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File: darklands.jpg (62 KB, 639x361)
62 KB
Which saints are the best?
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Blessed thread. Though I have not played the game for quite some time, I rarely play with saints. I like the one that lights everything up, I will load up a save telling you the name of my favorite saints, cannot remember them all.

On an unrelated note, should I consider getting a CRT for this game if I can? I think the visuals would benifit, wouldn't they?

You cannot survive without a pen and paper. Ideally, you play with an excel table where you can check what saints, what recipes your chars have, what quests you have to do, where you can find certain saints et cetera. I agree if you mean the combat system, it really is a bit autistic.
Isn't this an RPG and not a strategy game?
Yeah, it's more of a tactical RPG than a strategy game.
It appeals more to the sensibilities of people on /vst/ than it does /vrpg/. That board is a lost cause.
Saint Autism
in nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti, amen

File: Age-of-Empires-4.jpg (1.67 MB, 1920x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Thoughts on what we've seen of Age of Empires 4 so far? And more importantly thoughts on Joan?
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Ive been an aoe2 fan since release, and basically agree with >>687967. I think they could have done something more unique, made more of a twist, but not as shallow as aoe3 or as left field as AoM was. I'm imagining something with a focus on a specific time frame often neglected such as 650-1200 during the islamic golden age, or 3000BC-1000BC during the early city-states. This could make for some interesting campaigns. As for mechanics, of course they would want to lean on aoe2, but could evolve it further. I'm imagining greater dynamics and scale, and more civ asymmetry.
>they would want to lean on aoe2, but could evolve it further
But that's exactly what they did? Basic gameplay is still similar to aoe2 but with more mechanics and much much more differentiated civs.
Perhaps i wasnt specific enough, but it doesnt look evolved to me, it looks basically like aoe2 in a 'modern rts' skin, gameplay wise. I'm imagining the difference between TA and Supreme Commander, rather than warcraft2 to warcraft3.
>I think they could have done something more unique
>but they have to keep things as they were
I swear, every time someone says he wants to see a fresh new game, what he really wants is a clone of his favorite game in disguise so that he could pretend he's playing it for the first time once again.
Veteran devs clearly know about this from experience, having seen how people react to any major changes. That's why they make sure that the more they "innovate", the more things stay the same. Players are delighted to see an identical game with superficially different features - they already bought AoE2 several times.
>mbl: AoE4 looks like garbage shit game, note Even gonna play it


File: the last spell.jpg (119 KB, 616x353)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Anyone have any opinions on this game? I was thinking of picking it up despite the early access, but I thought I'd ask the audience about it first. How's the difficulty and replayability? Is it something you finish once and never touch again?

File: bohemia.png (455 KB, 459x427)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
this is why you shouldn't let ck2 run for too long
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File: louisII.png (418 KB, 425x873)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
He sucked pretty bad though.
A couple years back I played as one of the Saharan tribals still worshipping Kemetic. Conquered my way through the desert, eventually brought the word of Ra back to Luxor, built a new pyramid (this was before wonders mind you), a lot of incest near the end.

Didn't care to play the other starts/can't remember anything good.
Becoming King of both Kingdoms =/= Intergrating both Kingdoms into a single entity
Look at how long it took for Poland and Lithuania to integrate after Jagiellon kickstarted everything
The real travesty here is that all the first level vassals are probably Bohemian. I don't care about border gore because it's just medieval stuff, the Bohemian king also probably has the Hungarian crown as secondary title. I hate how within 50 years of a foreign ruler coming by a realm - without wiping the local lords like a holy war or invasion CB does - literally every vassal from duke to baron is the ruler's culture. And within 100 years it's completely converted culture, even if you set long (300y) culture conversion time in the game options, because the vassal lords are still that fucking culture even if they win independence from the liege. There was a mod which fixes that but it hasnt been updated since last year
>baltniggers larping as romans
Based empire title

File: gates-of-hell.jpg (899 KB, 1920x1080)
899 KB
899 KB JPG
Why aren't you playing it? It's fun.
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>One US Army division suffered something ridiculous like 300% casualties.
I believe that was during Hurtgen Forest, which was a complete shitshow.
>There is no morale in MoW cause it assumes all your men are ubermensch that would rather die than disobey orders.
Set your men to free movement, and they will retreat unless you give them a run order.
It was the 29th Infantry. The commander was blasted for incompetence after the war.
When ever I do that they just act as kill teams and do fire and maneuver better than half the players I have encountered.
Might be different in CtA/GoH, but when I dicked with it in AS2, they retreated when they faced two squads + a machine gun.

