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>Dissolution of Authentic Identity lead to Identity as commodity, currently being further lead to commodity of deciding how to decide on identity (a meta level of influencers will emerge who will be meta-lifestyle consultants)

>Sexuality is who is attracted to you. Homosexuality is proliferating because women's frigidness and trauma has become so extensive as to withdraw their attraction to your average man. More men realize they are only able to attract other men and intergendered types, so become more attracted to said people. If you go out with an intention to attract a specific type of person, you will become more attracted to that type of person yourself. Sexuality is a reversal of self, it involves everyone except you.

>We have reached peak weariness of life in the modern pattern of school, work, relationships and as a concept can only be sold to the poorest of 3rd world countries. As a result, they will be most successful at living modern life, but least prepared to give it up to live survivalist type lives which the in-tune American whites are already starting to do on a large scale. The part of hunger games where conveniences start disappearing is coming.
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Deviant sexuality come from the idea sex is a game because it relieve from accumulated stress, so you don't need to have a partner for reproduction.
Many should not reproduce. Not because they aren't good people, but because a healthy plant isn't parasitic towards its environment.
>because a healthy plant isn't parasitic towards its environment.
The fuck is this bullshit. Look up the Kudzu plant from Japan
Where is this stuff from

File: 1630946296685.gif (97 KB, 498x498)
97 KB
Does /x/ believe in g-g-g-ghosts?
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That's absolutely horrifying. You're lucky to have escaped alive. I was in a similar situation one time, and had to hide in a potted plant. Fortunately, I know a thing or two about ventriloquism, and so I was able to throw my voice and make it sound like I was hiding in a vase on the other side of the room. That tricked the ghost and gave me enough time to get away.
I'm pretty skeptical of the paranormal but I've had a couple of events in my life that are inexplicable.

When I was maybe 8 years old, I woke up in my bedroom on the second floor of the home we lived in. I called out for my brother when I woke up, but he had already left with my sisters and mom to go shopping or something, and my dad was at work. I stood up and started to slip on some pants, then looked up towards the hallway and saw a figure pass into the doorway. It was a silhouette, taller than my dad (I'd say 6'3"-6'6") with deep red eyes. No visible features besides the eyes. I called out to it thinking that maybe I just needed to rub the sleep out of my eyes and I was seeing things, but it didn't respond, turned away, and walked down the hall. I heard its footsteps as it walked away.

I tried to follow it into the room at the end of the hallway thinking it was someone in my family but when I entered the room it was empty.

It's possible I was just having some kind of hypnagogic hallucination but it was so long ago I really have no idea.
They be present
Most of them are completely harmless, and the dickhead ones can't do anything to you then fuck with you psychologically.
don't listen to this bullshitter, skeletons do not exist, and even if we did, why the hell would they want to live in the gross insides of a human

The current narrative among fascists is that they were these great (white) invaders with dreams of conquering and expanding territory, aspired to conquer the stars and took over regions where matriarchy and worship of fat women (Venus figurines) took place?

I think this is white people coping with the fact that their countries are getting overrun with migrants who'll one day replace them, and this is a made up origin myth.

So whats the truth? Where the nazis right, or is the truth been suppressed?
You're just calling for the guy who rants about Yamnaya/Scythian steppe people to show up
Any and all fringe race theorists welcome.

Unless you still think Out of africa theory is valid. Then you should kys
I find out of Asia to be more believable if I'm being honest
I suggest watching the videos by Asha Logos.

File: 1694980927875826.jpg (226 KB, 1504x1540)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Do different kinds of alcohol affect you differently on a metaphysical level? For example is your spiritual perception altered from drinking spirits instead of beer?
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set and setting is a significant factor, every person reacts differently. metaphysics is less about the physical body and more about everything else but it isnt easy to define subjective experience
the ancestors knew...
But what about moderate consumption, not drunkenness?
A really good glass of wine (not that mass-produced copium for wine aunts) sometimes feels like traveling to a particular time and place, or a communion with the Earth.
>Do different kinds of alcohol affect you differently on a metaphysical level?
I recall from my highschool days that there was a bottle of whiskey with drunken irishmen fighting on it, and lots of people claimed if you drank it, it would cause a mean drunk and fights to happen.
Kind of the opposite of when a starbucks employee draws a smiley face on your cuppa
You dumb fuck Starbucks is the siren!
You doomed us all with your shitty life and letting your guard down for even a second expressing some figment of who you really are
Now you will suffer and think on how much you really add to the world
I just got a haircut and I'm like 8/10

