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File: whatmuslimgirl.png (801 KB, 918x744)
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801 KB PNG
>he doesn't retitle his military formations with historical, or at least customized, names in the local language
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File: Cwmers.jpg (249 KB, 1771x1771)
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249 KB JPG
Cymru am byth
every time
File: 1476708766037.jpg (70 KB, 632x635)
70 KB
>[army purpouse A] army 1
>[army purpouse A] army 2
>[army purpouse B] army 1
>[army purpouse B] army 2

the different "[army purpouse]" are usually stuff like attack or defence or maneuver. When I played OWB as house the armies where grouped into 4 groups: robots+fast mechanised cars+tanktroops (spade logo), infantry (Hearts logo, these guys did defence), wildcards (puppet troops, clubs) and the airborne power armour lads had Diamonds.
any muslim made strategy games?
mount and blade is made by turks.

File: 1599397439640.jpg (27 KB, 556x404)
27 KB
I just want to run my own city state in a massive fantasy world with other players
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Who knows how long it'll be before gpt-4 though, gpt-3 was already a huge jump from 2, and requires a premium since it uses so much processing power. If they could just find a way to increase the memory a lot without significantly then that would help immensely.
Have u tried dominions
I want a fantasy city builder like sim city.
I want to build a Orc city, elf city, dwarf city, etc
File: ikariam-1.jpg (133 KB, 670x377)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
battleforge games via browser... HOME

File: shot_000055.jpg (143 KB, 966x852)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>let's make crusader kings 3
>but better
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>restore rome
>the actual original romans just do the same stupid shit again
File: 1574748080181.jpg (51 KB, 526x720)
51 KB
why does it look like a chink bootleg version of stellaris?
>Everything about large realm stability and expansion
Music to my ears
get fucked lmao

File: 32424.png (1.47 MB, 1044x588)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG

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Thanks for your answer I was probably bad at explaining my question well enough becasue it wasn't exactly I was asking.

So if you found a new colony, does the sector that you found the colony center on have an influence on just the colony center itself or on the sectors tha twill be annexed to it in the future? So far that I observed it doesn't have any influence on it because the Colony Center has static yields, unless of course there are landmarks like rivers of visit sites etc. on the same sector. And the other sectors are also self contained. Does it influence population for example?
All the tiles have an affect on your colony and the sectors that are its extensions. Thus you need to be tactical and careful when expanding. Also certain landmarks work better with certain sector types and depending if you are producing research or energy too.
Sectors with large amount of food are perfect to build food production sectors, ones with high industrial output are better used for industrial purposes and so on. It's good to have two colonies with two food production sectors and have them share the food with your other colonies for faster expansion. At the beginning you will have it harder since some maps will have negative factors on it that makes expansion a tad problematic (like annexing a volcanic sector will cause negative factors like unhappiness and economical downsides). Additional research will mitigate this (researching volcanic adaptation and exploitation will not only remove the negative factors, but also give you a permanent +10 per turn to energy as you extract heat from magma rivers). Hell, exploitation in the civilian research will make you want to claim certain sectors a lot. AKA: Naked sectors have a static bonus that add up to the totality of your colony, sectors exist to improve/modify those things, and tiles in the sectors may have different effects on you that can be mitigated/improved via research.
Some landmarks add extra bonuses if you manage to liberate them from marauders or defeat their guardians. Like if you take over a broadcast center you get a permanent extra +5 to influence per turn (and it stacks with your structures in the HQ and other broadcast centers).
I was more complaining that if you are surrounded by water tiles, or have very slim land sectors, there is little you can do to efficiently place a city.
I wish I could just place a building that gives me +2 water sector limit.
Or at least when water cities arrive, I will be able to have 4 water sectors.
One of the reasons why you rarely see an open-sea fleet is that thee is nothing to protect in sea.
Yes, I know all these, these are indirect benefits of the Colony Center's placement. I only wanted to know if the Colony Center itself gains any benefits from being founded on... say a forest sector or an arctic sector.

I hate to bring up other games as an example but for example in Civ6 (a game I am coming from) the tile you settle on (especially your first city) has important considerations. Like a Plains Hills are generally considered to be the best because it will give the city +1 production from the moment it is settled so the city starts its existence with 2 production instead of the standard 1 essentially doubling its base production. Same if the tile has a luxury resource which will automatically be acquired by the city without the need to build or do anything. And of course settling next to water sources. I am fully aware that the surrounding areas are equally important for planning the city's expansion and the empire's expansion later but that is not what I was asking here.

In Planetfall this works similarly by settling on sectors with rivers, landmarks, hazards, visit sites etc. and some factions have a other benefits down the line. For example Amazons settling forested sectors will immediately benefit from Ecological Construction if that doctrine is active.

But are there direct differences solely to the Colony Center itself if I found it on a naked 2/1/1/0 sector or a 0/1/1/2 sector? No landmarks, rivers, visit sites, hazards, volcanic climate etc. existing and ignoring any later expansion plans.

