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do a kickflip
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File: 5656756563.jpg (53 KB, 856x566)
53 KB
That's Troy McClure, professional tiddley winker from the bay area
>he on xbox mode
lol nice.

File: 20220401_135901-scaled.jpg (753 KB, 2560x2279)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
"Hey, just what you see, pal" Edition

Old Thread: >>98308

Keep strictly real-steel related topics in >>>/k/, gun and gear porn's cool as long as you don't spam.

If you have a useful guide or want to rework one for the OP, post it and someone will add it to the next one.

>Updated Newbie pastebin

>/asg/ retailer guide

>Legal comprehensive, crosscheck with your local laws to be on the safe side

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Better motor. Something like a ASG 30k boost. Other than that maple leaf barrel, bucking and Omega nub
>Better motor.
I actually have a mosfet trigger unit laying around to put in it, would that make a better motor even more important?
I really know nothing about this shit, I'm just getting into the game from paintball via handed down stuff. I like hacking shit together, it's a lot of the appeal for me
It would mean you can run it with 11.1 lipo batteries which means a vast better trigger response and higher rate of fire.
Made a quick wrap on a string. I like DIY projects. Doesn’t get in the way of the muzzle, sights, or charging handle.
File: 166371184941560348.jpg (76 KB, 510x546)
76 KB

File: FH8uy4xX0AIvJpk.jpg (200 KB, 1080x1080)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Are you supposed to be tense when it lands? what is the proper technique ? do you move your feet during the punch?
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>Are you supposed to be tense when it lands?
You should be loose and relaxed all the way until it makes contact, at which point you should be tense.
>what is the proper technique ? do you move your feet during the punch?
You are going to have to go to a gym. You will form bad habits, and will have nobody to correct you. Also, taking the advice of randoms on a subject you know nothing about is a risky prospect. You have no way of discerning good advice from bad advice.

That being said, I’ll give you my advice. You should start out learning a basic jab cross. First, form your hand into a fist. Make sure that the thumb is properly tucked. Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with your left foot (assuming you’re right handed). Put your hands up into a guard. Your right hand should be near your chin, and you left should be a bit more forward. Keep your elbows close to your body. Keeping your feet in place, rotate your hips/shoulders while extending your left arm in a straight line. Pull it back to your guard, again in a straight line. Do the same with your right hand. Make sure to push off with your feet, keep your elbows in, and get proper rotation. There are a billion different ways to throw a punch, and a billion different small or not so small details, but these are the basics.
Oh, and hit with your first 2 (i.e. index and middle fingers) knuckles. Avoid your last 2 knuckles as you can fracture your hand quite easily. Also keep your wrist straight.
also this. bonus points if it's a gym where they train in a full contact martial art/combat sport and they spar regularly. most mma gyms are bad anyways.
You’re supposed to be using your whole body to generate power. Think of it as if you were pushing off the ground with your legs and hips to force your fist forwards.
Your fist should be held loose and your muscles relaxed (to ensure greater speed) until just before impact, where you tighten your fist/arm muscles/exhale all air from your lungs. The 90° fist rotation comes right at the end. Absolutely do NOT straighten your arm all the way, because you WILL break your elbow/bugger your shoulder. 85-90% extension is perfect.

File: strangermileyc.jpg (1.55 MB, 952x1296)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Ankle socks edition

Basic brand information for beginners:
Shoe reviews:
Submit a shoe review:

Old thread: >>115849

Threadly question:
>Do you think that skateboarding technology has reached a peak and our gear cannot become better at this point or will there be more inventions in the future?
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skateboard teachers are cancer and so are the parents who send their kids to them
fuck em all
marilyn manson
blunt 360 yeah ok
New thread time


File: download.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
Discuss arts classified as Traditional East Asian martial arts here (Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Karate, Kempo, Taekwondo, Kudo, JuJutsu, Judo, Aikido, Hapkido, etc) in a safe space.

Discussions about effectiveness vs MMA etc are great but not for this thread.

Yes many of the ones mentioned are Budo which in Japan are classified as modern arts, this is for what Westerners perceive as traditional East Asian arts.

What is your art?
What is your grade/belt level?
What is the most important lesson it has taught you?
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anyone have any thoughts on Pak mei? the style from the game Sifu.
Ranton made a video about it and it's pretty good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nPX1nC6e6Q

Too bad there isn't anything more to it because the principles it follows sounded nice but it's probably just marketing
I find it funny that the head instructor of my tang soo do school uses the fist and dove patch as their independent organization's logo and he loathes grappling and throws yet the defining feature of wado ryu is that it's a blend of karate with traditional jujutsu with a heavy focus on grabs and throws.

