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File: snake.jpg (70 KB, 657x552)
70 KB
Many may think sin is merely acting under one of the 7 deadly sins, other say that as long as you don't do really bad things, your fine

There are many things that are not stated in the bible that are sinfull, like make up, jewelry, cursing, the enterteinment you watch, inmodest clothing, keeping a friendship with a sinfull person, not tithing and unforgivenes,
every sin we make it cling to us and acumulates among side the other sins we've performed before, and by those sins man will be repayed accordingly in the day of his death

Sin is a lot more than killing someone or stealing, sin is the natural state of a person from the moment they are born, that's what it means to be in sin, because anyone who isn't a diciple of Christ is this state, hence why it's easier for many to watch pornography or insult someone behind their backs, where if a christian where to try theese things, it would make him feel extremly uneasy

It becomes worse when you're a professed christian or were a christian once, since when you go decide to live in obbedience to Jesus, he buys your soul by the price of his death at the cross, if one sins even after recieving salvation, he is insulting him and his sacrifice, which makes his punishment worse than that who never knew god and his commandments.

This may sound harsh, as if the knoledge of the truth was a curse to whoever heard it, but it would be preferable for one person to have the chance to repent of their sins rather than living blindly and then go to hell for their actions

If you are planning to become a christian or are concidering it, know that god never promised a life without hardships and tests, but in the end, its all worth it
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File: 1674407206469269.png (356 KB, 856x551)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Have you ever considered you might be toning up sin?
File: images (11).jpg (7 KB, 370x136)
7 KB
God creates a bunch of people capable of sinning, tells then not to do a list of things and puts them in an imperfect world where every bad thing out of their control happens and drags them down vibrationally and then God doesn't want them in his heaven. Is God a retard?
Saint Maximus elaborated on the nature of sin, in that it is when we commit to a thought or action that harms our self/relationship with God, and ultimately, sin is an act of IGNORANCE.

The nature of this realm is purgative, and so keeping the company of sinner ought not be a sin, as Jesus hung out with many sinners.
Praise your God! In all his Saturnian glory.
According to the Gnostics the god of this world is something like a "retard" yes. I'm not necessarily one of em though atm. To me a test would make sense but only if there's an end to the test, which is what Christianity states with the coming of heaven down to earth and forming of New Jerusalem after tribulation and the millennial kingdom are over. Of course a test would, at face value, fly in the face of God being all-powerful and all-knowing from our perspective. Not necessarily, especially if you consider a concept like "higher dimensions" and the fact of being made in his image. You could view it as a simulation where various little copies of him are runnin round, picking up all sorts of "vibes" n such. Whichever copies fail the parameters are discarded and the one's that fulfill them and trust in the sacrifice the Son made are saved and found worthy of his grace and God's power.

At the end of the day though you and me are really limited to our current understanding. You prolly can't make such definitive statements as him being a retard and neither can I say the opposite logically but sure do feel like I can say the opposite and say no he is not a retard.

File: 7053625_0.png (91 KB, 630x630)
91 KB
Is Lucifer really the God of this world
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I've had him come through as all of the deities you listed at different times depending on his mood.
Do you have to interpret everything through the Bible? Does nothing else in this universe that is incomprehensibly large exist beside the Bible? Do you think maybe there is a chance that the entire universe isn't Christian?
File: 20421724.jpg (83 KB, 521x800)
83 KB
Lucifer =/= Satan
Candida tongue, that's how you know she's from the devil.

File: memme.jpg (94 KB, 639x392)
94 KB
Are there laws in this universe that govern behavior?
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>are all moral relativists this retarded?
Yes. And they usually also have miserable lives. Their stupid takes acts as cope and catharsis for their miserable lives. This is what I have gathered throughout a decade of discourse, debate and discussion in real life and on the internet. Ask that anon if he is satisfied and fulfilled in and with his life and get ready for the lulz to ensue in the form of cope, cope, cope and more silly takes.
>Scared moralfaggots dreaming of a world where everyone is a good boy, so they could finally feel safe.
Won't happen.
They don't care that they are wrong because they don't believe in right or wrong.
The biggest con in the world was when this kid said to me "free will isn't real" and wanted to have a debate. My roommate came to me with this shit. Like, what kind of fucking way is that to live? "Well, I'm not in control of anything I do, so..."

