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Are twin flames even real, anymore?
Can it really be real though? How could you even be sure?

File: spooks.png (1.08 MB, 837x654)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Why are bears so creepy? its like they know but act act like they dont know

also what is the creepiest animals in your opinion
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Yeap. Not clicking on this link.
pretty based anon, makes me feel a lot better about being born a boring human
Oh fuck, alien bears!
The word "Arctic" literally means "land of the bear".
The word "Antarctic" is a shortened form of "Anti-Arctic".
So it can be truthfully said that the reason why nobody lives in Antarctica is because it's simply unbearable.
Bears are the messengers of gods in Finnish mythology

File: 1585852810580.png (1.31 MB, 2020x1895)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
What should I do? Why is all the "evidence" so shaky cam, blurry, etc.? I want to believe.
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File: 58b.png (136 KB, 477x720)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
I believe that the "paranormal" experience is something that is real and experienced by real people in this world by trustworthy sane people having said that it seems that most occult belief systems and general attempts to make sense of this experience unravel at some point.
How does schizoid autism of /x/ help with that?
There has to be a better way than that.
What did you find? What kind of experience did you have?
Got recommendations?
You want to experience something paranormal first-hand?
Smoke weed and take SSRIs. Like a alot of it. You will see some shit
it can start by seeing those in positions of trust blatantly lying to you.

File: whoredemon.png (593 KB, 534x570)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
Enabling others to take advantage you does not help anyone. All you are doing is letting someone take your energy from you.

While you think you are "helping" these people, you are actually educating them that they are not required to solve their own problems with critical thinking.

You are not being selfish by letting someone suffer as a result from their own actions. You are not required to take negative energy from someone else's path.
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File: 1599578541543.jpg (420 KB, 651x840)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
Thank you kirby!

>You should save children from hell you sick fuck

Cant make me bitch no u

There is some grey area, you have bended the argument. Congradulations nigger lmao.

I think we all have a home spirit we are connected to. We can sense who shares a spirit with us, and there are many spirits on the planet.

If I have a feeling that someone is a piece of shit and I have the opportunity to divert them form a fatal car accident, but I have a vision they then rape my daughter and the vision resonates truth, chances are I wont save them

It is important to not feed the leeches, or to throw pearls to the swine, etc.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Nor should you help those that would use it to harm others - help those that can be helped in a healthy way and that deserve it. Everything is gray in some way.
>they are not required to solve their own problems
Why should they or anybody else forced to do so?
Ur dumb
Nobody's being forced to do anything. It's better to allow someone to either fail or succeed on their own for the sake of spiritual evolution.

Otherwise you have a slew of fucking crybabbies begging to be spoon fed. Guess who's the spoon holder? The one who feeds the leeches.

I don't know what is so hard to understand. I stated everything pretty clearly in the op that answers your question.

File: 1600305059089.webm (1.22 MB, 808x640)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB WEBM

>"After the tragic news of Oh In Hye's death spread, many fans and netizens have revisited her last YouTube video. After seeing the video, many are speculating that she sent a hidden dying message in the video.

>The reason many netizens think this could be the case is because of Oh In Hye's video has a strange buffering part at the beginning.

>On September 12, the final video posted on her YouTube channel was the 46th episode of 'In Hye's daily life'. However, instead of numbering her episode as 46, Oh In Hye uploaded the video as episode 48.

>Many wondered why she has done this. However, at exactly 48 seconds into the video, there is a strange buffering that takes place. This buffering doesn't take place for just a few seconds but for a full minute and stops at 1:48. The length of the buffering seems too long to be a mistake or a coincidence.

