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I can't comprehend how did you people actually enjoy this game
>airdrop tanks
>go shooty shooty at enemy tanks
>airdrop engineer vehicles to fix up your tanks
>call in arty when you get bored
>go stand in circles with your tanks long enough so that machine guns can spawn there out of thin air
>rinse and repeat for 15 or so fucking missions
Also how do you even lose if your losses are almost immediately refunded? How was that supposed to work? Am I remembering something wrong?
The only memorable part of the game was that Soviet mission where you only get to control artillery, and that NATO mission where you drive around in the snow and then the annoying guy fucks up some civvies
It's ok if you just have shit tastes, anon. Not everyone can appreciate some 1989 KINO.
You're correct that 90% of the campaign consists of
>Go to circle
>Sit in circle for X minutes
>Go to next circle
If there are enemy units defending the circles, they will usually just sit still allowing you to easily blow them up with tactical aids. If you're the one defending, the AI's entire strategy is just to attack move your position with a gigantic horde of units. It's great spectacle, but bad gameplay. It's why when people talk about the campaign they always mention Bannon, the nuke, and those 2 guys with the CD player but not the actual missions. If you strip the cutscenes and presentation away, there's just not much there to praise.
>Also how do you even lose if your losses are almost immediately refunded?
The enemy's horde being too big and overrunning your position, or a timer running out, but you've hit upon World in Conflict's biggest problem: losses don't matter. Every good strategy game ever made has some sort of system of costs and benefits. If you have an expensive unit, it needs to be able to do something to justify that cost. If you lose your queen in Chess for no material gain, that's usually pretty fucking horrible and the game may as well be over then and there. If you build a Mammoth in C&C only to immediately lose it to a squad of recon bikes, that's going to set you back considerably in terms of economy. Not so in World in Conflict. Lost an entire platoon's worth of Abrams? Doesn't matter, you can get them all back for free in one minute. You may lose a bit of territory in that time, but you're not suffering at all materially. In fact, you may come back considerably stronger because you've seen what units the enemy is using and can order up their counters. The game has some interesting ideas, sure, but at a foundational level it's so fucked that it shouldn't be a surprise that nobody has tried to copy it directly.
In MP WiC losses do matter a lot as the game is very snowbally, if one side loses their armor player and the other side does not, that team gains a huge positional advantage and their units will cap and rank up and get a chance to repair, all of that generates TA and allows them to attack in other places. So taking loses do matter, same thing with air, sure you could lose all your choppers and get them back in 30 seconds but you give the enemy more TA and your new choppers are not ranked up.

Single player is w/e for retards so who cares.
What would the sequel even been like?

AND Total War: Attila Thread FOLLOWED WITH HIM.


Abandon all hope.
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CA's chunky and ugly borders will never not make me cope and seethe reeee
>inb4 "complaining about borders in the ancient world lmao"
I know
What is that mod manager?
Steam mod manager.
What if im a pirate fag? Dont wanna give money ca for the left behind game and for more fantasy shit.
No idea. Look up Total Nexus or Modbb for instructions.

But this game goes on sale for really cheap and there is enough workshop support to warrant a buy.

File: downloadfile.jpg (138 KB, 981x719)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
POPs are epitome of style over substance. They tank performance and add nothing to the game that couldn't be achieved through abstraction.
Any game with POP would be improved by scraping them and focusing developer efforts on improving warfare, diplomacy and AI- something that actually requires STRATEGY and TACTICS from the player.
But no, we gotta meme about how the game represents "real people" like that matters beyond how much resources they produce and how many of them can be send to fight wars.
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How do pops slow the game down so much, anyway?
They don't. Victoria 2 runs way better than EU4 or CK2 or CK3.
the timespan doesn't matter it's how fast time passes. Hoi4 is only 9-14 years long
To be fair, late game EU4 runs like shit and CK2 would too if not for blessed black plague killing most characters
Knowing that my pops are living well fills me with dopamine.

File: Screenshot_3.png (64 KB, 243x258)
64 KB
Why do they look like that? Are you actually supposed to start in a forest and just burrow down?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sometimes, if the height difference is extreme, I've seen mountains gen like that at biome edges. Id guess whatever algorithm adds noise to the chunk edges just gets blown out by the extreme change and just makes it a straight line up. Though, just a guess.
You can start in an evil glacier instead.
>make a single drawbridge
huh, gg I guess
are draw bridges/walls still broken cuz enemies cant break them?

