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File: aoe4.jpg (1.41 MB, 2200x1232)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
I can't quite put my finger on it, but something is missing here.... something that existed in past Age games is just not here in this one. What is it you think that would be?
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>around year 2000
>buy and play AoE2
>select British
>units look European
>select Japan
>units look European
>knights, cavaliers, kite shields coming out of my Japanese buildings
>forward to present time
>buy and play AoE2 DE
>rediscover my long forgotten annoyance with it
>look for mods to make civs at least look unique
>there are none
>most of the civs play virtually identical except for a few stat tweaks and a unique unit
>it's as if almost the ENTIRE GAME is built around munchkining and metagaming

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>look for mods to make civs at least look unique
You're just autistic, European civilization is always the peak you don't need civs to look unique.
>most of the civs play virtually identical except for a few stat tweaks and a unique unit
Those make civs play very differently if you're a
>balance obsessed tournament enthusiast
specially with tech tree differences. But yeah, casually they feel very samey. You can't have a mod fixing graphics for 2 reasons:
1 - The way the game handles graphics data. I don't understand this completely but for some reason you need a data mod to make stuff like this, not just a graphics mod. So you can only play multiplayer lobbies with it, not ranked.
2 - Graphics quality is way too high, a casual modder can't just make 4k 2D assets with all the animations necessary.
Still, I do remember seeing some data mods that use campaign and editor units to make regular units look different between civilizations. Anyway, AoE3 fixes your complaint with truly different civs, but comes with it's own share of problems. AoE4 does too.
I'm not saying it isn't a very good game. It's a great game, no question. If they only had European civs in the game it wouldn't bother me at all. It just sets off my OCD when Ethiopians come at me dressed like King Arthur.
>It just sets off my OCD when Ethiopians come at me dressed like King Arthur.
Africans using European knights doesn't bother me as much, they had contact after all, it's kinda believable, maybe. White African villagers, Mayan and Aztec crossbows and Japanese men-at-arms using western swords and shields trigger my autism way more. The worst though are the mameluke throwing scimitars and the Persian elephant being an African elephant instead of an Indian one.

File: images (38).jpg (75 KB, 739x415)
75 KB
has anyone here ever played this free open source RTS? its basically AOE1 but with alot more features like mountable walls, military units that can also work as eco units in peace time, and building capturing. could be my number 1 RTS if it doesnt run like shit on a modern system
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So many years in development and no support for LODs
other than the advanced formations system (that comes with a costs shitton of computing capacity because the units are individuals and shitty pathfinding) and using soldiers as worker units i dont really see anything special with it, its still a janky mess since i played it last time when i was a teenager, still no multithread cpu support. atleast the recent update adds hotkeys, but still ill drop this again for an indefinite amount of time
late game here is more of a "how well can you manage your units manouvering and formations with a single digit fps"
Gross, shitty performance is why I can't play a lot of older RTSes

File: chile tooze.png (1.14 MB, 1620x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Thread for HoI4 mods that aren't Kaiserreich, TNO or Red Flood.
Here's the starting position for Chile in Iron Grip™, yet another power fantasy that explores a world where the Axis won WW2.
Apologies to the anti-HoI4 chads, but we need to shill too
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>I hope this doesn't turn out to be another Red Flood..
what does that even mean
Can we talk about Equestria at War?
Maybe fold the motorized and armored divisions together? 3 tanks and 6 motorized should put the width at 18, so there's some room to fine-tune, but it should give them some proper punching power.
Maybe? References tend to get left alone, but OPs get pruned. I'd say don't post pics and continue at your own peril.
I recently heard about the mod, but I never played HoI IV, I bought the game but I don't have any expansions. I'd like to learn, I only played Darkest Hour before.

