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File: fggtINC.jpg (279 KB, 714x715)
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279 KB JPG
Alright faggots red pill me on the vaccines, why shouldn't I take them? What if I take just 1 dose BUT NOT THE SECOND? Will I be fucked by just taking the first?
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But what about just taking the first? And go on without the second dose?
I've heard the second one is the deadliest, so the first one is a placebo of some kind?
No glowies wanna recommend me some meds?
unvaccinated got covid, recovered in 2 days, all i had were swelled sinuses. my parents got vaccinated and they also got covid but they got it much worse.
Maybe that happened because your parents are older?

File: jy659n9twxu41.jpg (1.16 MB, 2500x2500)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
I still have the sneaking suspicion that all of this is just a mixture of LARP and self induced hallucinations + pattern seeking. What's the quickest most surefire method I could use to at least subjectively demonstrate to myself that there's actually something there?
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The unwashed park rangers could put you into boot camp
>stop! you don't understand! I'm trying to contact the astral plane!
McMoneagle is a legend
plenty of vids of him are online

the only problem with him are his huge talents
he kinda broke the military remote viewing box with his powers, messing up the methods for the rest of the regular guys. He just too good to be the base/writer of the methods. His stuff is for advanced and gifted people.

When failsight uses his methods, the results are pathetic despite having fairly good viewers. Open ended targets send viewers all over the place and diffuse the efforts of everyone but apparently not much for Joe...

That's when the strict methods used in the army is much better to get results. Its really focussed and precise vs sending them over a general aera and hope they pick up the relevant target's data.
One night of missed sleep isn't extended sleep deprivation. If that was the case high schoolers would be seeing heaven and hell at school after every moba fueled all nighter they do
basic cough syrup will get anyone properly fucked up and hallucinating, for like less than 10$ at any drug store
drink grape juice
sink your feet in a foot deep hole filled with water saturated with salt
enjoy the ride

What are they like? Do you trust them?
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Says the faggot who takes offence to a vague insult
Your idiocy pisses me off because it encourages more idiocy and I don't like being around nigger souls.
File: 29238567205984.jpg (138 KB, 728x1057)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Yes, I know what you're talking about.

There are ALOT of these 'doppelanger' beings on Astral realm--- many of which are the reptillian shapeshifters--- and many of which are native denizen entities of the Astral realm, but are of negative polarity.

This entire what I call 'Industry' or a 'Conglomerate' if you will, is ONE SICK FUCK machinery of the worst kind. So sick that if only people would wake up to the real truth of it one day they'd see that it's like a hell in which people are basically FARMED for energy/emotion("loosh") for these beings...

This is all one huge machination of The Demiurge/False Reality that spans across three dimensions(3D - Physical, 4D - Astral, and 5D - certain spiritual planes) and it's conglomerate has servants from various host humans to various negative ET factions and astral beings.

Reason why most people have no clue about this is because most people are simply too un-consciouss and in a state of 'soft-sleep' while being 'awake' in their daily lives. Most people are going through their lives asleep and have no idea what's going on beyond the veil of 'normal'.

The more lucid you become in both the waking reality and the astral/dream plane the less likely is that they're going to mess with you - Because then you can see and recognise their sick games and their bullshit - which is mostly designed to trick you in order to induce fear or any kind of low-vibrational loosh energies that they feed on.

The reason why these entities 'shapeshift' and transform in your family members, friends and close ones is mostly to TRICK YOU into believing them and to gain your trust so they could just do their sick tricks into expunging energy from you.... AND THIS IS NOT UNCOMMON OR UNHEARD OF! Many of the dream/astral seekers and explorers and shamans report this very same behavior where these entities display this doppelanger tricks and taking forms of the people you know in real life.
I mean, I trust literal demons more than I do human beings.
Well if the real humans got their souls kicked out that would explain the insanity going on today. A human soul might as well larp as a demon then just to have a connection back to earth.

File: 1626893315806.jpg (556 KB, 1024x1345)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
Was Jesus a real man or just a story written by Esoteric Jews?
I kinda feel like Jesus was a real person but I struggle to understand how he could be God in the flesh
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Several historians of the time recorded his existence and they were not followers of them including Josephus
Everything you read in the bible is spiritual or astronomical in nature. Planets, signs, geometry.

If you read this book you will get it better. Jeus only show up at the very end.

File: x-5.jpg (48 KB, 480x360)
48 KB
>Was Jesus a real man or just a story written by Esoteric Jews?
I like to think he was. If he was or wasn't-doesnt matter, he was still an extension to the Logos/Monad/Uncorruptable realm that words cannot discribe.
>I kinda feel like Jesus was a real person but I struggle to understand how he could be God in the flesh.