File: StalingradGame.jpg (165 KB, 1050x1475)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Let's talk about the enigma engine games.
Pic is my pick for one of the best ones.
Great music, great missions with nice balance and difficulty.

The OST:
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah the WW1 one is just bad
Is this game optimized for widescreen resolutions? I like detailed 2d aesthetics.
Literally why would you play this over Blitzkrieg 2?
Worse campaign, worse balance, range mechanics are as bad as unmodded Blitzkrieg 1.
Are Blitzkrieg games worth playing?
Don't get fooled by the campaign choice screen and start with either the german or ther russian campaign.
Then play Fall of the Reich.

File: TOAW3-screen3.jpg (411 KB, 1392x1054)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
Give me your recs. I like land combat anywhere in the 20th century
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What do these games do well? I never gave hex games a chance but now im interested in them. Ive been looking into the Strategic Command series, there is a classic collection and a newer one. Do the games differ a lot besides timeframe?

I wonder what things im missing out on if i pick WaW instead of for example WiE or ACW. There are also games from Gary Grigsby, how different are the East, West and Pacific games? What do all these games do well?
Any recommendations of GMT games? For 2 players. Preferably Napoleonics but I value good gameplay above all.
If you're used to company-battalion scale RTT "wargames" like Eugen's games and their clones, then Flashpoint is an excellent "next step up" to the battalion-regimental-brigade scale.
>Using NATO tactics and weapons, and trained by NATO for 8 years
Ukraine's army was in an abysmal state back in feb/22, and it's own doctrine and equipment was literally just the russian one(and still for the most part is), just even worse because of its smaller economy, the big reason why the early invasion stalled is because the russians literally didn't plan for an invasion, they straight up thought they would just stroll to Kiev with no resistance, while the later developments have been a result of rampant wishful thinking, refusal to face the facts and ignorance by the Kremlin(5% of military spending to the GDP, lol).
>because then you now have the American-Canadian-British industry in full swing
NATO's own planning didn't believe that would matter in the short-to-mid term(ie 6-12 months), because both the time necessary for retooling and retraining, and because of logistical difficulties in shipping so much stuff(there is also the fact that they thought nukes would start flying pretty fast once the war started so there would be a real possibility that said industry and trained manpower, as well as the facilities necessary to transport that equipment, would literally be smoke before they could matter).
This is also why NATO stockpiled massive amounts of stuff in western europe, so they would only need to ship personnel in.

File: ken.jpg (60 KB, 616x353)
60 KB
What do you guys think of Kenshi?
50 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I found it very shallow
it is
I found you very shallow
fix your game Chris

File: 1660239275212.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
Has anyone ever made custom leaders for civ 6? I was thinking my cat, rupert, could be a custom civ leader. it would add new items with it as well, ham, catnip, cream and the strategic resource catnip.
heres a picture of what a trade with rupert would look like
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File: x20dib0c6qd71.png (2.72 MB, 1376x1908)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
kek you should make him lead Egypt
cats all play with maxed shivers and electrochemistry
My favorite is the Doom Rupert thread because people really do mod their oc or avatars into that these days and I actually thought that anon was being serious at first.
Did you ask your cat for consent before doxxing it?

File: 1674670783224489.jpg (109 KB, 616x353)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
shadow tactics and desperados bros, we goin' home
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: img1.jpg (210 KB, 1200x857)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>you will never play that Vampire Hunter game Spellbound cancelled
Feels bad man
Honestly I got the impression they moved away from the hard puzzle elements with every new game it seems like. Later levels can be kinda puzzle-esque I felt but generally I get the sense they don't intend to create things that are so rigid.

I do enjoy the puzzle type missions but at the same time the freedom to figure out your own approach is fun in itself too. I liked some of the missions in desperadoes where the optional bonuses were more toward the puzzle style and the rest was more open.
Honestly the setting has potential, but considering how little these games explore their setting, it's probably going to be disappointing. Edo Japan is Edo Japan, you don't need to flesh it out too much and people get it. So's WW2, Wild West, etc. I guess I might be getting this wrong and it's just Carribean Pirates + supernatural Inquisition. But it's so cartoony and stylized I can't tell if it's that or if it's some meh OC setting that we'll only get to superficially explore.

