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File: MKULTRA RNC Control.jpg (177 KB, 596x752)
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177 KB JPG
Them Invisible Torture Ghosts Fix
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You don't need an implant when your entire skies are covered in smart dust, sometimes I wish chimpazoids like yourself would get the hell away from my board
This is the guy neo magicians are doing this for lmao
>neo magicians
Come to my house you fucking faggot, you wont
You're a piece of shit

Anyone here has experience with lucid dreaming?
How does one do it?
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The easiest way to start lucid dreaming, is in the morning. The REM-cycle is when you have an easier time remembering your dream. So awaken after 6-8 hours of sleep, then sleep one more hour. This is where it is easier to notice that you're dreaming.

The second method, is awaken during the night. Then using the rapid falling back to sleep, the fall into sleep while remaining aware. Don't think about anything, just be aware and feel the changes. As you drift off. Then, when you do, just pay attention.

You see, very often, you must regain yourself in a dream to know you're dreaming. And after a while, you will get whimsical.

My best advice, is to first become aware, then treat it as if it is just a dream, then treat it as a separate dimension. Work in synergy with belief, to disbelief, into a cooperation.
i had a short phase of lucid dreaming. It wasnt that hard for me, I just had a 10 minute daily mediation, and wrote down all my dreams after I woke up. On top of this I was thinking about lucid dreaming a lot, if things are on your mind during the day they'll show up in your dreams. You can more effectively cause it by waking yourself up around 6 hours after you fall asleep, then write down whatever dream you had and set the intention of lucid dreaming. Not great to do a lot though, obviously cause it disturbs your sleep.
1. Iodine tinctures. Nascent, Lugol's, or SSKI. These are for vividity/lucidity.
2. Melatonin. Also for lucidity. However, it comes with a warning. Search for exogenous in the archives. At the same Time, I ran into a dude here who's been using melatonin for 15 years straight with zero ill effects. So maybe it's a 50/50 for now.
3. ZMA. This one is for increasing the vividity of your dreams. Be careful though. Whatever it is that you have on your mind at the moment of falling asleep is what you'll end up dreaming about. So you may wanna avoid any disturbing content around bedtime.
4. Choline bitartrate and magnesium. Same as above, except with zero warnings. Well, save for the magnesium. Magnesium citrate will help make you regular. It'll literally clean out your colon.
5. Calea zacatechichi. This one is for slowing down the passage of Time while you're dreaming. So that way you'll be able to lengthen the duration of your dreams. There might be at least 2 other herbs out there that do the same. However, I'm unable to recall their names.
6. Benadryl. Same as 3 and 4. Except this one comes with a huge warning. It has the capability to plunge your Astral body all the way down to one of the Hell realms. Just like with number 5, it too will induce Time dilation. However, I'm unaware as to the whether the exact mechanism behind it works the same way for both.
7. Galantamine and Huperzine A. 2 examples of lucid dreaming supplements. There's actually a plethora of them out there. Look for the book Advanced Lucid Dreaming: The Power of Supplements.
8. Nicotine patches. It's been ages since I learned about this one, but it might be for lucidity. The same goes for LSD.
9. Chantix. For increasing vividity.
10. Meditation. For lucidity. Specifically, zazen, vipassana, and samatha.
11. Dream yoga. Again, for lucidity. Look for the following 2 books. The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep. And the other one is Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light.
I had a dream that Wyoming, the southwest (Saskatchewan/Alberta) part of Canada, and some counties from Oregon and Nevada became part of the second Confederate States of America. I wish I could remember the flag.
Okay glownigger

File: DO THIS.png (157 KB, 1254x283)
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157 KB PNG
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I too much brain fog from coming today
Heck yeah
File: coomerbrain.png (209 KB, 970x536)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>not doing this irl through a feedback loop
>not tricking your brain to release dopamine
>manifesting in the comfort of your home
*spits on essence and crystals*
Been doing this for like 2 weeks. I still hate myself and I'm moody all the time.

File: 43164978254613.jpg (13 KB, 251x201)
13 KB
Would you like to delve deeper /pol/? Or will you set us free?

