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File: 006980.jpg (52 KB, 1264x638)
52 KB

2 days, what is it going to be? Civ clone already announced, sot unlikely to be that
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I remember playing some pirate demo version like almost a year ago, so I guess it's a publishing deal?
did you like it?
>"huh, looks cool"
>check steam page
>it's already on my wishlist
Yeah it's been on Steam for like 3 years, Paradox just made a publishing deal with the developers which is why they're shilling it now.
Atrocious. At least it's not /vst/ so I don't have to hear about it here anymore.

File: Trump.jpg (2.01 MB, 4207x1448)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
TFR Trump toozer pt 2 is out.
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I don’t think Britain become monarchist dictatorship after the NATO war is tied to Russian Leadership imo. I was thinking maybe something like AuthDem non-political Army coup but idk. One of the dev also said that they might consider changing it so that Western Europe post NATO paths aren’t tied to specific to who win Russian elections but I don’t know if they implement it yet since everything post-war is :zipper_mouth:
You didn't see the timeline where Abe survived.
Please for the love of God tell me that's not the final map
File: the fists of allah.png (1.29 MB, 1140x655)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
What's your favorite toozer mod that never got released/never will be?
I thought Godspeed and Long Happy Life looked fun
File: David Tibet.png (2.84 MB, 2849x2149)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB PNG
Long and Happy Life, no contest. They're still working on it. They made the decision to contain all development to the British Isles and make a demo to attract some Western devs, but I fear that by the time they actually finish it, they'll have to compete for attention with United No More, since that mod is also all about a civil war in modern Britain.
I have no interest in UNM though. I'll play it when/if it comes out, but I'm sure it'll suck.
the borders are outdated, but Poland is a shitshow by design.

File: stellaris.jpg (46 KB, 616x353)
46 KB
Is Stellaris good yet? Or is it still basically in beta?
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No more under-the-desk dickplomacy for you
File: apu content.jpg (33 KB, 657x527)
33 KB
Was good
Is good
The only people who have a problem with it have massive autism
Default version is absolutely busted, aesthetic version is pretty cool
Has Paradox said anything about buffing FE's?Last time I played they were so weak that I had to put all of their repetable techs to 60x.
Stellaris sucks but focus trees are a good band-aid for shitty mechanics. There's a reason people still play HoI4.

File: stupidsexymuton.png (605 KB, 1125x750)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
Open X-Com and its many mods:

>X-Com Files
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>still using flintlocks
Traditional 10 chads rise up
>To max out Voodoo skill it can actually make sense to sacrifice cheap comrades to a burgeoning psyker
Truly the ways of the Witch are cruel.

fn fal 4 lyfe
File: 78978975.jpg (7 KB, 216x233)
7 KB
>load old save in vanilla openxcom to finally finish entire game
>feel rusty, forgot a lot what was going on but what could go wrong
>9 operative lost while breaching medium UFO
Hence the quotation marks.

File: header.jpg (50 KB, 460x215)
50 KB
>be me
>finally do the XTREME Tech 3 militia start you always wanted
>get challenging start in Rad Hazard 3 and endless raiders streaming over the mountain range your south
>get a handle on XTREME AI combat bonus and take control of the mountains
>pull off unification with largest neighboring raiders
>realize somehow you deselected Air Forces in planet gen
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>Shadow empire threads continue to be /vst/'s worst threads
that is because its one of the worst /vst/ discussed games
>thread is pretty civil
>come here and start whining
>keep whining
>"this is the worst"
Yeah ok have a (you)
my bad ]
its the one of the worst not discussed game on /vst/
>Okay, okay, so hear me out.
>Rushing light tanks is a tad bit fascist, so let's make tanks unaffordable. And I've noticed privileged players making advances with infantry, so how about we make ammo weigh ten times more than food. This will slow down all the good (fascist) players, so we can have sweet games with communist militia fights!
>Quits on turn 6 anyway.
>Wish me luck, staring a new job as a diversity and inclusion HR officer!
>So glad my ideas were implemented in the latest patch.
>Again, sorry I had to drop out of the game, but you can find a sub, sweatheart.
>(thanks for the idea, discord!)
>ugh I'm like too depressed to process a pbem turn rn i literally can't even

