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File: summoningcircle.jpg (52 KB, 609x720)
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For discussions, questions, experiences, practices and resources pertaining to spirit evocation, invocation, spells, offerings, pacts, possession, & all things black magick.

Useful resources:

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Its for all spirits
Demiurge is meme bro
Not that guy. Just saying its for all spirits.
Ok I see the misunderstanding. I wasn't exactly clear with 'related materials'
File: 1586968258866.gif (912 KB, 291x316)
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File: memetica.jpg (379 KB, 725x945)
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Compiling information to create an open course in all things /x/
Please recommend essential /x/ topics and media

Topics: https://pastebin.com/FrLdafzh
Media: https://pastebin.com/cX0s1SM3
Posts: https://pastebin.com/MShFsPuw

Thread goal: Identify the general topics that MUST be covered for /x/101

> A sample course outline for 12 weeks:
> - W01 - Mythology & Folklore
> - W02 - Metaphysics & Cosmologies
> - W03 - Overview of World Religions
> - W04 - Esotericism, Mysticism, and the Occult
> - W05 - Magic, Divination, and the Arcane Arts

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There should be a whole separate course on succs, there was a huge thread that ran from like April last year and petered out a few months ago. I think it was called Dreamgasm or some shit, it was cool.
No thanks. I'd rather not damn my soul in the eyes of God and Jesus.
File: blood-mage.gif (157 KB, 500x394)
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157 KB GIF


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File: hehe.jpg (164 KB, 1024x1276)
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164 KB JPG
One of the goals in amassing these many media recommendations is to be able to draw from it to make many courses. Crafting the 101 course will be a learning experience in course-making. I hope that we walk away from it with a decent framework for creating courses going forward so that it becomes more streamlined over time.

Feel free to start a more specific course, in these threads or in separate threads.

File: 5-pregnancy.jpg (134 KB, 1920x1280)
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134 KB JPG
I'm a consultant so I travel and am away from home a lot. My wife and I live outside a small city, we're in a rural area where there's only a few homes and each home is on like a 20+ acre lot.

I was out of state on business for a month, then came back home. Of course, I wanted to have some romantic time with my wife. It's about 9PM and we're upstairs in our bedroom starting to get frisky when suddenly I pass out. I walk up in my study on the second floor. I check our bedroom and my wife isn't there. I call out but there's no reply. I go downstairs and she's on the couch.

I wake her up and she doesn't remember what happened. I check the time and it's 3AM. We go back to bed. She seems really withdrawn and doesn't talk much and isn't down for romance. A few days later I'm sent on another consulting gig that will take a month.

When I get back home from it my wife tells me she's pregnant but doesn't seem happy at all. I'm not happy either since we haven't done it recently enough for it to be mine. She swears she didn't cheat on me and that she doesn't think it's a normal pregnancy. She thinks there's something off with the baby.

We have security cameras at the front and back door, and ones inside covering the doors. It alerts me when there's movement and there was nothing out of the ordinary those the last two months and nothing on that weird night we passed out.

My question is, are there cases where women have gotten impregnated by aliens or something else paranormal? If so, doesn't it come back for the baby? We have an ultrasound scheduled and I'm not sure if I'm more worried that it comes back normal or if it comes back with abnormalities
In former Confederate states, mainly on or near former plantations, there have been cases of possession among white couples. The spirit of a slave would possess the male during coitus resulting in the baby being mulatto. This isn't rare and there are many documented cases.
>Cuck fetishists expect southern men to believe this.

It's not a fetish, it's evolution.

Hinduism general
Discuss all things hindu or hindu god related.
Side note, or question rather, how do you go about worshipping Kali.
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File: hum-uchen.gif (2 KB, 35x100)
2 KB
jai sri ram!
ram ram jaya raja ram!
ram ram jaya sita ram!
File: 1540480277427.jpg (90 KB, 678x381)
90 KB
File: 1540363291340.jpg (177 KB, 1000x719)
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177 KB JPG
take meds now schizo
File: 1532439351293.jpg (264 KB, 856x1128)
264 KB
264 KB JPG

File: bionic.jpg (19 KB, 500x500)
19 KB
A Cyborg nigger Is a good nigger
Go back to the Titans, you fucked up the Justice League!
>bionic nigga
Maybe now you can jog fast enough not to get shot lol

File: 1590304928800.jpg (102 KB, 464x247)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
why should you act as if reincarnation exists?
what if it does, will you ever reap the benefits of such a thing happening? your memory will be wiped and even if you remember what you did in a past life you won't feel responsible in your next life, your past life will feel like something that happened to you unless you were literally adolf hitler in a past life or something, then you might feel guilty or whatever.

