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File: 3454325325.jpg (82 KB, 600x424)
82 KB
Are witches evil? Doesn't their magic come from the devil?
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I kinda had a feeling she was making it seem like she was better than she really was. I'm sure a better fortune teller could make some money out the lottery like being able to predict the future should be a game changer in money-making if you can predict the future you have the advantage of literally everyone that can't (most people)

She can also predict only like 3 or 4 days into the future at max. She was young though.
not bad for 19
You joke but there is a lot of objective power in acting and suspension of disbelief.
that story went from 0 to 100 real fast
File: 1675191892570932.png (2.42 MB, 957x1308)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
Should I be "concerned" about covens in my area? I feel like some of them must be just wicca shit in groups, as opposed to serious business. I'm not sure the gay man witch cult is something I need to take seriously. I would imagine the problematic ones wouldn't publicly identify themselves as a coven online.

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 232x130)
8 KB
Is it possible that if you proverbially think hard enough, you can make certain things literally happen? How hard, how intensively have you think? And what can you make happen through intensive thinking?
My take on it is that thoughts have no power at all, it's the consciousness behind it that does.
And probably requires going deeper than the ego mind. But that's just my guess, not like I've ever been able to do it.
somewhat. it's not "how hard you must think" so much as "how you think". if you think with images and symbols like language and memories, then you are "seeing". If you then take that vision you have generated, and experience it as though it is happening now, this is "feeling". If you then take that back to the mind, and recognize that it has already happened, this is "being."
See it, feel it, be it. You can get more complex with it, direct mental imagery through symbols and ritual, you can refine your ability to concentrate through meditation, and so on, there are descriptions of the mechanics of this process, in attempts to understand why a desire does not come to pass, but this is the gist of it.
If you stay in the "seeing it" phase, you are stuck. So it's not how hard you think, the thinking is the seed.
I am of the same mind as >>34007034. There is only one primordial thought, the mind that thought it is something that the individuated, personal, mortal you can tap into, and when the signal is clear, what you "see" and what happens naturally come to pass.

i have 10 hours a day (night)where im alone in my room with the door closed,in the dark. Should I spend these 10 hours in full lotus? and,during the day,spend 2 or 3,4 hours in Horse Stance, while watching anime maybe?
>will this significantly increase my glow\attraction\energy, given that im already advancing in semen retention?
>Should I also do pranayama and\or tratak
of course i also will do,and already do,normal stuff like lifting,sprints,chin ups and pull ups,etc
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You always produce the energy if you're a healthy male, most drain it though because it gets overwhelming.
File: InstinctSet.jpg (147 KB, 1000x792)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Im honestly interesting. tell me more.
by drain do you mean coom?
what will happen if (God willing)I manage to go for 6 moths,10 hours daily lotus pose,and 0 wet dreams?(without fap or sex in that period,of course)
I'm not the anon who originally wrote about those different types of yoga but yeah, cooming.
The important thing is to redirect the energy in positive and healthy ways, which is not necessarily sitting in full lotus all the time. Go outside, be active, exercise, train combat etc.
Don't forget the breath, as in pranayama. It's a useful tool in conjunction with the different postures.
The fundamental mistake in doing any of this is if you repress the sex drive in some purity-obsessed madness. Cultivated properly, it's a source of great bliss.
File: camel polo.jpg (405 KB, 1600x1063)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
im incredibly interested in sexual energy. Im even willing to spend TWENTY(20) hours a day in full lotus for months
You will likely find more use in doing something other than just sitting on your ass, even if it sounds tempting.

Add me Umie#3223
reported to the fbi

Someone or another is attempting to attract King Paimon De Nazarene?

>What Is Astrology?
Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial bodies and earthly events.

>New to /astro/?
Read this:

>>Get your Chart:
The default chart settings are not necessarily the best.

>>Useful Links:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I haven't found a correlation of specific phobias yet.

It's not something talked about.
Yea, that would be extremely very specific... still wish psychologists could collaborate with astros and give us the answers lol
What about the correlation with a phobic nature tho?
It's not that you need psychologists, it's that you need astrologers who go looking for it, subjects that share it, and then the former publishes the findings.
Typically caused by heavy water sign presence. Possibly also Libra and Virgo. My guess.
>Typically caused by heavy water sign presence, Libra and virgo

top tier /x/ games
>pic very related
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lmao just unlocked memories from this image
>artificial conciseness goes rogue.
>get's addicted to an MMO
you expect me to watch 45 minutes of vids without explanation?
File: 7cu3ptngzjfa1.jpg (53 KB, 504x586)
53 KB
Finally gonna download this stupid game (Drowned God, that is). I adore that the only way I could find to make it work is via a French installer

