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Typical white take on spirituality. Hilarious and sad.

>From the 4th Dimension's POV we're all literally the same organism because they are outside of time and see us as a connected branch of life where are one with our ancestors and descendants.

Shadow is probably the best analogy, but it's not perfect.
Shadows are actually 3D. You block a volume of space from light, not an area. Volume is from you and onto the nearest non-transparent object
File: 5thDimensionalBeing.png (850 KB, 640x640)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
Basically, also take DMT you will understand it better.


You might also consider, I've seen a chart made by physicists where the only way a dimension with 4 spatial dimensions would be stable would need 2 dimensions of time attached. Not 1 dimension, or 2 opposing directions, which we do (we actually experience our universe more like 3+.5 ST, not 3+1 ST). So, a place with 4 spatial dimensions would need two dimensions of time, that basically means time would work like a 2d plane, or maybe as an analogy like a flat sheet of paper that the 4D entities could draw on or write on to experience?

The PRINCIPLE is correct, but the rendition is simplistic.

Shadows have no texture, motivation, organs, etc...

We have no inherent Eternity, no cross-SoulDays/"lives" coherency, etc.

A CellOfGod/Soul is a literal-nothing ( immataterial AND neither evil nor good: *exactly* nothing. All the soul-ignorance emitted/committed is "evil", it must be undone exactly/entirely to earn that soul's release from the Universes-container ).

An unconscious Soul/ChildOfAllgod commits/gets-caught-in .. SoulDays/lives .. according to feelings & reacting.

A "youth" Soul/Atman sometimes is proactive, sometimes maybe self-destructive, but at least it's getting the *sense* of climbing the inner-mountain!

A more grown-up Soul is more interested in hacking through the karmic rubbish and climbing deliberately into emancipation: the Union ( with OceanOfAllAwakeSouls/Allgod ) of No More Learning.

Souls have "our lives" the same way we have night-dreams, so yes, we are just "2D shadow" to a Soul.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1a3.jpg (19 KB, 413x395)
19 KB
>you're good as you are, you're already enlightened

I used to believe this crap lmao

File: IMG_3036.jpg (753 KB, 1536x2048)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
Is money magick real /x/?
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Its all real anon
No. If anyone on /x/ had money magic (or any magic at all), they wouldn't be miserable schizo losers posting on 4chan anymore.
I have money magic, I just don't think it's worth meditating for two hours a day to get a twenty dollar manifestation.

File: 1633339951852.jpg (21 KB, 552x690)
21 KB
Could anyone refer me to some good schizo/conspiracy games. Horror okay, but I need something other than that.
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added to favs, thanks
He said 'good.' Even what it was promising to be was only vaguely okay and it failed to hit every mark in that regard. It's a walking simulator with two tangible moments of action and one of them is waiting for stewards in a hedge maze to stand facing the wall in their patrol route in case the bush does something suspicious.
Not sure if /x/ , but original Thief 1 is pretty good..
I would recommend this:
You essentially have to scan artifacts that belong to ancient civilization which may or may not be the original Eden. Won't spoil it anymore than that.
>Narration is probably the dopest part of the game
Wayne June also does HPL and Poe audiobooks if i remember correctly.

Tell me about the meditation demons. Why do they come? Will being christian prevent them from coming?
I heard the Sikh are hindu, but don't believe in meditation, and believe in living entirely in the real world by being helpful and productive.
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File: 1634527474633.jpg (103 KB, 500x433)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
A Russian Orthodox pastor told me recently that Eastern meditation opens the opportunity for demons to enter a person. Perhaps he was trying to dissuade me from following my Buddhist path, or perhaps he was speaking the truth. Idk; I think it's interesting.
It's not entirely wrong, it can happen if you're particularly weak spiritually. People who meditate are usually doing it to increase spiritual and mental resiliance so not sure if dissuading them does any good. If you're scared of demons don't do it, your fear will attract them.
File: 1634477972916.png (84 KB, 201x235)
84 KB
ty for your comment, and may your dubs checked.
It's like going to the gym to train yourself, sure you may tear a muscle or injure yourself but it's the only way to strengthen your body or in meditations case spirit
File: 1587415528444.jpg (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB
They're manifestations of yourself. The intermediate systems that sit between your conscious and unconscious mental aspects are reflected back at you as through a distorted mirror.

