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He wants to be a professional boxer
Japanese single father

Good luck!!

File: krot.jpg (98 KB, 1280x644)
98 KB
Fitness edition
Previous: >>45088

What's everyone's daily/weekly fitness routine?
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anyone read the Bubishi?
This seems logically sound to me, but then again your teacher came up with the retarded idea in the first place so he might stand his ground out of principle. Maybe get a few students to try both stances in sparring to show everyone your theories in action?
Also, do you guys put your hands up with closed fists or open palms facing towards the attacker? If it's open palms, then keeping your hands higher towards your head would make you seem much less threatening than if they were lowered which handles his new complaint.
>Also, do you guys put your hands up with closed fists or open palms facing towards the attacker?
Basically depends on the person, I vary personally. I did talk to him and he said it's fine to teach kids to keep hands up and I can do what I want for my stance and stuff it's more for senior adults was a quick talk but still that's better than nothing, not the worst outcome not the best either but as I said was a quick talk
Well good on you then anon.
Tareg Hamedi went to the WWE after that whole DQ debacle... I dunno what's going on anymore

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 299x169)
11 KB
Will Slater surf in Tokyo? edition
>Any summer surf plans?
>Opinions on competition structure?
>Anyone surf Tsurigasaki beach?
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Kernow obvs. Actually gutting how we almost always get swell down here but the wind just fucks it all up 70% of the time.
I only ever surf beaches so when I travel abroad it's like easy mode.
I've been wondering how much easier it could be, I'm assuming that's entirely dependent on the reef. I still haven't had a chance to see a proper reef or point break because I live in florida.
Just bought a 5'11 shorty for the winter swells, moving up from a longboard :D
Well don't get flustered and keep at it. It took me a while to move down to a short board. Don't think there's any shame in pulling the longboard back out if or when you get frustrated. I swore off it for a few weeks and went back to longboarding just to pull it out again a month later and suddenly be able to do it like I wanted to. Then again that's in florida where there usually aren't too many great shortboarder days.

File: violence works 2.png (10 KB, 551x69)
10 KB
>1970s: Everyone "knows" kung fu is best
>1980s: Everyone "knows" karate is best
>1990s: Everyone "knows" grappling is best
>2000s: Everyone "knows" MMA is best
So what gives? Were all those people back then wrong and now we're right? How do we know? Or is it all media BS?
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Karate was literally taught in all militaries since the 70s.
Nobody cared about Muay Thai until Bas Rutten did leg kicks in Pancrase. That was the 90s.
Boxing was always considered inferior to asian stuff in the 70s, even by boxers.

You fucking zoomer.
its always been bs.
The zeitgeist goes to the highest bidder
>just a film
That sums up Bruce Lee's fighting record too
Military hand to hand training is a complete joke, it's more there for discipline and conditioning. If your fist fighting enemy combatants something has gone horribly wrong and you are most likely fucked anyways

File: ny 30.jpg (172 KB, 843x843)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Is cycling an extreme sport?

Pic related, me yesterday.
Hows new york these days? Also cycling seems scary as shit with cars around.
I'm not OP but riding with cars around makes it more fun IF you have plenty of space. If you're on a narrow road and they're passing by close and fast, that sucks. City riding is fun because it's all sprinting and dodging. I'd probably get sick of it if I did it all the time.
If you want to do cycling but really don't want to ride with cars, then I recommend picking up gravel cycling instead.
the ride he did around the island of manhattan is all protected bike lanes

File: file.png (506 KB, 770x290)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
Post your favorite ski locations
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File: Ischgl_Pistenplan.jpg (243 KB, 590x436)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Samnaun, Switzerland. 240km of the finest slopes. Very remote, no view down to a valley anywhere, just mountains all around. Feels like there is nothing else on the planet than infinite white
Switzerland and Austria are mogging the rest of the world hard in this thread
Well the alps are sort of the birthplace of moden ski resorts.
Whistler is the only one that can compete really
Mount Snow is nice when it's not completely packed

Here are some of my favourite pictures of my favourite unlimited class race planes.

I have a soft spot for Strega and Dago Red, Strega has a beautiful paint job and Dago was and still is the fastest. Czech Mate is just draw dropping beautiful, and still quick with that 'small' engine shoved in the front.

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File: 44-13105_00559_cf1.jpg (51 KB, 500x749)
51 KB
Strega overtaking Czech Mate
File: 44-13105_9219_cf1.jpg (173 KB, 1200x800)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Strega at rest
File: 44-74996_04436_cf1.jpg (57 KB, 700x467)
57 KB
Go Dago go!
thanks for the pics anon
so sick seeing ww2 props pimped out
thank you OP

File: 20170714-212801_orig.jpg (76 KB, 1067x800)
76 KB
Considering buying a paramotor. Worth it? Best model for beginners? Quick course enough to start solo flying comfortably?
They are fun, I use them as a skydiver when I wanna toot around, but it can get old after a while
It's very worth it, get parajet and AVOID dogshit companies like Blackhawk.
Nirvana is a good one too. Anything south African is good.
File: 74554745.png (120 KB, 452x386)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
do not buy a paramotor first. start paragliding and learn on the beach/dunes. you should ideally have 10 hours of ground handling before you attempt a big mountain flight. please please please learn mitsos. honestly so cringe seeing how some people kite their gliders. they just thrash it around with the brakes. and you can't do anything about it because everyone is 40 and extremely type A.