File: tastosis.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
korea time starts in 10 minutes

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pvp is the best matchup, either you get 1 base proxy vs proxy bullshit or the game goes longer into blinkstalker disruptor both of which are really fun to play
yeah this sums up how I feel as well, especially if the players involved are top. I think in all my time playing and watching bw & sc2 that last year's dreamhack reynor-clem late game matches were peak starcraft in general, just all-out war
>haven't played sc2 since WoL days
>haven't played bw since WoL came out
>play sc2, get stomped, silver
>play bw, 1700 mmr

How are you silver, just make more units
anyone got any starcraft broodwar custom maps, having a hard time finding some basic vs AI maps

File: hoiiv.jpg (1.05 MB, 2941x2941)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Which mod should I play today?
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Because this mod is genuinely good just like MLP itself
The redux-TSR mod is coming out soon. Not to be confused with the TSRt mod which was similar but never finished, afaik
World Ablaze if you're into historical accuracy but not necessarily the complexity of Black Ice or Total War which go super over board.
the mlp-mlp mod is great

Looking for a download link for the TNO redux.
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>no abuse
Word on the street is that they’ve got their own home grown groomer they’re dealing with. This mod is just a knee jerk reaction to the tranny shit that went too far. They’re in over their head now and are just shit posting while pretending to actually work.
What work? They keep saying they do work but I have yet to see anything that wasn't just a portrait or something that could be just smoke and mirrors.
File: inftech.png (854 KB, 1675x1522)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
Speaking of work, here's Iron Grip™'s current infantry tech tree with generic equipment.
Based iron grip chads, I hope you’re /vst/ first mod
4ch redux-ponies is the only mod

Anyone know how to change the resolution of the gog version of KoDP? I tried the github launcher but I got horrid flickering and a nonresponsive game on launch. And the steam version's UI looks horrid. Currently forcing the original launcher to run at 640x480 fullscreen.
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I figured if you want to be king and be able to provide for all the other clans you need to be rich as fuck, so I go full jew during clan creation.

>First Pot
>Peace clan
>More land than needed
Has anyone tried using less land? I've played with the minimum setting and didn't really have any issues with it, and it seems to make spotting raids easier which helps in defense. The beginning years are the hardest so I just take more land once I'm established if I feel like I need it, however I rarely feel like it's necessary.
I believe there is, if you fall behind but are still doing well the game eventually just ends with you attending the founding of the city/wedding of another clan who "won" the game.

For real, they may as well just call it a sequel at this point... would probably be better for sales.
it's probably easier to spot raids and muster your forces in theory but you'd might also have problems dealing with higher populations and a bigger cattle herd as time goes on if you managed to build it up enough

File: lands of lords.png (1.06 MB, 974x461)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Persistente browser strategy game
Tomorrow it's starting a new server, who want's to make a clan and seize an island?
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Oh. Well that's interesting to explore.
this but unironically
I guess we could do something in Travian or Tribal wars since this is on ice until further notice, but both of those are extremely P2W these days, and they aren't that mechanically complex.
Can I be a minor feudal lord managing my hamlet and tending to my farms? If so I'm in.
Or would be if the game wasn't fucking dead, seconding the idea of finding a similar type pf game to play with /vst/bros though.
There's no game similar to this one.

Get ready for some Age of Empires anouncements.

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If the Franks fit the the perfectly then so should the Britons, given that they were in basically the exact same situation when the Roman Empire fell.
File: [visible confusion].gif (3.75 MB, 280x302)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB GIF
>try Age of Empires III
>Ironclads and Gatling Guns are locked behind doing a revolution
Excuse me, what the fuck?
If the Britons actually WERE Britons instead of Anglo-Norman you would be correct. The only Brittonic aspect of the AoE2 Britons is the longbowman unit, which is distinctly Welsh in origin. In all other respects they're clearly modeled after the post-Conquest English sometime in the 11th or 12th centuries, from their voiced lines to their coat of arms, to their role in various campaigns.
Not anymore, just play as USA.
Sounds like it could be good, too bad that AoE2 autists will never give it a chance.

