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ITT: Images with disturbing backstories.
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Can’t say I share that desire but I wish you the best
Alright this is one I don’t recognize

Literally how is that possible
I also believe that the kid survived iirc
the energy drink tab necklace
he will die of cardiac arrest very soon.

Redpill me on the masons.

Are they just a club for rich assholes or have they had significant power/influence?
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File: 1498198926211.png (16 KB, 448x448)
16 KB
>just a club for rich assholes
i PoStEd It AgAiN mOm
Holy fucking shit
>Daily mail
>The same newspaper that runs stories about planet X, the 2012 apocalypse, and how Diana's remains were stolen by space Paki's

The Kennedy curse explained.
It's literally jews.
I only had to hear that old school style sample music to be convinced.

Let’s see if you’re equal to the old teachings.
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You are welcome. Use wisely.

Ashida Kim is but a figurehead for the Column.
Ashida Kim is the only person who traces true lineage.

I don't think he was
Here is an example of a pretender attempting to teach the true way, but he makes crucial errors that are purposeful, to block the progress of the western practitioner:

File: 1391693826940.gif (383 KB, 780x756)
383 KB
383 KB GIF
Many Thanks. Would be nice to have page numbers, fren. Take care.

What do the seven circles of hell really mean?
It has no meaning.
Dante was just really pissed that he was exiled from Florence.
Also important to note he was just a poet and not a prophet of any sort.
I always thought it was allegorical to how these "sins" affect your subconcious and self image. In the 2nd circle of lust people are buried in sand inches away from their perfect lover while being blistered by howling winds. This describes how people consumed by their sexuality are always looking for "the one" unable to find them and the wind represents how they are blown from one lover to the next and it damages their body and self esteem. Greed people are boiled in gold because all they care about is the accumulation of wealth and so lose out on all the finer aspects of life. It always made sense to me that this is what its about anyways. Also Dante was 100% on a heavy dose of shrooms when he wrote that shit man.
Dante had a cool name and a trippy dream

who is the most powerful person browsing this board right now?

give demonstration or proof of power or gtfo
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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, does that count?
I am god, and you will know the holy name of ishvara in the coming years.
File: 1594595024673.gif (72 KB, 220x216)
72 KB
>he's right
Probably because they don't actually run the world.
File: 1582885041456.jpg (13 KB, 320x320)
13 KB
You called?

File: EWS1.jpg (451 KB, 1920x1088)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
Just finished watching it and I think I mostly understood it. Nevertheless, I want to read other people's takes on it. What are the best explanations for the film? The only explanations I find are stupid mainstream media BS.
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I'm sure people who worked on the movie would have said if scenes were cut or Kubrick's vision tampered with
He would trick George C. Scott into doing one comedic take for fun as an acting exercise and proceed to do normal serious acting after the fact but keep his more outlandish take for the movie so when George C. Scott saw Dr. Strangelove he was pissed at what takes ended up on the final product.
We know for a fact it was. Kubrick actually died 6 days after showing them his final cut. His film was cut after he died we don't know for a fact everything that was cut though.
>The key take away is you are called to help them, but can never be one due to birthright or what have you
Cool. I've never drew the parallel between Tom Cruise's character little doctor helping them and Stanley Kubrick.
That's a bit far fetched, but the missing children at the end of the movie might represent the missing footage in the movie.

File: 1601159751679.jpg (147 KB, 1024x577)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Im relatively a newfag and there's onw thing about 4chan that i dont understand.
what is it with pic related.
people sperg out about it, can somone give me some context?
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Heh the resolution is indeed spooky with the alleged one being high res
>i used to have one but it's weirdly just gone, can't find it anymore
dumb, gay, fake
They hide in plain sight
What I want to know is, 1. if this whole thing was a real occurrence with a real ayy "selfie," why would 4chan be where they chose to share the picture? And 2. Had the picture been shared on some other site like fb or reddit, would it have crashed in the same fashion? Imagine the shitstorm that would be. "Facebook goes down for maintenance worldwide after circulation of mysterious extraterrestrial photograph." Or even Twitter. I'd be laughing my ass off. Rich fucks all over the globe suddenly unable to spread their social media shit simultaneously because somehow an actual fuckin alien picture started making rounds and the internet imploded as The Powers That Be tried to stop it.
It’s only real if u want it to be. Do u want aliens to be real anon?

