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File: Shadow Defections.png (1.32 MB, 1506x900)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Dont be shy anon, show us your empires
and your cool generated planets.

Bonus points for showing us your logistics network.
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Is there a guy with a samurai sword type unit feat in this game? It seems like there would be.
There is the warrior knight. Not really a samurai sword but he is wearing plate armor and carries a sword. Turns all hits into kills for his attached unit
>Not really a samurai sword
It's not in any way a samurai sword and thus not an answer.
they are both swords
there's a holographic Sigmund Freud, pretty much the same thing

Here you dwarf RTS anon
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Its easier to make such graphics
Looks convoluted as fuck for an rts
THIS. Shit seriously needs to stop; I'd kill for some gritty pixelshit graphics over this garbage.
But its that /vst/ want?
>gritty pixelshit graphics
If that's the alternative, then the cartoony graphics aren't that bad.

File: 330px-Mongolia.png (13 KB, 330x220)
13 KB
Want to do an Ironman run,what to do?
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>get to 300 dev
>cancel tributary
>wait for ming to get the oh shit you fucked up events
>destroy their armies like butter thanks to their -50% morale
First 2 ideas should be humanist and offensive
As it happens I started a mongolia game today.

A few considerations:

-swtiching to confucian synchretism get Ming to support your independance almost immediately

-Something must have changed to the way AI switch provinces to you, because Ming carpet sieged Oirat and flipped it all to me, allowing some massive gains.

-Maybe out of luck, Ming can declare immediately after on one of the manchu tribes, before breaking alliance and requesting tributary status. Again, it was happy to flip everything he didn't have a claim on, and made a second very easy war.

-breaking tributary was the tricky part, and took some savescumming to get Ming to declare on Yarkand instead of me, giving time for the disaster to tick up

Not sure about idea groups, so I went with humanist, per >>229985 advice. 2nd will be colonialism, tho.
what why
Expansion gives you more colonists if you care about Siberia
I seriously hope you're not considering colonizing Siberia with colonists.
It will take 10 years per province to complete if you get lucky with settler chance.
10 x 12 x 2 = 240 ducats spend to colonize that province.
Most of it is 1/1/1 shithole garbage with shit terrain so forget about deving.
1 base tax is 1 ducat per year.
1 production dev is 0.2 goods produced, let's say you get fur at max price (3.5 ducats).
0.2 x 3.5 = 0.7 ducats per year before modifiers.
Let's say that province gives you 2 ducats per year cause you got some ideas that increase it eventually etc etc. It'll take 120 years before you start making a return on investment. And early game 240 ducats can be worth a lot.

It's just not worth colonizing that shit man.
No, but I intended to spawn colonialism. Probably not gonna happen tho.

Reminder that FE1 Shooters have 1-2 range.
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File: 1.png (28 KB, 240x160)
28 KB
This is going to be amazing.
File: NOT.png (261 KB, 720x479)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
It's amazing.
Playing a reversed recruit game?
File: farina and farina.png (256 KB, 720x480)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Yup. It's a blast.

File: Untitled.png (2.25 MB, 1621x888)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
AoE2:DE bros, we got too cocky
It's the middle of the night in the US and very early morning in Europe, and there's a tournament finishing later. The semifinals had over 200k views. Check back in 6-8 hours.

File: zerok.jpg (66 KB, 616x353)
66 KB
>Construction Plates are parallel build queues that offer an alternate method of increasing production. Hover a factory blueprint within 420 elmos of a factory of the same type to place a construction plate.
>Cost 150
>Health 1000 (1500 for Ship)
>Build Power 10
What the fuck?
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>they sometimes miss all their shots when aiming at radar dots, they can barely hit any moving targets
yeah, fuck that
ok do navy now.
but do it both for water maps (against other navy, amphbots, and hovercrafts) and in amphibious map (against everywhere else)
I really like those factory overview posts. Is anything like it available anywhere (the wiki for example)?
The wiki has a page for each factory that gives basic tactics and describes how you can use the units as a whole/with other factories, but doesn't look at each unit individually.
>he doesn't use his slings as ghetto tremors
f then alt drag

File: toaw4-antietam.jpg (103 KB, 820x303)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I just wanna larp as a civil war commander but I don't play many strategy games. Suggestions?
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Not that you aren't just a dipshit, and oh ho ho you certainly are: if any side was somehow infiltrated by Jewry it was the South. The South had long been more tolerant of Jewish immigrants than the North, so that's where they tended to settle. A significant number of Jewish families were in fact planters and large slaveholders. The Confederate Secretary of War (as well as Attorney General) was one Judah P. Benjamin, who was -- you guessed it -- a Jew. This simply wouldn't have happened in the North, because they were pretty staunchly anti-Semitic.