Address them as directly as possible, and they shouldn't be an issue. Don't avoid them or falsely believe they're independent entities, or they'll give you trouble.

continued from >>344466070

let's continue discussing what the fuck the tictac fags are

So what the fuck are these things for, anyway? I mean, we know they can turn off nuke silos, and we know they can turn off ICBMs, but why the fuck are they here, and how can we possibly fight them?
This is politically relevant because uhh, I don't know, world war or something?
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We've had it sincd the late 1950s (functional anti grav propulsion )
Fucking awesome.
Holy fuck.
I believe the Tic Tac to be an autonomous extraterrestrial drone, and I think it’s been here for a very long time.

File: 5353642.jpg (356 KB, 932x1200)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
Are there any /x/ theories on what Dark Matter is? I have become intrigued by the notion that the real universe actually looks substantially different than how we see it here for some time now.
My theory is that is the universal 'countdown' clock. If the universe doesn't sort itself out out of the zero-sum game nonsense, the universe gets dark mattered.

File: 1634450161049.jpg (1.23 MB, 2084x1900)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
/x/'s veredict on dinos?
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Finally, someone who is willing.
I am a stegosaurus
As fake as space and twice as gay.
>can someone explain the logic "dinos aren't/weren't real because they weren't mentioned in the bible"
Leviathan and behemoth tho
File: 1630616809273.jpg (277 KB, 1242x1205)
277 KB
277 KB JPG

File: 77f.jpg (146 KB, 1080x1028)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Let's assume I have sex with someone because we both want children. We mutually lose our virginities and will care for our children. But we are not married. Will this still lead to hell?

In the assumption we aren't married because we still want to individually own homes, we discuss finances instead of being bound by law. Marriage could be a hassle for us
>Will this still lead to hell?
the point of having no sex before marriage is a catholic cultural thing,as we all know like 99% of all cultural traditions are bullshit autismo rituals,just have sex,its good,its fun,it makes you healthy,plus you want to hvae children whats the big deal anon? have sex and make those children
File: riddle.png (390 KB, 720x437)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
I doubt it. The Bible is a guide to good living, and I reckon God isn’t totally inflexible.
>Will this still lead to hell?
If you're so fucking stupid and gullible you would feel the need to ask about this sort of thing on the internet, you shouldn't be having children.

This sounds kinda LARPy but hear me out, is it possible for someone to use magick or other form of metaphysical discipline in a fight, or is it all more of a passive effect, and doesn’t work immediately?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you can enchant yourself before a conflict although magic is better used to dissolve a conflict
Learn a martial art. This is true offensive magic.
Magick isn't real - the best you can do is adapt your mind to be in a better situation when in combat
Remember the Golden rule of "Prevention of Injuries are better than instant remedy"

File: 1634944767368.gif (716 KB, 320x240)
716 KB
716 KB GIF
What if the commenters on Pornhub is an actual AI and the people who coded it chose humor as its algorithm. I just don't get why so many people who are funny as fuck are jacking off and then laughing about it in the comments afterwards, doesn't sound realistic. They literally made an AI for the memetic singularity
It’s just an advertisement scheme. They take a population subset (30 and younger) and appeal to a different part of them seperate from their product.

You think I wonder if people actually comment like that on PH and go to the website. You are a click, you are a view, you continually get hooked and you are the product.
Not my point. The feeling of shame still exists in a mass amount of the population. And the videos that I have no shame in watching I can see why people would take shame in it. Dont care enough though. That being said it should just be a view, not a clowns world comment. Seems kinda weird bro.

