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File: capsule_616x353.jpg (61 KB, 616x353)
61 KB
how do you cope?
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File: mad.png (254 KB, 401x455)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
>Turmoil: 1%
hard liquor, sexual abuse of women, waiting in parks after junior high schools release
>hey sis, I know I signed us all up to die but could you scar yourself for life by cutting off my head to save me from my own bad decisions? kthxbai
I can't tell if this is supposed to be progressive or not.

File: 214214236.jpg (199 KB, 1280x720)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>best WW1 strategy game is a mod for a 12 year old cRPG
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remember that WW1 game on the cossack engine ? Me neither
>10 years later
>Nothing has matched this kino
It's extremely hard to improve upon perfection.

It wasn't great. Good concept, needed a lot of quality of life innovations to be a good game, the kind that made it easier to manage vast numbers of stuff in Supreme Commander.
based as fuck

File: pepefroggie.jpg (35 KB, 780x438)
35 KB
Playing Total War and skipping all the battles with auto-resolve actually makes the game harder than fighting them.
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huh but the AI gets massive resource bonuses and is able to spawn stacks much quicker than you in total war. how do you beat an ai that outnumbers you so completely without exploiting its retardation on the battle map? pretty much every "hardcore" tw player like volound or legend is capable of making the legendary ai its bitch but they do it by manually fighting all the battles. how do you win against legendary without commanding the battles
New knights of honor coming out soon, the original was a mix between total war and crusader kings.
leave warhammer and play medieval 2
Depends on the game. It's really op in Rome 2 to the point where fighting battles often feel pointless as you can just mass cheap shit and autoresolve everything.
You don't but the AI is very bad at upgrading its buildings with its cheated resources, or at least it is in older total wars where you had to actually specialise provinces because there weren't enough turns to build everything in your capital

File: AoE4_613_HERO-1.jpg (355 KB, 1920x1080)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
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mplayer is broken right now because they still havent fixed the exploits
in all fields, shitty /v/ thread
It's mediocre, not awful, just bland and it gets kinda boring after a few weeks, I'm just waiting for some quality mods to spice things up a bit
the mplayer is broken and dead ATM

SP skirmish is fun but gets old after a few games. the map variety generator sucks currently
also height changes do nothing for LoS or weapon range. its purely cosmetic

File: 1635980428980.png (462 KB, 462x652)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
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Brits have shifted entirely off using emplacements in most competitive games as they're easily countered. Sturmtiger and AVRE are now more accurate and faster, allowing it to really threaten blobs. A lot of vanilla commanders got some abilities changed to be more interesting. Were you around for Soviet Airborne absolutely dominating the scene with SVT conscripts?
I was. changes like that one really put me off playing. so much gimmick. cons were shit, except with this 1 meme commander, or at T4, so it's all ok. thanks balance geniuses
Regular cons aren't so bad. At least, I find them perfectly good cover fighters.
statistically they are or were the worst in the game at all ranges, including when factoring in price. for some reason everyone liked to pretend they're good. I have never understood this
People are probably not pretending because statistically they are quite good.

Let's compare them to Grens as an example.
Target Size: 1.09 versus 0.91
That doesn't look very good but cons get reduced target size to 0.71 while grens don't. A player that can keep his squads alive will have a far more durable squad at their command.

As for dps, that's not the cons strong suit since they're more known for durability, utility (AT nade, reinforce squad, flare mines, oorah, Molotov), and cheap reinforcing cost of up 20 manpower. Their DPS at 10-15 range, their average dps per model is 2-3. Grens have 4-4.5 per model at that range. Cons, statistically, should output more damage than grens at the intended range. The issue with their early 1.09 target size is mitigated with use of cover. While at mid-game where most wehrmacht mainline will have a weapon upgrade, the Soviets have a T-70 light tank around that phase, which balances out the disparity. If cons were allowed to have their upgrades too early, I think it would make them imbalanced. At their price point, pop count and faster reinforcing speed, I think a good argument can be made that their perfectly decent.

File: 20211114153802_1.jpg (690 KB, 1920x1080)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
Got Pike & Shot and Field of Glory 2 this week. Awesome games. I absolutely love the battle system. Extremely weighty and methodical stuff. Pretty much no fiddly tricks to get an edge. Battles feel like they're made up of and decided by heavy and decisive strategic choices. Probably my favourite representation of large battles in video games. Maybe not as technically flashy as when i first played Rome: Total War, but it's still got great production values and the slower and heavier battles are tense as hell and more than make up for the abstraction in representation.

I know the meme is 'Field of Skirmishers' but I haven't gotten that feeling. I love that they're actually a meaningful part of your army in this system and can be used effectively unlike in Total War, but I think that their being mostly unable to interfere meaningfully with already engaged infantry keeps them from becoming a tool which can break battles through fiddly manipulation.

