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I reinstalled this after not having played it since its awful release and I have to say it's actually pretty fun now.
Most of the mana is gone and the pop system makes a lot more sense now.

It's just a shame they release a bad game and then need over a year to fix it. They scare away their players so nobody is around to play the game once they finally fix it. Even from an economic standpoint it makes no sense because we know Paradox don't just care about initial sales. They make most of their money from expensive DLCs but they wont be able to sell that if there are no players left after the first month.
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I like how rather than improve on flawed things in EU3 and HoI3, they removed them entirely.
Then they added bits of it back in as DLC. The fact HoI4 didn't even have FUEL for a long time is appalling.
The shittery of paradox is pushing me towards boomer wargames simply because of how retarded they're being.
>this exact thread is more eternal than the actual Roman Empire at this point.
mildly kek'd
Probably because it HAS been pretty much half a year.
Sir, I agree completely. It was a tragedy. HOI3 and EU3 had many things that could have been fixed, made better. They were works of art in the making, deserving of much more polish. I fully expected EU IV and HOI IV to be the finished product. Or at least another logical progression in making something good even better. Instead we got retarded arsefuckery, specially designed for retarded arsefucks by arsefucks. Highly appropriate for them, but not for discerning Gentlemen of taste such as we.

I have pondered long and hard on how this came to be. I have advanced the theory of "Arsefuckery" as the root cause. Its a lengthy and highly complex theory, backed by much empirical evidence, but in essence it states:

"No matter how good something is, there will inevitably be some arsefuck wanting to fuck it up."

I do believe its a fairly solid theory. I believe it explains why we cant have nice things in general.

File: Install_Final.png (1 MB, 800x600)
1 MB
rip devs

File: cadets.png (1.47 MB, 1550x794)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Graviteam just added another FreeLC, the second in as many months, this time a 1943 winter operation taking place at the Don river as part of an updated 'Strong Point' DLC.

Pic related, 3 small reinforced company's of Soviet cadets (yellow circles) initiate an offensive designed to drive the Germans back.

2nd and 3rd company crossed the river under cover of darkness last night, right nowthe 3rd are moving slowly through the trees in order to locate the German lines and establish a bridgehead.
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The last of the G-1 stragglers throw in the towel
File: prisoners.jpg (164 KB, 1696x816)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Cadets of 3rd group defending the stone-pit take German prisoners. A turning point? if we can put down this assault from the left and focus all our attention towards the main german assault, well, our chances would look much less hopeless.
File: COMMS.jpg (123 KB, 1730x1055)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
forgot pic
File: QUITTERS.jpg (169 KB, 1576x931)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
forgot pic
File: tactical sitrep.png (1.21 MB, 1627x757)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
17:43 sitrep
The German attack on the right (against the house) has been held off, at least for now, and the German company has withdrawn back to the ford.
The attack on the left also seems to be faltering, although fighting continues.

The main German force occupies the centre of the map and threatens both the stone-pit and the house.

File: hellenistic soldiers.jpg (190 KB, 930x765)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Is there any good rts based on hellenistic warfare (like the wars of the Diadochi or the campaigns of Pyrrhus). The only ones I know are Rome Total War and that Alexander tie-in movie game that used the Cossacks engine.
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Well equipping all your filthy unwashed citizens is expensive anon
yes I agree, but guys with names like "elephant guard" and judean mercenaries don't seem like untrained and shitty peasants to me
I picked it up a few weeks ago and it's OK. Steer clear if you are strictly looking to play multiplayer though, it was absolutely broken in MP.
Hegemony series
Broken how?

File: 1589064578408.png (2.61 MB, 1280x720)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
I was chatting with my younger son this morning, and he said his favorite type of game is RTS. (Not that he has a lot of experience with these; pretty much just LEGO Battles and SimAnt.)

I've greatly enjoyed RTS games too. So it got me thinking: what is the minimal "core fun" of an RTS game?

I don't mean the core mechanic; I think that's pretty clear:
>select units and give them orders, including gather-resources and build-buildings
>select buildings and give them orders, including produce-units
This unit-building-unit cycle is the key mechanic, but not inherently fun, though the inherent joy of development is certainly part of it.

There's also an economic-tension factor: you want to invest in future production capability (i.e. more workers, more resource-processing buildings, etc.), but you have to also spend on current defense, since you may be attacked at any time. But if that's the key fun bit, you may as well make a TD game, since that genre does this much better.

