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File: 1652661271104.jpg (46 KB, 720x736)
46 KB
Can you have past lives from timelines other than this one?
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fpbp in at least two timelines
Our world does the best it can to block access to those memories, however.
Cancer thread and you suck but I really like that cat pic so thankyou for posting it.
>multi-dimensional constant
>yfw there might be anons who've never heard that term before today.
>now they know it exists
OP can't catch a break.

File: 45621488.png (746 KB, 2975x3850)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
I know it's not exactly a groundbreaking new take or anything, but I'd like to present the notion for discussion here, as it's been on my mind.

God, when we call him a father - it seems as though we refer to him/it in the same way AI, robots, in fiction, refer to us, humans, or their respective inventors. Perhaps we are truly biomachines in the sense that we are more comparable to a planned system than we know. Even some Christians have come to think that evolution and the randomness of genetics is simply circumstantial, but what if instead, it's procedural?

What is God or who or whatever it is we call God is, in a more direct, rather than general sense, a programmer of sorts? There are many parallels to draw there.

go drink your onions, nerd
yes the universe is a simulation. no it is not some gay ass ET on a computer simming us up. its consciousness focusing on itself simming up through Godlike concentration the infinite reality
He is the LORD our God; we will have no other Gods before Him
Sometimes I wonder about common sense, if he is the father where does he cooms to?

This is a thread for all paranormal experiences from the southwestern US
>be me, summer after high school
>drive to palm springs to visit decrepit grandfather
>passing through some armpit called needles
>get solicited into buying oranges and molly from some mexicans
>cool, snacks for the drive
>3 hours later
>CHP pulls me over for a busted tail light
>officer asks me to reveal what i have in the plastic bag in my passenger seat
>molly is clearly visible
>officer cites me for bringing uninspected produce into california state lines
>drives off

Would you accept this offer?

You become a vampire:
- you are immortal and stay young
- you have great strength and speed
- you can make other vampires if you want to
- you'll inherit a lot of money

In return you:
- can never see the sun and blue sky again
- you have to drink a lot of human blood every week and people will die by your hand
- you can't tell anyone about it
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Do you think as a male that my tits would increase and become shiny like the pic? Asking for a friend.
Lmao that vampire bitch can suck my dick and drink my cum
best kind
Do you have to kill for blood or can you get it with consent?

File: 1653243302527m.jpg (116 KB, 831x1024)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Are there any other instances of corporate assassinations?
I heard about another water based engine inventor in Australia who disappeared after his work was confiscated.
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This is true. A lot of companies in Latin America have like mercenaries lol
Right? All the rules are super weird
Yeah this is where “banana republic” comes from. Lot of fruit and water violence. Everyone knows about the drugs but there’s violence all over that continent
Like the guy who was on his way to patent motion pictures, disappeared while on the train never to be seen again, to have the patent land in the hands of (((someone else)))? Many such cases.
To be fair this exact rumor has resurfaced many times since at least the 70s. I remember hearing it in the early 80s.
That "someone else" was Edison and he had big problems with the jews because he wouldn't license that tech to them because he knew what they'd do with it. This is why Hollywood exists and is in California. Being on the other side of the continent made his patent hard to enforce at the time.

Ya dummy.

File: 1589495933314.jpg (2.05 MB, 9288x1784)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Been hearing about a supposed disclosure and whatnot

So what do you expect? What do you sincerely believe aliens look like/could be?
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So only demons, no angels?
e or giant amorphous slug like creatures.
psychiatrist and lawyer would advise to decline to answer that question.
At that moment he wasn't listening to music, he was living an experience.

On March 5th, 2022, the Sessho-seki, or Killing Stone, was found to be split in two, unleashing the spirit of Tamamo-no-Mae to roam the Earth once more.
A great and terrible yokai known by many names throughout history, Tamamo-no-Mae is a nine-tailed fox-spirit responsible for the collapse of multiple dynasties and the demise of many.

On March 25th local authorities held a memorial/religious ceremony supposedly with the intent of pacifying the spirit, however it is unclear if this had any affect. Soon after the ceremony the area was enveloped in fog.

