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File: 1596596965146.jpg (222 KB, 700x700)
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222 KB JPG
Can someone redpill me on aliens/ETI/greys/pleiadians/whatever?
There was this thread yesterday >>26242010 but the information was conflicting and barely intelligible.
What are these aliens? What do they want?
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I don't get it. If they are so powerful why don't they just come and take it all by force using military power? All the shit those aliens, good or bad, no matter which race or side, do is to act on the shadows rather than showing their faces and actually do things. It's almost feels like there's some kind of Space ONU that prevent direct intervention yet some races are doing tricks illegally

>What the hell is up with this mess of a thread????

christcucks waiting for their sunday church
What does a walk to walk Christian even mean?

Christianity has been used as a tool to control and manipulate people.

Did you know the Popes and many other evangelical leaders are ET controlled? Sheep in Wolfs clothing buddy.

Almost all alien threads on /x/ are disinformation and just make the situation more confusing.

Tread carefully in these threads anons
Christ, no kidding.

Your personal holy grail edition.
Previously: >>2623319

For me it's a raw footage copy of Jules Naudet's WTC coverage, currently withheld by NIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvAILTYegVI

The full resolution footage definitely exists. Some butchered and edited raw footage has been allowed to surface as short cut-out clips in a documentary or two. It's out there.
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No this is an animated show/movie on adult swim on toonami probably. I doubt anything touhou has ever been on there. Though I could see how you think this was hatate.
About what year was this? Can you remember what the style of the anime looked like?

With both of those things in mind you could probably narrow it down with the Wikipedia article listing every syndicated show broadcast on Adult Swim/Toonami with dates.
It definitely looked like an anime from the early 2000s not chibi though, I saw this somewhere between 2010-2014.


The whole "kids on a beach" part gives me serious Eureka Seven vibes.

File: Lucid Dream 9-26-20.jpg (246 KB, 1890x699)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Pic related is my story. Any info you can give me about what happened is appreciated.

File: cryonics.jpg (79 KB, 800x450)
79 KB
Heard Elon Musk in an interview say he believed they could do it someday what are your thoughts?
I'm not sure why anyone thinks stopping neural functioning is anything other than death.

I'm friends with an angel. If you have any message you want me to send to the angel for you, say it in this thread.Ok?
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Please help
If someone is going to steal from you even yiur self, why don't they do a thorough job?

Has anyone noticed how the imperial stole the land from native people's, forced assimilation practices, loss of culture and identity

But never took their fears?

If you're going to flog stuff do a proper job.

And what are the angels doing about it
Tell him I called him a faggot
Tell the angel that I need money, lots of it. Also, I want to live forever in good health, along with my family and friends. Also, add 4 inches of dick, 7 inches height, and 35 IQ points.. Amen.
Which angel? If it's Gabriel tell him I said hi. He'll know who.

Just finished this. Honestly, it was kind of stupid. Also it seems pretty obvious that Jesus ripped this book off.
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Uhhhh leavemealone
Vibration is the 3rd rule of 7 for Hermetic mastery.
Claiming you are too smart implies you already know all you need to, it tells me your mind is pretty closed off.
What do you think happens under the photosphere of the sun?
Isn't hermeticism the belief that magic can be harnesses through language?
On the opposite side of that coin, you'd imply that your true happy self exists in the here and now, and you can immediately assume that configuration.
So where is it? Imagine me laughing, but not maliciously.
Read Wittgenstein.

File: 800px-Alžbeta_Bathory.jpg (161 KB, 800x1091)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
pill me on this bitch

Why was she doing what she did?

Was she a reptilian?

Did she really died where they said she died?

She was obviously under the veil of lucifer so there has to be more interesting info out there, Wikipedia is glowing shit.
Are there theories that aren’t “she was just a crazy piece of shit with power”? I’m legit curious.
Most of aristos are degenerates and have so much free time and money they end up getting into the occult and other crazy shit.
Her accusers wanted her estate after her husband died.
He was a man.

He sacrificed virgins with the idea that women blood would make him more feminine.

Most royal houses are still trannies to this day.
Good mention my man.

Yes that is very true, most of them are evil deceivers working for the darkness.

I feel very sorry for all those souls burned by their rituals.

