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File: 20200529_051643.jpg (343 KB, 691x769)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Tell me what this means to you:

"Grinning Parasite and the host,
clasp the Glass, command a toast.
While the multiverse dangles Our string...
joyous mutilations continue the Spring.
Bounded; so we head for the Coast,
In full pursuit of John Titor's ghost.
Mere fiber-optic ruminations and worse, Salient failures, but still hunters for the Source.
And so the Fighting endures for the crumbs,
Ballparks, oligarchs, brownstones and slums.
Open spaces blanketed by spectacle & infanticide -
crafted by the Hand, quantitated & calcified.
When the time is nigh to ride & cannot wait,
And barbarians are lining up at the gate.

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The "flower" of the living. Gross.
File: eye_hummingbird_2.jpg (349 KB, 800x1086)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
File: one_eye_flower_head_3.jpg (650 KB, 1500x1454)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
Why do cyclops like flower heads?

A series of synchronous events that occurred in October 2013 when everything fell into place for the first time in history made him who he is. Just like a computer receiving an upgrade he lost everything that wasn't needed and didn't serve him and gain the ultimate eye of the serpent. Combined with all the elements he is the spirit of Aether although you wouldn't think much about him if you saw him. His outside appearance means nothing but what you don't see is what is within him. He has the ultimate container and nothing can shake him. Was he chosen or did he choose himself? Was it divine intervention or was he fulfilling his fate? De free to shill and down star this thread. Your opinion means nothing as it cannot change the truth which is still the truth even if nobody believes it.

File: download.jpg (98 KB, 1003x1024)
98 KB
Does anyone here know of any reputable sources for Norse rituals? I'm not talking about new age stuff like Asatru, I'm looking for the real deal.
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File: 61vLNEO-V9L.jpg (86 KB, 907x1360)
86 KB
>Futhark: A Handbook Of Rune Magic


>Runelore: A Handbook Of Esoteric Runology


>The Nine Doors of Midgard
>are the gateways to self-transformation and mastery through the Runes. This complete course of study and practice has been used by the initiates of the Rune-Gild since 1980. Long out-of-print to the wider public and difficult to obtain, it is now being made available in a completely revised and updated fifth edition. The Runic Tradition represents a whole school of inner work as ancient as any other and with the added importance that it is the ancestral, or natural, path for folks of Germanic (English, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian) background. The graded steps of The Nine Doors of Midgard are the only curriculum to take a systematic and traditional approach to inner Rune-work. Through nine "lessons" the book takes the Rune-worker from a stage in which no previous knowledge of Runes or esoteric work is assumed to a high level of initiation.

File: 1588385744071.jpg (37 KB, 960x480)
37 KB
nothing that doesn't require 9 chickens, 9 pigs and 9 slaves to ritually kill and appease Odin
As far as I know most of the knowledge we have about the Norse religions and practices are from texts written by Christians hundreds of years later.

I’m going to assume that the Christians didn’t give too much of a shit about making sure things were accurate, and were probably more interested in skewing them as primitives with dumb beliefs
Here are some Old Norse Rituals(worship/war/singing/berserking) in modern musical form. Deduce what you can. If you need translations, just let me know. We still have some of these back in my homeland(Iceland).
This is correct. Anybody that claims to know any specifics of ancient Norse mythology is wrong. For example, even the existence of Loki in the ancient norse Mythos is debated. Pretty much all we know is the names of a few venerated figures, and some practices such as animal sacrifice and the worship of bears. Everything else is from second-party Christian sources.

File: 35c.jpg (16 KB, 550x281)
16 KB
Alien soft disclosure happen on June 21.
Prepare for a mass shift of awarenses
Screencap this post and bring glory to the chans
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I truly wonder about the mage ufo though it seems real. There was a lot of authentic content that got taken down and there US military there
I will add that op is a fag and nothing will happen june21. Stop spreading disinformation
>alien disclosure
>june 21

Fuck you, I'm not waiting that long.
>June 21
That date might be coming from the Q stuff. If there is, there's a screencap that's been floating around since the beginning of this year. It mentioned a 3 week quarantine and a UFO/ET disclosure in June.
Want a cookie?