Having such a great time with these games. After the tutorials for FoG2 I put the difficulty on Legate and went straight into the Pontus campaign. Every battle has been engrossing so far. And it's nice to fight in a less explored part of history. Romans make for very scary and impressive antagonists.

Are there many other fans on this board? And how is this game's battle system generally thought to compare to others? After this i'm thinking of trying out Hegemony: Gold.
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File: bongs.jpg (167 KB, 960x960)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>getting the multiple turn set up to turn the flank and roll up the enemy line
honestly one of the best feelings
I appreciate that even against the computer it takes a decent amount of finesse to pull this off. You need to plan ahead, react to changes, it really does feel like executing a plan rather than just going through the motions.
I thought the game didn't have multiplayer. Is there a decent community for it?
I think that there is, but it's made for the niche boomergamer crowd so you have to know where to find those guys and how they do things. It's the kind of community that will never explode but will also be alive and active for years and years on end around the one game/series. The Slitherine Forums would probably be the place to look for regular games.

Also check out this guy, youtube channel that uploads new Field of Glory battles constantly. If you don't mind PBEM there are probably always games to be played: https://youtu.be/G3mcK6528lA
File: 1614274421721.jpg (46 KB, 330x495)
46 KB
it's all through slitherine forums and discord and it's PBEM
however, most games don't take a ton of time to get through

File: Distant_Worlds_cover.jpg (99 KB, 463x215)
99 KB
Redpill me on DW:U. Is it Stellaris, but good? How's the AI? Suicidal or passable? Aggressive or passive? How's the performance? Does it have cool strategic decisions or is it a solved game? What about the game's private sector? Is it well simulated or just a marketing gimmick?
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>any big news?
not that i know, its been pushed back to 2022 for EA.
File: Untitled.jpg (99 KB, 624x578)
99 KB
correction, full release looks to be in 2022
good news, but has there been any of those development diary showcase or something?
There has been some gameplay from almost a year ago and some from half a year ago. Just look up the yt channel of the developer.
yes six so far, probably another one next month
just go through the announcements. the one linked above goes through the economy.

File: 154547894.png (771 KB, 515x720)
771 KB
771 KB PNG
The hottest character from EU4.
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alberto barbosa bros...
>hot african kween LITERALLY cucking other nigger tribes to the hwite man (nordic, non-med)
god the past was so fucking based
There should be a hentai adaptation of this
>Africa chocolate queen selling her own tribe women into slavery while getting railed by BWC
I'd fap to that
So she was a dutch wife?

File: 1624519478978.png (3.64 MB, 1920x1078)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB PNG
Been playing Augustus, a fork of Julius with some gameplay tweaks. It's been flawless for running Caesar 3 on Linux: https://github.com/Keriew/augustus
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This thread is worth 10 of yours.
>Write a post
Good luck finding it in any given archive, you double faggot. And while doing so, try to find reasons why C3 isn't just a terrible game that won people entirely on its (for the era) great graphics and display of a "lived-in" city

>Yes, but whatabout
Must suck being you
>try to find reasons why C3 isn't just a terrible game
I like it and find it fun.

does it have the ruleset of pharoah with some of the QoL stuff from later games, like emperor?
Wow. So, you're saying that if you edit out the major source of difficulty in the game, it becomes easier? You don't say. What is your next insight? That if you mod in "global employment" for SimCity by allowing unlimited traffic on your roads and arbitrarily long commutes, its difficulty becomes a joke too, so SimCity also is a garbage game?

File: dumb fuck.jpg (226 KB, 563x651)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Stop complaining about APM you fucking shitters.
Get this through your thick skulls: in any game that works in REAL TIME, being QUICKER than your opponent is going to be an inherent advantage. This is inescapable. If you want to avoid this, play a TURN BASED game.
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File: 400[1].jpg (111 KB, 400x400)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I was merely entertaining you from the beginning, you pissy pussy. Obviously no one cares about your definition of strategy and this board will continue its life talking about RTSs. Now go play some dead tactical game no one has ever heard about against bots and spend thirty minutes before taking an action because you are choking in a hairball while we discuss, watch and play C&C, SC, AoE, WC3 and other alive games.
File: 1629587667911.jpg (71 KB, 720x720)
71 KB
>proves that rtsfags are casualfags
Wow you really rekt him there timmy.
>I took the time to watch a video
>judging from what I've watched
Stopped reading there. Watching a youtube video isn't a substitute for actually playing the game.
>Make the game you want, anon. I've been enjoying SC2 for the past five years and will continue to enjoy it for five more.
We can't even discuss what we want before some sperg comes out of the woodwork to yell how RTS is absolutely mandatory. It's really strange. If people just were content in liking what they like instead, there would be no issue. I suspect is pure insecurity on their part. Why would they even care unless you use SC as some tool to validate their own intelligence? As if they're scared that Starcraft might not me a pure game of wits.
File: 1637617619120.png (259 KB, 1001x798)
259 KB
259 KB PNG

