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File: Imag10101001010.png (509 KB, 619x381)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
Is this game any good? I just want a comfy city builder
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It's very interesting and has a lot of potential. The devs just need encouragement to develop it beyond the lackluster kickstarter goals.
The game lets you become a parasite living off of the giant creature, which is something I can get behind. However, the world feels very lifeless outside of one giant monster and deadly mushrooms.
I actually quite like the game. Needs a bit more difficulty, seems too easy to win.
It's OK but you can finish it in like 2 hours and that's it. No real replay value. Also very easy.
Good game but there's not enough in it currently
File: thumb down rat.jpg (191 KB, 670x553)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>It's not their first game, but they still use early access - that's a red flag.
What the fuck does that mean? EA isn't supposed to be a way to get money faster during your first game dev but to get more feedback.

>There is no text-based sex simulator with state management mechanics
We literally live in the worst of the worlds
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Isn't that an issue with any porn game that crosses over with other genres?
Beyond some super expansive titles a lot of them keep repeating the same or very similar visuals or descriptions.
File: 1653026627912.jpg (36 KB, 640x517)
36 KB
Emuera emulates a nip DOS virtual machine to play the ancient nip game
True facts
So archaic. uh well, i'll figure it out
this, but god I wish I was

File: 1611921690225.gif (2.13 MB, 300x300)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB GIF
What is the Dark Souls of RTS games?
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>The Dark Souls of Genre games?
Clarify what you mean by that or begone, journalist.
Dark Reign
DOTA obviously, an overrated game that is a shitty product compared to the actual genre (strategy)

Dark Souls is a shitty action game and a shitty RPG game
Clunky overrated trash? Starcraft 2.
Original War, at least 50% into American Campaign, and 25% Russian

Is Total Annihilation really that good?
What version should I get, steam or gog?
http://urc.tauniverse.com/tasc.htm Is it accurate?
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Total Annihilation has some interesting mods for it. The reason to play it though is mostly for its scale and to see what large scale battles boil down to.
>before the Targeting Facility was added, units could automatically attack radar contacts though the fog of war
What? I played the game in different versions and your units never fired at anything in the fog of war, you had to order them yourself. You sure you didn't play with >>1198134
a mod or something?
You always had to manually target with the automap before the CC expansion that added the targetting facility.
File: Total Annihilation.webm (1.81 MB, 1280x720)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB WEBM
>with better graphics.
The biggest problem for me is the UI of TA, to limited and SupCom has spoiled me with strategic zoom.
I still hate BAR unit redesign tho.

File: warno.jpg (878 KB, 1920x1080)
878 KB
878 KB JPG
As an wargame fan, unfortunately I'll give this a negative review for now, purely on the fact that the tactical gameplay has devolved in comparison to wargame. Warno has shifted the momentum to the strategic layer

In wargame, the rock paper scissor gameplay was great and rewarding if done right. This is still the case for Warno but the tempo has been slowed and is more forgiving, meaning you can use terrible matchups and get away with it. Therefore it turns into an APM game, rather than a measure of tactics.

Due to the shift from the tactical to more of the strategic layer, the matches turn into mass wave attacks rather than any sort of measure of the tactical ability of the player.

My perfect tactics from Wargame doesn't work in Warno, because of the devs who lack enough military experience

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Congrats, you're now almost exclusively playing against two (one red, one blue) division decks which are the most meta in current patch. There's a fucking reason why division ratings exist and why armored visions are almost all A-rated. Best tanks, good infantry, good support.
I mean holy shit, not only does the 3rd have exceptional tanks, they have good infantry that can either be low cost trucked in or brought in with a fucking Bradley, great mortars, good artillery, great MLRS, amazing recon and like strongest heli game out there. The only area they're lacking in is anti-air, but they also get the AMRAAM unicorn F-15, good bombers, good ATGM truck and decent SEAD. Why the fuck would you play something like TerrKom Sud?
Same for Red with 79th, best tanks, great infantry on cheap fast transports or BMP-2s, decent artillery, decent recon, great AA, OK helis, and good air. The only thing they really lack is mobile mortars but that's a problem REDFOR tends to have in general, even back in Wargame Poland's lack of mortars was the only thing really preventing it from being used as standalone nation. The fuck does K.d.A have that 79th doesn't, militia spam? T-34/85s? It'd be like bringing in a North Korea meme deck capped at 1980 in Red Dragon.
I'd prefer if I could just make the decks I want without the devs telling me which decks are for serious use and which are for fucking around and restricting me from picking more interesting gear to fuck around with.
i bought warno

where can i find good deck ideas?

or at least an overview of what units are good?
Just pick a division and make a battlegroup. Play skirmish against the AI and see what you like. IMO the strongest divisions right now are these...