>What was more frightening about the clip is that the actress is seen hitting her neck with a comb, over and over again, during that period of the buffering."
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My dad works at youtube and apparently the video was cursed so they made it private

What’s the suicide cult? Couldn’t find much on google/duck
Other asian celebrities have died at 36? That’s weird
File: banter stops.jpg (67 KB, 602x709)
67 KB
Did anyone save the video? I pussied out of watching it after reading the thread

What is the end goal of anti-abortionists? They only care until the baby is born. After that, it doesn't matter if the baby is an orphan or is made from rape, or lives a life of poverty and low chances of success. Are these the babies that become trafficked and sacrificed to Moloch? They are also involved in concentration camps at the border and they separate the illegal migrants from their children and abuse them.
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>What is the end goal of anti-abortionists?
To end abortion, I thought that should be fairly obvious.
If you're asking WHY they're anti abortionists, it depends. Don't assume you know why they have the belief, ask them why they're anti-abortion and move from there.
I’m pretty sure the anon was referring to what actually happened. As in,
> “do you think Hitler should have been allowed to come into the world, then go on to do what he did”
Gee, you people sure are fuckin’ slow on the uptake.
Anti-abortionists have been MK ultra'd like the far left/right. They are pawns and the elites use them to create a population of people they can easily prey upon.
>the elites don't like abortion
This is possibly the most braindead and gaslighted take I have ever seen.
Something to feel good about, some kind of self righteousness

Every time you fart, a bit of your soul escapes your body. It's not natural to fart as much as we do in this current day. The type of garbage we eat at McDonald's and the preservatives and chemicals in all the food at the super market are designed to upset our stomach. Our gut is our 2nd brain and the bacteria that exists there is very important.
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Farting is naturale and releases toxins
File: jeff.jpg (60 KB, 1024x768)
60 KB
>As of October 2016, most of the work done on the role of gut flora in the gut–brain axis had been conducted in animals, or on characterizing the various neuroactive compounds that gut flora can produce. Studies with humans – measuring variations in gut flora between people with various psychiatric and neurological conditions or when stressed, or measuring effects of various probiotics (dubbed "psychobiotics" in this context) – had generally been small and were just beginning to be generalized.
Where the fuck is the janitor?
>The systemic importance of the SCFAs and other compounds they produce are like hormones and the gut flora itself appears to function like an endocrine organ;[13] dysregulation of the gut flora has been correlated with a host of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

The composition of human gut flora changes over time, when the diet changes, and as overall health changes.

Confess your deepest and most disturbing thoughts.

You do not need to explain your confession, that i entirely up to you.

This is not for your comfort, but a way to release any weight on your shoulders.

Please do not judge each other.

I wanna hear your unfiltered and raw confessions. Be truthful and honest, Do not cut up your confession or remove a part that doesn't fit your narrative.

At the end of the day you are another faceless and unknown soul.

Go ahead brother and sisters, confess.
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I'm a hypocrite who thinks only about myself and give advice I don't even follow, but want to follow in some corner of my mind.

I wish I was different but take no action to be so. I hate myself.
I get this/got this for for a long time. Its more like I dreamt my whole future out one time when i was younger and every now and then I will get extreme deja vu and dread knowing Ive experienced this and my whole life before. Really Its mostly faded now and I rarely get it and I kind of pass it off as a delusion or coping mechanism with reality but cant lie that it doesnt trip me out
As a kid, I used to punch my sister hard enough to bruise her. It's been many years and I don't understand why I did that.
ive pretty much cut all contact with my dad. my mom left him when she was still pregnant with me bc not only was he a junkie but she found him looking at child porn. he was also extremely manipulative and abusive to her im sure, part of me thinks probably physically sometimes too. once i was born, he came back for a few years to “help us out” and lived there but there was no love between them. growing up we would have every other weekend with him but most of the time he would leave us with our grandma and granddad which hurt but in retrospect was fine anyways, they were much better than him and i admire my late grandmother so much. he was never really there for us most of our lives, me or my sister, he still made an effort but most of the time it just felt like the bare minimum. about five years ago he re married and then a year later had a kid with his wife. every time i would go over there they would fight and yell at each other. this past summer me and my sister were over and my sister asks our step mom if she wants to talk about it at some point after witnessing him yelling at her over nothing again. they talk and she reveals that hes never there for their child, he is almost always angry and stays to himself most of the time and she has to raise the child herself for the most part. his first of rage are an everyday occurrence and theres several times that shes had to lock herself and the kid behind a door. our hearts are broken, a part of us were jealous of our baby sister since we thought she would get the father we never had but we realize shes going to have to go through the same we did. the next time we talk to her we tell her about the child porn. she freaks out and then pretty much stops talking to me or my sister, and later our dad texts us explains everything, making sure to tell us “it wasnt even technically illegal”.

