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File: imaginethesmell.jpg (147 KB, 906x1208)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
All that any honest person can say about reality, free of delusion, is that something put into motion the force that keeps the sun from exploding, the ozone protecting us from the sun's deadly light, and that physics and chemistry and biology that gives us understanding that our body will still be in one piece by the end of each day (until they can't keep it up anymore)

Anything beyond that is delusion, hopeful roleplaying to reduce one's fear of death. Death could be a good thing. It could be a bad thing. It could be, no thing. Nobody has come back from death to tell us, and any source that claims to know the truth came from...guess what: a human who has not yet died.

The deeper your core beliefs exist under layers of human language and symbols, the further you are from the truth. For example, if you can call the same thing human > spirit > creation of god > self > other > friend > enemy > these are all DIVISIONS THAT DO NOT EXIST AND FURTHER BURY YOU IN DELUSION. Animals are closer to the truth than humans are. Have you seen a flock of birds fly like an wave in the ocean?


Human language is a cancer, and computers and the internet are the final peak of the cancer of human language. If you tell me, "Look for Jesus", I will be biased and see Jesus everywhere. If you tell me look for 666, I will look for 666 and see it everywhere.

All you can know are sense and feeling.

>this feels cold
>that looks bright
>I like him

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You could say theyre.........
Soogsx or something like that.
One of them is about to fart. There are no stops for another hour on this road trip and all the windows are mysteriously stuck shut. You'll have to bask in the stench as the gas fills the air and seeps into your nostrils.

I'd like some recommendations for movies like Holy Mountain that are highly symbolic, occult or religious themed and leave normals forever scratching their heads. I've recently watched 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and found them to be very masonic. Please, more like this.
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Check out Stalker.

Also an honorable mention to Angels Egg. The whole thing is free on youtube.
Jodorowski's a jew which's why every story he tells is a qabbalic messiah figure, complete with Adam Kadmon hermaphrodites.
A Clockwork Orange for sure once you look past the "society desensitized to violence" theme.
Open Your Eyes
Solaris (1972)
Lego Movie

It's over.
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living memetic cognitokillswitch
reading past 2000 makes you a trans sleeper agent
anyone who has ever liked SCP has always been a leddit tranny. SCP is the most retarded faggot cringe shit imaginable
Second most, right behind your posts
File: 1639067511473.jpg (28 KB, 500x491)
28 KB
now go make your own. oh wait you can't because you lack the creative thought. stuck in your hateful ways. pathetic.
Dawg it’s been over since like 2017. I got banned from the IRC chat for being “”””bigoted”””” towards a literal satanist.

File: 1686003727504885.webm (1.28 MB, 720x1280)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB WEBM
what do celebritites know that we regular civilians dont know? do they know something about the afterlife that we dont? i mean why would you want to go to hell?
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Meh. This is like Soros excusing his actions by saying he is amoral. You ultimately have to pick a side.
File: 1670550798993953.jpg (44 KB, 640x636)
44 KB
>>a catholic prayer to ward off evil
The vapid entertainment reporter is so shallow and doesn't know what to do. "Hey lets talk about your outfit."
>a catholic prayer to ward off evil.
Anon, i...

File: ufo.jpg (334 KB, 490x2658)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Hi /x/.

I'm interested in the topic of UFOs but not fully convinced there's an /x/ish phenomenon behind it, or, if so, what it might be. I'm curious as to what the board thinks... ASSUMING there is something unknown lurking in the UFO reports, what do you think it likely is? Space aliens? Something else? All opinions welcomed, there is no wrong answer to the question "What do YOU think?"
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i am sure they are not “aliens”, at least definitely not the way they are presented to us
These are human craft, stolen from tesla's technology (he was murdered and info stolen by otto skorzeny and reinhard gehlen). "Aliens" are commonly used in mind control programming.
Yeah man I’m certain there is Non human intelligence that lives in the oceans.

I don’t think “aliens” are omnipotent or godlike in power.I believe they are as fallible as us. They constantly drink and drive straight into our planet.

