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It seems like the sport as a whole has stalled ever since the Red Bull Air Race was cancelled. Is it just the expense?

File: IGLOTTI 2 copy.jpg (1.47 MB, 1279x1296)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
/esg/ edition edition

old bread >>163815

Be nice to everyone and remember to skate embankments
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I just got a board and skated for the first time in maybe 17, 18 years.
I feel less afraid, I can kinda ride fakie, I was too terrified to even try in my teens. I even landed a few static ollies. I tried and tried and tried as a teen and could never get it (I think I realized a couple years ago I wasn't even trying to jump back then and have had it in the back of my mind to try that). The board is a big box pos but I threw in some abec 7 "steadfast" bearings I picked up like 6 years ago for something else, and I have some 80A Amazon wheels on the way since I grew up with and loved softer wheels. The board was a "Duke" brand, it was heavy AF but I loved how it rolled. Idk what the hardness rating was though it wasn't popular to label that back then.
right on man. If you're gonna start practicing ollies lighter trucks might help with stamina, like you won't go any higher but you'll be able to last longer. And when you smack yourself in the shins it's not as bad. It's not a huge difference but it makes more of a difference than any other change imo
have fun
im in illinois that should say enuf if you were there
lol ironically I was in the ironworkers union apprenticeship. even if I had time to skate I didnt want to be cause I didnt want to get hurt, that means you cant work and cant do shit in school. it also makes you look bad. there was one other dude in my class who skated and he got a 3 month wrist injury trying to kickflip a funbox and he got reamed out by the school, the hall, and made himself seem like an idiot to all the other apprentices.


File: images (1) (5).jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
I did abit of sanda before covid. I went to join back up recently only to find out that a new guy runs the place and now does shaolin kung fu there. He mainly focuses on form and not so much sparring which is kinda a red flag. So I'm looking at boxing (because I lost my leg stretch) or muay thai
do muay thai brother, best combat sport of all time imo (currently do mma and muay thai, wrestled through hs and did bjj)
>I did abit of sanda before covid
Are you in China?
Also if you’re scared of leg stretching just know that Muay Thai is very dependent on it. But then again if that’s what’s putting you off then you’re a fucking pussy and probably shouldn’t be anywhere near a gym in the first place.
Ive also trined Sanda. Sand and MT synergize really well.

What stance do you use for your martial art? I've been going to a kickboxing (sanda) and MMA gym and they advised me to have my dominant hand forward so I've been training southpaw, but I've previously trained Jiu Jitsu in orthodox stance for a short time.
Generally in striking martial arts you keep your dominant hand back so your jab can set up your cross, but in other martial arts like Judo, Jeet Kune Do or Wrestling you're supposed to have your dominant hand forward, so which one should I train? I feel more comfortable as a southpaw personally.
Assuming youre right handed.
whichever youre better at. if youre better at grappling/wrestling than you are a striker, you go right foot/hand forward and learn to strike southpaw. Thats whay khabib and islam did.
If your background is striking you learn to grapple left handed, but this is generally easier since wrestling in nondominant hand is not as bad as striking with your nondominant hand.
The idea of a stance is some esoteric bullshit charlatans came up with so they can harp on really minute unimportant details and seem really wise
Move foot quarter inch left
Straighten up that back 3.2 Degrees

The stance you take should constantly be changing and adjusting to the situation, sometimes second to second
how close you are, how much area you have to move in, with the size difference between you and your opponent, what kinds of skills does your opponent have, are their abilities known or unknown. all of these things will change the way that you need to be standing during a fight

So at the end of the day stay loose, protect your head, adjust as needed
Not at all. You just need a foundation to start from and things like footwork and spacing actually matter

File: 6'2 vs 5'7.webm (2.59 MB, 480x852)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB WEBM
6'2 260 lbs Turkish bodybuilder and Youtuber says he will not lose to a 150 lbs guy if he is the world champion
5'7 150 lbs Turkish mma fighter challenges him
Here is the result
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Look at his face and clothes retard. That nigga was leaking
Video in better quality
Why this board believes that fight against a bodybuilder its something common to happen?
The big guy should try to submit the manlet with buggy choke. The manlet should try americana. Some say you can't use americana against bigger person but I've never tried it so I don't know.
I don't think a substantial number of people believe that. OP is just another entry in the long list of videos showing that martial skill matters and size and strength isn't absolutely everything.

