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File: 1672123761110803.jpg (34 KB, 460x215)
34 KB
I think vic3's economy is far better than 2's. >No retarded global markets so African and Chinese dirt farmers aren't fully integrated into the world economy in 1836, and trade routes mean buying order isn't determined by who can prestige whore the most, but who has the highest trade competitiveness with larger merchant fleets, lower prices, trade agreements, treaty ports (actually useful now), etc.
>interest that goes back to your people instead of just vanishing from the economy giving you an incentive for deficit spending
>more than 1 resource gathering building per state and far higher building limits
>variable prices based on spatial differences between supply and demand meaning tariffs can actually protect your industry
>blockades actually having an effect due to the convoy mechanics
>the representation of the service sector in an economy
>pop needs able to be substituted instead of requiring everything in the list
>a (mostly) non retarded construction AI that only trips up with arts academies
And it just goes on and on. I can get why someone would dislike the war system or lack of flavor, but I just can't take them seriously and assume they're a /gsg/ shitposter if they claim to prefer Vic 2's economy. 3 has so many changes that I exactly wanted to see in a sequel, and I say this as somone with over a thousand hours in Vic 2.
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CK3 specifically made it so tiny stacks don't try to sneak in and run all the way to your capital to cap it
I didn't realize how much I hated that shit until I revisited V2
Stronghold was always better than AoE2
Dawn of War was always better than Starcraft
Entire Homm series is bad, with simplistic battles and shallow campaign map
Darkest Dungeon is mobile game tier
Paradox GSGs are dumbed down Total Wars. They are so dumbed down that entire layer of tactical battles is cut out
Shogun 2 is the worst Total War
ok? Victoria 3 can't even be fixed by mods, it's unfixable shit.
>victoria 3 is 4 years old and they still havent fixed the economy
Dead game.
File: 1687705801298437.gif (185 KB, 500x500)
185 KB
185 KB GIF
Are you a time traveler?

File: december1984.jpg (1.95 MB, 2560x1440)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
Wasn't a big fan of Red Dragon compared to Airland Battle, but this campaign was a trve 9/10 RTS experience. Pure fun
does the latest game have campaigns like this? loved this campaign
The RedDragon campaigns felt really restrictive compared to ALB, overly so.
>Mhhm, The PLA is pounding my defences, but if I sneakily do a naval landing behind them, I'll take the heat off my left flank"
>get some reserve troops on boats
>get the naval forces to the coastal tile
>attempt to land
"oh you can't do that"
"you just can't."

I much prefered ALBs campaigns where you can go nuts and just send paratroopers on stockholm to open up the road to Gothenburg
The ditched the risk-style map to have a sort of total war/graviteam lite frontline, it can still be fun, plus the AI in steel division is much better so sp is more enjoyable overall.
Those campaigns were the coolest shit and it's really sad they were treated like such an afterthought.
Like the AI is bad anyway but imposing limitations on what's actually available in the field right now made it kinda cool because you had to think wether you can hold the line with weird shitty units and special ones felt really important and losing even a single one could hurt you in long run, ESPECIALLY airplanes.
The fact veterancy also stuck with units for entire lenght of the campaign also helped and earning said veterancy which is mostly ignored or at best considered a nice bonus in normal play became very important as the difference between couple of low tier ATGM planes with low veterancy and same planes with top veterancy was huge.

Is Endless Space 2 fixed now?
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Amplitude's probably going to get liquidated if Sega goes under which is looking more and more likely
Eh, SEGA has enough assets to sell off before they're even at a slight risk of going onder, so I wouldn't count on that. But yeah Amplitude does look like they're one of the assets that'll quickly get sold or dumpstered if things get worse.
The academy feels way better now. I have done 2 runs and I'm really warming to the mechanics. Nakalim are just bland. I like the egyptsian aesthetic but I would like to be more alien. It is kinda weird having in mind they made Cravers, Riftborns and Horatio. Welp, it seems it is another "Vaulters" bland faction.
>no fix for multiplayer desync
>download game on recently upgraded W11
>CTD on startup
guess I'll check back again in 16 years when the next patch drops

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they renamed two fo the variants :
>Jade Empire is nowZhu Xi’s Legacy
>Sultan Army is now Ayyubids
Could be fun in some other game or in campaign, but what the fuck is that doing in a MP faction?
It's called "fun". Something MPnigs don't understand.
>people are seething the Jeanne is important
>in an AoE game
She kind of seems like the daimyo/shoguns from AoE3. Mobile troop production with an aura buff.

