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File: mike carrol.jpg (1.81 MB, 995x1430)
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Basic brand information for beginners:
Shoe reviews:
Submit a shoe review:

old thread
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Look at the post again, but read it this time.
why are skaters so dumb they can't look past the first page
TLDR; you’re a kook. Kys you sanctimonious faggot
on blud i been skating on my lil hood bruh hoover street u ever heard of it? The gang wont let me gind curbs but i got a lil stair set im bustin a leg out on every day bru beru about to keep a clip at the local 8 after lupitas taco truck, gang on hoover blud, fuck 55 street fuck grape st fuck domins u smell me shit on piru on hoover u dig fuck nigga u smellme trey da 8 u smell me watch me duck a 55 out the smell u dip me nigga on crim blud i wall ride a bitch on the land on hoover nigger

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Likewise, if all you do is grappling and you fight a guy with a knife, or friends then you're fucked. However, I would prioritize learning striking over grappling if you could only learn one for self-defense, applicable to more situations, and keeps you on your feet if you need to run. The main advantage of grappling, imo, is helping you get back up if someone puts you on the ground.
>Does boxing work in a street fight?

>BOXING champion Ricky Hatton has been mugged on holiday in China. A gang of thugs confronted the 27-year-old WBA welterweight champ and snatched his £4,000 Rolex watch.

>Agent Paul Speak said the boxer had been out for drinks with friends but became separated from them. He was trying to make his way back to his hotel in Shanghai when he was attacked. Mr Speak said: "There was a scuffle. He was pretty scared but did the sensible thing by not trying to fight his way out. Whenever he goes abroad he usually wears a cheap plastic watch but on this occasion he forgot it.

Then, there's the cas eof Amir Khan getting ebaten up by some thugs in Birmingham. The original article has beens crubbed from the net, it's now about Amir claiming he knocked 1 guy out and escaped with his pals via car vs. one of the thugs claiming they ripped Khan and his posse a new asshole and showing off some of the good they allegedly looted off them.

Case 3:
tl;dr: Russian pro boxer from Germany (20 fights, 18 KOs) is found unconscious in a subway tunnel, big head trauma. Is now more or less a vegetable. Official version: It was an accident. Rumors: He messed with the wrong people.

Anyway, there are lots of stories like that. Boxers aren't exactly invincible in a street fight. Nerds on /xs/ will obviously disagree, actual boxers won't.
Freezing is just a matter of being accustomed to the situation. So, get into trouble, not necessarily fights, but trouble.

Another trick: Deep breaths are said to help, as is smiling or even moving just a few fingers (as in sleep paralysis).

Basically, freezing is when your brain doesn't know what to make of the situation.

now go on Youtube and look up "boxer street fight knockout"

For every fight about a boxer getting knocked out you can find quite a few that ended up fine. Anything can happen in the streets anon, no fighting style will make you invincible, but here you're framing boxing as ineffective which is just dishonest.
File: 1605565649155.webm (1.96 MB, 720x1280)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB WEBM
>trying to fight multiple people at once is a bad idea

File: chia.jpg (40 KB, 400x400)
40 KB
/xs/, what qi cultivation methods have you found effective for martial arts?
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File: gozo.gif (1.29 MB, 480x360)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
If ki doesn't exist... how do you explain Shioda's power?
That's a static demonstration with a cooperative partner, but as a demonstration of principle it isn't wrong, you can see how Shioda absorbs the charge and then bounces the other guy back.
I can't.... chi is real. I'm hanging up my boxing gloves, gaining 200 lbs, and practicing qigong from now on.
>Qi/Prana/whatever mystical term in the sense of a mysterious force you can cultivate is total bolloks. It doesn't exist.
You never wrestled, huh?

based Saturn bro

File: 66f-1.jpg (33 KB, 680x763)
33 KB
>"Take down defense? Naw bro I wouldnt let a guy ride me like that I'd just get up"
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File: 1537372183560.jpg (73 KB, 458x1297)
73 KB
>Funny thread because I went to BJJ yesterday for the first time and that is literally what I did. I am so much stronger than the average dudes who train there that I can simply get up with them holding on to me like retarded koalas. Until yesterday I was apprehensive of the whole "technique beats strength" but now I will never shut up again. Grapplers who don't have an advanced level in terms of strength are absolutely useless. At least a striker can simply try to drop you with a well placed punch to the jaw.
t. Derrick Lewis
high level refutation
Royce Gracie was a striker btw
> high level refutation

