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File: 5295335.jpg (78 KB, 640x640)
78 KB
Why i am so obsessed with this picture?? What kind of magic this shit has that makes me spread it over the internet? Why i can't stop looking at this picture and make references to Rush and Mark Twain??? M-make i-t s-stoop!!!
File: 65564.jpg (14 KB, 288x360)
14 KB
>Why i am so obsessed with this picture

File: thanosavengers.png (568 KB, 760x502)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
>Thanos is viewed as a demigod who wants to reduce the population to save the planet
>the world's armies and heroes including pagan gods try to stop him
This is predictive programming to get people to view Jesus Christ as the enemy when he returns with the sword and army of angels to cleanse the earth. It's intended to prepare people for the Synagogue of Satan's final stand against Jesus.
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File: 1590377569087.jpg (55 KB, 502x516)
55 KB
Imagine lynching all larpcucks tumor cunts mmmm
day of the rope will come for you larpkikenigger parasite
very nice video, thx for sharing it
This movie is trying to convey the message that population reduction is a good thing. When the Jews try to do this with us, a lot of retarded sjw atheist and other scum will suport this shit
Demons are the same thing as angels, dumb dumb. They are literally fallen angels

Or does following the light imply being born again (reincarnating) and continuing to suffer in this reality? is it preferable to deviate to the dark? Or is it that the light is paradise, heaven, another world, whatever? and darkness is the mother's womb?
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Think of the void like space. The planets are spheres of reality. To enter one sphere you have to travel tru the portals (lightvortex). You now die on Planet earth, guess what the nearest portal is? What makes it even worse are the faggots who try to lure you towards their reality, like a shady salesman. They know their customers, they won't look like demons but like angels.

I suggest 2 options, which may or may not lead to the same outcome. A. Ask your higherself for assistence. B. Go back to Source, not "god". Ask with your mind. Don't interact with relatives, you can visit them later. Many of them have already been baited and are doing it for free. Word of mouth is still one of the most effective strategy.
If this doesn't scream control system, then it is going to be another ticket back to fucking earth for you.
It is almost like the big shift in planetary consciousness isn't just a meme. There are allies looking out for us, but they ain't pleiadians or any other "love and light" group. The first group to make contact will be the fallen angels, to lead humanity into their golden (c)age.
File: e9f.png (554 KB, 600x701)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
>If you want to become enlightened you will never become enlightened
That's right. Don't actually try to get out of the matrix anon. If you try to get out then you will never get out. Just play some vidya and jackoff to pornhub. That's the best way to work on getting out.

File: 340.jpg (16 KB, 340x227)
16 KB
1. What's with sirenhead? Why is it suddenly popular?
2. It looks like another community made monster like Slenderman. Are these legit community creations or is it psyops where some organization turns an actual creature into a meme to try and hide sightings of it?
>Why is it suddenly popular?
>It looks like another community made monster like Slenderman.
It is
>Are these legit community creations or is it psyops where some organization turns an actual creature into a meme to try and hide sightings of it?
Not everything is a psyop
it's just a fallout mod people found creepy ya fuckin inbred
File: microwave.png (86 KB, 1075x672)
86 KB
its just some gayer slenderman. Like the nigga doesnt have a head just push him over and turn the music off

File: tech_and_industry.gif (3.29 MB, 320x180)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB GIF
the reason why they put chemtrails in the air is to mirror our atmosphere to hide the fact that the universe is electric and currently there is biblical signs in the sky of other planetary objects being bigger and closer then the moon such as wormwood (current moon and sun are fake, not our real ones) and venus / saturn would be visable to the naked eye as well and be huge in our sky. we are being tricked by them, they are not human, we are gods chosen. they want us merged with tech and a microchip with corona so we lose our human dna and properties (an insult to god) and be forever damned to hell as being non-humans, but demon/alien like they fool us into worshipping tech and them. god created us in his image, and accepting a chip or merging with tech would be the biggest insult to him, and satan would be thrilled to have more non humans serving on his side. dont fall for it /x/
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What a fucking retard. There's literally videos of them worshipping the devil and other weird gods and they have a giant statue of one outside their place
what are those schizo answers?!?
they know
Why doesn't wormwood cause tides?

File: 6cec85d.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
/v/ here. Never been to /x/ but I need your help.

Are you guys familiar with some sort of crawling creatures like pic related?

I moved into a house recently. Never met the previous owner. It's in a neighborhood that's just one street with about 20 houses on it cut into the woods. There's wild forest behind my and all the other houses on both sides of the street.

Shortly after moving in, I'd wake up at night feeling uneasy. I'd check outside the window but didn't notice anything. Until just about an hour ago.

