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File: 5647.jpg (56 KB, 731x731)
56 KB
>Athens blue
>Sparta red
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File: Henry the Navigator.png (533 KB, 442x522)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
>Russia(1991-Present) Green again
I prefer light blue desu
>Athens red and white
>Sparta red
If we're going for accuracy
The guy in the top right looks like he wants to close the pool
File: henry the navigator.jpg (984 KB, 783x1000)
984 KB
984 KB JPG
what did anon mean by this?

When the fuck are they going to make 1944 scenarios for Graviteam?
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it basically plays itself honestly. the hardest thing to learn is the campaign and what everything in the UI stands for. i still dont know a lot of stuff about the game but its still very fun to issue orders and watch the battle unfold.
Is this game good? How does it compare to, say, Combat Mission? I want to pick up some interesting tactical thing, but I don't know if its worth it.
File: Graviteam_Fight_ns.webm (2.87 MB, 800x450)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB WEBM
I think it's good, worth it depends on how much that money is to you. The base game Mius Front comes with two campaigns that will last you a good time while you learn the ropes
File: tw.png (30 KB, 641x145)
30 KB
Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 is on sale 80% off, just pick up the base game and see what you think.

File: Anno WE.jpg (152 KB, 590x591)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Let's open a new Thread to celebrate the release of the new dlc "Land of Lions"
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File: 1560803876034.gif (60 KB, 354x286)
60 KB
Sir Archie's music in Enbesa is a banger
armies and artillery when bros?
It's worth the money.
Story or sandbox?

File: 324324.png (1.68 MB, 1200x675)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Lets discuss some strategy.

What factions do you use for 1vs1/2vs2/3vs3/4vs4?
What cards do you usually use? Think are OP/too weak?
What is your favorite unit?

I have quite some success with the Ottos in 3vs3. I love their team upgrades. Late game kind of sucks a bit.
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I like Finland the most, their revolutionaries are fun to use
Chineses are comfy to play. You don't have to pick the min-maxing mandatory cards like more settlers or factories.
Well, when we're talking about the original we usually mean the Asian Dynasties.

As for Spanish late game, it can be fine:
In this game he loses in the end, but it's pretty much his fault, he could've used rods against war wagons and he never used the monitors at all, he wasted so much resources on them.
maybe one's an impostor.
they made every troop in Qing so weak in hp, but I always use:

mass chu-ko-nu/arquebusiers
mass keshiks with mongolian scourge shipment
Iron flail-Meteor hammer cav for countering artillery.

if game drags on, infinite flying crow shipments and Russian allies at consulate will provide you a factory so you can start churning your own heavy cannons. if you send in artillery, engineering, acupunctre shipments, Chinese factories churn out heavy cannons faster than other civs, and theirs shoot harder than anyone except for Spain with unction-boosted cannons lol.

File: vlad.jpg (74 KB, 1200x800)
74 KB
Why isnĀ“t there a single Total War where you can play Vlad the Impaler?
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File: Gorilla Warfare.jpg (282 KB, 1349x1500)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
>guerilla war
Dont you mean gorilla warfare?
>However AoE 2 features a campaign where you can play him.
It's hilarious that you play pretty much as a different civ every mission.
I don't give a shit about Total War games, I've never played one. Vlad Tepes lived in the middle ages, that's a fact, period, end of the discussion.
Autism speaks
Opening post reminds me of the gazillion threads on TWC from Romanian/Hungarian/Bulgarian/Turkish nationalists crying that their country isn't as great ingame as it was irl or something.

File: nachzherer.png (152 KB, 1120x614)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>9 nachzherers in the arena
Sometimes the winning move is to not play. Its not like you can equip a gobbo amulet or something either to prevent a brother from getting gobbled up since that's taken by the collar, it'll always be a 2vX.
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Throwers are busted with only limiter being ammo. It has been toned down slightly with barb heavy javs and axes getting their damage decreased, but not by much.
>I'm just on veteran
The enemies dont get more stats on expert (or less on beginner), its just that there's more of them and their party composition varies.
>Maxroll on shield damage
>-1 weapon skill fatigue
>Less durability than a non-famed one
It's shit yeah, but could still see use on a low attack bro who just cracks shields all day. And no, but higher ranged def on units around the main target makes it so they don't get hit as often by scattering misses.

Duelist Thrower open battleforged units up even better than crossbows at close range but you'll get cucked by Nimble assholes.
I tried legends the only things I really liked about it though were layered armor and randomized traits everything else was just kind of meh
File: Battle Brothers.webm (2.25 MB, 1376x776)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB WEBM

File: xcom.jpg (67 KB, 460x215)
67 KB
Apocalypse was insane for how good it was in the mid 90s.
>Random maps better that most 'random' shit in games today
>Good pausable realtime tactics better than most today
>easy to control huge squads
>Felt like you were part of the city
>Cool music
>Cool moments like grenade-ing yourself to get the brainsucker off

Also reading some of the devs talk later, like 50% of the game had to be cut, they wanted more alien dimensions etc. If they had an apoc 2, I'd buy it in a heart beat.
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what weapons do you generally use? the progression is much less straightforward than ufo defense

Depends if you play realtime or turn-based.

