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New DLC is announced for the game thats better than total war!
>regimental level gameplay on new campaign map
>career mode: start as a regiment commander, earn prestige and promotions, and become the greatest civil war general.
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Step 1. Take a shit
Step 2. Rub that shit over your face
Step 3. Smile and say how good it is
Now you are playing GTCW like a Pro!
I love this guy who's so mad of this, just okay, game. I wonder if one of the devs fugged his waifu?
Gatling Guns
If you dont like it why do you keep replying to him? You are just giving the schizo the attention he craves. Which makes you a stupid motherfucker and sort of validates his post.

File: Empire at War.jpg (1.11 MB, 1700x2333)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Hands down the best Star Wars RTS. When will we get a spiritual successor?
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Just realized the new star was sucks so bad people would rather make mods of other franchises than star wars itself.
sequel when?
We will never have a direct sequel but there is an upcoming Star Wars strategy game. Let's wait to see if its gameplay is similar so it can be considered a spiritual successor.

Who's looking forward to the big reveal in February? Any runs you want to try out when the game releases? Speculations on unrevealed mechanics?
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I'm passively putting my faith into their game.

I'm turned off until then.
Their diaries are well put and not overbearing, whereas the goal reaches far; slow and steady this products starts to appear.
Yes, anon. I am aware. I was asking when in Febr. it was.
During the month of February
nobody cares about brown flatulence, stop making these shill threads

File: file.png (515 KB, 800x500)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
AoW4 announcement soon, fantasybros!

Let's hope Paradox doesn't mess with the development and just lets Triumph do its thing.
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yeah that's obsidian being retards as usual
>cannibals if you are a high culture etc
eating other species isn't cannibalism
I trust you on that, not calling whodunit, just sad it happened.
Aesthetic + 2 racial traits. At least all the premade or randomized AI players you encounter will have the same two racial traits every time. Biological races would be utterly meaningless & purely cosmetic when playing multiplayer though unless you house rule/gentlemen's agreement it or use some mod. I would at demand the "physical trait" to remain unchanged and only allow the "mental trait" to be changed in multi. Thankfully this seems pretty easy to fix with mods.

Based on what I've seen from the "first look" video, the unit ability from that trait allows your units to gain health from eating your own fallen units too.
That's a pretty common rule in 4x multiplayer. Creating your own faction is usually a big no no. Although that's sort of the whole deal with AOW these days, so maybe it won't be.

You are invited to come marvel at my incredibly autistic cultivation array. Or ask questions about and discuss the game, that's fine too.
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Thanks, I guess I shouldn't have ignored fishing just because it's annoying in most games.
>Get a T12 fishing rod and illuminate it with the miracle, I forget the name of it but it uses a Primordial Soul Gem.
Fishing is now less annoying. Only less so.
Ah, yeah. Haven't really played around with the illumination thing yet other than feeding the illuminated building that came around early in the game some elemental garbage. Would a different one (possibly) show up if I destroyed that one, by the way, it's been over 300 days I think.
Soul Chant any useless buildings that show up for free Primordial Soul Gems, that you then use to illuminate useful shit instead.
Guess I should become more ruthless in general, anguished soul gems are running low, too.

File: protoss_ui2.jpg (130 KB, 700x700)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
This thread will survive until the next big tournament
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thanks i hate it
File: se.webm (3.81 MB, 1280x720)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB WEBM
How much did they pay for him?
$50. take it or leave it since great depression 2:electric boogaloo is coming up and starcraft 2 is already dead.
cum in my ass cum in my ass cum in my ass
File: Xt8X1.png (233 KB, 392x256)
233 KB
233 KB PNG

Would you recommend Gladius?
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Creaminstaller doesn't seem to be giving me the dlc stuff, guess I'll have to find the dlc files
Why not just use the gog version? Achievements?
i don't know man chaos enemies trash talking and screaming at me as i put them down would have made the game at least a bit more fun
They're all on cs.rin.ru
quests generally ruin the game

File: stb.jpg (184 KB, 1280x720)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Are older RTS games actually worth playing?
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age of wonders 1 all day. That game is my jam
Curious how the first game in the series has the most complex campaign.
If you consider Savage1 and 2 RTS then theres that. think tf2, starcraft mixed.
Shitty opinion discarded.

Should I get Warno or Wargame Red Dragon?
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I had one of my best mp games ever last night and it was exactly this. 3rd armored, m1a1 abrams and bradley spam. i was able to just pick him apart with TOWs and the m1a1s tanking.
I also got a few very lucky gun runs with the A-10 and it shredded like 5 t-80's. when i watched the replay i couldn't believe it. it was killing units i didn't even realize lol
I think the main thing games can't simulate very well that's very important IRL is morale and friction, all the games both vidya and tabletop that tries to implement it have been unimpressive, frustrating (although I guess that's the point) and/or janky.
Something basically no game does is asking the question if your barely trained reservist human shield or sea of T-34s actually wants to die gloriously, and maybe that's a good thing

3rd Armored is so fucking good after this patch, probably the best NATO Division. It's funny how really it was just a mild buff to the Fire Teams and helis that made this whole division really come together.