I (m31)have recently acquired a GirlFriend (f19) ,& my 1st 1 at that,& i have Been Very happy about this...until recently , when I Have Noticed weird Things About Her.It all happened When i Had Brought Up The Topic of YAKUB. she was Rather Hesitant On it,&Refused further Discussion about it After Around Seventeen Minutes Into the discussion about YAKUB . She Told me that it was all BOGUS NONSENSE ,and said that She Had thought That i Was Just Messing around with her ,or that I Was High even Though i Do Not Do Dope. i Would Never partake In the indigestion of Mind Altering Subtances , nor Would i Ever Joke about YAKUB .She is very clearly a Clone ,and This Is Trulely Saddening .
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pherhaps You are Correct as well , Anon . But as Some Bros may say.. "Da Hoe Chose Me ,".
I cri evertiem :,(
Amen , Brother. YAKUB is Da OG Blood. Truth of Kemet has showed da tru colors and exposed the devil inside ur gf. This information is simply too powerful for some to grasp.
What The Fuck Is Wrong With (You)?

Anyone think Pepe looks like Yuuka Kazami?

I swear Ponitus Pilate (PP) reincarnated into Pepe who's the same person as Yuuka or something.

I'm posting related images below, you can check them out for yourselves.
File: 1598723772764.jpg (226 KB, 820x886)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Image #1.
File: 1598920634930.png (1.25 MB, 1276x1274)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Image #2, that's all I have.
>>>/jp/ business bro, and no, Yuuka does not resemble pepe.
Take your meds, weeb
You're a fucking retard.
Should have also used a better image of Yuuka too.

Like the land he bought from my great grandma and he has lived here forever. There used to be more gravestones there but a lot of them were stolen over the years and that was the last one left, it was for two infants. It’s on the edge of his property other side of my fence

He was smashing it up with a sledge hammer this morning and I was weirded out and went inside, now it’s gone completely. What should I do? Should I ask him for the rock pieces and place them nearby on my side of the fence? He’s old and weird and I’m wondering if he’s completely lost his mind. I’m kinda upset about this too. Pic unrelated
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Kindly kill yourself.
Is his property nicely kept up and cleared or is it a shit heap? If he keeps things nice and tidy he probably thought he was doing you a favor and didn’t realize it would upset you. If his property is a dump and he doesn’t kept things nice he was doing it to be a dick. If he was being a dick you have every right to tell him to give you the pieces back and to stay off your property. You obviously know that could create tension and it’s up to you if it won’t bother you living with a bad relationship with the neighbor.
>doesnt realize where he is
stone my fren is not 100 yo. only it's form. but it requires brains to know this.
Ask him if he was getting haunted and if thats why he smashed their graves

File: joe.jpg (189 KB, 1047x1047)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
I heard he's sponsored by tesla
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>and alex wont go there anymore
citation nigga
Joe Rogan is sponsored by his own HEAT SHOCK PROTEINS and now you know the rest of the story, anon.

nah he's totally legit but he has been talking about riots and trump and god a lot lately and it is turning me off. needs more duncan.
He runs Nintendo
File: 1598316958965.jpg (277 KB, 948x713)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Joe is alright. Anything pushing for truth is good, but if you don't supply enough info peoples perception can get warped, then they come to /x/ and we have to mop up the paranoid and schizoids.
OP anyone who gets paid is a shill. It’s worse than u comprehend.
By everyone that included (You)

My sources are telling me that TRUMP is seriously considering releasing information about
UFOs / extraterrestrials before the election. Considering playing the DISCLOSURE card!


