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File: 20201124021153_1.jpg (523 KB, 1920x1080)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
EU4 love and hate thread
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It's significant. If your speed 5 is just speed 4 with an espresso, then MEIOU will be a very frustrating slog.
File: finally.png (28 KB, 778x275)
28 KB
fucking finally
>zoom into south america
>game softlocks every single time
>even when starting a new game there
How to fix please help. Yes I did google it, no i didn't find anything, yes I verified the game files
i played the m&t3 beta and imo its too far on the simulation side to really have fun. the interface is too clunky and costs mana to use, so i ender up not investing time and attention intoy provinces as much as i shouldve. something i liked about 2.5 was that the mechanics while realistic were very understandable and gameable.
Has anyone else played the Elder Scrolls mod for EU4? It's pretty good.

File: unknown-15.png (357 KB, 943x922)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
What's up with your current fort anons?
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at first I read that as
>How do I edit the tags to make all dwarves edibles
but both options are possible, trannies are in the game already, and only thing thats stops dorfburger from being a thing is ETHIC:EAT_SAPIENT_KILL:ACCEPTABLE]
>trannies are in the game already
Are they, how do they manifest in game?
Use bridges as scaffolding.
They actually aren't.
anyone played dragon ball mod?

File: 7678567754365463645.jpg (112 KB, 616x353)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Why was this made?
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got it for free on Epic, is it worth a download?
It was a failed project that they assigned to the bulgiarian studio to test mechanics for their mainline games. Pretty much a paid beta test using a setting, just like TOB was. This was a test for god mechanics and resources, as well as seeing how people like these "historical" games after 3K.
They realized mid development that this game appeals to literally no one and entered partnership with Epic, who was asking them for exclusivity since 3K but that didn't go through, so they could at least make some money off it. This game would have been a bigger flop than TOB was if it released on Steam, they took the paid X copies and launch for free on Epic to avoid criticism by deflecting it with it's "free".
Also prepare for WH3 to be EGS exclusive, since they refuse to comment on if it will be or not and they added a way to transfer DLC between stores on their website through a CA account.
probably should have been an expansion pack like Wrath of Sparta. It's an interesting scenario with warhammer/3Kingdom style champion combat but does not really have enough content for a full game.
>walks right through your phalanx
Why are you retarded?

File: KR new ACW map 1.jpg (683 KB, 1278x610)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
>here's your new civil war bro
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>people are talking about civil war happening in 40's
>globohomo and brainwashing
Go back to /pol/
The logic is that Long is power hungry and prepared to ally with the racist/nationalist elements (who obviously form a significant base of support in the south) if it helps the AUS win the war. Although they don't align much with his real politics, they're still welcomed in his big tent movement. Long's failure to fully commit to the conservative agenda post-civil war and satisfy all sides is the reason the racist/conservative faction under Pelley seizes power.
>carls jr on east coast
>hardees on west coast
what is this meme map?
is no one going to mention that 3 states have fucking Chuck E. Cheese
everyone there should be euthanized

File: 1600370714274.jpg (220 KB, 1024x627)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
What are some good Play-By-Email (or similar systems where turns are sent in by players whenever) strategy games? Fucking love that style of play but it has mostly vanished in recent times.

I know Dominions of course, and Combat Mission, what else is there?
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Is War in the Pacific still active? Shit looks great
How long do these games even last?
> he should make that a board game
check out Cave Evil.
It depends. For me, three months on average.
Communities usually want fresh blood, say you're new and try to learn. Losing all the time is a great way to get up to speed.

A really good game for when you have time! Patience is the key with this one.
Shadow Empire has decent pbem

File: 158770.jpg (44 KB, 289x475)
44 KB
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It's the Total War game, but with the blood DLC.
Who is getting BTFO, and who is the BTFOer? Dong Zhuo? I'm not used to seeing that fatass move so fluidly.
>playing RoTK XI, benevolent Cao Cao run
>no executions, just release the crappy officers and try and recruit the good ones
>Splendid Ma Chao will never ever ever ever join Wei
>even the big-eared villain will submit to the will of heaven
>even Yuan "JUST" Shao will join after a month contemplating his past mistakes in a dingy prison cell
>Ma Chao just keeps signing up with the remaining warlords and trying to kill me
I run out of food trying to get through their endless units.
Send out an officer as a supply unit. Load him up with food and possibly troops/weapons as well if you find your armies are getting attritioned to death. Make sure the enemy can't clear your front line zone of control though because your supply unit is largely a sitting duck.

