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File: fancy.jpg (9 KB, 250x150)
9 KB
this is the best recent skate vid

This Matt Tomasello video is a true classic. The fancy lad guys are all very creative.
the editing makes it looks like stop motion animation


/box/ is a community home to the sport of boxing. Post tips, questions, gear and routines relating to the training of boxing as an amateur sport. Discussion of professional boxing is welcome as well
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Go to a poor neighborhood full of minorities. Preferably black or mexican. Look for the nearest boxing gym. Congrats you found a real club.
You don't, just learn off the internet and spar with some dudes. I'm serious.
If you can't find any try finding a good kickboxing gym, and just use your boxing the majority of time in sparring
To all boxers here; please help. I want to know what weight lifts/exercises I should know about to do before and while I learn boxing. I remember reading somewhere about the necessity of doing forearm exercises. Anything else?
any recommendations for internet learning material? is Precision Striking good?

File: Whoomf.jpg (40 KB, 556x522)
40 KB
Got to uni like two weeks ago, friend of mine convinced me to join the snowboarding/skiing society.
Never been down an artificial slope before but I used to skate a lot. Any tips/tricks before I hit the slopes later this week anons?
Been boarding for 8 years here’s some tips.
>crouch/engage ur knees a lot.
>wherever your lead shoulder points is where your board will naturally turn.
>learn how to fall on ur back, you can easily break ur wrist if u can’t fall right
>learn how to toe side and heelside carve asap those are the best ways to stop and are crucial for learning how to ride

Skateboarding skills help but honestly they’re both slightly different in how you turn to orient ur body and slow down. Carving on a snowboard is a lot similar to a power slide except ur putting a lot more weight on the toe/heel side to dig into the snow rather than digging in the wheels across concrete
>artificial slope
Like the plastic stuff? Wear thick gloves and pants. It will destroy thin fabric very fast.
Thanks man I'll try not to break my wrist, most of the balancing stuff I should already know.
If I fuck up and end up on my ass I'll put a pic in here.

Got a decent winter jacket from a trip to Norway, that'll probably do it.
Britain doesn't get normal slopes apart from maybe in scotland on a good day :(

learning to carve and stop properly are the two big things to learn when you start, honestly if there's a beginner hill or whatever definitely start on that until you've got the basics down and feel somewhat confident. If you're boarding on packed snow consider wearing a helmet because it fucking sucks getting slammed on rock solid snow. Prepare to have sore legs

Hi everyone. Recently got interested in freediving and underwater hunting. Is here anyone who could give some tips for a beginner? I live in eastern Europe.
Do a basic freediving course for a start, it will teach you a lot of things you need to know when you start swimming deeper than 3m and will teach you proper breathing discipline and such.
A good course is worth the money even if you know a decent chunk already, I knew a lot going in and I would still say it was worth it.

It also means people are going to be way more willing to take you out on trips with them since you having some kind of certification makes liability less of a worry.
post the relevant info here anon so we don't have to do the course. Are there videos we can watch about it? linky plix plox
All the theory shit you learn in it can easily be found online with google searches but as I said it's useful to have anyway because one it's coached training but more importantly nobody is going to want to take you out on boats without a cert because otherwise you create liability problems.

File: Martial Arts Ranking.png (388 KB, 813x431)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
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watch the video, one of the wrestlers even got a nosebleed
The fact that they did lasting damage instead of ending it cleanly and quickly is even WORSE, you barely protect yourself and you get sued for damages, how is this not a failure?
The story goes the wrestler got sucker punched then went to confront the dudes.
>They kick their ass
>Made them get surgery
>The attempted lawsuit gets thrown out because the judged deemed it mutual combat.
Sounds like a complete success to me.
yep, but you're not getting my point. tkd is, on a technical basis, not that bad. the tkd ecosystem makes it highly unlikely that someone who trains tkd only will ever learn how to properly apply those techniques effectively and with force. WTF tkd is even worse because it leaves gaping holes in your overall skills.

the entire system needs to be remade from the ground up to address those issues
It really is just this. With kyokushin and sanda as runners up. Bin everything else.
The idea that Fedor is entirely a product of sambo is false even that's the common perception. Fedor has a MoS in judo, which you only get by winning or multiple podium finishes at national tournaments. You have to be damn good at judo to win a national tournament in Russia considering how deep the talent pool is Russia.

