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File: 1632079388793.jpg (184 KB, 1078x834)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Age of Empires 2 thread
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I dont get why they changed arrow tracking. AoE2's system worked perfectly as is.
Yeah I know, but it's a campaign where the player is the Byzantine civ.

They should have done with Bari what they did with El Dorado when they released DE and dropped it. Replaced it with a proper Byz campaign.
>totally fucking meaningless especially when you look at the disparity even a 100 elo can make in games.
And why 100 elo difference is the issue here?
I don't know. All Forgotten campaigns are le quirky setting and in DE they even had le quirky gameplay. With the exception of Alaric, that one has good setting for a Goth campaign.
The revamp of Alaric in DE is kino

So I did a thing. I enjoy AGOT for CK2, but all the submods are a mess.
So I merged them myself. It's far from finished (some provinces miss history for specific dates, etc), but it's a start and perfectly playable as opposed to using all these mods separated. The mods in question will be in the next post.

Download here:
Works with the latest CK2 patch, based on the latest versions of each submod.

General A Game of Thrones thread games, I guess.
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I can't play VNs if it doesn't have some sort of taboo hook
File: hs.png (661 KB, 720x720)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
Repo is public, added issues to track what I need to do. If you see anything or have changes you want to make, or just want to contribute, go ahead.

I'm going to start with trying to get the CotF at least distinguishable by name. Suggestions are appreciated.

It is indeed and it has all kinds of fetish, including incest. Each girl has another hook.
Impregnation is always good, but I tend to find that if it's an eroge the eroticism is just a drawback and if it's a nukige you get one gooood fap out of the first chapter and never find it good again because it relies too hard on weird kinks.
Could you create a steam collection and share the link?

File: 1635980428980.png (462 KB, 462x652)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
>Company of Heroes 2, huh? More like Company of Kino 2 if you ask me.
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Yeah. There's also the option for going snipers, though that's quite micro-intensive compared to a fire and forget flare.
Is it just me or is the Jagdpanzer with HEAT rounds retardedly op? For only 135 fuel and 35 munitions, you get a tank that outranges most medium and has KT level of penetration. And that fucking shit can camouflage.
Tank destroyers are only OP until you get close to them or force them to move. The gun traverse on all SPGs is garbage, so don't let them shell you from far away where they get a bigger field of fire. Get closer, turn that field into an easily avoidable tunnel, and blow them up. Oh, and they don't have MGs, rocket infantry is extra happy.
I used to be top 100 in this game and I can absolutely promise you that COH2 is shit and Relic are some of the shittiest in the industry. I can't think of a single update they have ever done that didn't break something else. Shitty designers, shitty balancers, and shitty people too, it's a fucking mess. I remember Luvnest on stream once, someone asked him how they can get into COH2 and he just told them that "You should never get into this game because it will never pay you back, the devs will never care enough and you'll just end up disappointed." He knew the truth.
The removal of officer AOE buffs makes them pointless and the only reason they seem to still be in the game is because then they'd have to think about what to replace them with.

I understand they wanted to discourage blobbing, which is what officers do, but there isn't anything inherently wrong with a massed attack - it takes only one machinegun you didn't anticipate to rout the entire attack and they're obviously susceptible to shellfire. Do they work pretty well when the enemy isn't expecting them? Sure. But only because COH has stupidly short LOS, meaning you can suddenly pop out of the FOW with 3 squads and overrun a lone unit. A game that so heavily emphasizes close quarter combat will always have this problem.

File: 1634261332168.jpg (132 KB, 480x480)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
How will firaxis make civ 7 worse than civ 6? You just know the'yll do it, going by how much of a drop-off 6 was from 5.

They gave civ 6 a mobile art style and did other tweaks enough to make it more or less mediocre. How will they fuck it up even more this time?

