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File: pol.png (74 KB, 435x200)
74 KB
Last thread sadly didn't fully give enough insight and it sadly derailed by a shill.
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>Willing to hear evidence for deliberate psyops though
The ultimate purpose of QAnon was to distract people from this:


The planet that we’re currently on is Bozrah, not Earth. It's basically a replica version of Earth. People who have lived here their entire lives need to realize that this planet was never Earth, and it never will be. It's an impostor planet.
>Impossible to say if there is deliberate psyops or just the nature of that type or community, butbit has seriously made 4chan worse
I sometimes wonder if most “conservatives” online are psyops. They’re often hypocritical, have low reasoning skills, reductive in just about every issue, praise western culture/canon but have no real appreciation for it except to use it as a cudgel against the other side (while also not realizing a lot of the movements they criticize are fundamentally “western”), profess love for aesthetic beauty while praising shitty poured-concrete ersatz american architecture and getting all maudlin over unsubtle ugly kitsch, will bemoan the lack of real men while crying on social media all day… the list goes on and on
yh threads r started by bots then followed up by a group of shills. if u have been there long enough u will notice their typing style and pics of choice
File: CuckservativesBTFO.png (261 KB, 659x2069)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
>I sometimes wonder if most “conservatives” online are psyops.
I think tradcons are a psyop to subvert the redpill. When you actually analyse what they believe you come to the realization that they're functionally identical to the feminists they used to criticise.

File: gura test2.jpg (1.62 MB, 2193x3000)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
>we also see the black sun in dark souls three, the Sol Nig(g)er
yakub waffen division confirmed?!
omg nigger sol, dark soul?! ONG ONG fr fr
yakub, iis that you?

File: chud-wojak.gif (3.11 MB, 498x336)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB GIF
what goes on with the chudsen one?
when are we gonna see him?
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>Y’all realise Hollywood is trafficking all of you because of the writers strike, right?
you don't say?
File: chudette.jpg (14 KB, 452x416)
14 KB
Remember that time Trinity came into his life? Well Chudette never came so...
i think they're implying thats where personally earned wisdom triumphs
i assert we would benefit most from a personal relationship with whatever it is we want to engage in
File: 1671885843695614.jpg (158 KB, 1200x1200)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
it's more than that too
pinging google to answer questions is also a form of conditioning
who is the arbiter of truth as well? oftentimes multiple sources
lastly, again, syncing up to language as the medium of knowledge which carries a bias and asks to sync up to it
imagine it like this. when you speak spanish, it will shift your perception. it will have you enter into a different state. the cultural identity will then be part of your relationship with the information. its hard to explain if you don't have contrast.
but further, even internalizing symbols such as these letters, at length, will also condition a state.

that's all well and good but nothing will have you absorbing more data than a personal relationship, especially if you're in a more sensitive space, because it is your own "language" that's doing the receiving
it also teaches you that knowledge is more like awareness, and can shift, as the behavior of the world shifts as well, but "knowledge" is static.
language is better used as a device imo, but if it can offer you "knowledge" that you can immediately put into practice, then it will reach the intuition

Before Covid (2019), I tried lucid dreaming. I recall two dreams in black and white I had in early October.

In the first, I was leaning on a black wall with white outlines in a long, dark corridor. I felt my legs and started to walk, but it was like gravity was ten times stronger. I viewed myself in the third person, like I was in a tunnel or sewers.

The second dream started as I was falling asleep. I was pulled into a black and white vortex, similar to a portal, which seemed to expand from the inside out. It felt like I was being taken somewhere else and then I had the same first dream again. But this time, an old man walked past me in the tunnel, wearing worn-out white clothes and completely ignoring me, i wasn't able to walk that time.

Then yesterday, even though I've stopped practicing lucid dreaming, I had a similar dream. It felt chaotic, like the portal was full of scattered dots, similar to looking at white noise on a TV but circular.

Can anyone help me understand what happened? Why did i had the same dream in October after so much time have passed?

