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File: ghj.jpg (639 KB, 1920x1080)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
city builder game recomendations and discussion, keep it ancient/medieval/fantasy if you can.
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That sounds just like what a sole developer with a bit of bussiness sense would do.
Like I have no illusions about the likelyhood of him ever finishing the game but I don't think it's outright scam. Call me a sucker but the demos look very impressive.
They were produced to get those EU grants on a "fledging IT business". Back in the uni years, the guy who makes it was infamous for sucking from every single imaginable social program there was to suck off, including deliberately fluking a year just to keep getting social benefits for a year longer.
It's just smoke and mirrors to milk money.
Dorf Romantik is a puzzle game that looks like a village builder. Very comfy game and I would recommend it but not if you are looking for city builders.

It's not done yet but a creative mode is coming. I assume it wont be a game mode but just have you build a village landscape as you want to.
Unfinished. Doesn't know if it's a puzzle game or a city builder. Too easy.
>Dyson Sphere Program
Prepare to sign away hundreds of hours of your life. When people say it's better than Factorio they're not kidding.

File: BestFranchise.png (1.2 MB, 741x705)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Have you played the best games in the franchise? See pic
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How dare you remind me that a third Seven Kingdom game exists, faggot
I'm playing SC1 campaign right now. My plan is once I beat it to play the SC3 campaign. Pretty hype to see what the game is like.
File: 1136.full.jpg (123 KB, 710x533)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
missing HoMM4 and Civ6

File: mmmcheese.png (322 KB, 337x397)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
crusader skirmish trail edition

what was the hardest mission for you?
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both, but first sh1
both are cool, but SH1 is where people stayed.
Knights of Honor. Lords of the Realm 2, or Stronghold?
>You now realize that Stronghold and Crusader have better animations and generally look nicer than AoE 4.

>You now realize that Stronghold and Crusader have better animations and generally look nicer than every sequel

File: untitled.png (123 KB, 200x258)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
There was that one, fun, long thread about OW, it lasted for more than a month, but I guess it got buried under hoi4 shitposts.
Next patch is going to add 2 (or even 3) new maps to its multiplayer pool, I'm looking forward to see you guys there.
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File: 1586385263268.jpg (70 KB, 1077x1053)
70 KB
why is every single MP player maining Americans
>lasers in early game - a perfect counter for vehicles
>snipers - a perfect counter for manually-controlled vehicles and infantry
>the best rush setup
>the best tank comp - you either have Morphling chassis which somehow is faster than medium and later on light wheeled chassis, can utilize tracks and can run syberite engines + IT FUCKING FITS HEAVY WEAPONS... Or heavy tracked chassis, which is maybe 5 or 10 units weaker armor-wise than russian heavy tracked one [the toughest], but is faster by 4 units
>access to all kinds of energy
>access to all kinds of basic weapons
>access to all kinds of vehicle control
>materialization detection
>partial invisibility
where's the fun in that? Where's fun in having no weaknesses? Their only weakness would be how they aren't resistant to russian timelapsers.
File: Cass the Powergamer.jpg (58 KB, 1280x720)
58 KB
Because grand majority of MP players are Poles. This means you are dealing with people that consider power-gaming a sort of national hobby. It's entire country of pic related when it comes to both playstyle and approach to game in general. Not just OW or vidya, but any strategy or semi-strategy game in general. The goal is to break it and make it your bitch. Multiplayer? Whoever doesn't try to break it is a pussy and should be on the bottom of the feeding chain.
i-i just want to try some cool strats, not get obliterated by 6 different approaches of superior vehicle army
If you think OW is bad, you should see even the least professional and most bottom-tier HoMM3 tourneys. It's basically people pilling up all the non-banned exploits against each other. Which ironically reduces the game from being skill-based to luck-based, as everyone is using the same strategies and same approaches and same counters, so it's all decided by map-gen RNG.
What did you expect?
The game does not have all campaigns, so its reasonable that the game was not ready or competitive MP.
I really should be modded to serve that purpouse.
I would start with smoke carnisters, and smoke blocking sight an making lasers useless.