i know he looked at it many times before and saw much worse things than what my mom caught him with. i know he is a manipulative liar and i cant trust anything he says. i havent talked to him since. my heart hurts for my sister and i will literally kill him if he ever does anything to her. and part of me too resents my mom for allowing him to be around us knowing what she knew. we were not safe. i hate him. i hate him and everything he is. not just as a parent but as a person. i want to be the opposite of him in life. my biggest fear is being my dad, especially since i have the same mental illnesses and have fallen into some drug addiction myself (thankfully just a dependency on weed which is still bad but eh). sometimes, me and my sister even think about taking the child and raising her as our own. am i justified in all of this?

File: 1587622414257.png (155 KB, 1159x852)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
someone please explain this shit to me right now
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Considering how wide spread it seems to be and how many here flunked out that would seem to be the case.
It means we’re espers.
>Hazel eyes
>Occupital bun
>Not breathing because umbilical cord
>No NDEs
>No solid memories of the classes
>GATE classrooms were interior with the thin door window covered
>Don't know of any times I've been followed
>I've been let off for speeding more than a handful of times and one cop told me I was doing 95 but wrote 87 on the ticket

>I'm on this board, lol
>Horizontal scars from a claw hammer and from my brother scratching me hard, both from a young age
>First born son
>Occasional Migranes
>I've had some prophetic dreams before

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: hk.jpg (12 KB, 300x250)
12 KB
Oh FUCK. I remember this.

I was in my first grade classroom, and a woman came in to see me. The teacher told me I had to go with her. We went to the next classroom to pick up more students, following along, and I asked if my friend Sam could come with us. "Of course," she said.

She brought us to what looked like a storage room, where she had us look at these cards. This is something I've thought about in increments over time since taking acid for the first time.

She showed us the cards, and did a series of other tests, while Sam worked on a separate project.

I remember the door was shut, lights were off, and the windows were covered, because there was only the smallest amount of light coming in from around the edges of the window coverings.

We did these tests over a series of weeks. I asked my parents about it in adulthood, and they said they had no clue what I was talking about.

I check some of those things off the list, including a near-death experience as a child, with drowning.

MFW I'm diagnosed with schizo disorder in adulthood, and have spent extensive time in mental wards, have seen demons, and spoken with God. I recall feeling sedated throughout childhood and teenhood before trying psychedelics in adulthood.
don't do drugs, kids !

File: 1600615246743.png (252 KB, 1005x668)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
Yaldabaoth more like YaldaPOOP am i right
lel fuck jannies they sick yaldo pee pee

>muh meat prison
>muh farming loosh
>muh archon brison
>muh yaldo bloblo

File: leo.jpg (56 KB, 400x450)
56 KB
>Leo sun
>Scorpio ascendant
>Taurus moon
Is there a more based combination?
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I am highly active and an avid outdoorsman. Interestingly, I have always had a voracious sexual appetite as well. I’m assuming “life force” refers to that at least in part. Thanks for your response.
i am rarely wrong
with that in mind
i think you'll have a great life
be good
That's great. You're all set up to take full advantage then.

>I’m assuming “life force” refers to that at least in part
Yeah, in part. Though I think sexual appetites are more indicative of the deep primordial desire to propagate life, rather than a marking of fitness and health - though it can be.
>Capricorn Sun
>Sagittarius Moon
>Scorpio Ascendant

^ What mean and when God I am?
i feel that i could be wrong more often than you, but i wish you will at least find and kidnap your cool libra someday

File: mnjdncm3sl201.jpg (138 KB, 1283x1468)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Is it possible that Chad's are conceived into reality because beta male's fantasies?
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>This. SO much this! epic win XD. You, my good sir, just won the internet!
Lay off the herb, my man.
I am high as fuck. I thought you said "aliens are conjured into realtiy" cuz i want some aliens really badly.
Chads are Chads due to a mixture of genetics and environment. They have good genes that bless the with height, strength and good facial structure, high testosterone etc... but they also had good parents who supported them but didn't remove too many obstacles and let them fight most of their own battles so they still grew up strong.