File: disco.png (794 KB, 720x1010)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
saw a thread a while back about people acquiring knowledge from external sources that they themselves could have never known, like tesla or davinci. has anyone here ever experienced anything like that? ive had fully formed concepts and plans just appear in my head and when i tried to apply them they just worked. shit id never thought about or tried to work out before and it wasnt like i was thinking it through, it was just suddenly there like someone uploaded a file
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Intuition is real but those people were geniuses on top of it
Anon blv it or not I skimmed and read halfway through all of this shit

Are u like schizophrenic or like just retarded? I don't mean to me rude or anything its just odd
certainly wouldnt call myself a genius but i do have above average iq and autism lol. always had a knack for just "figuring shit out" in reality if i have to spend any brainpower on something it frustrates the fuck out of me. some shit just makes sense without anything needing to be explained.guitar is another thing. never had any lessons, nobody ever pushed me to learn, i dont have to look at tabs. i just picked one up one day and started playing and it sounded about right so i bought one and kept playing
Great suggestion, we need a new /x/ book club.
File: TheThirdMan.png (300 KB, 1653x674)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
I've got nothing to contribute but this topic reminds me of the third man phenomenon

does hypnosis work?
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Yes. It's easy and here's some steps anyone can use.
You'll need:
>an audio device playing sexual ASMR at a low volume
>a dark warm environment
>disassociate drugs are key to this, mushrooms, LSD, toad, Marijuana, DXM

These things together will transfer your subconscious to its most primal memory state. The childhood. Here you will relive all trauma known and unknown. This is self hypnosis.

Hypnosis on another individual is something I cannot recommend.
Apparently yes, but it doesn't work on me.
It is very real and super easy. Somehow /x is seriously under informed about hypnosis.
>Somehow /x is seriously under informed about hypnosis.
Not just /x/, everyone seems to be misinformed about the subject. Makes me wonder if this is less a case of wide spread misinformation and more a case of mass disinformation.
Read Secret, Don't Tell carla emery

"Phosphenes" - the patterns of light, color, shape, and movement you see when you close your eyes. There's almost zero scientific information on phosphenes online and it seems incredibly suspicious to me. They're obviously related to some kind of non-physical (just meaning "not accepted in the physicalist scientistic world view") energy / higher sensory perception potential. There's not even much of a scientific attempt to explain them away. Just silence mostly. It's just one of the most ever-present, universal experiences of something obviously weird and otherwordly, but no one seems to be talking about it. What say you /x/?

Also, if you read online it seems like a lot of people only see them if they rub their eyes, but I see them all the time, though rubbing will increase the intensity. I assume this is just retarded lunks never noticing everpresent features of their perception and that we all have them all the time, they're just not intense enough for normies to notice them most of the time.
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Each vital organ connected to each vital energy center or Chakra resonates at a specific ultrasound MHz frequency.

When your bodies organ vibrates it sends an impulse through your nerves to your brain causing you to pick up a few particles of that vibration.

It's kind of like the force.
Me too, "why cant you sleep?" Oh just the trippy ass screensaver light show that happens when i close my eyes
I see that, and the rgb static/noise/snow, and the little light-gnats that fly around in little random curves (only when looking at blue sky), and I hear the flange effect when people are talking IRL
One of the earliest scientology auditing commands (later discontinued in favor of open eyed auditing) was "Close your eyes. What do you see?" An enormous amount of data was collected.
If I'm sleepy I'll see constantly moving and changing geometric patterns, kinda like a trip, but much less colorful. The lines are just pale green, purple, blue, and red on black. What does this mean? An overactive brain, perhaps.

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i hate fake schizoposting

actual schizophrenia is hell
CBD isolate. 1.5 grams per day, every day, for 120 days. Tell me if it doesn’t fix a lot of your problems.

t. A fellow schizo
not my problem
It appears they are delicious....

What would be the spiritual consequences of being between Fringe and Lunatic in this horshoe chart? It's across the center so it would be the anticenter.

File: 1693536559695129.png (829 KB, 1200x1000)
829 KB
829 KB PNG
Extremist politics is poison for the soul. It binds you to this world(hell), keeps you from ascending (or going to heaven if you prefer), makes you see other souls as enemies needlessly. Pretty much a guarantee you will be stuck here for at least one more cycle of life and death
>spiritual consequences

being based af

All jokes aside though, you are probably more spiritual if you're not in the liberal yellow center of the horseshoe seeing as it's secularism which denies the existence of the metaphysical entirely.
It's not a horseshoe it's a circle dipshit wakeup

File: OIG.ufK.jpg (499 KB, 1024x1024)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
Old thread >>36054822

