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Spirit Love Thread

Last thread:>>28396617 #
Old threads:https://rentry.co/m7xvm
/succgen/ library:https://rentry.co/kzg8p

>What are succubi?
Female spirits of sexual desire, who often choose human mates.
It's established historically that succubi cannot be exorcised by holy implements or methods. They're entities with free will like us.
>How to summon?
The Letter Method is used to focus your intent into a message to one of the Four Queens (Lilith, Agrat, Eisheth, Naamah), requesting that they match you with one of their daughters. No blood or soul sacrifice necessary. See links
Same method

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‘That said’. Do you watch Robert Sepehr videos
Yes and because of that you can fuck yourself pretty bad.
Hmm thanks?
>it’s just something that sometimes happens
The probem with these shit demons is that not only do they want to transition you, but they also want you to become a bride of another dude.
They come up with excuses like "you met him in a previous life when you were female and made a contract". It's fucking annoying and destroys your confidence as a dude who wants to fuck some pussy but instead gets bombarded with thoughts, dreams, etc that you are going to be some ancient succ's daughter and your incubus husband is here waiting for you to transition.
The anons who don't have these problems with their succs are fucking lucky. Don't take it for granted. Some want to be men and remain men. Some want to become a woman and they do it.
Some want to just fucking stay the same gender with the same organ between their legs but are being psychologically torturted in the opposite happening instead.
Normal people don't deal with these dumb problems, why do some have to go through this BS.
>they totally give you a self-confidence boost bro
Or not in some cases, they completely take it away.
So, uh, holy shit. I think I just experienced spirit sex for the first time. I did the letter method yesterday and didn’t really get anything in response except maybe the candle flickering and some light skin pricks. I spent the whole of today talking to her and trying to establish a connection. At one point I felt some pressure on the back and front of my head, so I tried doing some third eye opening exercises. Then I laid down in bed and asked her to lay down on top of me. For a while nothing happened. I was starting to get doubtful but then something heavy and warm felt like it was pressing down on me. Then it happened. It started as a warm feeling near my genitals (although my dick never got hard at all) and started to spread all over. The best way to describe it was like an intense, full body orgasm. It lasted less than a minute but might have gone on longer if I had been able to stay in the right mindset. I tried to be as thankful as possible afterwards.

Is there something I should be doing right now to take advantage of this?

File: WHndY6m.jpg (31 KB, 449x551)
31 KB
or is it really all just mental illness?
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File: you.gif (3.88 MB, 270x205)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB GIF
sneed/10 bait
Yes and no.

Dr. Levine (OP's pic) made Pennsylvania's vaccine schedule the finest in the nation. Meanwhile Dr. Fauci bungled the CDC response to AIDS, kept his job because politicians hate trannies and faggots, and got to bungle the CDC response to COVID and kill your grandparents. Personally I'm okay with hideous leaders if they don't kill my grandparents.
Yeah, he lined up all the goyim real nice for the science juice. What a hero.

Who is the most likely candidate for Antichrist?
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>bunkiefag trip fag
go back to bunkerchan retard
"racism" is something that exist all over 4chan
tired of it? go back to the 99 percent politically correct internet, nigger.
What’s the other side
>disastrous state of affairs
>only president to not start a war in the last 40 years

but yeah orange man bad
File: 3yg34yh4h.jpg (60 KB, 1280x720)
60 KB
You called?
>disasterous state of affairs
oh wow some dude sat on Nancy Pelosi chair? wow

Do you think Corona virus was made by humans?
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It definitely made by pinkos not humans
Peter Dazak said Sars cov spike protein are easily manipulated so technically yes.
Of fucking course. Or do you think a swan did it? The virus is here to make room for more stupid rich humans to be born.
There is no virus.
There is no pandemic.
There are plenty of Jews gaslighting it though.
Yes, it feels chemically in the system, before your taste is gone you get a chemical smell/taste. I actually think the taste and smell going away is to hide the chemical taste so that its more stealthy.

Has humanity made contact with ayyliens?
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Pls link it
No but governments have.
Read on /pol/ that canada managed to contact aliens. The aliens were pretty mild and passive like they were full of love and shit then canadians asked them for weapons to "defeat" their enemies. Aliens got extremely butthurt and fucked off from this earth. Some dude even said they felt disgust towards canadians.

Many such cases!
Yeah they're around they just want to be treated as normies and will flash their eyes at you if you see through to their true selves, not dangerous.
>felt disgust towards canadians
They asked for bigger hockey sticks, or what?

