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File: BotOR.jpg (43 KB, 485x584)
43 KB
We haven't had one of these in a while
Post your Rares
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Dominant species, an early fully 3d rts that released in 98. I have it at home and played it a bit as a kid, but honestly I remember almost nothing about it... I think you collected green and blue 'energy', and you could play as humans or aliens (IIRC).
Anon... You can tell from your own link that it's one of the Roblox devs. He probably just forgot about it to work on Roblox. Might not even have any of the files unless he backed them up.
I thought dark reign only had that one xpac. woah
This stuck out for me because it's the only game I can think of where you can see where the enemy is looking, as each player's camera is represented by the psychic creature controlling their army hovering over the battlefield.
Humans were the bad guys, the aliens even gather a bunch of psychic diplomat creatures to make first contact with the humans and they just shoot them on sight.
File: 1284998402698.jpg (18 KB, 251x251)
18 KB
Reminder that Dark Reign is still alive and you can play it entirely for free


File: CivII_01.png (124 KB, 300x225)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
I understand it's better for roleplaying and aesthetics (because we put national borders on our map), and I understand that the later civs have a more developed diplomacy system, but still.

Borders are a fluid thing, especially frontier cities. It should be that the tiles you can use are the tiles you can defend, which is what Civ 2 does in effect. What do you guys think?
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But how would that work gameplaywise?
Use either a percentage of the weakest's party military or an arbitrary number to set as the max combat power allowed in the area, if either party exceeds that it becomes regular war.
Make it a zone of control type deal where if you have troops by the end of a timer on a tile you keep that tile
Can't get tiles closer than 2 from a city.
by using specific units maybe?
like privateers, rebels etc?
also attacking enemy units outside(far away) from their zone of influence(cities etc) would have reduced hostility ratings and don't automatically start war?
so wiping some scouts far away would have almost zero consequence?
the moment when two tribes/clans/families meet
like distinction between our/theirs or neutral grounds(hunting, farming, gathering, fishing etc)
>lift the cold war mechanic from EL/ES where outside of your borders it's a free for all
>aggressive actions in cold war generate grievances and once it hits a grievance threshold full on war is automatically declared
>maybe some special situations that allow a cold war to "heat up" without declaration, like a culture bomb causing a land dispute where the two nations can invade and attack like they're at war within a certain radius of the culture bombed tiles until they hit the grievance threshold for full war or the dispute ends after a certain number of turns and the empires gain control of any territory they have a military unit on
>reconnaissance and naval raider units (maybe paratroopers too) have a toggle to appear as barbarians to other nations, in this state you can do full on war actions against other civs without generating grievances or diplomatic consequences but if the unit is killed they are found out and all of their actions' consequences retroactively apply with double strength, units need to be in your own borders to toggle barbarian mode off

File: holy horde.png (881 KB, 649x896)
881 KB
881 KB PNG

Didn't see anyone talking about this after I searched the archive for an instance of this dev diary so posting here. Holy Horde lmao
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The reforms for tribal governments and federations turn most of North America into medium sized blobs that block easy or much colonization. In some ways, it makes colonization easier in that you can just up and declare war for swaths of land instead of having to plop a colonist down. But because they're reformed, it causes more AE to take land and you have to spend diplo to take non-claims. It really screws over the AI harder because they never make a concerted effort to take it until late game, so it makes wars against the usual colonizers easier since you don't have to hop on a boat and siege down the entire continent. It's better than it was in 1.31 where thanks to tribal development, you would have burnt-out desolate mega-cities all over the place since the natives would spend all game generating it.
>Aboriginals have best infantry of all technology groups.
holy fuck, it's true. 22 pips at tech level 26! western only gets 22 pips at tech 30, eastern only ever gets 21 pips, other tech groups get 20 at most. good thing i play with a mod that removes all of those useless native tags
What mod?
they'll be sent to the secret board and become a porn thread?
Allah willing.

File: thinking.jpg (54 KB, 960x640)
54 KB
Does preferring turn-based games to real time games make me a brainlet?
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No, it's the other way around. RTS tests your dexterity and multitasking ability above all else. TBS can explore real strategic thought.
I do not really see how that contradicts what I said. Esports games strive to eliminate randomness, so you can count on popular game's strategic layer being completely solved almost instantly by the community. Only further strategy that has ever existed in esports is coordination with other human players. Other than that, reaction speed is the only thing where real competition exists.
Playing video games makes you a brainlet.
File: fuck you capitalism.jpg (131 KB, 625x769)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Gookclickers absolutely seething.
rtwp and tb chads win again.

