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File: object.png (28 KB, 935x663)
28 KB
I posted here years ago about a strange incident with a flashlight, long story short, the light from my flashlight stuck around even after it was turned off for several minutes.

Today, a follow up to that story. Last night much like before I was sitting at home in mostly darkness playing some vidya with the boys, when a light shined through my window. To be honest I thought it was cops at first because I do have some less than legal substances, but after the initial panic faded, and the light did not move I looked out to investigate. It was not my flashlight this time.
I'm not sure how to entirely describe what I saw, it was in the shape of a cylinder but capped off with almost jewel shapes. The light came from the bottom from some indent. Like before, the strangest part was how the light was emitting. The whole thing seemed to be lit up brightly and uniformly, but wasn't shining on its surroundings, besides the light shining through my window. It had a marking on it above the light in the center of the cylinder. It was around the same place my flashlight was placed years ago.

It lasted about 30 seconds and I was in complete awe, not compelled in any way just generally very fucking confused. Then just as it appeared it just was gone. No motion no sound nothing. It was there one moment and then the next it was not.

Any idea what the hell this thing was? pic related
what was its size?

This is for the GATE Children. The analytical minds.

Tell me what this symbol is. I will give you a hint. It’s related to the Chi Rho, but it is not Christian.

Tell me what this symbol represents and I will believe you Shills are worthwhile.
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I just saw a picture of the game and sperged out
What game? )^8 do tell!
Is the Chi Rho a sigil, a symbol, or both?
This is not Celtic. It is Hellenic. My final, final hint, only because I like you.
The double Rho stands out to me, especially after finding that the letter originates from the Phoenician word for head. Usually when I see parallel symbols higher and lower, it reminds me of the tree of life and it’s roots. The triangle above reminds me of the alchemical symbol for water, though I do not know if this was the intention. The “M” in the middle would be “Mu” in Greek, which derives from the Egyptian hieroglyph for water. My educated guess is that this monogram is meant to represent a mingling of opposing forces, such as fire/water, solar/lunar, although that may just be what I see. Sources on the pre-Christian spiritual uses of these symbols seem sparse. Am I close to the mark?
I’m Brainlet around this stuff thanks for the hint tho. And this picture is what I’m referring to >>29423037

File: timtomps.png (466 KB, 603x946)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
Redpill me on gangstalking
Always assumed it was paranoid schizo shit 90% of the time, but seen some good answers recently as to why organizations and individuals have the motive/power to gangstalk regular people.
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I agree with you, when all of this got to it's worst with me people in my own family were saying crazy shit to me that was demonic. My ex threatened to kill me, he spoke in a voice that wasn't his own and his eyes looked dead, when he was done speaking I asked how he could say all that shit to me, his voice went back to normal and he got really upset and said he hadn't said any of that shit. So I pushed and he said "you are untouchable" I asked what he meant by that and he again had no recollection, I started to get mad and the light left his eyes again, he said in the demonic voice from earlier "I have the devil inside me" and that was the last conversation we really had. My dad was saying similar stuff too, that was a really hard patch. It's 100% demonic.
Certain cults do this (Scientology, Mormons, Amish, if you live in their hub region so to speak.)

It wouldn't be a far-fetched thing if some gangs etc would do the same thing, there was a case in my country where some random faggots were trying to get a person arrested for no crimes and he lost his job for false accusations and the like, all documented and the person that caused that to happen is still at large.

It just happens and is well hidden better to call the people who experience this type of activity schizos so you invalidate their experience and gaslight them into a paranoid state.
alright, I'll bite. Your post is full of typical schizophrenic patterns - poor syntax, no use of punctuation, rambling streams of consciousness.
Please write a short paragraph, using proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling, describing your experiences (please don't post the conclusions you've draw - simply the literal experiences you've had) and I'll tell you if you're legitimately gangstalked or just schizophrenic.
Echoing what earlier Anon said about demonic nature of this, think of it more like negative synchronicity
File: 1627682653326.jpg (175 KB, 1280x720)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Anon knows what's up. I've been right there, bro.
It's fucking baffling, too. Like, i'm sure they've ruined/killed people around me, but it all seems like friendly fire. Part of the reason i haven't tried taking them out when they come at me is i think they're legitimately sick. They don't unnderstand that they'd been raped and conditioned to seek out ways to rape others.
"Forgive them Father, they know not what they do."
They can't remember anything past a week, too, so when they get on my case about watching hentai, i mention the couple kids they killed a year ago and they just look lost. The really 'gone' ones have even tried twisting it around like they were "helping a single mom get by." I tell them how they'll be betrayed and their soul obliviated for it, and they laugh because 'at least i made my car payments.' Fucking sick shit.

