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File: angel.jpg (95 KB, 715x881)
95 KB
I will explain this as briefly as possible
>be me
>going about my business one night
>get an intrusive thought
>it feels very clear as if it wasnt my own
>that is said in my mind
>I wonder what that could have been
>later in the year one of our dogs dies of cancer
>my neighbour is diagnosed with terminal liver cancer
>my uncle now has cancer too
What the fuck is going on? Did something or someone try to warn me?
You should get checked out by a doctor for any signs of cancerous growths. Either you were warned of your own demise, or something cursed you with the ability to manifest cancer in any living thing you are regularly exposed to.
cancer is a pretty common disease nowadays
You probably live in an area with radioactive waste and shit anon
Stay safe, anon.
It was probably a sign from the universe or something.

File: Baboon.jpg (23 KB, 570x571)
23 KB

Was the old internet a scarier place than the new net?
The old net was scary on the surface, the new net is scarier but driven more underground.

File: 4.jpg (232 KB, 1719x869)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Post anything you got on ancient North American Giants

I was recently reading an ancient manuscript that seemed to claim that there were giants living in the NE of north america and they had massive stone structures. I looked into to this an indeed found megalithic structures exist up there, but there doesnt seem to be any interest in studying them closely.

For example, there are stone buildings in New England with massive stone slabs for roofs which must be extremely heavy. But there is no real consensus on wht their purpose was.

"Amazingly, the chambers are all made of dry masonry stones, irregularly shaped. The stones fit together precisely, with no mortar gluing them together, clearly indicating the incredibly high level of skill and craftsmanship of the chamber builders. But by far the most remarkable feature about the Stone Chambers—and this absolutely astonished me when I first saw it—is that all the chambers employ megalithic masonry in the form of several ton roof slabs (of granite and quartzite) that lock together without mortar and with incredible precision."
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The mega fauna angle is compelling. Everything was bigger and probably smarter too back then, including us and our extended human family.
sometimes i see people that are really big. they are basically the lowborn of giants that could be tamed. the super alpha giants were unironically killed for swinging their giant dicks and threatening to take all the women.
Homo heidelbergensis
Giant survivors of the flood lasted for almost a millenia before dying off. We killed the remaining pockets of survivors who ended up living on the fringe of our emerging civilizations 4-5000 years later. By then, they were nothing more than inbred cannibals.

Before the flood though, they were the dominant species and the best of us were barely making it as low level retainers while the rest were trying to make it in the wild on the fringe of their territories.

some Native story
When the Wa-gas first arrived on this continent they handed down the traditions to us that it was inhabited by a giant race of people when they first came. These giants were represented by the Wa-gas as being very swarthy in complexion, and they used implements so large that no ordinary man could lift them. It was an age when large animals roamed the earth, and it seems the birds and fowls were all very large in size. It appeared to be the first age, and was the age of the giants. The recollections transmitted by the Wa-gas were that these giants were very cruel and wicked.
the Wagas were the people living in N America before our Natives came... the good whitemen. They ended up leaving.
Giants were in Mexico, around the mediteranean sea, in Egypt, Levant, Pakistan and India. Pretty much all over the place on those sweet ice age lattitudes.

File: 1612906330489.jpg (53 KB, 750x934)
53 KB
Hello friends. In just the last 5 months I've been on a journey of Nondual realization. I've noticed that as my levels of consciousness and awareness gradually grow (through self inquiry, meditation, suffering, etc) I can look back at my life and it all sort of "makes sense", you know? I'm curious to hear stories about those who have made insights in their early lives, that later manifest into something far greater than you could have ever imagined. I'll start!

I used to unknowingly do surrender meditations randomly in bed throughout my adolescence. (8-19) I used to describe it as “Asking myself who am i?” over and over and thinking really hard about my existence and “how i got here”. I used to do it pretty well because i remember the unique sensation of feeling like I was dying. Even at that age, death was the best word I could find to describe it. It felt like i was being pulled away from reality. (1/2)
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There is no significance to the "sober" part really other than the fact that I was able to achieve these sensations before ever doing any substances and at the time I thought of the name I didn't know that was possible. What I'm trying to say is that I learned of ego death through experience, no where else. I just looked inwards.
yes, that was OP, i am OP lol
>one-sided chats

>yes, that was OP, i am OP lol
is me, I'm not OP. wtf?
sorry i replied to the wrong person lol

meant to reply to
If you haven't figured it yet mentioning ego death is extremely triggering and everyone's egos rush to shit on others. I was a sleeper and quite soon after waking up unity of all hit hard.
>mentioning ego death is extremely triggering and everyone's egos rush to shit on others.
So what? It's not like there's many places we can discuss it. And it's not like serious discussions don't get shit on here constantly. If OP wants to mention ego death in passing and people latch onto it, fucking whatever. Same shit, different day.
Thread topic is great, I've waded through shit for less meaningful discussions.

File: 32145326588.jpg (136 KB, 670x1192)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Direct connection to the Source of Creation.

Able to truly manifest reality itself.

