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File: Saber Parry Battle.webm (2.93 MB, 1280x720)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
Olympic fencing general

previous thread here: >>981
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I keep a keen eye out on Craigslist, but I assume the 3 actual clubs nearby always nab the best stuff first.
My uni accidentally deleted our club from the club management software last semester since they assumed we were inactive... WE WERE BECAUSE OF THEIR COVID REGS blag
>two swords apart
>wearing masks and gloves at all time
the very fact we had to even deal with covid regulations in the first place is so fucking stupid, football and etc got a free pass because they were outside despite having loads of physical contact but we can't practice because we're indoors? Fucking stupid
how many degrees down and to the side for setting a blade?
Big head

File: 1624125255018s.jpg (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
I want to go to the skateboard park but I'm old are they dead now or will there be pro preschool kids there to make fun of me
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Wearing headphones at skatepark is cringe because you can't pay attention to your surroundings.
You fucked up. You should have been skating empty pools all summer instead of crowded skateparks full of zoomers.
File: 1519519137405.jpg (133 KB, 960x956)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
happy trails
Just beat the shit out of a few of them and they'll leave you alone

File: r.jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB
I mean how fucking cool is rally racing?
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File: Lancia-Delta-Intergrale.jpg (258 KB, 1280x720)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
>what is catalunya?
>How do we bring it back, bros
You don't. WRC is the currently the fastest it has ever been. Even GrpA was faster than GrpB. The reality of the situation is that GrpB is that it's enjoyed for the sheer hubris of it. There's nothing fancy about sticking a 500+bhp engine to a plastic chassis and going vroom. The sheer bravery or stupidity of the drivers back then was something else. The closest you'll get today is amateur rally teams doing effectively the same shit.
okay I would be fine if they just had spectators stand on the course again honestly, the car doesn't even matter, it could be a geo metro for all I care
this, its gotten too safe, people aren't allowed to endanger themselves. crowds used to stand on the roads with zero barriers, now everyone has to stand behind a string, or else you're forced to leave the area.

File: teddy.jpg (50 KB, 600x567)
50 KB
How many concussions have you had?
What has your experience been like?
Why did you get a concussion?

>Anywhere from 5-7
>It ranges from being completely fine, to feeling depressed or anxious for a while, to being a low IQ smoothbrain for a while.
>I got them from skiing, skating, and surfing. Sometimes from plain bad luck, but usually because of pushing the envelope too much or being overly tired.
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First i knocked myself out learning to do a back somersault. Second i got kicked in the head while i was trying to kick the other dude in the head and the back of my head hit the ground pretty hard. Third i got osoto-gari'd and the due came down on top of me and my arm was trapped so i couldn't break fall.
File: 1607513344247.png (717 KB, 984x1040)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
Freshman year high school wrestling tournament, went up against a real buzzsaw of a kid. The last thing I remember is trying to break his grip around my waist before waking up to a bright light, seeing people stare down at me like in the movies.
My piece of shit coach made me wrestle another match after that, and I was too scared to say no, so I probably got even more concussions. Fuck you DeBerry, you fat faggot, you weren't in the Marine Corps anymore
That's fucked anon. I know wrestlers pride themselves on their toughness but that boomer should have known you can't regrow brain cells.
Just felt kinda dizzy
Hitting my head when doing a bodylock suplex
He probably knew, just didn't care. He was a real dickhead. His idea of coaching was if we were doing poorly during a tournament (which we did often because we were mostly freshmen who didn't have much experience) was to take us into the locker room and scream at us at the top of our lungs to get off our backs and do better

File: clone.jpg (259 KB, 1500x1500)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Going to Jackson hole this winter and looking for a second pair of skis to bring. Main pair are black crows Anima 188's, but looking for something aggressive and nimble for couloirs and chutes.
Moment wildcats nigga
188 is pretty long. Is that the fashion now or are you just really tall? I haven't been in the market for skis since I bought my last pair in 2013. Volkl Mantra. Those skis are my favorite still. Mostly because I wanted a wide ski that performs almost like a racing ski on piste, and I don't much care for moguls so don't mind that they're stiffer than you'd want for those.
it's what was cheap on craigslist and I'm 6' 180. Haven't gotten them out yet, but I was skiing a pair of 179 sick days that honestly felt short. They have a pretty big tip and tail rocker so they don't ski that long.