Might seem petty but I don't think I'm likely to play one of these savescumming simulators if I don't enjoy the setting.
How about both? Like the other anon said, the core gameplay in D3/ST can be done however you like, while the badges, achievements and challenges and stuff require tinkering and perfect timing.
well i hope the staff at mimimi knew about this canceled game and secretly trying to make it from scratch....shame about the oldschool HD 2d sprite lost to time though

File: 8il87nq5wst91.jpg (105 KB, 704x976)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
What's the state of the train/railroad management genre these days? I looked around a bit and found these games being recommended on some websites and popular on steam:
>railroad tycoon 2
>railroad tycoon 3
>transport fever 2
>railway empire

I'm sure I missed some too. How do the older games hold up and how well do they run on modern systems? What sort of mods etc do they have? What are (you) playing in 2022?
240 replies and 62 images omitted. Click here to view.
souless, every station needs an individual name
I start labeling routes and numbering the stops on them, when there get to be that many.
Any traingames that feature shunting as a game mechanic and shunting yards?
Lionel Train town, RAILROADS Online.

When playing on harder difficulties you are gonna wanna focus on public transit first before going over to industry. Having public lines instantly causes the city to grow and has little to no dead head. Then do passanger travel between cities for the same reason. Don't upgrade trains untill you REALLY need to as even if they are a billion years old most will still generate a good profit before needing to be upgraded, also always choose the oldest model over the newest one as it will be cheaper and still last as long. You should then be getting a nice profit and it's then you should focus on industry. Try to find the simplest chains closest to the towns first. Be warry of using trucks as they generall suck for anything longer than a block down till the modern era.
God damn, that's a neat track layout. I say that as someone who makes track geometry for a living.

OpenTTD is my poison btw.

File: cotn.jpg (236 KB, 1024x640)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Children of the Nile is kind of disappointing. It's cool that they tried a unique approach to the economy but the rest of the game feels like such a slog and gets really repetitive after a couple completed maps. Also what the fuck is up with life expectancy, Pharaoh dies 50% of the time before 30 and will never reach 40 years of age.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
it's like, every household needs goods like clothes, pottery, bread, fruit, game, etc, and at game start they just live in shitshacks and try to be self sufficient.
so while the husband goes farming, the wife collects flax and reeds to sew into clothing, the kids go collect fruit, clay and stuff for either the mother or the father to make into pots, etc. basically, they live self-sufficiently, but a shit life.

your job is to make society more divided, so they can you know, buy pots from specialized potters instead of making their own, stuff like that, because with specialization comes increased efficiency

and yeah, it's per household basis. the currency of the world is bread, without it the family starves, and they also can't buy goods from others. the husband gets paid bread after the harvest, by taking his grain to the state owned bakery (which is where most of your tax income comes from)

you see on the map him go every day to the edge of the river to sow, plant, tend for his crops and eventually reap. there is no "farm" building, people just plant near the river randomly after it recedes, and then when it floods it's like winter the husband has nothing to plant so he can do production stuff like pottery, or hunt animals

i like how it doesn't need buildings, the husband doesn't need some fag city planner to say "this is the farm area" so he can plant. the kids don't need some fag city planner to say "this is the clay collection spot", or "this is the fruit spot" to collect fruit, and to me this is what makes the game unique. it is a city game where the city lives without you, you can open a map and do nothing and people will self-sufficiently live in their sand favelas in extreme poverty, walking all over the map to collect the stuff they need
The world feels empty, not alive. Like in the games I already mentioned each citizen is an entity that has their needs and you can track them, there is no difference in a Tropico citizen going to a restaurant to fill his entertainment need and a Pharaoh farmer going to the linen shop to fulfill his shopping need. Like >>1318886 mentioned there's no beer or any entertainment need for the poor which was important for Egyptian society and citizens only pick stuff like pomegranates from trees if you fail to feed them or the harvest is insufficient. In game city npcs are perfectly content with eating wheat bread and onions all year round will never harvest fruit normally.

Ultimately there is no engagement, you can sit there with the bare minimum and do nothing. The nobles won't get pissed off and think they'll make a better Pharaoh than you, they'll just leave. The citizens won't riot and burn down the city if they get really pissed, they'll walk off. When a raider steals from someone's home only the homeowner is pissed, you'd think that people across the entire city would feel scared that their apparent leader is too weak to protect them. Mastabas and pyramids can't be robbed and Pharaoh is never buried with any treasures to accompany him to the afterlife (like perhaps all the luxury goods in the palace
so the palace has to restock from 0 and you have an incentive to have lots of luxury goods). Nobles don't create or fund their own mastabas or demand their own mastabas. You can't even prioritise which buildings should be built as far I know and the closest ones to the brick layers are done first.This game is disappointing both as a city builder and as a simulation of ancient Egyptian society.

