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File: Iowa ice berg.png (943 KB, 640x1193)
943 KB
943 KB PNG
What weird shit happened to you? Do you remember any of this happening in your state?
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Around 4th grade a bunch of kids, about two classes worth of them regulary put their ears against a large tree in the yard. They claimed there was a spirit inside that talked to them and they all freaked out when the tree was eventually cut down.
Obviously it was bullshit but it's a nice example of mass hysteria.
Albert Einstein
Communism is truly a cancer
I have an elementary school memory of some guy breaking into my school stealing the teachers money and saying creepy shit on intercom. I had teachers vouch for the story but I dont remember what the fuck he said.

They are coming.
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and that's a good thing
> Lyri-Chan. Will you marry me and receive my babyjuice? Our children will be supercute mencats.
File: bhagwan-shiva.jpg (106 KB, 1024x768)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
You mean they are running away ?

File: 309413375026211.png (695 KB, 639x617)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
How do I cast a love spell spell on someone?
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a love spell is either the forceful insertion of a narrative which frames you as the perfect lover (vulgar magic, and usually displeasing result to all parties involved) or learn enough about the person and state your intent to take that romantic role in their life, show you understand them and can make that role suit you like a glove, as you show them why they fit your idea of an ideal partner in some overall frame... build a dialogue and actually commit to your desires. this will work, it is magical if you are aware of it, but my guess is that you dont know what sort of woman you want or what sort of man you want to be to them. and you wont have any good relationship with a woman you pursued just because they're a woman.
I was also raped by a friend who recently transitioned into a bear kin. I wanted to kill them but I'd thought I'd trust my abilities and cast a warding spell
oh woah rape.. was that what it was? oh no anon *pity* *pity* boohoo. go choke on nigger dicks tranny. kys. if you are going to share narratives, make them entertaining or true, this is neither, you're pretending to be a victim, so why say you have powers at all? why be half in and half out of the illusion ye stupid troon? just fucking create or disappear faggot.
Have you considered dating other men?
Erm dont do it, those kind of love potion will turn make the person you cast it on obsessed with you. Im talking abt until death tore us apart thingy, you wont get rid of them even when you break up,..etc

What was the most believable NDE story you have ever heard or read?
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Non-disclosure Egreement
>Yes I know how stupid this joke is
The most believable No Dick Ever story? OP's fat, ugly mother of course!
Sleeping/passing out with a concussion isn't a bad thing, that's an urban myth. Sleep is actually the best cure for concussion, it gives the brain a chance to rest and recover.

The danger is if you've got a serious brain injury, then sleep can kill you. As most people can't tell the difference it's better to be safe and stop people from sleeping until brain injury has been ruled out. So it's not 'don't sleep with a concussion' but 'don't sleep until you've been properly diagnosed'.
My brother and I were at the local pool and he decided to be an asshole and push me under the water. However, I don't think he realized I was actually drowning until I dug my nails into his side and he finally let me up. There was also another time at a pool when I was really little. I had floated toward the deep end and a guy jumped on top of me and I was trapped under his weight and started drowning. I dont remember how I got out the pool but I'm alive.
Imagine defending yourself to strangers

>massive paranormal area chock full of witches, abandoned mines, and centuries of folklore goes ignored by /x/
What gives?
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what are you talkin about
Yooo I live in bowling green on Nashville rd
As a guy who travels a lot, the only places comparable to Waverly I have been in to in terms of make me get a 'this is so fucking haunted' feeling was the Hotel Provincial in New Orleans and the Wat Phra Mahathat in Thailand.
something similar happened to about my toddler sister tho its not nearly as interesting. She just looked at the coach and was scared shitless for at least 10-20 minutes even after showing her theres nothing there. only stopped when she went to sleep facing opposite to the coach and even after waking up she ran to my dad. weird as fuck but could probably be explained by something else. Other then that ive had shit full on grab me at night while sleepin on 2 separate occasions despite bein alone

