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File: buhurt helm.jpg (286 KB, 518x524)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Does aqnybody know the name of the helmet on the left??
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that's a cheeked up helmet
you ever see how much a cock and balls weighs faggot? it's gay sex
>he thinks larping as sir faggot of gayshire is a sport
lol, lmao even
>bashing the fuck out of eachother wearing chainmail and steel plates
Less gay than lawn bowling
>Turn up to event.
>Everyone important is in medieval gear. Women are in dresses, men are in robes.
>Spectators and lesser men are treating it like another boring sports event. The chads and important people are getting into the medieval meme, mostly just taking the piss though.
>Wear nearly eighty pounds of cloth, leather and steel over your body. Can barely see or hear in your own little armoured space suit.
>You are no longer Fred. You are Ser Dickus Maximillion the third, heir to castle Pawgasson in the land of Notimportantus.
>Last event you were Lord Magnus Phallus, slayer of men, layer of wenches, but continuity isn't important in the medieval period.
>Everyone cheers for you and your team as you enter the pit because fuck yeah.
>Raise your arms up, and scream autistically at the crowd. For this is how Knights communicate.
>Scream autistically at the dudes on the other side of the pitch.
>Scream autistically at the other dudes on your side of the pitch.
>The next thirty seconds are all maneuvering, only broken when one retard suddenly runs full tilt at a group of guys because he got bored of waiting. What follows is two minutes of chaotic ruck where you're doing everything you can to wail on the guys who aren't coloured like you are.
>People are running around in delerium due to lack of oxygen. Nail one of the fuckers in the dome before someone else drop kicks you into the ground.
>Get dragged off the field due to exhaustion. It takes three men to bear you due to all the armour you're wearing.
>Find out later you broke three fingers, and another guy on your team fractured a rib. There is a finger sized divot in your helmet where a poleaxe hit and didn't slide.

What's the most violent and extreme martial art I can learn?
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I gotta watch Ichi The Killer soon, I keep forgetting, but it looks kino as fuck
Traditional Lethwei
Vale Tudo or Greek Pankration
Vale Tudo its standard MMA but maybe with headbutts on the ground

How to achieve Canelo's head game?
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At that level, head movement is as much about reading your opponent as it is technique, if not more. There's lots of ways to learn how to move your noggin, but using it is another story
I don't have canelo's head movement but once during sparring I realized that if you move ever so slightly like a pendulum it makes it much easier for me. All you have to do is make the movement that's already there bigger and put some speed in it.

>you're doing the subtle head movement thing
>head moves left and right or whatever slightly
>notice attack while moving to the right
>continue moving to the right but now with a full movement instead of just a subtle movement

can't explain it properly
figure it's easier to charge a movement that's already there instead of standing still and having to react, decide where to move, and accelerate from nothing
>know what movements to make to evade any given strike at a particular range and angle
>know that your opponent will probably read the same and adjust
>adjust to their adjustment and mix up the evasions
A straight punch can be evaded left, right, under, or back (if you have a height or reach advantage)
Hooks can be evaded opposite to the direction of the punch, back, or under (especially if you have a height disadvantage)
Uppercuts can be evaded left or right
Everything has to be instinctual and ingrained into your bones
Light Sparring. Find a partner/coach or two to practice defensive drills with

File: wahoovsgarmin.png (636 KB, 640x525)
636 KB
636 KB PNG
Cycling Computer Edition:
Tell us why your cycling computer is the best and the other is for homosexuals.

I went with Wahoo because they were at the right price but it's been fucking up on my last few rides and now I don't want to go with Garmin because I have 4 bikes and I don't want to change out the wahoo mounts for garmin mounts on all of them, or have to buy new cadence and speed sensors.

FAQ on buying a bike that nobody reads anyway:
> What good bike can I get for under $500?
a stolen bike. Possibly a newer used entry level hardtail but don't expect it to survive rock gardens, jumps, or drops. Or an older mtb which won't be as good as newer ones and will still have a front derailleur, but it'll be good enough.
> What good bike can I get for under $1000
Used hardtail
> What good bike can I get for under $2000?
New Hardtail
> What good bike can I get for under $3000?
Used full suspension

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah I’m all for unique bike choices and being yourself and all, but if you wanted a spindrift then yeah, a FRS/furious is not a direct replacement. Furious is a DH bike for people who like enduro bikes, Spindrift is an enduro bike for people who like DH bikes
was thinking about the ragley bikes,since they're mostly large frames and up but I think they're too big
>length from the bottom bracket to the handlebars is not longer than the height that you can deadlift
I can deadlift anon and its good to have a rule of thumb, but man that's pretty short reach for me then
File: 1668032247334294.png (30 KB, 603x587)
30 KB
>I was going to buy a spindrift but my friend messaged propain if they would have any sales and the girl who emailed back said no. The furious was on sale so I bought it. Lo and behold, propain then has a sale a month later
I'm finally mountain biking again on saturday. Fucking injuries and weather kept me off the trails but I'll get one day at one park before it starts raining again.