The child Yeshuas birth was foretold, that the spirit of the Christ would live within. It came to be after the one named John baptized Him.
The Christ is supposed to be the middleman away from the Hebrew god, Yahweh who is warden of the material world.

Or im dumb and have no idea and am destined to repeat and reincarnate into one ofcthe many realms of the material world.
That's a pretty cool book anon

File: 669448.jpg (68 KB, 720x1025)
68 KB
I don't doubt their skill but most I've heard of are too deep into wicca, folk or left hand to be able to develop the critical thinking skills that people like Peter Carroll and DuQuette have when it comes to picking apart mysticism instead of taking it at face value.
Put simply, I have seen plenty of male magicians follow a sort of academic mindset when dealing with the occult but almost no witches do this, I'd be surprised if there were more than 1/50th of witches taking the chaos magic route.
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I'm waiting for a woman with red hair to show up
That's actually based desu

File: file.png (1.03 MB, 1172x1214)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Where is he buried?
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Why would they kill jimmy hoffa
i thought they said he was most likely cremated
this it isnt your daughter
Balls deep in your dad’s butt.
There are only two options. Most likely he went into witness protection. Otherwise he was shot on the runway and later taken across the street where he was buried in an unmarked grave under a different name. If it was a hit the bosses would have wanted to see him dead with their own eyes so they would have had to be there. The island airport is the most likely meet spot. There were always rumors about him being buried on the island anyway.

redpill me on G, /x/
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In my experience, the answer is usually "all of the above". These people love killing 100 birds with 1 stone
Idk but I just found out about the Masonic square and compass hidden in the letter A in this font
leave the blue lodge...

File: 1624409913945.jpg (232 KB, 1024x788)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Not literally
I mean I really wanna feel innocent and excited about each day like I was as a child.
I want the sense of wonder back.

Dose /x/ believe there is a spiritual path that will actually lead to this?

This is what True enlightenment means to me.
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it's absolutely possible, but you'd have to be willing to let go of tons of things to get back there, basically all the things that make you into the ridiculous joke of a "socially functioning adult"
as an example of something you'd have to let completely go of that would make it impossible for you both to keep being a cog in the machine, and to have a "normal social life" would be to relinquish the concept of time altogether and ceasing to make plans altogether (no more planning to meet at x location at y time ever again, just spontaneously going places and/or asking people if they want to come), and this is just one example of the many ways in which your soul has been constricted and crushed
physical immortality in this very life is fully possible for those who really wish to attain it, there's a ton of information about it all over the Internet too for those who are curious
>Continuous joy would be best translated as bhava or perhaps samadhi
not true at all
the word "bhava" would be best translated as "becoming", and typically actually refers to the exact opposite of bliss, namely the inevitable suffering associated with samsara, which is very often depicted as the "wheel of becoming", the "bhavacakra"
the word "samadhi" also doesn't mean anything like "continuous joy", the most literal translation of it would be "held together", and refers to a perfect state of continuous unbroken concentration, not necessarily joyful at all
the best way to translate "continuous joy" would be to phrase it as something like "eternal bliss", since that's most accurate in that context, so "nithyananda" is what I would write
alternatively "anavarananda", which might be a bit more precise in capturing the meaning of "continuous" as something that's continuous for a given period, but not necessarily eternal, which "nithya" indicates
Literally all of them desu

File: file.png (337 KB, 478x478)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
Why is the moon orange tonight?
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The moon was always orange. We're sorry for the inconvenience. The optical filter field is down for maintenance. Please don't look at the moon until repairs are complete. Thank you for your cooperation.
Orange in South America too.
burning and relativity
I’ll give you another bullshit response like everyone else here. Your mom put it in her butthole.

Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?”
whole region is covered with wildfire smoke from further north. ever heard of wind?

