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My personal favourite would be a game about maintaining your legion(s) in foreign-occupied territory during the Dominate. Stopping barbarian crossings, rooting out corruption and the like. I believe something like this could possibly be achieved in Bannerlord 2 with heavy modding, but I'm not a modder and I don't know if anyone is as autistic as I am.
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nice melty faggot
dont respond to the underage teenager posting shit like that here. we maintain a board of quality by not giving them attention, just like the soi4 kiddies
>This board is mostly dead anyways, there are threads from a month ago that still haven't archived.
Different boards have different speeds. Go back to whatever board you crawled out from since your "solution" to the speed "problem" is shitposting.
So the main objective would be as cost efficient as possible and not the destruction of the enemy.
Nobody cares

File: Untitled.png (1.76 MB, 1768x492)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
AoE bros its over

Now that AoE 4 is confirmed a disappointment what should we look for next?
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more like when they confirmed return to medieval times... pushing into the world war era as originally intended by ensemble with relic at the helm would be awesome.
Hahhaha empire earth 1 looks better
i know how to make a real aoe, but this jews ruins everything, and that motherfucker of windows gates
>Yeah. I'm open to playing MP in the future, but casually, if that's allowed.
It's allowed in the current DE games, you have ranked multiplayer and casual lobbies.

>You start ranked at 1000 Elo, pros are at 2100 and above, what do you think everyone in between is doing?
1000 is actually the middle ground, most players are around 1000 or lower, in all games that use the system. But you're arguing with a guy who's scared of "gook click" so he probably never even tried getting good. I would know because I used to be like that.

Quick reaction time is an actual skill, fast paced action can be good gameplay because it's fun, it can put you in the flow state, and it feels good when you play well.

File: makinghistory.jpg (47 KB, 460x215)
47 KB
Is this game any good ? Has someone played it ? How does it compare to paradox games ?
It's more of a 'Super Risk' than a proper grandstrat
Anything immersive or that stands out?
Multiple startdates, and a supply system that's pretty legit. Diplomacy seems pretty barebones

Post sorta shit games you still have nostalgia for
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File: AscScr06.jpg (253 KB, 640x480)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
This game was great if I’m remembering right
Man the races in this game looked so strange
Play it again - you'll see it didn't age well. I played it before I could buy Earth 2150 so I have a bit of a sentiment for it. I was actually disappointed that some of its features weren't available in 2150. It had a more convenient interface, busier and prettier environments and a number of minor improvements. The highest difficulty level also throw various interesting challenges at you.
However, it just doesn't have the same depth, faction variety and length of E2150. The battles are smaller because of how bottlecked the production is. Anti-air missiles got buffed so much that aircraft is completely useless (not that I enjoyed being swarmed by air units in Lost Souls). Overall, people don't say many good things about it.

File: nembuild.png (704 KB, 1186x769)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
What are /vst/'s favorite underrated/underused items? For me, it's hastened katana. I build that shit on every god I can, even Achilles. You can never go wrong with extra mobility.

File: 1617716375072.jpg (314 KB, 1024x995)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
Starsector thread
Share images of our favorite Onslaught variants
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Oh right, anon above mentioned neutrino detector due to volatiles. Well I never use it because the detector is too fucking annoying with its false-positives, but that's just me.
Hypershunt is only for dorito fights
File: download.jpg (7 KB, 261x193)
7 KB
Goddamnit, when are all the good content mods updating? I just want all my ship options.
it'll take at least 3 months and maybe more for most of the big ones, 6 months to literally never for the smaller unpopular ones
File: screenshot038.png (534 KB, 1920x1080)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
i made my original 200k off selling volatiles to a place with a deficit, so im hoping to make some cash like that with them. ended up buying a bunch of ships in the closest habitable sector (1 fuel left) and went back for the cargo pods
and in the nearby star i find this
need it or keep it?