File: zzz.jpg (145 KB, 1200x600)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
it's been a long time since I've seen people reporting dreaming about zombies and stuff

like VERY lucid dreams (not only with zombies, with certain other things too, but I'll focus on zombies for now)

I don't even know where to start, but basically, we live in a holographic world. Like matrix. Everything is a farce, everything, they say that we are alone in the universe, that only has this sky, these planets ... when in fact we live in a bubble, with a "shield" that makes it impossible for us to see reality, both for this as for our sabotaged bodies, doctrines etc. Anyway, our world is kind of ending and every time it's in the final stretch, a time loop happens, that is, we are thrown into the "past", before the shit happens. It's not just this channel and it speaks, several reports from people who really remember certain things that happened ... I myself dreamed (dream = memory) of the world being flooded (I even asked anonymously on 4chan to see what the people in the world responded and several dreamed of it too), earthquake, various things, each loop happens to shit with humanity. One of those loops apparently had a disease where they made a vaccine or something that turned people into "zombies"

that is, something like this may happen again, or not .. but anyway, it has already happened

we just don't remember
Do you dream of zombies?
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Woke up to this about two hours ago:

On a road trip to Vegas in a bus that I'm driving but it's 3rd person driving like in GTA. My driving is shit because the controls are whack. Someone tells me we need to stop for meat because we've run out and when we get to the next town one of the road trip participants starts having a psychotic break and is threatening me and saying they want to drink my blood. He's paranoid and thinks i'm out to hurt him. Turns out he's suddenly arnold schwarzenegger and people calm him down. We get to the hotel and once we're all settled in our separate rooms arnold knocks on my door and then kicks the door the fuck in and attacks me. I somehow jump kick him in the head and run away to the woods behind the hotel. Authorities are called and they come and do a psychological evaluation on Arnie who is on the ground naked and screaming somewhere. Once I see the ambulances leave I make my way back to the hotel but in the courtyard I run in to Arnie's son and he pulls out a 24x12 print photo of his dad on the ground with glowing yellow eyes and was like "this is what he looked like. He didn't look like himself but they released him and he's okay now" and I'm like okay yeah just let me go to my room and lock the door and never come out. So we're walking past this walled off portion of yard and I hear this gurgling scratching generic zombie sound and I look over the wall and there he is. He's standing upright but like 9 feet tall with elongated limbs. I can't make his face out but I can see massive jagged teeth and glowing red eyes. His son is like "haha let's go say hi and show him that you don't mean him any harm and maybe he will stop being paranoid".

Mods please delete this larp thread and ban OP

I nope the fuck out and speedwalk away but when I turn around I see zombie Arnie push past his son and start sprinting after me. I can hear those raspy gurgles getting louder and louder as I run through the front door of the hotel and I just barely make it to my room with enough time to slam the door shut before long Arnie is there screeching and slamming the door behind me. He once again breaks through the door and he grabs me before I can jump out the window. As he sinks his teeth in to my neck I wake up and as I'm opening my eyes I heard echoy laughter coming from the tv upstairs
An interesting idea. This kind of thing happens with mothman. Every so often there is a report of a bunch of people having similar dreams of something bad happening sometimes paired with mothman sightings.
The zombie fad seems to have passed. That's probably why people have stopped having dreams about them.

File: shamanic+journey.jpg (175 KB, 768x960)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Well /x/, is it legit? If so, how can I find a healer who isn't a faker?
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You're right about the skinny part (I am very skinny), and I actually might see a cardiologist soon. I had an appointment with a general doctor and they gave me an EKG and said I was perfectly fine. I have no idea how much the EKG can detect and I just wanted to see if there were natural options to heal whatever it is I have in case it's something the doctors want to operate on. I don't want the surgery to fix something if it's going to cause more problems down the line.
I'll send you some healing now. Ok?
Thank you very much. Peace
Ok. It is done.
I am shaman!
I kill with peace!
I am the gun!
I still the breeze!

Ayamon, letargia on poco,
Ayamon, noeste mi no roco!

Aztec wisdom, white land owner,
One of the million, one who rules the kingdom.

Good luck to you people, beyond oneness i belong to.

File: 657.1551362533.jpg (89 KB, 800x451)
89 KB
Paul deniers are Christ deniers. To doubt Paul's role in the spreading of the gospel is to doubt Jesus Christ's divinity. If you think Paul, a mere mortal is capable of fooling the Lord and His chosen disciples, then you greatly underestimate the Lord.
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Yeah, I know the story. Trouble is it was made up. Paul is a Luciferian shitstain. He did his job in that he carried the Gospel, but he never understood it. The Church loved power, not God. But God spread His message anyway. They carried it for Him, all the while hearing but never understanding, seeing but never comprehending. The message of Christ is in the Gospel, not in the Church. It would take a long, long time for man to start learning the lesson, but they have begun.
imagine thinking the jew god ever had anything to do with yeshua bin joseph, or that yeshua bin Joseph had or has any power.
Jew God? Maybe God of the Jews but that's cutting his title pretty short. What version of Yeshua do you believe in? Carpenter, preacher, crucified for blasphemy and miracles on a Sabbath?
Yeah okay demon. You can't even type the name Jesus Christ. Well documented that ayyys and demons are scared of His name. Very telling.

