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File: CoE.png (40 KB, 726x60)
40 KB
Does anyone play Conquest of Elysium? Trying out CoE5 and it's pretty fun for such a random game. Music is okay as well but kind of repetitive.

What's a good class to choose when just starting out with the game?
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File: Untitled.png (201 KB, 955x204)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
forgot image
It's random, I'm just saying be on the lookout for them for units you want to stack artifacts on.
Kobolds seem like the worst faction mid to late game. No good mages, no summons except for very meh dragons you can't control, just spam of weak troops that will gets easily wiped out be high armor units with any kind of cleave. Or mages with aoe spells.
I feel sorry for them. there was a kobold faction with a dragon that had a portable hole. After attacking their biggest army, they were suddenly dead. When I got to their base, there were some groups of horror mantises nearby and one of them had the portable hole. There were 4 in the group, though there might have been more before.

>Or mages with aoe spells.
What spells are good to use? Made the mistake of wiping my own army with blizzard, chain lightning hit two enemies, then went back through my own lines and killed the moon mage next to the sorceress who cast it, and anything with burst seems to intentionally use my front most units to trigger the initial hit. I usually only allow soul slay and only-affects-enemies type spells.

Is there a mod to give all mages death wish so they stop standing so damn far back? Even if I only have like 3 lines, the mage will ended up piled behind some 2 tile long creature and some bunched up forces and be like 7 tiles back.
File: Untitled.png (3.08 MB, 1497x1280)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
Fukken dorfs

File: Paladin_aoe2DE.png (168 KB, 360x360)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
>most expensive unit in the game
>gets hard countered by the cheapest unit in the game
why are they so popular despite being countered so easily?
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>No because the arbalest delete the champions
Learn to micro.
>and the champions can't remove halbs faster than they can be replaced with lods of barracks, going half ass paladin and half ass champs won't work against a halb/arb comp
You use the champs to engage the halbs. As long as one side (left/right) of the halbs is engulfed, you can move Paladins through to attack the arbs.
>Isn't it actually counterproductive to get that, considering that HCs are inaccurate at longer ranges?
As I understand it, the 75% represents the normal inaccuracy limit, so you shoukdn't be missing more than 25% of your shots even after you get the tech. It's just a direct range upgrade.
>just finished Jadwiga campaign

I wasn't prepared for the gut punch, lads.
She's the only good monk hero in the whole game
How odd

File: InXSh[1].png (106 KB, 284x252)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Why is Russia so fucking OP, /vst/?
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>tfw my waifu will always be a shit civ
>tfw no Georgia ever again
I even liked their abilities
Take away kanem-bornu and put Katanga in its place.
File: King_Henry_V_from_NPG.jpg (2.76 MB, 2400x3352)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
>no Æthelstan
>no Edward/Harold/William
>no Henry V
>no James VI (because Scotland is also a civ sometimes, roll eyes)
>no Winston Churchill (despite doing it previously, probably never again because "He's a racist" but Gandhi's still a permanent mainstay)

>got a literal who queen, Eleanor, who never ruled England
>flash forward to the game after that
>"Oh fuck, all we have left is the Lead Lady and that's if Boris isn't succeeded by Priti, and she's not a progressive brown person!"
This shit is why I just play gladius. I'm tired of pretending that diplomacy and peace are meant to be viable options when not delivered down the barrel of a gun in a genre called
I'm fine with 'proving the value of my culture' as a victory screen so long as I've had to conquer a few cities to do it but its such an idiotic post-modern leftist belief that somehow the guy about to ram my ass with giant death robots lost the game because his people are buying my blue jeans a lot.
The giant death robot bought your blue jeans and then saw he was aiming at the blue jean factory and cried and then went home to blow up his president

It's like Ice-pick Lodge decided to turn the Void into a strategy game.
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However much it bugs you, the fact that singular is a familiar form won't change. If it said "иcпoльзyй" instead, my reaction would be "you're not my friend, get fucked"
A wrong reaction, as it is easily interpretable as a formal distant bereft of relation "use".
this must have something to do with age. when i was younger i felt it was awkward when some wagie would use the polite form with me but now in my 30s it pisses me off when they don't. if i'm a regular or we see each other every day (like with the guy who delivers packages to our office), i'm okay with it. but if i walk into a store first time and the cunt or fag is speaking to me informally it's incredibly grating.
>If it said "иcпoльзyй" instead, my reaction would be "you're not my friend, get fucked"
Spoken like a true woman
nah, he's right.
it's like not using teineigo when talking to your superior in japan. you just don't do it. don't talk all familiar with strangers, it's impolite and irritating.

