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File: cross1.png (157 KB, 416x582)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Welcome to Christianity General!

The most important part of Christianity is salvation, faith alone in Jesus Christ, without works. This short video explains it to you:



Why is Christianity the truth? In summary, Jesus Christ rose from the dead, claiming to be God.

>Minimal Facts argument with Gary Habermas, short and long version:

Short version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cdre-w4vSs

Long version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcWHIWP2qgs&t=

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Imagine believing in an omnipotent God who wouldn’t heal your main apostle’s ailment, nor any of his disciples. Fucking brainlets
Imagine not realizing this is hell and nothing can save us.
>Jesus also tells us we cant be in both light and dark, and that trees that dont produce good fruit will be cast into fire.
I agree. So can you tell me which of the Christian denominations is the right one?
I don't believe in sectarianism
Just a reminder that all throughout history there have been innocent people raped and tortured in dungeons for their entire lives who begged out to Christ and he did nothing to help them.

Jesus can’t or won’t help you in your material existence. Maybe he’ll help you with your eternal salvation. Sketchy game to play when he promises to help us in our material existence yet renigs on the deal.

I never thought it'd happen, least to me, but I think I was abducted by aliens! I was out hiking with some buds of mine, just camping/chilling sort of thing. I separated a bit to take a piss and saw a triangular ship. The lights and designs on it reminded me of egyptian hieroglyphs. The craft just popped out of almost nowhere and shed a bright light on me and next thing I knew I was aboard a beautiful vessel with architecture so new and brilliant. The beings that were in front of me were not those bug eyed grey aliens the media kept telling me about. They looked... really beautiful. Their features loosely reminded me of certain earthly felidae. Pointed ears, a slight muzzle-ish protrusion from their face, a triangular nose, and they seem to naturally stand on their toes like many earth mammalian lifeforms. What I thought was skin was a slight golden peach fuzz around them. They were all huge, like 9'-12' if I had to guess. I thought they were all female but the feminine demure is just something they all shared I guess. They were quite a sight, some had pink lips, golden, or black with eyes varying from gold to this deep blue that reminded me of the star Rigel.
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>They looked... really beautiful.
That is a sure sign they're ugly. Real good guys make themselves look above average to mediocre, you know like a normal dude.
>abducted by aliens
>can only come up with 2 short paragraphs to describe the event, what he saw and how he felt about it.
Why can't those space niggers ever abduct a novelist.
So you want a long erotic fic?
Why are you projecting what humans find interesting onto aliens? Why should they give a shit about art and philosophy? What makes you think that's the most interesting aspect about life to an alien life form?

File: Reptilian eyes.png (804 KB, 659x697)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
What's the deal with her eyes in the video here.


@6:53, and why?
Some new video effect?
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please stop shilling your retarded trash cia
they literally said it's fake multiple times, done just to shill their retarded cult videos
what about this one boys ive been freaking out haha it looks like theyre literally reacting to her
Literally from a satire bit about conspiracy nuts
that's because it is

File: 06dplyxpshh11.jpg (24 KB, 560x213)
24 KB
What are the chances of a civilization existing on Earth long before humans even became a separate species. Most scientists believe it would only take a few million years for ALL traces of our civilization here on Earth to disappear. Could sapient dinosaurs have existed and created their own advanced societies only to be wiped out by the K-PG extinction event? Who knows, they could have had dinosaur 4chan and dinosaur /x/.
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Not every interaction is a debate, nerd.
I see you working hard, my little shills.

God made man in his image, let him have dominion he said.

If you wanna bring disclosure do it honestly, not with this larp.
Please take your meds, buddy
File: pre human octo human.jpg (400 KB, 1920x1080)
400 KB
400 KB JPG

literally you
>the ones here before us
Do you mean the previous version of humans?

