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why does “Anonymous” keep following me anywhere I go on this website ???!!
he only goes after gay people, Johnny
i dunno why but beware of the OP because he is the master motherfucker of this website, he will suck your dick dry if he captures you

File: IMG_0116-copy.jpg (163 KB, 960x954)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
God is nothing like a person and jesus christ isn't anything like being the same thing as being god, that's an oxymoron and doesn't even make s little bit of sense describing said concepts. Catholics are just dumbasses.
Deep. I remember coming to that conclusion when I was 14 as well. Enjoy puberty
Since you have the authority to claim that Jesus is not God and that God does not have a personality, exactly what is the nature of the divine?
And why are you posting a corrupt new-age version of the 6+1 chakra-system instead of an authentic one?

File: 1593060036477.jpg (36 KB, 640x775)
36 KB
What happens after we die? Why aren't people more concerned about this?
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>government forbids talking about death
based schizo, don't take your meds bro
Dead people seem pretty content with what happens. I mean, it's not like they keep coming back to teach us any different so we dont suffer their fate when we die.

Whatever happens when you die, I highly doubt knowing about it will help us as we live. I also highly doubt anything we learn here will help us prepare for whatever comes next.
File: a33.png (45 KB, 558x614)
45 KB
Very insightful
Because people are monkeys and monkeys are only concerned with emotional domination through OOKing not real concepts. This makes succeeding against them trivial because you just have to OOK more intensely to win. They built their houses on sand and will collapse into particles with the swipe of a hand.

File: B45VRGc.jpg (108 KB, 680x501)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

Post spiritual music made by monks or whatever. The song I posted was made by an alleged aghori shadu.

Post good vibe stuff, explaining why you think its spiritual is a bonus.
What a fucking shit, cuck.

File: uncut-gems.jpg (393 KB, 1285x1714)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
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callate. hago sexo duro con tu mama cuando ella me mientras ella me llama hijo
man the integration between me and google translate has failed me. but anyways I FUCK URMUM
File: 1618013469313.jpg (47 KB, 732x1024)
47 KB
It was suspect just how fast it was shoved down with all the replies.
I can bring an obscure thread to the top just with one post.

Oh well, I still took it with a grain of salt, but it seemed to have credence.
hopefully it was real.
But I'll probably never know

The best lies are shrouded in truth.
Si te creo, la pinche gorda no tiene autocontrol y me da verguenza
lo siento

How many distinct alien species are there? Are there any good sources that catalogue the known alien races.

>inb4 that kgb booklet.
no im looking for something of a higher quality.
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From Wikipedia:
“ These secondary Martians are bipedal, nearly 6 ft (1.83 m) tall, and have "round, erect heads, and large eyes in flinty sockets"; however, their fragile physical structure, made up of weak skeletons and muscles, would have been broken by Earth's heavier gravitational pull.”
Sure, I guess that’s similar enough. But I feel like the basic “black eyed humanoid” design has been around for much longer, considering that it plays into a lot of folklore. Like you said, people are hardwired to get the creeps from entities that look like that. It’s far older than a single scifi book.
Something like this book?
The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials
by Patrick Huyghe
Categorizes alien encounters into types, providing a detailed description and drawing for each, including humanoid, robot, animalian, and exotic.
Complement it with this other version, searchable:
this is a secret EU document of the invasive alien species

List of Invasive Alien Species of Union concern
File: z6d5LbTSmv8.jpg (722 KB, 1280x1014)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
Why is there lack of insectoid races in popular ufology guides?

File: me.png (25 KB, 215x215)
25 KB
I just had the most vivid dream where I completely understood what time was. And the explanation was so fucking simple

With time I realized that everything happens at once, that there is no beginning or end, because everything is already happening, all the time.

It made complete sense to me in my dream, like "2+2=4", no fucking shit right? But now that I'm awake I can't wrap my head around it again. It makes no sense.