File: 1690670739968215.jpg (962 KB, 2559x1440)
962 KB
962 KB JPG
So, is an update coming out?
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Colonize the old world as Trolls
But I thought the angel was one of the main selling points to get people to care about not africa. Does Sarhal even have anything interesting in it then?
>Does Sarhal even have anything interesting in it then
Not now. But potentially something great can come out of that mess. It happened with Haless despite fantasy-Asia being just as boring as fantasy-Africa as a concept. Everything is dependent on future mission trees.
>The struggle between races and the hatred amongst them is being nurtured by very specific interested parties. It is a small, rootless, international clique that is turning the people against each other, that does not want them to have peace. It is the race who are at home both nowhere and everywhere, who do not have anywhere a soil on which they have grown up, but who live in Gaweton today, in Anbenncost tomorrow, Castonath the day after that, and then again in Brasan or Viswall or Lorentaine, and who feel at home everywhere. [Man in audience shouts 'Gnomes!'] They are the only ones who can be addressed as international elements, because they conduct their business everywhere, but the people cannot follow them. The people are bounded to their soil, bounded to its fatherland, bounded to the possibilities of life that the state, the nation, offers.
Gnomes have only been kicked out by 1 country and everyone else loves them, meanwhile Elves are hated in multiple places.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (111 KB, 616x353)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
This shit good?
The devs are allergic to it being a management sim and absolutely want to make it a sandbox where everything goes smoothly (aka nothing happens) and you can't lose or even just need to make a proper park so it gets boring fast
Thank my dude. Saved me 2 bucks.
Can't-lose-sandbox-environment is something I detest.
SimPark was fun
File: 1688246022828617.png (107 KB, 316x312)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
Both Planet Coaster and Zoo are like this, easiest shit. "just spend the game making your ride look cool bro!", "wow pretty effects and cool music, your ride rocks dude".

Its all so tiresome.

File: 51v6iOD-0CL.jpg (53 KB, 361x500)
53 KB
Anyone still play this old gem? I'm going for my first Soviet run in this game and I'm either going to use HPP or Black Ice as the mod of choice. Which mod comes more recommended?
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Don't bother with Black Ice, it's a feature-bloated piece of shit that's too autistic for it's own good. You will probably get frustrated and confused if you're a relatively new player. On the other hand, HPP represents a good midpoint between being more immersive than vanilla but less autistic and complex than Black Ice. Vanilla HOI3 quite frankly sucks so just go with HPP.
I tried playing HPP last week but it kept crashing on me. Also not a huge fan of black ice but this game has hardly any mods that are actually finished. I tried playing Imperium but it's kind of obvious hoi3 isn't meant to be played like that. Any mods that are similar to black ice without all the bloat?
Old World Blues or Arsenal of Demoracy
I want to play a UK game but just get overwhelmed by the amount of shit I need to do and keep track of.
Unfortunately I'm already two years into a Black Ice run as the Soviets or I'd swap to HPP. What are some general tips to not eat shit as the Soviets?

Discuss the news about the upcoming DLC: Arms Against T'ranny or any other stuff you want from the vanilla game.
>to be released on 2023-10-10

Previous thread: >>1534304
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Once a fleet enters combat, it reveals itself and an enemy fleet can intercept. Risk assessment only evaluates the fleets strength relative to its target, not any unseen enemy that may assist the target mid-combat. For that, check naval supremacy and disable regions that are likely to get them killed.
Typically you break down your navy like this:
A raiding fleet with several small task forces that use convoy raid or escort to disrupt/protect shipping. These can be subs or cheap screens. Subs are better at escaping but can't really fight back against escorts. A light cruiser with some DEs will slaughter escorts but is fucked if a big fleet catches them.
A strike fleet that exists just to find and kill the enemy's main navy and exert naval supremacy. This should consist of a bunch of 1 ship spotting task forces on patrol. Use cheap cruisers with lots of catapults set to never engage. Then, a doomstack set to strikeforce that actually kills the fleets you spot. This should have exactly 4 carriers, as many capital ships(preferably BBs) as you can afford and enough screens to cover them all. This will kill any fleet the AI fields. Just be mindful that having air superiority over the sea zone combat happens in can nullify carrier planes. For this reason carriers matter much less in the Mediterranean and English Channel but much more in the deep Pacific/Atlantic. If you have an airfield in range, you should always try to have air superiority over the decisive battle. In blue waters, carriers can be used as airfields to launch missions, and that means their naval bombers can deal damage without needing to commit to a pitched battle