File: FB_IMG_1590351215228.jpg (37 KB, 1024x768)
37 KB
Explodi maluco

You can’t create life, you can’t create animals, plants, you can’t create anything that hasn’t been done before. You don’t bring anything new to the table, you partake in degenerate human activities like smoking, cursing, drinking, sex, hatred, playing video games, watching movies but you believe you’re God? You think God would waste his time with any of this nonsense?

Go ahead and create a life form since you’re God, oh wait you can’t! I get it, you had a mid life crisis and discovered some new age videos, meditated a bit, “manifested” and you think you know it all, but you’re grasp of the universe is nothing

You’re not God, you’re not even “a” god, you’re a narcissist. Pic-related is the only man who can call himself God
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>God makes weed
>doesn't inhale
What kind of mental deficiency do you have, OP?
Jesus was white
File: 44.jpg (87 KB, 728x1057)
87 KB
Fianlly, /x/ admits that jews are white.
Khazarians aren't the same as Judeans. Judeans ARE white. Jesus was Judean. Stop being a faggot.

File: 1538260079200.jpg (311 KB, 800x591)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Anyone got some nice creepy stories, interesting wikipedia articles or rare greentexts that aren't about skinwalkers?
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File: FaceApp_1590102812530.jpg (146 KB, 720x648)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Russians be like
>hello I'm sir gay
I guess it's just a rather easy theme to built creepy pastas around instead of being required to come up with your own, complicated ideas and stories, you just need to assemble the usual bits and you have a story.
File: lightning-bugs-wmark.jpg (111 KB, 660x660)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Pretty mundane but
>be me
>be seven years old
>playing with the red light from a pack of lightning bugs gummies pretending it was a laser.
>Shoot the dining room wall approximately from a 2 feet away
>the shadow of a kid with a round head runs through the light
Never picked up the light ever again

File: stepan-alekseev-05s.jpg (226 KB, 1920x683)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
I don't like excited broadcasting. I'm looking for something mellow to relax me tonight that's interesting to listen to with hosts that aren't spergs
File: S2sqlogo.jpg (915 KB, 1134x1134)
915 KB
915 KB JPG
The Astonishing Lengends guys are prettt comfy
tinfoil hat with sam tripoli is pretty good

File: OIP.jpg (14 KB, 474x297)
14 KB
Did anyone save or get any of the pictures from the supposed UFO crash in Brazil?
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File: 1576244408740.webm (1.21 MB, 1280x720)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB WEBM
thought they were filming for a movie
this is fake footage taken by a random anon

this was from twitter and is confirmed to have been filmed in Brazil on the night it happened
File: tieoneon.gif (140 KB, 280x210)
140 KB
140 KB GIF
Hope you two wear this to court next time.
Try 4plebs.

File: summoningcircle.jpg (52 KB, 609x720)
52 KB
For discussions, questions, experiences, practices and resources pertaining to spirit evocation, invocation, spells, offerings, pacts, possession, & all things black magick.

Useful resources:

Prev: >>24986954
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Its for all spirits
Demiurge is meme bro
Not that guy. Just saying its for all spirits.
Ok I see the misunderstanding. I wasn't exactly clear with 'related materials'
File: 1586968258866.gif (912 KB, 291x316)
912 KB
912 KB GIF

Hinduism general
Discuss all things hindu or hindu god related.
Side note, or question rather, how do you go about worshipping Kali.
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File: hum-uchen.gif (2 KB, 35x100)
2 KB
jai sri ram!
ram ram jaya raja ram!
ram ram jaya sita ram!
File: 1540480277427.jpg (90 KB, 678x381)
90 KB
File: 1540363291340.jpg (177 KB, 1000x719)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
take meds now schizo
File: 1532439351293.jpg (264 KB, 856x1128)
264 KB
264 KB JPG

File: bionic.jpg (19 KB, 500x500)
19 KB
A Cyborg nigger Is a good nigger
Go back to the Titans, you fucked up the Justice League!
>bionic nigga
Maybe now you can jog fast enough not to get shot lol

File: 1590304928800.jpg (102 KB, 464x247)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
why should you act as if reincarnation exists?
what if it does, will you ever reap the benefits of such a thing happening? your memory will be wiped and even if you remember what you did in a past life you won't feel responsible in your next life, your past life will feel like something that happened to you unless you were literally adolf hitler in a past life or something, then you might feel guilty or whatever.