File: 20210222_033348.jpg (29 KB, 616x498)
29 KB
can you anons send me some good energy my way? i'm going through a rough patch right now and it's hard dealing with it. thank you anons
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Let Correctness and Truth be effective in your life;
and let the world slowly fall into your control.
You’ll get through it before it gets through you. Hang in there buddy
Be tougher, fag.
It'll get easier eventually. Just do what you can for now. Make yourself a nice soup to lift your spirits.
File: FB_IMG_1618384891241.jpg (141 KB, 1080x1080)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I hope you feel better soon anon, you are stronger than you think

File: r7yy9ube8kq61.png (935 KB, 640x1189)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
how much more prevalent would spirits be in daily life if we could actually see, hear, and communicate with them?
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oh so you want schizo larping then? cool thread anon we definitely don't have enough of those. retard.
here is a thought
work on binaural beats that promotes release of dmt
you can thank me later
but you do it just isn't language based. everything from change of temperature to physical aches are a form of communication. language is a quite crude method of describing reality at least in the day to day sense.
OP is a paid writer
You can speak to them, but they can’t talk back. You can sense them as a strange cold, though.

File: 165542323126.png (1.06 MB, 862x1149)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
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File: 578107439_tp.jpg (17 KB, 266x299)
17 KB
The one you're going to have tonight
The shadow guy with the hat, yes.
But paralysis is fucking scary..
What could it be..?? Demon imps? ACTUAL Shadow people? Aliens??
My brother and I freeze up often..
One night years he said there were two small thin things in front of him and he tried so hard to shut his eyes.
We live in the desert, so shit is possible.
Wtf? How have I never heard of this. Very interesting. Thanks.
Human live mutilation

the fuck are you even talking about? why are you asking such a stupid question? why WOULDN'T someone want to see the most crazy thing in a category? are you actually brain dead? are boomers seriously trying to make up shit so that they feel better about themselves? it's literally worse than the people who wish they were born in an older generation because "rock music was the best" or some cringe shit. shut the fuck up you fucking IDIOTS.

Explain why you believe Lyrians exist and that your not a bunch of furry coomers
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File: c27.png (35 KB, 398x636)
35 KB
i believe lyrans exist because im a furry coomer
there was this Lyran goddess pic that is making me believe. Wish I knew the artist. Cooming hours for me.
File: King_Shakalaka.jpg (22 KB, 284x232)
22 KB
I only believe in Lynians
File: D_zjkRAU4AEoddA.jpg (17 KB, 640x479)
17 KB
it's fucking cat people man. the cat parasites get in their brain
They probably don't look like cats but have some similarities or they can trick our minds into making themselves look like cats for the lols.

File: ClassyPepe.png (362 KB, 1055x577)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
Do you feel anything?

Schizo connections:
Part 1
Energy is the root of all things.
Energy is measured in frequency (among other methods)
Frequency is directly related to waves.
Waves are the fundamental building blocks of the universe.
The pattern remains the same once established.

Part 2
Parasites can infect living organisms and alter their host's behaviour (e.g. zombie snail [worm], zombie ant [fungus], toxoplasmosis [single celled eukaryote])
Things that detrimentally alter your behaviour are considered parasites not sensible to keep in your body.
Your body contains more material right now that is falls into the category 'other' rather than 'human'.
The 'other' column is still living material
The method of control in these parasites differs but the pattern remains the same.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: ygege.jpg (625 KB, 2000x1500)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Part 11
If the entire system is hijacked by a parasite with ill intentions, then the Giant can collapse into death or be consumed by another entity in order to complete the parasite's reproductive lifecycle.

Part 12
A powerful way to remove parasitic infections from infested human hosts is by using Wormwood (See Revelations 8: 10-11)
Any cataclysm that occurs on a scale of a National Giant such as civilisational decline and collapse, or purging of a parasitic infection, would feel akin to the disasters spelled out in many End Times prophecies.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk /x/ schizo ramblings.
This is true, but the immune response can trigger anything from shivering, vomiting, diarreah or any other number of painful and unpleasant experiences.
Think for a moment, what that could look like on a Giant scale...
Sorry for impersonating you OP, i just figured you were going in that direction anyways >>28218629
No worries anon, we are all nobody here.
File: 1530068973944.jpg (54 KB, 564x564)
54 KB
Heh, nice. But seriously in response to
We got medicine, anon. It wont be as bad as you think.