US 3rd Armored
US 82nd Airborne
West Germany 5th Panzer

Soviet 79th Armored
Soviet 39th Mechanized
I was talking about SD2, I haven't played warno. The divisions are fairly well balanced in SD though aside from a few meme reserve divisions.
theres no point of playing wargame. its full troon discord clans.

File: civ6.jpg (1.31 MB, 2048x2048)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
This is the first time I played this since release because it just didnt attract my attention at all.
My current impression after two days:
>game is extremely slow but fast at the same time, opportunity costs in this game are ridiculously high
>lots of features that want to expand on past titles, but end up feeling like bloat e.g. these three different missionary types or amenity
>the world congress is worse than in civ5 with this diplo favor shit and how unpredictable the vote is, the yes/no in civ5 was a lot more manageable and less random in what the consequences would be
>build charges are interesting but I dont see the advantage other than having to build workers throughout the game instead of a few times in early game
>roads being built by trade routes is also retarded although having to upgrade them is interesting, they should have just stuck to normal builders making them
>map graphics are hard to read, they just dont give you the info you need at a glance and it becomes tiring to look at the game after a while
>also despite muh style its aging just like the rest
>leader screens are also lazy with the .svg backgrounds
>policy cards are a stupid gimmick and Civ4s civics were better because they did the same thing without the bloat of having dozens of yugioh cards to assign
>warfare is a lot better than fucking Civ5 because cities arent op anymore, but I still prefer Civ4s stacking (seethe zoomers)
>governors are also stupid bloat that bombard you with pointless min-max information
>the launcher is apparently spyware
>having a tech and a civic tree is interesting but to me its just more bloat forcing you to absorb more info instead of having everything laid out to you in a convenient tree

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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yeah civ 5 cities. really weird how a city without a garrison can magically kill half a dozen melee units and only ranged units can damage them, really made melee unit useless as shit.
Dark Ages are stupidly easy to avoid.
sure is if you memorize all the shit that give points, like settling a desert even if it's not an ideal location or building an airplane you don't intend to use.
Why aren't you going to use the aeroplane?
>People actually struggle to stay out of a dark age
I'm usually generating so many points I'm holding off on doing shit so I'm not working too hard in the next age, the fuck you people doing?

File: 1662560352502231.jpg (764 KB, 1920x1080)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
nu total war will NEVER have a map this big
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It's a great map and is large, but it's not crazy or anything, you'll conquer a quarter of it pretty quickly in about 100 - 150 turns.
>pretty quickly
>100-150 turns

Why didn't Cossacks series take off the similar way AoE did?
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Surprisingly balance in a multiplayer game isn't a meme.
Problem is that game was less tjen sum of its parts, economy was not really tight as in games like red alert or warcraft and numbers too arbitrary, while formations were too unwieldly to be used so it just ended being blob vs blob, also campaign was not hard because of challange it was just very tedious
I've played only the Cossacks 3
The game is fun, and I like the time period. The thing that I don't like is that deploying troops with actual tactics is not worth it. Blobing is the only way to go, so fights end up looking like blobs vs blobs, instead of line wars.
>Here is the list of reasons I've just made up on the spot
I sincerely suggest playing American Conquest. You will be for a pleasant surprise.

File: shitty civic.png (8 KB, 244x244)
8 KB
How do I keep up with the AI?
>build cottage economy
>>can't hammer out units fast enough
>build hammers
>>economy goes to shit
>>can't support tech
>>can't support army
>plains/tundra everywhere
>not a single floodplain
>>might as well give up now
I try to use the power graph to see where I should be at to prevent war dec's but the AI is always ramping harder than me, keeping tech parity and can afford to upgrade all their units a few turns after hitting a tech like cuirassiers.
65 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
The AI never cheats apart from the flat bonuses awarded to them based on your chosen difficulty level. They must have traded for the last tech(s) they needed for riflemen.
>I assume this threshold is impossibly high for some leaders then.
iirc none will declare at friendly, but a bunch will at pleased
sounds like the mao had gunpowder already but hadn't bothered building any musketeers, just went paper -> p press -> rep parts -> rifling. are you sure he didn't have any xbows? they're his UU so they're called cho-ko-nu instead

personally i prefer the steel beeline, knights and cannon beat rifles on the attack
Icon for the renaissance era nationalism technology in Civ 4. Chosen because the devs are American and don't think the French tricolour, or a collection of (prominent post-Napoleonic) European flags, or fasces, would make more sense than a Chinese puppet.
Pretty sure Catherine will declare war at friendly, she’s one of the few "backstabber AI".

