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File: stb.jpg (184 KB, 1280x720)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Are older RTS games actually worth playing?
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Shitty opinion discarded.
File: timeline maps.png (101 KB, 778x683)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I can recommend this one too.
And also almost all custom scenarios have lore and can be played as a prequel campaign in pic related order.
Then play regular campaign. Or it first, whatever.
And there are tons of user made maps in aowheaven website.
Not an RTS
File: magic-mayhem_6.jpg (138 KB, 800x600)
138 KB
138 KB JPG

File: th.jpg (18 KB, 396x225)
18 KB
Is there anything like a asteroid mining tycoon? How would you do such game?
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Kinetic Void is the worst fucking game I've ever played in my life, and I played Battlecruiser 3000AD
Not exactly Tycoon like, but I always thought a game where you play a space flotilla after a galaxy wide disaster and have to jump from system to system to mine asteroids and other objects to keep patching your ships and building new ones. You'd have to fight off waves of alien ships in between resource operations which becomes more dangerous the longer you spend in a single location.

You have to build civilian support vessels to refine the ore in an asteroid belt, build ships, and generate more crew alongside keeping combat ships ready to defend the fleet. You're always on the run because eventually the alien ships will overwhelm you if you wait too long in a system, so you need to cherry pick the most valuable ore every time you go.
sounds like fragile existence, not that we know exactly how it'll play yet
yeah seems like a real banger
This game >>1312806

Get in here and discuss!
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File: 1550313351154.jpg (414 KB, 447x600)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
oh yes
>I started a game in California
This track could fit Xpiratez perfectly
Gnomes are cute you homo.
No such thing. Also, checked.

Why is the deepest and “best” geopolitical simulator made by greedy French devs who can’t fix their fucking bugs in a decade?!? Why I aren’t there alternatives?
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i did and i don't think i gained anything from it save from a vague feeling of existential dread and recurring headaches
File: 1672150444524108.jpg (110 KB, 885x380)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
post tips or guides that helped you not get coup'd 5 seconds into the game because you built 1 nuclear power plant trying to get energy independence.
This is the game where you can turn your presidential campaign into a terrorist organization, sack Washington and loot the Fed, get Baltimore nuked, become legitimized and rejoin the race and win. This is the peak of video gaming. There is nowhere to go but down from here.
File: shadow-president.jpg (745 KB, 1600x900)
745 KB
745 KB JPG
Shadow President is the only good one. It's a dead genre that never even met a quarter of its potential.

File: 231ro6seqoba1.jpg (58 KB, 640x360)
58 KB
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She's okay, a bit RNG but an early spy can do a lot of work
she's definitely better than Kublai Khan
Byzantium is Poland if it were good.
All of those are taught in American high schools, except for Gorgo (who was apparently the wife of Leonidas) so I can't really say any of them are niche.
There's anti-Manchu sentiment and paranoia in some quarters, but that's really not the Party line and probably not the popular feeling.

Qianlong in particular has recently been a subject historical revision, rehabilitation and promotion by the authorities and state-aligned academics. His western conquests have been framed as "campaigns of liberation." And by bizarre gymnastics, some credentialed cheerleaders have attributed to him some sort of precursor Marxism-before-Marxism theory that happens to echo elements of Xi Jinping thought. Or something. Casting him as this humble administrative workhorse promoting the social good etc.

So the fact that he made China bigger by arms seems to be the only thing that matters. To those whose opinions matter, at least.
Plastic paddies would probably scream and no-one would care that he was Napoleon before Napoleon (the beheading revolution kind, not the conquering Europe for larks kind).

ITT: Post strategy games you wish had a larger community. I'll start.
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>add some AoE1 civs
This is absolutely not what they will do. This is not what they anounced.
Total War Arena
(it's dead, but maybe one day...)
AoE2 was always my jam, all the way back to AoK. Can't really complain at the moment about lack of popularity.

Fun fact: while I was a bad student overall (too much gaming), I was always top of class in history and that really got me the minimal good will to pass school. All thanks to AoE2!
Are SC 2 or WC 3 Reforged active in customs?
Why the fuck can't I use the classic mode in multiplayer for definitive edition? I feel scammed

File: iwlsFYcdpVQ.jpg (322 KB, 1280x1280)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
How much do you hate hexen? Im mostly no longer bothered by them, they're a gimmick fight like a few others that exist to break up the more normal combat encounters every once in a while
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Ask specifics or post your company

Problem is the cost of them early
If you just get thug loot and hire a guy for like 90 crowns he can be equipped for less than a dog would cost to buy

Polearm mastery = 5 ap attack which is flexible and comfortable to use, you can for example avoid orc pushes or unhold throws by moving 1 forward, attacking and then moving 1 back
Same with say avoiding exposing your brother to a lindwurm when everyone is dancing around trying to get their hits in
Although you could achieve the same thing with some initiative and relentless i suppose. That actually sounds like a decent idea since depending on the target the polehammer or longaxe are gonna be way better in helping you kill, not to mention polemace stun when it does come up
I just found a single negromancer walking alone,not a single zombie with him just an old man with a knife,how does this happen?
Necromancers suffer morale checks when their zombies die, probably got into a fight with another roaming party, lost and ran away
Equip fists, go in and bully him senseless.

