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File: 3df.jpg (22 KB, 471x356)
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The hurricane
Brutus the barber beefcake

File: 1643286001514.webm (1.11 MB, 1280x720)
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1.11 MB WEBM
Want to start a strength and conditioning program for MMA, but one I can do once or twice a week (time training martial arts is more important). In my mind starting strength (bench squat diddly, emphasis on ROM and explosiveness) done once or twice a week would be fine. I also suggested interdispersing other excercises involving higher reps (weighted shadowboxing, medicine ball shit, cardio) but my personal trainer friend says that its too much to do effectively in one day. Any advice?
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If you're just going to the gym twice a week I suggest low volume (for power/strength) , medium volume (explosiveness) high volume (farmer strength) rotation

Day 1: deadlift (low volume heavy sets)
Bench press (medium volume explosive)

Day 2: squats (high volume)
Overhead press (low volume)

Day 3: cleans (low volume)
Bet over row (medium Volume)

And then rotate volume for each lift. The days you're in the mma gym do your press ups, dips and pull-ups

There's guys in the gym I'm a lot stronger then and they can't armbar me or get any key locks or get any sweeps even though their technique is good. Just pussies.
To be honest, I would try get weighted squats in. I think pistol squats aren't great on the knees long-term.
>SS for MMA
Haha oh man.

Look up Nick Curson.
>Any good cali alternatives for posterior chain?
Wrestling bridges. Suplex exercises.
>There's guys in the gym I'm a lot stronger then and they can't armbar me or get any key locks or get any sweeps even though their technique is good.
Their technique is shit and so is your workout. Explosive should be low volume so you don't fry your CNS for example.

If y'all want to train everything at once look into complex and contrast training.

File: penny.jpg (181 KB, 1080x1350)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Old thread >>92411
Tom Penny Edition
Don't be a pussy, go to the meetup spot in your town/city and skate
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ResetEra of Woodflip
File: vAIIGYG.jpg (75 KB, 676x960)
75 KB
Feels good knowing I'll never be that level of lame
>slap screenshot
fuck off retard, start doing that and these threads will be nothing but slap screenshots and people reacting to them like the rest of this fucking website
talk about skateboarding or dont
>but slap is the biggest skateboarding website so that means...
shut the fuck up who cares


Anon likes to ride them tight.

How do you box a bit as a hobby without getting cumulative brain damage?
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This is the way
Can you just start boxing with gloves and a bag at home and with youtube as your tutor, or should you visit at least a few training sessions with a professional coach to get the gist of it?
Can you? Sure but you’ll likely be doing shit wrong that you don’t recognize without a coach to tell you so. If your dedicated though, don’t underestimate the value of cardio boxing. Being able to punch a lot for a long time is a good asset.
no hits to the head is the only way
Don't go to a gym across the street from a for profit impounding company. they will give you heavier gloves during sparring than when they train you that you'd struggle to guard your chin. they won't hit you high where they stack the padding. they'll hit you low per the whiplash that'll send you to the ground. usually this happens after they bully you into a year long membership and the guy who you're sparring will be somebody they're selling as not starting too long before you but he's the babyfaced kid of the towing company's owner.

File: s-l300.jpg (14 KB, 236x300)
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Why there's no /bmx/ general?
Is a death sport?
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For me it's trails. If you can shred the dirt jumps you can ride anything. I like launching myself dozens of feet into the air and pretending I'm Mike Hoder.
does Hoder ride trails? my idea of hoder's riding is like... big street setups for a big guy. not really technical just to express what more i wish he could do. no offense but i think other riders may be more deserving of a signature frame than him but i guess since he's an OG he keeps one. he has done some stuff that's made my jaw drop.

but i guess now that you mention trails i wouldn't be surprised seeing him boost a double
He doesn't really ride trails like you said he's more big drops pegless grinds and hill bombs. I was just making a reference to Hoder stealing Chris Doyle's dirt rider of the year award while drunk as fuck.
who here loves that satisfying feel of peg chinking a curb?

can anyone peg chink the ground like Adam22?
what the fuck are you on about. my local has about twice as many bike riders compared to scooter kids and about twice as many skateboarders as both combined, and that's in a city you would probably think is full of people who have become more akin to wet vaginas

File: Rob_Dyrdek.jpg (307 KB, 1200x1646)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Is he the biggest hustler in skateboarding?
File: tony.jpg (175 KB, 807x1073)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
skateboarding is a scam dude, kickflips aren't real
Nope, it was Jake Phelps
>could barely fucking skate
>couldn't even do a kickflip
>would hate people for no reason, became one of the most hated people in the industry
>would dare kids to do dangerous shit beyond their level to watch them get seriously hurt or even die, laughs about it
>knows every skate spot in SF, just watched most of them
>became a multi-millionaire by selling a fucking logo (his magazine didn't make shit)
>made fun of posers who wear Thrasher even though that's where all his revenue came from
>>became a multi-millionaire by selling a fucking logo (his magazine didn't make shit)
he didn't own the magazine. you are wrong about everything.