File: magik.png (1.47 MB, 721x898)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Is European magic the most powerful?
Semitic magic is! Just look at how much influence it has over the world!
Yes, yes it is.

File: 1616856016885.png (342 KB, 388x522)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Last week they walked into my living room in broad daylight and made me pass out before abducting me. They usually take me in my sleep but not anymore..they been walking in the last few times like they own the place.

Anyone else?
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Interesting. This suggests that greys aren't wired to imagine things.
They were probably on a tight schedule and the intern forgot to pick you up.
You ready for your daily ass kicking, melon head?

I'll shoot you up with my AK47, prepare to get new assholes to probe that ain't mine.
Yeah like what if they know we're seeing images that don't make sense but they don't know why that's fun
What if they're autistic
I think they kind of are.

File: 800px-Keshava.metmuseum.jpg (317 KB, 800x1487)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
>Been practicing mindfulness for the last few weeks
>Like to imagine a ball of energy absorbing and deflecting any negative thoughts, feeling and emotions that I notice pop up
>Say thank you to it each time
>Been doing this for several weeks now
>Just gone done meditating while focusing on my crown chakra
>After my meditation, say thank you to my ball of energy for absorbing my negative thoughts
>After thanking it, I added "...whatever your name is"
>Hear, as clear as absolute day "I prefer Keshava"
>Never heard of this name before
>Google it
>MFW https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keshava
>MFW "Keshava is venerated by those persons wanting to avert bad luck, or ill omens." which is exactly what I have been thanking them for this whole time basically
>Don't know a thing about Hinduism, their deitities, stories, beliefs, I don't know anything about it.
>Have always actually been put off of reading into it because I have found the names too difficult
>So there is absolutely no way I could have known this name "Keshava"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Cool if true, I need to get back to visualization/meditation
Had same but i forgot her/his name. It was arabic sounding.

File: images (12).jpg (6 KB, 220x173)
6 KB
Post deep sea creatures that have a real chance of being real
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The Rhinoceros Dolphin. Gonna be honest, I don't really understand why it's called that, but I could see it being real.
WOAH coooooool!
How does it do that?
File: trunko.jpg (32 KB, 320x227)
32 KB
This is the first picture in the entire thread that actually followed what the thread was asking

Send paranormal love.
Confess your sins.
Ask for Prayer and advice.
Use this as a diary if you want.
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gnite! you described perfectly how im feeling rn. <3
How did he die?
(You) i need love

If Kurt didn't kill himself then who did? Courtney? Somebody give me a quick rundown.
35 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

there goes my hero...
This, except
>courtney's motive for the hit was fear of being written out of the will
Kurt was going to leave her. Most likely for Kristen Pfaff, which puts her death into a different perspective. Courtney wouldn't have gotten anything in a divorce, so she took out a hit. Pfaff knew Courtney was responsible, so she "OD'd" - the same situation as Kurt in Rome, which he had claimed was a "mistake".
All very suspicious.
Courtney. Kurt was hired a private investigator and proved she cheated on him (meaning he wouldnt have to give her half his money in divorce). Courtney hired a private investigator that informed her of this. She tried to make him OD in Rome and failed, so she killed him state-side, instead.

Courtney like money and anton levey, and knows other people who do too. she didnt act alone.
this guy seemed like a pure soul
pretty sure he raped a retarded girl.

File: 1616924424113.jpg (31 KB, 320x240)
31 KB
dreamcore anyone? I'll start off with a few pics
270 replies and 114 images omitted. Click here to view.
OP this is so ridiculous.
good lord
I think that's Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells

File: sad.png (372 KB, 900x658)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
Like title says: all the chakra remote viewing stuff is likely to be a product of people's imagination. Most of the properly proven spiritual shit is just like ghosts.

There are obviously ghosts and Sasquatches, but come on, can we agree that remote viewing is just people looking for power that isn't there?
how could we know
The fact that no real scientific evidence exhists proves this to be true
But anon
I'm remote viewing on you right now
You're kinda cute ~_^
what's your thoughts on tarot as divination when synchonicity occurs?

So what was up with this Globox looking shit in space that was such a big deal here a few years ago? Did anything ever come if it?

File: 20210511_010954.jpg (108 KB, 1080x1060)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Couldn't upload the webm. Anyone know what this is from?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Which music video?
Do you have a link?
I think it was for a tool music video? I think it was tool at least
pretty sure it wasn't tool, i think it was radiohead
yep found it

It was a promo for their album A Moon Shaped Pool.


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