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File: 2039813018.jpg (13 KB, 225x225)
13 KB
Are there spiritual beings that are prostitutes? For example, If there's a spiritual being that likes you or one that you appeased, is it possible for them to send you a hooker as a gift for you to have a lucid sex dream with?
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>i made up a bunch of lies about succubi to save face after posting a retarded thread
serves me right for replying to slide threads
delete your thread hun
I was dancing with some green girls embedded in green fractals on shrooms. They made me feel euphoria.
>not every prostitute lacks virtue.

Lol, do you seriously believe this?

File: gear 5.jpg (89 KB, 736x544)
89 KB
Coming from >>33914158
I realized a new mechanism of energy manipulation, while with friends I always had problems in believing that people liked me and always thought that people tried to kind of shun me or saw me as weird (had this word repeated to me many times, it kind of hurt) and were with me because that was the friend circle and they were kind of obligated to be with me.
While being with a friend alone, he actually started saying things I would have never expected, good things about what friendship is to him and how he views things, at that moment I focused on my chest, my heart more precisely and I decided to start "radiating" energy both in and out (for lack of better words) and what I felt was really weird, it was as if my heart was atrophied and I was allowing myself to really bond with someone without having a feeling of me being different from him getting in the way.
Also my solar plexus activated too, it was kind of burning when I decided to do this, may have to do with courage, then I did something that my friend was really happy that I did it and it was nice to make my friend happy.
It was a very genuine moment, I recommend you guys start doing this too, it really helps.
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Several simple videos about energy work and how we're all connected
Yes ofc dummy
I just got out of a 3 day fever today that was caused by fumes from a very toxic glue (e6000 chinese nerve gas glue)

at first I felt pain in my head and felt dizzy
then I felt pain in my kidneys
after 2 days the kidney pain went away and I noticed the base of my spine was also hurting the whole time too and that was why I could not relax in any position

sometime in there I tried to raise energy up my spine and couldnt do it
now most of the spine pain is gone and I can freely move some energy again

I had the thought that I might be able to force energy through the blockage but if it opens up then whatever was fucking my spine might go to my legs

anyone know about this?
i resonate with this where can I learn more about the things you are talking about
this resonates with me where can i learn more about the things you are talking about

File: 1594795269304.jpg (3.56 MB, 3924x3922)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
You don't really believe the Blood Libel, do you?
Daily reminder that belief in Jewish blood magic is schizo-tier and pathetic
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Reminder that the catholic church likes to project.
Satan loves evil.
Reminder that the catholic cult is just a nonjewish front for a babylonian religion.
its documented fact, obviously the accusation is too much for anyone to publicly confess to but the facts are there for anyone to find
the only magic jews are interested in is the one that takes your money

biz and tv
Explique su post.
Lurk moar.
hablas español negro?

File: 1674833370357432.jpg (152 KB, 1500x1000)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Can /x/?
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Have you tried listening to 432 Hz music? It's known to have a calming effect on the body. I use the 432 player app
First, tell us:
>sleep schedule
>weekly exercise level
>do you filter your water if you get city water
>To be more specific;almost all social interactions that aren't close family members.
That's understandable. Normies are a plague and have ruined social interactions. Older cultures enforced etiquette in attempt to teach normies to act like human beings. Those times are gone now.
>if you follow /x/ advice and meditate and stuff
your anxiety will turn into schizophrenia, but you will get a sweet ghost gf who will cuddle you and tell you it's ok while pushing you to apply for jobs
Well there are many forms of anxiety, the difference being what worries you. Anxiety is basically unreasonable and disproportionate fear of something.
If multiple social situations (or thoughts about them) make you uneasy, it could be social anxiety.
If you are afraid of places that are hard to escape from, agoraphobia.
If you have intense episodes of anxiety, with fear of them happening again, panic disorder.
If you worry about most events in your life, generalized anxiety.
If you are afraid that your personality might be disintegrating, dissolving or vanishing, psychotic anxiety and so on.
There are more forms of it but you get the idea.
Most of them are the result many different factors that i dont want to get into (low self-esteem, family problems, genetics, bad experiences and so on), but mostly keep happening because of thoughts that are illogical in some way, but appear as true on the first glance. That happens because of the innate feeling of correctness that comes with all thoughts and beliefs.
Most thoughts are automatic, so when you start feeling anxious, you can try to identify thoughts and beliefs about that situation that make you anxious and try to give yourself alternative interpretations of the event.
An example - if you are afraid of going to a bar and you think that people there will look at you, talk bad about you or think you are clumsy or something - remember that people forget faces all the time, that they are more concerned about themselves then you, that they dont know as much about you as you do, that they wont notice all the things you are feeling and so on.
After that its good to test your new thoughts about it, so that you can see that they are correct, by going to the bar.
This doesn't apply to psychotic anxiety, that's a different beast.
Gl and its okay to ask for help if you can't overcome it on your own.