Convoy raiding and naval invasions are the payoff for having naval supremacy, which means you only need to build enough capital ships to win the decisive battle, and then afterwards enough raiders to cover the sea zones that actually matter.
Also, naval bombers (carrier or land-based) matter because the AI will mostly keep its main navy in port, on a strikeforce mission. You can't force a battle in a port and these fleets won't sortie to pick a fight they can't win but will continue to sortie to intercept your raiders and then run when your strikeforce arrives.
Port strike in sufficient numbers will drive the AIs fleet out of dock so you can kill it, or keep it trapped there in an indefinite repair loop while it slowly dies. You can also flush a fleet out of port by taking it in a naval invasion.
They fixed it so that CAS only checks enemy used combat width. So mass charge doesn't super amp CAS anymore.
Do you ever give major nations buffs in the custom difficulty tab? I'm tempted to give Italy some bonuses when I play allies so that they're less of a total liability to the axis. Or does it warp the game too much?
>When your historical path through WW2 is "did not participate" you shouldn't get a focus tree.

B-but they sent like 1 division to Italy that surely counts right???

File: 1693917274062276.png (354 KB, 579x818)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
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Not even death would allow your duty to end
*TT2 Protocols you
Yeah, killing is not the same as breeding.
what the fuck do i do for realizations, hod’s is annoying
Depends really. You mostly want strong keypages and good source of draw/light. Hod start is really rough, but it's easy after that. Just remember to read and match damage type with target weakness. You need slash for brothers, but the rest is mostly weak to blunt. If you struggle with Swan specifically, Kim should have your back. Ignore the brother that gives Angela extra speed and one with damage reflect page. Or you know. Just run full smoke team and unga through everything.
first phase? hint: all bros have their own effects; in particular, killing the 6th bro staggers black swan, so you can and should finish her off next scene without worrying about the mass attack
before that point, it's your choice which other 2 bros to speedkill to avoid the mass, but usually the priorities for them are fairly straightforward too

File: header.jpg (31 KB, 460x215)
31 KB
It's here. How shit will it be?
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Except one is a narrow game confined to historical greece, while the other covers all humanity and has alternate history.

So completely dissimilar.
For me this already won the war since Ara doesn't have multiplayer. I'll get Ara and will probably enjoy it, but competing with others is what I like the most out of 4xs.
>Ara doesn't have multiplayer
That's an interesting choice. I don't really play 4x MP, but even I know that's where the genre shines.
That's generally true, mostly because to my knowledge there has never been a 4X game with competent AI that didn't just resort to letting AI factions cheat in order to keep up. So if you want a honest challenge, playing against other players is typically the only option.

On the other hand, focusing exclusively on singleplayer means they don't have to worry about things like making everything balanced. Balance isn't necessarily a bad thing, but more than a few games were made objectively worse because the devs were obsessed with PvP balance at the cost of fun.
>So if you want a honest challenge
single or multi, whoever gets the most land and/or science production first wins.

File: 20230929141409_1.jpg (555 KB, 1920x1080)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
>Worship: Moloch
lol hail Satan I guess
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no he didn't say the nigger word
>why was this post deleted?
Offended a tranny janny by reminding xem that xey'll never have an abortion
children(or animal) sacrifice is a cargo cult of ''gods''(aliens) collecting samples(also checking purity of the stocks) and taking tribute from their human slaves, that is why bloodlines and race purity is important - it come directly from ''gods''
>kingship come from the heavens
yeah but we sacrifice them before they are even born
>maybe completely dismissing ancient accounts out of hand isn't always such a good idea
but anon, you need to trust science and not some fairy tale

File: KoH2.png (476 KB, 496x700)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
>10 months after premiere
>I am forgotten
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>But the game isnt shit
Who are you kidding? Yourself?
>B-but it's a shovelware, it's not intended to be good
Well, stating it aloud certainly isn't making it good, either.
Price of the game is honestly pretty much irrelevant. Even if games were $100 as a norm with the same budget I'd still end up with more than enough games for the time I have. Quibbling over $10 or $20 is only relevant when you are a literal basement dweller. I'm a job haver with no time to spend hours on subpar games.
>remake of a classic remakes the classic
>Remake changes significantly from the classic
File: Victoria_3_cover_art.jpg (24 KB, 220x330)
24 KB
Finally the thread started .

