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>isn’t eaglepilled
Why don’t you play Aztecs anon?
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that's just a man in a furry suit, actually, it's not an actual eagle-man monster

it's funny because DauT just won the world championship while being
>a 35 year old with 5apm
>using CAs
>using koreans

I was listening to Dogao, one of the best players in the world, and he said that bulgarians were auto-win against meso civs, especially incas, and the inca player won in the finals.
Hera was making fun of CAs on saturday, BTFO.
The game is not "solved", despite being 20 years old. Though, of course, patches helped a ton. I really wished they hadn't made Indians basically discount Saracens in late game, though. (technically, not even discount, since their upgrades are more expensive on top of being worse)
Daut played Indians with CA too in the finals.
still want them buffed tho, rebalance them or something, the Imperial Camel needs to be the best camel in the game
hell, fucking remove the elephant archer from the game if you need to buff the damn civ, it's 99% useless anyways
Why are """"""pros"""""" always like that?
The problem isnt pros and their mistakes. The problem is stupid peons and simps of the pros who spam their opinions

File: eu4_1.png (388 KB, 812x490)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
EU4 do be some 2000s shit.

>press this button
Windows 95 MIDI-esque "BA BAAAAAA!!!!!"

I'm glad I didn't pay the full £180 for this shit.
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What the fuck are pips
Penis Inserted Pussy Slots
the sound effects are the best part though
Skill points
Didn't they send him off to Spain, to be the head of the new studio dedicates to EU?

File: file.png (231 KB, 240x333)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
pikmin is an rts game
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File: pacmanfrog.jpg (744 KB, 1785x1773)
744 KB
744 KB JPG
File: Yellow_wollywog.png (123 KB, 340x341)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
>still cant get the HD texture pack to work with dolphin
It really isn't very difficult. Besides, it has a Dolphin version packaged with it if it's the same one I'm thinking of.
bloons td is an rts

File: mka.jpg (61 KB, 466x658)
61 KB
What are some character and story driven strategy games/mods? Something similar to CK2, WC3 and Fire Emblem. Fantasy setting preferred.
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File: 1609972770309.jpg (1.53 MB, 1647x2000)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
>Fire Emblem
not strategy
if your "story" isn't just a history text book then its not strategy
I ask this sincerely, are you an ESL? That's not what strategy means.
Too bad those games are railroady
Not that guy, but anon "strategy" is basically the same word in most languages and carries the same meaning. Not defending what the other guy said, but your ignorance is showing.
How is XIV?

I did not care for Age of Empires III. Simply did not care for it.
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Who cares
File: 1611168517584.jpg (55 KB, 431x643)
55 KB
>family g*y
I did not care for Starcraft
I can never get into AoE2. I poke at it every few years and it just doesn't stick for long.
The deck system is what really held it back from being a more serious competitive game like AoE2, either no decks or no leveling/unlock home city thing and maybe there could've been something

File: 20210101023402_1.jpg (815 KB, 1035x818)
815 KB
815 KB JPG
If the devs can't be bothered to implement multi-liege system, why do insists on allowing vassals to inherit foreign titles?

I don't want to form an empire because it gets boring, I just want to forge a small kingdom and make it prosper, but the game literally doesn't allow you to. All pic related exclaves are from random vassal inheritance, they inherited Stockholm, Moscow, Kalmar, and Fyn.

I realize the average map-painter doesn't give a fuck how awful the map looks, but I do...
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CK3 will be superior after a couple years of DLC and mods are released.
Any good coom mods yet?
File: we were kings.jpg (43 KB, 480x479)
43 KB
This wtf is he thinking? Conquer as Whites then "culture convert" the provinces so they spawn Whites. I did it to Egypt.
I'm still waiting for a mod where every realm is ruled by giantess women
lol getting out teched by your own vassals

File: 158770.jpg (44 KB, 289x475)
44 KB
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>playing RoTK XI, benevolent Cao Cao run
>no executions, just release the crappy officers and try and recruit the good ones
>Splendid Ma Chao will never ever ever ever join Wei
>even the big-eared villain will submit to the will of heaven
>even Yuan "JUST" Shao will join after a month contemplating his past mistakes in a dingy prison cell
>Ma Chao just keeps signing up with the remaining warlords and trying to kill me
I run out of food trying to get through their endless units.
Send out an officer as a supply unit. Load him up with food and possibly troops/weapons as well if you find your armies are getting attritioned to death. Make sure the enemy can't clear your front line zone of control though because your supply unit is largely a sitting duck.
14 is coming out on Switch next month, how is it?

