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File: c32.png (85 KB, 600x687)
85 KB
Hey /x/

I usually just read this board to laugh at you schizos but I need some help. I don't know what I experienced but it feels kind of intense.

So last night I drew a satanic sigil on a bathroom wall at a bar, in a place where people would see it, specifically the sigil of Baphomet.

At night I had the most horrific and terrifying dreams of my life. I would die in them and then wake up from the sheer horror of them, only to fall right back asleep to them. The dream was that I was in a house with a group of people and there was a demonic presence that was slowly killing the people there. I swear to god, I have never been so scared in real life as I was in the dream, I experienced what I can only describe as true horror.

What should I do now? Should I continue with learning about the occult or stop there? Was it supernatural? Should I try to go back to the dream, how do I do that? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Did I just have a nightmare?
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And how. One of the biggest losers of all time. I prefer Presidents who don't lose. Single term fucking nobody.
did you watch the 2000 mules documentary or no

I'm pretty sure everyone, and both candidates, have been losing for quite a while.
Bot posting
Yeah, bots are trying to ruin this website. It's some baka stuff like "they wont notice this blatant propaganda from bot posting" 0-o
You fucking wish. "I'm the only real person" is just about the faggiest delusion you can have.

Another interesting account of military encounters with dogmen and the higher ups know, the most interesting at the end of the first story
There's some interesting shit going on
Very good first story. It's a shame no one else cares. Very cryptic "we need them". Based wendigo killers?

Look at yourself in the mirror for about a minute or so. That is all.
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I just did and went on here to post about it, but you beat me to it.
I turn into an old creepy man for a split second. Freaked me out
Nice mirror.
Self is not visible.
Did you mean look at this body?
Do you think you are your body?
Go to bed Jim Carrey
same reflexion as usual

File: Achan is 4chan.jpg (96 KB, 436x600)
96 KB
Does anyone else believe that Achan = 4chan?
>get stoned and post on 4chan
>complete biblical ritual
>free the ghosts
i'm all for it.

How do I get into fortune telling/divination?
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Basically these.

At the end of the day it's another skill.

Be warned that readers and querrents on /div/ get kinda obnoxious at times, it's good to take a rest from the place everytime you feel you don't like the athmosphere.

There are other forums but some of them don't really like reading small stuff on the mundane and simple retards that usually go on /div/. They're more preoccupied with world affairs and whatnot.
No. Cartomancy is really good at yes or no questions and judging the rhythm of the events.
sounds spazz
I've tested the readers to know the stuff is real. What causes skepticism is people asking the wrong questions or being scared to ask multiple readers the same question.
Whether tarot cards or playing cards; Each card has a specifically different meaning in each different position of every card layout type...
Its meanings are specific, not dependent on the reader.
The whole modern use of card divination is based on fuzzy feelings.. The cards specifically state a thing..
the reader uses other means of rendering his forecast and sells it off as what the cards stated when its not the cards and is just him.

Hey feds,interlopers, and shizos
I was wondering if any of you know how to turn down latent magical abilities.Meditation hasn’t worked and things are starting to get out of control.
I feel like all my thoughts are painting reality and not in a good way. I know i sound schizo af but I don’t really care I know one of you will help me.

Everything I think, do, say, and want happens, I won’t go into details mostly because you wouldn’t believe me but lately things are way to crazy, I can’t even go a day without killing or harming some random person.
Please help me.

