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File: ed0.jpg (22 KB, 422x350)
22 KB
My 45 yr mom (who has been decently fit all her life) started taking kick-boxing lessons since March this year, and yesterday when I challenged her during a playfight, she managed to deal quite a few punches and roundhouse kicks that I simply couldn't block. Had this been a real fight where she would've hit harder, I could've gotten a broken jaw or nose, some facial injury like a black eye or even a concussion etc. I'm still mind broken by the fact that my mom is now faster, braver and better at hand-to-hand combat than me.
She made me chicken parm right after though.
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how are you this weak lol, let me see your mom try this on me I'd make you a little brother in no time
imagine getting your ass kicked by your mom, you're a fucking loser OP. honestly, I'm just chuckling at the thought that your weak-ass got your ass handed to you by your fitness kickboxing mom.
Don't feel bad anon! Your story made me hard!
If it had been a real fight, then any punch or kick from you that she managed to block would still temporarily disable or break her blocking limbs. If it was a real fight, you'd be tanked up on adrenaline and barely even notice a broken nose, and you'd be on top of her battering and mauling her. Playfighting, sparring, and sporting fights are not and will never be reflective of actual fighting and no amount of kickboxing training will enable a middle aged woman to defeat a man who is trying to kill her.
So why was posting this you reaction to being emasculated instead of just joining kickboxing why are you such a pussy?

File: brian_shaw.jpg (81 KB, 640x539)
81 KB
>hehe I'm the world champion in super lightweight jiu jitsu
>with superior technique and speed I'll surely beat that meathead's - AAAAAAAAACCCKKK
>gets head crushed with one hand
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> nobody has managed to shut me up yet
You thibk constantly sperging out on 4chan is an accomplishment?
You talking about Shaw? Never did hear that name much. His and my great grandpappy worked together on a plantation back in '64. Grandpappy kept a journal about 'ol Shaw. Shaw could carry a week's worth of cotton to the market every Friday and he came back with 5-6 bucks. Grandpappy handled the financials of it all, what with the business end and such. Shaw just loved using his brute strength. In a particularly hot June around this time back then the slaves started getting mighty ornery under this fella by the name of Big Tariq. Big Tariq was the meanest sumbitch you never did see, 6'5 and weighed heavier than his silverback cousins. Stronger too. Didn't care much for the master nor the breaker. We sent Big John out to deal with him, as he approached the slave quarters he could hear a mighty big party going on. Big Tariq had stolen a few white flour cakes and decided to have hisself a little ol shindig to tease John. John didn't take too kindly to this. They got to tussling and as John went for the Suplex-Cock to finally break this buck, Tariq had something different in store. In a flash with great negroid strength he flipped John over and went to town. Big John never did break wind after that. Shaw was on the porch sippin tea when he see John coming up limpin harder than a cripple. Grandpappy didn't hear nun what was said but he saw that Shaw was livid. Figures John told him what happened. Shaw flew into a blind rage. Shaw must've flipped 5 or 6 full cotton carts. Grandpappy says he could've cleaned out all of Chiraq, he was so 'ornery. Shaw started running off to the Slave Quarters, muttering "Niggers gotta learn he place, can't do that what for to a good honest white man. It's time to be great." Shaw come to call big Tariq out. Tariq laughin and hollerin but big Shaw didn't find nothin funny. Shaw tackled him. Picked him up and must've thrown him 20 feet in the air. When he landed Shaw jumped right on him. Big Tariq was in big trouble.
"I'm gonna learn you some manners boy". Tariq didn't believe him, afterall he was the pride of the negros. Big Tariq got to usin his thunder arms what to wrestle Shaw off but the most particular look came across he face when he musta realized Shaw couldn't be beat. Looked like a man who'd just seen a premonition of his own death. Shaw forced his head in the dirt and got to tearin heself and Tariq's clothes off. Grandpappy told him not to be too rough, Big Tariq could work 10 fields of cotton in a day. Big Shaw say "Niggers need to learn, you done raped your last white man boy, it's time for a Double-Decker-Shaw-Classic dunk." Shaw reached down and snapped Tariqs legs. He went on squealing and screaming in pain. Shaw got up hard as a rock and ran back about 100 yards. He come a runnin like a train, must've been a mile a minute. Shaw jumped up when was 20 yards out and in mid air got his cock good and straight. Tariq scrambled away like a madman trying to get away but Shaw was too fast. He came down like a Cannonball. He broke that buck so hard that Tariq's pelvis shattered into a million pieces. Never did look a white man in the eye again. I suppose Shaw's just keepin the family name in style. Be great.
Brian Shaw? Yeah I know him by that name. Hell, I worked with him in Nam. Back then we called him "slant-eye slashing" Shaw because he never came out of a tunnel without a scalp, an ear, or covered with blood.

Most would call him insane, but that is why the green berets trained him. They saw potential. It wasn't until they learned his methods that they truly realized what a monster they created.

