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File: tf2.jpg (826 KB, 2560x1440)
826 KB
826 KB JPG
Is it good? I saw that it has recently received some update and went on sale.
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meant to reply to this
Well of course it had to be germans doing something like that, question is, how functional is it if not plainly aesthetic?
I don't even see those customization options for stations anymore in TpF2, what happened to those?

While on another topic, something that really gets me from playing simutrans again (and most transport managers for that matter), is getting the right to play in, like something that allows for sensible transport, like rivers that connect, industry that makes sense and all that crap, which in turn is pretty hard to get right in randomly generated maps like most of these games do, even in simutrans, going on earlier dates seems to limit quite a lot the sort of industries you can get
Like this is a nice map, pretty big a crazy extensive lots of towns
the resources are bit too close times like these, and also the sloping terrain is a bit terror inducing even within a town
This one though is really right up my alley, its big but not too full of crap that it makes building a network like a paved nightmare
You can only get resource on certain place, so a logistics distribution is almost certain,
and there just isn't that much crap around that you're gonna go crazy with a mega forever game
Absolutely hate these little quirks with trajectory though, they added that you select multiple platforms but still they don't get distribute evenly, and the fact that you can't tell a exact destination for the vehicle is really annoying

When are we getting a Total War set in this part of the world?
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>When a shounen author does meth
This is a concept meant for a far cooler different series entirely and not to be limited by Total War
Like what? I don't think a series like that exists unless you mean some kind of Dynasty Warriors on steroids.
File: 130023113298.jpg (43 KB, 357x330)
43 KB
I would to see a Asia during the Mongol invasions.

File: 84764986598.jpg (370 KB, 960x540)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Its the story really THAT bad as most people say in the internet?
I decided to replay the original SC and finally finish BW, and its really good, despite some outdated mechanics/UI. I keep playing because the story and the atmosphere really carries the game foward, but i dont want to finish BW and then end in a cliffhanger.
I heard that SC II gameplay and design is 10/10 but the story is pants of head retarded.
what do i do?
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I'll give you Zagara and Abathur, Izsha was blander than an adjudant, Dehaka was bad, Zuravan and the other primals were bad, Stukov was tolerable but not really necessary. I actually enjoyed Matt and Mira in "With friends like these" even if the mission was boring.
I haven't seen many people who genuinely dislike SC1's story.
SC2 is okay until HotS because. Well. Kerrigan.
yes it's straight up shit.
Yeah the BW campaign is a little overrated, but SC2 is so bad it makes the new Star Wars or the Hobbit series look like decent continuations. Wings of Liberty was hella fun in terms of gameplay though
>I'm going to kill you, you evil bitch
>I'm going to save you because I'm in love with you for some reason
Nah man, it's like they didn't even play the original games
File: 1598148899955.jpg (3.68 MB, 1533x2156)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
WoL is solid and worthwhile, HotS is mediocre, LotV and epilogue are unpleasant. See:
>WoL is mostly alright except for Zeratul and the Raynor/Kerrigan relationship. HotS is dumb, especially on Zerus,and the characters aren't great, but has good moments (the Char arc really).
>The story has a nu-Star Wars trilogy feel to it, in that it's very obvious that the writers were coming up with the plot points on the fly and had no plan where the story is supposed to go and keep changing their mind every 5 minutes.
So it feel less like a coherent story and more like a random string of events that just happen with no rhyme or reason.
>SC2 story is way worse than BW, and for each expansion its quality seems to fall off a cliff.
>Then theres the three epilogue missions, which are a big fat steaming pile of shit storywise

>every clan playable
>3k diplomacy
>more provinces and more clans
>each unit has its own mon like in shogun 1
>each clan has a unique unit roster
>armies are larger and have more units
>bigger and more battlefields
>huge castles based on real life
>siege weapons
>actual good naval gameplay
>imjin war expansion
>mongol invasion expansion
>multiple start dates (e.g onin war, sekigahara, nagashino)
>machine learning ai
>hokkaido and okinawa

