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File: ultimatechad.png (273 KB, 496x498)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>felt the urge to play some WBC after a good long time
>no thread up
U wot m8? Anyone else playing? How goes your campaign?
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>Also say goodbye to undead being able to transform from skeletons to stronger units in 0.9.0 now you've got to build them all individually
I like the mod a lot but this is a horrible idea, transformation made them more unique and fun, i really hope this won't happen.
Ruining the most interesting mechanic of one of the most interesting factions is indeed unbelievably stupid. I don't even play undead but who the fuck thinks this is a good idea? Is this for some pants-on-head retarded multiplayer balance or some shite? At this rate there will be virtually no reason to use TPC over vanilla.
I'm still hyped for the new TPC update, especially the new campaign but it's a real shame to change undead like that, it is unique and pretty cool, also it gives them another tactical layer where you can upgrade units to what you need mid battle to turn the tide, especially if you can raise more skeletons
>'We're ruining Undead, please drop our mod.'
You got it, chief.
Source on this undead thing?

Closed beta is out, anyone have the files to pass around?
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I think so. Strange that it’s now canon that Asians got bred out by whites.
>mobile and Baldwin got merged
After the China dlc, Brazil was in ATE as a stand-in for the "super powerful offmap empire." The Coffee Wind also replaced the silk road, as a coastal trade route that winds from the Brazillian Empire through the Gulf and up the eastern shore. I assume they wanted that to still be a thing for lore, but the offmap power mechanics haven't been added yet
Did they delete Bermuda? The Bermuda nigga pirate vikings were one of my favorite ATE starts
It’s still there. Don’t know if it’s still pirates though.

File: jvnhbgtvrf.png (637 KB, 1024x768)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
>Play HOI3 as USSR
>Focus on defensive strategy and modernizing the Red Army
>Decide from the beginning to max out land and air defenses in Moscow
>Try to spread communism through "peaceful" means, very little success
>Feeling ballsy, decline Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and proclaim guarantee on Poland
>Germans invade Poland anyway
>Alors, c'est la guerre
>Confidently add "make puppet" as a wargoal
>Completely get my ass kicked and lose practically the entire Red Army due to a series of fuckups
>Germans surround Moscow in May 1941
>Not ready to give up just yet, still have 4 infantry divisions with arty and AT in Moscow plus 2 militia and a garrison
>Germans keep advancing and slowly mop up what's left of the Red Army outside Moscow
>Months go by, Moscow garrison continues to resist despite constant assaults
>Germans swallow up more and more land
>Leningrad and Stalingrad fall

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I'd like to see any actual of hoi3 campaigns instead of useless shitty bickering
For me it's just tiresome bcs need very intensive micro.
Usually i play Germany in ww2 games bcs having initiative is always good, but once i play France.
Holy shit, it take more than 4 hours of micro to withstand vs Italy with small groups of mountaineers and slowly bleed Germany enough for conq their lands.
>play as France and win.
Yup. Micro is just tedious when there's nothing particularly challenging about beating the AI. You can also play as minors and win without joining a faction. Equally as tedious, particularly when you eventually snowball your way through and realize you were never going to lose in the first place. Better thing to do is to create your own scenarios and play with house rules where you can make things more difficult for yourself. Of course mp would be the best but hoi3 mp is mostly dead.
lmfao retard filtered, back to hoi4 kid
Go back to r*ddit kid.
Lol dumb hoi4 baby, you should try playing the game first.

File: 1635980428980.png (462 KB, 462x652)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
*mogs every other RTS game*
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Ummm... BASED
Dhsk can take of it.
File: 1653320514102.png (28 KB, 152x190)
28 KB
>get told its bad
>use it
>its actually good
Shut up, shill

File: v's list of AW romhacks.png (1.38 MB, 1020x3970)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Picrel is some recommended rom hacks curated by a few anons.
>Commander Wars: open-source AW engine
>Tiny Wars: Days of Ruin PVP
>AWBW: Standard PVP
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>IDS units during the final part of DoR are suppose to be automatic
>uses the same army type as the blue guys
>black hole land units (besides the infantry) do not have any soldiers in them from the sprites
IDS really should of had black hole style
DoR was rushed from what I understand and a lot of animations and assets were reused as a result. There should have been more sprites than just Lazurian and Rubinelle armies. The plot also had to be railroaded and a fifth faction was scrapped as well.
Oh a 5th faction was suppose to be on the game? Guess that was suppose to be the green faction, though it is interesting how DoR is the one game in which you can place down the black army in the map editor.
Brenner’s wolves and the NRA having the same sprites for their units make sense as they where part of the same nation.
however IDS clearly had their own look if that IDS soldier is anything to go by, hell in the first image of the great owl you see aircraft you don’t see anywhere else flying with it, I suspect that’s what the IDS bombers are suppose to look like.
There was probably suppose to be a lot more COs and he’ll maybe Isabella was suppose to command an army at some point in the game.
How big was the great owl anyways? The damn thing apparently was big enough to paradrop aircraft carriers, and the runway for the thing must of been massive.
Also why does Caulder need a lab that is several times larger then a city?
File: baldy.jpg (40 KB, 480x360)
40 KB
This isn't reddit, fag, you can just say Mangs.