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yes, eat shit
Don't be rude
I just lost so many tanks to tank hunter partisans back in the day
rip that artist is probably kill
>A gun in production for the less than 2 years was made less than a gun in production since 1898
What a fucking shocker

File: fantasy-wars.jpg (83 KB, 370x528)
83 KB
Can anyone share me turn based strategy games with story campaigns? Map editor would be a bonus.
And fantasy setting would be a bonus too, but anything goes.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Two more official campaigns:
lack of tacticool combat is why i couldn't get into warlads
File: kindzadza.jpg (29 KB, 518x499)
29 KB
Discples, Age of Wonders. Fantasy General for fantasy.
I also suggest you try some games set in times/places you're not familiar with, like ROTK or Nobunaga's Ambition. The experience you'll get won't be that much different, IMO.
>Elven Legacy
And that one has some standalone expansions like "Maigc", "Siege", "Ranger", etc.
>a bit too harsh at times
True that. Still got ptsd from the last mission of human campaign, all those endless waves of orcs and goblins and ogres, and these fucking shamans, urgh.
It's free, no reason not to check it out.
I thought I wouldn't like Warlords but I learned to enjoy what it has to offer. There's a lot of nuance in how the battles resolve themselves, army composition and hero abilities are super important.

And most importantly, pacing. In AoW1, a map with 50 cities and 6 opponents will take me several days to win. That's literally the 2nd campaign mission of Warlords 3 and you can beat that in two hours. Plus I appreciate how AIs will surrender when you're too far ahead.

The game's quickly growing on me.

Yeah, Darklords Rising is what I'm playing. It comes with 5 campaigns, plus those extra two official ones you can download, plus a random game generator. Enough to keep you busy for a very long time.
I wish DLR had the cheesy cinematics from the original Warlords 3


File: 231312414132143.jpg (107 KB, 670x335)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
How do you play it?
305 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just wanted to play in HRE on the Iron Century start, I got no choice in the matter when the HRE starts at low crown authority
speaking of hre electors, how cool would it be to be able to designate them yourself? although i am not completely informed of how rigid the electorate system was, particularly in the medieval times, i still think it'd be a really good way to make the hre a lot more dynamic
of course, limited to high tier titles and perhaps to only change every 50, 80 or even 100 years or something like that, but it'd be cool to have the empire actually adapt to growing past its historical borders and embolden the inner power struggle
Just like irl
File: 1618416220656.jpg (305 KB, 1044x1395)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>declare brilliant daughter as crusade beneficiary in Aquitaine, she gets duchy of tolouse
>play as her because I was getting bored of wales anyway
>retarded husband stays with dad in his court because he has a “higher rank”, he Charlie bloodline
>need heir
>cuck him by seducing all of my vassals and bishops
>he never figures it out, still in wales
>7 kids all with his bloodline

Heh. Unfortunately my dad screwed up wales an incredible amount and then got all my brothers killed so I ended up inheriting the damn place.

File: hoi_4_map.jpg (994 KB, 1920x705)
994 KB
994 KB JPG
HOI 4 modmonkey here, thought it'd be fun if we made a mod together.

Rules, name a country and a board that match reasonably well together (people can argue about what countries should be what if there are conflicting opinions) and name some ideas for its nat focus tree. When done I'll make whatever the trash we decide on happen. Feel free to go as autistic as you all want, this is just dumb fun for now nothing serious.

Example: Germany = /pol/ and thus is the Axis Major. Focus tree lets it annex boards around it, mess with their local shit, make a massive build up, and if it doesn't go to war will suffer from Reddit.
105 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Italy was not ready for a conflict but that does not make it not a major power. Its like saying the USSR were losing to finland and thus is not a major power.
File: lgbt pol x.png (135 KB, 1676x1070)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Another set of flags btw.
hitler had interest in islam but definitely not enough to convert germany to a religion foreign to a majority of europe at the time
Portugal lead by Pessoa would be a better /lit/. Shitty country that does nothing except read literature, + 100% consumer factories, all used on books.

File: saba.png (1.36 MB, 1412x923)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
It doesn't matter whether it's mainstream things like Civ, Total War and Paradox, or more obscure games; it doesn't matter if it's simple blobbing, or a curious situation you need advice for. Post 'em.

