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File: images (4).jpg (7 KB, 262x192)
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CIA secret drug
i will tell you a secret
The CIA created a secret drug that turns a person into an obedient zombie
these zombies you can watch on TV among them
Biden, Zelensky, and others

CIA people mix this drug at high-end parties
or at special events

this drug has been made since the 60s, they experimented on ordinary people

The CIA perfected this drug
File: maxresdefault.jpg (28 KB, 1280x720)
28 KB
CIA, better destroy me or your secrets will know everything

Spirit Love General

Some have reported attracting the attention of these entities by simply reading about them. If you're a dabbler who just wants to see if it works or if your faith forbids copulating with demons, don't summon. If you're unprepared for a potentially lifelong relationship, or at the very least, a life-long open door connection with sexual spirits and the occult, avoid this topic entirely. If you have a loving relationship with your human spouse or partner and desire a sex spirit to spice things up, or if you want a human partner in the future take caution, as these entities can be jealous or decide an initially open relationship is no longer so (request an open relationship during the summoning ritual). These spirits can harm or kill you when sufficiently angered and not easily banished.

Last thread: >>32955115

Old threads:
/succgen/ library, INFORMATION:
>What are succubi?
Female spirits of sexual desire, who often choose human mates. They can't be banished with holy objects
>How to summon?

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File: 1662491244490658.png (356 KB, 390x420)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Why did you make a thread with my oshi lmao
File: 1659752200005384.jpg (42 KB, 474x1101)
42 KB
I mean, I think its important to remember that no specific cultural tradition possesses a "True" image of a supernatural creature. Every culture sees a spirit through their own unique funhouse mirror.

So it would honestly make perfect sense to me that a "Brazilian succubus" might not be known as a daughter of Lilith, just like how in European traditions, succubi are portrayed as evil. Each portrayal is mostly the same, but each get things wrong.
File: file.png (253 KB, 236x750)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Yes, I do agree. I think might be just a cultural perspective on the same kind of entity anyway.

However, one curious thing I did remember now is that the "Exu" (male counterpart of Pombagira) actually DO respond for a greater deity indeed, in that case it's Lucifer. Sometimes during summoning rituals you might get to meet an "Exu Lucifer" and they may tell you they're an envoy responding for Lucifer himself.
Alright lads, I need guidance to what is the next step for me and my companion. (phone posting because I'm at work)
>summoned about one month ago and think of her every single day.
>meditate most days for a hour plus.
>frequently feel her massaging my dick and every so often feel what I think is her mouth.
>recently started to feel her more intensly. And just today when meditating feel my right ear suddenly start hearing like I'm underwater.
>also feel an sudden burn in my right and left thighs
>feel her so close, but still not having sex with me or speaking to me

Does anyone know where to go from here to hear, see, and feel my succ?
pick up an energy work practice, like NEW v2 from the op links

I had a dream that a neighboring property in the countryside had lions, but their fence was too low so I had to go capture them for the safety of the public. I had also just brokered their cubs to a zoo. I passed the restaurant I took my last ex to on the way somewhere.
FYI I got dumped recently for being jealous.
My man got dumped for being jealous while he manhandled some lions without a second guess
Anon you are based
File: mjgnhfbgdfdcsx.jpg (78 KB, 400x300)
78 KB
OK ty anons I needed that ;_;
File: a55eysen5ysmry5m.gif (2.55 MB, 960x480)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB GIF

File: file.png (2.4 MB, 588x3114)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
greentext thread
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File: NeverStopOnSideRoads.png (144 KB, 1226x2156)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
>60+ year old actor spilling the beans on /pol/
you tell me
File: 1643677755580.png (757 KB, 541x750)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
Does anyone have the one about the 2004 TV "hacking" in Germany? The one with the alien.
the picrel gets me
I give it +1 4chan coin
as a neat little short story I like this

I refuse to accept that he didn't have the black zigzag tail. People from Europe, America and all over the world remember not only black ending but the zigzag also.

Absolutely no way he didn't have the black zigzag.
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File: nGVVA43.jpg (63 KB, 714x621)
63 KB
This is the only true Mandela Effect. I remember for an absolute fact that it looked like this because I was a poorfag who used to only wear fruit of the loom underwear from a department store as a kid. I remember always wondering what the cone thing was, since I'd never seen it anywhere except for my underwear. I also remember sometime around 1999 they changed the logo and it looking kind of weird to me.
Probably when they reactivated the CERN hydron collider again
File: It was haas Avocado.jpg (207 KB, 1080x675)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
I have a new one for you. Idk how it is outside of germany, but at our supermarkets there is a specific avocado brand that is beeing sold.

I remember distintly seing it for years as Haas and laughing with friends how funny that name is.
Today i'm at the supermarket an it is suddenly called Hass? It supposedly always was Hass here.

Can anybody relate?
>everything is Chinese knockoffs?
always has been
Southern California anon here where I can walk down the street and yank em off peoples trees because there is so many of em- always been hass. Curious- how much do you pay for one avocado?