>I was going to buy a spindrift but my friend messaged propain if they would have any sales and the girl who emailed back said no. The furious was on sale so I bought it. Lo and behold, propain then has a sale a month later
RIP, I know that feel. The customer service bot told me EVIL Wreckonings and Insurgents would be back in stock in a few weeks, it was right, but a month or so after I bought my Wreckoning V3 for $3750, EVIL refreshed the model and gave it integrated trunnion spacers which is something I REALLY wanted because these are a fucking pain to work with when you have to put the shock back on, and they discounted it to $3500 for the remainder of the 4th quarter.
Youtube link edition

File: 1665222547541986.webm (1.97 MB, 1280x720)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB WEBM
Hapkido? Taekwondo? I've got some options but I'm not sure what to pursue
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Go with the Muay Thai.
Would it be dumb to do boxing and MT? The same place has a boxing class right before MT?
If you have the time and cash, do both. If you can do only one, do the Muay Thai.

Boxing is great, but Muay Thai teaches you to use more tools, and will condition you better than boxing alone.
>i'd say start with Muay Thai Anon.
*gets taken down*
My kudan (posthumous jūdan) judo instructor also taught taekwondo (9th dan) and felt that together they prepared you to fight at all ranges. He made the judo students practice atemi awza and the taekwondo students spent some time on the basics of ukemi, nage waza, and katame waza (this tears the lightweight dobok). His teaching career began in Korea as an unarmed combat instructor during the Korean War so he was a bit more old school and practical minded in teaching those arts than seems to be the norm.

File: oil-check.jpg (35 KB, 636x358)
35 KB
I've never practitioned this kind of sports so I can only post a youtube video like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ALEeReC3u5Y&t=2s but those who know something about wrestling and grappling can discuss
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File: 1665960307411630.jpg (507 KB, 1080x1993)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
>This is pretty good advice. Focus on specific things. For white belts, pin escapes and guard retention should be priority
I feel like maybe thats not a great idea. If you are too defensive then you don't really get a feel for the positions. Trying to attack imo is generally a better option, not as in do lots of submissions, but just learning how to attack each major position and advance position helps you get a feel for how the positions work more than just trying to avoid getting passed. Of course some basic escapes at the very start are super important, otherwise you will just sit on the bottom position and get crushed all the time, but after getting those very simple escapes down attacking guards and attacking from open guard or trying to advance position will give you more of an idea of what you are meant to do in each position. You aren't meant to just try and stay in guard all of the time, you WILL eventually get tired and get passed, you NEED to learn first how to attack, and pure guard retention stuff without attacking should be used only to give you enough time and space to launch an attack from guard. To ape bald kiwi jitsu man you cant just stay in a defensive cycle. Learn basic attacks (not as in submission attacks), then learn defenses.
If people can't keep you in a pin or pass your guard, you can attack with less risk. Of course I'm not advocating for ONLY doing defensive techniques, but they should be a focus while you inevitably learn other offensive techniques. Students should be rolling and playing with top positions/submissions, but for skill development, it's very important to build a good defensive foundation.
>bald kiwi jitsu man
Danaher is the person that advocates guard retention and pin escapes as essential skills for beginners (in his Lex Fridman interview & BJJ Fanatics vids). If you watch old DDS matches, they rarely get pinned in the event that someone actually passes their guard. They can work through submission systems and spam potentially risky attacks because they don't care if someone gets mount.
Defensive skills are obviously needed as they allow confidence when attacking. But telling white belts to focus on defense will probably lead to more of a focus on watching endless pin escape videos of "the top 5 escapes you NEED to know as a white belt" instead of understanding what you are actually meant to do when you are in various positions. It is tempting for a white belt who hears about how you should "just survive" to try and cram various escapes in, instead of working most productively, which is to build a game plan in which you have a set move roster that you develop in order to advance positions.

