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How do I ascend spiritually?
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to become more alive?
climb the stairs spiritually
by realizing that duality doesn't exist and life is an experience that you wanted to or agreed to have
I agreed to this horseshit?
No, he's retarded.

File: 800px-Naatimeline.png (602 KB, 800x591)
602 KB
602 KB PNG

A supposed huge glossary of 5D reality.
>Is it a secret backdoor into 5D reality?
>Is it an extremely detailed collective delusion?
>Is it demiurge propaganda?

What's the strangest page you've found on this site? It's a massive glossary.
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I know some of those words!
Is this related to metatron
That 5g is fucking with U man
File: orbterry.jpg (213 KB, 1280x1008)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
False light trap

File: 1652667337167.jpg (329 KB, 1117x1600)
329 KB
329 KB JPG

Jewish Meditation (Western); Raja Yoga (Hindu); Foundations of Internal Alchemy (Taoist); Knowing and Seeing (Theravada); Zen Mind Beginner's Mind (Zen)

Three Books of Occult Philosophy is a must
Arbatel should be your first grimoire to work with; later on you can work with The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, Goetia, Book of Abramelin, Picatrix, etc.
The PGM tend to be pretty modular

Intro to Tantra, Refining Gold. Garchen Rinpoche's entire YouTube catalog; you can even take empowerment and transmission from his recordings. Look into temples in your area & others that offer empowerment online. Avoid NKT, Rigpa, and Shambhala. You can also self-initiate with the Samadhi Empowerment

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File: Asmodeus.png (56 KB, 591x367)
56 KB
I'll post all the PDFs I have for Asmodeus. A lot about him is locked behind University sites having 200-300 page studies into him locked behind a university clearance.

Link: https://files.catbox.moe/m5s0p5.7z

Something interesting things to note: Asmodeus is directly stated to be like Cupid or Cupid. The interesting part is that he is interpreted to be the son of Lilith and Samael. Lilith is connected to a lot of deities and Aphrodite is actually one of them. This would make Samael Ares. Thinking about it, it would actually fit with Hephaestus being Adam. (This would make Psyche Sarah from the Book of Tobit as she has the most connections to Psyche.)

Some of the PDFs like Miracle deliverance goes into other stuff and is much more modern being about Same Sex marriage in the USA with stuff referencing the past with actual demonology. The Open Court (In general, they are really fucking good, I hope to find everything they created) also mostly goes into Lilith with the Legend of Lilith, but Asmodeus has details in it. The main French novel, The Book of Tobit, The Devil on Two Sticks, and ASMODEUS, DANDY AMONG DEMONS is included. There is a lust spell included.

There is stuff about Asmodeus being worshiped by Shakespeare, but most of it is yet again, behind either university locks or paywalls. Maybe I will find a loophole or a way to get around it.
>be Jane Leade
>become homeless(?) after husband dies
>see visions of shiny angelic woman
>hey kid let me in I'm Sophia lmao
>produce weird millenarian universalist doctrine that dies out immediately after she dies

I sometimes think Ortholarpers are right about Western Christianity, we should be a lot more critical about visions.

Pr*testants assumed that Mary was Mommy Goddess in the Church so they removed her cult, but then seemed to immediatelly retcon in Sophia to fill that mommy void
I heard it contains blinds.
honestly I think its bullshit that people in this day and age try to sell you shit that will sabotage you all under the guise of "only the truly gifted will know the truth"
You don't understand Geunon's "approach".
Explain it to me then

Spells done on people for romance or sex, I guess I would translate them as bounding or binding spells.
Does anyone has experience with them? I want something so strong that could push me into a taboo relationship. The only person I know that can do them succesfully is out of town and I don't want to meet random hags for it and be bewitched.
I don't care much for the risk but I would prefer if it doesn't involve invoking entities by name.
If it's the best for people to stay together, then the good spirituality will help this happen. If it's not, then forcing something will massively backfire later.
My objective resents me but I know deep down she has some desire for me due to our past and thinks on me often either in good or bad ways. I want to exploit that.
Witchtokers I invoke you...