File: powman.jpg (38 KB, 612x413)
38 KB
>watch literally any youtube channel of skier who spends a lot of time in pow
>when they're on literally anything that isn't deep pow
>straight forward, speedcheck, straight forward, speedcheck...
>upper body flopping from side to side, not remaining vertical, skis far apart, sometimes in backseat on hardpack while attempting to carve
>youtube comments act like every guy who does this is good at skiing because they found a cool looking place to film
Do people like this just never learn to carve? Or have I not experienced a "true" backcountry/pow ski? I get that you can't carve super well on pow-oriented skis, but when I wear them I only run into the "holy shit these skis are going to kill me" problem when I absentmindedly start trying to do carving shit at speeds that only really work on FIS spec skis anyway.
Example? In powder you use the rebound from flexing the ski to help the turn, it’s more like hopping than what you describe as a speed check. Lots of shitty skiing on YouTube though.
Also hockey stops in powder throw more snow and make for better photos and videos. I fucking hate social media clout chasers.
I get that, I mean they film themselves on hardpack or groomers and still do that instead of carving
Oh I read your op like an illiterate and missed the part where you explicitly stated not deep pow.
I think it’s because they put more effort into building their channel rather than improving their technical skills. It’s annoying to watch, but I think it’s not unique to skiing. I’ve seen many people running a successful business and think to myself “I am more skilled than they are in their profession.” But that is only a small part of their work. They need to build a reliable customer base, they need to balance cost with delivery, they need to do all that shit that I’ve never figured out. With regards to skiing channels, they need to entertain the masses, not impress talented skiers. They need to produce videos that are nice to look at, they need to do something interesting that makes people want to watch, they need to portray a personality that people like, and they need to do all of that consistently. If you’re the greatest skier in the world but you make boring videos, you’ll never get any traction. Off the top of my head, Marcus Caston (Return of the Turn) is the best example of a highly talented skier that also produces quality content.
Slashing powder on your tails with rockered reverse camber powder skis is fun. Taking pictures of it is gay.
A level-headed assessment about professional self-promoters that doesn't just devolve into name-calling on 4chan. This place has changed

File: bouldering.png (1.49 MB, 1400x1120)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
>Should I start climbing?
Yes. Or no, if your primary care physician wouldn't clear you.

>How do I start toproping?
Read a book? Call your local climbing gym? Take a course with a local guide? There are a lot of ways to get started!

>How do I start bouldering outside?
See above.

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File: Ai-Mori-MN2S.jpg (33 KB, 605x448)
33 KB
>page 3
You can take away this thread when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!
Commie yurop here, the biggest "concession" here is a separate/easier beer boulder for the ladies on fridays.
same story everywhere, back in the day a ton of hobbies were basically white nerds who cared deeply about something. Now you get these freaks invading who suck ass at the hobby and just take up space and act like perverts
>alannah yip
it was a torture listening to her alongside Matt in the last world cup in China

Any ideas on what can distract me from existance? Could be an extreme sport or eating carolina reapers while sitting in church.

I spent the last 7 years of my life diving into wingsuiting. Skydiving -> base -> wingsuit base. I have put housands of hours into this, extreme budgeting, living similar to a homeless person, all for wingsuits.

But I hit the point where progression is basically suicide and I decided to stop. Now that i have tried to stop I am becoming numb, apathetic for existance again.

Anyone have any ideas that are not explicitly air sports like paragliding, speed flying, skydiving or ws base? Could be a completly alternative method for flooding the brain with endorphins.
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Do you mean to say you sacrificed a lot of stuff\ living like an ascetic, to afford the expensive hobby? thats based, I admire people who punch abode their pay-grade but end up winning.
what about cave diving? or just deep diving, the kind where you have so much equipment and complex gadgets and trinkets?
Buy an old, cheap, 600cc sport bike, helmet, leathers and boots. Get it checked out and prepped for running on a track. Take road racing lessons from a competent company and run your bike on track days or start entering local am races.
It's that easy?
I thought that was a sport for richfags. Maybe I just have been believing an urban myth...I would like to buy a bike to travel my country trough all the roads and visit all provinces.
Im happy to learn I can eventually do the sport?
Maybe something cheaper like motor racing, if you want something cheaper mtb or something like that

/xs/ faithful, our small but mighty team is once again facing off in a tournament against other boards. For the first time, we have made it to the Summer Elites, and will be competing in the first group stage match later today. If interested in the autism, you can check it out over at implying rigged and see if Tony Hawk and the Earth Rocker and take it in the elites.
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/t/ has a team still, that's right
Go sexess!
Almost all boards, some of the weird ones like /gif/ /news/ and /trash/ don't though
and we lost, went out on a good 3-1 tho, at least.
very interesting indeed
File: roster.png (96 KB, 951x541)
96 KB
Hey anons, the team is looking now to compete in the autumn babby cup. Does anyone have any feedback on the roster? A few of the players are dated or never really discussed on here.