That's a good way to get someone to murder their own village. Bullshit scenario created by demonic JUwUs
This happened to me once
I said, “what would god think if he saw this”
They only doubled down from that point on

File: twintowers.jpg (98 KB, 1024x576)
98 KB
What's the best evidence against the official story of 9/11?
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what's the best evidence for the official story?
File: 5ogn4n.jpg (85 KB, 514x500)
85 KB
you're embarrassing yourself glowie
ok now find predictions for an upcoming event in media.
What's a recurring site getting attacked/destroyed in media?
>i have down syndrome.
I once met a guy about a decade ago that knew him in a pretty substantial business capacity. I was so tempted to make the "pull it" joke to see what his reaction would be but I pussied out. Only met him once, should've gone for it kek

File: 1672019794960836.jpg (46 KB, 619x460)
46 KB
Where can I go to learn about DMT and experiments done on DMT? Do out of body experiences let you see things you physically can't see, or are they proven to be just hallucinogenic? Is McKenna's work about DMT and DMT entities? Have experiments been done on what these entities are, aside from ideas of the archons/soul trap?
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you're not that guy bro
you wouldn't be able to handle
File: 1674446155765052.png (687 KB, 1440x951)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
Why not?
>Do out of body experiences let you see things you physically can't see,
Yes, though DMT doesn't always cause out of body experience.
>or are they proven to be just hallucinogenic?
We don't really know, though I'd say 'hallucinogenic' is such a loaded term it hardly means anything about the validity of an experience.
trust me, youre not that guy
If your soul is traveling in the astral realm you don't get a 1:1 view of reality. Why would you? You're in the astral realm not reality.

File: demons.png (3 MB, 1920x1080)
3 MB
They are literal demons, how did we end in a situation where so many young men prefer these fiends to human females? When did the abrahamic religions fail so horribly to allow such a hideous situation?
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That's how it works these days.
If you don't worship a kike on a stick, you're a demon.
If you don't support Joe Biden, you're a russian agent.
If you don't support tranny groomers, you're a racist bigot nazi antisemite domestic terrorist.
File: 1672861235436714.jpg (21 KB, 500x400)
21 KB
Because real women behave like demons and succubi. Look at the onlyfans thot culture. You want tyrones sloppy seconds?? Wickedness has tainted humanity to the point of no return
This. So much this. I hate human females so much ...
sexo with ALL the demon girls
>They are literal semen demons

Was Adam Lanza a victim of MK ultra?
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I was born in 1999 and that year was a ritual sacrifice
Checked. And yes every news story, every film and everything is see eye ayy. No joking.
Also, it was/is rank #1 most jewish city in the state
Checkin em. These guys get it.
was that always Adam Lanza? I recognize some of the fancy footwork but there is no way that's the same face

File: 1674302476075361.jpg (3 KB, 258x195)
3 KB
Dragon thread
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File: husky-sneeze-boom.gif (1.66 MB, 640x360)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF
File: 1594315983746.jpg (9 KB, 250x202)
9 KB
Ummm, when do they return?
Dragons were dinosaurs. They had wings as archaically depicted but as is the case with birds, the wing bones disintegrate over time due to them being partially hollow. Suddenly the tiny arms on tyrannosaurus rex's make sense from an evolutionary perspective. Tell me picrel isn't a huge, scaly bird.
why would it need robust legs and a meaty tail for balance if it flew?
think 'flight' akin to chickens. to mitigate falls/ treacherous declines

File: pineal_gland.jpg (65 KB, 1500x1125)
65 KB
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there are people who DON'T RINSE after brushing their teeth?? What the fuck...
Unironically raw dairy. Raw milk and raw butter contain stigmasterol which is known to have an "anti-stiffness" factor for the body, it relaxes the joints, blood vessels, and clears calcification in the pineal gland
Tianna works well!
I've been taking 30mg a day for 9 months now.I feel amazing. Didn't get poisoned or anything.

You took the vaxx didn’t you?