File: Dead sands.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
Just got this. Any tips for a newbie, fun factions?
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>Could've been really good if they gave a shit about anything else than shitting out DLCs.
Worst thing about modern gaming. It wasn't that long ago that Street fighter X Tekken was blasted.
I'm curious what others thought of this game. I think the game is generally good enough that you'll want to put in one playthrough with each faction. But more than that I would find pretty surprising. There's just not that much going on.
But that does make me curious: is there anyone who's sunk hundreds or even thousands of hours into this game? What keeps you interested that I'm missing?
Keep your units together early, wildlife will fuck your day up.
Get unit production and hero production up asap. In a 1v1 you can easily end the game before t3 techs with good positioning and a handful of lucky timing.
This looks like a clone of Civilization: Beyond Earth. Even the UI is exactly the same.
Kinda bad in my opinion.
You spend most of your time fighting the wildlife, unit variety is undercut by the primitive research system, unit balance is pretty fucking poor and the way quests work is AWFUL. Like the first time you do them is always a game of Russian roulette, trying to guess whether the game is gonna spawn a giant army out of nowhere right on top of you or not.
It has potential for relatively fun positional 1UPT scraps, but all the stars in the universe have to align to actually make that happen, most of the game feels like it tries to prevent that from happening.
Also that Khorne bulldozer demon thingy appearing outta nowhere to tear down a city and then disappear a turn before I can finish it off can suck my dick.

File: aoe2 announce.png (930 KB, 1360x2146)
930 KB
930 KB PNG
Wishlist for AoE2 ? for me better performances (late game team games still nearly unplayable) and better custom scenario support. I wish they revamped the quickplay queue to actually do something different from the regular queue. A queue for alternating game modes including custom scenarios and coop scenarios would be nice. some of the most fun I've had with this game was the Barbarossa event, such a simple concept but should be expanded for competitive multiplayer. watch how they fuck up the main menu again
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>its CSA
Only you care about Mississipians. Nobody else wants them. Why you are like this?
Yes, other additional choices could be the Mormons and Texas
Rise of Nations could do that so why not AoE?
if it were an optional mod, i might use it for single player campaigns, but i agree with you when it comes to multiplayer

File: file.png (355 KB, 765x583)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
how goes your grob?
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vassalize the CSA and annex the rest
Are there any HPM submods that remove gas attack/defense? It's probably the single most retarded thing in Victoria II, both from a gameplay and historical standpoint.
Just comment out the inventions in the file. It's easy.
How do I acquire the dismantle casus belli? I want to fuck up the Brits as Ireland.
File: smugi.png (62 KB, 268x237)
62 KB
mad that you lost a war to someone with gas tech, arent you

>Stellaris bad because.... uh IT JUST IS OK?
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File: momjkq5t5wn31.png (520 KB, 1078x1716)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
Reading the Paradox Wiki for Stellaris is more interesting and fulfilling than playing the actual game.
reminder the post-2.2 planet management is literally just a poorly copy+pasted version of the planet management from Master Of Orion 2. The differences are that you have multiple things to produce and assigning pops to jobs is done via districts and the buildings instead of just directly assigning them. The result is a pop system that requires a fuckton more micromanagement while actually losing depth because nobody even wants to bother with the management. Things like the +25% to (X) resource buildings aren't there because they can improve your districts. They're here because Master Of Orion 2 had them, and they were better there.
Late game management is a nightmare and require too much player attention. I'm talking about when you have 4 sectors and at war with fallen empires, you will have your population keep growing in your core worlds that you need to manually move to a new planet while checking for your other planets for upgrade/building and defending/attacking fallen empire.
Auto AI management is shit, too many times they turn energy world/mineral world into farm for god knows what reason.
Your ally AI is also not smart enough to build defenses even when you donate shit ton of resources while they have negative relation with their neighbor empire.
>>>504442 (OP)
but why shit on someone for simply being born later and having less time to play said numerals,not even mentioning the fact you generally need friends to tell or teach said game which has even smaller following, like factorio lets say, is a daunting game for a begginer to start and actually finish it, i disliked it, but my friend was passionate, and now i love it more than him, its literally"well i have played more so you shut the fuck up"
>real gamers play all the prequels to professionally whine about the new releases
I enjoy using vassal improvement mods simply because it is fun to have a bunch of satellite states that screw around and follow your every whim. The commonest empire I play is fanatic xenophobe since humans rights and the space UN can suck my dick, and also because having insane population growth while playing tall psionic organics is semi-meme material.
Since I use the gigastructures mod I can actually turtle down while maintaining an insane economy, and so having 6 gorillion vassalized sectors is actually viable. Using the vassal strategy is nice in the late game since the vassals just do their own thing without requiring additional micromanagement, and they provide a few economic bonuses. I pretty much always use mods which extend the lategame techs, since having all those maximized advantages makes being an overpowered tall empire even more ridiculous. I did have fun once playing as a space cartel and fucking over the crime rates in all my neighbors, it was almost as fun to destroy my neighbors in wars whenever they raged over my unstoppable corporate takeovers.