Rumor is Trump's people have run simulations that less people would care about race, if UFO disclosure happens. Would make him the most popular man in the world and would cement his name into world history.

48 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1593334242017.webm (1.86 MB, 480x848)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB WEBM
Yeah he's been compromised alright.
(((Woodward))) would never tell you how though.

If you're actually so interested in politics that you're reading Bob Woodward books you should be listening to FTN.

Maybe this. IMHO the current civilization has run outta ideas. It ran out of ideas years ago. It would take something on the scale of benevolent aliens and a evolution of human consciousness to warrant continuing. I have a theory that we are in a type of matrix but it’s built and maintained by our collective belief systems. I think the reason we see the west collapsing is because a critical mass of people have given up caring and a growing number are willing a collapse.
I literally believe in miracles and that if enough people focus on something it will happen. Right now I suspect the push for aliens to be real is being orchestrated in order to bring this into reality. Something seriously big and good needs to happen on this planet anyhow.
We want it to be true because religion has been undermined and discredited for many..the west is largely full of aimless atheists. The alien belief system is just a modern religion..it has about as much evidence as any other religion to support it = 0.
People, including me, need something to believe in because humanity and science just doesn’t cut it especially the more you learn about things.
However I think but ain’t sure, that collective consciousness might be a lot more powerful than we think
File: desert.jpg (126 KB, 1044x696)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
They alternate between demons and aliens.
I'm not saying aliens aren't real. They're very real.
But they have to come incarnate. No other way.
ET is a hollywood fiction. UFOs were made by nazi scientists.
Those nazi scientists kept developing in US and Russia.

If you need something to believe in, believe in yourself.
Bill Gates is putting black market dead Ayyyy tech into his vaccines and it’s going to make us human slaves. FACT

File: chrome_bHCFw7ynhG.png (175 KB, 471x471)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Is it true that in order to know everything and grasp the "Final Understanding", a person needs to experience death in his life?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, death is the liberation point and axis into great awakening, but one must be able to accumulate enough experience to pass onto the next world and be ready for it. Otherwise our spirits cling to that past life and get scrambled at the liminal point between death and life, until someone or something bumps along and helps the spirit's passage.
what makes you think that you can understand everything? who the fuck remembers what they ate a week ago?
File: 1596327468814.jpg (47 KB, 451x698)
47 KB
The Final Understanding is gaining the knowledge that life is exactly how it seems. We exist, we live, we die. Then boom. Lights go out and you're no longer conscious. Do you remember how life was before you were born? That's what death is like. The plot twist of reality is that there is no plot twist. There aren't any deities, spirits, monsters, kinds of magic, etc. That's The Final Understanding.

People say they exist because they're afraid of death and how simple and shitty existence seems to be. Either that or they're just bonkers, but take it as you will.
yep. if you play Minecraft all your life in virtual reality helmet in order to see higher reality you have to switch helmet off, take it off. of cour real world would appear as hallucination.

stop thinking, stop internal monologue for 5 minutes.

I don't think therefore I am not.
what makes you think?

File: download.jpg (23 KB, 640x480)
23 KB
Any anons think this group may have actually had truths behind its words or was it just a cult led by a deranged man?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It was all bullshit. My favorite part of this BS was downloading everything off their FTP server while it was happening. Lot of weird bullshit.
well they're right, but guided meditation with frequencies does seem like it's cheating doesn't it
What was the most interesting thing you remember?

The following information is true. Literally anything is possible if u believe it.
However due to the amount of people on the planet all wanting different things at the same time, they all cancel each other out.
This mass of though acts like a fog of intentions, worries, anxieties.
It’s collective white noise.
In the past, religions have managed collective human intention in order to maintain civilization and in order to control reality itself.
In order to break through the fog and achieve our aims we need to have an agreement on what we want to happen and at this point it needs to be all or nothing.
Meme magic is real

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