Rules of discussions remain the same - Q&A
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Yes, Jesus's father thought it was Chronos.
>Jesus's father thought it was Chronos.
So Zeus used nanomachines and hypnosis to trick himself into thinking he was Chronos?
I'm calling bullshit. Jesus is the Son of Yahweh/Jehovah. You don't even know the difference between Greek mythology and Christianity.
This is a bunker dweller story telling Larp teaching Neural Language Programming, you are so far out of the loop you shouldn't even comment.

please continue
Why is it that some totally unqualified roleplayer with a passing knowledge of a handful of mythology or paranormal subjects can come on /x/ and start "teaching" people utter bullshit, and they get hundreds of retarded replies taking it seriously.

As long as this guy throws "3 days of darkness" around, you'll believe it all, won't you.

File: white-beach-and-blue-sky.jpg (272 KB, 1920x1280)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
I need you guys' opinion on this. I'll just keep it simple. I had a dream the other night where I closed my eyes and I woke up in this black void, and I kept yelling "Please God, help me! I don't want to die!" I woke up from the dream and felt like my brain was swollen, so I looked in the mirror and my lips were blue and puffy, my neck was red too. Was I attacked by a demon? Did I sleep awkwardly, strangled myself in my sleep, and almost assassinated my ass? What did I see? What the fuck happened to me?
Also I'm gay and I've been having nightmares about my dad finding out, is this related to it? Could it be I'm worrying too much?
Take your meds OP. You need em
STFU retard
Stop being a faggot before Jesus puts you in a choke hold again.

The last thread was good, let's start another.

Send a message to your soulmate, twin flame, spirit family, other half, ect.
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Looking forward to seeing you on the train, Rhiannon.


I'm still perplexed at the sheer insanity of it all. The past few years; what's been learned - what I've lost. I found myself in it all; the me that is always with you in the purple city. It's getting closer to the starting point and I'm kicking back and enjoying the show until then. I know there will be loss. I know it will hurt. Good thing we have each other, because the same could be said for us all. I'm looking forward to the future, as tumultuous as it will be. I know its lurk moar post never, but fuck me, I couldn't resist.

Why did you make me crazy?
Somehow I know your there and I know you'll see this, I'm sorry for how everything's been and how it ended. Just know that I still hold a place in my heart for you, even after everything. When were ready I know well see eachother again and when that day comes itll be just like we always imagined. It doesnt matter if it takes 5 hours or 5 years for it to be true I just know we're meant for eachother. Thanks for everything I love you
I'm playing with my wiener
My future wife, imma beat her

Hey y’all, I was curious if anyone else had stories like this. Stories that just aren’t quite horror stories. Had this incident during my freshman year of college

haven’t been on 4chan in forever so if greentexts are outdated that’s my bad

>on a trip with friends
>hiking in maine
>get out of car to piss, it’s already dark out so we were gonna wait in the car before hiking
>loud af scream
>mountain lion kinda shit mixed with a cheese grater
>scream is both choppy and gargled, oddest fucking sound ive ever heard.
>friends and i get back in the van and dip
>went back next month, all is well
>be me
>walking home from school
>there is a wooded area
>notice some people in there
>it looks like a woman kneeling down and 2 or 3 guys standing around her
>she might be naked, she's too far away to tell
>she's definitely underdressed for the season
>I keep on walking

Thanks for this thread, I always get made fun of when I tell this story elsewhere.
>be a woman raped and about to be murdered by two men
>see help
>fucker keeps on walking
murderer always returns to the scene of the crime
>Be me
>16 years old
>ready to go to therapy but my grandfather calls
>Go to garage
>he taunts me and beckons my curiosity
>look at desc
>He turned himself into a pickle
What if you were witnessing like, an active rape, but you were wearing flip flops?

