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File: IMG_3147.jpg (2.45 MB, 4000x3000)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
the last thing we need is another god damn world war 2 war sim.

I paid paradox money so I wouldn't have to study prussian history and I'll be damned if I'm going to start now.
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Retards cant even spell Russia properly.
File: 1537191349830.jpg (42 KB, 380x400)
42 KB
>Vicky 2 peaking 6 months ago
The Ottomans are a work of historical fiction promoted by the Ottoman family, who invented the Ottoman and owns the Laz E Boy corporation. They use their political influence to force schools to teach about the 'Ottoman Empire' to promote Big Sofa.
Vickybros, will be be okay?
I assume news of Vic3 breathed life into the game
The pops shall inherit the earth

File: maxresdefault.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Oh come on, it can't be that bad?
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I literally have 70% win rate and still havent encountered that bug once .
Does anyone here play the campaign? I'm having a blast, definitely better than any other aoe iteration.
same, but I'm also only 1300 elo
i imagine people who abuse it easily reach above that
just ram them before they even get to castle age.
The missions seem to mostly have the same similar build, turtle, boom strategy. Not enough variety and memorable moments compared to Oog3

File: 40k Daemon.png (2.77 MB, 1643x924)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
Just a reminder that Total War:40k is inevitable and as such CA already included 40k mech daemons into the game.
>B-but it doesn't fit formation style gameplay
And yet it will still happen
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Either one planet or in space (space proper or some object in space like a Space Hulk). Only Soulstorm tried to go with multiple planets but that was...you get what I'm going for here.
I for once would like a 40K game that you can play in both space and multiple planets and it's done right.
That depends entirely on their approach. If it will simply be a reskin, then ye, it will be shit. TW could do with some shaking up, it is more stale than a 20 year old rice cookie left in the Sahara.
>Just a reminder that Total War:40k is inevitable
There isn't a Total Cold War or Total World War or Total World War II yet.
The engine can't even handle cavalry charges or shot & pike warfare.
Why would playing on more than one planet matter? You play on 2D square maps, explicitly so in the mediocre unbalanced naval games.
it doesn't need to have the entire 40k galaxy as the "world map"

make the world map represent a system of maybe 4-5 planets each split up into multiple regions. you could also have special single map "regions" in between the planets to represent asteroids and hulks.

one planet can be a hive, one a farm world, one a "hell world" with mines and lava etc..
GW is a mega pozzed company now. I don’t want it

File: larva.png (361 KB, 659x673)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
TSL and Super tournament next week
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Bro did you even watch the finals?
>it makes no sense
I was talking about good/bad units out of any race. A scout couldn't get irradiated. It's actually bullshit guardians and devourers can be irradiated but not everything can be broodlinged. Blizzard was anti-zerg from the start

>scouts have been made for fun and humiliation in ASL for years now
Who cares, Mini literally won ASL because he did different things. And yeah that included building the scout which most don't consider great but it made him win. He didn't build it to troll, he's wanted to win ASL for a long time. Besides people have said the same humilation thing about queens even if ICC is literally a free ability that doesn't require energy. Now that doesn't make any sense
File: 1513019708243.jpg (134 KB, 764x764)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I been watching old episode of the pylon show all day
It is amazing how much Geoff brought to those episodes. Artosis just doesn't have the energy to carry the show but with Geoff he was able to bounce off an keep interest in the talks.
How is Rotti as the host?

File: civilization 3.jpg (267 KB, 800x600)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
*sips* Ah, yes. Archer rush, doomstacks, and 20-30 city empires. Now, THAT is Civilization.
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File: suede.jpg (71 KB, 900x900)
71 KB
Suede CivIII has a great YouTube channel with lots of tips.
>Still trying
>While claiming to be someone else
You forgot to even work on something as obvious as your reddit spacing.
Also, if Republic is bad, then Democracy is twice as bad for the exact same reason, which you yet again failed to realise
that was really helpful i actually feel like i have a general idea of what i want to do now thanks a lot for the recommendation
i started a new game as the romans and i had two cities but below me was just water and above me was territory occupied by americans and i couldn't pass at all so i was having a hard time focusing on expansion and building more cities. i tried to declare war on them just so i could pass through their territory and explore more places but i ended up losing pretty fast. there is quite a bit to this game. i'm really having a great time, i wish i gave this game a chance when my dad tried to get me to play it the first time. hopefully i don't make the same mistakes this time around. thanks OP for reminding me about this game

Remember when Koei made games that weren't set in the Three Kingdoms or Sengoku eras?
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>play as 12 yo princess Anise of house Terian
>turtle up until all other characters die of old age
>win the game

they don't make games like that anymore :(
It's the easiest game I've ever played.

