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File: Mike-Tyson.jpg (45 KB, 600x400)
45 KB
How do fighters, especially boxers, run and do tons of constant cardio and still have muscular physiques and plenty of power/strength? Is /fit/ lying to me about cardio killing gains and bulk/cut cycles?
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Steroids and growth hormones
cardio kills gains is just an excuse to not run
Then why do all successful bodybuilders do it?
imagine posting the same thread over and over again, fuck off and load up on carbs faggot.

Hey guys I wished to learn some martial arts for the first time and I want to choose between: takendo, karate and kickbox, to learn for self defense and street fights, tell me which style is the best for those and why thanks in advance
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t. walks around fantasizing about fighting multiple attackers
>Ego boost has never killed anyone
except that your ego is the biggest reason you can get yourself killed, i would have agreed if you said confidence but not ego
You've never been in a fight
Many years ago I argued with a fat manlet and he got so angry he charged at me and probably wanted to knock me off balance with a push or greco roman me to the ground but I kicked his solar plexus and the fight was over
>short answer
Do some trial classes choose the one younlike better, is more convenient and affordable, and has the most enjoyable environment.

>long answer
Kickboxing in general is geared towards ring fighting and operates usually within a particular rule set. Very focused, practical and non nonsense for the sport, with lots of sparring and hands-on practice against people out to hurt you. You might run into some problems applying that to self defense if your ring game becomes cautious or reactive (focusing on counters) as for self defense overwhelming the attacker and shutting him down is usually a better strategy and giving space can lead to opportunities for the attacker to get you. Remember blocking with boxing gloves is infinitely easier than with your bare hands. You'll have no grapple experience save for maybe Muay Thai, in which you do clinches.

Karate will offer 3 completely different experiences depending on the focus of the style and dojo. If the place you end up training at focuses on Kata (forms) it's basically useless unless you seek to start a new journey afterwards applying the principles you learned there to more hands on martial arts, but the additional utility will be fairly small and the timeframe you'll be working on will be much greater, so if you're not a literal teenager you'll be pretty old by the time you reach your potential. If the dojo focuses on WKF point fighting you'll have very good explosive moves, reflexes and distance management skills and a pretty decent access to simple grappling, but the sport focuses on landing a single perfect strike to score, and no matter how strong you are you won't end a real fight in just a single blow, so it might drill into you bad practices. If the place focuses on full-contact (most are of the Kyokushin Karate style) you'll learn how to deal and tank barrages of heavy blows from close range; in thesis very good for a real fight.

The problem with full contact Karate is that in most Dojos the grappling sucks (part of the syllabus but not practiced due to the competition rule set) and you won't practice real defenses, although it could be argue that defensive work is suboptimal for self defense (best defense is a good offense and all that, [spoiler]Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy; STRIKE LIKE THE COBRA KAI[/spoiler]).

Taekwondo will give you lot's of distance management and reflexes and fast and powerful kicks, but for da streetz kicking can be dangerous as it puts you off balance. Your defensive side will be also pretty poor but unlike in full contact Karate you won't have the volume to defend by attacking or the conditioning to just eat attacks, your only recourse will be to keep distance and snipe with kicks but that's
>complicated to pull off under stress
>high risk in case you mess up
>assuming you even have space to move around to begin with

I might be biased but I think TKD is your worst choice. Kickboxing will be generally better as long as you keep in mind the need to always be training aggressively with lots of volume and pressure. Karate can also be very good if it's full-contact focused; other approaches are valid for their own ends but ultimately not what you seem to be after.

Try out the classes you could attend and feel out the vibe of each place. Remember that convenience and enjoyment are extremely important because fighting needs a lot of training to kick in and you won't get that if you start skipping classes because it's a hassle or you don't find it fun to do.

Bjj is only gay if you're heavy because if you're light, you can do it with girls
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Why would you want to train with a woman? That would be boring. Have you ever grappled with a woman? I'm guessing you haven't. It's a fucking joke most of the time. You have to be careful to not hurt them and the sheer difference in mass and strength is too huge for a serious fight. If you just wanna coom go watch ultimate surrender or one of those erotic fight things.
I usually have a nice relaxing wank in the toilets at work before a BJJ or mma session in order to prevent this scenario from occurring.
>he doesn’t roll with lighter (belt -1) belts to catch his breath and work on fun but low% techniques
never. i have rolled with hundreds of girls, maybe thousands, and despite what it looks like, it is the least sexual thing you can think of. Your "fight or flight" nervous system is dominant when you're rolling, not your "sleep and sex" nervous system.

i would say boners are extremely uncommon. most people honestly do not think of sex or feel any kind of sexual anything when training.
>jerking off at work