Each npc is basically just a copy-pasted script. It's nice to see the process of the potter or brickmaker gathering individual ingredients while the wife of every househould gets the food and stuff but it doesn't save the game from being boring.
they're peasants, not modern citizens, they're poor and happy. in fact you spend 99% of your time making improvements for the nobles
You know what I meant.
i wish more city building games had this concept that the locals are not simple drones who will starve and not eat even when the local warehouse is full food just because theres no market place.

theres this game ''ostriv'' with a similar concept, but the creator is a ukranian and i dont think he even have a computer anymore

File: 231ro6seqoba1.jpg (58 KB, 640x360)
58 KB
84 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>A lot of picks in Civ 6 are based entirely off of obscurity
>lists some of the most famous people not only of their respective civilization but in the world
Trajan optimus princeps, Barbarossa, Pericles, you really didn't know about this people before civ6?
He says, mindlessly repeating the term echolalia like someone who's suffering from it.
>how was brexit and the events surrounding it not a cultural event
do I even need to explain this to you?
I'm starting to think your mother dropped you on your head as a toddler because at this point your retardation is hard to excuse
We Zetian's pretty weak ngl
File: civ6BatuKhan.jpg (2.54 MB, 3507x2126)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
>China now has 4 alternate leaders beyong the absolutly fine tier original Chinese leader

>Poland was always shit tier and still hasn't recieved any reworks or a new leader

Lol stay mad polniggers
She's okay, a bit RNG but an early spy can do a lot of work
she's definitely better than Kublai Khan

File: empire-deluxe_0.png (48 KB, 646x408)
48 KB
Any thoughts on this series? Specifically the Deluxe Combined Edition on steam, which from my understanding is basically the same game plus some new options on modern systems?

I'm looking for an 'abstract' and casual-ish 'wargame' with a fictional modern setting. Something like Advance Wars, but with more depth. This seems to be one of the few options out there on PC, though I would love to hear about others (I know there's Advance Tactics Gold, which I've yet to figure out). The boomer crowd seems to love it. Seems like it would be easy to mod to be less ugly as well?
imagine Civilization 1, but no city enhancements, research, just combat, and only 4 unit types. Advance Wars is super deep in comparison. the correct price tag would be $3.
There's way more units than that by now, and the mod tools seem interesting. No city enhancements but there are terrain enhancements. It's not just a straight port of the old amiga one or whatever.

I agree the price seems steep. I think the dev has a 1990s mindset about that.
walter bright is such a classic full-of-himself boomer. worked with him on D lang stuff. insufferable. everytime i see that classic narcissistic boomer tone on hacker news, i check the username and sure enough its WalterBright. ugh
agree with >>1318047 that advance wars has more depth. id recommend venturing into the world of ww2 tactics games. so many options that youre bound to find one that fits what youre looking for.

>3 games in the Company of Heroes series
>All based on World War 2 (normieshit)
Talk about the lack of creativity. What about a game based on the Vietnam war, World War 1, or Korean War or even Sci-Fi? Also has no Italy and Japan faction for some reason. You also can't control naval or air units its just terrestrial shiet. The third instalment looks like crap but the least they could do was set it in the Pacific (the most interesting theatre) instead of boring featureless dessert in Africa.
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>WW2 is the best choice because it's the only known conflict to feature such levels of combined arms
Korea and Vietnam
Nobody gives a fuck about Korea or Vietnam
Korea is not popular, but could work.
Vietnam wouldn't because there's way too much focus on partisans.
They all suck ass though
They get their ass plowed by US/UK in Enlisted that they added Germans units and equipment to their faction
In War Thunder the Italian tech tree would be a joke without the Shermans and Stugs in it.
for me it's a napoleonic war CoH

File: file.png (1.03 MB, 1277x713)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Is Duelyst /vst/? Please say yes, i really need a place to seethe.
66 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm not the greatest player but my answer to red shit is just deny summoning altogether
that's correct. letting songhai stick bodies on board is just asking for trouble.otherwise, you're just asking to get wombo combo'd with bloodrage mask and/or 4 winds magi and 0 mana spells like inner forcus and juxtaposition.
File: file.png (703 KB, 1284x721)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
Is it possible to use the login info for the original client? I had a huge amount of cards from several expansions.
no. those servers are long gone.
No but you don't need to if you want to play the Legacy version, all the cards are free

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