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File: Thats your problem.png (57 KB, 120x174)
57 KB
Any other strategy games where units can die after combat when the adrenaline is gone with from wounds?

File: images.jpg (55 KB, 391x783)
55 KB
Never played total war before but friend offered his copy of pic related.

Is this a good game to start with to try the TW franchise?
I thought that game was a bit denser than most games of the series when trying to understand it at the beginning.

But destroying your own economy and making no military progress is the normal way first timers play.
Yes. It's the only Total War game I have played and I enjoyed it.
No it isn't. Start with Rome 1, Medieval 2, or Shogun 2.

This shit would make for the greatest wargame/gsg out there. Love how strong fortifications were during the time, how meaningful every little loss of man was, internal politics, class struggles, logistics, weather, seasons, diplomacy. Reading thukydides account ruined Imperator for me but also made me think of how i would tweak and adjust the mechanics to redo the game. The book also gives a great perspective on how difficult it is to maintain control over a land in a pre-digital society with pre-modern states, and what a revolution the roman army and state was.
Anyway, are there any games that do attempt to do justice to this conflict or ancient warfare in general?
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At the edge of your empire there are a bunch of barbarians living in rough terrain who do not want you to rule them. Sometimes you find the time to invade them, but difficulties in projecting force into their region and them unifying to oppose you prevent you from holding on to more than the closest territories. There is no mystery here, as long as you remember history was not a map painter game.
And then Alexander the GIGACHAD came and fucked the whole empire at its weakest.
>old man defects at cloud
Logistics and distance. Remember, they had to carry most of what they needed on their backs. I even vaguely remember something about Darius' army having to set up supply points along the route they were going to take before they actually started marching, so they wouldn't starve to death before they got there.
That was Xerxes iirc, Darius’ force was a much smaller punitive expedition and they just sailed across

redpill me on UFO games
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The biomass IS actually sentient and tricked both ayys and humies.
Its a form of "intelligent planet" reproduction system, and Earth is now horny.
Ayyy starship is a sentient female that tricks them to use biomass so it can attract simps
To be honest, multiplanetary genocide as a necessary part of mating cycle is a rather gamer move.
How do I play aftershock? I installed 1.3 but widescreen patch makes everyting look weird
Works fine on my CRT :)
If there is nothing on GoG, then get used to it, like in emulators

Are there been any strategy games where permadeath has been good?
What would it take for you to not reload the save when your star character dies?

Is there any incentives that can be given?
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Well you get a debuff for the deaths
Really good for the early game though when you're short on cash and equipment
30 years of playing games, and I have never encountered a save corruption.
My own mistakes that makes me lose I can take.
Bugs are shitty, but I can always start new game.
I think Mordheim did it decently well. Without the threat of permanent injuries and death it wouldn't be the same grimdark experience, it'd just be a meaningless grind where you bring back either more money or less. It works great at the beginning of the game where buying new units is expensive, you don't know any maps and they feel genuinely dangerous and your builds aren't online yet. Falls off quite a bit once you've got the hang of it, but still serves as a mechanic that painfully reminds you not to get too reckless just because your party is working much better than in the beginning.

>What would it take for you to not reload the save when your star character dies?
Iron man mode & save upon character death. The best games I've ever played were those in iron man mode where I rage quit and came back the next day to fix it. It just feel much better to overcome something than just to win all the time and without iron man, I'd just reload in the heat of the moment.
this guy is clearly, 15. And he is absolutely correct
So, long war ew?

File: 20210926_174503.jpg (347 KB, 1194x1591)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
lets talk about fire emblem.
>what is your favorite game?
>who is your favorite character?
>what is the worst game in your opinion?
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It's on my list. Also gave Vestaria Saga a try, it seemed kino.
It's Eirika in Ephraim's outfit, more or less
I enjoyed what I played of it, Kaga got the most out of SRPG maker
Awakening was supposed to be the last FE game and in a way it really was.
Awakening ruined the series

File: wargame.png (1.93 MB, 1366x960)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
So South Africa releases in less than an hour on steam and coming alongside is a balance patch that, according to eugen, has "grown significantly in size and scope" compared to the changes they already listed here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/251060/view/2994315478659361278
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Why won't they add new maps for steel division 2? What's wrong with these french devs?
They just announced new maps.
why can't they see that Wargame is still doing much better than Steel Division 2. All I want is the QOL changes from Steel division 2 to be implemented into Wargame as well as new maps.

What I would kill for would be a middle eastern or Mediterranean game. They could add Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and maybe the swiss to Blufor and Skyria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Bulgaria and maybe Ukraine to for Redfor.
No, I mean the f104
Yes, and all german inf. Besides falschrim have BRs. Its a marginal difference all things considered but I enjoy it and appreciate it. It does make a difference.
Dutch is my favorite blue deck, its worth buying and playing but its subtle.
>All I want is the QOL changes from Steel division 2 to be implemented into Wargame
how hard could this possibly be to add in a fucking update, it's the same god damn game with a reskin and slight differences

File: civv.png (1.32 MB, 1000x1000)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Just started playing Civ V. Never played a Civ game before in my life. I'm having a lot of fun.