File: co1mvj.jpg (59 KB, 528x704)
59 KB
Just finished Xcom 2 and it was garbage. I need something to forget this abomination.

wtf, /vst, you told me this game was good. It might be the most boring 4x game I've ever played, even worse than civ 6 and galactic civ 3. Even Master of Orion CTS was better than this. At least for CTS I actually felt like finishing a few games. I've played EL for 40 hours now and still haven't finished a single game. It's got all the problems of civ 6 - a trillion stupid little decisions to make that each have almost no bearing on the game and bloated mechanics. It's also got fucktons of busy work like hunting pearls and going after temples all throughout the game.

The economic system is weird. There's no autobuild function. There aren't interesting choices/trade-offs for the economy. So what does this game have going for it? Combat? LMAO. The combat is better than civ5/6 1UPT nonsense, but that's not saying much. What does this game even have going for it? I literally fell asleep watching "let's play" videos trying to learn it, so I just jumped in and played. Then the game itself put me to sleep.

I don't know what to do. GC2 and Civ 3-4 were amazing and I played the shit out of them. Civ 6 sucks and I've been trying to find a good 4x ever since but GC3 is terrible, MoO CTS is not very good, and EL was garbage. Since EL is garbage I'm doubting ES or Humankind will be any better. I have played Age of Wonders 3 and it's not bad. I can actually tell it's a really well made game, but it's not my particular cup of tea. What else is there?
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You should have gone into threads before and read what people have to say about it. Isnt hard to tell the drones apart from the people who have critical thought left, and the latter can give you a good idea of a game. I got good impressions from a distant world "lets play" somone did here a whike back, never pkayed it myself, but I gota good, candid non sugarcoated look.
You shoulda done the same for this OP.
SE confuses convoluted with complexity. A lot of things make no intuitive sense, aren't explained etc.. Imagine a FPS that but all its bindings on non standard hotkeys (cgvb to move instead of wasd, q to fire instead of LMB, reloading requires you to draw a pattern on the screen, killing people earns you points to spend, but you arent sure where to spend rhem, let alone on what. SE felt like that, but then for the 4x genre, it doesnt really do anything new, it just does the same things differently, and different doesnt equate to being good. Dome things work, others dont.

Also none of it matters because the AI is dogshit and there is no MP, so it would still be a waste of time without any if the other flaws.
Why do you need a "build wealth" button, just que up a bunch of buildings/units.
You can que up multiple things to do in a town to keep it going for 100s of turns unlike one at a time in civ which is why they need a do_ mechanic.
It's interesting how much effort some people will put into a shallow opinion.
Galciv 2 is such a good game I don't get why other games don't copy some stuff from it. Just finding a turn based game that has rally points and multi-turn movement is hard enough, let alone being able to set up a patrol like in GC 2 where the ships will automatically attack anything near them without you having to tell them. The leasing idea is great too.

game doesn't have campaign for every faction
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>No UED campaign for Starcraft
very gay and cringe
File: 1394418157354.gif (2.02 MB, 352x288)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF
there is a UED campaign in Starcraft
Even gayer and cringe
Fuck retribution for this, whats worse is the voice acting and character interactions are on point but the copypasted campaign is a slog to go through with
>It's always the cooler evil faction that doesn't have a campaign
Fucking Dragonshard. I just wanted to use Beholders in the campaign.

File: AgeOfWonders1.jpg (58 KB, 480x360)
58 KB
Grabbed pic related on GOG a while back and now I'm finally getting around to playing it. Any tips?
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There are three, anon...
Battle Macabre and title music for me.
Seeing a lot of preference for 1 and Shadow Magic as expected, but which one had the best battle music? For me, it’s 2
you'll take your misshapen "dragon" people and you'll like it

File: game.png (295 KB, 573x326)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
You are playing HER game right, anon?
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Are you replying to the right thread? Is this a paste?
Back to /pol/ schizo
last time I checked the game has at least 2 people who worked on code in the team, excluding this sarah.
shit thread, ignore and in all fields

File: syrian warfare.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Joint task force has middle eastern campaign. You can try playing WarFare 1 which is set in middle as well.
combat mission shock force 2
>Soviet-Afghan war

Oh shit! How's the gameplay? Seems CoH like with less engineers.

