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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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File: usdgc1_mcbeth.jpg (33 KB, 650x370)
33 KB
/DGG/ Disc Golf General
My close personal friend Paul McBeth edition
Season is closing out if you live in a shit state sub edition

>What is disc golf?
Its golf but with frisbees or discs. Generally played at parks that have free courses.
>What do I need to get started?
A disc and some shoes to walk around comfortably. (You should probably also bring some water anon and maybe download UDisc for a scorecard, or print / make your own)
>I'm new what disc should I buy?
Pretty much any decent disc will get you out and playing. You don't need to buy a starter set immediately, instead buy a putter and approach disc as its a pretty easy to throw disc for a beginner and then buy more discs from there.
>Are there courses around me?
Almost certainly, check https://www.dgcoursereview.com/ for a pretty comprehensive list of courses and recommendations as to what ones near you are good.
>I bought a starter set and cant throw these things straight or far at all!
Go onto youtube and lookup guides idiot. Also learn to throw your putter first. It's most likely the easiest disc to throw in your bag and just because it doesn't fly as fast as a fairway or driver disc, It'll probably fly farther as It WILL fly straighter.

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It appears the SSE here is 60.7 so i think around 16.45 pps?
https://www.dgcoursereview.com/mobile/course.php?id=9623 Here is the course in question
that’s probably high in the context that people talk about ratings. impossible to figure out from scratch alone what a stroke is worth. being that somewhere between 2.5-3.5 below par is scratch i’d guess by PDGA ratings every stroke is worth about 8 rating points. courses that are harder to par/higher pars usually give fewer points per stroke. did you look at the tournament page? you could check pdga d com s live and search for it
This is the event card https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/67343#MA1 very confused on how this works lol
sweet. near the top there’s a link next to a golden trophy that’ll take you to pdga live where you can see the scores, par, and at the end of each row a rating. on the link you posted you can also click “show round ratings” right below the division name and it’ll show the rating next to the total strokes. i think if you hover a mouse somewhere (maybe over the round column i’m on my phone so can’t myself) it will show you the par. looks like round 2 was a different par than rounds 1 and 3

File: martialartswomen.jpg (67 KB, 720x720)
67 KB
What is the Best Martial Art for a Woman who wants to defend herself?
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A good kick to the nuts
Windmilling your arms aggressively on both sides
>spicy spray
In reality these are the correct options. The women who are hard boiled enough to handle themselves don't do martial arts.
Join a Feminist group! They'll convince you that you can punch on better than any man. Problem solved!

Side effects will include purple or blue hair, being a man hater, being a total cunt, ending your genetic line, ending up as a fat ass ugly bitch!

File: 1677900142593171.webm (2.99 MB, 720x1280)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
>the most physically fit and genetically gifted BJJ black belt
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Words. Words are rike burrets
Keked, I ought to rewatch old South Park.
>Mogged so hard by BJJchads that he has to make a half dozen /xs/ shill hate threads
Can BJJ ever stop winning?

File: terry.jpg (68 KB, 640x480)
68 KB
Who is the Terry Davis of skateboarding?

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Todd Falcon
They do look weirdly similar. Like one of them was a failed clone of the other. I'll leave you to speculate which.
lennie kirk
This for sure.

File: 2.png (970 KB, 1920x1080)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
/sg/ - Ski General
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File: soomit.jpg (780 KB, 4032x1960)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
thanks anon, I ended up buying them (the 96s) and keeping my carvers for groomer days. though i actually took the armadas out on one and it wasn't half bad (picrel), they are indeed heavy AF but I could still get decent turns in at speed.
the one thing i didn't feel too comfortable in was trees, i always felt like i couldn't turn in time, but then again i'm a bit of a noob at off-piste stuff so idk.
but what they are good at, man they're good at. i threw myself off some jumps i wouldn't have even thought of on my last skis. also took them to Tahoe and they did just fine on the stupid deep powder there. and if there's any crud i just lean back and roll right over it. these things are sick and i'm very satisfied.
Did I fuck up? I’ve skied only narrower skis (Vantage 79 Ti until they failed from a defect) since returning to skiing. I live in New England but haven’t skied here recently and travel to the Rockies for trips. I love trees and especially moguls (despite being pretty new to them) so I wanted a pair of Bent 90s but the local store where I had credit didn’t have an appropriate length. I’m a currently hefty 6ft guy. My thoughts are I can get experienced with something on the other end of the spectrum and add a second different pair of that more in between length later. I’m going to Big Sky in a couple weeks for the last trip of the season but Jackson Hole is where I keep coming back to.
Salomon and Atomic come from the same production lines is what I heard from one tech. Amer (and by extension Anta) own all 3 brands.
still getting some skiing in Minnesomalia bros

