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File: GettyImages-1161124.0.jpg (304 KB, 1400x1400)
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304 KB JPG
Everyone always says there was a tangible change in the world on 9/11 - and I remember feeling it too. I was 11 at the time and I still remember the shift.

What if 9/11 was a deliberate attempt to influence the simulation on an unprecedented scale? There was a coherent mass media and everyone was dependent and pinned to it (TV, Newspaper, Early Internet) at the time.

What if today, the fragmented but hyper polarised clusters of consciousness and the next big happening is about seeing how those clusters interact when smashed together?


yes , freaky

File: universe.jpg (90 KB, 896x504)
90 KB
There has been evidence of black hole remanence floating around in the universe. It is physically impossible for a black hole to explode in the life time of the universe. In turn this could be a sign that this is not the first universe in existence. This might be the second, third, or maybe even fourth universe to ever be created.
>In turn this could be a sign that this is not the first universe in existence. This might be the second, third, or maybe even fourth universe to ever be created.
Vedic cosmology be like:
>those are rookie numbers

File: 736x-41.jpg (78 KB, 581x582)
78 KB
If I am god then who is responsible for fate it surely isn't god because I'mhim and signs of the future him it's my subconscious mind aiding me to the path of godly hood I cannot tell you those without such awareness I have achieved may become mentally ill these things will please my subconscious giving me these godlike fate trials it is only me and my subconscious that are able to save you I will make sure to do it well and become one with myself they tried to lock me away in some white walled institution they knew my powers would far surpass those scientists and doctors but now they cannot touch me my spirit has ascended farther then any "help" can provide these ways of mine have proven power please listen to my words doctors are trying to silence the true powers of you don't let them

File: 1.png (527 KB, 1684x922)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
What is the spookiest thing you've seen while driving at night?
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well i don't have a car right now so i have been walking that dark roads and the only scare thing i saw was a fully black light sucking animal walk behind me until i screamed at it and it ran off
Bigfoot, dracula and a bunch of aliens all at once
>Driving home one night
>Stop at stop sign like a responsible citizen
>drunk on the sidewalk
>He walks over and puts his hand on the driver door handle
>I look him dead in the eye
>He looks me dead in the eye
>I drive away fast, don't stop at anymore stop signs like a responsible citizen anymore

Probably was a drunk or a druggie, spookiest stuff we get around here is half-assed
I regularly hallucinate people from pretty much any vertical shape when I'm sleep deprived. Trees are the common one, especially when they're person-shaped already. Insomnia is a total bitch.
You mean something launched the carcass across the road? That's the spookiest part. Could you estimate how big the dead animal was? What in the hell would do that

I was listening to a podcast episode on the Jersey Devil on my way to work 4am on a highway that goes through mountain communities in California. Glowing eyes on the side of the road while driving a curve spooked me. After the initial shock, realized it must be an animal. Turn back and found the friendliest rottweiler I've ever encountered but he was very depressed about his broken leg. Didn't want to do anything and was acting like all hope was lost.

Eventually I made him get up by looping my emergency blankie under his torso and assisting him to the car. Once he realized he was getting in, his whole mood changed. He even hopped in himself. Was happy and looking out the windows the whole ride to the shelter I volunteer at. His lost and found picture was him slobbering goofily at the camera. I found out later his owner went looking for him so they were reunited. Everytime I think of this dog, I call him "Jersey"

Are there any good youtubers out there that cover /x/ related stuff?
I know of a few like
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Grandpa Kitchen
>learn how to cook a meal for 200+ people
>from Indian chefs in a forest
>with no running water
>or electricity
>or bathroom, or soap
>...can't shut down restaurant which is disguised as wilderness and populated by wild animals
>the italian lasagna made without an oven but with a chicken was intriguing
>but this is dravadian forest cooking not bollywood machine learning data center
watching it now, man cops are such pieces of shit
Horror stories is a good one, too bad YouTube literally wont let him upload anymore
Checked, this rocks.

File: 1 - Upxc30E.gif (112 KB, 225x528)
112 KB
112 KB GIF
I want to start studying Christian and (Ancient) Hebrew magic, but I'm not really sure where to begin. What are some good entry-level reasources?

I'd rather learn from first hand sources, meaning literature from these time periods, instead of from second hand sources like some book written a few years ago about those first hand sources. What works should I look into?
I circled around the bucket. I tapped it on the sides with my stick. I peaked over the rim and saw the brown water.