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What is the outside of the visible galaxy and what was before the big bang. Not the :the begging wasa the end of another crap:. what was before space was it always time and Quantum Mechanics ig
Just making a joke that we already are in a forest, here. We assume everyone is a cat but who knows. There could be humans.
>Basically time is a physical dimension
Time isn't real.
You exist and travel through proability.You can exert minor control over your direction.

They are coming.
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We've gone from a paranormal larping board to a furry and scaley larping board.
and that's a good thing
> Lyri-Chan. Will you marry me and receive my babyjuice? Our children will be supercute mencats.

File: x1u3vfdftuvz.png (582 KB, 473x558)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
>Those who have no inner monologue are labeled NPC
>wax poetic about the ability to conceptualize images and daydream
>nobody talks about the language problem.
If NPC's are supposed to be the drones wouldn't it make sense they'd be slaves to language. Maybe not philosophical subjects or topics but I feel like the real NPCs are the ones who constantly have an inner monologue, those out there who cant shut it off without guided meditation. Its odd, while those who can visualize and spark their own imagination are likely non-NPC I do think individuals who think in language are subhuman. Once language breaches the unconscious mind it becomes malignant. You just gave your enemies clearance. Deception, propaganda, predictive-programming, its most effective under a control group.
The NPC's may be completely lost but some of you are already programmable if you filter your thoughts through language.
>Inb4 "Language proceeds thought, communication is a tool used to question"
It sounds like a dependency, it sounds like you're unable to stop inner-monologuing and I'm concerned. You're being controlled through language your thoughts and ideas are filtered through language. Just the thought of it disgusts me. It means all your desires and ideas are slightly influenced, they're not even your thoughts.
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i can meditate without guided meditation and i always use my inner monologue suck a fat one it has no meaning im still gonna reincarnate or go to heaven or hell its not like im stuck with it forever and i can visualize stuff if want to
its not a problem for me
If you think nigger is a bad word you're a slave to language and probably an npc.
thank you
checked satan. your hatred of regular people sounds more reddit to me.
npcs are the way they are because of culture.

File: PLEIADANS.jpg (30 KB, 397x584)
30 KB
At summer they will come.
Along with the Lyrans.
Paradise on earth is coming
Do not panic.
Work on yourselves and trust your instrincts.
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Mary is a god of pagan idolaters.
File: nooneiscoming.jpg (25 KB, 741x518)
25 KB

no one is coming.
GFL will get their butts kicked by the Moon Nazis. Heil Moon World Order!
is Ashtar Sheran = Lucifer?
its ok man, right here with ya lmao

File: oumuamua.jpg (35 KB, 800x444)
35 KB
In 2017 an object of interstellar origin entered
our solar system. The likelihood of such an event ever occurring naturally was so slim to be disregarded, and yet. The object was named 'Oumuamua' which is the Hawaiian term for 'scout' and exhibited non-gravitational acceleration, with a size of 100 to 1000 meters in length and 35 to 160 meters in diameter. The report conveniently came after it had already performed a close fly-by of Earth, without exhibiting any of the normal traits of known celestial bodies such as ice or dust trails. In July 2019, astronomers concluded that Oumuamua is 'most likely' a natural object. A small number of astronomers suggested that it could be a product of alien technology, but evidence in support of this hypothesis is weak. What they omitted is that the chances for it to ever happen in the first place were even weaker.

Coincidentally, from 2017 on armed forces from several nations started official talks about UFO disclosure, culminating in the release of the Nimitz encounters and the coming disclosure approved by the U.S. congress. At the same time, the international scientific community also started exhibiting an academically anomalous interest in the possibility of consciousness as a factor in quantum mechanics, which the CE-5 and independent researchers such as Corrado Malanga seem to regard as the cornerstone of extraterrestrial technologies.