File: based soaper.jpg (43 KB, 284x432)
43 KB
soaping bros, we're home
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soaper bump
Jesus fucking christ how is this thread still alive?
soaperchad bump
never seen anyone soap before until I saw some h3h3 video about it. yeah I'm a zoomer, but is soaping really more fun than rollerblading, skateboarding or bmx?
it's the ultimate sport brother

File: karate.jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB
What happened to karate, bros?

This footage from the 1987 world championship seems exactly the type of ruleset that makes karate interesting. It's full contact, punches are utilized resulting in a faster-paced match.

This looks much more exciting and useful than whatever the ruleset is today.

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That's pretty cool. Although I'm sure this is not what most practitoners are training for.

What's the idea behind that ring design?
>HW boxing matches are usually bangers.

That was true back in the 1970s & 1980s. Now that shit is fucking boring because they barely do anything. So much so that most people would rather pay millions to see a bunch of 30+ W, 0 L midgets point spar.
Midgets fighting is awesome so I can understand why.
Kyokushin-kan is addressing this with their Shinken Shobu rules
Looked into this.
Pretty cool.

Still prefer kickboxing with minimalist gloves without wraps or bareknuckle when it comes to ruleset for full contact.

File: pepe question.jpg (97 KB, 1000x799)
97 KB
is there any onthological difference between a fight and a savage beat-down? is a beatdown a fight where one opponent was just too strong?
or is a fight a failed beatdown where the 2 combatants just happened to be of equal skill and might?
why is it socially accepted to watch a boxing match,but if you watch a "hobbo street fight beatdown" you're suddenly labaled a freak?
In a fight there is a reasonable chance that either party may win. A beat-down is necessarily one sided.

File: 1647371313815.jpg (2.58 MB, 3998x2998)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
Where are my mountainchads at?
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east coast fag so never seen the rockies but I like the appalachians. Appalachians have almost a melancholic serenity to them, hard to explain. Spooky but also cozy. Serious occult energy there.
File: 1646776165391.jpg (1.12 MB, 3000x2000)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>appalachians aren't real moutai--
No they're not
File: unicorn1.jpg (3.39 MB, 3496x4656)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
>but muh elevation gain
Still no
File: ethiopian-hermit-2.jpg (32 KB, 224x300)
32 KB
im from buenos aires,which is legally part of Argentina; any good starting-level mountains here? or general type of skills I need? (rock-climbing without ice?trekking o ski?
for religious reasons I dont want to leave Argentina ,and there is one big mountain here but you're forced to prove experience before you get clearance to contract a tour for it.

File: OIP (58).jpg (20 KB, 474x270)
20 KB
Can White belts do leg locks in BJJ?
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You are a white belt too
>chokes are as dangerous as leglocks
>they can reaaaally mess you up ive seen it
Shut the fuck up white belt, learn the basics before you blow up your knees and blame the sport
To everyone saying BJJ is shit: Every loser I've smashed in a street fight has felt like they're made of playdough and never stand a chance against me. I train BJJ 99% of the time, and practice some striking maybe 1% of the time for my training. It's so easy to plow through these losers that think grappling doesn't translate to real world fights. Once you get these losers with overinflated egos on the ground (takes all of 5 seconds), you can either open up on them with strikes, or just choke them out/break an arm. Why is it so easy to beat the shit out of these losers? Well most of them are beta idiots that've never excercised a day in their life, and the ones that do lift simply don't have the base and elite muscular density that most BJJ practitioners have. Basically it's like comparing a gorilla to a human, the gorilla has insane muscle density compared to a person. That's why BJJ is the MOST useful martial art out there for self defense.
File: twitch-gachi.gif (348 KB, 254x220)
348 KB
348 KB GIF
New pasta flavor. Lovely.
Guy 2 comments above - How long have u been training? How many times a week? What belt r u?