What I don't see as a core fun of RTS games is actual real-time strategy (or tactics). You'd think you would be forming your troops into well-oiled formations and executing pincer movements in the midst of battle, but in my experience at least, that's rarely the case. Directing a battle usually amounts to little more than telling all units to gang up on whatever Big Bad is the greatest threat, and then pointing out the places where mop-up work is needed afterwards. But it's possible I've just been playing the wrong games (or playing them the wrong way).

So... stripping away fancy graphics, sounds, story, and all such frills, as well as any design elements that aren't truly essential... what would you see as the core of an RTS game, the minimal combination of elements that would still be fun to play?
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I think "making combined short and long term decisions under time pressure" is the core fun of it. You got it right the first time. More specifically, but not necessarily, it's the decision between expanding economy, tech or the military, and what military to build. In that way, a TD without pause, say, Plants vs Zombies is an RTS , as you have to decide between building sunflowers and combat units, as well as between cheaper and more expensive units under constant time pressure.

You could probably reduce this to just a text game where you slowly automatically gain points and can spend them on
1. Increasing point income
2. Making your attacks stronger
3. Mitigating damage you take from attacks
4. Attacking
You decide once a second what to do at the same time your opponent does. If your opponent attacks and you don't have enough mitigation, your point income is decreased. You win when your enemy has 0 income. This would be the very basic "fun" RTS game. With enough players would quickly develop a meta and maybe counter-plays.
>Directing a battle usually amounts to little more than telling all units to gang up on whatever Big Bad is the greatest threat, and then pointing out the places where mop-up work is needed afterwards.
I don't know what RTS you've been playing, but even Starcraft 2's blob-athon isn't like that. Most games don't even have a hero unit that is apparently the only thing that matters int he army like you apparently am imagining.
Base building isn't even necessary when you're stripping everything down. Ground Control 2 is still a lot of fun and it hasn't got any of it. You just order units in from off-map using resources that accumulate through combat and map control.
I think the thing that I enjoy most about RTS is how it's largely about solving problems when you get down to it. You need to know the unit matchups, which tool to use in which situation, how to protect them if things start to go south, how you're going to deal with a deathball of units that are on their way across the map. Micro is just another tool at your disposal to help deal with problems.
>even in games as simplistic as early cnc a group in a semi circle is going to have more units engaging than a group in a blob, meaning OP has been completely disregarding positioning in rts for years and years and years
sasuga dana /vst/ you're not all that less retarded than /v/ after all
what do you think "micromanaging" is? are you somehow disillusioned into thinking starcraft is an action game? or that carefully executing tactics at speed somehow requires less intelligence and capability than spamming your build order real hard? fuck you're all retarded.

File: srebrenica-massacre (1).jpg (817 KB, 1180x787)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
any GOOD cold war era games/mods?
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They are the "femboys" that post their legs online.
advance wars 2 for the gba
Hadn't heard about this but very interested now i have. Got that Wargame but less mandated mirco vibe but we shall see
It's also singleplayer only, so it has more attention paid to campaigns and no multiplayer metabalancing to worry about. The dev has said that if multiplayer was ever to be added it would be in a Regiments 2. The demo was great according to anons
File: 1604166962539.gif (7 KB, 100x100)
7 KB
>It's also singleplayer only
now I'm actually excited for it

for me, it's planetary annihilation: titans
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Yeah, it was kinda silly of the devs to think that the exact same trick would work 2 years later when everyone got burned hard by a bunch of extremely Kickstarter projects.
>people actually thought this was the future of game publishing kek
Its actually sad that Kickstarter is just shadow of its former self now. Many successful indie games got funded via Kickstarter and i'm not sure if all of them could afford any decent marketing - Kickstarter itself functioned as a marketing platform well enough. People were watching for cool new projects, and so did the vidya media.
But then once the flow of extremely high-profile projects stopped, the massive traffic and discovery of other projects stopped as well. Hoping that people will find your project just by browsing through KS is fucking futile now.
I'd rather press uninstall
They started the KS a week after their publisher made them release PA in a shitty state. It made it really clear they just saw PA as a way to get a game engine for the Human Resources game.
I kickstarted PA, last time I ever kickstarted anything.

Most people got memed into believing it was the evil publishers that were making games shit and that if you give the money directly to devs with no upper accountability they'll make better games. Turns out you actually do need a publisher shoving its boot up a devs ass to make them produce anything of value.
File: Capture.png (439 KB, 862x438)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
>I kickstarted PA
Could be worse. The KS backers actually got titans for free, while those who bought it in Steam Early Access for like $60 didnt get shit.

Eh, good projects still pop up from time to time. It just needs to be a studio you already trust. I backed AI War 2 and dont regret it at all.