What's the average iq of angels?
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what are these pictures ?
Literal depictions of angels as described in the bible
How can they look like rendering glitches unless they were in your mind logic of all time
File: floyd.jpg (45 KB, 474x316)
45 KB
85. Angels are black.
Angels, of which are 4th dimensional beings, so that is how they appear in only 3 dimensions.

File: 123215421214345123.jpg (45 KB, 275x183)
45 KB
I constantly about how everything has been feeling weird lately, how we're about to go through something, how something is going to "change".

So let me put it in the most traditional, basic view possible, that most people will understand. The Christian view.

We are literally about to enter the end times. The antichrist is Donald Trump. I don't know how anyone could dispute this when the mark of the beast is literally worn on every single ravenous fan.

And the fan base. Look at them. I'm not even being political when I say this, but they literally are immune to change. They see all the shit and evil he's caused and yet they become more ravenous by the day.

This is not a political post. You need to realize that this all started in 2016 and it's only going to become even worse. It's coming.

Find the light, the holy, the divine. Please reject the evil. Please.
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Ever heard of sex? 50% of all genes passed along.

Race is a social construct.

oh yeah they're really burning half the country. You've been brainwashed and turned into a cuck for corporate power.

I'm convinced that 4chan is a platform for foreign powers to divide Americans. Simple as that. America is too powerful in their mind and because of its racial history, America is vulnerable to race relations being used as a source of division from foreign powers.

Get off 4chan guys. It's a gigantic source of brainwashing information. Only listen to people when you can see their mouths moving.

Almost started a war with Iran for one. I don't understand why Trumpers expect people to list everything off when you can literally google search it.

Also don't use loaded word like "evil." Think of what it means to be evil and then search for things that apply to that.

Also meditate and realize that you're cucking your own intellect. Your emotional centers rule your mind, but your mind can be so much more, reptile.

No where because they're not a problem. Trans-rights have been hijacked by right wing media because they understand that it makes people uncomfortable and angry. People are told what to be angry about and they just follow.

Such a small percentage of the world is trans that it becomes so obvious that it's just a political tool to infuriate right wingers. This gets the vote out.

It's ironic because this is what causes it to have more media attention and now boom, more people are supporting trans people and making it a bigger deal because the right wing media attacks them.

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
What if truth is evil and illusion actually good?
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then that would be true. the truth is too big a burden to bear. illusion sets a comfy stage to play on. i cant wait to celebrate my illusion!
If you had 2 buttons in front of you, one causes you eternal bliss and is labeled "evil" while the other causes you eternal pain and is labeled "good", which one will you press?

When will people understand that experience is all that matters? Because experience is all that is.
Good and evil are just words, but the reason those words exist in the first place is BECAUSE you experience pleasure and displeasure.
If human beings neither experienced pleasure nor displeasure for any reason then words like good and evil would not exist.

Good is that which causes souls to experience realities that align with themselves.
Evil is that which causes souls to experience realities which are unaligned with themselves.

If someone desires, and "resonates" with the concept of "truth" then truth is good by definition. If someone anti-"resonates" with the concept of "truth" then truth is evil for that person.
It's relative. The good thing is opposite souls don't have to play together. They can just live and let live and that maximizes "good". In my opinion it takes a truly strange soul to be "evil". Sometimes I think they don't actually exist at all. They're just opposite and think they're doing "good".
What is truth anyway. There is enough evidence to suggest that everything we experience is illusionary in nature. In my experience, truth is love and the heart is the source of it all.
How did you make it to that point?
Then you would be lying to yourself very well.

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