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File: file.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
One hour till release.
Anybody gonna play it?
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>play for a week
>having fun, get to like day 400+
>try to get into my save today
>CTD every time I start a mission now
did the updates brick my existing game?
in other news I just got a morbus tick right before
Sounds like the devs are working on the issue. I think they're asking people to submit tickets fir that one.
Almost finished it. The missions get very samey but a lot of tactics games get like this.It takes too long to pick the missions you actually need, the ship upgrade meta you'll only learn when you're about to die. RNG events where you could either get a paladin or your ship takes damage.

It seems it just lacks polish and maybe 1/2 more scenarios. Like have a countdown kill as many chaos and get out, or defend a point against chaos etc. I guess even that would get samey but you could mix it up a bit. Maybe retrieve an artifact weapon or armor. fix your ship reward, lol.
It depends on your opinion on nuCOM games because this game is very heavily based on them, so if you're expecting anything like the original/UFO Defense then you'll be disappointed.
Are the reinforcements in the prime seed burning mission actually infinite or was it just a few waves? Unless the fact that some key enemies from each pod continued to live caused the spawner to halt, it kind of seems like I ran away to the altar for no good reason. Not like it was actually difficult because AOE attacks are overpowered but still.

File: mongol hordes.jpg (109 KB, 640x480)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
games where I can do war crimes to civilians?
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>Eador Genesis
Wow it actually has positive ratings unlike the sequel which seems like a broken piece of shit.
>as Russians
>He doesn't know
Any games where you can play as japanese in ww2? They had the most interesting variety of war crimes.
>Half dead from thirst and cramp, the captives were carried on board waiting boats which then sailed out to the shark infested waters off the coast of Surabaya. There, the unfortunate prisoners, still enclosed in their bamboo cages, were thrown overboard to the waiting man-eaters.
It was broken but fun. Imperium was broken too and the devs abandoned it as they went under.
sequel was essentially a remake in 3d
just slower and buggier

File: China_SunStorm.jpg (196 KB, 800x600)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
After so long (Around SIX years), the C&C Generals mod "Rise of the Reds" is starting to be worked again.

And they have now announced "Epic Units" for the factions that didn't had an "Epic Unit" (Which were The Blackbear for Russian Federation, and Manticore/Pandora/Valkyrie Battlesuit for the ECA)
For the USA, it will be the already know for long CV-44 Starlifter American Atlas. And for China it will be picture related.

What do you think? Good idea or stupid? And place your bets & ideas to what will be GLA Epic Unit.
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I Don't care, it's fun.
it's not. i've been playing it since 2015 and your only surefire way to win the game goes like this:
>build tons of base defenses
>build jets to snipe enemy artillery (doesn't work as gla)
>expand economy and start spamming superweapons
>bomb enemy base to shit (doesn't work with particle beam because it sucks)
if you want to beat the ai really easily just spam helicopters. they don't know how to handle it
So basically it plays like vanilla Generals.
epic units can work but not if everyone gets them
russia shouldn't get one because they're overpowered already. sentinels are like epic units but with no build limit. ECA alone had 3 (4 if you count both venom exosuits)

File: vidya.jpg (140 KB, 480x612)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Atrox should have been a bonefide franchise imho
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He's not the only one. I to preferred Atrox to Starcraft. That said my strategy of choice for the era was torn between Populous:TB and Warzone 2100.
File: carlos.png (162 KB, 349x347)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Talk about people's atroxious memory.
>choose a font so shit you have to put the name twice so people would know what the fuck it is
File: 5687_560014c7d3359.jpg (200 KB, 800x600)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Some of the more blatant Korean SC clones other than Atrox:
Armageddon: For the Crimson Glory
Impact of Power – Destroyers
Vital Device: Entrapped by the Queen
Final Odyssey

does anyone know how to mod levies out of the game?
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File: dafuq.png (145 KB, 929x279)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
... wrong game?
You mean all troops. Because event spawned and retinues are still there. Feudalism would get fucked.
would probably take a while since it's a core game mechanic
I think OP is trying to copy what some other anon did in another thread, where he said he modded out levies since the concept was ahistorical. Instead, the game only had retinues, event spawn troops and mercs, and each vassal would have to be called to arms similarly to how tribals do it.

