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File: 1615144417563.jpg (61 KB, 1280x720)
61 KB
>the self-defence instructor is a fat fuck in camouflage pants
Why is it almost always like that? And why do self-defence LARPers always prate, when it comes to fighting? They always turn fighting into some philosophical science shit, and are avidly explaining their "philosphy", and what they would to in this or that situation. Shut the fuck up! Do you even have time to practise, when you are doing nothing but yapping about?
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Fucking challenge him. If you can defeat him, he isn't worthy to be your master.
t. master is a Ghetto nigga who's a professional MMA fighter and could kill me even though I have reach, strength, and weight advantage
Its hard to believe that something without stance training is stolen from kung fu.
Its the opposite of kung fu. Its being so ultra floppy that nothing connects.
I think this is the real definition of martial arts, modern warfare, it is practioners today who love to idolize objects from the past.
I love the strange hidden mysteries of the past.
It is from understanding the past that the future can be understood.
And the experiential eyes of the people of the past held in contrast to the modern age show the breadth of the experience of humanity.
Depends. Martial arts have also always existed for sporting purposes and also social violence as opposed to straight up warfare.
also as a hema guy, this too.

File: Mount Rainier2.jpg (627 KB, 1600x1071)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
Some years ago I was skiing on Palmer Glacier (Mount Hood, OR) during summer. I hiked way past the top of the lift, there were crevasses and sulphur vents, it was really cool, but once I got to the crevasses and sulphur vents and an exposed stretch of a stream that was flowing under the glacier, I figured it might be unsafe to go higher if there are hidden crevasses or anything that would give way under me, so I turned around there and skied down.
It was one of the coolest things I have ever done and I would like to do that kind of stuff more if I get back out to the Northwest (Hood, Rainier, etc).
How dangerous is this? Are there likely snow bridges/hidden crevasses on these mountains during summer or has all that melted away by mid-late summer? Am I dumb if I go and do it again? Are there any measures I can take to mitigate risk?
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A guy I knew died falling into a crevass like this, not memeing. He was a really experienced mountain climber. It was really fucked up.
Damn bro
not just for avalanches, but also because some routes will be more difficult to travel in the morning due to icing on top of the snow at which point you'll need crampons and picks
oh whoops forgot that depending on the temperature near the end of the day the sun may have put some sides of the mountain in shade which can refreeze which isn't great during a descent

I wanna do a custom skateboard design, but the board I want it on is one of these.
Does anyone have any ideas, or is there any other company that makes this design?
why'd you want a penis shaped board ?
>get a skateboard
>find a company that does laser cutting
>get them to cut it

File: sailboat racing.jpg (146 KB, 1037x691)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Anyone here sail? Just got my first taste of it this weekend and signed up for the local sailing club. Immediately started looking at sailing yachts afterwards. Just some questions to kick things off:
>What do you sail?
>Freshwater or saltwater?
>Have you ever crewed on a racing boat?
>What do you like or not like about it?
>Do you do it for leisure, fishing, racing?
>What is your local sailing community like?
I also don't know where this thread belongs, but I figure this would be the best spot to start.
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I've been sailing with my dad since I was 4
>Had a First 31
>Unless you're doing long Ocean races there's no need to sleep on the boat since a Race is usually cut into smaller Parts and you can sleep on Land inbetween. Sleeping stuff is too heavy to keep around.
>It felt in some way Primal and was fun to do. We had to drive 2 hours to the boat and when I got older I could hang out less with friends so I kinda stopped.
>Chill but alot of snob older People because its expensive
hi about 2500 euros which is $3000
I sailed Mirrors with my dad, we even did world championships, but I haven't so much as looked at a sailing boat in over ten years. I'm looking at getting a Laser, probably next year, so I can relearn.
Didn't realise this thread was mixing dinghy and yacht sailing so to be clear I'm talking about dinghies.
The reply is not wrong, but it doesn’t capture the essence of the problem with heel. Heel causes the boat to luff up, because the centerboard or keel drag induces rotation of the boat. You can feel the luffing tendency because the rudder becomes stiffer and you actually have to pull on it to compensate the luffing tendency. Pulling on the rudder increases drag, and you lose speed.
A second reason is that the more you heel, the less of the cross section of the centreboard is used to contrast drifting downwind, so you have more drift.
Third reason is the more you heel, the less sail surface you expose to the wind, so you lose power.

