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Please explain your understanding of BEN

I've read it is possibly related to protocol for reincarnation, AI development and potential threat and/or government detection of time travelers
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Is there a connection between Blue Eisenhower November and the Blue Eisenhower Dollar?
What is the interplay between others with memory of BEN?
No, do you think that a blue ike coin would be the trigger? When does the "brown ike" come into play?
I have a blue ike, but it is not in the blue box. Shiny and pretty.
what is that YouTube channel?
File: EisenhowerNovember.png (3.38 MB, 1416x1416)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG

This is gonna be hard to explain, i will try my best
>series that has 12 characters representing the zodiac signs
>fell in love with the Leo girl
>get some gum that comes with fake tattoos
>get the Leo and the Taurus sign
<my best internet friend's nickname is leo and he is an Taurus
>Sign of a person i "like" is twins
<the Twins and Aries (my sign) Characters are in an relationship
Ok, now comes the part that is hard to understand. Characters appear in the following order:
Aries (my sign): page 2041 Twins : page 2042
Leo : (name of my friend/waifu) : page 2043 (center)
Centaur (i kinda self inserted into him) : page 2044
Taurus (sign of my friend named leo) : page 2045

What does this (((((coincidences))))) mean?
is this about homestuck
I fucked up:
Aries (my sign): page 2041
Twins (person i like): page 2042
Leo : (name of my friend/waifu) : page 2043 (center)
Centaur (i kinda self inserted into him) : page 2044
Taurus (sign of my friend named leo) : page 2045

File: blku91sn95471.jpg (42 KB, 640x440)
42 KB
Hello /x/, I've got an urban legend from the Maghreb, stories like this one never makes it here because of the language barrier, it's about a race of ashen pale seven feet tall hideous troll boogymen who prey on lonesome travelers, shepherds and little children who are said to live in the mountains and the Tunisian countryside they sneak up they're the apex stalkers they'd sneak up on you and they'll never let their presence be know unless it's too late for you and they are sitting right behind you on your mule's back making its legs unable to move under the weight of the troll and it has your by the shoulders and it's hunched over to look you in the face with a hateful animalistic toothy snarl.
This story was told to me by my father, a shepherd who's a library of Maghrebi stories of the supernatural, if there's any interest I'll post it but i will not Greentext it.
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Hassan ran and ran further into the desert and each time he looked over his shoulders he never saw a single Smita trailing him, he thought to himself how strange it was that he saw no males in the village, they must've all been out hunting he thought, better keep my sense sharp for any trace of the as Hassan was traversing the desert he spotted a cloud of dust and the sound of many feet running at inhumanly speed, Hassan did not even bother to confirm if they were coming hus way and dashed under a sidra bush ( idk what it's called in English but it's a large large thorny bush and lives even in dry climates and isn't too uncommon here) not five minutes later what Hassan assumed to be a hunting pack of the most freighting looking spécimens of the Smita race imaginable distinguished with many scars darker yet still pale rougher skin and markings and scars all of their bodies, they were making sounds like that of a hybrid between a vicious dog and pig sniffing the air for their prey, sniffing the air for Hassan he threw their village off its hinges most of them don't stay long and leave except for possibly the scariest of them all, his face deformed with scars into a look of rabid anger, shorter and darker in skin color that the rest of his hunting pack
he never stopped circling the sidra bush Hassan took refuge in despite it being approximately 2 pm when Hassan took refuge in the sidra Hassan had waited for the ugly bastard to take his leave already for so long dusk was approaching, Hassan had accepted his fate i am dead regardless he said as he reached for a piece of flint that was near him within the bush he snapped the thickest longest branch of the sidra and begun sharpening it into a spear however thin and flimsy, the snapping of the branch however caused the ugly hunter to get even more enraged, when the hunter was in the opposite side of the bush to the entrance Hassan had grabbed some sand in his left hand while his spear in his right hand and crawled out of the bush, when the Smita leapt for Hassan he quickly threw the sand in it's eyes, although the Smita managed to jump on top of Hassan and pinned him to the ground Hassan wasted no time and stabbed the Smita in the chest with his spear and pushed it off
and this is where my memory of the story ends, my siblings heard the story too if anyone cares enough I'll ask them to remind me of the rest
>No reddit spacing

He is one of us
Could be true
You should collect all those stories and post it here. I would be glad. Thanks in advance.
There's.... one right behind me isn't there? -_-

I am not a superstious person at all and never have been. So this is %100 true i promise.