File: download (1).jpg (46 KB, 613x400)
46 KB
Does anyone know the scientific biological reason why some people get ko'd easily while others get hammered and keep lucid?

Skull shape or size, or maybe neck thickness...maybe something to do with brain shape or cerebrospinal fluid...I dunno
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ITT: Urban legends and memes

Fact is, we don't know for sure, even after millennia of boxing matches. Training your neck for speed-strength to neutralize the forces from incoming punches seems to work a bit, but getting hit on the "button" will knock anyone out.

>What makes you a KO puncher?
We don't know. It's not genetics though, you can train it.
>Is it accuracy in hitting vital points or pure force?
We don't know. Both approaches seem to work (eg. the old stories about boxers chopping wood for a better punch).
>How to defend against being knocked out?
We don't know. Again, training the neck seems to work, but only to a point since there are no fighter who are immune to knockouts.
>Differences in approach for MMA gloves/boxing gloves/bare hands?
We don't know. KO power and resilience doesn't carry over between sports (See McGregor vs Mayweather, where the MMA striking prodigy McGregor had no effect with his punches and got staggered by the notoriously pillow-fisted Mayweather), so there probably is a difference.
According to Wanderlei this was literally the rationale his guys had back when he trained at the Chute Boxe Academy. He now has CTE symptoms in his 40's. Don't get hit in the head, folks.

Also, is there any evidence that this actually works? It seems more apparent that your chin can get "cracked" (e.g. Chuck Liddell) rather than this.
The evidence comes from it being generally true for the rest of the body, but even then the suggested MOA probably isn't true. While there's a small degree of bone density you can certainly develop, it's way more likely that you're just conditioning the nervous system to a wider degree of both general and specific pain tolerance. The first being just how much more comfortable with the being hit you can become if you didn't grow up super rough, the second being able to differentiate between "ouch" and "going to break/did break". Then the misunderstanding is attempted to be applied to the skull, with obvious results. There's a chance the Chinese figured this out as well at some point, and it's why head standing was developed in Shaolin. If you eliminate active pressure application as a development tool, all you have left is passive. So you make cunts headstand to apply the body's weight to the skull against stone flooring.
It's caused by the split second of involuntary disruption of oxygen to brain, causing the body to enter a total shutdown. If you tried to choke yourself, you wouldn't immediately go unconscious because your brain is registering the action and knows what's happening. Not every punch is able to physically rock someone's brain enough to cause this disruption, especially the straight-on punching.

The best punches to throw to knockout someone are:

-Uppercuts (Causes the head to violently snap back which that disruption in the main neck arteries. Fun fact: You can easily kill someone by causing a sort of pressure hammer inside their arteries which causes rupture inside their brain.)

-Temple strikes (A strike to the temple can be pretty lethal because you are hitting one of the softer parts of the skull with a tremendous amount of power, if hit hard enough or quick enough in succession you can seriously incapacitate or kill whoever you are attacking.)

File: Dwarf-Tossing.jpg (30 KB, 380x266)
30 KB
Do we bring it back?

>watching The Alpinist
>movie about free solo climbing
>introduces a bunch of famous free solo climbers at the beginning
>ALL of them died climbing
>the two climbers the movie is about died climbing

this sport is ridiculous. EVERYONE who made a name for themselves in it fucking died due to climbing aside from Alex Honnold

Why would anyone do this?
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totally agree. Also Colosseum style fighting against large animals like lions and bears should come back.