Thought about Motocross
did motocross as a kid but we were poor and had to sell the bikes when I was 11 :(
This was the premiss for a Disney movie anon. All you had to say was “Dad, I’m gonna save the farm, I just need 2 more weeks. The motocross championship is then and there’s a $10,000 cash prize, plus a sponsorship.”
Think anon, think.

File: sports fight.jpg (167 KB, 1200x800)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
you are about to get into a sports fight. what line do you utter?
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>I put one hand over my face
>I start shaking with the pure rush of adrenaline, excitement and pure rage
>The oppenent starts to get nervous
>I turn my gaze towards them suddenly
>my eye flashes red for a split second
>the opponent starts stumbling backwards with their mouth agape
>they shout 'aieeeeeee' as the scramble to get away
>return to my beverage with a a really cool look on my face
Back in the diddly day Geoff Thompson pretty much had a whole theory on asking a question that required a multi-syballic response so they would loosen their jaw and thus be more prone to your knockout punch. Try to find a PDF of his book 'the fence' if you care, but beware that reading 90s to early 00s self defense literature is cringe-sifting incarnate.
The answer lies in the heart of battle.
>inte '08a'


Is it ok if I train with an older family member who happens to be female?
I'm a guy
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Has anyone here ever trained jiu-jitsu with a girl?
Still don’t believe it, it’s too embarrassing. Probably just trolling.
Of course. Why wouldn't it be ok?
[spoiler]You aren't just beating up your grandma, right?[/spoiler]
Absolutely not, you'll learn to kick with a female accent. Mortifying

Are there any kung fu styles that actually works on a street fight or can win against a MMA athlete? I love kung fu but I'm really hesitant about wasting my time by learning it
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Some random guy he knows, don't know why the fuck he thought that'd be a relevant story to tell.
No. Don't waste your fucking time. Stick with boxing, muy Thai, western wrestling, bjj, or any other competitive and functional fighting art.
I like doing chisao, it's fun. I tricked my mom into doing it with me and now we are learning kung fu. We do Tai Chi and lift in the morning and then do some aggresive chisao. I will make her a kung fu master. She has already defended herself from a rouge teenager, she will become good enough to defend herself from me. Our style is oak rat kungfu. Do any of you have some good movie suggestions for learning, we've already studied the ip man movies and karate kid, we need something new
>a ruleset as close to actual fighting as possible
so some form of kickboxing, which is why wushu sparring is done with sanda
The kung fu people competing in Sanda are much better off than those who don't. But you have to keep in mind that the popularity of the sport and level of competition matters too. Outside of China, Sanda isn't as popular or established of a sport as something like kickboxing or Muay Thai. So the level of training and competition is lower in most places.

File: based soaper.jpg (43 KB, 284x432)
43 KB
soaping bros, we're home
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File: 1560289110552.png (222 KB, 678x623)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
It's hilarious cause skateboarding has become the most mainstream corpo sport today.
I'm surprised skateboarding wasn't cancelled for homophobic remarks about rollerblading in the 90's.
Lmao, Eugen puts out some of the most hilarious blading parts as well.
Dude is a super talented grinding shitposter.
>have to shuffle up stairs
>have to be 'that guy' when going indoors
>have to put them on and take them off
>they're fuckin heavy
Comfy book shell!

File: file.png (722 KB, 992x558)
722 KB
722 KB PNG
Is crashing your plane in the middle of the desert an extreme sport? I think yes.

File: gekikenthumb.jpg (75 KB, 700x356)
75 KB
/jsa/ general

Japanese Sword Arts (JSA) General. A thread to discuss Kendo/jutsu and Iaido/jutsu. OP post is tailored towards Kendo since it is the most commonly practiced JSA.