File: lor2.jpg (101 KB, 640x480)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I recently picked up Lords of the Realms 2, but it has been so long since I last played it, that I completely forgot how to play it. How to get gud?
Might also talk about Lords of the Realms, not just the second title, but the whole series.
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macemen READY!!
I don't remember how to play this
I learned about crop rotation from this game
The knights are like motercycles
One small thing that annoys me slightly is that you don't need armor to recruit swordsmen even tho they're the only infantry that visibly wear metal armor. I get gameplay wise why it's that, but it still bother me. The same with the fact that you don't need to provide weapons and horses for knights, you just need armor. Feel a bit like a lame simplification for me.
Another thing, not sure if it's me or the game, but in battle I feel like I have to constantly babysit my troops because most of the time they seem to bounce into each other and stand idle near or even next to the enemy without attacking him.

File: 455.jpg (52 KB, 900x505)
52 KB
Is your nation trouble by war exhaustion or inflation? No biggie, just press the mana button few times and everything goes away.
Is your empire unstable after huge conquest? No, issue just spend mana to integrate it.
Is your capital shit? No worries, just with a few mana clicks you can turn Stockholm more developed than Paris.
Do you want a great general? Use mana buy new generals.

There is abstraction and then there is going too far.
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what the fuck is a grognard
Is it vsts sneed

grognard: N, wargaming autist
actualy it's /tg/'s sneed
>Do you want a great general? Use mana buy new generals.
That's how it worked in EU3 though
if you don't want male vassals to die all the time then go in and forbid them

reaching emperor, unless you're tribal, should be something like winning the game. it should be easy. but i bet if you let it go for a while something would go haywire. but maybe there are too many gamey ways to control your vassals.

File: wesnoth-1.14.0-12.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1080)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Opinions on this game?
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You are a retard any unit will get rekt by rng, expecialy by berserkers.
It's easy to deal with berserkers. They have low hp and are easy prey for ranged units. Select good terrain and avoid fighting them in the mountains.
If you think about applying that to all units, that would just be an unfair advantage to the attacker
Just reinstalled, tried playing some scenarios, uninstalled.
I forgot how much the RNG and save scumming dictates this game. Or did I get worse? I remember finishing some of the "Expert" campaigns and now I get filtered by Novice ones.
How can berzerks be real, just attack them with any lvl1 fighter.

I did not care for Age of Empires III. Simply did not care for it.
I prefer cossacks, fight me
Why would I fight you, I consider you my brother in arms!
Cossacks really scratches that itch for massive gunpowder battles, I hope 4 comes out and becomes the greatest RTS of this decade.
Fuck sich Cossacks though. Fuck them.
Not so unbelievable statement. If you would say that about AoE 1 or 2 it would be more shocking, but I don't think AoE 3 has such reputation of untouchable classic as the first two games.
Who cares
File: 1611168517584.jpg (55 KB, 431x643)
55 KB
>family g*y

File: 14d.jpg (11 KB, 232x293)
11 KB
I'll start

Late Renaissance city building simulation game that's set in the European heartland during the Thirty years war
52 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1476975803718.jpg (14 KB, 338x305)
14 KB
hilarious and original
>some idea for a thirty years war game
Monastery building game.
Ceasar 4 but the time period is not what you might want.

File: society.3f05f400.jpg (273 KB, 1260x709)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Let's have another one, because why not?

I am a newfag to the game, joined after sseth's video and I have a few questions.

Is it just me, or are the energy weapons plain worse than the physical ones? Flak cannons have higher damage and are good for shooting down missiles, while missiles have significantly higher damage than anything energy weapons can output. I often get slapped around by the ai in the early game if I try to go with them instead of the physical ones. How do I use them optimally?