Thanks for sticking out with me btw.
>Yes, I know all these, these are indirect benefits of the Colony Center's placement. I only wanted to know if the Colony Center itself gains any benefits from being founded on... say a forest sector or an arctic sector.
Not at the beginning unless you research the proper civilian tech, then you will start getting the benefits. In case of the latter you will also get negatives because your colony is build deep in snowland...that is until you research arctic adaptation and exploitation.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (280 KB, 1280x720)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
havent seen a Battle For Middle Earth 2 thread here yet. Anyone here still play this game?
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File: A mad hatter it seems.png (14 KB, 212x238)
14 KB
File: A mad hatter it seems.jpg (12 KB, 189x266)
12 KB
Not even close, it would be more like
"Well, The official discord and another does quite a lot, 100 buck is, in fact, the trophy, and mad in skill they are, but beware of their train, since the polish in ability he quite excels
Yeah, but I don't play that much compare to those guys. When i said competitively I meant to say "not being absolute shit at it", my standard are not very high, because I'm not very good either.
Kinda? its a hit or miss but there are good people, not absolute gods but normal players
I'm lurking this thread but I'm not in mood to play

File: 1458835831446.jpg (41 KB, 508x524)
41 KB
>Spearmen as a 'counter' to Cavalry troops, but worthless vs anything else
Who began this meme?
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>AoE2 is a strong contender
I disagree, Knights and Merchants had the same rule.
sword master race
The fixed it in Troy and now spears are effective against literally every other unt type.
Based and Greekpilled I think.
I wish Troy had a "Records" mode..
>get rekt
>name calling

File: CrusaderAttackDown.gif (13 KB, 108x137)
13 KB
What kind of units are you drawn to in strategy games?
Are you especially found of heavy artillery?
Long lines of pikes, big shock troops that break lines, mobile cavalry archers, large beasts like elephants, knights, tanks?
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tanky bois, if they got heavy armored footknights or other units like that, I'm in
File: stSIwXu.jpg (82 KB, 624x960)
82 KB
Legions of the undead with lots of variety in units and unconventional systems such as magic or weird systems. Bonus points if I can warp the land and corrupt all that makes the enemy feel loved and secure.
Anything cheap and mass produced so the game can choke on pathfinding
echoes exists
fe9, conquests and TH exists

File: 4535.jpg (296 KB, 1373x1088)
296 KB
296 KB JPG

>Frost Giant Studios, a new game studio formed by Blizzard Entertainment veterans, has raised $4.7 million to make its first real-time strategy game.

>StarCraft and Warcraft veterans Tim Morten and Tim Campbell said in an interview with GamesBeat that the real-time strategy genre hasn’t gotten as much attention in recent years as other big genres, like battle royale shooters or console action-adventure games. But they believe that RTS games on the PC can still be a vibrant part of gaming in the future.

>Bitkraft Ventures led the round, with participation from 1Up Ventures, GC Tracker, Riot Games, and Griffin Gaming Partners. They will use the money to grow the team, build a prototype for gameplay, conduct consumer research, and expand operations. Morten said the Irvine, California-based team has eight employees — all who once worked at Blizzard — and four contractors.

But anon, I am already playing AOE.
Also Carbot designed logo a CUTE
It's gonna be shit isn't it?
Starcraft 2 and warcraft are fucking shit
No high hope here
>guy who made some maps for wc3
>starcraft 2 people
>wc3 reforged "person"
>tasteless and day9s mom for some reason
Also, we already have a thread.
Actually yeah, it's gonna be complete shit. Move along.

File: An hero.jpg (46 KB, 840x405)
46 KB
Am I the only one that prefers my autism in turn-based mod? Real-time demands a level of reactions, and apm, feeling kinda like autism-lite. Also, what are some good turn-based games?
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t. retard
Works fine in Total War, Xcom Apocalypse, 7,62 HC.
sounds like you got brain problems
*punches you in the face* fucking dumbass faggot
I believe there's a high chance of you not having heard of Eador, unique turn-based strategy (better to try Genesis version)
>It feels to clunky and wierd a
Why does it feel that way for you?

File: Iron Grip world map.jpg (517 KB, 1920x1080)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
It was once poised as a question "What if Germany won WW2?" Many mods have answered the question in their own unique way with varying degrees of success. We are proud and pleased to reveal the map for "Iron Grip" a mod that explores world where the Germans won in Europe, Japan swept Asia, Italy gobbled up the middle east, and all the free world could do was watch in terror. Retain the Pax Germania as one of the successors to the Fuhrer, cling to the last remnants of the empire as Great Britain, Shepard the last democracies of the world as the United States, Unify the Russian goliath in your own image, and remake the world into your own image even if it must be remade in atomic fire.
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>less concerned with wanking failed ideologies
Nazibros, we got too cocky.
>War has been over for a decade
>No support from the UK, US or even USSR at this point
>Germany is free to focus on all internal threats
>Tito the magic man can survive over a decade of precise counter insurgency because I like his politics
>I consider chetniks irrelevant because I don't like their politics
honestly yeah, vic2 is pretty much almost perfect for modding in cool scenarios
It would be oerfect if not for its fucking retarded code
Making changes in vic is pain in the ass
Is this true that map modding is impossible in Victoria 2?

