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File: s-l300.jpg (14 KB, 236x300)
14 KB
Why there's no /bmx/ general?
Is a death sport?
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Can one of you fags tell me if this seems legit?
>BMX is dead
you havent seen FMX?
you have a dirt jump mtb anon?, i saw some tutorials on how to "make" one
ended up buying it. It was a good deal, couldn't say no

cheers lads
it's a walmart bike anon

File: neyt.png (287 KB, 600x436)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
When will you stop riding this guy's dick??

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> he's a dope smoking piece of trash
That’s every submission specialist in the UFC and they usually do well for themselves
He won though
against Khamzat? dude couldnt even make weight. against Tony - Nate could definitely win
called it
I can't belive Tony got sub by current Nate Diaz

File: image_proxy (3).jpg (508 KB, 1284x1751)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
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I meant rewatched. Don't phonepost, kids.
Some roided has-been retard e-celeb, no thanks.
Looks more like Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2

still need to get a cup for kickboxing. thinking of buying the diamond mma jock strap w/ cup, but can't find any webshops in the benelux that sell them. but don't wanna spend so much money getting it shipped from the US. should i bite the bullet and get it anyway or get a different cup from a dutch webshop?

pic for attention
went w/ the diamond mma jockstrap w/ cup. thx for ur advice, /martialartists/.

File: arethoseratbones.jpg (2.22 MB, 1118x1440)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG

Basic brand information for beginners:
Shoe reviews:
Submit a shoe review:

old thread (cursed)
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bet your one of those people in these threads who complains about having no friends
These are all pretty old clips at this point. Last I heard his arm was broken and he fled rehab AGAIN. Someone on /tv/ bumped into him sippin drinks at the bar.
imagine how annoying it would be skating around bam. every time he does the most pathetic like shuv to nose stall or some shit he fakes falling off and then skates the perimeter of the park trying to get high 5s and fist bumps from everyone.
lol he fake falls?
new thread >>115849

File: climbing.jpg (453 KB, 832x1240)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
Can someone answer me this?

What happens to person B, if person A loses consciousness and just drops to the floor?
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Climb down and get that free pussy.
>climber simply just hangs in the rocks and has to wait until someone rescues him?

from that position down climb (not that high) or at least get back to the last clip and connect it to your harness, if you have trad gear or bolts u can anchor urself to the wall, then use the rope to self rappel or if top rope like here u can try to grab the rope if there is enough friction at the anchor up top u can lower urself
Dumbass with no experience

Grigris are designed to where the climber can safely descend even if your belayer is knocked out. You unload the cam and can slowly give yourself slack. Basically downclimb it
How are you gonna unload the cam when you are 20 feet up and the grigri is attached to the belayer jackass

File: 1662436634446.jpg (535 KB, 3000x2000)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
Kinda wanna get into shooting as a sport and qualify for the Olympics. Where do I start?
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Hopefully you have that $10,000 saved up for one of those competition rifles
Don't start here, you'll just fuck it up, or sink a lot of money into something you decide not to commit to. Start with either an air rifle or if you have the budget a ~$300 .22, and don't upgrade until you're a better shot than the gun is. Use the rest of the money on practice ammo -- don't fall for the 'match grade' meme until after you've upgraded the gun. .22 used to be cheap but between Obama and the china virus it's gone way up. Still cheap relative to other calibers, but expensive relative pellets in a pump gun. Better to get used to 10,000 shots with a pellet than only affording 100 rounds of. 22, once you learn the skill getting used to other equipment goes much faster.

Find a good place to practice, range fees suck. I built one in my backyard, but live out in the sticks. Don't shoot in the 'burbs where Karen will hear and go all mama bear about her kids safety, nothing good comes of it no matter how good your backstop actually is. Lots of places have outdoor ranges that are public/free or private clubs with like $10/month dues.

