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File: SimCity_3000_Coverart.png (182 KB, 256x310)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
>can't play old disk version due to DRM
>see GoG has it on sale
>wow it's not as hard as child me found it to be
>get 100 years in
>relaying the city is tedious
>muh rails are congested
>muh poor access to other zones because I refuse to use a road
>muh taxes are too high, I want the city to be funded by NIMBY buildings that I HATE
>muh parade
>muh not enough chocolate sprinkles
>start a new city but lay it out right this time
>get bored due to zero tax income and swap back to the developed city
Still my favourite SimCity for the flavour and how there's no autistic puzzle piece mod.
Could you ever overtake your neighbours' population or is the game hardcoded to force them to be 4-to-10 times your size?
Is there a site that has actual knowledge about what ordinances and reward buildings do? Half of them aren't particularly obvious, it's unstated if pop cap is raised (in a meaningful amount) by rewards and I can't tell if certain ordinances discourage all or specific types of industry/commercial.
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I have my box somewhere but I have no idea where exactly. I think it also came with a warning, something about a virus? Also yeah, arcologies... Sucks it's never been implemented in SC3K, the one thing that's missing honestly.
Have you got education?
File: city.png (428 KB, 798x598)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
haven't played in forever
Alright, things are improving as my city expands, the game computes where the city "core" is and real estate prices are higher the more you expand the peripheries.

I finished high school.
File: kong2.jpg (923 KB, 1280x1024)
923 KB
923 KB JPG
Pic related.

New leader designs coming up
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Well that's basically it.
Incredibly bloated too, everything gives massive yields. When I quick back a year ago the AI was lobotomised and hasn't recovered since IIRC
...How many billions did America send to Ukraine to fight Russia?
over 100.
>Ptolemaic Cleopatra
Weren't all Cleopatras Ptolemaic?
And hows that war going?

It's been since we talk about the text based campaign simulation. https://newcampaigntrail.github.io/campaign-trail/index.html
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The sheer amount of different endings that change what NatSoc even is as an ideology is really interesting. Whoever wrote it did do his research, even if he had to do the whole disclaimer stuff.
File: 1912b Taft Sherman 1.png (91 KB, 987x505)
91 KB
How is anon based?
File: 1912b Taft Sherman 2.png (79 KB, 1005x602)
79 KB
File: 1912b Taft Sherman 3.png (102 KB, 1000x595)
102 KB
102 KB PNG

File: unsupervised.png (731 KB, 1366x768)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
Let's talk about this forgotten 90's gem.
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Pretty sure she's average.
I like 1's presentation style. Where the world and characters were getting more technologically advanced the further you got in the story. The first enemies you face are basic RPG guys like goblins and bats and your team is a knight, a mage, and an archer. Then by the end of the game, the common enemy types are robots and mechanically enhanced versions of earlier enemies and your most recent recruits are robots and a guy with a gun. It's a kind of progression that I don't really see any other game do that isn't directly advertised as one like Civilization, where that's the point of the game.
Good point, yeah that is a rather unique point of SF1 that isn't really found in the later SF games. I recall you also get a rocket launcher that you can equip with your centaur archer in SF1. That's cool.
It is kinda in 3. But 1 was a lot more about ancient tech popping up via the laser eye etc.
File: 10.png (15 KB, 512x480)
15 KB

File: homm2.jpg (300 KB, 1225x891)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Why would i play it over homm3? Atleast is the balance in this game better?
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File: 1473953375646.jpg (76 KB, 640x478)
76 KB
Can someone help me out? Im trying to install HOTA for Homm3 but its not working. I have the hd mod and everything. It says the Homm3 files arent in the folder that Im trying to install it in, even though they are.

If this isnt the right place just point me on my way, Ive been searching different boards.
This probably isn't the right thread and it's been w hile since I've last installed HotA, but I'll try to help you anyway. First off, you don't need to instalm the hd mod as it comes with HotA. Also, are you sure, HotA needs the base folder and not the data folder? And you have the complete edition of h3, right?
I had the hd mod, and the complete edition off of gog. I didnt have any separate folders, everything was in the same place.

I figured it out after tinkering a bit, turns out I just the folder was just "too deep" in my files
And the installer wasnt working, so I just copied the folder outside
And the install worked fine.
Weird, but Ill take it.
I presume one cant play the homm3 campaign on hota version, right? I heard hota had some bugfixes/adjustments.
>too deep
that should only be a problem if the path exceeds 255 characters
I cant imagine what else it could have been, considering everything worked when I just moved the folder out.

