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File: a.png (803 KB, 1557x495)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
>literally only playable with mods
>every update it gets worse
>all other paradox dev teams more or less fix bugs or introduce good new content
>hoi4 constantly fucks up more and more and creates more problems with each patch
>all you can do is hope each new patch doesn't ruin your mods
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It's literally the new we've all been waiting for you seething baby
>sea tile
you mean a region?
Yeah, zone or region. One scout cruiser per, and keep them separate instead grouping them into a squad. That will give you optimal scouting efficiency.
Man, it feels great to have a Great Bulgaria that's pro-Allies and is controlled by Hristo Lukov.
Paradox announced the new DLC in the first dev corner on 3rd May about the research and production being more like HoI 3 and now we have confirmation via the morse code teaser video of 7th June being the announcement day.

The words revealing it were

>Scandalous and polarising, I know.
Scandalous= Scandinavia
Polarising=Polar= Arctic

File: header.jpg (29 KB, 460x215)
29 KB
What's the worst ideology and why is it Autocracy?
>drop PBEM discord again plz SEros
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The minimum distance is 14 tiles in-between, because if they were closer than that you would merge them together.
well fuck, here I was hoping that I could pack a small area full of cities.
You could but you would be better off merging them so that you had a small area full of one enormous city. You asked for the recommended minimum, not the game-rules minimum.
How do you merge
Call the governor of a zone, click on the merge zone button

File: Shark.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1080)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
Shark gf is big edition. Boron DLC came out a month ago, so what's the verdict?

>VRO + XR shippack has updated, but is uploaded on nexus
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Rebirth used a lot of spawned in stuff. The economy would grind to a halt within the first hour or two of the game for several patch cycles. It was sort of unplayable until the 2.12 or later patches I think. I forget but saves were getting corrupted and things just weren't stable for prolly a year or more.
Performance for me only really shits the bed when i dock on PIO bases fuck knows why
>Fire and Smoke mod
dayum thanks man, looks great
File: 1490439343984.png (207 KB, 365x507)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
best new DLC track
>that build up
>that gentle guitar
>that comfy humming
For me it's https://youtu.be/HUUBtjarCTE
The whole soundtrack is awesome. Alexei really improves with every new album. Get the Boron Connections mod so KE isn't so isolated and you have more reason to go there to hear the wonderful tracks.


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>too small in scale
it had more settlements than rome 2
Its still more varied and about as large as Japan. If Shogun 2 can work, then so can other smaller scale TW's. It's just a matter of weather or not they can do it right.
>I don't understand how averages work
God, I hate amerilard hours
Fuck, wrong thread.
what DID he mean by this

File: screenshot_365.png (875 KB, 1366x655)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
Why not play an RTS, good sir?

This is a shameless advertisement targeted at those who ever enjoyed Total Annihilation.
I guess you could use some heads up about a soon-to-be-hit, anons. BAR is a fanmade thing that is on its best way to be produced by Relic Entertainment.
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Can confirm that. Especially if I change water level. Allied BARb's are often teching very slowly. On islands, they making land factories instead of hovers or air. But in general, it few times smarter than most RTS' AIs.
Been playing it a bunch lately. I've gotta hand it to them, they've nailed the feel of TA, nothing was lost in the transition to 3d, but modding in units is going to be harder. I got a big stupid grin on my face when I realised they kept in the exploit of picking up enemy commanders with transport craft.
Just checked. Kidnapping enemy commanders doesn't work anymore. But it possible to stun them with EMP and capture. Anyway, it's way easier to just kill and rez.
Oh, that fucking sucks then, I'm going back to TA
BAR devs aren't so lenient with bugs/unintended features. One example is that you could use your planes to block an enemy nuke as it started flying up but they patched it, and you also could capture allied structures but they removed it (probably because of muh griefing, I forgot to ask why it was removed)

Release date will be announced tomorrow
Pre-release version already up on steam

Shall we show some mercy this time around?
File: D9IAXNUXUAEgZer.jpg (148 KB, 600x861)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

File: 1683676635013386.png (2.15 MB, 1658x1066)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
Punch a sectoid.
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File: aeiou.png (48 KB, 646x404)
48 KB
kill yourself
File: screen001.png (17 KB, 640x480)
17 KB
no, u
File: file.png (11 KB, 599x121)
11 KB
the pedia shows which services allow which research and manufacturing. pic related is my general research base, but i skipped the latest patch so i may be missing something important. you have a bit of wiggle room depending on how many barracks, defenses, and vaults you want. this base doesnt need that much storage capacity, and you can fill it out with slaves if you really need to.