Returned to TWR2 for a while, trying out the desert kingdoms. So far Saba is pretty similar to eastern factions, weakening the enemy with horse archers before pinning their troops and delivering crushing blows with superheavy cataphracts.
106 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
Would play, but they fuck up family trees in some of the campaigns.
I think it should be around 200ish, give or take a few tens. I uninstalled the game, as I got tired of 20 FPS battles and 4 min loading screens.
Arche Bosphorus is a very fun campaign, once you get out of the early scythian slog. They have a cool, jack of all trades roster, and you need to adapt your armies to the enemy you face.
Pic related is my later defence of Noreia against a combined Boii and Roman counter attack.
How do I pirate it
It can be a pain. I can't get it to run in 1080p on my Win10 laptop, only 1366p. It runs fine on my Win7 desktop though

Idk, it goes on sale around most holidays, I got it for $16 then
File: Normandie_Indivisible.png (3.44 MB, 1920x1080)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
Holy fuck that was boring. I just can't bring myself to play the last 50 years, should've stopped in 1200.
Endless heresies, poems, invitations to feasts, adulterers, the same shit again and again and again and none of it fucking matters.
You can limit yourself to kingdom rank, be over three times above your maximum vassal limit and be completely fine. Your dukes will blob across North Africa, most of Europe and even bully the Greeks out of Byzantium.
I'm going back to CK2. Maybe I'll give this piece of shit another try in 5 years if Paracucks hasn't declared bankruptcy by then.
Behold, De Jure West Francia.

I'm creating an EU3 "Ultimate Version" mod, which builds up on Magna Mundi Ultimate 1.26 with CMod, & I have the autism to do it properly. It will go in line with MM's general purpose: give more realism, balance and depth to the game, not add random provinces in Rwanda.

The main issue I have is modding the physical map. I think the gameplay is great and I've grown accustomed to the map mod used in MM but new players will probably look at it and think "this is SHIT" Sicily east of Tunisia, islands that are just spots on the map or don't even appear at all (like Faroe and many pacific ones) & the map is really low-res.

The problem lies in the fact that MM & submods were released for EU3's HTTT expansion & are not ported for DW, the last one. DW changed the base-map from HTTT from an 1872x720 to an 5616x2160 image size, the same as Vic2's map, so people managed to mod the visually better Vic map into DW (ie "CanOmer's mod"). Same hasn't been done to HTTT & thus to the mods the vast majority of people played EU3 on.

There are currently no better map mods for HTTT than the one used in MM. But if someone could do something about it - port the map from Vic2 to HTTT, especially with the MM provinces (but even with no provinces at all & just a workable physical map would do it) or even just do some changes in the land shape of the HTTT map (like properly distancing Europe from Africa, adding the missing islands in their actual shape & correcting the size of the continents) then I think the "Ultimate Version" would be attractive to more new people.

I can work everything for the mod, but not anything in regards to the physical map - I change 1 pixel on the images & it stops working. If anyone could help with a HTTT map mod to be included in the Ultimate Version, or even with just a tutorial or link to a tutorial on how to properly edit the map (as I can't find any), it would be credited and greatly appreciated.

TL;DR: LOOKING FOR EU3 HTTT map modders.
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

That might also be because the finished EU3 DW version 5.2 - which Paradox sells as a full 'complete' game, has a manpower bug. So the vanilla game in its final version is completely unplayable (not even mods can fix it) also due to the terribly broken steppe-horde mechanism (hordes take provinces after holding them for 2 years, while non-nomadic nations need to colonize the horde provinces, sending 5 colonist which might take years, if they wish to recapture them). The result is complete border gore from China to the HRE (the emperor being the only nation which has manpower to stop the hordes), as the hordes constantly implode and collapse due to being backwards and overextended, but still field a lot of soldiers and keep coming back - it's a complete chaos. That's a "finished game", great job Paracucks...
does it keep badboy points? that was both great and horrible.
No idea how to fix the spy system since historically it was really weird. Both hueg and small countries did it. I think it depended more on the power of the ruler. The absolutism mechanic of EUIV would be a good thing, however, it doesnt affect the spies, yet another reason why EUIV is shitty.

The new mercenary system sounds great.I recommend you to add events of mercenaries doing fucked up shit like they did (Schwedentrunk) so it increases unrest and diminshes province income.

Also, is the war score system reworked? Low intensity warfare doesnt exist on EUIII sadly.
Have you checked out Mare Apertum? That's a mod based on MMP2.
Also, explain to me the very basics for running a good economy in Magna Mundi. I always try a game as England and end up in an inflation/debt spiral by the 1600s.
I'll give a bump

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