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True or gay?
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I agree with you anon about the book of Enoch. I really don't know why it's not on the canon, even believing in it and for the many quotes it have, as you said. The history of the Benai-Elohim (sons of God) is, for me, pretty based to explain (in its limits) the pre-dulivian times.
But I know the background of the apocrypha of the New Testament, and I must say, some really tried to paint a Jesus close the historical one according to the closer witness of him, but other are full gnosis.
It's called "pseud-epigraph". Moses didn't wrote the books about him, for example, nor most of the apocrypha were wrote by Madalena, Judas, etc. A small percentage of people could write on that times.
This is used to give some authority for the text or for any particular reason related to the needs of the socio-historical context.

>Ecclesiastes is about wisdom
>who's the wisest in our history?
>So let's say that he said all this, not that he hasn't said, but for people true believe in the history and wisdom of the israelites

What I'm trying to say is that is something really normal in times when most people are illiterate or other usages as I said. What's most important is not the "pseudo or true author", but the context, as >>25493420 showed.

Even Paul suffer from it when people were using his name to send letters that were not from him (Tel. II).
Hope I helped!
You're right about gnosis, doubtlessly there's a plethora of apostasy out there. That's why we cross examine all this stuff before taking it into consideration. Enoch too had to undergo a serious looking into before he got the recognition he gets today.
With the gift of the Holy Spirit, you can understand:

>Judas said to him, "When will you tell me these things, and when will the great day of light dawn for the generation?"
>But when he said these things, Jesus left him.

He already told him these things he asks, and the great day of light has dawned.

You need to look at this logically, if you aren't able to access the Holy Spirit yet (because you have not asked).

Does Ghislaine Maxwell have a deadmans switch that will go off with all the elites pedophilia if she dies
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the bounce people like ricochet kills
netflix movie. pretty good desu

No, she did it all for Zion and she is dispensable to them. Like her daddy.
File: Lilithsaturn.jpg (919 KB, 2250x3000)
919 KB
919 KB JPG
>channel some saturnian demonic consciousness entities
If that were the case it would have triggered already.

Idk if this is the board for this but I want to proof that the end days are coming. No take your meds we open minded niggas here

File: generic-doe-featured.jpg (84 KB, 602x535)
84 KB
For some context: My fiance was trip sitting me and is a devout Wiccan. She brought a crystal that she called a master vessel which was casted with spells and incantations that she received through a medium and some DIY wiccan stuff she did with it. Honestly have no clue how it works but I know it's made out of rainbow quartz if that has any significance.

Prior to the trip I had, we bought a DMT cartridge for a vaporizer and decided that we were impatient and were going to do it in the car. It was hot as balls outside and inside the car and found a park near a lake that looked pretty enough so we decided to go ahead and try it out. We went out to our usual smoking spot and for the first time pretty much ever I saw a wild deer prancing around near our spot. It heard us coming and ran away, but still pretty cool none the less. Sadly, the spot we usually sat at was infested with what we presumed to be fucking army ants and mosquitos so we drove around for a while until we found an abandoned storage area on the side of the freeway. She warmed the cartridge and instructed me to take 5 hits at 10 second holds. I did all five and felt high, but not really tripping entirely. The whole time I was clasping to the master vessel she gave me as she told me it would prevent me from freaking out or interacting with anything that would traumatize me during the trip.

This is when shit gets weird.

After being a little woozy but not entirely tripping she decided to see if I would be sober enough to drive home, telling me to put my feet in front of one another like a field sobriety test. I did that and we generally agreed that I was safe to drive. As I was walking back to the car a pack of deer ran about 10 feet in front of the car and one stopped and stared at me. It was female and looked just like the one at the park. It stayed for a solid five minutes and galloped off. She says that this could be my totem
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File: IMG_1493.jpg (132 KB, 783x1024)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
I always use harmalas, some people tell me it diminishes the trip but it gives me access to these realms that my friends dont seem to go to. Oddly enough my brothers have very powerful experiences like I do but they are too young (17, 19 and 24) to articulate it yet. I dont mean to sound pretentious I'm just an explorer trying to relay what I've seen to the only place that would take my discoveries seriously
Have you had similar experiences with any other psychedelic. Or is it too rare of an occurrence to know?
I bought powder, I read that you put 2 spoons of it on 125-175 ml water, boil it, filter it, get the powder you filtered, boil it again with another 125-175ml of water, boil it again. Get the 2 filtered water that you boiled with and reduced until single serving size and you are done.
shitty auto correct
>devout wiccan