File: 1692739861739223.jpg (75 KB, 828x824)
75 KB
When your issues are caused by an impersonal illness which you are told that you are born with, it doesn't feel like there is much hope. You become dependent on drugs, therapy, or sympathy. You don't feel like you can compete with the "nuerotypicals" and degenerate.
Vs if you're possessed, the issue isn't an essential part of you. You are motivated to remove this foreign presence. Once the intruder is excised with the help of a higher power, you can return back to your normal self. Those who are too far gone like serial killers/rapists can be dealt with without remorse since they are evil, not just sick.
The universe is mental, so I feel that this can make a world of difference. It has been very helpful for me, the hard part was believing in a higher power after a long time of being a pure materialist.
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Bipolar people are definitely possessed by demons

The main distinction between the two i make is that there are ones who are in service of the positive desires of your emotional core (which i call the true self), and there are ones that are in service to negative desires.

Now what i mean by negative desire is probably not what you first think i mean by it. I mean things like fear. The entire body of our judgement about certain things being bad or shameful, our entire tendency to self criticize and judge and do anything but fully accept all of our desires, is fear based.
Fear allows us to accept external daemons, rules we must follow because if we break them external things will try to punish us for doing it. Im pretty sure this all amounts to trauma programming. While you can make the case that there are actually bad things its good we repress in ourselves, how do you know thats not just daemons talking?

Whatever the case, our rational mind is a balance of thoughtforms, some advocating what our true self wants and others advocating what other people (society) wants. I believe these are the angels and demons. I believe society tends to tell us that the latter kind, what society wants, are the 'good ones', and that our own desires should be repressed and are actually evil. Of course society would say that.

Overall i fluctuate between a 'screw everyone my true self has been mindraped and oppressed and im just going to do what i want and all external thought forms are evil vile things' to some sort of enlightened 'the true human is a balance' perspective that allows for the utility and benefits for having some common rules and existing as part of a greater whole.
I am incredibly suspicious of the traditional 'angels good demons bad' view though. Symbolically its easier for me not to reclassify them. So instead of 'angels are the good ones' i tend to think 'there are good angels and demons, and bad angels and demons'
Also even religious texts seem to at times indicate that what i call the true self is god, and other places where god is presented as an external authority. I explain this simply as contesting currents within society and thought over the centuries all adding to the same general mystical body
Any idea on how to get rid of a demon? I've been possessed by one that speaks to me 24/7, has possessed another person to speak through them to me, basically makes me feel physical pain all the time and makes my life a living hell
Possession is baffling.

I wonder if it can cause you to change your body shape too


Saw this video and it's creeping me out

What made him go this way

File: 1691527144087971.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
Last thread died too early: >>35906032

Share what channels you have, whether it's actually YouTube or Rumble, BitChute, D-Live, etc.
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>We need less storytelling video essays and more schizo ramblings in this thread.
And why would that be?
File: RETARDED.png (40 KB, 176x177)
40 KB
I'm a big dog big bear nigga I'm a lion
Youtubers are the absolute worst.
Yeah those look tasty
Yes very good

File: wings.gif (1.49 MB, 540x543)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
I'm writing a book about the Mothman. I heard on a podcast that John Keel had a transformative experience involving a purple light filling his room, but I couldn't find it in ctrl+F of his books. Can anyone source this claim?
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Purple light comes up in some UFO cases, although no more than other colors. You might find these Keel audio tracks of use, even though I don't think they mention your specific question:
Great resources regardless, thank you.
These guys do like 5 episodes on moth man and other weird side charters of point plesent well worth checking out for some possible new details. https://youtu.be/JMwgepLzH-0?si=esX9V3e1bUaGCba_
File: 51f79869b49d0.jpg (35 KB, 290x230)
35 KB
Fuck ignore the name fagging I was trolling a flat earth thread forgot to turn it off

Why are people seeing this number so much since the last few years?

I know I started seeing in in late 2021, like September I believe. I spotted in the URL of a page related to angel.

Since then I have seen it so many times since then: usernames, viewcounts, titles, and likes/dislikes/upvotes/downvotes have all had the trippie 6s in them. I have even saw a few irl, but those are more rare.