File: 1599437111808.jpg (1.97 MB, 1920x1080)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
How do I stop playing United Empire? Every game I start as someone else just makes me want to play them more.
81 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, it is robot infantry
It looks like a robot pig.
Anyone know how to save edit?
I want to remove a fucking endless singularity from my system.
Fucking Amplitude can't code for shit.
riftborn questline is kino
A Deuyivan maybe?

File: zoo-tycoon-1.jpg (218 KB, 1024x756)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Last thread died ): >>10222

Zoo Tycoon is one of the best and most in-depth management sims from the golden age of tycoon games. The first game is gold standard (better than RTC2 imo) and the second one is a legit classic

Any tips, tricks, lore, mods, patches you got?

still waiting for an open-ZT1 desu
319 replies and 84 images omitted. Click here to view.
The original? Yes. That shit was cash.

The Jurassic world one? Maybe?
There is no proper free building mode. It's all about the campaign. It's a pretty good campaign though.
Operation genesis is fun but i'd recommend bringing a phone.
it takes a while for cash to come in at the start and while you CAN reroll to get one of the 3 'starting' dinosaur sets.
there's 3 starting dinosaur sets but one of them gets you acrocanthasaurus DNA to start off with and you can watch that stomp around and destroy shit. bottom line is since the start takes a little while to ramp up there's a whole lot of hurry up and wait but hey we all play zoo tycoon here so that's par for the course.
it really opens up as you get new techs and way's to play.
Also it's really easy to 'mod' as in you can just change the config files directly as they came from an age where it was just numbers on a notepad document so you can easily change the starting sets of dinosaurs or how much DNA you can get.
a top tip is to set it so that you can get ALL of the dig sites in a single game as it limits you to a small pool of possible dinosaurs otherwise.
It's a great game and there's a reason it's a classic and still has high scale overhaul mods coming out.
Good god could you imagine in the modern climate the $9.99 DLC packs containing three animals (one is a reskin) and then one new fence type? Such ass

Operation Genesis is neat but it get's pretty hard, specially at the start. It also has a pretty small pop cap for both dinos and guests but luckly you can go in to the files and up the pop and it doesn't effect the game to much in both the game shitting out and the game being smart enough and not just pumping people in to make everything OP.

The Jurassic World games are a bit better than OG but I also find the game more chorey, since it was made with consoles and to impress Sony you have to do a lot of the chores yourself and automating everything is a bit of a bitch. Still with all the updates and DLC I think it's pretty fun for a more casual play through.
>DLC animal

Oh no.... Oh God no....

Is it free DLC?

This just came out on Steam. It's a stealth/ambush RTT with character skill tree progression and equipment crafting. Anybody going to try it?
There's a developer livestream right now as well
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>playing as a girl
>playing as a commie
>can't play as the good guys
Well it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense playing as the British or Americans in this context.
I just want a game where I can play as the Dirlewanger Brigade...
File: 1565735603248.jpg (217 KB, 1024x634)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
File: jok.jpg (59 KB, 1024x576)
59 KB

File: Byzantine Hitler.png (54 KB, 156x210)
54 KB
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Fascism as a movement was based around reclaiming past glory. Britain and France had won the last great war and maintained their empires. There was nothing to reclaim, they still had it.
>>Ural-Altaic language family
>Doesn't even exist.
>Ural-Altaic, Uralo-Altaic or Uraltaic is a linguistic convergence zone and language-family proposal uniting the Uralic and the Altaic (in the narrow sense) languages.
Nice of you to assume I'm from Turkey or the Turkic states - first off there's not even any proof I am of Turanic descent, although it would be an honor, and second off I could just as well be Finnish, Korean, Mongolian, Japanese, Hungarian, or any other part of the greater Turanic descendants.
File: 1603210589320.jpg (182 KB, 1024x989)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>Britain and France had won the last great war and maintained their empires. There was nothing to reclaim, they still had it.
This, it took a while for the realisation that they were alreay on the way out to set in
>Writing home on 16 February 1943, Powell stated: "I see growing on the horizon the greater peril than Germany or Japan ever were... our terrible enemy, America"
Huh, didn't know he could show up there.
Anyway, the secret Hitlers are pretty funny. All I'd ask for is a Russian secret Hitler and then it'd be complete.
>not going with original Pilsudski plan and add Secret Hitler to Poland

File: daut 01.jpg (3.38 MB, 4032x3024)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
I am forgotten.
Based daut. Look at the size of those fists. Man is packing.

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