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File: aumFl65.png (1.14 MB, 750x920)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
>BJJ fags call their sparring "rolling"
I mean, you're pretty literally rolling on the floor lmao
Bjj must be comfy as fuck, you can do it all day without getting fucked up
Give it a try, would you be interested if proved wrong?
The fucking up happens if you don't tap - at your gym they'll give you the eyebrow wiggle of
>You gonna tap m8?
and in competition unless you tap early they'll just crank your joint until they hear a pop sound followed by screaming

File: Cejudo.jpg (47 KB, 541x546)
47 KB
Striking, or grappling?
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Train Judo. It’s the superior grappling art and you’ll throw every striker on their head.
File: hqdefault.jpg (19 KB, 480x360)
19 KB
How hard its to learn grappling from a 100% striking base? To the point that feels "natural".
I'm starting BJJ (no other options where I live) and feel genuine interested in ground fighting but still can't pull shit, totally 0.
Just slightly better than learning from zero, the athleticism helps

File: 1654689689405.jpg (46 KB, 271x548)
46 KB
karate thread - Kyokushin Bull edition

previous >>85346
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How much Muay Thai influence have Shidokan Karate?
Quite a bit. Muay Thai has influenced Karate and Kenpo ever since Japan was exposed to it since the 1950's.

Shidokan via its roots in Kyokushin took the torque generation that Muay Thai does for its kicks instead of chambering it. And it incorporated Muay clinch techniques when Shidokan had its Kickboxing format. Kickboxing in Japan is basically Muay Thai techniques with a different scoring criteria (punch, kick, elbow, knee are all scored equally).
And a style that use elbows more often?
Karate and kenpo did have elbow techniques, but they never utilized them as effectively as Muay Thai does. Muay training really allows people to get a good sense of how to deal with elbow strikes.

Exposure to Muay Thai had Karate/kenpo reassess the aliveness of using certain techniques that were considered too dangerous outside of pre-rehearsed kata. A couple of karate and kenpo schools had students hit a sandbag to practice hitting with the elbow, but I don't think there were elbow guards at the time to allow them to receive it safely out of fear of cuts and detached retinas.
Can you use elbows to the face without cuts?

Some damn fine videos dropped this past few weeks.


Love that mall video in particular. Why the fuck aren't there more dead mall skate videos anyway? They all seem like they're prime skate spots.

Old thread: >>134858
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File: 1522872928376.jpg (43 KB, 650x793)
43 KB
>tfw my career is over and I never had a chance to skate the grey anti hero logo deck
>I was just about to get one literally before IT happened

are there any other good ways to buy from locals online instead of jewish warehouse merchants?
File: 1672895914783004.png (100 KB, 442x442)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
You'll have to go through each skate shop website. I suppose you could make a list of your favorites, maybe branch out from the ones in your general area, then go from there. There is currently a site called thedrop, but it's kind of shitty.
Those Parade guys would take a cut from every sale, sneaky little shits.

I turned into a cat mechanic as well.
What are some good skate shoes to absorb vibrations from shitty road conditions if you wanna longboard for a longer distance?
New thred

File: 1672762902208069.png (933 KB, 1181x835)
933 KB
933 KB PNG
im 5'5
i weigh less than 100lbs
which martial art would give me the best chance of survival against an average man?
id carry a weapon like a tazer / pepperspray / knife and just learn how to use that but i suffer from being bongish so those are illegal
pic unrelated
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What the fuck do other peoples opinions have to do with accepting yourself?
That's where basic discipline comes in. I had the opposite problem and finding bullshit, annoying tricks only hurt my progress. The only things I did that ever worked was eat less and lift. If you can do it, even if it sucks and is hard, then do it. Don't be afraid to hate yourself either. Part of how I forced myself out of eating was shaming myself when I did. When I was sitting down not working on anything in particular I would immidately tell myself to go do some lifting. If my arms were too sore to lift, that was core day. If my core was still recovering, that was cardio day. Your mind doesn't want to do these things, they're hard and make your body hurt, but that's exactly WHY you need to do them.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to learn some cooking. If you find eating hard and don't want to force a protein bar/shake down every few hours, learn how to cook some basic but fun meals (soups are great, but that's for weight loss not gain). You'll find every meal you successfully pull off helps with mentallity, small victories and all that.
Everyone looks the same in a gi, just don't talk shit.
The best martial art is Judo, no matter the situation. Train Judo.
File: img010.jpg (95 KB, 757x519)
95 KB