Not a trip of 6, but I also have been seeing 36 alot more since the last month or so. It is a reference to the 3 6s as 3 6s=666 and the number 1 to 36 added up make 666. It also sounds like he-ki(heh-kee/key), which reminds me of hecky/heck, witch is more PG way of saying Hell.

What are the implications of this? This is Hell/evil realm? Endtimes? Internet is evil? I/we are sinning to much?

Are you anons noticing it too? If so, for how long?

I will post some screenshots I have of this I have to show as proof of this phenomenon
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File: Lilith Swastika.png (15 KB, 506x243)
15 KB
She's coming.
who is she?
Watch the movie Prince of Darkness. The ending scene is symbolic as hell with what they can do in peoples dreams
Now im hoping my post doesn’t end with 3 6’s
>Watch the movie Prince of Darkness.
Based. Top five horror for me, genuinely gave me a nightmare.

Give me your impression on each of the signs
102 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck off idiot.
The exact opposite of me
File: 1680193998131504.jpg (2.45 MB, 2702x3564)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
>itt buttmad astrovirgins can't cope with Leo's perfection
Thank you for proving my point, only a side character express themself in such a manner.

File: fire-ant-facing-left.jpg (40 KB, 760x480)
40 KB
What if ants or any other insect are the final reincarnation lifeform? The last lesson of experience on Earth before a soul is finally ready accept Truth and move on?

>No ego
>No desires
>No fears
>No sense of identity

>Just pure being, in the present moment

Take the antpill?
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>countless stories of God's doing terrible things
>noooo anon you didn't learn your lesson, you need to go back!
No, that's just dumb imo. If reincarnation is real you would become an ant out of karma probably for being an egoistical asshole not to move on.
This. It's all just archons feeding off of Loosh
whenever I go deep on ket or dmt I have encountered insectoids. They are in charge wherever this place or frequency of existence is. So I would guess there are many, many layers to what we are experiencing. It is a bit stifling to think of where the one and only real real is, if such a thing exists.
>>No ego
>>No desires
>>No fears
>>No sense of identity
>>Just pure being, in the present moment
Prove it

File: 0690664111288250.png (1.38 MB, 1000x1000)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
I'm an artist I'm just trying to give my girls the love they deserve with some extra body fluid.
I've considered pricking my finger simply, but I might need more. How do I use extra blood in my art without hitting an artery and killing myself on accident?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I got you bro just follow these steps.

1. Scrape the fuck out of your knee
2. Pick scabs

There ya go buddy
Nice oc btw. Porn when?
Get a needle and a tube, and get a little clamp for the tube to stop the blood whenever you decide you're done. Stick it in a vein in your arm and see how that would suit you.
Okay I have a sketch worthy of ink and hopefully blood.
If you want a quick rundown basically someone in the house died and my requirement to be an emotional support figure has helped motivate me to be less of a basement dwelling goblin and I just want to give appreciation to her for it.
Delivery may depend on whether other members of the house stay up or not, can’t be caught doing this shit and I’m already not sure what I will do with the drawing after.
File: Rina08.png (1006 KB, 700x1024)
1006 KB
1006 KB PNG
I'm aware of this and her design reflects such.
She's from an h-game.

How do i do divination with a D10 dice?

Also how do i do it with a dreidel?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
that's boring and lame

if you're trying to "divine" shit and trick people like a good honest American you need to br able to weave a STORY. doing it your way just gets a string of random alphanumeric bs.

all this being said it WILL be divination so mind your words and thoughts about the practice, as it I'd absolutely and completely useless

fun for people who like to tell fictional stories like myself though. you can think of anything this way and it makes you better at bullshitting a story for people. great for fa/tg/uys like myself.
its not random, all the words that appear are completely related to the topics or commands in question
assign probability in clusters of numbers.
from 1 to 5 means a yes
from 6 to 10 a no.
I did that recently with a regular dice. Its been correct in all of its answers so far. i really never experienced divination like that.
File: 1695247070816610.jpg (12 KB, 245x192)
12 KB

I can tell you a simple divination with a normal dice:

1 - light, peace
2 - fire, passion and desire
3 - air, activity
4 - water, knowledge
5 - earth, wealth
6 - dark, hate and pain
I do divination with three coins flipped six times and look up the hexagram it represents in the I Ching.

