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File: KR new ACW map 1.jpg (683 KB, 1278x610)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
>here's your new civil war bro
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is no one going to mention that 3 states have fucking Chuck E. Cheese
everyone there should be euthanized
File: democracy.jpg (349 KB, 1124x1238)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
>The people support "globohomo".
No shit, the people support whatever the TV tells them to. That's why "democracy" must be destroyed, because "the people" will always support at least one half of the power structure while it shits on them.

And as for "far-right" - current ultraliberal western society is far to the right of both the Nazis and 20th century America.
A modern boomercon sent back to 1970 seeing Nixon meeting with strong trade unions and making peace with an enemy nation, would probably end up thinking he was in a communist state.
Only thing is there's a veneer of trannyism over the whole thing.
Oklahoma and Texas have a lot in common and OK would likely fall in line with TX in some sort of national balkanization
Retard, what do you think all of the people in charge of the Syndies in Kaiserreich are based off of? Made up people?
Not him, but there's definitely a lot of misundertanding regarding Ameican ideology pre-21st century (and I guess you could argue that there's still a lot of misunderstanding today). For instance, a lot of people like to conflate the Deep South with fascism, based mainly off of the South's long history of racism/slavery etc. In fact, it's probably southerners who despise government centralization the most. Hell, even the Civil War was an attempt to protect state rights (albeit state rights to decide local slavery laws), and personal freedom, against an increasingly-powerful federal government. By today's standards, slavery certainly seems quite backwards and anti-liberty, but back then owning a slave was considered a part of your right to property, and while the right to property isn't strictly included in the bill of rights, it was an important part of the declaration of independence and American ideology as a whole. The problem a lot of HoI4 modders make (and to an extent any alt-hist modders of any game) is that they tend to see a lot of correlation between the beliefs of 2 separate groups and try to conflate them. Ideology as a whole is much more complex than just left vs. right, and even members of the same group or party will often have disagreements. So right off the bat, anyone who latches onto 1 or 2 policies and attempts to ascribe an ideology to someone will more than likely be wrong. Now, I personally haven't done any research on socialist influence in the US so I can't say for certain, but I believe it's more likely than not that the KR modders have been fabricating much more syndicalist support than reasonably would have existed back then in these regions. Of course, for the sake of gameplay and alternate-history it's understandable that some gaps in realism are made.

Don’t need a Spirit of the Law video to know the new civilizations are broken OP and were intentionally designed this way to elicit more sales
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I just hope enough people agree with us that one day people decide to just play on old balance patches from before the memes arrived
>Teutonic Knights.
you mean the HD version?
lithuanians can stack their attack bonus without bound by garrisoning and ungarissoning relics now
love that funky furry

File: 455.jpg (52 KB, 900x505)
52 KB
Is your nation trouble by war exhaustion or inflation? No biggie, just press the mana button few times and everything goes away.
Is your empire unstable after huge conquest? No, issue just spend mana to integrate it.
Is your capital shit? No worries, just with a few mana clicks you can turn Stockholm more developed than Paris.
Do you want a great general? Use mana buy new generals.

There is abstraction and then there is going too far.
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Good God! Do Swedish people really?
You don't win the game even if you complete a world conquest, that is the fun of it. It is meant to be a simulation.
You know what I mean. If you do these 2 steps there is nothing else to do in the game except blob and build some other factorys for the fun. Migration and assimilation are a non existent mechanic if you arent in America so there is literaly nothing to do but sit and watch numbers grow.
That is pretty a sign of bad design, truly a map painter.
Compare this to Imperator that Johan called map painter. You can't just keep empire in static state, shit is going to occur, pops are going to grow and need more food, separatist rebellions are going to be organized, greedy politicians are going to start a civil war and take control of armies.
You also have rebellions in Vic 2 but unless you are a major they arent a problem and they are also not fun since you either spend your ENTIRE army to crush them or you let them run its course and dont lose 10% of your population.