The Cargo pods with milk is to compensate for the horrors coming your way in the following months. I assure you, fallout of that level isn't a laughing matter. wait what do you mean you haven't unlocked gasmasks yet? Doesn't matter, itll be a lot funnier this way
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choose one
nobility and psy powers are shit
>peasant hands typed this post
The sheer amount of resources required + vat grown children being entirely skillless outside of racial genes makes it not worth it unless you are needing a "sterotypical" xenotype to do a specific thing that xenotype is known for.

So, vatgrow a hussar if you need a fighter, vatgrow a genie if you need a crafter/researcher, vatgrow a highmate if someone is constantly moaning about being romantically rejected, vatgrow an impid for live target practice, etc. The benefit is that you can crank out a lot of them once your established. The downside is that lots of food resources are required and those vatgrown pawns will only be somewhat okay at their racial bonuses.

Baseliners are probably the worst to clone simply because they have no racial bonuses.
I remember there was this scripted Google Sheet for designing a custom Ideoligion. Anyone has a link to it?

File: high flip.jpg (248 KB, 1920x1200)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
The story's script will be written faster the higher this thread remains.
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File: bridge placement.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
When the ammo goes, we all go.
Doesn't that end up with your ship constantly on fire, though?
Envision a role for your ship and then try to build something that fits said role at the lowest cost possible. This can be something like "fast interceptor" but also "narrow vertical cruiser that fits into small landing spots so I can get the big repair bonus". You can always look at the vanilla ships, see what you like, and try to build something similar/better. A good design can take you a long way. My interceptor design has taken me to Khiva multiple times.

When in the campaign, you are constrained by time. You'll recruit vanilla shitboxes, so it's worth understanding what their strengths and weaknesses are in order to modify them efficiently. Conversions to tankers, missile carriers, and aircraft carriers have worked out well for me with ships that aren't combat viable. For those that are, removal of obvious weak spots or reduction of missile carrying capacity if I don't have any missiles to re-equip them with.

One thing I still have to try properly is stand-off armor for non-combat vessels in case of missile or air strike.
Why does my save get corrupted everytime I reach the first checkpoint?
Try fiddling with your game folders' security permissions, check if the folders have been created in the first place, check file integrity if steam. File shit happens with Highfleet. Mine crashes when entering combat until i clear my TestProject.seria up to 5 times, yours seems to be about the profile.seria in the saves folder.

File: 2QiYVm9nH3KAWHrEWaMZCn.jpg (347 KB, 1920x1080)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Last thread hit the Bump Limit

>What are you playing?
>What are you using?
>What was fun or worked well for you recently? Any good MP Fun?
>Share Your Decks / Deck Review?
>Are you having fun?
>Current thoughts on Warno Early Access? Hopes, Dreams, Wishlists, Disappointments?
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>a harsh cutoff
so are they actually sticking to the cutoff date this time? In wargame they kept bending it and nations without the sci-fi shit were kind of left shafted while Fr*nce (of course) and others were playing with 00's toys
i actually get high FPS AND a can use a high resolution too. not sorry this is somehow upsetting for you

yeah they're sticking with it so far
boy that's a long list of shit that still doesn't work
File: sk43eyhhlw271.png (144 KB, 1900x1660)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
>page 8
its over for eugenbros isnt it
are the best days behind us forever?
it's that way for most games especially strategy games

File: Eve Online.jpg (710 KB, 2560x1440)
710 KB
710 KB JPG
>it's an actual MMO (thousands of players)
>it's an actual RTS (real strategies in real time)
>plus it's an actual RPG (you create your own story and with others you create the lore of the game)
I wish more "MMORTS" were like this game and not just a cool ad of epic battles and 6d chess strategies while the actual gameplay is you paying IRL money to build shitty 2,5D fortress faster or moving your "army" faster to "attack" another fortress.
(the FPS variants are Planetside 2 and the reborn Dust 514)
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>be in lowsex
>have solo fites all day
nothing personel blockfags
Retribution was peak
Only one that I know of is an old one called SAGA. Used to be it's own launcher but I think it's on Steam now.
And for free-players is fun??
Can you still bully or bait people. I played eve a lot like 10-15 years and tried againlike maybe 5 years ago and it felt like it made things a lot safer for high sec people. I used to bully miners and mission runners a lot

Did Victoria 3 win? Paradox is saying Victoria 3 is a profitable game
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Who allowed this? Obama? Now it's too late to free the medias without a fight
>muh smol bidness!
The problem with monopolies is that they are in hands of private investors, instead of the people.
How is skylines endless if they're making a skylines 2?
People are still buying Vic 2 despite them making Vic 3.
why was this post deleted?