Would the standard way of beating people (punches, kicks to the tigh, oblique kicks if allowed) be effective?
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Yeah. Where do people get the idea that Judo has little to no ground fighting? Ne-waza is like half of judo.
People are uninformed. Judo's ne-waza is superior to wrestling, BJJ and sambo because it actually lets you use chokes to restrain a person and teaches you how to hold someone down. If anyone's grappling and they aren't training Judo, they're just wasting their time.
Boxer/Judoka here whose also learning Muay Thai. There's a reason why Muay Thai is considered the most complete form of striking. Judo is amazing but good luck trying to grab a hold of someone with solid clinching and neck-wrestling. Many judoka and Greco-Roman wrestlers make that mistake that their stand-up clinch can completely shut down Chap Koh.

>Judo's groundwork is better than BJJ and wrestling. Literally just train Judo.
The fuck are you talking about? Judo newaza at one point did have a full arsenal of joint-locks, chokes, pins, and some sneaky pain-compliance moves in groundfighting. But too many dojos don't practice enough newaza nor are their instructors as well versed to teach it. I have to watch old judo videos and books to find matwork to use in randori as well as practicing with my buddies who do BJJ.

More like 30% and I'm being generous. It's supposed to be 50/50 between tachi-waza and newaza but a lot of judo schools outside of Japan, France, Brazil, Russia, and the Netherlands don't emphasize enough time and development for it.

Sambists are well versed in chokes too. Just because Sport rules don't allow them doesn't mean Sambists (who also do Judo) can't do it. And I agree that BJJ should've adapted pins because that's a seriously overlooked part of groundfighting, but you're fucking kidding me if you think modern judo newaza can compete with BJJ's arsenal.

To be fair, BJJ always took infusions from judo newaza even as late as the 1980's like the Ezekiel choke being introduced. Judo did indeed have sophisticated groundwork, but World Championships and the Olympics are what most judoka care about nowadays and while there's still some superb newaza specialists, the emphasis is the dramatic throws for ippon.
By learning Aikido

Backfists and hammer fists should be allowed in boxing because spinning attacks are incredibely cool
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So do you just obsessively post in every thread all day?
I train Judo instead of wasting my time on the useless shit most people on this board do.
Evidently not since you’re posting on every thread
t. Jake Ellenberger
You are probably the only guy on this site that ever trained judo and you probably also agree that the judo cult in this board is bizarre considering there is like 5 people in the world training judo

File: gimi.jpg (51 KB, 1200x603)
51 KB
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RELENTLESS gimi general
Don’t let this thread die

gimi desu
gimi now and always

File: How could he won.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720)
93 KB
How could Chael have won this? What strategy could he have implemented to beat Jones, or at the very least go the distance?
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funny enough if Chael had made it out of the first round he would have won by doctor stoppage due to the broken toe.
If he trained Judo he’d be able to throw Jones easily instead of wrestling, which doesn’t work.
judo only works if your opponent wears clothes
Judo techniques work in nogi, arguably better than wrestling or BJJ fags. The balance and kuzshi it teaches you is far more applicable. Train Judo.
>I made it up
typical seetheer

File: Polish_20221227_140139561.jpg (991 KB, 1920x1920)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
Cain was the Gad
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Looks like xs posters can
Sun ken Rock
>gad velasquez who trained muay thai, bjj, boxing, and wrestling
>only ever used boxing and wrestling in his fights
what did he mean by this?
File: 6555555555555.png (372 KB, 1292x640)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
pankration chads, we won

Greetings from /tg/.

Question to all you HEMA and martial arts fags out there.

