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Discuss which lost media you want found, which you don't care of, and which you think are fake.

Audiovisuals, text, anything goes.
does video of Akihabara actually exist?
you gonna post the webmd faggot?
Like the neighborhood in Japan? lol
the massacre obviously

File: 1610558830381.jpg (120 KB, 1024x871)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
best source material/books about magic?
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File: 1607549183.jpg (139 KB, 768x1024)
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139 KB JPG
I wonder how such a muscular/fit woman would be in bed because the typical feminine sexual prerogative is to be "soft, yielding, submissive"...

I wonder would she be more aggressive in getting her orgasm first or more controlling, is her libido off the charts and she wants it all the time?
>>27375328In 2016 I had a experience with a Female Bodybuilder Scort, They are super Agressive sometimes, even taking the lead many times and they dont get tired after you cum, so yeah

Done something very bad, how do i sell my soul to the devil, or make a satanic call.
Anything helps.
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So? Sexual sins are pretty whatever.
Yeah, that may be one that more people find distasteful, but it's literally not more of a sin than adultery, or being gay.
Get over yourself. God doesn't care, there is no devil. There's no such thing as selling your soul.
Maybe explore the LHP for a while.
That's what I did. You'll know you did it right if you sink so low that you feel like you could permanently lose your mind. The hard part is coming back from the abyss, I've that happens.
But, when you come back, you'll know that nothing you're worried about fucking matters.
Once* that happens
Bad idea. Call out to God. Praying you make the right decision
God is real newfag
I never said God wasn't real, retard.
This website is for adults that can read.

File: Jindo.1.jpg (48 KB, 729x486)
48 KB
What animals are considered to have holy or mystical properties by different peoples?

Cows in Hinduism not included.
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File: 20201029_030736.jpg (3.35 MB, 4032x3024)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB JPG
Owls are dumb. One got stuck between my back glass and box of my work truck. Took my 10 minutes to free the dumb fuck.
kiss him hard on the mouth
And in mesoamerican cultures Owls are just death bringers and, in some oral instances, dumbfucks

>a psychoactive drug
>an insecticide
>works by making you slightly more anxious so you'll get less bored
>fucks up with your circadian rhythm
>fucks up with your blood pressure
>may cause problems with absorption of micro-nutrients
>dehydrates you
>very addictive, tolerance builds up fast
>easy to overdose
>available at absolutely every corner in variety of forms like tasty drinks and candy
>extremely cheap and easy to buy in pill/powdered form
>given to children
>it's completely acceptable to be dependent on it after the age of 16 or even earlier
>in fact you're considered a total lunatic and puritan if you abstain from it
>overdosing it is considered something quirky and in fact desirable because it means you're diligent

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My flatmate was pissing me off last year so I put 3 grams of pure caffeine powder in his energy drink in the fridge. Had a massive panic attack and unstable heart rhythms. Super lols.
Caffeine can be a useful tool.
I prefer black/green tea, but you can't overdo it.
Coffee is crap imo, I only drink black/green tea now.

I've been wanting to get into aged pu-erhs, I've read about a state called tea drunkenness, which is basically a mild high. But I want to stop drinking caffeine on a regular basis, I feel like dependence on any substance is bad.
If only we could eat the husk.
You're a sociopathic piece of shit.

File: MeanGirlsDS.jpg (25 KB, 340x288)
25 KB
there's lots of threads about the most fucked up or darkest lost media, so here's a nice comfy one anons :)

>become a slave to the demiurge
>sell your soul to Yaldabaoth aka Yahweh

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File: ExistentialTruth.png (831 KB, 2000x2000)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
Pick one. Every god gets hit with the grape ape for being conscious. Cheese wins.
File: RitualMixing2.gif (231 KB, 1026x1230)
231 KB
231 KB GIF

Imagine blaming the demon that is in its entirety nothing more than a manifestation of your own sin and weakness for your sin and weakness. You don't understand cause and effect?

>"I go to work, and I get paid because I work."
>by your logic
>"I get paid because I get paid. This is independent of cause and effect."