File: OIP(5).jpg (33 KB, 474x474)
33 KB
this game does not fuck around jeeze
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I had a lot of fun with it. The meta-progression between runs was always the weirdest part of it for me. Some of it was great like iirc one of the early meta-progression you can get is getting one of those tokens that brings any girl back from death, even from previous runs, each new run.That combined with them developing traits for things like having the most kills on their first deployment gave the game some depth.On the other hand can't say I was a fan of them locking a whole new class behind the 3rd or 4th boss that you'll more than likely need to develop in a new run. Story-wise it was a cool moment but it necessitated re-doing my team comps afterwards
The gameplay is alright, the bosses are pretty cool and fun at the very least.
Not really. You can take on the chapter boss early if you think you’re ready, and you can quickly get meta-progression to both allow your daughterfus to spawn at a higher level and skip chapters you already beat. My first go around I beat the second boss and for the next run my units spawned at level 7 and I could skip the first two chapters, that’s a pretty good chunk of the campaign
A stylish SRPG with fun combat mechanics but too much tedious grinding and "roguelike elements" to be enjoyable.
>I am too much of a brainlet to never get hit
Considering that the way to not get hit invariably involves skills that cost HP, sacrificing units is 100% inevitable which is a large part of why the game just isn't any fun. If healing didn't require sacrificing units of higher level than the unit you're trying to heal, this game would be 100% more fun to play.
>Darkest Dungeon
so trash

When will we get a spiritual successor to Spore bros?
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I always stopped playing Spore once the space stage began. The creature stage was always my favorite, but everything from the cellular to the civilization stage managed to keep my interest somehow.
Yeah, cellular, creature and tribal are all fun in my opinion. Civilisation is where your creature starts becoming abstracted and when that happens, what's the point? The game is about making a race, so if all I can see are buildings and tanks, who cares. Although I did have a lot of fun designing said buildings and tanks.
Yeah, it's mainly the vehicle and building creation that kept me engaged with Civilization Stage, but after that it just fell off a cliff for me because literally the only thing you design is your spaceship and then you just zip around the galaxy doing dumb shit.
In terms of gameplay cellular was by far my favorite because the design of your creature actually mattered. An animal should be more than just the sum of its parts. On the other hand the creature editor was a lot more fun to mess around with.
This game is shaping up nicely. The dev definitely knows the sorts of things that people wanted out of Spore's cell/creature creator. Will definitely be keeping a close eye on how it develops.

File: Crest_luddic_church.png (72 KB, 410x256)
72 KB
By Ludds blood the sector shall not fall to corruption of the demon cores.
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I didn't even know we had one, quick search also brought nothing up - as long as they don't break the rules there is no reason to do anything.

If I took action cause someone wasn't blessed with a brain at birth I'd have to ban half the server. Really not worth the effort.
You used to have one, but he actually got banned a couple years ago. Not for Holocaust denial but for making fun of Sargon of Akkad. He ended up making a new starsector dicksword.
I think his old posts are still up on your discord.
Wait I see why you can't find his posts anymore, the meme channel has been deleted from the discord.
lmao, shows how much I know. All of them probably do know what they're doing at least. Out of curiosity, which is the friendly one?
In my experience, Tart is pretty good at taking criticism. I haven't talked to the others much though.

File: 0db.jpg (1.42 MB, 2046x1319)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
why isnt this a thing?
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Before the US became independent the northern colonies imported tens of thousands of black slaves
>This is also part of the reason why the whole race thing is so "important" - people were stripped of any kind or sort of identity and it was replaced with "white American",
No it isn’t retard
Race was already of paramount importance in pre-independence America. And nobody with a brain considers shitskin Latins white. Mestizos are 60% Indio on average
>t. American of unspecified origin, but mostly white
Yes, and southern imported millions of them. Your point being?
>Cossacks 3 doesn't have any of these issues so it's not like the bugs are unfixable
It unfortunately has its own issues for a change, and being a step back (or five) in every possible direction except for using 3D graphics now.

File: 76896573.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
Medieval: Total War thread.
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You can't put troops on walls but the castle grounds are very spacious which leads to very little problems in regards to pathfinding. Defenders are limited to how many troops they can bring by a food stockpile, meaning that the attacker will always have more troops. However, upgraded castles are hard nuts to crack as you will constantly have arrows raining down on you from the walls, towers, and castle itself. Practically no area within the castle is safe and men will die. Furthermore, siege equipment is good and mounted units can dismount, with some becoming powerful infantry to compensate (like dismounted knights).

Overall, it's pretty good. The 'less is more' approach works well in Med's favor. I never participated in a siege I felt like was an absolute slog like I have in Rome 1 or Med 2 in comparison.
Must have mods?
the campaign map crash fix and the spanish "jinettes" shield fix (retards at CA left a typo in a folder that makes it so jinetes don't use shields when they should)
classic ca
Medieval 2

File: unnamed.jpg (73 KB, 319x324)
73 KB
What am I in for?
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>either having all your units die for simply being in enemy territory because you don't know the game
Lmao at this moron
Do you have the slightest fucking idea how stupid you come off?
>The final tech, so late into the game, it will finish before the research is done
They were thinking "let's help people with single player"
Me too bro. Loved it.
Barbarians at the gates was the best game mode
I can hear the alarms and sfx in my head.
My friend and I would play it and Age of Mythology when I stayed over at his house. Great times, always loved the scenario editors.