File: 3323.jpg (95 KB, 615x863)
95 KB
It also talks about Depopulation plans
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this is x, please fk off with ur reddit reply
Monarch program
Ur glowing fucking CIA nigger
Hey glownigger fuck off
but new cards are added constantly this meme is so lol
ok I'm having fun with the idea of these cards connected to things but thats a stretch
the twin towers is much more spooky, more similar to actual photos/ the event itself

File: IMG_7737.jpg (68 KB, 1000x500)
68 KB
Reliable sources tell me it's gonna happen four days from now.
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A woman already stopped it with hers shes a fucking genius we dont even know how she did it
ok so what?
source: my ass
Dubs confirm.

Jk you are still faggot

File: penguins.png (338 KB, 452x428)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
are they real or is it just schizos
They're real anon, and they seen what you did in Mario
Mario if he real

On this board, sometimes you can see very many 'predictions' that usually end up to be absolutely nothing.
Has there ever been an event that was predicted correctly on /x/ and actually happened?
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imminent and nnow to right now
Hit the weights
Have a shower
Get a clue simp
There is only the present moment amidst probabilities that have or have not actualized in simultaneous time due to personal beliefs and perspective, but the future does not exist, though everything is already here in the moment to exist as a future.
Yeah last week I predicted that I would bang your mom tonight. And, well, let's just say you should probably stay in your room tonight.
real time GCP poster on /pol/ a few days ago correctly predicted the Chimpout

File: galaxy.jpg (131 KB, 1008x588)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Okay x, i have a random 15characters string with me. Characters: cswp9frfb4g1mw7
Try remote viewing me or tell something about me, make me believe x
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he gave you 15 random characters as the target so that he wouldn't taint the experiment. see if he told you to remote view him or his life, he'd have fucked up the whole thing because our preconceived notions in our consciousness of what we think the target could be gets in the way.

luckily he didn't do th-ohfuck
I see a faggot OP
I see a ripped paper, with a bit larger than normal hand written letter, and you rewrote over the same numbers and letters to high light them.

Overhead lamp hangs pretty loosely, dim yellow light, see a mirror, yellow facemask red coloring,
A road that is quite elevated.
A desk with many things over it, it has a lamp with yellow light
Quilt is a darker colour
An old man with a navy blue handicap
A woman with brown hair

File: file.png (811 KB, 960x540)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
This world is just a simulation for you, other people are all NPCs.
Its fine tuned to be slightly uncanny where you can't really relate to most people or the systems in place but you don't really know why. Its an exercise to see if you become self-aware and break free.
So far you are failing. We tried to make it easier for you with some memes like "clown world" and stuff to help you go down this rabbit hole, but you seem to be too apathetic to care.
We can't be more direct than this, this is our last warning.
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In my day we just called it killing your captors and fucking their wives and daughters . . .
I'm not apathetic, I get outraged at this decaying clown retard world on a daily basis. Guess I'm an NPC or something.
thread from yesterday
shut up fag
normies are NPCS

Redpill me on Kali Yuga since I see people talking about it everywhere on the internet.
What is it? We are on it right now? Is it just beginning or ending?
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A machine acts, say, a coffemaker, automatically. Acting and agency are different.
You should really read
>An Introduction to Madhva Vedanta

Because it's actually very short but intensely informative and interesting.
And unlike Vishishtadvaita, the Soul is totally it's own thing, matter is real, and maya is your own consciousness misunderstanding or mismodeling reality.

