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File: abbbb.jpg (122 KB, 1147x694)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Who in the right mind tought about this idea?
>force ally to give territory they held before the war away
>demiliterize the zone that is right next to an old enemy that covers a very strategic canal (suez)
>instead of allowing them to take over the caucuses to cover their own flanks, the germans decided nah lets not
>iran, a nation without a centrelized army or conscription, that has suffered from famine losing millions of it's people is ready to fight a modern nation
>egypt, a nation who could not even beat the sudanese, had to call the brits in will now overrun a WW1 victor with almost no industry

honestly this mod has becoem extremely dogshit
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agreed, I tip my riding hat to you, good sir.
The idea of the Europeans forcing the Ottomans to internationalise Palestine isn't too absurd, but the idea of the Germans not seizing the Suez as it was prior to the update is insane. Germany's position in Asia is completely reliant on Suez, which means they are in the same position geopolitically as Britain was prior to the revolution. So why in the hell would they hand it over to the Suez?
I'm not even into ponies
This is what i meant, removing historic context, exposing yourself by weakening an ally just seems like pure stupidety
stay sub human

Any exist? I like cowboys
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What? No .. no I think you misunderstood. I don't play video games I just like cowboys.
I tried it once.
After I played it 2 times, the game kept crashing, and I couldn't fix it, so I had to reinstall it(and lose all of my progress that far).
After reinstalling it, and starting fresh again, it worked, but after another 2 times, it started crashing like the first time.
Never touched the game since
File: download-1.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
Thank you so much for the suggestion anon, I just found a new game to waste time on.
it's just frozen synapse with a western theme
and it's not period cowboys, just people with bandannas and cactuses and shit
Best is Hard West IMO

What are some go-to strategies for a Zoomer that never played XCOM before?
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This. If they discover you, you get a free turn. If you discover them, you get to say goodbye to the soldier that discovered them
I just spam grenades endlessly. I use like 4 heavies per squad.
Does that actually work lmao?
>does guaranteed damage, massive debuffs to enemy aim and the ability to deny ayylmaos their abilities work
Grenade spam might be the optimal strat in earlygame
That feeling when your sniper is a backbone of your team for half of the game and suddenly he fucking dies.

File: subset.png (313 KB, 459x457)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
FTL: Faster than Light
Into the Breach

Both are strategy games. Please discuss them. Post OC. Talk about how to beat them, strategies, preferences, help for others having trouble, how much the RNG sucks, and more!
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I can't even beat level one in Into the Breach
Same shit I asked >>512585 retard. What do you mean by "beat"? All mech pilots alive? No hit to power grid? All bugs squashed? All level objectives met?
well shit
rusting hulks are the best preset team, fight me
I've been playing FTL: Multiverse a lot lately, there's an insane amount of content and I've been enjoying most of it. There are some other big mods like Captains Edition but I'm not a fan of them. There's also tons of smaller mods that add like 1/2 new ships with some new weapons if you don't want anything too crazy.

File: 400px-Clans.jpg (92 KB, 400x560)
92 KB
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CK2 is good, but like tribal (and iqta) I think they're not unstable enough.
Total War
AOE4 mongols

File: download.png (626 KB, 943x521)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
Why was there never a 4th game

shame they went to making puzzle games since it was really a one of a kind game
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Whats the issue with spellforce? I didn't play it yet
File: knightchud.png (154 KB, 800x747)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Where our /K/nightlord?!

File: Knightpage.png (90 KB, 248x249)
90 KB
Dangerously based
File: feeding frilled lizard.gif (1.94 MB, 285x184)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
Does harder multiplayer AI give the player the ability to find better items for their leader?

Post romhacks and outdated image macros.

Also, Fire Emblem belongs on /vst/, not /vrpg/.
Will IS ever come close to releasing something that requires strategy like Conquest again? Three houses is absolutely shit when it comes to gameplay
I cheesed this map last time I played by putting unarmed units at the choke points around the starting area. Am I a terrible player?
File: 1478908406583.png (305 KB, 437x543)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
I like FE, but how is this not a general?
I asked myself the same question when I made a thread with the keyword 'thread' in it for another game which got deleted. Then I looked at the catalog and see threads named the same way and they're still up with 100+ replies.
This board is so damned slow and flooded with parashit that pretty much everything else is a general by default.

File: 568568585.jpg (223 KB, 1280x720)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
This game any good alone?