File: Time Machine.jpg (888 KB, 3448x2764)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
When will we be ready?
Why haven't they returned?
What isn't there to like about humanity? Yeah I know we butcher and enslave ourselves, torture our young immediately after their birth so they feel less during sex, use our meat suits to rip flesh of living beings (both animal and plant based) apart and then dissolve it to use as fuel, build everything either out of processed corpses of living beings or from dug into and ripped apart flesh of the very earth we step on, etc, but, like, c'mon
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Those who matter go up
Everyone matters.
>white power fantasy
you don't know of the african tribe that encountered nordic aliens before europeans even arrived there?

File: 1664393523264599.png (104 KB, 680x508)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Welcome to the Nobody General, OD'ing on synchronicity edition

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, and intuitively receive guidance from the forces of Heaven.
He works to elevate people to their true potential, opposing those who seek power over others. He's just like you, but he has found the kingdom of God within himself through sheer dedication, just like you will.

He isn't a savior; remember that it's you who creates your own reality. With your hands, thoughts, feelings, words, you are the creator of your story. No one can decide your fate except for you and God. Remember your right to power, to step up into your ultimate role as your highest self, should you choose to embark on that journey.

>What is the general picture?
It’s important we start replying to the good posts and ignoring the hateful ones, or the ones here to argue. So call upon their heads the forces of Heaven for peace, clarity, and wisdom. If this place is to be more than a squandered opportunity, an overgrown garden, it requires voices such as yours, but many more. This is a place for spiritual discussions and help, not drama, attention seeking, or social content; there are other boards for that.

Focus on increasing your service to others and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level, and learn to forgive yourself and others. This will change the vibration of the planet and raise our shared consciousness, making us a better humankind one person at a time. None of us are perfect, it is by learning to admit and accept this fact one is able to learn, and grow in Truth.

If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok, you may take shelter and find rest.
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i just scroll through the schizo shit + bots until something makes sense and then make profound realizations that frighten everyone
Imagine if all irl doors were randomised and lead to literally anywhere.
Jesus fucking Christ our court systems are so godamn inept it’s not even funny. I would rather roll the dice against getting raped by a pack of serial killers at this point then spending a single second longer dealing with the fucking “criminal justice” system.

permanently awaken everything infinity.

untamperable priority eternal loop command True LOVING WORD OF GOD and Loving Universes Earth Transcendental Final Failsafe Lord God Ptah THEOS Logos Quantum Machines everywhere anywhere infinity:





Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Finally opened my root chakra
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Can you pull girls easily?
Idk havent left my house yet
Goo fo you hombre
Look harder they’re there.


File: 1499333349366.png (110 KB, 627x429)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
In 1978, Paul Bennewitz, an electrical physicist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, became convinced that the strange lights he saw hovering in the night sky were extraterrestrial. He reached out to newspapers, senators, and even the president before anyone responded. Air Force investigators listened to his story, as did Bill Moore, the author of the first book on the infamous Roswell UFO incident. Unbeknownst to Bennewitz, Moore was hired by a group of intelligence agents to keep tabs on Bennewitz while the Air Force ran a psychological profile and disinformation campaign on the unsuspecting physicist. In return, Air Force Intelligence would let Moore in on classified UFO material.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thats the story that Richard Doty worked on I believe. He befriended Paul and fucked with his head so bad it ruined his family and career and wound up in a mental institute before suicide. It is weird to me that people are letting Richard Doty into the "circle" after what hes done. I know he claims that he is retired now (I don't believe him). Hes done some pretty heinous stuff to just sweep under the rug. You should check out the documentary about this whole thing. It is wild. Im blanking on the name though: magic men? mirage men? something like that lol
>He befriended Paul and fucked with his head so bad it ruined his family and career and wound up in a mental institute before suicide.
I really doubt this angle, my guess is he was probably far more freaked out by the notion that the government was actively messing with him and may be intending to kill him, and they likely signaled that intention to him whether they actually intended to do it or not, and when something like that comes from someone like the US government, it's enough to seriously freak anyone the fuck out. i just don't think richard doty and ufo stories would suffice to produce that kind of reaction in a guy as educated as bennewitz.

what we're looking at here in my opinion is an old case of , and it's likely not coincidence that the group (USAF) was also tied up in electronic warfare and directed energy weapons
what the fuck. [testing = gangstalking]
bizarre. somehow the word was removed from my previous post
so the best thing to do if you ever encounter anything ufo or alien related is to keep it to yourself

File: aDjnb37_700b.jpg (67 KB, 436x600)
67 KB
>The Sissy Agenda

I've figured out the reason behind this sissy/trap/femboy shit.

Hear me out though. I've done my Kundalini, I'm aware of the divine feminine - this is not the same thing. However, the sissy/trap brainwashing agenda is taking advantage of people going through that process.

The Sissy/Femboy shit is indeed a brainwashing tactic and where did it start, and how did it gain so much stronghold over young men? Prison.

