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File: IMG_8802.jpg (80 KB, 720x1280)
80 KB
Since the start of 2020, the numbers 11, 111, and 1111 seems to love popping up in my life. It started small, but then it got really crazy during the spring and summer of last year where when I told my friends about it they would start seeing 1111 as we were talking about it. But its now gotten to the point where its not just numbers, but weird synchronicities in general and thoughts popping up in reality in some small scale way (like thinking about something and than seeing it on twitter or someone ends up mentioning it at the same day).

Now I don't believe in the angel number stuff just because it sounds like some hokey new age bs, but I mean at this point its got to mean something right? its getting a bit annoying and idk what to do about it. I read somewhere from crazy christians that 11 is actually the number of the devil, I just hope I'm not possessed by anything? sorry for my ignorance I'm just now starting to look into occult subjects but I still don't know much about synchronicities.
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have you transferred your synchronicities onto others?
according to some anons here number synchronicities are all in your head
Are the numbers 4 and 7 haunting anyone?
File: 28.png (520 KB, 734x855)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
What the fuck... I have a Brittany Venti Synchronicity that I screenshotted yesterday! I'm freaking out!
File: Unknown.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
I was just browsing the /x/ archive and came across this. the fuck are you doing man

File: Columbine.jpg (15 KB, 220x166)
15 KB
What are some conspiracies about the Columbine Massacre?
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>if you watch the basement tapes
Those were never released
For me, Eric Harris, I kill Dylan for being half Jewish since Eric was a neo-Nazi
And worse than that, it sounds completely untrue and ridiculous
The only ones that might have any actual weight to them and aren't just batshit Dale Gribble-tier nonsense would be a possible third shooter or the theory that Eric and Dylan were raped by a police officer after they were arrested for breaking into a van in 1998.

Supposedly, the plans for the Columbine attack began a few days after the arrest and there was no real evidence of them seriously considering an attack until early 1998 after the van incident.

If they were arrested and then raped by a cop while they were being held, it might explain what eventually made Eric and Dylan fully snap.

Personally, I think Eric Harris was a total psycho who would've eventually found some other excuse to set him off, while Dylan Klebold was the more normal of the two (relatively speaking) and was a suicidal depressive who'd have been content with just offing himself if he wasn't in cahoots with Eric.

Suicidal behavior and violent ideations can be a symptom of PTSD, especially if it's from sexual abuse.
3rd shooter was possibly a sheriff’s or police officer’s kid. The good interviews are hard to find but a few accounts from students report the 3rd shooter. People also claimed they recognized him but he had graduated/dropped out the year before and wasn’t technically enrolled.
Correct, not all tapes were released. There are supposedly some “lost” tapes out there.

This info is coming from a guy with the last name Zabel. Can’t remember his first name, I think it might be William. Interviews are hard to find and may be behind pay walls now, can’t remember the show names either(pre-2016). He was claiming cops/feds were involved with everything. Brought up murders in Littleton prior to Columbine that were possibly connected.
This anon is pretty close. Haven’t seen the video but the green text tracks.

Hello guys, so here is the thing i remember this big thread like a while back that was talking about how satanic memphis rap was and how some tapes were cursed. Some other anon was talking about how he felt like having violent urges and evil thoughts after listening too it, i have discovered the same thing to be true regarding UK drill. Can this be why so many kids in the UK are stabbing and killing eacother? this shit can get very sinister and psychapathic at times. Here are some examples of satanic UK drill songs.





What do you guys think?
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Fuck off, zoomer piece of trash
>REEEE /pol/
Cry harder faggot
>the amount of mental gymnastics
You don't know what that phrase means do you
I dunno about Satanic, but it's certainly evil and also sounds like absolute trash
>British people

File: what3.jpg (30 KB, 466x822)
30 KB
What is the Catholic Church trying to convey here?
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Wonder how historians and archeologists will think when they find out about these centuries later
youre lying
why would you think that catholicism is satanic as an orthodox christian
In the sense that the statue don't mean that, is still what they are trying desperately to tell the people while trying to protect themselves.

An "angel". Kinda. Probably a Compositor or Augmenter due to it's uniformity.

File: rainman.jpg (93 KB, 750x714)
93 KB
Now that the dust has settled, what's the meaning behind these?
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How do I profit off this? That sounds like it can have some use cases. Looking into it and my min is BLOWN
Light loses street strength when bouncing off mirrors.
What do you mean? he gets 40 out of the box, minus the 30 he bought it for, that's 10 both.
"Put $20 each" is the key part I completely missed. NVM. Infinite monies works!
Pay to win.

Not like those who pay actually feel like winners.

File: 4mj9j9.jpg (31 KB, 500x299)
31 KB
how can i become graceful
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Not an /x subject, but I'll bite.

