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File: Great Demon Dinos.jpg (636 KB, 1205x814)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
Just spitballing here, but could what we think of as "dinosaur bones" actually be the remains of some sort of demonic creatures?
>Just spitballing here
Fuck's sake.
*watches devilman once*
threads like these are why I still come to /x/

So I’ve seen some iceberg threads that have a pretty deep one, usually among the memey ones, that says the NWO/Illuminati/Powers That Be/Whatever are actually a force for good. Like they prevent knowledge that would be too destructive for all of mankind from getting out and keep the world safe from existential and paranormal threats. I think that ALL that is really far-fetched, but given all of the separate orders, like the aforementioned Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Masons, could have some infighting and different goals in the long term. I understand that most of these groups are likely involved in the most unspeakable acts that we only hear rumors about, but could a small minority of them be dedicated to the protection and betterment of humanity? Or have I been shitpilled into thinking this by the iceberg? I’d love to hear your thoughts, anon.
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Why do you say there's an "evil influence" making them violent instead of their genes? For example, I don't blame an "evil influence" when pit-bulls act violent. It's just in their genes.
Petain and De gaulle are completely inacurate
I can see why the truth about everything might cause people to go insane.
But i don't understand why the people who want the truth can't get the truth.

Is it really THAT bad?
>depend on subjects or is it objective
Are these mutually exclusive?

>causing unneeded suffering
Isn't this a moral reason?

>There are objective truths, and subjective truths.
Is there any third kind of truth, or are these two kinds exhaustive?
>If a 'real' truth exists, it would be unconditionally sensed by everyone and thing beyond question
How is it possible for anyone to disagree with each other, if all truth is unconditionally sensed by all conscious beings? If truth were so ready to hand, then it should be extremely difficult to be wrong about anything. But perhaps what you mean is related to what you said here:
>The idea of truth is just that; an idea. Unless you can physically sense it to be true, it is subjective.
The phrase "physically sense" seems like an oxymoron. You may want to elaborate. But I think that your point is that people make mistakes, not about their own experience (which is immediately given to them), but only about the contents of the experience of other people. Perhaps this could even be extended to future states of the same person's mind, and being mistaken in that case would mean expecting to sense one thing but then sensing something else instead.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Interesting take

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Why are these so expensive
Actually it's one of the more realistic videos I've seen.
Pretty interesting.
whats a pyra
Get a job

>resurrection rapture nirvana
>glorified bodies restored limbs
>fertile waifu hentai eternal kingdom better than yours
>God made us this way but satan wants you to be a trap lol why?
>just take the Christpill already
Why haven't you taken it anon?
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What are you waiting for?
I think angewoman is about to lactate...
I wonder if she'll expand next? What else might happen in perfect a world free of sin?
File: images (1).jpg (12 KB, 189x267)
12 KB
Don't you?

File: South32-Warning-China.jpg (275 KB, 1000x1600)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
I was trying to remember this website the other day because i remembered seeing it when I was a kid: http://www.lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.com/
I couldn't remember how many la's were in the URL, so I tried to guess by typing http://lalalalalala.com/ , butlalalalalala.com redirects for some godforsaken reason to this weird ass website about something called "south 32". I have no idea what the fuck this is. Does anyone else know anything about this?
he is god
if you click the pic that's behind the first http://lalalalalala.com/ you get sent to http://south32.com/ , what the FUCK is this??

South32 will pay $100,000 to locate the man who has Australian accent calling himself Mr.Elder & the company organization funding his falls online campaigns against south32 South32.com & its CEO Mr.Luigi Bian international motion film company.
Your destructive activities have severe consequences, since you are creating a slanderous rumor mill, obstructing our ability to do business with other people and companies. Your harassment of our company director, Crew, via phone calls, social media, internet bullying and text messaging is causing irreparable damage to the good name of our company South32 South32.com
You are harassing our crew damaging our business south32 south32.com you are criminals we will sue your comapnies through international courts. South32.com CEO Luigi
Isn't that the website related to child trafficking or something like that?
No, just some retarded domain squatter.