What if God doesn’t forgive? What if we’re stuck with our sins for eternity?
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>Grants power to Satan to be God of the material world
>Spiritual wickedness in high places so only the evil succeed
>Masturbating is a sin but makes you coon in your sleep
>Condemns you to Jew Hell
>Holds it against you when you sinned, even though you were mutilated at birth, fed the most anti-nature propaganda from day 1, a slave to Jews in a world ruled by Satan
What did he mean by this?
I hope to shit that he's more merciful than he seems
He'll forgive you if you ask for it.
You are God, forgive yourself.
how he cannot forgive if you are his will
File: 1604553221040.png (88 KB, 482x391)
88 KB
el basado

Are we inside the brain of God?
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File: 1606329225445.jpg (27 KB, 600x900)
27 KB
We are just a dream aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Yes, you are a fraction of the whole, but being conceptionally infinite, you are the whole within. You can have your own internal universe with its own level of persistence and complexity.
I think so
A being of infinite size
Yeah, we're a cancer cell

File: rickandmortyburying1.jpg (23 KB, 474x237)
23 KB
I'm beyond done with this timeline, guys. Tell me what do i have to do to switch to a different earth, please. I'm not picky, i'll take pretty much any of them.
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It won't change a thing about reality, just how you feel about it.
File: 1603303728646.jpg (278 KB, 790x1054)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
You have to go full homo.
File: 555.jpg (26 KB, 600x375)
26 KB
i need to switch from being a taurus on society

but why
bumping for answers

File: Einstein.jpg (5 KB, 100x259)
5 KB
What happened to Einstein (Scientist 02) after the resonance cascade
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File: 20201128_215247.jpg (137 KB, 685x618)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Pee pee poo poo
Pee pee poo poo
Blessed scientist 02 of unintended consequences

File: unnamed.jpg (41 KB, 900x900)
41 KB
>4 days until alien invasion
35 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
literally havent seen any piece of evidence for december 2nd except for a random onions with a youtube channel
>be an alien
>decide to inform humanity of your arrival
>they make fun of you and call you a fucking LARPER
4 days until the 3D alien invasion
good, I hope he does exactly that
see you for the next "crisis: after that

File: jesus.jpg (103 KB, 1000x1354)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
i just read a fictional story online about 2020 and it turns out Jesus comes to save us. Is it possible this could really happen?
58 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
There is power in the blood, boy.
>Muh Russia and Turkey are Gog and Magog
Stop it!
Save me from ebil

Its me your boy lolol
what is the source of niggers? where do they come from? why don't you close it?

What are you guys buying to prep for the snake oil rollout?
Lighters and batteries for me.
Any good paranormal supplies? Thinking about charging a wand...just in case.
Toilet paper. Canned food. Weapons. A bunker with air filter
Canned food, rice, beans, weapons, ammo, bulletproof vests.
I'm debmaxxing and I know I'll still need more.
The better question is, do you have a group to meet up with?
Where will you flee?
Don't say for obvious reasons

File: 1606401855007m.jpg (57 KB, 1024x803)
57 KB
I've heard that tap water and plastic has some kind of negative effect on you. Supposedly plastic makes men more effeminate and girls have been getting menanche way sooner than they used to. Any more info?
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Research “endocrine disruption.” Plastic is today’s Roman lead.
Get an atmospheric water generator, they sell them on amazon, nube is the brand, 1900 bucks.
Pretty much everything is slowly killing you in some way or another. Try avoid drinking or eating from plastic. Getting a good water filtration system is usually a good idea.
Pretty much what I've gathered from my intense research into the matter too. There's no escaping micro plastics. It's in fucking rain water lol. People think microplastics in water are just from bottled water; nah man it's in all water. The best you can do is listen to your body and go with whatever water source it says is best. For me that means avoiding tap water at all costs. Tap water gives me headaches, brain fog, and literally feels corrosive on my throat - and I supposedly live somewhere where its supposed to be pretty good quality.
i actually study this for my profession
this is a good and well cited overview on the topic of endocrine disrupting compounds ("EDCs"):
Many plastics and plastic additives are EDCs.
Common classes of concern are phthalates, phenols, bisphenols, parabens, and triclosan.
The environmental working group also has decent lay summaries:
As does HEEDS:

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