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File: broken arrow.jpg (104 KB, 616x353)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Is it going to be a good alternative to Wargame, whenever it gets released?
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assuming this is not a post made in bad faith - WARNO is alot better now, probably shaping up to the best in the series
>soviet conscripts managing to kill US marines?
Killing Marines is no feat, both Achmed and Ho Chong Bing manged to do that fine.

Better to go to NLAW or something like that; as Javelin today are overhiped.
This is /vst/, almost every post on the board is made in bad faith.
>alot better
lol, lmao even

File: maxresdefault.jpg (199 KB, 1280x720)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
What /vst/ games have the best aesthetics? Or what are your favourites?

Map painting with CK2 was always a favourite but the unit portraits of C&C always got me.
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Total War unit cards assume their players have triple digit IQ. Sorry you didn't make the cut.
Attack was good in that game.
We live to fight another day.
File: mZPTQQkSfZVZhtd8ZMXpJF.jpg (280 KB, 923x519)
280 KB
280 KB JPG

When I think of "Strategy Video Game Aesthetics" I immediately think:
>Tiberian Sun: Pic Related
>Red Alert 2: Tesla Coils
>Heroes of Might and Magic III: Literally Any Screenshot
>Warcraft 3: Chunky Arthas Model
File: EOacjoRUcAE2i4j.png (130 KB, 680x296)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
hoping for good fortunes on sunday, we still need to hear his hattrick horn

Find a flaw.
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t. King tiger user
File: doppel.jpg (96 KB, 1413x1162)
96 KB
*destroys your entire division from 2000 metres away*

Which div is that? Koruck?
I'm just shit at this game lmao.

File: Screenshot_3.png (64 KB, 243x258)
64 KB
Why do they look like that? Are you actually supposed to start in a forest and just burrow down?
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Neither of those anons, but:
Please do explain what kind of answer you were expecting? Either you dig down, dig sideways or don't dig at all. Like >>1324893 said: you aren't necessarily supposed to do anything. Not since they removed mermaid farming anyway...
And if you are asking how to play i'd be happy to help; but you have to either ask more specific questions or read the quickstart on the wiki.

>but I think I was somewhat clear in that I would like to play inside a mountain and was a bit weirded with the world generation making that look like it was ripped out of the minecraft beta world border.
Guess not...Am i, based on this statement, correct to assume you were just wondering about the world gen? Then why would you ask what you were supposed to do?

Also... Why would you think that thist:
>Are you actually supposed to start in a forest and just burrow down?
Would make us think you wanted to play inside a mountain? It would definitely have helped to use a form of 'mountain' somewhere.

Anyway, if you are looking for a goal, have a look at the megaprojects. https://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Megaproject or a stupid dwarf trick https://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Stupid_dwarf_trick. Pick one and work towards it.
What am I supposed to do was meant to mean wtf how am I supposed to build a base here when the world gen fucked up like this
It's your own fault the others got on their "high horses" isn't it? You could just have asked 'how am i supposed to build a base here' instead of 'what am i supposed to do'. You didn't answer the original question of 'what kind if answer were youexpecting?' by the way.

I don't think you were looking for an answer at all or even asking a question. You just shat out some statement about the game and left it at that. Especially now you've rephrased your original "question" like this. As if the world gen "fucking up" like this would drastically change the way you play the game.
play your autistic game then
You got 1 random, weird-looking volcano in world gen. Why is this perplexing you? Why did you make a thread about it?

File: FjeOQkFUcAAqu2t.jpg (478 KB, 1414x2000)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
>The future of RTS rests on this
It's over isn't it?
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>D.O.R.F. RTS game
So are rpg. Yet they fine with it
Westoid """anime""" art is not cute though
Every character here looks soulless
I hate zoomer art
Stormgate doesn't look anything like what you're describing based on what was shown off.

I've been reading dev diaries, and thus far let me tell you, that if this game is even half as good as it promise to be, it'll be a worthy successor to 'Shadow President'.

