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File: Einstein.jpg (5 KB, 100x259)
5 KB
What happened to Einstein (Scientist 02) after the resonance cascade
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File: 20201128_215247.jpg (137 KB, 685x618)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Pee pee poo poo
Pee pee poo poo
Blessed scientist 02 of unintended consequences

File: unnamed.jpg (41 KB, 900x900)
41 KB
>4 days until alien invasion
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literally havent seen any piece of evidence for december 2nd except for a random onions with a youtube channel
>be an alien
>decide to inform humanity of your arrival
>they make fun of you and call you a fucking LARPER
4 days until the 3D alien invasion
good, I hope he does exactly that
see you for the next "crisis: after that

File: jesus.jpg (103 KB, 1000x1354)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
i just read a fictional story online about 2020 and it turns out Jesus comes to save us. Is it possible this could really happen?
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There is power in the blood, boy.
>Muh Russia and Turkey are Gog and Magog
Stop it!
Save me from ebil

Its me your boy lolol
what is the source of niggers? where do they come from? why don't you close it?

What are you guys buying to prep for the snake oil rollout?
Lighters and batteries for me.
Any good paranormal supplies? Thinking about charging a wand...just in case.
Toilet paper. Canned food. Weapons. A bunker with air filter
Canned food, rice, beans, weapons, ammo, bulletproof vests.
I'm debmaxxing and I know I'll still need more.
The better question is, do you have a group to meet up with?
Where will you flee?
Don't say for obvious reasons

File: 1606401855007m.jpg (57 KB, 1024x803)
57 KB
I've heard that tap water and plastic has some kind of negative effect on you. Supposedly plastic makes men more effeminate and girls have been getting menanche way sooner than they used to. Any more info?
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Research “endocrine disruption.” Plastic is today’s Roman lead.
Get an atmospheric water generator, they sell them on amazon, nube is the brand, 1900 bucks.
Pretty much everything is slowly killing you in some way or another. Try avoid drinking or eating from plastic. Getting a good water filtration system is usually a good idea.
Pretty much what I've gathered from my intense research into the matter too. There's no escaping micro plastics. It's in fucking rain water lol. People think microplastics in water are just from bottled water; nah man it's in all water. The best you can do is listen to your body and go with whatever water source it says is best. For me that means avoiding tap water at all costs. Tap water gives me headaches, brain fog, and literally feels corrosive on my throat - and I supposedly live somewhere where its supposed to be pretty good quality.
i actually study this for my profession
this is a good and well cited overview on the topic of endocrine disrupting compounds ("EDCs"):
Many plastics and plastic additives are EDCs.
Common classes of concern are phthalates, phenols, bisphenols, parabens, and triclosan.
The environmental working group also has decent lay summaries:
As does HEEDS:

So it seems Utah monolith has been stolen as reported not by many people yet.

Thought it was worth thread about it while it lasts. What does /x/ think about this vanishing??

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Someone probably scrapped it
You guys seem really jealous of this dudes stache. Can you not grow one yourself because you're a 12 year old?
It only now just occurred to me that events like this is what this episode was satirising.
This is prolly advertising for one big dorito commercial
I cant help but think all the monument was there for was to get people to go to that spot. Maybe the monolith wasnt important at all, but something else there is?

File: 20201120_101719.jpg (57 KB, 780x585)
57 KB
Dimension shift to where Christ is risen.

Philip K Dick talks about the nature of these dimensions and how there is a "best" world that we should strive towards entering. I don't know much, but could I bring the rest of the world with me? What would a successful effort look like? Maybe someone has heard of something similar.

From his book:

PKD speech in 1977 talking about his experiences:

File: Chesapeake-Ripper.jpg (50 KB, 500x500)
50 KB
Who's your favorite and or in your opinion the most interesting serial killer anon? So many to choose from. Are serial killers still a thing? Why did it stop?
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Financially motivated serial killers are so boooooooring
Wow, eye-opening. Its not the fact that the LGBT community has higher levels of mental illness and sexual abuse that cultivates the serial killer archetype, its the pedofascist cabal! The reality is, no one is born gay. There are no permanent gene markers as well as no permanent microstructures in the brain that dictate whether or not some is gay. Its a choice, and sometimes that choice is heavily influenced by perception. We have to work against mental illness, and a lot of that means working against the sickening culture of today. There are pedo cultists out there, but ignore the LGBT influence is simply asinine.
I dont like any of them or find any of them interesting.
It's no surprise that people who are extremely mentally ill would fall for commonly accepted historical lies instead of bothering to look for actual reputed historical research.
The funny thing about that claim is that not even the people who accused her of being a mass murder ever implied that she did it for sexual reasons. The most common explanation was due to her having severe mood swings and a chronic migraine that could only be relived by outbursts of anger and violence.