Sambo does have influences from folk wrestling traditions of the former Soviet Union, but judo is also a big influence ofsambo.

>There are several techniques that I haven't seen in Asian arts
Name them. I'm not doubting that you haven't seen them, but grappling is pretty universal and you can normally find clear analogues for moves in both eastern and western wrestling.

File: 1628147975014.png (485 KB, 720x1096)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
Terry Kennedy has been charged with murder


Why are "skaters" so violent
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You're a fucking idiot. Look up the "top skaters" and tell me how many are scumbags. Fuck off you mungo footed boot fruiter
Despite being only 13% of the population in the United States, "skaters" commit more than 50% of violent crimes.
update: the shoes fucking suck. whoever designed these should be put in jail.
im not OP but i think he meant "skaters" in the same way you say "joggers"

>The reason I don't do MMA is because I'm 100 and nothing, 5' nothing, I'm not going to be able to show up some 400 pound gorilla in a contest of dominance.
>Honestly, what did you think I was going to do? You think I want to gouge someones eyes out or punch them in the throat or solar plexus? >You think its fun bowing out of a fight cause you don't want to send some roid monkey to the hospital or tap out and get sat on by some shitflinger with a spicy opinion about his barstool? You think I want to be known as that guy who rips peoples eyes out or kicks people in the nuts?
>When I was younger, I used to send guys like that home with broken bones, torn ligaments, all kinds of fucked up injuries that I feel bad about for weeks, but back then, they didn't give me a choice, you know? It was either fight back or get your ass kicked, and I was tired of getting my ass kicked just to save face.
>They have even done studies on this, the muscles you use to 'fight' and express dominance aren't the twitch-flex muscle fiber that you need to kill someone. You might even say these kind of skills are fairly useless in a self-defense scenario, because someone with a phone is going be sitting there recording you as you bend someones elbow backwards and your going to probably spend the weekend in jail.
>There was this one guy, I fucked him up so bad, I felt guilty and came to visit him in the hospital, when i found out he was broke i offered to pay his medical bills. I just can't do that kind of shit anymore, its too fucked up. I mean the dude was breathing through a fucking straw fer chris-sakes. Do you really think I'm going to get into that kind of drag out fight over a 20 dollar bar tab?
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When the imagination dies, the soul is not far behind.
>implying Mike Tyson couldn't rearrange the internal organs of some uppity faggot who came at him with a 2x4 or some shit
Unless serious weapons are involved or it's a 1vX brawl, the one with training wins.
It’s happened where fighters been killed or injured in street fights
>implying he could
>The point of winning a fist fight is social dominance
just hire a hobo to beat your enemies

File: images (5).jpg (47 KB, 640x480)
47 KB
can i climb this mexican volcano without faggy equipment (no hiking sticks, ropes, etc) and normal sneakers?
Like literally only me with normal cold clothes and like a backpack camping gear.
I'm like 6'3, my arms are long and I have the holy spirit guiding me
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Looks like an easy scramble if you go in summer
that is summer
I climb without specialised equipment. I do take a bunch of stuff though.
>I'm like 6'3, my arms are long and I have the holy spirit guiding me
yes please do, just the equipment you mentioned.
either you survive it and have a great story to tell or you'll die and nothing of value would be lost

ITT: We take a non-extreme sport and change it to make it extreme.

Marathon but you can sabotage your opponents any way you want. Weapons allowed. Basically the Road Rash game but on foot.

Dodgeball with bocce.