>Conventional warfare
Mostly done Vicky 3 style for regular troops (NATO Counters clashing one another), but with special forces under your sole command, to whom you can assign to scout for your regular troops or do special objectives (Take the Pyongyang government hostage at the outbreak of the Korean war?) and also allowing you to set defensive and offensive plans ahead of war (see: Fulda gap and the NATO response plans)

>Nuclear readiness
Two positions per Nuclear nation, both a 'public' position and a private one, that can swing from either the private being much more aggressive(Israel pretending to not have Nuclear weapons, until it did), or it being a bluff (Truman publicly overestimating the size of the US Nuclear Stockpile in order to force his way, until the soviet's first lightning.

A few weeks ago, a release in 2023 was announced.
Why have you not wishlisted this game yet
and when it comes out, what agency are you gonna play?
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Very interesting. will follow up this game.
I don't think you can use the n-word, hard or soft R in a steam announcement post.
I want this to succed and embarass paracucks so bad
I didn't find any nigger in his discord either
Not even a soft nigga
soft niggas start some real shit

Bombs away in the Pacific! Only took the last Koei thread 5 months to hit bump limit this time. How many jobs will Anon have gone through before this one hits limit? Which Romance game is the best? Is Liu Bei all hype? Find out within.
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He's got the dead eyes of a coomer
File: Screenshot #1456489.png (1.22 MB, 1021x648)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Anon here continuing my playthrough of Iron Triangle as the Oda.

Finally managed to defeat the Saito and reinforced my castle with troops so that the Takeda won't attack me.

Built up my powerbase for while and all is quiet until I got a request from the Azai to defend their castle from the Ashikaga. Unfortunately, they concentrated their attacks on the castle and was defeated as a result, forcing me to take it from them.

Seeing that the Uesugi are literally the most powerful clan and right at my doorstep, I decided to forge an alliance with the Takeda.

How's my chances of survival?
what's the best retro koei game
Genghis Khan is easy to pick up and get around playing, somehow has some aspect of simulation in it

File: humankind.jpg (334 KB, 1280x720)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
So what's up with this? Is it completely shit or what?
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Not as hard as the festering cock that is up your anus.
Are the Zulus still industrial era culture?
>It was supposed to be more humane
And it is. A tool that can swiftly and reliably behead a convict is far fucking more humane than just about any other method of execution. There is literallu nothing even remotely close to reliability and swiftness of guillotine. For fuck's sake, they were still hanging in my country all the way till mid 90s, and despite best, most scientific take on it feasible, every 10th execution ended up botched one way or another, while people were lobbying not as much to suspend or remove the death penalty, but simply to replace hanging with beheading with guillotine.
It's like you can't even grasp the point of it, but have to shitpost anyway.
>Old World
A budget Civ 5.5 with bunch of unique mechanics, all of which are broken.
So instead of Soren making a new good Civ, he delivered a clusterfuck that's barely worth playing. It's marginally better than Humankind, but fails in various own regards, so it's hardly a success or something worth celebration.
So are Qajar dynasty Persians, yet I can't remember anyone getting their panties in a twist about that. Even if they are THE Industry culture of that era.
But I guess expecting from Americans getting angry at anything else than their retarded Culture War is expecting a bit too much.