File: mcdonalds game.png (216 KB, 833x526)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
ITT : flash games that fit /vst/
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>medic being the one always fetching crates
>officer and sig sitting in the pillbox in the corner
>gunner scoring all the kills
>frenchie with a baguette
>snipers who can't hit shit from 5 meters away
>PAK about to gib itself
>sneaky infiltrator being sneaky
>brandenburger coming in for some surprise buttsex
>enough waves for a medal but not really because D.O crates
The only thing missing is a command tent with officers playing cards, sprinting SS and zippos running around
File: bump.png (37 KB, 275x369)
37 KB
emergandy bumb
is the water fucked now or is it just me?
stuff used to look different on old monitors
I didn't expect a simple game like that be so pricey.

File: file.png (703 KB, 767x455)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
>be you
>count otto von whateverburg
>be a loyal vassal to the king with a long line of ancestors all swearing fealty to the then king
>hear of the news that a count 4 days north of your realm has fashioned himself a duke
>whatever, i swore fealty to the king
>receive missive from said duke
>he's apparently your new liege
>the king just broke your mutual oath and gave you away to his new duke vassal
>tfw you had 0 input
>tfw fuck the feudal system
>tfw fuck the law
why is ck3 like this
>Everything works as intended
>/v/tard gets spastic

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 358x141)
10 KB
Diplomacy update in 5 days lads

>A full-featured diplomacy system. The AI takes a "realpolitik" approach, and the system explains in detail why the AI likes or dislikes a diplomatic action. So no AI opponents that hate or love you for no clear reason. Your diplomatic actions also affect your reputation in the world as a whole.

>I'm especially pleased with the ultimatum system, where you can send an interaction saying "do this or else I'll do this other thing". This can be "pay me tribute or I declare war" but also more out there things like "upgrade our non-aggression pact pact to a defensive pact or I'll cancel our trade treaty".

>You can now upgrade your towns and cities with shipyards, factories, police stations, pleasure palaces, labs, and more. Balance your expenditures between building up your empire and conquering more of it.

>There are new systems for logistics and city unrest, as well as a fully rewritten espionage system, a revamped technology tree, and a much prettier new map.

>Finally, there are now special eras in conquest that change things up by having special rules. Like an Age of Piety that reduces unrest and gives the players a bunch of holy sites to fight over. Or an Age of Exploration that lets the players send out expeditions to find knowledge and valuables.
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There is a functioning speed bonus of around x1.5 or whatever, but basically yeah. If the boys are running far enough for it to make that big of a difference, there are almost certainly other, bigger issues.
ok but does it add infantry
There is already infantry. Just fill an air or landship with barracks and dismount them, bam, got your infantry right there
>Normal is too easy
>Hard is too hard
>Entire world becomes giga coalition impossible to take on

Picked this game up again after a long time of not playing. I've been having a lot of fun with the new stuff.
But I really can't figure out how to find a good medium difficulty that works.
Don't tell me I need to do some specific meta builds to get anywhere on hard. The tech lead fucks me.
Huge ships, grapeshot instantly deleting my balloons etc.
What random map events are best and should be prioritized?
What sort of fleet or general level of power would I need to take them down?

File: 37ff3b3a.jpg (35 KB, 353x493)
35 KB
The gang's all here! Koei general for all your questions, opinions and information on Koei's vast strategy catalogue. Everything from the MSX to the current consoles and PC! The sons of Liu Bei are here to help!
499 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.
>but the readme started saying stuff like "lol dude just turn off your anti virus trust me"
you must be new to pirating older PC games, that is/was completely standard
Shu Han had the fertile riverlands and was highly defensible. Unfortunately, Liu Bei blew it when he invaded Wu as retaliation for Guan Yu's death. Zhuge was able to keep it together for a bit longer.
File: LLQ - 200.png (1.8 MB, 1360x768)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
Lu Stinky in this game is actually cracked. I'm currently fighting off Yuan Shao for Papa Bu through the timeless method of capturing all of Yuan Shao's officers until he's stuck using literal whos. Who do I marry?
>Who do I marry?
Marry Lu Bu.
Xiahou Dun

House Corrino just dropped
how are y'all liking the update?
Are Sarduakar rlly a subpar unit? C'mon Shiro, read the lore
& folks
trans rights are human rights btw
Maybe the early game is slow but I couldn't get into this game. Felt pretty much the same to Northgard to me but less comfy.
Not a Dune fan by any stretch though so it might just be that.

