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File: 457581_MailRediff13.jpg (51 KB, 576x432)
51 KB
So I've been reading about Bhakti Yoga
Is it true that you can experience lilas in the Brahman realm with Krishna? And experience much greater bliss than realization of atman or impersonal para atman?
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So is Buddhism worship of the unmanifest?
MASTER: "It is true that one or two can get rid of the 'I' through samadhi; but these cases are very rare. You may indulge in thousands of reasonings, but still the 'I' comes back. You may cut the peepal-tree to the very root today, but you will notice a sprout springing up tomorrow. Therefore if the 'I' must remain, let the rascal remain as the 'servant I'. As long as you live, you should say, 'O God, Thou art the Master and I am Thy servant.' The 'I' that feels, 'I am the servant of God, I am His devotee' does not injure one. Sweet things cause acidity of the stomach, no doubt, but sugar candy is an exception.

"The path of knowledge is very difficult. One cannot obtain Knowledge unless one gets rid of the feeling that one is the body. In the Kaliyuga the life of man is centred on food. He cannot get rid of the feeling that he is the body. and the ego. Therefore the path of devotion is prescribed for this cycle. This is an easy path. You will attain God if you sing His name and glories and pray to Him with a longing heart. There is not the least doubt about it.” - The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Chapter 7
Bhakti bump

File: 1607370763237.jpg (25 KB, 720x558)
25 KB
Its that time again for "that" thread.
>Still haven't gotten the jab
>Refusing the microchip
>Refusing crypto and NFT's
>Refusing Lucifer and the antichrist

How is /x/ holding up?
I fear its just getting worse every day...
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anybody living in a city who has a shred of humanity and anything resembling a soul and desire to have rights and hold onto their humanity, is a retard. cities are collectivist. they're inhuman, people are a commodity, because they can't function otherwise. this is common knowledge, it's why city retards are so often communists and actively push for more authoritarianism and less capacity for self-sufficiency. it's why the US will always be two nations fundamentally opposed, that CAN'T have a single system that works for everybody involved. no sympathy for cityfags.
>allow yourself to unironically be poisoned, for life, with zero possibility of undoing the damage
>for a slim chance to fuck some random thot
you get what you deserve.
No, Finland.
She was really cute and nice okay?
File: mpv-shot0005.jpg (290 KB, 1920x1080)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Yes, nothing happened. yet not because vaccines are safe and healthy but because it was meant to make anti-vaxxers look like retards. But if you pay attention to your closer ones you will see the effects, speaking for myself, in college, I've notices classmates becoming more and more stupid and sentimental. One of them even said "I can't even link ideas or leave the bed since I got covid again. Thank god I got vaccinated" Same thing with the upcoming international blackout. It was rumours, now it's retarded mumbling by schizo boomers in social media. But when people forget about the topic, boom.
Ah see, you have those worthless Sami everywhere right? Get one of those stupid autists to take it for me, done. Well, enjoy the rest of your life as hard as you can. Try to get some kills to help out your pureblood brothers

File: Athena.jpg (214 KB, 1000x1620)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Have you ever met one of the old gods, /x/? Ever had an encounter with someone like Thor, Athena, Anubis, that sort of thing?
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File: o3SJdZO3qGs.jpg (269 KB, 720x1280)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
How to use natal charts to understand which God you are aligned to? I have mine, but it's so many lines I kinda get lost
Pre-christian literature reading list:
Mythology (in order):
Religion, Philosophy, Culture
History (ordered chronologically)
gandalf is listed in the voluspa as one of the names of the first dwarves shaped by dvalin. name means "wise elf" or "magic elf". tolkien might have been a fantasy nerd but he was writing an extremely ambitious work, i wouldnt be surprised if its accepted into western canon like paradise lost in the next few centuries. gandalf is odin the grey, and christ the white. different manifestations of one being
This person must be talented at work.
Other anons too harsh, I like your prose bro

File: 1604541291244.jpg (71 KB, 994x662)
71 KB
What happens to your conscious after death?
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>contains DMT which your body naturally produces during death
This isn't true. They have found binder sites on rats that might fit something like DMT, but in small amounts. Its a stoner myth.
I don't get this. If you completely lose your memory, how is it different from nothingness? the body is different, your memory is gone so that means you will develope a new personality. What of you would actually remain to make you, you.
nothing dude lmao; everything that ever existed (from your perspective) ceases to exist as if though you've never existed.
R3ddit deboonker moment intensifies
It’s like ice melting back into the ocean

You were solid, stable and true, a constant, the definition of truth

But soon you will return into the liquid, the lies, the chaos, the feminine. Losing your identity from the complexity.