David Grusch just dropped a bunch information. Which leads me to believe the Chinese are about to share something so we have to beat the reds in a reversed engineered alien technology Sputnik race.
Was going to mention Grusch, his credentials are top notch at this point it's basically been confirmed what ufo conspiracy theorists have been saying for decades. What's funny is that other countries don't try to deny the phenomenon and just say they don't know what they're dealing with, like Mexico.

Were they onto something or were they just literal retards?
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this fields have blown the minds of modern physics to the point where icp meme applies to modern science so much i unironically lol

its not just + -
you have an extremely complex system of subatomic fields behaving in different manners depending on things like nearby charge flow and electostatic potentials.
even fridge magnets contain enough permanent energy to hold themselves from falling... forever?
Ween had a clown following and esoteric pantheon mythos with an inversion of the trinity. Axis bold as boognish
Yes to both. They are retards, and that song is also soft disclosure to technology meant for those who can hear and understand. If you don't get it, it's not for you.
Even the basic explanation isn't Physics 101. You could stretch to argue for Physics 102, but not really. In fact, Inorganic Chemistry would be a better argument for discussing the atomic basis for trends in paramagnetism, and even that is a stretch.

File: 1629044558149m.jpg (360 KB, 1024x1021)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
I need help. Something dark and evil is inside of me. I believe it was inside my brother, and my father as well. My father is a successful alcoholic/drug addict. I think he dealt with whatever this is that way. He did some crazy, horrible things (under orders) in desert storm.
My brother is an evil person. Textbook sociopath. He's currently serving 25 years in Colorado for killing an old woman. When he was my age, 5 years ago, he started really showing signs of aggression, general hatred for mankind, and he started making less and less sense when he became homeless.
I'm starting ro become more aggressive. Less motivated at work. Hating everyone and everything, including my wife, more and more. I visualized pulling a black mass out of the bump on the back of my head. The more muscular and angry I visualized this knight like character pulling it out, the better I felt. But since then, about 2 weeks ago, it's getting worse.

I just want this to end. I'm not whatever this black mass inside me is.
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File: 1685698086198221.jpg (181 KB, 363x321)
181 KB
181 KB JPG

Its in the genes, I have folks like this.

I always feared that releasing my inner violence would be like opening pandoras box. I'd never be able to regain myself back, I'd forever be a blood thirsty animal cursed to walk the Earth, teeth aching to bite flesh.

Learn about the mass, meditation can help. We do not fear what we know.

Make peace and harness that dark. Everything has a use. Know when and how to appropriately apply it. How to put it back.

Be thankful. Not everyone is such blessed.
File: spirithouse.jpg (1.59 MB, 2500x3333)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
Very interesting. You mean something like those spirit houses you find in many Thai restaurants and businesses, usually with a food offering in front of them?

Makes me wonder if bird houses are the Western equivalent to that haha.
File: thaispirithouse.jpg (86 KB, 474x631)
86 KB
This was kind of a bad example actually, most aren't as elaborate as this one and look more like real houses.
Something like that. It doesn't have to be big, but I'd do an apt since i doubt the father said how many he's killed.
I will devour this segment of your self definition if you grant me your permission to do so. I will transmute it into utility. You will no longer have this segment of self definition upon agreeing to this with full intent, consider well the probably more healthy alternative of sublimating whatever you are feeling into something rather than giving it up.

File: 1685763891463676.png (853 KB, 2048x4096)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
I am the bottle anon that posted yesterday. Pic related. I said that I would be back tonight to answer any questions. The old thread was just archived apparently. 34926020 if you are interested. I am a man of my word for I have not much else. I also made another potential connection. I only made this today, because I was driving on the same place.

> be me
> be Monday the 29th
> made plans to see my family, because long weekend
> Have a long drive to get there.
> wife delays me by about 20 minutes
> I have to drive about 10 minutes out of my way to get gas
> I have a club card and it is about thirty cents cheaper
> I said my grandfather was raised a poorfag during the depression and that aspect of him must run in my blood,
> Also why I was picking up the bottles
> The amount of time I am delayed by this has me run into a pretty bad accident
> didn't know it at the time, but two dead
> little old lady drove the wrong way down the highway
> not good

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Please remember gun safety rules. Don't accidentally shoot your dog, because dogs don't know what the end of a barrel means.
Ditto. Can't believe the bread before died. Hopefully this bakes to >300.
File: 354354.jpg (19 KB, 400x300)
19 KB
No worries, I do not smell of bacon. Trigger control is a pet pev of mine.
Try leaving something in return
what should he even offer, a bottle opener?

