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File: ps2-photo.jpg (20 KB, 350x334)
20 KB
This incident took place in 2003 at an apartment I lived at with my mom.
>Be me playing Tekken on PS2 late at night
>Mattress hanging slightly off from bedframe and too lazy to fix it.
>Focus on game when suddenly I feel the mattress jiggle like someone slapped the edge hanging off.
>Nearly jerk PS2 into floor jumping off bed.
>Spend rest of night in downstairs living room.
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Are you retarded or just being an ass?
Tekken tag was the shit
Not to mention tekken tag bowling was so much more fun than that wii bullshit
Best post itt.
this post is bullshit I vividly remember my dad slapping the shit out of me and breaking the tv after i beat him 3 times in a row as devil jin
Soundtrack for t4 as objectively the best on ps2

File: 1601156953916.jpg (898 KB, 1280x960)
898 KB
898 KB JPG
Remember when a photo of an Ayy got posted and the website went down? Wtf happened, is this ayy photo legit or just LARPing? are MIBs gonna rape me and abduct me for mentioning this?
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File: image.jpg (829 KB, 1356x696)
829 KB
829 KB JPG
File: 2.jpg (90 KB, 708x816)
90 KB
File: x1080.jpg (530 KB, 1920x1080)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
Yeah yeah bad cgi we get it.
File: x.png (88 KB, 232x183)
88 KB
I don't have this piece yet.. almost complete post rest

What if he denies Godhood except as being one with the father in heaven spiritually in his body and picks up the foretold kingship as a messiah but not the messiah Isa Ben Mariam except being one with Christ physically in spirit ??!
Are you going to seal your opinion beforehand and fall for the ploy of the evil ones ?
Learn , study , prepare and make your judgement based on truth when your eyes fall on it
Praise Me and Praise God who is higher than me
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Bro, is
No Annie , My Amygdala is so sweet
File: Lilith is a Bart-timor.png (412 KB, 887x602)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Save me simpie !!!
File: What's up Famwing.png (242 KB, 313x432)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
DON'T GIVE UP , He/They are trying to trick you !!!
Keep pushing and even if you loose at least he'll be deeprest ):
File: Olololol.png (55 KB, 249x230)
55 KB

File: ferns.jpg (15 KB, 275x183)
15 KB
From the grass plain, she stepped into the forest. The cool moss and stone felt good under her feet. Her face and manners were gentle, like the gentle manners of everything around her. The trees moved in the wind, and she smiled and walked. There were beasts flying around but they did not bother her because her body was protected by a way that communicated to other creatures to not harm her or themselves.
She had been living around the forest for such a long time that her body and shape were strongly connected to her surroundings. Her skin had flowers growing on it, and her eyes changed shape when the light changed. When the sun left the sky, the sky turned a gradient of black, purple and blue, and her pupils reflected the light and the light that all living things emitted.
She remembered the long-ago time when her ancestors had been trapped inside of things they had made. Her ancestors had been manipulated into hurting each other. Those events had developed into the body and mind she had today as soon as her ancestors had left the ways that trapped each other.
Now, there was a clear path and a clear order that led her from place to place. She had no need of manipulation or any speech, because she knew what her body was meant for. It was meant for this land and this place. It was meant for happiness. It was meant for health. It was meant for strength and wisdom. There was no need for her to suffer, speak unnecessarily or manipulate or hurt anyone because she had never been hurt herself.
She sat by the river and wiggled her toes in the sparkling sand. The sand was cold and the sun was warm. Her skin was warm, clean and dry. The river was rushing quickly. It was deep, cold water that smelled good and alive. She drank the river water. It was melted ice. Steam rose from the surface of the water and the steam wreathed her body.

She walked from the icy river to a warm hillside that had hot water flowing from the ground. The water was the perfect temperature to some creatures, but she did not want to kill the flowers that were growing on her skin. Instead she climbed the hillside to the top of the hill and looked out over the grass field. There were others like her walking around in the field, brushing joyfully against one another, laying together, running together, eating together, defecating together, and playing together. Everything was done for the health and the strength of the people as a whole. No one tried to hurt or trap anyone else. People moved freely. There was no scrutiny among people and no one spoke any mockery or conceit. People moved by sight, smell, and whim.