I prefer turn-based, in which case its teams of three or four, each team has one or two HE autocannons, two M4000, one specialized soldier with psy/launcher/stunner/demolition.
Forget sniper rifle, plasma or light disruptors, focus on getting toxigun and alien explosives. Toxiguns replace all M4000s and half of autocannons. Heavy disruptors are good for demolition and hurting enemy bases, but not much beyond that.

But really all that is not so important. What's important is to use a lot of gas.
I don't remember corp descriptions all that well, but I'm fairly sure there were no mentions of the cancer that is modern day politics.

It's a low key satire - there are only two legal parties, and its almost impossible to tell them apart because both are free market anti-social laissez-faire corporate lobbying devices. The other two "parties" are both rights movements and are basically outlawed - mutant alliance and S.E.L.F.

I think it hits closer to home than it looks.
>decide to do an Ironman run through all the reboot games
>2 hours into the EW run the game glitches and breaks itself

Been meaning to get into stealth based real time tactics games such as Commandos, Desperados and Shadow Tactics, preferably playing the older ones first since I know that more quality of life features were added as time went on making it harder to come back to the originals. Is this game a good entry point title?
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If you have the steam version there is a posted fix for the stutter issue in one of the guides, which you could also get if you don't own it I guess since its just a file you put in with the other game files and launch it from. Otherwise you can probably find it online. But the stutter issue is a known problem.
thanks bro, I'll try that. I've been wanting to replay this forgotten gem of a game and 100% everything on hard now that I'm older lol
very beautiful game and lots of replayability. It was made by a smaller studio back in the day with limited budget so don't expect stellar VA for everything and movie cutscenes.

But graphics, gameplay, atmosphere... it's wonderful.
How so?
By trying out different squad compositions, and trying to defuse the towns and castles in different ways.

Also, trying to achieve 100%, no bloodshed run.

File: 1596579924320.jpg (54 KB, 725x500)
54 KB
what in your opinion are the best multiplayer RTS games currently available? I want to try my hand at learning some new game to play and I realized that RTS is a genre that I only ever played singleplayer
pic unrelated
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Aoe 3 de is probably best entry level mp rts rn due to recent release and tons of noobs playing it
I just play Men of War AS2 and Wargame RD.
>PA is sweatier due to faster pace and crazy amont of multitasking - you play on spheric maps which means there are no map corners to safely hug. Expanding and fighting in 360 degrees gets very hectic
I have put twenty hours in PA and still feel retarded. I can't decide if this is the best game ever but I am too dumb to play it or it does too much stuff at once for mere men to be able do.
Having a camera position for each planet helps tremendously.
I'll never be able to enjoy PA after the shit those developers pulled.
>support game all the way up until and after release, spending full price on it and getting friends into it
>it actually kind of sucks but has a lot of potential
>devs capitalize on that potential and actually make the game good
>everything should be good, right?
>fuck no, the developers decide that instead of giving this finally fixed game to the people who have supported it when it was shit they're going to charge full price for the fixes as an "expansion"
>have to buy this game I gave so much to twice just to get a working version of it
>devs hide their shame by removing the original release from the steam store, a new player only sees the fixed version of the game and those of us who bought it at launch are left to rot
Fuck them and I hope they've all gone out of business. FAF is the only real option if you like Total Annihilation games.

File: b5jz82qnsm941.png (1.34 MB, 1366x768)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Planning a new run with Nexerelin. What mods should I use? Which mod has the most fun ships that the AI can actually use properly? Which mod extends the colony system in the most fun way?

So far I will be using:
Mayasura (love the ships even though the faction is just as big a bag of dicks as the Hegemony in the end)
DIY planets and terraforming (much better than Boggled's terraforming)
Tahlan? Most of the content is crap but there are a few solid ships (Dun Scaith is decent and fun though a bit too expensive when compared to Onslaught) and some extra factions are always fun.
Trailer Moments
Combat Analytics
Ship & Weapon pack (for IBB, the ships aren't that interesting)
Interstellar Imperium

Any recommendations? Archean Order? Sylphon RnD?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Reminder that forum modders genuinely think the vanilla Pilums are overpowered.
>forum modders
Are there modders outside of the forums? Where can I get their mods?
Friendly reminder that Tartiflette is a piece of human shit
Don't tell anyone I said this, but there are modders in this very thread.
By what course of logic

File: file.png (1.02 MB, 1432x901)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Play HoI3
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File: dirlecook.jpg (75 KB, 900x744)
75 KB
In HOI3 you can only place 1 level of pre-built port/airport.
Play Darkest Hour then
it means, your micro was bad. You should micro your infantry more
Was there a mod that implemented the EvW map? Or a mod that changed the map in general?