Discipline, hard work, and study. You might not be super graceful in the end, but you will be more graceful than you were before.

Find something you think is graceful. Hire a teacher/instructor/go to a class for it. Be disciplined to practice it, read about it, and watch videos about it.

Enjoy your new gracefulness anon.
Find a partner that can teach you how2 improvised two-step swingtrot and practice practice practice. DDR to build up explosive step reflex and stamina.
You will be lightning on your feet and even if you miss a beat you will give zero fucks. This will translate off the dance floor and soon the whole world becomes a ballroom about which you glide.

The other part of it is mostly just keep calm, be aware, and do everything deliberately, slowly and smoothly, and save the sleight of hands for when you need it and they don't expect it.

And last but not least, you cannot say a wrong thing if you say nothing.
you either have grace or you don't. And you can't acquire grace, grace isn't something you can just pick up at the market

He did link to a frew download in a later thread as well.

File: Moon-sign.jpg (56 KB, 600x300)
56 KB
what is your moon sign???
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Leo. Mum is leo sun and we have a lot in common. Like we're both ill tempered and shit
I'm a pretty strong believer in astrology, but you and your mom being ill-tempered might be genetic.
I have a lot on common with my mom, but we don't have any placements in common. We're both confrontational, too, but no sign is the "confrontational" sign. Lol. It's totally possible to be a dick regardless of your sign.
Capricorn moon. Here's a self-loathing emotionaly withdrawn homebody traditionalist for you ladies and gents.
worst moon placement. feel sorry for u xd

File: alchemy.jpg (382 KB, 900x1276)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>Founder of Western Alchemy was Democritus
>Democritus stated the metaphysical basis for alchemy was Conflict (Ares/Mars) and Attraction (Aphrodite/Venus)
>In many ways this is western philosophy's concept of yin and yang
>These ideas are explicitly expressed by Isaac Newton a well known alchemist
>Newton tried alchemical reactions by combing substances associated with Mars and Venus
>When Newton created the principia he created the concepts of inertia and gravity
>Inertia: objects in motion stay in motion ie mars
>Gravity: universal attraction ie venus
>This parrots the metaphysical works of democritus who (inspired by greek myths of mars and venus' love affair)
>Believed that combining strife and attraction would create perpetual motion ie orbit
>Newton replaced Aristotle's widely accepted concept that rest was a natural state of an object
>Newton believed rest was the exception and strife was the rule
>The concept of "strife" as the fundamental rule of the physical world inspired several other anglos
>Charles Darwin used this concept to create his idea of natural selection
>Thomas Malthus used this concept to justify his idea on population control

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Believed that combining strife and attraction would create perpetual motion ie orbit
Reminds me of my ex-wife
File: Paco.png (316 KB, 472x458)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
>When Newton created the principia he created the concepts of inertia and gravity
Because gravity didn't exist before newton saw some apple
Fucking anglo shits i swear
Next he'll talk about how einstein was right about everything even though no one understands him

I've noticed that the prompt "featherless biped" consistently shows the same character in different poses, even though it's supposed to be random each time. It's freaking me the hell out. What is this?
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behold, a man!
Kingdom of Heaven
File: far2.jpg (70 KB, 512x512)
70 KB

After 20 years of deep suffering at the hands of the god I have submitted to so fully.
I have decided to turn to something a bit more self-focused, goal-oriented and practical.

My question is, does anyone know of any good sources on how to draw upon some of the powers of Lucifer.
I am done subjugating myself to any kind of thing or entity or to the abstract concept of 'good' and want to develop some spiritual framework purely for selfish means.
I have done a bit of googling and have turned up nothing because Google sucks nowadays.

Any help appreciated
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>Thinking they are still separate from from the totality of existence.

YOU are God. That's all there is to it. Everything is God. That's all there is to it.

Any indication of separateness is a magnificent illusion.
Baal is just one of many Demons. Baal was originally a Carthaginian God who became Beelzebub, he's also not the same as Moloch who is also a sematic God but he's not Baal.
Among most theistic Satanists, Lucifer rules all of the other demonic kings. Although among some gnostic Luciferians, Lucifer is simply the light bearer, the true God, and Yahweh is actually Satan. It really depends on who you ask.
I hardly edit for consistency in my own thoughts, let alone edit for consistent usage between posts, but yes I am inclined to agree that Lucifer (like "Satan"/"shaitan" or "the Christ") is more of a mantle than a name of a specific incarnated entity.
Oh language, that intended meaning conveyed with words may not match dictionary definitions, let alone the mental imagery evoked in the mindspace of the recipient.
Random headcanon: the Yahweh responsible for the burning bush, plagues on egypt, choosing Abraham as his patriarch on the big risk board beneath the firmament, etc. is/was just another ancient learned individual equipped with a holographic projector, a magic wand, and a personal cloaking device.

