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File: Kingdoms&Castles.jpg (758 KB, 1680x1050)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
What would be your ideal City Builder?

Would it involve defense? Terraforming? Supply logistics? Traffic management? Labor control? Architectural design? Cute shit?

What features would you want to see? Tell me what's missing in your games.
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File: dudes2.png (3 KB, 192x112)
3 KB
Here's my million dollar idea that I'm giving to all of you guys for free. It's a colony builder something like rise to ruins, dungeon keeper, or dwarf fort, but it's also mine sweeper. You tell your little dudes where to sweep and where to mine, and they remove the blocks which are converted into building materials. There are also enemies that come in waves so it's a bit of a tower defense, too.

Unlike normal minesweeper, mines can be specially excised to retrieve the mine as a resource. However, some buildings will have to be built on numbered squares. So you have to decide which mines to remove and which to keep. What a cool gimmick that won't get boring within a week!
>fully simulated and dynamic population and economy
>food management
>disease management
>public transport
>simulated public sector and private sector(ie you are able to nationalise shit)
micromanagement hell
I'd like to see someone take the Children of the Nile concept further. Instead of running a planned economy where every pop can happily works either as a priest or a bricklayer, I want a game with social stratas and a semblance of private business developing according to supply and demand.
I'd kind of being interesting competing for control over a city in which there are different private businesses and social groups who also have the power to build things. There's a kind of race to control primary resources and then control land so that you can use private enterprise to develop and manage parts of the city without giving them too much control.

File: jesus.png (107 KB, 635x406)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
holy shit
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all sniperfaggots must die
Coh2 snipers are weak-ish but FUCK man coh1 snipers are just straight up broken
>haha lol say goodbye to your weapons team
>and again
Especially bullshit on 2v2
come on man. they're total aids if the player isn't half-asleep
Can't say I've seen snipers at all in the last ~20 matches
Nice nazi propaganda game.
Oh wait, it's "canadian RTS".

File: 1601145928206.png (45 KB, 280x280)
45 KB
How fares your (cute) empire, /vst/?
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how do you form her?
oh cool
File: Shu.png (69 KB, 280x280)
69 KB
>play japs
>ming manages to get through the disaster and stablize before i get into position to fuck with them
>ming is fully stable and has like 200k force limit while i have 100k
>no countries are willing to help me out crack ming
>had this whole setup of attacking korea with jainzhou to draw in ming and defeat her together with jainzhou but jainzhou fucked everything up by attacking yeren and then rivalling me
>fucking new territory system is bleeding my admin dry
File: Brandenburg.png (64 KB, 280x280)
64 KB
also did they fuck with the military trees. defensive no longer gives +1 yearly army tradition. quality only gives 0.5 army tradition. I thought they were higher before
File: Knights Templar.png (66 KB, 280x280)
66 KB
Shame. It was nice that if you invested in military ideas you got good generals. But now it seems aristocratic is unironically the strongest when it comes to maintaining tradition

Looking for a good, deep, immersive space sandbox With strategic elements later on. I like Elite but it’s get fairly shallow and I want something single player where I can build a fleet and command it as I progress. Should I buy foundations? I hear very mixed reviews.
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You gotta dock at the right station, I don't think it's labeled so check the personal log to make sure it's the right one

Making money is the same as usual, look for sectors with conflicts and sweep up the salvage
File: aldrin20.jpg (105 KB, 800x600)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>>tfw I tried (and failed) to connect every single asteroid in Ore Belt sector
I tried to do that in Barren Shores, but I made the mistake of placing my complex hub too far away to easily link them so I could only get maybe 20% of the asteroids linked up. It's still enough to turn the sector into a no-fly zone, but not enough for the insane amount of microchips the Hub will eventually need.
Nothing will compare to the autism of the German egosoft forums though. They used to have a sticky "Complex construction at 1 FPS".
>Complex that loops completely around Aldrin

holy shit
X3: TC is peak X-Series.
Best shit out there.
Wiping out OCV with hundreds of rocket equipped fighters supported by several terran M2Ms felt so good, had to create a huge missile production complex to support it though.

File: 1603416542893.png (91 KB, 400x333)
91 KB
Where can I get it?
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Thanks fren. Did you guys finish it or is it still a work in progress?
Got deleted.
Still WIP I believe
Yep, still WIP. The UI still isnt made, the mouse pointer, a shit-tonne of civs are missing, I think that the city-states arent in the game yet, and the civs that are in the game arent really completed. If you want a more complete experience, try the civ4 mod
Can this shit still be worked on or is it fully abandoned? I might do some of the easier shit for this.
you can, just post the mega with the shit you added. there is also a spreadsheet with the details, feel free to add:

File: himmler.png (54 KB, 156x209)
54 KB
What the fuck is is deal anyway?
Like, how do you go from failing a coup to posadism?
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File: 20201024152257_1.jpg (378 KB, 1366x768)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
And what's this? pic related
I can't click on the info button.
do they really?
Siberian black army (despotic)
>faction politics
Being Bormann must be suffering
Silence, shitalian

File: hqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
I always loved alternate history works, especially based on WW2 and a hypothetical axis victory.

I discovered this mod for HOI4 some time ago and I am really fascinated by its lore. I think it's really interesting, detailed and with a great potential. I have a few questions for who knows it better:

1) Who is "The Father"?
2) Is Himmler a sort of "main antagonist", or he is just one of the many characters?
3)Are the post nuclear events real? (Rommel worshipped as a god-king in Egypt, burgundians survivors as peaceful nomads since they assume everyone is aryan, ecc..) Can you tell me more about them? In which year do they start and when do they end? Can they be played?
4)There are works related to TNO? (novels, books, ecc..)