I keep hearing people on /x/ saying this reality is hell. It is not. It is a breeding ground for souls. If you win, you return to heaven. If you lose, you go to hell. But most people will just reset and start over from scratch. They arent good enough to go to heaven or bad enough to go to hell. Theyre a mixed bag. Hope that makes sense.
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A coins duality implies that it was forged.
Romantic love
>I choose to be unhappy
How old are you?
This karmic and religious bullshit gets so old, you will find whatever you think you will when you die
So many times it has been said the universe is mental, and everything is polar, etc, karma is a byproduct of polarity/duality and nothing has an absolute value because they represent one thought form
You can get out of this hell if you stop identifying with the polar energies/elements/aspects etc

File: 1648086491925.jpg (57 KB, 548x548)
57 KB
any dream interpreters here? been having a similar dream for the last few months, maybe three times I've had it. basically...
>finding people I know frozen to death in the snow
>I will be walking somewhere and find them frozen to death on the ground
>get the feeling that I need to keep moving or it will happen to me as well
>finding all kinds of people from my life: coworkers, friends, clerks, bartenders, old housemates, doctors, students, pubgoers
>I've never even seen snow irl (NQ Straya)
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I’m a psychotherapist specialising in sleep disorders, and this is a classic homosexual anxiety dream. You should explore your urges, and be open with your parents.
thank you, psycho the rapist, I will come out to my mothers and fathers immediately
well i know seeing people you know die in your dreams is just you being afraid to lose them
progress in personal development or experience psychological stagnation
File: download (13).jpg (7 KB, 152x122)
7 KB
Quick question about dreams. When i fall and hit the ground i dont wake up i only lay on the ground knowing i broke every bone in my body and i am going to die soon and i feel my blood draining from my body and i only wake up when im about to die. I have this dream once a month usually in the middle and i wake up with my body hurting. What does this dream mean?

>be me chilling in my room playing some games while having my door shut
>suddenly out of the nothing, the door opens and I saw a black hand holding the handle briefly
>kinda freaked out, so I asked my mother if she was it but no and it was neither my father as he wasn't home
>forgets about it but in the coming days I was like constantly horny, like abnormally
>browse dark net for some time and find some fucked up porn
>normally I wouldn't masturbate to something like that but at that moment, it felt like I was in a trance and it felt like I wasn't myself while doing the deed

Am I being possessed by a demon or wtf ?
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What makes you think that a parasite is only a parasite of a certain sort of energy? Perhaps it parasitizes off of energy he cannot help but give off. Why constrain yourself to the occult ideas of the body that have been proposed thus far?
Because it made OP abnormally horny, look up porn, and masterbate.
That doesn't mean it is an entity that feeds exclusively off of sexual energy, nor does it absolve OP of whatever desires and libido he may have had that had nothing to do with the vision of the hand. Perhaps he drew a connection that doesn't exist; but to be safe, and as a healthy practice, he should stop cooming for a while. It just seems so futile and obscure. I mean, really? Stop masturbating, and it goes away? It won't just come back once you've stopped abstaining? It won't just feed off some other energy or substance you give off- love, or even built-up energies if you favor emptying the mind. Perhaps it feeds off of charities.
Who the fuck determines what energies exist, which actions give off energies, what kind of things can be exploited or fed on? None of this shit is evident, it all profits someone or sits right with their personal beliefs, just fuck it all.
When you're craving a sandwich, do you go to the auto parts store and buy motor oil?

Obviously I don't know if this parasite feeds *exclusively* on sexual energy, but we know it's one of the things it wants.

Also, I'm *assuming* OP is a horny teenager and that has something to do with it. Parasites tend to stick around locations and if OP's been living there a while, puberty is probably why this entity suddenly has interest.
"Your honor, I was possessed by a demon, that's why I masturbated to that child pornography."

Good luck with that, anon.

I want to create a method to share exact and reliable information through remote view, which could also be received by beginner RVs

Its easy to share senses and placed but exact information like numbers and text gets lost

What I purpose is to find a way of condensing much easily spottable information on a target, and translate it through some code

For example
0 Color red
0 Color blue
1 Color green
1 Small/Big
0 Heavy/Light
1 Cold/Hot
1 Dim/Bright
1 Nature/Manmade

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sending data with reed-solomon codes for example, so if someone guesses wrong one thing it can be corrected by the last byte
Which means constructing specific objects for packets that would be reused how many times?
Not dumb *pat pat*
I though about one sense for one bit (like red or not red, 1 or 0, then blue or not blue, 1 or 0, up to 8, 16 or 32 bits), but specific objects is also a great idea

