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File: file.png (273 KB, 400x300)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
Has anyone played TATW:DAC here? Is it good? Should I play this over base TA?
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If that's the dude with the Youtube channel then he is autistic in a very good way. He loves speaking in Elvish and understands the setting perfectly. He knows that changing lore things for the purpose of gameplay is a bit deal so he doesn't do it without purpose.
he is autistic bad way though
he looks like your typical s_o_y consumer
There are photos of him?
he does livestreams on youtube. he looks like a regular guy actually
>he looks like
who the fuck cares

File: IMG_20200421_011056.jpg (131 KB, 464x1030)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Even though it will be a decade before it happens. Post things you want to see in hoi5. For me its
>Competent ai
>Less meme history and only alt hist if it was close to happening
>More fleshed out economy
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>Le epic reddit moment when you destroy reality and ban women in france
>redo naval + air combat
HOly shit this was the most boring part of this game
>rethink combat mechanics
>New supply system
>Go back to hoi3 and develop from there

Hoi4 is fun for a while but is pretty shallow and imo a step back from hoi3. The best thing about the game is the production lines and land combat can be fun sometimes. Everything else needs to be rethought
hows about working supply system? yea you know, the AI is NOT affected by supply shit in hoi 4.
so it sucks balls
yes, especially when it hoards 300 divisions in Borneo or Sahara where they die from starvation.
File: 8sOXZRO.jpg (274 KB, 1105x1009)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
they "die" from attrition, not supply problems.
if you take a look, ther "yellow" line, which combines manpower and rifles(which super dumb game design) depletes and then they die. so AI cant produce enough rifles for 300 divs or has not enough manpower.
Now if you take a look at the "green" line, it will be alway full! except in surrounded area without a victory point.
trust me i tested it. If you mod the Nukestrike to destroy infra, you can bomb all provinces to 0 infra.
still AI will have 100 divs on your front, fully supplied, and you can only have like 5divs with supply problems.
its makes me fucking angry, will delete fucking everything paradoxian shit cum fuck

File: itb hiscore.jpg (56 KB, 297x535)
56 KB
it's been a few years since release, what's your high score?
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that's fair. mafan is also very good. but to me, playing without camilla feels like playing with one hand tied behind my back
Hit enter too early.
Let's see...Archimedes is always really good, probably my second-favorite pilot, Silica and Chen usually pretty good too. Anyone that reliably gives you more actions is fantastic. Prospero and Henry are solid too, more maneuverability is great.
I'm not really a big fan of Abe or Harold. Abe's borderline essential on Zenith or Hazardous, but armor never feels that relevant otherwise, especially on hard. Harold's good on mechs that can't push on their own, but the further you get in a run the weaker his ability becomes in comparison to your actual weapons.
I guess that's fair, but it's still too unreliable for my taste.
you can't "rely" on it happening every turn or mission obviously, but over the course of the run, with all the missions you do, it inevitably happens multiple times and with a frequency that makes her well, well worth it. The impact of how the first turn plays out cannot be understated and obviously when you distract a webber its great (for reasons others have stated). But it also means you never have to worry about babysitting her.

The later rounds in a mission is where her true value is, when you push her up to the front line near spawns and regularly distract shit. She literally never dies unless you get careless with bumps. So its not just that you might get "lucky" with RNG (which will happen, a lot) its that she has a freedom of positioning that no other pilot in the game has. And that freedom carries over to how you direct your other mechs and generally how you play a mission. It also means you have zero to little worry about her mech health - dont need to think twice about putting that a much needed core somewhere else

the fact that she can attack in smoke makes her an obvious lock for rusting hulks, but more importantly the desert island. Especially if you plan on going 4 island runs you now have an additional strategic element you can incorporate into your island ordering. Camila isnt meh in general, and only good in the desert. She is great everywhere, and excels in the desert. Having a quarter of your run with an additional free tool up your sleeve is nothing to scoff at
Damn, chronophobia run is turning out to be harder than expected...

