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File: mars tactics thingy.jpg (38 KB, 460x215)
38 KB
The demo is out, what do you guys think of it?
Obviously pretty early still, I get crashes alot, but it seems interesting so far, I like the mating of the overworld layer with the tactical stuff. Haven't had opportunity to play too far into the demo though cause of work lately.
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Feel like a chore to play
Production is accessed in each town
Unit fatigue needs to be checked in squad.
File: Waitafuckingminute.jpg (76 KB, 888x499)
76 KB
Wait, what? Motherfucker, I used to have that on before and I thought it did nothing, I wish I knew this at steam fest.

Litterally in the trailer: Chose who controls Mars
Does not matter.
Arguing in bad faith with your own headmates should be contained to Victoria threads, if not removed altogether.
Bad faith, headmates? Nigger, I am not >>1199487
Take your personal crusades outside, you'll find more windmills there.
Near impossible to control, 90% placeholder content and no real direction. Potentially neat ideas lost in confusing mess of stuff and things. needs streamlining

File: c3.jpg (311 KB, 1280x720)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Augustus 3.2.0 is out:

>Health management was one of the lacking features in Caesar 3. Having access to a single clinic was enough for a house to get a 100 health rating. Bathhouses, barbers and hospitals were only needed to evolve houses to greater ranks. As of version 3.2.0, Augustus implements a whole new health calculation, and adds a new threat for your city: sickness.
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It's not dated, it has more difficulty than city builders that came after it. Even Pharaoh, although had a bit more content, it was a lot easier than Caesar.
My childhood!
Yes, it's not 'dated' at all whatever the hell that even means. If you have more than an iota of an attention span you should have fun with it.
>whatever that means
are you ESL or pretending
It wasnt harder only because of the stupid AI? Goods distributer only going on a direction and stuff?

File: file.png (873 KB, 1100x486)
873 KB
873 KB PNG
Anyone else play this? I just started but it seems cool so far. The 2D graphics are comfy and there's a bunch of autistic detail given to the units.
The UI is less arcane than most other wargames but that's a pretty low bar given how fucked they usually are. Also controlling mechanized infantry is a nightmare (something they are supposedly working on improving for the sequel).
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Yeah I'm having similar troubles. One thing I've found that helps is setting the waypoint visibility option to "all", so when you order a formation it'll immediately show you the waypoints for each individual unit within it.
Helps judge where they'll go and makes choosing formation easier, though it's not perfect.
I think sometimes you just have to eat the command delay when you want units in particular positions.
The defend order is also kind of odd, if I understand it correctly it makes a unit face the direction and attempt to take cover in an area that has line of sight on wherever you designate.
I think if you set that order on the other side of the ridge they would take up the best defensive cover that could still see over the ridge but I'm not sure. For whatever reason I often end up with units in undesirable positions when using it. Not really sure what the best way of using this order is.
To me the biggest flaw of this game is the delayed orders mechanic. It works great in something like Flashpoint Campaigns where it's all hex-based and abstracted. In Armored Brigade, line of sight and terrain play a huge role, but the AI is just not good enough to place individual units to take advantage of the terrain, so you're forced to micromanage, because tank crews given a defend order take stupid exposed positions and correcting their stupidity takes time, and they will most likely suffer losses before executing orders. It's most evident when trying to enter towns, tanks and APCs just can't coordinate with infantry or act with caution, so you have to micro every single unit and delayed orders get in the way.
>Not really sure what the best way of using this order is
The order doesn't work as you'd expect it to, that's it. All it does is just tell units to hold in place and shoot enemies that advance at them. The AI just isn't capable of using actual tactics to defend a location. The game has a good idea on the mechanics and interface with a good chunk of realism, but individual units' AI just isn't up to the task.
It would be nice if making small adjustments were free of delay or a grace period or something. I get the idea behind it but it's annoying when it feels like a lot of the time the units are just getting chewed up because they didn't choose what seems to be the obvious defensive position.
I've tried so hard to find a download to the 'classic' version of Armored Brigade. Shame i never caught it while it was around. AB seems fun, but like all wargames, price for quality/content is hard to go for.
Also almost anything published by Slitherine is absurdly priced.
This is one of the few Slitherine/Matrix games I've seen go for decent prices. Like <$10 on sale.

File: gigach.jpg (81 KB, 465x600)
81 KB
>I got the naval encirclement
>delete your fleet
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Boko is seething at spud? Any videos of it?
Only rundown vid of it, but it wss streamed and disconnected. Description has funny link/screenshots.

lol I was going to write the same thing, they are talking about some gay e-celeb I think
binga binga! my favorite youtubers HAVE to get the MOST views!!!!

File: 2.jpg (35 KB, 151x250)
35 KB
Empire Earth 2 is an old game from 2005. It is currently being supported by a community of about a hundred people, heralded by a certain Dr Mona Lisa. He adds features to the game and fixes alot of its issues with no source code, with few contributors and very regularly, which is so very good to see. If you are an EE2 player you should download his patch

but there are things that i just don't understand
>removed LAN functionality entirely so one can only play on the community lobby (ok never mind checked my options and there is a way to restore it, but it's needlessly complex)
>banned all russian players to the game, "sanctioned" as he says, unless they click on a checkbox which pleads for forgiveness because of le ukraine war
>generally seems ban happy

why does one even feel the neccesity to do this. The game's community is at best 50 people

i mean i have alot of respect for the guy but come on. Relax. it's a game.
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>is an old game from 2005
Spoken like a true zoomer
sure ee1 is better but ee2 isn't shit man. When it doesn't lag at least
Is age is getting the better of you? I must remind you 2005 was 29 years ago
>I must remind you 2005 was 29 years ago
So it's zoomer AND Ameritard
these stupid nigger zoomers, don't they know 2005 was 2017 year ago

File: 1657638203212.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1080)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
Get in here and talk about the game lads
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some games can do it and come out fine
Factorio and Minecraft did it well
Terra is probably not one of them
File: file.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Reddit's got you covered
Weebshit is better than the Unity-stock-asset-looking 3d people they have in, honestly. I swear I've seen some of those faces in this one cash-grab Mount and Blade-esque game I've played years back.
>Weebshit is better than the Unity-stock-asset-looking 3d people they have in
Its probably better as far as performance is concerned too.
I doubt the images actually affect performance much. Most of the slowdown is from the AI.

File: 37ff3b3a.jpg (35 KB, 353x493)
35 KB
The gang's all here! Koei general for all your questions, opinions and information on Koei's vast strategy catalogue. Everything from the MSX to the current consoles and PC! The sons of Liu Bei are here to help!
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Dude, Liu Bei is cringe. Why do you want to play with cringe for? Fucking goddamnit, bro. I bet you unironically believe Liu Bei's rebel state was the official continuation of the Han.
I'm a Yidefag
I liked some of the stuff about 14 but it felt painfully slow moving so many units so far and so often, which ruined my enjoyment of the other parts of the game
Keep your front line cities under your direct control and give everything else to viceroys telling them to support you, they'll automatically send transports with troops gold and supplies to your frontline cities. Also when you're attacking into the south always keep a couple fully stocked transport units behind your army so they can enter after you capture. Then you can instantly move on to the next city. Supply lines are the only learning curve in 14.
The game is already ridiculously fast paced for the setting, slowing things down was an intentional game design. I have only played one campaign that lasted long enough for Deng Ai to spawn, and that was a scenario starting in 207.

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