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This just came out on Steam. It's a stealth/ambush RTT with character skill tree progression and equipment crafting. Anybody going to try it?
There's a developer livestream right now as well
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>playing as a girl
>playing as a commie
>can't play as the good guys
Well it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense playing as the British or Americans in this context.
I just want a game where I can play as the Dirlewanger Brigade...
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File: daut 01.jpg (3.38 MB, 4032x3024)
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3.38 MB JPG
I am forgotten.
Based daut. Look at the size of those fists. Man is packing.

File: performance.png (57 KB, 1294x294)
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Millennium Dawn might actually get better performance in the future!
Now if only they improved money and influence too

File: 34535355.jpg (28 KB, 460x215)
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>Easy system compatibility for multiplayer games
>loads of maps to play on workshop
>can literally mod the game to play like DoW1 removing all the moba shit and turning the elites back into actual units.
Why aren't you playing DoW3 modded?
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Hypothetically, if I were to install some mods and click "find game", how long would it be before I'm in a match?
You host the game in an open lobby and if someone wants to play with you it installs the mod for them and they are off,how long it would take depends if people care about the mod you are playing. I doubt there will be two players with the same mod at the same time in matchmaking
>In case you don't yet know how this works, the mod tools for this game are missing some key features. In particular, I can't add any new models. So everything is a remix of what's in the game, plus a few chaos and guard units from the campaign. I really wish this wasn't the case, but here we are. So take it up with Relic if you're bothered that the Tau all look like Eldar.

Nice mods, bro.
there's imperial guard atleast
I missed the sale. Can I still play it modded with a pirated copy?

File deleted.
Are there any games that allow you to eradicate whole cultures and religions before replacing them without own?
Preferably closer to grand strategy than AoE
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Free Orion features xenophobia and extermination camps as gameplay mechanics. Zuul in Sword of the Stars use slave labor with no regard whether those survive or not.
I guess every interplanetary game where you nuke/poison/disintegrate planets instead of capturing them also counts.
Albanian fuel factory mod for Vic 2
Dominions 5 is exactly about that

File: pdx.gif (3.92 MB, 288x288)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB GIF
Alright I know this isn't pdx support page or anything but I havent been able to play Stellaris since the latest update back in may. Every game I start spawns this empty event box that stops the game every single ingame day. I play with Dynamic Political Events, More events, Pol&espionage and Potent Rebellions. These are the only mods that spawn specified events. Can someone with knowledge of the Clausewitz engine workarounds help me? Also Stellaris mod if youre all interested to post about it.
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most likely one of the mods hadn't been updated
Try running the game dry first and then add mods one by one to see which one is the culprit, it sounds like this might be the case.
Most likely, will try thanks. I realize Stellaris doesnt get much love here
Go play some better games senpai
In Steam, right click on Stellaris, go to Properties, click on Betas, and downgrade your game to 2.7.1. You will now be playing the pre-May version of the game.

File: Shadow Defections.png (1.32 MB, 1506x900)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Dont be shy anon, show us your empires
and your cool generated planets.

Bonus points for showing us your logistics network.
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did you not switch to ranged attack mode and had the ICBM charge into direct combat?
God I wish that were me
It was from 40 hexes away
Just had another nuke surrender while attacking more rebels on the other side of the planet. I am just going to chalk it up to "nuke crew abandons post out of guilt after killing their own countrymen"
Were they in a location where they had nowhere to retreat to?

File: StarCraft_box_art.jpg (79 KB, 256x323)
79 KB
Do you want RTSs to be more popular or do you like the fanbase as it is?
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>felt like an intense fight in a shooter required more of my attention than a typical match in a RTS
that should be the other way around, I never felt like a RTS is more straining on me than a FPS once I've gotten used to the RTS.
Morhaime's new studio doesn't seem to be working on a RTS, but there's another studio called Frost Giant, which is full of Warcraft 3 and SC2 guys, who are apparently making an AAA RTS.
>which is full of Warcraft 3 and SC2 guys
1 from TFT who did some campaign missions.
The other warcraft 3 guys are reforged guys.
>warcraft 3 guys are reforged guys
Well, I guess RTS is officially dead then.

File: 253683989.jpg (78 KB, 640x360)
78 KB
Is Remaster of Age of Empires I worth getting? Unlike AoE II&III I have only dim memory of playing it as kid a bit, but I am sucker for timeperiod it's set in. Is the game any good?