What are the serious odds that Oumuamua really was a scout, and the political agitation in the following years culminating in the Covid global surveillance agenda/depopulation is in fact a preparation for panic containment once our cosmic brethren finally decides to openly reveal itself to us, possibly to divert the multiple failure nuclear/energetic/climatic/pollution existential threat that life on Earth is posed with today?
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Have you heard the theories that it's being used to target and flush out a specific person the elites consider important?

Was the ship that 'dissipated' in the Philadelphia experiment.

Listen, I’m him. If you know of anyone with the means of communicating with them, just pass this along:

I’ve never heard of anything about any “codex.” I just want to be left alone.
File: 1617080152897.jpg (203 KB, 976x597)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
op pic isn't an actual picture of the object

File: chiri.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
So, are you enjoying the board's new energy?
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You mean /x/ being a furry satellite board now?
Ah but I’m a gentleman.
I avert my eyes when he shits. Even dogs enjoy some privacy and respect.

Lets say for example some blonde haired blue eyed trust fund faggot who got his criminal justice degree from some Ivy league college his daddy paid for joins some three letter agency.

His boss who is equally a pretentious faggot who loves showing his badge to get pussy.... Hatches an ingenious plan to pay a confidential informant to get some autistic kid to blow up a bank.
A kid who just wants the world to be a better and more equal place with so much wealth in the hands if so few.

Well the autistic kid goes along with the plan until one day he walks in to his local church filled with honest and good LE agents and tells them some dipshit cointel glowie fuckface wants him to blow up a bank. And has a car full of explosives for him to drive.

He files a police report, goes to the local news with the story and watches as frat boy blondie dipshit doesnt get to pat his friends ass and suck each others dicks with a life sentence for some poor kid...
No accomadations and a comfy post in the florida keys.

Aand instead watches as he and his boss get stationed in downtown Chicago processing parking tickets.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Of course.
what energy are you talking about?

File: damascus.jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
fucking irish kali headass glow nigger. can't even pass a captcha. go do meth somewhere else
File: 1603355447980.jpg (24 KB, 400x255)
24 KB
other than looking pretty I don't know.
I do know you don't wanna use Damascus barrels in firearms.
They used them in early black powder cartridge, but found that smokeless powder cartridges can split them.

It would be cool if it did have powers. it looks nice.
And yet he gave it to us for free anyway
A charitable soul
It has the power to cost more, look pretty, and rust.

Why does the Australian countryside resonate with such malignancy?
Because it doesn't like Australians
Very alien environment makes you feel isolated
You ever been in bumfuck nowhere Mojave it's pretty creepy if you stay there too long.
because petrol sniffers made it that way
File: uluru.jpg (147 KB, 620x428)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Because it used to be an ancient Jurassic rainforest the size of the continental US. When the abos came, they used a method of hunting which was to essentially start first fires and pick through the charred corpses in the rubble. This dried out the continent, causing a cascading event that eventually wiped out the entire continents ecosystem. This is why most is Australia is now a desolate wasteland.
based abos

File: hex.png (565 KB, 634x968)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
>you're hitting it off with a qt3.14 on the creepiest new dating app
>the topic of reincarnation comes up
>your're trying to get in bed with her

What's your take, anon?
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Christianity believes that John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnated.
This isn't her man
I don't think it's ever as simple as a whole system being "not true". Some parts might not be, but if other parts are found to be workable, why not keep them? No use tossing babies with bathwater.
File: 1611660788041.jpg (183 KB, 640x640)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
using this someday, thank you based witch-slayer
I think in this case, because the parts aren't really workable they just vastly simplify a system that otherwise would have been too complex for her to comprehend. She wants an answer not to keep looking for answers, so she throws in that crap about heaven and hell. My problem is she comes up with this vastly complex explanation of reincarnation, and then just settles on the most generic explanations ever of 'we reincarnate to learn lessons and we go through heaven or hell to reincarnate.' Reincarnation has huge implication in quantum physics, and leads into a lot of other conspiracies, but she settles on the most generic mainstream religion route possible.

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