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File: 1607353129575.png (851 KB, 667x936)
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851 KB PNG
Since quarantine started and I've started having to work from home, I've been regressing progressively to habits and mindsets from my past, maybe exactly half my life ago (currently 28, regressed to 14). All this encompasses vidya, anime, jacking off, sleep, drinking/smoking weed, general apathy, rinse and repeat whatever combination. I peaked (or reached my lowest regression) around Sept-Oct and have stayed around here til early this month, where now it feels like I'm starting to progress again, but way too slowly. I haven't done any real work at my job during this peak period.
During all this time no matter what I tried to get out of these loops, nothing worked. I have tons of methods for self-actualization and improvement that I've used successfully in the past to become social, build routines, get on top my career, etc. I've been decently /fit/ and have developed my awareness with a fair amount of mindfulness meditation.

What the fuck is happening to me this time around? My ego is straight up not listening. Every time I go to bed I wake up with relatively the same bullshit going on. Have I temporarily lost free will? Is this my body's reaction to my perceived reality? I still have moments of control from time to time like right now writing this post. Is this just a natural cycle of my life? Does anyone else have these kinds of cycles with awareness of what's going on? I remember I had one of these cycles exactly 4 years ago but I chalked it off as due to depression, and didn't have much of a developed awareness back then.
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>regressing progressively
i digest
I know what it is. The bad habits and the brain fog, losing freewill. You have to start fasting. Fasting is the easiest way back to freewill. Spending time with trees too. Trees have a surprising amount of freewill.
File: 1614205601364.jpg (469 KB, 1280x960)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
tell us about the Near Death Experience, pls
File: the_matrix_is_real.jpg (35 KB, 400x568)
35 KB
>Since quarantine started and I've started having to work from home, I've been regressing progressively.
Look up social support networks and social connections. No man is an island onto himself.

You need to spend IRL time (and I mean face to face, not trough some bullshit smartphone app) with friends and family. Spend time in nature too. Not in front of a screen. That's basic stuff. It baffles me how many humans don't get this, willingly lock themselves up in a digital cocoon, and then wonder why their brain reverts to that of a digital-crack addicted monkey. This is not accidental, it's a deliberate by those who designed our current circumstances. The only question is, are we aware of what's going on, and will we do anything about it?

Good luck.


I've come to the conclusion that I may have some sort of sixth sense that allows me to feel in a way that doesn't seem normal, like an extreme amount of awareness for the world. I was wondering if anyone here can relate or give some insight.

Basically, after a lot of tests, I realized more about this feeling where like my brain is "catching" waves of energy, and it will affect my behavior and health. For example, when I am in a peaceful and natural environment, I can feel the life of nature, and it fills me with a great boost of strength. I will feel amazing, invincible, motivated, etc.

Then, being in a negative environment, even when no one interacts with me, this could be a hospital, or a household with rude people (whether they are present or not), will have the opposite effect.

When I fall asleep, I will see these energies (like hypnagogia) flowing around, in various colors. Depending on the color, I can feel the positivity or negativity of the energy, and if I feel it too much, I will then "absorb" it and it will change my mindset. It's the same reason why I will sometimes randomly feel sad and have tears when walking outside, only to then notice that someone nearby is sad or looks depressed. Or I will find the need to laugh or be excited, and minutes later I will notice a child that is very happy and excited.

The thing that makes me believe this the most however, is when my father fell gravely ill years ago. His illness was supposed to kill him very quickly, and yet he is still alive and has his mind intact, which doctors find miraculous. Well, the day he got sick, I wished to take a lot of his pain and suffering so that he could live longer and see better things before passing away. And since then, my health has deteriorated a lot, I feel like an old man and get constant issues similar to his that doctors have no answers for.

Are these all just coincidences, or is there really a "skill" to take in the energies of other living beings and environments?

An empath?
I definitely am one, but this does not feel like empathy. It feels like literally absorbing the energies around me without any interactions. Like absorbing parts that people, animals and environments let out. I am sometimes also able to release that energy onto others, without doing any actual action or speaking to them. Like bringing happiness to someone that is doing very bad; they will start smiling or laughing for no reason, or whatever problem they had a minute ago doesn't seem so important when I redirect positive energy towards them.

