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File: Stellaris_Logo.jpg (23 KB, 460x215)
23 KB
Paradox is going to try and fix the shittier parts of the old Stellaris DLCs. Thoughts?
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Soon you will see all the jank and it will never be the same. The lack of vision and synergy between mechanics is really grating. Also a lot of busywork.
newfag here, how do you prevent the ai pushing ships after a truce which apparently makes it open borders? i secured a narrow border with many lands behind it yet to be mine but then the ai will pass and grab it
File: Plants and Fungi.png (351 KB, 741x698)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
New Dev Diary

>Plants and Fungi get traits that they have to share.
File: MARIO IS A.png (6 KB, 222x227)
6 KB
Will they finally make all species groups have differing traits?
Not all of them (for now). Just the paid species packs, to match Lithoids.

File: CnC_SS.jpg (11 KB, 206x244)
11 KB
Post stuff here that noone but you have ever played (or so you had thought) or/and you never heard anyone talk about - outside some ancient on-line forums only you had visited...
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Tzar: Burden of the Crown
File: 1607772647_11.png (1.48 MB, 1024x768)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
It had an strong art style with alternative take on isometric perspective and purposfully very ugly face portraits for hero units.

Gameplay wise they attempted to have a bit of asymmetric factions going on with Europeans vs. Asians vs. Arabs thing going on. Units could also pickup items, going for a bit of early Warcraft 3.
Woah that looks kick ass.
Forgot to mention the game have bad path finding.
I played all the Codename games and I think this is the best one

File: 1920px-MicroProse.svg.png (46 KB, 1920x409)
46 KB
Yup, I think that they're back! Move along Paradlcdox.
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PDX make spreadsheets and disguise them as games behind some of the worst-designed UI ever conceived: there's nothing much actually going on beneath the surface. It can be argued that MicroProse started off doing something similar(the Civ series began with them for example), but that was the 80s: they were limited by technology. A megabyte of system RAM was hot shit then and spreadsheets that could hold a lot of data without crashing and just it in real-time were technically impressive. However, as technology improved so did the scope of the games and once something could be done for real there was no reason to abstract it into a spreadsheet formula. The PDX design philosophy rewinds time to 1991 and innovates fuck all whilst making 'complexity' a selling-point, but don't simulate anything.
What the fuck are you talking about?
imo Microprose will build a good name simply off of releasing of bunch of games that have ideas and mechanics that people actually want, despite how well implemented those mechanics are or how polished the final product is.

Carrier command VR for example has an awesome concept but I sincerely doubt it'll be any good at this rate. The beta was trash. The guns on your ship are more effective than anything at clearing out the enemy, and planes are next to useless which makes no fucking sense for a game named Carrier Command. It needs about 1 more year in the shop just like every other Microprose game. Highfleet is the most polished thing Microprose has published yet, but its still buggy as shit.

Hopefully spamming all these (generally) unpolished and rushed games will secure them enough funding to do a round two of these games where they release more fleshed out experiences
Carrier Command 2*
Don't know why I typed VR
Hoping the B-17 game comes out alright personally, that and Sea Power

File: Fatima.png (50 KB, 182x208)
50 KB
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>retard didn't read the manual and can't figure out basic shit
lol get the fuck out of here kid
>doesn't even try to deny that the UI is a piece of shit
I'll just wait for the remake.
when you travel, the game literally displays a message how to shorten or cancel travel
>Be blind
>claim the UI is dogshit

Whatever you need to cope.

File: bohemia.png (455 KB, 459x427)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
this is why you shouldn't let ck2 run for too long
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That would be pagan world.
>I get that's it meant to be used as the "I don't care about religious gameplay" religion
>but you'd think it'd have more to it than that.
It's like you are retarded or something
Hey, I'm just saying that they should've gone all the way with the religious neutrality aspect of Taoism without binding most of it to the Chinese Imperialism government type.

Not him, but as a Czech. You M*gyars are the Roaches of Europe.
Fuck you, and fuck Sigismund.
I had this headcanon where we should genocide the hungarians and repopulate the place with sorbs of Lusatia

File: fb59bd9334.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
About to start The Legend of Runersia. What am I in for?
shitty story and characters, event spam
decent gameplay
strongly recomend to go for custom game and put enemy mana income x2 otherwise they are pretty passive and mana starved which make them less active on map and field weaka rmies after some early losses
i was stuck on quaantine for one week and played it intesvly
overall pretty decent but i liked the first one more
I didn't like it.

My main issues with the game were the utterly worthless AI and the lack of unit variety, especially between different factions. The tactical gameplay is okay but suffers greatly from the above issues, while the strategic gameplay is just terminally dull.
didn't they promise to patch ai and add some shit?

