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File: Warhammer_3_box_art.jpg (38 KB, 320x460)
38 KB
Is it good yet?
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That would also be pretty cool yes. Though Mortal Empires was already pretty crowded, no idea how they'd fit everyone from 3 in it besides obviously Kislev.
Mods can fix the AI as well, CA just needs to finish the DLCs so modders don't need to worry about every update breaking mods.
I want CA to fuck off already. Their shitty updates/dlcs keep breaking all mods.
Its billshit
It's very good, would be great but some facets like ai and siege battles let it down. Has a horrible exploitative monetization method and that alone is enough to ward off potential new players.

File: CK2.png (193 KB, 640x550)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
What was the point of CK2 mechanics at that time?
File: levels.png (44 KB, 683x172)
44 KB
paradox bad
Unironically yes and also retarded.
What are you talking about?

Go back to work Rigby, before Benson finds you!
I can tell you didn't play ck2 at launch

Demo is planned to be released this year(afaik current one is very old and obsolete). Expectations?
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File: shrug.jpg (9 KB, 254x198)
9 KB
The UI already looks bad, with billion clicks to be made to get shit done. Which I guess is true to the spirit of Fading Suns, but that doesn't make it good.
>t. follower of an Abrahamic religion
Must be tough having both literalism and religious orthodoxy being the cornerstone of your religion. But at least explains why you are so retarded and can't wrap your head around other possibilities than the "we've got a sacred book, we take it very serious, and any sort of deviation from the super-specific interpretation of it by my sect is the most vile shit ever".
Played the old demo for a bit, the jank was really annoying and kinda hard to figure out what impact things had with the ui but it was strangely addictive. Would be nice with a game focused on internal politics instead of just wars.
We don't have the processing power to model the capillaries and nervous systems at a cellular level
t. LARPer or actual pajeet

Soooo which GSG do you think Paradox is working on?
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A small scale GSG that focuses on you as the main partner of a law firm. Built using only the relationship and event system from CK3, you have to expand your law firm across the globe by smart economic investing and winning cases with different legal systems and pre-existing precedents. Some people will get really into it by being able to script and imitate famous court cases like the OJ Simpson trial and Brown vs. Board of Education, but then everyone will collectively shit on it when they find out to practice law in another country you have to buy the DLC for that country (and they will divide the EU nations up as well).
holy shit that would be dope, but pretty pretty sure Paradox would avoid such theme because it will cause some controversy
They would probably make it Civil Law because that's what they have in Sweden and it would be shit.
even AI knows the purpose of paradox games is to make germany bigger
Why would you need to lie regarding this? Fucking zoomer.

My linux PC can't even run it so I fad to return it. It looks pretty kino. It's definitely for the high autist crowd. Any anons ever play this thing? It's on sale for 50% off
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Was kind of interested in this game as well but I think it would probably be too in depth for my taste. And it apparently has high system requirements.
Have you played or seen anything about Point of Attack 2? That's another "game" that's more along the lines of an actual military simulation, but it's turn based. It supposedly has very little actual content that comes with it and it wasn't popular enough to have a big userbase making content for it.
Watching a letsplay of it now. Never seen it before so thanks for bringing it to Mt attention. Looks very tactical. Crazy that it takes into account dust being kicked up and exposing movement on the map.
where's & Conquer?
File: 1700944773037143.jpg (219 KB, 1280x720)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
File: 1700939170330085.jpg (246 KB, 828x554)
246 KB
246 KB JPG

File: 10.png (15 KB, 512x480)
15 KB
Let's talk a franchise that still good.
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His LP was fun because it's not a blind LP and he adds some worthwhile commentary. I actually learned a couple new things from watching it.
Query: Where's the written portion of his LP? I assumed it was somewhere in the Something Awful archives but somehow I am unable to find it. Is this one of those things where I'll have to join (i.e. pay) SA in order to read it?
>die from ass-cancer before finishing
To be fair, he stopped the LP ages before the got cancer. So even if he's still alive to this day, there's no guarantee he'll finish the remaining scenarios.
File: SF1_yogurt.jpg (802 KB, 1480x1000)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
File: unsupervised.png (731 KB, 1366x768)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
Which game is the best in the franchise?
SF3, probably?
But it's a hard question to answer also due to the fact that the series spans across different genres as well. I don't know which I'd prefer between SitD and Holy Ark.
He got those vids flagged multiple times by Sega in the past, so there's no proof that any new episodes metting made wouldn't trigger a takedown notice from YT copyright bots, resulting in a permament deletion of his channel had he continue his LP - so who knows now really what could it been...

