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>Oh shit I annexed Hungary and Austria was beaten to a pulp now there's no one that can stop me Europe is mi-........
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fake and gay
>It's a "Russia and Ottomans form an alliance that lasts till 1821" episode
why has this happened in 60% of runs
It took thw mongols literally 70 years to fully take china whereas they steamrolled everybody else, including the european poles, hungarians and austrians, easily so obviously they had some pretty good fortresses
lol, mongols didn't touch the austrians you brainlet. They barely made it into Poland and Hungary, the first war came as a complete surprise and they left as soon as they headed in, and the second one and all subsequent invasions were complete disasters.
Wow stop posting if you have that level of historical knowledge.

File: FPA_cannons_2.png (394 KB, 700x375)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
I want ships exploding to bits in the vast nothingness of space, which game does space combat the best?
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I mean, the late game has some 4x elements.
File: 1478312283257.png (156 KB, 2240x1178)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Damn straight.
Nexus: the Jupiter Incident.
Battlefleet Gothic 1+2.

Sorry but I prefer battles in space because it's closer to naval strategy.
Freespace 2
Star Ruler.png

apparently there's beta testing going on for this right now. anybody here play it? anything you're willing to share? i don't know how nda's work, how serious or binding they are and whether they allow you to say even basic shit like "it sucks" or "it's fun"
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reminder that the director of starship troopers didnt even read the book, just the blurb on the back and made the movie as an anti-american thing and was supposed to be a satire or some shit, but was so bad at his job he made another hit campy action movie, a genre the guy hated. Robobcop was supposed to be the same too.

Now thanks to this pretentious incompetant dumbass, everyone thinks of the movie instead of the good-ass book. I mean, I think hes even said that he just used the name of the book to bait fans of the book into watching the movie, or something like that.
Yes yes, everyone knows that Dutch fuck is a retard who doesn't know what satire is.
But normal grunts in flak vests fighting 7 foot tall spider like killing machines is based as fuck.
That's most strategy games.
>look at me i read a book everyone respect my efforts
no. fuck you pleb.
yes yes we know /tv/, it's not like we haven't had this exact same discussion six million times before

File: map1.png (815 KB, 625x601)
815 KB
815 KB PNG
>Just bought Satisfactory, enjoying it so far
>Unlock vehicles
>Need quartz for beacons for truck
>Scan for quartz, nearest deposit is 1100m away
>Bit far, I've only really been a few hundred m away to get trees for fuel, but I'll go for it
>Start hiking, going fine
>Walk down into a valley, can no longer see base in any direction, bit uncomfortable
>Keep going, about 600m in now, intense anxiety starts building
>Actual fear deep in my gut, same feeling as standing on a very high ledge with no railing, or getting lost in an unknown area
>So unsettled I have to turn back
Uhhh this happen to anyone else? I've never experienced this in any other game, I'll walk off for hours in random directions in Minecraft, but this really set me off for some reason.
Guess I'm fucked for progression.
idk man maybe you should try getting used to it
yup, yup, had this happen to me in subnautica.
you just power through it i guess. in subnautica the enemies turned out to just not be all that lethal anyway so that made it easy.

File: flat,1000x1000,075,f.u4.jpg (53 KB, 1000x987)
53 KB
Does anyone have any good strats/guides to improve in minesweeper?
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File: red=mine blue=safe.png (17 KB, 499x316)
17 KB
File: 1626785528529e.png (32 KB, 499x316)
32 KB

also take the 50/50 in the bottom middle, you're only delying the inevitable
i remember one summer in high school where i got pretty fucking good at minesweeper. I remember finishing the hardest difficulty at ~90 seconds and being really proud
There's logic, probability, and then luck.
File: sweeper.png (11 KB, 499x316)
11 KB

This is the most based rts game you will ever play. Shame it is an abandonware now.
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Both links are for the 2.G version
Factory taunt?

So people, anybody is hyped for a multiplayer game?

File: file.png (62 KB, 765x479)
62 KB
How do i git gud in this mod? the weapons have a very bad acuraccy and the orks keep raping me with their pistols
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when i played the best strategy i found was basically giving everyone a long las and just sniping the enemies from my chimera
>a few heavy bolters
>maybe some ogryns or at least shotguns to clear the landing
>bolters and shotguns later on
>a few grenade launchers
>everyone else with a long las
is not a terribly fun way to play but orks are simply too deadly at range and standard lasguns are worthless
long las do massively more damage, are way more reliable and have unlimited range
fighting chaos was always tremendously more enjoyable since traitor guard are dangerous but not so invincible and even chaos marines barely scare me more than orks but im ok with them being terrifying for lore reasons
later on the game becomes to easy like every xcom
i need
No using awful image macros on /vst/
File: Super_buu.png (189 KB, 360x450)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
provide link to this mod

File: homm3.jpg (247 KB, 1280x720)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>pick up homm3 on sale from gog after being recommended it
>fun game everything is going well
>get to the mission "steadwick's fall" in the campaign
>literally impossible
Genuinely spent about 5 hours playing and replaying this mission and losing in a new way everytime.

