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File: donaldtrumpconnection2.jpg (321 KB, 960x540)
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What does /xs/ and >>>/x/ have in common?
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File: video060_1s.jpg (47 KB, 557x493)
47 KB
Airsoft often has /x/ theme events
pic related
x gon' s it to ya.
File: Deserted-Parking-Garage.jpg (144 KB, 1197x726)
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144 KB JPG
Doing scary stuff in the woods, deserted places, and while trespassing.
very interesting indeed

30 years of this semen slurping sport and we still don't know which martial art is the best. Figuring that out was literally the only reason this was created. What a fucking waste of everybody's time.
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> Blowjobjutsu is the ultimate fighter.

Always mogged by people who know how to strike or wrestle, stfu retard.
Only after they become good at BJJ themselves.
>Too many
How many? I think not very many, but I agree, nobody should die from it
Humans are social animals. Social constructs are useful to us. Although they can become useless through obsolescence. Are you saying martial arts are obsolete? That would be a more meaningful statement. Is that what you mean?

File: Flying-punch.jpg (70 KB, 1071x938)
70 KB
How are effective are flying striking techniques (not kicks or knees) in a fight?
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I think my eyesight is too shit for superman punches to work as a faint on me. I usually am able to counter super man punch because the kick faint it too far away for me to react to so I just clearly read the jump due to level change and the punch since it's wind up and execution is close enough for me to see it.

That said I also walk into a lot of skipping and sliding front leg side kicks for the same reason of them being hard for me to read since they are out of my ideal eyesight range until it's too late.
When you say jumping front kick, are you referring to a crane kick?
Think more of a push kick to the body only you jump into it to give it some extra omp against someone bigger then you. Or if you want to knock someone similar size or smaller then you clear across the room and for whatever reason they are slow enough to not get out the way.
Tracking is more of an /out/ activity
Wrong thread dude.
Might want to delete your post.

File: 1644014822414.jpg (98 KB, 607x606)
98 KB
Never been in a fight, but I'm curious. So I do boxing, and obviously everything is done with gloves and wraps.

How exactly can you translate this to a real fight. You hit someones jaw, cheekbone, skull hard? I feel it'd break your knuckles or fuck up your wrist. With the gloves and wraps it's a lot more forgiving.
You're even told not to hit the bag without gloves.

Can you train for such a thing (translate boxing skills to non-glove boxing) without actually fighting someone barehanded? B.O.B.?
I feel I'd be a lot less confident in a fight for this specific reason (being afraid of fucking my hands up). Obviously in a life or death situation it's different but still.
Should I do some kind of hand/wrist conditioning too?
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I thought boxers usually say that if you fight bare-handed you just don't show your true power level and keep it at more like 70-80%.
this, BKFC shares tons of their fights on youtube. you see a different form emerge, hitting with the second knuckle instead of the first, like how you knock on a door. mixed in with the archetypal first-knuckle punch.
If you're a boxer, as mentioned by >>115501, going into a fight barehanded means you're only going to be using a fraction of your power, both for the sake of the person getting punched and yourself.
Remember that boxing training, mostly thanks to gloves, means you can punch with a strength far above what's practical in a bare-knuckes situation, but just by punching with less strength you can make up for it.
Try doing heavy bag without gloves on (though I wouldn't recommend to overdo it) to find a level of power you're comfortable in.
Look into any martial art with kicks. Kicks can hit harder without much injury. Muay Thai and kick boxing are good options.

What is your preferred or favorite fighting stance?
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My favorite stance is literally just called fighting stance in both arts I formally trained in.
Hands up, feet kinda shoulder with and a half apart most of the time (though it's a dynamic stance so it changes), shoulder and a half or so up and down, sort of making a triangle or whatever I don't know how to describe it I ain't a writer but I don't feel like taking a picture.
But yeah, just normal fighting stance.

It's simple and just works. I prefer mine a bit more squared up, some keep theirs more sideways, but both work well, are simple, and easy to do whatever is needed from.
File: asp grandmaster.gif (2.55 MB, 480x360)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB GIF
The /asp/ grandmaster stance
Been a long while since I seen that one.

