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File: download.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
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Discuss arts classified as Traditional East Asian martial arts here (Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Karate, Kempo, Taekwondo, Kudo, JuJutsu, Judo, Aikido, Hapkido, etc) in a safe space.

Discussions about effectiveness vs MMA etc are great but not for this thread.

Yes many of the ones mentioned are Budo which in Japan are classified as modern arts, this is for what Westerners perceive as traditional East Asian arts.

What is your art?
What is your grade/belt level?
What is the most important lesson it has taught you?
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brain damage
brain damage
youll have to move to burma

just do muay thai or something
Do a full contact sport if you want to learn how to fight. Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Muay thai. Those are great and almost all "dojos" are the real deal.

Karate can be hit or miss, depending on the Dojo, Taekwondo is mostly artistic and you need giganticc amounts of training to make it work for self defence. Jeet Kun Do and Krav Maga are memes.

Go to a tryout class, see if they spar (sparring does not equal fighting), see if you get along with the people there. If they promise you to get new belts if you pay their fees without chance of failure if you suck, run away as fast as you can, you found a MC Dojo.

Hapkido and other asian martial arts can work, but only if you got a skillbase like Boxing or Judo to put them on top.

>not to do Lethwei
Why should I convince you not to do it, you wont find a studio with it near you anyway.
Good post. Generally speaking, if you want to learn to fight well, you'll want a place that's producing successful fighters. Your best bet is learning something that's also a popular full-contact sport. Like anon said, you're not likely to find Lethwei near you, and it's not very popular around the world so the talent pool is small.
>Jeet Kun Do and Krav Maga are memes.
I will say there are good Jeet Kune Do schools out there, mostly some of the "JKD Concepts" places. But the best schools are basically MMA gyms and they'll still be teaching stuff like Muay Thai and BJJ, along with having people compete. So I don't see much reason to specifically seek out a JKD place over another MMA gym, unless you happen to live by one that's better than your other options nearby.
Aside from le headbutt, what exactly are the differences between the two in terms of content of a match?

This was pretty useful thanks. I'm taking up Boxing because there's a club on base for free. If I enjoy it, I might add a Muay Tai class 20 minutes away.
>Aside from le headbutt, what exactly are the differences between the two in terms of content of a match?
Traditional rules Lethwei only has a winner if a fighter gets a KO (otherwise it's a draw), but there's also modern rules Lethwei with decisions. Lethwei is bare knuckle (just handwraps, no gloves). There's more, but that's a couple major differences.

File: 1677934177834985.jpg (41 KB, 750x728)
41 KB
BJJ fags look like women when they their position irl

File: 1672001343110975.jpg (486 KB, 1242x1237)
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486 KB JPG
Who would win a no-holds-barred fight, prime Mike Tyson or Brain Shaw?
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Whites can't fight. Also being le huge heckin strong man doesn't make you a good fighter. All that bulk makes it so they can't swing their arms or throw a punch.
who would win in a fight, the best light weight boxer of all time or a 6ft tall body builder? that's basically what ur asking but scaled up to heavy weight.
>Whites can't fight.
that explains why fury keeps beating the shit out of black guys every time the fat fuck fights them
The whole idea of whites not being able to fight is stupid. Every race can but Fury comes from a boxing family. He's been boxing since he was a child. Wilder for example started boxing at 20. It makes a lot of difference. The only reason a much less experienced and smaller wilder gave fury minor issues was due to being physically superior but just like when Thai's beat non thai's in muaythai its usually due to tons more of experience.
If Tyson just used footwork and landing a big overhand then him. If Shaw somehow managed to clinch and get ahold of him he could just pick up Tyson and slam his head into the concrete.

File: skimboarding.jpg (130 KB, 1200x877)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Why doesn't skim boarding get any attention on this board?

It's hard and not cool
Adrien Raza is a god tho
i think it's cool when they glide into the wake and do the pseudo surfing thing.

How much harder is it compared to other board sports like surfing, snowboarding, skating?

thinking about trying it since I'm an east coast fag and people say you can skim anytime. Plus, our surfing conditions on the east coast aren't nearly as good as the west.
>How much harder is it compared to other board sports like surfing, snowboarding, skating?

a lot. like imagine if to get started on a skateboard you had to sprint at 105% of maximum effort for several seconds, throw your board straight down a ramp and jump on, then once you've done that the other side of the ramp might cease to exist or have changed shape completely by the time you get there.