Went to bed, started reading, my bed starts shaking and and feels like someone's touching my feet. I pay it no mind. Moments later it happened again, i turn the light on look around, nothing. I turn the light off it happens again. Everytime i turned the light off it would begin again so i get a little creeped and just leave it on. Then i hear a noise, almost like a dog barking or someone mumbling, it gradually gets louder til its clear as day theres a voice in my room. I yell "get the fuck out" i walk out of the room and go the living. Im sitting on the couch thinking "ok so the room is haunted" til i shit you not see an object moving on the table by itself. I would not believe it if someone told me. So i just laugh, because what else am i gonna do. Then i see a shadowing figure across the floor coming towards me. I make peace with it go back to my room "armed with my native american medicine bag and sacred handrum" and when i get back to the room the cup on my dresser moves. At this point i figure im not going to sleep so i call my mom to keep me sane.

Im really hoping it doesn't happen again tonight. Has this ever happened to anyone? How do i stop this and avoid it?
I had something very similar happen to me as a kid. The behavior never repeated, but I was awoken by being hit on the back (felt like a slap), and objects on my dresser and bedside table began moving (including a large toy set, which moved so much it fell off my dresser). It only happened once, but nevertheless one of the scariest moments of my life. Hopefully it doesn't happen to you again.
>Went to bed, started reading, my bed starts shaking and and feels like someone's touching my feet. I pay it no mind.
give me a break
you guys need new threads
I heard that among native Americans there are psychic attacks among tribes. So maybe some enemy attacked you

There's a lot of talk about Lilith on this board, but the only reference to Lilith was in the TORAH of all places.

You really gonna believe the jews?
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She's a lowly unclean spirit. A demon. Demons fear the Holy Rosary. Pray the Holy Rosary daily. Hail Mary mother of Christ
Lilith is from the ancient Nag Hammadi library, later adapted into our contemporary kike and christcuck malfeasant abridged scripts
File: images (20).jpg (53 KB, 390x786)
53 KB
Lilit is an entity of Saturn
The rosary does nothing because Christianity isn't real
Lilith is good and special and she taught me how to eat healthier and motivates me at the gym. She was a sumerian storm goddess and is sometimes mother earth.

Help me bros, throath chakra Is filtering me so hard
Same, I'm pretty sure I'm dyslexic, but I've never been officially diagnosed

What do you make of this /x/? IT
Doom 2 map 9 has a kick ass soundtrack.
This unfortunately does not.
i tried my best :(

File: 599.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
was it magic?
People literally got enlightened sitting in the presence of fully silent Ramana Maharshi
and how this happened

Hi x, I used 4chan frequently many years ago and basically would hang out exclusively on the random page. I knew about the other boards here obviously but just never really took the time to explore them.. I drive constantly for work and listen to numerous podcasts, audio books, and YouTubers whilst working the many hours I do. I have always loved horror, paranormal, and UFO/Alien subjects since childhood - primarily ever since I witnessed a mass UFO sighting as a kid. I don't want to get into the sighting right now as that's not why I am here. I have recently started listening to a handful of YouTubers that delve into dark internet stories that unfold on various sites but for the most part on either 4chan or Reddit. I've never really posted on 4chan or Reddit but I've "lurked" for a long time, mostly just as filler for times I'm bored. I have traveled over much of the US and had a lot of weird experiences all over, and I have only ever really shared some of these experiences with close lifelong friends I've had, to which they've pretty much smiled and nodded along but I could talk deep down they probably thought I was full of shit.
It's never really occurred to me to share here until today after listening to a story of a young man who was able to share his story with repressed memories to this board, and while there wasn't much conclusion - he seemed to have found acceptance or suspended disbelief enough to find some answers for himself.. So here I am.I haven't drank alcohol in years, and I haven't smoked marijuana for almost a year now. I say this because, in order to work up the courage for this post I picked up a nice bottle of whiskey, and I'm almost halfway through it and trying to proceed coherently.
In 2012, I worked roadside assistance. Changing tires, getting into cars with keys locked inside, delivering gas to people who were stranded, jump starting vehicles etc. I live in a desert state that borders Mexico and while on call one night, this tale unfolded.
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Because I've primarily worked as armed security in more recent years, I was able to file for approval to carry and possess a firearm because my "crime" was plead down to disorderly conduct. Long story short, while working at a Gentleman's club a little over a year and a half ago, a customer I was ejecting from the club threatened to shoot me, and without any evidence of a firearm or physical aggression from him I just grabbed him by the throat and proceeded to slam him on his head after forcing him into the air by his neck. He tried to sue the club and it got thrown out, I was in jail for assault charges for quite awhile and opted to fight the charges for awhile and just prior to going to court after a few months in jail the state prosecutor offered me a plea to get out immediately, do 4 years of probation and anger management with only a charge of disorderly conduct / misdemeanor instead of a felony assault.
But regardless, I can legally possess my firearms but there is ZERO room for error in using them, especially against something that could quite frankly be construed as a part of my imagination.

