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File: 664643.jpg (170 KB, 1000x666)
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Is Sambo good or I am better off learning Judo?
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Any sambo gym recommendations? I'm thinking about heading to Japan when the world hopefully returns to normal. I went to Carpe Diem and the Kodokan and had a great time.
not that guy, but there's sambo gyms in Tokyo and Osaka


Also try to hit up a catch wrestling gym. Japan is one of the few places where actually legit catch wrestling gyms still exist.
kebab walks around 200 lbs, he cuts hard
lmao no he doesn't
High 180s, last I heard. Similar case to RDA during his meaty days.

RDA had a pair of guys running his S&C program, so he could just trust them. Dunno what Khalabeeb has.

File: ShadowGuard 003.jpg (134 KB, 625x792)
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134 KB JPG
(I hope this is the right board to post this in)
While im not in any military branch,I want to get AS though,fit, combat-ready, AS possible.
What training,conditioining, and deprivation(sleep,food,etc),must I do to be on special forces tier(rangers,green berets,etc)
For example i learnt this from a kaibil I messaged directly:
>90 seconds holding breath underwater
>eat the meal in 60 seconds,then meal's over

Also, i thought of
>heavy rucking many km for time
>swimming with clothes and boots on
>burpee,s chin ups, jumping jacks,etc.

What do I do? assuming I have this whole year as preparation. i'll probably do a fast from all electronics this year to accomplish this.
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i mean
>asking on /k/
i had second hand account for our army special forces training.
yes if they see you are too /fit/, they will try to challenge you even more, or give you other kind of tasks like repetitive bullshit, sleep deprivation, humiliation, etc...
the whole point is that you show you can obey orders under stress, keep a cool head, have a team spirit while also being physically fit.
Your first step is to become physically fit. All other skills are enabled by fitness. Be able to run, lift, and pull. Don't even start rucking yet.
It really depends on what you want to do. PJs have to be amazing swimmers while Green Berets not so much. Green Berets on the other hand need to be able to hike god awful distances, navigate successfully in total darkness, and then hold a conversation in Pashto with some retard. Get into long-distance running and avoid rucking. Save rucking for doing cool stuff like hiking the CDT or something. Don't blow up your knees walking around a neighborhood.
Generally, you want to be as durable as possible, while still maintaining good humor. The best practice for this is camping/backpacking with newbies/idiots. Also, practice sleep deprivation by getting only 3 hrs of sleep per night for a few nights per week, training for an Iron Man, and taking various martial arts and weapons classes.
I suggest camping/backpacking one weekend per month, weapons courses 2 days per week, and exercising 4 days per week.

File: oldsnowboarder.jpg (61 KB, 620x415)
61 KB
Only site I've found so far that streams them is YLE and I don't understand a word of finnish.

What’s /xs/‘s thoughts on Eskrima and some other weapon based martial arts?
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File: tandem4.png (798 KB, 1600x900)
798 KB
798 KB PNG
No. We use illegal guns.
for shoving sticks in eachothers asses lel
Heard mixed stuff about Hema and co. Sounds fun, but falls under the fencing "If I can graze you and you can't hit me, I can effectively kill you," mentality, but without any fear of being hurt.

Buhurt looks pretty fun though.

Depends how you train, the problem is older HEMA manuals such as Fiore's Flower of Battle train you for real threats from street fighting to warfare, but when the manuals shifting more to dueling it became more sportified. There are some manuals though that focus more on warfare such as sabre and some greatsword manuals. Theres also the wrestling and pugilist manuals to consider too.

Its iffy, when you dont have the threat of a sharp blade some manuals become a bit weird to use. Fiore's Flower of Battle being a big example, it treats a lot of actions as though the blades are sharp and has a lot of focus of shutting down the opponent's blade entirely instead of just moving it just out of the way enough so you can score like in later manuals.

