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File: FAE.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x2662)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Does anyone here claim to have had experiences with "fairytale creatures" such as gnomes, fairies, or even as far as trolls or dragons? Is it safe to draw them? And if so, could I be provided with a description? Thank you :)
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File: f97geewr.jpg (32 KB, 400x400)
32 KB
any stories?
im not telling any of you CIAFucks about my dream voyages
Dragons are enslaved deep underground by goblin-like creatures. They have caps on their head that keep them docile while they are forced to work. They don't have enough space to fly and are kept chained up, mining and using their fire breath to heat forges. They revealed this to me in a dream
File: 1610573001638.jpg (53 KB, 465x488)
53 KB
Yeah here's my story

>be child-me, about 8 years old
>live in rural, back country Western Canada in deep forest
>laying on bed playing Pokemon
>hear noise from the hallway
>look up
>see a goddamn little man about 1 foot tall... He is wearing green cotton clothing and he is CARRYING A SAUSAGE ON HIS SHOULDERS
>there is a little woman with him, too, also dressed in green but she's in a skirt
>there is a little child, too, that could be a feminine boy or a handsome girl
>the little folk jump and RUN with the sausage
>they climb out the window and run into the trees
>I tell my mom that little people took a sausage from the kitchen

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You almost got spirited away, dude. They draw you into the forest with those lights. The silence means you're under their power.

File: 237462354254.jpg (85 KB, 700x760)
85 KB
There are too many bad people who do evil for no other reason than to feel something. Their entire existence is an attack on what is good and righteous. They cannot be redeemed, which begs the question; does it bring good karma to punish these people or slay them?
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>Like the idea of doing a bad thing to someone for the greater good of society is beyond them
Then your society is already unstable. /fin
Of course it is no one would deny this.
How would that make a society unstable? Logic is bad?
I think he's saying that, if you are in a position of seriously considering that kind of possibility, then you are already in a bad spot.
>This is why Vigilantism is looked down upon.
It's mostly looked down upon by the state, because it makes them look like incompetent retards. When a father kills a man who raped his daughter, everyone agree that he deserved it.

File: face.png (545 KB, 565x507)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
Why does this picture look so fucked up?
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looks possessed
Toll paid in full

Is that scarlet johansen?

She should have been able to survive a long time without food with all that fat.
and hot

File: iamm.jpg (201 KB, 768x767)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
What if our "higher selves" manifest our reality like a video feedback loop?
You retain all the vibrations and patterns _within_ you. Those are the programs of your reality.
To change your reality you must either "let go" of old patterns as they rise to the surface (if the camera doesn't focus on a pattern it dies, if the camera focuses on it then it's strengthened by the feedback), even if it's painful without focusing on it or giving it meaning. Just say goodbye like it's a cloud passing out the window.
Or you need to introduce new patterns (like in the video at 5:30)

Maybe the reason we can't levitate shit and fly with our minds is because we currently _lack_ those patterns within us, and have to create them.
Or because we have too many old patterns that say "you can't do that".
Maybe both.
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File: all.png (549 KB, 446x543)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
you are the higherself read the thread
made it easy for you read these
It’s just your “lessons” and your “soul contracts” bro. You chose everything before choosing to wipe your own memory and throw away the key. It’s more fun that way tee hee
Enjoy endless reincarnation and memory loss into senseless pain and suffering in “Earth school” bro.

File: 1624734322012.gif (1.96 MB, 500x500)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
If technology ever got to the point in our life time that we, as mortal humans were able to transcend and become multi-dimensional godlike beings that could live for eternity and create your own universes, would you?
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Human clones wont be bio, they'll be digital.
File: R.jpg (419 KB, 1069x1078)
419 KB
419 KB JPG

Where is this gif from??
I dunno. Just found it on 4chan one time. Forgot what thread and board. Try reverse google searching the image.
Yes assuming you are not talking about robots.