File: AA18esyz.jpg (261 KB, 2880x1620)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
>a light heavyweight legend several years past his prime bulked up to heavyweight by eating more McDonald's, beat the least terrible heavyweight fighter in 2 minutes and became the champ
>now he will smash a 41 yo former champion who's considered GOAT of the division even though he lost to a guy who would be a middleweight if he wasn't fat
>then he will retire and so should Stipe or he will end up like Silva
>so who will become the next champion? Gane who couldn't do anything against Jones besides a dickkick?
>the previous champ had the hardest punch in the world and not very much skills besides that
>he pissed Dana off to dodge Jones
Now let's go 15 years back
>a 45 yo guy was the champion
>he got knocked out by a pro wrestler
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Jon is the goat but he still can't box. If he could box, he'd be undisputed goat of all time
File: ali_vs_inoki.jpg (36 KB, 445x474)
36 KB
Boxing is a meme.
Fedor is GOAT heavyweight. Idc if he wasn't in Ufc at the end of his career, he was undefeated for over a decade with 90% of his comeptition being top contenders. It's unheard of to go that long in heavyweight.
Doesn't matter if its a meme, he can't do it

File: img-3624935987.jpg (53 KB, 980x550)
53 KB
>Make millions from Youtube videos and Disney shit
>Decide to go into combat sports and risk CTE
LMAO what a pair of retards
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This. It makes you feel alive when you're in a fighting competition and you're both giving it everything you got. Some people just need to experience it a few times so they can feel they've lived a little, you know?
>Decide to go into combat sports
more like they ruined their images on youtube and had to do something fast or the money would dry up. They figured people hated them so much that they would pay to see them get hurt so they went into avenues such as boxing and wrestling because they knew people would pay to see them get punched in the face.
You're right they should just sit on their asses on 4chan all day talking shit like cool people do
Based and correct take
>fighting reigning UFC division champs and doing a decent job whilst still inevitably losing = cuck
>beating up old dudes with dementia = gigamax alpha chad

Now I know this might cause a lot of arguing but I genuinely am looking for the best martial art for street self defense.

I'm not looking for anything that's the best in a ruled zone like boxing, I need something that will work with no rules. I moved to a lower income (neighbor)HOOD but I live in Canada and we can't carry, so the next best thing is martial arts, plus I've always wanted to learn.

What's the most dangerous/best martial art for street fights? I'm honestly afraid of getting jumped by a crackhead. I know it's probably a mix of them so any information would help, I have a couple fighting gyms in my area and I plan on attending a orientation to one of them in the future.
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File: ProblemSolveder.jpg (77 KB, 1284x859)
77 KB
>Best Martial Art For Street Fights?
Stay alert, keep your distance, shoot first.
Brass knuckles get you arrested 95% of the time in most countries unless you got protection colors.
Anyone who actually attacks you with the intent to cause damage will probably be carrying a weapon and no unarmed martial art will be very effective there.

Meme answers are actually Aikido and Taekwondo. Why? Because of all the videos of people testing knife defense the only things that have worked on the odd occasion have been a good side/front kick to shock the opponent without being in torso stabbing range and there are like two knife disarms in Aikido that reliably work... if you can manage to do the godly feat of catching the attackers knife hand.
Muay Thai but with some tweaks to it like not bouncing your lead leg like in competition style MT
>Realistic answer: boxing + some form of grappling (judo, wrestling, or BJJ).

File: FIEJVyfVUAEd7qq.jpg (264 KB, 2048x745)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
But it actually makes more sense than all these weightclasses with "super" or "jewnior" in its names, none of which existed 70 years ago.
If heavyweight boxers will continue turning into mutants as fast as they've been doing it from Marciano to Fury, 10 years from now you'll see bridger in all promotions and 50 years from now you'll see an additional division at 250 lbs.
The 5000 weight classes wouldn't be a problem if there weren't 6000 promotions.
Has there ever been a gay legendary boxer outside of (questionably)Tyson?
We don't know because there had been very few open gays before XXI century
Gay men don't need to redirect sexual frustration into athletic energy because gays are almost never sexually frustrated. It's a fuckfest over there. This isn't conducive to creating champions.
Emile Griffith was half gay

File: ufc1.jpg (137 KB, 1977x1349)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Typical fight would probably look like this
>striking for a while
>someone gets taken down and catches the other one in guard
>the guy on top punches and headbutts the guy on bottom to wear him down
>after very long time the top guy passes the guard and submits the bottom guy or knock him out with punches and stomps

Bjj guys would survive this but they would need to learn how not to end up on the bottom or how to submit someone from bottom guard while getting headbutted.