As far as I understand, you're one of 7 billion faces of the godhead alive today. When your godhead face gets killed by some force or old age, that's it for that specific version of the Brahma or whatever it shall be called. You got one life as "you" and its ending right now. The life you're living right now will die, but the godhead that created us all will prevail through every life, whether that be once at a time, or all simulated at the same time. So that's to say that reincarnation may be real, but you're not special enough that any of what resembles you will reincarnate to the next life, its only a strange godhead figure who gives us awareness who will reincarnate over and over. The higher self, but the higher self is only you if you have ego transcendent ideology. For most people, the lower self is them - and rightfully so. That's what the god head wanted all along, to forget who he was. Nothing of your current ego identity person etc. will reincarnate, it will only be a memory of the Brahma because his past life was your entire existence that will never be lived again and will only remain as a simulated echo A.I. of past, that appears in others lifes as you interfere with their life like you did in the life "you" (a mask of the godhead) did.

This however, is just my opinion.
I would like to discuss this issue.
Why should we subscribe to the idea of reincarnation, just because the buddhists made the assumption that it happens? None of us will ever know because we don't know what happens at the point of death. How can we claim such a bold statement?
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File: 1589892603005.png (299 KB, 750x536)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
But it leads to fear of death, which 90% people experience their whole lifes. Thinking of death, reincarnation, metaphysics is a waste of time equal to watching anime. Reincarnation such as seen by the hindus might be what you are describing, like living your life in hope you'll climb the social ladder in the next. But nobody lives like that outside of India, because it was invented for the sake of society.
Being constantly aware can be overwhelming af, either you become depressed and scared or you become nihilist, which isn't much better.
sometimes i feel like im paying the price for something one of my past lives did, so i want to spare any future reincarnations from the same fate, even though its probably too late
You are paying because you made a deal with a devil.

Always remember that.
>When we wrote essays on our favorite political figures (it was Texas, so everyone was required to write it about Reagan)
Out of all the things in that post, your school dictating to you who your favourite political figure is is more disturbing than your friend turning into a tranny.
Yeah, welcome to America in the 90s. If you didn't like Reagan, you were a filthy dem that hates babies and is probably a closet homo.

File: l is real.png (239 KB, 640x448)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
What the fuck were those masons trying to say by " L is real 2041" and why is it also in zelda, also what does the rest of the inscription say?
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I've never heard of these except for L is Real and SM64/DS is one of my favorite games.

I love the weird uncanny nature of so much of the game. It's like one huge liminal space.
File: wdw.jpg (17 KB, 255x191)
17 KB
this section of wet dry world always made me feel uneasy. Anyone else?
File: bonus.jpg (53 KB, 906x720)
53 KB
also this weird bonus island in sm64ds
>L is real 2041
if you speak the letter, you say el, el means god
luigi "it's a me" mario is a part of the new world older

What do these niggas even do?
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>If you believe in conspiracy theories that claim Freemasons worship Satan you are wrong.
>Freemasonry is an exoteric social fraternity that makes good men better through esoteric spiritual philosophy.

Looks like they're into satan then.
Anyway, I don't think they run the world, but where I live there's a huge income tax when you make over a certain amount. If I were in a 'exoteric social fraternity', as you called it with a bunch of politicians - I'd try to use my connections to lower it, and that's just a most basic example. Power is too much of a drug.
bunch of fucking jews and old white boomers larping club, fuckers charge extremely high membership fees i joined once for a while they asked me to be naked on the first meeting and told me to change in to their robe after that we all just watched sports on tv in a shitty robe fucking scammed
It’s a generous offer but I don’t think it’ll help me become a Freemason.
drugging new recruits and fucking them up the ass
Hi Satan.