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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For me it's:
>actually go back to trying to simulate instead of abstract/smoke and mirrors
>go all in on the fact that medieval battles wouldn't really be all that fast paced or exciting or chaotic because how tf do you C2 an army that isn't very well disciplined and slow moving?
>no more dlc ever
this will never happen in my lifetime
Japan is boring setting
>no more dlc ever
My fucking sides
Unless this whole industry literally goes under and stays dead for at least a decade, this will never happen. Not just to TW, I'm talking all vidya.
I had these ideas for a Shogun 3 game let me know if you find them interesting
>generals have retinues like the Three Kingdoms game
>in these retinues you have customisable soldiers but only samurai, and only five or so small but very elite units
>they gain experience over time making the chevrons more worthwhile, a high level samurai unit would heem a low level
>you can change their loadouts, armour, mounts, weapony
>naginata spears, bows, no dachi, etc
>specific clans have bonuses traits, Takeda are better riders for instance, oda have guns, etc, some fight to the death and never route, some get bonuses during ambushes and so on
>the samurai are bound to their general as retainers
>except the faction leader can demand a samurai unit join his retinue, but only the faction leader, this might come at a loss of loyalty depending on the general's personality
>ashigaru however are unbound and can be moved freely between generals, and they are cheap, numerous but very weak

The idea is to make the samurai very unique and the focal point of the army with the ashigaru being complimentary to the elite force. since the clans will mostly have the same units, I think this creates a possibility of uniqueness in each run through

what do you guys think?
How to make a Shogun TW actually interesting:
>make the map include much of east and SE Asia so that there's some unit variety and greater strategic objectives
damn... I solved it

File: LOGH.jpg (83 KB, 780x470)
83 KB
Why are there no cool space games out there? Galactic Civ is, well, Civ but in Space but meh; Stellaris is a meme; Endless Space is too arcade all about that meta (still broken tho); home world is an rts; distant worlds is not fun, and not grand; empire at war is too old and mods are very janky; sins of solar empire is cool but stellaris in not meme but kinda small, and also very RTS-like.

Most space games try to be star trek but with star wars aesthetics (stellaris), but fail at both. This ends up in either meta fagging or literal RP sims that run like sheit. Is it too much to ask a realistic fermi paradox scenario where humans ventured out from Earth to colonize the galaxy and splintered. Something like Dune, like LoGH, like Star Sector but GS, like Warhammer pre Golden Age and pre GC. The galaxy isn't fully accessible, things are fuzzy, still people go to war because space is cool.
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I think rebbelions would be awesome, that is one thing the game is missing, they do happen. but not as frequently as i would like. usually it happens due to severe mismanagement
>i like to think about my planets like a resouce storage space in the economy
I'm sure that's a valid playstyle, but it's not quite realistic. It reduces the autonomy of the population. "Buildings" is supposed to mean any kind of construction you build, it's like item in being a term coined by older games. for buildings that's mostly RTS games. So a building could be just focusing a planet on supporting orbital shipyards, building armies, and having some kind of infrastructure, logistics and layout you can modify about the planet that makes it more than just 21 bil pops paying x tax, growing with x rate etc.
Stellaris though, as do all PDX games, suffer from the issue where micro stuff like a church suddenly affects the whole province, which they put into stellaris with the pops system (which was even worse with tiles before that).
Though we really don't have a clue how a unified planet would affects economics, if you could have one major embassy complex for your empire, one extensive forging district 40K style.
Yeah playing Stellaris without AI would be kind of enjoyable that way, when you could expect before a certain FTL speed that your furthest colonies get uppity and maybe capture a fleet and just flee LOGH style to somewhere else entirely.
If that was a mod though you'd need some serious revamps to tech and progression, or just add a crisis.
>but it's not quite realistic.
it's not so much a playstyle but a gameplay design thing. elliot and eric wanted a lot of the building stuff to be abstracted, also stuff like government and politics. don't ask me why, but they aren't that interested in it gameplay wise. it's like i said theory of the mind stuff. I don't mind it really. I still preffer resource nodes to buildings. anyway dw2 has more buildings if that is what you are into.
File: header.jpg (24 KB, 460x215)
24 KB
it's a little bit strategy. you could probably 3-star all the missions with just a fighter but I like to go into the map mode and give orders. it's so good in VR.