Does it run on W7?
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It does run on Win7, I installed it myself a couple of days ago after waiting for a long while.
They ruined it in DE, everything looks muddled and brown now. It's hard to tell apart units especially when you're in bronze age and literally everyone and everything is brownish, even though Ensemble gave some units (cavalry, chariots) visual details (white ornaments etc) to be more distinct. Also the music isn't recognizable and is too reverb-y and the sound design is embarrassingly bad, like an intern did it. Mechanically they didn't add enough QoL stuff like they did for AoE2DE, though a farm queue is nice. Pathfinding is somehow worse than in the original. Thank you for reading my review.
This is the sort of thing DE could have added, back in the nineties they had an excuse to reuse assets so as short and broad swordsmen have an icon and long/Legions have another but that shouldn't be a problem now.
Speaking of Legions, having entire unit lines named Legion or Centurion available to factions other than Roman makes the problem you talked about impossible to solve. Adding unique units or something could make it resemble AOE2 so that's ano go imo.
make it resemble too much*
a no-go imo*
Its the worst DE in my opinion, no extra content at all despite the era massively needing it.
That kind of clay tile roof is still used today.

File: 1589442740554.gif (1.9 MB, 320x200)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
Strategy games are almost the sole domain of the PC, but what are some good strategy games on (retro) consoles or on handhelds? I was playing Civ2 on the PSX the other day and was trying to think of other games I could play and outside of a few older Koei titles, Advance Wars/Fire Emblem, and some of the PSX C&C ports, I was drawing a blank.

I'm specifically looking for something that plays natively on 3DS/Vita/DS/PSP, but really anything that can be played on the go via emulation would be nice.
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Who the fuck plays java games in this day and age?
Wicked Lair for android is pretty cool
Tactics Ogre
Age of Empires 3: DE works great on gamepad
Rome Total War on tablet is unironically worth getting. It takes a couple hours to get used to the controls, but it's literally the full Rome TW experience.

File: Civ4colon.jpg (29 KB, 259x367)
29 KB
Thoughts on this game? I've played the shit out of base civ 4 but this one has just been sitting in my library forever. Seems like it has completely different gameplay; how good is it?
Yeah. Vanilla wasn't as good as the original Colonization, but there are a lot of great mods.

File: DH Thunder in the Sky.png (709 KB, 1024x768)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
Lets talk about Darkest Hour and its mods, instead of HoI4 crap.
I will start:
What do you think of the mod Thunder in the Sky? Did you liked it over The New Order 2?
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Original content for PSA, Ottomans, and African/South American minors
Among other things, that's not an exhaustive list
I enjoy Fatherland, but the content ends too quick, wish it had more cool peaceful interactions
That's great, those are among the nations which need it the most.
What do you guys usually do in KR once events stop firing? I remember uniting India as the socialists and assuming that an event would fire at some point to bring me into war with one of the great powers, but it never did and I just kind of sat there

>all units and structures are summoned onto any controlled spot on the battlefield through invoking collectable cards which need to be equipped into a deck to be used in missions
>resources are gained through constructing extraction buildings on specific spots, but also through a constnat downtick from the players void pool which refunds a portion of the units cost
>going up a tier works by making a certain type of coloured orb tower at a specific spot
>there are 4 basic colours but higher tier cards might require you to go pure frost, mix it with death or just have a certain number of orbs of any kind, so there are many more "factions" avaliable
>shitton of pve coop content
I only played this through Skylords Reborn beta but it was really enjoyable. What are some other unconventional strategy games?
>no singleplayer
You can just play the missions solo i guess

File: post-7131-1157651400.jpg (221 KB, 1280x960)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Utterly forgotten. Have any of you played this game? Still in my top 3 RTS games. Campaign was fun as hell.
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You can build on on that 2v2 map Battle For The Core which for some reason was really popular in 2v2 lobbies, but no one ever cared about the actual core.
>The units are way too fucking big for the maps they are on
Actually one of the issues in this game was that the units were really slow and the maps were huge, getting a sneak attack on your base often meant having to withstand a lot of damage before you can bring your army to defend it. And team games often played like separate 1v1s because if you combine forces with your ally on his side of the map, that leaves your side wide open.
It was the map in the demo.
>It was the demo map therefore it's the only map
I hate this meme so much. Why do so many people fall for it?
yeah i played loads of it as a kid and have replayed it over the years a few times
i dont like playing the cuotl though or fighting them. Both the vichi and alin are cool though and i guess at least the cuotl are different

Rome and Med 2 still to this day have the most detailed and dynamic interactions between the soldiers. Warhammer and Troy don’t even have blocking attack animations or pushing line mechanics.
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Should we make a new thread? Perhaps reframing the topic a bit?
why not
link it here
Here you go, new thread:

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