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never 4get
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I hope everyone is hyped for DreamHack today. Enjoy your Thanksgivings and enjoy your WC3!
You are such a self-righteous asshole, ngl. The "I know all" attitude is so fucking annoying.
>They hired several people from the community and talked to its several representatives.
I think most of the "people" they talked to were chinks which explains the chink-shit art direction. I know they spoke to a few EU players like Grubby, but that honestly seemed more like a way to get people to shill for the game more than an attempt to gather input.
>They hired several people from the community and talked to its several representatives.
Being hired for random positions and talked to doesn't automatically mean they have a huge pull on the project's direction.

Outcomes like the WoW art direction with its goal of supporting WoW rather than taking on LemonSky's proposed WC3 artstyle are indicative of strong manager meddling.
Dreamhack has been pretty hype so far

So, are you gonna get this? and which faction are you gonna choose first?
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File: 1637883234524.jpg (72 KB, 716x714)
72 KB
Wrong. AI built on any sorts of mathematics (which it has to be if you want to run it on abstracted boolean gates) is fundamentally different to real chemical and physical interactions. It's not even a subset, it is a different thing. The human consciousness is a small, highly detailed part of the fractal making up the universe, interacting with everything around it. A computer program is a mathematical spook limited by goedels incompleteness theorem. A single transistor has infinitely more complexity going on inside it than even the most complex AI we could ever come up with using said transistor for its computations.
Vidya thread ruined by a bunch of college 101 class dweebs getting high on yheir own stink.
Shut up, there's nothing else to talk about until the game releases.
It would be cool if they randomized alien outcomes. You might shoot up space hippies or attempt to serve genocidal colonists, no guarantees.
>killing ayys
You can never talk about human supremacy enough.

File: groundcontrol.jpg (530 KB, 1280x720)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
>Anno 1800
>Black & White
>Celtic Kings: Rage of War
>Company of Heroes
>Conquest: Frontier Wars
>Giants: Citizen Kabuto
>Ground Control
>Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising
>Imperium Galactica II
>Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns
>Kohan II: King's of War

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> >give orders to squad (ex: patrol designated area, raid designated area, scout designated area and return when attacked, etc.)
Gangsters 2: Vendetta had this. You could hire mooks to protect your business and they'd stand in the front of it and get aggroed if any opposing gangsters passed by - and if the business was under heavy contest you could assign one of your 8 gangsters to either patrol it, stand out front or get inside (he would be forced out and into a fight when the enemy tried to take it over). They would get aggro, as I said, when an enemy passed by them if they were set to be aggressive, or only when the enemy entered the building otherwise. If the enemy gangster tried to run, they would give chase but for a very limited distance.
TW:M2 was instantly one of my favourite rts off the bat because of this. At last here was a game I could employ real strategy concepts in real time.
Kohan functions similar to how you described.
Instead of recruiting individual units, you create a custom company made up of 1 leader, four frontline units, two flanking units, and two support units.
When the company engages in battle, units fight autonomously until the battle is over or you order a retreat.
Companies in your supply zones also get a morale boost and recover lost units automatically, which heavily discourages rushing tactics.
>depend on whether he's a compfag or a campaignfag.
I'm definitely both. I appreciate good SP design way, way more than good mp design. But I mostly play comp. The thing I don't much care for is story. So for me it's absolutely gameplay design >>>> story. If a game has actually good mission design, it automatically puts it into a higher tier for me.
I have coh since I got it in a bundle a long time ago, but I've never played it. So I don't see a reason to not give it a try.
File: 1636123091886.png (2.89 MB, 2000x1508)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
Needs supreme commander/FA. (nigga you have TA on the list, how did you forget this?)
Needs all of the total wars.
Needs Wargame EE/Airland/Red Dragon.
Halo wars, if you wanna be cheeky.

There is no better rts for newcomers/nor is there a better rts than this one and I’m tired of acting like that’s not the case.
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Among the many flaws of FA are improvements to UI. It's a great thing for MP but for first time players the original UI was much better for muh immershun alone.
Aeon has hover tanks, spam those, move them across water, kept them protected with shard AA.
File: menace.jpg.png (531 KB, 731x554)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
Aeon theoretically are all about mobility and fast attack, but just like how Cybran are in practice aggro-spam cheese personified, Aeon in practice is crater-brained airspam and nothing else to the point where most Aeon players probably don't even understand what the Harbringer does.

Seraphim is probably the toughest faction to learn for a couple reasons. Their basic concept is 'expensive elitism' where their units all cost more but significantly outperform the competition, but how that manifests and if it's actually worthwhile varies from unit to unit. Most of their units are at least alright (if overpriced for what they can do), but they have a select few that range between 'very good' and 'godlike', the poster child probably being the T1 arty that is probably the single best unit in the entire game in pic related.
File: 1634377051792.jpg (44 KB, 686x499)
44 KB
Is it better to have a few factories with a bunch of engineers or a lot of factories? Also, how many engineers do you want when building one structure or if you reach T3 you remove them and go sACU?