Did anyone played in the Indian region in CK2? How was it?
I'm a bit wondering what was the main target of this DLC. Maybe there's a big Paradox fanbase in India, because I don't think many westerners know enough (or at all) about the history of the subcontinent to be interested in playing there. I feel like even people interested in medieval period at best will just recall Mughal Empire. I won't lie, I also know nothing about India and its long and probably complex history.
While we are at it, what other strategy games focus partially or solely on India? Best that come my mind are AoE2, TW:Empires and Civilization if you want to count that.
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Are there any speshul events or decisions for the white huns?
No one said it was a benefit. Just that it's typical for almost any faction. And you are not contained from them if you're around their borders.
File: toramana.png (257 KB, 957x943)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
no. but here's a quick run down of Toramana for RP purposes. The Count of Mohadavaska and his son have the same name as him so you're obviously meant to take inspiration.
>map bigger is good
this is why it was made
paradox fans are like arumba - provinces mean nothing to them theyre just numbers to blob
File: 20210125120545_1.jpg (799 KB, 1920x1080)
799 KB
799 KB JPG
I hate this shit so much man

File: orientalempires.jpg (115 KB, 750x350)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
better than total war 3k?
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my current court
the prisoners are the ruler and two generals of the wiped (not by me) faction who were stranded near by my borders when their last city fall
can recruit 2 of them straight to my faction
current spread
my capital income
>those city names
You really, really can't keep track of chinese names huh
I can but why bother?

File: Love Shack.gif (5 KB, 171x112)
5 KB
Nigga, I love these things in the Civilization series both for immersion purposes (of course there'd be tons of tribal or semi-nomadic peoples in the course of history) but also who doesn't love a bunch of primitives giving you free shit. What's your favorite bonus you get from them from any game of the series? What are goody hut equivalents in other relevant game series?

Example: I myself hated getting free cities from goody huts in earlier civ games, but the "advanced tribe" justification always amused me for in-universe purposes in terms of perhaps some nation/tribe/people related to yours in some ethnolinguistic way joining you due to conveniently using a city name your own empire'd use. Even if Civ 3 kinda killed that by using random tribal or minor nations' names willy-nilly when you popped a free city from a hut.
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File: no thanks.png (3 KB, 200x65)
3 KB
Hate those things
Didn't know you could get a Relic. That would be great.
And the very night I post this, I get a relic out of my first goodie hut.
3 warriors in each city, quick to produce, works fine as a deterrent for war and for martial lwa.
Then they're all musketers and later riflemen.
never been to /vr/, assumed it was all ancient gamer atari stuff

File: 305956833321.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
Over for Beastmencels. Not a proper update in years, how will they ever recover?!?
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Scholarship focus is banned to Beastmen, but you can still do Theology
I don't think it was your son anon...
Beastmen aren't even that bad really. Most of the problems with Horde mechanics stem purely from the game not effectively explaining that Growth is your most important factor, and that some of their technologies have tooltips that are completely wrong and don't actually do what they say they do.
If they get an Ungor or Centigor focused lord it will round them out well enough. They don't need a Minotaur lord, Minotaurs are super strong already.
The main problems with horde mechanics are first of all that they are simply not able to grow anywhere near as quickly as a faction that's just conquering settlements. Especially with the Ordertide still being a thing, that means anything past the midgame becomes a tedious slog where you're just fighting stack after stack without putting any real dents into your enemy. Secondly, many AI factions seem to love colonizing ruins, and with no way to actually hold land of your own that means you just get stuck playing wackamole, going round in circles razing settlements that you already razed 10 turns before.

Hordes aren't weak and growth isn't an issue as long as you focus on it early enough. They're just not any fun to play. More lords and units would be good for Beastmen, but what they need most of all is a complete overhaul of the way Hordes work.

