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I've heard that Dungeons series is similar to Dungeon Keeper, but how similar is it? Can you torture people until they switch sides? Is there a mistress equivalent? Is there a first person mode?
Are all Dungeons games worth playing? If not, which ones are good?
> Are all Dungeons games worth playing?
I only played 1 and 2, and in my opinion these two don't worth it
>>1608370 see >>1593286

Stronghold DE releases in less than 24 hours. I hope it's not dogshit.
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English is not your first language and possibly not one at all.
Yes it is. You can't do it on VH without sniping most of the ranged defenders fir t. Stronghold was always a bad game, you childhood sucked.
File: 1693241618408.jpg (581 KB, 1079x1000)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
File: 1672875591934749.png (43 KB, 200x164)
43 KB
Just 100% zero losses the first Snek Island mission on Very Hard

I am cheesed
How is multiplayer?

Who is your favorite Total Warhammer faction? Who is your favorite leader?

For me it's Deathmaster Snikch and his Skaven assassins.
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>corporate BS that makes it likely that the game is going to crash and burn before he ever gets added.
Hyenas crashing and burning means CA will be more dependent on their cash cow to make money. Maybe they'll make Alien Isolation 2 as well.
The Empire and Karl Franz
The fat ocean ghost, horrors from the abyss
I love Dark Elves, favorite LL is Malus Darkblade
Playing on the same map all the time can get boring. I recommend enjoying them all. Even Warhammer 1's Beastmen and Wood Elf scenarios can be interesting, particularly with faction unlocker. I liked Marienburg in the Beastmen campaign, and Granitehand in the wood Elf campaign.

File: RA2_Conscripts.png (95 KB, 224x170)
95 KB
Conscript reporting
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Delusional. Stop ruining the thread.
No point. They're all inferior.
thread ruined. fuck chinks.
They're not even allowed to be on 4chan, idiot.

>people have finally woken up and stopped buying warhammer goyslop
>HYENAS cancelled
>Total War Pharaoh is a complete flop and has less players than Rome 2
Is it over for CA? Warhammer was the only thing keeping them afloat these last 7 years but since TWH3 was garbage and it's DLCs a complete mess, I don't think even warhammer autists will tolerate them for long.
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it's literally unpaid marketing by shills
All those mods do is change some values around and then claim that the AI is now smarter and clueless idiots like you believe it. Rome 2's AI still does completely nonsensical things like turning its back to the player, attempt to walk its units through yours or front charge your heavy infantry with its cavalry with or without DEI, it is arguably even worse with DEI because of the larger unit sizes and slowed down movement speed fucking up with its decision making and pathfinding.
If you ever buy anything because someone you don't know recommended it, your weak mind has been hacked.

Word of mouth is what marketing is trying to simulate. They pay influencers to tell their weak minded followers, who believe said influencers are their actual friends, to pretend that they love something. And it works, which is why they spend so much doing it.

Genuine word of mouth is impossible to force, it's a natural and organic phenomenon that emerges from peoples genuine experiences, and it's the enthusiasm for their experiences that propels them to share this wonderful discovery with people they care about.

Caveat; There are a few genuine influencers out there, who don't take bribes from corporations, who are popular enough to generate their own revenue streams and maintain their independence, and others who are just too small to attract the marketing people and for whom sharing their thoughts on their hobby is still a passion that they do for the simple pleasure of it. It's fine to listen to such influencers with whom you share similar tastes and interests, but they are a tiny minority.
This would be the basedest of societies. Just imagine no advertising for anything. Trully utopian.
i wish i lived in a utopia bros

dominions bread
hopes/dreams/fears for dominions 6?
total list of known (so far) changes in 6: https://steamcommunity.com/app/2511500/discussions/0/3807281445020039925/
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It absolutely can. Also gems. Also fortune scales in a province. Misfortune can seriously fuck you up if you're unlucky. Under no circumstances should you take both Drain and Misfortune for any reason.
File: Green Sea Region.png (1.97 MB, 1844x942)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
I've ripped just about everything whole-cloth from both Dominions and Conquest in making the setting in which I run DnD campaigns for my brother and his college friends. They love the shit out of it.
It's actually kind of hilarious though. Despite being good players, they're all THOROUGHLY DnDrones and have as much innate ability to interact with all the flavor of the setting and lore as oil has to interact with water. I tell them everything about the races and cultural paradigms from which they can create their characters and they proceed to create the most generically kitchen-sink 5e concepts you can think of. Then when I roll with it and show them how out of place their dudes are in every character interaction, they always go
>WOOOOAAAAHHHH that's so wAaAcKyYy! Anon ur worldbuilding is so crazy it's like I'm really there!
For instance: In the last campaign one of them wanted to play a fire genasi druid. In lore, fire genasis are Abysian human-breds. He had to be a refugee who got schooled in Pangaea and luckily was too far away from that region (it was a hex crawl in Ulm) to have people ready to just straight up kill him for existing because they simply wouldn't know what he was. We just started a new campaign and now he's a hobgoblin wizard (dai bakemono in lore). I make it explicit he's from not!Japan and that he is again from a brutal warrior culture. He names himself something like Uxthred ApplepieMcgunshooty and tries to be Cowboy Clint Eastwood.
I wish I had the force of will and autism to actually translate Illwinter design into it's own tabletop instead of having to graft it into the body of DnD for the expediency of my players and lazy self. But it's so fun to even have this tiny window into a living world of this setting at eye level. Picrelated is the general map of our latest campaign. Bonus points if you can tell which map I've also boldly stolen.
You could always try what the Dominions devs themselves play, Ars Magica. It might be too hyperautismo to find a group or introduce to D&D regulars though.