As far as I understand, you're one of 7 billion faces of the godhead alive today. When your godhead face gets killed by some force or old age, that's it for that specific version of the Brahma or whatever it shall be called. You got one life as "you" and its ending right now. The life you're living right now will die, but the godhead that created us all will prevail through every life, whether that be once at a time, or all simulated at the same time. So that's to say that reincarnation may be real, but you're not special enough that any of what resembles you will reincarnate to the next life, its only a strange godhead figure who gives us awareness who will reincarnate over and over. The higher self, but the higher self is only you if you have ego transcendent ideology. For most people, the lower self is them - and rightfully so. That's what the god head wanted all along, to forget who he was. Nothing of your current ego identity person etc. will reincarnate, it will only be a memory of the Brahma because his past life was your entire existence that will never be lived again and will only remain as a simulated echo A.I. of past, that appears in others lifes as you interfere with their life like you did in the life "you" (a mask of the godhead) did.

This however, is just my opinion.
I would like to discuss this issue.
Why should we subscribe to the idea of reincarnation, just because the buddhists made the assumption that it happens? None of us will ever know because we don't know what happens at the point of death. How can we claim such a bold statement?
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File: 1589892603005.png (299 KB, 750x536)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
But it leads to fear of death, which 90% people experience their whole lifes. Thinking of death, reincarnation, metaphysics is a waste of time equal to watching anime. Reincarnation such as seen by the hindus might be what you are describing, like living your life in hope you'll climb the social ladder in the next. But nobody lives like that outside of India, because it was invented for the sake of society.
Being constantly aware can be overwhelming af, either you become depressed and scared or you become nihilist, which isn't much better.
sometimes i feel like im paying the price for something one of my past lives did, so i want to spare any future reincarnations from the same fate, even though its probably too late
You are paying because you made a deal with a devil.

Always remember that.
>When we wrote essays on our favorite political figures (it was Texas, so everyone was required to write it about Reagan)
Out of all the things in that post, your school dictating to you who your favourite political figure is is more disturbing than your friend turning into a tranny.
Yeah, welcome to America in the 90s. If you didn't like Reagan, you were a filthy dem that hates babies and is probably a closet homo.

File: l is real.png (239 KB, 640x448)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
What the fuck were those masons trying to say by " L is real 2041" and why is it also in zelda, also what does the rest of the inscription say?
16 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've never heard of these except for L is Real and SM64/DS is one of my favorite games.

I love the weird uncanny nature of so much of the game. It's like one huge liminal space.
File: wdw.jpg (17 KB, 255x191)
17 KB
this section of wet dry world always made me feel uneasy. Anyone else?
File: bonus.jpg (53 KB, 906x720)
53 KB
also this weird bonus island in sm64ds
>L is real 2041
if you speak the letter, you say el, el means god
luigi "it's a me" mario is a part of the new world older

What do these niggas even do?
66 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>If you believe in conspiracy theories that claim Freemasons worship Satan you are wrong.
>Freemasonry is an exoteric social fraternity that makes good men better through esoteric spiritual philosophy.

Looks like they're into satan then.
Anyway, I don't think they run the world, but where I live there's a huge income tax when you make over a certain amount. If I were in a 'exoteric social fraternity', as you called it with a bunch of politicians - I'd try to use my connections to lower it, and that's just a most basic example. Power is too much of a drug.
bunch of fucking jews and old white boomers larping club, fuckers charge extremely high membership fees i joined once for a while they asked me to be naked on the first meeting and told me to change in to their robe after that we all just watched sports on tv in a shitty robe fucking scammed
It’s a generous offer but I don’t think it’ll help me become a Freemason.
drugging new recruits and fucking them up the ass
Hi Satan.

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