I stepped back and thought some. I swirled the water around with the stick. Dead mice floated around with the swirl of the water. Gross.

I reached my hand down into the back of my pants. I farted and felt the moistness on the tip of finger. It smelled rank and I licked clean my finger.

Then I lifted the bucket and tilted it toward my lips. I sipped the water. Absolutely foul.
Don't bother. It is a waste of time.
Ancient Hebrew magic is radical different from Christianity, you are not going to be able to study both. For Hebrew magic search the zohar, you will spend 5 years of your life there, it's tedious and complicated as >>29326104 say is a good advice
fuck that jew nigger shit, learn mentalism, study metaphysics of monism, develop your own magic system

File: bobs game.png (43 KB, 467x360)
43 KB
Bill Gates sends his regards
Bill Gates is a faggot lol
File: 1626296114261.png (512 KB, 640x480)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
Tell him I don't give a flying fuck about his regards and can stick them up his gay faggot ass

Whenever I go walking anywhere in my town- usually around sunset, these plastic bags seem to show up out of nowhere.

I've had the notion they are following me because they seem to move in weird ways, almost as if trying to act too casual. Meanwhile they keep getting closer to me. Something tells me that if they touch me then something bad is going to happen. It's like something invisible toying with me.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've never heard of them using plastic bags for nefarious deeds but if I'd still air on the side of caution if I were you. Better safe than sorry.
File: ChakrasDelGato9.jpg (96 KB, 1024x576)
96 KB
>fat larp autist makes shitty ARG
>grooms underage female fans
>knocked one up and married her
>pretends youtube got hacked by stalker
>uses real twitter account that goes back pretty far with some occasional larping about hacker hacking him and stalking his family
>makes threads on /b/ and /x/ larping with himself trying to bait anons into falling for another shitty reboot of his ARG
>think you can fool us but we recognize your writing style
Now you're making yet another "unrelated" thread, trying to start another rabbit hole
>still not happening
>you will never have a Night Mind video made about you
He knows you are autistic and another chris-chan waiting to happen
give it up. every time you do this, I'll be here to expose you until you leave /x/ with your shitty ARG bullshit.
I'm still masturbating to your wife's pictures on your twitter. stop denying it's you. leave /x/ forever and kys.
Perhaps feral atmospheric beast larvae
Stew, it’s 4 AM why are you making breakfast?
lol dude assuming this is not a larp you unironically have schizophrenia. you are not special, get help

Any one here recognize these symbols?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
ask pol
File: amogus.png (3.15 MB, 2500x1875)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
omg guys
serious about this
These guys are correct, spiral could mean something else tho
>there are zoomers among us

File: 1626413398436.png (497 KB, 766x718)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
What /x/ knowledge would I get from living in a forest for life or a few years?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Did anyone find explanation why this stuff was happening? Were the wildlife being possessed? Work of archons or some ETs?
someone explain what causes this deer phenomena
Probably some kind of prion disease, similar to chronic wasting. Or maybe it's spooky ghosts or just fake.
Our Lord made the earth for his children (humans) never bow before beasts humans are the master race for a reason trust in the Lord and crush any resistance it's not arrogance its your divine right
that's not the worst life I could imagine living.

File: 0.png (26 KB, 180x373)
26 KB
>Chakras are pierced by a dormant energy residing near or in the lowest chakra
>The yogi progresses from lower chakras to the highest chakra blossoming in the crown of the head, internalizing the journey of spiritual ascent

What happens when you pierce a chakra point?
How do you know when it happens?
How do you make it happen?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What you're describing is mostly kundalini awakening, correct?
>What about individual chakra healing, is that hard to do?
no; it just takes patience and self-compassion.
>Is it something that one can learn, or does some guru have to gift/implant this skill on you (pic rel on energy healing in west)
you can do this entirely 'self-taught' if that is your inclination.
>Also what about chakra rocks, how effective are they in the help of cleansing/healing these chakras?
I do not believe such things have any inherent power of themselves. If they aid you in focusing your mind or liberating some capability you otherwise seem unable to access, by all means make use of them.
rule of thumb: deep relaxation and clear circulation = 'unblocked' chakras. judge your assfuck impact by that standard.
only personal insight I can add is that early on I got some pretty weird anal-y sensations out of my root chakra work while it was still blocked up and I was trying to unstick it, so I would say there is definitely a connection. ymmv.
Maybe this is why weed makes you insightful.
Alcohol wouldn't because it turns off the brain.
Now I'm wondering about other drugs like opiates.
good goyim just watch the tv it is the only education that you need
>You feel cleaner.
>Find a water droplet gif. Turn it 180 degrees. That.
>The sensation is closer to gravity than electromagnetic force. There's no indication that will be true for anyone but me.
>It literally feels like a 'rising serpent' of hot energy forcing it's way up your body; every blockage feeling like a clog in a pipe before it lets go.
I had this feeling on Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, had a nasty burp which felt like it was a bunch of negative energys just being released

