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File: 2021-04-12 (3).png (3.99 MB, 1756x1080)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB PNG
What are /vst/'s thoughts on New Era: Old World?
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A few of the wacky sounding religions are just different branches of christianity, yugoslavist is one of them for example.
they turned all of spain into a meme religion that not even 20.000 people follow and that nobody in spain has heard about
pretty fucking gay
spain should be worshiping a futbol-catholic syncretic faith
no, ATE was popular because it had lots of flavour for each region and a lot of references to pop culture, also, its lore was pretty good
this shitty mod has no flavour, often, whole countries have new wacky religions as if they were the states of europe instead of different nations, low province count to make it interesting to play in your area aswell
File: Tsion.jpg (810 KB, 1920x1080)
810 KB
810 KB JPG
Bad, I can't conquer Europe playing Izrael
Most of the actual mechanics is Tolkien shit. You can form Gondor, Arnor, Hardad, etc. a religious trait based on Tolkien shit and almost all of their event pictures is from Tolkien. Even their end goals, forming Numenor and reforming is Tolkien shit (the reformed religious head is literally called Maiar or something like that)

File: dorffort.png (116 KB, 512x276)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Dorf fort thread.
How do I get into the dwarf game, lads?
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I don't even get where that reputation comes from, you could just wall yourself in and only lose a dwarf for failed mood because you were missing a turtle shell while your map didn't spawn turtles.
Worst part of masterwork is that it assumes you use a tileset. Majority of new buildings look like shit on ascii, as in a random jumble of symbols.
Use a tile set and launcher. Lazy Newb Pack is a launcher that includes tile sets and easy gameplay adjustments.
Ignore this twat, he's autistic.
>bad GUI
It's just hotkeys. Hotkeys which you memorize pretty quick.
What's the name of the extended ASCII packs that LNP has? Those are a pretty good compromise between true ASCII and tilesets imo, I didn't have any problem recognizing what I was looking at with those

File: file.png (309 KB, 680x805)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
>mission has you control multiple bases
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nah, it used to be 2 in MP aswell. "Used" being the keyword.
SP Balance is untouched, MP balance looks like a totally different game.
Thank god for that. Campaign unit balance is fucked.
>penals who cannot be pinned down.
>every conscript can get ppshs
>M5 can still reinforce after meatgrinder upgrade
>shocktroops with suppressive fire
>the bullshit firestorm ability of flamer sappers
>no cooldown and no cost su76 barrage
>meanwhile wehrmacht has 3 man weapon teams and panzer4f as a default versions.
Absolute kino, are there more examples of this?
AOE 2: DE?
File: 1587469084364.png (232 KB, 550x550)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
>mission has an AI ally
>you instantly hijack them as soon as you send guys over to help out

File: 116461626.jpg (108 KB, 720x405)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Man, it's such a shame that we never got playable nagas faction in Warcraft 3. Especial since the faction appears to be at least half way done. I guess Reforged was another chance to bring nagas into playable races, but Reforged was too much of low-effort remake to attempt such thing.
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Power of Corruption mod adds Nagas and Demons, though. They don't have new GUIs, but I remember them being fun. At least with my nostalgia glasses on, as I haven't played WC3 in years.
Maybe since the builder units are slaves give them an ability of sacrificing builders in enhance for boost to construction time of specific building? Although I could see issue balancing such ability.
Yeah, a dream would be a good Warcraft 4 that unfucks some of the WoW shit and lets you play as Queen Azshara naga/highborne campaign.
It's not easy to balance factions so every matchup has a 50% winrate. Adding another faction would be very hard to balance.
It was never going to happen in Reforged even if modern Blizzard wasn't shit. The main hope to see Naga would be if they made Warcraft 4 but given how little attention RTS is given and how much of a disaster Reforged was we will never get that.
Shit I also assumed after doing the campaign that high elves would be playable. It still hurts.

File: 7omZaWu.jpg (318 KB, 1600x900)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
>click the "Reform Religion" button
>you become immediately on par with european nations

What the fuck Paradox
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>EU3 westernization was much better
Three's technology system was much better in general. I don't mind having mana for niche actions that a good monarch would actually have control over, but tying tech and national ideas to it was a bad idea.
Westernization is a shit system, both for gameplay and historic purposes. Glad it's gone. We just need to either drop or revamp institutions.
>still complaining about based Mayaincaztecs whie ignoring 'average leftards mental masturbation aid' -tier magical shit like >>492031
I did that, it is nostalgic, basically, you had nothing to do within 300 years

File: anglo.png (2 KB, 318x159)
2 KB
How do they keep being the worst allies in any strategy game?
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But both are correct
The client states in Europe don't count
Ah yes, blame Britain because you're too retarded to know history.
First of all, the allies thought Poland would be able to last for at least three months, and the Polish themselves thought they would last for six months.
Second, the allied strategy was to relieve pressure from Poland in a two-pronged attack. The French invaded Germany in the Saar Offensive, and the British navy engaged the German Navy with the purpose of destroying it and setting up the possibility of further action.
Except the Saar Invasion never fucking happened. The French gathered like 40 fucking divisions, sat on Germany's largely undefended western border, then just didn't fucking attack. If they'd fucking told Britain they were going to pussy out, Britain would probably have sent an expeditionary force earlier to do it themselves.
But they didn't. What happened is, once again, the French just sat on their fucking arses, giving the Germans time to not only completely fuck Poland in a third of the time anyone thought possible, and then return to the western front with France.
So no, it's not Britain's fault Poland fell, you fucking idiot. It's France's fault.