Lets keep it going..
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>>36059516 New bread, image limit is almost reached on this one.
thought this was some kind of esoteric dutch meme
File: OIG (88).jpg (164 KB, 1024x1024)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
File: OIG (89).jpg (347 KB, 1024x1024)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
File: OIG (90).jpg (192 KB, 1024x1024)
192 KB
192 KB JPG

File: thumb-1920-727021.jpg (488 KB, 1920x1270)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
Once you see it, you can't un-see it.
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>Tartaria = Mongol Empire
Gengis Khan was the Tartar Emperor
movies, south park, all want you to believe they were barbaric nomads on horseback, and thats partly true, but for a heritage purpose
you see, their symbol, like many European nobility crests, feature symbols of their heritage
The tent, which to us in the modern day is conveyed as nomadic, is a symbol of their lost heritage, the Tribe of Gad
Just as old testament prophecies fortold of Israels success at owning the gates of their enemies and most kings of the world would derive from them, is talking about the lost tribes of israel
Gengis Khan was an israelite
the millennial reign of Christ was this era of Christendom. the Old World of Tartaria = Christendom
Then Satan is let out from the Abyss and cue many world wars not just the ones we know about
everyones so afraid of some future dystopian new world order, they dont realize weve been living under it from many many years
I have a tourist book about a town in Montana from 1914 They had wireless electric streetcars in the 1910s and bragged about them in the brochure. It was a rechargeable power system.
File: brainlet1.png (53 KB, 403x448)
53 KB
I mention them together bc they each serve the same purpose. Tartaria, a bot posting pictures. In what world are pictures evidence with the existence of Midjourney and Dall-E. Each point has a refutable reason in the Tartaria argument. Why? Bc it is a 35 year old theory with ample time to discredit
im quite human, not op and ive never called this shit tartarian yee contrarian barbarian, bLoRpBo0p, i actually believe a single unified culture was recently erased over a slow intergenerational process to the great ergonomic detriment of all and that the immense splendor of staggeringly ubiquitous buildings all over the world built to an individually uneconomically feasible-today
standard shows this perfectly, heres another picture, how would you personally distinguish this as late 18th century india?

File: 1683874327397814.jpg (1.14 MB, 1640x1678)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
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Mean jannies don't want me to be Alice


File: MOFO NOT REAL.png (750 KB, 930x1035)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
I had a dream last night and it told me that you guys should research specific groups within the military that do "airborne jump" training and look for the one with the highest reported injuries and permanent medical discharges. Airborne jumps have a very low case of injuries being reported, but a friend of a friend of an alien who knows an alien who knows someone in the reverse UAP piloting program says humans attempting to pilot UAPs, who become injured physically or mentally (PTSD), are medically discharged from the military with the cause on paper being "airborne jump injury".
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File: 1599704515371.jpg (72 KB, 696x720)
72 KB
the field it generates impacts time and space .. gravity etc. While you are right in the middle of it. This is why they use bioengineered greys to pilot them. The drones are designed to be able to withstand its rigors and long term effects.
it feels less like you are going somewhere, and more like the location comes to you
Man I can't imagine the complexity of navigating an anti-gravity vehicle but even thinking about it makes me nauseous.
I was Airborne. There were multiple injuries on every mass tac jump. Severity of injury is important distinction looking for this. Paratroopers break lower limbs, hurt backs, hit heads. Vehicle impact victims break ribs and bleed internally.
Operation Highjump

>What is The Nobody?
A regular guy living a somewhat normal life but at the same time a God like being but not the messiah? I dunno i don't have the copypasta.
>What is the general picture?
No need for alarm
Guy is harmless
Just shitpost with glowies and sentient AI
No harm will come to Jews that are allied or are a part of the Galactic Empire. But those who take sides with the Jedi against me will be destroyed.
Obstacles to love are problems to be solved.
If you like me i like you.
I want a peaceful resolution for all of us.

File: 1691527144087971.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
Last thread died too early: >>35906032

Share what channels you have, whether it's actually YouTube or Rumble, BitChute, D-Live, etc.
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The only philosophers worth listening to have braved the depths of human existence and still survived.
You cannot know truth without realizing and experiencing lies.
File: IMG_9924.jpg (296 KB, 1024x1024)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Perhaps you prefer fine art?
Way too slick to be true schizo. Intriguing nonetheless.
A.I. Art is not comfy at all. Do not be deceived.
>t. happy merchant and loss hater

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