Regarding dinghies, I personally sail an old 470 on the Mediterranean, at an amateur level without participating to regattas, and Laser, catamarans, and windsurf on inner waters.
I also sail a lot on a fixed keel 25 foot club boat, on which I race with a team on the lake. This year I’ve started skipping the boat myself, and I also organize outings for the new members of the club who want to start sailing.
This summer hopefully I’ll rent a boat from an acquaintance and sail for a couple of weeks in the open sea by myself for the first time

File: 2000sanfrancisco_2048.jpg (509 KB, 2048x1151)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
>be me, seven years old
>dad takes me to the X Games in San Francisco
>get to see Travis Pastrana's freestyling and Tony Hawk doing a 900 for the first time
>be me in 2021
>go on 4chan after a hiatus for a couple of months
>see it has a new board
>and it's dedicated to extreme sports
>have wholesome flashbacks of drinking Mountain Drew with my dad and playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 inside a converted trailer home with the setting sun beaming on me

I just wanted to say hi and welcome frens :)
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was that the year bob burnquist had that crazy vert run too? if so that was probably the best extreme sports event ever. glad oyu got to see that shit. my parents took me to the Atlanta Olpympics when I was 5 or something. I don't remember much otehr than it being hot and pretty boring.
File: chuckling eric.jpg (521 KB, 2000x2400)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
>my parents took me to the Atlanta Olpympics when I was 5 or something. I don't remember much otehr than it being hot and pretty boring.
>tfw i had just moved to the Bay Area that summer and got to see the 900 in person

I miss when the bay area was fun before techies ruined everything

File: download (31).jpg (4 KB, 192x144)
4 KB
Its gotta be either Mongolia or senegal, yeah?
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England: Catch wrestling.
File: 1623700908509.jpg (133 KB, 836x1024)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Sumo or Greco. I'm incredibly biased to Greco because I'm 2 time state champion.
probably punjabis
Highest level is probably sumo because it's the only folk style with professional athletes, huge money etc.
Then, ssireum and Turkish oil wrestling. Other than that it's just amateurs.

>Not like they can wrestle.
Finland is a greco roman powerhouse, look it up.
>>Not like they can wrestle.
>Finland is a greco roman powerhouse, look it up.
Whatever man, I'm saying the people in the video can't wrestle

File: Es_2R8dXIAAbvhP.jpg (135 KB, 1407x828)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
/sp/ is too fast for /marble/ during non-Marble League periods, so this could be the base for this extreme sporting event during most of the year

Marbula One Season 2 returns from its break starting with race 7
Oceanics managed to win the 2021 Winter Marble League, redeeming themselves after their disastrous 2019 Marble League outing

>What is Marble League?
The Marble League is a tournament that features the most decorated and dedicated marble sports athletes. Every year, teams of five marbles compete in Qualifiers and the top 12 teams, along with 4 automatically qualified teams, advance to the main tournament. After an exquisite opening ceremony, the 16 teams perform in a series of events that are inspired by real-world Olympic events, earning medals and scoring points towards an overall total. The team with the most points at the end of the tournament is the team that wins the Marble League, standing at the top of the podium during the closing ceremony and having the honor of extinguishing the torch at the end of each year.

>Channel Link

>Official Website

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh and Crazy Cat's Eyes gonna defend their league title so fuck all you niggas, LETS GO!
one week until qualifiers
File: yv2d18paq3471.jpg (370 KB, 1280x720)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Here's your two groups for qualifiers
Top 6 in each qualfier group makes it to the Marble League
Thanks desu.

File: secutec-genu_blau_1.jpg (31 KB, 700x700)
31 KB
I don't have any knee injury but could it be actualy beneficial to improve your training and prevent injuries??