File: moo2.jpg (81 KB, 640x480)
81 KB
Master of Orion 2 is 25 years old today. Say something nice about it.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I didn't start playing it until ~97-98 but I have been playing it off and on ever since
Currently playing 1.50.16 with ICE-X 24
I like the ship design and that the game scales fairly well
Any guides/tutorials for retard like me?
Just a quick summary on systems.
thanks for being so good, that combined with MoO3 being a disaster it completely stagnated spess 4X for next 20 years
Master of Orion 1 was better and this one was a step backwards.
It became too CIV-like when all I wanted to do was big spaceship battles and genocides.
Fuck your space toilet III tech advancement, +10% in flushing rate.

File: game time.png (436 KB, 659x370)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
My palms are sweaty and I'm ready to gookclick
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Leave you fucking aids nigger newfag, shit up an already shitty board instead. you discord organized cancer, gookclick is the sneed of this board, some fucking dumb nigger newfags on some faggy hidden discord ruining a board for the laughs with their forced and shitty meme
Ignore and hide these shitty /v/ tier threads these faggots have been forcing
What does red stand for
Go play a fighting game, Chinklet.
Total war games on legendary difficulty
It doesn't.

File: Monk_aoe2DE.png (111 KB, 256x256)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
How do I use these guys?
>requires godly micro to get anything out of them
>low hp
>made obsolete by a single tech
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>requires godly micro to get anything out of them
kind of, yeah, but if you only make 3-4 of them it's quite manageable, and there's also a tech which helps out with mass-converting by not making you waste conversion mana
yeah but they're worth it in many situations, and if you get to convert just one knight the monk has already regained his value fully (knight costs 60f 75g, converting it is a swing of double that amount since the enemy loses it while you gain it)
>low hp
the hp is alright for what is effectively a ranged support unit
>made obsolete by a single tech
not really
usually, when you convert, say, an enemy knight, it's effectively a swing of two knights on the battlefield - the enemy loses one knight, while you gain one knight
with the tech (which not all civs have btw), that swing gets cut in half and become just one knight as the enemy knight dies
it's still good value since the monk costs 100g, while the knights' 60f 75g is arguably just about equivalent to that, and the monk is free to do other stuff after
also to add onto the tech point

Heresy costs 1000g to research, so if you pump 3 monks out and your enemy dumps 1000g on Heresy, even if you just let those monks die without doing anything at all (which is unlikely), you're already 700g ahead, with anything you do with the monks after being a big fat bonus on top of that
>be an AI

>This game has a bunch of strong units that are difficult to use
It's just monks and two types of siege. Monk controls need improving.
Good economic analysis.

File: philosophers.jpg (85 KB, 720x405)
85 KB
APM threshold - The point at which higher APM offers greatly diminishing returns

Example: The APM threshold is much lower in Total War than it is in Age of Empires
83 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: anMrNA5_700b.jpg (19 KB, 239x238)
19 KB
>What do you think practicing a build order is about?
Timing memorization.

>What do you think micro training maps in SC2 are about?
/beg/traps and the occasional chance to show off what you learned from regular games. About as useful to your actual game performance as shoving seven scented erasers into your asshole.

>This would make straight-up solved games more strategically complex than Go or chess.
Come up with a real-time example with continuous control now. Preferably one with a fully-resisting opponent with the same capabilities as you, and an infinitely divisible (or close enough) grid as per the genre standards.

>SC played at slow gamespeed.
APM requirement doesn't change, because you will need to optimize better than your opponent, and your opponents capabilities did not change. This will keep being true even if a single second is slowed down all the way to a decade, as long as positioning is continuous and control is real-time. There will *always* be improvements you can make, better timed reactions to your opponent etc, and the player who makes more of them will have an advantage. There is zero reason for any player to reduce their APM as game speed slows down, provided they want to play as well as they possibly can.

>We can also add an arbitrary amount of useless inputs into a game.
We can, but good players will simply not execute them. If you make them necessary, each strategy will have to execute them and thus increases in complexity.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Come up with a real-time example with continuous control now.
You've already brought up so many caveats that a non-loser would have conceded. Let's construct a game with infinite different marines with only difference being the subset of marines they counter. Each subset of counters is 50% of all units and the end result symmetric. You can produce continuously. Only time as a resource. No sim city. You must send 10 of one type of them to an arena where you micro against your opponent's marines. If you don't send 10 of the same type, you just get less marines. You have enough time to build 90 each battle. The survivors can attack the enemy HQ. There's infinite input space, but really low strategic depth. Now before you go full retard, it's obviously a contrived answer to a contrived question.