Mondays and Thursdays are our garbage pickup days. The nextdoor neighbor puts his trash out the night before. He put his out like 90 minutes ago. Although I'm not sure why since I'm 99% sure the garbage men won't be coming to pick it up since tomorrow is Memorial Day.

Anyway, I'm walking to the kitchen and pass by the living room window which faces the street. I notice movement and stop and look

The neighbors' trashcan is tipped over and there's some animal rummaging through it. I get a broom to go shoo it off and tell the neighbor.

I open the door and close it behind me. I think it heard me as it quickly scampers away from the trash can into the woods.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh ok when i say fleshgate i mean any thin lanky pale humanoid and im pretty sure thats the original meaning, its just a general term for creatures that look the same and I dont mean skin walkers or anything like that.
I wouldn't call a skinwalker a fleshgate but some people use them interchangably confusing everyone, the thing they discribe is more like a doppelganger or skinwalker than a fleshgate in my opinion
Did it look like the pic you posted?
If it had a humanlike head it might have been a chimp or a monkey, they are short with long limbs too, but idk why any of those might be near you
Nice, I'm in Sandy Springs but I want to move further out and see if I run into any paranormal shit.
nah man, that's Frank. Trevor's on holiday in the bahamas
No dude, its Jorge, Frank is in prison.

>last month
>live in a family apartment
>my grandpa who lived in ground floor passed away
> since we live in a small place with 6 people I immediately pick my stuff and start staying there
>fast forward to last night
>turn off all the lights, close the curtain and sleep
>suddenly wake up in the middle of the night into complete darkness
>no lights it's just pure black and no sound. It's dead silence.
>the fact of me sleeping in the same room where my deceased relative passed away doesn't help
>get up and quickly try to find my way in the dark
>be confused and frustrated for 14 seconds until I realize I'm in my room
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Been on x for years but never had any paranormal experiences. Pretty disappointing...
File: 334.jpg (95 KB, 800x599)
95 KB
Tripin on acid with my boy. We smoke salvia standing up. Wall starts vibrating and clear vibrating energy starts coming from it, expanding into the living room engulfing computer monitor and furniture and coming towards us. I ask him if he sees it. He says yes and we are watching it come to us and engulf us. Half of his body is in the field and half of mine. We are standing like half in water and half in air, buggin out at what is happening, nervous and laughing. Energy is like clear air but wavy, vibrating and moving, distorting the objects in it as if in water. Withing a minute we are in the energy completely and just dumb founded, then it pulls back and we are back to normal state of the living room. Just really confused as to what happened and both of us experienced the same thing.
two such cases for me in last 10 years. first was about 9-10 am the day my brother died, woke up, couldn't move anything but eyes, vague impression of an old woman or grey alien with black eyes to my left, long white/silver hair, white dress or robe, screamed in my head a lot but couldn't move until i screamed for jesus, then its over i can move nothing there, go back to sleep. wake up later and am told my brother OD'd on pain meds.

years later, at different house, about 3-4 years ago, wake up paralyzed about 3-4 am, something fuzzy and warm bumping my head and neck, roll eyes around make out wierd monkey sized and shaped shadow, eyes and mouth like green blotches you see when looking at light too long or when squeezing eyes too tightly shut, it jumps, turns upside down, falls to roof, runs across and down wall to where closet door meets wall and vanishes, i slowly begin to be able to move, search everything, nothing found.
forgot to add, sensation that woman/alien was glaring at me with hatred or disapproval, no such sensation with shadow monkey, just fear that comes with knowing this is absurd and surreal but being sure this is what i am seeing.

What’s up with satellites recently? I was camping the other night and saw 29 of these things travel the length of the sky within 40 minutes of stargazing. I remember stargazing in a nearby location and seeing very moving objects. Are there just much more satellites today than 20 years ago? Or is there an /x/ explanation?
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SpaceX was going to launch thousands of low-earth orbit satellites to form a 5G network, citizens can pau for broadband and the government gets military applications of the sort I don't understand...

Whatever that is it's supposed to be a big deal in countering China. *shrug*

The NRO has also been contracting civillian spu satellites from a few contractors like Black Sky. I don't know when SpaceX' constellation starts launching, or even if already started.
Are. There. More. Satellites. Today. Than. Twenty. Years. Ago?
Iridium series of satellites, Google it dummy

File: Yahweh.jpg (47 KB, 1200x630)
47 KB
Not actually that impressive.
>How do you know this?
Well, if Adam was made in the image of Yahweh, and if all men are descended of Adam and his clone-rib-sister-wife, then it follows that Adam and God represented the average-man. Thus, Yahweh's penis size is the world average. Which is a mere 14.05 cm.

Now, the real question is; Why the hell does Yahweh have a penis? Whom does he fuck? Why does God need to urinate?
Well, I cannot answer the latter question, but we can conclude that Asherah is a real entity with a real vagina. Yahweh literally has a consort whom he fucks with his rather small penis.

