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File: Arkantos.jpg (11 KB, 200x200)
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>Let's mash-up 4000 years together as one era.
Who thought it was a good idea?
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>actually recreated Atlantis as the concentric circle model described by Plato
unfathomably based.
File: Arkantos drunk.png (118 KB, 800x600)
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118 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (128 KB, 800x600)
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128 KB JPG
File: 1592523742457.jpg (75 KB, 1024x661)
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File: 1589084309955.png (796 KB, 813x458)
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796 KB PNG
Best rimworld mods?
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Most of the Vanilla Expanded series.
This, but ATF edition.
Lovecraft/CoC mods
RJW plus the multiplayer mod, roam as a group of OC super sex monsters that go around enslaving entire towns and turning them into sex toys. If only the multiplayer mod wasn't so unstable, after 4-5 hours we usually have to just restart.
File: 20210413092323_1.jpg (223 KB, 1366x768)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
YAYO 3 or CE (Been trying YAYO and it seems pretty good).
Run & Gun - Thought it was op but raiders dashing towards my pawns shooting SMG was fun.
Some other mods I can't remember the names of that make the raiders a little smarter and cautious and flee if they take too much damage.

Dubs Hygiene - drinking and shitting mechanics.
LWM deep storage - If you don't want ugly storages.
Hospitality and Gastronomy - Nice Hotel/resort simulator.
Psychology & VSE - To make pawns more dynamic.
Simple Chains Tanning - Actually makes you work towards making leather and hides.
Simpl Chains Lumber - Additional steps towards woodcutting.
Giddy Up - Riding animal caravans is fun.
Therapy & Snap Out

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Saw a thread on /v/ and a thread on here yesterday about Foxholes and I was a bit suprised that it was still alive. Last I played in 2017 it was a mess of foxholes and walls across the map with individual players all lone-wolfing without any coherent strategy, and logistics players being armed to the teeth against fellow logistics players since that system was complete anarchy. How is it today?
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So how about those beta patch notes? Rate of fire for ISG nerfed and Mounted Bonesaw buffed by 75% each.
>Gun Turrets and AT Garrisons will now counter attack deployed Tripod weapons
>Field Hospital, Bandages, First Aid Kits, and Trauma Kits no longer require tech
>All L.U.V. variants (both factions) damage mitigation against small arms drastically reduced, but health doubled
>Green Ash crate size reduced from 20 to 10
>Infantry Support Gun rate of fire decreased by an overall 75% (reload time increased%)
>Mounted Bonesaw MK.3 rate of fire increased by an overall 75% (reload time increased slightly, but the long post fire delay has been removed)
>Silverhand - Mk. IV 40mm gun rate of fire increased by 15% (reload decreased)
>Overall improvement to Trench/Bunker interactions with landscape, resulting in drastically less chance of holes

I like no tech for medical and reductions to green ash, but I ain't seeing them buffing the mounted bonesaw into usefulness. From the range and what little field experience I've managed to get with it there is no real difference between it and a portable one, so I'd rather just have that.
I thought the advantage was that you can make the mounted bonesaw with only bmats
the warden AT flasks are sorta OP on devbranch, if it gets put into live like this I can see the wardens just spamming the flasks for AT and nothing else because the range, damage, and cost are so good.
How do i find people to play this with.
I had 15 hours of fun fighting in the deadlands solo but i want to be part of a community.

Thoughts on Evil Genius 2?
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The weapon thing bugged me, all they need to do is let you pick what minion types can use what weapons and if they have the wrong one for their type they go swap.
It's really badly coded. Hitmen walking around dying cause they're using stun clubs. Deception and Science minions won't even defend themselves. Workers will fight but won't use any weapons. Least in 1 they'd take pistols and outside red alert all weapons would be put away.
they just patched that issue
>Deception and Science minions won't even defend themselves

It's actually a little disconcerting to see all my valets and celebrities running around the casino panicking while a squad of agents is LARPing No Russian in the lobby. Forces of Justice my ass.
It's very upsetting watching 10 valets, 5 socialites, 2 technicians, 1 biologist, and 5 spin doctors cowering in fear and be mowed down by 4 investigators who take pics of the corpses they made, all while waiting for my stun rod armed hitmen to show up to the red alert.