Never hear about this game. Is it better than Imperator? Also, field of glory thread.
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Excited as well. Sad about the lead designer leaving the studio after Empires though. He is a strategy game dev legend.
Apples and oranges.

Empires is much more like a 4X than a para style grand strategy game. It's pretty great if you want a really involved battle generator for FoG2. But on its own merits it kind of lacks much of the drama of a game like Imperator. Ironically enough, you're probably better off buying the Paradox game for the better value and less DLC fuckery than the FoG line.
which one? Malacher aka Pocus is still the lead on kingdoms as far as I'm aware
>Shovelware vs Abandonware
I meant Philippe Thibaut and I just checked he indeed hadn't worked on Empires. Sorry for disinfo.

File: Victoria 3 Prediction 2.jpg (135 KB, 1498x357)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
I posted this on 10/22/22
Was I correct
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hello ESL
he means patents.
From the same trannycord
I wonder what kind of person it is that poop posts? I wonder if they're otherwise serious people who transition to poopposting. I hate v3 btw.
nerve STRUCK

File: NoMAD.jpg (964 KB, 1920x1080)
964 KB
964 KB JPG
>you see adventurers/raiders, you want to be one
>choose nomad faction, get trapped in your tent camp shithole desert
>you can't go to the other extreme of the map and become an adventurer/mercenary, etc...
>if you conquer a civilised county, you can't evolved 'cuz MuH mEcHaNiCs!!! the county becomes a tent camp shithole too
Holy shit, is the same retarded stuff like in Rome 2, yep I saw the R2 nomads thread. WTF is the problem that 4X devs have with nomads??
33 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>But what if I'm an unreformed tengrist and I want to jump from Ukraine to India (playing as hungarian)? I can or I can't do that? Because for what I remember I can't, that is why I said that nomads aren't true nomads, because you are trapped in your tent camp shithole
You actually can, which makes it odd the discussion went this far.
The Nomadic Capital Holding isn’t like normal ones and the Capital Move cooldown is shorter for nomads.
When you move your nomadic capital, all the buildings in it move with you, though some like fishing ports might be deactivated if not relevant to the new location. The Nomad Capital has its own Tech level too which they take with them rather than just using the tech level of where you go, the capital and its province diffuse the between the two like they were neighboring counties.
So if your tent is in Hungary and you own nomadic pastures in India, you can absolutely pick up your entire nomadic capital and move it there, taking everything with you.
Thanks. I will try it, but I don't remember nomads being fun to play with.
threat is such a bad system, but it’s way too easy without it
>Bros, I can't play at all!
>Why this game is so shit?

File: file.png (1.99 MB, 827x1200)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
Why are all the best Japanese strategy games hentai games?
Are the devs the dysgenic decedents of samurai or something?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Gihren's Greed
Mecha, huh? I guess that counts as fanservice too since they find giant robots even more arousing than giant boobs.
Venus Blood: Frontier and Hollow are peak kino tho
Never really liked japanise VN's but the unique mix of strategy and good fetishes drew me in and made me fall in love with the series
Cant wait for the next translated entry
I don't even know a japanese strategy game now that I think about it
KOEI used to do good strategy games but it was long ago
their strategy are more character oriented but still pretty good(well the old one at last)

File: Mercs.jpg (140 KB, 650x471)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Post ideas you had for strategy games:

I'd like a game where you play a commander of a mercenary company in the 1500s. Sign a contract with a faction and fight for them, and enemy factions will attempt to bribe you to betray your employer and switch to their side. If your reputation gets too low, however, no one will be willing to employ you, so you can't betray your employer too often.
129 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want something more at the tactical scale. A sole proprietorship criminal rather than a corporate franchise gang.
slightly adjacent to the limited information idea, I always wanted to see a somewhat grounded space RTS with time delay as a mechanic ie if your ships are too far away it will take some amount of time for your orders to reach them and the same for you to see what's happening to them
once this delay gets to the order of double digit minutes you're effectively incapable of remotely commanding your ships and must delegate to npc admirals
you have a personal flagship that this delay is centered around so if you really want to win a battle you would want to actually be in it so you can command your fleet, but you can only be in 1 place at a time and you risk getting blown up and an insta game over
Not quite what you're asking for, but try Starsector.
Praise kek and fuck niggers
Thunderbirds by way of XCOM. Basically the same except you respond to disasters (natural or man-made) using high tech vehicles and your men on the ground. The end game could be, like, a worldwide disaster of some sort that you have to do your best to contain (secret cabal uprising? apocalyptic event? Who knows)

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