File: meek_.jpg (219 KB, 1134x1001)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
I recently had an encounter with one. I wont write a book, but it tempted me with relaxing sensations at first and when i wouldnt give in, it gave me a false sense of comraderie and brotherhood(as if i had passed some test and it was an angel proud). I didn't let my guard down and it tried to torment me. It switched tactics and even tempted me with lust. I cannot tell you how eerie it is to have fight/flight adrenaline and in 10 seconds be in drooling arousal. I stood firm as a Lion of Christ and it tried to even physically manipulate me. I want to hear about others and their experiences.
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i'm still not convinced it wasn't CIA or some strange agency that uses stereos as two way communication devices for surveillance techniques.

It genuinely could be Cabal or any agency trying to scare me as a child so i never grow up brave. I'm uncertain. However, they could see me, definitely they could see me. I still have the stereo, i might take it apart and look for any hidden cameras. This was the 90's.
They've always been great to me when I ask for assistance. One tried to scare me but I wasn't phased so he offered to help. Lucifer is funny and nice and seems to just want to chat and help. I don't get all the fear but then again I wasnt raised religious.
it wasn't all bad, in the beginning it was genuine laughs as it was showing off. It can be wholesome at times, but I didnt allow that to continue
I have heard the CIA can use TV's themselves to map out peoples rooms. So screens are the same thing as cameras but we don't know this because it's kept a "Trade secret" aka, a spy secret.

It's likely that spy agencies have infiltrated every single american household by now, and in-fact im almost certain they have.
I knew an incarnated demon. Bit of a cunt

File: Greys.jpg (90 KB, 1000x733)
90 KB
What do the greys think of the fictional tropes and stereotypes we've written of them in games, novels and hollywood? Do they snicker at shows like Stargate? Do they regret giving us this highly convenient aesthetic?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Im of the belief that greys are just proxies and they are purposely designed to provoke a specific feeling
Ayy lmao
Where/what is this from? Is this one image collage supposed to change my mind? A blurry, out of focus screenshot collage of a video possibly of a being that is designed like a goddamn cartoon character? >>26285032 post some actual plausible designs for aliens ffs I'm 99 that greyposters are actually shills and plants to discredit the actual discussion of alien life and et civilizations
why do you keep posting this fake shit
>What do the greys think of...
Something u need to understand is that 'Aliens' in general do not think of humans as equal to them. They just see us as no better then how we would view wild animals like chimpanzees or rabbits. They also don't care about human media, books, games, or issues, instead all they care about is their own society, culture, and issues. Now with that being said if they had a take on the fictional tropes and sterotypes in human entertainment they'd just view it as how we view cave paintings, primitive. The only thing our species has that is of interest to those types of aliens is the individual traits we have that separates us from one another, either that is being faster, slower, larger, smaller, memorization, reflexes, smelly, and etc. Which unlike us, they don't have such a thing and can only obtain it by taking it from other species. So i wouldn't care about what a species like them think about us.

I think I discovered a new Mandela Effect - does anyone else remember the logo of this character being an elephant instead of a rabbit? It was the same style and red, but an elephant.

Funny thing was the elephant I remember looked like the one you can built with the blocks (pic coming up). Keep in mind I never played with these as a kid, I just remember seeing the logo at toy stores and such.
16 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yep, Duplo Elephant
You're not the only one. I remember the elephant looking like that pic, but thinner, light gray in color and the black part of its eye was staring back at me.
you solved it, OP just mixed up the logos of the brands
That was a Mexican knock off

File: P9142025-773x1030 (1).jpg (601 KB, 773x1030)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
This shit gives me more bad vibes than the picture with the black doll on the bed. What do you feel when looking at this video?
39 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The real satanic artsy stuff isn't the stereotypical stuff you would think it is. If you look at the paintings hung in Comet Ping Pong, they are all bright and colorful. Heavy Breathing's music videos are the same way and instead of being "scary" its just weird and ugly. I can recognize this sort of art style of satanic pedos. You can see it in Tim and Eric shows.
It looks so sad, I wanna give it a hug.
File: 1600814252462m.jpg (124 KB, 820x1024)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Looks like satan to me
based and chrischanpilled
I am called Jesus anon. Worship me in the name of Satan

can someone help me find a photo? I'm like 80% sure I saw it on /x/ but don't know what the context was. it looked like it was taken in the '30s, it was a photo of a completely black tall humanoid figure with a split head in the shape of a V, next to a normal man.

also does anyone know anything about this picture in particular? thanks
its just a "primitive doll" nothing weird

thank you much, I'll take 30

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