File: intr.png (106 KB, 1028x725)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
The Campaign Trail is a browser game where you can simulate campaigns of 12 US presidential elections. I am starting a new run. Join me, /vst/.
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File: Ohio.jpg (78 KB, 1211x673)
78 KB
Came down to less than 5k votes.
Brainlet contrarianism at its finest.
Playing Nader as a far-right candidate gets him exactly 0 votes lel
>MD lets you start in 2000 and make Gore/Nader win though.
how the fuck does Nader win outright in any possible scenario
If you go far-left as Wallace you win, so you'd assume that works.

As Nader, I have idea.

What are some good armchair general games?
Are any of these games any good?
>panzer corps 2
>panzer campaigns
>strategic command ww2
>Gary Grisbys’ war in the east
>the operational art of war
For a second I thought you said "armchair general names" and was about to say something retarded like Tacticus Maximus
please define "armchair general games"
>Are any of these games any good?
All of them are good.

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (402 KB, 1280x720)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
Most strategy games boil down to clicking the build buttons faster than your opponent, with very little strategy beyond clicking the hard counters.

A few strategy games have tried to make ordering units faster/easier like the sidebar in C&C, factory automation in Supcom, but the basic problem remains the same. Most are still stuck in having to actually go to your base, click on a building, and queuing up builds.

Most strategy games could be massively improved by making resources more scarce, and by extension units more valuable, allowing you to actually use your units instead of just sitting in your base, building them. And by having more intricate balancing than simply RPS counters.
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Execution is strategy. Strategy is execution of a plan in the face of changing conditions.

A claw crane chess game would still require strategy, would you hover your crane over the unit you intend to move next to gain some time back? Would you hover it over something you didn't intend to move to psych out the opponent? Would you prioritize moving units that you can pick up quicker with the crane to put time pressure on the opponent? Would you stick to a simpler opening to maintain your time early or would you try to create a chaotic board fast to pressure your opponent's clock early? Do you think that you will perform better once the time is down to a minimum or your opponent?

All of those decisions are strategic in nature, and many of them are in bullet chess. Operating the claw crane fast might give someone an advantage, but that's life. You might notice that chess players tend to be fit, because fitness has a correlation with thinking for long periods of time and resisting mental fatigue. Can fat people win at chess? Yeah. Are there fat people at the top of the chess world? Sure, a few. Do the best chess players have a fitness regimen designed to help them optimize their chess playing skills, in whatever way they possibly can? Yes.

The nature of competition at high levels is to gain advantages in every possible fashion, and since human bodies must press buttons, manipulate pieces, and maintain mental concentration there is a physical component to every game. At a high level, that physical component is always going to be entwinned with strategy. For example, lets take a physical sport like basketball. Do you think teams strategize for what to do when lebron james is on the court vs when he isn't? Obviously they do! They want to have every advantage, which might mean exploiting a weakness in his game. Their strategy depends on the physical capabilities of james, his team, and their own team.
File: 1587570940395.jpg (146 KB, 811x739)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>I dislike the real time part of real time strategy games, why don't they play like turn based strategy games?
>btw I don't want to play a turn based strategy game
File: 1590315512731.gif (311 KB, 493x342)
311 KB
311 KB GIF
>Execution is strategy.
stopped reading right there
Why this board is populated by scrubs?
The problem here is that is clearly not the case in Men of War. Generally speaking, any unit can kill any unit. There is no safe guarantee that a lowly conscript won't destroy your veteran tiger and fuck up your MP for the rest of the match. However blobbing 100 of those conscripts and rushing into the open is babby's first match level thinking.

Men of War is a game of fuzzy logic. It's not about x number of unit a being equal to y number of unit b. It's about a number of factors of each unit's equipment, and how those factors relate to the environment. Hence why roles work. While an assault squad may have very poor survivability in the open, it more than makes up for it by fitting into tight spaces, hiding easily, and still having the firepower to destroy a tank if they get up close. Similarly, while a tank might be immune to small arms fire and can throw incredible firepower at long ranges, it has absolutely terrible vision and is horribly slow.