It looks long, but half the book is appendices. Give it an afternoon, Dvaita is truly unique and compelling
>The metaphysical reality is plural, stated Madhvacharya.[6] There are primarily two tattvas or categories of reality — svatantra tattva (independent reality) and asvatantra tattva (dependent reality).[43] Ishvara (as God Vishnu or Krishna) is the cause of the universe and the only independent reality, in Madhvacharya's view.[43] The created universe is the dependent reality, consisting of Jīva (individual souls) and Jada (matter, material things).[6] Individual souls are plural, different and distinct realities. Jīvas are sentient and matter is non-sentient, according to Madhvacharya.[6][44]

>Madhva further enumerates the difference between dependent and independent reality as a fivefold division (pancha-bheda) between God, souls and material things.[27] These differences are:[6][13]
(1) Between material things;
(2) Between material thing and soul; (3) Between material thing and God; (4) Between souls; and
(5) Between soul and God.

>This difference is neither temporary nor merely practical; it is an invariable and natural property of everything. Madhva calls it Taratamya (gradation in pluralism).[43] There is no object like another, according to Madhvacharya. There is no soul like another. All souls are unique, reflected in individual personalities. The sea is full; the tank is full; a pot is full; everything is full, yet each fullness is different, asserted Madhvacharya.[43][45]

>Even in liberation (moksha), states Madhvacharya, the bliss is different for each person, based on each's degree of knowledge and spiritual perfection.[45][44] This liberation, according to him, is only achievable with grace of God Krishna.[18]
Thank you, I will check it out.
>maya is your own consciousness misunderstanding or mismodeling reality.
This confuses me as I would call coming to an understanding - correct or incorrect - is agency. Are manas or buddhi not under the control of God?
Everything is under the control of God, including Maya-shakti, hence Grace
So how is Maya "your own consciousness misunderstanding" if it is controlled by God?

File: frog.jpg (8 KB, 223x226)
8 KB
For the past few nights at 4am I hear loud bumping noises coming from the attic. It's too loud to be a rodent. What do?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Tell it who he think he is banging around at 4am, does he pay rent to be making noises?
It's the long boy.
too loud to be a fatass racoon or family of possums?
Someone is probably squatting in your attic for the night. The squatter probably posts on /x/ too.

Michael I want you on Lungs to Heart conversational I have four under you and three above as Christianities of the heart it is for all beasts animal and man.

The moderate you are with is expected to work under you for this purpose if they can not complete this action you are not hired either.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
[can you keep up?}
>grind you
>grind you
>grind you
all that talk
[I don't think you're for this jelly cuz the body too bootylicous for you babies]
yeah it's ok Michael we have like we can do it with out you I just don't know how else to know what breath is without you so that's all thanks anyways.

I'll try some Eqgptaisn and stuff I had a sweet line up though you, her, /him/ Wroth and Belail nice song right? yeah

night and consider yourself out of the band if I don't get a reply

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666 is I 666 is we 666 easy to see
Santa is an anagram for Satan, on this day you’re worshipping the devil and this material world through money and useless items rather than worshipping the good Lord.
Lucifer means "bringer of light" wtf does that mean?
Lucifer is Linkara

File: cypher-main.jpg (36 KB, 768x432)
36 KB
WTF is the point of this Red Pill Enlightenment shit When the More you find out about the system the more you realize how enslaved you are to a system you cant do anything against

>Do you rejoin the system & use the knowledge you know to serve it or completely leave it ?
53 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds like controlled dissidents. Giving so called "rebels" the illusion they made any difference.

You can either become like Neo and realise your stuck in the Matrix and can do magic tricks

Or you decide magic is for agent Smith's and basically join one of his religions and complain all day about how agent smith is everywhere

Or you can decide there is nothing to worry about because it's not like you can do anything to change the sheeple minds right

Did u get this way after taking the politics red pill? You cant just take the magic red pill. Theres heaps of red pills for heaps of matrix software

And guess what you're always going to wake up in your fucking bed hearing your neighbors dog bark

Until you take ALL the red pills

And there are basically so many to take, you'll probably be getting pretty old by then

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
you're right and the other guys are retards. the walking fucking dead I swear
Rockefeller had a spiritual slave he was getting to take bullshit for him from one of the hell realms


Slave got freed

The bastard is now taking his punishment

Crude oil down the bullet I hear
>Did u get this way after taking the politics red pill

i got here from starting with the TedPill then i went onto the Occult pill where do i go next before defeat overwhelm me


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