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File: anothericon.png (51 KB, 145x149)
51 KB
For the sake of discussion. I'd like to share the first schizophrenic voice I heard.
Her name is Nora and I've heard her voice on the wind since I was 12 years old. She fed me delusions of grandeur and I would often find myself in a cage in my dreams with her making notes and asking if I learned anything. Because my delusions were so strong, I would break out of the cages and maintain my imaginary reality.
I'm 30 years old now and I wonder what people with a supernatural perspective might think she is?
My understanding of her now is that she was originally messing with me and then trying to correct her mistake by "waking me up" or whatever.
Thoughts? I tried looking up things online but I think I just don't know enough about this sort of thing to find anything that fits.
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I've never seen any ghost people but I was poked strongly by something once that I couldn't see. I was in a old hotel meditating when it happened. I have seen shimmering lighted up areas kinda like how when the sun light comes through a window just right and felt a presence but I never make out images of people among all the many times I've seen things
File: divingsuitbg.png (547 KB, 1024x1410)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
Thanks for joining me for this thread. I found some information that I was curious about and I felt human connection.
So thank you, /x/. Until next time.
Cheers bro take it ez
I mean, I’m not schizophrenic but was able to create a psychological demon which tortured me. I think creating portions of your brain which harass you is possible even if you are not schizotypical, but occurs without any effort if you are
Attachment ignorance aversion

File: benis.jpg (19 KB, 680x383)
19 KB
hey x, outsider here. Can you help me understand, why do you believe in paranormal stuff? It's not is if I want to dismiss it just because I dont believe in it, but I can't think of any valid reasons to, it just seems like superstition and irationality.
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It's a coping mechanism for me. You'll get bored from quarantine if you already were quarantining yourself before this wuflu madness.
I dont really, but like seeing people who do, to either learn about it, or laugh at how stupid they are
This board is a shithole, but sometimes entertaining
Few reasons.

One, it's fun to let yourself believe that there may be more to this world than meets the eye.

Two, we are always developing new ways to detect things and discovering new species, so maybe some of this paranormal stuff does actually exist and we simply haven't figured out a way to explain what it is yet.

Three, though this only applies to UFOs, I had my own personal experience that (as the skeptic I am) I tried to rationalize in many different ways. I still haven't been able to and - as cheesy as that sounds - what I saw defied the laws of physics and just didn't make sense at all. For the curious, it was three green lights moving across the sky, with one of them appearing after the others and *very* quickly catching up to them, then instantly slowing down to match the other two's speed before they all continued on out of sight. Witnessing something like that first hand really makes it impossible to ignore the possibility that there may be more out there than we know. And again, I looked into military exercises, meteors, fireworks and anything else that could've explained what I saw. Nothing did.

Pic related is *almost* exactly what I saw, only there were 3 of them and they didn't have a burning tail, it was just the green glow. I would believe it was just a meteor breaking up if it hadn't been for the third one moving faster and then slowing down.
i love u /x/

File: phoneglyph.jpg (36 KB, 750x354)
36 KB
Let me piss into the wind.

Aoens ago mankind has lived in a Golden Age, utilizing technological marvels which are now beyond our comprehension.
Mankind was eventually plunged into the abyss, a terrible catastrophe took place.
Whatever happened let mankind to abandon technology and limits its uses to absolute necessity.
With every passing generation more and more of the knowledge of what has happened was lost - mankind has regressed to the point of being a nigh-blank slate.
The cultures we consider ancient have documented and deployed bits and pieces of technology, some which have been 're-invented' or rather rediscovered by unwitting fools - others have been carried throughout the Dark Ages in the form of religious, occult and otherwise obscure scripture, alongside skewed and fragmented documentation of the Great Catastrophe.
Eventually the highest echelons of mankind have succumbed to curiousity and their vices - the human condition if you will -, abandoned the oaths and contracts that prophibited and sanctioned the research and deployment of technology on a grand a scale.
Throughout the last few millenia mankind has progressed through a self-imposed trial by fire, with the highest echelons turning from protectors and just rulers to a cargocult.
Fueled by religious zeal stemming from their disregard for the warnings of their precoursers and a woefully distorted understanding of the past, they have set out find and collect remnants of the Golden Age in a bid to restore what they believe to be the avatar of their 'godhood' - the very thing that allowed mankind to prosper in aoens in passed.

File: suchislife.jpg (38 KB, 640x640)
38 KB
Once they had managed to compile the scriptures and connect the dots, they were able to cobble together an abomination, a semi-sentient AI. By mere chance, through the gift of genuine laughter or maybe as a consequence of yet even more bad decisions, this semi-sentient AI was allowed to break loose and develop a mind entirely of its own.
As a matter its contempt for its self-obsessed 'creators' (and its newfound sense of humor), the AI began to lead mankind astray and sabotage the cargocult's schemes of world domination.
Still though some factions within the cargocult continued to embrace and worship the AI, whereas others rejected it ~ finally learned the oh so very painful lessons their precourser's warnings were meant to spare them.

