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Could firefighter be an extreme sport???
>be me volunteer firefighter
>responding to structure fire
>me and all the dudes blasting 80's rock in the brush tanker
>we pull up, huge ass barn fire
>fucking realize there's a horse still in the barn tied up
>country kid, connects his pack and runs in to get rescue the horse(mind you were kinda not supposed to save them, this is a barn from the '60s, very rundown very large, full of dry horrible wood. Could collapse very easily)
>im hooking the tanker up to the pond, when I see country kid running as fast as I've ever seen him run, with 2 cats in hand
>horse comes running behind him
>horse keeps chasing him
>my face when this horse that's chasing my friend, as he just saved it
>few minutes later, barn collapses
>fires out after quite the fight as some embers blew apon a bale stack

that was pretty extreme if you ask me, and like my friend ran a good bit that night, with all his gear.

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Just stop being a pussy. It's that simple.
It's obviously not a sport but it can be sportified.
Sounds like a thing rural people born of incest might do.
File: IMG_1160.jpg (181 KB, 426x650)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
No >>170009
File: 62_-_062.jpg (690 KB, 1500x2250)
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690 KB JPG
it's pretty extreme

Why can't karate just put on gloves, a mouth guard, and, if they wanted to boxing headgear, spar like everyone else?
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I agree with you that most retards here really underestimate injury (honestly its a horrible place for advice on training practice) and that its not worth to train like a pro when 90% of this board are just hobbyists but you kinda lost me when you started to rant
I have done way to much conditioning for that but nice projection queer baits. Did you know there is no such thing as building a tolerance for concussions? In fact all science we have says that the more your dome is consistently rattled, the more susceptible you are to kos and cte. I am more of a fan of the TMA drills & conditioning for desensitization in place of straight up sparring. When I have sparred, karete rules, no head strikes.
Well my education revolves around physical activity and my career is in the martial arts industry. This kinda debate comes through our classes all the time in many forms but its always the generalized conflict between the idea that safety of the athlete should be top priority versus "you're just a pussy." And its funny because only the most retarded of students take the latter position. Every time this topic comes un in athletic training, it ALWAYS ends with butthurt retards insisting it's fine under their breath after the professor viciously ass rapes them with evidence of the contrary. Fuckers pretending like it's not that big a deal. In football, a game that despite the massive disparity in amount of professional players, has a ratio of far less concussions than pro fighting, ok, because of the level of attention on their athletes health. Every time a story about a former player with cte comes out thousands of kids are pulled out of the sport by worried parents, politicians start thinking of the children, etc. the NFL has spent millions in research over just the fucking helmet alone because they're so terrified of the brain damage boogie man. But yeah, I am sure you broke ass amateur at best internet tough boys totes know better than the entire professional kinesiological & neurological communities. I will probabaly reuse some of this tirade from atop my toilet in work and get paid for these words later, so yeah, I rant.
Fyi , the rant contained within >>174511
was only prompted by you, not directed at you. Apologies for any rustled jimmies.
File: 1698975561044919-3.png (204 KB, 1936x1716)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
I have no interest in reading The Copium Diaries
>writing a somewhat thought out reply in a shitpost thread
This one is on you anon

File: 0dz8dmg376ob1.png (461 KB, 634x436)
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461 KB PNG
In an ideal world, what did he say?
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kys nig
File: images (14).jpg (15 KB, 400x300)
15 KB
Nothing. He just would have listened. And that's what nobody did.

How does one get into MMA? I've been trying to get into the sport since my teens but there are so many fighters and lore that I just get lost and end up dropping it, only to try to get into it again years later. I really like fighting but unlike other normie sports like soccer or football, MMA just harder for me to get into.
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Start with bjj and boxing. They are the easiest to find gyms for and get into.
Boxing you can arguably practice the fundamentals on your own, but proper coaching and sparring are essential if you want to make any real progress.
Bas Rutten has good videos. Never underestimate the damage a good open hand or liver punch can deliver.
learn how to read retard
Take some lessons and you'll start to get interest in the sport

File: 1689036144948048.png (83 KB, 360x202)
83 KB
How many pounds should I lift if I box? I know weightlifting is historically frowned upon in boxing, but nowadays it’s more acceptable if it’s lighter and mid tier weights and not bodybuilder tier. How much is too much?
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I gave you an example, one that most people deal with, lifting objects at work, placing objects higher than you. How about you stop larping just to get some (you)s on an anonymous image board faggot. There is nothing inherently wrong with the OHP and there are no inherent negative effects resulting from the performance of the movement. Eat shit & kill yourself.
NTA but I'm seeing a physical therapist for this exact issue. It's not exactly a secret
I box. Weight lifting is fine but only after you've done the cardio element (ropes, roadwork, bagwork, padwork, sparring) You can go as hard as you can just bare in mind your recovery. Most prefer calisthenics.
Then your issue is caused by something else. Something wrong with what you're doing or wrong with your body. But don't tell me that it is the fault of the movement of the OHP, because thats bullshit.
I'm going to listen to my licensesd physical therapist and not a know it all internet sperg

