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File: 1692639079065.jpg (42 KB, 588x522)
42 KB
Do you guys gatekeep certain techniques or strategies that work for you from your club?

Example, I have this document on grip-fighting (Judo) that allows me to dominate everyone in this aspect. Not sure if I should share it or not.
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The opposite. I was so open with everything I know that my gymmates would ask me for advice instead of our coach. He even confronted me about it, and I'm like well shit man they ask me questions and I answer them, tf you want me to do?
Actually it's the opposite for me. My club gatekeeps techniques from us and I learn the real techniques by watching Youtube.
Then I start using the real techniques in class and the instructor is like wtf.
No because I want everyone there and myself to give a good fight
Sounds like your instructor is running a Cult McDojo, fist to his nuts sounds appropriate.
>gatekeep ... from your club
Absolutely dishonorabu. No wonder the west has fallen.

File: IMG_2089.jpg (90 KB, 602x783)
90 KB
Cus D’Amato would make Mike Tyson run miles with 50 lbs on his back to purposely stunt his growth.
So explain to me /xs/ why you only believe size matters when you’re far from the truth?

t. 6’4
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>Have long ass arms
>Used to carry a heavy ass backpack all the time in school.
I think I was supposed to be taller than 6'2...
What’s your wingspan
Mike Tyson was 220 lbs at 5'10 with like 10% body fat. You guys think that's not big? Some people on this board live in a fantasy world.
5’10 with a 5’11 reach in the heavy weigh division… Anyone can bulk up in weight.
Lie Tyson never did weighted roadwork

File: original (1).jpg (382 KB, 1600x900)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
Why should we have our weaker hand in front? Not that I'm complaining cause it actually feels natural for me but
Just why?
After all we punch with our forward hand more often than the rear hand so why not make these punches stronger, especially if you're a strong guy so knocking people out with a jab probably isn't impossible for you?
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>I have a stupid question
There are no stupid questions....just stupid people asking questions.
>Why should we have our weaker hand in front? Not that I'm complaining cause it actually feels natural for me but
Just why?
Simple: because Bruce Lee advocated leading with the dominant hand. As the current Bruce Lee opinions meta favors calling him a fake shitter who gets thrown into cars by Brad Pitt, therefore, it is now required for you to lead with the weaker hand. When the meta flips, we'll be back to calling people retards and Turks for leading with the weak hand.
Bruce Lee adopted the strong forward from fencing., his less popular brother was a fencer also. With the stance the fighter has strong lead punch instead of the weak jab. Nothing wrong with southpaw if a fighter learns it early
As someone who has never won a fight, does it not make sense to use your weaker hand to clear the way for your loaded stronger hand?
if it's farther away it means you can build up more speed. You also have more rotation. This means more power. I always wear out my right hand gloves first.

File: IMG_6975.jpg (296 KB, 1200x640)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
The next big fight. Thoughts?
I guess no one thinks boxing is x-treme?????
I do! Canelo is gonna win

File: 1643482838095.jpg (62 KB, 600x270)
62 KB
This guy is now the official arm wrestling world champion in both the heavyweight and super heavyweight divisions. Any thoughts about that?
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>He got BTFO by based Levan.
Levan forfeited the title to Ermes due to inactivity, and Devon whooped Ermes harder than Levan did, so now Devon is world super heavyweight champion on a technicality. Deal with it.
That's a convoluted way of saying Levan won and Devon is his bitch. He got absolutely BTFO on practice pulls this week again.
>o, my king's move
If you have to drop into a king's move, you can't beat your opponent. Simple as.
Gennadi mopped the floor with him and proved that if someone plays by the same rules as him (cheating, loud mouth, using cope techniques, cheating on the grip up, etc.), then Devon loses like a bitch.
>If you have to drop into a king's move, you can't beat your opponent. Simple a
If it's so fucking simple and easy to pull off, why don't his opponents do it to beat him when they're getting their asses kicked?
I think Vitaly has a shot at Devon. I think Devon's super long forearms are too weird for a lot of pullers to deal with. Since Vitaly's are just as long, the advantage disappears.

File: IMG_8081.jpg (165 KB, 1600x1198)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Why, on this board, does everyone advocate for Judo, BJJ, striking arts, instead of just traditional Jiu-Jitsu, which encompasses the ground grappling of BJJ, the throws of Judo, and the punches and kicks of Karate? There wouldn’t be Judo without Jiu-Jitsu and there obviously wouldn’t be BJJ
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I didn't hear about Shodokan Aikido until I saw this video.


While some of it is still very questionable, those standing locks look legit.
Because how you practice things matters more than technique collection. Sport allows you practice techniques in better ways than in traditional martial arts
In Germany Ju jutsu is the most practiced martial art. It has very similarities to combat sambo IF it would trained right.

You can compete in duo.
Which is basically a partner choreography:

Or in fighting, what is point fighting mma in a gi. Relay great for kids.


