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File: By Blood Alone.png (2.41 MB, 1920x845)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG

Build a new empire, resist foreign aggression or explore the limits of neutrality in Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone. This new expansion for Paradox Interactive’s World War II grand strategy wargame adds new alternate history options and gameplay variety for three nations, as well as other significant changes.

Features of Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone include:
New Italian Focus Tree:
Follow the historical path of Mussolini's Italy or rewrite history by restoring power to the monarchy, leading a Communist revolution or replacing Mussolini with one of a variety of new contenders.

New Ethiopian Focus Tree:
Defy the odds to defeat the Italian invader or resist the conqueror from abroad using unique Government in Exile abilities.

New Swiss Focus Tree:
Surrounded by France, Germany and Italy, the mountain nation of Switzerland finds strength in its neutrality, balancing competing factions and overtures from the great powers.

New Peace Conference Options:

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fighters do air superiority, close air support does ground attack (logistic strike if you're not fighting)
>infantry can hardly hold the line
it will hold anything, air does all the damage
>how many planes per general
0, do it manually
>do I bother battleplaning those
every offensive units should be moved manually, battleplan ai is retarded
I wont ask how many planes per region because that changes tomorrow
what width should my defensive infantries be? 20?
>do I need fighters for air superiority and do I need to set them only to CAS or can I just check every box avalable and build tac bombers that can cas?
You need fighters and either cas or tac bombers, if you use bombers you need to switch them between the roles depending on the situation.
For doctrine either the left or the right one because they have fighter bonus you need. And you can effectively utilize like 10k-15k planes of both fighter and the attacker of your choice. You don't assing planes on generals, just set the airzones based on where you are fighting but if you do then just sprinkle few to each unit, like half to your attackers and half spread around the lines.

>I havent tried 2 different frontlines
You don't have 2 frontlines, you have a frontline of cheap infantry units and then a separate taskforce that you micro that does the attacking where ever it's needed. Also your defense infantry should not have it's "support slots all taken", they should only have engineers and maybe arty and aa if you are feeling generous.

>like 3 divisions on every tile and pushing is impossible
That's why you need a dedicated attacking division, basic infantry can't push. You either need special forces or tanks.

>do I bother battleplaning those or do I micro without setting up a front?
You micro but you can temporarily set up a front too since it allows them to build planning bonus, the key is to have regular infantry cover the entire line so when ever you move your elites there's no gaps in the defense.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
do I get penalties if I assign airwings to multiple things at once such as cas and logistics and something else? do I need to toggle interception or just air superiority? do I need carriers if I want to transfer many planes over the ocean without bothering with canada?
Well you don't really get penalties but they will split their attention which basically means you lose bunch of effectiveness.
For instance if you are simultaneously strategic bombing trying to disable their airfields and close air supporting trying to hit their troops then the bombing will be ineffective as they have more time to passively or actively repair the airfield between the fewer bombing runs leading to higher airport level that they can maintain and the cas will be ineffective as battles are supported less. Same with close air support and logistics bombing, where the effect on logistics won't cause starvation while the effect on battles isn't as great. It's better to pick one and focus on it and then change it to the other when you launch or stop and attack for instance
It's fine to have few missions selected but especially strategic bombing should be focused on if you plan to use it at all. Don't mix air superiority and interception though.

You don't need carriers for plane transfers they have infinite range when moving from airport to airport.

File: EgDMv7CWAAMvZSV.jpg (67 KB, 800x600)
67 KB
Remember Impossible Creatures? For me it was a Chimp and poison toad fusion with a chimps arms and torso with a toads head and legs the size of a chimp
I really liked Gorilla + Crocodile combo. With the right parts it creates a really hard hitting unit with a defence up aura.
Unfortunately the game was boring af after you had crested some funny units. I'd like a remake but in a different genre like some management game or maybe even a battle royale where you pick up animal parts instead of weapons..