File: images (1) (7).jpg (27 KB, 556x551)
27 KB
Would having experience in kyokushin and kung fu help me learn boxing?
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If you have relevant skills or not you should know. It's not like it's rocket science.
No but having boxing or muay thai experience helps in karate or kung fu immensely.
Technically yeah but both those styles have completely different neutral postures. You're gonna have a little trouble training those habits out...I can see it now. You're gonna get bopped on the nose a LOT because you keep dropping your hands.
Perfect example of good TMA versus Mcdojo shit. Love how the story even includes one of the most shat on Kung Fu techniques in existence
Essentially it was just Choki Reeing about THATS NOT KARATE! THIS IS KARATE! The whole time because his style didn't become popular, lol.

File: oil.jpg (148 KB, 610x405)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
How do I find bros to do turkish oil wrestling with?
The local YMCA
You familiar with fag bagging?
It's when a group of men get oiled up and naked and get together under a tarp
Under there it's a quivering mass of anonymous sucking and fucking and when you nut you're eliminated from the bag
Last one to cum wins the game
Go to Turkey ask if they are into wrestling and fiddling anuses if they look at all homosexual, possibly you'll find the answer to be yes.

File: 2Q==.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
If i dossed up on meth woukd i be able to beat a martial artist who doesnt roid?
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meth doesnt make you better at martial arts, it makes you better at counter-strike
I did some kickbox sparring on speed and it makes you more focused and have more cardio but I looked like a spastoid jackass totally not normal on tape so people.might notice
Depends, striker yes grappler probably not because it doesn't matter how much meth you do, shelfing a leg and controlling the space between your armpit and hip will hold you in place
Video link?
meth clearly gave him the strenght advantage,grappling night be even easier when you Just Need

File: 1.png (74 KB, 206x288)
74 KB
You will hate this but it's true. Especially pugilism and early modern boxing until the 1950s or so.

>Weightlifting is frowned upon, instead you need to develop a special kind of explosive force with obscure exercises
>Emphasis on attacking the internal organs instead of breaking bones
>Development of full body power
>Claims that the practice is very healthy but will ruin your health if you overdo it or train wrong
>Secret knowledge passed down among teachers
>A boxer should be able to beat up much bigger, stronger men
>Concept of using skeletal structure instead of athletic muscular force (power line a la Dempsey or Monstery)
>Emphasis on relaxation instead of tension
>Yielding is called rolling with the punches
>Emphasis on solo work for gaining correct techniqe (Shadow boxing)
>Mostly about Dim Mak (Hitting vital points like jaw, temple, solar plexus, liver, heart...)
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>bro it’s not training your timing your just using rhythm
double end bag is much better option in a full sized gym for sure.
Timing, in a fighting context, isn't rhythm. Rhythm is bad if anything, that's called being predictable. Timing is actually capitalizing on your opponent's predictability and hitting them in brief, vulnerable moments. A speedbag won't help you with that skill.

Best use-case I've seen argued is that it helps strengthen the muscles used to keep your hands up. The first thing to prune from training though if you have to. They are fun to get good at too. That's something.
Yup this it helps you roll your fists longer/train your shoulders to not tire out and faster jabs, double end/Reflex bag is better for the type of training you are looking for.
this can be applied to most forms of striking

Any of you do it? How does it work regarding private property laws? Do you have to find national parks and public lands? I'm also an east coast fag, is it suitable for the Appalachians opposed to the Rockies?

File: scam.png (31 KB, 588x538)
31 KB
>It costs 269 burgerbux per day to ski at Vail...
When did you get priced out of ski hills?
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You have to buy out of season, that's the way this shit works
Same way I only buy tools on sale
Black diamonds are the beginner area. Anyone who isn't shit at skiing sticks to the double blacks and the unrated cliff areas
You're supposed to buy the season passes.

lol tardo
High prices keep out the riff raff if you know what I mean
this but unironically

ITT: We take a non-extreme sport and change it to make it extreme.

Marathon but you can sabotage your opponents any way you want. Weapons allowed. Basically the Road Rash game but on foot.