File: Udkliper.jpg (142 KB, 1489x664)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>Excited all the way up until seeing the reveal trailer
>Literally just women and brits being 'super cool and punching nazis'
I'm already so turned off. I don't care if the game will be objectively good, I'm never buying it now lol
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File: blood_channel.jpg (186 KB, 1000x563)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>not DoW 1
It all went downhill from Warhammer.
The way they are reworking doctrines is going to be a fucking meme and people will only use one path

That's how it was in coh1 and it sucked balls
>try playing CoH1 again
>it's shit
>go back to MoWAS2
Blitzkrieg used to be fun to play with friends but it went to shit after the original dev left. AI is completely broken now.
Rent free

How is Total War Attila not DLC for this game?
I recently got into Rome 2. and always thought Attila was basically a DLC. Then i got rome 2 i was like oh okay it is its own thing right.

Then i watch game play and its obviously the same exact game. Just a different setting.

Not criticizing CA or anything and i appreciate how much love Rome 2 has gotten especially coming in as a new player so late. But i still do not get how Attila is not a DLC for Rome 2.

Do you think CA will ever admit their mistake and combine attila into Rome 2 in some way or whatever? or even patch attila down the road? or just leave it to the waste bin.

Cause considering Emperor divided is like Attila "light" idk
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ancient empires is def my rec. none of the stupid doomsday stuff, with nice setting.
The last time I gave CA money was shogun 2, I can't imagine what would possess anyone to patronize such a horrible company
The true CA experience...in M2 you spent a lot of money to get the advanced building for basically no ROI, why even bother? In S2 you stopped upgrading markets just before they started to require food.
Are you even supposed to fight the Visigoths?
by kicking their faggot german heads in with shitloads of cheap slingers and limatanei

Alexander was DEFINITELY using console commands, there was no way he didn't max hsi overextension
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>possibly killed Alexander too
Least he had a really shitty death

Can't feel bad about that one, since she had the other wives murdered.
>The Roman Catholics of Constantinople at that time dominated the city's maritime trade and financial sector
>Following the death of Manuel I in 1180, his widow, the Latin princess Maria of Antioch, acted as regent to her infant son Alexios II Komnenos. Her regency was notorious for the favoritism shown to Latin merchants and the big aristocratic land-owners
hmmm well, i'm not saying i condone it but i understand
File: 1624711189000.jpg (99 KB, 685x651)
99 KB
This is am extremely well made post.
>there was no way he didn't max hsi overextension
Did you forget that after he died, the empire completely fell apart? And it wasn't a multi-decade reign, thing fell apart in less than a decade.
It literally didn't if we don't consider his succession crisis. The guy basically said 'nah fuck it, fight over it'. But the diadochi states lasted hundreds of years in the same space as alexander's empire.

File: 1209422273-00.jpg (26 KB, 460x215)
26 KB
How the fuck do you get good at this game? I've been trying to get good at this game for over a year and I still suck at it. I can't even finish a game on prince without either feeling lost or feeling like I'm not gonna win the game and giving up around turn 200. The closest I've gotten is when I was far ahead in tech but fell way behind after trying to war with a neighbor and not winning the war. Is it just trial and error or what? I've tried getting a shadow game going on civfantics but the forum moves way too slow and sometimes the advice isn't clear. And apparently the guides are outdated. What do? Just keep trying until I win a few games?
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How is that bait?
File: 1599914367416.png (1.92 MB, 1468x1642)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
All these dumb "I'm pretending to be retarded, watch me dodge advice and dance around showing off how retarded I am" threads need to be ignored and left to die a slow death while OP desperately bumps a dead thread.

What civs are you playing? Make sure you're playing a strong civ: Financial is the best trait in the game for a leader, make sure to avoid Japan and America, they're garbage.

Easiest way is to get a classical age rush off and take an AI. Praetorians, Keshiks, even Numidian Cav are usable for such a rush on Emperor, let alone Prince. Chop the units out and target a non-protective civ with weak UU. If you're lucky you'll get a wonder or a holy city and you're sure to get a capital which always have good resources.

Once you conquered the civ, you can build up. Get courthouses and cottages, ensure your science slider is high. Then you have an economic base to dominate the rest of the game. AI can't compete with that on prince.
You want +1 happiness in all cities?
Get religion.

File: Neruda.png (136 KB, 483x251)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Peace is a dream we have been chasing for a long time...
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The bigger they are! The harder they fall!

I won one of my first games by spamming corvettes. Flooding my opponent with them taking out their rush Titan by ambushing it with even more corvettes. By the end of it, the damn thing got away but I got all of his Cap Ships and he just fucking leaves.
File: 20210724045616_1.jpg (258 KB, 1920x1080)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Flying a fighter has got to be one of the worst jobs in this game. Average life expectancy: less than 1 minute after launching
Corvettes are OP. They absolutely rape Long Range Frigates.
BUT they also are very effective against light frigates since a skilled player will just position his corvette swarm behind the light frigates. Light frigates fire at the front and have a slow turn rate so you can imagine how the fight would go.
Flak is a hard counter to corvettes but since corvettes are faster they can just ignore the flak frigates and go do damage somewhere else. And even when diving in a fleet with lots of flak, it takes way too long for the flak to kill the vettes anyway

Good counters to corvettes are: lvl 6 Marza, Corsev (even at low levels), and kol's.
>say RTS is dead and makes a moba way after dota 2 and LoL were out
>flopped so hard they ceased development in a month and shut down servers the month after

What the fuck were those retards thinking and why aren't they making a second one?
Business majors are dumb and think in generic widgets. They shouldn't be in charge of anything, and yet they are.