cuck detected

File: gopalyogi.jpg (35 KB, 450x271)
35 KB
Recently I've finally come around to the conclusion that in life, no matter our beliefs, we need some sort of daily spiritual ritual to re-center our selves.
Does anyone know of anything more contemporary? I'm imagining a sort of book 365 reflection prompts, different meditation techniques, autohipnosys scripts, that sort of thing.
Post and tell us about your daily ritual, what has worked best for you!
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File: EZl8DO_UEAgcMn0.jpg (206 KB, 2048x763)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Morning Puja,
chant 16 rounds
Wake up and do nadi shodhana pranayama.
File: images (26).jpg (20 KB, 755x406)
20 KB
One thing that I find almost impossible is to memorize nyasa to perform before meditation.
Right now I just do zazen before sleep
I'm also reading about different types of yoga, neidan, and other similar practices and am planning on incorporating those once I learn enough practical info
Haha yeah. I managed to do a 40 day mantra sadhana incorporating nyasa. But too lazy to do it on the daily. Which mantra do you use?

I found this video to be a good guide.

File: WPR83hw.png (424 KB, 414x675)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
Could anyone recommend a good mixture of - preferably natural - supplements to aid in lucid dreaming? I've had mixed results with things like Huperzine A, HTP-5, DMAE, and Galantamine, the latter of which forced me into lucidity on several occasions, but kept giving me very unpleasant false awakenings. The other supplements mostly increased vividness, but never led to full lucidity. I know how to do basic reality cheks for the most part, but any other advice would be appreciated, be it for supplements/diet, or reading material on the subject that isn't filled with flufff.
dmae is an upper, huperzine a I can't judge cause it makes me suicidal
I'd say a quality glutamine powder, and hold awareness of your entire body when you fall asleep and you're good
for me is just magnesium, bananas, n caleazacatechichi.
Cheap af n dont need any thing else
1. Iodine tinctures. Nascent, Lugol's, or SSKI. These are for vividity/lucidity.
2. Melatonin. Also for lucidity. However, it comes with a warning. Search for exogenous in the archives. At the same Time, I ran into a dude here who's been using melatonin for 15 years straight with zero ill effects. So maybe it's a 50/50 for now.
3. ZMA. This one is for increasing the vividity of your dreams. Be careful though. Whatever it is that you have on your mind at the moment of falling asleep is what you'll end up dreaming about. So you may wanna avoid any disturbing content around bedtime.
4. Choline bitartrate and magnesium. Same as above, except with zero warnings. Well, save for the magnesium. Magnesium citrate will help make you regular. It'll literally clean out your colon.
5. Calea zacatechichi. This one is for slowing down the passage of Time while you're dreaming. So that way you'll be able to lengthen the duration of your dreams. There might be at least 2 other herbs out there that do the same. Unfortunately though, I'm unable to recall their names.
6. Benadryl. Same as 3 and 4. Except this one comes with a huge warning. It has the capability to plunge your Astral body all the way down to one of the Hell realms. Just like with number 5, it too will induce Time dilation. However, I'm unaware as to the whether the exact mechanism behind it works the same way for both.
7. Galantamine and Huperzine A. 2 examples of lucid dreaming supplements. There's actually a plethora of them out there. Look for the book Advanced Lucid Dreaming: The Power of Supplements.
8. Nicotine patches. It's been ages since I learned about this one, but it might be for lucidity. The same goes for LSD.
9. Chantix. For increasing vividity.
10. Meditation. For lucidity. Specifically, zazen, vipassana, and samatha.
11. Dream yoga. Again, for lucidity. Look for the following 2 books. The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep. And the other one is Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light.

Dreamwalker here,

My reccomendation would be to smoke so much hash that you literally lose consciousness. Alcohol helps, but I'd reccomend just hash if you want to stay all naturale.

If you'd like to link with us in the Dreaming Realm, check out Lucid Dream General


File: 1594404729167.png (60 KB, 186x203)
60 KB
in any society whatsoever?
it seems to be that certain freedoms of speech will get you suicided, and other freedoms of speech - particularly those that pertain to other people or movements you dont like will make it impossible to participate on the free market due to censorship, even if there is a market for your product even VISA the credit card company can pull the plug on you if what you sell isnt in line with the goals of a force bigger than you.

Is the first amendment a lie?
Why does america put lies on their constitution, i thought that was supposed to be laws of the land and to start it with a lie tells everybody exactly what they need to know about the society that they reside in.

Is the constitution just put there similar to predictive programming to actually just let everyone know the law of the land is you're living in a lie? Isn't the earth gods kingdom? If so, why does god let satan rule many of the countries for years upon years

either god doesn't exist or god has gone sleepy time because god wouldn't let satanists rule the world.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: random chick.jpg (80 KB, 740x925)
80 KB
Technically, "speech" like all other forms of communication is conducted by exerting influence on your environment, which requires energy.

For example, talking is pushing air with your organs, hand gestures require you to move around + the light photons traveling to the recipient of your comm.
Even something like blinking morse code requires energy outputs.

If we define simple "freedom" as the ability to do something without any constraints, then we run into a ton of universal constraints, including speed of light, entropy issues, etc.