File: napoleon_autism.png (633 KB, 750x726)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
In your experience, what is it that makes a strategy game good? What do you like about your favorite titles?
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>the best strategy games have significant random elements
>X-com is not a good strategy game
Do you mean that it's a tactics game?
Multiplayer. AI is babbies mode. Multiplayer keeps the game fresh for a long time even with zero input from the developer.
Responsiveness. When UI is snappy and smooth, when units react to your orders exactly as you want them to - this is when you actually play a strategy game.
Variety. If there's no variety in how to win, it's a puzzle game, not a strategy game.
Meh, trying to turn the computer into a player doesn't work, so I'd say doing the opposite is more fun for singleplayer. It's best when the computer doesn't just play by different rules but plays a different game entirely. With that kind of engineered asymmetry in place, cheating and cheesing become a non-issue because the challenge doesn't hinge on the quality of AI.
Great point. I haven't thought much about that before. It'd be interesting if more strategy games were designed around this concept, a lot of them go for symmetry between players and AI and it fails almost always. Not sure how I'd implement it in 4x games and such though. Might be its own subgenre at that point....
Maybe mixing both approaches together – using player-like AI factions, but with gameplay relying more on non-player AI opposition – could result in something enjoyable in both singleplayer and multiplayer. But I'm not certain how that'd work in practice.
What would you have in mind?
Yeah, here are some games I played where these issues don't spoil the fun:
Mindustry - the meat of the game is designing and maintaining production lines while the enemy simply shows up in waves to thwart you. The same can be said about all sorts of city builders, colony survival roguelites, and assorted defense games.
Militia - a quick chess-like tactics game where you have to use only three pieces to defeat a superior and growing force that moves and attacks in a specific and predictable way. The fun is in thoughtful maneuvers and well-executed combos. It's free to play on Android, by the way.
Slice & Dice - while it looks like an RPG it sure requires solid short and long-term planning, and risk calculation. The enemies are stronger than your party but often flawed and they telegraph their attacks so if you manage your resources well, you have a fighting chance. Increasing the difficulty usually isn't about raising opponents stats but in providing quirkier problems to solve that require thinking outside the box.
Egypt: Old Kingdom - a somewhat simplistic 4X-ish game where your expansion is sometimes interrupted by so called trials that can each be beaten in several ways. The other tribes are rather basic and their behavior is largely governed by those trials. The difficulty can be increased by modifying various gameplay aspects.

File: 1652697163621.jpg (199 KB, 1049x752)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
I'm tired of Emerald Garden, any other fun maps for FFA/team compstomps?
Favorite map thread while we're at it, game don't matter as long as it's RTS
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It's the horizontal/vertical ramps that do that, if removed or replaced with the normal ramps it would look better.
Not sure what you mean even in Red Alert 2 we played on bigger maps than needed just for the space
It just means a strategy that is cheesy (in bad quality or taste). Not sure but I think it comes from table top wargames like Warhammer where you bend the rules but not break them to get an advantage that isn't in line with the "lore" or "how it should be played"
There's the pic that used to always get posted about the guy that got shit on for abusing bike deployments in 40k.
cheese (third-person singular simple present cheeses, present participle cheesing, simple past and past participle cheesed)

• (Internet slang, gaming, transitive, intransitive) To use a controversial or unsporting tactic to gain an advantage (especially in a game.)

• (video games, slang) To use an unconventional, all-in strategy to take one's opponent by surprise early in the game (especially for real-time strategy games).
>someone explain to me why these people play 1vs1 on 3vs3 or 4vs4 maps
it gives more options and variety depending if you spawn next to each other or across, you can get to the enemy faster, so there's different stuff you can open with, etc
>it was about microing your units not having to manage 2-5 bases, a million units and scouting the map for 3 hours
that's just for autistic spastic retards like >>1326278 , you don't need to play ranked to enjoy a game
i can't believe they unironically changed the armor type of tanks

File: aoe.jpg (342 KB, 1663x996)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
I love that RTS games are all about ancestral and historical roots. AOE2 is adored by modern Europeans nerds who are fascinated with knights and castles. And Koreans love Starcraft because they relate to the weird bugs and aliens.

Jokes aside. What settings would be cool for RTS games and are underexplored?
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File: bees v coconuts.webm (2.54 MB, 640x360)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB WEBM
>What settings would be cool for RTS games and are underexplored
The ice planet Cold Itzler
Like actual space combat.
The real kind, with a Z axis.

I was a fan of Submarine Titans...
File: tyrrtuuj.jpg (227 KB, 1200x847)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
I pitched this idea already in previous thread, but there needs to be a strategy game in a cold-war-gone-hot scenario that does take place in Europe after nuke strikes
>hopeless atmosphere of destruction like one seen in "Threads" or "When the wind blows"
>you take control of NATO/Warsaw Pact decimated forces and try to make contact with other surviving units for a second, conventional phase of ww3
>your soldiers keep succumbing to nuclear fallout and you have to stay cautious of radioactive environment
>you need to carefully manage provisions, protective gear, spare parts and ammunition as these are not easy to replace right after a nuclear armageddon.
>you have to deal with civilian survivors suffering from starvation and sickness, having options to try helping them and/or forcefully restore order.
>Except for enemies from other side of the iron curtain you have to fight off allied forces gone rogue or local anarchists blaming your armies for the disaster
Age of Empires 3 could have been this.

