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So what's the deal with these games? Are they good? I've only played Dark Crusade a long time ago and I remember enjoying it, does DoW2 have a good single player campaign(s)? What about DoW 3?
Also, Dawn of War thread I suppose.
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It was so bad that Relic officially announced that it didn't reach the sales they were expecting and that any future expansions were cancelled, that's kind of bad, that being said...
I pirated it and tried the tutorial to see how it plays and if it had any new mechanics, and I was pleasantly surprised, it's closer to DoW1 than DoW2 was, it's got base building and the usual requisition/power resources, has good graphics, audio and voice acting and it runs well, once I give the campaign a good try I'll report back with more details, but one thing that I saw immediately is that Heroes units, called Elites, are very powerful, I remember them being impactful in DoW1, but not to this degree, it's also got some questionable elements which are straight out of MOBA games, but I think it fits the game well.
Is this a bait post?
Which part do you think is bait exactly? I know a lot consider it bad, but I imagine not many even gave it a try, the very little I played so far I thought was good, but mind you, that was just the tutorial, like I said, once I try the campaign I'll know for sure if it's the disaster every claimed it was.
Dawn of War 1 is a cool RTS that does quite a bit different from what the rest of the genre was doing at the time. Dark Crusade is arguably the best one to get into in the whole series. For multiplayer, Soulstorm with fan patches and stuff will be better at this point. DoW 2 is very different whether you are playing SP or MP. If you like comp stomps, don't even fucking bother with DoW2 because the AI just does not understand how to play the game such that even a first timer can absolutely trounce it on the hardest difficulty.

>>802771 does have the right idea to look at the game in the context of the studio that made them. Prior to Dawn of War, Relic did Impossible Creatures and Homeworld, both memorable RTS games that did their own thing so it's not a surprise that, even now, there are people that refuse to think of even the first Dawn of War as part of the genre. DoW2 is a major departure from 1, but Relic released the original Company of Heroes in between those (and funnily enough, a 360 exclusive third person shooter with some RTS elements earlier in the same year). There's a pretty clear progression of the ideas of territory control, tactical gameplay, and such across those games where the original CoH does feel like the midway point between them.

>If they genuinely thought they were building on DoW1 then wouldn't CoH2 have gone the same route?
Relic lost a lot of staff and had a lot of problems in the time leading up to CoH2. Retribution was a clusterfuck of having to cut things apart and paste what little they had together to get it out the door as THQ was dying during that time. THQ's death also took Space Marine 2 with it which was officially cancelled like a year before CoH 2 came out. In light of those two factors (losing talent and their publisher), it's not really a surprise that they went with a safer sequel.
File: Mandrake6.jpg (42 KB, 266x345)
42 KB
Aside from worse campaign I don't like how low effort Sisters are. Deldar quality looks great and actually unique and their only problem is that they are oldDeldar instead of reworked NuDeldar. So few of their designs look like shit like Mandrakes. But Sisters are really bad. They are basically Space Marine + Imperial Guard reskin. That Witch Hunters mod wipes the floor with vanilla game SoB, anime faces or not. And I actually prefer them as part of Ordo Hereticus than their own faction.

File: Kurukshetra.jpg (74 KB, 614x428)
74 KB
>new setting
>"diverse" region
>appeals to a massive country and their equally large diaspora
>tightly focused campaign
>hero units who can use magic and shit (one of them is a woman turned into a man)
>mythical creatures
Yeah, I'm thinking next historical TW will be set in the Mahabharata.
Too bad that despite the large population there isn't a significant market to take advantage of. Same general reason why China wasn't catered to till rather recently. Maybe in a couple decades.

File: download.jpg (50 KB, 800x600)
50 KB
maybe we can have a thread about this franchise and lament its ongoing death
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almost 2 years passed, and i still crash on every starting mission on all campaigns on both games on pc.

what OS you using?
OS7, the other mode were you pick a hero and choose your enemies doesn't crash wich is odd.
Try using a older version? I had to down grade hero's because two levels were broken.
KuF 2 just shut down right?
>it will not be missed

File: ostwind.jpg (56 KB, 480x348)
56 KB
Most useless units edition
>completely shit SPAA abilities
>OK at fighting infantry & half tracks
>thats it
some other useless units?
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Is this worth playing for the single player or is it just another multiplayer focused build order autism fest?
Only Ardennes Assault is alright, the base campaign is meh, you're better off getting CoH 1 and its first expansion if you want some cool single player content.
>Anon makes a post like this (Talks like this for some fucking reason)
>It's absolutely fucking abhorrent.
Heh, nothing personel kid.
Shut the fuck off, go back to facebook, you dumb nigger.
Seethe, cope and dilate, tranny.

never 4get
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Blizzard is a shadow of it's former self.
File: 1552234477150.jpg (58 KB, 1304x568)
58 KB
that's why we have the book
Where can I get the non-pozzed classic version? I'm kicking myself for keeping this title in my backlog for so long.
Torrent it.