Funnier still is that because of my hapkido background if I were to blend all the stuff I know into one thing it would look somewhat similar to wado ryu only with some western boxing and wrestling thrown in the mix.
i'm thinking about trying out this wadoryu school near me. wado-family com (greenville) i'm a 27 y.o. layman, but it looks legit to me. think i should go?

File: SCUBAsnax.jpg (93 KB, 669x446)
93 KB
What the fuck bros? There's no /scuba/ general?

Let's rectify that.

Best dive sites? Hairy or funny stories?

And the obvious question, what's better? PADI or SDI?

Here's an Australian Scuba FAQ until we make our own

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Hazard pay is a meme.
Commercial diving pays well because there are fuck all places in the world that can give you the qualifications for it so it's a very gatekept industry you pretty much have to luck your way into. (Being raised in one of the few places that does it etc)
That's basically all industries that pay well.
Okay I'm very new to this; would a GoPro not suffice for this?
>being a massive pussy who is scared of the ocean
Lmao ! I’m dead
I should get my cert and get some gear and start pumping money from chink tourists
How much does it pay normally to be a diving instructor ?

File: pic unrelated.jpg (319 KB, 1140x1520)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
I'm thinking of practicing a striking martial art (I have to decide whether it's taekwondo, muay thai, boxing, etc), but I'm a pussy and I worry about getting my teeth knocked out, I had some trouble with my gums in the past, but I would say it shouldn't be a problem now.
Would you recommend one martial art over other if I worry about stuff like this? Like, is Taekwondo less intense than Muay Thai, for example?
Either way I think I'll use at least a mouthpiece for sparring, maybe headgear to avoid cauliflower ears, idk. And I don't mind being the only one using them, but I think I would rather not be the only one. Are there some martial arts where people are more likely to use protective gear?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You will certainly be the only 30-year-old white belt. I just don't think TKD is going to be fulfilling at your age, and will ultimately disappoint you. Boxers tend to spar really hard, at almost, if not 100%, power. But some gyms have you go lighter with a partner if you're a beginner or you clearly state that you are not interested in frequent hard sparring. That, or you just don't spar. Doing these things might make you a little ostracized from the rest of the boxers, though. Muay Thai, MMA fighters, and kickboxers tend to spar lightly but with intensity, much healthier than boxers. FYI headgear has been proven to not prevent brain damage, but does prevent scarring, cuts, bruises, etc.
I think you've gotten as much as you can from 'desktop research'. It is time to visit both the TKD and the boxing clubs. Thier timetables will be important too. Get a sense for what the average week looks like at each: The class structure. The coaches. The vibes. Demographics. Etc. Then reassess. Once you start having fun you wont be worrying about getting your teeth knocked out that much I think.
I'd recommend Muay-thai. They're extremely effective while also being super chill on the sparring. The reason they make those weird noises is to show their sparring partner that they're just playing around and not taking it super seriously. With boxing you're more likely to run into dickheads (100% opinion I have no idea never boxed) and TKD isn't the most effective.
Had a tooth split in half during a mosh pit. Doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as I expected it to and no one notices I have a fake tooth unless I tell them. Also just wear a mouth guard retard. Everyone does because it’s retarded not to.
See >>117460

Also, WTF style mandates usage of headgear and a mouthgard, ITF doesn't always. That might sound safe compared to MT but, in MT 90% of the kicks will be to your legs/ribs. In TKD any competitive gym will have a ratio of atleast 50% head kicks.

As for I or W; pick the best instructor, the styles are mostly unimportant beyond protective gear.

As for Kata and kids, most places barely do kata so just ask how long they spar each session and when you go in and watch it should be clear if the club is moe kid or adult oriented.

File: 6f3.png (219 KB, 483x470)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
If you're a non BJJ cuck then you probably hear about Gordan Ryan and that he's fairly good, but do you realize the magnitude of how much better he is than everyone else? it's absurd.

The 2022 ADCC just happened. It's very common for professional BJJ matches to go the full time and just be decided by advantages or 1 or 2 points. If someone does get submitted it's usually 10 or 15 minuets in and rather rare amongst the best. Gordan just submitted the semi-finalist of the tournament in 11 seconds. He the proceed to submit the person he faced in the finals (the second best on the planet) in a little over two minutes. As much as we all hate him Gordan Ryan's BJJ operates on a a different plane of existence.