File: disciples ii.png (381 KB, 390x540)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
For me, it's Undead > Mountain Clans > Empire = Legions of the Damned >>> Elves
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I heard of them but aren't they Rise of the Elves exclusive?
I like Dark Prophecy + Gallean's Return more.
The elves could've been cool but it was too rushed, they got the comfiest terrain though.
This is kinda weird. I don't think there is mods exclusive to Dark Prophecy. As opposed to RoTE. And you can play vanilla factions in RoTE too.
File: Mortis.png (2.85 MB, 1920x1080)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB PNG
what are the old disciples games like?
I only played Liberation and it was fun, but I hear the old ones play very differently
I liked the universe though
It's two different games altogether. The only thing Liberation have in common with Disciples is the name. And you should feel bad for liking this game.
>And you can play vanilla factions in RoTE too.
I know that, but RoTE doesn't have Gallean's Return campaigns, which are fun.
Also, it doesn't integrate new content that well, the best part of the expansion for me were the new neutrals, but I don't think they're present in the Dark Prophecy campaigns. Also the new green mana the elves use is completely useless for other factions.
Lastly I don't think the new balancing changes brought by the expansion are that good or comprehensive as they could've been.
For casual playing I like the base game more, that's all.

File: Acs.jpg (720 KB, 1920x1080)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
Anyone ever play Amazing Cultivation Simulator? It looks like it might be a fun way to waste a couple months. Is it as insane as Sseth makes it seem?
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>invite people to join sect
>3 days later no show
How long do I gotta wait? I want people to do shit
The instant I posted that they popped up as 'a stranger'
So it takes like 3 days
Depends entirely how far away they are, since it's not a set time and they're physically travelling the distance across the map to reach your sect.
Okay so small update about the Perception thing, I had a random outer wander into my debuff room to add in another relic and I noticed that her Per was only debuffed to 2.00 too, which makes me think something peculiar is going in with the room itself rather than the cultivator. Is there any relic (the Dragon Rod perhaps?) that has a property of maintaining 2 perception or anything like that?
One of my disciples has a bed but he keeps sleeping on the ground instead and getting bad mood from it. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? is it a yaoguai thing?

File: 20210530205437_7.jpg (435 KB, 1920x1080)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
>No Chadmany thread.
Chadmany thread.
Only post kino borders in this thread.
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File: Attempt.png (2.64 MB, 1532x860)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
Vanilla. I regret not getting Estonia but there were no German pops there.
Lmao you pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh with your “vst Chadmany” threads. Face it, most communist empires will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins will ever be. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it losers.
>Lmao you pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh with your “vst Chadmany” threads. Face it, most communist empires will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins will ever be. You are on the wrong side of history, get ove- ACK!
Learn to win wars first, Hans
kill yourself fucking nazi retard you should kill your entire family too

What is your opinion on this game? Im thinking of buying it. I’m a big Roman and Greek fag
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It's perfectly fine since 2014, when they've patched it up. But the meme persists, so people keep bitching about it, despite the game being one of the more polished TWs of them all. The biggest joke is how R2 overcame Attila, but again, memes persists, so people get jello in their pants over Attila, despite it being in every way inferior to R2 since, dunno, 2016?
Every nation plays the same in every nu-PDX game outside of HOI4, that's hardly a criticism exclusive to Imperator. And really I like Imperator because it's way better at providing SOME distinction in gameplay. Whether you're a Hellenistic/Roman civilization or some flavor of barbarian changes the early game far more than anything in Civ IV (great game, mainstay of my youth).

>Initial loop
Right, but again - every (nu-)Paradox game, and much worse in CK3.

>Trade is ridiculously bad
definitely - and that's the main flaw with Invictus. The food rework, while smart on the surface, just translates to having to micromanage food because literally every province you have a legion in starts losing food. Thus you have to enter the abysmal trade interface, cancel a bunch of trades, and import as much wheat - and then do the same thing with every province. Shit's tiresome.

I still don't understand how CK3 got so much of an audience, when it's inferior in literally every way to Imperator. I guess it's because first impressions matter most.