File: qt1ebqm3p6mz.jpg (40 KB, 640x693)
40 KB
Ive been trying to manifest myself a gf for 3 years straight and now im even more lonely than i was before. What the fuck am i doing wrong
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you have to have a sacrifice usually of grain or other goods. P.s use unpasteurized milk for bigger tiddies
I dont care about sex i just want someone to love me
You must go where people are anon
>now im even more lonely than i was before
Could it be because you've been focused on "tfw no GF" for the past 3 years, letting that fact seep way too deep into your psyche, instead of focusing on your own wellbeing and improvement?

tl;dr, you kinda did it to yourself, m8.
Shut up Yoda.

File: 1626398066583.jpg (75 KB, 1080x1080)
75 KB
I had a dream last night that /x/ was deleted for only "shitting up other boards", premonition?
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I had a dream last I was visiting my brother and was discussing about giving up dating and seeing hoes instead.
I then responded to him are you still married?
He then said yup, she stays in the kitchen.
That got me wondering if he is a misogynist or just treats her like a slave?
File: 1625183087718.jpg (10 KB, 301x301)
10 KB
at least this board doesn't have pornography everywhere
>dreaming about posting on 4chan
haha who does this that's weird haha
Some days ago, an /x/anon admitted making rituals to call demons to just Sneed at them.
We never know, this world is weird.
If you could delete a board for that, /pol/ would have been gone YEARS ago.

File: Consciousness.png (183 KB, 926x1345)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Hello everyone. I am making this post on behalf of a group that I cannot name. We are looking for gifted remote viewers to participate in a project that is currently being organized by our parapsychological team. This project is of significance, but I cannot disclose any more than that. Participants will be informed about the nature and purpose of this project after having remote viewed the targets. To be eligible for participation in this project you will first need to pass a test. Below you will find a link to a form. There you will be asked to remote view a specific target. You will need to provide an e-mail address so we can contact you in case we deem you eligible for participation. You are free (and encouraged) to create an e-mail address for this specific purpose, so do not believe that we are after your personal data. Regularly check your inbox after having filled out the form. You are free to cease participation at any point in time during the project if you so wish. However, to incentivise your full participation, there will be a significant reward awaiting those who participate diligently. Good luck.
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New 'squatch photos just dropped.
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Oh there's high res pics. But you gotta pay for em.
File: maxresdefault (4).jpg (60 KB, 1280x720)
60 KB
I'm convinced!
why is every squatch photo so garbage? its depressing

it makes me angry.
Nah, I'm good. I'm a soft cunt. I always get this churning sensation in my stomach whenever I look at decent pictures of cryptids/ayys.
Calling it phenomena now because ufos are actually real? Cant just lump bigfoot in with this one people.

File: Our-Lady-is-God.jpg (75 KB, 576x312)
75 KB

What the hell is this website
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Not really. She was a person of her time and fulfilled a duty hoisted upon her used vagina.
The real hero is Joseph for marrying a roastie.
As mary worship goes its abit tiresom and a filter for those who believe in God the Father, the seen and unseen power Creator of the Universe and this earth and Heaven and all things known and unknown for eternity. His representation on earth as his son the Christ Jesus was beautiful. God's continued forever presence as the Holy Spirit remains foever and also in this second of time you may read this.
Mary worship, however well intentioned, is for plebs.
it's only a paradox if you ignore that God predates the verb
by that logic God couldn't have created the universe but he did
That goes against even the Bible itself numbnuts
pleae tell mee where did I say to worship her alongside God and Jesus?

ive been saying it for years, catholics should just go full out and become a zealous venus cult

File: Figures_God_took_Enoch.jpg (440 KB, 634x975)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
The religious literature of the Sumerians precedes even the Hebrew Bible for several millennia, underlies the mythologies of several ancient cultures such as Akkadian, Babylonian, Western and Greek Semitic and shares certain similarities with the most primordial varieties of the Indo-European spiritual current.
The Judeochristian version of the story seeks to make us believe that Yahweh sent the flood because antediluvian Humanity had become corrupt due to her interbreeding with the "fallen angels". In the Book of Genesis it is claimed that the heart of all men (except for Noah and his family) was solely inclined towards evil (Genesis 6:5). The biblical narrators want to convince us that the planetary genocide carried out by their strange god was not only necessary but also just.
Then you have all the blatant plagiarism in the bible, most notably the story of the flood. The original flood story was in the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Mesopotamian poem from around 2100 b.c., while the earliest writings of the bible were from 1500 - 1300 b.c., a good 600 - 800 years afterwards. The bible's version keeps many details the same such as the number of people on it..