File: wikipedia.png (282 KB, 1200x1200)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Prove to me they can't time travel/communicate with the dead.
Look at so many events in the past that were supposed to be absolutely horrible but somehow many people are just miraculously protected from explosions, bullets, sicknesses, murderers, natural disasters, you name it.
This is a guided timeline. Someone from the end went back to the start.
91 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
mossad and cia likely work together, probably includes the other nations agencies as well, feuds as fronts for the already existing connected communications.
even in war crimes there are third parties with given powers, almost like referees in games.
and the new image design is alluding to depth analysis software.
>check me out i have a 20inch flaccid penis and a machete
its a lot easier than that its like the butterfly effect.
unfortunately for you youll never know how to pluck the wings most delicately
we are a trapped animal in an abusers yard. theyve done everything to seal the property
did you know merely 2mg of fetanyl is fatal?
imagine a mist of that or something similar upwind, imagine heroin withdrawals on people who have no idea what heroin even feels like-never tried it.
And that's just chemical.
get /fit/ immediately . if you have a weak body then your mind will be weak as well
No threat to me bud
Me and the boys are beyond mortal conflict

File: IMG-20210724-WA0190.jpg (180 KB, 899x1599)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Caught an internet friend wearing this shirt and asked him if he knew about its symbolism. He didn't but he knows the basics of freemasonry and illuminati.
I told him the design is full of info like the sun moon and stars within a dome, the all seeing eye, the masonic compass (with the G replaced with an S for some reason). I know the two pillars and orbs mean something as well.
Thing is I can't find any good source of info because I just come upon this stuff by chance and don't save, anyone knows more about these symbols or can point me in a good direction to learn more?
Destroy that shirt my dude..
File: 1598021663490.jpg (3.81 MB, 2465x2258)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
Here you go retard, now be less of a retard.

Seek and ye shall find. Ask without putting in the effort and you're a faggot nigger retard. Love you.
Had this coming, thanks for the pic

File: mqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 320x180)
12 KB
I am disturbed by my inability to discern the "truth". Not in the sense of how everything is supposedly subjective and doesn't objectively exist but is a "social" construct but by how capricious and relative everything is.

I mean just think of the things you used to hate that now you like or the things you liked but now hate, enemies become friends and friends become enemies. I used to hate the SW prequels but have grown to appreciate them in hindsight. I'm also becoming disillusioned with politics because of the hypocrisy and evil I see on all sides and as of now I've come to accept that evil is an inherent aspect of this world and all I can do is affect the lives of individuals but I can never change the world and that maybe there is no truth, maybe everyone is right and everyone is wrong and we just have different alignments and are playing a role in some kind of fucked up cosmic stage production or a baroque painting of war with everyone frozen in place

Is this Eris's doing?
30 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>The one I occupy, and which I presume you occupy as well.
good answer, but there isn't a me to occupy reality, and if there is, there isn't a reality to occupy. I guess in that sense you could say there isn't separation between self/not-self, reality/not-reality.

also your pic is funny because the imaginary can't exist outside the real because it still exists, therefore they are inseparable.
>but there isn't a me to occupy reality, and if there is, there isn't a reality to occupy.
I don't follow this
If not A then B
if A, then not B
why does it necessarily have to be that way?
Why are people so obsessed with sides? Good and bad, good and evil, moral or immoral, black and white etc.
I think the same way. The last year has featured a constant and consistent provision of self-contradictory information provided by MSM and so-called authorities. I think the purpose was to make people who follow information and try to analyse the reality in a logical way totally stupefied. It's essential to recognize that in order to be able to deal with that. Even the fact that they released series such as Utopia in 2020 can make you doubt what is random and what is planned. It is systemic now - that is my take.
>What do you think the best strategies for coping with this reality anons?
Pretty similar but I am moving towards complete self reliance, the only way to cope with modern society is drugs or overwhelming optimism which is probably a side effect of some kind of drugs

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