File: 1585432603264.jpg (33 KB, 400x400)
33 KB
Most eye opening youtube videos?
PragerU my fellow jew
File: 1582240546272.png (1.46 MB, 2289x1701)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Here is a very persuasive argument for why NDEs are real:


It emphasizes that NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and when people go deep into the NDE, they all become convinced. As this article points out:


>"Among those with the deepest experiences 100 percent came away agreeing with the statement, "An afterlife definitely exists"."

Since NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and they are all convinced, then 100% of the population become convinced that there is an afterlife when they have a sufficiently deep NDE themselves. When you dream and wake up, you instantly realize that life is more real than your dreams. When you have an NDE, the same thing is happening, but on a higher level, as you immediately realize that life is the deep dream and the NDE world is the undeniably real world by comparison.

Or as one person quoted in pic related summarized their NDE:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Gigi Young‘s videos on Rudolf Steiner’s research
My issues with these NDEs supporting the existence of an after life are that:
One, "Near Death" isn't death.- Your heart stopped for three minutes or you came out of a coma..? Not death!
Two, the subjective nature of it.- I wouldnt care how many people say they saw a unicorn climbing Big Ben. I should dismiss it as lying for clout until they produce better evidence than "trust me bro I saw it."

File: Yts0zmAxXr-2949764078.png (18 KB, 600x500)
18 KB
Is there a way to escape if it's true? There are so many conflicting understandings of the universe but I've seen Gnosticism a decent bit around here and on social media but I've never been given a 'For Dummies' about it that's actually ingestible.

So we're trapped here by a demi urge that was born from an asexual reproduction? What exists beyond that?
45 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Is there a way to escape if it's true?
No. You're here to suffer forever. There is no escape. :^)
File: 20220120_012023.jpg (594 KB, 1079x1079)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
Here you go OP. This is Philip K Dick's summary of his version of Gnosticism, which might not be exactly the same as early Christian Gnosticism, but it's likely the closest to how the term is used online now anyway.

Also CAUTION: This text may be an infohazard, and reading may draw the attention of the archons to you.

PKD claims that it is at the end, however the sheer volume of recent movies and tv shows that are obviously inspired by PKD's gnosticism and gnosticism-inspired fiction renders that a bit doubtful at this point. Gnosticism is weirdly difficult to avoid in modern culture.
I recommend the gnostic paul. its a book going over the valentinian exegesis of the apostle pauls letters. I like it because its dealing with bibical literature that im already familiar with, as opposed to the nag hammadi library, which is interesting but its hard for me to totally get into apocrypha

I have contentions with this type of gnosticism. I almost feel like its very similar to the 4chan hylic type of gnosticism described in an earlier post. im not going to totally disregard PKD's findings, I mean maybe he is right, but from my own familiar with gnostic christianity and GC adjacent topics (astrology, platonism etc) I feel like a lot of gnostics are missing the point.

one major example is this concept of the archons; ive always got the impression that the archons are another way of describing the (negative) effects of seven classical planets, basically another form of the catholic seven deadly sins. I dont really think the archons are referring to literal entities that are trying to sabotage people, rather its a metaphor.