File: Simport 2052.jpg (538 KB, 1280x720)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Post cities you're building. Simple as.
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File: 2021-10-22-035.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1200)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
well, any industry multiplier, really
File: 2021-10-22-036.jpg (1019 KB, 1920x1200)
1019 KB
1019 KB JPG
File: 2021-10-22-037.jpg (963 KB, 1920x1200)
963 KB
963 KB JPG
Thank you.

Farms starting to give way to new sub divisions.

File: Kronus_Surface_Map.png (104 KB, 250x181)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
What are your favorite /vst/ games with a conquest/risk-like mode?

For me:
>Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
>Battle for Middle Earth II
>Star Wars: Empire at War
Wish more games had a mode like this, guess it's hard to flesh out but when done right it gives a lot of replayability
Warlords Battlecry II was pretty nice. The whole resistance thing was kind of weird though, and I didn't figure out until far later than I ought have that switching to one of your conquered races was basically mandatory as the campaign went on due to how insanely buffed the enemies got against a race of yours that had already done some conquering.
Besides those 3 which are really good picks, i also liked rise of nations risk mode, was really entertaining.
Warrior Kings: Battles is pretty nice

File: file.png (1.25 MB, 960x480)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Mughals best culture
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File: 1579230466456.jpg (37 KB, 285x302)
37 KB
>must be hard to function with all these imaginary characters occupying your brain
>twitter told us that going woke
File: Untitled.png (198 KB, 759x572)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Why lie like this? Civ 6 has 10 times the numbers. Meanwhile Humankind's numbers are dropping so rapidly they're now at a 24-hour peak of 2,972.

Nice deflection, the topic moved from that days ago or you seem unaware that you're talking to at least two, actually probably three or four, people. I chalk this down to brain damage.
>thread devolves into how alive the game is
Proof enough that there's nothing to discuss on this 'deep' 'civ killer' game. One way meta is discovered and not a lot of viable strat compared to old games that people are still discussing about. Because it's so narrow gameplayed we are arguing useless things here. So much coping to players who spent money on this dead 'civ killer' game kek.
Can you read?
He didn't lie. He said "numbers are meaningless". And you, in your utmost idiocy, decided to talk about the numbers.

>thread dies due to nobody playing the game and idiots flock in to argue with themselves

Pic related came out in 2015. I remember being hyped thinking it would be like a spiritual successor to C&C generals but on a bigger scale like Red Dragon.... What a massive letdown!

>3 resources instead of just 1 simple resource
>All the unit's are pretty expensive kinda killing macro, so spam is out
>Can't really micro anything either CoH style there's just no mechanic's for it

It's like they couldn't decide whether to copy generals somewhat spammy but fun gameplay or CoHs small tactical but still fun gameplay. In the end they ended up with this barrel of fail that appeals to neither fanbase.

What other RTS failures/letdowns have disappointed you guys?
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>40k games have to die so that fantasy games could live
That's a trade I'll happily take any day.
Yeah I liked SupCom2 as well, but at the same time it's not hard to see why SupCom1 fans didn't like it.
There's plenty of in between game's. I just don't think supcom 2 is one of them.

On it's own, yeah it's meh, forgettable. But it's not on it's own. It's part of the supreme commander series. It occupies space that could have been occupied by a decent fucking sequel, I will not ignore that fact.
You're letting your butthurt blind you to it's qualities.
heresy has clouded your mind!

What strategy games focus primarily on military logistics? Which game does it better?
I've been recently reading a lot about ancient and modern wars and the logistics side of it all is pretty fascinating to me.
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not primarily but Earth 2150 has a logistics component to it: units using conventional weapons need resupplying
M.A.X. If you really hate yourself and want to also refuel everything (and can tolerate the not so successful transition to 3D), M.A.X. 2.
File: horseshit.jpg (22 KB, 500x375)
22 KB
None, not even being funny here. There isn't a single game out there that does this concept even halfhearted justice.

Pic related is the only thing that comes to mind that tried to do it, but it is firstly not a vidya, and secondly they (intentionally) went overboard, making a silly memegame that is unplayable and only known for its unplayability.
Foxhole if you want to be an individual truck/freighter driver and have severe autism
The AI gets infinite truck points for free. only complete encirclements affect their units. It's dissapointing and its left until the last part of the ebook. The game is more a research and discovery juggling and character minmaxing rpg than a logistics game.

File: EHPz6XoX0AMAuks.jpg (90 KB, 680x547)
90 KB
I cannot think of another game that simultaneously has such extreme fans and also so many haters.

HoI4 has threads about how much people dislike it as well as threads about how great it is. No other game is like this.