File: redalert2main.gif (3 MB, 328x292)
3 MB
Red Alert 2 Remaster or Remake? Where's the news, Jim?
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Oh shi-
File: 1463066-663291019.jpg (60 KB, 670x400)
60 KB
He was so good... it's not fair bros
>set resolution to 1920x1080 or if you want to actually see things, 1600x900

Damn bro that was hard.
Oh shit you're right, that will revive the game for sure. I must let everybody on XWIS and CnCNet know!!
No comrade premier, it has only begun.

File: WiC.jpg (404 KB, 1280x819)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
>There will never be another RTS with this amount of SOVL ever made again
Fucking hurts bros...I don't even think you can play MP with the boys anymore.
I'd fondle some balls for a WiC 2 but I know for a fact they'd fuck it up somehow.
Also Malashenko died like a bitch off screen lol
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It has nothing to do with copyrights.
What does SOVL stand for?
>T-72 is completely absent
and that's the only piece of military equipment abscence of which upsets you?
because it has nothing to do with "copyrights"
there are hundreds of games using all sorts of real vehicles, because imposing such laws all over the world is impossible
the matter of fact is that Sierra is not made up of ex-military/military enthusiasts, so they looked through wiki, took three tanks for each faction and put them there
nu-/v/ slang for "I like this"
>running around with spetsnaz squads taking out AA with this song playing
>followed by Malashenkos speech
most kino mission in rts history
>Wife and daughter killed in a NATO raid
>Has literally nothing else to live for so he just dedicated his life to the Soviet Union
>Led him and his men to certain death in Seattle
Malashenko is one tragic SOB.

File: 1612734304179.png (631 KB, 514x720)
631 KB
631 KB PNG
Last thread: >>293550
Does anyone still play multiplayer?
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File: craver fuck.png (1.22 MB, 539x594)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
What the hell do I do as UC on the first 30 turns besides explore everything?
What's the first techs? Do I pump food?
I want to like them but I cannot into tall
Make as many sanctuaries from hacking, forgot how but make sleepers then turn them into shadow pops for your hidden base.
I always love seeing Cravers in non-Craver situations. The way the faction plays implies they're collectively chimping out at all times but then you see artwork where a craver diplomat is standing at a meeting, or bumping fists with a sophon, and you have to wonder what the non-factionized Cravers get up to as an average citizen of an average world.
Eating and under the brow rudeness

File: maxresdefault[4].jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
damn this triggered AOE III basedboys hard, check out the forums. I'm going to fire up AOE III and exclusively play USA
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It's much longer than any other challenge they've done, probably because completing it nets you the DLC for free.
File: lies.png (157 KB, 413x865)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
It also lies.
Complete it all asap before they patch it or some shit.
File: end.png (1.39 MB, 1523x881)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Well it finally stopped me.
Or just buy the DLC. Let's say it takes you on average 5 minutes to complete one challenge, that's 250 minutes or 4.17 hours of doing this not because it's fun, not because you want to, but for a DLC that costs 5 dollars. So unless you make less than $1.2 per hour it's better to just buy it.
>minimum of 17 days to unlock USA for free
>each challenge is braindead easy and boring
>'rewards' for completing the challenges are more boring profile pics

Might just bite the bullet and become a paypig

To anons who gave in, how is the US to play?

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i loved cw3 but cw4 is a little pricey right now for what appears to be basically the same game just in 3d. i'll get around to it eventually
It's more of the same
Nothing wrong if you like it, I guess
I hate the new eggs or whatever they are. Either they congregate on a single point and it takes you an hour to clear them out, or they fly towards your base at warp speed so fast that your sniper detonate them almost right in front of them, so you have to have a ton of cannons to clear it out before it nukes something.

On release, there was a glitch that caused eggs not to release creeper if killed within a shield, but I think that was taken out. Shame too because it would've been a good way to deal with them on what's otherwise a useless unit.
How is it?

File: 1617360369807.png (148 KB, 4096x1696)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
this thread is for discussing board flags and other things that represent our board. the idea came from this thread >>502134, follow the reply chain. pic related is the latest made one but the emblem could do some work.
as for the legitimacy of this thread, hiroshimoot allows one thread for discussion of the board.
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very based
Shameless shills, fucking disgusting
works great as an emblem
>white background
we should decide on a layout & color scheme >>505161
what would be the point of shilling a game that 60% of the board already plays you half-wit ?