If you're so fucking bothered by the demons that manifest from your vice and weakness, maybe try not succumbing to vice and weakness. You ever think of that, cowboy?
Ebanath and Degenerath
Textbook antisemitism

File: conspiracychart.png (1.15 MB, 883x883)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
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antisemitism is just name calling these days
and since when can't you deny science? should we just ignore all the times science was wrong?
Shills will
Shill. Have a shekel.
>guaranteed replies
But seriously, kikes are the seed of Satan and it's the duty of all good people all over the world to cast them into the fire and dash their children on the cliffs.
there are ALREADY in process of expanding anti smetie laws.
just look at this

File: 1454883850757.jpg (80 KB, 400x389)
80 KB
may god curse, betray and crucify you the same way god has cursed, betrayed and crucified me
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> Gay attention seeker
I'm sure you will find the right path that guides you trough the suffering and gives you peace. God still lives you
File: 1610764032672.gif (30 KB, 400x550)
30 KB
Unless your name is Azazel or a 72 with the cause ,wrong god... Preopus is all positive
God did not betray you

Saw a news article about blacks squatting in Bali. Then I remembered the movie Mystics in Bali. What are the odds that rude expats will have their blood drained if they stay to long?
Funny. I saw a film about your mother squatting on blacks.
Why so belligerent? Are you black?
If they don't get their blood drained or lynched by the locals then the police will just shoot them if they start acting up.

t. Have family in Bali
Heard a story once about a guy pissing on one of those ritual offerings you usually found in Bali, one day after that his cock got swolen as big as a tennis ball or something like that.

File: aa.png (129 KB, 1312x610)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
did we succeed?

Wait a minute, people actually belive this? They belive someone could literally travel to the fucking moon? Are you fucking kidding me? How did they even know how to land on it? How did they even steer the rocket through space? How did they know the rocket would fly through space?
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They have landed already you Moron. Go and read instead of fucking wasting time in here
we don't even know if the moon is made of cheese or not, for fuck's sake
All wrong. First they sent up a monkey on a tall ladder with a bit of string who then used it to pull up a much thicker rope and tie it to a rock. The monkey came back down and they then tied the lunar lander to it and three astronauts pulled the whole lot up to the moon. The rest is history.
File: fd72b6953ba0.jpg (41 KB, 640x480)
41 KB
The general consensus is that the first flag was likely toppled because it was too close to the lander. Each of the other flags since then have likely been bleached white over the years by the unfiltered solar radiation.

File: file.png (401 KB, 320x500)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
why are all these roasties obsessed with cancer dudes?
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Lmao roastie here> Yeah idk how to answer this question. Both my partner and my ex are cancer. I'm trying to figure this one out myself.
fr tho
why would they blame their own mistakes when they can BLAME astrological sings?
i never saw an example of it.
dating apps use astrological sign but i bet i can pull any women using ANY astrological sign if i choose a hot dude picture.
am i wrong?
Taurus BVLL masterrace reporting
I don't know if you are correct or incorrect.
Have you successfully "pulled" every woman on earth using an image of a hot guy on a dating app?
I have seen examples of women going for men based not upon looks all over the place.
It doesn't seem like a broad majority, but enough to be noticed, and specifically think "Wow, that happens pretty often."
I would provide an example, but I don't want to give personal examples, and if someone is famous, that kind of skews the results.
It really seems like emotional intelligence and real honesty is what most women I know want.

File: pic unrelated.jpg (351 KB, 1747x1240)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
If ghosts exist, why hasn't there been any definitive video proof of them? I want to believe, I've searched for so long, but I can't find any definitive video.
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There is, you just don't remember them.
So, only Schizos can 'detect' ghosts. Good to know.

Here ya go
That guy looks quite ghostly. Like a nimrod or something.

File: thinker1.jpg (91 KB, 1076x760)
91 KB
how do I "wake up"? In the sense of actually engaging with the world again... It seems that one day my consciousness receded into the back areas of my mind, and since then I feel that all of the sensations of life (on every plane) have been dulled significantly. My consciousness is locked in a realm of abstractions, concepts, and sealed with a thick layer of vague nebulous anxiety, while the "me" that appears to engage with the world is just my base instincts acting out daily rituals. How do I put myself back in the driver's seat /x/
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Based and redpilled. OP needs to trip acid and cool out before he goes full schizo
OP here. Thank you guys for all of the advice. I went for a walk in nature today as a few anons suggested and that helped way more than I expected. I will also look into implementing some of the other suggestions here.
I should also note for anyone else who feels this way that I think it can often be caused from overexposure to electronic media
waking up is leaving the world
Don't spend so much time alone in front of the pc.
Go outside more often.

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