Usually that's not something that bothers me if the gameplay is very good but the game is so simple and the AI so bad that it's just not worth replaying.
It's baby's first Koei grand strategy game along with Liberty or Death.
File: 0079-0080.jpg (469 KB, 1600x1137)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
I knew this art reminded me of something. (I really love this style of cover by the way).
I won about 10 battles or so without being attacked even once in a battle. The CPU simply moved units around in the field without attacking, even when they got a flanking position or went behind my units. I'm not exaggerating. I even thought the game was glitched or something.

I think the first time my units got hit was against the big bad evil guy with the dragon summon. There are easy games and then there's Gemfire which is barely a videogame.

File: Mexico_civ_1920x1080[1].png (890 KB, 1920x1080)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
>AoE4 sucks
>AoE3 continues to be pure Kino

Who's excited for Mexico? Looks pretty god damn good.
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I thought the Hausa ended up encompassing a lot of African civs like Morocco, Mali, etc, but I could be remembering wrong, there was some age up mechanic though.
They use an "Alliance" system that doesn't make much sense. Probably Microsoft's way of saying, "We know you want more African civs, but they don't sell".
Brazil should be next
The Brazil Empire is a stark contrast, since while it did had some separatist movements, it managed to stay intact due to the Monarchy rule, aside from that Uruguay thing. They also had -precisely- 20 Provinces by the 2nd Emperor rule, so they can do Age-ups like the USA and Mexico, but since it's not Federal States, they can do something different (also the provinces flags were very plain and boring). Can't anything think anything special aside from possibly having some immigration cards like USA and the Navy, being it's second strongest at the Americas. Also slavery is a big no-no despite it being present for a longer time there.
>Suicide eco units that give lump sums of income a minute after they start working.
Would be broken. NTY.

File: stellaris.jpg (272 KB, 1920x1080)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
So me and a friend just started playing Stellaris, completely blind, with little knowledge of the genre.
Our second game rn, cause the first one was miserable, and it is going smoothly for the most part. We mostly made for fun civs and we will tweak them as times goes on.
Any tips bros? Also what are the best map settings for the casuals like us?
File: worm.jpg (8 KB, 200x252)
8 KB
Focus your capital on tech and unity. Specialize your other colonies, and always have one a Forge World making alloys. Look at the worlds districts to get an idea what you should focus them on. Food is the least important resource, you just need the hydroponics tech and you can use those on your starbases to stay alive. Fortify choke points.
Make at least 3 science ships early on and go survey everything. Save the anomalies closest to you for later as a "research bank", the later you pop them the bigger the rewards will be.
Get your fleet up if you meet any warlike neighbors, they look at your fleet power when deciding whether to attack, if you stay superior to them they usually just sit on their hands.
For map settings stay small or medium sized for multiplayer. Just use defaults, if anything just turn off advanced AI starts. FE and marauders add some cool stuff to the game so leave them in.
Love the Worm.
File: 1613874952401.jpg (179 KB, 1920x1080)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>when your initial generation of supergenius scientists start dying off
Are boosts to anomaly discovery chance still a meme? Last I checked a year ago stuff like a 10% boost really just made the 5% base chance go to 5.5%, rather than additive chance to 15%. I assume it's still the same, but I just wanted to check since they've done a fair few big updates since then and I'm not sure if they messed with it.
Did they fix the AI, or is it still shit? Is Starnet still required?
Depends on what you mean by fixed.

It's noticeably less retarded than it used to be, the last update actually made it halfway competent at keeping its own economy from crashing, but it's always going to be complete trash compared to a decent player.

File: DW9-Empires_09-27-20.jpg (68 KB, 600x338)
68 KB
Here's a philosophical question. Do the Dynasty warriors empires do enough to be considered Stratagy Games? Or Action games woth Stratagy elements.
haven't played it

but the difference between a true ARTS and an action game with strategy elements is whether the player avatar has significant control over his forces, his economy, and his production

that's a bit arbitrary but there's gray areas between any two neighboring genres
They're mindless tap tap tap simulators, I wouldn't even call them action games, yet alone strategy.
The Empires games definitely count as strategy but they are pretty barebones, campaigns typically get boring and you're just going through the motions without much thought.
Only ones I think would pass for actually strategy are SW2E DW5E.

File: 20211126_202957.jpg (44 KB, 266x220)
44 KB
>conquer far right corner of the map
>does nothing for the entire game
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A handful but all of them have some ambition, Scythia will literally just wander back and forth while 1 or 2 armies just don't move
that's cuz their lands have a city in the far corner 200 turns away from everyone else
moving an army from there takes a long fucking time
so the AI just gives up
Armenia and Germania will go to them though
Also they're always at that one settlement near thrace and I saw an army just sit on the other side of the bridge for the whole game

Anyone got tips or advice for how I can better lure enemies into coming to attack my sect? My fields require additional fertilizer.

