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File: gekikenthumb.jpg (75 KB, 700x356)
75 KB
/jsa/ general

Japanese Sword Arts (JSA) General. A thread to discuss Kendo/jutsu and Iaido/jutsu. OP post is tailored towards Kendo since it is the most commonly practiced JSA.

>What is Kendo?
Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art which descends from Japanese swordsmanship (Kenjutsu), namely the Hokushin Itto-ryu school. It is practiced with shinai (bamboo swords) and armor. The philosophy of modern Kendo is based off of Budo concepts and aims to develop the self through practice.

>How is Kendo scored?
There are four valid target areas in Kendo: the top and sides of the head, the wrists, the torso, and the neck. Strikes made to these areas must contain correct footwork, posture/body movement, cutting path, use the correct part of the blade, a display of high spirits (through shouting), and zanshin; or the continuation of mental and physical readiness to attack again.

In competition, the match is judged by 3 referees who will raise flags corresponding to the color of the ribbon worn by the competitors. At least 2 referees need to agree to award a point. Match duration is best out of 3 points.

>Where can I find a Kendo club or dojo?

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To come back on this, I've incidentally found this video of Nitta Suzuo


She was a teenager during the war iirc, she had to escape the two tokyo fire bombings. She would have been in her late 60s in the video.
I know i can google this, but i like to get real people input.
Anyone encountered/used a good online practice/training plan for beginner kendo/japanese swordmanship. Be it on youtube or something else.
Would really like to just practice the forms and techniques myself in my own time.
i am 100% beginner, just always liked swords (and love japan) and wanted another way to stay active at home
So when i came across a training bokken for cheap locally i decided to grab it and finally get started.
These two seem really good. Just follow them real close, record yourself, compare your movements to theirs. Also, join a dojo as soon as possible. No amount of videos, zoom lessons and online courses can compare to actual in-person training.
These seem like great starting points, thank you.
Perhaps one day i will join a dojo. I know for correcting form and such it really cant be beat.
For now its gonna be a couple small sessions a week to keep active (alongside some light home gym stuff i already do). Plus i live in the lockdown capital of the world (literally) so couldn't really do a class anytime soon if i wanted to.
Thank you for the advice of the filming myself to compare, that is definitely the best way to make my solo training as effective as i can.
Try to find something like a whole day or two-days stage. It's not classes but it's a springboard.
Starting by yourself is complicated, then again, that depends on what your goal is. If it's just to swing a sword on your own, that might be enough. Think of your safety, be careful when you train, good luck!

why is Krav Maga considered a meme?
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Imi is like the equivalent of the Gracie's. Yes he was the founder of the school but he was little more than a Jewish thug and he got his ass beat when him and his boys outnumbered another group and got their asses beat.
File: vylana.png (1.4 MB, 694x1058)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
there is no live sparring with fully resisting opponents. instead everything is dance routines because it's >2deadly4u

simple as
The irony is if youre really interested in nut kicks and headbutting you can probably still train that if you had the control for light sparring. That requires actual experience though.
>no live sparring with fully resisting opponents
99% of martial arts don't do this, including the effective ones.
Civilian Krav Maga sucks because they use ineffective techniques: If you want to fight like an amateur MMA guy, you better have the appropriate athleticism.
Just being in Israel isn't a guarantee it's good krav maga. It's extremely hard to get a license to run a martial arts school in Israel. But if you call whatever you're doing krav maga (even if it's some bullshit you made up), it's piss easy to get all the licensing and paperwork done.

File: file.png (667 KB, 670x900)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
Questions that don't deserve their own thread. All sports welcome.

Instead of making a new thread and cluttering up the board ask your beginner and basic questions here. Or complain about extreme sports you don't like.

Starting tip: You're not too old to skate and you shouldn't buy a complete from Amazon

Bummed skating has gotten so serious these days, people at the skatepark just skate for insta clips, Boomers are the only dudes i meet that have genuine passion for skating, Zoomers my age are so worried about looking cool and fitting in the skate scene, how are you coping bros knowing that the golden era of skating is over? Tiltmode army and prime louie barletta enjoi skate team has been lifefuel lately, Post those vids fellas, get it off your chest:

Marc Johnson lifefuel

Loui Barletta lifefuel:
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How much of a fuck up do you have to be fail at a stick company.
i think yall just gotta do you and forget about the past. shit changes over time, always. no use in trippen about it. just skate. on a molecular level we dont even exist. its one cosmic field of energy that cant be seperated from each other.

dont be on that washed out mentality. healthy ming, healthy body, healthy soul. if yall feel that way start your companies and be a role model for these kids. ive had to learn that many times, cuz it really is about fun.

yall ever been sponsored? shit legit felt like a job, I was on powell and dekline, but i was an arrogant fuck. yall think back then was better?

bro everyone was at competition for each other and even before that people got beat up for looking different.

let shit blossom. its all good. in terms of that blown out shit.

look up knees over toes, shit will keep you going way past the "normal age."
we'll probs get a video part from him before adidas kicks him off
I know i am
Being sponsored is gay unless you are making that energy drink money. Now you're obligated to get clips and do gay shit like commercials and photoshoots. I just want to shred, smoke weed, and impregnate underage skatepark thots.