So now we must ask; Why do Christians not talk about Yahweh's consort Asherah? Is it because they are ashamed at the fact that their god has a smaller penis size than the average American?
Seriously, there is no logical reason for God to have a penis other than to urinate or to fuck a consort.
Man is modeled on god psycologically in the aspect that the human mind is a trinity.
>and if all men are descended of Adam and his clone-rib-sister-wife
Isn't an argument against eye opening penis fuckery you are preaching, but would just like to point out that they are not.

Mankind was created by the most high in Genesis 1 out of nothing. Adam and Eve were created by Yahweh in Genesis 2 out of dirt and rib.

This is why civilization already existed when Adam and Eve were kicked to earth.

Do people really believe this moon landing bs?
149 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can Google it up in seconds and check for yourself. It had the same time delay issues as all other communications with the Apollo crews.
if you look really close you can see him using his thumb to flick the card downward
1, That is incorrect.

2. Sow what? what do you think it proves?
The greedy fucks are probably making secret trips every month and keeping it all for themselves
Space rockets were just precursors for ICBMs

File: DZJkRUUXkAApcD7.jpg (37 KB, 480x360)
37 KB
How high in the Dark Occult can you Climb if you join one of the actually cults ?

if its all based on the Power slave ideology Ya ill be more powerful than the unconscious slaves But to the heads/higher rank of the Occult i will still be a expendable slave in their eyes
if you need to ask...
i am asking because i dont know shit
Socially, advancement in the best occult environments is measured by your ability to give dignity to the ridiculous without losing your underlying sense of humor.

Just remember to stick surveillance equipment on EVERYONE. Cults are about being "in on it" at all costs. They'll understand as long as you never threaten anyone with what you know. Don't bribe or blackmail, just stalk your peers while remaining polite. Trust your well-informed affinity decisions to speak for themselves.
Remember, you're not anybody's jealous ex, you're EVERYBODY's jealous ex.

File: 10.jpg (73 KB, 728x1059)
73 KB
Redpill me on the crossroads /x/.
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File: 2.jpg (29 KB, 728x1060)
29 KB
Me and the devil blues by the degenerate that makes prision school.
Thanks anon, I hope I find some big tiddies on this one too
File: 1569793931191.png (75 KB, 1369x1037)
75 KB
Well, I’ve yet to see anything come to fruition.
Made it closer to my final destination though.

Lord only knows.
Devil got my woman is still one of the best blues songs

>I’d rather be the devil than to be that woman’s man
What a fucking line, honestly

File: 71UKJFjI-bL._AC_SL1008_.jpg (169 KB, 683x1008)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
What does it mean when raven fly above your head every god damned day?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I really don't want to tell you. How big is the bird.
I fucking hated six samurais
What does it mean if I see multiple blue jays and Robin's everyday?
Fucking odin is wityh you faggot. get your shit together and murder your enemy now ffs. norse gods give you a blessing and you shit on them asking /x/?

File: alma.jpg (407 KB, 980x1617)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
help me help me!!
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File: soul.jpg (40 KB, 313x313)
40 KB
How much is it bro? Ill buy it and give it back to you.
That was your soul? Your parents gave it to me for a quarter
Nobody can ever sell your soul FOR you. Fucking pedophile trash keep misrepresenting things.
They can't... But they can set your soul free by... Well... Ending your life

File: maxresdefault.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>Each of these false light realms has many levels of their heavens. In the Puranas, there are many descriptions of the realms of the Hindu gods and goddesses. There are also descriptions of the seven layers of the realms of the demons. These are the heavens. From what I have gathered, there seems to be many demiurges, each with their own false light realm, and they are all under one umbrella. George Kavassilas describes from his journeys, that they are all under Jehovah.

What do you think about this passage. How does one escape Jehovah and achieve moksha. How far does this false light stretch. Can you really only trust yourself. If their are truly benevolent forces in the universe why is a deception so heinous allowed to occur with seemingly no action being done against it, where is the truth.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
There are many Demiurges with their own realms. There are also nightmarish dimensions where the creators torture their creations. Earth isn't the only one.

Either way, you are simultaneously Jehovah and the Demiurge. Once you understand that, realize that they are just labels to describe different emanations of the same energy. You are this energy.

For achieving moksha, I suggest focusing your awareness on this energy and away from labels like "Jehovah", "Demiurge", "God", etc.
>with their own realms
why would they be connected, though?
They wouldn't seem to be connected from a human perspective (or to any beings trapped in whatever realm(s)), but all realities and thought forms are manifestations the Absolute.
of the Absolute***
File: basketballdeer.jpg (115 KB, 699x526)
115 KB
115 KB JPG

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