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File: Just Davion Things.jpg (2.68 MB, 3840x2164)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
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Haven't played vanilla at all, i just went straight to Roguetech
>UAC faggotry
>no ammo in the legs
>no heatsinks
File: 1Qoj9Mv.jpg (739 KB, 2560x1440)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
File: urbienuke.jpg (1.24 MB, 3840x2160)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
>blocks your path
Now I wanna install BTA again just so I can show you my Toro which I turned into a tiny Mad Cat and my Talos which I turned into a tiny Atlas.

File: REHN.jpg (43 KB, 750x600)
43 KB
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we got too cocky!
I was just looking at soulstorm's campaign options, why is the campaign using alpha legion? Don't they despise demons and chaos taint, or is that anti-chaos stance newer fluff than what the game was working with?
Not a 40k lore expert, but from what I heard originally AL was supposed to be the youngest legion that tried too hard to catch up with the others, but then Dan Abnett came about and turned them into Fantomas wannabe all according to keikaku legion, and the game was made before the book.
Devs of both it and the original were not the biggest fluff scholars (that's why in this one you have a simple civilised world producing thousands of super heavy tanks that are only made by dedicated forge worlds). Only DK is canon, the rest are bullshit.
The Alpha Legion is layers upon layers? Why are the operating so openly on the field? Is it even the Alpha Legion under that armor? I doubt even they know at this point.

File: workersandresources.jpg (90 KB, 768x506)
90 KB
Cosmonaut mode soon, comrades
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Farms don't use workers if there are machines.

They do, people start from the back of a field and machines start from the front. I recall someone here said people don't harvest as much as machines so you probably are better off just using machines
Because farm trucks have had their crop pick-up behavior improved such that using two buildings to do the job of one is just extra work for no reason?
The only benefit now is that a DO lets you drop off the crops somewhere other than the farm itself. But farms now also have factory connections. So I wouldn't bother.
During sowing and harvesting, fields accept workers just like any other industry. The machines and workers can work at the same time on the same field. Fuddlore says that workers harvest less crops than a machine would, but I don't know if it's true.
In general, there's no need to bother with using workers when the vehicles do it so efficiently by themselves.
Are traffic lights and signs already in main, or when have they been added?
How far is the autism in that regard?

They do accept workers, and they serve as a addition to machines as mentioned above, though because its a sort of sazonal job, its not efficient to let the bus always run with workers when they don't have to, requiring a bit of micro or planning ahead of villages around farms

>A bus end station serves as a fuel stop so your buses won't drive out of their route to fuel up. It also lets you use time-based line spacing so your buses aren't all driving at 30 kmh the whole time.
That's brilliant, somehow never thought of that, I guess it also works as in between point?
How do you mean line spacing because of that? that's something that always bothers me with the busy lines
>How do you mean line spacing because of that?
If you click a button at the bus end station the station will look at the average time to make the line's circuit and divide by the number of vehicles on the line, then hold any buses there until the appropriate amount of time has passed since the last one departed. So a 300 second circuit with 6 buses would optimally have a bus depart every 50 seconds. If one arrives 40 seconds after the previous one departed the station will hold it for 10 seconds. If it arrives 55 seconds after the previous one departed it will be allowed to depart immediately. Normal line spacing no longer applies-the buses will drive as fast as they can the entire time-so it's possible for them to get bunched later up due to traffic and stuff.
There's also an option to just have them depart on a user-defined schedule, so you could just tell it to make a bus depart every 30 seconds if you want.

File: ad_4chan_iberia_1.png (1.81 MB, 1200x630)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
>some new side quest mechanic thing
>Iberia counties and duchies to be reworked again
>cucked Al-Andalus christians get their own faith now as per history
>"we don't expect old saves to be fucked"
>old saves will absolutely be fucked
I guess Byzantium is getting shafted for another year
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Moors are the only reason spain has any white people today
If I remember correctly Andalusia had the largest Jewish population on Earth, they definitely should be represented somehow in the Iberian DLC. Just renaming an already existing event is pretty retarded though.
Still no Jew-expelling mechanic?
Kind of have the itch to play some CK3, but I have this weird idea for a playthrough. I want to have a kingdom full of obese people, with the big objectives being 1) sustain myself off the gold acquired from the "gluttonous courtier eats all the cakes" event hopefully firing off all the time and 2) form a new religion and culture that views gluttony as a virtue. My question: is there any particular start that is great for sandbox-y, build-your-own-custom-kingdom playthrough in CK3? Or any particular starts that you guys think would be particularly fitting or funny for this rotund kingdom?
based retard

