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File: 431px-Victory-garden.jpg (69 KB, 431x599)
69 KB
New nation in the making.

Thread goes out to Torus-kun who is now helping with the project. I got ur email and sent it back.

I am starting an island nation. It's going to be mobile in the ocean to roam around for the best weather and trade. We will be starting a new tribe and culture to claim a place in the world as an independent and significant, free people.

We will build an "island" out of waste material while we clean up the planet recycling waste products.
It will be powered by a solar furnace that creates fresh water and power from ocean water.
The island will produce all its own food with an ecologically diverse and sustainable bioscape.

Several basic technologies are on our radar to test and begin the project. My wife is onboard and we have been homesteading the same property for 5 years now.

Lots of work and details to discuss. Anyone interested in joining?
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Oh yeah! The torus circle. That is what the other anon came up with for a super stable shape. Look it up and think iceberg, but still fluid to some extent as a bunch of separate small units tethered together. Fyi basalt is what the bottom of the ocean is made of so our basalt fiber will eventually be a national product.
I fuck with that so much. I’ve been thinking that lately, there’s so much hatred and violence in this world, it’d be better if we just worked to help each other and get this ride on earth over with in a peaceful and joyous way! I’d love to join in, if you’d let me :)
File: 1200px-Four_solaire_001.jpg (183 KB, 1200x510)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Thanks man.
I typed this all out and fucked it up so this is the short version. You are welcome for sure.

Email is anonofpeace@protonmail com.

Period left out intentionally.
Hit me up if you guys want to help make it happen. Im completely serious and have nothing better to do. It's worth making happen in my opinion.

Im dipping out soon. Thanks for the good replies tonight everyone.

Pic is huge solar collector in France. Look up Jem melts rock on YouTube.
File: PSX_20200805_215804.jpg (151 KB, 792x792)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
File: KIMG2018.jpg (517 KB, 1920x1080)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
Woah dude.

Last bump for me.

Your task was the hardest
Your work was the greatest
Your creation, marvelous
Life is beautiful
Your existence is devine

File: EepZ7m3WAAAtEAM.jpg (55 KB, 827x618)
55 KB
Give me everything you know on Clones.

Leave Don Marshall's shit the fuck out of this thread. He is either a Schizo, an agent, or a lying narciccist. Let's keep it grounded. Or as grounded as a cloning conversation can be.
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Hmm, I don't know much. I remember hearing that cloned animals are highly susceptible to cancer. Logic would follow then that cloned humans are as well. That's pretty much all I got, no sources for you unfortunately.
thank you for contributing, anon
No problem. I think cloning, stem cells, and the like are the future. Would be great to buy some new lungs, or a new arm or something if I was hurt or sick. Not that it would be cheap, because in the US everything medicine has to be really expensive. I don't think nanites are feasible personally, but maybe tech will advance to that stage. I do think that taking some of my cells, and then copying them a million times into a body part with a 3d printer is possible though.
Want to add that I don't think robotic augmentations to the body are also really feasible. Where would the power supply come from? Your body would just reject them too. inb4 deus ex. It would also be interesting to inject yourself with cloned replicated stem cells that are identical to your body, and just stimulate them to become what you want them to be. Instant muscles, or perfect vision, or maybe grow a new set of teeth, or stronger bones. The trial period would be terrifying though. I could see lots of people growing tongues inside of their knees, or fingernails, and bone structures inside of their throat or something.

I want to get some divine/spiritual help finding my way to express myself, right now im trying to make music and i would like to get some help with my (lack of) inspiration and creativity

Is there any creativity spells? Maybe some art god sigils?
meditate after you wake up
learn to empty your mind until you feel like you're making a connection
bring whatever troubles you into your mind
you'll get help
File: Faraday_cage_md.jpg (100 KB, 864x486)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Tell the old stories with new vocabulary, DUH.

Jk. Thats ancient knowledge. Theres no more new stories. Same ones retold, reskinned. Wizard magic is logic, prediction and preparation.