Keep on keeping on, homie. He watches, He protects, and He knows you well.

File: 050.jpg (153 KB, 960x960)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>Be me
>Have crush, get rejected, be sad etc. etc.
>After a while of being so incredibly sad I stop eating and sleeping
>FF one week, still haven't slept or ate but feel no physical effects of what you would normally expect
>Instead I randomly pass out from exhaustion, but the weird part is that I have the same dream
>Middle of space, giant pillars floating made of stardust in front of me
>Hear some undecipherable language for the entirety of the dream while these pillars float in front of me
>At first I was scared but after the third time I'm getting bored as fuck
>It starts to become more clear the more I have the dream, but I only really understand when I wake up
>Tells me shit like I can't eat, sleep 2 hours a week, train fitness hardcore, and drink lots of water
>Call themselves the Pillars of Duress, unsure what the fuck that means and I've been researching what it could possibly mean because I don't understand what duress could mean in this context
>Every time I wake up I'm in a different spot than I remember and I have all my energy restored even though I'm out for less than 2 hours
Wtf am I getting messaged by the gods of /fit/ness or something? I'm so confused, I'm still really sad and unmotivated to do anything but it's always interesting whenever I pass out. I'm really concerned and want to try and resume normal life because I don't want to die and give into these weird delusions my brain is creating for me but they keep telling me they have more instructions. I'm an atheist by the way, never believed in paranormal stuff either. Super fucking weird.
> I don't want to die and give into these weird delusions my brain is creating for me
>but they keep telling me they have more instructions.
>I'm an atheist by the way, never believed in paranormal stuff either

Everybody says that
I would be careful about giving too much credence to weird shit, even if you're an atheist now you might not be later so I'll just tell you now that weird shit might want to mess with you by telling you irrational things. Especially with a name like "Pillars of Duress", trying to look like some kind of cosmic entity but with rather negative connotations all around, shit's up and it ain't good. Just stick to what you know (or reasonably can know), and for God's sake get some sleep man.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
I've had two dreams of alien abductions. Do alien abduction dreams really mean you were actually abducted?
File: men in black.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
Me mum told me she had a dream like that once when she was young, she saw a really weird looking fella in a black suit looking down at her alongside the ayy's and then she didn't remember anything. Afterwards, on her way to school, she saw the same fella staring at her from inside a black 1940's/50's car, said she shit her pants on the spot, couldn't sleep for a month either. Now she ain't the lying type, I really believe it was one of those Men in Black.
Creepy shit, what's your story?

File: Brodin.jpg (97 KB, 500x733)
97 KB
Good Morning. Here we discuss the origin of Norse mythology.

It is know that the Chinese travelled to and had contact with the west before christ was even born.

China calls itself "Zhong Guo", pronounced something like "djung gjaar". It does indeed mean the "Center Country". The Nordic gods created also a "Center Country" as a home for the humans. The ancient named it "Mid-gaard" (Middle Earth). Both the first and the second part of the word have the same meaning in Chinese and in Scandinavian as well. The last part of the words is also pronounced very similar in both.

The Icelandic saga writer Snorre Sturlason told, that the Aesirs came from Asia. He called them "the Asia Men". Snorre lived hundreds of years closer to the actual events, than we do, and especially he lived before, the Christian tradition turned all history prior to Christianity into some unimportant, outdated pagan stories. Many traditional oral stories and manuscripts must surely have been lost in the early Christian period. In the time of Snorre and Saxo, the traditional stories, handed down from our ancestors, must have been much more alive.

