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File: unknown-15.png (357 KB, 943x922)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
What's up with your current fort anons?
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DF is needlessly complex but Rimworld completely lacks flavor. Neither is better and they both suck, it's just that Rimworld is easier to mod and play so it's more popular.
actualy DF is much easier to mod, you can do a total conversion just by using the provided """API"""
dwarf fort base building >>>>>>> Rimworld base building
I meant more in that it was easier to install mods for a clueless person thanks to steam workshop.

Are there any strategy games which actually try and have a somewhat complex diplomacy?
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No, we all know diplomats and bureaucrats achieve next to nothing
Victoria 2
>declare war on an east asian minor
>secondary power breaks the alliance with you
>another GP declares war on them
"try" is the keyword I guess
Your days are numbered, Goonswarm lackey. Soon all of Delve will belong to us, whoever we are.
There's a foss android app to play the game called Conspiracy. It's what I use, is very convenient. I usually play games with 24 hour turns, that way you get plenty of time to negotiate with the other players. Planning your next moves in your head while you are bored at work and sending the orders once you arrive at home and go to the bathroom to take a dump is peak comfy.

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Factorio is just autism bait
Found a game for you bro
the worst part about any RTS campaign is when they give you 1 squishy unit and tell you to play it as a stealth game, let me bootstrap up and build, let me have freedom of choice over my strategy, OP is a jizz juggler
People who hate basebuilding are 95% ASSFAGGOTS faggots.

File: 1583940259877.png (429 KB, 616x353)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
>What's that? You want a battle in the field? fuck you. How about another 10 sieges?
I don't want to play anymore
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>Soooo... Is it just me or are missiles a bit too OP in this game?
No, this happens since Shogun 2
File: 1596661916704.jpg (345 KB, 1536x2048)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
File: Bronze_Age_helmet.jpg (34 KB, 220x261)
34 KB
>go in thinking it's going to be about chariots and heavy armored dudes
>the best tactic is just to spam range
I was really salty desu. Until I played Paris and easily rekt every enemy with my broken archers. I wonder if they've fixed that since.
If they never fixed it in the other games, I don't see why they would start now.

File: vYEuQHujzvdzCoUfPHm4c.jpg (420 KB, 2560x1440)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
It's going to be shit isn't it?
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The character models are 3d, but it will still be 2d combat like in DD1.
File: file.png (2.27 MB, 1471x753)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
The models are 3d, but combat is still going to be 2d. 3d is much easier to animate, and it looks like they will keep the artistic style of the first one; this is for the better.
thats better than i initially thought then but i really like good 2d art and the best thing darkest dungeon had was its art and presentation imo so i hope it at least matches it
not surprising at all
seems like a kind of stupid thing to add anyway
will it actually do anything meaningful new? or is it just aesthetic changes and gimmicks
Its coming out through EA on eggs first so who knows.
I have to wonder just how modding is gonna be in this game. If the models are in 3D, then that's going to be a bummer for a lot of modders, I assume.

File: FrostPunk.jpg (280 KB, 1280x720)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
I'm new to RTS games and I was disappointed with this games moral preaching in a apocalyptic world. Are there any RTS games that have deep lore and cool story that aren't morally black and white? Thanks frens.
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Really, I like the scenarios for being fairly well balanced in terms of difficulty, especially on extreme, but that is the problem, once you've completed them, you've basically done everything. Endless was sort of tacked on because so many people were asking for it, but it's functionally just the first scenario without an endpoint and some later scenario things added into it. You can build the generator just like in Last Autumn (Though sadly, it didn't include any new LA laws to play with, not even some of the generator specific ones like short workdays or safety measures), but on day 50, it just becomes regular endless mode from then on. You can trade with settlements, but the resources they offer are still at their On the Edge values, so they're a complete drop in the bucket for endless; I go through 3000 coal per day, trading for the 150 the children's mine gives is worthless.