File: Civilization III.jpg (27 KB, 460x215)
27 KB
How do I play this game correctly? What's the best civilization for a beginner and do I have to play extremely wide?

Furthermore, how do I get the game to run on 1920x1080? I have it on Steam.
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Also, Republic is the ultimate government. Nothing comes even close. Nothing.
based oldfag, RCP supremacy
On what difficulty level are the player and AIs evenly matched, i.e neither of them has any mechanical advantages? Do the AIs cheat on every difficulty in this game?
Thank you, it turns out that the game doesn't even show you the option to upgrade if you don't have enough gold for it, which means that you have to calculate how much gold you need yourself.
Regent, actually.
Also note that upgrading *from* a unique unit into the next tier is free of charge.

there are many strategy games with an arabic theme and they are awesome and all
but how come there aren't any games about early arabic history? like the founding of the first caliphates civil wars etc? usually only the crusades are brought up which are cool but i am curious if there is any strategy game for other arabic history
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Europa Barbarorum 2, a mod for Medieval 2 Total is set in era of the Roman Republic and has two pre-Islamic Arabian factions

The 1st is the Saba, a city-state in Southern Arabia and is mostly focused light infantry, archers and mercenaries. They can recruit levy and elite citizen units, Arabian tribesmen and Ethiopean units.
The 2nd is the Kingdom of Nabatea. Intially a nomadic southern Arabian faction, you can turn them into a settled faction and later become influenced by the Greeks to become a powerful kingdom.

They start off using nomadic units like Horse Archers and Lancers and then can recruit lightly armored Southern Arabian Units as a settled faction and later they can recruit Greek and Greek-inspired units like pic related.
The satanic verse doesnt matter in the slightest. The big things that would make a ton of muslims pissed off would be:
>depiction of muhammad
Sunni islam is aniconist. Depicting Muhammad as a human in any form is forbidden. To counteract this, they always draw him with a fire covering his head or always under a veil. Shias sometimes depict the face of Muhammad, but also tend to depict him without a face because of how iconic the style became.
>the depiction of the sucession of the caliphs and the first fitna
After the death of Muhammad a sucession crisis began. The followers of Ali (who would then become the shias) said that Muhammad appointed Ali as his divinely inspired sucessor while the traditionalists (sunnis) held that the Caliphs would be elected by the tribes. Ali peacefully conceded earthly power while arguing for his divine guidance, creating kind of a cold war between the Rashidun Caliphs and Aisha (the girl who married Muhammad when she was 6, then an old woman) against Ali. Things really went to shit when the third caliph died and Ali was appointed as the fourth caliph. After that, everything went to shit in a full blown civil war between the sunnis, shias and the kharjites (a dead sect). There is no way to depict this affair without angering either shia or sunni muslims as they hold contradictory views of how these events played out.
>Khalid, the Sword of Islam
Khalid was the main general behing the early muslim conquests. He was responsible for the conquest of Iraq and the Levant, causing the collapse of Sassanid Persia and cutting the Byzantines from Egypt and eventually leading to its conquest as well. However, apparenly he was highly corrupt and didnt respect the tenants of islam at all. If you refuse to give him any kind of flavor regarding his personal life it might be fine, but any attempt in describing his actual behavior will anger muslims as it will either paint him out as immoral or imply that Abu Bakr was wrong.
Pre-islamic arabia can be kinda cool. There was a lot going on down south in Yemen with the Himyarite kingdom and even Mecca itself, but it would be a very obscure setting.

1 more week until the children can be adopted
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Meme runs and modded meme runs, same as CK2 once you realized how shallow it was
File: bene gesserit.png (120 KB, 750x400)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
>What do you do for fun in this game
breed the kwisatz haderach
>what do you do in this game
we wuz larp, as in any paradox game
Music in CK3 fucking sucks, I can literally hear some Stellaris notes in it
Did they change the composer or something?
So how many years and DLCs until this game become playable? It's been what, 5 years already since release?