File: 4VXL2739.jpg (143 KB, 720x720)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
why do all religions ask to surrender to the Gods and see past illusions?
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when people talk about concepts like you just have, they often seem to not view them as things of movement or sway, like life is
you aren't 100% always making money. you can do some A and some B at different times in different amounts as you feel.
the gods are still at play at all times. there is nothing that isn't "divine"
you can enjoy the fruits of life, just know that its all like pipelines. the farther you swing down here the farther you will swing away from that.
if it helps, you can view the center as the heart, love, understanding. but then you venture out down different doorways that may distance you from the heart
i think its generally inevitable (depends on the person) that this will happen, and that what's more important is balance balance balance
because all religions are shyte
well practically they can offer you methods to achieve the consciousness of their particular representation
its the empiricism thats shite
File: Ez3-HBbVUAMx0ub.jpg (274 KB, 1536x2048)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
had a bee in the house trying to get out
>open window
>pull out screen
>fucker gets stuck between the window panes
>grab stick, force it between panes, nudge his ass down
>dumbass keeps trying to crawl up
>probably injured it
>two minutes of knocking him down and him crawling up, 2cm from freedom
>finally he stops resisting and i push him out the window
>flies off
i realized hell is just people being retarded and resisting
yeah imo hell is just a state of mind that may reflect in our world, should a lot of people be caught in it

This isn't a troll thread but a genuine inquest. Since Tantric Yoga is a thing I was wondering if it would be possible to activate my sacral chakra by putting myself inside a vibrating vacsuit with VR goggles hooked up to a constant state of porn while not allowing myself to cum and putting myself in a sensory deprivation box for 24 hours with an IV drip of water, nutrients, pre workout and viagra

People say they get powers from nofap or edging or tantric sex or from fapping as a form of sex magick so why wouldn't my plan work?
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Try it. Come back with results.
File: apu.png (20 KB, 1000x1000)
20 KB
what the fuck
File: reese.jpg (84 KB, 1024x768)
84 KB
Yeah it should work, intuition says it isnt Holy tho. Just need to monitor your vital signs for possible fluid overload, and someone to turn or roll you (unless you can yourself), someone to watch vitals (maybe an iPhone (TM) APPel Watch))) can help you with this since it has a vitals monitor upon it.
No but you'll probably attract a "demon"
OP is on the path to building mankind's last invention. God speed OP.

File: file.png (1.99 MB, 960x957)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
I believe in god more every single day
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atheism is early 2010s cringe now anon, don't you know. We are collectively growing up and realizing that being angry at god for our misgivings, hoping no god exists so we will not be punished, is extremely small thinking. Stop picturing god as skydaddy, stop blaming the pope and religion at large for your distaste at the idea of a creator, and come join the frens at the table of peace and forgiveness. Have a blessed day
Selamun aleykum, anon
Yes, every time I’m called a “Christcuck”, or insulted I become stronger. Please continue.
Why do you believe in your sweet and fluffy Lord?

actually from the future here
-stop believing in time traveling machines, you won't be able even with your souls because it's not possible
-by 2035 literally nothing will change, aliens will come around 2023/25 and unlock our brains to the new reality
In 2045 I fucked off, but still only energy became cheap and everything's fueled with solar/nuclear
-anime is sadly 3d now
-nozawa replacement sound like a young nozawa for goku but slight different, she died at 90 and she didn't resigned from her role until she passed away

nothing special to speak, there will come a one guy who is actually some bullshit powerful soul and he will school us because he is done with our stupidity as the civilization, euro is everywhere and eu get ukraine, russia is shithole that is getting a life like poland did, the next USA president is some dude with black hairs and wide face, he looks like from a comedy move, then some young gal and then some old filler and overall it gets downhill, after biden there is nothing unusual
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you know, it's maybe nothing special, but it's always interesting and fun to compare what's different
I'm like that because aliens literally come and fucked off while later, but they are not acting like us, it's really like meeting an asperger but actually normal
they have shit logic as well but they made this this far because of that strict logic like the asperger has

I think that it's some original route for us before genes split
in a way they are the same like animals, it's looks like we are lucky to be more with control
and please, fuck off from me, I'm not into your bullshiting, I'm on holidays in a way, I needed this to think

File: anjos_e_domos.png (890 KB, 1200x454)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
angels represents the manifestation of holes in the domes.

moot is a manifestation of holes in your dick

File: file.png (49 KB, 596x331)
49 KB
You will learn nothing here. The World Order already has it figured out. Look within, gain power, or perish a sheep like the rest.
File: loosh.jpg (111 KB, 1920x1080)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>Controlled Offensive Behavior USSR
>Parapsychology in WarSaw Pact Countries
>Soviet and East European Research
>7 pages of USSR parapsychology history
>Larger document on Soviet and Czech parapsychology research (DIA report)

t. chucks
>skips from 23 to 29
Coded what?!

the corn syrup comes from criminal orgs who used it to create bootleg alcohol during prohibition. they moved on to scamming hawaii out of sugar profits and the corn people joined them. now the corn people have lobbied for it to be made into ethanol and added to gasoline. organized crime is magical.

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