Bohurt/HMB is something else entirely, you cant do thrusts so a lot of stuff is just who can swing harder or tackle the opponent to the ground so they get eliminated. Its incredibly brutal and i give credit to those who can do it, but its really more about knowing how to fight in groups.
Diagonal downward strikes to the left and right side of the neck, horizontal left and right strikes to the soft underbelly, stab, vertical chop down the head, diagonal upwards strikes to the legs and crotch.

File: images.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
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SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posting in ebin bread
i dont come here to groove

File: download (14).jpg (73 KB, 500x328)
73 KB
you dont need size 8.25 if you skate street
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Only 8.25 to 8.5 for me. Learn to flick faster if your weak legs are struggling.
2 set ups.
Why do all these nu-skaters think you need a different setup for both? As someone who has been a park rat for 20 years, I can carve a bowl better than most people who ever stepped on a board, and I still ride a 7.75. wheels make the biggest difference when carving bowls. you need that grip.
I'm tall and lanky. I feel much better on wider board. It's completely personal preference, this type of dumb 4chan contrarianism doesn't work here.
Original transition boards were 9+ I believe. Toothpick boards + Venture trucks and tiny wheels came around in the 90s when street skating killed vert and bowl skating and these setups were used to do circus tricks in the streets. Large decks just feel way more optimal in transition for me. The place I skate at has a 20 foot vert wall, hitting that thing with a toothpick feels deadly as fuck.
why are there so many retarded boomers trying to force size memes on here. your not gonna get the whole board to switch to 7.75 because you wont shut the fuck up about how thats what everyone used to ride when you actually skated. let people ride whatever the fuck they want. it literally doesnt matter, your not more badass for skating a tiny deck and your not cooler for being contrarian

File: bocce.jpg (1.49 MB, 3008x2000)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
what's the most boomer extreme sport?
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For reals though, if you spend any time hurting yourself doing stupid stuff outside you quickly learn that people were doing the same things in the 70s and 80s with far less safe equipment and beta than anyone today.
jewish wars in the ME
Competitive wife carrying

File: olympicheader-1024x507.png (559 KB, 1024x507)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
So obviously USA vs. Brazil will be the Gold/Silver match, but who do you think are the 3 contenders for Bronze?
My thoughts are Japan, Australia and Spain in that order.
china china china

torture training
pain is the only motivation
Thats a movie that needs to be made. The story behind Chinese Olympic skate team, torture training kickflips at a tender age until adulthood. would love to see those state sponsored skate machines.
its gonna be european countries competing for bronze
Finland or Japan
Canada - Andy Anderson innit bruv

Why would you choose to spend your life doing something you will never gain respect for? Any scooter chuds in /xs/?
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Its because us , the older generation, didn't teach the younger cubs right. But also scooters are easier and zoomers don't have the attention span to learn anything actually difficult
i grew uo where he lives, that's cal oaks sports park...its literally behind a middle school where kids used to get high

Scooter Moto Cross?
File: 1606629943073.jpg (79 KB, 600x594)
79 KB
honestly, I didn't know scooters were stills a thing in extreme sports until I was checking out the channels on my Roku TV and saw the skating/extreme sports channel. They did some cool shit, but as someone who used to skate and scooter as a kid, scooters felt way too easy. I could get tricks down in a matter of minutes, but skating felt more rewarding for learning something. Scooters were banned from my local skate park, and I lived in the middle of the empty desert so there wasn't much street stuff to do. Maybe it being easy means I should have stuck with it, but scooter kids were also mercilessly teased in my youth, so I opted for being a skater douche rather than a scooterfag.
Scooters are fucking gay. That being said, some of the things scooter riders are capable of doing now a days is undeniably impressive. But i couldn't imagine the lack of self respect that drives someone to pursue such a lame sport, considering the risk of snapping your neck from hucking somersaults. I personally knew someone who absolutely destroyed his knee-cap, broke his wrists, lost his entire front row of teeth, etc pursuing sponsorships that paid close to nothing.