I think my dream Dom roguelike would be the game playing somewhat abstracted version of the strategy game as you the player roamed around doing shit. Like you clear out a dungeon and now Ulm is getting fire gems from it. Building up a squad and getting enough prestige to hire out as a mercenary unit, and so on
That's awesome anon, your friends are lucky to have a DM like you. And yeah there's always that dilemma where you know your setting *could* be better in another system, but getting group interest for anything other than stock 5e can be hard.
Sounds like Mount & Blade. Actually I could totally see a dominions warband mod, if it weren't for the importance of magic

File: header (2).jpg (34 KB, 460x215)
34 KB
ITT: objectively dogshit games you can't quite seem to stop playing
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The combination of the glass cannon aspect and the stealthy craft is what makes a submarine a submarine, though. It's what conceptually differentiate a klingon bird of prey from a torpedo boat.
They literally disabled that in the latest hot fix. AI now doesn't raid convys, and this is a stop-gap measure to figure out what the fuck is wrong with naval code, because the effect you described shouldn't happen
Until you realize that most WW1 submarines didn't even have torpedos and had to surface to attack, and during WW2 torpedos were abundant and widely used on surface vessels like PT boats, destroyers and cruisers. Plus by the 2nd World War, ASW had progressed to the point where deploying submarines in actual combat roles was just impractical. The fact majority of submarine action was convoy interdiction or sniping targets of oppourtunity when they were being transported with limited escorts. In fleet engagements they were essentially just forward scouts. Even modern submarines rely more on launching cruise missiles than torpedos to combat hostile ships.

The defining element of a submarine is its stealthiness, which is fairly easy to model in any kind of gameplay in a vacuum. But trying to design gameplay around the myth of hunter-killer submarines penetrating a fleet cordon to one-shot the capital ship at its center just isn't very fun to actually play out.
backup your steam installation and disable updates, you will still be able to use the library and download games, everything else won't work. Or move to Debian with kde, only linux i could stand
>t. former win7 chad
I like to go monarchy or theocracy but liberals get big as soon as you get into the 20th century and they hate crown and altar.

File: eu3.jpg (112 KB, 640x900)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
It's better than EU4. Yes, even if with Divine Wind. And with D&T it anally annihilates anything EU4 has with mods.
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File: does he know.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
>No shitty 3D map
I feel like it's a new thing. I never properly got gud at EU3 back in the day so I can't tell you why exactly DW is so bad (though you have an entire thread answering this very question here), but I remember being on /gsg/ before EU4 came out and pretty much every EU3 campaign that was posted was using DW. Hell, even now people are remembering the game on /vst/, but even now I have yet to see a single post of someone playing a campaign in HTTT instead of DW.
>representing the flow of trade and making you operate like trade empires did is worse than send merchant achieve money
EU4's trade isn't perfect, it's rigidity is a problem.
But it's a way better system than EU3, EU3 wasn't even a real trade system.

I dunno why you seethe about conquering helping trade when trade drove a shit ton of conquests in EU4's period.
Ah yes, the Dutch Empire. A famous empire that controlled 0 territory outside of 6 swamps in Western Europe.

File: ck2a.jpg (1.1 MB, 2000x1250)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Whats the best way to learn that game? i just launched it and am totally lost, every new menu i open has books worth of hints and tooltips
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Best start date?
Play as Nomad with starting event troops like Arpad in old gods and Genghis Khan in later bookmarks.
Keep the maximum number of clans, but make them own only one province each - this prevents minor clan revolts.
They will hate you, but will be unable to do anything besides plot fruitlessly.
Pillage and keep all other provinces.
Basically invincible mode, where you can learn intricacies of religion, dynasty and incest.
>army composition
I didn't even realize there was army composition in this game. During my own attempts to learn the game, I just assumed that you're stuck with whatever armies your levies provide and had no control over their composition.
>He doesn't even deny it
What a little bitch
Every start date devolves into border gore after 100 years. 1066 is just the one that prevents /most/ massive blobs. The early starts have serious problems with Abbassid and Byzantine blobs but even 1066 gets blobby after a while but it's not the same faction every single time.
You as the player will still blob no matter what start date you choose. (Unless youre completely new then you might just die at some point)
I personally go for 1069, 969 when I want a ERE run, and 869 or 769 when I want to play a Viking or Pagan.