File: Ruined.jpg (521 KB, 1280x720)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
No wonder Fire Emblem got ruined.
>No mention of climate change
Fake and gay

File: 1659123323557522.jpg (9 KB, 205x246)
9 KB
Get in here and discuss!
Favorite faction?
129 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: file.png (40 KB, 149x178)
40 KB
Just run .exe to override files in the folders.
File: intredasting1.jpg (89 KB, 900x900)
89 KB
Obviously in the game, all the factions have different ideologies that are very divergent and are extreme versions of something IRL. The most compelling thing about the game is the exploration of these ideologies via the characters and how it interacts with the story
But in some major ways the characters, despite their ideological differences and beliefs about how society should be structured, really have major similarities
They are all basically positivists, with the minor exception of Merriam in only some ways, who spend their in-game quotes explicitly advancing and defending their ideas through the use of reason and argument. The in-game quotes are attributed to essays or speeches which we are to assume in full are larger exhortations exploring their ideology in this logical and evidentiary way. The assumption they are all making is that there is a universal (applicable to all) 'best' social ideology that should govern all humanity
So in many ways, even Yang and Lal are operating on the same plane - they're just arguing about who is correct. Even Merriam, who is the outlier in the sense of being religious, nevertheless spends most of her time talking less about God as such and more about cautioning against the reckless advance of technology and questioning the virtue of progress for its own sake. That is just philosophical and material
I see why its this way - this is a fundamental assumption in our societies today, and indeed appeals intuitively and intellectually to the liberal upper middle class & educated types who made this game in the first place
It would be interesting for contrast if there was a non-rational ideology in the game. Something like a fascism which isn't universalizable - literally all they believe in is their specific group is superior in a Darwinian sense or being victimized and they want to destroy you, and make no portends to having a universally applicable belief system. Something that comes purely from the gut and only applies to them
honestly good post anon and i get your point that all the characters in the base game essentially express themselves in a academic debate team way and that means they share some like fundamental assumptions about what theyre doing there, but your entire point is contradicted by both the alien life on the planet and in the alien crossfire expansion
File: 1663427081483334.png (129 KB, 393x309)
129 KB
129 KB PNG

>C&C Remastered is on steam for 3 Dollars
Did they fuck it up, or is it a good deal?
75 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
The computer cheats massively with funds on hard. They have 4+ silos and a single harvester fills AT LEAST half their storage. That's probably minimum of 2400 per harvester load compared to 700 for you.

Also missions on hard are retarded as Nod, you can't cheat with the APCs. I did this trick a few times as GDI, so I'm used to grinding long fights but it's still retarded since the pathfinding is straight from the 90s as well.
The shittiest part about nod? The flamethrower, you can't order them to attack something without them either outright killing themselves if they are 3+ or doing half dmg if they're only 2. That's why I bait with tanks and park the flamers 1 square away from where the enemy will path, since if they attack a square next to them they deal dmg to themselves.
I haven't even reached the hard missions as Nod and I'm pissed.

For the guy earlier complaining about 8a mobious as GDI, the real problem is that the retarded civilians run in the tib field, kill themselves and fail the mission. Best bet I think is mining it early and building sandbags around so you can cage them
Its honestly shockingly good. Blows my mind that something with this level of heart and soul got made and released under EA.
it doesn't matter how much or how little an AI harvester has, the moment it docks into a refinery and deposits one credit all their refineries and silos fill up to maximum.
>Did they fuck it up, or is it a good deal?
As far as remasters go, it's pretty good. We live in a weird timeline: Blizzard fucked up their remaster of WC3 in every aspect and EA delivered on theirs.
>When was their last big success?
with a chance of being wrong, I think Empire at War was their last big hit

File: unsupervised.png (731 KB, 1366x768)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
Let's talk about this forgotten 90's gem.
95 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I never understood why Centaurs have pointed ears.
because horses have pointed ears...
Bottom half is horse.
Top half is human.
Oh except the ears, those are still horses, lel.
File: SF_May.jpg (83 KB, 356x398)
83 KB
Charm points, obviously
File: Capture.png (252 KB, 494x278)
252 KB
252 KB PNG

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