You see, most guys that go tunnel clearing take guns. Not Brian. No, he took knives, clubs, hatchets, sometimes nothing but his bare hands. After a few missions I got a chance to talk to him in the mess. He was wearing his blood stained hat, sunglasses, and combat fatigues, smoking a cigarette and drinking johnny walker black. It was contraband, but you NEVER told Brian what he could and couldn't do.

I asked him why he never took guns with him. He lowered is head and took a long slow draw from his hand rolled cig, pulled off his sun glasses and looked me right in the eyes, piercing my soul.

"I do it out of respect. Respect for the white race. These slant eye'd scum bags don't deserve the mercy of an American made bullet, but the slow torturous death of the hands of an American man!"

In a flash he pulled out his weathered, but razor sharp knife and stopped just short of sticking my gut. "The look in their eyes when I slip this baby into their swollen, rice filled bellies is reason enough. To see the last lights flick off in their heads as they see a real killer work."

File: 1680192436971.png (850 KB, 762x980)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
what are some good techniques to use intelligence when fighting and the environment or someone's metal weakness? things akin to the "hey what's that" and a point then punching them when they look away.
also no "just run"
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File: bugsgay.jpg (66 KB, 671x651)
66 KB
I'm clearly not a faggot so why are you approaching me?
*kisses you*
*headbutts to slip the kiss.*

Go to your dentist bitch.
*you hit my shadow clone, the real me appears from behind and kisses you for real*

File: IMG_6135.jpg (827 KB, 1284x1037)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
any tips to improve my ollie

i kinda just pop it and it and then always land off balance not to the point that i fall or anything but that my toes touch the ground and the board ends up not moving anymore or sometimes i land in the “rocket ollie” position

File: IMG_20231126_143141710~3.jpg (1.91 MB, 3190x3626)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
Pic related. Does lineage matter, does it matter where you train and who they trained under?
Sort of. Isn't a guarantee of anything usually, but these days it's harder to fake a good rep for whatever. But you could be a world champ and whoever is "training" you could be completely incompetent beyond that one fighter.
If it's an old martial art yes, bjj no.
It matters of your teacher is making certain claims. And generally speaking, teachers who lie about their lineage often don't produce great practical results.

File: 094311230507.png (1.8 MB, 828x998)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
im 18 years old, never been a skater, is it too late for me to start? i hate my job and i don’t study if that’s relevant
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Good to know I can still take some risks and heal when I get hurt, if I don't push it too far. I'll remember to stretch and exercise though.
The feeling left out thing may not happen too much since I plan to go skate with a friend around 26 too, so we aren't really trying to follow what the younger people are doing. Even though I should know better, I still resist the idea of wearing a helmet.
So long as you have health insurance, it's never too late.
Wear a helmet. If anything it will help you feel a little more bold to try things. Permanent brain injury is the least cool thing there is. It baffles me that 99% of my local concrete park doesn’t wear one.
its never to late to start. just get comfortable cruising around, learn the basics first (ollie while moving, power slide to stop) and then go from there. also try to find time to skate at least 30 minutes everyday.
I have bent an ankle and probably half torn ligaments
It took month to heal to live without problems
Two more months to not get irritated and swollen by work and walking
But me being woodcutter is probably not the best reference point
I always use helmet.
I have smashed my head few times but it is still fien

No Battlebots thread? Champions II is airing right now.
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they already made a clip of that fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmkHZ_S9e6Y
>fat bald gay manbaby crying for 12 hours
Can't stand NHRL
Did anybody here ever do robotics competitions in high school? I did a bunch of extracuriculars and we basically just goofed off and got drunk when we went out of town. Robotics was the best one because the teacher didn't really care what we did as long as we showed up for the competition. Fun times. We somehow made a national meet in Houston and there was controversy because they invited streamers and e-celebs to hype up the event (I guess) and they proceeded to just get drunk and do drugs and there were rumors they were sleeping with the teachers and students. Apparently it was a problem they had for years do to the size of the event. This stuff brings me back.
File: IMG_20230216_093857_350.jpg (158 KB, 1176x1280)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>Robot Wrestling
*looks at paper*
*winks at camera*
*commercial break*

File: baki headbutt.png (338 KB, 617x480)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
All martial arts and fighting sports can be represented on a "violence gradient", where on one end you have the more choreographic and barely-violent styles, and on the other you have the most violent and less "artistic" ones.
In the past few decades interest has been shifting from the former, and more towards the latter, with bare-knuckle boxing competitions, street-fighting organizations, and even slapping contests, garnering more and more interest.
It's therefore clear that the only logical conclusion to these competitions is a headbutting contest.
You can have turn-based ones like with slapping, or you can have bouts where two dudes just hit each other until a ko or the time runs out.
People would develop techniques to dodge, hit delicate spots, and even set up combos.
There would be interesting match-ups between tank type dudes with giant necks and heads, and long-necked more athletic guys who can contort in seemingly impossible ways to execute advanced techniques.
Depending on the rules you could have them stand still or move around in a ring. You could allow grabbing the opponent or have their hands cuffed behind their backs (which would be a useful skill for the type of guy who'd take part in this).