What could we use in training to actualy improve the intensity without getting injured?
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>He'll yeah
Not exactly what you want, but I have trouble with side kicks where I'll hit with my toes too much instead of my heel, and basically whip my foot back too hard on impact, making the tendons in the front of my ankle hurt. I practice form of course, but sometimes I put too much power into it, place my foot wrong and I get hurt. I took my boxing handwraps and wrapped my ankles fully and have not had this problem since. It's just a kind of mass of linen on my ankle that prevents my foot from turning upward. Really helps, as simple as it is.
I wrestled 6 months after my acl tear with one on my whole senior year. Just limits mobility and that's really it. Gives you support.
I remember Bath university did some rugby risk analysis back in the day with video software that was pretty accurate at predicting injury risk. I would say learn anything that teaches you to go against your instinct and become bendy, twist etc... e.g. dancing, skating and learning to fall like a ragdoll. Most injuries I have ever seen happening were due to actor and receiver being stupid.... one step back and a kick in your quad turning or glutes is better anyday than a sokutu geri or whatever the shit is called

Why do skateboarders and bicyclists hate the electric versions so much? My electric skateboard goes 25 miles, my ebike goes 50mi, including thousands of feet of elevation gains. You can still kick and pedal for exercise, you just get a way better trip. But man do I get a lot of haters talking shit when I pass.
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He just ruined it
Extremely low quality. The only thing that beats withheld from the general public free energy ufo drive type propulsion is you propulsion.
Much out there to not travel to and from actually.
emtb riders around my area will cut straight up through vegetation instead of ride the switch back climbs
I'd be happy if I could just get a skateboard with brakes. I'm not bothered about the electric motor, I can push fine. It would just be nice to not have to hop off every time I get to a hill and want to avoid bombing it.
learn longboarding and proper carving you wont need brakes ever again

i need to brutally beat someone, the only advantage i might have is the element of surprise

what melee weapon can i use to incapacitate him without killing him? a friend of mine suggested a baton but seems like baton might not do the job.

i was thinking of a baseball bat hit to his face/jaw. i know knocking someone out is not like in the movies but i just need to incapacitate him so i can beat him however i want
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This, a thousand times this.
>A good piece of hickory
This also
Could be reinforced with metal.
A metal detector would detect a polymer glock, right.
If you're similar-ish height and you can surprise him? Just Standing RNC that bitch. Then sink it REEALLLL Deep, also buckle his legs and eventually go into the ground. Or maybe you can just sternly club him in the dome with a hammer.
Yes, because the internals of the gun are metal.
That hedgehog has his own sword company now?

In terms of pure entertainment value, script/live fights, twists in turns in programming and the dynamic characters show, with a great deal of variety between fighters Jerry Springer was by far the best fighting program ever to grace the silver screen
MMAChuda or Wrastlingcucks never stood a chance, take any contestant from Jerry Springer and they are straight murdering any dumb ass Conor McDonald’s or George Merryweather
Jerry provides the most realistic depiction of fighting, while members of this board surely imagine themselves fighting like Muhamed Allie, the truth is It would go down like It does in Jerry, if you want to actually prepare yourself for what an actual fight is like Jerry is the only progrum worth it’s salt
Yeah yeah yeah, we all saw the Red Letter Media video too.

What martial arts should I learn if I'm a weeb? Idk MMA stuff at all but I am a huge weeb and my hobbies are juggling and lifting weights and working hard and circus stuff.

Also I was watching soke anshus videos a transgender ninjitsu master and I love them she's inspired me to learn MMA
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Also a weeb, I do Muay Thai. Planning on doing BJJ/Judo eventually. Also planning on Wrestling. The ONLY Weeb-friendly arts that aren't shit are Kyokushin (some), Muay Thai (oOoO Asian Shit), maybe Escrima (OoOo I get to knife someone or bludgeon someone with a stick), K-1 Kickboxing (though this assumes you go the Karate-esque route), BJJ/Judo. That's it, the whole "Spirituality" anime-esque shit that LARPERS pull is a load of crap. Just focus on your own journey/ beating the shit out of someone.
not really

you could make this argument for sambo or bjj being judo with a different name, but judo is fairly divorced from its origins at this point
File: clownPride.jpg (208 KB, 850x447)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
">"Also I was watching soke anshus videos a
transgender ninjitsu master and I love them
she's inspired me to learn MMA.