I'm designing a rpg/standalone arena combat system, and my autism compels me to make as detailed hit location/armor system as possible. In the current version I've toyed around with your hit location profile changing based on the fighting style and stance you assume. So in certain stances you are more likely to get hit in your arms, while in others you might get hit more in your legs for example.

Is this even remotely accurate to reality? Do practitioners of one martial art suffer noticeably different injuries when compared to practitioners of another martial art? What about weapons? I know the obvious difference between bladed weapons and blunt weapons, but do you try to strike at different locations with different weapons?

Pic rel is not mine.
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File: usna0232.jpg (144 KB, 1000x666)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Low stance, hands forward. The hands don't need to be backward for generating power in punches, because you're using them to grab.
Being low allows you to reach the legs more quickly for throwing the opponent off-balance. Too low and people can just grab you by your head and control you that way, or you will barely be able to move.
Upright stance, leg grabs are banned. You also have a jacket or gi, which can be used to grab the sleeves and help with throws.

Looks like Langenort, Pflug, and Ochs are more for defense.
On Vom Ta and Nebenhut you can generate a lot of power in GIANT SWINGS.
>What do you think would be the minimum of different guard types that I should try to come up with?
Think of the playstyles you want.
Defense, offense, hybrid, weird, speedy.
Have the basic stances and if they align with a playstyle archetype, all the better.
> Looks like Langenort, Pflug, and Ochs are more for defense.
On Vom Ta and Nebenhut you can generate a lot of power in GIANT SWINGS.
Basically yes but you should remember that threatening an offensive action is in itself a form of defense
This is fantastic stuff. Thanks!

>Think of the playstyles you want.
>Defense, offense, hybrid, weird, speedy.
Yeah I might abstract this a bit, so I don't end up with hundreds of different guards to tinker around with lol.
No fights by adopting posta and sitting in attack range while doing literally nothing moron. The second you attack or react you're going to be in or heading to longa or frontale/some kind of cover if you've fucked up

Thinking it's about stance dancing in or near attack range is the biggest retard beginner mistake there is

Is eye gouging the only way to get out of a choke in a no holds barred fight?
57 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
No that's one of the most retarded questions ever
he wasn't doing it right
Make space by stepping your hips to the left, reach around behind their back with your hand.
Come up under the nose/chin, and tilt the head back. Consider shifting stance to sweep.
Might not get them off you, but it might break their hold enough to work into an escape.

Old Karate trick, once did it and dropped a dude onto concrete. Though it was taught without a back mount, and from standing.
If it's standing, just fix his elbow and turn to the left while bending at the waist.
What did Bas Rutten do in his self-defense video? He just stepped to the side and picked them up by their legs? Do that, that's probably a good idea.

File: akira2.gif (2.7 MB, 384x282)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB GIF
Is this an effective fighting style in real life?
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: WLZ-liang-yi-ding2.jpg (286 KB, 1127x1746)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Sometimes I wonder, did people actually fight like this in ancient China? Probably never like in the kung fu movies, but maybe some approximation, something similar? Would be cool if these flamboyant striking styles with elaborate stances worked IRL.
File: andy.jpg (44 KB, 480x360)
44 KB
We have admittedly little knowledge thanks to Mao but the uniqueness seems more like a marketing tool to me. Maybe a monk really did look at a mantis and draw from it a fighting style but it also sets it apart wildly from other fighting forms a potential student might want to practice. Unfortunately most effective fighting looks fairly similar so I imagine practitioners fighting would either just be beating up someone with 0 fight experience or devolve into bad kickboxing and wrestling when they felt threatened, like we see in videos today. It's not like these styles don't 'work' in the sense that no matter if it's a simple roundhouse or a butterfly kick connecting your foot to someone's face has the same effect. The roundhouse 'works' because it's simple to start using but difficult to master, less risky to set up and much easier to combo with. There's been great fighters who use unorthodox moves to great effect, my personal favorite is Andy Hug with the axe kick, but that's someone who's really dedicated his life to martial arts and rose above the average fighter to the point where he understood when and how to use the crazier stuff.
The only effective fighting style is Judo. All others are either inferior offshoots of Judo, in which case you should just train Judo, or striking which is useless since you need to be in arm's reach to strike and you'll get slammed on your head.
Bajiquan? It's ok I guess.
It's exaggerated to force you into certain body mechanics.