And there is allkampf, which is MMA in a gi.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You are incorrect and I will tell you why. Any decent pro fighter is basically a BJJ brown belt level and above. They might not have the belt, but they are at least equivalent. UFC fighters are black belt level and above, again even if they dont have the belt. You will absolutely get submitted if you think purple belt is all you need.
There is a huge difference with Sambo curriculum and an MMA only classes not focusing on anything in specifc in depth. Sambo actually have judo days, wrestling days, boxing days, and then days where they put it all together. So again they are learning in depth about specializations and putting it all together at the end.

File: tsg_day_out.jpg (353 KB, 1280x720)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
The Surfing General

First edition edition

>how do I learn to surf?

>How do I pick the right board?
Use a volume calculator, and find the right board type for your local break or waves you want to ride

>how do I know if the waves are good?
go check surfline or magicseaweed for reports
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lol not a basedjak.. they are so far behind. even normies moved onto basedjaks by now
File: 1695692295389719.png (620 KB, 563x758)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
This thread is like surfing on asphalt.
Thoughts on surf schools?

I'm thinking about doing one in Sri Lanka; it's a 2 week affair
skaters are nice people pretending to be assholes, surfers are assholes pretending to be nice people.
kook surfers are like scooter kids
you need to understand just by being in the line up you are a hazard to everyone else.

File: Capture.jpg (51 KB, 1280x800)
51 KB
What's the difference between savate and kickboxing? Like I know traditionally savate didn't include punches, only slaps and toe kicks, because a closed fist was considered a deadly weapon at the time, but these days punching is allowed so what's left to differentiate it?
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File: Capture.png (596 KB, 500x686)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
Didn't expect this thread to still be up after all this time.
So what about Sanda? I know it's supposed to be based on traditional chinese martial arts but it doesn't seem all that different compared to western kickboxing.
it's rules are more comparible to Muay Thai than western kickboxing. Throwing, elbows, knees etc.
Sanda is like kickboxing with sumo. You get the most points for pushing someone off the arena (reference to lei tai). You can also get many points for a throw.
Sanda kick catches are amazing
I think its actually in the same area as all the Lethwei dojos and the Bartitsu schools

File: 1695550948579954.gif (3.69 MB, 640x480)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB GIF
How would a prime Curt Angle be in the UFC?
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I’m not so sure. If that brought in PPV sales, Dana would’ve allowed it. McGregor attacked a bus and injured many fighters and still brought in sales
didn't he win the olympics with a broken neck?
would probably smash people
Some people are good in their own martial arts and not as good in MMA.
Karelin, Roger Gracie, Semmy Schilt are the GOATs in their martial arts and were "decent" in MMA.
Satoshi Ishii won the Gold Medal in Judo and was average in MMA.
Skill specifics are just funny that way. MMA crossover successes are mostly the guys who got towards elite, but didn't become superstars in their specific sport/style.
Let's face it, MMA is the RPS of martial arts: Striking, Grappling and Wrestling instead of RPS.

File: SCUBAsnax.jpg (93 KB, 669x446)
93 KB
What the fuck bros? There's no /scuba/ general?

Let's rectify that.

Best dive sites? Hairy or funny stories?

And the obvious question, what's better? PADI or SDI?

Here's an Australian Scuba FAQ until we make our own

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Did you died?
Yeah I'm a ghost
Any videopro's here who can share some knowledge?

I'm looking to maybe get a tray and videolight for my gopro hero 11. My girlfriend wants to use the footage for tiktok, so standards are not super high, but would be nice if the footage looks good (and yeah i'm aware that editing plays a large part in this).

We'll be doing our diving on a liveaboard in Hurghada, Egypt this oktober. I guess the visibility will be pretty good and we won't be doing many dives deeper than 18m (60ft). Is a light even needed in these cases?

If yes, i'm currently looking at the Sea Dragon 2000F with the tray included. Looks like an easy all-in-one solution that's not too bulky either. At 350eu it's also pretty much the upper limit of what i'm willing to spend, but i'm also happy to keep the money in my pocket.

Would be nice to get some imput on this!
Most dive centers I have seen provide insurance for their staff, which is relevant since SSI doesn't let you conduct pro activities without a dive center affiliation unlike other agencies.
I'd check DAN first if you aren't looking for a job.
t. aussie ssi instructor
Cool story. Had a similar experience with my discover dive guide. He told me the same thing at the end.

Got my cert a few months ago in Malta and my instructors were brilliant. Also helps that one was a hot middle aged Iowan and a 22 yo dutch medical student

ITT: We take a non-extreme sport and change it to make it extreme.

Marathon but you can sabotage your opponents any way you want. Weapons allowed. Basically the Road Rash game but on foot.

Dodgeball with bocce.

Polo but with rodeo horses.

Water polo but the water is slightly acidic so your skin and eyes start to burn after a while and you can only get out (rotating with other team members) once you score.

Any motor sport but without brakes.

Soccer with bowling balls.

Squash but the room is so narrow and you can get hit by the other player's racket.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Reminds me of a glass board that kinda worked:
What show is that? I don't think it's Gaki and I don't think it's a Takeshi show but I could be wrong.
This was in my recommended a couple days ago.
Basketball + wrestling

File: maxresdefault.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Strenght is the most important factor in a fight.
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The best revenge is not letting somebody live in your head for years afterwards.

