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File: eu5.jpg (180 KB, 1280x720)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
What are your expectations from EU5, was eu4 last pdx good game?
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he was sacked following The Golden Century cause his expansions were unpopular with the fanbase, he's been a professional streamer for like 3 years now
File: image.png (120 KB, 805x793)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
he's right you know
>is cheaper than buying and keeping Tyrone well fed, clothed, and housed to work in plantations.
Yeah, anon. They fed the slaves themselves. They wouldn't possibly think to just set aside land for the slaves to make their own food, clothing, and shelter, right?
Life would be so easy if everyone else was as stupid as you.
File: pepe angry.png (309 KB, 601x595)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
So, why the FUCK does EU4 freeze every few months after 1750? Happens every single game.
"no guys it's a totally legitimate culture and organisation, never mind that it could only maintain a tiny population, develop no institution, state capacity, build no permanent structures & never even leave the shores of their god-forsaken shithole. And get absolutely btfo'd the minute they encounter a foreign culture".

I swear, subhuman-apologists are the saddest lot I've ever seen. They're dedicating the summum of education, knowledge, science & technology to try -and fail- at making inferior cultures respectable.

Why did Victoria 3 devs remove war? Is 3 button warfare truly innovative as paracucks claim?
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>if paradox were capable of balancing it.
you can't balance it that's how capitalism works, that's what the crisis of overproduction is, that's why i think the devs made it so producers can just sell whatever into a literal void cause it's a problem that literally can't be solved
If not for the fact the schizo constantly spamming the catalog is obsessed with it I couldn't care less about Vicky 3.
I forgot about that, though I think tying it to standard of living makes more sense and would solve things like a how a civilized china instantly the world economy instead of doing so gradually. Though this is obviously all moot because V3's economy is all fake and gay.
It doesn't have to be balanced to work indefinitely, just for as long as the timeframe of the game.
>just for as long as the timeframe of the game
you can't do that either since it happened irl as well, why do you think in the 1910s workers in the ruhr valley and Petrograd were going around shooting cops and soldiers
You should care. Get in touch with your feminine side. Feel the poos growing inside you. Becoming larger everyday. Be excited for Victoria 3 and know those poos are now turning to slush, gestating deep within your bowels. Let the excitement build. Think of three buttons and let the sloppy poos flow through you. Sloshing from one side to the other. Now your rectum begins to pulsate. The dam is about to burst. Your anus quivers uncontrollably and then, in a great cataclysmic flood, your sphincter suddenly stretches wide open and GREAT GEYSERS OF HOT LIQUID SHIT POURS OUT FROM YOUR ASS!!!!!
That is the excitement of Victoria 3.

File: unknown-332.png (14 KB, 631x87)
14 KB
Peak consoomerism
Every single upcoming RTS looks copy-pasted, it's either StarCratft 2 clone or C&C clone. Also, i like how devs say that their games are old-school classic RTS games, nigger, define classic and what exactly you mean by saying it.
Especially i liked Stormgate aka D.Va vs Diablo, cartoonish RTS that looks like SC2 and is being developed by former SC2 devs lol
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They came out when gaming was less mainstream and RTS was still a popular genre, they took the existing formula from games like Dune 2 and CnC and improved/refined it and they came from studios which had already proven themselves to make good RTS (if you're talking about AoE2 rather than 1). And after that they just remained because people know they're good, essentially the ol' reliable. Why risk something with an "innovative" new RTS that may be shit or DOA or both when you can just keep playing the games you know are good and for many players already do exactly what the yexpect from an RTS anyway.
File: 1634242920660.png (158 KB, 283x379)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>that's why they should do actual prototyping and playtesting
this applies to literally every single game.
>find out what people REALLY enjoy and hate about strategy games and make a game based on that information.
people like when the game plays itself and if that's the future of RTS then I'm out.
>interacting with your opponent constantly
You can do that in basically all strategy games. Just play aggressively. You're literally inventing a problem that doesn't exist.
>comfy base-building
just play a fucking city builder.
>using the fog of war to hide your movements
but... that's what it does?
>mindgaming your opponent by selecting techs to counter his techs
Company of Heroes does this, Age of Mythology does this, Battle for Middle-Earth does that, probably many more titles I'm not aware of do that aswell.
You just don't play strategy games.
>and having the time to watch big armies fight each other