File: ParaWorld.jpg (176 KB, 1280x720)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Ok /vst/, wanted to talk about RTS, 4x, etc. strategy games you feel noone really talks about that much. Also to discuss games you only remember details of but cant remember the actual name, so other anons try and see if they know what the game is.

Gonna start, Paraworld is a really nice fantasy-ish AoE style game with dinosaurs and had a really innovative gameplay feature, where units took a spot in a leveling up scheme, and you had to choose what units are level 1,2,3,4, and 5, with hero units actually unlocking skills the higher level they are, but with level 5 having a single spot available.

As for games you dont remember, i have a really hard one ive been trying to find for about 10 years. My dad used to buy pc magazine here in Mexico, and it included a bunch of demos of different games, one in particular caught my eye because of how unique it was. The things i remember is it was kinda caveman style setting, you had male and female workers, you gather wood and stone, isometric perspective, workers died of old age and actually had to fuck to make new workers, there were a bunch of different teardrop shaped symbols representing different liquids like water, oil and poison, male workers could turn into heroes with blue skin, female workers could turn into shamans that danced inside a building to generate a magic lighting bolt resource, the demo had you confined in a island, you had to make a raft and then in a mainland there was a red colored faction and neutral dinosaurs with a t rex roaming around. Not much else i can remember but i've never been able to find this game and its honestly driving me crazy to not know wtf is this game is.
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I still have my Universe at War box buried somewhere with my old PC crap. Bro, Novus Sentinels for life! Hierarchy are based, but Novus is supreme.

I think its this, found it without anyone's help from this fucking thread it ticks all the boxes from what i remember but i feel like its missing something, fucking my mind changed this game from what my mental image was vs what it actually is.

Anyways it has an annoying glitch with cursor movement causing the screen to either get stuck in an image or just go black. Fucking hell this stupid ass game of 1998
>Dawn of War
I image it must been a bit to search because of the more famous W40k title.
File: DoNs.jpg (383 KB, 1280x720)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
My favorite strategy game is this game called Demise of Nations. I've put more hours into it than any other strategy game. But it's got a very small community so that's why I'm sharing it with you guy's. It's pretty cool because it works on many platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Check it out if you like turn-based strategy war games.
you have to specifically type dawn of war 1998 else it never shows up, and in this instance i actually found it when trying to dl mech commander gold, which surprise also doesnt run on fucking w10. That abandonware site is good but i do wonder if i just need to get a VM and get it over with

File: workers&resources.jpg (94 KB, 616x353)
94 KB
I guess you can post any city building as well
How it goes comrade, have you build your gopnik paradise yet?
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>he really thinks there weren't social classes in soviet Russia
>workplaces never fill up to 100% capacity
>terraforming is a bitch
>aligning to the grid is a chore
>cable cars crash the game
maybe they should fix shit before adding new stuff like garbage collection. it's a nice game but it's rough around the edges
>garbage collection
no such thing afaik

>workplace filling
another reason why I wished they had fixed jobs

not too bad except for the missing slope function
>that's quite a big mining town you got there
Yeah, there's two coal mines and two iron mines, and I needed more people so I could just produce the steel there too since it's easier to ship. Aggregate harbors are too big to fit in most of my rivers, but I can fit small cargo harbors pretty much anywhere.
>garbage collection
it's planned
along with other stuff


>another reason why I wished they had fixed jobs
that would be ideal, but if the workers would just calculate how long they needed to walk or drive to their site before they left home, then factories would run at 99% instead of 80%. If additionally, workers would stay an extra hour while waiting for their shift replacement, then factories would always run at 100% if there were enough workers in range to staff them.

File: header.jpg (80 KB, 460x215)
80 KB
I'm enjoying the fuck out of this game. I never really cared about Battletech or mechs in general before but I can't put this one down. I'm really digging everything from the world to the presentation and the gameplay

Not perfect. Has a few issues like the combat taking and age, some missions not being balanced and some mission types like convoy ambush being a complete ballache but overall I'm really into it

I've put 250 hours into it and still never really finished the campaign. I keep restarting but this time I'm really hell bent on doing it. Once that's done I'm installing BEX

What does /vst/ think?
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You will need to search for a half skull system with pirate presence and grind some contracts for them
I'm waiting for Roguetech online map reset that is coming in February/March.
Annihilator best dino and best mech.
>MegaMek if you haven't.
Is it even alive these days? Can you just join some random shit and find games?