File: 211317_full.jpg (278 KB, 1024x643)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
HOW does this RTS game from 2006 look better than AOE4? I remember the developers (Stainless Steel Studios and Midway San Diego) barely scraped by with this game, tried their hardest, focused on the European market, and then, unfortunately the studio closed 2 years later, the games servers closed. It just didn't deserve this. Had they launched this game today on Steam it would've made a fortune.
Can't make em like they used to. Yes, the game was imbalanced as shit but it still looks good after 15 years.
Great game
How is it running on windows 10?
File: Sun.png (627 KB, 831x439)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Works just fine.
Cleo mission 3 is bugged

File: header.jpg (47 KB, 460x215)
47 KB
One hour of new High Fleet gameplay
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yeah this was a disappointing revelation
Its a sequel/prequel to their previous game Hammerfight which was like this except with melee weapons instead of guns.
For whatever reason I assumed this was something like Sunless Skies, dunno why.
Man they definitely upped the budget for this
File: Ok38FWtBje.png (46 KB, 1133x443)
46 KB
Well, I didn't exactly do any reading about the game before. I merely watched the trailer and noticed that Microprose was involved.

File: 1618344343424.jpg (30 KB, 520x280)
30 KB
Any 4x or grand strategy or whatever games that focus on both foreign and domestic policy, diplomacy, civil conflicts, political intrigues and such? Preferably with above average AI to play solo.
>4x or grand strategy
Well, take a look at the lists of games of these genres, at least half of them will have all of those features in any way, shape or form.
Some random names:
Superpower 2
Supreme Ruler series
Realpolitiks 2
Some of the AGEOD games, like Rise of Prussia
Yes, Your Grace
Rogue State Revolution
> Preferably with above average AI to play solo.
The game you're asking for literally doesn't exist.
What comes to mind the most would be the "Power and revolución geopolitical simulator" but if I'm honest I heard that it has Bugs and that you have to do a lot of micromanagement but its mechanics are interesting
Shadow Empire

Can we all agree that the competitive scene ruined the entire genre? Just like they ruin everything else.

File: images (14).jpg (11 KB, 189x267)
11 KB
Just got this what am I in for?
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How does the original compare to it? I remember getting the original a long ass time ago and got filtered lol.
it's the same game, balance is just different like these anons pointed out
it's sort of like asking "i didn't like warcraft 3, will i like frozen throne" or something like that. if you give it another shot, you'll have access to a great variety of mods for it.
Is the Halo mod good for it?
I just want to kill heretics for the great journey.
Who knows, try it

The soundtrack is pretty good. Make sure you get some subwoofers.

File: XPIRATEZ.png (736 KB, 826x670)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
Whatcha playin' anon ?
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well problem is on JS star gods have insane melee dodge, I estimated guardians have about 115 melee dodge which means at 115% melee accuracy is your chance to hit them is exactly 0 and I can't imagine getting to 200% with most melee weapons, not to say crap like early clubs this is why pike is awesome it avoids all of that bullshit
nope that's a peasant, gals can't fit into tanks they can however fit into armored cars and I would fit a gnome there if I had one
>JS star gods have insane melee dodge

Do they have it 360? I don't remember any particular difficulties in meleeing them, but I habitually go always from behind. And I don't play on the hardest because that's just modder trolling.
it's not 360 but psy units have back penalty halved, so attacking them from behind is only 25% less melee dodge, still a shitload
150 melee score is reasonable and 170-180 is veteran territory. With 160 melee you'll hit basic guardians roughly with every 2 attacks, so it's fine to engage them in melee with experienced combatants depending on your units positioning. It's the gray clowns who have monstrous dodge, but die to one kinetic projectile hit, who are never a valid melee target.
Yeah, they have 0 back dodge penalty.

>excellent base campaign
>excellent dlcs
lags like shit though
63 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
R2 is actually the second most popular in terms of people playing it right now behind Warhammer 2 and ahead of Medieval 2. So I'd just ignore most of the complaints.

Still, I wish it had the 3 building slots of Warhammer with the garrison building that adds walls to unwalled settlements. Would have made not playing super aggressive a more viable option.
Is it really? It's, to date, the only TW that I dropped and haven't come back to due to hating it's gameplay so much.
Maybe I'll look into a Darth overhaul or something.
>excellent dlcs
>load up Charlemagne for the first time
>every single faction leader has the exact same voice

VAs cost too many charlemagnes I suppose
Why did they make christianity so shitty in Attila?
3K is like a mobile game tho, and it’s not a historical game at all it’s like total war Troy, plays like war hammer.

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