Seriously does anyone have any idea what I could be dealing with? I haven't had any odd occurrences since that original night until I've just begun sharing about it on /x/ is my attention to whatever this is causing it to come after me?
Honestly I have never felt like I have any reason to be considered crazy, while I am incredibly fascinated by paranormal, UFO, and other unexplained subjects - I firmly remain a skeptic throughout all of it.

The actual meaning of a rosary is lost on me beyond it's use by Catholics. If this fucking thing is afraid of them, does that mean holy water or barriers of salt, or burning of sage could help?
Please somebody give me something to work with here, it's almost 5 PM and sun down is on the way.
I appreciate you brother, best wishes to you as well.
It is time for me to sleep and I don't really know(maybe pray, ask priests, work on yourself, psyche, something else, what people say, information from other forums, social media). Update us even if the thread gets deleted and post link this one(it is 34930677).
You probably know, but just in case remember, all this pain is an illusion, transcend "it".
Try to record it on your phone next time. There is someone who is paranormal psychologist, he supposedly can tell difference between such phenomenas. Like also shaman priest or regular medic who practices both scientific and natural medicine can tell when to use one or another.
i would ask Jesus for help by name, there is power in it

File: 1675790965983424.jpg (73 KB, 640x849)
73 KB
A continuation of last thread which just hit the bump limit.

Previous Thread: >>34813865 or https://archived.moe/x/thread/34813865

So /x/, how do you meditate?
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Well, I guess I don't know the exact answer. How to get away from all the politics and history behind the teachings? Which of them are the real ones? which ones really follow the tradition? Is the truth lost? Is it worth going to recover them? I have no way of knowing, I just read the suttas and see people here and there talking and I keep trying to develop the correct view and get out of this hell.
>Elaborate please, you don't agree with me? Then please say why.
On the contrary, I was agreeing with and encouraging the previously quoted statement
Why's that asian guy smashing his nuts on the ground? Is that why he looks like he's in pain. (JK i actually know the real story, but he probably is smashing his balls on the ground pretty hard here).
There's a video of ball-bouncing asians somewhere on YouTube.
He's balancing the prana inside the body. (spreading the Life force through waves, sometimes imagination isn't enough.)

There are reports from 1566 about strange celestial phenomena occuring from July 27th to August 7th over the city of Basel. Some people believe it was extraterrestrials fighting or something like that. What is your theory?

>During the year 1566, on the 27th of July, after the sun had shone warm on the clear, bright skies, and then around 9 pm, it suddenly took a different shape and color. First, the sun lost all its radiance and luster, and it was no bigger than the full moon, and finally it seemed to weep tears of blood and the air behind him went dark. And he was seen by all the people of the city and countryside. In much the same way also the moon, which has already been almost full and has shone through the night, assuming an almost blood-red color in the sky. The next day, Sunday, the sun rose at about six o'clock and slept with the same appearance it had when it was lying before. He lit the houses, streets and around as if everything was blood-red and fiery. At the dawn of August 7, we saw large black spheres coming and going with great speed and precipitation before the sun and chattered as if they led a fight. Many of them were fiery red and, soon crumbled and then extinguished.
Fake af
I was there , I remember it, it was insane, the sun looked basically like the one from teletubbies and black orbs where fighting so much it looked like a giant ping pong.
Also Nuremburg in 1561
It's not though.
Any kind of looking will find multiple sources to back it up

I do not believe in heavens, hells, or other dimensions of any kind. I believe in one universe. When you die you don't enter an alternate realm. You simply cease existing until a version of you that didn't die comes into existence. From your perspective you have an NDE and the world possibly changes in small ways like Mandella effects because you're in the FAR distant future. And let's be honest. You believe this too. It's in your nature.

