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File: Homm3boxart.jpg (31 KB, 280x355)
31 KB
just bought this game because some from this board recommended it to me. Graphics look comfy as fuck but how do I actually play? Should I learn through trial and error or do I need a guide?
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File: ow.png (1.84 MB, 1366x768)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
Took a few more hits that time alright.
ive been playing homm2 and its really hard
>how do I actually play?
just start the human campaign and go from there.
What I liked about HoMM 2 compared to HoMM 3: It's do or die baby. No waiting. But you can still block your shooters with melee stacks, provided there isn't a V fast AI flier that shuts them down before you can do anything.
gog shills out in force force

File: file.png (3.38 MB, 2160x2160)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
Wow. I'm genuinely surprised a movie licensed game is pretty complex. John Wick Hex is a hard fucking game. What are yall thoughts?
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>ey yo ma 4chan niggas what are yall thoughts on hecking wholesome Lakeanu Reeveesha
I hate this fucking board, so many schizos.
Is that not the result of years of solitaire strategy gaming?
kill yourself
fuck off nigbert

File: mappos2.webm (1.78 MB, 1472x802)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB WEBM
is a grand STRATEGY GAME that I have been developing, it's not "off-topic", even if it isn't complete.
Set in pseudo-Europe and inspired by Imperator, it seeks not to be another map painter but an empire manager, with a focus on:
>resource management (you need wood to build ships, grain to feed pops, wool to prevent them from freezing, etc)
>pop management (who all have their wealth)
>character management
>closed economy with prepaid-model
>anti-omniscience (limited information, e.g. you don't know many troops other countries have)
>faction management (all characters belong to a faction, and everything you do impact the faction's loyalty, if you go to war against the faction's beloved country, they might revolt against you)
>army management (army depletes as you advance because you have to leave troops behind to garrison)
>making the world evolve (you turn forests into farmlands, build bridges over rivers, convert villages to cities)
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>Also, the warcraft skill is hidden, instead you have to determine your generals based on their "war renown", which is essentially flank win rate, every time they defeat a flank, their war goes goes up, drops every time they lose
That sounds neat.
> I think I have fundamental mechanics down, but I keep reworking from scratch when I notice they aren't fun, which adds a lot.
This game sounds like it's in development hell
do a experiment anon
take names of modern day politicians or 2nd WW figuers and short them to 2-3 letters names
>Winston Churchil = Win Chu
>Vladimir Putin = Vla Pu, etc
you can do same to sengoku jidai names, see how it sounds - it doesn't sound good
>Tolkien was autists about it
yep and he also know what he was doing
What is it?

File: king of cards.jpg (144 KB, 616x353)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
joustus requires a big brain
what is this again?

File: manorlords.jpg (353 KB, 1500x844)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
Is it good?
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The demo was good but missing like half the promised features, so we'll have to wait and see until it actually comes out.

IF it releases with everything that was promised and none of it is outright bad, it'll be a great game.
Not sure why you're so mad. Nobody's getting scammed since nobody's paying for it. If it was actually for sale it could be a scam, but how can it be a scam if it's not being sold under false pretenses? Even if it never comes out, nobody loses anything.

Right now it looks good so there's no harm in keeping an eye on it, regardless of when/if it will actually get finished.
>Nobody's getting scammed since nobody's paying for it.
for what i know this game is funded by EU and probably by their supporters (but i am not sure)
>Right now it looks good so there's no harm in keeping an eye on it, regardless of when/if it will actually get finished.
No, there are so much trannies and faggot in their discord, we all know what happend to those game that are related with faggots, also there is nothing new in this game and i don't feel the medieval setting and there is an absence of logistics
>You're so mad
I guess that was plural you, given only one of those is mine
>Nobody's getting scammed since nobody's paying for it
Game is literally EU-funded. Which means yet another leak of money, wasted on useless shit, rather than, say, fix the fucking railway system.
>inb4 not your money
Doesn't make it any less of waste of shit that's taken from me via taxes anyway.

File: 2Q==.jpg (894 KB, 2400x1350)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
this is our future
>what if Minecraft had actual gameplay
>minecraft is an aesthetic now on par with Tolkien, Lovecraft and Giger
I hate this planet.