If firaxis was still competent, they would have built on 5's strengths the way NIS did with disgaea 3/4 but they're not competent.
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Snowball effect means all 4X sucks past turn 50 or so
that is for tablets not mobile, dumbfucks
Then the world needs a 4x game with the MarioKart Effect, where the player who's winning gets penalized and the players who are losing get boosted.
> All leaders don't represent the best of their country's history, but the worst parts.
> China gets Chang-Kai-Shek; France Napoleon II; Rome sees Commodus as its leader; Korea Kim Il-sung; Egypt is lead by Pepi II (who looks about to die in-game); America is controlled by Buchanan or George W. Bush; and Germany is lead by Hitler.
> No tech quotes whatsoever and very few techs around, that take a gajilion turns to research.
> "Fast" speed is equivalent to "Marathon" in previous titles, and "Marathon" now requires you to spend 240 hours to beat a game.
> Civ II-style governments with Civ V's system of unlocking them.
> Districts now occupy two entire tiles, while maps get smaller as well.
> No more long-range units, but there's still one-unit-per-tile, meaning that archers and artillery become utterly useless, while also making the basic Warrior the only thing you'll ever need.
> Religion is back to Civ IV-style "just a name and a temple" shit.
> Espionage is a diplo action that is always pass-fail at 50%, no way around it.
>America is controlled by Buchanan or George W. Bush
would be funny as shit but we know america is going to be led by rosa parks

File: FTCDgS8XEAALv88.jpg (362 KB, 1327x794)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Post-apocalyptic seamen edition.
Old thread: >>1021079

Vic just posted a snippet of upcoming Ocean feature, about Maritime Trade Houses that do the shipping

>The key mechanic for the Oceans feature are going to be the MTHs or Maritime Trade Houses. It is these MTHs that control the seas, not you! You can sign contracts with them for shipping and even obtain some shares to better influence them.
>There can be different MTHs present on the same Planet, and yes… these can battle with each other for supremacy of the seas. Having an antagonistic MTH defeating your friendly buddy MTH and taking over crucial Sea Zones means you’ll have have to sign new transport contracts at probably exorbitant prices.

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Does anybody know why I can't discover Light Armor Grenadier Army? Based on https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=352634#4839875 I should meet all the requirements, but it's not discovered and there are currently no possible discoveries. I've had this problem before and I don't remember how I figured it out.
have you operationalized the basic light armour army?
Yeah, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to discover Light Armor Assault and Light Armor Infantry Armies as shown in the image.
have you built models for each thing the unit requires
>built models
I posted the image so you could see that I have designed all the requisite models.
There's no requirement to actually construct any of the models in order to unlock an OOB for discovery (designing a light tank lets you unlock Light Armor Army for example, no need to actually build a light tank).

>war is a diplomatic action
The real problem with this that diplomacy is THE worst part of these games in singleplayer. Literally just clicking button to make number go up and trying to game the AI algorithm which makes decision based on fucking RNG.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>war is a diplomatic option
>diplomacy is disabled while wars are on

Why are they such hacks?
You say that like diplomacy isn't ass in multiplayer.

Every single diplomatic action is just for show, and lasts until it isn't convenient anymore, unless it happens outside of the game. Just means you may as well ignore it.
yes that is how artificial intelligence works in videogames anon. Sorry to spoil this for you but a war game is also about clicking buttons to make numbers go up and trying to game an AI algorithm that's making RNG seeded decisions
Carl von Clausewitz looks like that?
People who play pdx games competetively in multiplayer are mentally ill. A lot of things are meaningless for the reasons you described and it's unbalanced as fuck. You either play multiplayer casually, in which case people will either agree to some explicit or unspoken rules that guarantee that it's fun for everyone, or you stick to singleplayer, then we can meaningfully talk about the game mechanics because they are what you use to engage with the AI.

File: andreas-bennwik-eu4cover.jpg (663 KB, 1428x2000)
663 KB
663 KB JPG
>you have to siege your own cities
Who made this shit game?
37 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
the fundamental issue is that this game fundamentally sucks my dick but there's nothing you can do about the most basic game mechanics being dogshit other than add bandaids.
>If occupying each province would cost you 1K troops, it would mean that there would be no need for war score cap, because Portugal simply wouldn't have enough troops to occupy all of Spain in a single war.
with the growth of armies over the course of the game this would become basically irrelevant by 1500. also what does it even matter, if you're taking more than 100% warscore you're probably not going to have enough admin to core it all and your country is going to shit its pants ultra hard.
i do think vassalization should be 25% of the cost of annexation though.
Dudes, I figured it out. This game is addictive because we don't find much value in having to live the real strategy instead of this game. In a perfect world, you choose your character and you have a plan already when you start the game. We resort to Europa because we have complete control over this game, whereas in the real life, everything is so random, there's too much uncertainty. But that's untrue, I think the main thing here is how long life is, you can start and finish a campaign in a matter of days. And then start again. It's certainly better to play a few lives a week then to have to do a single one for 80 years. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. But in the end we all realize these campaigns are very similar anyway. What about you, guys. When do you plan to stop playing? Or do you just do it as a relaxation past time?
>with the growth of armies over the course of the game this would become basically irrelevant by 1500
I mean you could also tie the garrison size to the development (because it too grows).
So, Paris' development is 30 in 1444, and historically its population was 200K at time. And when the French retook it in 1429 it had a garrison of 3,000 English men. Thus garrison could be 100 troops per development, each province costing at least 300 troops to occupy.