Things change on the spiritual realm over thousands of years and while I not know that much about modern spiritual politics, another demon currently took over the command and order of demons, Lucifer is fairy chill so he was just like "meh, whatever", and he didn't care.

Basically, things change on the spiritual realm in terms of alliances, spiritual relationships, enemies, factions, wars and rulers across time, in fact, I think the change is pretty frequent.

Basically, what I know is that you can't trust that a book detailing the political structure written thousands or even hundreds of years ago is going to be consistent to the modern era.

File: downloadfile.jpg (8 KB, 224x168)
8 KB
If I kill myself today, will I my "after" of this existence be worse that this one was?
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Remember that near death experience you had around 2012? Yeah...
not OP, but for the people saying don't do it, find God etc. How are we supposed to find God in clown world? I have never been so depressed and demoralized about the absolute state of things. I believe there is a God, but I believe he abandoned us so whats the point?
Wow, so sorry that happened to you, anon. :,(
Are you killing yourself AGAIN? We had this thread earlier. You already switched timelines, dude.
OP how do you feel now?

File: 66witch.jpg (405 KB, 1214x1026)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
what are ancestral witches? are they dangerous
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Being a famous witch is also a good way to get killed.
That's why we keep to ourselves and only practice amongst ourselves. My grandmother's mother was shot to death because she performed a healing spell on a lady and her husband (a pentacostal minister) found out and paid some local thugs to kill her. We don't show non-witches anything spellwork related, for our own safety.
John Dee wasn’t killed, nor Eliphas Levi, neither was Crowley, nor Agrippa, nor Marsilio Ficino, a lot of thee people were highly respected within society.

Maybe it’s different in somewhere like the south of America though.
Witches are not real.
Historical witches are widows
who would get high in the woods and rub their clits. They accidentally got high and then they started a club with other widows to beat off together. The reason witch have list of weird animal parts is because they would use them to produce psychedelics.
>witches were just lonely women who would get high while masturbating.
Actually in strict term a witch (Male or female) means a practitioner of black magic who harms a community. Cultures have always believed in them, even cultures that highly use magical practices, as a scapegoat. In many cases witches weren’t considered to be human. The ever so famous skinwalker is a form of witch.

Even though the Catholic Church condemned the belief during the Middle Ages the belief lived on in superstitious peasants. The next thing you know some fucking German monk, and it’s always Germans who have to start shit, believes in that sort of stuff and writes a book on witches. The Monk is very misogynistic so he puts emphasis on female witches, and writes stuff about them getting them. At first his book is ridiculed and rejected, but eventually it sets off the witch craze during the renaissance.

Fucking Germans, you can always blame them.
I think we have a different understanding of what a witch is. All of those guys fall more into the occultist umbella.
To me, being a witch is more like being a certain race or caste, that's not to say people can't stumble into it, but Dee, Levi, and especially Crowley (never heard of Agrippa or Ficino, so I'll withhold judgment on them) were certainly not witches by any metric of mine.
Especially Crowley.

File: image.jpg (238 KB, 1280x720)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Is there a book that will explain what the shadow figures are and why they behave the way they do?
shizo gangstalking
I wonder if there is a book who explains why crappy people has the need to be mean to others on sight.
Hungry ghost concept from Buddhism maybe

File: 1484159020130.png (133 KB, 396x385)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>he worships male deities
74 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I can’t believe the things that he says to himself in the mirror. Why hasn’t he figured it out yet?
Ehh, we haven't understand each other.
Zeus ~ Jupiter; Hera ~ Juno. Notice that it's not a '=" sign.
Is this has been hotel?
Abyss as hotel? I don't think so.

File: El Lucx Am.jpg (71 KB, 512x512)
71 KB
I was told by the lLord that this image is the image of perdition
It deserves praise and honor
But also disgust and abhorrity
You will are now tasked to propageate this sagred image
For it is the cmmaanment
Fire hydrant is what I was tASKED to
Pay attention now, for you propagatees are have been chosen ones to ,

Lucx , spread forth , +=-
Perdition: "a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unrepentant person passes after death."

The times are approaching fast. The Lord will not tolerate this anymore.
The image must be propagated
For you have been tASKED to do so
failure to comply will result in an event of non polar unity of negative polarity
File: Capture.jpg (1 KB, 43x43)
1 KB
do not afraid, Be
Times of change
I luve u olall
The picture of hshe is your pain
refrain energy spillak
focus the L0_0ve
You are all tasked with propagating the sagred image of Lucx
You will fullfil your fate
It has been witnessed

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