I got pairs of slalom and GS skis dirt cheap so I have my frontside rippers covered, but yeah, I'm starting to think I'll go for something more playful and flexible for the really technical stuff.

File: crossfit exetriame.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Do you think CrossFit can be called an extreme sport?
In general, I think this is the best sport of all !!!

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More like, extremely injurious
Crossfit is the dumbest fucking exercise program of all time. It's a program that has one phase, where any realistic program has introductory, sustainment, and advanced phases. It's a program that's lead to countless injuries due to ignorant fucks not knowing how to exercise and trying to follow the stupid fucking crossfit program.
Crossfit is fucking gay

Crossfit faggots are either sexual predators or get cheated on
Competitive snap city/exploding knees is pretty extreme, I'll give you that.
>Do you think CrossFit can be called an extreme sport?
Of all the sports my friends and family are doing, crossfit has the highest injury rate by far.

File: 86230421.jpg (38 KB, 463x580)
38 KB
I have done kyokushin and boxing before and excelled at it. Due to the pandemic, training had to stop for a while and I want to this a shot . Im 30 so nothing serious, just improve ny technique and strength. Am I too late?
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we'll never tie up like that lol I would choke you to death till you tapped
>grown men in tight lycra shooting on each other
getting stuck in turtle and stack happens a lot in BJJ scrambles, most BJJ players dont know what a gut wrench is but teach a wrestler to stack pass and how to truck and you can get hit with gut wrenches left and right without risk of some choke. Hell most wrestlers instinctly hit back takes because of how their rules for the sport play out
thank you i'm going to gut wrench everyone now wrestle bro, when you graduate college you should go try jiu jitsu
Not that anon, but as a judo guy, the gut wrench is a useful turnover for my sport.

File: peak performance.jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
11 KB
BJJ and Muay Thai or Boxing and Judo?
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Can’t out clinch a grappler
This is the correct answer
"good" doesn't have to be "guaranteed effective".
Only "the least bad option".
Yes, the more opponents you fight, the chances of you getting destroyed go up exponentially, but a Muay Thai practicioner against 4 duded will have a much better chance of at least getting out alive than a BJJ black belt, who can at most mangle one guy in hopes of scaring the rest (who can still easily punt him in the temple while he's busy breaking knees on the ground).
There are many 1-vs-many fight videos online, and in those cases where the single guy wins it's almost always a matter of movign around, finding the right opening, hitting, evading, repeat.
Unless you're in an elevator you can move around to make the fight a series of 1v1 rather than taking them all at once. Extremely hard and pretty much only works against untrained attackers. But still WAY better than nothing if you can't run.
How do you do that with grappling? Literally impossible.

If your attackers are trained, then the striker will have a much more diffiult time, but for the grappler it becomes a death sentence.
Therefore it's safe to say that for fighting multiple people when running isn't an option, a good striking discipline is the best.

And of course if you add grappling knowledge you're gonna be even better, just like adding good awarenss, carrying yourself in a way that doesn't make you look like a target, having a good size/muscle mass, etc. but we're making a comparison between the two here, and striking is the most effective (or rather, the least uneffective) one.
Whatever fits your budget
The latter is almost definitely going to be the cheaper option. If budget isn't a concern then which ever has better coaches in your area.

File: segway_e22.jpg (45 KB, 817x1306)
45 KB
I just bought this electric scooter to ride to work everyday. In the last half-mile of my commute, I have ride in the road and the road is filled with potholes. Hopefully, I don't get thrown from my scooter and run over by a car.