File: channels4_profile.jpg (51 KB, 900x900)
51 KB
Get ready pdxbros

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>Prices in USD, EUR and GBP won’t be affected, as they are in line with our benchmark
Literally only third world countries, don't care
this.. so much this!
File: Screenshot (838).png (439 KB, 1262x691)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Prices are only going up in Switzerland, Norway, Taiwan and Hong Kong. And down in Australia, but they're overpaying on just about everything to start with/
Surprised they haven't already made the base game free-to-play like CK2 and rely on DLC.

File: just-slight-incline.jpg (44 KB, 500x281)
44 KB
It's been too long since the last city builder thread so watcha buildan, Anons? Post your downtown gains here
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Who was disappointed? It sold very well.
There is an endless mode.
How much sandbox you want to get?
Thinking of trying cities skylines again.
-did parking ever get patched/explained ?
-does adjusting the garbage truck slider still do nothing? (Says it increases the # of trucks but does not seem to affect trash pickup)
cities skylines still has issues but its the best modern day city builder out there and can look really impressive with mods and patience. Parking works, but its not needed and sims still have pocket cars I think.
Frostpunk is just a fucking puzzle game that tries to preach morals. It's not even that difficult and there is no skill involved.

File: file.png (1.44 MB, 1600x900)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
How do you roleplay in this game?
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>pick a character
>start a campaign
>pretend you're that character while you make decisions in the game
Get back to us if you have trouble finding Europe on the map or sounding out the big boy words like "stewardship."

If you want to gamify those complexities you'd probably have to roll dice to decide on what matters to focus, and which choices to pick in events - with odds weighted based on the character's traits.
You don’t.
Even CK3 is better at role playing then 2.
You literally can shop for your ideal waifus and concubines. Shit gets me diamonds.

When I play with Asturias/Castile et cetera, I enjoy making Ethnic cleansing.

When I play with the "Romans" (Germans) I enjoy eating slavic lands..

File: lc6oiw3kxhf21.png (3.26 MB, 3534x3821)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
Not everything has to be grey, bloody, grimdark and about men being men. Is there any game like Troubleshooter but set in a loosely historical setting?
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File: 1653091723311.jpg (61 KB, 641x742)
61 KB
Is not because people hate cute things is why we are thinking you are a tranny, is because that pic and the way you write is enough to determine that.
You just make yourself a easy target
You have it the other way around. The Portuguese were just prepping the colonies to get dominated by the BDC
File: 1630419973504.png (524 KB, 1000x772)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
Every. Single. Time.
>too retarded to understand connotation

Looks like a more woke version of Civ 6 and shittier as well. I have seen the trailers and the gameplay and i am not impressed. Globohomo RTS garbage. Not even worth pirating
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File: Mankind_Coverart.jpg (65 KB, 256x305)
65 KB
now MANkind on the other hand. There was a strategy game.
And the reason why this game couldn't be called that
marketing teams shill on 4chan all the time and mods are getting paid for it
Even if it's a pozzed and stupid name, I was half-hoping this would be some kind of prequel to Mankind.

File: songs-of-syx_poster.jpg (72 KB, 800x392)
72 KB
>What is Song of Syx
2D Fantasy City Builder with multiple races and complex mechanics including an overworld map with other kingdoms to trade with and wage war against. It can support cities with tens of thousands of citizens, all with their unique schedules jobs and complex stats.


>What's new.
Update v61 soonTM


>You guys primarily wanted ranged combat, and I added that, and cracked opened the fundamentals of the battle mechanics and re-did them.