File: b linker nigga.png (16 KB, 536x523)
16 KB
He distorts reality around him, taking advantage of the subject's altered mental state. You may know him by another name, you may have seen him wearing different skin, but to those who have searched. His name is the blinker man.

The following is a case study on "The blinker man", if you doubt the legitimacy of said claims, you are sorely mistaken.

He wears a basketball jersey with the number 42 imbued on the back. The lettering glows with a cosmic radiance that can only be found in the most high of entities. One of his hands is absent, and in place stands a huge dab pen. If you're (un)lucky enough to hear his grating voice, he calls it "the obliviator".
His shorts are peculiar, as they stroke his muscled thighs while he walks towards his next victim. You can read the logo: "rubber maid" on the front. The significance of this is dubious to say the least.
The color of royalty (representing his high seat in the council), his skin glows purple.

I've heard stories, if you stare at the number on his jersey for too long, you'll be taken to PENJAMIN CITY.

I have heard if you think about the number 42... You will also be taken to PENJAMIN CITY.

This being said, If you are in his his sights. And can remember the number 42. It could already be too late.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm going to take a blinker
I might've seen him at Kroger

This guy likes to go off on comedy routines that only make sense to himself
File: 1680490613053060.jpg (577 KB, 757x709)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
Thanks for exposing the discord gayops, I thought this thread looked fake & gay.
Is that barney

File: paintedtunnel.png (1.26 MB, 1196x670)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Then how come booby traps work? If the target is unaware of the trap, then he should not be able to set it off. It should be like a Wile E. Coyote skit, road runner can run through the painted tunnel because he's unaware it's just a painting.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
sounds hard to believe, but I could see it happening. It would certainly be a very difficult mindset to achieve.
They don't work, have you ever personally fallen victim to a booby trap?
The target wants to be trapped. The trapper wants the target to be free. Stop watching boomer cartoons and all cartoons. Stop watching tv. Its a trap.
perception creates reality in a shape sense not in a "generate something out of nothing" sense.

you see reality as much as your perception allows you, you hear as good as your ears let you yet theres some people who hear better than you and animals who hear better than you, in the same way theres insects and birds who have a different perception of time.

perception shapes reality but does not establish its boundaries. it is like the light of the sun, shows the material but is unable to show what is beyond; what holds the sun in place and what moves everythng.
Perception does not create reality, it confirms it. There are a seemingly infinite number of uncertainties in this life, and with the power of perception, those uncertainties can instantly become certain.

File: jX6q2Z4.jpg (109 KB, 600x495)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I've heard about nofap, semen retention and all that but I often also hear about ''Monk Mode'' I tried to look it up but I always find some vague information

What is it exactly?
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
forgot picture lol
Idk about monk mode but I have basically memed myself into becoming asexual. If I had some discipline to work on my projects I would be monk mode.
File: 1673625087035654.png (303 KB, 540x652)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
you have the discipline, you're just not using it. Think about how great it feels to put 30 minutes into exercise, craft, or focused study. Then once you start just don't stop, when you stop just start again.
Actual ordination is the only real monk mode. Anything else is a meme for normies.
File: 1681487161778919.jpg (19 KB, 552x471)
19 KB
So true anon. I must redouble my efforts.

what's the last time you've literally put your bare feet on the ground? it's funny how so many people can live around for years or maybe decades on SHOES, SOCKS, BRICK and FLOORS without actually feeling the scalp of the earth. No wonder we see so little harmoney in the world, we're barely on it.
84 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
I remember when I was in 8th grade we went on this hiking trip and me n my friends walked a few miles barefoot on the hot rocks n gravel. was pretty cool.

it was prolly like that because there were sharp rocks and such
File: DSCN0066.jpg (2.49 MB, 4000x3000)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
wat? today, like 4 hours ago
they had to cover their feet to have some mysterious allure because nobody was after those faces, EESH!
shoes resist electrical currents, insulating your feet from the natural energy exchange between your body and the earth.