It can be concluded from this information that Odin is in fact a traveler from China who came to the mountains in order to teach the cave savages how to survive and farm. He created the religion as a way of keeping them governed once his time had come. This is why Odin is seen as a trickster.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Explains why Odin is a cum guzzler
Odin is a Tocharian/Scythian then? It also seems these Aesir must have introduced horses to northern Europe as well
>The Icelandic saga writer Snorre Sturlason told, that the Aesirs came from Asia. He called them "the Asia Men". Snorre lived hundreds of years closer to the actual events, than we do, and especially he lived before, the Christian tradition turned all history prior to Christianity into some unimportant, outdated pagan stories. Many traditional oral stories and manuscripts must surely have been lost in the early Christian period. In the time of Snorre and Saxo, the traditional stories, handed down from our ancestors, must have been much more alive.
You have to take Snorri with a HUGE grain of salt. The 12th century icelanders who wrote down the Eddic lays and sagas were accurate, because they were going off of years of oral tradition, and basically wrote those stories down with minimal embellishment.

Snorri was working from the same oral histories, but he was much fonder of embellishment. He was very much attempting to perform euheumerization on the gods, especially Oðinn, who he calls a wizard from Asia (from Troy actually, and descended from Paris) who went to Sweden and setted down. Now obviously Snorri is working off other literature here, there’s no other source that says Odin is a trojan wizard, and he was trying to turn the gods into men to explain how Scandinavia was “fooled” into becoming pagan after humanity was kicked out of eden. He’s creating a narrative, while the Icelanders are not nearly so full of embellishment when writing down the oral poetry that’s been spoken for centuries.
Wh*te boys mad they have no culture lmao

File: exhibit a.jpg (221 KB, 1080x1348)
221 KB
221 KB JPG

if Jesus could do it does this mean christian can pray so we can do it,too?
Can I really pray to become a pretty korean male?(im male,just neither pretty nor korean)
It doesn't even say the language the Egyptian text was in. This is fake.
Self-bumping, how shameful.
thanks for another bump buddy.

Ziggurats, what was their purpose?
to break a buck like (You)
File: sumerian porn.jpg (149 KB, 1024x640)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
They were ancient hentai libraries, bet ya didn't this is school.
Spiritual Amplifiers. Built to harness and direct all sorts of Telluric and Cosmic energies. The Wizard Priests would do powerful dual rituals on the top level and in the basement level to unlock knowledge and power through the "as above, so below" principle.
Babylon and other Mesopotamian cities had Ziggurats. It wasn't a stargate, a portal, a temple, a beacon for the ayys, or a backway into Heaven. It wasn't a big thing to attract tourists, or keep people from moving away. Language differences are the result of groups moving, not because a god confounded their languages. Ziggurats were the residence of the city god, much like the Holy of Holies in the 'One Temple', but a lot bigger!

Thoughts on this guys opinion?
He seems to contradict himself
I know someone who has bliss and energy orgasms and has changes in appetite and aura seeing, no siddhis yet I’m aware of but their crown is open and they experienced enlightenment and god beaming knowledge into their head randomly and has understanding of things never before researched like the nature of time, death, reality and reincarnation and afterlife.

I experience a fire like sensation in my spine that certain breathing techniques seem to intensify but felt that heat before I ever started doing breath techniques. One of them makes my friend who doesn’t have any fire in them feel similar tingles. I definitely experience a heat in my back the comes and goes but never fully goes away but my third eye and crown aren’t open yet.
Ive been meditating for about 3 months now.
Any tips for getting a complete kundalini rising?
Am I experiencing a partial rising of the energy?
I first noticed it when meditating with someone.
A heat in my back broke out. It was gentle but made me sweat. Sometimes there’s like a little dot of energy tickling me in my spine and after cooming exhaling sometimes makes my spine extremely ticklish. I don’t want to confuse breath phenomenon with the fire but i definitely felt the fire before ever doing anything other than natural breathing. It always was in my lower or mid back and lately it’s always in the base and goes up my back like a lapping flame and with the 444 breath the tingles and heat can get extremely intense and go to my crown.
Thoughts bros?
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think about like a light bulb..
you can born out a light bulb out right.

meaning prior conditioning of the nervous system is crucial to strengthening nerves system,
Also the mind most be strong like a rock.
that's why Buddhist attempt this after 20 years of practice

even then its sink or swim you don't know where you'll land

conclusion its super risky without preparation.
thanks friend
also bump

File: 1532302344774.png (452 KB, 480x601)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
What exactly does entropy mean in the occult context?
What mean? It is associated with death, dissolution, and chaos.
I hate women.
me too but i like looking at the pretty ones
It is only in a word of order that the word "chance" has meaning