File: 71JEKN9y5QL._SL1000_[1].jpg (195 KB, 1000x1000)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
What are your thoughts on the FE game that has the most FE rom hacks?
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>Technically, you could train Python as your archer, his offensive growths are actually good.
Oh I know, but I mean specifically among the village kids. Archers are so fucking good too.

It's worth noting that if you're going double merc you're going to be short a sword until Luthier's village or the Royal Sword. That sucks. There's something to be said about not using Alm much until said sword or he promotes, but I don't really like doing that.

>Having a mage for the leather shield merc is more comfortable but long term you don't really need one that much. You also get Luthier and Delthea who are good enough. Delthea is also pretty underrated, her atk and spd are comparable with average level 10 mage Tobin/Kliff except her stats are guaranteed and she's level 3 (levels up fast). Since I don't grind, that's good enough.
Right, right, the merc. Would have to nosferatu him to death I guess. Gross.
Props for mentioning Delthea. So often passed over as "bleh, Est bad" when she's got the bases to fight immediately and the growths to be a serious nuke. Squishy and joins late, but still probably the best mage on Alm's route.

>That's true. I actually have trouble remembering what the good gold forges are. People recommend the rapier but I usually just make do with the lightning sword and a mage squad (Luthier, Delthea, villager) for armor knights.
Used the rapier once. It was more of a cav slayer than an armor one, still couldn't one-round them very well. I don't really know what the best use of gold is either beyond just making a bunch of killer bows.
>no tamable animals in Africa
North Africa, Egypt, Mali, and the Oromo all point otherwise. I'd be on board with a low-technology setting if ISIS does it right which is not likely
Also pic not related in the realistic sense, but it would be cool if there was an FE setting but in a fantastical bronze age.
>Oh I know, but I mean specifically among the village kids. Archers are so fucking good too
I've tried a merc/cav/mage squad for the villager boys and having a cav that has better long term than Clive is actually really nice, not a bad team comp at all. The thing is, the only villager that will reliably outclass Clive (who's just average as a unit) is Kliff, Tobin and Gray have really shaky growths in a lot of areas (I guess Gray's str is ok). If I wanted to try Merc Kliff, I don't know what kind of team I'd have to make. Kliff seems like a good merc since his high def and spd will make him a better counter to enemy DF's in lategame compared to Gray. I want to test it, but I need to decide on a good team comp.
When I was a kid I thought this would be the natural progression of the series, different settings. An Arabian themed one, an Asian one, African one, whatever.

File: 1613757428561.jpg (648 KB, 1920x1080)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread, anybody want to discuss it?

I just started playing recently, barely done the tutorials and fumbling my way through a default setting classic game, tips very welcome.
Just a tip m8 >>526366

When will we finally get a good operational level game? Why is there no middle ground between moving abstract icons on a hex map and having to autistically micromanage every single fucking tank? Why can't we get something like steel division's army general mode but with battles where you can delegate the lowest level tactical decisions? Something like units in TW games but with AI.
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>WW2 was a single operation
>Real world estimates are bait!
>I play strategy games so I would know!
alright pal
The Operational Art of War
HoI2 and 3 have 'mini' campaigns that only cover a specific conflict. The Russo-Japanese War is one, I believe.

Never played any, but that one in particular seems pretty interesting; like playing Vicky with HoI combat.
As others have said, an operational-sized game that isn't abstracted like a Grand Strategy but isn't also micro-intensive would need some kind of god-tier AI to keep the player from ripping their hair out.

That doesn't exist ATM and probably never will to the point that devs would be comfortable giving the player absolutely no way to micro their troops. Best you can hope for are 'scenarios in existing Grand Strategy games which limit you to a single theater, but at that point you're just playing what

File: syndies fear this man.png (64 KB, 155x209)
64 KB
If he has even 2-3 states after the first few months of the 2nd American Civil he'll just fucking turn around and win like it's nothing.
How does he do it?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Ignore the shitposters they do not understand that generals are against the rules.

They are simply jealous that the games they like are boring, and have nothing to talk about so they can only make a circle-jerk thread with no specific topic.
I have literally never seen this nigger win
You will never be a woman

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