>6-man but 2-support weapon + AT-4 fire teams in Bradleys locking down towns and blasting enemy tanks with TOW's and IFV's with the Basedmaster
>M1A1 beast-mode accuracy wrecking T-80's
>Apache rockets decimating entire infantry pushes
>A-10 Rapehog absolutely brapping helicopters, tanks, infantry, everything
>F-15 merking enemy air from across the map
>Chappy + PIVADS Mommy and Daddy AA net everywhere brapping and blasting down everything in the air
>ACAV + Scouts and sending ACAV into forests for cheeky snipes plus loads of visibility from the Scouts

So much fun, by far my favorite division right now. Before this patch I was a 5th Blindee Francefag but now I feel way more at home with good American metal. PACTfags just can't compete
Holy shit you talk like a fucking tranny
File: 1578771788202.jpg (191 KB, 595x643)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Least tranny obsessed /pol/tard.

File: Lord_Garithos.jpg (22 KB, 241x215)
22 KB
This thread is dedicated to the memory of Grand Marshal Lord Othmar Garithos, a true hero of humanity who died bravely in battle against the inhuman undead.
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File: 20220830225826_1.jpg (360 KB, 1366x768)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
RIP Old Dog
You deserved better
He was such an annoying character and I very much like how he died.
what is this?
Spare me the umami.
Guardians of azeroth mod for ck2, pretty wacky but fun for a playthrough or two. There's a CK3 mod being made too that looks promising from the teasers, but idk how far along they really are

>cool looking historical strategy game
>can't play as my own country or anything similar to it
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Try meditation
I can always play as my own country cos I’m English lel.
But Anon,
>idiot ESL nationalists with no perception of life outside of their low IQ prole settlements
is a pretty good description of the USA.

File: suez.jpg (1.08 MB, 2560x1440)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
How's your republic doing?
I've done a weird capital-intensive realistic mode game, starting with oil into bitumen, fuel and power. It's a fun and unique way of getting started.
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File: HELP ME.png (7 KB, 385x87)
7 KB
i think i may have a problem...
File: Clothing_industry.jpg (941 KB, 1920x1200)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
> How do you know 5 millions are enough for the resources of all that shit?
It isn't.
The number crunchers of the central committee have estimated with simulations (loans and autobuild) it will cost about 40 million rubbles to complete the project. The republic is actually quite poor and runs on a clothing industry, that has been expanded to triple its original size, plus exporting boatloads of coal. With the addition of a steel mill, already under construction, the republic might actually make some decent money for once. To show our capitalist neighbours the folly of their ways of course comrade. Glory to the revolution!
...How is the performance?

it's actually alright, but i did upgrade pc this time last year and shift everything to an ssd.

pc is liquid cooled, but the fans at the top of the case which cool the radiator blow like a jet engine when i oad up a save. it's an excellent ersatz space heater.

For me it's Oxygen Not Included, no game feels deeper and more fun than this one.
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Once you play it i suggest you go in blind and try to not look anything up. I did it and I regret it
Damn son, you must have a real shitbox for 15.
>geforce 210

I'm a poorfag
Pretty sure this game is more CPU-reliant than GPU-reliant
the graphics are literally 2D
Some games are like that, despite being 2D they still require a decent GPU. I had the same issue with Stars in Shadow, meanwhile Farlanders came out recently and it works just fine here.

File: be.jpg (186 KB, 1091x1500)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Is it worth picking over civilization 5 or 6?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
pretty based to make people here seethe
It is legitimately interesting but not anywhere near as good as it could've been.
People seething about it haven't played Alpha Centauri in years and are the same type of people to tell you XCOM is horrible just because its not X-com.
Is it as good as Alpha Centauri? Of course fucking not. Is it better than most of the turn based shit civ-alikes that come out 200 a month now? Yes.
this is one of these games where the soulless meme really is true, it's just civ 5 remade without any soul
Absolutely not. It's a Civ 5 mod, and I say that in the worst way possible. There are numerous orphaned mechanics and half assed ideas, the game was dumbed down in development as well. Just play SMAC.
No. Stop asking every 5 days.

why won't this cunt just pick an idea and stick to it?

he's burned through so many vapourware projects by now and reduced to shilling nfts, it depresses me
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Sid Meier's Starships was in 2015.
No because unlike Peter he knew when to let someone else make games while he focuses mainly on the book keeping.
fuck why'd you guys have to remind me about black and white 1 and 2.
Not an argument

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