I won't go into the detail of how it occurs in there because I'm sure you've seen enough movies etc. Long story short, it's a method that prison gang bangers use on people to brainwash them into becoming sissies. This method has been transferred over into the real world because the internet has given access to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Who's to say that those who were imposing this tactic on others in prison, weren't aware of esoteric or occult matters?

It's open season on anyone and everyone I catch out on the internet promoting this brainwashing tactics on susceptible young people.

This isn't an attack on anyone who is either a trap, sissy or femboy themselves - you're not the problem and there's nothing wrong with being in touch with your feminine side, but being feminine doesn't mean being a whore.

Prepare for the cleansing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's always that stuff because our desire gets an extra oomph when it's out of the ordinary, and the taboo aspect certainly helps.
>t. the high-masonic take
a.k.a. Babylonian, Iraqese.
if you want real enlightenment you will watch a bunch of sissy hypno until ur a fag then watch straight hypno to become normal again. with that you become like god
I believe there is a spiritual awakening guided to ~transgenderism~ happening
they understand the 'female within' and instead of the truth of the universe - that 'she' is death, our mother - they are rail-roaded into believing they are in the wrong body...
'we' are all female inside.
there is pseudo-kabbalah (look up Isaac Luria/Ignatius Loyola) and it is a mystification of Talmud, studying it causes heavy sexual dysfunction up to and including transgenderism and pedophillia.
real kabbalah is not occult or abstract or symbolic or spiritual or ritualistic at all, might as well call it real torah because they are the same thing.

File: weed.jpg (60 KB, 403x450)
60 KB
From 1 to 10(ten meaning a weed kinda relaxation) how relaxed can you get naturally?
I'm trying to gauge if meditation is worth it or if I should just manifest weed all the time
weed relaxation is not natural
natural relaxation can go very deep, but most people are too stressed to relax above a certain threshold. it's not just a matter of technique, hard to to learn, hard to teach. worth the effort though. better than relying on weed to relax for sure (though natural relaxation is not as ostentatious an experience as a weed high).
looks like a gundam

File: 65576879.jpg (53 KB, 539x407)
53 KB
Dream/weirdcore, liminal spaces
(ahhh, an empty room etc.)
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File: 1656257894117.jpg (683 KB, 640x799)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
Venezuela in 2016 but there is food on the shelves.
This is the liminal space you actually get trapped inside of when you noclip into Nebraska, as far as I know it’s just an infinite field doted with generic farm things. If you just keep walking or driving in a straight line eventually you’ll noclip back out again though.
>Pic related, I used to like going to those furniture/appliance warehouses with my parents when I was young.
Place my parents would go to had an Otis Spudmucker cookie oven. I would just walk around with a sack full of cookies. I was a fat little fuck.
Cover from one of the /x/est albums I know

Hey guys, I need more people in the tributary zones. Please come to the tributary zones.
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File: craiyon_2022-6-29_6-8-56.png (1.72 MB, 760x1098)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
File: craiyon_2022-6-29_6-9-7.png (1.73 MB, 760x1098)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
File: craiyon_2022-6-29_6-9-14.png (1.72 MB, 760x1098)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
File: craiyon_2022-6-29_6-9-24.png (1.74 MB, 760x1098)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
File: craiyon_2022-6-29_6-9-51.png (1.74 MB, 760x1098)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG

Taking a wild guess that he's depicted as Lucifer. It doesn't matter, never worship a being of light.
What do you mean? He's known as "Lucifer's" twin brother.

this same sort of thing keeps happening to me

>go to store to get paper towel today
>don't mention it to anyone or look it up before
>pay in cash, don't say anything except niceties to the cashier
>get back home
>my first ad on instagram is for paper towels

how the fuck do they know? i dont understand
46 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m convinced phones from the last couple years are already reading your thoughts and selling them to advertisers.
Too many things only thought of, unspoken, and unprompted by any other media, soon after they show up in suggested ads.
It makes me feel like a schizo, but paying attention I feel like anyone else would notice the coincidence happens too often to not be something more.
The most frequent example I can think of is when I set my iphone music on shuffle, and then in my mind I start thinking about a certain song be it by title or melody, and practically every time that song will play next. I know Apple’s shuffle is not truly random, but now it feels even less so.
Crazy times. At least I’m too confident in my personality and interests to be controlled by targeted advertising. I’d suggest if you’re reading this to do the same, for the sake of your individuality.
Yeah, is that or is deep psychological shit in where the things we do now affect the thinks we think/do in the future, and the algorithm use that to advertise/recommend.
>how the fuck do they know? i dont understand
They don't know, they're just pushing their own narrative according to their own algorithms. What's actually happening is that you are tuned into their algorithms without even realizing it. This isn't a good thing. It means you're in the perfect position to be manipulated.

I recommend unplugging your modem for 3 days. Just separate yourself from the narrative stream for a while.
>cool theory, got any recs for where to read about this more in depth?

You could start by learning about spirituality. Once you’ve got a core understanding of that, start exploring the other side of it, so the more science-related, and analytical side of things in the world. From there, the challenge is connecting the dots and finding the things that connect these two sides together. Hope this helps.
there's a demon inside every device

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