>if you're taking more than 100% warscore you're probably not going to have enough admin to core it all and your country is going to shit its pants ultra hard.
Not really, the revolts are a joke. The coalition might be something to worry about. Regardless the impact, why the need to handhold? Let people get greedy and see them struggle with it.

File: gendry2.jpg (239 KB, 1428x932)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
old thread >>1041314
70 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
become forest man. abuse cramped space and terrain height
Lw archer is for bullying goblins to get named items from their camps at no risk, one of the russian autists demonstrated it in a video that got posted last thread

For bows its the same case as swords where the good base damage and other benefits get let down by bad armor ignore and armor damage + too many enemies have anticipation + throwers with barb javs existing and being broken op. Bow/crossbow polearm hybrids are very capable at all ranges and can do everything a pure archer can (shooting people in the opening rounds if you have the ranged advantage and shaving off a few berserkers out of the fight is handy) other than aformentioned gobbo abuse whilst gunners and throwers are perk hungry
lost a run to a raider camp with two leaders. i just cant seem to get nimble fast enough before fighting the overpowered enemies. i wish they took out nimble so we'd have more linear difficulty scaling, instead of each bro dieing in 2 hits and them boom they can tank 6 hits
File: killer.jpg (89 KB, 401x835)
89 KB
how should i build this guy? i want to meme him into a slinger but he has really good attack skill too
at what day was this? was it uphill? i dont think nimble is manditory to have quickly at all, just very good for snowballing and a sign that you are doing well since you're fighting enough to get it like day 30-40ish

level melee attack too alongisde ranged, add quickhands and polearm mastery and now he's a backliner hybrid. use a billhook or swordlance

File: 1627791393690.jpg (69 KB, 540x540)
69 KB
>border gore
literally only virgin cucks unironically mutter those words togehter
>border vore
>border ryona

File: gladiusheader.jpg (42 KB, 616x353)
42 KB
Thought on Gladius?
63 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you're going to spam something early for combat purposes as Tyranid spam Tyranid Warriors. They're arguably the strongest T2 infantry unit in the game and absolutely shred light armored targets. Their stats should speak for themselves. They also have synapse link so no morale worries ever.
If you want any sensible early game map control research and start producing them immediately after malanthropes (getting bases up takes still priority)
All T0-T1 tyranid units except Tyranid Prime are pretty much reclamation fodder. In most cases you should've consumed all your starting squads within the first 15 turns or so turns to speed up building or malanthrope production translating into more building production which is early on much more valuable than unit production.
So how do I know what units are generally the best for each tier and race? How do I know a unit is good against armoured, for example?
if a unit has high damage and high pen its usually good vs armoured units. terrain is extremely important in gun battles. guard favours open terrain and can have huge issues killing huge armoured units deep in terrain
This nigger has absolutely no shiver in his timbers.
I found this game to be terribly boring. Very simplistic. I only played long enough to find out it takes a hundred units to take a city, and uh just long enough to not get a refund.

File: 1200_628.jpg (123 KB, 1200x628)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
What's the best looking strategy game there is?
35 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sharp? I think it's the other way around, Temporal Antialiasing is being used quite a lot nowadays, the problem I think is that games are becoming too detailed, it makes it harder sometimes to easily tell stuff from other stuff, which is why that sort of "press button to highlight stuff" vision mechanic is so prevalent nowadays.
>you should be playing visual novels instead
I prefer to play laggy slideshows before actual slideshows.
>If your main concern with a strategy game is how does it look, you should be playing visual novels instead.
...have you seen a visual novel before anon? What do you think is so graphically impressive about them?
That must be it, too detailed rather than too sharp.