What is this shit?

File: 1669486352209446.gif (336 KB, 580x416)
336 KB
336 KB GIF
I like dominions a lot
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Sceleria doesn't have the strongest blessings and isn't a global threat through dominion spread alone.
it ain't through dom spread but it sure as shit is a global threat
what can your undead army do with just 200 Marignon crossbowmen? NOTHING.
File: 1647613816031.png (227 KB, 1012x800)
227 KB
227 KB PNG

The unseated king of 4X
No, I will not respond to 4cels and their bait
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File: 1672161599735597.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
>Civ games end in 2050
Bros... is that when "The End of History" will happen?
the fuck are you talking about you braindead mongoloid
>It's fucked over by tech advanced barbarians episode.
File: Civ5.jpg (340 KB, 1921x1201)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
>Thread still up after more than one month
We're hitting based levels that shouldn't even be possible.

File: hordes_externally.png (3.3 MB, 1920x1080)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB PNG
Old thread died.
Play as TO.
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Yeah precisely it's so deep that you need a phd to play it. It's also so realistic that your country is an entity that develops itself, meaning as the ruler you are better off delegating everything to your administration and are mosty just in charge of passing laws and declaring wars. Very realistic. I find it boring as fuck though.
They build their own structures too? I haven't heard about an automatic administration
There are not really 'structures' to speak of as in buidings. There is infrastructure and monetary investment.

Infrastructure just raises a cap and it's up to the player to do it. You have to check inside a bunch of menus if the province hit a cap or not. Say you find out a city is full and your people can't find housing, you upgrade the housing infrastructure there. If it is unused it also decays over time. It's not that different from building town/city halls in 2.6 but still, why does it imply all infrastructure is qualitatively the same? Why would the only difference between my brand new 1700 naval infrastructure and the crappy 1300 one only be the number of people who can work on the docks? I can't help but think vanilla/2.6 buildings didn't make any less sense there, as long as you saw them as an abstraction.
However that system is still overall okay.

Monetary investment is the main one, it's a very opaque system which replaces buildings. It involves spending ducats (1,5,10,100...) on a province to upgrade one of several things there, like fisheries or forestries. The catch is that if you overinvest it will drain your money, as what you effectively did is just raise wages to attract more people (apparently your money is never used to subsidize new fishing boats or set-up forestry administration, it just raises wages), so you probably end up with millionaire peasants (which stay part of the peasant pop btw). How does one know how much is too much? Well generally it seems to always be too much since even fucking 10 gold usually turns a province into a deficit for 5 years, at which point it might make 0.01/m more than before, if you're lucky. So you end up with an insane stockpile of gold that you can't do shit with. So what is recommended is "just use the auto-investor bro" which means you stare at your screen doing fuckall (not to mention it's laggy as fuck) at which point I have to ask what the fuck is the point of playing this mod anymore.
It looks like that. There is also maintenance of your investments to manage. Also recommended to just leave it on automatic.
how do I remove those silly options like must be in china land to have heavenly mandate government. I want to move my china heavenly mandate nation to america to conquer it in 1500s and these silly restrictions get in the way of my fun

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (97 KB, 616x353)
97 KB
Is this a fun game to play in 2023? How does it compare to Paradox gsg games? I've personally never played it and the steam page doesn't seem to tell a lot.
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>Most of the game consists of moving sliders and playing around with agents
how is that even bad? that's just the same as every pdx game
I didn't say that it was bad
Find a good RP server and you will honestly have a great time
Wish sp3 wasn't a fail

File: asas.png (3.47 MB, 1537x925)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB PNG
I was playing ETW and i conquered Eastern Canada as the Inuit. It was fun just ramming horsemen and dudes with tomahawks on the Frogs.
How's your campaign? Non-F*ntasy mods welcome
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File: CaptureOfAlcideAndLys.jpg (186 KB, 1280x905)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Yes. In Shogun they are expensive unless tech for them or have really good Bow Kobaya micro. In the East you really just need 1 fleet each side to guard your coasts during Realm Divide (and you won't need it before then), but in the West you can make mad trade money pre RD using fleets. Siege Tower Bune are OP. In FOTS they're even better due to stronger trade routes, naval bombardment, and slower armies (artillery is SLOOOW). In Rome 2 they're great for capturing coastal settlements and helping you bypass the arbitrary army limits. Loved naval combat in all the games, shame they just fucking guttered it rather than try and teach players had to actually engage with the system.
File: hs.jpg (38 KB, 268x268)
38 KB
>gothic levy pikemen vs herculani seniores
>In melee; general recently misgendered
Was napoleon better?