File: 1565264928128.png (1019 KB, 796x863)
1019 KB
1019 KB PNG
What happens when you die? Anons who died and came back to life, what did you see?
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You spend three days descending into god (or the world soul to be more specific) and you deliver the afterword on your life as you experienced it into the eternal memory. Then you float back up into the material world and usually overtake and become the soul of a child around two to five years old depending on the brain machinery development.
Every time you die with a single body, you get to experience less death.
>That is why DMT abuse is so dangerous: it can rob you of your ability to experience death.
Some see nothing, during this final voyage. These are often people who would “die for fun”.
Just letting everyone know, posting blessed dogs in the OP is the new standard for threads asking about enlightenment and transcending death
>If you have repented, been baptized into the True Catholic faith and have maintained that faith through chastity and forbearance, you will see Heaven. All others go to Hell
Your god can tongue my anus

I have a couple requests /x/! I cannot for the life of me find either of these things.

The first is probably harder to find. It's playlist on youtube, each video is of these dudes hanging out but some creepy shit escalates every video. I believe it ends with one of them looking out a window to see a face. I remember the first video being of them in a room, completely normally. I think they hear some sort of noise or something, but they all get freaked out. I'd really love to find this playlist and this is the only place I can go to to find it.

The second thing is that album that's just the audio of a dude fucking a corpse. I wanted to show a friend that.

Please help /x/! I'll dump my /x/ folder so this thread isn't pointless. Thanks!

Does hell in afterlife exist?
There is no afterlife theres only the present moment. Does that answer your question?
Only if you want it to exist anon. Tormented like a piece of metal until your spiritual gold.
bingo. the door to hell is locked from the inside. you create your own reality both now and for eternity

File: doom.jpg (109 KB, 700x430)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
The first videogame was created by the deep state military, It was called "Nimrod". An enemy of god in the bible who built the tower of babble. Simulation theory has its roots in eastern mysticism which teaches that the world is mere illusion, something mean to be ascended and escaped from. Except with videogames, you're escaping into an even deeper matrix. It's an infinite loop.

Video games brainwash you through a series of imagery, subliminal messages, and propaganda. The television puts you in a light hypnotic trance making your subconscious suggestible to their bullshit. Remember when you'd start up your PS2?

It was trippy shit, it resembles a deep meditative process (not on the same level of acid) but it's meant to immerse you. Videogames are mental realms in a sense, when you interact with them you're connecting your mind to the astral plane, you're acting a conduit between the digital and ethereal worlds, helping materialize events from the infinite realm onto to the lower. As above, So below.

When you play as a character, you're basically animating them. Possessing them as a daemon or spirit through a series inputs, electrical signals, and code. It's a microcosm of how we operate in the real world. But, Another interesting that happens is the player gets possessed by the avatar as they begin to associate themselves with the character, in real life and might even start acting like them austically.
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File: 75717667_p0_master1200.jpg (216 KB, 600x752)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Offtopic but is Nimrod the first game ever made?
You're a Satanist. Want me to tell on you?
thats the true purpose behind it isnt it?
No it doesn't.

I don't know if you people remember my crawler post but I've finally got one on camera
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I genuinely find this story interesting but I would like to read more:
- story
- pictures
- tech data from the phone or camera
>my girlfriend's daughter
Trailcam you tard
>hey guys I got proof now do you believe me?
>Yes, find some more, this is actual good paranormal detective work
>ahaha no thanks you idiots believe me
why is this always how it goes
reread the post

File: yes.jpg (28 KB, 340x340)
28 KB
What's the most realistic Creepypasta?

Which Internet-related urban legend has the most truth to it?
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Marble Hornets is still dope as shit though
link? I can't find either
No one has link for those, they're scrubbed
Proof or didn't happen
It's a dead link now but here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDm2TnKoNZc&feature=share
This is one of the many uploads of the recreation of Useless.avi but all have been taken down. I don't care to find the video and am not going to get baited into doing it for you

File: cover7.jpg (67 KB, 1178x663)
67 KB
Hey guys just started reading the shadow over innsmouth by H.P Lovecraft, and I was just wondering if anyone here knows what his cat's name was?
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It was “Nigger Man”. Glad I could help! :)
File: tenor.gif (227 KB, 220x159)
227 KB
227 KB GIF
His name is N.... Oh shit is this real?
thats what catwoman thought, stupid black imitating bitch

Marble Female.

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