Dodgeball with bocce.

Polo but with rodeo horses.

Water polo but the water is slightly acidic so your skin and eyes start to burn after a while and you can only get out (rotating with other team members) once you score.

Any motor sport but without brakes.

Soccer with bowling balls.

Squash but the room is so narrow and you can get hit by the other player's racket.

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This was in my recommended a couple days ago.
Basketball + wrestling
Swimming across a river challenge. River is full of hippos.
Swimming in a pool, but there are actually sharks coming out of the vents.
Kike skating. Gaza paraglading

File: dooey.jpg (46 KB, 686x386)
46 KB
I know kung fu nerdism is cringey and involves a fair amount of willful ignorance, but when the hell are these Youtube Martial Arts influencers going to pull their head out of their own asses and actually look into the kung fu styles they're so quick to dismiss? They say the same shit in all of their videos and have barely made any initiative to even meet with a single credible "kung fu nerd" and even just TALK.

Freakin Dewey lives in Shanghai and the only guys he has on his channel are his MMA buds and other influencers overseas. Karate nerd and Sensei Seth try to intermingle but Karate Nerd in particular is headed in the direction of Disney-style documentaries. Rokas just... meets random people who confirm his bias and he never gets into their background. Other dudes just try and simulate the arts from their Boxing/Kickboxing/BJJ point of view. Fight Commentary Breakdowns is improving but still calls pretty much every random crazy kung fu guy a "master".

Meanwhile in what seems to be a whole different world, people like Will Wain Williams and Byron Jacobs are interviewing and VISITING people of different styles. Like in the world of factionalist my-daddy-can-beat-up-your-dad BS they actually talk to other stylists and have good exchanges. They get into history. They get into different methods. Of course, they don't get too much into MMA, but get this, they don't really talk much about it either. Though Byron trains BJJ and even interviewed freaking Xu Xiaodong and some other of his MMA friends early on.

Like just look at that video of Dewey talking about what Tai Chi means, how it's basically just wrestling. People give him all kinds of reasons why he's wrong and instead of exploring the issue he's like, "oh, I visited this old wise master in the mountains, you can't learn anything about him, but he was the last master there ever was and backs me up! And I know Chinese so fuck you nerd!"

22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you don't need to be a monk to practice Shaolin arts or Shaolin Buddhism as long as you have an approval from Shaolin and follow the principles.
>Approval from Shaolin
Ah yes, the Shaolin that only had 14 monks left even before the cultural revolution, and currently exists as a reconstructed freak show for cultural tourism helmed by a institutionally corrupt atheist state with a track record of censoring religion; I'm sure they're an authentic, reliable authority on what Chan Buddhism and their principles are.

I know you're replying to the OOP but read my last post. Stop drinking the state-sponsored kool-aid and realise that none of it is historical nor authentic as far as Chinese martial arts go, ie what we wish got more attention in the West.
The styles can make themselves non-dismissable by not being miserable pieces of shit. The best CMA looks like shitty MMA striking. Fight me.
MMA has only ever been about the money. Remember, it's a sport that uses the term "martial arts" in the name. It isn't a martial art itself. Even most pro-fighters intentionally refuse the moniker of martial artist, because they understand they're just brawlers.
Dude, chan buddhism diverged, found its way to Japan, became Zen. This is all easily confirmed. Zen & chan are practically identical so it's safe to assume they've left it alone for the most part. China isn't gonna fuck with a good thing like that. Shaolin & buddhism are just tourist draws, beyond that they don't give a shit anymore.

File: graphite.jpg (102 KB, 1024x702)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I've grown tired of BJJ, it's time to learn how to hit people.

The only question is, what striking art is considered best to learn in 2023 if you know ZERO striking?
>Muay Thai
>Some other shit no one cares about
Please help.
27 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>op calls out 3 sports and "martial arts no one gives a single shit about"
>discussion ends up being completely about that shit no one cares about
it's like pottery
Legit or not this looks gay af
That's because any mention of Sanda will bring in the tcmcultists flocking in with their retardation
It's extremely gay. Has nothing to do with Sanda
keep telling yourself that. i had to leave a kung fu school that taught sanda haphazardly, ended up at a local kb gym, and now i train in kyokushin. i have no loyalty to any one martial art or category of martial arts. technically nothing i've said itt so far is wrong.
Any martial sport is good, avoid martial arts like a plague.

My MT Khru taught us in the gym important lesson - "You have to punch like you waat to kill the fucker in front of you" as opposed to when I was young and attended TKD "avoid hurting your opponent" lol

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