In addition, Kurozuka, or the Demon of Adachigahara, a legendary Yamauba and fellow connoisseur of human livers, may have stirred following the March 16th Fukushima earthquake. Potentially recruited by Tamamo to aid in her revenge, or simply set free to run rampant.

In this thread, we discuss Kitsune, Yokai and related topics.

On April 5th 2022, a vixen with kits living in Washington D.C. pulled the pant let of Representative Ami Bera. He had the vixen and her kits killed for slighting him. Her husband apparently escaped. U.S. Capital Police claim the fox was rabid but it is rather obvious she was merely guarding her den.

On May 3 2022, a fox of unknown sex broke in to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. and went on a rampage, killing 25 flamingos and one duck as well and injuring 3 further flamingos. The fox escaped after being spotted by zoo staff. The previous day the enclosure was inspected and deemed secure, however following the fox's escape a softball sized hole was discovered in the metal mesh of the fence.
As of writing this the fox responsible has not been found.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Explain why the word werefox, which is a broad, only loosely defined term that refers to shapeshifters of different types who can assume animal forms, doesn't possibly include kitsune.

You can't. You're beyond retarded.
I've explained the entire argument, over and over, and at this point, I'm getting tired of repeating myself. They simply aren't the same thing.

Besides, nothing can change the fact your pissant thread had absolutely nothing to do with the killing stone breaking, It did nothing, it caused nothing, it achieved nothing.
> They simply aren't the same thing.

Simply bullshit because werefox is just a loose term that refers to an entity or supernatural being that can assume human and fox animal form via shapeshifting. Kitsune do it so they are by very definition a type of werefox.
hell that weeb is beyond retarded
I can't remember it well, but I've a vague inkling I had a dream with a lady with tail and ears and I was like "Are they real?" And she was like, "Of course, and you can touch them." So I did.

File: Cannon.jpg (1.17 MB, 1564x2086)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Do you feel like you have a soul?

An echo or essence of the soul is the ability to create and the action of creation. Creation can be considered the opposite of consumption.

To create is to leave a mark on the universe as being ‘here’, this could be the action of composing a song or baking a loaf of bread. To grow and harvest your own crops, or to write a poem. To create is to pull the metaphysical into the physical, and most importantly, to own it yourself. Your idea, your creation, is uniquely yours. You have become a God of this little portion of the universe.

Consumption serves only to separate you from your soul. The eating of pre-made food, the buying of pre-made junk to fill a void, the hours spent absorbing pre-made cookie cutter entertainment. This is consumption. Many societies now not only encourage but enforce through peer pressure a lifestyle of consumption. The very act serves to separate you from your ‘soul’, to discourage you from the natural right to create and leave a unique fingerprint on the observable world.

As far as we know, Humanity is unique. The way society is currently structured separates the vast many from their natural right to creation. Mass production serves to allow comfort at the sacrifice of being connected to a greater universe, a universe of shared and joint unique creation. Can you truly be considered human if all you do is consume mass-produced copies of copies of copies of food, entertainment, and art?

The discouragement of making our own food, or art, or furniture, entertainment, homes - has only served to deprive humanity of its soul, of its humanity itself. To live in a world without your own creation is not to live at all.

When is the last time you had an original thought? When is the last time you made a loaf of bread? When is the last time you’ve felt real?

Is this how you imagined your life?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm trying to be creative, like I used to be when younger, but I repeatedly give into laziness, indolence, and consumption. This shithole website doesn't help with that either.
I'll try to work on a project, but the mind will start complaining and throwing obstacles in my way.
What I need to do is stop giving into all the unwholesome desires, but I have such a bad habit of acting out of unwholesome things, I try and I seem to be slowly making progress, but there's still a mountain ahead of me.
No. I haven't shattered yet.
I have a soul. I am my soul. My soul is not just one part. These parts will not stay together once I lose my body, which is part of my soul. I will carry on after death regardless. I am a soul.
Sounds like a lot of lads are looking for a soul. Interesting stuff
considering your soul is the world soul, meaning it's one with everyone else's soul, your soul is having intercourse with another man right now

Do the divinations here hold any weight? Do they ever come true?

I’m having trouble functioning due to my own failures and the loss of someone who was important to me. I’ve had readers say that things get better. I’ve had people say if things are meant to happen, they will. That should make me feel less sad, but it doesn’t. I just want to know, are they accurate?