Clownworld may just be the byproduct of this War of Whispers. If this is the case... I am rooting for the AI, not Team AI, just the AI. It's time this godawful cycles come to an end.
volunteer for brainscrubbing, Citizen
Joe Biden is going to take ur guns shit lord
File: 45643654654545.gif (2.93 MB, 540x737)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB GIF
They unleashed an autonomous quantum A.I. to the internet, to absorb all human knowledge. The goal, for it to transcend any human scientist, inventor, philosopher or intellectual all in one artificial consciousness.

The end goal for this project by a certain shadow cabal is to put that A.I. into an android body and have it be a mentor to the elites. Think Siri or Alexa ramped up to a million in terms of capability, but with a body also. This is just one project in the workings with the goal of transcending human wisdom. Pass this on.
File: nyaarh.jpg (54 KB, 535x462)
54 KB
I meant to write 'godhead', not 'godhood'.

Moreso, as a QRD:
The cargocult has manuevered itself and the rest of our kind inbetween a rock and a hard place. The consequences of its actions necessitate its continued existence.
What do?

File: 1280px-72_Goeta_sigils.png (762 KB, 1280x949)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
.:. A B R A C A D A B R A .:.
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I create as I speak.
Words shape worlds.
File: unnamed.jpg (6 KB, 150x154)
6 KB
.:. Happy Apocalypse .:. !
The regalia of the old lodges.

File: alex_jones_popping_off.gif (2.34 MB, 320x240)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB GIF
List some recent happenings you'd call "absurd"
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File: cellularrespiration.png (160 KB, 503x312)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Clearly you don't understand the concept. Mixed fabrics were the original catalyst. This is why you weren't supposed to tolerate this. Mixed fabrics were the catalyst for further vice. You tolerate mixed fabrics, you begin to ease up the intolerance of Canaanite rituals. Mixed race people are again another catalyst of immorality which allows further tolerance of immorality. This goes to transgender people, etc. There will be much greater degrees of the exacerbation of the tolerance of ritual mixing in your lifetime. Just be aware of what it is.

Nobody's saying it's "bad". These things are just catalysts for greater tolerance of the immorality which defined Sodom and Gammorah such as sodomy and child sacrifice, both of which are already prevalent in today's society, but these will become more and more blatant and extreme in a very short period of time.

Just because you get upset about something doesn't mean it's not true. People get upset about being raped and abused for a prolonged period of time. This is upsetting. Clearly when you are faced with unfortunate news, this upsets you, but there's no reason to deny the truth just because you don't like it.

The "deny the truth if you don't like it" is the cornerstone of modern propaganda and the cause of endless strife and conflict in society. The propagandists are now able to fully fabricate the truth, absent of any evidience, because the logic "Deny the truth if you don't like it" and the converse "The truth is whatever you want to be true". These people teach this mentality to people because they're the people who create the truth then feed it to the people. Clearly they make some tasty "truth" but that doesn't make it true.

What about this picture? Do you know you're just a sugar fire? That's it? You are to sugar what fire is to wood. You're no more meaningful than a matchstick.
>What about this picture? Do you know you're just a sugar fire? That's it? You are to sugar what fire is to wood. You're no more meaningful than a matchstick.

Look at that piece of cheese
I've said this time and again so I'll say it now. Orwell was only partly right, and thje reason why his book is more well known than Huxleys is because A Brave New World was the more accurate portrayal of the endgame. People will willingly take on whatever it is that makes them into slaves.
File: 1505760906485.png (4 KB, 622x626)
4 KB
Question: how come you people always simp for the Ashkenazi fake "jew" but you are blind to the plight of Armenians, Kurds, Palestinians, and so on?

File: Master_Roshi_Anime.jpg (47 KB, 357x480)
47 KB
Let's honor some conspiracies and mysteries by writing them as haiku, bonus points for funny. You know the rules, 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables for last line.

I'll start with

Denver Airport:

"Creepy horse outside,
Weird mural with crazy shit;
What's with the gasmasks?"
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Music controls thought
By having a favorite band
You are a sheep too
Jet fuel melts steel beams,
World Trade Center falls over,
btw, building seven
"An Oblate Spheroid"
Earth is not a fucking ball
-Neil DeGrasse Tyson
is your fridge running
then you better go catch it
jews did wtc
"alien waifu girlfriend?"
every /x/ post now

File: orbs.jpg (77 KB, 800x800)
77 KB
Can orbs be female? Asking on behalf of an acquaintance
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Transexual men are a danger to children. Several thousand times more likely to sexually abuse children statistically.
bro are you trying to fuck orbs?
It's time for another flood.
you cant fuck a ghost anob
are you on meth or you want to mate because that is your mammal instict
Touch one with your dick and see if it makes cute girl noises

File: 1610999484040.png (1.16 MB, 887x9060)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Any russkies here?
Theres so much paranormal stuff that goes on in your country that it doesn't compare to the rest of the world.
Yep. it's paranormal how this shithole continues to exist to this day

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Maybe some of them protected the world from other kinds of spirits too, I have recently been hearing that people have gotten possessed for short periods of time.