File: pizza.jpg (2.8 MB, 3840x2160)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Italians officially confirmed as the next Age3 empire
125 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 116270.jpg (343 KB, 1300x929)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Still doesn't explain the rapid fire like gatling gun
No such thing
Ivan the Terrible and Napoleon can fight each other but the concept of a united Italia is too much? In hindsight I hope they replaced Ivan with Peter the Great in the future
Given the current situation now, I don't expect Russia to get touched at all this year or the next.

Likewise, if Brazil is really the next lone civ DLC, it's gonna be revealed at November, because the start and end of October is the elections, so once that is out of the way things will be calmer. Hopefully.
I can see them adding Cossack Ukraine as a Russian revolution civ

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (114 KB, 616x353)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
1.06. beta economy patch is now out.

You have to build POW camps now.
73 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Played it. Its freaking awesome. Try it. You wont regret it.
Funny how each GT CW starts of with a bang and then quickly becomes forgotten by everyone, including OP.
Very similar to hoi3 threads.
>initial post rush
>shit flinging begins
>fizzles out with just a couple of interested people bumping without adding much
>falls off the page
>few months later a new thread gets posted
>repeat above.
another map painter
Fun game, worth the money, can win as the Confederates, with added bonus of not being CA or Paradox.

File: HOI2DH.png (105 KB, 250x347)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
The only playable Hearts of Iron game
39 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: compare.png (219 KB, 1107x585)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
>number is twice as big
>GPU is approx twice as fast

checks out for me
Don't forget it costs 20k to build a supply hub which takes MONTHS! God forbid there isnt a pre placed supply hub near the front. Tanks run out of steam super quick because they outrun supply hubs within 3-4 tiles depending on where and arbitrary "hub" is placed.

Captials also have near unlimited supply so an enemy can easily keep 3-4x the units there while your armies starve because its all abstract and random.

The way railways work is dumb too. As long as there is a rail connection of a certain level to the capital your hub gets that level of supply. One section of railway could supply 10+ hubs if you wanted it to (and it commonly does).

Theres also an option to supply by truck, but all it does is slightly increase the range of supply hubs and the trucks don't even use fuel. The only cost is that occasionally one "breaks down" and needs to be replaced. You can max out truck supply in the east and still only use about 800-1.2k trucks which boils down to about the cost of about 5-6 infantry divisions.

I'm sure there's more but its so bad its not even that much fun to shit on it.
HOI2 Iron Cross
>filtered by the supply
the state of brainlets today
The worst part is that the rail system by itself isn't bad idea and like grand majority of mechanics that make IV, it at least on paper appears to be a great idea.
But hey, on paper, the air combat system is also fantastic, so go fucking figure.

>If you consider the shit-tier suppy system of IV to be poorly implemented, it means you got filtered
Nigger, I helped organise BIce supply autism.
HoI4 simply has bad and ill-concieved supply system. It COULD work, but that would require two things that PDX will never do:
- giving a singe flying fuck
- not relegating it to be a DLC bubble floating in perfect vaccum
Also, keep in mind that the fact you have two brain cells to rub together and just advance your offensives along the supply rail system and capture local hubs doesn't mean AI even knows what those things are. In 3, AI simply handled supplies and when it could spare IC, it was expanding at least main trunks of infrastructure. In 4, it doesn't even register supply as a deciding factor.

File: victoria 3.jpg (34 KB, 460x215)
34 KB
This shitshow of a game is building up to be the next Imperator. I can't wait to see it blow up in Wiz's dumb face and him being put down like DDRJake before him.
102 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
How is it the marketing dep's fault? The game is just kinda boring and the DLCs have been mediocre.
The core game design is bad. A polished turd will always be a turd.
Paradrones are STILL salty about Jake
>being a religious minority could make them more likely to join an interest group that corresponds with their religion
Every country only has one religious interest group, and it’s whatever the state religion is.
Yes, as retarded as it seems, minority religions will not have interest groups
File: paradoxcombat.png (645 KB, 680x674)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
>mfw f2p early 2000's mmo browser strategy games had more elaborate combat than this

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