>finding a chair means 20
The problem would be ordering the objects

A mixture of both could also be objects with binary values
>car 1
>chair 2
>computer 4
32 objects would be enough for numbers up to 4 billion

I think the main problem is to find the easiest things to spot so you put on a target, so beginners could also participate


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
, and beginners*

File: x-155870.jpg (168 KB, 800x1200)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
none are "approved"
Age of Deceit is ok but it has christcuckery and I don't remember much. It was the first /x/-ish thing I watched. Might be fun to rewatch it. I would not recommend because most of it is on the level of ancient aliens in a sense that they take legit information but interpret it how it fits them.
File: 1648248002037.jpg (189 KB, 1360x806)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
something something man who fought the banks
Murdock is an asshole, don't sick his cock.
File: 132478923749823.jpg (38 KB, 310x458)
38 KB

I was suddenly transported to a world where the jews liked Jesus and incorporated him into their religion. Pork was banned, as were shellfish, Palestine never existed because they rounded up the arabs and exterminated them and I was scheduled to marry a jew qt in a church that had a statue of jesus outside extending his hand like if he was some sort of greek philosopher.
I also remember that family values were really important and that it was tradition to hand down the father's best clothing to the eldest son in the family (which would've been me after marrying anne frank 2.0) and I got a cowboy hat for some reason. There was also Rick and Morty and a couple other shows but everything seemed off and kind of evil the more you looked into it. Has any one here dreamed about this world?
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Jews wore cowboy hats in the dimension where ben hur and kontiki take place.
You live in a Jewish world
"Eretz Adama" is the name of this planet.
>pork banned

Somehow this is heaven to christians.
>high testosterone kikes

Hilariously stupid

Hey I was wondering if any of you neophytes know how to preserve blood for extended periods without it getting to thick and the taste going off.
I tried preservatives but they don’t preserve the energy and ritual sealing takes way to long.
Got any ideas?
Crush completely dried figs into powder, mix them with honey from hadramaut, one teaspoon will preserve one litre human blood (except o negative) for a year.
Put it in the fridge
Tried that it gets to thick at the top after a while
search up leech saliva ingredients like heparin
K thanks fren

File: 20220522_184444.jpg (3.56 MB, 4032x1960)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
hello /x/, I found pic rel in the woods, is this /x/ related? some kind of druidic shrine maybe?
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>I fail to see runes, symbols, or sigils therefore its not dangerous

you're such a braindead faggot
then some crazy person probably did a folk ritual. I'm pretty sure the nail thing is for curses, but whether or not it's meant for passersby or someone else I cannot say
no ,you're a misinformed insane retard. now we're going to engage in a back and forth where I tell you you're wrong and retarded and you'll do the same. Ready? go
1. what basis do you have for thinking it's dangerous? You failed to explain it this entire thread so kindly fuck off genius
2. Even if it sported runes what evidence do you have that it's meant for passersby?
3. Magick meant solely for an area SHOULD have some form of written intent. If not, then I would say it's ineffectual. Of course, intent and belief have more to do with it but the person who made this better be the most powerful witch the world has ever seen if they want people who see it to just die
You have to go back, i just sense it ok loser.
just some stoned nigga with a knife

It’s absurd to even try to make a distinction. Magic on an abstract level doesn’t even exist because if it does exist it’ll be formulated and standardized into a science. Blanks in magic are just that, blanks. So why do people pretend they are different? This is all fairly obvious.
Picrel. What made me think of this in the first place.
Eh, there is a difference but it's mostly cultural.
>it’ll be formulated and standardized
Hahaha how much have you actually learned about magic?
oh goodie. a delusion thread with no source or basis for the burp that created it.
Has it not already? Every spell and way of doing it is based on a set of rules that can be replicated

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