File: despacito3.jpg (40 KB, 460x215)
40 KB
How is it? It's up on Gamepass, I'm downloading it now
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>save scumming as an option for when you fuck up
>nothing is RNG dependant
>playing without saving is also an option and a sign of a mastery of the game.
git gud
I feel like I had more fun with Shadow Tactics, which I played until I got all the badges. Maybe it's just because I played those two games one after the other. I kind of abandoned it at the final part of the last mission and only came back to finish it a week ago.
Hector is hilariously OP and makes every mission he's in too easy.
After having to repeat phases of the tutorial three or four times I deleted. Very boring.
Fucking amazing

File: 0ZstXLffC5Q.jpg (672 KB, 1920x1080)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
HighFleet, what do you think?
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>airborne infantry
>bunch of heavy-ass gear on
for faster descent
what do you expect when the typical flying machine in that game universe is a behemoth

That's nice. I see they also have a relatively wide spread of warfare-related games
A name I haven't heard in many, many years...
File: moved.gif (226 KB, 220x220)
226 KB
226 KB GIF

It's great to have them back.

File: flag.jpg (31 KB, 454x231)
31 KB
Monarchist britain are the strongest nation in the game.
>Can manually get wargoals on france easy getting a quick european puppet + their entire colonial empire
>Can ally with the axis fast via the focus
>integrated puppets on the dominions via the civil wars
>cores on all the dominions + usa (if you make dominion of north america) via imperial federation
>Free puppets of iran and afghanistan
Whilst fascist britain can do alot of this as well they end up with italy as an ally which is worse.
To this point i havent seen a country with a focus tree that lets them get this powerful.
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Real talk why did Paradox make the Communist path for the UK so bad?

The UK is one of the most likely countries to be Communist but Paradox just made it terrible.
How is it terrible? I haven’t played so I don’t know.
You spend more time focusing on weakening yourself to prevent a civil war than you do growing. You can grow your industry but you run out of building slots and cannot go to war to get more.
Damn someone at paradox must really like Mosely
>Monarchist britain are the strongest nation in the game.
but there's no monarchist britain in moo2

File: Arcology.jpg (179 KB, 1597x911)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Does Free Cities: Pregmod count as strategy game?
It has you managing multiple slaves, military units, societal policies and even bodies of your slaves so you can turn them into combat cyborg catgirls to fight in arena against other slaves
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Just how interactive is the sex?
Does it have Lilith's Throne/Era Games turn based sex system, or is it more like CoC with pre-written scenes?
The latter.
Nah that's been in the base game for a long time.
>people have spent two years adding retarded economic simulations and health mechanics specifically designed to kill your slaves to pregmod
>they still haven't fixed the events so that you can have a no-anal run
Do not know about anal chastity?

File: 55.jpg (42 KB, 507x380)
42 KB
The resource management made no sense except being fucking complicated
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It's brutally simple. It's in fact a carbon copy of what Total Annihilation presented. It's all about having as many resource production buildings so to allow you to build more stuff on a continuously expanding scale. That and the storages/batteries you build literally next to your resource buildings improve their production capabilities.
File: overdrive.png (76 KB, 1733x429)
76 KB
Never try zero k then.
File: ForgedAlliance.jpg (121 KB, 527x600)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
play forged alliance then LOL
File: Low quality bait.jpg (18 KB, 600x600)
18 KB

How are your parks doing /vst/?
I'm replaying the RCT1 scenarios for nostalgia's sake.
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Micromanagment is still pretty simple like RCT. Even if you don't set up patrol areas and just all your staff wander around aimlessly you shouldn't have to much of a problem if you have a decent layout. I'd say the biggest thing is just keeping shops supplied as un supplyied shops can really break you. It does kind of force you to make food court areas rather than just randomly placing shops everywhere due to both the mechanic and how expensive setting up warehouses and supply shoots are but even still with a decent set up and imagination making some secret paths to supply further shops is pretty easy and fun.

