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File: x1u3vfdftuvz.png (582 KB, 473x558)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
>Those who have no inner monologue are labeled NPC
>wax poetic about the ability to conceptualize images and daydream
>nobody talks about the language problem.
If NPC's are supposed to be the drones wouldn't it make sense they'd be slaves to language. Maybe not philosophical subjects or topics but I feel like the real NPCs are the ones who constantly have an inner monologue, those out there who cant shut it off without guided meditation. Its odd, while those who can visualize and spark their own imagination are likely non-NPC I do think individuals who think in language are subhuman. Once language breaches the unconscious mind it becomes malignant. You just gave your enemies clearance. Deception, propaganda, predictive-programming, its most effective under a control group.
The NPC's may be completely lost but some of you are already programmable if you filter your thoughts through language.
>Inb4 "Language proceeds thought, communication is a tool used to question"
It sounds like a dependency, it sounds like you're unable to stop inner-monologuing and I'm concerned. You're being controlled through language your thoughts and ideas are filtered through language. Just the thought of it disgusts me. It means all your desires and ideas are slightly influenced, they're not even your thoughts.
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>Language proceeds thought
At any rate, language does not "precede" thought; such a statement is as meaningless as saying hunger precedes thirst.
Communication is an emergent property of language, itself an emergence of the human ability to conceptualize. Language is fundamentally a tool for organizing thought and vice versa. If you say you don't have an inner monologue, you're lying or braindead. Simple as.
First there is the idea, then there is the word that represent that idea.
First there is the idea, then there is the word that represent that idea. That's why some people, like some tribes in africa, have languages that simply lack many concepts that are present in other languages, no one in their society have figured those concepts to later symbolize them in a word, or at least in a set of previously known words.
>penis empire tonight
youre reaching pretty hard there bud. this is clear evidence /x/ is room temperature iq.

File: skinwalker-ranch-home.jpg (441 KB, 1200x675)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
What are your thoughts on Skinwalker Ranch?
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What is the skinwalker exactly?
This is what we all want to belive. But the truth is not always what we want.
Its heavily demonically infested. The shadow people, portals, huge wolfs and other animals, cattle mutilation, lights, the particular targeting of dogs (demons hate dogs as they are the most loyal animals to man), its textbook demonic infestation. Demons are very intelligent, and when they can take forms and do physical damage, they will adapt to whatever will be most effective to bring people to sin. In this age of atheism, it makes no sense for demons to come as big monsters, as this will actually make people these days believe in God and the paranormal, and demons ALWAYS are able to be more effective when hidden. So they go the path of confusion and pretend they are aliens. In the medieval times they did the same thing with faeries.
Robert Bigelow owns, and has owned for a while. It was used as a testing ground for advanced LRADs and similar weaponry used to create specific psychological states in victims over a distance. All the security guards and what not they had patrolling the place were actually the guinea pigs for these tests, along with the run-of-the-mill ghost hunter teams they would occasionally bring in to the place.
>he doesn't know
the paranormal is normal
the matrix is literally laughing at you, there's signs everywhere
everything is a LARP. LARPs are REAL. that's the whole point. Theater is GOOD ENOUGH. Men wearing masks of demons are just as monstrous as an actual minotaur.

File: tenor[1].gif (154 KB, 220x220)
154 KB
154 KB GIF
I made a cat tulpa to help me fall asleep, and he's really soft and lovable, but I keep waking up with scratches on my neck and face. Not really asking for advice, I just wanted to share.
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instead of simply just getting a cat you decided to get mental illness. bravo
He's probably bored at night Cats are nocturnal you know, make him a friend to play with while you are asleep
I too have had this recently what does it meme?
File: 1614996266336.png (374 KB, 414x499)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
Best tulpa
Give me this mental disorder pls

File: ptdc2b7w25zxg75lmn3s.jpg (432 KB, 1062x1063)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Magic shrooms seem to be easily available for purchase online in my country, can they be a good experience for someone who has never done drugs? Also, post shroom experiences.
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Best ways to break a bad trip / negative thought loops:

Change rooms. Switching environment can help a lot. Often it leaves the feelings behind and preoccupies your brain with new input.

Change music. Preferably to something very chill or some happy nostalgic stuff. I once got my gf from seeing spiders to dancing just buy putting on hakoona matata from lion king.