the one annoying thing is the spa plot, which requires both the red tower and a luxury spa. you can demolish the spa after, or build the tower in a different base.
File: cult buddies.png (28 KB, 754x338)
28 KB
>Keep one, not a dozen

but i like having them around
Update in like one or two weeks according to Dioxine

>all units have memorable personalities that are not just for show but actually affect gameplay
>complex economy
>no micro required
>voiced by William Wallace
>campaign has a good difficulty curve which makes you get better at the game just by playing it, without throwing sudden walls of difficulty at you
>there are many strats and the levels are varied in such a way that all units are useful somewhere
This is the best RTS ever made
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Build 3 Markets around your Castle at the start. One near the Castle entrance and give the other 2 a Guard Tower so the tax collectors don't need to walk so far.

You can't build them right next to each other but you can still fit 3 around your Castle or wherever you please.
File: I can not lift this.gif (691 KB, 400x170)
691 KB
691 KB GIF
>mage commits suicide by vampire
>Build as many inns as you can around your castle
Markets are not worth their costs and upgrades in the end. Or rather - their return only starts to add up when you woud already made bank with inns. It's the biggest intermediate trap - overreliance on "big bucks" from markets.
I didn't say that you should research the amulet, just to upgrade your marketplace
Inns are a valid gold generator, but they also serve a useful function of gathering your heroes in one place. I often have one inn, usually in place that faces most assaults or is a forward base.

File: ATTILA2.png (476 KB, 1233x329)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
DARKNESS AND DESPAIR bros, the next game is confirmed to be Attila 2. They are doubling down on the crisis mechanics. It is another survival strategy.


Can't wait for the inevitable roman empire mod.
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you sure that it means you can just chip-down plates with the exact same material?
Cant wait for the Dorian horde invasion
We've seen the general units and they are bodyguard units.
Attila was the shit but CA is NOT the shit
Whatever they make now won't be shit
I'd rather pay for an update to Atilla than this shit

File: file.png (790 KB, 1280x720)
790 KB
790 KB PNG
whats holding back the MMORTS?
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all the reasons not to play Foxhole in 4 posts without explicitly mentioning the discord tranny mafias that ruined both factions. I'm so proud of you /vst/, maybe we can put HoI4 mods behind us too.
>Nobody wants to take the risk of making an unusual game type

Persistency is not the problem. Think about the persistent RPGs that are super-niche and filled with ganking assholes. No need for that. No one goes oh lord what will happen to the noble land of Azeroth without its champions. You log off the MMO, your character stands around in game for a few minutes and disappears. No reason you can't do the same shit - you check in to a hub, sign up for a mission, march your troops through the portal and get fightin. Exactly like a normal RTS, but your army persists and is balanced with deployment costs or some shit.

But... someone would have to do it.
wait, he's remaking the entire fucking engine or game? is he going to redo all the assetts as well?

jesus fucking christ this shit is never be released, isnt it?

also, this game because fucking shit after barter, literally everything gets stuck for no reason, if I hadn't had a guy shoving money down my throat, i would have never progressed beyond barter. just remove that shit PLEASE
Yeah what about buildings, and raiding of buildings. Shit is gonna play like clash of clan isn't it.
Clash of Clans is itself a knockoff of Casual Collective's War Commander, which integrated a real-time combat layer to the Tribal Wars' innovation of the synchronous HOMM-like format. In particular, they copied Backyard Monsters, which was a hit on Facebook due to the cutesy visual reimagining of ultimately a wargame, and then chucked it on smartphones faster than Casual Collective could do the same, cornering the market.
Regardless, I don't know where exactly you draw the line for a MMORTS.
>HOMM & HOMM-likes
Almost definitely not, the battles are fully simulated. Players interact directly - sometimes even during the combat with spells/maneuvers! - but they're all very clearly turn based.
>Tribal Wars
Unlikely, the strategy is there but your unit control is not very granular, you chuck armies at each-other with few choices to make between hours of play. It's not turn-based, but it plays more like a correspondence game - wargaming - than anything else. Players aren't directly interacting.
>War Commander clones
Possibly, on the offense you have control over units to a minor degree, but you do not have control during defensive action. This asymmetry challenges the idea it is "real time" since again the players never directly interact but rather correspond and then play using the game state present at the time of contact.
Are tower defense games RTS? They're certainly a derivative genre, sure (Casual Collective was a tower defense game company first), but I don't think even "competitive" tower defense necessarily encapsulates a RTS unless both players are reacting to each-other in real time.
By contrast, another of Casual Collective's early games - Vega Conflict - is regularly described as a "MMORTS." It has some degree of synchronous combat instead of merely base assault interactions. That almost certainly describes a MMORTS, with granular control of units in real time + correspondance macro strategy mixed together.