How do I play tall as the Hissho? I am not sure what trick is there to it, how do I even make my systems super tall if when playing wide I can usually afford to get all the best buildings, wouldn't limiting your expansion just handicap your capabilities?
302 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you're a new player DON'T play Nakalim. Not only is the expansion they're grouped with an utter mess, but their faction mechanics are so fucking weird you're setting yourself up for failure when you change to a new one.
only awakening off?
or the other dlcs too?
File: 1611448030946.webm (498 KB, 1280x720)
498 KB
People complain about Penumbra, but the Umbral Choir is interesting to fight and also keeps you on your toes. It adds another layer to building wide (do I want another vulnerable system?) and lets you pull stuff off when you're on the backfoot. I've fucked up my friend's Craver snowball by getting a good hack off on their home system in the past and the salt was indescribable.
meant for >>385567
File: 20210125130544_1.jpg (250 KB, 1920x1080)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>losing war against UE
>force truce > cold war > force peace > bureaucratic imbroglio to counter negative influence

How long can I keep this up? I wonder if its possible to win a game without building a single ship, just by forcing factions to stay at peace through influence.

Yes, I am new. I am trying a pacifist lumeris run for the first time.

The Virgin Kir'ko and the Chad Oathbound edition.
Keep Preserving the Future fellow swarmheralds

Previous thread:
23 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>sequential kill system
This is still one of the most BS mods in the entire game. No wonder Vanguard is the one that has access to it,
>copypaste rosters and low-tier units being useless past the early game.
Oh, true.
Low tier units are supposed to be useless in the late game otherwise nobody would build late game units.
Lategame units should obviously be stronger in a straight comparison, but not necessarily more efficient. Few things make for a blander endgame than just mindlessly spamming your faction's best unit and rolling over everything. 4x games already suffer from shitty endgames in general, so anything that creates more variety is a definite plus. By allowing low-tier units to remain relevant past the early game the way Planetfall does, you significantly diversify the way endgame battles can play out.
Late game units should be better, but rarer.

File: 20210120144751_1.jpg (344 KB, 1024x768)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
How can I recover from this
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
What do you mean?
I like it just because they give you watchtowers after you capture a province.
In the options or at the start of the campaign you can change the unit size.
At the highest level you have normal infantry and ranged infantry of 120 men regiments, with 150 men regiments of massed units like spearmen, pikemen and cheap throwaway militias.
Otherwise all cavarly have a unit size of 80 with generals bodyguard having a size of 40(that number can be expanded to greater than 80 even I think).
Bigger unit scale serves better for stuff like sieges and strategic placing. Also battles are just cooler with it.
You should have no problem running on the highest unit scale with a modern Computer, not even one of the highend ones today but just a normal PC from maybe 3-5 years ago.
You can just test it out in the custom battles. Generally Medieval 2 has problems with fully stacked armies when it is around 3 - 4 armies of that type in one battle.
>game is basically won already
>how do i fix this?
Cut down on army stacks you don't need or send them into fray of enemies and loot and rape them for monies. easy.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (62 KB, 616x353)
62 KB
'ate rumberg
'ate bluds
'ate soll
'ate oligarchs
'ate superpowers
'ate wife

luv wehlen
luv agnolians
luv reformists
luv sordland
luv lucian

Simple as.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why is Agnolia so based?

They saved my ass when Rumburg decided to start some real shit.
FUCK Rumburg, winning the war felt so fucking good
I really enjoyed this game, it honest to goodness felt tense and rewarding to build up the reform process and get it passed, I don't know if it's just smoke and mirrors and the kind of thing that is actually trivially easy to do, but at least for a playthrough it FELT difficult, and thrilling to manage to make it work.
At the end of the game the Bluds fucking hated me, though, should have wiped off those cunts but that probably would be harder going with the well meaning democratic reformist path I was taking.
Even wife loved me because I backed up her social reform pet projects, though I wish the game would have let me not include any kind of quotas but just open up the education system and the other programs instead
Serge absolutely loved me, too, though now I'm wondering, what happens in the other paths? Does he turn out to be a hired assassin by Soll to keep an eye on me or something? Because his complete lack of involvement in the plot feels really suspect so far.
This game is fucking fantastic. Bought it on Steam after I pirated it, planning to get all cheevos. That is all.
i want to play this but the lack of a proper save system makes me too pissed off to try it
I played it for a good while in the intended way, but at some point close to the end I just gave up and started backing saves in the %appdata% folder manually, it's easy enough to do. I honestly wouldn't let this stop you from playing, you should make a push, it's really enjoyable if you enjoy this kind of narrative-driven political intrigue stuff

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