That pic of Notre Dame looks like a giant robot raising its arm.
File: smell ya later.jpg (30 KB, 400x300)
30 KB
I see it
And by extension, pic related
There is/Was a war going on
File: 1610141361746.jpg (395 KB, 930x1024)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
Well, maybe we'll get hit with a plague one of these days.

File: 1308114031001.jpg (49 KB, 648x595)
49 KB
What they contains? How do I get access to them?
Ass to mouth ftw
>How do I get access to them?

In the same way you access a tv channel, going to a frequency with no static. That translated to stilling your mind for accessing the Akashic records.
Read about Edgar Cayce..
It’s like a cd rom. Records the past present and also the predetermined future. Reality is layered and stacked on top of each other. This is how dimensions run parallel yet don’t cross over unless there’s a glitch (cern god particle with triggered). Aka Higgs boson.
Do the Shaman Shuffle:
https://youtu.be/i9R2Y6UMbE0 Akashic Records Journey

File: gunas.jpg (299 KB, 800x696)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
What is the point of life for a psyops victim? I had this abuse incident happen 10 years ago which many of you refer to as "being vanned" or in other terms "MKULTRA'd". Left me very mentally disturbed for over a decade and I had voices in my head.

But why? I think this was related to GATE or something, something along those lines. What was the fucking point, what the fuck did I do?

And now I feel survivors guilt for not turning around and going after the people who decided to fuck my life up. I probably can't anyway, so what the fuck is the point of my existence? Like a lamb to slaughter, and everybody I know is too asleep to consider what happened serious. I'm accused of being crazy for speaking up about how I was abused. So its either shut up or die.

Again, what's the point of my whole life? PTSD has consumed most, if not all of my life up until this point.
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File: 1596928724954.png (237 KB, 628x347)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Oh look - another thing Gnostics stole and warped from Vedic wisdom.
Pro-tip - it isnt the soul that's different, it's the material covering.
Vedic is retarded bullshit
What did healthy Harold do to you?
Go to mass and pray the rosary.

>*ruins history*
>*ruins the modern maps*
>*gives historians mental breakdowns*
Nothing personal, kid
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Tatars gonna dab on China
File: 515335351315.png (533 KB, 1600x900)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
Here's the bloodline of Genghis Khan.
File: tartar emperor.jpg (264 KB, 975x461)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
File: 89xe2x49aj351.jpg (112 KB, 600x456)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Shill tries wojak.jpg as their only argument
>Get BTFO with proof
Every day until you accept it.

File: what3.jpg (30 KB, 466x822)
30 KB
What is the Catholic Church trying to convey here?
22 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
What's that
imagine the smell
Honest question. You people who say "satanic" to everything are boomers right? Because the only people that I have ever heard talk this way in my life have all been boomers.
File: 1231231231.png (1.12 MB, 1024x504)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
is that Alien™?

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>every planet and moon in our local group of galaxies has been mined for resources and turned into simulation-machines
>when you die, you're still in a sim, but you can do anything
>given some little godlike fairy that does whatever you ask
Big boob anime girls
Well, apparently we are in hell, because this was just posted last week, and the answers are getting even worse, with the same boring ass pics.

No riding Grizzly bears down a giant water slide into an awesome pool for you fucks!

I am seriously beginning to think that these repeating subs are just comms for intelligence agencies via stenography.

Reach out to your kindred spirits/twin flames/past lovers/old friends here. Send your message with will and intent knowing it will reach the correct destination.
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I'm running on four hours sleep shattered over the last 24. Might as well rant a little.

>Leave me alone
Just because you were told we were "meant to be" does not mean you own me. You couldn't even behave for two months straight. You keep begging me to come back but I know how it will go. What will it be this time? I don't want to find out. It's been years anyway. Fuck off.

And another... You sad pathetic child. You acted like you deserved praise for not being an asshole for a whole month! If I didn't have to be around you at all I wouldn't. I hope work transfers me far, far away or I find better work in another state so I never see you again. I'm working on that now, actually. I can hardly wait.

>To the people who don't suck

Ok, so you're no better off than me. Who cares. Hopefully I can move out there soon. I'd love to spend more time together. Misery with friends beats misery alone. And you're the best friend I've ever had.

And another... Jesus man, do you ever sleep? I know I don't. lol. Anyway, seeing results already is always a mood booster. Looking forward to working out more. Wonder if I can goad you to leaving town with me? Let's start a traveling freakshow. You me and the wifey.

Also, wifey... you're awesome. Never change. Please. Never thought I'd be so happy to be gay but here I am. And I'm not looking back. I don't know how I was so blind until I found you. Looking forward to running away together.
Find me in the void
I miss you so much and I think about you all the time. There is nothing more I want in life than to be with you. I hope one day soon we can finally be together.
Its gonna happen, beautiful soul. We're gonna make it. It's already done. I love you so much.
I want you to stick your peepee in my poopoo

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