File: Screenshot (34).png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
I just got this game so I want there to be a thread for it. This is my first kingdom. I'm starting to figure out logistics and production. Unfortunately I didn't plan my kingdom out very well. Considering starting over. I'm playing on the easy start with mild winters and no AI kingdoms.

Show off your kingdom.
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File: 2023-09-29 083027.jpg (1.27 MB, 2555x1437)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
>I didn't plan my kingdom out very well.
whats there to plan you have like 10 buildings, just demolish stuff that you think is wrong later

this is how i like to build my shit, like a basic fortress. Kinda have to aswell on the max difficulty
File: 2023-09-29 083336.jpg (888 KB, 2560x1438)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
i love this game, kinda casual but with enough depth to be fun, the devs did a good job
File: beetle witch.jpg (334 KB, 1678x2048)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
>kingdom of 4th reich
What old vidya is this most simmilar to?
I could use a 3d K&M clone since almost everyone lately had just been doing a "Caesar3 remake but in different graphical theme" ever since /vst/ became a thing…
Also funny how nobody hid a Caesar clone with an aincient Greek aesthetic yet.
This is really soi but don't bully me. I'd really dig an alternate cultures dlc system for nova roma. Give me a celtic, greek, germanic, and egyptian pack. I'll buy all three, I don't care. I would love to see their architecture in the game with the same style and I know they won't get their own game so a dlc is a nice compromise.

File: 1447539737586.jpg (55 KB, 280x359)
55 KB
XCOM EW and XCOM 2 thread, how are your campaigns going anons?
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I would recommend Troubleshooter only if they also like linear narrative-driven games.
Troubleshooter doesn't have the sandbox elements or any consequential interactions between the strategic and tactical layer.
File: ca825c996ee55939.png (614 KB, 605x796)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
Nothing like good old spite to get a project going.
I liked it, the breach system was cool even if alternative entrance routes were under utilised and breach equipment didn't make much of a difference. Having every unit take turns in order (instead of team turns) ended up forcing you to decide whether to focus on enemies that will go soon and thus cause you damage, or to focus on the biggest threats to prevent them from acting at all. The strategy layer was really easy and shallow, but the actual combat was still solid and I didn't mind the pre-baked characters that much. It's a shame you can't recruit all of them in a single run, especially as I found that my training slot was nearly always being used by someone who got injured due to the relative lack of squaddies you have at any given time. The lack of a post-game or new game+ was kind of a shame as it isn't very replayable, but it's a budget release and a single playthrough lasts for a decent amount of time.

Basically it's a decent game that has pre-baked characters instead of randoms that can die permanently. Don't expect a huge leap forward but if you've played any of the recent games it's the same thing with one or two modest changes. The writing is hit or miss too but the gameplay is solid.
Is there a mod for EU/EW/LW/LWR that allows for a sandbox mode?
Ooo I like where yer at

>wait, so the game is just staring at a map? How is that any fun?
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My gf made a custom empire of the gecko people and named it the "Wittle Cutie Babies Alliance" so there must be a spectrum of cute-or-fuckable xenos for women
>tfw Greenland didn't change colour
make her a child
There's no way she ever starved, her tits are way too big.
fake as everything else about her
but yes she never starved in her life, her parents are too wealthy

File: header.jpg (31 KB, 460x215)
31 KB
It's here. How shit will it be?
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Age of Heroes will be awesome if it makes it so that everyone gets a hero and can only use them in war so everything is settled in hero duels. Basically anything that makes each age wildly different from each other will sell me on this game. If it's just techs and bonuses, I will sleep.
Knossos is a city, Ufa is a town and the other things within that blob are "districts" or tile improvements. To the right you can see part of the name for another city, with the towns of Samara and Mangazeya. To the left, the dashed blob is a fort or outpost. Only a few YouTubers have early access to the game, that I'm aware of, and the one who mentioned that bit seemed uncertain on which of those is the correct name but it works like what most other games call an outpost.

Having "characters" is a big marketing point to allistic people.

Paradox is marketing it.

He made Fallen Enchantress, the reboot of Elemental. Elemental was sort of a game designer's game, every 4x since then (but most notably Civ 5 and Endless Legends) copied its best features, but it was never really fun beyond as a cool technical curiosity.
>He made Fallen Enchantress
Yes I know. And look at what he did after that.
I have no idea what he did after that. I stopped following Stardock around then.
>I have no idea what he did after that
Exactly. He vanished.

