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File: unnamed.jpg (205 KB, 900x900)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Why does he hate pbs so much?
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Good bait, but go elsewhere. X is too slow a board for this and has too many real schizos.
I liked his opinions on the contemporary illustrations, I hadn't really thought of it before.
Bob has a reckoning for the liberty they have stolen from us.
Seethe more, faggot.
This guy was the best squatch youtuber until he started putting in these childrens book ass illustrations and narrating fictional bullshit

Is there any girl in the 21st century an esoteric Christian? Or is very modern female interested in the occult a paganoid.
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There’s her:

And pic related is a Martinistes group that has some women
That entire post is basic as fuck.
Theurgy is the vehicle in which you better yourself and become closer to God
Neat! Thanks Anon, gotta say not as hot as a thottie binding and bulli-ing demons out of the crossed keys, but still neat.
Interesting lot those types, as far as underground/mystic christian groups go, you really don't see much from them at all. Kind of like that.
Is that why they were pictured as having radiant halos or flames above their head? Literally, illuminating.

File: irl aliens.jpg (186 KB, 750x343)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Could someone redpill me of both lyrans and reptilians?
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Anon what can you tell me about this Discord Cult that shills the Lyran Fiction?
File: Eboo ah ah aboo.jpg (191 KB, 960x640)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
lyrans ''allegedly created us'' and repties are native earthlings.
I take everything I say about aliens from my own interpretation based on dreams and psychedelic experiences. I think this is the way they communicate with us. As far as I know there infact is a race of aliens that remind us of humanish sized praying mantis, but it's just a human association they aren't actually genetically similar to mantids or insects at all. There is only one of those guys interested in the earth and humans at all, sort of a Jane Goodall of their kind. They don't really have sexes in the same way as humans but their is something of a masculine energy from they guy so I will refer to him in like manner. He was a pretty nice guy, zen and chill as fuck as long as you were on his good side. Like an alien Mister Miyagi.
Is OP's picture actually the only one that exists? I only ever see this one version. Pretty boring. I bet this image has been uploaded here over 100,000 times.

I really want to get into cave diving, I have been working on getting fit since I'm still a little chubby and I want to be in good physical condition before I actually start my journey. Any /x/philes into cavediving?
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nutty putty
File: 1615769686564.jpg (38 KB, 540x786)
38 KB
Yep, exactly. Wonder if he knows. Pic. related
There's a way to open up a portal to the Inner Earth. However, I'm having trouble finding the thread that contains the instructions. It involves playing certain frequencies over speakers.
What is the attraction of climbing into a narrow cave? I think cave divers do it only because they have a trauma and want to climb back into the mother's vagina.

Those who take it will be damned.
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you think anyone who cares to track you doesn't have the ability, tripcode or not?
hubris - the thread

come again please, but not in this messy way
Is it weird if it made me more spiritual?
>Also why would you even get the vax if you lurk here
The fact that all the schizos and psyop bots rail against it is the main piece of evidence that the vaccine is a benefit.
sad! KYS

File: proxy-image-213.jpg (11 KB, 264x191)
11 KB
And so..... they failed to save one of their own. .

Somebody just like them.
Was it incompetence? Ignorance?
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Pull up with the heat,
Let me beat my meat,
I don't need a beat,
My penis on your feet.

Fuck her in the nose,
I'm a pro with prose,
Poke you in the eye,
As I nut upon your toes.
I notice a lot of faggots and weak men try to justify working for pure evil with all types of mental gymnastics.
hurr there it's not the evil it's the wicked lol

Thank you for your service to pure evil.
Isn't that what American's indoctrination says ?

Thank you for going back in time and fighting world war two captain America
you fucking traitor to humanity.
File: 1620221036830.jpg (16 KB, 414x319)
16 KB
> They all know they have it coming
Depends. A lot of "Evil" people will be rewarded for ethically carrying out their universal duties.
> At least teach their loved one's
You need to be placed into an asylum.
> mental gymnastics
You mean "Critical Thinking worthy of world class sport"? Weird insult.

> Thank you for your service to pure evil
God allows pure evil to exist. Who the fuck are you to hinter the holy spirit because you are uncomfortable with its sometimes mysterious manifestations?
> Thank you for going back in time and fighting world war two captain America
you fucking traitor to humanity

This thread is the only thread I feel comfortable using this image in.
File: i.gif (1.61 MB, 504x458)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
Let me be specific.
This thread is a type of psychological attack where the poster intentionally makes vague slightly benign statements.

It is designed to hijack empathy.
Yes: Designed. This thread is not a stand alone complex.
It has a clearly defined intent.

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Racoons and housecats have the same territories and posture but we don't pretend they're easy to mistake for one another. Stop being retarded
>>28490991 Maybe you’re right. But then again you might also confuse cats and raccoons if you were observing them from 50+ yards in a dense temperate rainforest like all the Bigfoot believers
Bigfoot is real, he's alive, but he is not biological. He's a thoughtform. He's man's rejected primal nature. The first "hairy man" was the original reference to him - Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh. He is worldwide and can appear on any time and to any culture.
This is true.
I fucked her, Bigfoot's got a DEEP pussy. I'm rocking a footlong and even I didn't get close to bottoming out.