>Now we have catapults and archers and troops on walls, gatehouses.
>We have an AI that's semi-smart.
>We have complex and true to life morale and combat mechanics. Configure your own troops in almost infinite ways.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How do I build something aesthetically pleasing
Every city I make ends up looking like Kowloon
Pre-plan as far ahead as you're willing to think.
Try out all the brush tools, remember that shift+whatever tool = remove designation, makes it easy to do more complex things.
Most importantly, keep as much open space as you're willing to leave between buildings. On my main roads I like to keep a 3 tile green space (for use by torches/statues/trees later) on each side of 3 tiles of path. Going down to 2 green space on each side of 2 tile roads for side paths (enough room for torches and the mid-sized trees/statues). Even the smallest dead-end alleys are 2 tiles wide, 1 green and 1 path.
>trying to do humans only to see how it works out
>scrounge up around 800 humans between immigration and nurseries
>no more immigration is happening, even have booze but they're too damn needy
>don't want to build even more nurseries as food is already borderline - baking the last of my grain just before the year's first harvest, but just shy of getting to administration to start taxation
>open up to 100 dondorians to work in my mines, 100 tilapi to work my ranches/forestry, and 100 cretonians to work my farms
>they flood in even with minimum rations and labor settings ignoring satisfaction
>now that humans don't have to do hard labor there are literally 200+ wanting in at any given time
>i am now a neoliberal
>letting migrants in to do the unpleasant jobs
>not acquiring slaves
You can do better.
Do archers feel lackluster to anyone else? My fully trained archers seem pretty shit at actually killing enemies compared to just blobbing with more infantry. Defending with them seems fine but attacking feels off.

File: homm3.png (486 KB, 800x600)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
Help a noob out here. The fuck am i supposed to do?
If i go out and explore, i eventually get body blocked by monsters way stronger than my army.
If i turtle, the ai comes to me with their stronger army and smacks their dick in my face.
Playing as Necropolis.
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install hd mod or hota
ctrl click stack
you done
Hd mod and hota is essential at this point, they even show unit turn order now, thank god for that improvement
>Correct strategy is to prioritize creature dwellings first, but on easy difficulties you can do capitol if you want.
That's just your opinion man. It highly depends on what dwellings are close by and how well they are guarded. If you have no gold to buy them with those extra creatures are useless.
Having other structures built in a city can be a game-changer, and gold can be exchanged for other resources. Gold can be used to keep hiring disposable heroes on every week start for that creature boost (and it can even be significant with a T1 creature specialist).
You just need to read the surroundings well and see what works best in any given map.
try watching commentated competitive gameplay. i've never played homm3 in any sort of competitive scenario, or even played much multiplayer at all, but the strategies they use are cool and really helpful in singleplayer campaigns.

So, it's been a while since news came out that they iced Earthbreakers to work on something with a "big publisher" and it seems the general consensus is that they're either working on:

A Star Wars RTS or Empire At War sequel/remake with Lucasfilm/Disney.

Something Command & Conquer related with EA.

A Dune RTS with Funcom.

So...what the fuck are they doing?
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It's the best rts engine to date, and 3D beats 2D and voxel garbage any day. They should've remade the originals as TW addons instead of what we ended up getting, honestly.
It's not a great mod at all, especially the broken 2.0 version that managed to fuck up even the few things left functional from vanilla. TWA and TH do the job better with proper looking T-visored militants, gen 1 and 2 flame tanks that are actually modelled good, and nice animations.
>It's the best rts engine to date
stopped reading there, it had mediocre pathfinding, a 30fps cap because they couldn't bother to decouple the renderer from game logic, and offered nothing to the table over other game engines
>It's not a great mod at all,
But it is. It plays great, it is cohesive in its presentation, it is fun to play as any faction against any other, the campaign works with it.

>especially the broken 2.0 version
Alphas tend to be broken, more breaking news at Slowpoke Daily.