File: 2.jpg (35 KB, 151x250)
35 KB
Empire Earth 2 is an old game from 2005. It is currently being supported by a community of about a hundred people, heralded by a certain Dr Mona Lisa. He adds features to the game and fixes alot of its issues with no source code, with few contributors and very regularly, which is so very good to see. If you are an EE2 player you should download his patch

but there are things that i just don't understand
>removed LAN functionality entirely so one can only play on the community lobby (ok never mind checked my options and there is a way to restore it, but it's needlessly complex)
>banned all russian players to the game, "sanctioned" as he says, unless they click on a checkbox which pleads for forgiveness because of le ukraine war
>generally seems ban happy

why does one even feel the neccesity to do this. The game's community is at best 50 people

i mean i have alot of respect for the guy but come on. Relax. it's a game.
but why? EE 2 and 3 were shit
1 was way better
File: 1636329626164.jpg (471 KB, 1171x1347)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
> why does one even feel the neccesity to do this.
They do it for free.
>is an old game from 2005
Spoken like a true zoomer

File: PtqwO.jpg (558 KB, 1920x1064)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
Hello, I was unable to archive the last CK2 GoT thread and I am hoping somebody can provide critical links to the patches provided in the thread.
416 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
You shouldn't be able to, it's a bug.
Is there any trade/economy submod for this? I tried The Great Trade League which is supposed to have compatibilty with AGOT, and while the game open without problems, the mod content isn't there for me.
The Three Towers mod works but that mod has technology based features so it can't be used properly.

I want to play something similar to what Corlys Velaryon did, but there aren't enough economy options to play like that. If I can't find something, I'm thinking about editing The Three Towers to properly work with AGOT, because it looks cool
There's a mod that modifies trade routes but that's not really what the game is about
Well, those mods are more about adding more economy buildings and in the Great Trade League, it adds a traders society in which you can buy and sell goods.
I know the game is not meant to be about that, but still, would be fun to play as a lord with focus in trade
Do the Republics in CK2 not do what you’re saying?

ITT : we are the AI in strategy games complaining about shit the human player does and looking for a fix

>are there where the human doesn't fucking turtle all the time? it's really boring having to go all in on them and they never attack except once with a big army
103 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
look at this seething meatbag lmao
Spawn some flyers from the other edge of the map and send them into their economy. I've heard players love unexpected challenges like that.
>game gets released and beat meatbags until they go on forums and complain
>few days later, get lobotomized and dumbed down by developers so that I can be easier to defeat
>mfw dumb meaties still can't beat me
File: 1543302557012.jpg (23 KB, 317x267)
23 KB
>he doesn't crash the game and corrupt the save file when bullshit happens
My brother in binary, you have a skill issue.
>playing battle brothers with meatbag
>Laughing my ass off as my goblins are hitting his polearms behind the shield wall
>Decide to take it easy and shoot a caravan hand
>Arrow misses and crits flag bearer, killing him instantly
Lmao sorry master

File: 16542346543.jpg (148 KB, 1200x561)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
What do you call games like The Guild?
Why didn't it spawn its own subgenre of strategy games? It's right up there with Rimworld for complexity.
43 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mean with AI so you can populate the game with characters.
It doesnt even need to be that grand scale you could make it on one city and the surrounding villages so you dont have to model the entirety of the medieval world.
>Then I remember that this is essentially Romance of Three Kingdoms game
what do you mean you mean that this game series does all the things I am asking for?
That's how I used to play The Guild 2. Like a medieval godfather. You could only hide your crimes so much before enough evidence piled up that every other NPC was bringing you to court with a list of accusations long enough to have you instantly executed. And of course if you didn't go to court you got outlawed. I used to build my house in the wilderness and have my underlings rake in the money for me. Too bad The Guild 3 turned out so shit. I tried to play it after it left early access and it feels so poorly made. The first impression was so bad I didn't even bother with it.
>learn to use greentext
ive never played the guild, what's so special about them?

File: 5055.jpg (26 KB, 460x215)
26 KB
The battles are so god damn kino. The rulesystem is top notch. You can do so much with it and it still feel realistic.
141 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not a good player so take everything with a grain of salt:

The best battle is the one with yourself over reading the manual. The tutorial is very basic and you'll never be MP ready unless you're thinking in terms of cohesion modifiers and shit like that. Watch Snugglebunny's tutorial videos while playing fun custom or quick battles.

Past the actual rules and mechanics some basic tactics are good. Stuff like how and why skirmishers are used, taking advantage of terrain, changing lines on the fly in response to an enemy formation. Watching tourney play, especially draws, helps get into the mindset.
i played through the 4 base game campaigns. then almost all historical battles, then i played MP exclusively
File: 06-357.png (614 KB, 1200x1510)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
+1 for watching snugglebunny videos, that's how I saw the most improvement in mp. Hes a very strong player. Also at the end of the manual there are some quick tips. The one that stuck with me was "a bad plan is better than no plan at all." Always make sure to survey the field before and during deployment. View it from both your own and your opponent's viewpoints, and think of a general plan with that info. The manual includes excerpts from an irl late Roman military manual which, while not terribly useful for getting good at the game, does illustrate how to think of a general order of battle. You should always keep a plan as simple as possible, and then stick with it. Plans as simple as "attack with your strong right flank, hold back with your weak left", or "control rough terrain and shoot crossbows from there", will make your play a lot better.
Anyone playing in the sublime porte tournament? This first map is very byzantine-sided right? Or am I just shit with horse archers armies
Honestly, everything slitherine makes feels like a reskin with different pixel art.

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