File: goat.jpg (99 KB, 800x533)
99 KB
play stacraft please
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do jannies really?
File: firefox_o9C8MLlpQZ.png (2 KB, 313x53)
2 KB
lmao ima make a new thread
um where does it say general???

File: CrS_Banner.jpg (26 KB, 616x353)
26 KB
What's the verdict?
I heard it's as good as FTL. Is it?
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very discouraged by what i'm reading here. this game was next on my list
to be honest, i could swallow sub par gameplay, if the story was decent, but so far i'm getting the impression the story's not so hot either.
i'm having duskers flashbacks. wherein the story seemed promising at first but was actually incredibly shallow and disappointing and entirely not worth the effort of exploring.
Because they intend to profit from it in the long run.
>the chinese want to trick us into liking them by giving us shit
sounds good to me my nigga
why don't our current rulers ever give us anything, if they want us to like them?
Redpill me on Duskers
10/10 premise
10/10 atmosphere
6/10 gameplay
6/10 story
gameplay could have been elevated to 8/10 if it weren't for two bullshit enemy types. hate to sound like a shitter but i really can't imagine how anyone could enjoy these or how anyone could consider them fair.
anyway, the game seems to go easy on you for your first few runs, at least in my experience. my rec is: play it for a couple of hours, then read its wikipedia.

and if you're looking for a plot synopsis:
you play the captain of a ship who finds himself in a dead universe where there's nothing but derelicts everywhere. your job is to dock with the derelicts and send drones in to explore, get salvage and try to piece together what happened.

use the unifcation patch you dunce

File: poolish.jpg (25 KB, 397x313)
25 KB
Mods that take shit strategy games and make them reasonable or better.
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The only thing I don't like about Darkest Hour is the low number of provinces, and the lack of a propper functional grand campaign from 1914 until the end of the cold war. I know it's not designed for a cold war scenario but the WW1 scenario that comes with the game is quite good.
If only medieval 2 and rome 1 could have gotten the same treatment as AoE2 has. Just some patches, maybe some dlc to flesh out underused factions and propper support for a multiplayer community.
File: image_2021-01-21_143614.png (542 KB, 1028x708)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
this here mod is the only thing that makes Civ: Beyond Earth somewhat interesting and fun.
Still has shit key bindings tho.

File: nodhead.png (32 KB, 640x400)
32 KB
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Part of me actually approves. Slavik was a badass who did incredible shit on the battlefield, but eventually internal Brotherhood politics did what GDI never could. It is such an inglorious end it is probably better we did not get to see it.
You can't kill the messiah.
i am a
i am a
i am a
i am a mechanical man

File: file.png (795 KB, 1160x300)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
>#1 Business Sim is made by someone who's terrible at business
Is the genre really that stagnant?
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pay the Russians 5$. There's an older cracked version on piratebay but there's been many updates.
Yeah, you really want all the DLCs, too
WSR doesn't have DLC, are you talking about Capitalism 2?
Oh yeah, my bad. I didn't read the post chain all the way up
I wonder this as well. Are there any other firms where the default template is considerably bad?

File: file.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
How's the remaster? Will we ever get Battle Realms 2?
pls respond
>Will we ever get Battle Realms 2?
I doubt it, but who knows what Liquid Entertainment will do after they finish with the remaster. Personal I feel like they should go the way of AoE2 and instead of BR2 make expansion to the original game.

How's the remaster?
I played the original BR, but never the remaster. From what I heard it's good. You can play online 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Maybe I will buy it just to support the devs.
lair of the lotus when?
What is that?
There won't be a BR2 because instead of doing it, Liquid Entertainment shat the bed hard with making a FUCKING CARD GAME on Kickstarter. Needless to say it flopped hard and they sperged out.
OH how much I'd want a continuation of where BR ended and how it looks like after Kenji's Journey.

File: Echo-2.png (3.2 MB, 1672x919)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB PNG
Things that trigger your PTSD in strategy games
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just capture the southern base, don't destroy it, makes the missions a breeze. Any RTS where you can capture units/buildings is a fucking joke.
These pricks only seem to show up in fixed force missions to ruin your shit if you dare deviate from the carefully scripted and invisible path that the devs intend you to take.
Luckily, they also show up in the Umagon missions where they're friendly and make for useful muscle, though they kind of wander around aimlessly and never kill what you want them to kill.
>Lemme just rig the mission so that you literally have to borderline break the game just to do fucking *anything*
- yours faithfully, the Sororitas Convent of Sama District
Seriously? The Sororitas mission is a cakewalk compared to the Tau Beacons of doom and the Guard and its Baneblade delivered in parts
those were supposed to be hard?

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