Spain still has running with the bulls so why not?
File: 1651156371820131.jpg (139 KB, 602x950)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>Catherine Destivelle
she cute
>and I think there is a certain amount of marijuana use involved too
Always thought Honnold looks stoned af
they have a hunger that must be satiated

File: roller blading.gif (1.81 MB, 466x313)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
Roller blading and roller skating general
>Don't do crack, just roller skate edition
Discuss tricks, gear, hobbies, and anything else relating to rolling. Derby and hockey fans are welcome to join as well.
51 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are hard boots like the FR1 or Twister XT detrimental to distance skating? (I’m talking 10-20 miles +)
File: IMG_20220524_224737_866.jpg (2.39 MB, 2830x3011)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
They're not detrimental by any means, but they might not be as optimal. Typically a lighter and lower-cut skate would be ideal for that, with a long-wheelbase 3x110 or 3x125 frame to round it out. That being said, if you aren't looking to set a speed record then a setup like the one in your picture will do just fine. Just make sure your insoles are in good shape and that your laces and straps are done up how you like them beforehand.
wish me luck i'm heat molding my twister XTs... shits hurt my left arch so bad
Second practice session(~1.5h) done.
Been trying to learn to brake, but so far T-stopping either turns me to the side or does jack shit. Powerstop is just a harder turn in my case, but somewhat works if I got room to do it.
Only reliable method is using the brake thingy I got on my skate, but it doesn't work that fast, either.
Fell on my ass trying to turn on pavement while riding down. Got spooked because it's tall compared to road(so falling off it would throw me off-balance) and I couldn't see that road well due to building, so it was risky. I will need to go to different spot. And get some fucking safety gear.
Practice time in total; about 4 hours.
T-stopping turns you because you are putting your weight on the dragging foot.
To t-stop correctly, all the weight goes on the front foot that is facing forward, and you only apply pressure on the rear foot gently, while shifting your balance to retain the weight on the front foot.
A good exercise to train for this is doing pistol squats, it can be hard at first to not turn when doing the t-stop, as your natural urge will be to put your weight on the dragging foot to stop, but because you're also probably not putting your rear foot right in line with the front one, and not perfectly perpendicular, it will cause rotation.

File: Groin-.jpg (92 KB, 1121x353)
92 KB
How effective are groin strikes in a fight? Could you easily disable a much larger opponent with one?
66 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1678830065847467.webm (902 KB, 560x720)
902 KB
idk you tell me
Very effective.
Don't go to the ground.

>If he tried that shit on bottom he likely would’ve gotten g&p’d into the dirt.
Bullshit, you're not gonna do much anymore when someone crushes your balls.

t. has never been hit in the balls full force

Takedown defense, stiff arming, sprawling etc.

It's MMA logic: Not used in the octagon, so it's useless.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>They dive because they know they can take a break as groin attacks are against the rules.
MMAfag cope.

Go on, try it. Get someone to kick you in the balls and tank it. Oh you won't? Why not, it's harmless.

Eye gouging works great, kicking the balls works great. Deal with it.

Joe Son wore a cup and it STILL worked. Hackney got out of the guillotine via ball punching.

File: WRONG.jpg (331 KB, 1919x817)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
/xs/! What is best in life?
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God I hope this thread never dies.
Dammit I was rused. 20 for crom it is.

File: I_like_snow.gif (1.07 MB, 175x232)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
is it a bad idea starting at 26? i tried it when i was 23 (out of shape at that time too) with shitty used up gear, i got the hang of the "just get down the hill with no fall" after 3 times the first day at home, also Im in much better shape musclewise now.

Extra notes:
> I'm NOT good at skateboarding, but it really feels different. if this matters
> Sports background: Taido and a little judo.
> skiing is not fun, and i'm sick of not taking advantage of the snow here where i live.
> when i was in the age of 7-11, I used a sledding to LARP as a snowboarder, and was ok at it.
> only done it at home during the winters, never been in ski resort in my life
> not interested in jumping tricks, maybe a Cloudburst would be cool.