This does not mean that tanks are a hard counter to infantry, nor does it mean that infantry are a hard counter to tanks. It merely describes a complex set of properties which only become meaningful within a given state of the game. The role is those properties, and no judgement is made on whether something is specifically good against something else in all cases, because such a statement holds true for nothing in the game.

Running 100 conscripts into a kill zone and losing them in the blink of an eye isn't getting hard countered. Not any more than losing a game of Starcraft because you built nothing but engineers is getting hard countered.

For as much theory as you wish to argue on how this approach makes the game shallow, we have to contend with the fact that this does not hold up to the actualization of this approach. Without argument, Men of War is as far from shallow as it gets.

The final update approaches

Post your rework idea NOW

No cuck fanatics allowed
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File: download.jpg (130 KB, 848x1200)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
thanks anon
Aside from the seething cuck fanatics, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a final game mode? I was personally looking forward to something along the lines of an involved colonization mechanic
>seething cuck fanatics
Why does he pierce his ears like a new zealander hipster? Is he a massive fag?
File: JayavarmanVII.jpg (991 KB, 1080x1473)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
Earplugs have been around for thousands of years.

What went wrong?
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No it's not, Dune II clones are dead.
>silver kiddos

l2p shithead
Campaigns are fine, but not if they engender passivity. Who are these people playing RTS as single player city-building games when dedicated city builders exist? I moved from SC2 to Mindustry. All I really want is a good RTS with unit movement that isn't shitty and slow like AoE and that has good resource collection. Mindustry lacks in terms of unit control, which is bypassed with logic but that's a leap beyond my current time investment. If it had camera movement and ability to issue orders with the mouse instead of a single standard builder unit it'd be near perfect.
trying to sell one game as 3 games. Plenty bought the first game, but why buy the other two?
not as mechanically interesting as BW and the story sucked shit
I don't really mind the first one since its not like its a bad game, but the second one really burned me because I liked the original story even if it didnt make much sense

File: 20210410192318_1.jpg (683 KB, 1920x1080)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
what happend to the last thread?
also why can't i find any of the other threads in the archive
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Workers cant work on time because the timescale is fucked. All vehicles move at 1/600 of their speed, so you cant synchronise public transport.
Vehicles move at their listed speed, but time advances for waiting people and riders at varied rates which make no sense.
>Vehicles move at their listed speed,
They move at their listed speed respectively to the real time but one second of real time is 10 minutes of game time; so effectively the vehicles are 600 times slower in the game respectively to the ingame time.

>waiting people and riders at varied rates which make no sense.
Its probly something like pic rel. Just a cheap workaround to make things work.
Am I correct when I see this that you don't have to have a road connection to the buildings to give them fire engine and ambulance access? I'm pretty new to the game.
Yea construction/emergency vehicles will also use footpaths

File: pBrNzRlo.jpg (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB
SC2 is dying, AOE4 is fucked from the beginning, what's the last hope for RTS if there's one?
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People have put together a ranked system and hex wars are fun as well. The former is traditional 1v1 while the latter is a free-for all where you compete for control over terrain. It's awesome. Some servers run a zombies mode as well where everyone goes out and builds in the beginning, and losers join an ever-growing team to wipe out the survivors.
Sadly that's all game devs nowadays. It doesn't help that they have so many echo chambers
Name some good RTS games that RTS players won't play.
Fresh ideas, and remastered classics. Biggest problem facing the genre is the simple fact that per design you'd think that maybe five or six games were ever made- Dune 2, Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Total Annihilation, and Dawn of War.

That and it'll most likely have to come from the indie scene. Corporations are basically done with the RTS genre since it's notoriously difficult to profit in. Four year development cycles are not copacetic to their need for money.
What causes people to reliably keep forgetting that these two exist and how can that be fixed?

