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Make all total wars shogun 2
Have only the shogun 2 developers rule CA.

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I hope this place remains relatively untouched by r9k and polfags. This thread turned from shitposting to comfy. I left fit because the r9kfags shit it up. Have a good one anon
My friend is making a pike and shot mod for shogun 2
All factions using pikes, guns, horse artillery and gun cav

It’s given me what I want
Thanks. Have the best most glorious life ever and a good victorious eternity.
So why aren’t you playing Troy?

File: redst.png (464 KB, 640x324)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
I just want to play a hex and counter wargame that I could purchase in steam
There are literally like four of them there in the steam

1. Lock n Load digital
2. TOAW4
3. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm (picrel)
4. Your mom
5. Advanced Tactics Gold

Anons, do you know of any other HEX & COUNTER wargames on steam? Fucking John Tiller refuses to ben the knee

File: image_cover.jpg (34 KB, 570x400)
34 KB
70 years later and not a single RTS game even comes close
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You've got to be an actual autist to miss an obvious sarcasm.
Had it been any other caster, I'd believe it to be sarcastic.
>Supreme Commander, the spiritual successor of Total Annihilation
choose one, zoomer
>Every time i try to play I just get swarmed and overwhelmed by the enemy
Thats way too vague, there can be so many reasons for that
>Your expansion is too slow and the opponent simply outgrows you and chokes you with superior economy
>You dont add enough buildpower to your factory and dont utilize your resources
>You build assaults/skirms/arty and dont provide them with enough riot escorts

Link a replay and i can tell you more accurately.

unironically PA. supcom is overrated trash. I have no idea why people jerk it off so much. It's really not that good of a game.

File: 8I.png (51 KB, 156x210)
51 KB
>KR is taking out all the fun routes
>KRRX runs like absolute fucking shit
>TNO is fucking TNO
>TWR is a sleeping aid with RNG events to take out any player choice
>CBtS is also a sleeping aid and buggy as fuck
>CWIC has slowed to a crawl
>MD is a third sleeping aid with a brand new mechanic that does fucking nothing
>Iron Grip is 800 years away
>FuRR/RF/RW/CWW are barebones as fuck
>EoaNB is anyone's fucking guess
>only good mods are EaW & OWB
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>Roman empire was in a complete tailspin which is what allowed a bunch of primitive tribes to roam it with impunity
So the Roman empire was collapsing, and it's the Germans fault for simply knocking over the rotted house? Would you have rather the Huns and Avars to rule Europe?
Godspeed: A Flame for Winter inherits the Earth.
The what?
>reducing Russia's territory and causing all of its geopolitical issues for at least a generation
His opposition was predominantly nationalist/expansionist in his time.

File: Screenshot (4).png (246 KB, 360x356)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Will the remaster be any good? Cutscene animations seem well done, but seem to fit the tone of the game worse than the shitty 90s CGI did.
One thing I'm glad of is that the soundtrack composers are planning to re-do the original soundtrack, rather than change it. Pretty sure if they had, nobody would fucking play it LOL. Part of me hopes they HAVEN'T fixed the shitty AI, who need to walk to a very specific point to deliver gold to the palace, rather than the one that's closest to the mine, or emergency services walking 8 hours up the kingdom road, letting your settlement burn, then telling you they'd do things differently if they were running the city.
Hopefully they put a toggle between old and new graphics/OST, Grim Fandango style. I'm really wary of isometric remasters, especially one as kino as Pharaoh. The art-style might be completely lost. Honestly, if it's a flop, I'll just find some way to get GOG's version to run consistently in borderless windowed mode, as that's the only problem I have with that release.
How much of the original will be left over, do you think? How much code would they have copy-pasted over to the remaster? And, importantly, how many Triskell-fags are lurking here right now?