Am I about to blow $250 on gear to only to end up with permanent injuries before reaching 30? Just looking at the green text, it really looks like a mid-twenties cope.
63 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
finally got to try a proper pow setup and holy fuck i understand quiverfags now
Also, I just realized there is a skiing general, so sorry for off-topic.
on steep, try to traverse the slope on a less aggressive angle in order to control you speed, e.g across rather than straight down. when you switch edges you will sort of fall into your carve which is kind of a scary feeling when you're not used to it because you'll accelerate more than you expect. the big thing is that you can always slow down by turning up into the hill
Yeah, the turning moment gets me spooked. Not only I speed up like crazy, but also can lose control and trip, not to mention I fear crashing into other skiers.
What did you try and where? I would love a powder board but I don’t think I’d use it enough in New England

Not sure if this is supposed to go on /xs/ or /sp/, but what do you think of the sport? All I see on here is HEMA.

I'm trying to get into it and I'm looking to pick up some gear. I probably want to fence Epee. Any recommendations? The club has gear, but a lot of it is gross and sometimes not working, especially for left handed stuff.
112 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
EnPointe wireless reels ($800) + VSM [virtual scoring machine] & remote ($275) + old laptop ($0) = strip setup.
$150 tools; wrenches, tape, soldering iron, wire strippers, multimeter, test weights, lighter, shims, all of the bits you need to armorerer.
$20 15-meter tape measure and chalk for marking the piste. Also, please don't fence on a hard surface like a driveway if you can. Your body will be destroyed over time.

10-piece foil kits (because you ARE doing foil, right?) are $450 from Absolute Fencing. Durable stuff, besides the blade. This is honestly a good deal, it saves you like $180 over buying parts separately.
If you wwaaaaaaantttt to you can do epee I guess, which lowers the cost a bit. No lame, no mask with bib, no mask cord. And, you can get away with using the shitty favero wireless system. It's not terrible with epee.
Keep in mind, those 10-piece kits all have bags and knickers, neither of which are critical for noobs you're lending stuff to. But if you try and be sneaky and buy piecemeal, you end up losing money sort of over not having bought the kits.
Sizing isn't that big a deal for loaner stuff. Large masks work with 95% of people even if they are wobbly on the small-heads out there. Size ~9.5 gloves cover most people too. Just try and go a tad over the average, if you know the size category of the people you'll be introducing to the sport

thanks for trying to get people to try fencing out though!
>because you ARE doing foil, right?
Leaning towards epee since the foil and saber portions of this old project are incomplete. What do you think of this /diy/ scoring box?
>if you know the size category of the people you'll be introducing to the sport
I have friends who are freakishly tall and some who are rather short. I'll let the more financially stable ones buy their own kit and try to accommodate the poorfags as well as my semi-poorfag self can.
File: 1678646938818476.jpg (214 KB, 1280x720)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Why not just fence without the electric system? Its such a hastle.
I figure the beeps and the boops and the flashy lights and scoreboard will help keep the attention of people who are used to being glued to their skinner box nightmare bricks. It also seemed reasonable that if I were buying loaner equipment it would be better to get the electrical stuff and fence dry with the intent of upgrading later than to get non-electrical and have to pay to replace it with electrical on top of getting the reels and scoring apparatus.
I bet the olympic fencer of japan gets lots of pussy but the one in the U.S. gets no pussy you know what I mean

File: 1494718590870.jpg (233 KB, 959x718)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Let's try this out. It would be great to have a quality general where we can genuinely discuss combat sports - MMA, kickboxing, bareknuckle, wrestling, etc. - without the threads being flooded & diluted by lonely losers.

No UFC this weekend, but Beterbiev will likely be serving up a spicy heem against Yarde in the boxing world in a few minutes.
119 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
is it true he's in a wheelchair?
she cute but built like a 12 year old boy

What's the best martial art for defending against a dog?
36 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You probably don't punch with your hips standing up, let alone in a squat like that.
Have you ever wrestled or interacted with wrestlers in an athletic context?
said the one armed man without thinking how everyone has two hands
interesting shit, thanks man

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