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File: 1625633672750.jpg (299 KB, 1420x1034)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
I miss them so much. They've both passed away. Both of them died such drastically different ways but only weeks apart. How can I contact them from this earth? I need to speak to them and get some closure. Please tell me how and do not fuck with me.

File: 1532607330592.jpg (23 KB, 351x351)
23 KB
Are you forced to reincarnate? Why is there a demon in me that torments me? Why is life unholy? You literaelly wageslave all your life to make the Jew rich, you're forced to worship money, and Communism is always around the corner. Why is everything upside down? Why do I not find a single person with their heart open? Why do I have to watch my parents die? Why doesn't God answer just basic questions? Why does nothing make sense?
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just testing
calm down
I don't know why it's so hard for people to grasp that EVIL was implemented in this universe not to GRANT free-will, but to take it away. For example, a totalitarian dicatorship comes and throws you in the gulag and you're tortured with little food and 12 hour work days, then you die. You didn't have free-will to say no, the evil just came for you.
File: IMG_20210722_134646.jpg (333 KB, 960x879)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
I'm depressed and I feel hopeless.
This is how I feel.

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Friend downloaded something from Dagestan/Czechnia/Azerbaijan of a guy getting drawn and quartered from Scour Exchange back when I was in middle school.
I saw a video around 2013 where an Asian woman had a german shepherd in a cage and she was taking pliers to the separate pieces on the pads of his feet.

I've seen a lot of shit in my life but remembering that still makes my stomach sink more than anything else,
Then how did the men not get burned as well? This is fucking retarded.
the rippen tapes. fucked me up for weeks
I always see people mentioning the Nexpo Incident in here, but nobody explains what was it about.
What happened?

I've seen so much gore that i've become desensitized to it.
But the thing I saw that made me feel disgusted the most was a video in which a guy forcefully removed the swimsuit out of a woman tanning herself and later ran with it, leaving the woman naked on the beach.

What is the most schizo thing you totally, unironically believe?
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File: minimal eye contact.png (5 KB, 390x275)
5 KB
You understand, and will flourish come the sexual segregation revolution.

Keep chasing after your std-ridden roasties or your nonexistant idealistic tradwife fruitlessly. Me and my best of bros will be hanging out together, enjoying our hobbies and company together more richly than we would if we had to filter ourselves for the opposite sex. We'll be strengthening both our friendships and our bodies in between bouts of cuddling with your best bro and giving each other the occasional blowie to keep each other on track.
op (not thread op) here, you pretty much nailed everything i was trying to say and grazed their motives. This is what i was saying, if anything they want people to blame it on one group, its like a layer they are willing to shed on fly paper, and it identifies dissidents. thanks for your response, genuinely
File: the_future_is_now.jpg (88 KB, 1024x768)
88 KB
I don't really hold many actual schizo beliefs, even if I find schizo stuff really intriguing.

However, I can for sure say that the US government is purposefully prolonging COVID restrictions and discouraging people from gathering for the purposes of allowing corporatism to take over every aspect of the American life. Sort of like turning happiness into a commodity, so to speak. Instead of hanging out with friends, we were essentially forced to talk to each other through Discord, which, while "free," sells data to other corporations/the FBI and has Nitro for schmucks dumb enough to pay for it. Rather than finding a nice local store to buy food from or a nice local restaurant with the most amazing food known to man, why not get rid of that in favor of forcing everyone to buy food owned by the same few large food corporations and limit everyone to chain restaurants? Find a nice store with people who are passionate about what they sell? Lol can't have that, just order from Amazon or one of three soulless superstores. And with the mainstream media pushing people to still wear masks even AFTER they're fully vaccinated means that they have most definitely moved the goalposts because I remember the same mainstream media saying "it's just until we get a vaccine." I've heard theories on the origins of COVID and I can't say for sure whether they're true or not, but the government and corporations are most definitely working together to create a uniform society where people are conditioned to pay for their happiness.