Flotilla (picrel) was also really good, but it's not for everyone. it's a turn based tactics game with a very mild roguelite progression, including fleet building. I generally recommend it on sale. I have fond memories of it.

File: football manager.png (965 KB, 1034x600)
965 KB
965 KB PNG
Who's your team?
Who's your favourite player?
What shrew signings have you made?
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Well lads,

This is a hard one to take. Every Babby thus far we have been a hair's breadth away and despite the odds being in our favour...it just wasn't to be.

We congratulate /gd/ and /c/ for getting through. The War Room is going silent for the next while but we will have an export submitted for Akkoleague.

I want to personally thank all the lads who have helped the team thus far and continue to support the team.

We will return and we will earn our spot amongst the greatest, but for now we must wait.

Take care for now lads.
Good showing manager, it’s a hard pill to swallow with how it ended though
The game keeps getting more dense and busywork heavy. I'm not sure if it is a good thing. I really enjoyed FM up to about FM19 I think and it started getting bloated.

Am I just getting filtered?
The virtue of any great strategist is persistence. With that, we march on to a glorious future.
Well fuck

File: 6484.png (172 KB, 441x179)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
I've been looking for it but fuckers took everything down
Leak footage? Just play the leak
can't figure it out, the community patch or whatever it was, was deleted, so I could not download it and the thing don't work
Some faggot from /vst/ livestreamed it the day it leaked
Thank you dog
Theres lots of footage on bilibili if you dont mind chinese

File: McKinley 1896 1.png (708 KB, 1366x768)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
It's been a while so let's fix that. https://newcampaigntrail.github.io/newcampaigntrail/www.americanhistoryusa.com/campaign-trail/index.html
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Usually I'm against the /v/ habit of calling damn near every comedy game as 'Reddit;' but this is completely Reddit.
Especially the other bonus end screens, which basically all copy this and have like every president swearing because "lol so funny"
File: TexasWins.png (102 KB, 968x538)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
I did it, America, I saved the '70s!
Gerald Ford 1976 is my fav campagin since you have a chance to come back. My best included Ohio and Pensylvannia
How did you get Hawaii?
how the fuck do I win as goldwater

File: libra3.jpg (608 KB, 1715x2070)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
play mental omega
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brainlet can't handle anything more than "spam rhino"
Let me guess. You stopped playing C&C after RA2.
>B-But muh tank blob

>culture head mechanic means you actually want as small of a culture possible, spreading it only hurts you
>religion mechanics means you want as small of a religion as possible because sprawling religions lose fervour, you never want to spread it unless in your own land
>vassals barely contribute any money and their levy is mediocre at best so they're not worth the trouble and resource to keep them in line, you actually just want to sit on 1-2 duchies and pump money into them, nothing else

How did they fuck up this badly?
How did they manage to make crusading and running a kingdom always a net detriment in CRUSADER KINGS?!
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it turns out that just directly punishing any form of expansion with mechanics isn't how you deal with blobbing, it just creates a backwards system where winning is actually bad.
OK smart guy so how DO you deal with blobbing then?
>cultures with fewer people in them are always better at technology because uhhhh more cohesive or something?

yes this is why Polynesian tribes have historically outdone China when it comes to siedge weapons, good thinking.
>Why should spreading your culture somewhere out there be pragmatically beneficial for a medieval kingdom?
The argument wasn't that it should be beneficial, just that it SHOULDN'T be DETRIMENTAL.
>Hell, there was no actual mechanical benefit to it in CK2 either.
Lower revolt risk. Higher chances for some council actions (gathering raiders i think) and probably a better event pool or something.
This is all in your own domain, but if you spread it to somewhere else they will almost certainly have a noble of that culture there and that's a relations bonus there (or lack of malus I guess) and also higher chance of diplomatic vassalisation. If its a vassal then you also care about the revolt risk.
>and going anywhere bigger than a (small) kingdom was heavily penalised.
Such as?
biggest penalty i can think of is - 20 opinion for holding 2 or more kingdom titles and it only applies to vassals in that second kingdom. Hardly a big deal.