File: dotards.jpg (237 KB, 1450x823)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>try blitzkrieg
>you just CAN'T ok!
>even if it's plains terrain you just CAN'T push ok?
>yes it's perfectlyl ogical for a single division to hold down 24 divisions so they can reinforce the line

who honestly tought of this absolute mongoloid tier system?
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have you considered blowing your head off with a shotgun you insufferable fucking faggot? maybe you and that turbo-manlet volound can spray cum into eachothers mouth about how erudite you are for playing shogun 2
fuck off TNO and its submods are all trash
File: 20210803004342_1.jpg (641 KB, 1920x1080)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
game's easy, you just have to be not retarded
giga cringe

Talk about the greatest RTS of all time
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We should fight eachother on faf
I'm having trouble on vanilla supcom aeon final mission, the monkeylord rush after capturing black sun is incredibly hard to defend
I don't precisely remember the mission, but, wouldn't a couple of CZARs solve the problem? Or T3 bombers, though that would be less stylish
The thing is the initial 300 unit/building limit is shit and only gets upgraded to 400 after capturing black sun control centre, I'll try again tomorrow and rush colossus
I did that with a GC and some t3 navy last time I played. GCs have 200k hp baseline in the base game, they are kinda crazy

File: 1626874958619.png (449 KB, 1080x349)
449 KB
449 KB PNG

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Ethiopia was already in vanilla AoE3
Also where's my North Africa civs?
Where the fuck is a proper Napoleon campaign?

Yeah it gave us Berbers. Which is based.
Good lord the architecture in the minor nations is so beautiful. This whole expansion is very nice.
The launch really killed off the community so no one plays ranked or even casual 3v3 matches that aren't retarded nr45 high resources so I kind of just stopped.
File: hqdefault.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
Veni and Garja were really cool guys.
Community is kinda split/innactive right now with DE, even some of the top pros like Hazza are not playing because they think the game is too imbalanced, not to mention retired ones.

Honestly, I'm kinda waiting to see how things change with AoE4 and how frequently they release patches in 3. You can watch lot of cool games at the AoE3 stream community's youtube channel tho.
slaver state bros hausa ww@

File: 234324.png (1.62 MB, 1422x800)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
YOU are fighting for MANKIND, right?
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Would you say that this is the best 4X game ever made?
Do you think anything in the game could be improved?
Does Civ or Stellaris do anything better?
What is your opinion on Amplitude's next game?
Not even close
It could be less obtuse, less prone to bugs, and way more interesting
No, play Galciv 2 or MoO
EL sucked so it will too
if they could combine the majority of what they've done, with Sword of the Stars combat, yes. Yes it would be the best 4x space game ever made.
>Galactic Civilizations 2
give me a break, it's good, but doesn't beat ES2
>Master of Orion
if you're talking 2, yeah you have a great classic game there. Unfortunately a lot of people have a soft spot for it because it was babby's first 4x, so they overrate it.
>Endless Legend sucked
okay, now you're legitimately retarded.
I want either a game set in the Hissho world, or Auriga just coming back to life after the events of ES2 and bringing everyone back to life.

Though EL remake is more likely, though.
If not this one, then what is the best 4X game ever made? And which ones would have the most replayability to spend hundreds of hours on?

File: p4fp19bzgkz21.jpg (40 KB, 562x718)
40 KB
Civ 6 thread

Waiting on any news regarding another expansion, patch or even Civ 7. In the meantime shitpost about strats, waifus and themes. Opening question: Which unit is the absolute worst in the game, even after the patch was released? For me it's the Saka Horse Archer, it's still trash, it went from stupidly squishy to a little bit harder but it's still an archer with one range. Honorable mention goes to the crouching tiger.
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Winning a diplomatic victory has little, if not nothing, to do with diplomacy; it's all about memorizing the resolutions that the AI will always vote.
Vote against yourself - for the luxury (You) have the most of
>Great people
Vote against great prophets
Vote against militaristic
>Trade routes
One of the few resolutions you can win, because the AI will only vote for itself 1-3 times
Another you can win, for similar reaons
Would you say that this is the best 4X game ever made?
Do you think anything in the game could be improved?
Does the Endless series or Stellaris do anything better?
What is your opinion on Humankind?
File: zvxyase2nb241[1].jpg (246 KB, 1280x720)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>Would you say that this is the best 4X game ever made?
I wouldn't. It's one of the best, but not the best.
>Do you think anything in the game could be improved?
Yes. Better AI, better difficulty scaling (instead of the AI just getting +40% stat bonuses to make up for them being stupid), better map generation, and some balance passes are definitely needed.

For example, Mali receives a huge penalty to production because they were, at the time of inception, the best civilization to get ludicrous amounts of cash on. Now, not only is it possible to reach the levels of cash flow Mali had at their height as any civilization, Portugal has utterly eclipsed Mali in terms of cash generation, and they don't have any real downsides.

>Does the Endless series ... do anything better
Endless Legends is a great 4x despite all its shortcomings. They tried to improve on civ combat and made it worse on accident. What I really appreciate, though, is that all of the factions are incredibly different and are almost playing separate games. It's a design cue that Firaxis took partway through Civ VI's development. First it was Kongo, who basically doesn't get to interact with religion. Then in GS there's Mali and Hungary. Once the NFP dropped, though, every single new civ added plays like they were designed by the Endless Legends team, for better or for worse.
Gonna try that. Thanks, anon. Ran into the problem with Epic feeling very, very uninteresting because the AI barely did shit but Standard feeling like eras were going by at a breakneck pace.
What would you say is the best 4X ever made? And which would have the most replayability to spend hundreds of hours on?