the same with calling the demiurge demented...my understanding of the demiurge (samsara) is that its a reflection of material reality/duality. you need the presence of bad to understand good, hot to understand cold, ugly to understand pretty etc etc. all existence is ultimately an experience, but you cannot experience anything without having opposites. this is why theres evil in the world, its a feature not a bug. BTW this idea of duality is encoded into the zodiac and the seven classical planets, and is also strongly present in platonism too. I just think a lot of the contemporary gnosticism misses the point because they dont understand the cultural/metaphysical context of gnosticism
There are Realms above YHWH that he is ignorant of. The Goddess Sophia and the God Barbelo came out of the Plenoma, the Higher Heaven, to convince Him that there are Higher Heavens than His, but they failed. The Imperfect Demiurge, YHWH, Created an Imperfect World (Universe) and deemed it Good! He then discovered that Lucifer was imperfect so He threw him out of His Heaven along with his crew. Sophia then sent the Savior Jesus to redeem Mankind from the DemiUrge's Ignorance. This is essentially what the Christians did to the Classical Polytheistic Religion, so, this is Irionic Justice!
I wish I was this passionate about anything. Don’t new ideas interest you at all? I just like learning about different ideas from different times, that’s all. The concept of man achieving gnosis is inspiring, anon. I’m not stuck in the mire of dogma, anon. Life is short & meant to be lived, not ruled and dominated

File: 1669696436663802.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
'it had only an old picture of a girl and a date, it had a white background and background recordings of voice, I believe in german.I am not sure but I believe it had a remaining time counter. This was some sort of viral stunt because people where trying to solve it like a puzzle, as it look like it had hidden messages. There was even street poles with the picture sticked. I think the domain name of the website was a date too, but i am not sure, i remember that at the end it was some sort of social experiment' the background was a german number station and it ended up being fraud. anyone remmember? pic unrelated for attention.
fuck forgot to put a title. need help finding this old arg.
Doesn't ring any bells for me, but you could also try /wsr/

File deleted.
Last thread: >>33880269

Past couple days things have gotten weird. The bigfoots are being less openly confrontational. They don't pound the house as often. But now I'm seeing lights in the sky at night. They move in a weird zigzag pattern with jerky acceleration then zoom off so fast I can't even imagine the speed. There's poltergeist phenomena in my house now. I watched a floor lamp jump into the air and crash back down. One of my wife's rancid buttplugs flew off the shelf and hit me and I puked and had to spend 2 hours cleaning up the mess, I heard bigfoot laughter in my head the whole time. I turned on the sink and fire shot out of it. But the worst part is the dreams and telepathic communications are getting worse. The bigfoots are telling me more and more they want my wife but I haven't been able to trick her into getting taken by them, she's onto me. It doesn't matter though because they say she isn't "ripe" yet. They say they want my "hairless hog" to be "nice and swollen" when they take her, they want her ass cheeks to be like two massive sides of beef. They're using psychokinesis on her colon to make her IBS worse, they want her farts to be as loud and disgusting as possible for their atavistic mating ritual that they say is older even than humans. The bigfoots compete in a series of athletic games for access to the female, then in the final stage she farts in their faces repeatedly and whichever bigfoot is alpha enough to not faint or even flinch takes her. If farts aren't enough to separate the men from the boys the female must projectile shit at their heads. The smells coming out of my wife lately have just about made me black out, my eyes water and I have to run out of the house. Started screaming in rage at the bigfoots outside when I was gassed out of my own house for the fifth time in one day because of whatever black magic they're working on her ass. My wife laughs at me and says I'm a "big boy" and can take it.
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I can't take the braps anymore, they're burning my eyeballs
wtf this is hot
File: 1674653562538141.jpg (196 KB, 828x851)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
POSSESSION: The bigfoots possessed my wife. I was talking to her when her eye color changed. She started making whooping and howling noises and getting down on all fours to run. She started whacking table and chair legs with a stick, I think communicating with woodknocks. After smacking them she howled like a decerebrated retard. I had to cover my ears and started yelling back in rage. This started a screaming match like something out of African lion safari, which ended when she farted so bad I had to run out of the house to escape the smell. All the noise made my neighbors call the cops on me. Had to hide my wife while I talked to the cop. He picked up on the rancid fart stench permeating my home and asked if I slaughter livestock in my house. I just stared at him. After he left my wife looked at me with her yellow bigfoot eyes and spoke in a voice I'd never heard before, way deeper than mine: "where is my fart feast." I realized I hadn't fed her her brap meal for the day like the bigfoots told me. Before I could apologize she kicked my knees out and I fell on my back. Didn't even know what happened before she planted her giant ass on my face and pinned my head against the floor. I'm flailing, shrieking wildly, it smelled like there was straight shit in her ass. Then I heard her say, in this lower than Barry White voice, "Regards from King Bigfoot." I suspect I have brain damage from what happened next, so it's a bit hazy, but it felt like a volcanic explosion happened right on my face. I felt her asshole tear open, cheeks violently rippling, while this indescribable stench rockets up my nares, like burnt popcorn mixed with sewage. The heat was like baking on asphalt under the Georgian August sun. My eyes were burning so bad. I screamed my lungs out and it all went black. I woke up an hour later in a pool of my own vomit. My wife was yelling at me saying I puked on her ass on purpose. Her eyes are normal color again. I think I'll be dead soon.