East coast is good for kitesurfing and all the related boardsports depending on where you are.
would skimming help learn other board sports down the road, or are the skills not transferable?
Pretty much yeah, if you are actually good at skimboarding you'll pick up surfing in no time. As for why they don't talk about it, skimboarding is pretty much only cool if you are skimboarding waves, flatland is lame as hell. Might as well skate over the lameness that is flatland.

Raza isn't cool, no one cares about flatland skimboarding. It's dumb as hell and is for hipsters who are too dumb to pick up a skateboard.

File: Polish_20230302_002219528.jpg (1.66 MB, 1822x2361)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
Post yourself in fighting stance
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You might want to hit the gym.
what are you fighting, a gains goblin?
Nice abs, but you should put more focus on your upper body.
No need to clinch your fists so hard

I've been doing bjj for 18 months and I still can't pass a noob's gaurd :(
You’ve been training 18 months and you can’t pass the guard of someone who doesn’t even use guard? What is your height and weight?
six feet tall, 150lbs
Slenderman! Ahh!

Why is this board so obsessed with judo while most MMA fighters don't care about this art and use folkstyle or freestyle wrestling takedowns?
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>titty twisters, twisting a knee, wedgy with your own scrotum, thumb up the ass
None of these are allowed in wrestling and "twisting a knee" is literally a BJJ submission.
>who practice judo but are really sambo practitioners first and foremost.
What's the main difference between Judo and Sambo?
I just want to get good at something.
Judo irl ( on concrete) is lethal in street fights
Chain rasslin works with a cage
Sambo has more wrestling pick-ups and grips not usually found in judo though the Japanese adapted when dealing with it. Sambo has leglocks which judo banned from competition. It also has a Combat competition where guys wear protective gear and can do MMA.

Can the philly shell and shoulder roll work in a street fight(no weapons)
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philly shell gives you an automatic underhook with your lead hand anytime someone shoots on you. you can use it to stuff takedowns when combined with sprawling. Ironically that you said that cuz the Philly shell is probably the best boxing stance to defend takedowns
could be wrong tho
Boxers were proven to be the best fighters when 29 year old Mcgregor couldn’t beat 40 year old Mayweather
Wasn't the fight that inspired mixed martial arts the fight between gene labell and milo savage?
*in boxing
Yes because you can block punches with your lead elbow and break their hands

a week from now (when wrestling seasons over), ill be starting muay thai at a local gym. Is there anything I should expect or think about before going into my first class?
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All the gyms outside of Thailand seem this way. You can't even find a good boxing gym that teachers fighters anymore, just cardio shit from some retard that should be teaching in a yoga studio
You can find them, its more about the instructor than the gym. Look for instructors who used to fight professionally and were taught by someone really good. The good instructor I had, former state champion, was trained by benny the jet and used to travel to Thailand to train and fight there when he was young. There is some professional kickboxing still going on (depending on what country you are in), but the good gyms are usually in shitty areas where the rent is cheap. Real fighting gyms don't make a lot of money. Look up the professional fighters were you live and search form them by name to try to find a gym close to you.
Wasn't asking for advice fightlet
Get an instructor that has been in fights.
My local gyms instructor is a pro from Thailand with 200 or so fights under his belt

File: bg-1024x683.jpg (169 KB, 1024x683)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Does anyone use sandbag for Judo or BJJ training? Mostly the former. I don't have the money to purchase a power rack, weights, and barbell to do any barbell lifting. However, I do have 200 lbs. of tube sand and a canvas fitness bag.

My question is: How effective is sandbag training for overall strength training and how well does it translate in Judo.

(I know this may be more for /fit/, but /fit/ is frankly horrible and filled with coomerbait. So I'm trying here.)
As an all in one, especially if it's your only option, it's pretty good. You may want to sacrifice a gi top, or get ahold of someone's about to be trash one, so you can wrap it for grip and rip work. Treat it like you would any other power work. 5, 6 rep sets. Once you're comfortable lapping it with relative ease, there's all manner of twisting, shouldering, throwing, holding etc you can do. Standing up with it in a full hug grip from your back can be amazing for full body power. And while it may not exactly be sport specifc, working things like a suplex with it it is great for back power.