Polo but with rodeo horses.

Water polo but the water is slightly acidic so your skin and eyes start to burn after a while and you can only get out (rotating with other team members) once you score.

Any motor sport but without brakes.

Soccer with bowling balls.

Squash but the room is so narrow and you can get hit by the other player's racket.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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pool, but you have to get the balls up your opponents asshole
Years ago my best friend got his firearm license during the same time I got into motorcycles. got the idea of rally target shooting, I would try and make it around a loop in the woods next to his land as fast as I could while he would shoot rounds onto cheap targets we would staple to the trees. good fun but he is heavy retarded and a bad shot
Just bring back Roman chariot racing. Way more fun than track racing today.
How about motorized chariot racing?
Marathon but for leg amputees, no leg substitute help things

Let's say we toughen up Karate and Tae Kwon Do so people are sparring regularly and throw in K1 rules as the standard for competitions. Do both arts continue to use the same techniques, or would they inevitably land on a Muay Thai style?

Essentially, is Muay Thai the inevitable consequence of a loose striking ruleset?
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Do you know what kickboxing is
I would predict they'd land on doing what much of Muay Thai does that's useful in MMA but not just turning into Muay Thai itself. Like any sport, MT has a meta that effects has fighters operate within the confines of the rules and the incentives of the judgement and scoring system.
Feel like buakaw would smash in karate combat if he showed up
Think he can adjust his Muay Thai within those rules
Buakaw would batter quite a few people there just based on his athleticism and expertise but two things to mention:

1. Buakaw is old and shot to shit

2. He would have to fight in an extremely odd manner since the ruleset bans a ton of his primary techniques.

File: Imagepipe_21.jpg (78 KB, 616x582)
78 KB
B-Boy an extreme sport?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Well, it was nice while it lasted.
Why does the Olympics have to ruin everything?
might be good since there's no monster energy drink redbull sponsor crap.
the kids are alright
He's just doing all upper body exercises and no legs. It's not the best idea really but at least you can do whatever the crap that is. Even though others can too that's the easiest way to. Plus rhythm
Backdoor Boy? is gay dudes fucking now an extreme sport?
>tfw kids these days don't even know about b boys
Fuck me dead. I wasn't even into the B Boy shit, but I still feel fucking old.

Just want to make a thread about airsoft speedqb
are the little white things food?
Some of them are edible debateably.

File: morfboard.gif (848 KB, 640x360)
848 KB
848 KB GIF
morfboard bros get in here
thread theme:
That hurt to watch
Perfect lesson in, "just cause you can make something doesn't mean you should."
File: 1619206194749.png (2 KB, 256x192)
2 KB
now that is fucking gay
File: snakeboard.jpg (118 KB, 1200x900)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
snakeboard represent!

File: pigs.png (1.19 MB, 1115x678)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
You're not too old/ fat to skate.
Skateboarding is 90% mental 10% physical. You're never too old to take a bite into concrete
Skatepark Etiquette: run into the scooter kids, it's the only way they will learn
Trick Tip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPx9xyZasQ0
Beginner Tip: wax more curbs

Thread Question:
What shoes do you want brought back into production?
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laces on skate shoes are shit, they break after like 2 sessions. i dont understand why they are a thing.
i cringed reading all this
both of you kys for being such huge faggots
didn't ask
new thead
How the fuck do I ollie I've been at it for like an hour jfc

File: du monde.jpg (64 KB, 508x368)
64 KB
A big wheel and a small wheel! Where has my fren gone!
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File: 4d8edu7tsk651.jpg (299 KB, 1651x1227)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
calling all penny farthing enthusiasts
Pennyfarthing heads how many of us
File: duminione.jpg (19 KB, 236x236)
19 KB
penny fartings
Just pennied my farthing
going to get a Yoyosam Racer Model pennyfarthing so I can participate in the next race :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsanHNYZA0Q&ab_channel=DiagonalView

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