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File: 4545.png (1.16 MB, 1737x813)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
The idea is that all players are statesmen (not rulers or generals) of a nation, and they vote on what action to perform every turn (which will take 10 seconds) and compete against other player-led nations.

I intend this game to be complex with a low low-learning curve so it is easy to get into but hard to master, with this complexity I mean it has:
>closed economy (each province has private and public wealth)
>pops with ethnicity and religion, who migrate and revolt
>knights who duel and commands
>governments that function differently
>rulers whose stats impact everything
>forts that protect nations
>barbarians that destroy everything
>it has pie charts.
So, the goal is to make it much more than just a map painter.

Because one setting/map will get tiresome after a while, I intend to make several maps on which players will able to vote every round.

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File: 5467.png (6 KB, 260x79)
6 KB
just made it, 0.1.7 has been released.

It doesn't have a grain system, but it does have a settlement upgrade command (you can see the progress by the settlement map mode which depicts the progression as moon),

For whatever reason, I decided to add map zoom.
File: im not an ant.png (191 KB, 314x302)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
images are made for ants lol

also when are you going to release multiplayer???
>images are made for ants lol
Font-size scales to the viewport, are you playing on a phone?

>also when are you going to release multiplayer???
Well, we are certainly getting closer to that...

>Font-size scales to the viewport, are you playing on a phone?

im playing on an asus lapotop on firefox that runs windows 10

>Well, we are certainly getting closer to that...
cool, when it comes out ill spam it around the site a bit and ill reccomend it to my friend
File: 5346.png (180 KB, 302x302)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>im playing on an asus lapotop on firefox that runs windows 10
That's certainly strange behavior, especially if it doesn't occur with the rest of the text.

Made me thinking more about the multiplayer.
Most likely there won't be a hot join, because that's just a nightmare to keep in sync.
Design I'm thinking will last 1 hour and each turn has 30 seconds timer, thus there would 120 years/turns of gameplay.
The goal wouldn't be neccessary to conquer everybody (even if that is one way to win), but the winner would be the nation with highest civilization index, which would constist of combination forts, provinces, pops, wealth, won, battles.
Also considering regular multiplayer alongside team-multiplayer.

File: 20200810182458_1.jpg (454 KB, 1920x1080)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
>one of the best WWII games available on the market
>dedicated, autistic developer that fights with people on the steam forum
>harkens back to the old days where you needed to read the manual
>cinematic af
>can't maintain a thread on /vst/
Why? What about this game makes it so boring to talk about?

Do you prefer long campaigns or short?
Massive number of units or small?
Germans or Soviets?
Best DLC?
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File: sdfae.png (1.18 MB, 1684x925)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
oh fug!
File: 2021-08-05_24-22.webm (2.89 MB, 1952x1080)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
panzer panzer
>you've gone too far this time, Rommel
nice sim kek
Way to discredit your post.

File: dh.jpg (109 KB, 1915x1000)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
dreamhack qualifiers rn
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Lambronies... Is today our time??
lambros did we get too cocky?
dead game
yeah its been feeling really dead

File: civilization-6.jpg (153 KB, 1024x645)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
What's a good nation for a starting player of Civ VI? I played V like, years ago.
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> focusing on Encampments as they act like villages
I meant focus on barbarian encampments*
Civs from the base game are usually more standard while the dlc civs are often really gimmicky. Just jam some games on random and then pick someone who enables you to do the things you want to.

I don't know what the first reply is talking about though because the civ bonuses are pretty impactful for 90% of the civs.
based gg retard
I have always heard that Rome is the best civ for beginners, but I don't think beginners would notice how powerful Rome really is.
File: ss3.jpg (246 KB, 1280x1024)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
If you have CIV 4, just play the Fall From Heaven 2 mod. You'll never go back.

Bring about the Apocalypse never gets old.
Rome. Most of their bonuses are automatic so you can just play without worrying about civ bonuses at all.

File: Warrior_Kings_Battles.jpg (23 KB, 266x375)
23 KB
>bought this and the original at a Savers discount bin like 2003 still think its unique

any fans?
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Never played that game in my life but those graphics hit that nostalgia sweet spot - just the right amount of blur.