You're all set. Post your song on /x/ if its good
Pineal gland decalcification.
Wake up early and have set times that you use the internet, most of your time being without internet. Let your mind wander to random stuff.
Try vaporwave

File: Capture.png (164 KB, 636x533)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Is it true what they say, that electronics malfunction more often around gifted individuals?
Are there ways around this?
File: process and reality.jpg (254 KB, 1002x656)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
FWIW, I'm going to bed, but I'm going to say one thing before I leave:
>The most important thing any paranormal investigator must concern their self with is convincing themselves that there is something to be found.
>Belief is the engine that drives majiq.
>Once you've seen one thing you thought was impossible, the doors are blown wide open for everything else to become possible too.

File: crystal.png (174 KB, 340x270)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
I carry crystals is my pocket. One of them a 6 inch 1 inch diameter quartz.
I went about my daily business today and it broke right in half . Now I have two 3 inch crystals.

Ive been on high vibe energy all day feeling really good, and while I was working today, out with animals on a farm I just had really good vibes.
I had a sensation while I was walking that I had it had broken but didn't even think to check..didn't even really care, only to find that it in fact did when I got home.
I don't have any negative feelings about it though. I was completely okay with it.
I thought for a moment that it could be an omen, but I realized I Really didn't feel any negative things about it breaking.

What does it mean when a crystal breaks for no apparent reason?
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File: 1596396920685.jpg (53 KB, 546x575)
53 KB
>should've been charging them

You are doing it alone, you are doing it wrong.

It most likely had a defect in the lattice when it formed.
A scripted happening for you, not an accident. It is crystals that charge you by connecting to the higher reals.
Dude the other night at the lake me and my bros formed a circle around the fire and just fuckin jacked off together for like four hours. It was crazy. All of our JO crystals started glowing and the woodland creatures were howling and coming up to the fire and shit.
the crystal activated when it broke giving you good vibes

File: celtic jesus.png (1.89 MB, 1121x1043)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG




sacred secretion, dmt, 33, spirituality, sacrum, pineal gland, masturbation, promise land, santa clause, 3rd eye, land of milk and honey all explained and more!
why is he bald
he looks like an alien
smile while people suffer emerald tablets of thoth the atlantean tones are not a wank.
File: Revenge-of-the-Nerds.jpg (83 KB, 960x500)
83 KB
For the nerds:


Now I am spent...

File: download.jpg (22 KB, 206x245)
22 KB
Alright, so we all know the powers that be are pushing for globalization (open borders, race mixing) and degeneracy (the elimination of religious morals, eliminating the nuclear family, promoting sterilization and infertility in order to consoom more) as a way to turn everyone into a mass of 85 IQ mulattoes. The idea behind this is that it will be much easier to control and market stupid products to this population, as they will all have the same identity and be too stupid to realize they're being controlled. Instead of reproducing and having meaningful lives, everyone will just mindlessly consoom product and ignore any actually fulfilling behaviors like starting a traditional family.

BUT, what if that's not the reason, and the powers that be are actually promoting these things for a different reason? A reason that's actually GOOD?

What if the Illuminate was promoting these behaviors in order to HELP humanity by ENDING CONSCIOUSNESS? Promoting these things that so humanity will stop creating more of itself and just die out peacefully.

Existing with consciousness is suffering, because being aware will lead you to inevitable pain and suffering; suffering is just part of "life" and being alive. What this means, is that the only way to end suffering would be to end consciousness; to end the (so far) never ending existence of sentient animals like human beings, who are smart enough to acknowledge their pain. Right now there is a seemingly never ending supply of new people being born against their will; new consciousnesses being brought into the universe to experience pain and suffering. With consciousness finally brought to end, suffering in this endless void would stop, and we could finally be at peace like before life and after death.
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Anything with a creepy symbol like the Illuminati are definitely not good guys. You can feel it in your gut/soul..unless of course you've lost that sensitivity to evil.
i will never share any identity with dog eater chinks, nor soulles nords, nor disgusting arabs.
>but they had it coming
no one asked it and they will not be victorious. history will bury these guys to, like always.
You were there at the turn.
Caught in the burning glow.
I was there at the turn waiting to let you know...
Good not good show me the alternative then we can talk
So they want to Mercy Kill humanity by making humanity suffer
That is absurd

File: 1589243229489.jpg (50 KB, 480x480)
50 KB
Hey /x/ i'd love to know. Also, if there is any mid-atlantic variants tell me about it, or am I just being stupid?
File: 1464494105340.jpg (167 KB, 1124x902)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>or am I just being stupid?
thanks man

File: EZ9LBBlUcAAYiMy.png (50 KB, 680x383)
50 KB
Hello everyone. I am looking to find more information on ERAT, although it's probably fake, I'm still looking for info.