File: 750px.png (272 KB, 750x500)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
Is it true the american gubberment are developing subdermal chips to " just detect covid" for all its citizens, Instead of a vaccine passport system like most European nations.

You're forced to take it since they'll reduce your medical premiums if you get it. Will you get it?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Do you get all your info from
fake Facebook articles?
Good idea actually
Do you get all your allowance money from your mom's Onlyfans?
Vaguely plausible they're working on a blood screener (think something more like a diabetes tester).
>You're forced to take it
The American gov't couldn't force anyone to do anything, even at riflepoint. Half of us aren't even wearing masks when asked politely to do so.

File: image%3A175809.jpg (41 KB, 1200x630)
41 KB
When did you realize green eyes produce photosynthesis?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
When was the.last time you took your schizo meds man?
you've licked too many boots
What would you even do with photosynthesizing irises?
t. eyelet
Wait till i tell you about what blue eyes can do.

Also photosynthesis isn't produced it's done. Thats not how the word works. What's produced is energy.

My parents got the vaccine so has my normal nurse sister who has a white baby daughter but my other coal burner sister is a nurse and isn’t getting the vaccine what should I expect and should I suspect my coal burner sister for knowing more About the vaccine?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>n-no you can't have values! fix your priorities!
cuck, there's nothing wrong with caring for other people
Being this based oof
File: 1612227585706.jpg (32 KB, 496x371)
32 KB
>vaccine is noble
your nigger loving sister is a rebel. she does the opposite of what your beta father does/says.
Me dad got the vaccine and he's still the same boomer
No actually he feels even better.
Iddunoo, not taking that shit unless it is mandatory for me in order to do something really fucking important which won't happen anytime soon.

File: oumuamua.jpg (35 KB, 800x444)
35 KB
In 2017 an object of interstellar origin entered
our solar system. The likelihood of such an event ever occurring naturally was so slim to be disregarded, and yet. The object was named 'Oumuamua' which is the Hawaiian term for 'scout' and exhibited non-gravitational acceleration, with a size of 100 to 1000 meters in length and 35 to 160 meters in diameter. The report conveniently came after it had already performed a close fly-by of Earth, without exhibiting any of the normal traits of known celestial bodies such as ice or dust trails. In July 2019, astronomers concluded that Oumuamua is 'most likely' a natural object. A small number of astronomers suggested that it could be a product of alien technology, but evidence in support of this hypothesis is weak. What they omitted is that the chances for it to ever happen in the first place were even weaker.

Coincidentally, from 2017 on armed forces from several nations started official talks about UFO disclosure, culminating in the release of the Nimitz encounters and the coming disclosure approved by the U.S. congress. At the same time, the international scientific community also started exhibiting an academically anomalous interest in the possibility of consciousness as a factor in quantum mechanics, which the CE-5 and independent researchers such as Corrado Malanga seem to regard as the cornerstone of extraterrestrial technologies.

What are the serious odds that Oumuamua really was a scout, and the political agitation in the following years culminating in the Covid global surveillance agenda/depopulation is in fact a preparation for panic containment once our cosmic brethren finally decides to openly reveal itself to us, possibly to divert the multiple failure nuclear/energetic/climatic/pollution existential threat that life on Earth is posed with today?
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Listen, I’m him. If you know of anyone with the means of communicating with them, just pass this along:

I’ve never heard of anything about any “codex.” I just want to be left alone.
File: 1617080152897.jpg (203 KB, 976x597)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
op pic isn't an actual picture of the object
COVID as a depopulation effort doesn't hold up, as it juat isn't all that deadly, according to ever single numbers report we have.
Agreed. I think it was just routine work that got out. The lab was in china, but it was on loan to Americans. No one wants to take the blame.

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