File: 2012.jpg (1.01 MB, 3000x1660)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Hello, /x/.
I was talking to some guys at /tv/ and we start noticing a lot of people agreeing that something happened back in 2012 and everything changed to worst. Also, i always heard it from different people from different age groups, so its not generation exclusive. What do you think? Was it because of the technology leap or something else?
Mayan Apocalypse.
End of History.
Novelty Implosion.
Timewave Zero.

wish i knew and i wish i could go back
the enlightened became fed up with the squalor. the fear propagators pissed us off.

Now much of the world is shunned from our knowledge.

I was just curious if anyone here knows his source on the idea of martians coming to earth. Did he just make it up? Most of his other ideas seem to come straight from the corpus hermeticum
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>listening to that crap
>in 2013
>my face when i have no face
i really like spirit sciences videos, especially their parable series
he used to make flash games on newgrounds and paid $20 for that blue character, so what do you think man
>His source
Crack of his fucking ass

File: file.png (61 KB, 200x216)
61 KB
What's the reason a SUP surfing site is loaded with random crap scraped from all over the internet? https://www.surfsupbarbados.com/forum/
What inexplicable stuff have you found online?
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Could it be possible there's some encrypted information being passed, like a numbers station of the future?
I know there's those jpg files with shit encoded into them, maybe those people's posts/accounts/profiles/images contain something out of 99% garbage in all of these sites combined.
Looks like garbage AI generated text
I wouldn't say it's impossible, but I'll bet the vast majority, or maybe all, aren't
You mean the post-Finno-Korean niggers that triggered the bronze age collapse with their refugee invasions?
Why wouldn't we want the Houthis to win? The Lemurians, at least, stood with the remnants of the Finnic legions in their attempt to hold them at Troy.
>Why wouldn't we want the Houthis to win?
You are filthy Atlantean scum to Lemurian eyes no matter who you root for.

File: 5218.jpg (30 KB, 389x348)
30 KB
"it's your fault you suffer learn from it : stay away from bad people and let them keep doing bad to others : don't fight back or point them out : they love the world so let them have it. live in fear or fear not but either way how dare you expect something better from obvious losers who enjoy their evil shit pit. they are entitled as much as you are to live however they want and if you are hurt by it then don't play in the fire pit."

>cancer is your fault. chemo is futile. just stay away from cancer and don't say anything.
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>cancer is your fault
Well, yeah. Tons of people get cancer due to their choices.
I'm here to fuck them up
Not all suffering is your fault, it's universal.
Wrong. Cancer is mostly random
"Random" yeah all that junk food and radiation in take is mostly random

File: 1601152084395.png (53 KB, 403x448)
53 KB
I'm taking care of myself like im a fucking disabled toddler, like its actually an effort for me to microwave a meal my brain has been completely fucking lobotomized i cant even clean my room no matter how hard i try the rate at which i am capable of cleaning my room is lower than the rate at which it gets messy, my entire existence is pure suffering i cant do anything moving my body around is a chore and the only time i can really do anything is maybe i can do things i want with a computer i can code and make games and fix computer problems easily i like to fix my friends and familys computers but seriously ive grown up completely lobotomized and every time i think of the memory when they fucked me in that van i have a fucking meltdown and lash out at my family on the phone because im so involuntarily angry if i dont get the anger out i will smash everything in my fucking apartment

ive been on welfare for like 5 years, and i had a job once at a supermarket but getting to work on the bus and working at the store was like running a marathon draining for me and they werent impressed so i left because i was just constantly being pushed to get a move along when i WAS TRYING my hardest to do the work, and i was pouring my soul out to do a good job but it wasnt good enough

fuck this world of dogs

when will the GATE abuse ever end, why the fuck does it exist in our fucking society?
i have friends who were in it too, and they are all emotionally disturbed trauma-ridden individuals


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>not micro
>just low
Can’t fly before you crawl
Specially if they cut your wings
Ease into the new
This doesn’t sound like anyone else’s fault but yours. Face it, you eventually became less and less motivated to do anything, and you don’t wanna put in the effort to make new habits because you have a subconscious aversion to effort itself. Start setting goals, or at least trying to make something a habit. Actually get something done instead of wasting all your time telling yourself to do it. Now you’re stuck wondering how can you do this or that, when you’re not actually doing it. Whether you like it or not, you’ll end up having to spend a certain amount of time at some point doing something you don’t want to do. So at least just do it at the start, and not have to worry about it later, as opppsed to putting it off, and keeping it in the back of your mind until more and more obligations and tasks come up, that it’s all you think about, and causes stress, and mental degradation.