37 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
We talking about judo?
>Gordon Ryan is overrated
Retard alert
ADCC is worthless outside the open bracket
no one cares gordo
>I mean, seriously, an outside heel hook from a random guard pull in 15 seconds.That's not even skill. His opponent literally has to be a fucking retard for that to be possible.
You're making it sound like that wouldn't have worked on you or some of the higher belts at your gym, which could be true. What I remind you of is that he did this to one of the semifinalist for the world championship.The alternative point of view is that perhaps it only looked simple because Gordan Ryan made it look easy.
The size thing is too much of an issue. Anyone who could be competitive is just too small to pose any threat. To get on that much juice you have to either be *super* fucking dumb (Brazilians) or have a monster ego and just not give a shit because all you care about is winning. The former will never really be a success because too dumb, and the latter just barely exists, let alone with the skill and training that Gordon has.
I'm a big fan of his style and technically he probably is still the best. I'm not even saying he's not the best, just that he isn't proving it by being so juiced that no one can even get close.
Unironically I train with some guys who were at ADCC, so yeah probably not. Would it work on me? Well buddy I am about 160 pounds and have glass feet so it may well have. But anyway, if you look at the position, the guy's knee is still free to move so there's no pressure being applied, which you'd expect when the guy is still on his feet. The guy just tapped because he was scared or wanted to give up early. That's an early stage submission right there, and anyone in a lower weight class would know that and probably have the means to escape. That skill simply isn't developed at their weight class because no one ever poses a threat with it, because the game at their size is literally retarded. This is why Gordon is dominant, because he's naturally a lanky guy and got good before he became a gorilla. Anyone who's naturally big (even before being enhanced), unless extremely disciplined, will never have this skill (even then that's debatable).

File: neckbuster.jpg (229 KB, 1175x753)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
>Be me
>Midwest skiier, even the casual skis here are cut like ice skates for good reason
>go to keystone for the weekend, go off a few "cliffs" with someone I knew from csgo who lives there
(also the secret is that all the good tree skiing is actually hidden on the frontside)
>Get used to western natural mountain snow
>Go home
>go down my local cliff-like slope like I usually do for s&g
>can't catch an edge
keep in mind that while it's still a "slope" and has some "hill" sections, it's icy and mogulled and really more of a 300ft tall snow-based cliff... Apparently the snow comp had changed while I was gone and I had forgotten to consider that when making the decision to simply fly off the edge at high speed.
>tumble down the whole hill
>of my very high din skis only one pops off
>I can't walk, have to get carted away by Ski Patrol

At least I didn't hit the snowmaker or break my spine?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Tanner Hall has fucked his ankles beyond belief and still sends it big. Candide collapsed his spine and is still bashing pillow fields. Sammy Carlson tumbled down a couloir a mach speed and is pushing freeride more than anyone else.

Get yourself a physio therapist, and start exercising and doing yoga every day. More specifically yoga than exercise. Focus on your ankles (both). It will be hard but you will get through it. Check the link I attached, this guy has got all the poses and yoga routines you could possible need. Youl get through it anon, maybe wait for there to some powder before you hit that cliff again.

File: nelson-haha.png (346 KB, 1280x943)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
Alright, well do yoga anyways and rehabilitate them.
i cannot give a fuck as i am a snowboarder and can simply ride park for hours and hours of endlesss smiles, fuck skis, fuck skiers, fuck untamed backcountry, fuck nigger helicopter rides, ima just tailslide the jib and 360 off the man made safe ass jump peace nigger

Why was their physique different, often a boxy look? Was it because they lacked the equipment we have now, or because their training methods were primitive? Or something else completely, like lack of exposure to hormone-mimicking substances in the environment and food supply which affect us?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Different training. They aimed for performance, not mass. Less steroids (not "none") and different oens, of. Different athletic and beauty ideals than today.
Why is his chest the width of a doorframe but his arms just look like normal strong guy arms
Honestly I think it’s just genetics. I can literally see his ribs he’s a naturally big guy
Old time guys typically also did a bunch of wrestling, and the concept of isolation didn't really exist, at least in so far as training the physique itself. And what did, still involved picking up the lead filled globe barbell to do it with. So core engagement was happening near constantly.

/fit/ is basically /gaypolincel/. Nothing useful has been posted there this decade. Anyway OP is relevant to /xs/ since *all* the old time strongmen were catch or greco roman wrestlers.

How do I into learning lightsaber forms? I want to be able to duel people. Is this a sport? It should be
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Lightsaber fighting has lightsabers. Checkmate.
I thought bongland was a miserable piece of land, but no it appears to be the adrenaline junkies' dreamland
hema is fucking gay shit for stupid faggots
that's probably why
>gay shit for stupid faggots
That’s everything on this board

It's an adrenaline junkies dreamland because it is a miserable place. The women are all ugly. The weather is shit. Our government are right-wing assholes who enrich themselves and their friends while basic infrastructure like roads, hospitals, schools go to shit. It's like the 3rd world. The EU is far better and blue states in the U.S. that I lived in like NY and NJ like heaven.