Opinions? Suggestions on how it would be set up, or how to be more effective at it?
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File: 2166-1542182856.jpg (26 KB, 640x360)
26 KB
>tank on slip and slide
>100 trillion lions ON the sun
>possessed heavy bag
Aikido + strongman
Aikido + sumo
Fuck wrong thread
File: 1699466294012661.jpg (209 KB, 638x590)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
No. Not until the brain regeneration shit is up to the task of rekindling the ensuing dead neural tissue.

Are there any quiet targets i can use for throwing knives indoors
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Legit cork dartboard?
Lets just make this the general for throwing knives

I have a video on my phone of my glory autism days hitting a bullseye with a fucking needle on lockdown but I can’t post it, any help?
If I could get back a video I would tell you, I had one of stick a playing card into my dry wall.
What the best way to learn throwing things like a monk from a jrpg?
Rocks, knives, darts, cards
I started with cards.

Anyone here into freeflight?
Got my P1 before breaking my back during my p2. Dunno if I'm going to continue or not. Its really fun.

AMA about the best form of flying
its always a persons dream to fly, but the fact is it probably wouldn't be all that great
it gets really cold and windy really fast up there. if I could fly I'd probably not go very fast or very high unless I had a flight suit
I guess superhero costumes make more sense when you think about it
Your right about the wind. I only flew during the spring/summer and not very high. I assume it does get cold up there, but I ski as well and thats cold. I still enjoy skiing.

What helped sell me was finding out that you can go up. There are people who have flown hundreds of miles by hopping from one thermal to another.

Another aspect I like is the hike and fly. You can fit all the gear to fly in a backpack for around 10lbs and fly down after a hike instead of walking down. Thats sick.
yeah, hamas
I'm kiting right now. Forward launch sucks balls on a flat plain.

File: 0966747736djpg.jpg (109 KB, 780x520)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>motocross is so dead there isn't even a thread for it on /xs/
its so over
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>rented a dirtbike for the first time a few days ago
It was fun. I’ll never be an mx chud though. I’m going to be an enduro chad.
>I’m going to be an enduro chad.
what enduro you gunna get? Like an ADV hog?
I'm thinking of a 2016 to 2019 Honda africa twin
Motocross faded away because most people watched it for the jumps, not the racing. Now that showjumping has evolved into a separate activity, much more spectacular, that's where the eyeballs rather look.
I cant believe this thread is still up, is it all the turn left to go right retards?
File: BushSplittersMC.jpg (52 KB, 1462x914)
52 KB

File: based soaper.jpg (43 KB, 284x432)
43 KB
soaping bros, we're home
215 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want a soaping skate shoe with heelys
fuck fruit booters soap on brothers
it's been 1007 days since we first came here, soap bros. i'm still soaping, are u?
Is this one of the oldest active threads up on 4chins? Seems like it.
I remember soaping when I was in middle school and high school. Never did it myself.

File: Turbomogging.jpg (46 KB, 700x400)
46 KB
Highland Games

Local to Pro

A slower more focused thread would be good.
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is probably a retarded question but is there a website that catalogs different local events in the US or something? I've tried googling but can't find anything.
File: Z from the lake of ice.jpg (235 KB, 776x832)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Iron Podium has all the results and upcoming listing for shows to do.
I don't think they are compiled for any ranking though. Not sure you could easily do that anyway because there isn't much standardize across events.
Strongmanarchives has all the bigger shows results
that's a strong bag
Cool thx
Are oly lifts good for speeding up my other lifts? I can lift heavy after ss and pp but I move the barbell like a snail.

File: 2Q==.jpg (14 KB, 168x300)
14 KB
Irl is there anything right could do to win aside of using a gun?
Worlds biggest faggot posts worlds smallest picture
Who keeps making these threads?

File: 0_disIqHTKvB1NLVMM.jpg (26 KB, 680x378)
26 KB
Some time ago I bought boxing equipment and invited a friend to box, it was fun, but one day because of work he started to come less and less. I haven't seen him in months so now I don't want to focus my training on boxing better and hitting harder, but on hardening my twink hands (I work in an office).

I have a 44 pound punching bag (although I can put more padding in it to make it heavier).
Some weights and a homemade makiwara (I spent a whole hour yesterday punching it and it felt pretty good. Now I feel like they're going to break)

If you have any advice you can give me to help me harden my fists (or to hit harder) I would appreciate it.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Most of being good at kickboxing is having good cardio.

You can train a long-distance swimmer, an ultramarathoner, or even a savvy high-school football player to throw NASTY punches and kicks and be a good boxer in like 2-6 months of focused training. Someone who can't run a 5k, right now, without gassing out or walking, is never gonna box worth a shit until they can
Ironically everything you said is part of what I used to due for my hand conditioning
You only need to run 2.5km to be honest on a twice a day basis to get a really good stamina for boxing if you are not a pro, obviously once you run that many times you can easily run the 5km without practice.

Knuckle push ups are solid though, just remember to train finger mobility to not get issues.
twice a week* rather.
sand is harder than rice mate

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