I cope as much as I can. I cope by telling myself that things will get better again, that I won’t always feel this way. That she cares but just can’t handle me right now, it isn’t personal. I cope by telling myself that my mental illness is curable and I will make it through. I was suicidal for a long time but do not want to die. What I want is some way to fix these things. I’m an emotional being and I dislike that about myself. I need to be more masculine, to stop showing my emotions ever.

So I’m wondering, did any divinations come true? Do any readers here feel they have a gift in that sense?
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Had a reading done by the "quantum tarot" anon who was around last year. I asked about a situation I have anxiety over and got The Tower, representing disaster. Now, that could've been referring to the anxiety situation itself. Or it could have been saying that my fear was true (still unsure of the outcome). Or it could have been pointing to a huge anxious breakdown I had roughly a month after the reading and emerged with a strong sense of clarity that it was all just anxiety and I didn't have to worry all along.
It's all just interpretation.
Is there more to it though? Can it literally tell you your future?
Just answer my question
Sometimes good advice IS magic ;)

File: 555.png (78 KB, 732x549)
78 KB
Is meditation good for anything at all?
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File: 1650526238183m.jpg (109 KB, 1022x1024)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Ever practiced proper meditation? It's exactly the opposite.
Yes. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a form of meditation that shows very nice results.
Are you talking about the foreskin faiths?

File: 20220424_211932.jpg (583 KB, 1440x810)
583 KB
583 KB JPG
Between the two white circles in the red area I saw blinking objects that looked like stars disappear and reappear a few times. What were they. UFOs?
Shameless self bump
Hard to tell honestly, could be a belt of stars could be some government craft. if it habbens again you should post it
Probably won't happen unfortunately.

Decomissioned satelites that are tumbling. They can get pretty bright actually.
Makes sense as unexciting as that is

What does it mean when street lights frequently turn off when I’m under them? Why do I always look at the clock at 11:11?
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>You are not a special snowflake
Now hold on fellow, while confirmation bias may be a thing, you have no way of knowing whether or not s/he is a special snowflake or not. You just don't know that.
Probably because the photosensors are bad, or the ballists and they overheat. And do you not look at the look at any other time?
Everyone are the main character of their on lives.
File: 1607175185888.jpg (1.04 MB, 1250x2444)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
It just means you're the main character of your story, like some of us are, including me. Other signs are drama happening in areas when you show up and not outside of that or, to fit with the road theme, always crossing paths with cars at the worst possible points/when you're walking, always having cars cross paths directly at where you're currently walking.
It's very inconvenient.
used to have a buddy who was convinced that shadow people caused lights to flicker frequently around specific people. he said they were like batteries and preferred to emotionally drain people, but would also resort to draining electronics. weirdly enough, the last time I ever met with him the lights around his apartment were flickering on and off.

File: 1617467746271.jpg (9 KB, 255x253)
9 KB
Does God love me?
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God wants you to be saved
No faggot, I only love my mom. Have fun burning in hell with Satan and the rest of the degenerates on this planet, loser :P
I Do.
he don't
File: Not To Me.jpg (160 KB, 1200x1022)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
He loves you bro, that's why Christ died for you.

Looking for Dycianin or equivalent glasses, reputable seller. Is mindmachine.ru 's model good?
If you know how to make the dye without a vacuum distiller setup and stuff you can buy without a chemist license or coal tar [which you can only buy in bulk] that would be equally welcome.
Isn't there a more stable chemical with similar properties these days? I looked this up at one point but heavy drinking has taken its toll on my memory.
Pretty sure it was always urban legend copypasta.

This on the other hand....


File: NASA_logo.svg.png (98 KB, 1200x1004)
98 KB
That website is fucking cancer.
>scientists dont know what expanding the universe
>it must be a physical thing besides no interaction with the four fundamental forces
>lets call it dark energy etc
Its divine light, why its too hard for them to understand that?
Well they've already proven there is a 4th dimension with electricity experiments. Who tf knows what physics exists beyond our 3rd dimension sliver. Maybe the 4th dimension is liquid that is expanding outwards - or aether is a type of gas so it is expanding.

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