Is Civ V really considered the 'best' Civ game? Which is your favourite game?
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yes, ima zoomie. i have immense nostalgia for Rome total war and civ 5
Cant tell if bait or actually retarded
File: it'll happen to you.png (144 KB, 400x325)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
>Fallout 3 and Portal are Ancient
>Bioshock Infinite is Old School
Ah fuck, I thought Computer Space was Ancient, any pre-PS1 console was Classical, the platformer era was Old School or Renaissance, and New School or Modernity was anything post lootbox (TF2) or MMO/mobile gaming derived (monetisation/metacurrency/whales, community building, perpetual development) or that now "Metaspace" is becoming a hot topic, we were Post-Modernity ever since either everyone had their own steam client, or since most gamers used steam to not physically own their games (even when purchasing disks, see New Vegas), or since the PS3 generation where games require installation AND an internet connect to patch them day 1.
>people become nostalgic for things as they become older
wow what a shocking concept

File: download.jpg (100 KB, 640x760)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
any tips for playing this?
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Master of Orion
Master of Magic
Jagged Alliance
Why were the 90’s so blessed?
Passion. Almost everybody involved in these games was a hobbyist.
>any tips for playing this?

1. leader stats and government type apply to all races
2. race stats only apply to your own race
3. unification and telepathy are best for enslaving other races (no ground combat, no rebels, no morale problems)
4. enslave powerful races like klackons and silicoids first
5. missile hit&run works great in early game until the enemies have warp dissipator
6. Enslaved silicoids thrive on rich toxic or radiated planets. they need no food and produce no waste. you can still terraform those planets in the end to increase population capacity
7. missile bases are really good, also against early antaran attacks
8. keep psilons down but don't exterminate them. just steal their tech
9. wipe out shitty races like gnolams, darloks and elerianz asap
Green thing looks like dark force from Phantasy Star games.

File: romepepe2.png (76 KB, 982x1274)
76 KB
i know when most people think of Rome 2. They think of dei. but i think more people should try wars of the gods than dei.
Have you guys played this mod?
maybe i got filtered by Dei. I think i got filtered ngl
but i played wars of the gods and its pretty fun.
One thing i noticed though is i have obscene amounts of money starting out as Rome.
and another small negative with wars of the gods.
is they made all the factions playable. besides dlc ones. still gotta buy those.
But some of the new playable factions have underwhelming rosters. like the vivseci.
Had like three sword units it was weird.
but other than that. I had alot of fun.

File: 1629162678848.jpg (7 KB, 250x228)
7 KB
Do strategy games make you horny? Ngl I periodically get a boner during winning over an opponent, wtf bros?
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Yes, but only when playing as a female ruler, it would be degenerate otherwise.
>play as vikangs
>raid until your dungeon is full of 16 year olds
>look at all the portraits, make the cutest ones into concubines and execute the rest
>open >>>/gif/
>not raiding until your dungeon is full of 8 year olds, who you then educate with heritage focus until they turn 16 and become your concubines
never gonna make it
>be bros with my knight
>bro get maimed
>gives him some potions
>accidentally also gave him genderbend potion
>immediately marries him
You don't know how much you miss without some degen mods.
we must have gigacoomer conqueror dna because imprisoning noble daughters and wives prisoner makes hard instantly

File: 1633427593681.png (3.39 MB, 1920x1080)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB PNG
So what is /vst/ opinion on Vichy III? Will it be good, and especially historically accurate?
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Yeah, but what if black people got into that picture via those historical trade routes and just settled down? Checkmate, racists.
File: 1605320701876.jpg (78 KB, 555x631)
78 KB
I think all this thread did was reafirm my belief that America must be destroyed
Everything I've read about it so far in their dev diaries and discord posts are exactly what I want from the sequel of Victoria 2. I think it will be good.
My man Perry visiting Liliput.

File: file.png (140 KB, 1187x686)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
>Cathay is Dwarfs but with cavalry and magic, Empire but with elite melee troops
>Takes the best ranged units of several faction (Skaven Jezzails, Dark Elf Darkshard, Empire Hellstorm Rocket Battery) and makes them tougher/shootier
>Outright steals several units that have yet to be released (Celestial Hurricanum, Thunder Barge)
>Every magic caster (including the two giant dragons) makes magic more powerful meaning they'll have the best magic out of any faction
>Dragon Girl has Lore of Life meaning Cathay has healing
>Yin magic has summons and can block incoming ranged attacks
>Yang magic can block enemy movement with walls of wind
>Tons of high armor, shielded AP crossbows mean they shit all over the AI
>Even their trash infantry have charge defense and relatively high leadership
We lost...
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File: 1632316029918.gif (256 KB, 976x651)
256 KB
256 KB GIF
Gotta get the chink audience back somehow after dropping 3K like that
>literally just mechanics from Attila
Nigga what?
>no clockwork automatons
what the fuck were they thinking. They were literally the only confirmed unit we knew about cathay in the lore.
DLC soon friend! :)

File: factions_screen.1.png (627 KB, 1024x768)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
reject Stainless Steel
embrace JLMP's Vanilla Kingdoms

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>if this is clutter then what do you have to say about ss you dumb fag
it's hot and should be encouraged in today's society
Why would I play a mod with an inferior map?
>kingdoms factions
>le poopy celts
>le poopy balts
Does anyone know which mods focus more on Northern Italy? The Italian Wars mod wouldn't dload for me
Anybody ever played Falcom Total War?
the map is much better than the ss one, tf are you on about, have you even checked it?
>Does anyone know which mods focus more on Northern Italy?

What was the problem with the download? Bad link or just wouldn't connect? IIRC it's a mediafire link (why people still use it I have no idea).

Italian Wars is really the only TW mod to focus primarily on Italy, but almost all of the peninsula is in Tsardoms - it's not the main focus, though, but it is more prominent than in other mods.

File: crusades.jpg (216 KB, 800x450)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Whats the best strategy game to RP as a Crusader or even better, a crusading order?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Oblivion DLC
This but unironically.
Maybe The Kings' Crusade. It's by the people who made king Arthur games.

Just bitch to get running I guess.
dominions 5.
Warrior Kings

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