>every clan playable
>3k diplomacy
>more provinces and more clans
>each unit has its own mon like in shogun 1
>each clan has a unique unit roster
>armies are larger and have more units
>bigger and more battlefields
>huge castles based on real life
>siege weapons
>actual good naval gameplay
>imjin war expansion
>mongol invasion expansion
>multiple start dates (e.g onin war, sekigahara, nagashino)
>machine learning ai
>hokkaido and okinawa

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1648172529569.jpg (99 KB, 600x600)
99 KB
>Name an overrated TW
>Med 2
>Wtf why is it so hated???
>machine learning ai
Within 1 week there will be people training it to only make formations that look like a cock and balls
You forgot legendary lord Yasuke the black samurai voiced by Michael B Jordan.
XY chromosomes
File: thumbs up girl.gif (1.26 MB, 322x644)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
Better XY than 47, sweetie

File: Ahmed_img_1.jpg (695 KB, 3000x1430)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
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>14yo's first encounter with deliberate style
Not very diverse, where are the diversity hires?
They all look soi
File: vghhh.png (28 KB, 104x101)
28 KB
This literally looks like the anime mod for CK2.

will it be good? https://youtu.be/RtxXcWC_1sw
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File: disgust4.png (410 KB, 545x589)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
>Dark Fate
>Cats Who Play
>Dark Fate
Lmao, no
>WHY it is even a Terminator game?
>As in - what's even the point?
Are you asking for my personal opinion? Because I think the answer would change for different people. Personally, I love the asymmetric aspect of it, rag-tag humans vs some really quality robots. Once saw a terminator tabletop with waves of humans fighting robots who could only really be damaged with explosions or plasma weapons. I love the look of the setting when done right, like terminator resistance. Other people might just like the films and want a game. I always thought the universe would be good for a strategy game.

Its dark fate, sure. That sucks, hopefully, that was just a demand from trying to acquire the license and it won't change the actual quality of gameplay.
File: 1564952793695.png (297 KB, 1024x765)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Then unironically go play some Neuroshima HEX. Will get you covered for what you want and need.

File: 1652565988456.jpg (9 KB, 376x157)
9 KB
Would love to play a new gunpowder and line infantry based total war game.
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File: Agamemnon.gif (2.82 MB, 400x206)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB GIF
>they rather focus on Warhammer 3
Have you seen the roadmap?
They don't care for total war. The big project is their FPS now.
This CA has never made a gunpowder game retard
They should have done Total War: Civil War and Total War: Victoria ten years ago while the gaming industry and the world is less pozzed.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (154 KB, 1280x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
But they never left it, faggot

File: channels4_profile.jpg (51 KB, 900x900)
51 KB
Get ready pdxbros

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File: pirate.png (45 KB, 200x200)
45 KB
>argentinian prices are safe

good, still using a VPN
Doesn't Steam ban you if they catch you doing that though?
>he pays for games
if they catch you is the key part

File: UG.jpg (180 KB, 1280x720)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
I enjoy Ultimate General, but I fucking despise that stupid volley fire bug
>line up infantry
>wait for volley to go off
>only fire a few pot shots
>enemy infantry fire a full volley with no problem
>probably due to some stupid elevation bullshit over which you have no way of predicting
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Yeah, I'll try it out more next time
I guess I like skirmishers cause they require less micro, you just give them long range rifles and let them shoot from hiding
>if you pretend to charge and distract them
I forgot to say, what did you mean here? Charging with one group of cav but cancelling it so you don't get within canister range, and making the other cav charge into their back?
Also, speaking of charges, if anyone is interested in cheese: If you detach a skirmisher unit from the infantry that's being charged, the AI will stop charging
No, your general line infantry. It'll trip up the AI if you catch them.
If my infantry can reach their artillery with no opposition, the battle is already over usually
They don't need to, the AI knows you're charging and will direct accordingly. That's when you hit them from wherever you set up your mounted infantry. I dunno, maybe I'm not explaining it correctly. I haven't played the game since last year so I'm probably being overly vague.