File: Untitled.jpg (1.19 MB, 2530x1374)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Stupid sexy snakes
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luna smells
Werewolves are cool though
Do merchants and peddlers have any function besides unflagging towns and providing you with loot when you kill them?
pretty sure they're just walking loot boxes yeah
Can randomly turn a village into a market one if you are lucky.

File: hqdefault (2).jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
Previous thread died sooner than expected
Have you given the game a try anons?
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It's very funny that transcendence ends up BTFO'ing Yang's entire ideology.
She fucked the only beta spartan in the books, so you'd probably have a chance. He even impregnated her iirc
File: notredame.jpg (1.8 MB, 2400x1600)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
DISSent amirite
How do i see diplomatic relationship between factions except by probing them? Even if i probe them I'm only able to see the info until I close the window.

File: aiaiai.png (2.87 MB, 1920x1080)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
A modern game development team once again swears they will fix everything about their strategy game's AI and make it amazing.


Go give them your support lads. Surely they will succeed THIS time.
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cultural meltings pots take centuries
>Franks ruled over Romano-Gauls, since the 6th century, but during the lifetime of Charlemagne in the late 8th century did the ruling Franks and Gallo-Romans start to blend
The hybridization should take at least 200 years
File: culturalshift.png (935 KB, 748x758)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
>ck3 cultures dont shi-....
Those are all hybrid cultures.
Hybrids are the only kind of cultures that actually use the promote culture task, and only in the provinces of their parent cultures.
I suppose I'd agree but I don't think either of them are really satisfying
>cultural meltings pots take centuries
>>Franks ruled over Romano-Gauls, since the 6th century, but during the lifetime of Charlemagne in the late 8th century did the ruling Franks and Gallo-Romans start to blend
>The hybridization should take at least 200 years
Even since playing with first CK I've thought that cultural melding like in Norman England should happen in stages, like the new Norman ruling class would shift to Anglo-Norman relatively quickly but this would be a ruling culture that provinces wouldn't flip to, and the English should remain Anglo Saxon longer. You could even make a case that the two shouldn't converge until the 100 years war at the end of the game and perhaps an event like that should be required for a ruling culture and conquered culture to truly hybridize. This would cover these Anglo-Normans moving into other areas of the British isles and becoming Cambro/Scoto/Hiberno-Normans.
In the case of the franks I imagine it would be something like the Franks in the 6th century becoming a romanised Frankish culture from ruling Romano-Gaulic provinces, and then the two hybridizing into French in the 8th century

File: graviteamTactics.jpg (118 KB, 1139x691)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>coming to you straight from the warzone!
>best tactical simulation on the market
>realism through the roof and then some
>Bird Grove DLC just dropped like a HIMARS missile on a vatnik's dacha
>large battles with tons of grunts, tanks and arty
>watch them T-34s roll across the trenches as Hans shits himself from Panzerschreck
>buy it now, play it now, KINO is back on offensive
>Pervitin pills sold separately
>ask you doctor or pharmacist for more information
Now that I'm done shilling, lets have a Graviteam thread.
47 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anon, saying it was a shit game after playing it 1 hour was obviously tongue in cheek
I did in fact play it
I think its the angle
Oh that makes sense
It's not just used for tanks, some units have radios, though not common in WWII scenarios, every squad has a radio in the Angolan campaigns for example. Normally either telephone lines are laid, though they get broken if the squads move, or a runner is sent to deliver orders. Radios help your order to get executed faster.
>I did in fact play it
Why insist on the tank focus then? Most campaigns have little to no tank combat, unless you're doing more modern scenarios and even then sabot ammo does shit all and the accuracy of the crews is laughable more often than not. If anything, this game is made by arty-wankers with insane hoops the player has to jump through in order to make good strike happen with meticulous placement of spotters and long preparation time and then on-map mortars and howitzers just lay waste to anything a random oficer sees within a few seconds with insane precision.
>Why insist on the tank focus then?
That wasn't me, is it really that hard to remember that the other guy responded to me?