Why the fuck did this get memory holed boys?
The staff at CERN refused to identify anyone in the video and deny it being anything but a "prank".
>Cern does not condone this type of spoof, which can give rise to misunderstandings about the scientific nature of our work.
>The “investigation” under way was an “internal matter”, she said.
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"Hell, is for children" -Patrick Benetar, archangel XXVII
>Science is not a religion despite what some on this thread claim. Science is the pursuit of knowledge
Science aims to learn through proof. Not your ethereal sky-daddy
aint nothing like proving things on the basis of unprovable axioms, that's so heckin cute and valid
make sure to perform your daily oblations to carl sagan redditbro

File: rob boss.png (167 KB, 588x427)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Can you hear me? I'll catch you with my death canvas. You may think I've gone insane. But I promise, I will paint again.
Please wrap me up in it and carry me to the stars Bob. The world is a horribly confusing place and I'm weary.
Holy smokes, do I feel this. You have to go a lil bit crazy to flow with the chaos.

If God controls the land and disease
And keeps a watchful eye on me
If he's really so damn mighty
Well my problem is I can't see
Well who would wanna be
Who would wanna be such a control freak?
God watching you carefully, and caring deeply about the material world are materialistic, empty. Thinking god has emotions, or even that god can be comprehended by us is a facet of the abrahamic religions.
If man did not fall, none of this would be.
2 nudists in a heaven.
Who would wanna be such an asshole?

Que onda México bello y hermoso?
Alguna ves se les a aparecido un chupacabras?
Que criaturas aparecen en sus países?
Mames, has de ser peruano wey jajaja.

sc/out/ here, i don't post here often. i've sort of told this story once over there but i think it fits more here, and i'll go more in-depth. Wish i were making this shit up

>be me, around 12
>lived innawoods where my dad managed a camp (New Mexico)
>group wants to backpack
>dad offers to guide (something he normally didn't do) and asked if i wanted to go
>i knew the trail he was taking them down so I happily obliged
>ffw to trailhead with group
>we start, making decent time
>trail is EZ mode but these are city kiddos so they feel accomplished
>everything is going fine except for this one kid who keeps following me
>just sort of latches on to me from the begging of trip, being a creep in general
>he's a known occultist, was playing with some sort of spell or something in the bus otw to trailhead
>think nothing of it until we're setting up camp

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
sleep paralysis

>next day we decide to play hide-and-go seek in a nearby meadow after breakfast
>heavy feeling of dread or fear or something sets on me starting that morning
>i'm obviously much more familiar with my surroundings than the rest of the kids
>take advantage of a hollowed-out fell pine i knew of on the far side of the meadow
>hiding there for a while when suddenly i begin to hear a choir sing
>thought maybe it was just some animal i was unfamiliar with
>it happened again
>sounds like some sort of hebrew (i'm from a religious family so know some words)
>two consonant and one dissonant notes, clear as fucking day
>mfw i hear this three times throughout the day
>mfw when no one knew what i was talking about when i asked them about the sounds
>nothing else of note really seemed to happen the rest of the trip other than that specific feeling of being followed
>it stays after they leave and i'm back home
>gets worse and worse

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Bump for interest
>shooting near my house in a ravine
>plinking pots and pans with my ruger 10/22, would do it all the time
>suddenly i felt like something was even more wrong than usual
>same feeling of dread, but it almost felt like a sort of bloodlust was in the air
>rifle is still pointed downrange
>my rifle started moving on its own
>i was willfully trying to keep it pointed away from myself but it wouldn't stop rotating
>nearly got turned around fucking 90° before i got control of it again
>i have still to this day never removed a mag and cleared a gun that fast in my life
>this sort of bloodlust would come over me at vulnerable times throughout the next couple of years
>my parents both worked so i'd be alone in the house quite frequently
>sometimes i'd be sitting in my room playing xbox and suddenly find myself being drawn to the guns
>would take all the guns and put them in the corner of my parent's room then go bang my head on the kitchen counter or sit in the living room praying
>ffw two years

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 6klygahe7v841.png (466 KB, 975x590)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
Wait you guys actually think the earth is flat?
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
its not flat exactly but its more flat than previously thought its like a donut the ice wall is only in Antarctica Admiral Byrd wrote a book about it and it was banned from being published
>Admiral Byrd
what's the name of this book?
File: download (1).jpg (126 KB, 960x601)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I thought it was a meme to bait retards for the longest time......

I was so wrong, 90% of flat earth stuff is Free Masons spamming tarded schizo shit to throw you off. Real flat earthers are Nazi's and have no problem naming the jew.