RIP Gyuri
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heckin wholesome matcherino
he won
File: file.png (104 KB, 281x267)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Why doesn't MaxPax participate in offline tournaments? Isn't he legal now?
he's mentally retarded his age was never an issue

File: IMG_3533.jpg (277 KB, 421x615)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Your guys thought on wroms.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Great game, lot's of fun.
It's a bit of an issue that there are so many Worms Titles with everyone in the friend group owning a different one usually.
So that usually stands in the way of playing it these days with friends and instead opting for other games.
File: 1682356863973869.jpg (67 KB, 699x1000)
67 KB
I will now download the new Worms game for android (cracked). And let you know if it's any good.
Wouldn't recommend. Deleted.
>playing anything other than armageddon
There's your mistake

File: download.jpg (71 KB, 637x358)
71 KB
Post CK3 mods that you've been playing. Picrel for me. I'd like it more if it didn't constantly crash
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we get it, you’re a repressing tranny and you can talk about nothing else
>we've basically been the victim of a eugenics campaign
Good. Autism is a mental malady.
>by turning half of us trans (and infertile through hormones and surgeries)
Not the method I would have used, but you know
File: qt.png (1016 KB, 601x1080)
1016 KB
1016 KB PNG
Say something nice about my wife, she just hit menopause
isn’t it crazy that women like this exist in real life but white boys have too low T levels and fragile bones and are unable to tap that
Dark Portal was a mistake

File: 4X.png (429 KB, 459x414)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
I recently saw the mod Crusader Wars and I asked to myself, when the 4X/Grand Strategy genres gonna have real-time massive battles (like in good old Total Wars, CoH, World in Conflict, etc)?

I get that no today because the engines, tech limitations, etc. but imagine in the future when you have a fight 300 (you) vs 1500 (AI/another player) and you manage your army in real time, using the terrain, city, etc. whatever to win.

Imagine in Civ, you are being persecuted by mechas, you hide your army in the ruins of your city and with an ambush, you win the battle. The epicness of the trailers but in actual gameplay.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Civ is designed to be a board game so they probably won't ever add RTS elements.
not exactly the same, but wars in Civ competitive multiplayer (which usually uses simultaneous turns) is strongly influenced by player action speed during wars
Low IQ post detected, opinion rejected.
You may reject whatever you want but i posted game which you describe as
and nobody but a few nonverbal autists cared to play it
Because your retarded idea sucks
There is a game called Field of Glory 2 that does this, but I think you need to own another game for it to work, kinda like that CK2 mod.
I've wondered about stuff like thin in grand strat/4x games for a while and I believe it would be hard to balance it as the player would have to decide when to fight the battles and when to just auto resolve, then you have the same problem as TW games where the auto resolve will fuck you in the ass and you have to fight tedious battles over and over
I used to make maps in MoWAS2 for my Hoi4 campaigns, I'd take a look at google maps and make a small slice where I'd place the units and have them fight around, just for fun.
Same with stuff like naval battles in Eu4, I'd play them out on TW empire, or when Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts came out I would design my ships from my Hoi4 games and have them fight.
Civilization's scale is so abstracted and boardgame-like I don't think this would make much sense there.
In CK, maybe, but it would make the game even more of a slog to play.

File: 1642845967583.png (1.07 MB, 930x706)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Let's have a Kaiserreich thread. Best HOI4 mod easily? Who are you playing as?
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Try to evacuate to Singapore and Indonesia, then wait until Japan declares on China.
You probalbly shouldn't be trying to outslug a major until your allies can bolster you, as the other Anon said, if you couldn't knock out Siam, try and withdraw to more defensive positions like Malaysia until you can get an advantageous position, perhaps by naval invading Bangkok when Siam inevitably invades Burma
>Good historical writing
>In a hoi4 mod
>create a spy agency
>first agent is either joewarida biden or fucking zuckerberg
Fuck off subhuman.
Tranny you are so triggered right now. Going to seethe and cope and 42% ? Literally rope faggot

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