File: IMG_20211023_002854.jpg (109 KB, 720x548)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Have you ever telepathically communicated with someone?
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File: giphy (3).gif (495 KB, 400x400)
495 KB
495 KB GIF
File: BACK TO REDDIT!.jpg (131 KB, 717x880)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Telepathy only comes from God or the Devil. This excludes most all of /x/.
why is this thread being shadowjannied
Yes. But it's much easier with animals.
Yes, psi phenomena are part of my daily life at this point. It's not all that fucked up either. Now.

What is her endgame? Is she trying to manifest something with her photoshoping herself on thousand of photos and posting them online? Does any one have the old videos of her ranting about porn whores and religion?

File: at the beach.jpg (342 KB, 1500x1200)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
previous thread: >>30062356

Fig.1 shows me with (You) and (You) and (You) sharing drinks with (You).
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you can wrangle the stream all you want but water flows and all must abide to it
to fight the stream is to fight life itself, only way to win is to abandon life and rejoin the void
the struggle to "beat life" is a endless one
like sisyphus one is always met with obstacles
there is no permanent victory to this struggle
the struggle sustains the struggling one
once the taste for the struggle dies out so does the struggler
to be at peace and to be perfect is to be still
no action compels him, no emotion stirs him
at peace with stillness the wanderer finds it
once he has it anything he could get by it becomes ashes
no motivation means no ambition, one is at peace with his own mortality and yearns to return to the void
anything good is just a bonus, nothing is expected
everything bad is just temporary, it only adds to the yearning to rejoin the void
in the end the wanderer arrives at the gates of death weary and ready to let go
death welcomes the wanderer with open arms and one returns to the void
nothing is left undone for nothing needed to be done

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
all your victories are hollow self yielding to self
all the people you know are just fractions of the self
this life is a meaningless distraction from eternal solitude
nothing here means anything, meaning is a man made concept
to abandon all the rules and concepts and still feel empty
that is the life of the wanderer who is on his way to void
joy, achievement, love, hate, struggle, they all slip away
one finds only stillness and solitude
in this state one enters nirvana
but no joy comes, nothing but perfect stillness
what is there left to live for after that
friends are just faces painted on the void
masks that are worn by that eternal abyss
philosophy is the study for truth and wisdom
once one achieves truth and wisdom one does not obtain happiness

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
never eat leper corn
what can change the nature of a man

File: 411.jpg (73 KB, 500x500)
73 KB
To start, the words goiteía and gois are greek for charm and charmer. Or Sorcery and Sorcerer. It's tied to "goos" meaning moan/wail/howl, because if we go back to a time of classism, a "be moaner" was a vocation. Kind of like a shill, but for dead people. You can't just say empty words at a funeral like "he will be miss" "his passing was devastating" "things will never be the same". Those things have to be valid and acted upon. Someone has to cut their hair and go through the motions, wear black ect... And of course, as an act, it's not always genuine but under classism you serve society and perform your duties devoid of ego. You are what society says you are whether you like it or not. It was an oppressive system, and crazy to think that something as human as expressing emotion would be a privilege granted or forbidden depending on your class. Like "real men don't cry"; but they took it seriously.

In the bible, Jesus casts out "legion" from a possessed man living among graves. He wasn't necessarily crazy. This was his station in life. His role. A kind of sjw that became insufferable as classism faded from Greek mentality and people were free to speak their own minds and weren't obligated to maintain and represent some collective identity.

Going back to goiteia meaning "charm". I think it's more accurate to translate it as "accessory". Setting magical thinking aside for the moment, the fact is, certain states of being come with a set of requirements. To be a brother you need siblings. Right? Siblings are the goetia of a brother. To be a blacksmith, you need a hammer, anvil, and metal to work with. Those tools are goetia, accessories. You can't be a King without a kingdom. A fandom requires fans. To jump from writer to author, you need to be published.