Not that any of this will resonate in your empty head, but it's always worth humiliating a complete retard and passing along facts for the benefit of people who can actually internalize the things they read. Hopefully you'll get out of the way and let the thread continue on course instead of bombing it with gifs of US soldiers being killed in action like your all-American patriotic counterparts elsewhere on this shithole of a Formosan daguerreotype compendiary.
Not strictly an ACW game, but should appeal to anyone that's interested in the theme.

Wargame Construction Set 3 Age of Rifles. Oldie but a goodie. IMO actually aged really well, visually, control-wise etc. If you find a download with the BIG user scenario set, it's that much better. Besides an abundance of ACW scenarios there's exotic shit like the Boer War and the Taiping Rebellion. Key mechanic is selecting formations each turn: column lets units move farther, but leaves them vulnerable. Line is strong and slow. There's skirmish-like formations and so on. It's notch or two above Panzer Generals in sophistication but the same basic idea.

be warned, if you do find that user set, there's a bunch of fictional fantasy bullshit in there made by huge gay nerds.

No one mentioning the best civil war game?

Grant, Lee, Sherman: Civil war Generals 2 check it out OP
Sell it to us, what's so good about it?
Not him, and I only played the first one, which was just Robert E Lee: Civil War General. It was made by Impressions Games, the guys who did those awesome citybuilders like Pharaoh and Caeser 3. It had these neat full-motion videos when your units would do things; like when you had your cannons fire on an enemy formation, a little FMV of a real civil war re-enactment cannon firing would play. The quality was pretty high considering it came out in 1997 or something.

File: Victoria2.png (6 KB, 48x48)
6 KB
ITT we discuss making an Open Viktoria Game. How should it differ from and how should it resemble Paradox releases?
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except it will never be a thing
File: download.jpg (4 KB, 185x272)
4 KB
-tribal pops which produce nothing have no needs and can only promote to slaves or if their country is civilized and they are at at least accepted. for example this means american natives will only promote if they assimilate
-serfs pops which like slaves cannot migrate and require much less goods
-researcher pops separated from clergy/intellectuals, like the difference between soldiers and officers
-researcher pops produce research points where intellectuals only provide literacy. Although literacy will still affect research rate, this takes away the hard limit of 4% and makes technology more dynamic.
-research will work more like hoi2/DH and leaders will be rolled based on research points which will have various levels and bonuses to research techs
-inventions and large techs will be distributed on a tech tree to have players need to research other techs instead of just rushing meta ones, where players who try do everything find themselves not being able to catch up with players who are focusing on a few tech families
-military will work more like hoi with templates instead of individual brigades, although a template of one brigade is possible
- a logistics network instead of flat attrition will be used
-navy will be more similar to hoi and in addition large lakes, rivers and coastlines can be navigated with new brown water boats which are cheaper than blue water boats but cannot sail the oceans
-provinces now can have more than one rgo
>HoI combat
I don't want another game with Spacemarine meta divisions.
You mean like 4 arty 1 engi 4 inf 1 hussar? Yeah we don't want that haha
File: 1848BerlinMaerz.jpg (29 KB, 307x240)
29 KB
Also why the fuck does nobody ever join my side in a crisis? I played Greece and no one ever wants to go to war with the Ottomans for me

