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File: Xscape.jpg (38 KB, 745x412)
38 KB
I'm tired of the degenerate system, I want to escape. Everywhere I look there are hypocrites, people who will do anything for money. Soulless people, hollow bodies. They are far from being human, more like primates who have not completed their evolution. I continue my life in an introverted way in order not to deal with humanoid creatures who have not achieved inner peace and happiness and have identified it with money.

I want to escape, I don't want to rise in the pyramid hierarchy, I want to get out of this damn system. But I haven't found the exit door yet, maybe because the pyramid doesn't exist there is no exit door. I don't know, but I have confidence in myself, I will make it.
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i love this movie. i hadn't seen it since it came out and I was 12. hits way different in your 30s
There are others like you anon. Try and find us. We are all lonely.
No it doesn't retard
File: truth spark.png (21 KB, 547x136)
21 KB
Don't lie in your day to day life.
Sincerity with frustrations, with laziness, with all coping mechanisms, and so on and so forth.

File: 1695127902299060.png (349 KB, 720x724)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Which board has the most sinister or negative vibe/energy?
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/soc/ and /r9k/
File: satan trans.jpg (102 KB, 640x688)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Im agnostic. They push transgenderism to kids.

File: 1675677044506414.jpg (184 KB, 771x764)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
File: origin of the bread.png (1.34 MB, 1416x779)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Just wanna throw this out there cause I've never seen anyone bring it up anywhere and I wish it was documented somehow lol

But the origin of the bread guy's kink 100% originally formed around 2011's The Looney Tunes Show

Season 1 Episode 2
Lola Bunny is introduced, later in the episode she bumps into Bugs in the supermarket and mentions how they both like bread, with the design on the bread's packaging very obviously mirroring the packaging of Wonder Bread

Season 1 Episode 21
About halfway through this episode Lola has a segment singing a President's Day song while decked out in patriotic attire, she is later shown in this segment cutting down an entire forest like she's the fucking Onceler

(link to the song on yt)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for actually doing an investigation on the origin of this kink instead of just going "muh feds" like some faux schizophrenic

does true spirituality and holiness come from within?

i have been thinking of become a christfag but something still feels off about it. i don’t think any man made religion can really be trusted.

or is the answer really just jesus or buddha or whatever?
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That's not cutting down a tree. That's murder of a majestic life form. The Alan Watts cult excuses evil as ''natural'' and ''necessary for growth''.
File: 1691168442749178.jpg (158 KB, 552x564)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
treat "EVERY LIVING THING", the way YOU want to be treated.
>does true spirituality and holiness come from within?
Of course.
>jesus or buddha
They point to the same thing. If you resonate with Jesus try his mystical or channeled teachings.
When and where did the catholic church say this? Im curious.

An anons guide to frustrating the glowie to suicide.

>any voices heard must always be ignored
>when gangstalking begins you will be met with people you know nothing about interjecting themselves in your life and commenting on what you think was a very private conversation
>do not panic and don’t pay attention to them or it
>treat these people as disgusting plebs with schizophrenia and you are the glorious elite psychopath
>wear headphones and listen to obnoxious weeb, meme, metal, or vidya music 24/7… so basically what we all already listen to.
>always remind glowies that they are in fact glow niggers deserving of the front end of a hood on a dark road in 1998 at random points through the day, preferably screaming it in your phone
>always gaslight your voices
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deserves a bump
I would not mind working for or with big tiddy office agent milfs.
Nah, I've been dealing with this since 2012. They want you scared and intimidated of them. They want you to feel powerless. Show them you're not scared by standing up to them. Watch them panic irl and send someone physically stronger than you or having a dangerous looking dog. They're fucking pussies.
dear feds i seek employment with big tiddy office milfs you know where i am get in tou
File: F5pyIvCb0AE1iBn.jpg (61 KB, 968x1200)
61 KB
Imagine giving coffee to your sexy big tiddy wide hipped office glowie milf who abuses the fact that she's your boss to get you to satisfy her sexually.She also has you drive her to her home so you can do ''work'' at home.

File: IMG_0852.jpg (8 KB, 180x259)
8 KB
Are we born with an intrinsic and innate sense of reality that we lose over time? Does the otherworldliness of children represent the truth of our world that we have become blind to?

In Einstein’s theory of relativity, a traveler cannot tell if they are moving without a reference point. If you were driving down a straight road, you could not truly say if you or the road were moving. You could be going 60mph down the road or the road could be moving 60mph underneath you. Both experiences are the same.