So of course we spend all our free time fighting or doing dangerous sports if we don't drink or do drugs. It's how we've got so much combat sports and extreme sports success despite our small size.

Okay guys lets get a little mystic.
Its obvious that you can concentrate your energy to get more faster or strong, but you also can predict enemy movements or hide yourself.
If you had practice team sports at a Elite level you can feel that something is wrong with some individuals; they can hide in obvious ways and not be detected or do crazy stuff.
How can I achive this level? I want to train my energy to be the very best in my field.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
in combat it's known as sensen no sen and the best way to do it is to train your body coordination and 3d spacing in your head, you have to build knowledge on what the other guy will do and how you will respond to it but not waste time by thinking of making choices, in chess a lot of players can see what the best move is just by instinct in the same way because of their memorization and repetition
>Its obvious that you can concentrate your energy to get more faster or strong, but you also can predict enemy movements or hide yourself.
Okay sO I don't know if this is obvious to me. Unless if by "concentrate your energy" you mean training consistently. But if you mean just like, concentrating on some dragon ball z stuff then nah I don't agree.
>If you had practice team sports at a Elite level you can feel that something is wrong with some individuals; they can hide in obvious ways and not be detected or do crazy stuff.
Again I'm not sure what you mean by this. Some combat sports practitioners can sneakily pull off techniques without the other person noticing but if you mean like, disappearing on some Kuroko No Basket "Phantom drive" shit? Then no that is not possible.
> you have to build knowledge on what the other guy will do and how you will respond to it but not waste time by thinking of making choices
Lol why am I not shocked that aikido retards think talk like this. Maybe it’s because your entire martial art involves choreography.
File: debana men.jpg (55 KB, 520x400)
55 KB
>in combat it's known as sensen no sen and the best way to do it is to train your body coordination and 3d spacing in your head, you have to build knowledge on what the other guy will do and how you will respond to it but not waste time by thinking of making choices, in chess a lot of players can see what the best move is just by instinct in the same way because of their memorization and repetition

This is not how it sensen no sen works, retard.
Maybe if your opponent is a total noob with few recurses you can predict, anticipate to him.
Sensen is beyond that.
Sensen is "situation", you are guiding your opponent, with an pro active "defense", which depending on your school can be more or less subtle,with an active "defense", which depending on your school can be more or less subtle, you get your opponent to attack WHEN AND HOW YOU WANT so you have already anticipated his attack and acted accordingly.
Very basic example: in kendo you provoke an attack (giving you a chance to hit) and when your opponent attacks you have already struck first.
As you can see: it is not a "sensation", neither reflexes nor speed are used and it is certainly not a reaction of a passive subject waiting to be attacked.
The way you describe it sensen no sen just practicing good ringcraft

File: bam_7-640x853.jpg (72 KB, 640x853)
72 KB
Being a musician is optional.

63 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 56546546.jpg (424 KB, 1948x1114)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
*bends dick to ass*

CTE is his biggest issue, though I don't think he has been officially diagnosed with it. CTE combined with addiction is damn near impossible to correct.
What did he mean by this?
Idk if that’s it. Honestly I think it’s years of drugs and alcohol that’s rotted his brain. He’s came out and said he’s done meth, even.
nigga this thread was made on June 14th 2022, keep earth rocking

Didn’t play sports as a kid, what sport can you take up later in life and still be decent
File: 1662996618433292.jpg (21 KB, 707x540)
21 KB
How much expendable income do you have, what's your risk tolerance, how much time do you have, are you afraid of heights, how athletic are you.

Answer these and you'll narrow it down.
Just turned 21, played soccer in High school, just started juijtsu best decision in my life, beginners in all ages. this one higher belt i train with regularly is 65 and could kill me in a split second he started when he was 55 ish, big city = more options of gyms try some out
I second BJJ if you are into competitive shit. I started about 6 months ago and I'm addicted to the mats. If you want something more calm or non-competitive hiking, mountain biking, trail running, etc. is also stuff I considered.
I've been enjoying volleyball

File: 19931.png (664 KB, 975x650)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
Palm strikes or punches?
91 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
What about the part at 6:00 where he brings up palm strikes being less forceful by however much % than punches?
You really trying to get a point by point deep analysis of someone trolling for attention super hard?
Anyway, he compared a wrapped fist to a slap, not a palm strike.
Something I suspect that the video maker knows but being as inflammatory as humanly possible gets attention and views.
Then again I can post videos like this that have objective measurements and show otherwise.
but do you have a 5/10 gf you can trot around as your 'buddy'?
>non mma trained fighter
>slaps with 280+ average

i will never punch again

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