Strikers would more doomed because they would need to learn how to grapple better than they can do it now because now they can just hold the grappler until the round ends. They would also need to learn how not to break their hands from bare knuckle punching like Gerard Gordeau.

But remember that biting and eye gouging were illegal in ufc 1. If we removed these 2 rules, they would either become unwritten rules because civilized humans just don't do it or the fights would be very short, ABSOLUTELY dominated by wrestlers and look more or less like this
>striking for a while
>someone gets taken down
>the guy on top submits the bottom guy with eye gouging
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who cares you faggot pussy bitch go watch your marvel movies if you want to be interested
I'm not informed enough to have an opinion on this, but I really wish there was still a competition where martial arts purists could compete against purists of other arts. It's pretty soulful and has a lot of entertainment value.
They'd do pretty well in slamming guys down effectively, but against a Jiu-Jitiero, Sambist, Judoka, Catch Wrestler, or Luta Livre practitioner, they'll run in trouble with the groundfighting.

Ganryujima does. I love MMA, but I do miss the style vs style clash that early UFC had.
early UFC was just a gracie jiujitsu marketing stunt
>Wrestling only works if its 1v1
yes thats the point retard

File: army with patches.jpg (69 KB, 569x415)
69 KB
Are there any people who are ,say, amateur K-1 champions and go around joining Mcdojos\ninja no-touch combat dojos\"realistic combative" schools etc, to beat up the top students and the master?
would this be being a bully or bringing people down to earth and helping them, so they dont use their mcdojo stuff IRL and thus get killed?
I think there's a chinese guy called mad dog or dog something, that does this
>it seems he sucks as MMA tho? but he became viral for some time
You're talking about Xu Xiaodong? I heard the Chinese government heemed his social credit because one of the Kung Fu "masters" has a lot of connections to the CCP and was like a promoter alongside the culture ministry or whatever.

But either way, I don't feel like dojo storming accomplishes anything substantial except stroke your ego as a fighter. Unless the guy you're bullying (going after someone you're 100% sure you can mess up is bullying, yes) is a total grifter that's encouraging people to do shit that's gonna get them killed I think it's pointless.

OK, the instructor gets beaten up. So what? His students aren't going to abandon what they're learning just because the instructor was defeated, it's usually a family environment and everyone likes each other on a personal level, they're friends before students.

Besides, even if they're not that "loyal" these places are usually focused on defending yourself from a random attack well enough to escape. Being stronger than a professional ring fight in a ring fight isn't what they're there for, so it's a moot point that their instructor wasn't good enough for that.

File: combat urbano.jpg (18 KB, 282x179)
18 KB
Where can I learn real defense against muggers or non-economically motivated assaulters who use knives, shanks, bladed weapons or a revolver or handgun?
How can I tell a mcdojo or tourist trap apart from a real-deal school? I have been searching and found some Kapap-krav-maga courses aimed at bodyguard escorts, courses dictated by special forces police officers, etc.
Im in the process of getting the national permit for owning and carrying a firearm -which use is an skill in itself.
As well as defensive driving in cars and motorbike ,including using the gun from there.
I WILL NOT allow myself to be robbed of my wealth.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Judo was used a police tactic for self-defense and subduing people.

And it still is to this day. If you had to learn one martial art for defending yourself or stopping someone physically, it should be Judo.
I think in japan police have their own system, tho? (the one the killer cop from kengan uses)
And in my country, police are taught "combatives" and karate...never judo.
Combatives is just a funky version of Jiu Jitsu which is pretty much older Judo.
just learn how to fight, these special forces shit are trash
learn to run really, really fast. Anything else is setting up for a failure.

File: Capture.png (1.13 MB, 1158x771)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Muhammad Ali
Aleksandr Karelin
Hakuho Sho
Each of them the greatest of all time in their respective sport. What other GOATs are there in the world of /xs/? Doesn't need to be a martial artist.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
imo the Great Gama was better the Karelin
Good point, let's just say that Gama was the GOAT of freestyle while Karelin's the goat of greco-roman.
The discussion is who's the GOAT. Not who's most famous. Even then, Riner is probably more famous if we're talking worldwide and not just American BJJ students.
Riner doesn't have the technical skills to be considered a GOAT. He has a limited game and is only as successful as he is because of his athleticism and natural attributes.
If he faced anyone during the 80s he would have been pooped on, if there were still leg grabs today he would be pooped on