I used to play MegaMekNet and it was pretty fun, but even back then you sometimes had to wait for very long for someone to match you at your BV. I've checked it recently and it seems totally dead now.
cool, maybe now i'll play it

File: cU9IO.png (1.01 MB, 1106x619)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
I like starcraft
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no kpoop here
>Its just Machine using a pic of Idra for some dumb reason
Please dont bait me like that
did we need a new thread..
Probably not a good place to ask since this is MP central, but anyone here knows of good SP sc2 custom campaigns with zerg focus? Ones that are actually completed would be nice

Make all total wars shogun 2
Have only the shogun 2 developers rule CA.

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I hope this place remains relatively untouched by r9k and polfags. This thread turned from shitposting to comfy. I left fit because the r9kfags shit it up. Have a good one anon
My friend is making a pike and shot mod for shogun 2
All factions using pikes, guns, horse artillery and gun cav

It’s given me what I want
Thanks. Have the best most glorious life ever and a good victorious eternity.
So why aren’t you playing Troy?

File: redst.png (464 KB, 640x324)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
I just want to play a hex and counter wargame that I could purchase in steam
There are literally like four of them there in the steam

1. Lock n Load digital
2. TOAW4
3. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm (picrel)
4. Your mom
5. Advanced Tactics Gold

Anons, do you know of any other HEX & COUNTER wargames on steam? Fucking John Tiller refuses to ben the knee

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (62 KB, 616x353)
62 KB
'ate rumberg
'ate bluds
'ate soll
'ate oligarchs
'ate superpowers
'ate wife

luv wehlen
luv agnolians
luv reformists
luv sordland
luv lucian

Simple as.
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I'm about to take the Chief Justice's offer.
Talk me out of it.
What is the alternative? What kind of reforms are you trying to pass that he's trying to stop you from?
I didn't want to actually pass the reform, I wanted to propose it and have it refused so nobody would accuse me of holding on to power. But his offer sounds even better.
Well, I haven't done it myself, but doing that sounds like it makes you kind of a puppet of Soll, since Hawker seems to be so infinitely loyal to him. Though if you want a more authoritarian route, it's either that, or going the NFP route, so you might as well do it, it's better than taking a political loss with the constitution and spending all that effort for nothing
Sordland is not like Germany or another country capable of vast conquests. It's more akin to Estonia or Latvia but with Turkey's internal situation. It's also wedged between the alliances of two super powers, which puts another damper on that sort of warring.

File: image_cover.jpg (34 KB, 570x400)
34 KB
70 years later and not a single RTS game even comes close
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You've got to be an actual autist to miss an obvious sarcasm.
Had it been any other caster, I'd believe it to be sarcastic.
>Supreme Commander, the spiritual successor of Total Annihilation
choose one, zoomer
>Every time i try to play I just get swarmed and overwhelmed by the enemy
Thats way too vague, there can be so many reasons for that
>Your expansion is too slow and the opponent simply outgrows you and chokes you with superior economy
>You dont add enough buildpower to your factory and dont utilize your resources
>You build assaults/skirms/arty and dont provide them with enough riot escorts

Link a replay and i can tell you more accurately.

unironically PA. supcom is overrated trash. I have no idea why people jerk it off so much. It's really not that good of a game.

File: file.png (90 KB, 256x256)
90 KB
>Donjon rushes you
>invades your base with 1/2 armor
>3/3 armor once he hits castle age

What were they thinking?