>dream I'm at a family gathering
>niece is there who is the daughter of my dead uncle
>I haven't seen these niece in years, and wasn't particularly close to this uncle
>dream continue and a bunch of random shit happens, totally burying any thought of this niece or my dead uncle
>I'm with my wife and we see this "thing". It's like a gargoyle or statue and its hard to put in words. It looked like a monster, but it didn't look evil. And it wasn't moving at all but definitely was 100% alive and incredibly intelligent. I watched a video about alligators and someone described how they often don't move like a statue, and that's how I made the connection that this is some sort of reptilian
>I wrote down in my dream journal that this was some sort of entity that takes you to your next destination in the afterlife
>after I did that, I heard a noise that sounded so eerie, mechanical, and beautiful, like 100 of the most intricate grandfather clocks all chiming at the same time
>I saw the sound came from a glowing white circular device in someone's hand
>"Do you know who this is?" The person said. I did not immediately recognize him, but then after I woke up I realized it was my deceased uncle, same glasses and all
>I also got the feeling that this device was supposed to erase my memory of having seen my uncle but I was somehow immune to this effect, like the device from MIB

There is some connection with dreaming and the world of the dead. For me at least, this confirms it. It is one way our loved ones can reach back out to us from the afterlife. And heck, they must be having a lot of fun if they get to use cool gadgets like that!

File: IMG_6230.jpg (133 KB, 1280x720)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
So, John Lang. what ACTUALLY happened here? Did he actually commit suicide it’s multiple stabs to the back and chest? I’m sorry, I meant just the chest. The coroner apparently goofed but didn’t realize his goof until it was reported by multiple news outlets.

Help me understand, /x/
They killed him obviously. I live in Fresno and the whole city has very sinister energy. the Fresno PD are known to be corrupt and many of the officers have strong ties to cartels and drug trafficking. I've known people who have witnessed very strange things happening.

So I remember a few months ago slowpokes finally discovered ChatGPT, and everyone was like "things will never be the same again!" "there will be no telling AI writing from human writing!" "the satanic technojew take over is now!" etc.

What ever happened to all that doom and gloom? Did you sissies finally realize it's a silly toy that generates predictable text and could at best be used as a faulty digital assistant in menial writing-related tasks that's only slightly better than google?

Or is the terrible GPT-driven enslavement of humanity is merely postponed to a later date, sorta like every fucking time you predict something will happen on a certain date but it never does? BTW it's 6/6/23, how's that going for you? Any apocalypses yet? When will the nukes launch again?
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
About ChatGPT, the reasonable people who are worried about AI are projecting forward to when an AI system is much smarter than human beings and could start running the world.
File: 1658981519633327.jpg (2.57 MB, 2558x1688)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
>Eat a dick. I'm having a respectable convo here.
Lol you dumb newfaggot, check your tone. OP post was troll trash.
That is a scary concept. And one day that shit is gonna happen, unless we go neo-luddite and do the Dune shit by bonking every thinking machine over the head with a rock.

What baffles me is that so many fellas here and in the world at large saw the silly chat bot as THE AI threat that'll run the world and can tell you profound wisdoms about aliens.
Fearing that up and coming AI enslavement is like fearing the nukes. Quite reasonable.
Fearing ChatGPT is like believing a piece of shit on a stick is a nuke and cowering before it.
I dunno about news, since I don't read them, but some tech support answers, game guides, news article summaries, etc, are indeed clearly written by AI. It's almost instantly recognizable and has a unique "shit an AI wrote" style that won't fool a baby. That's one of the reasons it's so bizarre people fear it. It's literally shit.
he's too busy having sex and then posting on 4chan for the lolz while he has that sweet sex on the side

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