You know the saying making a deal with the devil? Well the way this works sort of like that its a very foreign concept i made a deal with myself and im very far in the hole i made a deal with myself to stop losing games specifically in brawhalla my style is called no hands it involves not using weapons or throwable to damage the player only heavy and light attacks with no weapon in hand no hands so the problem : i made a deal with myself to win a certain amount of wins to basically go to the next rank of my skill level that I purposely held back which i cant control so i started losing so i made constraints basically i cant use light attacks or heavys etc taking away privileges and tech in combat to give way from the debt i owed to myself basically a bandaid on a stab wound and if i lost more i would accumulate more punishment so i won and lost on the competitve latter and eventually gave myself some ultimatums basically think of spinning a Russian roulette but with punishments and more (debt) so very hard to explain i. Lost 9 games i gave an ultimatum too keep-playing but moving my debt to 15 games if i lost so i lost now i gave another option either i play custom 1v1 and go positive on 100 games 51/50 etc or 1000 games and a new clean slate i made a counter proposal 1 game for all the cards and lost so now that 15 got multiplied by 100 and now i either play alot of games of coustom or keep trying with more punishment which kept losing so another ultimatum was set either i try and go postive and win 16 or play 1000 of custom i lost some more after some self bargaining-and deal making im at 31,601 games of coustom i have to win to go back to latter or regular or win 16 im at 17 loses now with 2 losses left i can take before debt and self combat restrictions and losses
take me automatically into the 31,601 of games but it gets worse i bet for a clean slate and had a argument so if i lose another two games i gain another extra 100,000 games i have to play every game in custom has to be a win to be counted if i just want to forget and shrug it off the penalty is basically not being able to play games for the rest off my life or i have to pay in energy-(over time) valuable assets to myself in laymans terms a deal is a deal i either win alot of games and go positive or im either fucked for the rest of my life or i have to play coustoms for a LONg TiME
I could make it easier to explain but its like a genie out of the bottle some things in life cant be explained unkowns have factors again you cant just muh mental health or shrug it off if i knew i could i would its like regret or nostalgia you just cant get rid of it this took place all today im almost lifess listening over music im pretty sad
Consider suicide.

File: Gears_Tactics.jpg (305 KB, 600x900)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Thoughts on this game?
It's better than I thought it would be. The story is bad and the missions are very linear, but the gameplay is a solid take on the nu-XCOM formula.

It doesn't really have as much depth as I would have liked. The experience feels very binary. It mature and hell, one of the themes of the main series is how endless war fucking sucks and that you lose people and have to deal with that loss.

But it was much, much better than I really expected it to be. They actually had to make a game that would appeal to:

>Gears players that have never touched a tactics game


>Tactics game players who have not really played Gears games

For all it's shortcomings, the game had a lot of moments where it was really a kickass game. When the game strays away from "Here is a combat arena, take command of it" then I think it is at its best. I think if they actually really improve on it then I am genuinely excited for the 2nd game.

File: RELICWTF.png (1.57 MB, 1658x460)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Just look at screenshot and compare left and right. Nuff Said. How you may fall from absolute pure 100% soul based kino like homeworld & coh 1 to crappy mobile looking abiomination cringe like dow 3 and aoe 4. WTF happened bros?
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Why does all sci-fi look so generic?
It will be shit. Just watch.
There's nothing bad about the art style on the right except the walls make the city look cartoonish. That's all you got.
Because everyone does submarines/boats in space with ww2 dogfighting and bombers so it all ends up bleeding together with the same lazy tropes about FTL and precursor races.
>It will be shit. Just watch.
Sure I'll believe that, but it doesn't look bad.

File: 1438244525748.jpg (381 KB, 1346x722)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
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Too bad, you're most likely going to be stomped your first half dozen games regardless of what what you do. Practice expansion in single player trying to get as many provinces as you can by the end of the first year. Gitting gud at magic is mostly going to come from seeing what human players use against you. You can get a bit of a head start on learning to magic gud by watching jewtubers, though. I recomend lucid tactics, probably the best player currently making videos. There's also nuclearmonkee and generalconfusion. Nuclearmonkee is arguably better than lucid but he stopped posting videos a year ago. GC is the weakest of the bunch. He has good hypothetical knowledge of the game, but isn't so great at applying it in the moment. He's also incredibly soi. Everyone else I've watched is just straight up bad and you could probably outperform them at you're current level of skill.
the biggest problem with GC's videos is that a lot of his nation guides are ludicrously out of date because he made them fairly soon after Dom5 came out and never updated them for patches. He likes telling people playing earth nations to cast Destruction and Curse of Stones but both have gotten nerfed into being useless since his guides came out
Literally just play MA Ulm/EA Agartha and research alteration for stuff like earth meld and evocation for blade wind/magma eruption. Also conjurgation for earth eles/ea agartha shit and construction for forging and casting legions of steel.
>1023 hours in Dom 3, 4 and 5 combined, not counting quite a lot of non-Steam hours
>won two (2) non-team MP victories, both due to opponents conceding
When will I ever git gud? I feel like I should be winning more than this.
Hard to tell. You obviously have experience, but if most of that experience is just repeating the same mistakes it won't make you git gud. I can't say what you're doing wrong, but maybe it would help to watch some let's plays or read some AARs and compare the choices those players are making to what you would do yourself, and see if there are any significant differences. It could also be that you're just really bad at playing the diplomacy game. If you have a talent for pissing off other players and/or consistently fail to make useful deals/alliances your chances of winning games drops significantly even if you're not bad at the mechanical part of the game.