Breathing exercises. Focusing on your breath and just relaxing can help a lot.

Eating something tasty. It's fun and exiting and a little vitamin boost is always good.

Working out. Gives you something to do, working out on psychedelics are surprisingly easy and it makes the substances clear out from the system faster.

Talk to a friend. If you are alone, call up someone who are ok with you being high and have a chat with them. Letting out your worries can help.

If everything else fails, eat a xanax, some diazepam or similar benzodiazepine. I generally don't recommend this, but it pretty much kills the trip and gets you calm. It's a good last resort, but never mix Bezos with alcohol and be careful with dosage. (Don't mix psychedelics with alcohol either)
>I once got my gf from seeing spiders to dancing just buy putting on hakoona matata from lion king.

>Not putting this on


Never gonna make it
The very first time shouldn't be a full does anyway. And the risk of both parties having a psychosis is zero to none.
That being said, I don't think being alone on your first trip is a good idea either.
And we have phones these days. Having a sober third party over phone is also a possibility.

But what ever floats your boat. All I'm saying is having a strictly sober friend who is overly curious on your reaction might do you more harm than good.
File: based_grin.jpg (8 KB, 176x286)
8 KB
>Magic sage
>Implying that salvia is weaker than shrooms
teetotaler detected
take 5 dried grams in silent darkness

File: sumer.jpg (87 KB, 1024x683)
87 KB
Why does it rarely get talked about as opposed to Egypt? What does /x/ think?
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sounds like you have a bright future in archaeology, find an igloo for me
Its really difficult to make a perfect 1 to 1 translation of any of it because there are minor variations in style and spelling that we simply have no idea the significance of at this point. Individual translations of the same document can vary a lot just from translator to translator
>viewed as demons
nah nobody would care, Christians have been educating their kids on pagan gods for centuries and they're considered to be old fables to be discussed and perhaps mocked. I actually went to school in one of those Kansas school districts that wanted to do creationism back when that was a big deal and we had some rudimentary info given on the religion of pretty much every old civilization. Sumeria wasn't covered because of obscurity, but Ra, Set, Jupiter, Zeus, Thor, and all the rest were in our history textbooks. They're all so dead and remotely thought of that your average Christian wouldn't view their kids reading about them as threatening any more than they'd think the latest Thor movie was trying to convert kids to paganism. I mean I'm sure someone out there is worried about that but by and large even in conservative populations the old gods are a non factor. I reiterate that this was a particularly conservative area which would routinely get in national news because of their beliefs.

Now I will say that we did get a ton of shit from the community during the units on modern day world religions, mostly centered around Islam which people thought was getting whitewashed for the unit.
no one tears down buildings for mud bricks guy. it would be easier to make them on site than transport something both heavy and fragile to wherever you want to build
>no one tears down buildings for mud bricks
it's been a recurring problem with ruins everywhere in the world for hundreds of years, particularly in places where the locals no longer have the ability to make those mud bricks to the same quality their ancestors did. Here's a story about it from Iraq
but like I said it's actually common all over the world, Chinese people steal the less traveled parts of the great wall, and Persian ruins are always being pillaged in former soviet countries for materials. I can't find the article now but there was a tile work from some dynasty or another that saw them all chipped off by some local bathroom remodeler, like not even as part of a special project he just wanted tile for his business. 1500 years of history flushed away.

File: RenderedImage.jpg (1.54 MB, 2360x3548)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
i keep seeing those fun facts instagrams post about how soviet ufo files show 3 divers investigating a plane crash were killed by beings in suits. is there any information pointing to this being true or is it just all BS

File: 12378123678.png (136 KB, 500x500)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
How does the CIA typically try and spy on me? Through phones, the computer, cameras, or satellite?
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Its not that OP is important. It is merely that all of the governments of the world wish to protect themselves and their assets from the destructive force a single man could become if he ever became truly dissenting.
God, what an awful image. It made me tear up a bit.
Now stop bragging on yourself and go do something spectacular!
Don’t fear the alphabet agencies. Fear the prime creator that is watching everyone at all times. Judgement day is near.
Nanocameras in every electronics, appliances.