File: magnasanti.jpg (76 KB, 600x315)
76 KB
Time for a new bread. Watcha buildan anons? Post your downtown gains here
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"Colony Sim" seems to be the most widespread terminology
File: Untitled.png (3.72 MB, 1920x1080)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB PNG
My most recent Citystate 2 city
File: Untitled2.png (3.09 MB, 1920x1080)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
Same city at 30k population
>skylines 2 was shit
It's over, we'll never get another good city builder.


File: 1700951426022.png (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
Why do they keep running from themselves? Kek
>changes lore cause too silly or offensive

Cuck Mod Kek
I'm in your walls

What the FUCK went so very wrong? This is the first game in a long time that I wish I could refund.
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Waiting for a torrent. Probably not going to happen, but I'm not buying this piece of shit.
I loved the game and played the shit out of the campaign. Though I think tanks and planes are way too op and the ai almost never attacks
One big thing was that they lied as they promised "persistent battlefields".
In reality artillery shelling etc didn't matter as it didn't leave holes, not even during an entire battle as they would start to despawn.
What we got was battlefield maps changing to a new pre made version after a few battles, so where the fighting actually took place didn't matter at all.

That was such a bold marketing lie.
These two points plus the optimum strategy is to take the left side of the map, then swing down the center with tanks. Almost no strategy or combined arms.
Everyone I knew that got it said they liked it, and then after like 2 days I never heard of it again.

File: top-management-ii.png (4 KB, 353x489)
4 KB
>You're not the boss of me!

But you can be the boss of the latest Koei thread! It's all here, from Dynasty Warriors to Horse racing. War in Europe to war between VHS manufacturers in 80s Japan. Any questions, comments or advice pertaining to Koei's vast strategy catalogue lies within this very thread. Join us! The great Khan demands it!
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I'm not sure if the manga about Takeda Shingen is accurate but.

>Most of the "holy" monks of Mt.Hiei are utterly corrupt.

>The higher ranks spent their time indulging on food and mistresses while the lower ranking monks are little more than bandits threatening and extorting the villages in their areas.
Those are basically what Koei decides to settle on in most NA's Mt. Hiei events too

>my lord, stop! There are women and children here, you can't set the mountain on fire!
>Why would children and women be present at a holy mountain? It's the signs that the monks are corrupted beyond reason, continue the attack!
Something like that.
Yes, the militants monks of the Kinai have been running amok for too long.
This is the content that keeps me coming back.
Doing the lord's work.

File: IMG_0490.jpg (6 KB, 160x200)
6 KB
*Ominous accordion music starts playing*
>comrade you didn't defect to the alliance did you?

What do?
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Am I the only one who beat the game just with infantry? Every map has those bushes that makes your dude invincible dehind them
Plus you can get a level 10 scientist by the first half of the game. I think prof scholtze can heal downed trooper in 2 seconds.
In the mission where you save burlak’s brother you seat wave after wave of remote control vehicles with 3 apemen in a bunker
3 words
Remote controled selfpropelled bombs
What's better:
Throwing just infantry at enemy and face counter that you can't easily pierce in pitched battle
Throwing a mix of vehicles and infantry (with special weapons) to rape everything on your path
Especially in the American campaign, where you are routinely undergunned and get a bunch of mechanics non-stop, but only so-so soldiers until the very end of it

>Has Burlak
>Uses him as a grunt
File: PietrowowaWaifu.png (78 KB, 320x400)
78 KB
I have to finish the alliance playthrough, I did the loyalist USA and Soviet ones and then played the Arabian mod and got burnt out. Love ambience for the Soviet side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1IRRO83MmM
You just know she was scratching Titov’s back until he bleeds when making love

File: warcraft2-1650050504209.jpg (196 KB, 1024x1024)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
How does this game compare to the first one?
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File: kali.png (71 KB, 1320x802)
71 KB
fuck off you piece of shit
>SC beta looked better
probably the worst take ever made
You have terrible taste
>and dear god does it look better.
Insane comment
it still baffles me how godawful ranged units were in 2. Especially because they're efficient killing machines in 1. One of the aspects where the first game is superior

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