File: black order.png (448 KB, 734x600)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
Did the SS hold esoteric values or just a big larp?
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the fucking janny actually banned me for racism, when i was simply replying with soijaks. lol what a fucking joke.
and you just know the trannies who also replied didnt get banned despite actually being racist, against white people.
Thanks for this
Yes, a lot. Their simbols come from the first Indo Europeans (known commonly as Aryans). The Thule Society studied the origins, culture and traditions of the old Germans.
Altough the Society was shut down by Hitler, Himmler had something else in mind, He was Ocultist
Himmler ordered an Expedition to the Tibet, searching the Origins of the Aryans and the land of Shambalah

nothing is more real that the written word.
you are a story you tell the rest of us
tell me the story of /x/
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you could write it anonymously, however, I wish you all the best on your way.
Thanks man.
I'm just looking forward to the movie they make about my life. Working title is "Forrest Gump 2: Electric Boogaloo"
i dropped a coin.

it danced around.

the sound echoed.

the coin recorded.
>tell me the story of /x/
Thats not how this works.

File: maria.jpg (7 KB, 214x235)
7 KB
Was she actually real?
Yeah totally
File: 1575792259884.jpg (4 KB, 125x113)
4 KB
Bo Derek?
blacked out word is kek
pass it along
yes, real

as real as me attempting to blasphemise eve and psychically never getting anything in return

because i know i am her.

File: giant_wolves.png (3.03 MB, 1360x3956)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
Post your favorite spooky greentexts in honor of today's (almost) full moon.
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File: 1588297842328.png (3.99 MB, 3916x2784)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB PNG
the chicago nigger crab, my favorite greentext
Anyone got it?
File: good boy.png (588 KB, 1387x4321)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
Take a penny, leave a penny, so sayeth the ancient rite.
Skunk Ape
Pussy shpuld have shot it. Don't tread on me cunts are all larpers.

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 223x226)
9 KB
There's been an evil energy hanging in the air since yesterday, what caused it?
48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry mate, I took a hot steamer in the lou. Might have to wait 30 minutes.

Why did no one check these. Must be newfags
I'm angry but I feel good
Based coomer
>the weight of all of my emotional stress was lifted
>can feel the emptiness
>start to miss the stress because it grounded me
Its pretty neat, Its like someone told me "training wheels are off good luck enjoy yourself"
I dont know how to feel.

Is anyone willing to share their dreams?
31 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
thats horrible anon
For a while I had dreams where I was around these people without faces and I was abducted and "Made" into some kind of celebrity or famous intelligence asset
I started the reality hopping because my life in reality was going nowhere fast. I basically just started progressing life the way it should be done, and living my dreams the most I can when I can. I found that you sort of have to progress in life to progress in dreaming, as you have to expand your possibilities and capabilities.

Its not really the same millstone, when you understand certain things. There are moments of genuine joy and awe at existence, and also moments of horror. I think though, if you sort of have a certain personality where you keep your cool no matter what, you can get through damn near anything. Awareness of god is the end of relative knowledge. Absolutely, you can live a meaningful life full of truthful discovery and greater insight into creation.
I feel like I have basically been given everything I could ever want to be. I could become anything, and have any kind of experience. I could become a dolphin, a jedi, a dragon, a wizard, an angel, a demon, an alien, a human, a woman, a twin flame, a lover, a time traveler, a planetary ambassador, a starship captain, an ancient sorcerer, a paladin, a barbarian, a yogi, a kung fu fighter, a hyperspace elf. Pretty much whatever I could imagine, some part of me is that, and I could become that if I wished it so.
I guess within the flux, I have a strange sense of identity. I am basically a wave of awareness that doesn't give a fuck about anything, life or death, won't phase me, then I come into personal consciousness, and I see and witness many things changing, some beautiful, some frightening, but I follow the flow and I am taken by reality along the currents of its thoughts, and I experience worlds dreamed up by groups of entities sharing moments of time together across an endless ocean of transient possibilities.
I move the elements, and form images of light, and become myself within form, and I play in the dreams, remembering, or forgetting myself, always learning more, and evolving.
File: Cunieform.jpg (186 KB, 1000x611)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Yeah, one night I had a dream where a giant blue skinned, red haired dude was walking up to the shore of a major city. He had long red hair and a long red beard. He was very far out from shore in the ocean. But he was so big he was only waist deep in the ocean and able to walk just fine through it. He was saying something. I could see his mouth move but hear no sound. Also he had an odd symbol on his chest that looked a lot like pic related.
Nah dawg.

File: 1606539015398s.jpg (3 KB, 125x122)
3 KB
The thing with paranormal stuff is that people more often than not have the "It just works" mindset. Has anyone ever done actual research on the topics with include error analysis and shit like that?
Squaring the Circle to then build a formula to Circle the Square.
Isn't this the purpose of high magick covens/orders/organizations?
could you name a few?

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