>TWA and TH do the job better with proper looking T-visored militants, gen 1 and 2 flame tanks that are actually modelled good, and nice animations.
Which job? TE is not trying to be "TibSun in TW's engine". Not 100% certain, but I believe it even has somewhere in its description that it tries to imagine how things would have gone in the third Nod-GDI conflict if TibSun's influence on the setting was not more or less dismissed.
Also last time I have played TWA, v1.72, it was more along the lines of "TW with TibSun's flavour" kind of deal. Epic units, pitbulls, Mammoth MKIII, EA's Scrin, hub turrets and so on.
Okay fine, except they are also effective against isolated medium and especially mammoth tanks.
It doesn't play great, shit's slightly good at best. Garbage art style and animations ruin it. Some things like ballistics and weapons in general are great, though with aliens and steel donut muties it went out the window and those are as garbage as the visuals. "B-b-but it's alpha" is not an excuse, this broken ass version is old enough to go to prep school. The whole mod is a buggy, poorly made abandonware. TWA does exactly that job of "third war with influences from second" better by keeping good looking cyborgs and walkers from KW, not fucking up the avatar mech, and adding proper looking cyborg commandos instead of TE's "timmy's first day in blender" ones. As for a good 3d port, older structures, "elite cadre" militants, medics and vehicles from TH, cyborgs from TWA, and GDI infantry from TE would make for a good mix. Shame that still leaves a lot of stuff lacking assets, but it won't be too hard to fix given some time.

File: 1652700979570.png (605 KB, 600x525)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
What are some games like Dawn Of War?
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Kohan 2 had squads and attachable leaders if I remember right
Battle Realms in some ways.

Doesn't have the squads, but it does have melee units tying up ranged ones, an autistically deep system of unit damage and resistance relationships, such that every single unit has a unique matchup with every single other unit, and most factions let you give one of two pieces of war gear to your units, letting you kit them out for specific roles, matchups, or purposes.

Nowadays I think you pretty much have to acquire it from.around the internet, and I have no fukkin clue how multiplayer works.
File: 2019-10-21 15-27-19.webm (2.62 MB, 1280x720)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB WEBM
Battle for middle earth has very similar design
>Small focus on base building. Building is very simplistic in order to not detract from battles, you barely need any workers
>Similarly there are barely any resources at all. You have "resources" with which to build everything and mana points to cast spells/abilities.
>Very aggressive playstyle, battles happen almost immediately after game start. No time at all to turtle
>Squads instead of singular units, save for hero units
>Upgrading squads with equipment and microing their abilities
>First game is all around capturing points on the map around which you can build buildings. It's very similar to Dawn of War. Second game forces you to build your resource buildings so far away from each other it basically results in this same.
For me it's Lotr Dawn of War
BFME and it's mods are very based
How the hell am I supposed to make it run on windows 10?

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (305 KB, 1280x720)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Old World, a 4x game designed by Civ IV's Soren Johnson, comes to Steam on Thursday. What do (You) think about it?
115 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>t would be a killer if he made a main theme on the level of baba yetu
he already did
Did he? And I mean I already know he was the one of did baba yetu originally
I mean I haven't noticed the main theme as memorable, in fact its even random each time you start the game?
File: chrisTin.png (6 KB, 1091x60)
6 KB
just tried the tutorial
not very impressed
looks like a more convoluted civ game
Why Civ 5 specifically?

I want a nice, slow paced, sorta relaxing rts.

I like sci fi with mechs and I like colorfll fantasies. I am not too picky with theming however warcraft and starcraft trn me off for some reason.

Complete begginer to RTS always loved the idea of it tho. Any reccs?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Confrontation, nice. I'm hoping to start Kelts soon.
You can turn game speed to slower in Age of Empire 2 and the game two long tutorials for the beginners, one for the basic stuff and the other to introduce the more advance stuff like early economy. Plus the game is popular so you can easily find videos on how to play or place to ask question, be it even in /vst/ Aoe threads. It's historic, not fantasy, but I still recommend it.
I find Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery in NA) very relaxing and fun, although it's different form your classic rts. Combat here isn't the focus and in fact can be completely optional. Mainly you take care of producing goods and transporting them between islands with ships to make your cities grow happily.

Dawn of War 2 has a very limited unit cap, especial in the campaign where you only control like max four or five squads at once (one squad work as one unit) without much of base building. So there's that.
C&C3 has a vide range of visuals compared to TS with its "red zone and desert, lmao" style, and also has some mechs.
8bit Armies
Codename Panzers Phase 2
does mechcommander count as rts?

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