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File: 1598614809375.jpg (46 KB, 640x480)
46 KB
90s Edition
Previous: >>15773

When was your first game? Got any vintage setups you still shoot?
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First game was late 2019 but I've been around it most of my life because of my dad. I'm trying to get his old custom auto-cocker working but nobody can seem to give me any advice, not even the guy he bought it from in 2008 in my town.
30bps semiauto and dumping half a case of paint per match is what killed paintball IMHO. Normies without sponsors can't afford that and it's no fun going up against that.

The people who like that are now filtering into airsoft where a bag of 5000 BBs is $20 or whatever and of course starting to shit up THAT hobby.
Any good paintball facility recommendations near Atlanta Georgia? I want to play woodsball in a forest with a bunch of people, or paintball in an apartment-complex style facility. I'm willing to drive out of state but the closer the better
>dumping half a case of paint per match is what killed paintball IMHO
This 100%. I'm trying to get more people to join my local place but they get irritated because unless they want to drop good money, they have to rent semi-autos that feel gimped compared to what the tryhards have.
I used to lust after the Karnivor. I looked online and the gun itself costs about 1.2k used nowadays. I kind of want to get it anyway but I feel like I should just be happy with my old basic 2k4 autococker. I was honestly surprised so many kids asked what it was. The new guns feel soulless but they just work.

File: 1647406194491.jpg (35 KB, 582x281)
35 KB
Why would anyone EVER go cave diving?
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Why would anyone spend months underwater? Why would people dive to 300 meters?
Why would anyone freedive with no fins or weights to 100 m depth?

Funnier than suicide, same purpose
its crazy how they tried to cover this up
Id be more at peace with cave diving if you couldnt go from everything being ok, to a quick death, from nothing more than a panic attack.
not everyone is scared of the world. you have to go through a ton of training to get cave certified. other cave divers don't want to go along with some sissy who is going to forget all their training and panic. Training is all about safety and what to do if there is an equipment failure at the deepest part of your dive. There are safety procedures that you put in place to get out safely.

If you want to learn how to dive, step 1 is probably getting off 4chan and working up the courage to go outside

I always thought it was similar to sambo (Wrestling/Boxing hybrid with some kicks).
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>You're not a fighter or martial artist unless you actually fight even if just full contact sparring, but preferably full contact competition.

that's exactly what the other anon was saying bro

>The rest of us live in the real world where you can't call off work or get special treatment cause you've been injured during a hobby.

no one with a full time job and life can or want to be a "martial artist"
Good thing you faggots aren't the gatekeepers of martial arts because that would disqualify the majority.
Kicking boxing/judo hybrid with a few wushu kicks. It's legit. One of the good thinks about it is that it constantly drills you in how to close the distance from striking to wrestling take downs and leg sweeps.
Not true.
Meant to tag >>86976 you as well for >>96196 since you asked

File: Devon Larrat.png (938 KB, 1423x774)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
Is Levon going to literally kill Devon Larrat?
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why does this guy remind me so much of Bam?
I guess he kind of looks like him in the eyes. Devon Larrat is a 6'5 monster though, whereas Bam is a manlet.
Devon has to play every dirty trick in the book, psyche the ogre out. Try and gas him with a couple of long hold losses then sweep him with the next 3 when the arm is spent.
I see it going that way. Levan got gassed from recent workouts and has self admittedly not been doing any actual table time. I keep thinking about how Devon was able to gas out Pushkar after the second round with his games.
Why are their names so similar? Is that an arm wrestling thing?

File: Es_2R8dXIAAbvhP.jpg (135 KB, 1407x828)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
/sp/ is too fast for /marble/ during non-Marble League periods, so this could be the base for this extreme sporting event during most of the year

Marbula One Season 2 returns from its break starting with race 7
Oceanics managed to win the 2021 Winter Marble League, redeeming themselves after their disastrous 2019 Marble League outing

>What is Marble League?
The Marble League is a tournament that features the most decorated and dedicated marble sports athletes. Every year, teams of five marbles compete in Qualifiers and the top 12 teams, along with 4 automatically qualified teams, advance to the main tournament. After an exquisite opening ceremony, the 16 teams perform in a series of events that are inspired by real-world Olympic events, earning medals and scoring points towards an overall total. The team with the most points at the end of the tournament is the team that wins the Marble League, standing at the top of the podium during the closing ceremony and having the honor of extinguishing the torch at the end of each year.

>Channel Link

>Official Website

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1582874672783.png (485 KB, 666x667)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
MARBULA ONE S3 GP4 O'raceway - Qualifiers

New race dropped
>Another track invasion
Bros this can't keep happening
Marbles are back at the Honeydome
Qualifiers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty8LngAIFFo
Race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPNwnoJxu54

Tell me how he doesn't win outdoors?
Idk about moto I ride mtb and owned a frame with his dad's name on it. I have heard his son pic related is the best though.

File: gimi.jpg (51 KB, 1200x603)
51 KB
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File: 1616461907331.jpg (61 KB, 1024x768)
61 KB
Pronounced Jimmy

File: passanten-vor-einer-hema.jpg (1.64 MB, 1900x2850)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
>500 years worth of manuals
>not a single one describes how to train
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Ok go prove it then, you do it all the time apparently
Please stop feeding the troll, you're becoming cringe too.
Shut up fag I come here to argue
>sweeps your leg
I just did halfwit

fuck off troll
God that chick in the bottom left that's pushing the pram is ugly as shit, can't believe anyone would ever wanna put their dick in her. Fat frog looking bitch.