File: WRONG.jpg (331 KB, 1919x817)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
/xs/! What is best in life?
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God I hope this thread never dies.
Dammit I was rused. 20 for crom it is.

>hate between martial arts

I recently discovered, after two years of doing karate & judo, that people actually sees traditionals martial arts as trash, so i want yall to reply on your reasons to hate a fighting style, or a reason to love it, (also it would be very funny to see people arguing about if box is better than capoeira and that kind of things)
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actually people usually know that old was better in other facets of human achievement
why do you need to update a martial art anyway does the body change shape over the course of time
Compare Taekkyon vs Taekwondo... Or Sumo to say Folkstyle Indian Wrestling (Kusthi/Pehlwani.) They are continuing different types of traditions because they are sports that people who do them like, they might not be "practical" even though they have their moments or techniques.
Yes, just look at pictures from 1940s general population of USA to modern.
I think with martial art that especially the complicated moves got lost.
A master needs pupils and those pupils might not remember everything.
My local Muay Thai gym has full contact sparring and a competitive team

File: yuki.webm (1.14 MB, 1920x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB WEBM
is bowling an extreme sport?
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File: O1SoTM3i2wdE5-qf.webm (2.98 MB, 720x1280)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB WEBM
File: Fp1XEm0akAA-nFg.jpg (199 KB, 1079x1078)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Does anyone have a good idea on a good channel or info for a scrub? I just got into it because my girlfriend wants someone to play with, problem is she’s pretty good and not a very nice coach. Last weekend she got 215 and 195 back to back, meanwhile I’m choking and barely breaking 100 every few games.
cute ◕w◕

File: 1598614809375.jpg (46 KB, 640x480)
46 KB
90s Edition
Previous: >>15773

When was your first game? Got any vintage setups you still shoot?
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>And let's not forget when Mike started Marker Bids, a penny auction site for paintball gear. Gear which he didn't actually own but still auctioned off and it took years for people to get the stuff they paid for while Mike made a million excuses along the way.
My favorite part of this was how he ran this huge campaign against some other site called paintball bid wars for being a penny auction scam, then made his own version of the same fucking scam
File: 1677399257321653.jpg (93 KB, 1080x1134)
93 KB

Exactly. And I loved how his fans would defend all his actions despite the mountain of evidence that the guy was a dick.

To be fair. some of his TechPB videos were actually helpful and informative. And from what I remember, he was either the first YouTuber or one of the first YouTubers to do real world air efficiency tests on guns. The kind of efficiency tests where he'd fill the tank, wait for the fill to settle, tell you exactly how much PSI was in the tank, show you what FPS the gun was shooting, and then shoot pod after pod of paint until the air got so low that the gun was no longer shooting a consistent FPS.

But he was still an asshole.
Had a stupid offhand thought -
has anyone experimented with, or know anything relevant, with paintballs from blowdart guns/potato cannons etc?

For hypothetically covering up nignog graffiti, in Minecraft
don't shoot animals anon
meant for >>137496

File: SCUBAsnax.jpg (93 KB, 669x446)
93 KB
What the fuck bros? There's no /scuba/ general?

Let's rectify that.

Best dive sites? Hairy or funny stories?

And the obvious question, what's better? PADI or SDI?

Here's an Australian Scuba FAQ until we make our own

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Are you comfortable swimming in a river ?

In theory, you might have an advantage over others if you learn to dive in a river with a current as it could be tricky for those who arent strong swimmers.

Where are you thinking on vacationing ?
Not a good idea.Depending on the River you have shit visibility through swirling sediment,reduced reaction time through the current if somenthing unexpected happens and additional exhaustion if you have to stop for whatever reason.
Given that newbies also cant tare for shit and are often preoccupied with handling their equipment this gives you extra risks with marginal benefits...its juts too many aggravating factors imo
I had a similar experience, without the cool story.

Did my first give last year (guided) in Vietnam. Guide was super cool, we bonded over weight lifting on the ride up to the spot etc.

After the dive, we swapped contact info and I promised to get my open water so that I can come back and dive with him. Planning to do it this spring in Egypt, probably.
Tahiti's fun
Splish splash

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