The bible is completely discredited as any sort of reliable source of information from the Book of Genesis alone. Why would you take anything else from
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Read Jewish sources
They admit Ezra wrote down their "oral traditions" while enslaved there. They added things to the story like 12 tribes for other reasons.

Theyre the original Black Hebrew Wishrealites
>Read Jewish sources
I try to avoid them t b h
File: 20210624_013033.jpg (495 KB, 1080x1903)
495 KB
495 KB JPG

File: Planet_signs.jpg (21 KB, 380x400)
21 KB
How do I summon planetary intellects?
How do I talk with celestial minds?
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Well if that's true, then it's really not a battle between Good & Evil where there CAN be a winner - as both are complimentary to the machinations of the other. You can't have synthesis without a thesis AND antithesis

I choose to side with the antithesis
to each their own
but aligning yourself with the forces of destruction will eventually bring ruin to yourself

a black magician can sacrifice a goat to a demon and pray for wealth
a white magician can give money to the poor
both will be blessed with wealth for their actions, but one of them will have bad karma that will come back for him eventually
File: 1626837147653.png (376 KB, 594x582)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
I'm not interested in temporal gain, but rather complete dissolution of existential self into primeval nothingness (Ain). You can't do that through Jupiter / Good as you're expanding the self rather than destroying it.

I understand the appeal of the latter though, it's just not my cup of tea. Good tidings to you.
Pluto so strong.
My pleasure.

File: 1626967545710.jpg (60 KB, 680x680)
60 KB
How do I become an ascended being capable of dismantling this reality?
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You have to die with the right faith. Or wait untill our overlords finish programming an actual matrix for harvest.
You either are or you aren't
By realizing reality for what it really is. And by realizing you for who you really are
File: 1620654088319.gif (172 KB, 244x266)
172 KB
172 KB GIF
You already are, start dismantling.
File: Fountain of Youth.jpg (140 KB, 939x1000)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Become an immortal first. And the rest will follow.

Only hell exists somehow.
The astral plane is an illusion.
what's wrong with what you said? there are surely more egregious things being posted

File: 1627168387861.jpg (11 KB, 192x299)
11 KB
Can we learn about dead religions and alive ones and help to revive the teachings and beliefs of the dead religions? For example could pagans have considered the christian god a demon like christians do with other people's gods?

What do you think of loki worshipers?
>For example could pagans have considered the christian god a demon like christians do with other people's gods?

Anon you have to understand than the concept of demons is exclusive to Abrahamic religions, and maybe some old religions from the Middle East (from which the Abrahamic religions stole content I must say). Indigenous people from America tend to see the concept of the Christian God as plain retarded concept, nor good or evil. Imagine being from a jungle tribe with your small religion well adjusted toward the area you lived and then some missionary comes and tell you about an extremely tedious and full of contradictions god from a desert, and you don't even know wtf a desert is. The main reason Christianity could expand it the way it did it was by pure brute force of imposition.
To truly understand pagan religions you have to deconstruct every single idea that Christianity have teach you since childhood and learn from zero
>but how could I understand without Christianity points of references
Fly or die
Pagans tried to roll with the punches and accepted Jesus as another god in a universe of many gods. Little did they realize that to the Xtian God's priests is an exclusive God, and that they'd have to do some tapdancing in order to hold on to the Myths and stories of their ancestors.
Loki is not a god, and he wasn't worshipped. But, he partners with the gods, especially Odin and Thor, and he links all of the disparate Myths about them together. His function was to shake up the god's System when it became too brittle and stultifying, and he more than once got them out of jams and serious trouble. He's the classical Trickster, but he went too far. He needs to be redeemed. Free Loki!!!
>demons are exclusive to abrahamic worship
wrong, lots of religions have evil spirits, they just wouldnt call them demons. i dont give a hoot what indigenous people from america think, they have tranny shamans.

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