It's like the Wood Elves. Are they too weak? Fuck no. Are they too hard to play? Also no. But because they're so limited to what they can do outside of battle they're not any fun to play. The Wood Elf rework, despite being half-assed as fuck and hurting more than helping in some areas, at least gave them more shit to do outside of their starting region. Also at least they can make outposts, which (while being worthless for actually defending locations) actually help them to hold onto the land they take and not just allow any neutral chucklefuck walk up and settle it.
File: 4543546547.jpg (102 KB, 425x450)
102 KB
102 KB JPG

File: xcom_3_art.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
What's your wishlist for XCOM 3?
I say we become the invaders and start wrecking shit on their planets.
97 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Less retarded power gap between elites and trained fresh meat.
More action points.
More numerous squad members.
No more pod system. Better "command" AI for the enemy so they don't ignore the gunfight 10 tiles away from them.
Less retarded art direction.
Finer grained maps with smaller tiles and a less binary cover system.
>start playing xcom2
>2nd hardest difficulty
>1st mission is 6 alien (technically 8, but i dab on 2 of them while stealth)
>50% chance to hit
>have to hope i also roll a 4 damage
>there is 2 or 3 aliens with more than 4hp anyway
>gayliens have 80% chance to hit me
What the fuck is this retarded bullshit ? 1st one was nothing like this. I literally have to restart until i can get lucky enough.
>xcom terror from the deep on hardest difficulty
>keep getting squadwiped in turn 2 or 3 thanks to xeno terrorists lobbing sonic pulsar grenades at me
>decide if they are going to be terrorists, so am I
>load up a single rookie with 0 turn grenades, explosives and sonic pulsars
>the count on these never actually goes down unless they hit the ground
>run my martyr rookie right into the middle of the downed UFO full of lobstermen
>he gets mown down, but this was the plan
>all the explosives are now on the ground
>turn end
>complete suicide bombing obliteration that nearly crashes dosbox
>I win, nothing could be recovered
Regular advent troopers have like, 65 base aim, they shouldnt be getting these odds unless youre giving them easy shots, and sectoid dont ever shoot unless they get a flank, see an exposed soldier or run out of psionics
Fuck this is why devs are scared of making difficult games.

File: 1603416743852[1].jpg (128 KB, 1000x1000)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Previous: >>229182
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Hubert's a hundred time's edgier than anyone else in the house, you dork.
He has a sadistic streak, but he’s still one of the smartest people in the game with a really good magic niche. He’s earned being edgy.
So how much different can I expect the second playthrough to be?
And who to pick, the knights or the edgelords?
I enjoyed the characters of the Golden Deer very much. Their developments was also pretty nicely done.
The biggest deciding factor is whether you want to watch demitri or edelgard's story unfold more, I think.
Any decent romhacks released in the last couple months,years?

File: 7678567754365463645.jpg (112 KB, 616x353)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Why was this made?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
got it for free on Epic, is it worth a download?
It was a failed project that they assigned to the bulgiarian studio to test mechanics for their mainline games. Pretty much a paid beta test using a setting, just like TOB was. This was a test for god mechanics and resources, as well as seeing how people like these "historical" games after 3K.
They realized mid development that this game appeals to literally no one and entered partnership with Epic, who was asking them for exclusivity since 3K but that didn't go through, so they could at least make some money off it. This game would have been a bigger flop than TOB was if it released on Steam, they took the paid X copies and launch for free on Epic to avoid criticism by deflecting it with it's "free".
Also prepare for WH3 to be EGS exclusive, since they refuse to comment on if it will be or not and they added a way to transfer DLC between stores on their website through a CA account.
probably should have been an expansion pack like Wrath of Sparta. It's an interesting scenario with warhammer/3Kingdom style champion combat but does not really have enough content for a full game.
>walks right through your phalanx
Why are you retarded?

File: 1600370714274.jpg (220 KB, 1024x627)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
What are some good Play-By-Email (or similar systems where turns are sent in by players whenever) strategy games? Fucking love that style of play but it has mostly vanished in recent times.

I know Dominions of course, and Combat Mission, what else is there?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Played this by email, shits fun
Is War in the Pacific still active? Shit looks great
How long do these games even last?
> he should make that a board game
check out Cave Evil.
It depends. For me, three months on average.
Communities usually want fresh blood, say you're new and try to learn. Losing all the time is a great way to get up to speed.
Shadow Empire has decent pbem

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