Also Elden Ring is super /x/ in a similar vein from what I understand with outer gods and alien interference and whatnot. Hilarious how they sneaked that in right under the nose of 99% of the playerbase for the game of the year lol
Based drowned god poster

File: as above, so below.jpg (191 KB, 640x640)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Welcome. The purpose of this general is to show you how to use your own wonderful human imagination to achieve your every desire.
The world and all within it is man’s conditioned consciousness objectified. Consciousness is the cause as well as the substance of the entire world. So it is to consciousness that we must turn if we would discover the secret of creation. Knowledge of the law of consciousness and the method of operating this law will enable you to accomplish all you desire in life.

The Main Concepts:
>Imagination creates Reality
>Assumptions harden into fact
>Consciousness is the only Reality
>Feeling is the Secret
>Prayer, Living in the End/In the Wish Fulfilled (remaining Faithful to your Idea)
>You are the Operant Power
>There is no one to change but Self (Self-concept)
>Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally (Time is an Illusion)

>Can I manifest ___?
Yes! Creation is finished.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I've only started doing this consistently sometime last month. At first I did $100 for the week, then I did $150 for the next, and then $300, and just recently I did $600, so just a bit over $1000 counting the whole month.

I have done other amounts. Biggest was $1000 in one go, but I didn't have a progressive system like I have now. Even now, I don't really have it nailed to where I think I can get the $600 again consistently (feels more closer to a "big break" like the $1000), my belief range is still somewhere in the $100-300 range. So, just keep at it, and adjust accordingly to start small if need be.
For NG, that's "or the like", in that he would just have you go to the end of loving your job, he wouldn't make you ponder which one to take. The result of that can be similar to a "sign" though, like one job offer closes up so the choice is easy.
my SP people are all military experts(CIA SOG-SAD,SOCOM, SPETNAZ GRU and Vympel). i just want to be a warrior. but also a rescuer,so my SPs are also rescue swimmers, mountain-ice rescuers,etc
wish me luck. I will probably bleed,sweat galloons per year of training and break several bones. but itll be worth it
Not that altered carbanon, but allow us to dissect, if you will:
>I wake up kinda disappointed every time
You’re attached to outcomes, leading to disappointment. A rose does not lament as it plants its roots. The rain shall come. The season is nigh.
>am I doing it wrong?
There is no wrong, for there are no mistakes. Only surprises. Thus revealed is the lesson of the present moment, of which our focus shall be placed upon. Recall the first dissection. Are you focused on lack? If so, apply gratitude, appreciation, reverence, and exaltation. The moment contains love, infinitely, outside of your field of vision. Outside of you. It drives all life forms. Broaden your vantage point. Reflect inward so that you may radiate outward. Love yourself and grow.
>I fall asleep instantly
Rest is vital. Your body will do what it needs to. The engine will not purr without gas.

Know your desires. As they approach true unconditional love, you may discover exactly why feeling is the key.
Aren’t we all?
thanks a lot bro for this, I am kinda attached to my desire because it will potentially elevate my whole basketball career and it could change my life drastically, and you are right, i'm not really applying gratitude in my life in general, I think i'm getting the hang of it.
also thanks for replying Takeshi, u are always answering every time despite me asking the same retarded questions

File: ancient_skeleton.jpg (143 KB, 989x783)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Any books on paranormal events and alien contact?
File: 3657jh3h.jpg (461 KB, 2518x1024)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
anything by the ickeman
File: 1574742683565.png (1.46 MB, 2289x1701)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Yes, unironically study NDEs and realize that there actually is an afterlife and that we are eternal and will go to heaven unconditionally when we die. And the book in pic related is known to convince even hardened skeptics that there is an afterlife.

Here is a very persuasive argument for why NDEs are real:


It emphasizes that NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and when people go deep into the NDE, they all become convinced. As this article points out:


>"Among those with the deepest experiences 100 percent came away agreeing with the statement, "An afterlife definitely exists"."

Since NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and they are all convinced, then 100% of the population become convinced that there is an afterlife when they have a sufficiently deep NDE themselves. When you dream and wake up, you instantly realize that life is more real than your dreams. When you have an NDE, the same thing is happening, but on a higher level, as you immediately realize that life is the deep dream and the NDE world is the undeniably real world by comparison.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That skull isn't alien, normie.