File: 1652598140479.png (65 KB, 1092x1037)
65 KB
>tfw have never experienced sleep paralysis
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Those are completely different. I naturally lucid dream and haven't had sleep paralysis in a long time. Maybe you should get good? The "incite sleep paralysis to lucid dream" guide is bullshit.
Start keeping a dream journal and doing dream checks if you want to lucid dream that badly. Sleep paralysis isn't worth it.
I used to get it 3 times a month. It does nothing of benefit for you.
it's not something you'd wanna experience
i only experienced it once. I was a king in a castle in the dream but I could feel my body in real life but in the dream it materialized as me being injured all over my body so I couldn't move

then my advisor came and told me he was part of a plot to usurp my kingdom and that since I was injured he was going to suffocate me and claim that i died naturally.

I started yelling and i couldn't move my body which I felt outside of the dream because i was asleep. I only let out a small yelp in real life.
Try the gateway experience, it teaches you how to induce focus 10 (mind awake body asleep) and come out of it at will. You can AP from it, everyone itt just didn't understand what was happening to them and pussied out before they could AP.

File: tedcruz.jpg (82 KB, 1024x1024)
82 KB
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File: 1318144208277.jpg (69 KB, 681x590)
69 KB
Yeah, she's called my ex-wife!
Yeah. Ask me anything.
No, I've encounteed ghosts tho
demons are christian concepts just like antichrist, sin, hell and satan they aren't real ask anybody who speaks with the dead any psychic, any medium anyone with their third eye open
So much knowledge, devoid of wisdom.

Status report?

Any advice?

Who to avoid?

Who to chase?
Cat got your tongue?

File: regina music box 1905.jpg (236 KB, 640x640)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
This is just a regina music box from 1905.

However, It has only 1 CD:Classical Overture. You started to play it then you feel like this come from Toreador.

What happens without lights? The lights are off. Randomly, Regina Music Box play classical overture again, But something, not, right...

Your body started to freeze, being coldness permanently. The Music Box loop Classical Overture over and over again. Your body is being frozen in the room without lights for a few minutes. when your body is frozen, The music box stopped playing Classical Overture.

Flashlight and some light sources will NOT save you when the music box played Classical Overture.


Question:Are you confused that you think the song was from Five Nights at Freddy's? I don't know what it is.
What thread is this about?
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-9n6GWHZQg
Dude weed XD

File: k2a74ya75g181.jpg (67 KB, 671x672)
67 KB
I just watched the leaping marshmallow video and now i want to funky town my face off after papercutting the webbing between my fingers, wow. You guys kinda suck for telling me about it.
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File: thisisbait.png (66 KB, 625x626)
66 KB
>leaping marshmallow
That's nothing compared to the Glass Castle video
Stop opening these threads faggot, nobody is buying it.
I think funky town sucks
>never watched the funky town video

Hey x
I've been fasting and no fap for 1 month now
I've noticed my eyes are automatically pealed back my eyes are always wide open

The feeling reminds me of when I use to take Adderall, which I don't do anymore, when I was a coomer I remember my eyes would be relaxed like I was stoned.

I don't think anyone has reported these effects in semen retention community, but yes I'm starting to actually believe porn to be a sedative drug or spell.
Furthermore how is porn legal? And easily accessible? I'm very upset realizing this
Eastern mysticism and even some western practices hold that one's "spiritual power" is stored in the ching (ie the ballsack, specifically the jizz).
Consider that this substance within the body is directly responsible for the creation of new life. The cum could be considered pure essence of creation. When an egg cell is fertilized there is a literal flash of light upon union. I speculate this flash kickstarts the growth of the new cell akin to lightning starting a fire.
This "power" stored in your balls is siphoned out of your blood and given "direction" (think electrical coherence) by the nervous system. When you lose this power, you lose that portion of yourself that endowed you with your own will to power. This self sacrifice is only temporary thankfully.
Look back to the story of Samson. The story goes that he was tricked by Delilah into telling her the key to his strength was his long hair. This is just a family friendly version of the story. In actuality, Samson and Delilah fugged, causing Samson to lose his spiritual power, that power returned in about a week, or around the same amount of time it takes to fully recover the ching. The same thing occurs in the Epic of Gilgamesh, when Gilgamesh sends hordes of men to take down Enkidu to no avail, only for him to be subdued by a single woman.
The rampant porn and sexual degeneracy is no accident, but is a spiritual attack on the average man's will to power. Without the creative essence of the blood, there is no will to act, and the man becomes little more than a slave.