File: VC4_Kai_Artwork.png (678 KB, 1000x709)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
I know about VC, FE and trouble shooter. What are some good games with some anime waifus?
179 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20210802_210503.jpg (874 KB, 2172x3862)
874 KB
874 KB JPG
And there is quite a few of them, from old consoles like SNES
*there are
To modern ports on newer consoles and PC, my entry point was langrisser, der, i emulated a SNES ROM and I'd say it was a good starting point but feel free to look into other games and decide which one you want to play yourself
There's kingdoms under fire, you can play as the dark legion and play as a drow leading an army of pretty drows? is on PC now but there's no support at all is still worth a pirate.
Kamidori, Amayui Castle Meister.
File: sex.png (851 KB, 876x676)
851 KB
851 KB PNG
yeah, the "strategy" part of this game feels really simple and easy, like the developers first thought the player needed something to do between waifu dates, at least in the first one

File: summer.png (170 KB, 423x266)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Are nachzherers overpowered or underpowered? I think they are fine outside of the arena
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I did that cycle a few times. Eventually it clicked and I played a full game before quitting.
Unfinished game syndrome. There's no real goal to the game so it'll never leave you feeling done with it, you'll just play until it trails off into boring repetition and leave dissatisfied again.
Are there any weapons that aren't 1h swords that have reposte in legends?
>lose because of rng
Nah. After 3 or 4 playthroughs this idea goes away and you realize you only have yourself and the brother in question to blame.
I don't get it how they didn't finish the game with all that fucking money. Just goes to show never give people money up front for anything. Kickstarter is cancer.

File: SiegedTank.jpg (62 KB, 535x500)
62 KB
>iconic visual design
>easy to understand, has clear strengths and weaknesses
>power massively increases with smart positioning and clever tactics (easy to learn, hard to master)
>fits its faction to a T, almost single-handedly defining it
>heavily influences the game while only being beneficial, turns TvT into tactical Go-style territory wars
Face it, this is the best designed RTS unit of all time.
54 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.

oh no not the unit that dies in 2 hits against 20+ grizzlys
No, obviously tank mode should be just as powerful as siege mode despite its advantages, I shouldn't have to put my tanks in sige mode to win battles.

I am a master game designer.
Protoss entire race are a peer to backwater humans who strip mine entire planets. An expeditionary force of Earth Humans btfo the Protoss, the Dominion, and the Zerg all at the same time. It took the three factions allying to beat an expeditionary force of humans from earth. Even into SC2 Kerrigan sees Earth humans as if they were an existential threat to the entire sector. Duran had to do everything in his power to gimp the Directorate from within, so even the ultra big bad thought they were a major threat.

That universe was so skewed in humanity's favor it's not even funny. Between Kerrigan and Nova, humans have the best psychics as well. The only reason humans aren't the best is because their faction is the inbred redneck subset of humanity.
IT's not a planet cracker, it's more in line with the covenant glassing a planet or ro put it in a another way. It's no different than nuking korhal, just replace nukes with plasma.
Don't they usually they come in groups?
Unless you have a repair ifv nearby or you run your tanks to the closest repair depot don't they end up tearing shit up if you didn't force fire on the infected units?

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (99 KB, 616x353)
99 KB
Almost a year after the release - is the game worth playing? Has it improved any since the release?
I am mostly interested in the single player content, because fuck you, Polish mechs in WW 1 sound metal as fuck.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This company made fun of starcraft for a year leading up to its release. Then we get this smooth brain RTT game, missing basic functions of rts games. BUT DONT WORRY WE WILL PATCH IN BETTER PATH FINDING AND ABILITY TO INVITE A FRIEND FOR 2v2. Like how do you fuck this bad? On top of that the gameplay is boring af and very basic.
It's literally the worst rtt game ive ever played, its absolute shit. Might be good to some cnc brainlet but if you like supcom, sc1/sc2, wc3, aoe, dawn of war/coh its a shit game with nothing to do.
>This company made fun of starcraft for a year leading up to its release
Proudly bleating on about your game not being gookclick is as much of a red flag as talking about how important esports is.
Seriously how the fuck do you make a copy of Company of Heroes but remove all the micro AKA the thing that made CoH fun?
And it will never be.
>even Poles are highly ignorant about it
Bitch please, we are having yearly celebration of "winning" that - and the anniversary will be next week, since they've decided to use the Battle of Warsaw to be the fixed celebration date.
Also, the inspiration for Iron Harvest is Scythe, the (horribly awful) board game, which just like IH, was sold entirely on "cool" pictures, but has bland, boring and half-baked gameplay and ruleset.
>which just like IH, was sold entirely on "cool" pictures
I am starting to feel sorry for Różalski. I guess he really wants to make a universe out of his "Chełmoński vs gundam" pics, he just doesn't know how and so far the universe is skin deep. I would like to see some "serious" writer like Dukaj try to flesh out the setting a bit first, because the potential is there and only then we can talk about videogames and board games.
I mean, Jesus Christ, Głuchowski made Metro 2033 a thing and that's also a very "high concept" idea.

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