does anyone have a streaming link for the event ?
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File: sry mate.png (432 KB, 1688x1914)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
huh interesting.
here's what i get. the last one in my pic looks promising.
mate why arent you saying thanks

Thank you!
Nice, will save this for addcc

File: taurocatapsia.jpg (7 KB, 267x189)
7 KB
can we a thread to discuss tauromaquia? it's historical roots, techniques,modes of engagement(horse-riding, etc),maybe even the morality of it(protip:in Spain its tradition to donate the meat of the slain bull to an orphanage)
the main countries in the "bloody" tauromachy are mexico and spain. i think USA has some rodeo version without any blood drawn.
and in chine some kung-fu guys are wrestling bulls..but i think theyre not matador bulls nor sementals.
File: cdmxx.jpg (109 KB, 981x670)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
a cavalry corrida at mexico city DF. the matador's outfit resembles a mariachi IMO, more than the flashier, short-jacket outfits used in spain
File: masoyama.jpg (47 KB, 500x587)
47 KB
Don't worry anon, I can take them
Bump for an actual extreme sporr
File: recortador.jpg (152 KB, 1300x956)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
the Cult of the Bull seems to have been big in minoan civilization..so,basically: Evropa's civilization was spawned from taurine-worshipping peoples

File: 676542345.jpg (113 KB, 900x900)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
please tell me im not the only one who swears his name has always been Mike Valley
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Cool nickname, tho
Mike "Valley" Vallely
yep vallely
It's nice and simple.
maybe vallely

File: 1662174778300482.webm (2.97 MB, 480x848)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
>wrestling, not even once
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this is why karate is better
that was the weakest shot ever lol. I love how the cop proceeds to try to fistfight the guy instead of taze him to prove something and just gets fucked up.
Good luck shooting on the FUCKING street, retard.
It isn't 100% necessary that your knee touch the ground while doing shots. Also if you're doing shots well you should be able to handle it once in a self defense situation.
Why not?

How difficult it is to do tricks on skateboards with longboard wheels?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
this it's the softness that sucks. big wheels are fun, soft wheels are not
Without spacers, enjoy the wheel bite.
Obviously the biggest thing is a steeper angle for your pops, it's all good though I run this setup personally. My board is kind of old school, but not with a flat nose. Not sure about the terminology, it's not a fish tail maybe I'll post pics if interested.
I can still kickflip, do grinds and all that. But it's mainly just for transport, I don't go to the skatepark (local one is shit). I'm mainly into just having fun anyway, normally just on my driveway fucking around doing casper/primo shit when I get bored.

Also this. Assuming by unresponsive he's only talking about landing.
Take off the riser pads and size down to a 56mm wheel. Longboard wheels will make it flip slow af and is a dead giveaway of a scrub
had those exact wheels on a mini board that i used for a cruiser back in high school (7 years ago). i'd be able to ollie up curbs and do kick flips, but more advanced stuff like tre flips where just too weird
All flip tricks will be slower

Are there any kung fu styles that actually works on a street fight or can win against a MMA athlete? I love kung fu but I'm really hesitant about wasting my time by learning it
156 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.

No one is saying Sanda and Shuai Jiao are traditional CMA. Quite the opposite. They are recognisably modern hybrid arts like most effective modern arts (MMA, K1 Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling/No-Gi, even Muay Thai has a part British boxing lineage and Gi BJJ a part catch-wrestling lineage). Just that they are CMA.

So OP was right. No Kung-Fu (i.e. traditional CMA) styles work in a street fight vs MMA or modern combat sports athletes (including Sanda and Shuai Jiao practitioners).
Depends on how you're using the word "traditional" I guess, but Shuai Jiao has been around for thousands of years.

I thought it borrowed from much more recent sources like Mongolian wrestling, Judo etc? That would make it a living modern hybrid art.
>No one is saying Sanda and Shuai Jiao are traditional CMA
This is what litteraly every tcm fag says. You can see this in litteraly every single kung fu thread on this board, including this one
Well, both are older than some so-called TMA, depends on how you define TMA I guess.

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