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Strategy Plus Magazine got filtered.
Lock S-foils to attack position.
polite bump
>onions wars
Dumb zoomer consoomer
>A movie from 1977

File: download.png (574 KB, 420x595)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
Is it worth trying heroes 6 and 7? Why are they considered so bad, besides the bugs?
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>5 was good
>I swear!
It really wasn't. Stop coping, it's been over 15 years already
Update this pic with VII's Fortress REEEEEE
Except it wasn't reskinned Academy anon. Academy was supposed to be added after Dark Elves, but Ubisoft cut off any extra resources after reviews and weak sales.

True about every new HoMM game needing Tree Fuckers. Same goes for Haven, Necropolis, Academy, Stronghold and maybe one new town to justify returning to this game (which is still the only reason why I feel like going back to VI)
The main advantage of VI were RNGless skills and character growth.
And lots of unit skills.
The rest was rather shitty.
You should accept V as THE messiah.
Those dark times are result of hubris from HOMM fans.
It sounds like Heroes VII is in the same boat as Might & Magic X, which is also developed by Limbic. It desperately needed a bigger budget.

File: aom splash 2.png (383 KB, 512x384)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
I am forgotten.
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And that expansion was back in 2016 even, all the others I mentioned got updated this year. So the last support AoM got was 5 years ago and it wasn't even good.
how do you go from this...
AOE3 has brand recognition and the 3D engine is more advanced than AOM which means it's easier for the devs to mod.

AOM has a clunky 3D engine that would require a full remake to remaster, meaning you will never get any new content for it. Also, modding it is hard which is why the Chinese DLC was made with shitty reused assets.
>AoE1 - just got a balance patch
1DE is basically a different game from AoE1 and support that it recieves is basically an afterthought and made to put a check on a charity list.
>AoE Online - recently released an expansion
It's not official though, which is kinda a shame.
On other hand, I'm glad that FE hacks won't touch it.
AoM is easily above those two at least, it's just the main team doesn't care about anything, but AoE2. The fact that the last EE patch was less than a year ago shows that it wasn't forgotten.
They pinkie sweared they haven't forgotten about AOM though.

Just a quick update regarding the player aesthetics for the team.

We have now got 16/23 players completed, we still have the following to do;

1. >99% chance to hit (There was an Anon who was making a model so lemme know if that's anywhere.)
2. El Presidente (I can't find a model rip of him so I might need to just find a model of Fidel Castro)
3. Artificial “””””Intelligence”””” (Still need suggestions regarding this, in a pinch I think we could do a Adeptus Mechanicus model but if we have suggestions for other reps, lemme know.)
4. WHEN THE WORK RESULT WAS GOOD (I don't play the game so suggestions would be appreciated)
5. Tall/Wide (I'm currently working on these)
6. Zerg Rush (Think I might rip a Zerg model)
7. Karl Franz (I'm working on it.)

If we don't get good suggestions then I'll make a default model.

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was looking through the archives and there was also this submission
Aye, "kit" haha. It's a fucking football strip.
File: units.png (1.23 MB, 946x620)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
re-suggesting the idea of having a plain grey/brown/tan/whatever (i.e. neutral color) kits "base" and applying different brightly colored accents to specific parts, i.e. how most strategy games make a unit's team recognizable

home could be bright red accents, away could be dark royal blue accents, or whatever colors would fit
Red is usually the attacker in offense/defense scenarios, so blue on home and red on away.
Oh yeah!

I forgot about that uniform! We'll add that in.

File: 0001.jpg (2.35 MB, 1920x1017)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
>some mad lad picked a franchise that contradicts itself, and made a totally insane mod by mashing everything together to make it a RTS
The base game is horribly optimized, the mod is not balanced at all and downright buggy, the musics feel like someone just picked whatever remixes he could find on OCRemix, and yet it's still fun to play.
That mod is the epitome of a guilty pleasure, where you know it's shit but you still like it.
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This reminds me of back in the day when the dev confirmed that Sulkaris doesn't wear panties
We saw her naked in the cutscenes, and you're completely right. Sulkaris goes commando.
Give them the banana
Probably too many wedgies.
based wedgie fetish dev

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