File: holoscope.png (163 KB, 2774x2774)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
it was never ready
ein random right haha

File: gnosticism simplified.png (121 KB, 1882x900)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Read this carefully /x/
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in formed
incomprehensible? uncertainty doubt
This was a while ago. I got shadow banned.
i don't exactly understand the difference between astral and spiritual

File: 1651404261268.png (560 KB, 2000x2675)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
Coordinates are:


Feedback available, but not complete. I'll post what the task is after 8 hours or if someone hits with enough data before that. This will not be a guessing thread. Instructions in the OP pic.
8 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1664571228024338.png (111 KB, 570x900)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
I think he's right. the target is coded text
I'm not sure I understand, I just encrypted what the tasking was. I'll give the key to decrypt it after time is up. I hope a few more will give it a shot before that happens, though.
Crocodile, snake, sand, scales
Someone with a long neck in a black shirt and purple scarf sitiing before table in a place that looks as phone accesories store (like headphones, sd cards that kind of crap)

My sketch was depicting some kind of cubic building with a vertical banner on a mast on the roof. THin pillars and trees in the background.

Feedback image was a blimp in blue sky :\
Keep on practicing anon. After a month of doing it daily I was able to get some accurate images.

Anyone into chakras here? I am curious, why it's usually the seven chakras, though I've heard that sometimes there are 8. Based on my personal experience and meditations, I've managed to "touch" all 8, but I am unsure, if this is just some combination of some previous ones, or if it's an actual one.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>racism on a blue board
wasting your time
What makes you so sure they're not black?
There's five.
There are 7 in the body and they are both physical glands and spiritual points. There are more outside the body. First one is about 6-12 inches overhead.
Chakras are an illegal installation to the avatar that allows many equally illegal manipulations of the energetic body by astral shitlords. Your newfound powers are bullshit designed to keep you enslaved to whatever they desire. Close them do not open them.

Who is at the tippy top of the pyramid, reptiles, ayys, demons?
67 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
who still believes its nobody must be truly low IQ
Its simple

If God doesnt exist why do jews worship satan ?
this whole thread save for a few people is newfags, trolls, and shills, like 95% of /x/ as a whole
It's the fucking elves. Every psychedelic trip has them.
File: 1631247053983.jpg (49 KB, 600x685)
49 KB
Pratchett was an Atheist during most of his life, he didn't become a Christian but did declare that he wasn't an Atheist either. Here you can see were he began to be critical of the atheistic-materialistic worldview.

File: 1670523773729782.jpg (59 KB, 999x698)
59 KB
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File: Maggie Hassan.png (1.75 MB, 1440x900)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
the original pillow is still there but rotated
the circled is new
Gold and white wall paper.
did you ever find that spoon your girlfriend was angry at that they took?
checked and based

File: queen.jpg (7 KB, 199x254)
7 KB
I had a large Haitian lady I know tell me she is the Queen. Everybody gives her food, drink and money. She has plenty of money and is homeless. She told me yesterday I was the King. Another guy showed me a picture of God next to the sun and moon with angels underneathe implying I was God. Call me clueless but I've been called so many names lol. People walk up to her and give her stuff and call her Mama. I'm not really buying into stuff but I've been repeatedly told things in the past and pretty much called every name in the book. The only Queen of Heaven I've heard is Asherah and her consort is El/Yahweh/Anu. Like I said, I'm leary of people saying things to me.

I instinctively have said things, whether scripted or not. I've said over the years "I animate the corpses" and "I'm eternal"...either an internal knowing or I'm being fed delusions.

Yesterday I told my friend when we go everybody in this world goes. It's just something I'm 'scripted to know', whether true or not. After I said it she told me she is the Queen and I'm the king. After that a guy named Donny asked my friend and I if we were interested in a job putting up fences...lol

I'm not prone to delusions anymore and my memory is swiped so I'm not really buying any of it. It COULD be true what she says, 'cause, like I said, people come up to her and call her Mama and give here gifts.

Anybody on here get similar stuff happening? I've even had my companion say "Thank you Jesus" or "Thank you Joshua". When I confront him he is evasive and says he was scripted. This world is strange now...

People where I sit come up to my table to talk, I don't go to them. I'm homeless but I'll get these people telling me stories. One guy doing millions of $$ in business, another guy knowing Warren Buffet etc, a father and son that run a construction company and are loaded. I'm homeless but they come to my table to talk to me...WTH?
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Holy shit schizo take your meds
Have you had thoughts or hidden desire of being king?
I used to think that it'd be cool to be like Trevor from GTA 5 or be chad. I realized that it'd be near impossible to be like that. For some reason whenever I opened up and thought fuck it, I'd get called Trevor chad and king
I have a strong feeling that all of those people were messing with me. But it's just me
Movie primadonna is what I suspect is happening behind my back
Well, LOL is both LAL and LEL, so you're right.

LEL means ughhh ohhhhh

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