Coaster building is great. not really sure what you mean by "it just automatically moves everything out of the way" but I'm assuming you mean pausing the game while you build which you can pause the game and build at the same time (though some missions are set up so if you do do that you loose or get a penalty)
Actual coaster building is really cool. Unlike RCT where everything is more preset in its shapes and parts parkitect has both more options for slope height and a slider for bank turns. Not only that but pieces are also a bit modular, so instead what you do is select how long or big you want the piece and the game will produce a piece. this gives your hills and transition pieces more smoother and less blocky looking like RCT. I guess this video exlains and shows it off best if you want to skim through it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nu9J2qMfQM
Bought parkitect during the steam winter sale, it's been good so far. Like the other anon said, it's p much a modern RCT with some improvements.
I'm still working my way through the scenarios and achievements, after I mostly complete them I'mma dive into workshop mods.
my problem with coaster building in Parkitect is that the units you get for height and stuff while building are just generic "units" instead of metric or imperial measurements, and because the artstyle is so cartoonish, it's also hard to eyeball things. It makes it really hard to get a feel for the scale of your coasters.
Parkitect has more "game" to it than Planet Coaster. The management aspects are a lot beefier and you not only have to manage the guests, but also your staff infrastructure, like where shops store inventory and having paths for your staff to quickly move around areas of the park.
while it's less coaster focused and more cartoony looking than planet coaster, the overall park centered game play is much better

>Has the best menu theme song
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*blocks your empire's path*
The Peninsular DLC also has an amazing menu theme.

It's pleasant background noise. Unfortunately it was in the same style as Empire's OST, where it's just short snippets of classical music with periods of silence in between tracks.
For me, it's the Teutonic campaign theme

Of the Total War games, M2 has my favorite soundtrack (though R1 and S2 come close).
File: arab pepe.png (98 KB, 400x300)
98 KB
for me it's Warlords
blew my mind when I learned that was a love song

File: DOSBox_logo.png (5 KB, 300x300)
5 KB
>this is not how it's meant to sound
>this is how it's meant to sound
i wish this song would just start playing in the background at random times during the day like when i'm driving or taking a dump or something
My whole life has been a lie.
Creative was a shit company which killed Adlib but I frankly preferred SB muzak for scifi tunes like this. Roland MIDI just don't have the same "kick" to it when it come to electronica and techno styled muzak.

File: Scotland_Forever!.jpg (732 KB, 1920x972)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
Why are large-scale battles still so fucking rare in strategy/tactics games?
Even in Current Year, it's considered perfectly fine to call four dozen men fighting for a small hamlet an epic battle. Meanwhile:
>Large scales allow for plenty of otherwise unachievable, great mechanics
>Look a million times better and more grandiose
>Are an easy selling point
>Are underutilised, with current examples mostly being poorly executed (looking at you, Total War)
>Are full of untapped potential
>Can be achieved with Unity running on a dishwasher
Considering that pulling them off halfway well fucking prints money, why are they so rare?
65 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sprites are probably less efficient than low detail 3D
Yes. World war II tanks commonly fired on the move.
Graviteam is truly impressive; it looks beautiful, doesn't feel like a complete jankfest, and was made with no resources. If only grognards could match Eastern European autism.
Histwar i believe has undermined itself by its worrd drm selling policies.
Good alternative with giant armies is Scourge of War
SoW devteam is kill. So sad.

File: chec.jpg (60 KB, 604x453)
60 KB
It's 7pm in North America. The board is virtually dead, aside from HOI and some anime games threads.
That made me wonder - what's the national composition of the board? I am under impression most of you gentlemen come from E. Europe. (I do too)
So where do you live, my fellow autistic friend? To make jannies calm down, also share what is your favorite strategy, or even better, what is your favorite strategy made by your compatriots?
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finally someone mentions haegemonia in a good light on this board.
very fun game with a pretty unique campaign. also nexus the jupiter incident is hungarian too innit?
kek, come to think of it, both games start in the solar system with humans fighting each other and then expand into larger conflicts
sauce on the pic?
File: AHR.png (350 KB, 1600x1238)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
I just google searched Hungary-Romania
It's not an uncommon alt-history subject
Imagine if we threw Austria into the mix...
Imagine how interesting it would be, if on top of Austria, we would also add Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia. I didnt count Moldova, as it would already be part of Romania
I'm from Chile, i play AOE2 and AOWP, i don't think my country has made strategy games besides that one independence war M&B Mod