Silverfags should be euthanized edition

>What is HEMA?
HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts, sometimes also called Historical Fencing.
It's reconstructing how to fight with swords, daggers, polearms and other weapons based on old European fighting treatises

>What does it look like?
Inside the World of Longsword Fighting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zueF4Mu2uM
Back to the source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DBmNVHTmNs
Martin Fabian Sparring - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8QlbKfX84k

>Where can I find these treatises?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Which continent are you in?
North America
I'd recommend a HEMA club.
Arma is a cult, don't go there.
Well what if I want to buy a training sword?
I'm european so i don't know well american makers, but i guess purpleheart armory should be a good starting point for americans

File: millennial seinfeld.jpg (73 KB, 750x822)
73 KB
What do we think about things the pros swear are working while internet wisdom says it's BS?

>Power training instead of heavy lifting
>Pain compliance points in grappling
>Groin kicking and eye gouging
Kramer’s style is gen y swag

Funny we use to call everything gay n retarded but so pc now
People still say gay and retarded all the time, they just do it in daily life instead of on Twitter.
Gen Y is the same as Millennial. George is more a Gen Z wigger. Elaine is rocking the lesbian side mullet better than most
>Gen Z wigger
Do zoomers use "wigger"? I don't think I've even heard milennials use that word in years.

File: 1359478474663.jpg (54 KB, 700x469)
54 KB
>Disc Golf

How is any of this shit extreme sports?

File: 1633531062742.jpg (197 KB, 828x1453)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Oh, sure, NOW they do something about the eye pokes.
Based nigger. More men should beat their bitches. Gotta keep those hoes in their place.

File: download.jpg (33 KB, 1200x1200)
33 KB
To consider the effectiveness of a martial art, you should
>know how it would be effective against a single opponent
>know how it would be effective against 2-6 opponents
>know how it would be effective against a mob
>know its dependability on tools to be effective

For all these parameters, the only that covers it all is some staff (for non-lethal) or spear (for lethal) martial art. As a backup, you should know some other martial art effective with bare hands, but it is common knowledge your effectiveness against 2-6 opponents or more depends directly on if people knows or not your techniques and strategies, and it is indeed pretty much impossible to defend yoursel from a mob without a gun.

And I would like to discuss all that. What are the most effective martial art for each of those isolated considerations? We can even separate them if they're with the intent of being lethal or not.
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Swords are lighter than you would think, and also more versatile.
One might say aikido can defend you from a mob
File: hmph.jpg (197 KB, 593x584)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>burn stick
>now have no stick
>get burned
>burn self
>smoke signals tribe where your location is
>bring more stick to kill you
Stick win every time
File: Capture45323.png (55 KB, 210x175)
55 KB
>pick up burn stick
>sharpen burnt stick tip

File: 1598614809375.jpg (46 KB, 640x480)
46 KB
90s Edition
Previous: >>15773

When was your first game? Got any vintage setups you still shoot?
202 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
they kept shooting my scalp, my hair was neon yellow
i dont like paintball anymore
I've met this guy before a few times. He looks like he's depressed 90% of the time. Kind of like aimlessly walking around the store
Is it the ANSgear guy?
I think I'm gonna switch to airsoft
I love paintball tech but cheaper ammo and less pain/mess sounds nice
File: 1617209887228.jpg (159 KB, 1500x1124)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
What flavor are these?

Say something nice about him.
37 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
used to be hot
He's based and all the jackass kikes are massive faggots
Well said
Celebrity/money worship. Bam is a smelly hobo manchild with money and fame, so he's better than us peasants.
The bloated tired mentally ill manchild movie might not be as fun as you think

File: hongo3[1].png (640 KB, 1080x600)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
You're never too old/fat to skate.
Skateboarding is 90% mental 10% physical. You're never too old to take a bite into concrete
Skatepark Etiquette: Its nice to stop peoples boards and shoot it back to them :^)
Trick Tip: i dont know man
Beginner Tip: Rub Brick more curbs
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jayGRYplMik [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBKflVJBry4 [Embed]

Thread Question: Whats your favorite stupid trick to do?

old thread
397 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
The new Szafranski part is so tight. Sober legend skate videos are the best.
Trying to get gud after 10 years of not skating. Landed 2 heelflips and thought I would be able to land 3 today, but I can't even get my board to flip correctly. Frustrating the shit out of me.
New thread
shaky camera is distracting
dude you are trying to sell your art (which i'll admit isn't bad) in a skateboarding general but you don't even skate? lmao

File: 1601729728583.jpg (69 KB, 930x600)
69 KB
golf board
File: a little on the nose.jpg (518 KB, 1900x1062)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
imagine coupling your self esteem to the needs of literal grass.
genuinely the most enjoyable sport to play in the world
>golf bored

This should be in the Olympics
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That and the crowd can throw nuts and bolts either at the skaters, or just onto the ice.
I don't think rollerball is a real sport anon... it was just for the movie
those are real people. its WAY too dangerous
Is it coming back this winter? One of the GOAT Chad sports
File: stupida fackin meme.jpg (64 KB, 590x477)
64 KB
Stupida fahcking sport.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (120 KB, 1280x720)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>unironically putting this garbage the wall of your home.
50 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: demongirlprev.jpg (47 KB, 252x924)
47 KB
i would totally hang this.

sauce: boardpusher.com/corporatefilth
sick board all the HUF Streetfighter boards look really cool
>Not a single sign of use
I have the Miku board
Just hookups r all boards

I coped a few chocolate and girl sets back in the day when my local shop bit the dust on the cheap but never got around to hanging em cause even tho they tasteful and most tell a story it still seems tacky

Could never hang tha hookups boards on my walls for sure. Hell no.

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