You failed to rise up and tame her, so now she looks for someone new.

TLDR you get cucked.

File: IMG-20211208-WA0000.jpg (128 KB, 1200x1600)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Hi folks. This is my first time here on /x/. I've never believed in religion, supernatural or metafisic stuff. However, for reasons beyond me, it seems that i must learn how to read tarot. I feel that the way intended to learn is asking you, beloved people. Could you help me out a bit? Thanks a lot mates.
You have come to the right place. Every one here is retarded too.
File: kabbalah tarot.png (784 KB, 901x622)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
Tarot is a set of cards that explains kabbalah
it can also be used for divination but that is a second ancillary usage,the real usage is Kabbalah
you study one it means you study the other
i dont really wanna say it now,i already explained this hsit like multiple times here
i have cold feet and i wanna go to sleep,goodnight and hope that the other anons give you some good info
most likely they wont
>Pic very related on tthe positions of the card in regard to kabbalah
is this all being done so you can get laid?

File: 1487430348409.jpg (744 KB, 1000x1000)
744 KB
744 KB JPG
Welcome to Astrology General!

All schools of astrology are welcomed! : Traditional, Hellenistic, Modern, Vedic, Draconic, etc.

> Reader?:

If you are offering readings please mention what house system and school you use. (As well as what type of reading you specialize in)

> Want a reading?:

Please post your chart + a specific area/question you would like read.

If you would like a reading from a specific reader, please note what school of astrology the reader follows! (So if the reader uses the Vedic system, please send a Vedic chart)

> Links to websites for natal (and other) types of charts.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Alright, I'll keep your reading in mind. Might read it a couple of times. Thanks again for your time.
np, I was procrastinating anyway
threadly reminder for the fucking noobs that don't understand astrology and this which is so blatantly obvious: The most fearless and respectful sign at the same time is the capricorn. If you don't believe me, go find someone with a capricorn sun sign and look into their eyes, there's zero fear in them unlike all the other signs. Their entire presence is fearlessness, if you disagree with me then you're genuinely retarded. It's so incredibly obvious to me and other astrologers that actually understand this. 2nd place behind the capricorn sun sign would be a capricorn moon sign. Their mind is fearless, but their entire presence and soul is not, unlike the capricorn sun sign. I'm only posting this once for the retards that don't understand this so they can go and investigate for themselves, again, go find a capricorn sun sign and look at their fucking eyes you retards and compare that to any of the other signs. I trust in capricorn sun signs with all my heart and soul. That's how firmly I understand this. I don't even care about their background, where they're from, what they do, if they're a capricorn sun sign I whole heartedly trust in them. They are the leaders of all of this shit and that's the way it will always be. Don't say I didn't try to educate you on capricorns, this was your one message. I'm also not a capricorn sun sign myself so this is completely unbiased. I bow down to capricorns for all my life. I have no care for any of the other signs. Only the capricorn is what is meaningful to me to be around. If you're ever in trouble, find a capricorn sun sign and he will defend you from whatever it is, no matter where no matter who. They don't give a fuck who's in front of them, unlike the other 11 signs who all live in fear. This thread should only be about praising capricorn sun signs, the ONLY TRUELY fearless people on the planet. EVERY OTHER sign lives in fear in the back of their mind including my sign. This is the way it is and always will be.
>Sun in fall in Libra in the first

not sure how wise this is as general advice, but you probably just need some attention.

Redpill me on mercury, /x/. What are its secrets?
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Vax cult is everywhere these days.
With mercury you can create cinnabar.
Enough said.
Simply make better threads
i know gurus in India use mercury in their rituals, do you know more about its place in yogic culture?
I don't know, but i've been told,
It's used in dental pieces

File: nasa.png (226 KB, 640x799)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Has anyone else noticed a shitload of zoomers and e-celebs wearing NASA caps and/or other NASA-branded clothes as of late? Do they think it'll make flerfers seethe in public or do they wear them because they genuinely care about an agency whose last real "achievement" was over 2 decades ago?
I can understand sports teams, fashion labeled, political (i.e. MAGA) and car branded caps. I do not understand why anyone would EVER want to wear a cap that has "NASA" on it, unless they're a rocket scientist.
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Confirmation bias. You started noticing them, so now you notice them.
space is the place
Based gf and I agree about manchildren.
Oooh look at me I love space and love science. I'm soooo nerdy Loooool, aren't I cool?
Real answer the logo is public domain and clothes companies realised its a cool logo to put on shirts that hipsters will buy. So its every where