Haven't seen a Divide and Conquer thread in a while. What's your guys favorite factions? I used to play Remnants of Angmar all the time, I remember back when they had those heavily armed orc units, I miss them lol.
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Gundabad is the most fun faction in the entire mod i just love slaughtering manlets
v5 Soon™, I reckon before summer. I just want to play my god damn ND mega campaign

Favourite faction lore wise is probably Rohan but recently I've been playing the Breeland, KD and Lothlorien

I never really tried Dorwinion but you do make them sound pretty comfy, maybe I'll give the a shot
Basically once you have secured only just the entire northeast of the map and got access to all those mines and unique settlements (and you're surrounded by them) you are untouchable and ready to fund your elite armies.
>Le epic buzzword
this tranny got filtered hard.
File: 1530683999764.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1350)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
I always like to go Dorwinion with the Moriquendi choice. It makes it more epic when you have fantasy East Romans fighting alongside Dark Elves kicking back the hordes of the East.

File: pic_quark_1634631718180.png (1002 KB, 3000x1500)
1002 KB
1002 KB PNG
>this kills the sellsword
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>He fights spooooders
H O W?
>have to take or go broke
Nah, you'll be fine.
Beast slayers have a shitty tempo at the start since they begin angry and wounded and unlike PM dont have a 12 man army right at the start to counterract it.

>he doesnt fight spiders
Something about the scaling is very fucked
I'll have to push an update, I've been meandering around fixing stuff, including potentially this >>852017
Davkul submod is fucked

File: europa.jpg (693 KB, 1920x1080)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
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I mean, mercs should be even cheaper all around. Every OPM in Italy should be able to afford them without going bankrupt
Also, I've never seen the AI use mercs.
What would be the point of that? If anything your normal troops should give you economic debuffs when used so you only use THEM temporarily.
Period EU4 covers saw shift from mostly mercenary armies to proffesional standing armies.
This should be represented by having plentiful cheap to hire/expensive to maintain mercs in the beginning and few expensive to hire/cheaper to maintain merc in the late game.
As said ITT every city state in Italy should be able to hire multiple companies but it shouldn't be able to sustain them for long time (few years max) so they won't become regular army. Hence plentiful merc companies that are cheap to hire/expensive to maintain.
In the end when money are plentiful there should be mercs still available but more like auxiliary units (like Hessians during US revolutionary war) and they should remain minor veteran force compared to the rest of conscripted army. Hence few merc regiments that are expensive to hire and relatively cheap to maintain.
So player would feel the shift from 1400's Italian small scale merc wars to 1800's napoleonic "manpower is not an issue" conflicts.
Somewhat noob question. Is it easier to beat Poland/Lithuania when they are bound by PU or when they merge into the commonwealth?
every single war austria fights they pick up a merc stack, regardless of their own manpower

File: header.jpg (37 KB, 460x215)
37 KB
>Be Paradox
>Blow your entire Lovecraft load on Necroids
>Be left with fish, squid, dolphin and sea monke
>No Eurypterids or Anomalocaris
>Atleast can flood planets Old Testament style
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Wow they actually fixed the AI. Like it's actually almost keeping up with me. It's not great, but this is probably the best I remember it ever being.
Really? that sucks, but it's still the only way to get multiple full size dragons, and other space monsters. Rushing the dragon also seems like a good way to stay defended in MP , which i play occasionally and my one asshole friend is always being an ape.

It seems we are getting a update to necroids and nemesis. Atleast Nemesis will suck less.
They should unironically go back to Federations and bring back the cut origins.
Typical jannie niggerfaggotry, this time it was deleting my on-topic post.

File: guild2.jpg (42 KB, 460x215)
42 KB
best economy simulation games? is it the Guild 2?
33 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Capitalism Lab.
Sounds like my cup of autism, thanks anon
Did this update the engine enough that it didn't slow to a crawl mid and late game?
renaissance works, got it on sale and my protestant church/extortion racket/juggler's camp syndicate has been very enjoyable, highly recommend.
every time i play i feel like my character ends up as
>al swearengen, but a [farmer, preacher, inn keeper, logger, etc]
because i can't resist the shady, try to be somewhat out of sight extortion and murder stuff and running for office.

man i love the guild 2.

File: ck3.jpg (40 KB, 460x215)
40 KB
Anybody else wondering what this game can achieve? This could be one of those games that you could play forever if handled right. Post ideas for what kind of content should be added over the next few years.
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>In this game all you have to do is big number > small number and you conquer the world.
You just described every single Paradox game ever, all the way back to HoI1 (since EU1 and 2 at least allowed you to genuinely win with quality over quantity)
HoI4 doesn't have that problem.
CK3 and late CK2 is a case study on why reddit and youtube popularity ends up ruining good games. it's amazing, they leaned so hard into the LE FUNNY MEME EVENTS shit that it's become insufferable.
At least you have the option to turn it off in Ck2
AI being brain-dead isn't exactly an argument. The exact same forces you overcome under AI control, if commanded by a human would splattered you within days without any meaningful resistance from your side.