File: file.png (2.28 MB, 1148x1700)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
ITT: underutilized settings for RTS/RTT games
come on eugene, SDIII: Korea, please
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>he thinks he knows
I liked pre-80s matches in Red Dragon and Airland. Too bad that only sweatlords play the game anymore so no community servers with interesting rules.
File: tow3k.jpg (47 KB, 460x215)
47 KB
>Korean War
Theatre of War 3: Korea covered the Korean War, it even had a strategic campaign. Sadly it's Russian jank and pretty barebones so it didn't go anywhere.

There seems to be a small uptick in WW1 games ever since Battlefield 1 proved the setting could work. The Great War: The Western Front is sitting on potential but Petrogylph (the devs) seem to be wasting it all by doing nothing and letting the game only be about a small bit of the Western Front-line.
>Musket era/Breech loaded rifle era
Grand Tactician: The Civil War is ok for this. It's not a exciting game but it has its moments.
>pre-ww1 to Early Cold War
Rule The Waves 3 has you covered there, at least as far as naval combat goes.
File: file.png (437 KB, 560x385)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Iran Iraq Kino
Libyan Truck War when?

File: dom6.jpg (340 KB, 1280x720)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
find a difference between 5 and 6
209 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Dominions 4: p4ntokrator
>Dominions 1: Priests, Prophets & Pretenders
>Dominions 2: The Ascension Wars
>Dominions 3: The Awakening
>Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension
>Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

VGH... Such amazing names...
>Dominions: The Ascension Wars
>Dominions 3
>Revenge of the Pantokrator: A Dominions Saga
>Dominions 4
>Dominons One
>Dominions 1: Solid Pantokrator
>Dominions 2: Sons of Faith
>Dominions 3: Pantokrator Eater
>Dominions 4: Guns of the Pretenders
>Dominions Ascending Avengeance
>Dominions 5: The Phantom Throne
>Dominions 5: The Phantom Throne
ngl, this sounds sick

File: file.png (1.99 MB, 1356x757)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
ck2 shenanigans, the thread
35 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Happened to my with whisky, aye.
same but with soda, somehow it still works
Love that mod, but I'm kinda annoyed that the Gaul area will always turn into a clusterfuck of independent Romano-Gallic counts after a series of inevitable independence wars against the Franks.
Kys gaygan faggot
Aye, not cum though, Dr pepper sperged out and hit the bottle when my heir died
Is the mod that adds China to HIP any good? I literally have no interest in playing over there but I just think it’s neat to see on the map :)

File: 17-d15_12.jpg (33 KB, 400x465)
33 KB
>Ah... a challenge worthy of my skill!
218 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because if you had the basic competency to micromanage your units Eldar absolutely destroyed, with ease, every other army in the game. It was particularly bad in DoW 1, where they dominated multiplayer to the point where almost no one was playing anything else. Then they hard nerfed them, and they were STILL better than every other faction. Good times if you were an Eldar chad, the tears were delicious. If you are curious you can still search the web for posts on forums back then crying bloody tears about how broken they were in all three versions of the game, all the way up to Soulstorm.
Yeah, I can live with limited squad loadouts and most of the actual nu-marines but the vehicles are consistently bad to the point it's insulting. They feel like /tg/ shitposts with the amount of weapons stapled onto them. I had that monthly subscription (Imperium?) for a while but eventually stopped because Primaris are just so boring. I've been meaning to pick up some of the Horus Heresy boxes and build a bunch of beakies, but haven't gotten around to it because I have no one to play against and my nearest LGS is an hour away.
The Alpha Legion having fallen into madness, desperation and incompetence is a pretty central theme in Renegades Harrow master
I really enjoyed it but I'm a 15 year AL player so I'm probably biased even if I like to think my bar for AL stuff is high
It's not like tinkering by admech isn't tech heresy also, it's just that they have backers, goons, and secret labs to stop them getting vaporised for doing it and they (usually) don't walk around with the fruits of their dabbling in the open
Random orphan with fuck all backup messing with tech and flaunting that he's doing so? He's probably not gonna have a good time

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