File: CathedralOfBloodstone.png (816 KB, 640x640)
816 KB
816 KB PNG
Previous thread



>Style keywords to influence images:
151 replies and 101 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 250.png (788 KB, 640x640)
788 KB
788 KB PNG
>Arcane Implosion in the Wizard's Hall
>Goblins Hoarding Treasure
File: Mothership.png (761 KB, 640x640)
761 KB
761 KB PNG
File: 1250.png (717 KB, 640x640)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
>Sci-fi Golden Knight, by James Gurney
took 22 minutes but it was worth it I think. funny how it starts spelling out a word after a while
looks like a movie poster lol

I'm here for you, friend.
Got any questions, advice
Ask away.
185 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't be. Think less Ted Bundy and more "Cherry Pie" Guy.
What do I need to do to get my life back on track?
Best way to recover from leg day?
Recover preemptively by skipping it. The gym is for fags.
Sooner or later, something is going to look back at you. I'm sorry, OP.

According to most biblical scholars the Bible says the earth is about 6000 years old as of today. The Bible also tells us that a day to the lord can be 1000 years long. God created the world in 6 days and rested on the sabbath day or final day of the week, Saturday. Jesus was born 2000 years ago, on the cusp of the 3rd day rising from the dead. Then you also have the part in the Bible about the 1000 year reign of Christ. What if we are on the cusp of this kingdom if a day to the lord is a 1000 years, then could we be in the end times?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not going to spoonfeed, contemplate how difficult synchronising a calendar system across a nation before an abundance of movable type.
Fundamentalists are complete morons. even by your own math of a 6k year old Earth prior to the arrival on mankind on the scene, that's before the time of Abraham, and even if that was only a few hundred years before Christ, we would still have another 2k years to add. Any protestant Earth age less than 8k years is pure retardism, and by the way, Genesis is from an oral tradition that was simplified over who know how long a time, of course it's going to be overly simplified. Repent retard, and do your works, your faith alone will not save you.
Where I live the moon is red and the sky is filled with a toxic fume of smoke
paranormal =/= spooky.
>and do your works, your faith alone will not save you.
It is by faith alone that one is saved. Works done without faith are but dirty rags to the Lord, bad fruit. Now, if one has true faith, then good fruit will be shown without the person expecting it. Its just that it isnt the self doing it, but through Jesus. Maximum selflessness. I like to call it spontaneous unselfishness.

File: 1628198268719.png (568 KB, 977x599)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
/g/ is making a thread about random screenshots, and one of them has a couple of girls discussing if a man is "gore worthy."
It's hard to read, but you can kinda make the name of the group they're talking in.
What the flying fuck?!
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
What the fuck
File: 453576435345.jpg (41 KB, 992x558)
41 KB
Isn't "getting gored" as in penetrated by the bulls of a horn, slang for having ones vagina penetrated by a penis?
File: Babylon.jpg (53 KB, 522x686)
53 KB
That is female on T
Is it? Never heard of that slang. Though she said he's her boyfriend, so is that like a girl asking if she should have sex with her boyfriend?

File: ayylmao.jpg (39 KB, 634x718)
39 KB
When aliens abduct people, what are they trying to figure out?
148 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
Refer to this post >>29423523
>some bullshit i heard somehwere
>there aren't any real arguments. there is nothing to back any of this shit up with.
You can read the books and make up your mind if that's what it is. Right now you're just talking shit out of your ass. Make a thread when you know shit about fuck, then we can discuss specifics. That's all there is to it. No one will show you a selfie taken onboard a UFO. No one here claimed they can prove anything.
File: maxresdefault (11).jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
>No one here claimed they can prove anything.
yeah. they did.
>It's not an assumption, there's a mountain of evidence.

plus the entire beginning of the thread where you have assholes talking about alien abductions with such a level of supposed expertise that they can identify trends in how and why people get abducted, and what technology is used

just admit all this shit is a huge fucking larp that liars and schizophrenics engage in on a daily basis. i want this stuff to be as real as anyone here, but don't say I'M the one talking out of my ass. i don't make threads because (unlike half the people ITT) i don't claim to know anything. all i've done is ask for evidence. odd that there still isn't any, despite me being constantly being told how much there is. one piece. just once piece of evidence is all I (and the entire planet) want
File: unnamed (10).jpg (81 KB, 512x422)
81 KB

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