This is not true for rotation. When rotating, you feel a force pulling you away from the center. If the room was rotating instead, you would not feel this force. Rotation is not subject to the same reference frame rules as moving in a straight line. I believe this says something about our reality and it’s symmetrical nature. Moving in a straight line is like rolling down a hill, and turning is like spinning in place.

This is only clear after closely analyzing Einstein’s work and the reason why this effect occurs is not well understood. However, children can already distinguish between the two.

Walking in a straight line is normal. Whereas spinning around is ‘fun’. A child derives no special enjoyment from traveling forward. But when they start to spin, they experience something entirely different and have a different reaction. This to me implies that we have an innate understanding of the true difference between these types of movement, but this is something that we lose as we observe the 3D world. Adults don’t like to spin anymore. After all, you’re just going in a circle, nothing special about it. But kids know the truth inherently.
i'm spinning in an office chair right now. you have completely wasted your life with these and other pointless thoughts
Just throwing in my random, possibly unrelated thought: I feel like there's some connection between the sky/space, the shape of the earth, and the concept of "pi" (Golden Ratio). Pi-lot, Pi in the sky, etc. Your comments are interesting to me, because it jives with my theory that "outer space" isn't simply UP, and the earth isn't simply a GLOVE, but perhaps something more complicated than that.

But at the same time, I barely understand what "outer space" or this planet is. I'm not sure what you'd be traveling towards even if you did figure out which direction/path to go in.
I’m speaking of the ‘typical’ adult of course. On average it’s fair to say that kids enjoy spinning more.
What is joyful about rotation compared to straight movement? Why does spinning excite us? We recognize that something amazing is happening but most of us just slowly start seeing it as normal and lose the wonder.
I think he put it to good use actually.
I like his idea.
It's funny when pseudo intellectuals on this board think they shut down someone for no reason at all
I’ve been considering this same concept. What if we just perceive space as 3D because it’s simple and effective? The symmetry of the universe to me implies that the geometry of the space is more complicated than a simple 3D scape. This is where quantum entanglement comes into it too. Entangled particles exist along axes of this symmetry. That is how they appear to interact over distance, they are actually still together on a symmetrical axis of space time.
When we rotate, we are transitioning between these axes instead of moving along them. This is what ‘spin’ actually represents, rate of transition along axes of symmetry.
Basically to summarize it I think moving through space and rotating are fundamentally different types of motion. Children are aware of this but lack the knowledge to describe it, they just participate in it. As we get older, we become immersed in the ‘3D illusion’ our perception creates for convenience.

I came to know about German New Medicine and it has been the thing which has made the most sense to me so far. Are there any other theories of causes / treatment of diseases where diseases are caused due to mental / emotional causes and not physical causes ?
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I think germs might be real. However, I am a strong fan of considering spirits as well when it comes to ease and disease.
Everything happens on all levels of existence, so while an illness may have initially been caused by repressed emotions, it will still physically manifest (so the actual germs or bacteria start replicating and damaging cells etc...). I don't think the cause and effect process matters quite as much irt to healing as treating the illness on all of the levels you can. CDF (NAC protocol) is legit, cheap, and requires nothing more than simply taking the supplements as suggested, but there's a good chance that trapped emotions get stirred up while doing it so, ideally, those should be addressed too and hopefully cure one for the long term.
You got it wrong. You don't heal by realizing the trauma, but you come to an understanding that the disease is the symptom of your body healing of the trauma.
>but you come to an understanding that the disease is the symptom of your body healing of the trauma
I did read their theory at the time. I wish such psychology would work but it never did for me. I've tried other psychosomatic stuff too.
In GNM it's a DHS that triggers a SBS. Not traumas or conflicts.

GNM explain the purpose of a SBS and which symptoms will arise in the different stages.

It doesn't matter which method you are using to "heal" yourself. The purpose of the SBS and the stages are always the same. No such thing as trying GNM.

There's no therapy, diet, medicine with 100% succes rate.

File: IMG_2608.jpg (568 KB, 4096x4096)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
The Harvest moon in all her glory.
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Chang E.
Being mindful of Allah and sharing good, true words with people who ask
They aren't. Its just an optical illusion and an effect due to the brightness of the moon.
Turn your brightness all the way up, you’ll see the wispiness of clouds in front of it.