>3 games in the Company of Heroes series
>All based on World War 2 (normieshit)
Talk about the lack of creativity. What about a game based on the Vietnam war, World War 1, or Korean War or even Sci-Fi? Also has no Italy and Japan faction for some reason. You also can't control naval or air units its just terrestrial shiet. The third instalment looks like crap but the least they could do was set it in the Pacific (the most interesting theatre) instead of boring featureless dessert in Africa.
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they should have the balls to make a coh faction pack + campaign based solely on a single finnish kampfgruppe versus a single russian spearhead in the last stages of the war.

panzer elite/kampfgruppe lehr is the best faction they ever made, and the soul came from being a mix of random luftwaffe mopes and SS elite division in a dire situation in a small time frame.
>Pacific wouldn't work unless they'd rebuild the core gameplay.
just piling on others to say you're a fucking retard.
make it early war. brits + indians vs japs.
or give japs two commanders, one early and one late, island defense garrison type.
easy to do. none of the abilities would require new assets even. you can make a japanese commander based on existing coh 1 units.
light infantry. light infantry (mortars), light tank, anti tank gun. spigot gun. heavy machine gun. different flavor of elites and officers.
its all in how the faction is balanced. big infantry blocks? hard to suppress? banzai charge ability? weapon loadouts, off map aircraft call in, off map ship barrage, map wide stealth for infantry. etc
its literally super simple to make a japanese garrison faction.
Naval battles can also work as a separate thing. They'll just be off map artillery when you play a land battle but there's also a dedicated naval battle system where you can control ships. Total War Napoleon did this.
the food ration
Because old relic is dead and buried.

File: victoria 3.jpg (34 KB, 460x215)
34 KB
Trying to play historical Japan in this game is infuriating. The conditions for the Meiji restoration are so asinine that doing so by 1868 is effectively impossible. China is is a super-stable land+naval superpower beloved by everyone, meaning that conquering all of Indonesia is easier than taking a single province from Korea. The speed at which you achieve things is decided 99% by the random rolls you get for political reforms, which nearly made me lose my mind. Who the hell would design a game like this?
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paradox and ca are in a competition on who can bankrupt the fastest.
File: Fn96nwQaEAAx_HE.jpg (162 KB, 1200x630)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>they're pulling a bannerlord

Kinda embarassing.

That said, if what they've anticipated at their "game jam" will be implemented further on, I'm kind of content with post release development plans.

The game itself had a shit launch, but with bugfixes and much needed polishing, add some tons of flavour and general user interface; I can see it becoming on par to victoria 2. Sure some aspects are inferior, as has been with some comparisons between ck2 and ck3, but there's also aspects which are both better or at least more fun than the previous entry. Unlike ck2 to ck3 they're actually attempting to improve things and shake it up a bit, leaving ck3 to just be an empty ck2 with changes no one ever asked for. That said, vicky2 fans probably prefer vicky2 mechanics and whatnot anyway.
File: image1.jpg (301 KB, 1999x1125)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
Nothing burger update needs a lot more if pdx wants me to touch this shit again
File: 1675008942707407.jpg (73 KB, 768x1024)
73 KB
Look how dead this game is, it took almost an entire day to get a response to a dev dairy. Paradox fucked up royally.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (65 KB, 616x353)
65 KB
Any tips? I made it to Frico's castle and now I'm getting my ass kicked. I did also find a flesh tunnel leading to the East going across the ocean but I can't actually exit from the other gate. The zone won't connect to any other zones.

File: 1669486352209446.gif (336 KB, 580x416)
336 KB
336 KB GIF
I like dominions a lot
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what can your undead army do with just 200 Marignon crossbowmen? NOTHING.
File: 1647613816031.png (227 KB, 1012x800)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
Visit /domg/ on /vg/.
>be EA Ulm
>super late-game, only me and Caelum left
>Caelum slowly chipping away at me
>can't keep up with his mobility
>perpetual storm fucking my money
>see him build up for a big attack
>guess what turn it'll come, pump all my gems into dispelling the storm
>storm gets dispelled same turn as giant battle; no storm means no storm power, means no thunderstrikes
>my little conan the barbarian dudes butcher those faggot birds

File: file.png (208 KB, 795x533)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
It's our time
84 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Farlanders is pretty comfy IMO. No combat, it's all about buidling the biggest Mars colony you can. There's a demo.
thanks for the mostly good faith and honest feedback!

a major issue in the game was that, once built, you could units forever. they basically "broke from" the logistics part of the game. people would build bases in the back of maps, then hike units to the frontline and never touch the logistics stuff again. this is maybe okay in some games, but the whole point of the game is that everything should be focused around tactics AND logistics. adding in ammo keeps the units tethered to needing a logsitics network nearby, and also makes the tactics more fun because you now can target unit supply chains instead of just big units.