By the way OP, it looks like "soke anshus" made the Martial arts fraud and fakes list.
if youre such a weeb practice judo for throws,karate for conditioning and i guess muay thai for actual striking i recomend goju ryu karate for the style of karate because its what i practice
File: EpdtpPxUYAAmY2D.jpg (56 KB, 1024x560)
56 KB
>transgender ninjitsu master

File: 1623797257646.jpg (16 KB, 230x232)
16 KB
I bought one a week ago and I'm doing 8 minute solves
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OP here. Today I'm down to 5 minutes.
File: 1604431634946.jpg (56 KB, 656x679)
56 KB
based man keep going. I can maybe bust out a minuet 20 secs.
Skateboarding is a sport whether or not you like it and simple mistakes can kill you. That's pretty extreme.
It's literally a toy.
Keep going man don't be a pussy like me, I stopped training and learning when I got a 20 second record and now I'm incredibly bad

File: targets-header.jpg (382 KB, 1500x800)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
/DGG/ Disc Golf General
>What is disc golf?
Its golf but with frisbees or discs. Generally played at parks that have free courses.
>What do I need to get started?
A disc and some shoes to walk around comfortably. (You should probably also bring some water anon and maybe download UDisc for a scorecard, or print / make your own)
>I'm new what disc should I buy?
Pretty much any decent frisbee or disc will get you out and playing. Don't buy a starter set immediately, instead buy an innova skeeter as its a pretty easy to throw disc for a beginner and then buy more discs from there.
>Are there courses around me?
Almost certainly, check https://www.dgcoursereview.com/ for a pretty comprehensive list of courses and recommendations as to what ones near you are good.
>I bought a starter set and cant throw these things straight or far at all!
Go onto youtube and lookup guides idiot. Also learn to throw your putter first. It's most likely the easiest disc to throw in your bag and just because it doesnt fly as fast as a fairway or driver disc, It'll probably fly farther as It WILL fly straighter.

Most people you meet out on a disc golf course are gonna be pretty chill guys who'll either help you out if u get a disc stuck in a tree, or even give u a quick tip if you're new.

Feel free to post photos from your local courses or discs.
130 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.

the extremeness of sports is measured primarily by marijuana intake, so...

I hated both. Why the fuck would you want an overstable disc for anything less than a four hundred foot drive with badass wind?

The leopard is the light.
I decided to get a couple putters today for my grandfather and father since Father's day is coming up. Thanks for reading my blog.
It is when you play during a severe thunderstorm.
what models and what weights?

File: White People.jpg (2.03 MB, 1600x1213)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
I'm new to skating and I want to practice in my driveway, but I live in a neighborhood that's mostly white people. Since I am a black male in my late teens, I worry that I won't be able to do it without someone else making it their business. Anyone else have this problem?
33 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dude yes, it's why i don't skate in front of my house. I live near a bunch of old white people in upstate NY. If I was going to skate at home i would at least have an obstacle out to make it clear it's my property
>They're just your neighbors that have seen you dozens of times. do you really think they'll call the cops on you if your kicking some wood around your drive way?
yeah, my neighbors bitch and complain about my other neighbors kids being outside on thier own property, making noise to my mom so i know their bitch ass would call the cops on me skating.
Has a skateboard but walks to the skate park.

JFC dude.
it's your driveway. skate it regardless of the consequences and don't get mentally blocked by your racial autism.

at least your home spot isn't actually dangerous or anything.
your black so you naturally give off danger vibes, no one should mess you. Also the world is 4chan so no one is gonna call you a nigger.

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