That would mean that one could only have true "freedom of speech", if this being was omnipotent/all-powerful.

Many people say they can "do or say anything they want", but often times this is a vast exaggeration, as they cannot travel in space or communicate with distant star systems/galaxies, or go back in time, etc.

So the true freedom of speech does not and cannot exist, at least in a scientific & metaphysical sense.
Anything else, especially as used by politicians, is an attempt to manipulate people to support them.
>Can true freedom of speech ever exist?
Not really. "Talk shit - get hit" will always be a thing.
Freedom of speech is a lie. There will always be censored words, and the concept of "freedom of speech" really only promotes the most degenerate forms of speech.
Legally there will never be complete freedom of speech because people in power will always use that power to silence opposition in some way. (Note people in power can also be an angry mob that will lynch any outsiders)
That doesn't mean people shouldn't push to get the most legal freedom they can
Consequence of your words doesn't matter because you are still exercising your freedom of speech.
>Is the first amendment a lie?
No, tyrants have just occupied the country and in doing so your ideas are being suppressed. That's the biggest point, how do you allow the free flow of ideas? Well, create a fair market: Allow for real competence, not corporatism and monopolization.

File: IMG_20200710_185137.jpg (571 KB, 1080x1316)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
Ok Kanye
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this vibe
I don't hate kanye I just don't like a lot of the shit tests he do.
but kanye would be a great president as long as he wakes america up every day with a new dj and genre. music will unite the people and he is really fucking good at that shit regardless of tv trollin
>implying the voters are in control of anything that happens in our country.
Kushner has the voice of a little boy

Whats the real reason they want us to wear masks? If you think we should wear masks, just don’t post in this thread, weve all heard those reasons a million times. I wanna hear your conspiracy theories.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is the path to restricting our freedom of speech. First, the masks. They slightly muddle our voices. Then, a new virus this September that causes ear infections. Cover your ears! Now everyone and everything is muffled. Then, neither are thick enough. The viruses pass through the fabric. Soon, we'll all being wearing inch-thick fabric, making it near-impossible to breathe and pointless to try talking or communicating. This is the part where the New World Order (The Polyester Party [my theory]) sweeps in to give George Soros the nomination. Nobody can communicate their problems with their platform and are helpless but to vote for them.

Take your fucking masks off, or else this is exactly what you're adviocating for.
this. the virus isn't real btw
I looked it up i dont see any references to rhea wearing a mask
>people will talk less
this is a bad thing how?
this is def. a possibility. like training their software to be able to identify people if they were to cover their face during a "happening".

could be true also.

could be a few more potential reasons.

1. To induce some sort of psychological effect, either on the wearers, or on the people who see other wearing them.
Maybe to make sure people remember this pandemic as something more than a virus that infected less than 0.0001% of the population.

2. To hide people's emotions that are best expressed through facial patterns. Since the economy is going down the shitter, people will be less and less happy, and if others see this on their faces, it may spread and a lot of upset people can fuck up the government real bad.

3. This is really whacky but it could be some sort of pseudo-religious shit. Who knows what the "elites" are into, and since this is /x, it may have to do something with esoterically-based control of people (somehow, I don't know.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Literally promises you eternal life if you just dont masturbate, insult people, curse, etc and forgives you each time you do it

It sounds hard but he literally does all the work if you let him, surrendering everything to him gives you this sense of peace, no depression, no fear of death, everything in life just feels great because you know hes leading you

He also became freaking human and died so we could go to Heaven and is gonna come back on a horse and go to war the devil and his robot/human/demon hybrid army, how freaking cool is that?

Insane bootleg God


Lame and boring

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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is this the boomer thread
idk he asks for a lot more than 'just don't fap lol':
>If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.
>And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.
>If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.
>Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.
So I have to let others make me suffer throughout my entire life, and the only evidence I can have for there being a reward is witness testimonies (the most unreliable form of evidence) that are two thousand years old.
Sounds pretty shitty to me. If your god were so great he would shape the world so that I would reach the conclusion that he exists, even if (or because) I use the best methods of forming beliefs that are available to me at any point in time.
File: 1579959640065.jpg (93 KB, 608x552)
93 KB
Paul the apostle received the message that circumcision is no longer a necessary act. You must circumcise yourself via action and faith, the new testament is not the old; the last covenant was fulfilled by Jesus.
absolute brainlet retard tier philosophy

Prove me wrong.

Let's not forget Blair Witch Project came out not long before.
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This lil' nigga fresh as fuck ngl
File: pwkpdemmmjy11(4).jpg (44 KB, 837x719)
44 KB
Everything titor predicted is in a present state of unfolding. Go back and read his predictions. We are living through them right now.