How are you doing my fellow e-scooter bros? Got any cool clips to share?
I have an electric bike! It is not a scooter
There isn't a sport yet but I think there's potential for racing these things. I've been hooked on scooters for about a year now and there's no reason to stop.
you can retrofit rear wheel suspension i think, they also make different designs with suspension on now.

not sure how that will increase weight

Why do some strikers get hit all the time and they are all fine mentally, while some fighters barely get hit and develop brain injury?
I'm thinking about coming back to kickboxing, but after one dutch style training (not even sparring) I already have migraine. Is it worth it ?
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iirc it's genetic. real genetics as in they have identified the gene that puts you at high risk for degenerative brain, not media genetic like homosexuality.
Tiger muay thai offers lodging and tons of classes for around $10000 annually. If you can find an online hustle like copywriting or something you can live a deece life eating delicious thai food and training all day. Genuinely not a bad idea if you're up for a martial arts adventure.
>Even if you don't get hit much in the ring, adding up your milage in training is a real thing.
>With Thais everything is light and playful.
Could have something to do with fighton3g every other week at the least and not being able to support your family if you get injured at training and cant fight
Yeah you are right, some westerner with <20 fights is not the same as a thai who has 100 fights by the time he us 12, so why would you expect to spar thevsame?

File: image (1).jpg (1.51 MB, 1800x1800)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
1) I can go
2) I can turn right
3) I can turn left, but crappily.

...and that's pretty much it. Any insight would be appreciated!
I'm not really sure what you want to hear. Just go out and roll around, keep practicing those turns, try balancing on one foot (both sides) while rolling, once you're comfortable with that practice T stops. Next you can try slaloms and switching up your leading foot, right foot forward for right turns and vice versa. Crossover turns are also good practice for improving your balance, just don't trip yourself up.

Look up some practice drills if you need more ideas.
learn to balance on 1 foot for as long as possible. then the other foot. then you can go from there. dont turn your feet, lean where you wanna go.

File: Ghost-Raptor-bot-2020.jpg (128 KB, 1140x760)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Who is the worst of the (((new))) Battlebots and why is it this one?
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Have you ever worked to repair a robot that was twisted and mangled, getting it back into fighting shape. Have you ever rigorously tested a weapon system, trying iteration after iteration to get it to consistently fire even under difficult circumstances?
I remember watching this live. Luv muh Chad Rusty made out of scrap metal he found in his parents field.
Hey, we were happy with threads on asp but the jannies don't want us on pw apparently, miss our wrestlebros
>That part where Rusty was penetrating it from behind
I can't think of a more perfect representation of forced theme vs having a theme. Spork is a incredibly generic looking "My first robot" that got in due to the theme, team covers themselves in flags and the bot hardly works, whereas Rusty is just some dude in a t shirt who hammered out a uniquely crappy but personal design to call his own.

File: wingsuits.jpg (89 KB, 1920x1080)
89 KB
Is this the ultimate midwit sport? Or is it just a way for outdoors guys to try to one up rock climbers in their mating strategy? These guys claim to do it for the love of flying then they go do retarded stuff like proximity flying just to show off and try to impress people.
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someone tell me how designs of wingsuits have changed over the years, what features do modern ones have that previous ones didn't etc. I couldn't find any recent videos
I suspect that Base jumpers and wingsuiters are infected with Toxoplasma gondii which alters the brain so that taking very dangerous risks is extremely rewarding.
File: cat lick.jpg (480 KB, 1920x1280)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
hahaha definitely friend. I used to lick my cats when I was a child so I definitely got infected at some point. I have always been a maniac risk taker, not got into wingbase though. Yet
This thread is full of pussies.

File: FBh30eRWUAYJQf-.jpg (99 KB, 1080x1080)
99 KB

Why isn't drone racing more discussed on /xs/? The sport is fucking based.

Literally no one? Ok.

Can we talk about archery here? I wanna talk about archery.
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>Battle of the Kalka River
Salty Slav detected.
File: 20211003_153440.jpg (2.05 MB, 4032x1908)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Finally got round to fixing all my knocks, applying knock points, bracing everything properly and taking a family photo of my bows.
Nice collection. I’d like to get an asiatic bow sometime
File: 46-Table2.7-1.png (123 KB, 1312x1232)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
requesting help from PVC bowfags
If I were to make a PVC bow with a double convex profile how should the bow look unstrung (I get the general idea of the design but I wanna know how much flex this bow style should have unstrung vs strung) and what would be the best nock style/best way to put nocks on a bow with this profile so the bowstring doesn't come off on me
leaning forward on each pull is poor form

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