Best of luck, anon
File: fx go brrr.jpg (920 KB, 3072x4096)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
I shoot HFT and just plink typically (so not olympic but fuck it close enough) pic rel.
Find a local club for 10m,25m etc (whatever type you want to do). Message them via whatever email, social media page or similar they have saying you'd like to get into the sport . Go along to one of their meetings and ykno actually talk to people, they will probably have club guns (check beforehand if they do) you can borrow these to try out the sport.
Once you've done that you can then decide if its actually the sport for you and from there you can speak to people in said clubs to get help finding gear, getting practice, improving etc. This should have all been fairly obvious but alas.
Also before buying a gun ask the people at the club for advice, don't spend a shitload of money on the wrong gun for the job (for example you don't want a rifle like the FX in pic rel to shoot 10m)
A LG400 (as far as i can tell thats the gun in the pic OP posted) will run you about $3000 but thats on the high end of rifles.
If someones just getting into it you can pick up Air Arms T200s second-hand for like £300-500 which are perfectly usable, my first PCP was a S200 (not gun in picrel)
You also have options like the BSA silverstar etc if you specifically want to shoot diopters, older guns like FWB 300s are also great.

I'm assuming you're on about rimfires but to clarify for OP, no karen is ever going to notice a 6-12ftlb air rifle going off unless they're intentionally looking for it.
Oh yeah also, look at more than just diopter shooting.
There's a shitload of shooting sports for airguns alone that aren't in the olympics (field target for example) and you may prefer these to olympic type competition.
/k/ USPSA/IPSC crossposter here. Depending on local laws, if you like to go fast and you want to shoot service calibers, check out practical shooting competition. There's no Olympic medal at the end of it, but it's a lot of fun.

Could you survive one round against Sonya Blade?
It's a fistfight, a boxing match between her vs you.
Not without rubbing one out
Excuse me?
Would really rather just bend her over.

File: 1599025324197s.jpg (13 KB, 250x221)
13 KB
Is this shit just cope? I read a little about this, seems like bullshit. If so is there anyway to learn something that will allow me to kill people bare handed. I also got experience with judo and wrestling, almost 10 years. I know about guns, but I was hoping for something that would improve my overall lethality.
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Lmfao you want me to believe this fat retarded karate fag infiltrated a network of killers for hire to teach you their le secret skills?
holy shit lmao, who would listen to this guy about anything, much less something physical?
there anything that is what this fatty is trying to do? a viable form of fighting to kill?
There’s two reliable ways to kill someone with your bare hands. Repeated blunt force trauma to the head or strangulation. That’s pretty much it. The human body is pretty resilient. Sure there’s stuff like neck breaks but I’ve only seen one in an old wwii manual that looked like it might make sense but from the position you’d be in it would make more send just to strangle them. There’s some spine locking techniques in catch as well but I doubt they’d kill someone outright.

Humans invented weapons for a reason. If there was an efficient way to make people dead without weapons it wouldn’t be hard to find and there’d be a ton of evidence.

Training the heavybag, double end bag, doing deadlifts and squats; or just buying some expensive protection gear and fighting everyday?
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Then why are you even considering striking? Get a mouth guard and do judo or something.
Becoming proficient at fighting without becoming a gappy.
Thats why i made the thread, maybe training deadlifts and squats might make me great at wrestling, but every fight involves some form of striking
Doing mitts, seems the most fun and realistic with variety bribe a friend with free beers to hold the gloves or something, they'll benefit in learning to defend against strikes and you'll benefit in learning to strike.
You need to see a dentist and spend the money there instead of on training gear.
>every fight
Do you think a judo match involves punching or are you specifically talking about street fighting? If the latter just don’t get involved in street fights retard.

File: man-rollerblading.jpg (51 KB, 1000x600)
51 KB
What are the best roller blades for recreation and fun?
What makes a roller skate fast?
What makes a roller skate nimble and maneuverable?
What roller skates should one bring to the roller rink to not look like a try-hard or a know-nothing?
How big is too big in terms of wheel size?
What number of wheels is ideal? Three? Four? Five?
What are the most practical and convenient roller skates? Are there any roller blades that fit over standard sneakers/shoes and are they any good?
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In 2022 this wheel size matter? I’m playing around with the idea of getting a pair of used in-line skates. I’d like to 100% try aggressive skating however I would also like to use them for exercise on flat ground. Should I get 60’s, or 72’s?
In 2022, does wheel size matter? I’m playing around with the idea of getting a pair of used inline skates. I’d like to 100% try aggressive skating, however I would also like to use them for exercise on flat ground. Should I get 60’s, or 72’s?
Ok, sorry for double posting. I made some errors, then couldn’t delete the first post after posting the second one.
the aeon soulplate is fucking niiiiiiiiiiiice
Are aeons tight at the toes?