That 2%divergence he mentioned, seems to have resulted in a near 20 year delay.
File: 1556498636308.gif (1.43 MB, 268x185)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
He also gave the excuse of, "Well, I went back in time so your timeline is going to be different from mine!" excuse that everyone does.

Titor is and always will be just a fun story made by some guy to sell a book. Anyone who believes otherwise is grasping for straws that time travelers give a shit about us.
Titor's story is real. Haven't you guys noticed something different about this timeline?
Something you always remembered but now you just can't seem to put your arms around? Think about the last 20 years if you're old enough.
File: 1593398526659.jpg (1012 KB, 867x6091)
1012 KB
1012 KB JPG
>Donnie Darko
Donald Trump is John Titor

File: IMG_3342.jpg (86 KB, 758x600)
86 KB
What really happened?
92 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
some russian test artillery accidentally bombed near them, they freaked out and cut the tent and get the fuck out of there as quick as possible, some did got hit by it
How come then that some had crushed bones but their skin had been untouched?
Oh my!
The artillery didn't hit them directly but the force from it did internal damage
I agree with you on most of what you said, but the missing body parts one is explained by freezing and him being face down in a stream. Stupid shit like your tongue is the first to go.

I watched a human shapeshift into another human and I’m honestly fairly traumatized.

Anyone know how the fuck that’s possible?
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Jannies! Come and clean this up please.
t. namechanging shapeshifter
Op here
>decide last minute to go on a beer run
>walk up to local corner store
>a bunch of homeless loitering outside, typical for the town and neighborhood I live
>look at a baby stroller and notice there’s an adult in it
>the adult is a little person with a super fucked up face, like Pepper from American Horror Story is the best I can describe it
>think to myself how demeaning it is to push this person in a baby stroller and not a wheel chair
>tell myself not to stare
>look up and see pushing the stroller is a middle aged blonde woman, tan with leathered skin, giving me the god damn evil eye
>enter the store and head to the beer
>take about a minute to decide which beer I want when the people enter the store
>keep telling myself not to look at them as I walk to the cash register
>cashier can’t find my beer in the system and sends a coworker to find the price
>cashier motions at me to look back and answer his coworker’s beer question

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I watched a human shapeshift into another human
Happened to my girlfriend, she used to be cute and turned into a psycho.
that's not shapeshifting that's just wacky psychology, shit happens. shapeshifting is people literally changing physical form in an instant. I've seen people do slit eyes a couple times. they walk among us

File: 1592709975519.png (390 KB, 1200x4213)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
Here's an updated conspiracy iceberg some anon made a few weeks ago. There aren't any fake conspiracies on this one as far as I know. Been researching them and I'd be happy to answer a few if people want to request explanations.
290 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
Andrew Basiago claimed to have been part of project Pegasus and later claimed to used a jump room to get to mars. He claimed that Barry Soetoro (Obama) also went to mars at this time.
I mean, you could probably say the same of descendants of important Chinese or Japanese families. Well I guess for the Chinese it must have been more true before the communist revolution. Every big and long lasting culture, and their hierarchical societal system, is going to imply people at the top are going to try to stay at the top no matter what. Marx docet I guess.

I think there's also this weird preconception of history as somewhat unrelated events happening in succession, probably due to how we study it in school. It's not like in 400 AD Rome fell and every single person affiliated to the empire vanished instantly.
>All sports are rigged
>Jiu Jitsu is German
>Amateur boxers beat pro boxers

Can't agree with any of those.

>Jesuit Martial Arts

I need to hear about this
This anon >>25490734 has you covered as far as jesuit martial arts as for ju jitsu there is a German style of Jujitsu thats used by German SWAT as well as the fact that there are a lot of traditional Jujitsu tournaments in Germany. As for amature boxing maybe the iceberg is talking about "dirty boxing" or amature boxers being better in real fights.

File: universal_circle.jpg (48 KB, 553x415)
48 KB
For discussions, questions, experiences, practices and resources pertaining to spirit evocation, invocation, spells, offerings, pacts, possession, & all things black magick.

Useful resources:

Prev: >>25416526
182 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've asked repeatedly what the midget has contributed & get nothing back. Just further proof he's a clueless larper. The harder they project their own failures onto me the more it cements the fact they're idiots. Opportunities to learn are everywhere but they remain stunted, pretty sad really my amusement has turned to pity so could be time to stop embarrassing them?
File: Choronzonmanifesting.jpg (46 KB, 477x579)
46 KB
Stop being a faggot online and go get some work done.
Are you incapable of both? Legitimate question
It's a dime-a dozen book that, like most others, could be skipped by going to the source material, which is pretty much the Golden Dawn
You are definitely a middle aged or elderly boomer, bored with your life and angry at your failures.
>I can tell that sharp wit was forged in high school
Then it should appeal to you since you're an old fuck that behaves like they're still in high school, probably because that was the last time you were happy.

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