File: 1612362144158.jpg (68 KB, 1022x731)
68 KB
I really wish this board and everyone that unironically posts here would just disappear. Tbh this entire website should die in a fire. I've been watching this cancer metastasize for 15 goddamn years and nothing happens. Same shit different day. Shit shit shit. Take a break for a whole year, come back and its the same shit. Newfags galore coming and going trying to measure proverbial dick sizes trying to figure out if theyre oldfags yet like it even matters and seeing just how hard they can troll and anger each other. then you have your legitimate shitforbrains that don't realize it's all trolling and they believe it's their secret club. And on and on and on. I think moot might have literally created a portal to hell. If the serverz burned to the fucking ground and the 4chan domain was gone forever nothing of value would be lost.

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Thank the Christ
Are you the guy from the future, Anon?
Can you tell moot for us?
>implying it's not moot

File: Exotic Aircraft.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
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Nothing ever happens
(But God DAMN do I still hope)
seen one as well, when i thought to it to fly over me, it did. left me stunned on the ground.
that's awesome, be our ambassador pal

Just learn it yourself. Be well in mind, soul and body. It's do-able. Enlighten yourself. Becoming a higher being is real.
Black Doritos jacked*

What do guys who control certain territories think of this race? I am from Japan Tokyo greetings
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We should look at hummitas without clothes to check if their bodies are alien.
File: D0IeOCqWkAA_xN1.jpg (173 KB, 800x1200)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
there you have a stereotype of ummite body you can undress it if you want
Nunca esperé verla aquí lol
File: pepe_gieb.png (41 KB, 778x512)
41 KB
She looks human to me. The grises know how to party, though.
You're a Faggot


Union Fail

File: runingcooon.jpg (62 KB, 500x500)
62 KB
a man on the street call me a shit zoo fren o_O
I have not be at the zoo in over decade how he knows it O_o

Guess you’re gay
File: wikihow.png (1.62 MB, 1142x1126)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
he wanted to be your girlfriend

What is this poster talking about? Is there really and intergalactic slave trade and human women are part of it?
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according to t. trust me dude, human slavery is rampant within just our solar system alone. Mars colonies have slaves in millions and has a fair share of revolts, millions died. Moon also has slaves, and so does Ceres asteroid colony, with brothels and hookers. tho Earth carry the heaviest load of slaves.
If it is real, how do I sign up? I wanna be abducted by the ayys
File: Boardwalk.jpg (426 KB, 1280x785)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Wasn't this the plot to the cancelled Prey sequel?
How does one find a slave ship and become a pirate?

File: .png (13 KB, 704x424)
13 KB
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<3 u
Top Kek
File: survey.jpg (168 KB, 1201x1179)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
out of the OP symbols, which would you associate with each group? 6 of the 8 seem to correlate strongly to me, 2 I could go either way.
File: blades-of-glory.gif (418 KB, 220x131)
418 KB
418 KB GIF

File: 960x0.jpg (67 KB, 960x608)
67 KB
I can't believe it's so close, it doesn't even feel real. This might sound gay, but I love all of you, thank you for keeping me entertained over the years.
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File: agBr7GW_460s.jpg (48 KB, 431x807)
48 KB
Man i know stargate atlantis is being pulled from amazon prime on the 28th but its not the end of the world... netflix will probably grab it or hulu.
The unrelenting faggotry of this board never ceases to amaze me.
June 17 is more likely to be the date.
I am not familiar with this show and I don't have amazon prime, but you won't be watching any shows after the 28th... I'm sorry.

So it's already begun... Please stay inside and do NOT look him in the eyes

What the fuck is this series getting at?
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Scooby doo
Death note
boi ur lovin is all i think about
Ursula K Le Guin was saying this in like all of her novels since the 60's
File: 1614111548191.jpg (55 KB, 679x456)
55 KB
I dunno but I watched all 6 episodes so far on BitChute... HyperNormalization hit harder, & re-oriented my expectations of the "news"...

century of self is his only work of any note

File: 416.jpg (25 KB, 299x423)
25 KB
No one can get into heaven without being disciple of a spiritual master incarnated on planet earth who comes from heaven.
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Goddamn you must be lonely
>asiatic death cult popular in countries with giant "ladyboy" population
>disliking it makes me the trannie

nah mate your beloved school of learning is for the spiritually juvenile and has nothing novel or worthwhile to add
>no u
Woah I sure got BTFO
Shoenice, and then Scarra.
Fucking aristocratic bullshit. Just another scheme to trap people in power structures and control them. Fuck gurus. Fuck lineages. Fuck intitiation and dikshas and abishekas. Do your own work.

