to run

What's your concensus on prime Tyson?
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the greatest boxer of all time was joe louis
Fraud too.

>probably fixed one or two fights
File: 1649454422315.png (895 KB, 680x680)
895 KB
895 KB PNG
fraud? what do you mean?
Turned the sweet science into an art, if you consider knocking motherfuckers off their block an art at least. Became that way because he was cultivated by two Dempsey-tier boxing theorists who saw he had the talent and just needed the technique. Only limit was this temper.

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