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File: Kengan_vs_Purgatory.jpg (1.24 MB, 1237x875)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
What are some martial arts media you would recommend, /xs/?

One of my all time favorite martial arts manga is the Kengan Ashura/Omega series. Followed by Hagure Idol Jigokuhen. I'm also into certain Fighting Games/Beat 'em ups where most of the characters practice some kind of IRL martial art. (Like Street Fighter, Final Fight, KOF, Metal Slug, Virtua Fighter, Streets of Rage, Tekken, DOA, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon and Kunio-Kun, for example.) Of course, your recommendations don't have to be limited to anime/manga and video games. They can come in the form of movies and TV shows as well. For example, I have the Ip Man Trilogy, Ong Bak Trilogy, The Raid Duology, The Rocky Hexalogy, The Street Fighter Trilogy (no, not the vidya) and the Sister Street Fighter Trilogy.

So if you have any recommendations, post 'em if you got 'em.
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North-Atlantid American millennial. DBZ was fairly popular in my school. I didn't watch much television, but I enjoyed it whenever I caught episodes and found the training montages relatable/inspiring as a wrestler.
You know what i've wondered, why in fuck hasn't anyone done a Professional Wrestling style setup for Martial Arts?
Shonen storylines, people doing awesome Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, Muay Thai choreographed fights, it kind of seems like a no brainer since much of Kung Fu or Aikido is choreographed bullshido anyway.
I think it's just so obvious nobody feels the need to mention it. Nobody's posted Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movies either. Everybody who's interested in martial arts media knows about those (and Dragon Ball). Kinda goes without saying that they're recommended.
Clip is from Wheels on Meals, in case anybody's wondering
Based. Reminder george morikawa owns a boxing gym which has produced a few japanese champs

File: download (9).jpg (67 KB, 800x649)
67 KB
how many retards here can actually skate and not be a whinny ass begineer
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you forgot kickflip. Without kickflip you're just a begineer
Uh.. I'm talking about skating. Not skateboarding.
not gonna lie my friends in school were skaters. well, some of them were. the rest of us were posers. although I enjoyed it, I was never good, not even mediocre honestly.
Once ollied over something 2ft and cant power slide.

Is there a sport so extreme that it would be guaranteed to kill somebody?
Somebody like this 50 year old woman as depicted in the photograph?
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vaccine maxxing
>most people who are mountaineers have a dead mountaineer friend/mentor.
Whitewater kayaking too. I was seriously into creeking for years, have run out of fingers of close friends I’ve lost.
Not even sure how many I’ve met along the way that died.
I have a son now, so only playboating for me now - things were getting a bit spicy there for a while, and I’m pretty sure I was next on The List after a couple of gnarly swims that really shouldn’t have ended well.
Only 2 WRC level drivers were killed in the GrpB era
Base Jumping. Pretty much every Base Jumper pro content producer I used to follow is dead now. Apparently an 1/8 chance to die every jump.
Based do you do poison poster

File: rollergurlz.jpg (451 KB, 1600x951)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
the skatepark isn't just for the guys anymore
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The rollergirls in my town have a ramp at their house, they invite skateboarders over on Saturday nights and we have roller+skateboard sessions. You know how these ultra lefty girls are, extremely sex positive, has an only fans, fucks lots and lots of girls and guys, practice polyamory, bisexual etc. Well apparently after I left they played spin the bottle on the flat bottom of the ramp which turned into truth or dare, clothes got shedded and apparently it turned into a big orgy on the ramp. More guys than girls too. Two sweaty rollerblades 69d on the ramp in front of like 15 people, shit is insane. I'm very autistic so I'm glad I wasn't there for it. They openly talk about this event and are not ashamed of it at all
*blocks your path
why the fuck would I ever want to skate a metal pre-fab mini
Beggars can't be choosers anon. Some flyovers still do not have skateparks.
Girls just go for Quads because it's a chick thing and Instagram/media. I've actually spoken to a few of these hipster Quad chicks and several of them were ex-aggressive Inline skaters but switched to Quad because that's what all their friends were getting into.
I legit don't get it as well, for aggressive, even aggressive inlines can be pretty stiff in forcing you to stick to a certain line (compared to freeskates frames), god knows how in fuck they do ramp or box tricks on quads.

BJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General



So what have you learned this week?
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Thank you for this. It gives me hope. Can I ask how old you are, and long it's been since your second scan (how long have you ben pain free) and whether you returned to Olympic weightlifting since then)? After my injury, which was caused by lifting with bad form, I was able to get to pain free by doing bodyweight exercises described in the book Convict Conditioning over the course of 3 years, but I never had a second scan. This summer all of a sudden and with no apparent reason, my disk condition got worse again overnight. I couldn't even walk for a week. I got back to almost normal now but it's still sore and gives me pain after more vigorous exercises, but I'm 40 so that might be a factor.
I'm 24 and between scans 2 years had gone by.
If it's really that bad, go see a doctor, man. Good luck and i wish you a speedy recovery
its pointless
who is this on the right and how can i make her my wife
get stronger, you do need muscle to move your body correctly

I've found a lot of these from browsing /xs/ so if you've been lurking a while you're probably familiar with most of these.