File: 2012-05-03_00005.jpg (447 KB, 1920x731)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
We really need a European version of this kind of experience.
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when? Neither Peter the Great's reforms nor 19th/20th century revolutions apply to that
>Also next game should be shit nobody cares about
Because it was actually centralized by the time of Ivan III?
>CA will never do historical TW again.
They just did Three Kingdoms which literally marketed itself highly on the fact it takes its research fairly seriously. And the only obvious bullshit thing in it were the 1-person generals you could just turn off.
Compare that with Fall of the Samurai. Which deals with a non-existent war fought with tons of equipment from all over the world that never made it into Japan before the coup was over (shocking, I know, but a few month coup with 12k casualties (not dead, casualties!) total don't give you much time to go full total war industry output) and contains a fairytale idea of actual spearmen, swordsmen and bowmen going up against the modernised army on the other side. Which is a Hollywood fantasy, both sides used normal line infantry. Except unlike in 3K, you can't "turn off" the traditional armies for a proper historical experience.
So... yeah. Make of that what you will.
total30yw when

Let's share your thoughts about this flc and the future of this franchise
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>the game functions badly when pirated
it runs better without the drm. what on earth are you smoking.
some things in the game cannot be placed if i recall correctly, mostly stuff in the "ubisoft club" tag
tho i could be confusing it with anno 2070 and how cracking that made you unable to use trade routes
also this, there is 2 more seasons that you can't get if you crack the game
Ubisoft club decor is usable, you just need to replace an .ini or some other shitty file to unlock it.
You do actually save a ton of space with the Hacienda, not because of the quarters, but because the farms require way less farmland than the regular non-hacienda farms do.

What am I in for, boys? Just started playing the tutorial.
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I got this game in a bundle, is it any good?
it's kind of a step sideways. GalCiv2 is better executed, at least GalCiv3 is trying out new things even if it doesn't come across as well.
3's engine is quite impressive
yeah tech trading breaks the game
StarRuler2, though your design doesn't effect the ship's visuals, you can do a lot with its abilities, function in the fleet and cost
It really was.
File: shrug.jpg (9 KB, 254x198)
9 KB
Play it and you will find out
This. Just play gc2

File: FR_NCE..jpg (65 KB, 438x767)
65 KB
>"X Faction doesn't go for the X unit enough! They need more bonuses for it!"
>"Y Faction's Y unit isn't Y enough! Give it more Y!"
>"Having supporting units is nice, but..."
These are the fags developers are taking advice from.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Never played it
lmao. Opinion discarded.
Listening to "pro players" killed a few games. CoH 2 and 3 being the most notable examples. 2 was lobotomized and now the campaign is completely fucked and 3 is dead in the cradle, looking more like a MOBA than a real RTS.
I never played COH2. How so?
bruh coh3 isnt out yet and the alpha was anything but a moba
Yeah like I said I lost interest when it became apparent that it would be shit. Sorry you spent $80 on that

strategy / RPGs where I can play dress up with military dudes?
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Commandos games to some extent depending on what uniforms you steal.
Silent Storm 1 was so based
I was absolutely miffed at how they butchered SS Sentinels
ended up playing this, actually pretty fun not sure why i could never get into it before
>everything else looks good
>game has cards
every fucking time
>Silent Storm < Hammer & Sickle
Both games were broken mechanically and carried by the destruction engine.

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