File: house of cards.jpg (76 KB, 1190x590)
76 KB
>Victoria 2 was made by team of 5 guys coding in a basement in slightly over a year
>modern paradox has hundreds of employees and multi-million dollar budget
>hasnt been able to make a good game in over a decade
>shits out low effort DLCs with less content and lower quality than modders doing it for free

Solve that paradox
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Started being spammed to ward off “iPhone tranny”. Interesting that it’s a child’s hand, because it was accompanied by a bunch of gay rape threats. Quite becoming of third world pedophiles, really.
You seem quite confident in saying that. Are you a physician?
>victoria 2 was dog shit
>all the other games they made are also dog shit
>iFunny Brazil

In my opinion it just adds a bunch of complexity but doesn't make the gameplay any more fun. Also it doesn't make sense how your mass instantly gets sent to where it needs to go. Compare it to games like dune 2 where your harvesters have to harvest spice, then bring it back to base and then you get paid. It's a system that makes sense and it adds to the gameplay because protecting your harvesters from sandworms and the enemy is vital.
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Shit system that adds nothing but tedium. A queue system that lets workers build designated structures once enough material is gathered is superior in every way.
>b-but it lets you turtle
No, flow economy has nothing to do with that, that's purely down to game specific balancing, how do you even come up with this idea?
PA was TOO zoomed out and the sphere world perspective was ass.
Flux economies allow you to invest into building different things faster, without that speeding being essentially "free" (as it would be if you'd paid the cost up front). They give you more control over your economy.
Like in SupCom 2? I completed half of the campaign before I figured out why some of my stuff would never get built. If you try to play it like you would with TA, only your cheapest units would be made when low on resources. It was such a 180 change that I dropped the game right there and then.
Rusted Warfare also does that but at least it has your factories eat up the resource as you queue units up and not just for active production. SupCom 2 system was the worst of both worlds.
>TA's sound puts it leagues above any RTS as well to this day
Music/sound is probably half the reason I love that game

why i can't understand this game, i can't win in normal diff, it reachs a point where every single faction declares war on you and you spend the rest of the game defending the territories that you still has

i never had this problem in twRome neither in TWWarhammer 1, where i play in hard easily, but shogun just stomps me?

there is a guide or something to understand this game? or i'm being just retarded
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its better than s2
if anything s2 is downgrade from s1
in terms of gameplay its better
There are also people whose favourite RTS is warcraft 1
yes and?

File: file.png (404 KB, 642x384)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
>want to get into total war
>buy rome 2
>its boring
i dont get the point of it, you just click on other groups and wait until your group kills them and do this like 15 times until you win

am i just retarded? am i missing something? does it get better later on?
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File: bloody hell.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
rome 1 fights with low tier units could lead to really funny(or bloody) battles
pic related me with bunch of cavalry and low tier pikes vs thracian general cavalry and bunch of light units
I attacked on one flank they on another and we were both rolling over and routing each other levies/low tier troopers
>Med 2 has its jank but it's nowhere near as bad as Rome 1 is.
yeah, it was worse, they somewhat fucked things that somewhat worked in r1
i am pretty much convinced that they did it on purpose and it was just big aussie shitpost
Nah, Med 2 was a rushed cash grab. It's actually ironic that it became so beloved, as while it is one of the crown jewels of the franchise it's also just an expansion of Rome 1.
File: x bowman.jpg (461 KB, 1000x1500)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
desu I don't really get it why
t. played most of TW games starting from Shogun 1
I've only played Rome 1 and Medieval 2 but the game is much more enjoyable on harder difficulties especially in the early game or in a blitz campaign where you actually have to use formations and flankings instead of just getting good units and clicking on the enemy.

File: Valkyrie_SC1_HeadAnim1.gif (958 KB, 360x336)
958 KB
958 KB GIF
How the hell am I supposed to use this?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you download the Gundam mod and attack ground units with the missile spam
Either you don't, or learn to patrol-move them after they fire a valley.
just don't bother, same with other units like scouts
Devourers don't have aoe though. Maybe the debuff is spread to multiple units? But I never figured out what it did, even at 15+ stacks it didn't seem to have a visible effect.
>when your team let's you got full-muta and doesnt build up their own antiair
>Why didnt the game end?
>Peace was never an option!