File: 1694018980415.jpg (39 KB, 674x455)
39 KB
This is the most retarded sport to have come out in recent years. Calling it a sport is even stretching it, it's more of a spectacle for the lowest dregs of the earth.
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And that's why it's brilliant. I don't want to see a pair of prancing sissies grapple in the octagon or watch the two boxing matches that matter every year, I want to see brutes brutalising each other for negligible prize money and small amounts of prestige. This is the true essence of sport, and if you disagree you have something wrong with you.
Maybe. Or maybe a rhino-skulled samoan will always beat the breaks off you through a diet of beer and parking lot beatings. It's hard to say at this point.
This is also how I feel about it. The simplistic brutality and cheapness and disregard for its participants just appeals to my more base feelings
I don't really like that the guy the goes first get a chance to knock the other guy and he won't be able to answer back with his own slap. But it is entertaining to watch them get brain damage
Based and monkeyfight pilled.

File: 2.png (970 KB, 1920x1080)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
/sg/ - Ski General
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>hasn't learned the helmet lesson the hard way yet
inb4 "I don't fall"
you need your tips to stay above the snow, meaning you have to lean back. do it as little as possible though...
So, not be suspicious, but can someone just drown intentionally a fellow skier what went down a tree well? Like real evil shit dude, instead of helping just tossing snow at them, did that ever happen? Any case of this? That we know..

Also unrelated, but if you pull out your cock to pee while skiing, does It get frostbite imeditely? Does that mean you pee inside?
Whats the age Gap or biological clock for learning to skill, do i have to be born into the sport or get into It as a kid to become pro? Ima be honest im a Mexican here in bumfuck nowhere when snow never comes. I always adored snow AND skiing seems cool, any vehicle sport Is, so of i were to go to switzerland or new zealand in an exchange program, could i become a skier since 23 years old?? Or am i doomed.
To become pro? There’s no rule against making it after starting late, but the amount of the skill in the sport these days is insane. Unless you have natural talent, a lot of money and connections (for lessons, gear, living near a ski area), and a death wish, the odds of going pro are slim, even when starting young.
You can achieve “local hotshot” level of skiing by going a lot, working on improving, and having some big cojones.

File: gettyimages-156478862.jpg (127 KB, 1000x1000)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
if i go to a martial arts class can i just not go at any time?
like if i sign up for three months can i just not show up even if i paid for it?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I move a lot so I was wondering if I could change a lot of gyms
As long as you pay and especially if you explain the situation, goals, and expectations beforehand they won't care. You might even be able to negotiate a rate based on the length of your stay in town. Any particular martial art? On what kind of intervals are you moving?
Yes, but typically you're spending 100-200 bucks a month to be part of a gym. If you're essentially paying your gym 0.5-2 months of rent a year depending on where you live, you kinda owe it to yourself to either show up to your classes, or quit to reclaim that cash.
What are they gonna do, hunt you down? What benefit would they gain from banning you?
I have students dissappear for months at a time. I don't ask questions, sometimes life happens. I'm just glad they come back.
depends on the size of your classes. and the expectations of the teacher. Your classmates might like it more if you attend more because they need training partners.

File: proxy-image 79.jpg (30 KB, 340x450)
30 KB
File: GigaChad-1.jpg (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB

File: lora040924s.jpg (16 KB, 300x193)
16 KB
Seems the gap is closing. Thoughts?
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yea and they are usually pretty good
How do I stop being afraid to roll with women? I have a general fear of women.
>Laughed because this could be taken as 41 cumshots.
Dude, you'll crush them if you use too much power so play around gently.
Lmfao, there's evidence of the contrary.

butt-naked and running out of ideas edition

Talk about either the ancient Greco-Roman fighting style of Pankration or the modern, Jim Arvanitis sporty version.

>What is Pankration?
I was just looking for some thread about Pankration.
I was just looking for some thread about Pankration. What resources do you use to learn? Currently I've been watching AMO Pankration's videos, and my estimation of the combat sport is 'MMA with Hellenistic characteristics'.
Greco-Roman history books
actually Pankration has some really interesting techniques since they seem to use a lot of hammerfist strikes https://youtu.be/6PdurIc6eD8?feature=shared
I read a book about Sparta by a neonazi guy, who said in pankration fighters could use custom gloves with different materials. wooden guards, some used lead plaques, etc

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