You guys gonna buy it?
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but realistically, does that make it a better game?
it makes it comfy
If you want comfy polish just play Augustus
>the most options for controlling and modulating which walkers go where.
How much option? I have to admit that the biggest turn off I have for Pharaoh is that I have to build cities around walkers with random patterns. I would be more than happy to be more in control of that, I would even love to be able to set a specific paths for them.
>tfw some one posts my city/custom map
Thanks anon <3

File: soclose.png (880 KB, 661x670)
880 KB
880 KB PNG
>>Hear About Soul Inquiry
>>Search up where to find it
>>only stuff about getting it from manual savior choice at the start
>>im already knee deep in my current run I can't leave it
Bros where can I find this thing without having it in my menu? I only have the 6 starter laws still its unbearable
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ty i'll try promote one of my cultivators to that path rn. Any tips on getting a cat past teh shapeshifting tribulation? I am preparing to get her to golden core first but anything else would be useful.
How about a guide on all tribulations?
What the fuck is this?
This is amazing ty
Rimworld but Chinese fantasy edition
Its an Amazing Cultivation Simulator for sure.
You can get Soul Inquiry from that mission where a faction asks you to hunt down evildoers if you spare them.

>attainment tribulation reduces orthodox attainment but not unorthodox attainment

What the fuck

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I usually split them into smaller stacks which I then hurl at the enemy's shooters or bigger units for the Weakness affliction. So basically kamikaze units.
Guys, where can I read about pre-Ubisoft Heroes lore?

I've played over a thousand hours of the first four games but I never knew that Inferno was aliens.
I'm really excited over this
File: 1418539821876.jpg (133 KB, 728x636)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>dig around grail area for weeks with 3 heroes
>AI ally sends one hero and gets grail on first try
Imagine the deodorant bill
The rpg series delve deeper into the sci-fi aspects. I have never played any of these games, but I know that Might and Magic 6 takes place on Enroth, same continent as Homm1 and 2, in a time between Homm2 and 3 and I believe it has the plot about the invasion of said alien demons. Might and Magic 7 takes place on Erathia, same continent as Homm3. Might and Magic 8 takes place on the same planet, but on completely new continent Jadame.

File: sw.jpg (83 KB, 460x215)
83 KB
Whats the conseus on this game?
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File: 1610320469265.jpg (295 KB, 2592x840)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
>well acctualy america is just as bad bro....
You will never be a real woman
You will never amount to anything more than a historical footnote.
fucking sucks
I heard there's actually three games in this series but I've only ever seen this one. Where are the other two?
warfare and warfare reloaded

The last thread, >>>351824 reached the bump limit
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File: spess.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
File: 1590530879960.png (150 KB, 328x450)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
I think if there's going to be a meme instead of straight using a character for a lobcorp rep (if there'll be a lobcorp rep) then read the fucking manual, scarecrow duty, ANYTHING YOU SAY? or one of the other abnos with an associated memey quote would be the best bets, since those kind of naturally evolved from people reacting to the gameplay rather tjan being forced, but then again they still have the problem of being in-jokes that wouldn't make much sense to someone unfamiliar with the games.
I like the blue star idea simply for the sheer absurdity of it but I'm not sure how easy that'd be to implement.
I am starting to wonder if an LC rep works in terms of wide appeal in the format of 4CC. Qo/v/ as well as Ko/v/ to some extent worked well since anons could educate people about the characters as well as having some good memes with the characters posted. 4CC works more on instant recognition and sight gags, and with a young series with little outsider recognition inside jokes just won't work. Spearmanii or METTAL BAWKSES are equaly inside jokes, but Total War and DoW are known to more people, and most people at least browsing /vst/ knows what they are a reference to. Manualsexual Malkuth, Scarecrow or Lee Harvey Freischüts makes no sense to /vst/ browsers outside LC thread regulars.
For it to work then it'd have to be a good sight gag, and the best ones I can think of are >>385949 and >>386091, and I don't know if they are good. I still find the Lady knockout hilarious
Inside jokes are fine. Never try to cater to a majority.
Basically this: >>387502
If you look, for example, to /vg/, you find that some players are inside jokes of the generals.
Sure, you have stuff like LEOMON DIES, BIGLEY, or ANIMATION NOT FINAL most people know about, but you also have stuff like King Harlaus, <Walls> or Bane? that are not obvious or well know.

File: 81M36A9X-GL.jpg (433 KB, 1524x2161)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
>best diplomacy in the series
>worst battles in the series
how did they do it?
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>when the modding scene was so powerful it made people forget what vanilla was like
Modders I kneel.
That’s right. Well said, smart, glorious, righteous soul.