File: paranoia.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
6 KB
Maybe she had experiences and she just kept seeing boogeymen around the corner. I've met another and there is no talking reason to these people. I used to tell me mother "you're not that important where people would care enough to bother you". Is there some brain imbalance for them to behave like that? My mom used to send me as a child outside 'cause she said she heard noises. After living with a paranoid parent no way I could ever be like that. The most paranoid I ever was was when I had a car and thought someone would break in. Do you think there are entities playing with those people?
9 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't get why people want power over others. Well, obviously, there is psychologically wrong with them. Why care about wielding power over others unless you're trying to help or protect somebody. Like I said, the biggest turnon is the ability to manifest and entertain yourself. I care nothing about wielding power over others. Especially not with what I see..lol
Yeah maybe I loved a girl that treated me like garbage because I was idealizing her it was just mental wankery
i used to be like this because autism and shitty childhood. therapy and lifestyle changes helped.
you can't talk them out of it obviously...
>I had a mother who was paranoid
blah blah blah
Did she live in southern california? Did she discover a Satanic preschool back in the 80s?

File: Lugus.jpg (39 KB, 525x380)
39 KB
Druidic Principles for Living a Healthy Life

As revealed to the master Druid Uissurix (knowledge-king) by Belios the Progenitor.

Translated from the Breton

1. To know yourself is good. To gain mastery over yourself is better.

2. It through exercise that one acquires strength of will, and by further exercise that one maintains it.

3. Do not let fear, nor doubt paralyze you. They limit and destroy all things.

4. Do what must be done decisively, once you have made a decision, undertake it; once you have undertaken a task, see it through to completion.

5. Though your daily tasks may be hard and obscure, accomplish them with joy.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: sh.png (853 KB, 680x1442)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
Here's how they celebrated Samhain (pic related).

No English translation, currently.
File: sh2.png (1.02 MB, 630x1488)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
File: sh3.png (304 KB, 570x504)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
File: asterix.png (220 KB, 796x1500)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
You are Nothing with him!
Dude post the one you didn't manage to translate.

File: orang-man-attak.jpg (54 KB, 600x578)
54 KB
How do I begin worshipping an entity in exchange for spiritual knowledge? In exchange I would offer services in the physical world, for example, using my wealth to bring about whatever goals the entity may have.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I need a guide but nothing is free in this world
>How do I begin worshipping an entity in exchange for spiritual knowledge?
Zoomers are this incapable of reading a book instead
any recommendations?
your mind is your guide my man get to know it better
invoking spirits is meddling with the natural order, whereas aligning your mind with the natural order does the same without the baggage

>Number 1: Worship Moloch
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
number 5: twerk
This faggot didn’t exist until a week ago.
number 2 will shock you
number 4 will suprise you
This is why you need to know numer 3
Play they video game, eat they burger, and lie to officer/boss
Imagine still smoking weed in current year. Here's what you kids that are too young to remember need to understand. People that smoked weed back when it was illegal and taboo did it for the sake of being edgelords and looking cool. It was cool because it was illegal. That's all. Now that it's legal, everybody that smokes it looks like a huge faggot NPC, and sadly, they don't realize it. Weed is terrible for spirituality and prolonged use causes schizophrenia and testicular cancer.

I’m tired of not knowing. Let’s settle it. Tonight.

Is bigfoot real?
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1662392169739653.jpg (188 KB, 828x814)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Yes, Bigfoot is a Native American shaman who transformed into ape form and fled to the forests rather than live in peace amongst the white man after their crimes against his people.

All Native American shamans can do this they just choose not to unless they go evil and forsake their sacred oaths (skinwalkers)
File: 1673335566144219.webm (366 KB, 480x854)
366 KB
Yes, vid related.
>be you
>"faries arent real"
>aware of the scientific method
>still thinks the earth is a globe
Go ahead. Prove fairies are real. And post the curve while youre at it.

File: image.png (476 KB, 400x400)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
A green comet will be most visible where this little anon is on the day of Feb 1.
Know that if this happens, this little nobody posting on a loser's club
forum will attempt a working to herald the Coming of the Guide to Anarchy which
might or might not work. IF it does work, there'll be some astronomical anomalies
hopefully similar to this AI generated painting. Undoubtely most will not think much
of it even if it does happen, but I am posting here to note the arrival of a certain
Child of Mother Anarchy. Know that if this working is a success, there will be a pushback
against the slaves and masterminds of Babylon and by extension the Anti-Christ. However
remember that Mother Anarchy and Her Children do not stand for any authority whatsoever
and welcomes any who wishes to rebel against said authorities. Whether they be left or
right, capitalist or communist, Christian or Satan, Hindu or Buddhist....We welcome all
and we revolt against all. Stay tuned.
Troonies on suicide watxh?

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