File: 1670195720142859.jpg (1.04 MB, 2560x1440)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
New dev diary just dropped


Are you looking forward to glownigger simulator 2024?
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My bet is he's mildly conservative, guy's polish after all
He realized he had no shot of pulling it off because nobody was joining with his men like I assume he hoped

Assuming it's true that he reached some sort of deal with Lukashenko mediating, I don't understand why he wouldn't just kick back in an African country of his choosing. Of all the places he could go why would he ever return to Russia?
I maintain that he was killed by the US or France for his role in Africa after he had official FSB security pulled thanks to his possibly drug-fuelled spergout.
>Putin lost significant face by not killing Prigo when he did that weird coup thing (the obvious thing was to send a Spetsnaz or Chechen death squad into Rostov-on-Don and put a bullet in his brain)
>Prigozhin was literally given an extra life by Putin
>The reason Putin did this was related to Prigozhin’s role in Africa
>It makes zero (0) sense that Putin would let Prigozhin live and then kill him in the dumbest possible way
>If for some reason Putin let Prigozhin live after the coup and then later decided "nah, I should have killed him," he easily could have done that in Africa and pinned it on the locals because shit like that happens in Africa
>If Putin was going to kill Prigozhin, there is no way he would also kill random people as well because of optics (no one would care if he killed Prigozhin alone)
>Meanwhile, the US is heavily involved in this Africa situation, which Prigozhin was more or less running the enemy side of things
>The US regularly does extrajudicial killings, they’ve done this for decades, in public, and often just admitted it and the US certainly doesn’t care about collateral damage
>France is also involved deeply in Africa
>The Ukrainians have also been doing all kinds of weird assassinations, although those were mostly blowing up random bloggers
>Part of what happened to Prigozhin after the failcoup was that he had official FSB security removed from him, which left him open
>The US government always blames Russia for everything that happens anywhere, they even blamed Russia for black crime, repeatedly
How would the US or France get missiles in Tver, which is hundreds of miles from any western-aligned nation's borders? The only attacks against anywhere that isn't close to the border like Belgorod, as far as I'm aware, is the attempted drone attack in Moscow, but it's way easier to sneak a drone than a surface-to-air missile
He was promised what he wanted-preservation of Wagner. While he could succeed in a coup, it could have easily turned into a prolonged war or ended in failure.
There wasn't any meaningful opposition either, people on the ground surrendered. He could have seized Moscow at least. There were next to no proper armed units in the way-government threw Cadets and Rosgvardia as a desperate measure. Most of units in Moscow and Oblast were non-frontline units like aa batteries and/or crewed by compulsury service soldiers. They could have theoretically used airborne forces, but they were hours away and Wagner had aa
Devil's advocate: bribe

File: 160615-400.jpg (38 KB, 400x400)
38 KB
Which is kind of a shame really
331 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
I really want an overhaul that'll expand Grand Chien to the rest of the country (We're just in some valley or something) and have it be this fucking shitshow civil war. Communists, presidential loyalists, la legion, company mercs, safari-goers, hermann the nazi scientist, throw in some new donut steel shit like pirates and neighboring country invading and just random gangs. I finished the game and haven't touched it for a few months but it really hit my itch perfectly (or as perfect as can be expected) for tactical turn based. Turn it into african bush war sandbox and I'll be playing it till the cows come home.

Also plz give me a g3.
not a WW2 weapon
A white flag?
I really like this song
What'd you get, crappy early SMGs in a game with guns 3 gen their descendants everywhere and fuck-off overkill 12.7 rifleman long sticks?
I want the FR-F1 but as far as I can tell it doesn't exist in vidya.

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