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Are there any spells to increase my gym productivity
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idk one time i read this weird book thing called project superman and this dude underwent some sort of “silva mind control training” and could go to what he called his “level” and just use his imagination to give him gains. people accused him of roiding idk the whole book is weird as mkultra type shit so yeah maybe just imagine the gains like little elf people building muscles for you, before u go to sleep
File: 105132118 .jpg (121 KB, 585x700)
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Yes. Time under the bar.
Post it bitch, don't forget a timestamp.

File: 1446305262339.png (299 KB, 554x341)
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Creepy out of place shit in video games thread?
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Can't open it. Also check'd them satanic trips.
File: 1446347210787.jpg (33 KB, 480x454)
33 KB

Just HOW in the fuck did Kojima know?
>hmm yess today i will get angry over a 4chan post hmmm yes
This is pretty based so far.
File: ZWw0T.png (306 KB, 480x334)
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306 KB PNG
Of all the memes this one always stood out to me as genuinely odd.

have you seen this man?
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Every time..... eyebrows the internet. Hahahah
To much hair.

Can you smell, what the frogs, are, cooking?
Only in my dreams. He's searching for his father.

File: Poopills.jpg (110 KB, 1320x795)
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110 KB JPG
So this 13 year old Indian kid predicted the virus and world going to shit back in April 2019 using Astrology. He's highly intelligent and well versed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZyNhpqMIHY&t=962s

Now he's predicting either another outbreak or a new happening on Dec 20, 2020. Something about Saturn and Jupiter becoming conjunct?

Do you think he'll go 2 for 2? I'm going to be stacking up TP for sure.
My Nutella expires on that date oh shit
Self bump

If meditation is so healthy then why don’t children do it?
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Canada should consider becoming a civilized society like Australia then
I think Canada will be ok not modelling itself after a literal criminal colony lmao
1-7 grade is elementary school here.
We do have it in middle school and high school. Also, Canada and Norway are extremely similaer, but we have better quality of life by a little bit.
>but we have better quality of life by a little bit
Perhaps but only after taking into account the lives of immigrants refugees.
You are a cosmic child your whole life. Being old is fundamentally a new experience. All the faggos saying differently itt are unironically part of the problem

File: 20200525_150838.jpg (2.94 MB, 4032x3024)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
was at the Sanford Cemetery in FL and I was flipping through some of the photos

Was trying to see if I could speak with spirits through a spirit box, text apps, etc

Had a close call but wasn't convinced... but I was clicking through and I noticed something I can't explain. Uploading raw photos before I zoom in
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Is it Godzilla?
/x/ has collectively decided we need to solve this tiny hand mystery once and for all..what's the deal OP?

I'm asian you stupid fucks

The hand on tbe right is my fingers curling to hold the phone.

The hand on tbe left looks normal

>I'm Asian
that's cool
They're having a barbeque

I’ve read endless testimonies from people of faith to people with none and it always comes down to this. Even thinking of the name of Jesus is enough to vanquish almost ANY of the nonexistent entities subhumans worship around here.

Why does the name of Jesus vanquish all foes? I never heard anyone having sleep paralysis and saying “in the name of lucifer, leave me alone” and succeeding with anything asides from being a dense cabbage.

Tl;dr Jesus is the absolute winner in this Celebrity Entity Death Match
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You really are illiterate, mentally handicapped or both. I bet you're the same guy who's derailing the Book of Enoch thread too.

There was never any mention of the name Jesus, Christ, or Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. Any association you make between Jesus and his being God in the Old Testament is merely your own ignorant fault. Please do yourself a favour and go to a synagogue; talk to a rabbi or get an English translation of the Torah to read it.
Was it Yeshua or what?
please explain
Yeah nah, you're talking to different anons. I just asked whether Jesus' claims were false
If you ever read the Bible, you'd know the Old Testament doesn't even mention Yeshua/Joshua in relationship to being the son of God, or God, or the son of a Virgin, etc. The Old Testament merely treats God as God; a singular entity, known only by the 72 names in Qabalah (including El Elion and YHWH).

Ummm guys. What's the implications of this?

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File: Peter-Manfredonia.jpg (402 KB, 940x529)
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402 KB JPG
It was a fox news link

Literally nothing.
File: deweydaman.png (3.07 MB, 1584x1077)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
Hmmm...Almost like that part of the US is a den of glow nigger activity and they use people from said area whenever they need to.