This general is for all over the top grappling moves that are just slick as fuck.
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mighty mouse suplex
your phone is shit isaac
conor mcgregor
slow and sloppy

File: mag advert.png (230 KB, 1685x740)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
New server, new leadership, without jannie mods who love to ban people. I put a lot of effort into making this a great organised user experience unlike the old one which didn't have coloured names or categories for each different martial arts.

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Muay Thai striking
Judo grappling
Given how sword fighting in the 21st century is an entirely useless skill, I don't really know how this is "worse" than any other sport. Any Kendo practitioner will tell you that it's not about realism or practical fencing, it's a sport.
Shotokan and BJJ.
I'm training shotokan since 1997 and I really enjoy it.
My sensei always despised "competitions" and focused on make sure his students learn how defend themselves and knockout people just with one attack.

BJJ is something that I know just a little bit since I'm more into Shotokan. I wish I wasn't so lazy to learn it, but I have a lot of fun training Shotokan and playing with the traditional weapons from the Okinawan Arts.
>and knockout people just with one attack.
We have about 150 years of people wrapping their hands and hitting harder than is possible bare knuckle that says that the one-hit knockout is rare. You are not Mike Tyson, you are not George Foreman, you are not Mark Hunt. If you KO someone, it will be from a combination of luck and accumulated damage.
>My sensei always despised "competitions" and focused on make sure his students learn how defend themselves and knockout people just with one attack.

Anyone who thinks they can reliably knock out people in one attack doesn't know how to defend themselves and would be better off entering competitions

File: 1625340122603.jpg (219 KB, 796x588)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
First off let me give my impression of them. When I was young my dad told me the reason Katas exist is that originally it was how schools had their students perform more advanced techniques. Because it would take years and years of practice with katas and performing these techniques before they would fully comprehend how to do said techniques properly and against a live opponent. In this way the teachers were deliberately drawing out the process of learning it, to try and prevent a student from learning all the motions and then opening their own school down the road after a year or two.
The other reason he said was that from time to time martial arts were banned in their respective countries. So the Katas were how old men could hide in their basements and practice their techniques with the hopes of passing it down to future generations once the ban had passed.
This is my understanding of the historical context of Katas. If I am wrong, please correct me.
Moving right along, in the modern age, I think Katas still have a place. There are plenty of techniques I KNOW and have picked up, but have been explicitly taught not to use in normal fights in the ring. For instance, shots to the groin, shots to the throat, eye gouging, fish hooking, hits to the back of the head, I was taught front kicks to the knee were impolite in a friendly sparring match/ring match, things like that.
The point I want to make, is Katas not a good place to practice the techniques you should not perform against your brothers and sisters in martial arts? Practice manipulating the clinch to expose the back of the head and launching an elbow, practice the motion of kicking someone's knee in backwards, that way you can still use the more impolite and unfriendly techniques and develop that muscle memory for a God forbid time you might need it.

The basic deerhorn knife kata is literally just introductory two-handed parry/thrust with the most awkward possible implements. Partner practice is probably always strictly better, and partner practice with a master better still, but you can learn a lot from katas unless you're a brainlet. Most dojos are populated exclusively by brainlets ofc...
Katas are just shadowboxing for people who can't adlib combos.
Kata is something you need study their application to understand how apply it to self defense situations.
You need forget competitions and focus on what martial arts really are: neutralize targets using your body and weapons.

File: Rico.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1080)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
All styles welcome
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This is a cope
File: image_2021-10-18_223608.png (367 KB, 1150x600)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
then why has there been zero K1 karatekas or pro kickboxers in the promotion? They pay pretty well, offering huge contracts to the olympic karate fighters, yet they can't seem to entice anyone from K1, or they just don't want them.
I watched a few and liked it at first but wondered why the fuck none of them were kicking. Jesus, no side kicks or round kicks in Karate...? Why?
Kick and elbow focus this week at muay thai. Bretty fun.

I find on my left elbow i sometimes jerk my neck and it's a bit painful. Any advice? I had a couple sprains in my neck that i got treated last week so it could just be remaining twinges from that
There's one guy who got in as a pro kickboxer. Their two best fighters are both ex-MMA guys on top of that. But you'd actually be surprised how troubling it is stopping Kyokushin guys from using knees or low kicks.

That absolutely hampers the traditional kyokushin offense (taking away one of their main close range direct weapons alongside the mainstay of their kicking arsenal) at the same time that they're being made to fight at an unusual distance.