>-- good players will simply not execute them. If you make them necessary --
Okay. Before issuing each command in SC, you have to play a 3 input prompt of simon says which includes the whole keyboard. Now it's necessary to use and more complex. How much did the strategic depth change?

>APM requirement doesn't change --
You're so focused on being correct that you didn't realize that you just conceded with this paragraph. It was a trap. Because either the APM requirement shifts, or you prove that you're wrong on your earlier points. Now it's time to choose which point you're wrong about, loser.

>Higher-level languages are less precisely described because they are less optimized. They can afford to be so due to higher computational power. This is a prime example of lower "Strategy Complexity".
Wrong. With a lower-level programming language, you get a set number of lego bricks. With a higher level language, I get various blocks of built out of multiple lego bricks, which I can use in the same amount you get single bricks. I have more choices and can build a far more complex structure block-for-brick. I won't hear your pathetic loser whining from my lego fortress.
Well nobody forces you to play a low apm game.
File: 1634012052350.jpg (22 KB, 480x480)
22 KB
>There's infinite input space, but really low strategic depth.
There's still a significant amount of depth and optimization, it's just very low-level positioning strategy. This would still be the case if all the marines were exactly identical. In this example, it merely exaggerates the importance of fast micro in order to engage on the strategic layer.

You can reduce this to one marine for a case where there's actually very little strategic depth, but then you've also reduced the input complexity to a singular attack command each fight.

>How much did the strategic depth change?
There actually is a fair bit of depth in how you'd hand position in such a case, and how you'd approach it to minimize the amount of times you'd have to change your right hand from mouse to keyboard.

Also Complexity =/= Depth. If you tried a bit harder, you maybe could've at least come up with a scenario in which complexity increases without depth changing before pretending this was about strategic depth at any point rather than strategy complexity.

>Now it's time to choose which point you're wrong about, loser.
None, good sir, and may I recommend you pour a carton of expired milk in your left ear. Have a good day.

>With a higher level language, I get various blocks of built out of multiple lego bricks, which I can use in the same amount you get single bricks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>You can reduce this to one marine for a case where there's actually very little strategic depth, but then you've also reduced the input complexity to a singular attack command each fight.
The input complexity is infinite even if you remove all micro.
Also I can add magnitudes of infinity to input complexity just by adding magnitudes of infinities of production buildings that are out of the map. I can make the input complexity infinite magnitudes of infinities more complex, while you just admitted that that reduces strategic complexity. In you retardation, you fell for another trap.
You lost pretty hard already. Just gg from life at this point.

>There actually is a fair bit of depth in how you'd hand position in such a case, and how you'd approach it to minimize the amount of times you'd have to change your right hand from mouse to keyboard.
Did you know that your post refuted multiple of your points? You lost so many times compared to just not typing.

>You could build a lego fortress in a day, and it'd take a lower-language user a month, but they could optimize their fortress better for any given use case.
Then you should make a game about optimizing you barracks for a month instead of playing Starcraft since that's seems to be more your speed.
>In the edge case where computational resources are actually limited you do, in fact, get less brick compounds
I understand that the resources in your brain are too slow for the game more complexity, but some people like the complexity since they have access to more brain cells. We don't need to optimize so hard.

File: Poland.gif (803 KB, 1600x1537)
803 KB
803 KB GIF
games where I can play as the best country on earth?
253 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Read the first half of the post
Oh look, it's retarded
They spoke a different language so to Poles, they were Niemcy(mutes). That simple.
All jokes aside Poland used to be very fun in HoI4, especially when you managed to survive the initial Nazi advance and the Soviets declared war on you too so shit got really intense
I'm sure that for pro MP players it was a piece of cake but for me it was always a close victory/defeat
Agree, I still advise against retrospectively ascribing nationalist motives to conflicts, especially given that elites in those times were all speaking Latin anyway. Grand narratives of "the Germanic settler" "conquering living space in the east" "against the backward Slav" reek of NS historiography imho.
Maybe those lands weren't taken in outright conquest from "the poles" by "the germans" as much as those terms could be said to exist at the time, but Ostsiedlung was still a thing.
Now some of german migration was actually invited. It was not unheard of for counties to charter cities under Magdeburg law and artisans and shit invited.
>>852477 is probably right that assigning an ethnic angle to it is a later invention. I don't know how it was treated at the time and poland mostly turned attention east after that. Either way the anti-german sentiment existed before WW2 and had enough historical basis to construct a narrative out of it.

Also Teutons were kinda used as a stand-in for german enemy in partitions era literature.

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