What am I in for?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I was ganna get on steam but many negative reviews on the ubisoft aspect
There is no ubigay involved for steam release. Maybe for online play, but playing anno MP is retarded anyway.
It's a great game if you like logistics and city-building with combat. I think 1800 and 1701 are better, but many love 1404 the most.
Even hotter

File: maxresdefault.jpg (325 KB, 1280x720)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
What RTS game is good for someone new to the genre? A lot of them feel incredibly daunting to get into to the point where you need to take a college class to learn. At least from an outsiders perspective. I want to get into the genre but I'm not sure where to start. Normally play Turn Based or Tower Defense but I'm trying to branch out. Only RTS I have experience with is Stellaris which is more 4X than anything but it was enjoyable.
Any recommendations?
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The apocalypse is a Mammoth Tank
The Allied harvester is just the Soviet harvester.
but the first one looks so ugly, no I'm not saying graphics are very important in a RTS, I'm just saying... units look (and move) kinda weird, it's tedious to look a tit
File: Zofia.jpg (46 KB, 800x600)
46 KB
Nah the Soviet waifu was easily better.
>>kirovs dropping bombs out ahead of themselves
oh what the fuck I never noticed
Soviet waifu has saggy tits. Allied waifu doesn't. I doublechecked. Hence Allied>Soviet.

File: DFwG-x9UIAAXKnr.jpg (118 KB, 1200x675)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Join Warden
>you made the right choice, Colonials are all furries!
Rejoin as Colonial
>kill warden
>"Please don't feminise me >w<"
Why is the playerbase so fucked? I can't even play Colonial without Wardens ruining it.
Also I heard trenches are going to be ruined next update by forcing players to use the new sandbag/barb resources no-one wants to use. aka trenches will be shit again.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
My monkey's paw will come true and they'll just reveal a two-person hard cart. Or horses out of left field.
>slide a thread
>for thread with preposterous bait claims
>for a game that doesnt belong on this board
>"nooooo, why wont anyone agree with me?!"
>"oh wait, just as planned as I dont play the game and just wanted to shit up the board"
I too wish I could be a 12yo shitposter again
Now we're talking
File: 1601295506771.jpg (61 KB, 494x496)
61 KB
Then join one that isn't like that?? tf People are just looking for a reason to be mad about something. t. Notoriously bigoted foxhole player
>Thousand player game
>Handful of clans to pick from
>All are the typical discord circlejerks forced edrama bullshit
It isn't like this is one of the big MMOs and I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to the guilds(or in this case clans)

File: Ostia-Toilets.jpg (543 KB, 1024x768)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
We all know RTW 1,2 and BI and Attila.
There is also Imperator by paradox.
You can also play as Rome in various civ-type games.
What are some lesser known titles that have Rome?
Mods also welcome!
I don't know any other games sadly
But for CK2 the mod:when the world stopped making sense is about the very late Roman empire and the fall of the west, you can play as western Rome in the start all the way to after Justinian
Invasio Barbarorum mods for R:TW
Alea Jacta Est has a DLC campaing about Septimius Severus. Maybe there are mods that cover the late era
Is it good though? I remember it being broken and lacking content, but that was a long time ago, haven't played since.
There is Praetorians. It has been long years since I played, so I can't see much about the gameplay, but I recall it got a HD remaster recently.

File: CoE.png (40 KB, 726x60)
40 KB
Does anyone play Conquest of Elysium? Trying out CoE5 and it's pretty fun for such a random game. Music is okay as well but kind of repetitive.

What's a good class to choose when just starting out with the game?
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File: Untitled.png (201 KB, 955x204)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
forgot image
It's random, I'm just saying be on the lookout for them for units you want to stack artifacts on.
Kobolds seem like the worst faction mid to late game. No good mages, no summons except for very meh dragons you can't control, just spam of weak troops that will gets easily wiped out be high armor units with any kind of cleave. Or mages with aoe spells.
I feel sorry for them. there was a kobold faction with a dragon that had a portable hole. After attacking their biggest army, they were suddenly dead. When I got to their base, there were some groups of horror mantises nearby and one of them had the portable hole. There were 4 in the group, though there might have been more before.

>Or mages with aoe spells.
What spells are good to use? Made the mistake of wiping my own army with blizzard, chain lightning hit two enemies, then went back through my own lines and killed the moon mage next to the sorceress who cast it, and anything with burst seems to intentionally use my front most units to trigger the initial hit. I usually only allow soul slay and only-affects-enemies type spells.

Is there a mod to give all mages death wish so they stop standing so damn far back? Even if I only have like 3 lines, the mage will ended up piled behind some 2 tile long creature and some bunched up forces and be like 7 tiles back.
File: Untitled.png (3.08 MB, 1497x1280)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
Fukken dorfs

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