Total war should be like chess.
I love the chess like gameplay of shogun.
That’s what challenges and makes players smarter. That’s why I play it.
Total War battles play out absolutely nothing like historical battles and historical tactics don't even work against the AI.
three chinkdoms... i kneel
there is definitely something i'm not getting about this game. i'm 120 turns into a cao cao campaign and i feel like i've failed at playing properly. been playing since med1 and i haven't ever struggled with a tw game like this before.
i must have failed at diplomacy because i'm always fighting a war on multiple fronts against multiple factions and scrambling around to intercept enemy stacks. my main enemy yuan shao has no problem getting multiple minor factions on my southern border to attack me, while all the factions around him are close friends and can't be influenced to attack him. i can't call rely on help from anyone, despite being in a coalition. and i'm cao cao mind you.

i must have failed at the economy because i can barely afford 6 or 7 full stacks but anything besides the basic light cav, crossbows, spear guards is beyond my reach. the light cav i'm using costs 700 gold and the next one up is almost 4000. am i missing a skill to make them affordable? a research item to unlock some mid tier cav? i genuinely have no clue. my income was 4000 per turn back when i had two stacks less but i literally can't defend myself with less than what i currently have. and idk how to make more money, i build economy buildings as much as i can.

i must have failed at combat because i can only win if i'm on equal footing or slightly weaker. and my army is rekt after each fight and needs 4-5 turns to recover. hammer and anvil doesn't seem to work as well for me. my spearmen get massacred so quickly and my cav (the lightest cav) takes forever to break the enemy. i can't pull off the lopsided wins i could in other tw games. just yesterday i had a settlement defense where cai mao just plowed through three units of spear guards and two sabre militias at an uphill settlement entrance like it was nothing. my archers in the back didn't even have time to spend half their ammunition
i should just scrap the campaign and start over and pay more attention.
File: total war 3k.jpg (75 KB, 800x900)
75 KB
You most likely expanded too fast, pissed everyone off by expanding too fast, and continued to expand without ever mending any of those relationships.

You need to groom your generals from the start of the game with as many battles as you can get them into. Their level is what unlocks units. Use blue generals with lots of ranged units to avoid as many losses as possible without sacrificing much killing power. Ranged units will carry you through the early game, then cavalry will carry you through everything else. It's usually worth color coding your entire regiments even if your army composition ends up looking a bit scuffed.

Economy is kind of complicated, you won't get anywhere just building buildings without a plan in mind. When you capture a province, look at its supplemental settlements and focus on the one income type those settlements support. The only way to make economy building upgrades worthwhile is to stack multipliers on your income type of choice. It's usually a good idea to focus on one province with really good settlements instead of spreading your gold around.

File: file.png (3.26 MB, 1920x1080)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
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File: furious niger.jpg (550 KB, 1920x1080)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
File: Asterix&Obelix.gif (21 KB, 260x250)
21 KB
Before my grandfather's grandfather was born, this was our land. These are our good places; our gods live here, in the trees and the rivers. They watch over us. We are happy: we hunt, we love, we have families, homes, a good life. But sometimes we must fight! The Romans disturb the gods; they burn the forests; they take what is ours, wives, children, land! And the Romans talk of how they will 'help us and protect us'. They put us to sleep with golden promises: when we wake, all that we had is gone-stolen! They take our sons and turn them into little Romans. Gah! So we fight to keep what is ours, what must stay ours! There can be no peace, no peace with Romans, men of stone, and iron, and lies! There can be only war!
Post the one where the general rants about peasants molesting farm animals
File: Monica Bellucci.jpg (61 KB, 1080x1082)
61 KB
Rome 1 has the same commitment to historical accuracy as Astérix

>1 mechanic you want to stay mostly the same
>1 mechanic that needs a rework
>1 new mechanic
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Vic3 will be hoi4 with an economy and influence and different techs and dont forget the DLCs! you need the DLC374 for a detailed economy! yay!
just hope that someone makes a vic clone.
POPs system
Industrial system
A way to make Great wars have more of an effect other than reparations and cheaper wargoals, something like how HPM does it
a pirate's life is a good life
id be fine with dlc if it wasnt like a 5.99 horse model pack
Well, from my perspective the game should cover the same period of time as SM Stirling's Domination of Draka existed with other independent nations on Earth, roughly 1780 to around December 1999. And oh boy, would it be fucking based if someone would do a fucking Vicky 2 mod about the books.