I brought this up with a few of my friends, maybe thinking they'd follow my logic, but all I ever get is "lmao imagine believing in this CoNsPiRaCy BuLlShIt" or accusations that I am a selfish person or a "CoViD dEnIeR rEpUbLiCaN" (I'm neither of these things, ESPECIALLY not a republican). So I feel forced to backpedal around them and say that I just got carried away or something.
Lmao yuck
>std ridden
>shilling for faggotry

Gays are literally the breeding ground of STDs and are much higher in disease you venereal fucking freak

Post your /x/ related art. Did this sketch some days ago.
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are colors so bright in dream aswell?
How the hell did you paint that in mspaint/CSP/krita?

File: 6066.jpg (1.06 MB, 2170x2860)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Occasional /x/ lurker here. One of those "seeing this number everywhere" has been happening to me with the number 33. Dismissed it before based on the usual rational explanations given by anons here. Like 'clustering illusion' since lately I have been looking into significance of the number 33 to masons or other elites. But the happenings since past 3 days have spooked me.
>2 days ago
>Decide to organize my wallet
>Counting the total cash I have. There were around 40 notes in the wallet
>Notice that something is written on one of them
>Its 33 of course (pic related)
Checked if anything is written on others. Nothing.
>Go to sleep around 1AM
>Full bladder wakes me up and makes me walk
>Try to sleep again. Fail
>Better get up and study for today's exam
>Check the time
>It's 2:33 AM
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33 is one half.

1333 is the full, one is death the other is eternal life.

Ive been seeing it for so long it no longer suprises me, its just meh here it is again good one guys.

Tell me something OP.

What month were you born in?
What color are your eyes?
Do you have an affinity for Saturn from all the other planets?
I don't really get your crptic talk but
>What month were you born in?
>What color are your eyes?
>Do you have an affinity for Saturn from all the other planets?
Not that I'm aware of. But a Hindu astrologer told my mother 1-2 years ago that the Hindu god Shani (Saturn) is onto me (which is a bad thing and is believed to cause ill effects) till the end of this year
I see them to.

I have some Deja Vu what do?
Am I you and you are me?
Chauvin was convicted 330 days after George Floyd’s murder
File: RickMorty.png (1.15 MB, 2129x1080)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Based and 33pilled

File: bane.jpg (25 KB, 400x400)
25 KB
Fear of god? Why? Is not god supposed to be kind and loving? And why do so many claim to know gods word just because they read a book? God doesn't fit in a book. And god wouldn't hate some one for gender, race or sex.

fear of god is dumb
I'm not a Christkike but fear of god doesn't mean literally fear like being scared...
>Fear of god? Why? Is not god supposed to be kind and loving?
Yes indeed. "Fear" originally went "awe" and "respect." It had nothing to do with being afraid.

>And why do so many claim to know gods word just because they read a book?
>God doesn't fit in a book.
No,but words do.

>And god wouldn't hate some one for gender, race or sex.
Correct,God loves all of his children. Anybdy who tries to tell you that God wants you to hate another person, for any reason, is not telling you the truth. God hates SIN, but God loves sinners. And he wants us to love one another.
>originally went

File: 235gaxr.jpg (95 KB, 1000x600)
95 KB
I used to be able to smoke weed for recreation but over time my experiences with it started to decline at an exponential rate. Has anybody experienced this? Its as if reality turns to a crap shitty plastic version of itself. I never quit doing drugs though. I continued taking other psychedelics and none of these problems ever occurred. Ive been able to take increasingly stronger trips without ever having the "this was a shit idea" moment I get whenever I take weed and the life ruining nightmare trip that follows. In fact last week I took 15gs of psilohuasca and had an unfathomably euphoric trip with entities blowing literal pleasure dust into my head. The only thing ive done that was remotely bad as weed was low doses of salvia where i get put in contact with an intelligence that instantly finds out my entire akashic history and tries to fuck me up over it. Basically want to see if anybody experiences this fucked up side of weed. Also psychedelics thread.
>but over time my experiences with it started to decline at an exponential rate
>What is a fat soluable drug that accumulates in tissue?
Bro it's called "tolerance"
It's almost like you're not supposed to get hooked on the stuff
It's why you do mush monthes apart
Exactly, when I take a tolerance break, I'll get a little bit high when I workout the first couple weeks. After a couple months, it's like I never smoked, high as a kite. I also think that "set and setting" isn't properly utilized with weed by most, especially when it becomes habitual.
no one carea about your drug problem. this is the paranormal board.
If you see shit without drugs, you need to take your meds.
Weed enhances my perception, so if I feel scared when I'm high I just know that it's not safe to be comfortable.
>check your surroundings