File: workersandresources.jpg (90 KB, 768x506)
90 KB
Cosmonaut mode soon, comrades
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>no narrow gauge cuties moving resources around your steelworks
It's not the same when there aren't torpedos of molten steel on rails running around
>Cosmonaut mode
I just realized this will make building railway a fucking nightmare
>one tiny mistake and the whole system is fucked and you can't fix it with quick build
They said there will be some changes to railroad construction and more details will be soon.
One more question, if the citizen can walk to a bus stop, and some work is in walking distance of the bus stop but not of his house, will he walk there also?
>if the citizen can walk to a bus stop, and some work is in walking distance of the bus stop but not of his house, will he walk there also?
He won't walk to that workplace directly from home, the bus stop doesn't magically increase his walking distance. However, if he stands at the bus stop for "1 hour" and no transportation comes to pick him up, he'll look for work which is within walking distance of the bus stop before teleporting home. So if there's an open spot for him at that workplace, he'll walk to it at that time.
All citizen walking distance is always calculated from whatever building they're in at that time. You can use this especially for citizens on free time: they always start by demanding food, so the only thing that must be in range of their home is a grocery store. Everything else only needs to be within range of the grocery store, not the housing. [You don't have to build food within range of their housing, but if you don't then they'll attempt to fill whatever needs *are* within range first, which can mean they spend 12 hours at the cinema and then time out before they walk the rest of the way to the grocery store - bad end]

File: warlords.jpg (247 KB, 719x1000)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Is the protectors mod good? Is warlords 4 worth trying? Has anybody here played the card game version of warlords?
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Have a really hard time deciding which hero and faction I want to tackle the campaign of wb3 with.
Was thinking of a knight bard as he's pretty great at supporting, but don't really like having a pure support hero.
Maybe a minotaur chieftain and focus on the barbaric races.
High elves are my favorite race, but played them a lot in past campaigns, and my current hero already has some levels from custom games.
Dark elf hero could be fun.
Chieftain is a great class cause it can become a disgusting warrior while also buffing your army, dark elf assassin is really good as well
You don't have to build your bard as a support hero. You can put points in the combat stats so you don't implode at the mere site of enemy units. You have to put at least enough to be able to do the barbarian's challenge, the fairy challenge etc.
Do changed stat from using chaos magic actually remain between missions if you use them on a unit in your retinue? Pretty sure the costs of units for retinues is based on the level, so maybe you can game the system a bit.
Not many people use chaos magic, try it anon

Hello. I am 20 hours into this game and despite finding much enjoyment, am awful. How the fuck do I win ground battles? Also, general Endless thread.
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design a ship with more troop transport. also consider: not playing
This is one of those games like CK3 that's hard early on because of how the UI is designed and how it's taught, not because the actual system is complex
Tanks. Use like 70-80% of them and the rest can be infantry
How do you replace your troops with tank?
What is the best ship layout for Riftborn?
Should I focus in more pop or military in early game if I play as Riftborn?
Should I get some food for my non-riftborn population?
>How do you replace your troops with tank?
Reasearch the tech, go to the military menu where fleets are (second from the right if memory serves well), on the left side you got the menu, you have to pay dust and troops
>What is the best ship layout for Riftborn?
All defensive ships on close range lane, all offensive on long range lane, if enemy has shields, get torpedos and railguns, if armor, beams on both
>Should I focus in more pop or military in early game if I play as Riftborn?
Pops, pops and pops.
>Should I get some food for my non-riftborn population?
No, you get negative happiness for them living on fertile worlds anyway, and you need fertile worlds for them to not starve to death. Starve them out and have them pop out a few extra Riftborns while they're still alive.

File: game_devs.png (44 KB, 958x708)
44 KB
>Revenues amounted to MSEK 476.1 (MSEK 364.5), an increase by 31 % compared to the same period last year.
>Crusader Kings III is released on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.
>Crusader Kings III hits two million sales mark.
Once the hilariously broken and dumbed down Victoria 3 sells like candies, the next natural step is to produce mobile ports. At that point Paradox's grand """"""strategies"""""" will have less to do with strategy than the majority of the /vrpg/ catalog.
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>/pol/tards now have a victim's complex
if they were attractive they wouldn't have gotten interested in spergy shit like game development in the first place, always been this way
Honest question do you guys really think you are reaching any progress by using this retarded strawman meme that should just die in a fire?
what is up with bottom left's glasses? are those practical or is it just something he puts on to look 'victorian'. Those can't be practical to wear at all.
>an actually correct soijack
Never thought I'd see it but there it is.

What am I in for, boys? Just started playing the tutorial.
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Any ship designers where that isn't the case?
I remember playing Reassembly and my autistic minmax mind just made me do a big square
Captain Forever?
The only thing I can remember it, after several hundred hours of play, 5+ years ago, that I'll never touch that shit again. Or thinking of it, vaguely, you are supposed to play it on largest map, againt max opponents, play as tech broker, get ahead of everyone, no contest, yet still burn out, due to all the micromanagement late game.
The original Stardrive had a functional builder, though it was more quirky than truly interesting.
A step backwards from Galciv 2

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