>it's also not your fault France found a 50 km long gap in their defense line in NE Belgium, while British troops were busy heading straight toward Dunkirk and Calais?

Do you even fucking know about the Blitzkrieg and Ardennes? Obviously not, so let me give you a quick rundown on what happened:
There's a forested region called the Ardennes that the French idiotically thought the Germans couldn't get through.
Surprise! They did. Not only did the Germans break through the poorly defended Ardennes, they were literally high on fucking Meth and pushed right through the French defences to the fucking coast, completely surrounding the British Expeditionary forces and the French troops in that region.
The British troops retreated to Dunkirk because they were LITERALLY FUCKING SURROUNDED ON ALL SIDES.
What the fuck do you think the British should have done? Stayed there and been completely wiped out by the Germans because the French were too fucking stupid to defend?

Also, the British evacuated more than 100,000 French troops. The British did their fucking duty.

File: 1.jpg (307 KB, 1000x1425)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Which Age of Wonders game is the best?
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I'd love to see an aquatic race, but yeah they aren't going to make any more DLC. Besides, the Shakarn are kinda meant to be the aquatic race since all their shit is amphibious and they get some water bonuses.
what a retard
But I really want lizardmen. Alongside dark elves they probably were the one that I played the most in AoW1.

File: 5l-yvK.gif (3.33 MB, 320x180)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB GIF
what strategy games provide this feel?
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4 FPS? release supcom
Ultimate Admiral.

>Take your fleet of 800 men into a naval mission
>See that your enemy is 1800 men with 9 ships
Literally placebo
The reason Attila was dropped was because barely anyone played it. Look at the player counts, it was completely mogged by fucking Rome 2 which everyone shat on critically. They saw no reason to spend time and effort supporting a title that barely anyone was playing.
>but I play it all the time!
Yeah, what, on your pirated copy? If not, you were in a minority of people.
Yeah the UI is shit unfortunately. There's a patch that gives programmable hotkeys, but all the keys require Ctrl to be held for some reason. And right hand still has to move a lot between keyboard and mouse.

The ships look pretty good at distance but very blocky up close since they're sprites. Using sprites made it possible to have some pretty large scale battles though with over a 100 ships.

File: index.jpg (270 KB, 800x600)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Does /vst/ play sudden strike 1/2?
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played this one when i was a kid, stuck for hours in the V2 mission and i amass a fuckton of german tanks, including an elefant
>runs like shit
Have you tried pressing the turbo button in the front panel?
I played the shit out of Sudden Strike 2: Asian Firestorm made by a different studio (a Russian one iirc).
blitzkrieg is garbage

File: 1593244268339.jpg (34 KB, 1200x600)
34 KB

Creative Assembly, best known for the Total War series, has announced the opening of a new studio in its hometown of Horsham. The third studio will therefore sit alongside the main building, focused largely on Total War, and its second studio, which produced Alien Isolation and is currently working on an unannounced shooter.

In addition the company’s motion capture facility has been “relocated to a newly designed state-of-the-art site,” said a statement. The new expansion brings the company’s total development space to over 100,000sqft.

The new space comes alongside a complete refurbish of all its UK sites to support future flexible working plans and collaborative working. With 800 permanent employees, Creative Assembly is the UK’s largest single developer, it’s workforce continues to work remotely under present conditions.

Creative Assembly’s Studio Director, Gareth Edmondson said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for Creative Assembly with the highly-anticipated Total War: Warhammer III on the horizon and our new sci-fi-shooter IP in development. We are already home to some of the best talent out there and we are growing.

“We have a fantastic reputation for being one of the best game developers to work for with our positive approach to work-life balance. I want to continue to build on this and see an end to the traditional 9-5 in-office work model.

“In the future we’ll be transforming our working model to embed flexibility as the norm, and we need the right environment to achieve that. While we want to amplify the benefits of remote working, we also know that there is no virtual substitution to in-person creative collaboration, so we’ll be redesigning our working rhythm as well as our environment to focus on creativity and innovation when we are in the office.”
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I imagine that's true since the Chaos factions are basically going to be 4 separate factions.
They've basically cracked their formula: they can now make deliberately bad games and make more money than if they were making better games. Most of their *best* games under-performed financially, whilst their *worst* were hits. They've alienated their core audience which is why ToB flopped; it doesn't matter if the setting is historical or fantasy, it matters if the game design is a Paradox spreadsheet or not rather than a simulator. ToB like all modern TW, is a spreadsheet disguised as a game. 3K was a hit because of China, but they quickly discovered it was shit and wouldn't buy the DLC or keep playing it. WH2 retains way more players, and they buy every DLC.