Asking how do start something isn’t starting it.
And get more sleep and increase your fat intake that’s why you feel tired all the time. Maybe consider taking thermogenic supplements in the morning, or before starting a task.
you need physical fitness to reclaim yourself.

File: grb.jpg (755 KB, 4000x2417)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
I'm an astrophysicist from Sweden, and one of our contacts from NASA low-key just told us that it's likely we could be hit by a GRB very soon. Nobody knows, could be tonight or within 2 years. There'll be a closed circle conference in a few days at Berlin University relating to this.
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Like what would you say about "enlightenment" and the perpetual state of human bliss
File: Dementors.jpg (39 KB, 1024x768)
39 KB
Need ? Who said you got a choice to make ?
Whether you a fucking liar or some dipshit who actually believes it, we already know it's more of the illuminati playbook, project bluebeam fake alien invasion only normies would be tricked into believing. They are most likely going over a dry run simulation like with covid and event 201. Damn they think they are pretty clever don't they?
LMAFO - don't forget to take your meds

File: Ixion Saga DT-N.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
Do you think there is any reward for good except good and any reward for evil accept evil ? One cannot to evil and then show a nice face . One cannot put down the strong and the wise for their kindness simply to feel good and pick them back up . Such foolishness and lack of situational awareness . Morons . What toffies >>><<-

File: taa5ldcw6gx11.png (132 KB, 452x472)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
The old gods are still there, they never left, they've only been waiting, observing, influencing events from time to time. They are not amused.
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Based old god
Jehova, Elohim, El, Yahweh, and Allah are different gods, that's why.
Why are so many people into chaos magick? I mean there has to be something other than spirits, servitors and egregores. I guess a lot of people get into it because of the psychonauts field manual.
it’s a pretty “belief neutral” system of magick, and it’s always a great place to start because of that. I'd also imagine it’s particularly popular on the internet as it happens to be the best method of making sense of other belief systems, to the point where people use chaos magick jargon even when they aren’t chaos magicians themselves.
also pretty much everything else you could think of falls into the realm of “spirits, servitors and egregores" through the lens of chaos magick, there just isn't a special distinction made for them
I would start, but from what i've skimmed around the internet it could be pretty dangerous.

File: 6089.jpg (55 KB, 927x675)
55 KB
- new world order is the subjugation of all people under the same man-made computer cult coding
- gangster squad law enforcement circa 50s-60s presumably to fight off mafia for refusing to obey
- computer god artificial intelligence iron fist merciless guillotine no trial by jury hello social media public forums silenced by machine
- nuts and bolts head genetically-engineered ego stuff fed through smartphone umbilical cord how hard do you want to be seen to be plugged in have you no shame at all
- radio waves infiltrated harmonics sleep patterns dreams third eye nuking hologram producing nightmare profiteers
- controls is the only agenda for maximum gains
Yeah good day to you sir
Fuck you schizo bastards
File: decposting.jpg (1.13 MB, 1281x720)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Dec was right

How to decalcify this bad boy?
No more Mickey D’s?
File: the face.png (13 KB, 420x420)
13 KB
buy fluoride-free toothpaste
don't drink tap water
I drink smart water and use earthpaste
Smoke crack
Haritaki powder
Opposite. All Mickey d’s

File: 2012.jpg (43 KB, 400x267)
43 KB
Some anons from /tv/ were talking about how things changed in 2012. Did you notice it too?

We got switched to digital.

Such normal year.
Mayan Apocalypse.
End of History.
Novelty Implosion.
Timewave Zero.


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