File: 1694427540568446.png (836 KB, 1024x1024)
836 KB
836 KB PNG
uhhh how do i become immortal?
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why would anyone want to become immortal?

Your spirit that rules your unconscious self creates your conscious self. The spirit of the unconscious reflects the universal geometric patterns in how it related to the core functions of living in the material world. If you impress onto your conscious mind the same archetype, and hang you as a 'self' across that framework, and embody it, why wouldn't it continue on into the cycles of death and rebirth in the same way as everything else reflecting the universal archetypes?

If that doesn't make sense, you should read more old timey esotericism and Christian occultism. Jesus figured it out.
Don't let them know you're mortal.
Once they start putting immortality serum in the food you will beg for death and it will not come
Step 1: exist

Congratulations, you are now immortal. You may be stuck on a prison planet for the time being and you may be tricked into reincarnating on a loosh farm for a couple thousand more years, buts that’s really nothing to the eternities you’ve already been alive and the eternities you’ll experience afterwards.

File: 1691527144087971.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
Last thread died too early: >>35906032

Share what channels you have, whether it's actually YouTube or Rumble, BitChute, D-Live, etc.
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File: x3hr4wvnd5u51.jpg (71 KB, 600x586)
71 KB
>The year was 1992. He was never the same again.
Why are you talking about Kevin Nash?
File: 1695591067289149.jpg (118 KB, 858x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Where do you listen to conspiracy podcasts and videos and such since YouTube bans the interesting stuff? I don't want to go to infowars I don't know of anything else. Maybe rumble? Bitchute seems kinda dead
>Where do you listen to conspiracy podcasts and videos and such since YouTube bans the interesting stuff? I don't want to go to infowars I don't know of anything else. Maybe rumble? Bitchute seems kinda dead
I don't know what you're interested in but there are plenty of youtubers with a sort of gnostic perspective like Quantum of Conscience and Howdie Mickoski or a magic view of politics like Thomas Sheridan.
Conspiracy Theories don't equate to Gnosticism.

File: iarga12.jpg (65 KB, 615x669)
65 KB
One contact story that has especially interestwd me over the years is Stefan Denaerde and the Iargans. Mostly for the description through "radiation information" of theeir home planet and the "super culture" which they have on it. I was just reading the book online which for those who are interested is called "UFO contact from planet Iarga".

The point of this post is that I mostly follow the Vallee school of thought that most UFOs are a kind of interdimensional entity, and not intergalactic travelerS.

This idea is obviously popular among Christian ufologists and I see a lot of the meme about aliens denying Christ and that type of thing. I found this part especially interesting in that light:
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File: download (4).jpg (9 KB, 192x263)
9 KB
Even if they are interdimensional and not physical ints an interesting book, if they are deceptive then it makes you wonder what the point of beaming elaborate descriptions of the inner workings, manufacturing industry, government etc of an off world civilization into the mind of a human contactee would be.

Perhaos a form of predictive propaganda to get humans to think a new world order type government is part of our spiritual evolution?

The fact that they claim to be Christian is also interesting...
They come off as an advanced, benevolent culture. The Dutch guy I met (who as I possibly vaguely recall read the original Iarga book in Dutch) repeated what I assume to be how the Iargans viewed how to run a society -- communism is slavery, while capitalism is survival of the strongest; a balance must be found. Their buildings are spherical. They never build on land to avoid earthquakes. All their buildings float on water. They also rotate to provide the inhabitants with equal opportunities to experience the best views of the nearby vistas. They also appear to believe in free will and seem compassionate and understanding towards less advanced cultures. When some Iargans encountered a human on Earth, they gave him 2 options. He can either have a physical piece of evidence that would unequivocally prove the existence of NHIs, or he can learn as much as he can about the Iargans and tell humanity about them. He went with option 2. And that's how the Iarga book was born.
Interesting. I read the whole link but i havent found a full pdf yet. The descriptions of their automated factories which build planet wide rail systems that last thousands of years before being replaced were very interesting.

And from what i have read so far your description of them is accurate per the book.

Shraver mysteries are the superior and true contact history. This is derivative.
From what ive understood of the interdimensional stuff:

1: physical craft or suits which phase shift on atomic level, something to do with Philadelphia expetiment.