Here is one of the few un-kiked flat earth forums.

The whole flat earth movement is about a return to pre Zionist science, before Jews hid the truth from us all and debased science to decentralized specialties that require years of indoctrination to enter.

Check out Vedic science, Nazi Science and anything written in Sanskrit. It will blow you away how detailed Vedic science gets with the shape of the earth and size of other continents and places you can apparently go to beyond the ice wall.

Start with airline flight paths and how it relates to flat earth, that is what won me over.
that website is fucking insane. why would this stuff be hidden? what would the point be?
File: download (1)asdasd.jpg (212 KB, 960x960)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
> that website is fucking insane.
Ya tons of free masons shill nonsense anywhere flat earth is but that website has 'some' legit stuff.

> why would this stuff be hidden?
If you do not know the truth you can be controlled by those who do. I honestly have no idea but its clear that free masons are heavily involved, just look at the Apollo mission nonsense.

Watch the movie Capricorn One from the 70's its literally about NASA faking shit also James Bond walks in on NASA faking the moon landing in Diamonds are Forever.

I still cannot believe there are people in this day and age tarded enough to believe Free Masons went to the moon and did not lie to us.

File: Secret.jpg (71 KB, 368x478)
71 KB
The following was excerpted from a U.S. Dept. of Physics, USAF Academy briefing. This text was used by the academy through 1972.

Report begins:
What we will do here is to present evidence that UFO’s are a global phenomenon which may have persisted for many thousands of years. During this discussion, please remember that the more ancient the reports the less sophistocated the observer. Not only were the ancient observers lacking the terminology necessary to describe complex devices (such as present day helicopters) but they were also lacking the concepts necessary to understand the true nature of such things as television, spaceships, rockets, nuclear weapons and radiation effects. To some, the most advanced technological concept was a war chariot with knife blades attached to the wheels. By the same token, the very lack of accurate terminology and descriptions leaves the more ancient reports open to considerable misinterpretation, and it may well be that present evaluations of individual reports are completely wrong. Nevertheless, let ue start with an intriguing story in one of the oldest chronicles of India . . . the Book of Dzyan.


Some interesting stuff in here, seems an ancient city of aliens got nuked in India.
File: blavatsky.jpg (24 KB, 300x413)
24 KB
>Nevertheless, let ue start with an intriguing story in one of the oldest chronicles of India . . . the Book of Dzyan
get outta here glowie

so what was his deal?
43 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
There are no names for the races we saw on the void, asshole.
Based Jeffries ref!
The Void? You began as apes, you were evolved against your will overnight and you were going to be indoctrinated by them. the Allec moved you.
File: TRINITY___NotTooHappy.jpg (58 KB, 551x661)
58 KB

Hey guys,

Any comments on this thing, just came into the mail earlier and was about to pick it up, but I wanted some input from you guys. Any comments?
shameless bumper
read the law of one instead
Truth mixed with half-truths.
File: image1.jpg (34 KB, 412x232)
34 KB
Basically science fiction with bad world-building and a bit off Jesus Tumblr fanfic thrown in.

File: Cc1d0MSUMAQrdv8.jpg (36 KB, 480x639)
36 KB
hi /x/
I was wondering if any of you have been security guards.
I myself do the odd job occasionally and have some spooky stories to tell. if anyone would like to share their own that would be great.
260 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
i have a friend who works in biotech in SD and i can confirm that there is some extremely Not Normal shit occurring there

obviously i dont really know shit because she has signed so many NDAs but even the offhand vague stuff she mentions is fucking wild
Yeah, I worked night shift in some labs around Sorrento Valley and believe it or not a lot of these biotech building have underground levels. I hear screams when I walk the hallways at night and the staff assures me they're chimps. Idk and I don't care to know. Also find it telling that the FBI socal hub is a skip away from these labs.
I work nights in an assisted living facility (I'm there right now) and I've heard a fair amount of stories from other nightshift workers. I don't think I've ever seen anything but I've had definite feelings of being watched or accompanied by entities.
A few months ago I was helping one of our sweet old ladies get washed up and dressed in the morning and she said, "she doesn't talk very much." When I asked who she was talking about she said, "that woman who followed you in." That gave me the heebie jeebies. No one followed me in.
Well yeah, it'd be terrifying if they stood on 2 legs.
You had one job, Anon!

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