File: header.jpg (48 KB, 460x215)
48 KB
Out on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1551160/Combat_Mission_Cold_War/
Finally a non-gookclick real-time strategy game that allows players to compete against each other based on their tactical prowess rather than the ability to click fast. Judging by all the recent threads where so many people were begging for a strategy game of this kind, it's definitely going to explode in popularity here on /vst/.
I congratulate all the gookclick hating gentlemen and expect them to cement the validity of their beliefs by purchasing this game and playing and discussing the shit out of it.
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It takes a certain man to enjoy playing one round for at least a month only to complete a game.
Anyone down for a game?
based b8poster
>M60s have 90%+ accuracy at 1km, 80% at 2km, and 70% at 3km
christ, I know the devs and player base are cold war boomers living out their past postings in Germany but that's a little much
Accuracy =/= precision

File: Julius.jpg (171 KB, 800x500)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
How would you rank them?
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How do you feel about your buildings constantly collapsing or catching on fire?
You'd probably like Zeus the most out of all of them, then. They changed things up a bit for that game; instead of a single grand campaign(with minor branching) there's a series of campaigns you can do in any order. Each campaign is focused on a single city and the whole map - including the stuff you've built - carries over between missions. The only exceptions are the colony missions, where you found new colonies to send resources back to your main city.

Emperor, on the other hand, sometimes has you playing multiple missions on the same map but most of the time it's new city time. Though it does sometimes do a neat thing where you found a new city on the ruins of an old one, which you also built, so it reuses the same map but plays a bit differently because of the different buildings you have available.
Currently? Pretty neat. Nothing great or grand, but a functional game to play over a week or two at slow pace.
Release state was atrocious, so that might significantly colour my perception
its playable
File: das it mane.jpg (987 KB, 1200x1602)
987 KB
987 KB JPG
Fucking witnessed

File: cringe.jpg (195 KB, 2278x1196)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
I thought I was immune to browser/idle games but someone posted a thread on here like a year ago and got me hooked on this one. Probably the best political simulator out there since it has an economy and player-run companies so you can just straight up bribe people.
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File: 1386970045734.jpg (174 KB, 933x960)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I haven't played any rumsod games in at least 5 years now.
>you'll never experience 4chan vs goons kino ever again
Will the country you're from affect your ability to form a large company? All I care about is the business aspect of this.
Yes, in the sense that what country you are in determines your access to profitable sectors. You are only guaranteed to be able to take sectors in your home country, otherwise you need a free trade agreement with another country, or for them to have lowered tariffs. If that's your aim you'll want to peruse the map for a country which has profitable sectors within the same industry specialization which are held by either no corporation or a weak one.
what game?
Power by Oppressive Games
Really an awful name for websearching

File: amphibious landing.jpg (359 KB, 1280x1024)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
No, infantry aren't useless in this game. They are actually very realistic. In WW2, infantry were used for reconnaissance and as a vanguard in combined armed assaults. Their job was to clear the 'fog of war' and draw fire so that tanks advancing from behind can get the first strike advantage. Here is how to use infantry effectively in Blitzkrieg:
>advance infantry in attack mode with tanks following close behind
>halt your tanks and fire a smokescreen right before your infantry are expected to come under fire
>set infantry behavior to defensive and order them to halt when they come under fire
>with the fog of war cleared, designate artillery targets and order your tanks to advance in front of your infantry
If executed properly, you negate the enemy's defensive advantage and most of your infantry should survive.
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This post makes me think you have been watching too many Youtubers and falling for meme history takes
And then they invented the melee version of nuclear weapons, halberds
It's not about bombardments, it's about control over the sea lanes. When you remain in an untenable position due to the opposing navy having control over your supply line, losing is just a matter of time. Naval supremacy is also what made island hopping viable. Obviously you need the infantry to actually take an island but without the navy to clear the way you can't even begin to challenge the position.
Bombardments were stupidly effective.

They always have been, serious bombardments annihilated entire defensive lines in ww1, same with ww2 on the ground and at sea.

The problem is that serious bombardments takes weeks, and that costs time. Munitions. Iwo Jima was supposed to be bombarded for 12 days. It was only bombarded for 3 because the navy wanted to use those shells for an invasion of Japan proper which called for three weeks of bombardment of most of the beaches plus the usage of nuclear bombs. Defensive doctrine in every army had to adapt to how devastating artillery could be, relying on multiple lines of defense because the first line would ALWAYS be annihilated by bombardment. Even second and third lines were usually not enough to prevent penetration by the end of ww1, and the Japanese simply stopped defending beaches during bombardments because anything but solid rock would be flattened by american guns. The reliance was on layers of inland facing defenses and hidden positions that couldn’t be spotted before it had inflicted casualties.
Reading MCDP 1 does not make you a war god. Infantry were more self-sustaining in WW2, and will become self-sustaining once again when modern armies fight eachother.

File: KcSACfVmtA9SjEYLxFGB8Q.jpg (287 KB, 780x1080)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Play Othercide
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File: shrug.jpg (55 KB, 500x327)
55 KB
>It came out only a year ago anon.
It came out at the start of 2020 so that's closer to two years now.
this doesn't look fun at all.

1/10 false advertising.
it says july 28th
you cant even round up to get 2, also you said that was end of all development too.
The only thing I liked about it was the menu theme.

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