Have you seen Universal Mastery on youtube? What is your opinion X?
What a waste of good genestock. Ruined by the forces of darkness and possibly also by foetal alcohol syndrome from a psychologically damaged parent.
ATTENTION: Those who have been brainwashed into creating and worshipping Hebrew-themed egregores are in need of protection and assistance. Please report such activities to your local wizard.
He seems somewhat well adjusted and into family.
Maybe he isn't a Christian but he believes in some Christian/Abrahamic concepts.

>yeah, totally they could build this using 1000 slaves and copper tools lol.. let's take a selfie xD
how can normies think like this?
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File: battery_emory_starfort.png (1.36 MB, 700x812)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Okay retard, show us the methods or show any other example where the stonework is this fine.

>you cant

And after youre done wasting your time, I can show you how bronze (Not copper.) tools were used to cut stones.
also look at how that one was also destroyed at the top. If you look at mural u can see there was a temple there on top, wonder what was in it and if the "church" destroyed it like they did all those magical tomes the ancient astronomers and worshippers had there

The crazy part about those pyramids in Mexico and South America is that they aren't fully excavated.
This. The story we are told dosnt add up.

File: FS0IixFWQAAmoFs.jpg (105 KB, 828x596)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
tips on how to disappear completely?
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I still goon to her tits to this day
Just go to the wilderness
You can just put a mailbox on a back road in the country next to other mailboxes with a fake address and then just change your mailing address to that mailbox while your mail gets sent there. Most countries death and birth certificate offices don’t communicate so you can get a tombstone Citizenship in a 3rd world country.
Shatter yourself.
Do you have a hoover max extract pressure pro model 60?

File: scully.jpg (14 KB, 200x200)
14 KB
Just finished watching Wendigoon's video on it and I have to say, I'm enthralled so far. It's definitely on my favorite list of ARGs, up with hiimmarymary and POSTcontent.

The basic premise of the game is that there's this archive located in Hygiene, Colorado, similar to the Internet Archive or Prelinger Archives. But this one collectes terrifying VHS tapes and other artifacts. There's an entire metanarrative about the staff who work at the archive, and each entry is like a self-contained Twilight Zone episode. It's honestly hard to describe how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Are there any fellow fans of it here? I want to talk about it because Goddamn if it doesn't take the cake. It really does feel like a real collection of videos and text files, and I'm freaked out
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Couldn't really find an arg thread.
Is this an arg or just poltards being poltards?
This. As time goes on I’m starting to become bored if not irritated by his videos and presentation style. That Tokyo Rose video is so fucking boring that I’ve tried and failed to watch it three fucking times. He’s a surface level pseud, even about the Bible. The average /x/ autist knows more than he does.
I know you vanity search yourself on /x/, Wendigoon. How about you stop being a boog larper faggot and do some real research?
Also, this has got to be the most embarrassing thread I’ve ever seen on this board. Go shill your series somewhere else, holy fucking shit.

File: unknown.png (446 KB, 683x455)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
I have been experiencing worsening sleep paralysis for the past year and a half. It started happening once or twice a month, but its happening almost every day now. With this sleep paralysis, I'm also having painful erections. Is there a way that I can get my sleep paralysis demon to pleasure me??? It has gotten to the point where I fear the painful erections more than the paralysis.
Chemically castrate yourself my man

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