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i find it hard to take someone seriously when they start replying to random sentences within my post with attempted zingers and blatant falsehoods. try making a genuine post and i'll respond in kind
how new
Hell nah, i know this nigger from OP's screenshot. He is an enormous nigger, giant negroid, faggot lives in Ukraine but wants daddy Putin to fuck his ass.
This faggot shills for every new RTS game just because it's new

File: bullied (6).jpg (313 KB, 1000x777)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
What are some mellow, slow-paced or turn-based strategy games I can play at work on the 3DS, Vita and/or Switch? I work from home and often have a lot of downtime between tasks, but I don't want anything that requires a lot of attention.
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>I'm a serious adult that uses his brain
If you were, you wouldn't be on this cambodian rice breeding bulletin board
t. Paracuck
fire emblem
Advanced Wars

File: capsule_616x353 (1).jpg (74 KB, 616x353)
74 KB
Am I just too retarded for this game?

>become a vassal
>king gives you every shitty fuck off fief they capture
>if they aren't being invaded every single minute they're constantly on the verge of revolting because they hate you for being a different culture
>0 chance of constructing anything, only option is to fill the garrison
>hemorrhaging money from all the garrisons that no amount of workshops or caravans could ever make up for
>fief hates you even more because now the garrison is eating all their food

How theee fuck are you supposed to be any degree of self sustaining?
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people complaining that the game is too hard and requires you to cheese or min max are retarded
File: just call.png (462 KB, 635x462)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
>using the word "ESL" on 4chan
>Not that guy but
I agree you can use Fians instead, but Khan's guards are just as good in siege. Either one, just park em in front of ladders and they obliterate the
defenders because of the stupid AI telling them to go from one side to
the other constantly. KG also give you map speed though. I mean.... you
can other troops too and just do the same shit, it's just faster and you'll
lose fewer troops each battle if you go with the t6 KGs or Fians.
>but Khan's guards are just as good in siege
Glaive absolutely sucks when used dismounted. 2h sword isn't perfect, but far more useful in combat, and fians have athletics high enough to outrun most of troops. Again, Khans are great, but Fians are just flat-out better for sieges.
>because of the stupid AI telling them to go from one side to the other constantly
If you mean AI sending troops on top of walls back and forth then ok, and that's fucking hilarious, since with enough patience you can take out a siege all by yourself (and in single go, rather than retreating and going back to it)
If you mean AI sending troops over the wall and back - that's been fixed over a year ago
Did they finally added the ability to give your troops to other lord, and trade them for their own troops? I'm sick and tired of AI running around with 60 recruits all the time, making all armies pretty much peasant armies.
Any way around it? Some mod, maybe?

File: header.jpg (63 KB, 460x215)
63 KB
why is the campaign so ass? it feels so limiting
does it get better later or what am i missing? i am only allowed to bring such a small amount of ships and they cost too much and take too long to make to make it fun and the level system makes losing even the smallest ship a bad feel
You can simply adjust those settings before starting the campaign brainlet
adjust the settings to cancel invasions
It's accurate to the lore.

File: 1657561839602.jpg (210 KB, 1055x828)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>rts campaign
>you're forced to alternate between faction 1 and faction 2 after every mission
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What game? Also not gonna lie, this doesn't sound so good. Feel like it might be annoying or cheesable.
>SP campaign is cheesable
Oh no what a unique circumstance
>What game?
Tooth and Tail
It was surprisingly fun for me, I don't usually think about cheesing
It just doesn't make for a believable protagonist since there's never any danger of defeat or even challenge.
That's what GDI thought too.