King of cozy for me will always be the original Black and White. It's a shame the campaign gets less sandboxy/less good as it goes, but it's so fun to just mess around with in Skirmish or the first half of a new campaign
File: Gangsters.jpg (162 KB, 710x533)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
My brother originally picked it up second hand at a car boot sale for like £5. Didn't know what it was, we didn't play it for ages because of how fucking confusing the manual was.
Wasted so much time on it when we finally did install it though.
File: CavalryCharge1.png (337 KB, 800x600)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
I wanted to try black and white as one of the only god builders out there but it just seems so restricted when I saw gameplay. Is worth getting and have I just missed some hidden complexity?
this game is bizzare, so many good ideas with a truly horrid execution.
its also like a precursor to cossacks in regard to some mechanics but 3d and bad
It's abandonware so you can pick it up free and the tutorial is just playing the game so certainly worth grabbing just to mess around with if it ever caught your eye.

It's a unique blend of simple city building, economic management, AI training, and physics based gameplay that are more than the sum of their parts. But like I said, it is really only fun as a sandbox since the enemy God AI is not dangerous. Also the music/ambience is kino, I would enjoy building forest gardens listening to that Norse tune.

Xcom /vst/ Thought
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You have to care about the casualty rate. You don't have to care about any singular rookie or squaddie. It is rare for any single click to decide if a mission succeeds or fails. Even if you click a wrong position, get seen from a window and shot dead the dozen or so remaining operatives can still finish the job. Contrast with the modern games where a single click moving you to a bad spot where you get flanked and killed can suddenly mean a loss of 25% of your fighting power. Unless you are close to the end it is unlikely you can finish the mission with just three operatives, although this certainly becomes less impossible once you get to a full team.

I think savescumming is exactly the definition of giving a fuck. In the modern X-COM losing a soldier usually means the mission just became imposssible, so I am forced to care. In the old X-COM I might lose four guys, finish the mission and just get replacements. I think the latter is definitely better in this respect, because in this alien war death actually sticks.

>Though normally it's because you finally unlocked a class' super omega final broken skill.
Whether the original is easier with floating power armor and psionic powers or the modern ones are easier with top level skills is of course a question of taste. Both games are essentially over once you get to that point and only the end game remains.
But can I recruit sneks
>shoot down large ship
>send in skyranger
>jump out of skyranger
>2 chryssalids right in front of the ramp
what do?
The only use I ever got out of tanks was to park it in front of a human factions base that was opposed to XCOM and level their base it. I could have even done that with something else, but ti was such a big dick move to park a tank in their yard.
Its not, its a RPG cake with some strategegery iceing.
With mods its a pretty good RPG. It will never be a good strategy game though. The geoscape is not utilized. Taking your ship base to different areas for random scanning was pretty low effort. So is the base itself. The previous game had only slightly better buildings (in long war) so I can't ding part 2 that bad for it.
The tactics is also unbalanced. early game my favorite because its the most difficult. by the time you get to late game your soldiers have so much action economy that you can alpha strike any pod off the map. Adding lots of enemies with mods sort of helps this.
Running into a late game pod of 3 clone alien rulers with 120 hp each makes the game interesting again.

File: qi3951mdyfp61.png (136 KB, 439x277)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
10 days to go to global release of released game
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Buff niggas
File: 20210709205704_1.jpg (427 KB, 1920x1080)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
I love visual bugs
Gear boys dabbing on Yesod's manlet rage.
big cogs
This reminds me of the other glitch I got sometime ago, which is making a card disappear by selecting speed die and canceling with a right click. Did anyone get this glitch too? so far I haven't see it shown here.

What the fuck happened?
Also sword of the stars thread
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Bad take
Hivers best race, prove me wrong
File: Morrigi with son.jpg (417 KB, 900x675)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
>TFW Will never Be Morrow Khan and have a harem of Morrigi.

File: Alien_Crossfire_Cover.jpg (65 KB, 400x400)
65 KB
Why is the expansion not remembered as fondly as the OG game? I thought all the factions were awesome and way more unique than any of the base game factions.

The aliens were really OP though. They dominated literally every game they were included in.
77 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I haven't managed to make a custom faction I liked. I always make them either boring or too strong. Does anyone with more experience know how much is too much to give to a faction? Are there any good ways to test if your faction is too strong or weak?
You were supposed to reply with a lewd meme, you soulless hive scum.
File: spartan_troopers.jpg (133 KB, 516x773)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I think the United Citizen Federation from Starship Troopers is the best way of portraying the Spartans. They don't really care about taking over the world for its own sake, it just naturally follows from genuinely believing military force to be the highest virtue.

It also goes well with my favourite playstyle, Democratic Free Market Spartans. With the +1 police bonus you can handle the occasional drone from military intervention.
File: vw quote.png (25 KB, 712x189)
25 KB
Well, some guy tried to roughly estimate relative weight of social effects. It seems to be about right.