What is it about thr HoI4 formula that is so divisive?
58 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

HoI4 logistics arent great but it is 100% true that there is a supply system and if you have too many units on a province you can have your divisions attrition and fucking die, and that it can be encountered fairly frequently in Africa, SEA, and from naval invasions.

The next DLC is having a major overhaul of the logistial supply systems.
It's a paradox game, their games, and more importantly their drones, are a fucking scourge to this board.

The only entertaining thing about this business and its lapdogs, is watching the mental gymnastics they do to both have a game about Nazis and sanitize out the Nazis. None of their games would sell if Germany wasn't a playable faction for the paradox NPC following to play out their "alternative history".
>I can hate nazis and thoroughly enjoy a game in which I beat everyone and make nazis great again
It is like some of these people are two people in one body, but unaware of this fact.
Lets face the facts. In the old days Paradox made grand strategy wargame simulations, which, although not perfect, had much potential. But now Paradox caters to dicks and morons, who open their wallets and butt cheeks and scream "harder daddy!" as Paradox pounds their asses.

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What can I do for the economy?
Build liquor factories
>germany grants huge loans to outrageous interest rates
>germany insists on greece following through with their purchase of submarines
>submarines produced by german companies
>greece gets to pay interest to germany for loans taken to pay germany for submarines

>germany profits on both ends, greece loses on both ends

Now THATS efficiency!
first two branches of commerce tech. also encourage bureaucracy up to 100% adm efficiency in every non-colonial state
File: 1616221415794.jpg (186 KB, 1080x1084)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>dick around the "build factory" menu, seing what each one requires trying to match it best to the regions RGO and other factories
>game crashes

why lads i cant understand?!? I dont want to be LF every playthrough, but i cant for the life of me figure out why the UI is fucking me up

File: phoenix-point-factions.jpg (76 KB, 1054x415)
76 KB
>new jericho
>industrialists and human purists led from top down by a reclusive billionaire wierdo, heavy strong man cult of personality vibes
Sure makes sense
>Disciples of Anu
>wierd synthetic religion getting high on alien farts
Wierd but I can see it
fucking what? How could such a retarded polity survive the collapse of the civilized world and the mad max alien hellscape that followed? I get they were probably hard up for a third choice between "Mussolini did nothing wrong" and "Inject this alien DNA into your dick" but surely they could have had something better? Like a mostly defunct final vestige of the UN paying lip service to long lost Beaurocracy, Ala Pravin Lal?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Mandatory? Mist is just an area where hostile bases can be spawn, and citadels can attack across 1/3 of the globe. Even if you equip every base with repellers, it means that they will spawn in remote gaps, far beyond your radars.
>Can i have a preview of what i can stole
In Hypnos you can see it in the haven screen, over lab district tab.
I'm still waiting for a mecha DLC where you can build a giant robot (which costs a lot of resources and requires a unique building that takes up a lot of squares) so that you can get into a punching contest with a Scylla.
Is lategame geoscape still unbearably tedious?
>Mandatory? Mist is just an area where hostile bases can be spawn
But it also increases starvation rate for heavens
Dude, mist repellers help a ton. Don't pretend the entire map swimming in mist somehow doesn't matter.

This any good? Does the AI cheat too much? Is the campaign mode interesting?
49 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>americans really think this
That one Union general who chastised his men for ducking from enemy bullets, only to get shot right in the head by a sniper from hundreds of metres away. Pure kino.
>T. American Education
Seething Europoors lmao

I grew up on Dungeon Keeper 1, but I have very little nostalgia for it. I revisited it, and realized that the humor and charm of the game still holds up well. I wouldn’t say it holds up as well in the gameplay department but still.

When it comes to Bullfrog I don’t think anyone would debate that these are more casual strategy games, I don’t really go to Bullfrog games to spend eight hours mastering my micro. And I definitely think that there is some nostalgia-fagging when it comes to Populous. That shit is clunky as fuck. But games like Syndicate, Theme Park and Syndicate Wars all still are blasts to play. Casual experiences can still be really fun even if I personally am more into the complexity of strategy games. I will say, there might be something special about Bullfrog games. The charm they exude is really special.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Haven’t seen Genewars mentioned in a long time. I have a lot of good memories playing deep into the night trying to make broken monstrosities
Bullfrog games were fucking awesome. Another EA casualty :(

Loved populus the beginning, DK 2 and theme park.
Populous 3 was the best. I'm not even sure Molyneux worked on it.
File: 1609349899125.jpg (39 KB, 720x720)
39 KB
played the fuck outta the top row and beat the ever living fuck outta my meat to the mistresses before I had pornworthy internet
never touched the bottom row which means they're shit
also OP yer a faggot
Actually kys, you are cringey as fuck

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