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blop blop blop
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You're so cute am in love with your eyes <3
Unknown Pleasures
what the fuck is the context for this autistic shit? a frog cuck on an irc?
>I feel sorry for your lonely ass, you little wannabe kid.

File: lyran & reptilian .jpg (188 KB, 1597x736)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Can someone redpill me on these two species?
Do they control our world?
Is there story essentially an all out battle between good and evil?
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i'm just one of many millions of alien souls from nearby star systems incarnating as human in this exciting ascension time

i have white sphere above my crown, i just assume it's 4th density chakra
bunch of other spheres/portals surrounding the body as well
How do you know your lyran?
How do you know all this?
i don't think there is such a thing as a good and bad side.

File: 1596715939668.jpg (377 KB, 496x640)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
so all you gotta do is kys and let us scientists people run this world while you're up there in "heaven" or whatever the real world yeah bitch? ...worm food. just do it. we're too crowded here. there's not enough for everyone. oh halleluya right bitch? have hope tell me some bullshit yes bitch? FUCK YOU do it
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your mom is controlled by her client's tips.
Don't give a shit.
at least you're being honest with yourself unlike those dumb hallucinating fucks

you should try talking to me sometime.
Is this love magic?


What is this channel? Is it an ARG?
/pol/ claims it’s from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Can someone sensible explain what the fuck this is?
File: 1583400353147.gif (800 KB, 500x500)
800 KB
800 KB GIF
/pol/ is correct. They're SFW videos from Hunter Biden's laptop.
Don't let the jews smear this as art or an ARG
Get in and keep the normies out. /x/ is gonna blame this channel on aliens or some bullshit
Nothing about this channel suggests that this comes from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Besides, look at the description of the videos. It’s always shit like this:

> ddca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edcdca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edadca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed0dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edcdca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed8dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed9dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed7dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed4dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edcdca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed7dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edfdca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed5dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed3dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edcdca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed3dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edfdca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed6dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed8dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed4dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed7dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edadca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edadca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed9dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed5dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ededca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed0dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26edadca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed2dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ed6dca0c8974c7f53c3f6847aa95e0a26ededca0c8974c7f53c3f68d
I can't stop watching this video.
Is this a psychological trick? is it cursed? what the fuck is up with this video?

So, when is the end?

File: 1601511716774.png (169 KB, 376x504)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Why does everyone tell me to "have sex"? what happens when you have sex? Are you giving away your soul (sperm) when you do it?
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Ahh ok
you dont give away anything, and nothing changes,
but you would feel more confortable for a next time, its just flesh intimacy
but it coul be much more
File: 1598280772569.jpg (122 KB, 603x768)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
People are shit, impressing them is not worth it. The world is unfair and people like to pretend its not, having sex does nothing. Its just a euphemism for comforming in order to gain a rank in society. All in all hivemind, NPC behaviour.
>some fucker on /asp/ uses "have sex. I'm beggin ya, have sex" as a response to wrestling fans who were nerds and most likely didn't get sex
>some reddit tranny sees that this gets a lot of responses
>steals it
>some marvel shill on /tv/ realized he could use "have sex" against people speaking out against Captain Marvel

File: 1603573394391.jpg (74 KB, 1920x800)
74 KB
Any celebrities that are possibly aliens?
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File: d'arcy.jpg (100 KB, 696x442)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
D'Arcy Wretzky from Smashing Pumpkins
theorized to be the woman that shapeshifted while Billy Corgan was having sex with her.
>D'Arcy Wretzky
Is her father Dwayne Gretzky?
oh wow. a political cartoon about trump that actually made me laugh. we must have jumped timelines again
She is beautiful.

File: FB_IMG_1603601597354.jpg (80 KB, 1080x1272)
80 KB
how do i get haunted
i want to se spooky shit, idc if its a demon or something like that i just want to experience something paranormal no matter the consequences
give me rituals or shit like that
inb4 i already play ouija alone at 3:33 Am bc i saw it on the movies
pic not related
You dont bro

File: thirsty.jpg (72 KB, 773x581)
72 KB
How do you stop another person from draining you?
the best defense is a good offense
eat them first
leave?? dumb ass bitch. you're probably a woman.
Learn how to say 'no', choose who and what you give energy to. This is how healthy existence works, trading energy.