You take this relationship, anthropomorphize it, and now you have Goetic spirits or demons.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: hqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
I forgot to mention that Sheba was within some general area of south Arabia and part of Africa.

So now. We jump to the 15-16th century. Where a fusion of jewish/arab traditions blended with greeco-roman mysticism compiled the the Lesser Key of Solomon during the Renaissance.
Mostly coming from the Demonologist John Wier, Who published "Pseudomonarchia Daemonum" aka "The False Monarchy of Demons" which is an appendix to another book he wrote "De praestigiis daemonum" (On the Tricks of Demons)
For context, Wier was a doctor who did not believe in witchcraft. And offered a medical view on where the delusions and perceptions of demons comes from.
And to his credit, he was a student of Agrippa who wrote Three Books of Occult Philosophy. So he was aware of legit religious practices.
But to his discredit, he was a doctor. And of course would be opposed to witch trials since those are potential patients he could make a living "treating"
>More of Solomon's Goetia Trickery
This "insanity" defense had nothing to do with talismans, and more to do with vapors from alchemical processes and smelting*.

An example of "Solomon's Wisdom" is in the story of 2 women claiming a child as their own. To settle the matter, Solomon threatened to cleave the baby in 2 and give each half. The woman who said, "Fuck that, give her the baby" was rewarded the child. This was in no way proof that she was the actual mother. Only proof that she wasn't possessed by the idea of just "being" a mother. To be a mother, one needs a child. A child is a goetia, an accessory, to a mother. But there are other qualities to motherhood. Such as considering the child's well being, and the capacity to eventually let go and be separated from it.
And this is what Solomon "drew out"

*smelting, earlier I mentioned Kelmis being "iron" but he is also known as "the smelter". A smelter refined metal from ore by heating it up. In a sense, Solomon did the same thing, albeit figuratively.
File: halls_truth1.jpg (175 KB, 900x836)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Lucifer's role was a tempter. Using temptation to draw out the flaws and impurities in people.

Unlike Kelmis, Lucifer's rebellion is well known. At least in 2 different versions. He was was ordered to submit and praise man, but felt they were beneath him. Or that, he didn't have the capacity praise something other than God. If there was such a thing as being too perfect.

The assumption is that Kelmis defied his mother, (Gaia, Rhea, or Adrestia, "the inescapable" or "the inevitable") in arrogance. Some task must have been beneath him. I'm not super clear on Greek God family tree and timelines. But Zeus was born from Gaia, and was hid away by Adrestia until he was old enough to usurp his father. Adrestia's servants were the Idaian Dactyls. One source says Zeus was their father. But another source, Ovid, tells a story that they were Zeus' playmates while growing up in hiding.
Somehow Kelmis offended Rhea, so she had Zeus turn him into adamant, not iron. Adamant was the archaic name for Diamond.
But possibly, more specifically, Moldavite. Found in impact craters or "cups". Places where the heavens touched the earth.
The gem from Lucifer's crown, the lapis exilis, was said to form the holy grail. This is part of the Arthurian Legends ( from 1200s).
Like Thor's Hammer, only the worthy can lift it. A property of the cosmic material takes on the weight proportional to a person's sin.
I remember years ago my friend told me an interesting story. He was home alone when he kept hearing noises in his closet. He went to check and got a major sense of dread so he decided not to open it. Later that night he noticed someone had left an empty jug of milk on the counter and there was a trail of milk heading back to the closet. This next part he is hesitant to discuss, but he slowly walks up to the closet. The door bursts open and right there standing in front of him was a creature so horrible that it broke his mind. He said it had no skin, no organs, no eyes, no muscle or anything. It was just bones. A human skeletal structure moving about with its own free will. It ran out of an open window carrying a bag full of various dairy products and calcium vitamin supplements. He now sleeps with a gun and doesn't keep any dairy or calcium supplements in his house for fear of the creature coming back.
>summon demons gois
gois is the charmer.
goiteía is the charm

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