File: spandex2.jpg (3.56 MB, 2940x1368)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
Historic European Martial Arts General

>Find a Club:

>/asp/ F

last thread: >>2860
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>doesnt even actually practice hema
Lmao what? Is his sword collection shit just a neckbeard hobby then? Jesus, I thought he couldn't be any more of a faggot
He made a cideo about how hema sucks because they want to preserve history instead of just doing whatever the fuck they feel like with a sword. He said hes never read a manual in the same video where he claims his super secret technique he came up with all on his own proves that you dont need them
>spoiler alert, it was a slip. Slips are in the manuals.
Dude, half of his stuff is made of cheap balsa wood and silvery paint. I don't get how anyone takes him seriously.
What the fuck does an aussie know about muh chicolations really, honestly.

Anyway yeah, gigantic fagmachine.
NEW THREAD >>>17783

NEW THREAD >>>17783

NEW THREAD >>>17783

File: ching chong.gif (1.2 MB, 480x240)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB GIF
>You don't NEED a halberd edition
Discuss HMB fighting and buhurt here.

File: ff_mullen_1_ollie.jpg (355 KB, 1200x1795)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
I've been skating for over a year now and I still can't ollie. I don't have any friends and the retards at reddit can never help. Usually what happens is the board goes behind my back and it seems like I've tried everything to fix this but it still won't pop straight. Doing tricks looks so fun but it's so frustrating that I can't even do the foundation for nearly all modern skate tricks. I'm thinking about just getting a freestyle board and getting into that.
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I'd say you need to adjust the positioning of your back foot. It's hard to say what you're doing wrong without being able to see you try. You should literally try 100s of times every day you can, it's best way to learn any trick.

This guy may be right too.
Can you tic-tac op? You start stationary and and move your nose left to right and build up momentum. If not try learning that and shuv its (without popping) first.
isn't statutory rape inevitable when you have adults engaging in a hobby aimed at teens?
Yeah I heard about this; it seems dubious, though.
>girl's mother makes a video accusing Fetty Potter of rape
>makes sure to promote the name of her online shop before she does it
eunice is really all i need to be quite honest with you anon
you're probably trying to hard or focusing too hard. just practice barely popping it up. imagine a slight pop of the tail into the ground and more of a light flock forward with your front foot. as if you were just trying to get the front wheels to hop over a crack and don't worry about the back. once you do that enough, you just do it with a little more intent and the back will come off the ground. it takes years to get a high ollie, but once you can do a small one, it's more mind over matter. I found that I kept getting higher by putting bigger obstacles in front of me. with no obstacle, it looks like I can only ollie about knee height... but I can put a waist high barrier in front of me and make it over 9/10 times.

File: think_think.jpg (85 KB, 800x466)
85 KB
What do we call ourselves now?
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I'm cool with that
Jannies are idiots. Extreme sports is /es/ not /xs/.
We are /es/pergs.
honestly, this

File: All_board-tans.jpg (1.51 MB, 2553x1292)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Well with the creation of a new board it is usually followed pretty close behind with designing a board-tan for said board. Why not get some early brainstorming a-going in here and slowly brew something up over the next few weeks?
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Okay seriously the name HAS TO BE /XS/AVIER. That's fucking clever.
I actually don't understand anything you are talking about.
It's not really important to the thread anyway.

Speaking of, where our drawfags at? Anyone working on anything new?
waiting for a board culture to form
while i thought a faceless tan might be cool, i think, with all the different sports on the board, it might be smarter to make the board tan a commentator lusting at the sight of blood or a paramedic flinging our broken and beaten bodies into an ambulance because wearing helmets is gay
Real life got in the way but I am working on something

File: homo.jpg (14 KB, 400x240)
14 KB
>extreme sports

dont forget to wear your helmet and look both ways while crossing the street Timmy.
Thanks mom I appreciate you showing concern for my well being.

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