File: blatic sea anomaly.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
What does /x/ know about the Baltic sea anomaly?
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>inb4 spaceship
>inb4 “but it looks exactly like the millennium falcon”
No. It’s stone-cut megalithic antediluvian ruins from a lost civilization buried somewhere in the perhistoric depths of the Pleistocene. Look into the great pyramids of the Kola Peninsula for more evidence of ancient high culture in that area
It's a fucking rock.

If it was anything else, they would have figured it out the first time, then a government authority would have seized it, and you'd never have heard of it.
It is the doorway to Inner Heaven.
The Ebon Hawk was severely damaged after escaping the collapse of Malachor V
>it's a rock
what about the electrical interference as reported by the ocean x team?

File: nightwalk.jpg (40 KB, 554x554)
40 KB
Hello anons, I like to go for late night walks, does anyone else do this? Sometimes I go along service trails or walking tracks, other times I go out along back streets or roads leading away from town. Been to a few graveyards while doing this which is relaxing.
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Only podcast episodes to ever freak me out were the Casefile episodes on the East Area Rapist.
The night is full of spirits good and bad, be careful if you’re completely alone.
There are portals anon…some only open at night
Literally the only horror fiction podcast worth listening to is Knifepoint Horror and even then it's not necessarily scary, I just like his writing.
I can’t even listen to scary music at night, I am obsessed with cultivating abundant comfy vibes after it gets dark outside.
There is something holy about the safety of a home at night
I worked in retail before and had to walk back home from my night shift at 1am all alone and it made me realize that walking at night is actually not that scary, sometimes men will try to approach you and disturb your peace but it's mostly deliberately done for intimidation rather than an actual advance but so far they have all fucked off when i told them to fuck off. I guess it depends on the area but i live in a third world country and my neighborhood is full of drug addicted brown savages so take that as you will.

How harmful are cigarettes/tobacco really ? I remember hearing that they are purposely kept harmful and there were cigarettes with almost no bad side effects but they were "shut it down". Any smokers that can redpill me on it ?
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this post is very very wrong, and you've clearly never read the pumpkin seed butthole story
Just because they come out don't mean they're alive. You try to plant whatever the fuck you want after shitting it out and note your success rate.
This aesthetic has been made super gay by sociopath kids with daddy issues
It's not as optimal as eating then shitting them out but spitting then out into the dirt serves the same purpose of propogation via consumption
Not so terrible if you do pinches instead of cigarettes.

Does anybody know a good book that connects the astral, etheric body to the biological source of things?
What is the most eye opening book you know about the relationship between spirituality and biology?
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this is a slow board. please calm down
Matter comes from spirit
>connects the astral, etheric body to the biological source of things?
If you mean irl biology, then no

How do I get flat tiddy vampire gf edition.
20 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
At the insane asylum
You just developed schizophrenia.
You don't know what schizophrenia is, none of you do.
pls... turn me. I don't wanna die
Hello gorgeous want to go out on a date ?

File: Rustin_Cohle.jpg (35 KB, 260x390)
35 KB
Anyone know of any reptilian base locations?
Dulce Base is apparently the largest but hardest to get into, read Val Valerian’s Matrix series

(Dulce aliens won't hesitate to bust out energy weapons, tho)
maybe not
maybe go fuck yourself OP
I've heard that there might be one on the outskirts of Mykolaiv. If you arrive, they say it's an old building from the Cold War era. Another place would be on Turkey's border with Iran because of reports from 14th century travelers

File: 1638914862191.png (258 KB, 1192x546)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Whats going on in Antarctica?
187 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
roll and everyone here get a rei/asuka/mari/misato wife of your choice.
shut the fuck up troon
Based and transcendenttruthspilled
No anon.
The summer in the southern hemisphere is during northern hemisphere winter.
i.e. the safer season time to elite go down there is now
I just want to survive the cataclysm with them bros…I just want my bloodline to continue
They are basically committing a species wide theft of genetics, the entire gene pool will be theirs if they’re the only ones to survive

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