File: unnamed.jpg (208 KB, 900x900)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Get in here gentlemen
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Good analysis, chipping in my 2 cents on the shit here

Tombstone: the Ezekiele Elliott of Battlebots. Can waste new comers and mid tier bots but no fire power to be elite anymore

Tantrum: Happy the won the season so every season just isn't won by a 4wd vert with forks (even tho it's a vert lol). Cool team, like the design, I've enjoyed seeing them grow

End Game: Just the fuckin meta. Elite tier The two guys behind it seem genuinely cool which is nice

Ribbot: I like a school team just on principle, but this thing kinda bores me. Just a brick with a disk. Theming kinda basic, some good driving I guess. Wanted Deep 6 to get out of that bracket cause that thing finally got dialed in and now it got banned lol

Witch Doctor: This team can't catch a break. Love the theming of it, real solid, but will go down as an ultra unlucky machine. Hopefully they get some more hardware down the road

Glitch: Idk how this thing's good but numbers don't lie. Like the luck this thing had to be Uppercut was nuts. The wedge in my head isn't even effective cause it doesn't feed the weapon. But shit, it can hit, excited for the future

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Well, the good news is that the next season will record next month, which means that the next season will be here in due time.


Side note, kinda bummed Deep Six won't be returning due to how dangerous it is. It was starting to live up to its potential too...
They got a new build, Triton, which I'm hoping kicks as much ass
File: Big Guy and Rusty.png (80 KB, 256x265)
80 KB
They're gonna do a live show in tandem with the upcoming season. No selection committee. No tv time but should be good for the sport

File: maxresdefault.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
We discuss laser tag and laser tag related activities.
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File: 13913331.png (825 KB, 730x450)
825 KB
825 KB PNG
Bro just play airsoft or paintball

Lasertag sucks
I always wanted to do this. Can I just go to my local or do I need to find people?
Lmao, get some friends

File: Kent Slamrock.webm (2.9 MB, 1660x808)
2.9 MB
/g/ crossover, who are the people to ask for an invite to mma-tracker.net?
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So the second one then.
Got it.
google watchwrestling and click one of the links
The people that are on the site are probably the best people to ask for an invite.

If I knew anybody, I would ask them to invite me. I don’t really feel like shelling out $200+ for instructionals on BJJFanatics
yeah brother, who else would know. xs nerds hold the keys
File: smoejogan.jpg (34 KB, 480x480)
34 KB
begone comedy man

File: 1658526861979239.jpg (149 KB, 750x747)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
What martial art youtubers do you guys watch? I personally watch Ramsey Dewey and sensei seth.
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Yeah you're not wrong, a lot of the time I'm more interested in the footage itself rather than his commentary
Travis Stevens and Shintaro Higashi for judo stuff but only because I'm new at that. With other martial arts I just search what I'm looking for and watch the videos since I'm experienced enough I can tell what's good and bad.
Icy mike, neroMMA, gabriel varga, jeff chan, stuart tomlinson, fight commentary breakdowns, king of the streets and defend FC
jon thomas
jordan teaches jiu jitsu
grappling academy
grappler's guide
lachlan giles
keenan cornelius

I'll just stop and say anyone who is good at BJJ
I find he tends to be very ignorant of some of the footage he talks about

File: that hurt.jpg (278 KB, 1280x720)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
You've heard of Buhurt, right? A combat sport that has recently come back into popularity after being shut down and forgotten for nearly 600 years.

Then name Buhurt comes from a loose translation of some old french word for wallop. But that's not important. What is important is watching guys in full steel plate armor with real steel weapons stepping into a ring and beating the fucking shit out of each other.

Matches usually range between 1v1, 2v2, 5v5, 8v8, 16v16, all the way up to 150v150.

The rules are simple. Do whatever it takes to knock your opponent to the ground.
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lmao, gottem
>Skillful fighting is for unarmed, reglemented duels
*blocks your path*
It does if you are a fat rural handyman. At the very least, just about every farm has an old anvil lying around.
Yeah dude everyone was retarded and just swung wild with no regard for their own life. That’s what an effective soldier does.
They really don’t even use their weapons aside from the pole weapons. Why anyone bothers with a “sword” in this sport is beyond me when they just end up boxing and wrestling anyways.

File: 20220907_181326.jpg (2.23 MB, 4000x3000)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
No one talks about this, they just always say it shouldnt be loose. I feel like the size S is straining my blood flow around the armpits a bit. But idk.

>inb4 dirty mirror
Assuming it's not already, I'd look for it in a tall size. It should extend the cut on the trunk to a lower, more comfortable position. You may need to shop around though. Sizing isn't necessarily standard, let alone "cut" of material.
Wym tall size?
Tight wise looks ok but it's looks to small. Most models are long sleeve or just above the biceps. Your one looks like you are wearing a childs long sleeve
Looks fine, I'm north of 200# so I order XLs, they will sometimes fit like a medium and I will give them away.