He already brought the truth in a perfect marriage of dark and light. Ugliness and beauty. Not one or the other. Both.

The rumors are that the shadows, the whisperers and the spirits of the legions of heaven and hell know that he is now among the mortals.

The world governments have been aware of the presence of God in human form, and have been for 20 plus years. World political and religious leaders, law enforcement, government agencies have all been waiting for the right time to introduce God to the world. After years of study and investigation, it has been proven that God is here now to help us, to warn us, about how there has been a battle for our souls, and how division has been created to keep us from our truth. God will also convey a message about unity and love, and how important is is for humanity as a whole.

The people must realize, this One is a source of energy. Being knowledge and creativity, with creativity brings ideas which brings wealth and prosperity to the people. The One has a gift inside of him capable of influencing any entity in the universe. His knowledge alone is as old as the universe, and what he creates spans the test of time. Not by the moment of which time has enveloped his creation and made it non essential, but by the fact tho those he influence continue to use his methods of creation to this day and for ever more. You must realize there is no such thing as faith without work. If one does not work on ones spiritual self and proceed to execute the transition of which one has to effectively maintain a status of righteous with no sentient of selfishness...one can accomplish what is impossible

There he goes. One of God's first prototypes. A mutant of some kind. Too weird to live and too rare to die.
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Hungary is a beautiful country with great people! Their folklore is pretty cool, being a mix of Norse and eastern from the mountains.
File: arrived.jpg (101 KB, 666x500)
101 KB
101 KB JPG

In Europe, the curse of the white deer is far worse. It was thought that if a person shoots a white deer, someone in his family would die within a year.

In America, the “Curse of the White Deer” actually comes from an old Chickasaw Indian legend. A young Indian brave went to the chief to ask permission to marry his daughter. The chief told him that he could if he brought him the skin of a white deer. The brave named Blue Jay was given a moon (one month) to accomplish this very difficult task.

For three weeks, Blue Jay hunted for a white deer. Finally one moonlit night, he saw a pure white buck. He drew back his bow and released the arrow, striking the deer in the heart. The deer didn’t fall. With fiery red eyes and sharp horns, it ran right toward the brave.

Blue Jay never returned, and Bright Moon — the Indian maiden — never married. She often saw the white deer with the arrow in its heart on foggy, moonlit nights. She waited for the deer to fall so Blue Jay would return, but he never did.

To this day, the white deer is sacred to the Chickasaw people, and the white deer hide is favored for making a wedding dress.
“Hunters become the hunted”
Ignorance begets suffering, suffering begets enlightenment!

File: 1631941318181.png (432 KB, 1545x869)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
is this a curse or blessing ?

File: 1634890965649.png (336 KB, 553x680)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
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27, INFP.
But I relate more to >>30087449
File: 1634836394062.jpg (114 KB, 1028x515)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Who's the lady in the picture? i seen a few times
File: Gorilla.jpg (786 KB, 1738x2048)
786 KB
786 KB JPG
Harambe. Unironically that mother fucker pulled a "With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created."

That fucking Gorilla was obviously a "Joke NPC" that God put on earth. Probably thinking "Never in a gorillion years will they fuck up so bad as to kill this one."

Then they did. Leading to what we see today.
Its all drumpfs fault

File: sc007b4f96.jpg (162 KB, 732x539)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
What drugs can cause schizophrenia?

ITT: Tips on getting real schizophrenia
79 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
1. Daily regular use of this >>30078280 for over a few weeks. Estimated cost of dank ≈$120 but it's well worth it.
2. This >>30080572 for over 38 hours
3 Finally this >>30078411
It's simple really.
Actual truth-pill
stop being a fucking faggot is step one, step two is overcome your internet addiction and fucking go outside you worthless aspie
The anti depressant venlafaxine, if you suddenly stop you’ll get the paranoia, psychosis and erratic behaviour of Elisa lam. It’s an engineered disease.
>anime reaction image
you need to be put in a labor camp, faggot

Time is speeding up are you ready for the great harvest?
is it gay if you've got a friend in me
yeah, you're getting older and you will die, you don't have to make it some schizo thing
Only if your a succubus fag
File: 1604864425930.gif (2.12 MB, 256x192)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB GIF
9 turns left don't get hasty
Our world is weird and hellish and marked by suffering. Over the last hundred years or so we have raised populations to the billions and fortunes to the quadrillions in the name of installing modernity and technological progress. Now this generation looking back on one hundred years can see how little we have to show for all of the unnecessary suffering. All of the warmongering and money worship have gotten us to a place where the only way we can make sense of the fact that so little actually makes sense is the realization that this is all a simulation whatever that means and implies.

Here is what that means and implies. This has been a trial run. The beta of modern humanity. They are in the process of shutting down the beta right now. Godspeed anons.

File: 1627359747412.jpg (54 KB, 1002x857)
54 KB
If you own a smartphone, you are susceptible direct mind control due to the bottleneck effect between mind and body.