File: 263-1598398784-1030877993.jpg (617 KB, 2560x1440)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
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>Tell us your ideas
I kinda feel like you'll laugh... I mean, they've probably been said a million times already, as they aren't exactly new..

Seriously, the gobos can ride wolves, why can't we get horses? I'd have them so that all difficult terrain like bushes or the like is impassable to them. When moving over flat, open ground, or down an elevation level, they get a bonus to their attack or damage. Spear wall abilities do full damage to them, or maybe even more. Cavalry were an oppressive force on medieval battlefields that took serious discipline and strategy to beat, so they should be vulnerable in forests and marshes, etc. You simply cannot have the medieval period, or any fantasy world that looks like it, without mounted knights; the whole social system falls apart without them.

>Map Editor
Seriously, do I need to explain this? Who doesn't love making their own maps? The seed searcher is nice, but just let me design my own map, please. How hard can it be, when everything is tile-based?

>Avatar mode
The Lone Wolf start is fucking excellent, but I really want that in more origins. Our own health and age gives us a reason to retire on our riches, rather than just keep playing until we're bored

>Better AI
Just look at >>385756 for the possibilities. Make the world seem more dynamic and lived-in, like you're only a part of a grander tapestry. It's good, but could be better.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Devs have said their piece to this and I agree, it's kind of hard to get balanced cavalry in small scale combat like this
However, legends mod will apparently soon introduce them so we'd see how if works there

>Map Editor
I suppose, not too easy with the game is set up though.

Sure, not hard to do if you copy and modify the lone wolf start, gladiator kinda works that way too

>more AI
That screenshot doesn't really have anything base game doesn't

>more events

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Also learn programming it's fun
I still think hook weapons should let you knock down shields from enemies like the real life use of pikes
>it's kind of hard to get balanced cavalry in small scale combat like this
I dunno, like I said, make 'em vulnerable in forests and marshland. Maybe restrict horsemanship to only noble classes or something. I'm not saying every character should be on a horse, or that such a thing should even be possible, but it'd be nice to have one or two per side in the end-game, just as an option...

Still, yeah, the devs have made their position clear and all.

And that fortress mod is a nice start, but doesn't really go far enough. Again, I'm real good at ideas, not so much at actually doing anything with them.

I tried learning how to make games once... I could make a dot move around the screen and make a score go up if it collided with randomly-moving boxes... That was the extent of my learning and it wasn't really what I'd call fun - more like frustrating and confusing. I learned just enough to realise that I had learned nothing.

File: EpF3T3WU8AM-Wlq.jpg (752 KB, 1537x1176)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
previous thread >>311644
TQ: What essential mods do you guys have installed? I've only installed the Civ 5 enviromental skin pack so far.
228 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
>once again ignores everything said to take one part out of context.
>makes a hyperbole out of it

Welp, my job attempt here is done. Hope you'll find someone else to continue arguing with you, because it sure must be a fun thing to watch.
>uhhh muh out of context
there's nothing out of context here, you're just a massive idiot who uses "whining" as counter-argument for your uncontrollable consoomer urges
>he's not buying or faith purchasing his builders for chops
File: 1610317516367.png (482 KB, 971x564)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
Hammurabi > Simón Bolívar > Basil II > Ambiorix > Menelik II > Ba Trieu > Kublai Khan (Mongolia) > Lady Six Sky > Kublai Khan (China)
vietnam and kublai look lame, it's nice to get leaders that aren't broken I guess but they're kind of boring. Still gonna buy this shit for corporations, looks like the first good game mode.

File: Icon2.png (1.9 MB, 1173x1173)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
With the new update for the most based HoI IV droppin in 3 days, whatcha excited for? I'm probably gonna do a Kavkaz run myself
40 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1.png (1.01 MB, 1824x857)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Savitri Devi in Churchill's India/United Provinces
feed and seed
Anyone knows the name of the main theme?
Should be
The death of steregushiy
File: image0-5.png (1.51 MB, 1184x1080)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG

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