Invictus is the best mod, but flawed.
I enjoyed it for a few campaigns.
bronze age (reborn) for 2.0

formed Minoa this afternoon. Not sure where to expand into next, might just play tall and colonise the islands around me.
>Coping this hard over a broken game
Why are you still trying to convince (yourself) that this game is fine?

How fun is CK2 and EU4 multiplayer with a couple of friends? I have a couple of friends willing to play together but if it’s going to be a slog compared to single player, it probably won’t be worth it.

They’re into the genre since we played stellaris a bunch
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The games are awful so you need friends who roleplay and do dumb shit every now and then or it will turn to shit really fast.
EU4 is much more suited to multiplayer than CK2, but both can work. EU4 is a board game after all
Is that supposed to be a map of modern borders? Your Crimea is the wrong color.
if it's the modern border then 20% of Ukraine is the wrong color lmao
Completely agree on the eu4 end. Have a moderate sized group to play sometimes but we only help each other when we are close to death (someone usually forgets what ae is). It usually builds up to 2 or 3 player wars in the last couple centuries of the game. Im always the one to snowball. We havent had a game where i wasnt first place. Next time we play i plan on giving myself a bunch of hanicaps so i wont be first

File: 321314141.jpg (933 KB, 1777x967)
933 KB
933 KB JPG
Does /vst/ like Highfleet? Not many threads.

It because Seth covered it? Fuk that shithead. I was playing this game long before that nigger covered it. Will the ruskie update the game?
183 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just want the campaign to continue but I dont think KK is doing stuff anymore.

Its sad.
Looks like hes still working on it.
Imagine if he made a sandbox mode......
File: 1624530393428.png (385 KB, 525x821)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
Overworld adventure, conquest, lategame crisis of all flavours and diplomacy ala battle brothers, starsector and airshipsCtS...
The game is indeed amazing, but it peters out really fast.

The nuclear clouds are like half the game, there are very few random encounters.

its not that hard even in hard to take your time take each HQ slowly, get all the encounters to maximize tharkan support endgame.

The game just needs two more parts to finish the story, and revamp the one we have a little bit.

File: 32313131.jpg (28 KB, 395x336)
28 KB
>mogs every other medieval game
>still the best horse combat
>still the best medieval rpg/strategy hybrid
90 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Doesn't end game of the game become boring when characters to deplete?
Basically, the monarchs begin to exile lords, at some point and they never return or are replaced.
I have a question about Bannerlord
I have understood they generate children for you, but how is the fucking actually simulated? Like do you have to stay in your village for a week or so in order to conceive? Or does it happen automatically?
you have to stay in the same location/party/army as your waifu for a time until you get the "X is with child" popup.
can you take your wife with you to campaigns?
also, what if you play woman? can you go to battle while 8 months pregnant?

File: 00000110.jpg (81 KB, 640x513)
81 KB
Does anyone understand how to play the Sioux in this game? It's like they have none of the advantages of the other natives and of the Europeans. Their cavalry is expensive and slow af to build. Their archers are great but slow and expensive too. And I would really have preferred a mill of some kind. Meanwhile you can just spam crap or guns at them and win every time. I really don't get it.
>Filtered by Sioux

You need to locate good hunting grounds. Didn't? You've lost. You did? You have THE best cavalry in the game, and can raid everyone's economy into ground. You did, but late? You can still send hundreds of archers to burn down whatever you will face.
The whole "trick" with Sioux is if you have reliable source of food early on. If you do, they are broken, if you don't, you die circa 40 minutes into the map
But they're so slow to build. How do you even amass enough of either archers or cavalry to win?
By sending 5-10 chiefs to absolutely ruin economy of any given player ASAP.