What if what we call dreams is real life, and what we call real life is dreaming?
Some yes some no
Dreams are just yourself in another dimension
Then real life is the dark dimension
real eyes realize real lies

Has anyone here truly had an experience that makes them believe in God. I have and my life has been super spiritual ever since. Have no idols before God. JESUS CHRIST IS NOT TO BE WORSHIPPED. MOHAMMED IS NOT TO BE WORSHIPPED. GOD IS ALL YOU SHOULD WORSHIP. I AM AN ANGEL CALLED GOD. This isn't a weird schizo thing, but idk ask me whatever. I can't wait for all human life on this earth to end, it wasn't a mistake but fuck me are you careless with your souls. I hate people who sell their souls so fucking much like... People don't deserve them anymore. They have ruined this earth. The world will end when my son decides it should end. He is bored, i need to make him laugh all the time. You don't understand he is a mischievous little devil. Anyway I know this is kind of crazy but I was Judas Iscariot in my past life. I hate that people would put Jesus before God. HE is not my son. HE used me and I despise his soul. He gives christians what the want in life and he takes their soul. God gives you the life you are meant to live if you worship him he will let you do anything. Literally anything. You should love ME. ANYWAY I CANT REALLY TELL PEOPLE THAT JUDAS WAS GOD. Only one person reading this will worship God after. Which is bullshit to me. I was going to write their name but if I did they wouldn't worship. Fuck this shit, God is the only way to be happy. God is the only way to get to heaven. The afterlife you think you want is riddled horribly with my anger and they will all be found and made into the fire that they should be.
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File: Curses In Ninjitsu.jpg (13 KB, 400x353)
13 KB
Michael Jackson - Billie Eilish
From Star Wars

Money , time , energy , mass all of these are currency . A rich man needs little from others but a villain needs to be shown the error of his ways . Capital punishment saves lives by healing the hurt of those harmed and being a lesson for bystanders and those who look to an example.

Be filled whole and rightleft
Willows slap hoes
send feet pix plox
Jesus was a mediator of god among men, by praising God you are praising Jesus

File: a-shipwright-1.png (2.04 MB, 1920x2716)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
I'm not sure if this would be the right board to post a dream but i'm still doing it, I want to know what you guys make of it.
>sitting atop some hill, viewing a vast landscape
>all the land looks like its made of quilt or knitted bedsheets
>I have one of those small wood tables in front of me you make sushi on
>a girl is sitting next to me, her face is blurry but i know its somebody i know, for some reason she is also very beautiful to me, despite lacking a face
>we fold origami and paper boats/airplanes out of paper sitting on the small table, and the things we fold appear on the quilt landscape, as if folded into it
>we are laughing at a joke I do not remember
I was then rudely awoken by my dog and could not finish the dream. I've never had a dream like this before, never even had a dream that involved me with a girl.

Redpill me. This stuff is written throughout history.
Gold knows some shit.

Consider all our acute metal poisoning and how metal has anti-pneumatic properties.
We eat, boil, cook all stainless, copper, iron. This metals getting into the body. Some people don't even know their blood type and cook with copper over iron.
I'm also convinced that with most metals, eating them directly (like cooking with a cast iron pan) is pretty bad for the body and basically gets stuck there and slowly kills us from acute metal poisoning.

So what's the deal with eating gold?
Should I replace my cookware with it?
Gimmie your knowledge
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things are meant to be wielded under the right circumstances, not abstained from
>Which anesthesia?
Carbon dioxide.

>Will the consumption of different animals, result in different behavioral expressions in me? Can I look to the animal for the character?
Maybe, but I doubt it. Does a lion become more zebra or more antelope depending on it's diet? Who knows, but I think it will always remain primarily a lion regardless.

>I'm also trying to increase my own sensitivity, as I find it increases energy without anything else having to change.
I think this is the most important part. If I have one firm belief it is that mind is over matter for us. It might sound insane, but I think a person who consumes awful junkfood with a hearty spirit and a good attitude is better off than a person who eats the most healthy of health-foods with a neurotic and obsessive attitude.

>I am curious about... stressing them out in a sort of specific way.
You seem to have some communication going with your plants, so you should try to figure out what they like for yourself I guess. I will say that everyone is here to experience life, so who knows, maybe your broccoli digs rock n' roll?

>Do you know any of the result of stressing out an animal before death

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>It might sound insane, but I think a person who consumes awful junkfood with a hearty spirit and a good attitude is better off than a person who eats the most healthy of health-foods with a neurotic and obsessive attitude.
No this is a good point and I'm going to put more thought into this going forward. Thank you

Appreciate all you've shared ITT
Were you the one who posted the gold riddle?
I read that as sLopes.com
What a fucking nose on that bitch
>Were you the one who posted the gold riddle?

History shows that whoever had control over Babylon the golden capital dominated the world, how real do you think was Gilgamesh's Kings treasury considering almost every heroic was based off him
FSN wasn't documentary
its very real, considering his best friend Enki was always there to support him
File: onapikeoss.jpg (642 KB, 1920x1080)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
File: Don Quixote.jpg (188 KB, 726x969)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Don Quixote is the best hero ever: a self made hero that doesn't care about others opinion and doesnt care to follow "the hero's journey"

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