AW has always been an inspo. I dont think I ever said I didn't want to be AW, just that I want to be something different from AW and not a direct AW rip.

not sure what you mean here. building is now done in regions directly (similar to northgard) instead of a global menu. i wrote a lot of words about this change here if you care https://forums.cantata-game.com/t/orbital-drop-0-3-design-notes-aka-cantata-2-0/230

we're still tweaking a ton of this stuff, definitely agree. a lot of these are in as first pass just to know that they work, but we're actively iterating on all of it so yeah some of it sucks!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Just play impressions games game's.

yeah Northgard is pretty good
I see that it accomplishes your design goal, I just don't think it's a fun mechanic. Perhaps it can be tweaked or balanced to be, but currently all the logistics mechanics feel like a chore.
The fact you're now incentivised to spend AP micromanaging unit inventories has taken away most of the benefit the AP\surge system gave in the first place.
You talk about killing your darlings but the entire logistics system still feels like this separate boring game that gets in the way of enjoying the tactical combat. Making it less tedious doesn't make it fun, and integrating it closer to the combat does neither of them any favours.
>tactics more fun because you now can target unit supply chains
I don't see supply chains getting that long, you're grinding forward capturing regions to get more building spots because you need to spam more arms factories so you can shoot more than once per turn. You build one supply building to attack from, and if it gets destroyed you just rebuild it. There's no reason to make a long supply chain because the only thing you want is more space\resources which the adjacent region is sufficient for.
last demo I played you had to daisy chain the resources across the buildings, removing that was a good change but you have added a version of it back in for units with the ammo system.
I'll actually submit some bug reports, but aside from the busted AI: the attack abilities of the bombard and gunship can be activated outside their range, buildings can be built within minimum range of each other sometimes, a bunch of UI is just giant white squares, and I've had everything frozen on loading saves.
It isn't a bug, but your tooltips still talk about global supply and the like, which doesn't exist anymore.
>a full marketing team
you may want to get them to edit\proof read your dev notes, there's some mistakes and general cruft that could be cut.

File: against the storm.jpg (303 KB, 1600x740)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Against the Storm, the rougelike city builder game where each map is randomly generated and you lose your entire food stockpile to Living Matter twice in a row. You ARE fulfilling the Queen's orders, right anon?
521 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bats have human features and they are also steampunk inspired
I haven't been able to beat a game past couple days. Getting stuck on prestige 8.
I did it! I lost half my settlement first before I could bounce back. I think in the future no matter what the other choices are I am getting an effecient fuel building immediately even if its not even that good or I lack the race bonus. Twice had my flame almost go out.
>rotten rain
I didn't wanna win anyway
I've made a new thread if any of you guys are still interested >>1325925

File: 1660239275212.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
Has anyone ever made custom leaders for civ 6? I was thinking my cat, rupert, could be a custom civ leader. it would add new items with it as well, ham, catnip, cream and the strategic resource catnip.
heres a picture of what a trade with rupert would look like
38 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
is there any dump of all rupert pictures you took anon? please i really love rupert
>which civ would rupert lead?
Egypt of course. Cats were revered by ancient Egyptians.
I like Rupert, but I'm afraid he'd be a tough opponent.
working as intended
Rupert my beloved

File: manorlords.jpg (353 KB, 1500x844)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
Is it good?
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not sure why you're so mad. Nobody's getting scammed since nobody's paying for it. If it was actually for sale it could be a scam, but how can it be a scam if it's not being sold under false pretenses? Even if it never comes out, nobody loses anything.

Right now it looks good so there's no harm in keeping an eye on it, regardless of when/if it will actually get finished.
>Nobody's getting scammed since nobody's paying for it.
for what i know this game is funded by EU and probably by their supporters (but i am not sure)
>Right now it looks good so there's no harm in keeping an eye on it, regardless of when/if it will actually get finished.
No, there are so much trannies and faggot in their discord, we all know what happend to those game that are related with faggots, also there is nothing new in this game and i don't feel the medieval setting and there is an absence of logistics
>You're so mad
I guess that was plural you, given only one of those is mine
>Nobody's getting scammed since nobody's paying for it
Game is literally EU-funded. Which means yet another leak of money, wasted on useless shit, rather than, say, fix the fucking railway system.
>inb4 not your money
Doesn't make it any less of waste of shit that's taken from me via taxes anyway.
Does it have Crusader Kings 2 or Sims type of dynasty/family management or something close to that?

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