File: 356854265.jpg (688 KB, 1920x1080)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
Hello /vst/.

I come to you for aid.
I'll be completely honest. I've never played a Grand Strategy game before. However, whenever I see people posting screenshots of maps with massively expanded countries, it makes me really want to do the same.

What would be a simple but good game to start with and paint some maps without drowning in other stuff?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
ck2 is the easiest and appeals to a more general audience since its kind of an """rpg"""
in the same way 4 monkeys playing d&d is kind of an rpg
eu4 is the most gamey game but its had terrible bloat and has actually gotten worse over recent years. If all you want to do is paint maps and make numbers go up then this is the best option
hoi4 is a visual novel set in ww2 or whatever mods you can find where you draw lines on the map and watch it get painted based on the interactive Focus (tm) choices you make i wish i were being facetious but this really is pretty much the game
hoi3 is a wargame with a barebones everything else. Diplomacy barely works and is more or less railroaded to ww2; economy basically doesnt exist and the only way to develop your resources is to conquer them; espionage is pointless besides meme tech stealing and sometimes covert ops; technology is decent but entirely tailored around war. Hoi3 is still one of paradox's best games - it is easily their best wargame, has, in my opinion, the best production (practicals are so good i wish we still had them) and id say is tied with dh for tech
which leads onto dh which is the best diplomacy larp game theyve made and so its no surprise kr is for dh. Tech teams are fantastic though and i wish we still had them. Warfare is something of a chore and its very unbalanced too. Even so, dh is worth playing if only for kr before cringe nu-kr
eu3 has some outdated and based design aspects but is honestly better than eu4 now. Once upon a time, i would have said eu4 is better but the bloat and mana madness is just too great now. Still, people have nostalgia glasses for how good eu3 supposedly is
victoria 2 is the only game paradox have made with any reasonable simulation of population and has the best economy, which isnt saying much. Its also incredibly easy and will pretty much play itself if you let it. Even sitll, there are reasons its /gsg/'s favourite game
idk about stellaris
>its kind of an """rpg"""
>in the same way 4 monkeys playing d&d is kind of an rpg
CK2 is free, try this one
Ck2 is garbage without a fat stack of dlc. Pirate with all of the furnishings then decide to buy
Get it FTP and then get the DLC on the legit copy you got FTP.

File: imperator-rome-cover.jpg (179 KB, 500x713)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
What went so horribly wrong?
52 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
On release the core was terrible but they're completely changed the core since then.
I think it's people who played it one release posting about it now despite it being completely different.
I'd honestly argue Imperator's existing core mechanics give it a much better base to work with than most of the current Paradox games. Pops are a far more interesting and organic system than Development, it has actual naval and land combat beyond whatever the fuck CK3 is doing, and its empire management isn't as tedious as Stellaris while still taking citizen rights and such from that.
At least they're trying to fix it. I haven't touched it since launch but I may give it another go. I really want to like it but I don't like that they only have a single bookmark. Same reason why I'm bored with CK3 already.
File: 20190429170530_1.jpg (772 KB, 2560x1440)
772 KB
772 KB JPG
Very short development cycle which meant it was very bare bones. Even Rome feels nearly as bland and flavorless as everything else
File: 1586919931195.jpg (103 KB, 969x969)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
What's with the lack of bookmarks in the recent paradox games? I want to do a Mithridates run in IR so bad.

File: 43535.jpg (300 KB, 1422x800)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Is it any good?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How is fg2 i want to know, i played a shitton of 1 but i think they are not really similar.
Idk the game overheats my GPU. Thanks to the shit Spyware unity engine. Also, not only one having this issue.
Fantasy General 1 was fucking based
So many games, didn't have time to try this one.
Good, honest work but nothing extraordinary. Matrix is way overpricing it, get it on a sale and try the free demo.

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