10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's a youtube-tier creepypasta. Nothing more.
It's some fake ass ARG, nothing needed to know just watch the several hundred videos there are on youtube explaining it.
Good thing the rona made us all unemployed!
Based and unemployedpilled
File: 1549165183694.jpg (65 KB, 540x405)
65 KB
unironically its a failed ARG to promote DJ Roswell's new album.

His stuff slaps tho ngl


Funny how covid came around in the year this was supposed to happen. Just a coincidence. Right?
277 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
That didn't answer his telescope issue though, if the Earth were flat and you climbed Mt Everest, you could see the United States with just a powerful telescope. Prove him wrong.
One of the few reasonable people I have seen all day. May your days be long and full of joy my friend.
File: hwhat.png (149 KB, 1024x798)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Saw this thread in passing earlier

Almost forgot to come in and tell you to kill yourself.

They built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil) isolating humanity and creating a prison planet.

The matrix is tied to the moon which is tied to Saturn, or in astrotheology, “Satan”. The purpose of the matrix is to keep humans tuned into a specific frequency which keeps us tied into the illusion in order to allow for energy vampirism. The matrix is a holographic projection that emits from Saturn and is assisted by the satellite we call the moon. Our reptilian brain was engineered to keep us tuned into the Saturn moon matrix hologram. The matrix is projected from Saturn and is tied into the moon as a reflection and continuous regenerator of the matrix experience.
The black cube - holographic projector Saturn Machine. We are living in an artificial holographic reality generally referred to as matrix, more accurately termed saturn moon matrix.
The False-Reality Construct, Fallen Genetic Experimentation, Interdimensional Mind-Control Projection System. We exist in a holographic illusion that we have been trapped in for thousands of years. We are now realizing that it is time to exit this matrix.
We have the Frequency barrier on this planet that's why we (our scientific equipments) can only detect electromagnetic waves up to the gamma radiation level. beyond gamma is out of our range.
1 of the manifestations of Frequency barrier in our environment is the limitation of the resonant frequency of our Schumann resonant cavity, only at 60 Hz (or frames per second) maximum. According to the extraterrestrial humans, our planet's core & continental strata is vibrating like a cracked bell due to this 'barrier environment'. It should be as harmonious as a bell (perfect sine wave) originally before the explosion of Maldek. And so before that Maldekian catastrophe, our Schumann resonances can reach astronomical Hz values, perhaps extending to the gamma range or beyond.
32 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Look at the ostrich
Primitive bullshit. If people are very insistent about scientific progress, we can build an unfailing Yggdrasil construct in this space, defying all antireciprocals that may or may not exist.
File: tenor (1).gif (1.91 MB, 498x275)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
Oh fug
now i see...the veil has been lifted. thank you anon

damn OP thank you for this, this is a great rundown. i unironically believe this to be true. this is why /x/ is the best. now i hope this message spreads far and wide...people are waking up. thank you for doing your part!

File: 9yvip.jpg (754 KB, 2880x3840)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
Im gonna read this book and listen to ambient music at the same.
Yes yes very BASED of you op

What's the book about? Anything cool you can share?
FYI Hall basically made shit up as he went along and literally LARPed about Masonry before he even joined.
Hows the book? Also, what ambience?
i'm telling you this from the center of the center where all is known.

File: 7BNnFA.md.png (361 KB, 500x531)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Was he a victim? A pawn to play for the sacrifice?
8 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bald white people look the same you stupid retarded fuck
Most likely just got it cause he looked cool and because he has masonic ties. There are lots of very low level Freemasons. There is such a thing as a coincidence, but I suppose it is interesting
When did the emblem change so much as to include a machine gun?

No doubt. Plenty of people get the square and compass tattoo (an actual masonic symbol) without knowing anything about freemasons.
Basically, only idiots get tattoos.
He would not be allowed to join the freemasons because of his criminal history and being arrested

This board is full of low iq retards like op

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