The shotokan guys are already adapting to the full-contact ruleset after only a couple years. Mahdi used to be all scorpion meme kicks but now he's using a lead leg side kick as a distance weapon consistently.

File: keyboard.jpg (119 KB, 800x533)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Is competitive speed typing an extreme sport and if so how many wpm can you type?
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unless you're a competitive programmer autist how fast you type doesn't really matter. and competitive programming is a mess
I'm a 110 IQ midwit.
unless you're a competitive firefighter autist how fast you drive doesn't really matter. and competitive firefighting is a mess

That's basically your argument using other activities. Programming and speed typing are two different things, just like firefighting and car racing are two different things.
File: wpmtest.png (27 KB, 909x251)
27 KB
Just done this on typeracer, but there's no way I average 144 daily. Usually I do 100-120, I use a K70 Mk.2 by Corsair and this was done in English language. Never really gave much thought about keyboards.
>unless you're a competitive programmer autist how fast you type doesn't really matter
Writing code fast is mostly a sign of poor design, so not even here is it important. Typing fast is the most useful when shitposting

File: matt stonie.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Is competitive eating an extreme sport?
Only when your mum gets in line to eat my arse.
Extremely cringe yes
Only for Loli feet
>how to say you're American without saying you're American
File: E8nd7JHWUAQeoqw.jpg (47 KB, 639x361)
47 KB
This is a Badlands Booker board

File: palm2.jpg (29 KB, 600x600)
29 KB
So how effective are palm strikes?
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All of those are legit if you qigong your hands into stone.
File: 20211013_153408.png (758 KB, 608x1069)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
My wife
File: images.png (5 KB, 229x220)
5 KB
>"But explain using some thread of logic"
Are you actually retarded would you rather get slapped by a twink or a fat guy?
>I'm not even gonna open the wikis
Why not?
Stripped of all the mysticism, they're just abstractions of the grips you take when grappling or used for niche strikes.

File: k2.jpg (570 KB, 2560x1707)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
how do you get into mountain climbing?
36 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
That book is a textbook but fascinating like a story.
I was a bit lucky growing up in NZ.
Did outdoor education in high school with a couple of excellent teachers. Did a lot of whitewater, rock and mountain. Classmates super motivated too. Borrowed gear from school until we could afford our own.
Went from there to 2 years of guiding school, focused on rock, kayak, raft, hike. Did enough mountains to be able to do everything competently except assess avalanches. I was out of action for that element both years.
There’s quite a bit to it all, I’d suggest a course so you don’t learn other people’s bad habits. Then do heaps on your own. Then do an advanced course. Then go for your life.
Always be prepared to go back when things aren’t looking right. If something feels wrong , it probably is.
Read Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, it’s a what not to do encyclopaedia.
jealous :( I'm only 22 and I can't find anyone my age to climb with
I started by basically just getting into the best shape I could, I'd recommend training for the new alpinism (I think that's what it's called?). Start by getting a good cardiovascular tolerance by doing long and heavy cardio regularly, and work your way up from easy to difficult hikes over the span of a couple years.
This. Watched all kinds of documentaries and youtube content afterwards but almost everything focuses on what a great special snowflake the person doing it is.
I just want my mountains, not some retards backstory.

>muh women can skate too
>not just a man's sport
>so inspiring
Why do all these media shills act like women are now all of a sudden skating? Parks have been packed with women skaters for years. Skaters like Leticia have been dominating for years too, this is nothing new
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Showing mercy to a thot. Enjoy getting cucked.

not based
>This video is private.
you're a retarded hole.
men built the world, and conflict is a necessary part of societal growth.
>giving a single fuck about womyn sport
Reminder the us women's soccer team lost 7-0 to u15 boys

File: unknown.png (1.67 MB, 1200x900)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
post some cool ufc shit...
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Based digits speaking the truth here. GSP was the GOAT and some of these bitches are going to have to work WAY harder to even come close.
*loses to Poirier twice*
Frens, what are you looking forward to? I'm really eager to see Dustin vs. Charlie for the LW belt. Also can't wait to see Gaethje back in action.
I'm a bit confused as to what the UFC are doing with Stipe, he doesn't have a fight booked. Why wasn't he the one fighting Lewis or Gane? I would love to see Stipe vs Ngannou 3.
And for the record, I hope the UFC drops Jon Jones. Dude is a fucking scumbag and doesn't deserve any more sympathy.
I want to see Gaethje to know if he's all in on the backfoot game or if he can switch it up when needed.
I am right now waiting for something to happen on BW or FW. The most exciting divisions are dead at the top. Yan is fighting but it feels haphazard.
Jones is not getting cut, if only because the UFC is used to holding contracts like a grudge. Somehow DC is still trying to be the role model Jones never listens to.
Hello frens, I’m really excited for the next cards coming up. Covington vs Usman 2, Chandler vs Gaethje, Olivera title defense, and etc.

We need more MMA stuff here

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