Best I ever did was get all the way to the castle within the time limit only to get the shit smacked out of me by the garrison.
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>no orb
>no necklace
>no fear
lucker bastard
I had orb, just don't equip it all the time obviously. Also, compensated with immense skill. :)
Are Might heroes strictly better than Magic heroes?
Yes, except on small maps.
magic heroes are better at clearing in early game, but in fights with other players might heroes are almost always a lot better

File: grau.png (66 KB, 799x580)
66 KB
post custom maps
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You used the name field to say the name of the thread when you should have used the subject field. Names are supposed to remain persistent throughout a thread, it's working as intended.
lmao i'm retarded
God damn I remember this game
So what is the game about?
Only having 32 money.
Lol I am richer than the Holy Roman Empire.
I have significantly more moneys

File: 20210616004523_1.jpg (504 KB, 1920x1080)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
Rate my victory
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Is rise of Ai mod for FoG2 worth it? Or is it just bloat that doesn't add anything
lol get good
flanking is kind of annoying, yeah, I guess I'm missing something and need to play some more of it
File: 1604550194192.jpg (154 KB, 994x1014)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
But that feel when you flank successfully though
File: fuck fuck fuck.gif (506 KB, 500x283)
506 KB
506 KB GIF
>still no Field of Glory: Napoleon
I'm stuck with mods for Pike and Shot

File: sc2.jpg (460 KB, 1200x600)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
Is this the hardest video game out there?
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Not our fault you weren't born Korean.
It's not even the harder starcraft game.
>there definitely isn't a game where I've seen pros do as impressive microing
aoe2 and it's not even close
File: 1626194752760.jpg (91 KB, 728x1024)
91 KB
I’ve never played any multiplayer strategy games before, is Starcraft 2 a good place to start?

File: Civilizationboxart.jpg (16 KB, 262x294)
16 KB
What is your favorite civ scenario? Can be from any civ game.

Mine personally is the Alien invasion scenario from Civ 2.
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Conquest of the New World
There's this mod you can download from the workshop which ads a Mayan themed Scenario to Civ 5 G&K.
And it's definitely my favorite scenario in any Civ game.

But Civ 5 scramble for Africa is really good, and Samurai Invasion of Korea is really fun if you play as Korea as it focuses on winning battles using ranged superiority and tactics and with less numbers, which is one of the most satisfying and fun things you can do in Civ 5 thanks to 1UPT.

I can be in the mood to play many of the scenarios in that game, but in general I don't think the list was that good.

Paradise Found is like a scenario made for Polynesian history enthusiasts. So it's a scenario made for me in particular, and even i think it's kinda boring.
Into the Renaissance is too long.
Fall of Rome is meh.
I don't care for steampunk so I've only played Smokey Skies once but it is neat.
American Civil war is fun
1066 is kinda eh
The Mongol one isn't vary good you ask me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Terra is in 5 and 6 too
File: Marruecos20_Screen2.png (54 KB, 640x360)
54 KB
Spanish Moroccan Crisis. You need to defend Spain from a Moroccan invasion. I played it a lot as a kid and I remember it was pretty accurate with the units for the Spanish army. There was even the frigate Prince of Asturias.
File: LowerRhine.png (326 KB, 595x398)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
This one sounds great:

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (90 KB, 616x353)
90 KB
I'm enjoying Dyson Sphere Program a lot more than Factorio, I feel like I don't have to be as autistic about everything to be efficient and the graphics are nice eye candy compared to Factorio's drab green, grey, and yellow palate.
How does Satisfactory compare to these two? Should I try it as well?
lol, was just going to make a thread on DSP being better.
I played DSP first, factorio is still fun, but I like DSL more
Factorytown shits over both those
You just want a casual, colorful game with no challenge? Ask me how I know you're a zoomer.

File: darkest dungeon.jpg (500 KB, 1176x1688)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
Thoughts on this?
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Where can I find anaertailin's packs (which are needed by LL) outside of the Steam Workshop?
it makes me sad when my charecters die so I just mod it to make it easier
Love the aesthetics. The game itself is kind of mediocre. Certainly not bad, but I don't think I'd bother playing it if not for the atmosphere.

im telling you guys

check this one out

its the best coomer mod ive ever seen

Played that one, too. It was very well done imo.

File: main.jpg (389 KB, 734x850)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
vote for the new sc2 ladder maps
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>still complaining
its not about the winrate, who the fuck wants to play against protoss that much lmao
>the protoss player doesn't understand that winning can be boring
anything below a 100% wr is imbalanced in the eyes of a T(er)ranny since they unironically believe they have to work harder in game than the other 2 races, since they have to do occasional stutter step micro or line up a drop to hit the same time as their push
It's similar on the Korean server, forGG plays 3 times as many Protoss as Zerg, the cancer spreads.

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