Endless absolutely needed dynamic events and citizen demands, it's far too easy because nothing ever threatens you after a short time. Settlements could've been a great excuse to have more aggressive random events to force you to work with them, but ultimately even getting steam cores seizing every storm doesn't slow you down enough to bother. All the sense of urgency and pacing that's present in the scenarios evaporates after the first or second storm.
Just surviving to live in a hellhole under a god complex ruler is barely better than dying outright, if at all.
It says "Was it worth it?" at the end which triggers a lot of people when it's just telling you there were other better solutions.
It asks that question no matter what. I did a run where the only laws I picked were Child Shelters, Cemetery, and House of Prayer, and it still still asks if it were worth it. Though it is kind of funny watching the game try to accuse you of different things since the only thing it could really levy against me was the multitudes of sick I had on the last few days.
you could try total war, no story tho, if you're playing historical the lore is your history textbook, and if not warhammer has a shit load of lore

File: 400px-Collage3box.png (149 KB, 400x200)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
why is it so unique?

whether u think the game is a litany of indecipherable mechanics, a reddit tier mappie painter, or a broken and incomplete hodgepodge of ideas, we can agree that vicky is certainly unique. at the very least, there are no direct competitors.
why is this?
a house divided was released in 2012, yet a small but active playerbase is maintained to this day. this month's peak players at 2276.
why has no other company attempted to seize this market?
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Not really HoI4 does many of the same things like production of goods being a real mechanic although HoI4 does not have consumer goods specifically that is just because the focus of the game is war.
Because it is the only good strategy video game ever made.
File: 1607665091531.png (3.75 MB, 1000x7000)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB PNG
It covers up its jank surprisingly well. Most people don't understand the ways in which the economy is broken, they just know that for some reason it takes forever to get resources to build troops or whatever at some point.
Another thing about the game is that it does the indirectness of government really well. National focii and the budget are your tools, and they're somewhat hands off and have trade-offs.
HoI4 has nowhere near the same level of detail

File: Colymar_Tribute.jpg (106 KB, 640x348)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>When you actually manage drive off the Colymar Tribe's army despite being only a clan with only a 18/180 against 40/420.

Feels good.

How come you can't order your tribe to form an army and attack your enemies as well?
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>Can't beat Daga
Funny, cause in late game my leader was so strong it always beat the heroquest early by beating Daga's ass until he scattered away.
File: do it.png (356 KB, 420x546)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
>Cool game of NotViking SimClan/Tribe
I like to imagine I'm in the north caucasus.
The only art in Six Ages I think it truly bad is the ending art. I don't know what they were thinking with that but it looks like it was drawn by children.

Most of the art you see (character art, event scenes) is fine in my opinion. Maybe less gritty than KoDP but I don't it looks bad at all.

File: 79e9434.png (78 KB, 541x841)
78 KB
let's talk about the best written mod on the hearts of iron 4 workshop
pic related
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the guy ruling it dies right after Hitler, triggering the same type of gay civil war, you don't know shit
same thing with Western Soviet front
File: 1565184177731.jpg (22 KB, 320x320)
22 KB
This seems like utter cope.
t. Not even an American
america had the first tranny first "lady" micheal obama and the first gay president barack obama
Have you considered that female niggers just look pretty masculine

File: 20201124021153_1.jpg (523 KB, 1920x1080)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
EU4 love and hate thread
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The west was average. Most of the world outside China had similar wealth levels.
File: NanbanCarrack.jpg (194 KB, 1038x958)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Compare European metallurgy, music, architecture, art, knowledge of the sciences through their own learning and stealing shit from the moors, firearms, political theory, ect. to literally any other part of the world in the 16th/17th century and it isn't even close. Were the Chinese observing cells in 1665? If Asia was so advanced why were Portuguese firearms such higher quality to the local Japanese? Who in the world was making fortifications or artillery of equal quality to the Europeans? Hell, as far back as the 15th century Europeans were just melting down Ottoman equipment because the meterial was so shit by comparison. The Chinese emperor was using Christian missionaries for learning how to make good cannons. European ships in the 1600s were sailing all over the world sinking the navies of local powers despite being far from home and outnumbered, see hormuz and the phillipines. There is no evidence to suggest Europe was more backwards than anyone else. Rather, the opposite was true
He never said that the west was backwards till that period, just that there wasn't that big of a difference between the "development" of the state between the west and other civilizations. I'd say that by mid 17th century the west already was as much developed as China, getting ahead of China by the 18th century
Is Muscovy always unstoppable in your games too? I played several times as its neighbor, and unless you dedicate your whole time to containing it, Muscovy always quicky steam-rolls all east from Lithuania and then starts to devour its way west and south.
I don't think I saw Novogrod winning the struggle even once.
Japan had the best gunpowder armies in 1630 in terms of battlefield tactics. Shame they pissed it away by drinking tea and making woodblock prints for the next 200 years.