INB4 inbred shill says government is trustworthy and doesn't spy(lol, yes shills we are so retarded we believe that)

what’s the deal with cats?
are cats aliens? incarnated souls?
i feel very spiritually connected to my cats, i know they KNOW something, it’s like they are filled with secrets and a deep eternal wisdom that they cannot express in the feline form so they just keep watch and provide spiritual safety in whatever way they can. Am I my cats master, or is he mine? What’s the deal with CATS?
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actually retarded
let me meet the E.Ts with cats i like cats
Don't get me wrong, I love my cat, but there are a lot of animals that I have that same weird connection with. Large birds, rats, and pigs among other thing seem to have a strange awareness about them. Even had a cool spider I hung around with.
The consciousness of a feline exists within 2 dimensions simultaneously. This is one of main the reasons they're known as protectors/guardians. Here are some of their abilities.

- Mind reading.
- X-ray vision. Can see through walls, fences, etc. Even multiple layers.
- GPS. Meaning they can track the movement of humans and other animals in real-Time.
- Weather forecasting. They know when it's gonna rain ahead of Time. They can predict it anywhere from a few to several hours into the future.
- Seership. They can see at least 20 minutes into the future. Perhaps even as far as 2 hours.
- Astral travel. It's not uncommon for a human to run into their feline companion while they're both asleep.
- Teleportation.
- Metaphysical defense. They can drive away negative entities from a house just by being there. Also, certain ET's/hybrids don't care for them. There's even a certain race of ET's who keep domestic felines aboard their ships. This prevents their enemies from engaging in infiltration.
- Reincarnation. They can not only return to you within your same lifetime, but subsequent ones as well. They can also tell when their human companion on Earth is thinking of them after they've already passed on.
- Empath abilities. They know when their human companions are distressed. And will show up and stay near them in order to comfort them.
- Journeying. They can travel long distances if necessary. There are a plethora of stories in the US alone of cats traveling across many states in the span of weeks/months. Many have reunited with their human companions this way.
- Human languages. A cat can understand any human speaking any human language. Whether that human is speaking out loud or telepathically.

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File: 1618424390595s.jpg (2 KB, 97x125)
2 KB
Would you fuck a demon
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Would fuck a succubus ofc
if it results in death idc at least i had a good fuck
already did
checked and truthpilled
checked and truthpilled

There are always telltale signs in my dream - odd inconsistencies, improbable occurences, unreadable text, etc. I am a very smart and analytical person in my waking life, but when I'm in a dream it's as if I can't do any critical thinking at all. I always do insane mental gymnastics to rationalize everything and I can barely even make sense of it when I wake up. Like, how did I really believe there was a valid reason for my long-dead great grandfather to be driving a cab while wearing a green tuxedo? Is this normal, do other people experience this? Is there any way to avoid rationalizing things and become lucid instead?
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My bad. I'm not smart or analytical. In fact I'm stupid and impulsive. Hah!
The analytical thoughts can constrain you in creative thinking that sometimes requires discarding common sense. Try taking advantage of dreams as a sort of idea factory
File: ye.jpg (9 KB, 258x196)
9 KB
based, my friend. based
There is something you can do.
Read the "Reality testing" section.
You need to develop this habit while you are awake, so that the part of the mind that is active when you are dreaming learns how to do it.
You can train yourself to consistently lucid dream by getting into the habit of doing 'reality checks'. the one that worked for me was to look at my hands, look away, then look again. If you do it in a dream, on the second look youll notice they look different from the first look and that can bring you to lucidity.

It takes a serious amount of effort, you need to get into the habit of doing it 20 times a day or more, to the point that youre literally "doing it in your sleep". The rewards are pretty excellent though, studies have shown that exercising in your dream is nearly as effective as real life exercise at making body changes. You can train things like yoga and martial arts and your gains will transfer to the real world. Some people find it helpful to conjure a wise character of some kind to ask for intuition on certain topics. This can be very valuable but its easy to lose yourself and become non-lucid again while doing it, its a more advanced technique