File: Chad_Kerley_1600x.jpg (106 KB, 667x667)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
why does everyone shit on bmx?
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Because it's 4chan. I just came to this board for the first time and this is the first time ive heard anyone shitting on bmx.
Its easy. Knew a guy bad bad on a bike and did a 8 stair. I never did it on skateboard and got 5 years under my belt.
landing flat is big gay regardless. but its arguably more gay on bmx
I never kickflipped a unicycle

File: stance.jpg (35 KB, 700x394)
35 KB
ITT: Describe a martial art technique. If it already exists in a well-known style, it is disqualified. Others judge if the technique would or wouldn't work. If it works, it gets added to the official /xs/ martial art.
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File: cheetalocaris.png (527 KB, 720x430)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
I'm a board tourist and have never taken an interest in martial arts before, but here's some retarded idea i just came up with:

Two fighters are suspended by their hands on two parallel calisthenics bars, just high enough that their feet don't touch the ground. They are allowed to kick each other, and really good fighters could probably use one of their hands if they're brave. Kicking the hands and arms suspending the opponent is illegal. The first one to lose their grip and fall is the loser.

It may not work but fuck it'd be fun to watch.
I absolutely love this.
You could also have variations of it, like fighters hanging by the back of their knees, or doing the flagpole and kicking sideways, or a vale tudo version where it's just a grid on top and they can do whatever to make the opponent fall.
Skateboard vert jousting. Opponents drop in from opposite sides of the ramp.
You should post about it here >>38955

File: 1627444922764.jpg (131 KB, 753x604)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Is caving an extreme sport?
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It's extremely fucking stupid.
Go back to your basedsport caving is for real men if you can't die in your sport is it really extreme?
You can die in any sport.
Single digit IQ answer.

What combat sports are least likely to give you brain damage while also still being useful? I can deal with cuts and broken bones, but I don't want to rattle my braincage.
62 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Try that on any college wrestler.
Would easily work because the college wrestler is not prepared for it.

Never go full sports, always only use sports as a baseline delivery system. The rest is dirty fighting. Reason: Sports are specialized too much towards sport.
Don't fear the world champion, fear the gym bully. The champion is already degenerated and only useful for ring fighting, the gym bully does his thing for street fighting.
>Jerry directly calls out krav maga and their bullshit disarm techniques.
That's because civilian krav is just larping. Military krav is very different (Few if any technique drills, majority of training is toughness and aggressiveness drills, eg. one guy trying to get to the other end of the room and the rest of the group trying to keep him from getting to the other end of the room). It's almost like two different martial arts.

Now, military krav is far from perfect, but to get people up to scratch for a street fight in a few weeks? Yeah, works fine.
Don't think so. I think if you try that you'll just get bowled over. I'm not saying dirty fighting doesn't work, I'm saying that move doesn't work. And is potentially reflective of the techniques in the rest of the system. Low percentage "kill moves" that are almost impossible to land on a resisting opponent.
Spotted the LARPer
>I think if you try that you'll just get bowled over.
Get a wrestler and try it then.

t. hasn't been in a fight ever

I wish to start my children with BJJ from 6-12, then fencing and horseback archery from 13-18.
I swear I’m only mildly autistic.
What sports will you be teaching your children /xs/?
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Genghis is fucking dead I would have triangled his bitch ass anyway, you can enjoy your moral victory of being the one to shove us to the ground but i will be the one that remains conscious
I don't think I'll teach them anything. I'll just brag about how much fun I'm having with mountain biking, cycling, and bouldering so they want to do it. I don't want to force them into something just for them to hate it when they get older, I want to trick them into it
>you can enjoy your moral victory of being the one to shove us to the ground but i will be the one that remains conscious
you won't be conscious after you're spiked headfirst into the dirt
Boxing, wrestling, weapons depending on what's legal at the time. Also track.
Archery is fun

File: alexia.jpg (142 KB, 1080x1350)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
/volley/chads come here.
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: barn.webm (1.26 MB, 1058x700)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB WEBM
How long until some big international event? Year?!
Japan needs their national hero, and hes pretty good.
No because im shit

nothing until next year. saying that the turkish league does import a lot of players from various countries and is on rn
Now | Karayolları - Vakıfbank (Sultanlar Ligi)
in 3hrs | Eczacıbaşı Dynavit - Türk Hava Yolları (Sultanlar Ligi)
File: kamnik.webm (353 KB, 578x600)
353 KB
There is champions league thats streamed on official youtuber channel, some matches that are not paywalled.
CEV Champions League counts as international club event

File: maltese.jpg (205 KB, 1280x720)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
this thread is for discussing street workout strength elements(planche,front touch, maltese.etc) and it culture.

File: majeli.jpg (28 KB, 443x691)
28 KB

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