File: 453994569_XS.jpg (125 KB, 750x428)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Hard mode: don't say Latin, Hebrew or ancient Egyptian.
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Based vowelless dialect.
File: 1624306626030.jpg (134 KB, 690x1024)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Feral children languages.
i speak amazigh. it's not paranormal at all nowadays. arabic is much more of an /x/ language. if you want an actually powerful variant of berber, i'd nominate the tuareg's to be the most chilling. their magick is no joke.
fucking loaded with invocations
Now take the WilliamBarnespill

File: 15280410.jpg (61 KB, 366x347)
61 KB
I'm suppose to lose my virginity to a corpse on the 31st of July for a ritual.
I'm having second thoughts about the whole thing.
How do I get out of this /x/?
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How the hell is fucking a corpse supposed to help with that?
That sounds like some cargo cult tier horse shit to me.
>ooga booga dick make life
>therefore dick corpse put unlife in it
That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.
I mean, if you actually resurrected the corpse before you fucked it, that might count for something. Crazy ass mofucka points at least, but just fucking the corpse? What a waste of time.
You gotta get the hell out of there
that sounds extremely based OP, do it
>i work in a morgue and fucked a cadaver
>let's larp this AMA
Just don't go. Move to a different town and change your name if needed.

File: 1624757146873.jpg (49 KB, 500x500)
49 KB
What are your experiences on the schizo gauntlet?
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7 frogpic threads GTFO
Ñiggeřs in my ego
File: 1613677567826.jpg (33 KB, 500x483)
33 KB
ran the schizo gauntlet and dwelled in the abyss too long, a part of me didn't make it back. Don't know if i should risk returning to retrieve it..
OPs mom selling pussy so her son can post to pay off her debt. Prove me Wrong?
I managed to pass college. <3

File: 1603160951024.jpg (57 KB, 593x563)
57 KB
Is it morally wrong to use the akashik records to obtain bitcoin passwords?
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Anon, you don't know what you're talking about. Now ask me how I know that you're poor
It's immoral not to share them with your /x/ bros
Records are a Edgar Cayce thing, he was a Christian mystic.
Is that bird a reference to Mostly Harmless?
If you had access to the records you’d realize all monetary possessions are meaningless in this world.

Protip: you are only supposed to take what you need, never any more.

File: space_1.jpg (90 KB, 940x528)
90 KB
Your consciousness was forced into existence in an act you did not consent to.

From nothing and everything, you were forcefully defiled into self and other.

Your parents did this.

Most, too, will do this nonconsensual act, without paying a moment's thought to the ethics of consciousness.

How does this make you feel?
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I think about this every other day once I found out about antinatalism and efilism. It can't be refuted. You don't exist for your own sake, you exist because your parents decided to breed without thinking about the consequences like animals. Non existing is better than life because the freedom from suffering.
>How does this make you feel?
Depends, do I get my PKM or not?
How does it feel like to know you're gonna waste your current body, just to reincarnate in a worse body next life, because of your poor life choices?
Honestly, hated it.
Then I realized that it ends with sex, love and seeing all my enemies suffer. <3
We get it, you need to rationalize your awful decisions, by labeling the whole world wrong and yourself the only right.

Library link:

Previous thread
>>29268162 #

Ape is gonna call this bad art again edition
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Yes I have but I gotta run.
File: 1.jpg (94 KB, 720x720)
94 KB
I'm a nice guy like that.
>Oath of Holy Obedience

Hadn't heard of this, what is it?
Sorry forgot to write what i wanted to
Can i have all these powers???

File: _KVEC7ts8YI.jpg (519 KB, 1155x866)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
I saw the recordings here the other day, and I would like to know something from them, nothing is clear on the Internet, so I ask you to ask your forum

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