File: caf.png (98 KB, 645x851)
98 KB
Could we stop acting like strategy games are for the "thinking man" and "smart individuals". Most engagement rely heavily on who has the bigger number and higher quality army, you obviously won't start or engage in a war unless you're outnumbering them at least 3:1 ratio, and the ai in most games are shit, lower difficulties won't offer any challenge and higher ones are straight up cheating, specially the ones that mainly focus on the single-player experience (civ and total war), you won't be losing unless badly outnumbered. For me (I know that sounds retarded) strategy games are for the sandboxy element, playing around and trying stupid things and see if they would work, trying to alter history and doing funny things and goofing around.
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Good post
>he doesn't own the book on the founding of Double Entry Bookkeeping
Irving is the greatest historian of our time, by a large margin. Jews have been trying to ruin his life ever since he wrote Hitler's War and didn't mention the lawlocaust. You're a brainlet.
You can do it, bro! Watch some guides on youtube in your spare time and read a book or two on the eastern front before trying to tackle WiTE2.
>Military history

File: solium.jpg (174 KB, 960x720)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
do you guys like Cryptic Comet (aka Vic Davis) games? I've only ever played Solium Infernum but I hear Armageddon Empires is good too. only big issue with Solium is that it's a bit jank due to what it was programmed in
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I played his cthulhu game and it was one of the most difficult and fun games i can remember playing. Cannot remember what it was called. I seem to remember Vic quit making computer games.
>I seem to remember Vic quit making computer games.
Yeah he was a good game designer but couldn't program for shit. The only thing he knew how to use was Adobe Director which was never great for making games to start with and got less and less support after 2013 or so. So he quit vidya development and went on to write books instead.
File: file.png (1.08 MB, 640x1024)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
>So he quit vidya development and went on to write books instead.
He was originally planning to make board games instead of vidya, but he said a few years ago that the process of designing board game mechanics made him no longer able to enjoy games, so he stopped designing games entirely and turned his game ideas into novels instead.

And he plays a lot of Elder Scrolls Online apparently.
Vic isn't involved? I mean his games were flawed but this being made by a bunch of different people makes me concerned, never played Armello so I can't use that to gauge whether this will be good. I'll be honest I don't care much for the visual style they have here, but it could still be good gameplay wise .... hopefully.
Makes sense, I really liked Armageddon Empires and Solium Infernum even as flawed as they were. Too bad he couldn't get a good programmer and leave the designing to him, Armageddon Empires 2 would be awesome if done right but I guess that will never happen.
>Vic isn't involved?

This is what's posted on his blog:
>Can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to announce that League of Geeks has been handed the infernal torch. The game couldn’t be in better hands. This reboot is going to take the best aspects and core mechanics of my original design and add the steady professionalism, clever creativity and ambitious talents of League of Geeks. It’s a marriage made in Hell.

Considering he makes no mention of being involved, I think he just sold/gave them the IP and otherwise doesn't have anything to do with it.

File: Temujin is a meme.jpg (1.28 MB, 2560x1440)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Why is CK3 late game such a fucking meme? If you know what you're doing your army is going to roll through anything without any problems and you can just do whatever and conquer whatever. Pic related is against the mongols who've managed to reach fucking Tunisia after conquering the Abbasids who had more fucking troops than me.
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What's a fun CK3 start?
emperor tier was a mistake
>have a powerful duke vassal in a faction against?
>no biggie, give a king title to a count and assign the powerful duke under the king-vassal
>now, the vassal-king has to deal with the powerful duke

FYI CK1 did not have empire titles, Holy Roman Empire was represented with kingdom titles of Italy and Germany
Empire titles are just redundant the hierarchy of
>baron being a vassal of a count
>count being a vassal of a duke
>duke being a vassal of a king
>king being a vassal of an emperor
Would have been a rare arrangement if anything.
There weren't many dukes (England didn't have dukes prior to 1377)
And many counts were indistinguishable from dukes i.e. the count of Toulouse or Champagne.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
how do i get good at succession? within a year of my heir emperor taking over there are atleast three full blown uprisings that steal all my levies and taxes. this is compounded by the partition laws that leave your heir in a much weaker position than you previously were, and for some reason i cant one up this bullshit by granting him any land because he isnt set to inherit anything but the empire and one duchy title, which really doesnt amount to much. meanwhile the few king tier vassals i have can just pass on everything to a single heir
The mod will always be based on the book
Its fucking impossible to have fun roleplaying in this game with the lack of mechanics, childish events and bloated modifiers that you cant avoid. kys.

