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File: file.png (732 KB, 564x564)
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732 KB PNG
What is the significance of the Phoenix, beyond its immediately apparent symbolism of rebirth?
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Would make fried chicken much rarer.
Arizonian fried phoenix
One who is forged in the furnace of Hell and emerges on the other side complete becomes a Red Dragon, free and graceful as a dove but with the fire of perdition in his belly and the devil's dna in his bone marrow. There's a reason why society and it's institutions are structured to discourage shadow work and every junction, they want a population of sheep not lions.
Flying birds are generally messengers of the aether or the gods. In this sense, we have a creature that flies high then burns itself to ash to become reborn. I see it as a symbol of the soul and aspects of "aware" reincarnation. The Phoenix knows it flies high, but also knows it comes back to the earth as it's essence is incinerated to make way for it's new life.
This. The flame bird is Christ. I seen it once and only once

What is your waifu really? Is it spiritually dangerous to get into the 2D realm? How low can people get
File: 3v23b46nw5e7mo8.jpg (214 KB, 787x1158)
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214 KB JPG
You can become attached to anything given enough of your attention. Fictional characters are much the same, the human imagination can make them feel like a loved one.
>We are born at the bottom

File: 1663881118149359.jpg (94 KB, 1024x780)
94 KB
So last night I had an extremely lucid case of sleep paralysis and dreaming. Someone on here before mentioned never seeing a phone in their dreams so while I was lucid I told a random NPC that we were in a dream and asked him to call me on my cell to A. see if it would work and B. see how he would react. He immediately started crying, not what I expected.
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>Eyo whiteboi, I betchu never seen a klazxlthlarp like THIS befoe
>meet alien
> they got a bigger dick than me
You told them they were not real. Imagine if you were walking around, and some random dude stopped you. You knew him and had a script for him which fulfilled your purpose. Now he tells you your script is void and actually you are purposeless. Then you lament ever existing, and wish you didn't know and he didn't know, because you had hidden the sadness of you not being real from yourself in order to fulfil your role, and die a good death without ever having to know the truth.
Yea he didn't even respond just instantly started crying hard.

File: flat earth map.jpg (415 KB, 1600x1600)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Pic related is a map I saved from a flat Earth thread. One of the prob lems with Flat Earth is that there is not an accepted map. So let's settle on one. Is this one accurate? If not, how should it be modified? And can we settle on a scale for it?
No scoffing or OT bickering, let's stay on subject and get this map sorted out.

File: 1654546515161.jpg (50 KB, 668x1024)
50 KB
Why aren't you reality shifting to a universe where tay tay is your girlfriend and then staying there? Only one person can be her boyfriend, but everyone wants to be her boyfriend, and a small percentage of those know about reality shifting. Thus disproving reality shifting overall.
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No way losers. I want to see this existence through to its end. And now that you've come into contact with me, there's not much this version of you can do about it. Sorry, not sorry.
Because I have friends in this reality, also there are plenty tadpoles in the pond.
These are gold. Saved all of them
Buck teeth are cute, imagine them sliding against your cock

File: machinegunner-resting.jpg (55 KB, 477x596)
55 KB
is the key to stop falling asleep while I meditate to ,first, not-sleep(hemisync/monroe tapes,) I can stay still without moving a muscle for about 1 hour,then I will wake up hours later realizing i black out.
It seems that ironically, not sleeping for 48 + hours makes it almost impossible to sleep with a short onset again...so if I sleep.-deprive myself ,I will be able to stay awake,yet unmoving,for long enough to astral proyect?
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based relaxed pipesmoker
You're trying too hard! Cut it back to 20 minutes to an hour and you'll be fine!
Sitting and not doing anything ISNT essential parts of the practice.
If sitting for an hour isnt the right rit then stop doing it.
Cigarettes and pipes are cool but fuck man do I need a shower after smoking that nasty shit, weed not so much.
Sit in a normal simple chair tilted back in the corner of a room.

Elevate your legs high on something such as a table or stool.

Cross your arms.

Close your eyes and try to focus on anything blue or violet in your field of view and keep focusing on it.

We swapped timelines a couple days ago. Has anyone else noticed?
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File: 264van.jpg (74 KB, 1159x989)
74 KB
I feel this is the timeline where globohomo fizzles out and fades away.
No, but then I don,t come from that timeline where you say the opposite of what you mean.
File: witch.jpg (1.27 MB, 1278x1260)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
I noticed that many people have come from a timeline where Halloween is celebrated in early October, thus all the shelves are stocked with candy 6 weeks before the 31st.

So did Edward Herman and George Takei.
Uh bros..why does the U.S. flag have 53 stars now?
They made Puerto Rico, Guam and American Samoa into US states in the 90s/00s. How could you not know?

File: 1661673845897153.jpg (54 KB, 630x381)
54 KB
How do I summon Satan?
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And you're doing Jack Shit to preserve the world and be good stewards of what your god has given you. You're raping the earth with your shitty system and using a scapegoat to justify it.

At this point, Armogeddon would be The Divine and The Infernal putting you lot out of your misery. And let me tell you, the Meek that will inheret the new earth will not be you lot that point the finger at others instead of taking accountability for your own failures.

You white nationalists are just gonna get swept into the pit and left to rot. All you are is hate, so you can go hate each other in that Iron Box at the bottom of the cosmos filled with Violence.
>wants to summon satan to fight him
extremely based
>And don't blame the Jews, it's literally the people in power, not a small ethnic minority as a whole.
We passed the point of no return TWICE. It's too late to develop a blind spot for them now.
Find a dad that comes home drunk and punch them in the dick.
Closest thing you'll get to Satan physically.
It won't happen the way you think, and you're just poisoning yourself.