>friend picks sicilians in 2v2
>pick Tatars and spam scouts to help him do the donjon+serjeant shenanigans
>completely shut down one enemy, he resigns
>burgundians were speculated to be the OP gamebreaking civ that kills AoE2
>sicillians were speculated to be absolute shit civ
>literally the opposite is true
They're both the worst designed civs in the game

>gimmicks all over the place
>annoying to play against
>both actually pretty shit

Pretty much goths on roids
It's a better armored infantry unit that can build super towers that can create more infantry units that can build more super towers.
The strat seems to be to build a donjon and an archery range in feudal. Then just rush your opponent, building donjons garrisoned with archers and serjeants to harass your opponent and deny them resources until they either resign or you reach castle age and spam an extra 30-50 serjeants to overwhelm them with first crusade.
It looks like they took a page from AoE3DE and slapped on some civs that break everything. You think they also made things interesting by inserting the same hard drive wiping bug?
File: igeiouhh0qd61.png (309 KB, 692x216)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
The Lithuanians are currently bugged.
You can infinetly get the relic bonus right now.

File: 8I.png (51 KB, 156x210)
51 KB
>KR is taking out all the fun routes
>KRRX runs like absolute fucking shit
>TNO is fucking TNO
>TWR is a sleeping aid with RNG events to take out any player choice
>CBtS is also a sleeping aid and buggy as fuck
>CWIC has slowed to a crawl
>MD is a third sleeping aid with a brand new mechanic that does fucking nothing
>Iron Grip is 800 years away
>FuRR/RF/RW/CWW are barebones as fuck
>EoaNB is anyone's fucking guess
>only good mods are EaW & OWB
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>Roman empire was in a complete tailspin which is what allowed a bunch of primitive tribes to roam it with impunity
So the Roman empire was collapsing, and it's the Germans fault for simply knocking over the rotted house? Would you have rather the Huns and Avars to rule Europe?
Godspeed: A Flame for Winter inherits the Earth.
The what?
>reducing Russia's territory and causing all of its geopolitical issues for at least a generation
His opposition was predominantly nationalist/expansionist in his time.

File: Screenshot (4).png (246 KB, 360x356)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Will the remaster be any good? Cutscene animations seem well done, but seem to fit the tone of the game worse than the shitty 90s CGI did.
One thing I'm glad of is that the soundtrack composers are planning to re-do the original soundtrack, rather than change it. Pretty sure if they had, nobody would fucking play it LOL. Part of me hopes they HAVEN'T fixed the shitty AI, who need to walk to a very specific point to deliver gold to the palace, rather than the one that's closest to the mine, or emergency services walking 8 hours up the kingdom road, letting your settlement burn, then telling you they'd do things differently if they were running the city.
Hopefully they put a toggle between old and new graphics/OST, Grim Fandango style. I'm really wary of isometric remasters, especially one as kino as Pharaoh. The art-style might be completely lost. Honestly, if it's a flop, I'll just find some way to get GOG's version to run consistently in borderless windowed mode, as that's the only problem I have with that release.
How much of the original will be left over, do you think? How much code would they have copy-pasted over to the remaster? And, importantly, how many Triskell-fags are lurking here right now?

You guys gonna buy it?
235 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
but realistically, does that make it a better game?
it makes it comfy
If you want comfy polish just play Augustus
>the most options for controlling and modulating which walkers go where.
How much option? I have to admit that the biggest turn off I have for Pharaoh is that I have to build cities around walkers with random patterns. I would be more than happy to be more in control of that, I would even love to be able to set a specific paths for them.
>tfw some one posts my city/custom map
Thanks anon <3

File: BAh4db1WnIU.jpg (25 KB, 360x305)
25 KB
>Mfw no Anno thread
302 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.
Play against one star AIs, they don't advance until you do.
Put timber and bricks in a ship and sail to an unoccupied island, a harbor schematic should pop up on the beach
File: anno smoke.jpg (3.21 MB, 3840x2160)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
Reworked industrial island, almost all buildings now within a trade unions range. That's some efficient polluting.
You need 10 timber, 8 steal beams, and 2500 money. Your first islands are Influence free but after your third, I think, they cost influence as well.
Is there any way to take an island from an AI beyond War. Like can I buy all the shares and get it that way, for example?

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