File: YELLOW_W2_SPANISH.jpg (754 KB, 1920x1080)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
random team matches in this game fucking suck ass.
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>One aspect i dont like means the entire game is shit
>Not even an aspect. Anon is just a complete shitter
Stay mad
mad bcuz bad

1v1 AOE2 is the ultimate multiplayer experience
AoE2 is a perfect 4v4 game that people should try much more
>play gamemode with random element
>random element happens
you n00b faggot.
team games are the opposite of random.
there are only 2 units.

File: MajestyHD_E0IoxXAWaI.png (1.12 MB, 1602x927)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
bro wym there's Majesty 2
it does not have same "dodge %" mechanics
yeah, so it's "similar"
There's a game called Driftland that's inspired by Majesty. It fails to deliver.
I wish it would at the least allow you to make pretty screenshots by giving you full camera control and letting you zoom all the way in.

File: box.jpg (267 KB, 960x1209)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Anyone still playing this?
I know everyone has a boner for Cities Skylines but I just can't get into it
I like the region mechanic too much here
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>I know everyone has a boner for Cities Skylines but I just can't get into it
Normies buy anything for some reason.
Base game: low/negative cash unlocks those buildings but their cash bonus doesn't scale with city size very well whilst their negatives are usually global
Rush Hour: vehicle missions let you skip the requirements
made for a particular customer or user. "a bespoke suit"

Ironically, saying soul removes all "soul" from your post.
>watching them work their way up from the slums into a mansion.
Sadly basic education always made them upgrade to R$$$ immediately.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The I-HT bug?
I haven't played it in a few years after wiping my region to start over but I still have it installed. I'll play it again someday.
Army base boosts commercial demand due to soldiers spending money, but lowers residential demand due to nigger soldiers raping everywhere.
Also the missile base is good so long as you put it in a remote part of the map with nothing in it so that exploded missiles don't set fire to anything.
Classic SC3k LP right there

File: 4a.jpg (195 KB, 1364x768)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>be foul shadow cultist
>see these guys walking towards you with killing intent
what do
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>elite fucking uruk hais
Uruk-hai are strong by the numbers, akshually. They were bred by crossing orcs (who are scrawny light-sensitive manlets) and humanw. This resulted in a larger, able to travel in sunlight breed that is still the height of an adult human male.
Is this the new contrarian opinion?
File: unknown.png (1.92 MB, 1366x768)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
Contrarian? Gen Z in full force, I see. Didn't think I'd see a generational shift happen in real time. Medieval II is dated, sure, but it's got a lot of soul in it. The combat is also the best in the series with real weight to units despite the lack of fancy animations. Unironically it gave me the most fun I've had in a TW title as I massacred my way across Iberia and had all of my generals max out their dread.
File: unknown.png (2.12 MB, 1366x768)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
Going through these old screenshots is making me nostalgic. After breaking through the gates, I'd have knights rush in and use the weight of their horses to open the way for infantry rushing alongside them.
File: Salah al-Din.jpg (35 KB, 600x450)
35 KB
The only contrarian opinion is the one that tries to undermine Med2's rightfully deserved spot as the very pinnacle of Total War series. Rome 1 was always merely it's smaller brother standing in it's shadow.
Oh, I know but since you sperg out over so clearly defined and obvious to everyone term like "arcadey" you clearly don't.
They shouldn't have dared to wrongly insult Med2 then.
Medieval 2 cavalry is much better since Rome 1 one reacts too quickly and such arcadey gameplay cannot be accepted in more simulationist series like TW when another title that is Med2 showed that it can do a better job
Yeah every unit should have such officer, mods fix this actual issue though so if you lack imagination they took care of that. Doesn't change the fact that only in Medieval 2 it takes enough time for him to issue command and for unit to react.
Too bad then that despite such effort Fourth Age aesthetics are so inferior to Jackson ones. Arr rook this same, and to even turn glorious Easterlings into copy paste of Dunland is simply a crime.

File: CnC_SS.jpg (11 KB, 206x244)
11 KB
Post stuff here that noone but you have ever played (or so you had thought) or/and you never heard anyone talk about - outside some ancient on-line forums only you had visited...
296 replies and 142 images omitted. Click here to view.
Z: Steel Soldiers
File: urban-assault-04.big.jpg (129 KB, 980x735)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>Nobody remembers Urban Assault
Urban Assault! I can't be the only one that played it.
He probably meant obscure as in nowadays, not obscure as in very few people played it. I never heard of it before today but I'm glad I did, it seems like a cool game.
File: 1471219062-2480069919.jpg (285 KB, 1024x768)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Knights of Honor.
I don't know if it counts as obscure but I rarely see it being discussed. It mixes grand strategy with real time battles.
kino game

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