The conspiracy I suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen of /x/, is the hastening of this urge to hook the population such that their only perceived version of resistance is only available to be expressed when NOT operating a device that only needs thumbs. This, is how we are at a widespread crippling of the population. What would you categorize this state of being? Joe Biden is seen as having Alzheimer's; this hypothetical person (that accounts for 99% of the population) I have described, what disease does he have?
File: -bgsmev.jpg (84 KB, 524x487)
84 KB
whats the bottleneck effect

File: yowielol.jpg (15 KB, 183x275)
15 KB
Have any australians here ever seen a yowie?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It's like sassy sort of. It's the australian equivalent of bigfoot
No, but I have had a personal encounter with a Bunyip. AMA.
describe him
Yes. I was in a public toilet doing a number two when this yowie just thunders into the next store roaring. The sound was terrifying. Next minute it's leapt up over the stall wall and it's in with me, hairy and furious. Made me perform oral sex on it and sodomised my defenceless creamy young hole. I was about 16.

Please remember to get the boosters and double vaxxed.
A bunyip is not a him or a her, whatever their true nature is ... is far older than that. They're not a human spirit either, it is an entity, a being.

A few things I learnt from my encounter with one:

1: They can shapeshift but prefer the form of a giant black feline like creature with giant saber teeth. However their fur is much longer & shaggier

2: They can possess people / or attach themselves to humans. As much entities it is more likely to attach itself onto someone with deep traumas, often developed in childhood

3: Their motivations are obscure but when thing I did learn is that they feed off of human energy, this mostly seems to be negative energy. As such the Bunyip will intentionally cause strife & disaster in the life of the individual it is attached to or to those around them.

4: The Bunyip will not be bargained with or listen to any demands, it does not fear you or even fear harm being down to the physical host as it will just move on

5: I'm unsure if I would say they're completely malevolent beings, I would more so say that they're neutral

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: images.jpg (14 KB, 447x190)
14 KB
So what's up with:
>The multiple air expeditions confirming sighting of a tropical rainforest in the middle?
>The TV media group that got lost inside one of the pyramids?
>The frozen reptilian giant soldiers
>The thousands of pictures carved in stone walls showing past and future events
>The labyrinths full of traps and vials full of never seen before liquids and living toxins
>The underground cities full of empty rooms going on for hundreds of miles
22 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
You mean AVP and yes, they always show us a version of the truth.
What should I be seeing here?
File: Thanos.jpg (295 KB, 927x1200)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
>>The frozen reptilian giant soldiers

We got BIG GUYS too...
File: Dr. Manhattan 2.jpg (352 KB, 2000x1050)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
>We got BIG GUYS too...

The Andromedans...

That's why Wars in the past were fought with HUMANS...After World War 2, that pretty much all changed...

>beginning of the year
>see 3:22 in the clock
>after that start seeing 3:22 nearly every day when watching my clock(s)
>see 322 in other places too
>eventually it becomes a habit
>it’s been 9 months of watching the fucker 3:22 appear in random events or in the clock
What does this mean anons? Am I becoming a paranoid? Is there something someone is trying to tell me? Can’t get it out of my head.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds like one of those things you see just because you think of it too much.
File: 1629608055890.jpg (44 KB, 603x877)
44 KB
I've been having this happen too, but with 11:34, which scares me much more given that if you type it into most calculators and turn it upside down, it spells hell.
It's just a number.
322 is a meme number of betrayal. Don't know if this helps.
>It's just a number
>That image

File: MFLE-image-QgxlNU.tmp_.jpg (131 KB, 1858x929)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
please /x/ pill me on spirituality and music. What should i listen to when my desire is to be spiritually and mentally healthy? I listened to all kinds of music and i aways realize that listening to modern processed one, no matter what it is, always makes me feel sick in the mind and spirit . Why is that?
16 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Buddha thinks that music is against spirituality, because one is indulging into their hearing sense of their evil beauty.

Personally, I believe that music is heard with the sense, but comes from the world of forms. It's neither spiritual nor anti-spiritual, but is a form of expression proper to the higher realms.

Modern-processed music is dumbed down music based of three chords and repetitive tunes. Moreover, it carries the evil energies of the producers, and the middle-men who make money from it and abuse/rape/scam the musicians.

If you listen to self-published music, and ancient music from purer times, you should not feel sick.
evil body, not evil beauty
Take the Pythagoras pill.
I love Eidola too :)

here's another song I forgot about for a while, perfect mix of comfy, heavy and spiritual imo
Where does Bladee fit in all this?

File: didopdelieverorgeteaten.png (296 KB, 1896x916)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
Hello friends.
A memory of mind was jogged tonight, I'm wondering if anyone where knows if OP delivered on going to this spooky Aus cave?
I was apart of the group that was going to do, but I cant remember if they disbanded or what.
I found an Anons number who was visiting separately and I've messaged them.
I'm just curious on what happened.
Did OP get eaten by aboriginals?
There's a lot of violent aborigines around there that have killed white kids, they just go missing from their backyards. I've been there once, very vengeful spirits lurk in the rocks. Bad spirits. Get double vaxxed you ignorant white shit.

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