Come discuss other parts of the game in other ways too if you like.
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Save before excavating, reload if you don't get a Phoenix Jade or a tail feather.
Sounds like cheating...
File: Shrugs.jpg (59 KB, 449x642)
59 KB
Only sounds like it if you're gay.
i kept trying to figure out why i wasn't able to get into this game when someone told me that it was basically an idle game.

i was playing cookie clicker all along.
>basically an idle game
I have spent that past two days micromanaging chinese wizards. there is no time for me to idle or they don't get strong fast enough.

File: etw2.jpg (129 KB, 1280x720)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Is ETW 2 ever coming out brehs? Can CA even do it nowadays?
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>Total War Empire 2
>historical version
>just empire 2

>steampunk mode
>Warhammer with a empire skin
>legendary leaders/heroes of the era
>heroes, duelist , mages, mad inventors,
>some system of magic vs. technology
>fucked up steam punk units, Steam tanks, robotic infantry , mechs zeppelins , proto Gatling guns , mutant factory workers
>bear/moose Cossack cavalry for Russia , armored line infantry (space marines) for Prussia , mobile fast artillery for Sweden , shielded hybrid musketeers (pistol and rapier) for France , et
The reality is that Total War games, like all video games, are toys. They're not designed for autistic history faggots to simulate the conditions and politics of their time period, and they never were. They're made so you can play a fun campaign and add context to mashing army guys together like when you were a kid.

The new TW games do a better job of this dude to the cool animations, sound effects, and nice graphics. Rome 2 with DEI is fuckin awesome and way more fun than Rome 1. Cope and seethe weirdos.
30 Years Total War anyone?
Jesus Christ how awful. I hope something horrible happens to you for even typing this where some CA intern could see.

What do you guys think?
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Vicbros... how will we recover?
Conquest of Elysium 5 is my choice for a light 4x, just stick with small or medium sized maps and you can easily get through a game in under a week as there isn't much bloat but you have to roll with the randomness/roguelikeness.

This is my take as well - the gameplay is a mixed bag but the ideas are incredibly interesting and make the game worth playing to anyone burned out on Civ.

I ended up winning 2 games and kinda burned out, really looking forward to the navy update as I think continent/Island play will really alleviate the tedious logistics.

SE is way more playable/complete than Fading Suns but I do see a lot of similarities.
>I ended up winning 2 games
How much time did you spend on one? I just reroll after a few turns of boring advance-build road gameplay loop.
Probably around 30 hours for my first game (not counting my separate "tutorial" game that I played for like 20 turns and abandoned) and 10 hours for my second win.

My first full game was a full sized ice-world with only 3 majors in the ruins of megalopolises all on the same side of the planet in a "valley" between massive mountain ranges beyond which was nomad and raider territory. I wasted a lot of time fighting ineffectively against slavers but eventually built up a capable army with a few tanks capable of dominating the open ice plains of our valley. I spied on and eventually backstabbed the nearest rival city state when I saw them move troops to deal with raiders, winning swiftly but having to fend off their loyalist army. The second he of the game was just expanding down the valley the the south pole where the final major was based, forcing me to master logistics out of necessity as nomad incursions were a constant petty threat. Having only 3 majors made the game manageable, it would have been painfully tedious to conquer every last corner.

The second win was a small moon where I specifically set out to blitz win. Used diplomacy (which is OP) to annex the Farmers between me and another major, found nuke, invaded and nuked first major and got the victory message for owning most of the territory. Just kept playing for fun to siege down the remaining major.

So I guess my advice is to play with fewer majors and/or small maps.
>Are you trying to argue that parts of a game can't be considered flawed unless another game comes along and does the whole thing better?
You said it was shallow. Well, compared to what exactly? I'm sick of entering every thread and seeing the garbage you cretins shit out.
>game x is shit!
>Its shallow and the AI is le bad!
Ok great, now that we've established that you hate every strategy game, can you give me this deep game with good AI you are playing?
>lol no

File: Most RTS games.png (2.14 MB, 1060x961)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
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fuck off moba fag
Follow your banner carrier and pray he doesn't die. There's a reason banner carrying was a fairly prestigious job, banners can lose and win battles. At Aljubarrota for example, the Spanish forces routed when the royal banner carrier died and everyone at the back of their army thought the Spanish king was dead.
Very few games prevent formations from firing through itself negating the viability of enfilade,flank or oblique fires
holy based AI
>that pic


File: darkestnigger.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
how to play this
>Build IC
>Build infantry divisions with arty support
There is both a game instruction and a tutorial, you know...
play Arsenal of Democracy instead, to have good combat simulation.
>£70 in the bank of Germoney
I think you're going to need to start asking for Germans to take on your national debt... don't worry about repaying it.

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