File: aoe4.jpg (1.41 MB, 2200x1232)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
I can't quite put my finger on it, but something is missing here.... something that existed in past Age games is just not here in this one. What is it you think that would be?
150 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
>around year 2000
>buy and play AoE2
>select British
>units look European
>select Japan
>units look European
>knights, cavaliers, kite shields coming out of my Japanese buildings
>forward to present time
>buy and play AoE2 DE
>rediscover my long forgotten annoyance with it
>look for mods to make civs at least look unique
>there are none
>most of the civs play virtually identical except for a few stat tweaks and a unique unit
>it's as if almost the ENTIRE GAME is built around munchkining and metagaming

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>look for mods to make civs at least look unique
You're just autistic, European civilization is always the peak you don't need civs to look unique.
>most of the civs play virtually identical except for a few stat tweaks and a unique unit
Those make civs play very differently if you're a
>balance obsessed tournament enthusiast
specially with tech tree differences. But yeah, casually they feel very samey. You can't have a mod fixing graphics for 2 reasons:
1 - The way the game handles graphics data. I don't understand this completely but for some reason you need a data mod to make stuff like this, not just a graphics mod. So you can only play multiplayer lobbies with it, not ranked.
2 - Graphics quality is way too high, a casual modder can't just make 4k 2D assets with all the animations necessary.
Still, I do remember seeing some data mods that use campaign and editor units to make regular units look different between civilizations. Anyway, AoE3 fixes your complaint with truly different civs, but comes with it's own share of problems. AoE4 does too.
I'm not saying it isn't a very good game. It's a great game, no question. If they only had European civs in the game it wouldn't bother me at all. It just sets off my OCD when Ethiopians come at me dressed like King Arthur.
>It just sets off my OCD when Ethiopians come at me dressed like King Arthur.
Africans using European knights doesn't bother me as much, they had contact after all, it's kinda believable, maybe. White African villagers, Mayan and Aztec crossbows and Japanese men-at-arms using western swords and shields trigger my autism way more. The worst though are the mameluke throwing scimitars and the Persian elephant being an African elephant instead of an Indian one.

File: images (38).jpg (75 KB, 739x415)
75 KB
has anyone here ever played this free open source RTS? its basically AOE1 but with alot more features like mountable walls, military units that can also work as eco units in peace time, and building capturing. could be my number 1 RTS if it doesnt run like shit on a modern system
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So many years in development and no support for LODs
other than the advanced formations system (that comes with a costs shitton of computing capacity because the units are individuals and shitty pathfinding) and using soldiers as worker units i dont really see anything special with it, its still a janky mess since i played it last time when i was a teenager, still no multithread cpu support. atleast the recent update adds hotkeys, but still ill drop this again for an indefinite amount of time
late game here is more of a "how well can you manage your units manouvering and formations with a single digit fps"
Gross, shitty performance is why I can't play a lot of older RTSes

File: chile tooze.png (1.14 MB, 1620x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Thread for HoI4 mods that aren't Kaiserreich, TNO or Red Flood.
Here's the starting position for Chile in Iron Grip™, yet another power fantasy that explores a world where the Axis won WW2.
Apologies to the anti-HoI4 chads, but we need to shill too
139 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I hope this doesn't turn out to be another Red Flood..
what does that even mean
Can we talk about Equestria at War?
Maybe fold the motorized and armored divisions together? 3 tanks and 6 motorized should put the width at 18, so there's some room to fine-tune, but it should give them some proper punching power.
Maybe? References tend to get left alone, but OPs get pruned. I'd say don't post pics and continue at your own peril.
I recently heard about the mod, but I never played HoI IV, I bought the game but I don't have any expansions. I'd like to learn, I only played Darkest Hour before.

File: tastosis.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
korea time starts in 10 minutes

344 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
pvp is the best matchup, either you get 1 base proxy vs proxy bullshit or the game goes longer into blinkstalker disruptor both of which are really fun to play
yeah this sums up how I feel as well, especially if the players involved are top. I think in all my time playing and watching bw & sc2 that last year's dreamhack reynor-clem late game matches were peak starcraft in general, just all-out war
>haven't played sc2 since WoL days
>haven't played bw since WoL came out
>play sc2, get stomped, silver
>play bw, 1700 mmr

How are you silver, just make more units
anyone got any starcraft broodwar custom maps, having a hard time finding some basic vs AI maps

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