File: guide.png (54 KB, 2040x1218)
54 KB
You can achieve anything you want with this
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There are places full of zoomers reporting those things, but I'm sure you are literally unable to entertain for one second the thought that they could be onto something.
>There are places
where? I want to find out.
Was this shit written by an eight year old or what now?
Reality shifting. Check the subreddit. Yes it’s real
So where do I start? Or is one of those "woooo you must understand and do it by yourself"

File: lo@@me.jpg (184 KB, 1080x1080)
184 KB
184 KB JPG

File: 1674855779380.jpg (25 KB, 333x500)
25 KB
Is it possble that some of us aren't human but just don't realize that?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yep, Some are here to create revolutionary technologies, others to leave Artistic inspiration, to create trends, to leave new esoteric currents. It's all a big party to help native humans to evolve and keep going until they attain light bodies and are capable to ascend. But they themselves have to experience human struggles and conquer them before remembering their true nature, after that they're ready to go back home after many lives.
very common some of the motherfuckers i know, they are hybrid but don´t know that, since the breed even for them, they perceive themselves as humans because the 5g antenas blocking their pineals.
those hbrids who are born with strong pineals they are instructed about reptiles, those who do not are treated as human cattle with some rare exceptions(usually they will be safe more than humans) since the system want to brew with humans to aquire their psychokinetic powers of auto elevating their frequency(without machine like reptiles do). reptiles need to use machines to swap from one dimension to another by changing their frequency, thing that some humans can do without even, using any shit.
The reptilian archetype refers to people who lack empathy, and who mask these behaviors with performance in other areas (i.e. financial elites, dynasties)
The vampire archetype refers to people who survive on the work and effort of other people, usually on a personal level that results in passing along those manipulative strategies

A person might not realize that they’re one of these, or other archetypes, because to them they are having the typical human experience. They suffer like the rest of us, but they are actually the cause of suffering for many others. At the ultimate core level, they are trying to “survive” in a social aspect, and they have thus assumed the role of a certain type of “social animal”
Everyone is in the same team in higher realms but here there's the duality for the sake of learning and evolution. A perfect world where everyone has everything they want would stagnate until the point of being meaningless, conducing to extinction.
Many of my family members basically accept some level of psychopathy and manipulation of others as their natural state and use it as an apology, so maybe.

File: R (1).jpg (35 KB, 512x512)
35 KB
The Infiltrator Vol. III

"You are a powerful, unlimited and eternal soul who is here to enjoy the experience of creativity and contribute to humanity's evolution."

- Timothy Leary


previous: >>33895977

>START HERE! If you want to read only 1 thing, let it be this PDF

>Cosmic Death Fungus: A Primer On An Ancient Enemy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
301 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: f9bmzko928z61 (1).jpg (282 KB, 1080x1176)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Don't worry cucky I'll do the work for you guys
Remove the log from your own eye before pointing at the mote in your brothers.
Is floor fungus good?
Toe jam only comes from the ladies anon.