2: aliens or space creatures living in different dimension all together, like in Star Ttek Voyager, some series


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File: EM4nm0MXUAIySGo.jpg (66 KB, 1113x834)
66 KB
File: qwet43yt43y35.png (333 KB, 735x356)
333 KB
333 KB PNG

File: roshi.png (358 KB, 640x480)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
This thread isnt about lucid dreaming. lucid dreaming is the minimum requirement to make sense of this. ITT we discuss, share, talk, how to use lucid dreaming NOT for s*x or to fool around, but for development of the Self, removing traumas, becoming someone who is useful (to other sentient beings) while awake
>and also who heals others via the dream itself...yes, that exists.
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Right? OP is like
>durr durr not use lucid dreaming for sex
>post one of the original perverts of anime
Be loving and kind and compassionate in your dreams
Yeah its kind of dumb. He could have used Goku instead. Someone who's entire existence is dedicated to self improvement and only ever had sex for its intended purpose and then forgot what sex is. I wonder if this is some sort of projection on the part of OP ...
if you help beings in dreams: does it count as helping "sentient" beings?
Good bodily conduct is fruitful, even if its in a dream. Good mental conduct is fruitful, even if its in a dream. Good verbal conduct if fruitful, even if its in a dream.

Good conduct of body, mind and speech is fruitful, culminates in what is likeable, agreeable, and desirable.

Not a single second of your life, whether awake or waking or sleeping or falling asleep is unsuitable to practice and undertake good conduct of body, mind and speech.

File: draugh-finito-1.png (1.71 MB, 1510x1889)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
So far as goes, the most original source of the lore of animated or possessed corpses can be traced back to either the Nordic "Draugh" that is hinted to have existed in English/Anglo-Saxon lore too or the Indo-European "Vetala". They, along with the "Revenant" did not necessarily show no signs of decay when people sighted them and infact sometimes they appeared partially decayed if thats true?

They would apparently somehow work the same way haunted dolls do, but how exactly do you think either a possessed corpse or haunted doll can manage to harm people?

Why were they once able to call out people's names at night or call out to you in which everybody could hear them when once upon a time people and their families lived closer to cemeteries?

A modern account of a "draugh" haunting I've heard that allegedly came from somebody on /x/ was the story about someone being haunted by a "vanishing corpse" but its hard to say whether that account was true.
To mention, one method of identifying a "Draugh" I've heard of in Germanic societies was if a corpse buried in a barrow was previously lying down but is found standing on its feet upright.

Sometimes it was also accompanied by what modern people would call 'poltergeist activity'.

Oddly enough, the Anglo counterpart of "Draugh" came to be used to refer to mostly ghosts I think?
One classical rule is apparently if they call out your name you are to not respond whatsoever otherwise you're screwed.

Don't know if this was a belief added later or has always applied in the Germanic and Vedic societies.
Its worth noting too that the name calling bears some similarities to what skinwalker-like creatures have reportedly done.

The Draugh or Revenants reportedly are able to take different forms including as certain animals as "Skinwalkers" today are thought to be able to do. Sometimes calling out people's names or aliases at night.

File: 9568473.jpg (262 KB, 1920x1080)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
How many years has it been, since /x/ put their thinking caps on, and did some investigating? The last time I saw something like that, an /x/phile went around on omegle looking for weirdos, and found a cannibal fetishist; several anons did some digging, and found out the guy owned a morgue. It sucks that nothing came of it, after the thread got slid off the board.
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You ever wonder why you're angry? People who are wrong tend to get angry in my experience.
im so angry i could...... gggggrrrrrrrrrr
oh ya bud
i drop hot researched takes all the time and you ignore me. the truth really is that bad.
links plox

File: file.png (363 KB, 588x604)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
The Nephilim were a race of hybrid offspring between humans and fallen angels that were wiped out in the Black Sea Deluge, or Great Flood. The Bible doesn't talk about this because the one book that did was declared noncanon by the Council. And now the Deep State dug one up so they could attack & dethrone God, doomed to fail but killing millions in the process. Someone needed to know in case I die before my book is finished
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>random assertion
Useful, thanks.
Don't worry bubbe I'm here too.
So you literate fucks just stay quiet when opposition overtakes the catalog? You could crank out genuine shit this entire time?
>Just watch Evangelion if you really want to know

Redpill me on it, I always knew it has secrets
Do you think I have hours and hours of time to do that for you? Go learn symbolism and metaphor then go listen to the most schizo people on the internet you can find talk about fighting raptors on Mars then you might pick up on it

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