File: pure fucking shit.jpg (731 KB, 823x1180)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
This games is so fucking bad. DH and HOI3 are both so much better.
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That was only half the rant. The entire front can be supplied by one railway thus in no way representing the logistical nightmare faced by the Germans. The third game was played on hard since the 2nd game was such as push over. Trouble was by then I had also discovered the Head quarters build up mechanic. A game device that takes play into the realm of a fantasy. So, concentrate the panzers in one area, HQ supply build up, unleash the panzerball. We are talking about most of the panzer/moto divisions, concentrated into one group. Drive from just south of Pskov and cut off not just Leningrad, but also the northern ports that supply it. Two weeks later and its over for the Russians in that region. Then mopping up the rest of the center and south becomes trivial and easily achieved during the last of the good weather. Grind out the remaining VPs over winter because the Russians dont have much of an army left.

Yeah, I suppose I could just not use the HQ build up mechanic. Hard to un-see the seen though. Suppose I could also not use air recon. Hell, I will leave the panzers in Berlin and just use Infantry.

And yes, I could play by email, although I never saw "WitE is primarily a pvp game" mentioned in any of the advertising blurbs or reviews for that matter. That might stop the panzer ball antics. Sometimes. From what I could see on the official forums though games consisted mostly of people trying some panzerball tactic, and if that failed then quitting, since German failure in 1941 equated to eventual defeat and few people could be bothered grinding it out until the end. Likewise Russian players would quit if they lost Moscow.

The fact remains I didn't buy this to play pvp. If it had been advertised as such then I might have accepted its limitations.

I will give it credit in one regard though, it taught me that one should remain highly skeptical of game reviews.
Damn, you fucking destroyed WitE.
Could it be that truly good WW2 wargames just don't exist?
HQ buildup was reworked (nerfed) in 1.08.00, and it was further nerfed in later patches, so what you are describing doesn't work anymore. There were other major changes since then. The AI is and always been a tutorial mode, and grogs on the forums were always telling it to new players.
Well then, that's wonderful. Guess I should have just waited patently for whatever years it took for 1.08.00 to fix what was painfully obvious nonsense.
>The AI is and always been a tutorial mode, and grogs on the forums were always telling it to new players.
I dont know which forum you are referring to but I spent enough time trawling the official forum and that wasn't true. At least not a few years ago.
Let me temper my overt bitterness and criticism of WITE a bit by saying I bought into the advertising hype and positive reviews by people who sounded like they knew what they were talking about. I had spent a lot of time looking for the ultimate Eastern front simulation and I thought I had found it.

But like this guy is saying >>387140 maybe some of the major problems have been fixed. Even so, it seems like you are still stuck with playing pvp, by email, if you want a balanced game and a reasonable challenge.

File: 20201207030850_1.jpg (611 KB, 1920x1080)
611 KB
611 KB JPG
Last one's at the post limit.

What 'ch'yall up to? I'm currently on a "historical order of battle" stint where I only build up my forces to the maximum size the country I'm playing as achieved in WW2. Currently playing the US, which means I make a ridiculously huge navy and air force but only raise 96 divisions. So far it's worked out by going for quality over quantity (for instance, making all infantry divisions motorized, each with a tank and a tank destroyer battalion) - or maybe Franco's troops are just that shit, I dunno yet.
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If you want a better Road to 56 get New Ways.
Mod writer here. Don't rush us and then complain about the status of a mod when it releases prematurely. And never again ask a when release question to any hoi4 mod team. Thank you and good night
Nobody cares about your faggy writing project.
I finally gave up on this game. I can't stand it anymore. I've tried so many ways to try to get past all the numerous fucking problems it has but they continually keep getting in the way and I just can't ignore them anymore.