File: JI0Qc9X.png (363 KB, 685x681)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
Why is chess the greatest strategy game of all time? What makes it so perfect? Why does it make brainlets seethe?
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File: 13a-300x300.png (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
For me its the English
File: file.png (451 KB, 492x488)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
>his favourite opening is the first one any new player learns that isn't a basic bitch king/queen pawn
imagine not only choosing one of the more conventional openings, but also one of the most wishy-washy, transpositional ones as well
as for me, i favour the obnoxious, counterintuitive bullshit of Alekhine's Defence, where following the basic principles of chess makes white lose
That sounds like fun. Can you explain further?
File: file.png (9 KB, 299x301)
9 KB
The point of Alekhine's Defence is that rather than attempting to develop pieces or control the centre, Black instead just has a Knight jump in and make as big of a mess as possible. Because Black doesn't push pawns into the middle, White gets to do it essentially for free, but it's a trap: the fact that there's this Knight jumping around everywhere that White has to deal with means that their centre is a disaster. They have to build around it. So, while they theoretically control the centre, in reality their pawn structure ends up so haphazard that all it really does is block off their own development, and their control completely collapses as soon as Black finds an opening.
All the moves that would normally be good are bad. Kicking the knight with pawns is bad, pushing into the centre is bad, everything a player who grasps the fundamentals thinks they should do is bad.
As an example, pic related is one of the common resulting lines. You let them move right up into the centre, but the resulting structure has no backbone and is a struggle for White to actually accomplish anything with.

File: Crusadercover.jpg (30 KB, 278x358)
30 KB
ITT: your first introduction to RTS games

This and Total Annihilation for me
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Zoom zoom
Starcraft on N64
Same as you.


File: aoe.jpg (342 KB, 1663x996)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
I love that RTS games are all about ancestral and historical roots. AOE2 is adored by modern Europeans nerds who are fascinated with knights and castles. And Koreans love Starcraft because they relate to the weird bugs and aliens.

Jokes aside. What settings would be cool for RTS games and are underexplored?
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Sounds something you would do as multiplayer FPS/RTS hybrid like Nuclear Dawn or C&C Renegade.
Is there any way to do RTS without
> The big/zombie civ
> The 3 races
Instead of factions the players are mercenary outfits and you have a loose "class" (like rogue/warrior/mage but for armies) that you tech /spec into over a match or campaign.
So anyone could build any unit but not all units
File: FandInd.jpg (221 KB, 685x355)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Always thought the precolonial era of the upper US and Canada was interesting. Could center around Voyageurs fur trade, French Indian wars, proxy war between French and British, Emerging American Canadian nations with totally chaotic tribal alliances. Frontier guerilla warfare coupled with crazy river and lake logistics.
rise of legends had some cave maps I remember

File: WVtqh7CzweJzmsk76w2QXR.jpg (334 KB, 2094x1093)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
>ctrl-f 'ixion'
>no dedicated thread for only the best basebuilder/crisis manager/frostpunk-in-space of 2022
discuss your floating hunks of junk here
i'm thinking of making a dedicated NEET sector with some section-wide buildings like the hospital and gladiator arena whose only job would be to shit in a box for the dedicated food sector to run the waste-into-water building, but if i calculated right it's gonna need 5000 people in that sector alone to produce enough poop(50 waste/cycle)
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So this is what Vanir was trying to tell us...
Glad they didn't do go "the promised land got destroyed while we were traveling, but paradise was the mothership we made along the way" route
so whats the deal with the plot, did you really travel in time or its an alternate timeline?
kind of both actually

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