Thank you for your time
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4 no
It's shit

what other things happen after the nuclear war?
>extremely liberal priest
that's one way of describing Christian anarchism

Did anyone else find the roster a bit lacking in variety and elsewhere or is it just me? I’m aware class changing is simpler than ever for everyone but it still felt smaller compared to past titles. Probably because Koei Tecmo takes forever with their modeling.
File: Spearwarrior.png (1.35 MB, 2293x629)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG

File: Temple.jpg (490 KB, 1024x436)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
What was better gameplay, constructing buildings with workers (Blizzard), or placing them down from a toolbar (Westwood)?
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I prefer workers
whats the difference
Getting workers from a toolbar
I actually really like how C&C does it, toolbar building, resource gatherers are lesser in numbers but provide more resources per trip.
With MCVs you can make building time shorter without fear of massive cheese. When matches get heated MCVs get pulled closer to the frontlines sometimes establishing solely production-based forward bases.
Resources work nice too. In KW for example there are small blue tiberium patches that give 2x resources that you can long-distance snatch with a harvester, but you put the harvester at risk of being sniped in the process.
I also like its open-ended maps way more than SC2's rigidly designed claustrophobic ones. Makes it look like a proper battlefield, points of tension shift often and several-pronged attacks have more value.
toolbar because tower rushing is retarded and micro managing "builders" is tedious.

Just got this game on the sale. What faction should I play? What’s your favorite faction? Are the DLC worth it?
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>hating pearls
>not liking anomaly district, free winter production on water, extra pops from minors and winter boroughs
>and the occasional booster district on resources
They're just little buffs, they don't enable any new strategies, or change how I play the game
Cultists are the good guys
Don't believe heretic lies
Not that guy, but they're major buffs, and economic/research/production buffs ARE strategies in 4x games. Besides this, custom factions made with the DLC are way more fun.

This is true, the naval aspect is pretty cool and it stays dynamic and active far longer than the land based exploring does.
Vaulters as your first playthrough.

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Nah, DoK was great.
Fucking Activishit-Blizzard.
File: 20190908201413_1.jpg (238 KB, 1920x1080)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I like the the remastered version but the scaling in 2 is just way out of whack, it's alright in 1 if you stay within the regular limits but going over it will also cause the game to overcompensate like a motherfucker.
play HW1 using a disc or other original version. The remastered HW1 has some nice QoL changes, but the engine port stripped a lot of mechanics. HW2 is totally fine to play remastered. Cataclysm is now called Emergence and on GoG, i'd recommend that as well. DoK is more like an interactive lore book, its not bad but its probably the worst of the franchise.
man, vaygr battlecruisers are so cool. those vertical launchers get my dick hard.

*blocks your path*

File: 13744103.jpg (31 KB, 529x469)
31 KB
>crpgs made a come back
>strategy has not
I just want my company of heroes 3.
>crpgs made a come back
lol no

File: age-of-wonders-iii-7.jpg (331 KB, 1600x900)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
New Bread edition
Post your favourite custom leaders you made
159 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tbh, I never played for MP. Age of Wonders 1 just has nice visual that feel like LotR to me in a way, and story if good enough, if not very special.
I think most people who played it never tried MP, but there's definitely a MP community even today.
Anybody tried Godking?

Looks interesting, but the fact that you can't fight any battles yourself (everything is automated) kinda makes it the opposite of AoW which always had better combat than the average 4X.
>That many units on one screen
Looks co-
>Automatic battles
Oh so it's like Conquest of Elysium
But I doubt they have the crazy faction design and ridiculous magic and rituals or the modability of CoE
Then the only things I can see really going for it are that maybe it's not got ridiculous rng or painful micromanagement like CoE

File: Terrascaping.png (1.88 MB, 1267x995)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Which strategy games have the best nation and empire building?
As in which games give the most compelling experience when you're not working on directly engaging with the enemy in your opinion?
The better it is, the less important reaching for the win is, and you may even continue playing after winning

Roughly in genres I think it goes like this:
City building
grand strat
RTS, TBS(non 4x)

More specifically I'd probably put Victoria 2 and Crusader Kings 2 above Eu4, there isn't too much to improving the development in eu4, while the simulation of v2 makes it a bit more compelling and in ck2 there's the family managament and different holdings you can focus down on maximizing.
Between TBS games I'd give a slighty edge to homm over warlords, while the town buildup is very weak in homm it's basically non existent in warlords, and outside the towns you can get more out of homm just engaging neutral monsters and exploring the map.

City building is of course only that, but I don't really like them since i like building towards an external threat.
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
civ4col do be like that
That's exactly what the OP is talking about
>not working directly engaging with the enemy
>less important reaching for the win
It's a matter of being a game, or a simulator/toy
Those two points doesn't necessarily just mean how well you feel like you're roleplaying a real world nation.
The gameplay mechanics on how you build your town, nation or empire matter, not just how well it simulates, even if that can add to it.
Drawing a road manually in a city builder can be more compelling as a game mechanic, than something more realistic and immersive like if you just changed policies and tax sliders to influence others for making roads.

The topic isn't just which game and which genre simulates the best.
Why is this remake generally considered bad? I liked the original but this one seems to get flak for some reason.
some major design flaws and lack of balance, little content so every game feels the same, and best way to win is rush while trying to use liberty mechanics can make the game unwinnable. ai is trash too. mods fix most of this

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