File: Great_Qing_2.png (22 KB, 632x480)
22 KB
What makes a Grand Strategy or Political Simulator “Fun”?
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Complicated question, but I think there is a simple answer.
I like to think map-painting and empire management are different things.
Something like EU4 is just a risk with extra steps. And Risk itself is just a map-painter.
Clearly PDX caters to this market, because they have an autistic desire to make Roman Empire in all their games, just to appease map-painters.

So, the better question is, why map painting fun?
I can't really answer that, as I prefer empire management. But I think it's just a power fantasy, no different to 100-stab man in games like Mount and Blade
it's always 90% RP and 10% game. Most """historical""" strategies would be boring as hell if they were set in a parallel universe. Even in the case of Stellaris, the only reason people play is so that they can install the Star Trek mod so that they can use the game to RP in a universe that already existed.

anuses envelope my niggertongues
it falls out
In the most abstracted form they're about making decisions:
You make decisions that you are invested in because the narrative and context surrounding them engages you, and because you have some degree of understand regarding consequences on the game world and how it will impact that context to move the game forward.
The process of enacting those decisions is streamlined enough to not be tedious or create friction with the player just trying to play the game
The number of decisions is reasonable, and working through a list of decisions doesn't bog down the pace of the game or become a chore through sheer volume
When the decisions themselves are varied enough that you're not repeatedly making the same simple choices over and over turn after turn just to progress towards a direction you already decided on 20 turns ago

And at that point you realize that a grand strategy game is a lot like an RPG, and the key differences are in presentation. The essence of a strategy game is just making meaningful decisions, pacing those decisions out, making the UI easy to work with and adding some context and narrative to make it interesting. Where many strategy games stumble is that things scale up until there are too many decisions to make lategame, but raw numbers make it so that the prospect of failure is unrealistic--without stakes choices feel meaningless and the pacing becomes cumbersome, leading to a fun game becoming unfun.

The classics were as stripped down as they were by necessity, because they were made to run on PC98 or XP in computers with fewer resources than the modern phone. Modern strategy games tend to still too closely to the template of 90's era games not because it's a good idea but because they don't actually know how to design a videogame and rely overtly on nostalgia baiting to earn a quick buck on steam.
Its fun when you dont play in china

File: openlarp.png (323 KB, 1109x377)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
Poking around looking for updates and found this. Surely this is a joke. Right..? Is OpenVic ever coming out or is it stuck in development hell? Discord seems dead and the promised November Dev Diary hasn't dropped yet. Is it over for us Victoriabros?
11 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Very disappointing to see.
File: IMG_1732.jpg (14 KB, 275x201)
14 KB
It is. Having two open source projects competing with each other scratches an itch in my brain I didn’t even know existed. Can you imagine?
>Retarded ideas not being implemented just because some discord troon with no job badgers for it 24/7. Instead there’s a consideration for how it would affect the project’s support base seeing as there’s a competitor who could easily placate a dejected audience.
>Actual participation (not LARP events) from the community as, again, each supporter is now a valuable resource and could always be stolen away at a moments notice
>More transparency. Less discord autism.
Ah, but anon, it was only ever a dream. At least Project Alice is shaping into something moddable at the very least.
Lot's of samefagging going on in this thread
Uhhhh who cares...? If it comes out cool if it doesn't nothing changed
Fuck off OP. Quit trying to bump the thread.

File: heretic.jpg (9 KB, 182x231)
9 KB
71 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I will try it anon and see what comes out
File: peasant archer ns.webm (2.82 MB, 460x460)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
i will await for good news, sire
Yeah except for the Islamic invasions, conquest of south east asia by chola kings.. tripartite struggle over kannauj.. silk route.. We have had enough of Total War Europes
>Send Priest to deal with Heretic
>Priest turns Heretic despite having high enough stats to not turn
Always made me mad as fuck.
You know what they say:

>That's ̶X̶C̶O̶M̶ Total War, baby!

File: CoH.jpg (117 KB, 268x373)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
This was supposed to revive RTS genre sirs. What happened sirs?
154 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Stopped reading. That's nothing but the most vapid fucking analysis despite you claiming otherwise. Literally a one word review.
>What happened sirs?
Ardennes Assault was very good and it’s a shame that Brits and OKW didnt get their campaigns of similar style
There is nonexistant wunderwaffe in every coh game. Japan having barely any armor isn't the same as it having 0 armor.
If that were true DAK would've seen play in any tournament in the last 10 months but it hasn't. It only became viable in the last 2 patches.

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