File: Banished-SS.png (2.18 MB, 1600x1000)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
Ten years later and the whole genre is still dead. I don't understand.
How come nobody made a better game than this yet?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I’m waiting for manor lords
Demo soon
may I direct you to the farthest frontier thread? not that its finished. fucking early access.
Ostriv is literally Banished, but better, and it has actual development going, rather than being bare-bones abandonware
File: lolth.png (497 KB, 500x686)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
>waiting for manor lords

Finally announced: https://youtu.be/d_KcI61tdgI
169 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why do what supposed to be metal models in games look so plastic?
Spoiler: it's their own version of the Advent(trannies), who all have massive futa cocks. Vasari are actually humans from the future, what the TEC humans evolved into, whilst the futa-Vasari are the Advent. Their psychic powers grew so powerful their thoughts passively manifest into reality. Time-travel is literally the only way to escape them as the only limit to such power is imagination, so the Vasari went far back to a time no one remembers, in order to escape all the new ways of rape that were invented. This is also the corruption in the Unity that Advent Rebels have sensed; their descendents are using self-hypnosis to search their inherited memories for those sweet Vasari bum-holes, and any new ones.

I can't believe no one else figured this out.
Because a plastic look makes something look friendlier and thus more like "the good guys", which the TEC nominally are if you go by the marketing.
File: 34626246.jpg (445 KB, 1763x917)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
New sins 2 screenshot
File: 197_104.png (883 KB, 1920x874)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
That's a little disappointing. I always felt the base Visari aesthetic was a little underwhelming and not distinct enough from the Advent. But the newest capital and the two titans were fantastic and I hoped that would be the new standard for future games. Even the keeping the old ships and just ret-conning them to have the more biological style would have been fine.

File: RTS Unofficial Tier List.jpg (1.16 MB, 2403x3458)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
How accurate is pic related??
93 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>admit you were wrong
Nothing I've said is wrong because my first post was a question directed at the post. You on the other hand are a different story.
How is Star Craft 2 unplayable? I am a total retard randomly picking out one game which is clearly playable, and willfully overlooking the abandonware at the top of the image. Please give me a (you).
Its funny to me that you are upset nobody thinks its Dune II. What did you try to emulate the Amiga copy and then hit the emulator paywall?

How is Age of Empires IV unplayable?
SoulStorm is good.

Just played it for the first time, on a conceptual leve it seems neat:
>you determine where your troops are, do you leave you western border exposed so you can push the eastern counter-offensive?
But in execution, it is very lame, nothing makes sense, like why do you keep getting more troops surely the troops should diminish towards late game not increase?
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>What makes Diplomacy better than Risk?
It really streamlined the process of losing friends. Risk still allows you to handwave the betrayal as being just a game. Only Diplomacy really puts you on "never speaking again" terms.

Also might want to ask these questions on >>>/tg/ rather than here.
>Only Diplomacy really puts you on "never speaking again" terms.
Does Mario Party really break friendships?
As the name implies it is based around diplomacy, and not pure dice rolling with stacks of units.
First difference is that it is a very low unit count game, and if two equal size units meet, they bounce off each other instead of fight, you can also use units to support attacks or defences of other provinces.
Secondly there is a navy, that also bounce like the soldiers, but it also functions as bridges for troops when crossing from England to Belgium or where ever.
Thirdly is that due to the mechanics, the game involves alot of diplomacy, divving up land, alliance making, demilitarized zones, and backstabbing are all common in Diplomacy.
It doesn't.
I love diplomacy and the roleplay of the letters n stuff. I can't tell who is genuine or a betrayer lole, stresses me out. I should get into a gaem rn.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (73 KB, 616x353)
73 KB
do you have high hopes for it?
29 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>this is considered a good PR move
Investors loved it!
i simply don't think the man (female) squatting above the plate is about to deposit a gold bar
I hate the art style but if I get a sc2 coop mission successor I will be happy.
Look at the things Blizz RTS did well and actually iterate on them rather than continue to push dumb shit like archon mode or abandon the game entirely.
This is the RTS genre, at this point there isn't that much you can actually improve within the confines of specific subgenres what people want is just more fucking content that wasn't made two decades ago.
way too cartoony

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