File: 1838617904.jpg (144 KB, 1280x720)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Do we have Aikido practicioners here? have you ever had to use your skills outside of Dojo? how did you fare?
34 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aikido is GREAT for learning stuntwork. The structure of training is designed for safe falls and compliant partner drills and looking good.

It has very little to offer in terms of grappling or combat sports. When people who are experienced in other combat sports are able to pull from Aikido something useful and incorporate it into their own style, that doesn't mean Aikido is valuable, it just means that practitioner has the ability to learn different things.
>Aikido works very well

Stop fucking lying, you're not steven seagal. do different martial arts that's actually effective you larpers
I only used it a couple of times and it worked but I work as a bouncer in a club, so it's not exactly a great victory to restrain someone who is drunk or on drugs.
Because they are neckbeards. If you want a real and applicable martial art then you'd train Judo, which is actually good grappling unlike BJJ or wrestling. Wristlocks aren't going to work when you get slammed on your head as soon as you're within arms reach.

Former "event security professional" and it's the absolute Greatest of All Time for bouncing without getting fired/sued.

Most schools that teach it are trash at teaching it, though. Not quite as bad as trying to find actual Tai Chi, but real fucking close.

File: IMG_20230219_191443.png (863 KB, 1080x1114)
863 KB
863 KB PNG
Why does everyone here hate krav maga? I used to think it was an all encompassing martial art but everyone here says it's a meme
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: krap maga.jpg (73 KB, 548x500)
73 KB
bc like w/ most variations of rbsd or tma for that matter, 99.999% of instructors don't deliver on their promise to adequately prepare you for a real-life altercation. the things pertaining to self-preservation like de-escalation, spatial awareness, running away, and doing only as much damage to your attacker(s) as necessary to get away in one piece, are paid lip service.

years ago i took an introductory class. maybe 2 or 3 of those things were briefly mentioned once or twice. and the way it was trained was as follows:
>compliant drill partner throws super obvious and telegraphed pretend-stab
>with the combined power of a million palestinian child corpses, you slow down time
>side-step the arab aggressor's hand holding a flimsy rubber knife
>simultaneously grab their wrist and palm strike their nose to oblivion
>arm drag to rear nake-- SIKE!!
>fuck you thought this was? functional, pressure-tested techniques that actually work against a resisting opponent? we on some power fantasy LARPin ass bullshit niqqa! TAKE YO FUNCTIONAL ASS BACK TO A REAL FIGHT GYM!!
>anyhoo... you proceed to knee them in the groin repeatedly, which, if done by a gentile, would only backfire and cause their attacker to get angrier, thereby further escalating the situation
>but blessed by the great net-n-yoohoo, your balls of steel - hereinafter to be referred to as Da Goldsach - is impervious to groin strikes from goycattle
>bonus points if the assailant is a nazi, whose chakra you absorb with their every blow
>after taking them to the ground with a well-executed bumrush, you finish them off with a strictly forbidden technique
>the mother of all jew-jitsu moves, passed down from generation to generation, developed back when jews were enslaved and practiced in secret:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Anything you can’t spar full contact generally sucks
its an inside joke on the phoneticians

see I can make stuff up and it appears legitimate, like your opinion, which appears legitimate

fear Jews. see, it's your fault.
this. 100%.
Krav maga/systema for civilians is for feeling good,/confidence, not fitness or learning how to fight. The marketing for it is aimed to mislead and trick people, like most "self defense programs".
yup. for fitness and learning how to fight you might as well train at a (kick)boxing (technical kind, not the cardio variation)/muay thai/bjj gym, or judo/sambo/wrestling/sanda dojo/club/gym/whatever if there's one of those in your area. even then there's a chance the instruction is mediocre or even straight-up trash. it's a shame that most martial arts gyms/schools suck. this rate of low quality is considered unacceptable in any other industry.

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