File: 20201007195908_1.jpg (327 KB, 1280x800)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Anyone has experience with 7,62 Hard Life? I am trying to figure how far I can go doing mission for both sides and what is affecting the store stock.
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yeah the sight lines were a bitch but i have been fucked up the butt enough times in graviteam tactics to autistically check them in every game
File: 1594859252262.png (189 KB, 288x387)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Turns out I'm now hostile with the Guerillas after this battle so I have to do it from the beginning.
I'm sorry bros but 7.62 is just too janky and weird to control, I literally can not even figure out the absolute basics let alone how to progress.
It's okay anon, last time i played that happened to me too but after taking a while off and coming back to it i finally nailed down how to play this janky mess.
Also, the moment i discovered how to do a burst in a designated area was amazing, no other game will match being able to spray a wall and kill the 3 motherfuckers on the other side.
Just started 7.62 Hard life with some mods, the most important probably tons of guns. Had fun taking out the escaped soldiers with a mauser in a nice night ambush. The main rebel dude told me to pick up some volunteers now, I got the deserter and he defaulted to being named "Fighter". It triggers my autism, can I rename him?

I love the aesthetics of the ancient/bronze to classical era. Are there any strategy games set in this time period worth checking out?
Something like the Pharaoh/Cleopatra series would be cool
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>surrounding sphynx with gardens
YMIR, kind off.
they're going to remake it. i'm not sure whether i'll love it or hate it. if they changed the OST, likely i'll hate it.
File: 1585514227632.gif (1.38 MB, 224x178)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
>Lethis devs
that was it for >>231787

the game itself was pretty good, did they finally add some proper models?

File: Mayan_(Civ6).png (4 KB, 256x256)
4 KB
>No civ 6 thread

News on update coming Tuesday

no cuckfanatics allowed
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File: 1483334427334.jpg (48 KB, 361x437)
48 KB
>pingala capital is about to hit 10 pop for the inspiration
>finally have most all of the worked tiles improved and can start sending builders to my border cities
>a massive blizzard demolishes my capital to shit and reduces its population by half
>lose a ton of improvements including my only source of iron
>a random barb camp spawns nearby right after and starts sending crossbows at me in the classical era despite me killing off the scout the turn after it spawned not having seen a city
Fuck the redditor that suggested I play inland sea the tundra bordering the map is absolute aids.
the problem with most base game civs and rise and fall are that they just lack a lot of synergy between either the bonuses they have and the unique infrastructure they have. Rome, Scythia and Germany are the only ones imo whose bonuses actually gel together. Scythia invites to spam horsemen and pick on weakened units, Rome gives you incentives to go very wide very fast with a great unique unit to go along with it. And Germany has arguably the best unique district in the game, which goes well with the ability to build more than the cap allows. The rest though, they lack those things that can get you going and motivate you to go for a certain playstyle.
Compare that to the most recent civs, Gran Colombia is all about speed, Ethiopia on creating faith, Byzantium on religious warfare and Gaul is all about production and pumping out a horde of units.
Byzantium is a better version of Spain because the bonus for them is for converting holy cities traditional way or via war, Spain is just about fighting other religions, that +4 combat strength Philip has against civs following other religions looks stupid compared to the +3 combat strength Basil has just for having a religion and it can snowball to the point where he can have +18 combat strength for capturing holy cities and converting them to his religion, it entices players to actually bother on converting holy cities, nothing the devs can do will fix the fact that Spain just has bad bonuses that do not click with each other.
can't you just replace other players with AI?
>favorite civ 3 track was modern era
>favorite civ 4 track was medieval era
>favorite civ 5 track was the g&k main theme
>have yet to get past the renaissance era in civ 6
Help, my attention span! It's melting away!
Play at a higher difficulty level, the AI will force you tech faster if you want to win.

File: 32424.png (1.47 MB, 1044x588)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG

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File: synth.png (196 KB, 982x340)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
You might be getting the wrong idea, not every faction is Promethians.

Synthesis is not about their special units, Synthesis is about EFFICIENCY. Their strength is lies in enhancing the faction's economy and they do it well. Look at pic related these are just Tier 3 doctrines and these are super good.

Syntesis is at its best when doing cover OPs, stealing research and energy, I mean duh they are the hacker themed secret tech after all they are not supposed to be the brute force faction. A well played Synthesis faction will be leading the research game and will constantly steal moniez and crash science progress, this can be a nightmare in the long term.

This forces other players to invest into OP defense thus weakening their progress in other fronts. Which will take precious extra research time away but the Synthesis player is already disrupting research causing their enemies to stale their progress even more.

Plus their mods are great generalist mods fitting almost any composition, yeah they are not special. But wait until they get their mods that can give a unit self-rez making high tier units have literally two lives in battle.

So no Synthesis are far from being the worst, they are just not as obvious as some other secret techs.

It's worse than AoW3
File: xj7aslfqcg.png (717 KB, 1408x806)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
vanguard hackers aren't too bad since they can calibrate friendlies and have an innate bleed-causing ability, though that may just be a case of being the least shit rather than actually being good
>Xenoplague is the worst

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