File: typical_ar_15_creator.jpg (181 KB, 1320x1147)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
I'm trying to come up with a Olympics style event for my stoner buddies where we get high before trials/challenges. What events would you have in the Stoner Olympics?

Here are some that I have already:
> Nerf gun battle
> Foam sword dueling
> Footrace

I'm thinking more on the extreme side of things lol
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how about job application marathon after getting yelled at by their parents
Disc golf.
Cross Faded Tolerance race.
>smoke meth
>snort a line
>drink the purp
>smoke another blunt
>last person to OD wins
Is that extreme, though?
Now THAT is extreme.

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
Was driving with my bike from an early ass appointment back to my crib with 4 hours of sleep on me and thought i should take my time and learn it there

Getting proper sleep tonight and then tomorrow going to this open field, where there's not that many NPCs walking around, even if there are gonna be a few and i know they still will be there, there's no better time to learn to do this

Crazy to think how it's almost 4 years ago when i first watched yt tutorial vid on this on my phone when actually outside and without any success in my first attempts i just proceeded to just not do it, feeling really determined rn, any additional advice lol?
No point in watching any new vids as they all are essentially the same and I just did watch a 4 min compact tutorial on 2x speed before making the thread
Same advice literally anybody else will give you but

Learn with flat pedals
Get good at wheeling on your balance point.
Then just lean back and pull until you can at least loop out.
After that it is practice.
I am starting to learn manuals as well and can do 10-50 feet depending on speed
I'm going to join you. I've always been too much of a pussy to loop out. Wish me luck.
Learn to fucking pump. Doing a few yards just on momentum it's time to learn how to use your hips and manual indefinitely.

File: Judo_white_belt.svg.png (54 KB, 1200x463)
54 KB
Will I look like an asshole if I refuse to wear colored belts (unless maybe brown) in Judo and keep my white one?
I'm very satisfied with my club and the level of challenge but they use a 11 Kyu system. Some days ago I received a yellow-white belt and it was painfully humiliating.
I feel so ridiculous and I want to keep wearing my white belt. I'm 21 btw
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Please more clearly define why you are frustrated.

Are you upset because:

1. Your trainer is utilizing uniform to signal proficiency in a shared learning environment.

2. Your trainer has defined proficiency too broadly or too narrowly to be meaningful to you or others in your shared learning environment.

3. The opportunity to test your proficiency is not accessible to you or others in your shared learning environment.

4. Your trainer is a dictator per a shared learning environment.
its just a belt. no one gives a damn.
Yeah you'll look like a douche who's insecure in his masculinity
I just wore a white belt in Judo even though, I was a couple ranks above white belt. Nobody cared. But we were a very small, laid-back group.

In general, I would say to wear it the correct color. People will resent you for it, because it gives you an advantage and and seems like you are not committed. It gives you an advantage because people go easier on the white belts.
>People will resent you for it,
People will resent you for wearing a white belt is what I meant to say

File: image_2022-03-18_100629.png (976 KB, 2000x1125)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
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GP2 engine
File: 1649651525965.jpg (34 KB, 768x432)
34 KB

I could show it to the city council who's revamping this whole park (even the prefab on a slab skatepark) I personally wanna design a skatepark with an open layout with ramps and ledges that are also Jersey barriers and so on. The picture I chose is a skatepark that's exactly like a track. I don't think skateparks should be tracks.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: boolen.jpg (743 KB, 1920x3518)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
wouldn't call it easy, like all fully featured programs there's a lot of stuff to get lost in ... and some things in blender are not really intuitive.
e.g. create an object, need to see a tiny speck in the lower corner only showing up only at creation to change settings of the obtect, instead of popping up visibly as it could with no draw-back .. the program is "easy" like max or maya but far from intuitive even if you come from knowing different programs, things are mostly hidden by default. It makes sense once you're a pro but it creates an uncomfortable learning experience for beginners.

But .. for the specific purpose, learning how to use boolean and adding some smoothing might be sufficient.
Anon, your skatepark is better than mine by at least 2 miles
Anon…. Sounds like a fun project for rhino.
Might it possibly be easier to model by hand in foam and wood?
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

File: K2_2006b.jpg (260 KB, 1600x1200)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
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got no car or motorcycle, any recommendations for transportation?
>>>/n/ would help you on that, friend.
explain this picture please. I didn't hear that K2 shrank nor can I find anything on it.
used to climb Adirondack range in the winter with my scout troop. Man I miss being active and committing to adventure in the wilderness

File: palm2.jpg (29 KB, 600x600)
29 KB
So how effective are palm strikes?
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Checked. I train palm strikes as a backup to fist strikes in case my hands break. They can hurt pretty fucking bad.
Has there ever been a gay sumo?> Just curious.
The originator of the sport was.
Why do you think he made them wear that?
This is all about his bear fetish.
Can't imagine the middle right accomplishing anything else than breaking your wrist or maybe startling someone if you dab them near the eyes with it

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