File: Eko-ground-and-pound.jpg (173 KB, 1000x563)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
How would you solve this problem? Personally I would abolish breaks. To prevent infinite stalling, referee would tell fighters to stand up if there's no big ground and pound or sensible submission attempts on the ground for 2 minutes. I've also heard ideas not to stop the round if it seems like there's gonna be finish soon or to start a round from the same position the provious round ended in.
>How would you solve this problem?
It's not a problem. You could argue that it adds value for the spectators, because fighters have a sense of urgency at the end of a round.
>I would abolish breaks
Are you talking about no time limit matches? You would get extremely long fights where no one engages and it becomes a cardio competition. People do this ruleset in grappling and the matches are long as fuck and horrible for viewers.
>referee would tell fighters to stand up
Please no. Refs are retarded
>start a round from the same position
This would encourage stalling. If someone gets a good grappling position with 90seconds left in the round, they will hold on for dear life so that they come back fresh and in a great spot at the start of the next round.

File: GOPR0102_1613878565854-2.jpg (1.44 MB, 2048x1536)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Spearfishing and freediving... I dive alone although I shouldn't because the ocean is a pretty unforgiving place. I've had my fair share of close calls with death in the 10ish years I've been diving/spearing but it seems impossible to find a dive buddy that cant get time off work or away from the family. I try to get new people into it all the time, I've got enough extra gear to take a few people with me and teach them but everyone gets cold feet when it comes time and I end up diving alone.
Would you try it? If not, why?

Down to answer any questions about freediving, spearing or my experiences
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not particularly deep, just gotta know what you wanna catch. Maybe look up some guides on whats local.
Is it relatively safe to learn and practice freediving alone if the water is calm and not that deep? There's a small bay near my home with some nice coral that's about 2 or 3 meters deep max
Would not recommend, but then again I spearfish all the time alone.
Atleast you should learn the basics from someone and then proceed on training by yourself.

You will never be able to train for your max apnea tho, unless you want to risk dying by black out and having no one there to rescue you.
That picture is fucking terrifying. Props to you, but you sir, are a madman.
Gotta have some balls to shoot a marlin or swordfish.. imagine that thing coming at you full speed to impale you after you shot him and made him mad!

Tall half white half mexican freak girl savagely beat me up in muay thai class today.
I'm 5'6 while she's easily 6' plus. My nose was bleeding earlier today, one tooth from my upper jaw is loose, while my sides are still hurting from her roundhouse kicks. She humiliated me in front of everyone. I couldn't do shit, just fucking overpowered. She kicked my ass while wearing the most girly clothes possible, a pink gym skirt barely covering her asscheeks, black top with visible sports bra straps, and pink gloves. Our instructor fucking hates me, and I think he intentionally paired me with her to give her a good practice punchbag. She looks sexy though, when she bends, her ass looks shapely.
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
punch her in the gunt
I hate sparring women.
I go easy to not hurt them and they take it as an invitation to go full power…
As if a head kick landing with full power isn’t going to hurt or injure me..
be always careful sparring with women…
Kill yourself
Damn u must be thick af, I’m 5’8 on a good day 135 and think i have some muscles already
Find her socials and post what she looks like.

File: 1654689689405.jpg (46 KB, 271x548)
46 KB
karate thread - Kyokushin Bull edition

previous >>85346
318 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
Listen up you submissive runt.
If you're ever attacked and use your virgin karate/ai kido shit you will die. If you use a real martial art you will live.
Obviously exceptions exist like getting fucking shot, moron. Does any real martial artist (MMA, muay thai, BJJ, wrestling) claim to be fucking bullet proof.
Go back to your McDojo, boy. And don't you dare talk to us top dogs again until you put on your big boy pants and find the courage to start boxing again.
At the end of the day, I guess you are more respectable than any of the fat obese slobs who don't do any training whatsoever. I'll hand you that at least.
I never get into fights, I deescalate and disengage from conflicts. I gain nothing from fighting and fights don't just magically happen, they take an effort from both parties to end up getting violent. I don't go around trying to fight, I don't associate with people that go around fighting, I don't even go to places where people may be intoxicated enough to feel fighting is a good idea. Prevention and deescalation are the best self-defenses.

If I'm in a violent situation it's because someone wants something from me, and in that case they're almost certainly armed one way or another. You want my phone? Fine, I'll buy a new one, it's not a big deal. Definitely not worth risking your life for.
I don't care because the only ultimate sport that beats everything is freestyle wrestling. So the question should be really
>How does it feel knowing you train muay thai, karate, MMA or BJJ every day just to get clowned on by someone who trains wrestling?
>training MMA
>as amateur adult
>1 day of shitty grappling, 1 day of shitty striking, 1 day of conditioning or cringe sparrings
>thinking you will learn anything
LMAO, you'll get outpunched by boxer and outwrestled by wrestler
new >>166676
new >>166676
new >>166676

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