File: 1615440642136.jpg (87 KB, 828x383)
87 KB
How can I "meditate?" How can I use this to improve myself?
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Meditation is really simple, and I'm not going to tell you how to do it except that it has to do with love. Hope you can take it from there, buddy.
what do you want exactly? if you want to feel better overall try awareness meditation, that's the basic one with focus on your breath, you can shift this focus on something else if you have a specific problem, for example Yongey Mingyur teaches one technique to help with panic/anxiety he has a good guided meditation on youtube look it up
Or do you want to awake kundalini and potentially fuck your shit up?
I just want to get to that deep stage of meditation where I don't feel the world surrounding me anymore.
There's Eastern meditation that wants you to say some Sanskrit word over and over ad nauseum until your mind fries or your ego dies, and you achieve non-thought.
And there's meditation where you concentrate on a part of your body sense, like a hand, and then dispassionately watch your thoughts run through your mind, losing that attention and then coming back to your hand until your mind quiets, and your ego remains intact. Then you Listen.
the most basic one will do, focus on your breath and just let your thoughts go, if they appear just go back to your breath. practice and be consistent

File: 1603734742786.jpg (106 KB, 500x373)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
do any other wiztards have that little voice in the back of their head thats like "yeah do some fuck shit do something that has a 78% of driving you insane itll be cool Envoke Baphomet lol" i say voice but more like a desire you keep in check i think you get the picture
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oh fuck okay yeah not trying to envoke anything rn
I really think you'll feel better anon
buddha would have felt better if he stayed in the palace, that doesn't mean he couldn't enjoy anything there after seeing the three truths of flesh
Pretty sure that's just autism
It's not a little voice but a spirit talking to you. Refuse to hear it, it's not there to help you but with 100% attempt to drive you insane.

File: freemason.png (54 KB, 1200x1265)
54 KB
My grandfather was a high up CIA courier back in the 60s before leaving my grandmother and fleeing the country. To make a long story short, my dad was told his dad was dead for all of his childhood until he was in his 20s. They ended up getting back into contact with one another. eventually I was born and I, after quite a few years, got to speak with him. He informed he about some of his life and what happened and why he left. He also informed me that he was a Freemason and he offered me entry. I told him that I didn't know and I'd get in touch with him if I wanted to join. Should I go through with it /x/?
114 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
found the freemason you guys all have the same script. contact me privately you dopes and be semi serious. if im impressed who knows.
People get hurt in the hazing rituals all the time, it just never really gets reported on. Shriners and their drunken "walk the plank" shit with the weird spinning devices are notorious in particular. One guy around here filed a civil suit but it got thrown out.
Catholicism over the 17th and 19th century slowly got taken over by masonic cultist, you can be catholic without trusting the central church, because it is a fake one, the current pope is a satanist, and the real spiritual leader of catholicism is in hiding, or doesn't know he is the chosen
>you can be catholic without trusting the central church
Yea, it's called Anglicanism.

File: nbp8k3pqjd511.jpg (38 KB, 862x622)
38 KB
Welcome to /AFG/!

>Aliens are here
>They're not actively harming us
Must be pals, then. Talk mostly anything about aliens, or stuff pertaining to the subject of aliens.

How would the order of events likely be for society learning of friendly aliens on a massive scale?

If you were an alien observing us, what would your day be like?

I think you guys can take it from here. Tripcode is ##nomadalien, see ya.

Previous threads:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
220 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you, should I avoid thinking about them then? or go silent while expecting something to reach me eventually?
Being free from expectations is always helpful. Someone will reach you and it won't take years.
Arcturians are always happy and eager to teach. They wish all humans could talk to the normal way.
Your request for contact has been heard. If you make learning to be silent your habit you will be assisted.
Again thank you, this words give me hope and purpose, that's something of immeasurable value.
Thank you. It took couple minutes to get the messages as they were. Right after meditation the connection is so good I type faster than normally while my mind doesn't add anything extra.
Talking with ayys is much more fluent as it all doesn't need to be translated into words. When I do want exact quotes from them, it does take some tasting to find well fitting adjectives.
i bet you are going to say that the aliens have landed and everyone who hasnt witnessed is a zombie npc or some shit.

File: rebellion.jpg (145 KB, 1024x1001)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Mighty king of the serpents, we ask for your light.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

File: ananta sesa.jpg (92 KB, 560x432)
92 KB
>Śukadeva Gosvāmī continued: This great universe, situated on one of Lord Anantadeva’s thousands of hoods, appears just like a white mustard seed. It is infinitesimal compared to the hood of Lord Ananta.
Also based.

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