I assure you, this will end in disaster for you personally, holding this belief that puts the onus on people who do not trace a line of causality between the effects and cause.

File: EO80Kf8U0AAfbE2.jpg (157 KB, 1000x1316)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Curious in what others think, I can't really seem to find a downside in being able to stop time since you could theoretically do anything.
>Just to clarify, you can move and interact with anything when you stop time and the length you can stop time for is indefinite.
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Either you would also be frozen in time because it’s impossible to move, or you would instantly explode because moving a single air molecule while t=0 imparts an infinite amount of energy into you
So it is inherently impossible for this ability to even work due to the things that you outlined happening, right? Or is it just theoretical that this would occur?
The air is frozen, you suffocate to death.
It’s fundamentally disallowed by both Newtonian and general relativistic physics. It’s the same reason light speed is fundamentally impossible to achieve.
If you were to travel at light speed, from an observer frame of reference, you would not age, time would be stopped.
The problem is that to reach light speed, you need an infinitely large amount of energy to get there because you need to be applying force in an opposite direction proportional to your mass and velocity, to the tune of 89 quadrillion times your weight in kg joules of energy. Photons can travel at the speed of light because they’re massless. Weird shit starts to happen if you travel the speed of light, because you become energy and witness the death of the universe.
To move in stopped time would require math to have way of dealing with a denominator of zero, which it fundamentally can’t.
The “if I could” is the exploding option
The “but you can’t” is because god doesn’t want you to. It violates everything both theoretical and observable that we know about both physics and math.
This is an excellent explanation since this is precisely the answer I was seeking. Thank you very much for the very detailed and informative responses you have provided.

File: chart.png (129 KB, 660x660)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
How fucked am I?
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What can they do with it? I was really tempted to post my own in the past and until I saw some of these on the catalog after a long hiatus on /x/ I hadn't even thought of mine.
You are looking for an answer but refuse to except the answer .I think you never will understand. You have to stop being you step outside yourself and look over your shoulder it's right thair.
Relatively. I guess.
No your the hammer looking fore a nail.you see the the trees but not the forest. You need to get lost before you can find your purpose .one of your problems is you know ware you are and ware you will be tomorrow sad depressed and lonely.but you want a more specific answer .
I like it short simple and to the point and true most people have the same problem.what is the one thing holding you back the one thing you refuse to chang. I think you see it now you have a need to be a follower a kiss ass. I give you permission to be a leader
This is the answer to the question you came hear to get.

Ive been trying to meditate and do kundalini and feel that light drug use would help but ultimatley hinder true actualization, are there any indicators that your on the right path?
I heard in a video somewhere a Hindu monk said that the spiritual path is like catching the current in a river. It takes a lot of effort to row out to where the current is, but once you catch it, it will carry you all the way to your goal. Expect a good deal of resistance in the beginning but you should slowly feel yourself "catch the current" and your spiritual practices will become a natural expression of yourself. As far as drug use goes, I don't think the occasional use is a terrible thing, but a true addiction is something that will need to be overcome.
Cereal Guy Memes' facebook page, use uBlock pro instead of signing up for faceberg.
>are there any indicators that your on the right path?
yes, baseline to measure from... you aint on it.
Keep doing the right thing. Develop heart, mind and gut feeling. Earnest prayer and immovable faith.

File: guru.png (367 KB, 596x260)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
I like a calm, tranquil life in nature. I have a lot of money for where I live (3rd world). Problem is I don't want to be alone when I buy some remote land.

I am very dominant and pragmatic in relationships, but no spirituality at all. I see the tricks of gurus and people who lead cults. How do they come up with "new" ideas and how can I feel ok with bullshitting people?
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Vidya time for me,
-4864 out,
the next time you'll be back here will probably be in another seven months, but i almost forgot this.
6080 says hi, he wanted that for a while
I want to be the scammer, not the scammed sorry. I'm in Brazil btw
>I want to be the scammer
>I'm in Brazil
Roll your stats evenly to int/perception. With a max charisma build.

Then just gather the minions to your desired fictitious ideology.

File: silvershamrock.jpg (85 KB, 1155x560)
85 KB
It didn't have to end like this.


File: censor.jpg (12 KB, 235x170)
12 KB
In a newsletter from my church it was interesting. If you look at the implications of original sin, censorship is justified. Liberalism is based on the false idea that man will choose truth and good. It denies original sin. In original sin, humans are more likely to choose evil and more likely to choose what is false and history shows this is the case. If we know this about human nature from the fall, we know they are more likely to spread evil than good.

So, in this, we should have censored ideas like abortion so that they would never happen at all. We should have censored ideas like transgenderdom so it did not happen at all and ideas like the sexual revolution so it did not happen at all. Porn too should be censored because it turns people into homosexuals. Gay parades banned too. Divorce made almost impossible. Man is corrupt by original sin so the conclusion is we need to have rules imposed so people don't get too insane.
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Does banning abortion necessarily force someone to be another religion? Not really.
>"my church network"
absolute state of heretics
What of the above have they said is heresy? And how is having a network heresy?
More people need to read this. The separation of God from the state has been a disaster. The reason we have such corrupt leaders is because they think they haven't been placed there by God and that God can and will judge them after death.
Original sin was when man took right and wrong for himself.

File: 1276642826677.gif (74 KB, 396x495)
74 KB
What are some /x/ things that you don't believe are real, but wish they were.

I'll start with Nessie -- favorite cryptid when I was a kid, went to Loch Ness 3 years ago and the area is now so crowded, if there ever was a mysterious creature lurking unknown in the lake, it's not there any more.
Not sure if that is responsive to the thread prompt.

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