Fuck you Paradox, you can rot with CA.
Zoomzoom filtered.

File: 1552966370486.png (184 KB, 348x524)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
>Have over 600 hours in total war warhammer
>have only beat a campaign twice because the game becomes extremely easy and boring once you hit critical mass
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File: TWA Dead Attila.png (656 KB, 531x660)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
IIRC you can kill Attila early too, this screenshot is from 2018 so I'm a little hazey on the details but I'm fairly certain you just have to kill him 3 times with either assassins or in battle and then you get this event
I agree with everything though, Attila has my favorite battle engine but it's the most fucked campaign bar none, endless horse archer doom stacks and the climate change system fuck it up a lot
File: attila killed.png (1.13 MB, 696x807)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>IIRC you can kill Attila early too you just have to kill him 3 times
I too was thinking this but it's been a while so i didn't want to blindly suggest it since my screenshot lines up with attila's historical death, but yours is much earlier. I just sent loads of spies to assassinate (you can kinda see in the background)

I like the concept of Attila's hordes arriving but it's execution is terrible. It does not feel rewarding to fight doomstack after doomstack of insanely strong cav archers and to win you have to resort to bascially "metagaming" ie chasing attila around since fighting his armies is pointless. Sometimes he's just chilling on the other side of the vast expanse of burnt cities while his armies conquer the other side of the world
I've beaten almost all races on Legendary/vh now, i hope they bring in more DLC
Yeah I've gone through Dark Crusade like over 10 times already and it still feels somewhat fun somehow.

Meanwhile Total War in its entirety I think I've only played through ONE campaign and it was a fucking slog.
I think it's either broken or just inconsistent because I've done about a dozen campaigns of Attila by now and killed the man himself upwards of 6 times in some run throughs and he just kept coming back until he died of old age. I've never managed to trigger the event early and every person who claims you can quotes a different number at me so at this point I'm not sure if it's even working as intended or not.

You're 100% correct. There's a good idea somewhere in the Huns but the implementation sucks since it actively rewards an avoidant approach and there's no real benefit to actually fighting them. The most 'fun' I've had with the huns is allying with them as the ERE and sending them against the Sassanids, who they exterminated so completely that they razed everything from Persia to Morocco and came back out in Spain. It was nice being able to play on a largely intact Europe for a change.

File: society.3f05f400.jpg (273 KB, 1260x709)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Let's have another one, because why not?

I am a newfag to the game, joined after sseth's video and I have a few questions.

Is it just me, or are the energy weapons plain worse than the physical ones? Flak cannons have higher damage and are good for shooting down missiles, while missiles have significantly higher damage than anything energy weapons can output. I often get slapped around by the ai in the early game if I try to go with them instead of the physical ones. How do I use them optimally?

How do I play tall as the Hissho? I am not sure what trick is there to it, how do I even make my systems super tall if when playing wide I can usually afford to get all the best buildings, wouldn't limiting your expansion just handicap your capabilities?
307 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
The AI is too retarded to maintain decent influence balances after they added an influence upkeep cost to treaties and agreements so as long as you stay on top of your influence you should be able to pull it off.
Good luck when they eventually ally with someone else
It's worth buying both. Endless Legend is one of the best civ-style games I've played in the longest time. As always though, wait for sales. You need to snag up the first 3-4 dlcs for each game to really get the most out of them.
Just pirate it lmao
What the fuck
UE, normal,
I somehow got an Archivist hero after some quests
It's my first time seeing him

Should I buy it? It's on sale and seems cool
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I'm basing that on /v/ of course. The threads here on /vst/ were pretty good but by definition this board isn't as adhd illiterate on average.
Its shallow as a puddle.
I'm measuring it based on autism not depth.
They start existing?
Yes but they also are exclusively complaining about the existence of Phaeacia and Machaka.

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