It's been almost a year, has it gotten better?
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i don't get it
I agree the early modern time period is very interesting. It’s just that it was poorly represented on AoE3. Where are all the important conflicts of the era? The Wars of Religion, 30 Years War, Napoleonic Wars, nothing.

did you get the vax anon?
None of these conflicts took place between the years 1699 and 1800. I didn't say the Early Modern Period. I said the 18th century. The OG game was set up primarily to model the colonial wars in rhe Americas and the Seven Years War in particular.
That's actually an impressive bounceback - good on the devs for not abandoning a product that needed work.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (73 KB, 616x353)
73 KB
do you have high hopes for it?
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I hate the art style but if I get a sc2 coop mission successor I will be happy.
Look at the things Blizz RTS did well and actually iterate on them rather than continue to push dumb shit like archon mode or abandon the game entirely.
This is the RTS genre, at this point there isn't that much you can actually improve within the confines of specific subgenres what people want is just more fucking content that wasn't made two decades ago.
way too cartoony
move on, old man, modern games are either autistic or entirely about multiplayer.
File: 1654215477942.jpg (142 KB, 962x780)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
A 2010 title, a 2000 title and a1998 title rule the genre. Oh, right, also a 2006/2013 title is still kicking, although weakly.
Should tell you enough about the state of RTS games. Not counting Civ and Paradox because they're different audiences.
So, yes, unironically, new inventions are too risky for literal who studios and your only hope is to make a better version of an already established formula.
>>1192196 's mention of boomer shooters would be good except that boomer shooters actually tend to be either surprisingly creative or can try multiple gimmicks which simply have no place in strategy games. Not to mention completely different gameplay dynamic.
more or less this.
RTS has a finite amount of ideas and we've reached the limit.

File: redalert3corona.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Thoughts on Red Alert 3 Corona? Adds a new faction called the Celestials Empire and some classic Red Alert 2 units like the Prism Tank.
chinkshit, dislike
Literally the Foehn of Red Alert 3.
And that's a good thing.
File: 1637231552164.jpg (18 KB, 409x358)
18 KB
>chinese faction

File: 32313131.jpg (28 KB, 395x336)
28 KB
>mogs every other medieval game
>still the best horse combat
>still the best medieval rpg/strategy hybrid
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i uninstalled bannerlord today, i am going back to warband
File: EX4KLRmX0AEf8XA.jpg (177 KB, 493x650)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
get some camel riders and sharpshooters/sergeants
Spam veiger horseman/sarranid horsemen/swarian men at arms and get a few knights

I can beat a 300 stack with about 100, khegerits are good against infantry, shitty against heavier cav
Viking Conquest was so fucking kino
Did you side with the Anglo-Saxons or the Vikangz?

File: mcdonalds game.png (216 KB, 833x526)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
ITT : flash games that fit /vst/
376 replies and 75 images omitted. Click here to view.
stuff used to look different on old monitors
I didn't expect a simple game like that be so pricey.
Another content update to Kingdom Rush Vengeance drops in a few days
Anon, I too vaguely remember the beginning of SDT and when that got dialogue support ... I remember staying in doors for a few days. There were also some dialogues I made on my previous HDD which got rekt with no backup ...

As for TK17, I postponed that for years until I got a better computer but by the time I got to checking THAT out ... the general was gone. There's this content creator that keeps making some pretty cool shit like who fucked jessica rabbit but the prices he charges for the models and poses are insane. I guess he autistically makes every pose.

Anyway, my question is, did the new "Hook" graphics update get released or pirated?
This is a shot in the dark, but I remember playing this game where you managed the network security of a place, and had to actively defend against cyber attacks. I remember being very complex, involved closing firewalls and other stuff.

Does anyone know which game this could be ?

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