File: 1658504490749135.jpg (28 KB, 320x326)
28 KB
what does a sexual fetish say about one's person, spiritualy? what is the spiritual meaning of a footfag or a pitfag? why did god, if there is one, made me get sexually aroused at the sight of a nice beautiful smooth female armpit? what does that say about my spirit? what does that say about my psyche?
253 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
Came four times today, feel empty, wish I still had that feeling of fullness, now I feel empty. Remains to see if I'm truly weaker or not, but wow it's gonna be tough to go 74 without doing it. Is emptiness neccesarly bad, I dunno I've made headaches, muscle spasms and similar painful events into positive or at least neutral experiences and I've turned cooming into a negative one that I still stumble into regardless so I dunno I';m sure it;s all in the perception.
I've coomed again and I felt worse for it. Had an 8 day streak going and I lost it. Prehaps it's just my beliefs feeling like that but Abrahamic God or not I still feel as if I missed out on something here. A specific date was coming up that seems special astrologically and I was gonna hold coom a certain meaningful number of days till then and then only wait a few more days till my birthday when another meaningful for sperm maturity number of days would have elapsed. I only realized that's second part after I coomed, this whole set up no doubt contributes to the bad feelings and it's honestly another important lesson but I should've learned this by now. Still God as we know him from the bible would consider all that astrology and numerology sin too. If I had done that on my birthday, with that number of days or had just continued to do nothing, who knows what would've happened, now I won't but I just gotta move on.
I know. Do you follow Him in the form of Christianity? Any specific denomination?
You don't just indulge your lust by coming all the time right? Do you wait for specific dates and watch times? I'm sure emission would be more powerful with prolonged periods in between, it's always more pleasurable.
I am an Orthodox Christian. I don't usually use the X board, I came across this and was genuinely looking to see if I could find an answer as to why psychologically or spiritually I have been given this particular sexual abnormality. I have been looking and trying to find a satisfying answer for a long time.

Additionally, astrology/numerology isn't a sin just because, it's a sin in the sense of divination, or interacting with malevolent or demonic forces. That's the really short version. I meant what I said earlier, you literally cannot serve two masters, as both will reject you flat out if you choose between one or the other. If you play between one or the other, you will receive neither. I pay attention to what the daoists or pagans occasionally say because I think there's something there to learn, they wouldn't have done things if they didn't work whatsoever, but it doesn't mean I engage in them myself or think that they are good in the sense of dark/light.

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful a human has, as it is the exact energy you utilize to conceive a new human life. Don't waste it anon, its one of the most potent and its why you feel drained, because you literally have done so.
I am regretful about these actions today. I even wanna coom again so the numeric dates line to a more favourable number. We were already at a great one though. I'm down inna hole, man. Is all astrolgy and numerology demonic or is some from God?
Is it all possible that God could speak through numbers you see or even through things like tarot or coin flips? I know it's ideal to have a direct line but still. I get a lot of interesting answers that seem that are actually pretty friendly to Christianity at times, like when I fall back to that, or at least they could be interpreted as such. I would just hope that the whole venture of waiting for specific dates was wrongheaded to begin with for that means a lot less was lost than I though.
>tfw corruption fetish
I'm not getting to heaven, am I?
Astrology/numerology and other forms of divination deliberately asking for entities other than God to divinate for you is a bad idea. As far as I know, there is really only 1 mention of something similar in the Bible, when the Apostles cast lots on who will replace Judas in Acts 1:23-26. Is it possible that God speaks to you through this things? Sure. Is it likely? no, and in fact through the use of tarot you are not going to find God altogether. Generally God doesn't like being put to the test; His will is often very clear and straightforward, but to answer your question with a yes or a no: Yes, God has spoken previously through casting lots.

The difference is though, God won't lie to you. Pagan deities and demons often exhibit faults like deception, if they tell the truth its often in half truths or in obscurity. God doesn't do this, and detests it. Tread carefully and keep it in mind.

It is of my opinion that entities like adephagia are the taking of something (a sexual proclivity) which is within some of us for a neutral reason, or atleast one that is less harmful at a starting point, and taking advantage of this weakness to push us off balance and move us into a place of sin where we can be used and taken advantage of for their benefit. For some of these entities, simply pushing us away from the path towards God is enough for them, for others to garner power through our sacrifices of one type or another to them

Good luck on your journey anon.

What if we die in our daily basis and we are shifting dimensions every day so we were taught that we should fear death regardless just to have that dark energy riding with us delaying our enlightenment and higher being?

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