File: anw.jpg (58 KB, 640x640)
58 KB
Can American Ninja Warrior be salvaged? It's such a parody of itself at this point that I've almost given up hope.The easiest thing that they could do is get rid of the contestant intros and use the time to, i dunno, put more runs in. I want to watch contestants run the obstacle course, not know what their favorite charity is.
Want to talk about obstacle coarse running as a general sport or do you just want to talk about the production values of a tv show?
they need to change the name because ninja warrior sounds way too gay and for manchilds. It really should have some sort of league built up around competing regionally in obstacle courses to be a more approachable sport and it shouldn't all rest on some dumb tv show that only gets aired when nothing else is happening. Some of the training for it is so hyper specific, basically a mix of rock climbing and gymnastics but with even weirder grip strength challenges
I think it needs competition, like a competitor that does the things you described.
Ninja warrior has always and will always be a reality/gameshow at heart, and so far it's been a winning formula without needing to change much from being that, so if the sport is to change into something bigger than the show then that change will probably have to be external to ninja warrior.
This show can't draw a single fucking dime, they're pulling the plug. It's reality TV and not a sport. Bunch of man children playing on an overproduced playground aided by 5 minute sob stories for each runner. It's utter shit.
I'm surprised people even still watch it desu. It has basically no rewatchability and the fad died out years ago.

File: night ops jumoer.jpg (36 KB, 500x425)
36 KB
is it possible to hire private trainers/tours/services, for skydiving, parachute diving etc, to the point they let me jump in the dark of the night,and also carryin stuff such as weapons?
Im just a normal guy who's obsessed with liberatarianism(joining a private army ,ie; military contractors,eschewing State-national militaries)and also with the incoming apocalypse. (protip;its between 2030 and 2060)
Same question for diving-related operations,such as mastering diving to the point one could perform demolition operations underwater.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
well OP never specified what sort of apocalypse he was talking about. Tyrannical gov take over then you'd probably want some crapto. But emp, environmental calamity, anything that knocks out the power grid then no.
Dude just join the army and sign up for these extra schools they offer

i will NOT join a (((statist))) organization.
how dare yo suggest I allow a Statist to order me around? or become ,myself,subject to taxation and regulations?
>Your question doesn't deserve such a long answer anyway.
AH! you take issue with Me?
>Im just a normal guy who's obsessed with liberatarianism(joining a private army ,ie; military contractors,eschewing State-national militaries)

kill yourself you fucking pathetic larping loser

>Judo uses throws: You don't actually want to hurt the other guy, so you throw him in a way that makes it possible to breakfall
>Wrestling uses slams: The mats are thick and soft so breakfalling is not necessary, so you slam. In a real fight, this would make it impossible to breakfall and break bones and joints, whatever hits the concrete first at full speed is destroyed.

tl;dr: In a brawl, use slams. Pic related would be a broken elbow, maybe broken shoulder and broken collarbone for the guy in red.
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Let me do judo throws on you over concrete, it'll be ok because I'm not trying to hurt you :)
You joke but as a advanced breakfall demonstration in hapkido we would do well controlled judo and akijutu throws over concrete.
Granted it's just a demo and the technique is similar to how pro wrestlers do and take throws on concrete but still, it's not as crazy as you think.
throws and slams work well in the bedroom.
I have no objection to this classification.
I think slams should are nearly the same as spikes but just not on the head, I have no problems with this list otherwise

Can we merge back into /asp/ again? /pw/ sucks.
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i miss the good old days with my /asp/ bros.
>saying the word
what if we promise to exile all the joshi, womeme wrestler threads, flipshit, and AEW faggots forever? can we come back? cummon brother, we drew dimes. pls...pls tell me that finish works for you brother ):
keep those netflix tourists away from /pw/ xshithead
XS cannot draw the way PW does. But I suggest that we should merge together and draw dimes together
File: 47387.jpg (150 KB, 643x391)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
you mma guys are legit retarded.

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