WH is the anomaly though: even core fans bought it because they hoped it would be like an official version of the Med 2 mod. Now they're invested because CA said it was intended to be a trilogy from the start and all three games would combine into one huge campaign with as many WH races as possible represented.

Once that's all over and done with though, what then? CA have no new ideas.
>>started doing shameless remasters that are just a paid patch to make the game run on modern systems
Never underestimate the extremely servile nature of Warhammerfags
I really felt disgusted when 3K launched and the north eastern part of the map along with everything in the south was literally just barren territories, not even placeholder factions
CA is complacent about releasing unfinished products and charging you money for years to even get close to what is a complete game
also have one of the most awful patching policies where they don't release patches outside of paid content and how they simply leave bugs and issues they deem too difficult to fix
like how WH2 had 5 minute turn times until 2019 and 3K's recurring bugs every patch that they claim they fixed

File: game22.jpg (55 KB, 256x330)
55 KB
Can't wait for the next update.

File: Tropico4_Box.jpg (176 KB, 800x990)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Probably one of my favorite citybuilders out there, does a good job of managing flavor and gameplay. Atleast at first.
Sadly now it's a very fine example of quality going down entry by entry, though I feel that Five deserves credit for actually trying something new by forcing you to use the same islands again and again as opposed to you just being able to create an unsustainable money machine to just hit an objective with, but Four makes the best sandbox between options and general appearance and the alternative objectives you can pick lending the campaign a higher replayability factor.

Anyone else got any takes on these games? Hopes for a new game developer that'll actually take us back towards proper Dictator simulator, or do you think that sort of thing just won't be allowed to fly any more?
144 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m 20 lol
File: 1593707402455.jpg (289 KB, 1344x756)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
What's with Modern Times? I think I like the concept, but wtf is with these buildings? This is still supposed to be a banana republic, not fucking Dubai. Did new installations do more of this shit?
Or are there Tropicolike countries irl that currently look like this and I'm talking out of my ass?
>tropico 1
>tropicans are considered adults by 13
>stumble over some 13 year old farmer living in a shack with his 32 stripper wife and their kid
>proceed to imprison justin timberlake for trying to run for president against me
>he is also a farmer
They wanted to simply extend the timeline of the game, so you aren't stuck with 50s and 60s forever. They went too modern and the end result is just jarring. But at least 4 had it as a DLC and something separate. From 5 onward, that's just standard shit due to the era mechanics and the game is fucking horrible.
As for real countries, check on Costa Rica's capital, San Jose
It's one of those weird mixes of farmland and modern skyscrappers next to each other, while half of the city is a glorified shantytown, too.
How do I into tourism? I hate exports because late game your ports are all loaded down.

File: railroad tycoon 2.png (700 KB, 1024x768)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
bros how the h*ck am I gonna get past the rocky mountains
31 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Plots a rail through a fucking mountain range
>While having a flat-as-board plain right next to himself
Man, if that mission is too much for you, maybe you should reconsider playing the game at all. Because it will only get "worse"
Hearty kek
Just look at all the QoL that people have implemented in RCT2, just the small things of speeding up time and finishing a scenario when the requirements are met rather than when the time is up are both huge improvements to that game. The best way to describe it I guess is that with an open-source port of a game you usually get all the features that the community would want, along with some they don't, but those can usually be switched off or patched out with ease.
What's the difference between this and say Locomotion or OpenTTD, except the sole focus on trains rather than all forms of transport?
Terrain matters a lot more, money is something you actually have to keep in mind, there's a stock system that promotes constant profit growth to generate more bond/issue money and the game overall is more scenario objective-oriented instead of being a model train sandbox.
Nigga just needs to turn his brain on. This isn't like OTTD where you can just slap rails where ever you like.

File: ghj.jpg (639 KB, 1920x1080)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
city builder game recomendations and discussion, keep it ancient/medieval/fantasy if you can.
94 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
That sounds just like what a sole developer with a bit of bussiness sense would do.
Like I have no illusions about the likelyhood of him ever finishing the game but I don't think it's outright scam. Call me a sucker but the demos look very impressive.
They were produced to get those EU grants on a "fledging IT business". Back in the uni years, the guy who makes it was infamous for sucking from every single imaginable social program there was to suck off, including deliberately fluking a year just to keep getting social benefits for a year longer.
It's just smoke and mirrors to milk money.
Dorf Romantik is a puzzle game that looks like a village builder. Very comfy game and I would recommend it but not if you are looking for city builders.

It's not done yet but a creative mode is coming. I assume it wont be a game mode but just have you build a village landscape as you want to.
Unfinished. Doesn't know if it's a puzzle game or a city builder. Too easy.
>Dyson Sphere Program
Prepare to sign away hundreds of hours of your life. When people say it's better than Factorio they're not kidding.

File: BestFranchise.png (1.2 MB, 741x705)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Have you played the best games in the franchise? See pic
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
How dare you remind me that a third Seven Kingdom game exists, faggot
I'm playing SC1 campaign right now. My plan is once I beat it to play the SC3 campaign. Pretty hype to see what the game is like.
File: 1136.full.jpg (123 KB, 710x533)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
missing HoMM4 and Civ6

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