File: Fingering.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
I've been training with my Chinese finger trap for about an hour every day for the past month. My best escape time so far is 24.2 seconds. Is anyone else addicted to these things?
The only extreme thing about this shit is how extremely limited it is compared to a proper fingerbox (especially a modern diginal one).
Analogic fingerboxes are way better. Digital ones seem to work better but thay lack all the feels of the old ones
You can just change the settings on a digital one. With the analogs you gotta fuck around with the gears and rubber belts.

File: boxfitdisc.png (580 KB, 1912x870)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
Repeat something 10,000 times and turn your body into a weapon.

The greatest style of boxing is catch-n-shoot.
The greatest defence is angling and slipping.
The greatest mental victory is being unreadable. Feign.
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File: 1.png (1.22 MB, 960x640)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Gifted kicker that never learned to throw a decent punch here.
Though I know the correct form to throw a punch, I feel 0 power on them even though I'm pretty strong (pic rel).
One thing I noticed is that I'm always very loose on the ground so I don't have a strong base, so my question is: are you supposed to use the ground when throwing a punch? Like, planting yourself firm on the ground to have your stance get hard when the punch connects, y'know?. Do you think that is my problem? I have heard some coaches teach footwork where you stay always on the tip toes so I'm not sure if that's the problem. Any tips on increasing punching power, thanks.
Are you Ukrainian? Saw a guy on /fit/ who who looks like you
Yeah you're supposed to 'sit' on your punches. Obviously this rule can be broken as you get better, but generally you want to be light on your feet when you move around and jab, sit on your combination, then move your head, pivot, etc, get back on your toes.
It's better than nothing, and 120 is cheap for an mma gym. You might be better off just taking their grappling classes though.

You must also keep in mind that the guy you fought might be more talented than you, more athletic, his style might just happen to counter yours, etc. Don't immediately blame your gym. Most mma gyms have a stronger focus on grappling, because it's far more important than striking. Just by being in an mma gym, I'd bet that you could take down and control that MT guy pretty easily.
mirin physique.

Punching power is about weight transfer.

You are transferring weight from your back leg to your front leg with the punch. Its why people are taught to twist their back foot while throwing a straight. doing so drills that weight transfer while making sure you are balanced. You start the movement with your back foot planted and end the movement with your front foot planted.

An exaggerated version of this (to understand the principle) would be if you balanced completely on your back foot with your front foot up in the air and then as you threw the punch, transferred your weight and ended with your back foot in the air and your front foot taking all of your weight. This obviously isnt how you'd train or throw a punch but you understand using this example that this is how power transfer happens in a punch. It is how you're throwing your bodyweight forwards. It is actually how Deontay Wilder throws a lot of his haymaker shots, with his back foot ending up in the air.

But a good technique would to be to take this principle and dial it back in able to maintain balance and have a responsible defence.

File: 16603950855400.jpg (532 KB, 1440x1191)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
Do you leave your shin guards/ boxing gloves/ head gear at the gym? Or carry it with you every time? But if you leave them at the gym don't you clean them?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Why would you want to leave your stuff around? You have a bag, use it
If you didn't buy or get assigned a locker, the owner probably doesn't expect random pads to get left there with regularity
Because it's too much shit. I have shin guards, gloves, a mouth guard, hand wraps, change of clothes, and 1 liter of water. I can barely fit all that in 2 bags. If I'm going to buy head gear as well id have to wear it on my head on the way to the gym or something. Or get a huge bag.
What type of bags are you using? I use a gym bag and can fit my boxing gloves, leather shin pads, MMA gloves, mouth guard, 5 litres of water and my BJJ gi in there as well.

At my old gym I did used to leave my gloves and shin pads there because we had a clothesline for the regulars where we had all are stuff labelled so we could use it, spray it with disinfectant and then hang it on there, but unless you're that close with the gym owners I would take them home.
While I have my personal gear, as far as gear left at the school I made it mandatory for everyone to at least spray whatever gear they used down with disinfectant, and on slow days every few months "community" gear is deep cleaned using disposable wipes to get in all the nooks and crannies.
Started doing it after the covid lockdowns and now I wonder why it wasn't our standard practice from the beginning.
No more moldy smelly gear. No people getting rashes. No worries about them being a vector for spreading colds and the like.
A can of spray and some wipes have extended the life of the gear so that it only needs to be replaced when it starts falling apart.

File: hakuho.jpg (151 KB, 2000x1333)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Just coming here to mention that I'm archiving /xs/ with full images and working search over at https://eientei.xyz/xs

I only have full images and thumbnails up until around a month ago, but I know a guy who has been archiving everything since the start, so it's mostly just a matter of me convincing him to go through the effort of sending me the stuff so I can import it, which might take a while.
Based archivist owning the soijak spammer

no other archives save images from /xs/ since wakarimasen died
Thank you for your service.
Import's done btw.

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