So basically i had 3 dreams today all of the same story but in different locations the major factor into all of them is that they happened in real time

The sky outside was exactly like the sky in the dream weather tempurature etc
This is not the first time this happened ive had many instances where ive left my body gone places met people though... I can't control my actions somewhat i always act like the most efficient version of myself based on my knowlege rather than being prone to error Anyway

1 of these dreams is actually a recurring dream mixed with another factor inate to todays experience

Dream 1
So i'm in a tent on some camping in a forest. Forest has these woman who ride these Jet black cars at a particular roundabout
The Forest felt like it radiated some energy they were actual woman but did not act normal they acted like animals or robots trying to observe a phenomenon.

In the middle of the night as i was sleeping i was ripped out of my bed and tied up to a chair by all these woman who were wearing this weird kind of metamorphic gowns i cant even remember what they looked like they were going all over my body activating certain body chakras from up to down so my body began feeling very alarmed to everything

They eventually looked intrigued at my sexual chakra building up and how much was stored. They didn't do anything they were like medically examining me but i thought i was in danger so i broke out of the rope i was tied in and ran into the forest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Within this place i could sense their was a huge amount of knowledge emanating from within as being told by the woman i was with that i had gained powers of some sort something she was realising from me

Unsure if she was referring it to my experience of if she wondered if i already had them

im messing around and i accidently attack one of the guards who was a male but more seemed like a golem made to imitate the features of a man infact the entire temple seemed to have these weird golems or spirits idk on standby as soon as i attacked they all rushed for me and woman without any hesitation of second quetion about what happened

so essentially have to escape in which we find this unusual tome that leads us out of the temple area though the woman goes somewhere else i go my own way

There is also an area of the dream undefined where i meet the daughter of the woman inside on of the black cars that they use to circle this odd roundabout road near the dense forest after i go too close and she kind of just captured me or pulled me into the car

I myself have heard two main possibilities for the real purpose of the corona vaccine, both of which sound like they could be true
>The vaccine is to alter the DNA of the majority of the population. They can then be used and exploited by the elites
>The vaccine is to protect those who are loyal and a second, extremely lethal virus is released that kills off anyone who didn't take the vaccine (those who wouldn't be easily controlled)

Either they're trying to control the weak or find and destroy the strong. What do you think the vaccine is meant to do (it's certainly not just to protect against the common flu i can promise you that much)

File: 1603306048469.jpg (1.07 MB, 1476x1988)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
what are the political ramifications of our entire history being fabricated and stolen in order to secure the power of those who already have it
entire swaths of our history erased in order to fit political or religious ideologies

>1500ish there was a single unified civilization and culture, which eventually became destroyed and fractured into many pieces by some force
>numerous views on its original name, including titles like Tartaria, Scythia, Sarmatia, etc
>had a suzerainty as a government structure (likely the biggest reason for covering it up)
>echoes of the past, gathered bit by bit, reveal that people of the recent past went through a global war and several planetary catastrophes
>the symbol of an 8-pointed star and a moon (crescent) seen throughout the world, later taken by muslim nations and attributed to them (part of covering up history, re-appropriating symbols like rainbow flag)
>widely prevalent neolithic structures spanning the globe
>gulags in russia used to destroy these places brick by brick with slave labor
>same thing happened in the west with (((world fairs))), structures torn down with fake plaster buildings being built to have photo-ops as coverup
>culture and influence shown around the world, all wearing similar styles of clothing
>during the fracturing of this system from what seems like a cultural or breakdown from within many books and paintings describe large craft in the skies
>strange creatures on the earth

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
301 replies and 104 images omitted. Click here to view.
>But what?
Saw a documentary from 1996 that claimed the earth's crust could slip and change position. It explains the interest in antarctica and that many years ago north america was mostly frozen over.
Saladin was a Kurd not an arab, who are indo europeans, especially back then considering Kurds now who marry within the family (yazidis) are extremely blonde and blue eyed
I wasn't talking about being blood relatives, I was comparing the lifestyle. Nomadic people who were know for fighting on horseback.
I have grey eyes, strange. They actually shift between hazel and grey at seemingly random, might be depending on the season? But yeah it goes from a greenbrown hue in the middle to slight grey, and then at times it's full grey, almost like a silver.
>Don't you wanna hang out with the bleach boys baby
>In a land where ministers murder golf pros?

File: flatvsround.jpg (51 KB, 749x398)
51 KB
What side do you fall on in the great debate?
313 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
Neither. The earth is shaped like a dick.
Only faggots believe the earth is shaped like a ball. Vagina earth is straight facts.
Do try to be realistic here.
File: Ep9Et5lW4AEky9o.jpg (306 KB, 1242x1263)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
I've tried so many times and they can't seem to get it into their thick skulls. It's really all just shills on here muddying the waters isn't it?
hollow earth
>Authorized King James Version of 1611

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