File: IMG_20230518_000940.jpg (79 KB, 340x465)
79 KB
>Be me
>Out on a night walk literally just now, unarmed because bong
>Going to walk across the field near the river
>Enter field
>Suddenly, loud screaming speech
>But not speech
>It's like the cadence of speech but just noise
>Stand there
>It's closer
>Do a 360 and walk away
>Put some distance between me and field

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Proceed to fast walk my way around in the loop towards home, I think I can hear clanking in the distance, but I'm further now, can't be sure for certain or if it's my heightened senses just creating it
>If I'm that far away from it, it's good anyway
>Cut through this little alleyway to a long side street that links up on to the road I live on
>Clank on the wind
>Down near where it came out on to the main road
>Walk a little way up the side road to hear better
>Faah room tam bin
>Waiting here for a bit then
>Repeat waiting, listening

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Wait as it moves, listening to its position
>It's coming up this way, hear it clanking up
>Heart rate speeds up a bit again
>It's nearly at the top of the side street, probably about 10m, I'm about 500m down it though
>FFS I just want to go home you horrible foul beast
>It's getting more distant
>It's turned off up the road opposite this one, heading away

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
And obviously I arrived safely home and it didn't get me. Any ideas what this abomination might be? It was fucking weird. Didn't speak, just like an it was trying to do something like speak, with tone and noise, screaming. This wasn't creepy, but just terrifying. Like a video game scenario but in real life and I've no weapons on me, no medkits or stims. It definitely knew it couldn't keep up when I ran, and seemed to loop around the block patrolling after I evaded it. I guess it either went looking for me thinking I might return or maybe to find some other prey. It's fucking weird, /x/, it's at least semi intelligent, and it's not all organic, the clunk sounded so metallic. Also weird personal experience thread, greentext or not, but if it happened to you, drop your story. No pics, it was dark out so I couldn't take any, and I wasn't letting it get close enough for flash on my phone.
sounds like you found a wild junk mage.
That was you from 30 years in the future trying to prevent whatever turned you into a speechless metal zombie. You goofed OP

File: c162d895a9e3c6676f92d.jpg (2.39 MB, 1838x3085)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Oracles, Digital, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Recommended /div/ links and books:

>MEGA with Divination Books:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
•/div/’s Spreads Guide

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
329 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anyone who can help please
Probably want to knock over to the new thread
>Six of Cups
Return to your roots, take strength from your family.
the closet is transparent

I'm >>34949904

I don't mean to criticize, I just figured I'd be honest. I genuinely appreciate that you took the time to help.

And yeah, I think that's good advice. Thank you. Take care!

Should I write down my idea, would it be successful?

File: 1682108020525311.png (1.34 MB, 961x1210)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Adam and Eve is the Macrocosm. We human beings are the Microcosm.

We all were an Adam or Eve in Eden and fucked up and didn't follow a rule, and that's why we have to die and watch everyone we love around us also slowly die.
No, I don't think so
File: Lolcat_in_folder.jpg (89 KB, 442x333)
89 KB
Can you even spell either of those words without using Google translate? lolcat
I don't agree that we are all Adam & Eve in the literal sense, but figuratively you're right as rain. Whether or not Adam and Eve were actual living people is something people can argue about (and have been doing so for thousands of years at this point), but one thing that is not in the least bit controversial is that Adam is, on an allegorical/parabolic level, meant to represent pre-Christian humanity as a whole. This remains true even if you believe Adam was an actual person. This is why Jesus refers to Himself as the Son of Man (in the original Greek of the New Testament, this would be Son of Adam). Like Adam, Jesus Himself is not simply a person, He also represents humanity in its anointed state, having been brought back into Grace after humanity's fall.

Basically everything in scripture functions in this way (with the exception being the non-narrative scriptures such as the Pauline Epistles. Those are fairly straightforward.) Even if you believe the stories of the Bible are literal events that actually happened, it's still fairly useless unless you are able to extract the allegorical meaning of the stories and apply them to you're own life. There's no sense in telling a religious story for the sake of itself. It must have practical meaning.

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