File: Pectus1.jpg (22 KB, 306x390)
22 KB
In all spiritual systems one of the first stages is working with the breath. Yoga and neigong both work on raising the efficiency of your breathing to build health and more vital energy. Does the fact I have lower capacity for breathing mean I am never going to progress in the internal arts and spirituality?
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Also I should add that pectus compresses your heart and the heart is obviously central to your spiritual wellbeing. So it is best to take action to relieve the strain. I'd recommend hawthorne berry powder, lumbrokinase (expensive but brilliant if you have poor circulation), quinones (CoQ10, vitamin K2 (MK-4), lapodin), low doses of methylene blue (I never take more than 50mcg topically which some view as comically low but helps me a lot). Vacuum bell is cheap but very good imo. A Q-Link pendant will also help a lot, as silly as that may sound.
File: NAC protocol.png (55 KB, 1651x1008)
55 KB
This protocol has the potential to mitigate and/or cure respiratory issues.
I don't put unknown substances in my body.
File: eh.png (174 KB, 474x632)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Eric Harris had pic related condition and look how he turned out to be.
I have this. Sometimes I feel like it's a curse but then again I think it's helped my character development. God had to nerf me to somehow. He just couldn't let me get away with having a handsome face and slightly above average pecker.

Joking aside, I'm about to try out the Vacuum Bell and see how that goes as well as working out. I've never had too much of a problem with breathing during meditation and Qigong though.

Does anyone know what Pectus Excavatum could indicate from a Buddhist or Hindu point of view?

What is the most paranormal sign and why is it Gemini?
32 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

This page has some good info on differne mythology al motifs relating to twins.

Interesting part was how the sign is associated with the underworld being a symbol of duality/unity.

That's a very consistent symbol in the so called Mystery school, which many researchers point to as the start of many strains of secret societies/illuminati. The initiates were drugged and go into the underworld to be symbolically reborn.

This is still played out to this day, see the mock burials of Skull and Bones society. Cremation of Care ritual, etc etc
File: 20220328_F-L1327a_01_v3.jpg (249 KB, 1920x2880)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
This sign
So according to the date/month based classification I'm a Leo but I had someone from here read my astral chart for shits and giggles and he said personality wise I'm a gemini. I read up on it and the traits seem to match much more than Leo. What sorcery is this?
How what!? Why would anyone want to do that? How does one manage to piss of a whole gang of people into doing something stupid like that?
File: 1695687355948.png (186 KB, 700x1125)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
chart for reference

Why in the hell did the government throw a shitload of bots at this picture?
I always keep a decent size list of government bots on reddit to monitor them. It's easy to tell when they are put to work on something big. Usually for the government manipulating stocks. This got their attention.
PpI've never seen this sub but they REALLY didn't like a nasa pic posted here. So many bots. It's funny because you can see some bots named things like ken_griffin_citadel. Probably a bot to shill against Gamestop stock or something. This pic is the one directly from the nasa site, just zoomed in on the "error pixel artifact blah blah".
I'm not saying it's anything. I have no idea. I would have skimmed over it. But I saw large amount of bots saying the EXACT same explanation, posting the same article explaining it. Why in the hell are they so fucking scared of average people looking at it? It's the same tactics as always. Flood the post with the same lame reddit jokes and spam them with upvotes so they are the top few comments. Many become completely disinterested when they see those top comments as jokes. Then you have a large group of them attack the OP personally on all his comments. Call him an idiot because of his name, or he is a retard because he used there instead of they're. Just stupid shit that has nothing to do with the posts. And then finally place a few "experts with PhD's" (I'm an expert computer screen fabricator with a PhD in Pixel Artifacts & Errors and I can tell...). Those PhD's all give the same explanation. Then you have a larger group reply to every comment that an expert already gave the correct explanation, explain you aren't an expert, you are actually a fuck face, and you HAVE to listen and agree with the experts explanation because an expert cannot give incorrect information.

The same fucking thing every fucking time. And they hate this picture. What the hell is it about this picture that they hate so much?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Do you people really think any of the worlds governments are competent enough to keep extraterrestrials a secret? Also why do people assume the governments have tech lightyears beyond what is reasonable? This isn't the MCU folks...this shit isn't real.
Massive is an understatement and it would be impossible to cover up in any way.
or it's ridiculous and should be mocked? I work for no agencies or groups...I'm just some jackass laughing at the ludicrous.
File: 90 day fiance kino 2.jpg (432 KB, 874x1078)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
likes moth to flames, the bots are here.

is correct

an example of what OP is talking about.
Ultima Thule

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