Can you guys gave me some strategy game suggestions?
I used to WANT to love strategy games but never really enjoyed them like I wanted too.
Can you suggest some easy to get into strategy games that dont expect a lot of prior knowledge or chop up my balls too hard?
I played Halo wars before but it wasnt too enjoyable, I love tactics games but they are often too hardcore like X-COM.
The picture you posted is actually a very good entry-level XCOM-like game. It's a lot more managable for a newbie since it doesn't have any of XCOM's strategic layer or research or anything like that so it allows you to just focus on the combat, but the combat itself isn't so easy that you'd just get bored. Plus is has a story (it's not a good story but it's better than nothing) to guide you along and it's got some great setpieces and boss fights to keep things exciting. It's honestly a surprisingly good take on the formula considering it's a spinoff from such a famously braindead franchise.

If you're looking for something that's more an actual strategy game rather than squad tactics, it depends a lot on what you're looking for specifically. Turn-based or real-time, small scale or large scale conflicts, base building or no base building, etc. There are a ton of different genres within the overall "strategy" umbrella so it's hard to just recommend one game.
You could just play xcom or any other game you like but can't get into, on easy. Also Advance Wars was made for kids, and many of it's later knock-offs follow the same idea. Could just emulate it or get Wargroove or Tiny Metal
File: file.png (3.52 MB, 1920x1080)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG

Gears Tactics maybe. Unironically, it is actually a pretty decent strategy game and easier to get into than X-COM probably.
For an easy RTS game, give Red Alert 3 a try.
It's not as good as RA2, but easier to get into.

Dunno about tactics games though, haven't played once since Commandos.
Tactics? How about Pathway? I picked it up a few days ago and I find it enjoyable - punching Krauts in the face feels good. I'm only afraid it might get repetitive over time because it seems kind of shallow.

File: 0header.jpg (61 KB, 460x215)
61 KB
I have only played Tropico 4 and I want to know which game is the best. From what I read online, Tropico 3 and 4 did very well in sales but Tropico 6 is very highly rated.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
1 is the only good, since 3 it's the same as playing a lame ass mobile game
6 is so fucking buggy, something is fucky with economy I tell ya.
Tropico 4 is overrated. It's 3 with bullshit tacked on, and piss-easy to boot, with the caveat that you will be swamped with annoying pathfinding issues in the later stages of the game. It's also very clear that the Modern Times DLC was an afterthought tacked onto the main game. Tropico 5 and 6 are supply chain simulators disguised as city builders. They're good games if you like that sort of thing, but be prepared to spam those fucking teamster's offices and bus garages. Of the two, I'd say 6 is the harder one, but the difficulty in both drops off a cliff once you realize how they function (and how tourism/banks/offices work).

Tropico 1 is Tropico 3 but more difficult and with less annoying humor. You better pay heed to those fucking faction demands, because getting ousted is far easier than any later Tropico game.

Tropico 2 is a different game entirely to the rest of the series, and the only real pirate colony simulator you will ever see. Its difficulty lies more in the fact that you'll be unfamiliar with its systems at first, because its economy functions on a different level compared to any other city building game. Your economy is based around raids, not exporting goods or taxation. You have no citizens, you have pirates and slaves you kidnap on raids. You keep your pirates happy with cigars and hooch you need specialists to produce (not to mention enslaved whores - Tropico 2 is way too based to be a modern game) and your slaves in line by building gallows where they live. One good slave revolt or invasion usually means death. Existence, like it was in historical pirate colonies, is on a razor's edge, and no other pirate game even comes close to Tropico 2 in simulating this.
Just play 4 & 5 and wait for them to finish 6 since they're jewing out the DLC for shit that should have been in base like economic demand fluctuating.
I've only played 4, 5 and 6 but I think 6 is the best one. It's my favourite management/city building game.

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