File: lincolns-ghost-oc-0275.jpg (214 KB, 1207x1920)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Is the White House haunted?

File: 1572743576271.png (231 KB, 1774x693)
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231 KB PNG
post what you have regarding ayys, our history, our future
we must digg
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List of Tony Rodrigues interviews.
The whole ascended master shit is a a bunch of bullshit peddled by the usual suspects to poison the well. You can even pinpoint exactly when someone is compromised when they suddenly change their tone talking about "levels" and masters of some sort of mystic or spiritual shit. Beware of that stuff.
Nice pic anon
>Pleiadians fap
yeah, no
That page doesn't exist, any other proof to back up your claims? Not saying it's impossible you're wrong, but again, proof?

File: the-great-blood.jpg (29 KB, 600x337)
29 KB
Is there even any proof that there was a "great flood"? Other than the bible, how would it have been recorded?
Some other questions: Where are the bodies of the ones who drowned, or where would the Ark land
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Only ALDI can be cheap enough to put Greta on that wall.
>Suddenly all this argument of "copying" is asinine, since both you and he can draw from independent sources of actual historical data to come up with very similar stories
I am all in favour of theorising about and searching out the source of these stories Anon, that's a considerably more interesting way for this thread to proceed than people arguing over religious beliefs. I just don't think it's helpful to finding that source, finding the truth of the matter, if you've already made up your mind which of these flood stories is correct.

That's what I'd like anyone of an Abrahamic faith to consider, that your version might NOT be the definitive version. If you've decided that it is, you're going to argue against any beliefs and potential evidence to the contrary, even if it does find that there was indeed a flood event all these stories were originally based on. I have nothing against people of faith (I'm not an atheist, but I am willing to admit I don't KNOW what actually happened tens of thousands of years ago. Wouldn't it be great to try and find out?) but I think it would be nice if you would keep your minds open enough to consider that the story of Noah might not have happened the exact, literal way it's described in the bible. It's about searching for truth. If you believe you already have the truth, fine, but why argue about it if that's the case?
the Babylonian tale is the source and since they were living there for a while well...

Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure

In 2014, Finkel's study of a cuneiform tablet that contained a Flood narrative similar to that of the story of Noah's Ark, described in his book The Ark Before Noah, was widely reported in the news media. The ark described in the tablet was circular, essentially a very large coracle or kuphar and made of rope on a wooden frame. The tablet included sufficient details of its dimensions and construction to enable a copy of the ark to be made at about 1/3 scale and successfully floated, as documented in a 2014 TV documentary Secrets of Noah's Ark that aired as an episode of PBS's NOVA series.

Finkel was born in 1951. He earned a PhD in Assyriology from the University of Birmingham under the supervision of Wilfred G. Lambert with a dissertation on Babylonian exorcistic spells against demons.
Because it was very real and affected everyone on earth in every race and culture it was documented and every culture have an interpretation of it.
the flood may very well have been the drying up of the Sahara- God sent sand up from the earth and dryness (no rain) from the sky

File: pj.jpg (11 KB, 229x220)
11 KB
Anyone know anything about these guys?

Y'all got a ghost gf?
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Love is nice, but I have not become the big tiddy goth gf.
>the rest of us
Don’t include me in your lunacy, you schizo
I'll make you the gf if you can be the big tiddy goth, I would also settle for medium tiddy or small tiddy
I am at heart a scientist. Medium/small tiddy for less back pain. You'll make it retroactive, right?
best anime ever

What denomination do you think is the worst, from a theological and institutional perspective?
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All Abrahamic ones. They’re all garbage
Only if you devote your infinite curiosity to make infinite pain for anyone that expects you to be loyal.
Don't worry so much about it. All Hell is is eternal separation from god, but the god in question is Yahweh and he's an asshole anyway.
Believe me when I say Heaven is not a place you want to go, anon. It's scarier than hell could ever be.
Care to expand on this? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
Diff anon here. I sometimes think of heaven as a place where everyone is forced to smile even though they don't neccesarily want to.

Looking for people to help start up a paranormal server that actually teaches people great and varied things, and is full of purpose. Will post things we're about to bump. Please join even if you just want to learn
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Brainstorming is what I do. And I'm damn good at it.
Shoot an email or something OP I interested.
Join the discord link is here>>25083120
Although we do welcome shitposters, our supply of patience is limited. Welcoming all comers for a brief while, and then only the inquisitive and/or experienced who wish to develop.
Senior front-end dev with years of backend experience. Can i have invite plz?

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