It doesn't account for special abilities but you can approximately deduce their values from there.
File: too_powerful.png (331 KB, 1025x825)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
haven't seen this before. I'm maxed on relations with her (Magnanimous) and we're both at war against a Believers-Spartan alliance but she just plain out refuses to even sign friendship treaty.

File: Tod.jpg (8 KB, 180x240)
8 KB
I'm pretty sure Tod and Rotterdam are the same person.

File: william comparison.jpg (1.72 MB, 3884x2200)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
aoe2 thread, rustling phone posters jimmies edition. although I appreciate DE for its multiplayer and quality of life improvements, I think it is missing a lot of the charm of the CD version especially in its UI and in the campaigns voice acting and intros.
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i use them all the time in the late game, especially when i'm looking for more ore piles
i'm more curious about the polish milf
File: 247794406.jpg (262 KB, 1100x717)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
>early 15th century Hussites get to upgrade their cannons
>meanwhile Turk Bombards have no damage bonus or even Siege Engineers
They get artillery tech though
Without Siege Engineers, it's just +1 range and -20% damage against buildings compared to other civs.

File: Honecker.jpg (38 KB, 533x300)
38 KB
new patch notes have been out for a bit, what do y'all think of it
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File: isramutt.jpg (158 KB, 741x649)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>everyone who hates israel is an arab
typical retarded isramutt
I have the fucking DLC. I would rather play Eurocorp or Nordforce mechanized. Even Scandi is better. For motorized the Israelies are beyond garbage. Air is meh and Armor just makes you wish you were playing Norad or Eurocorp.
The only reason people play Israel is cause they think ATGM recon is ultra dank meme 9000 units, without realizing that Israel has the worst synergizing roster in the game.
File: 1598368005122.gif (3.28 MB, 320x240)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB GIF
Multiplayer is particularly cancerous today.
>it's a day ending in y

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (111 KB, 616x353)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
This shit is literally Pay2Win, it's so broken it's hillarious.
Everything past the Age of Conquerors is dogshit.
it's not out
is preodering winning matches for people?

>base factions are North Europe, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Native American, Steppes.
>A big focus on decentralised vs centralised. Decentralised factions have cheaper units, greater mobility, centralised have more building options and better units, but shit is expensive and you can collapse if you lose access to resources.
>Faction defines centralisation vs decentralisation. FE and ME are always centralised with different types of collapse (FE has warring state as soon as you collapse, ME has renaissance once/if you overcome the crisis), NE starts decentralised as barbarian tribes then centralise, Natives if not too centralised have an option to immediately flip to decentralised if they are losing too hard. ME basically freely shifts in each era depending on focus and Steppes is always decentralised.
>In each era of you pick cultural traits which define focus and aesthetic. A bit like Humankind but more logical (only NE can pick the Celtic, German, British, stuff) and focused on a bit of roleplay (ME temples only turn to mosques if you turn Muslim)
>Some are misseable uniques that require a lot of effort to get. FE can only pick divine wind for massive defensive boosts if their capital has never been sieged by another faction, there is also a generic mega fauna trait which requires a very good early game.
>There is a dynamic mode (default) and preset traits mode
>Minor nations you can trade with, own, but not destroy.
>More customisation, with building/unit packs planned as DLC (Japanese skin pre order) and lots of namelist
aw sweet a schizo thread
what are you even talking about

Anyone still playing civ 5? Tell me about your games.
Seems like everyone's either moved onto 6 or still stuck on 4.
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favorite civ?
Mine is Morocco
Bonus to trade plus desert improvements means you won't often be at odds with your neighbors when it comes to expanding, plus desert tiles become great with petra and the unique unit is pretty cool
Netherlands, I can trade away all of my luxuries and not give a fuck. Also, that war theme https://youtu.be/5Uf81Ikqnrw
File: pyramid.png (73 KB, 184x184)
73 KB
I've got two: Mayans and Ethiopia.
The Mayans might not be able to get a Scientist before Babylon, but it does get 6-7 other free Great People. It's just very versatile because of that. The Pyramid building is probably one of the best in the early game.
The last time I played, I used Ethiopia in a game where I banned myself from Tradition, Liberty, and Ratio. I went Piety & Honor with Holy Warriors, and faith purchased xbows for war. It's dumb/inefficient, but at that point I was basically done with civ5, so it was a fun sendoff.
Polders are the most comfy improvements in the game

Overall favorite is probably Russia.
Free hammers with strategics and the ability to spam horse and iron units early is a godsend.

However, the single funnest experience I ever had was with the Celts, going super wide for the Longest Name Ever achievement.

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