File: 1633748827533.png (539 KB, 874x1024)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
Dyson Sphere Program >>> Fagtorio
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I gave up on Factorio when they started with the Ukranian globohomo propaganda
China is based
>vacuum snooze program
>better than anything
If it doesn't have trains, I don't care
I wish dsp had trains
modded factorio > DSP > vanilla factorio = minecraft industrialcraft >>>>> satisfactory
ching chong chong ching


>competitive play
>if you are a competitive player
>more fucking compfag catering shit
shame it could have been a good game
I wish devs would just mother fucking stop catering to ADHD autistic compfags once and for all
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
online playing is what keeps a game's "community" thriving and that's the true goal. Unless you're making something that massively appeals to normies (e.g., skyrim, elden rings, RDR2 etc) you will need to focus on multuplayer to create the "community", otherwise nobody will know about your game and you will fail. Single player games with a small audience are forgotten instantly since they never form an active community
RTS has 2 problems.
SP RTS just isn't very engaging compared to other genres.
But at the same time when designing MP they keep looking toward the popularity of "competitive" games in other genres without appreciating the fact that they're almost all TEAM BASED competitive games, even irl, team based sports are more popular.
Also the probable result of making a esports focused rts is something that feels very gamey and doesn't sell a compelling fantasy very well.
>SP RTS just isn't very engaging compared to other genres.
Those usually lack the complexity to pull it off. You just assemble the optimal army composition and steamroll the enemy.
You don't deal with advanced diplomacy, logistics, trade, societal matters, random events - you know, all that meat that makes it fun even when you play alone. A plot-driven campaign that gradually unlocks new units to spice things up can hardly hide that.
This 100%
Nowadays you have to focus on Coop stuff, casuals LOVE compstomping.

How fares your post-apocalyptic regime? Also have you played multiplayer? Is anyone interested in creating a multiplayer hub in Discord that is free of trannies? The officially endorsed one has been taken over them.
553 replies and 71 images omitted. Click here to view.
Zone level reduces the effect of the QoL points, so you need to make more and more the higher the zone level gets. Also many people play Democracy which gets up to 100% bonus QoL points so it seems like you don't need to produce very many. Finally, the public buildings produce QoL points much more efficiently per unit population than the private ones, so if you're short on population and have the metal to spare you're better off demolishing private assets and building public ones.
Barracks adds training bonus points which increases the rate of XP gain for your units, provide police for unrest/cult events, and hig hsecurity points provide bonuses in certain events
High health points adds bonuses to event rolls dealing with disease and whatnot
Health points also increase population growth. However, the effect of the points themselves isn't any different than what the private buildings add, which is what anon was asking.
Also, the private lab that the corporation builds can add bonus RP just like the university.
but more is better and more population efficient
Sprechen ze Engles?

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 330x153)
10 KB
Is Xenonauts any good? How does it compare to XCom (both old and new)?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's basically old X-COM with a proper UI that can run outside of a virtual machine, and with some other changes here and there. There's no psionics. Remember to build a medical ward as your first action.
It's not tonally similar to X-COM's '90s comic book hero style but instead opts for a sense of unease with cold war American/Soviet unity.
It doesn't take any cues from new XCOM but it has as much weapon variety and unlike X-COM rifles aren't the be-all-end-all of soldier loadouts.

I hear the sequel is in more development hell than the first one and that it might be the dev's fault this time, but that's all hearsay.
>New XCOM is garbage, it took the MARVEL route insteaad of being a gritty tac shooter.
Whilst that's a very good way to encapsulate a lot of the problems with XCOM 2 (and I assume that police game I didn't play), the gritty tactical shooters were always what the less finished fan games of X-COM tried, not Xenonauts nor X-COM itself which was quite tonally positive in all 3 games.
A decent spiritual successor to old xcom, better than firaxcom in that regard. The addition of a dedicated air gameplay system and suppression in ground combat are nice advancements of the old series. Also fixes psionics being busted by simply keeping it alien only.
> old X-COM with a proper UI that can run outside of a virtual machine
OpenXCOM runs perfectly even on Android phones with full support for touch controls, fixes all bugs of the original and supports loads of mods. Why may I want to play an inferior copycat instead with a microsized text and ugly stylized graphics?
>Why may I want to play an inferior copycat instead with a microsized text and ugly stylized graphics?
I dunno, you're the one who chose to play OpenXCOM.
You are the darkest nigger gorilla monkey imaginable.

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