You will be garbage, and will be caught out many times, but then because you have a game plan you can focus on which parts in the chain are weakest until they get better, and then move onto the new weakest. In order to build this game plan you have to develop attacks, once again not as in kimura or head and arm choke attacks, but like tripod sweep, or moving to single leg x from dlr. Telling a white belt to focus on defense sounds intuitive, and its sort of correct in the grand scheme of things, but I don't think its a good pedagogical tool, as they don't learn how the positions fit together, something that is especially true in open guard which has a notoriously steep learning curve in nogi. I know it sounds way more complicated, but a basic barebones script like "ok so when you are in this position do X, and when he probably does Y shimmy yourself under his feet and get slx and sweep, or hook your leg like this into dlr and then hook behind his other leg and tripod sweep him" can work wonders for helping a newbie to
1. Feel like he is making progress and is in control
2. Understand how some of the less obvious or trickier positions fit together. Because understanding side control or mount is easy, but there are a lot of weirder more neutral positions that they are more likely to spend time in and its these positions that can really fuck with you.
During a wrestling meet in high school some guy on the other team stuck his finger up my teammate's ass. My teammate went into an adrenaline rage like I've never seen in my life, lifted the kid above his head, and managed to throw him from about the center of the mat to about the edge hard enough that he slid onto the wooden floor of the gymnasium. The faggot from the other team didn't get back up and he was taken out on a stretcher. Our guy stormed off the mat and yelled, "He put his FINGER up my BUTT HOLE!" and to my knowledge he never got in trouble for hospitalizing the other guy with an uncontrolled throw. I'd never seen a man throw another man his own size like that before and I doubt I'll ever see it again.

File: image.jpg (38 KB, 640x480)
38 KB
Discuss Western Martial Arts. I.e. living non-HEMA arts with documented Western/European lineages.

Anymore to add to this list?
- Wrestling (Catch-as-Can, freestyle, Greco-Roman)
- Boxing (Bare Knuckle, amateur, professional, Savate)
- Fencing (foil, epee, saber, single stick - can this one be classed as living still?)
- Archery (target, field, clout, crossbow, flight)
- Shooting (multigun, bullseye, field, rapid, clay, running)

Add and discuss any you think fit the criteria (I.e. a living art with documented Western/European lineage).

Modern hybrid arts with mixed Eastern-Western lineges like Kickboxing, Submission Grappling; or historic reconstructed arts like HEMA are great but not what this thread is for.
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I swear to God I've seen like 3 different people tell this exact same story lmao
Thanks I got a skipping rope
Is old school strong man, calisthenics and running all you need for wma?

yeah know just lifting heavy rocks, pushups and road work.
I feel if look at history that is all old wrestler and boxer would do or am I just autistic and buy a barbell?
Cornish/celtic wrestling
it's a standing wrestling where the objective is to topple your opponent played within a rope boundary and wearing a heavy shirt to grip.
Henry 8th is reported to have competed in it.
pretty cool

File: s-l1600.jpg (209 KB, 1600x1412)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Electric pistol with blowback and high fps?
That would be electric soft.
Last I checked there are cheapo 150 fps electric blowbacks, and decently powered electric pistols with no blowback. It's been a couple years though so maybe someone has figured it out by now
Not with current tech. Wait another decade or so.
my e&l came with a mag that has steel locking lugs. ineed more mags but looking online, it appears that the mags they sell separately have plastic lugs. who makes a mag with steel lugs that i can buy? the plastic ones break all the time.

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If you can't run with that much space you don't deserve to breed.
How the fuck does on into urban exploring? I want to climb a crane.
Go and climb a train then. It's not complicated.
>crosswind go puff
There's a 467-day-old parkour thread already going, might want to check that out >>76604

Go explore an urban area. Don't overthink it.

File: IMG_2658-2.jpg (478 KB, 1800x1088)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
Surprised I didn't see a general thread for CrossFit considering we just finished up week 3 of the open qualifiers!

What have you been working on lately at your box? Anyone here qualify for the next round of the CF Games?
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
No I'm just jazzed up about the open this year, it was a lot of fun. I had to scale parts of 23.3 but I did the rest of it RX. We had a lot of fun doing a Friday Night Lights event at my local box. I can't wait for next year!
I need chalk to climb rope is this acceptable?
It's probably going to depend on the people at your box but there's no rule against it. I personally use my pull-up grips when I do rope climbs and that works for me.
What’s your score at today’s wod
File: 1649748994569.jpg (264 KB, 693x849)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
>the date format

File: 1656082254292.jpg (106 KB, 900x572)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Does Devon have a chance against Genadi, or is he about to get raped by yet another eastern European Armwrestler?
I'm going 3-2 Devon with Genadi taking the first 2, although I'd like to see Genadi smash Devon 3-0.
cheating fat cunt turk

File: maxresdefault (22).jpg (158 KB, 1280x720)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Don't do it and learn muay thai instead. It can teach you how to rise you your legs high too but it can also teach you how to fight.
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There is really no style, master or dojo that least try to make it functional?
there is LDH taekwondo on youtube who goes in depth on how TKD works as a martial art, also remember every hyper-specialized combat sport or martial art needs to be combined with something else to work, otherwise you`ll be like the boxers that break their hands in an actual confrontation

Even if you can find a lethwei gym, it's probably worse than your local muay thai gym unless you are literally in burma. Muay thai has an enormous talent pool and a professional scene of instructors and competitors that dwarfs lethwei, which is a dick-sucking regional sport by comparison like turkish oil wrestling. It's famous among martial arts nerds because it's the most "hardcore" kickboxing ruleset but that doesn't mean it produces the best fighters.
my school does a taekwando program so im gonna do it lol its better than trig
>Train Muay Thai
>incorporate headbutts
congratulations, you now know lethwei

Would it be wise to come back to martial arts after an ACL + meniscus repair?