Says otherwise
Fedor benched 180 kg in the army without proper food and training
> In the army.
> Growing young lad with bunch of testosterone.
> In a competitive environment where personal achievement matter.

Basically like free roiding without actual roids.

He wouldn't be able to do that if he started lifting weights as an older man unless he had his nutrition and recovery planned out.
>Brian Shaw
The fact that you know his name is part of why he wouldn't lose, he's an extraordinary individual: So much so, that you know him by name, despite never having met him. He's still an extraordinary outlier case in terms of strength and athleticism

If it's instead
>Zhang Weili
against someone more typically "strong", perhaps
>Slightly overweight but tall and stocky dock-worker who thinks they could fight MMA despite never having done a day of formal training in his life
I'd be betting on Zhang pretty much regardless of the dock worker's strength and weight, because at some point you're not going to overcome an absence of training.

File: jonbonesjones.jfif.jpg (99 KB, 600x400)
99 KB
My coworker told me about his encounter with Jon Jones

>See's me watching MMA clips at work
>him: "So, I saw Jon Jones before my flight"
>me: "Oh shit, really? when was this?"
>"This was in 2013, but he was a nobody then"
>"wtf? Jon Jones was a household name by 2013"
>"Nah, I'm pretty sure he was a nobody"
>"Bro, he won the title at 21 from Shogun Rua and was probably 5th or 6th title defense by the time you saw him"
>"Then why the fuck was he flying coach?"
Honestly its a damn shame these guys aren't living like superstars. You fight to the death in a steel cage for an electricians salary.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>no money for fighters
>plenty of money for USADA
>still give exemptions anyway
It may have started that way, but a lot of fighters are earning way more at other organizations. Francis Ngannou could potentially be just the tip of the iceberg, if there's legit money elsewhere the UFC can't confidently say they have the best fighers. It's a shame people like GSP got contract fucked though.
Not that anon, but going forward the UFC will change it's contracts so they don't get roped into another huge lawsuit like this. You can bet their legal team is working on that now.
That will probably mean more restrictions for fighters.
Imagine how many talented fighters left the sport to work in sub-jobs that pay better than the initial fights, if they had a better pay from the beginning they would be able to survive in the fight and bring us more entertainment.

The problem with boxing is not the money, it is the form of auctions that do not allow fighters without big managers to gain prominence, and these bigwigs only promote those who will bring the most financial return.

In the UFC, that's what happened with Jacaré, he was left out of the title fight until he was too old to win.
Yeah they get paid like shit

File: IMG_9433.jpg (90 KB, 720x960)
90 KB
So let me get this straight, people who want to learn boxing/kickboxing/Muay Thai for self defense are told to go train those striking arts. People who aren’t stupid will ask, “will my brain get damaged over time from sparring?” Someone will say, “just spar light and don’t compete”. But then, you might ask, how useful is striking for self defense if you only spar light? The answer is usually “not very much” or “it’s great for getting in shape”. So, striking isn’t that effective for self-defense unless you’re sparring hard occasionally, in which case you’re gradually damaging your brain, even if it’s a small amount. Do you just accept you’ll have to spar hard occasionally for your striking to be effective for self-defense? Doesn’t seem very sustainable as you get older.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: sonic.jpg (8 KB, 218x232)
8 KB
>Captcha: Verification not required
what a fucking gay and cringe take. please have sex for the love of God
I have copious quantities of sex, as I am kinda retarded.
Muay Thai doesn't really do hard sparring, they know not to have gym wars and save it for the ring
If people are sparring hard in the gym they're just tryhards too afraid to do it for real so they try to take advantage of people they know they can beat

File: MMA.png (2.25 MB, 1796x958)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
How is MMA immune from cancel culture?
>Dana slaps his wife on camera. Says "whoops. My bad" and nothing happened. No protest; nothing. Swept under the rug.
>Nick Diaz openly says 'nigga' and calls people 'faggot'. Literally nobody gives a shit online.
>McGregor commits assault in public and...nothing
>Many open Trump supporters

I can't think of another field so unaffected by Millennial/Gen Z sensibilities.
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I see you never followed armwrestling. Georginas are tough as grave nails. They are just build different. You are implying the man of steel would need BOTH of his hands to beat up a failed painter?
There are not enough basedboys in the audience
Stalin once broke the legs of a goat with his bare hands just for fun. I think he would be fine against a nerd incel like hitler
Don't talk about Canadian heroes like that.
>Many open Trump supporters
You just answered your own question.

In all seriousness sports like MMA just attract way more high-test people. You see this to a lesser extent with football where people shit on players for sitting during the anthem, and in NASCAR where up until recently Confederate flags were still a pretty common sight, and with the whole let’s go Brandon thing. These aren’t people who are going to cry foul over someone getting called a faggot, and unlike the basedboys running those other sports Dana is fully aware of that.

>baby Khabib wrestles a fucking bear and wins
>meanwhile little Koba needs to beat up a fucking goat at the petting zoo just so his friends at the seminary will stop calling him a loser
Female-brained behavior.

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