I've never heard of this game before and only noticed it now when it's on sale. Has anyone tried it before and is it any good?
I picked it up when it released, it's ok. You play as a merchant caravan thing and travel a destroyed world trying to stay in business by trading goods between settlements.

The game is not particularly forgiving and early on is a struggle while you figure out where goods are in demand and where they're in supply. Your caravan needs to be balanced to have enough forces to protect it, while not so many that you're unable to feed everyone and still turn a profit. I recommend using a small caravan early on while you're exploring the routes between settlements to figure out a decent trade route, then growing the size of your caravan to hold more goods once you have an idea of what to move where.

If you focus solely on turning a profit, you'll probably have a slightly easier time staying afloat, but the world has a lot of events and stories going on like an RPG. Many are time limited and you won't be able to put some off until you're in a better position to do them. Each playthrough, you'll probably do a few here and there which can give unique rewards and background lore on the world. I sort of played the game wrong in a way on my first run, where I pretty much ran a circuit between several settlements and made a ton of cash while ignoring everything else, so I was blind to the changes in the world until it resulted in my caravan getting murdered. The settlements were usually unique and interesting compared to standard fantasy fare, but if you're not a lore buff the game loses a huge amount of its appeal.

The ultimate goal is to fulfill an ambition you select at the start of the game, be it acquire wealth, build your own settlement, or something else. The faster you do it, the easier it is to avoid the increasing difficulty of the game as it progresses, so there's an incentive to rapid progression as well as taking your time.

File: file.png (873 KB, 1100x486)
873 KB
873 KB PNG
Anyone else play this? I just started but it seems cool so far. The 2D graphics are comfy and there's a bunch of autistic detail given to the units.
The UI is less arcane than most other wargames but that's a pretty low bar given how fucked they usually are. Also controlling mechanized infantry is a nightmare (something they are supposedly working on improving for the sequel).
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Oh, it was free? I had no idea.
>Didn't even know there was a sequel in the works.
I presume it's a sequel, I saw the developer posting about how they're completely reworking the engine and I can't imagine that would be a free update
I never felt like I could actually command units what I wanted them to do. So I never got into it.

If I'm trying to flank the enemy and get a firing position on a ridge. Either half the units sit behind it and do nothing. Or I have to charge right across the hill into the open.
Yeah I'm having similar troubles. One thing I've found that helps is setting the waypoint visibility option to "all", so when you order a formation it'll immediately show you the waypoints for each individual unit within it.
Helps judge where they'll go and makes choosing formation easier, though it's not perfect.
I think sometimes you just have to eat the command delay when you want units in particular positions.
The defend order is also kind of odd, if I understand it correctly it makes a unit face the direction and attempt to take cover in an area that has line of sight on wherever you designate.
I think if you set that order on the other side of the ridge they would take up the best defensive cover that could still see over the ridge but I'm not sure. For whatever reason I often end up with units in undesirable positions when using it. Not really sure what the best way of using this order is.
To me the biggest flaw of this game is the delayed orders mechanic. It works great in something like Flashpoint Campaigns where it's all hex-based and abstracted. In Armored Brigade, line of sight and terrain play a huge role, but the AI is just not good enough to place individual units to take advantage of the terrain, so you're forced to micromanage, because tank crews given a defend order take stupid exposed positions and correcting their stupidity takes time, and they will most likely suffer losses before executing orders. It's most evident when trying to enter towns, tanks and APCs just can't coordinate with infantry or act with caution, so you have to micro every single unit and delayed orders get in the way.
>Not really sure what the best way of using this order is
The order doesn't work as you'd expect it to, that's it. All it does is just tell units to hold in place and shoot enemies that advance at them. The AI just isn't capable of using actual tactics to defend a location. The game has a good idea on the mechanics and interface with a good chunk of realism, but individual units' AI just isn't up to the task.
It would be nice if making small adjustments were free of delay or a grace period or something. I get the idea behind it but it's annoying when it feels like a lot of the time the units are just getting chewed up because they didn't choose what seems to be the obvious defensive position.

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