>sparring with partner in MT class
>practicing takedowns; I throw a teep, partner catches my left leg, tries to take me down
>right leg immediately locks and then everyone hears the loudest *snap*
>I'm now laying down on the floor, right knee looks like a balloon and it's now the second time I snapped my ACL, first time I tear a meniscus
>get surgery, rehab and retire from martial arts
>current year +8
>Almost 23. Have been doing mostly cardio (swimming 3x week) some weightlifting (2x week) for almost three months now,
>not related to any recovery or rehab plan, it's just I wanted to take better care of my body
>although I'm decent at swimming, and I like weightlifting at my home gym, I still miss doing martial arts

I'm also stuck between either coming back to Muay Thai (reasoning being i might've forgotten everything after all this time) or trying something like judo (originally this was the plan 5 years ago, but I had that little accident). Any recommendations?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, pretty safe, all that weightlifting already strengthened your quads and hamstrings enough for it to be safe again. ACL tear is a common injury that happens to wrestling and grappling martial artists and it isn’t any career ending affair. Just start off light

>t. Coming back from a 9-month ACL surgery rehab
OP here, I forgot to surface around here in a long while. Thanks for the replies. Yeah the reason I wanted to go with grappling was since I already had the basics in striking (TKW, boxing, MT background), I wanted to experiment with grappling, throws and submission (Judo, BJJ); any of these seem very cool to me. I'll search for a Judo or Jujitsu dojo nearby where I can start light and really nail the basics to minimize potential knee injuries. Should I also train for flexibility in the meanwhile (as in doing some stretches, yoga or any exercise to gain body flexibility)?
>Should I also train for flexibility in the meanwhile (as in doing some stretches, yoga or any exercise to gain body flexibility)?
Yes. You should always train flexibility, mobility, strength, and cardio, as well as fundamental movement patterns. If you consult a doctor go to a sports doctor since normal doctors tend to be over-cautious.
seriously be careful doing judo dude the first time i did my knee and other dudes knee acted like magnets and bonked together, i had to drop to one knee shit hurt so bad lol
as far as stretches do variations of the pigeon pose and for lifting do some leg extensions to build up muscles around the knee to make it resistant to re-injury

File: skydiver.png (143 KB, 926x438)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Who is going to Adventure Boogie?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not to mention the use of avgas on a lot of small DZ Cessnas
what's the cause of the majority of skydiving fatalities? Human error? Gear malfunctioning?
Maybe that lead explains why so many small DZ tandem instructors seem retarded. Well, that or the meth.
Human error. Fatal gear malfunction very rarely happens these days.

I do enjoy the smell of leaded gasoline. Much prefer it to kerosine. Comfy
I don't know, but a girl at my drop zone thought it would be a good idea to get on her fronts at 100 feet on final and not flare for landing. Almost lost a foot.

Your opinion on freestyle skiiers?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Extreme skiing is better. Park skiing isn't even about ski skills, it's about acrobatic skills.
Nothing against them at all though, its good stuff, just not as good as extreme skiing.
X games is still incredible to watch in my opinion, but the heart of freestyle skiing has moved away from X games due to the barrier to entry in terms of time money and everything like that. You would never be able to have a Tom Wallisch in this day and age because he wouldn't be able to pay for everything.

I love watching beautiful urban skiing like what Phil Casabon does, and then Alex Hall and Hunter Hess have really carried the torch in terms of putting out edits with their Magma series.

Stylewise, Jake Carney is just a beautiful skier to watch.

Gnarly factor can still be found in Finland with Forre, those finish kids are absurd, and flipping back to style, Antti Olila from Finland is amazing in that regard too.

Can't say I love what the competition scene has become but more people are putting out videos and edits than ever before since it's way more accessible to make them.
Nothing will ever look better than a huge T-set rotation, it's truly the pinical of big air events, even if it's not the most technically impressive. I also love how tech skiers can get on rails, swaps and surface-spins looks so buttery on them.
I don't really like the park skiing even though I've tried it a bit. I grew up skateboarding and would rather just stick to skiing basics. That said moguls are considered freestyle skiing now, so that's what I like for freestyle.
moguls are the origin of freestyle anon

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