>What is Kendo?
Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art which descends from Japanese swordsmanship (Kenjutsu), namely the Hokushin Itto-ryu school. It is practiced with shinai (bamboo swords) and armor. The philosophy of modern Kendo is based off of Budo concepts and aims to develop the self through practice.

>How is Kendo scored?
There are four valid target areas in Kendo: the top and sides of the head, the wrists, the torso, and the neck. Strikes made to these areas must contain correct footwork, posture/body movement, cutting path, use the correct part of the blade, a display of high spirits (through shouting), and zanshin; or the continuation of mental and physical readiness to attack again.

In competition, the match is judged by 3 referees who will raise flags corresponding to the color of the ribbon worn by the competitors. At least 2 referees need to agree to award a point. Match duration is best out of 3 points.

>Where can I find a Kendo club or dojo?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the fuck does that even mean?
It means he doesn't want to see himself to be "like those redditors", basically doesn't care enough about it if he is afraid about petty shit like that
seppuku soon.
File: samurai-jack.gif (1.1 MB, 300x224)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
I forgot about the "birthday" lol
>315 posts
time for a new thread
New thread

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 253x199)
11 KB
Discuss which combat sports are best in "da streets!" and not the cage.

TMA faggots not allowed. Your shit doesn't work under any contexts.

Which is better for street fighting, grappling or striking?

I lean towards striking as unlike the cage I have rarely seen fights in streets go to the ground.

And 9/10 rarely beyond punches being thrown so boxing would be my choice for most effective for self-defense.

I think K-1/unified kickboxing or Muay Thai would work well if you already have good boxing skills, as never met anyone who could check low leg kicks without being drilled it.

For in the streets grappling possibly Judo over wrestling as people tend to wear jackets depending on the climate where you live. Tho wrestling for the cage.

BJJ outside of standing submissions that I think Judo has anyway, I can't see having any practical use in the street. Tho obvs its the most successful style in the cage.
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what do you think about videos like this? realistic fights or just lumpens fighting each other for beer money?
Why are you acting like self-defense skills outside of the gym wouldn't be useful?
Because nearly anything you train consistently can be used to win a street fight. The average “street fighter” is likely to be drunk and probably doesn’t even exercise. Nevermind the fact that if you’re actually concerned about your safety your better off spending your money on a gun.

I’ve been saying this for years, people get into martial arts for “self defense” but they stay because they want to fight. Competition between other fighters is not only a nobler pursuit but a far healthier one.
>unrecorded gang beatdowns.
there's a lot recorded too

File: box.jpg (850 KB, 3000x2000)
850 KB
850 KB JPG
How will grapple and mmfags repent for the smear campaign they've run on boxing for the past two decades? Also general boxing thread, go nuts
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
wrestlers dont punch or kick either yet plenty of fighters that are considered wrestlers do it, you got to draw the line somewhere or thered be no way to categorize literally any fighter
also define "traditional" boxing stance cause there are several different stances and I've seen plenty of mma fighters use any number of stances you see in boxing
File: chamvsburn.gif (3.53 MB, 320x180)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB GIF
here i even ripped this from fight highlights of two supposed grapplers and they're both pretty much just boxing, like how do their stances differ from any stance you'd see in boxing? I saw the whole card and the vast majority of fighters fought out of boxing stances that look just like this so idk where u and every other mma fan i see post claim that boxing stance doesnt work
>they're both pretty much just boxing
this was only because Burns didn't believe in his ability to score a takedown on Khamzat and Khamzat was scared of the submisssion threat on the ground
Burn's lead leg extends much further out in front of him and it's turned outwards ready to absorb a kick
Khamazat is pretty much in a boxing stance except when he wants to shoot then he starts to step his lead leg forward to assist his penetration step
both guys are examples of grapplers that can hit hard so use the threat of a takedown to set up potential ko punches wouldn't call either of them boxers even if this fight was essentially a scrappy boxing match
the reason they decide to box doesnt really matter to me as much as the original claim that boxing doesnt work and that the stance is obsolete. If that was the case it shouldve looked more like an MT match since some claim low kicks and elbows destroy the boxing stance. But ignoring that, stepping as you punch or having your foot slightly extended are both very common in boxing so again i dont understand what your or most people's ideas of "traditional" boxing stance even is because you can turn on any boxing match and see the exact same foot placement you see here, which is my main point. I'm questioning the claim that the boxing stance doesnt work despite the fact if you put on any highlight mma or boxing you see very similar stances and footwork

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