File: Master_file.png (1.06 MB, 1200x900)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
So what exactly are skinwalkers? Where do they come from? Have you ever seen any? How do you avoid being their victim? And in a worst case scenario, how do you kill one?

Let's see what /x/ has to say.

Previous thread: >>28388375
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Don´t have it, but I´m pretty sure it was in the last Skinwalker-Thread OR in the last Greentext-Thread, so look through those, I guess.
My GOD, this is so unbelievably BASED!! XDDDDD
Not all are forced. You can't really force someone to have a sadistic, corrupted heart. If their family members cannot get them to submit to the ritual they either die or manage to run away. If they run far from the area, they will generally be fine.
Keep in mind that Skinwalkers are generally territorial and only work within their grounds, and the best solution to them is to simply stay away. Their family lines are already growing few and far between.
I didn't think they were all forced, it's just weird to think someone's family would do that. But I won't deny it.

Yes, if I knew where they were at I'd gladly stay away. But the issue is I don't, aside from a very large general region. I just hope that they would at least have some kind of warning rather than going for blood on the first shot.

File: a01.png (288 KB, 720x1130)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Someone posted it in pol last night but didn't post the whole thing so I'm posting it here, it seems to have gotten a lot of weird stuff pretty accurate, is it a schizo post or was anon onto something?
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based on what I know this is surprisingly closer to the truth about ayys than not
there's an extremely low, but nevertheless real chance this guy was for real
Demons get mad because /pol/ is so harsh to all that it only lefts the bare truth.
The debris are rockets to build the Chinese space station.

More than 10 missions expected to build it so expect more falling debria and tragedies and hate against China.
Started off strong, folded under the scrutiny and left with generic boring concepts. Fun read though.
File: tqpwpwq.jpg (40 KB, 1080x1836)
40 KB
Leaving this ship from a dream because something tells me it's important.

File: 1520732311118.png (1.04 MB, 960x952)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Looking for a video posted here of two pilots filming that pulsing nebula like thing, they were flying in Mexico
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File: 1618396197871.jpg (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
File: plane sees ayys.webm (908 KB, 640x360)
908 KB
this? This one is a rocket launch.
Is this what you're referring to?
Is this it?

File: Shin Megami Tensei .gif (196 KB, 220x124)
196 KB
196 KB GIF

Here it is !!!


File: 7b5.png (1.27 MB, 2359x1749)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Today i had a weird dream, i dreamt i was in bed with a cute blonde girl she was on top, than the next thing i remember was she was putting a silver cross necklace on me, and i am not even Christian
You’re not a Christian, your a faggot
you must be fresh of from /pol/ maybe you should lie down a bit
Did you feel happy?
i was suprised more than anything

File: 1505779907480.png (480 KB, 730x505)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
What are conection between Knights Of Malta & Templars and Fagmasonry?

File: 1619081176612.jpg (17 KB, 720x405)
17 KB
Any partial /sci/fags here who can help me deboonk my own experience? Recently, I've been casually messing around with telekinesis. And surprisingly, I've had results, but they're small and likely easily explained away. I'm able to slightly move thin pieces of paper pretty reliably, and even slightly thicker things like a hand towel. However, these movements are very small. I was wondering if maybe it was the result of static electricity? Or a change in air pressure from me moving my hand near them? Schizo explanations are also welcome. Pic unrelated.
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.


What matters is that you're a larping faggot , here's the D
Moving objects with your arms is not telekinesis
Here comes the right testicle , the girl on the left

the prize money that never really exsisted offered by an obstinate pseudo-skeptic who is known to harrass nobel prize winners? that one?
If ghosts can move objects why can't you? Ghosts are just dead humans
No , it's taking a dump of semen in that mouth of yours

make sure to think of ways you might be tricking yourself.
Then make those things impossible.
If you still are getting results, its worth investigating further.

How come the broom so symbolic amongst witches and Wiccan culture?
According to a book on Wiccan Magic I own, the broom is used to clean symbollically the area were you put your altar / ritual space. While not using it it should hang behind your door so it keeps away evils spirits and bad luck. And they look so cool. Anons, I can't wait to live on my own and have stuff like that in my home.
Its derived from the ritual of the horse.
The broom was originally a mock horse.
This is why in the oldest depictions, they ride the broom backwards.

The broomhead was a stand in for the horse's head.

File: pisces.png (129 KB, 810x810)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
They have lived all lives before, they literally know everything. They know what is wrong and what is right

One could say they are perfect - or at least very close to being perfect
30 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
for some odd reason they always have the name Brandon.
All of them?! That doesn't seem likely. This one's a crab man. Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) was an Aquarius.
But my moon is a Pisces. So, it still warrants the lift of one eyebrow.
There's more to it than just your Sun sign. I don't know really in what ways exactly, but there is. I know Mars and Venus signs deals with sex and love. I want to say Sun is your base sign. Either Moon or Rising is what drives you.

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