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Panzer Corps
its really good
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Open General is far far superior.
im getting btfo in the 40' campaign. This game is tough as nails.
I'm with you OP. The criticism of it just being a puzzle game are valid but it can be a really engrossing and fun puzzle game so fuck those people. There is no going back from CK2 once it gets its claws in you though. It just becomes CK2 and all the other games that I used to like.
>im getting btfo in the 40' campaign.

wtf? unless you are new to strategy, that is inexplicable.

File: header (1).jpg (43 KB, 460x215)
43 KB
So is this a good game?
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Wanted to pirate but still denuvo
Shogun 2 wasn't a popular game, despite being set in the most popular period of Japanese history and everyone claiming they like it. It's consistently one of the lowest played games in TW history, competeting only with Napoleon, which was always less popular than Empire because of its more boring setting. S2 only got boost to playerbase once it became f2p title. 3k was hated among other things because they made dlc in different time period instead of milking the only chink setting people care about. And 3k is only popular in China anyway

Setting was always of utmost importance in TW games, and among games in general.
No, it was that Eight Princes DLC one where it is the end of the Tang dynasty or whatever. Chinese want nothing to do with it.
dumb comment. setting was definitely not the issue. do gamers like big maps? yes. could something designed well work within a smaller setting and be absolute gold? also yes
I thought 3K was their best product since Attila. And honestly, just from game design and balance perspective, the best to date.

Attila was challenging but the balance and the stupid climate change thing almost ruined it. Would still be playing 3K but graphics card or something took a shit on my desktop.

File: Unification.jpg (983 KB, 1920x1516)
983 KB
983 KB JPG
Anglo-saxons saw Odin as Noah, Alfred the Great said that Odin was the founder of the House of Wessex. Lombards saw Odin as Saint Michael.
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I did one with the roman empire and aquired 1/3 of the achievements
I even started as the count of sparta that has the hellenistic religion in the charlemagne start

But i got so bored that i quit before getting the achievement for playing until the end,i regret it because i only needed to wait 70 years. Now i need to play another 700 year game to get it
I started as the bohemian high chief in 769 and remained tribal until ~1000. I then wanted convert to christianity and become feudal, but mainland europe was so fucked there were no catholic rulers left, even the damn pope fled to britain.
Through the character finder I learned there was a young catholic bavarian princess with good stats and traits in a court nearby, but the local pagan chief didn't agree to our marriage, so I kicked his ass to make her my courtier.
Then I converted to my new wife's religion and proceeded to be the last and only bastion of christianity in mainland europe despite not starting as a christian, which I thought was a very christian-like thing to do.
Suggest me a scottish start, anons.
I usually like 769 for christian starts because pagans and muslims are an actual threat (see >>1326944
), but is there something more interesting and challenging for scots?
File: Stewart_CoA.png (25 KB, 499x540)
25 KB
I had fun playing tribal Alt Clut/Strathclyde, last Briton kingdom in the Old North. You are Welsh Christian, but as a tribal you still can raid and have one concubine. I started in 867, since Vikings and Heptarchy are stronger in that start. I suppose Scots and Picts are similar in first two starts. Scotland has a few interesting later starts. There is Robert Bruce and his son, young Margarete of Norway and first Stuarts, with the custom CoA.
This page lists number of other interesting starts.
File: scottish_imperialism_soon.jpg (746 KB, 1920x1080)
746 KB
746 KB JPG
>but is there something more interesting and challenging for scots?

I started as Ross in 867 and converted to Germanic and migrated to India. Was considering conversion to Hinduism or Buddhism while pillaging Yemen to setup myself when suddenly Germanic got reformed so I stuck with that.

This is before the invasion of India.

You are invited to come marvel at my incredibly autistic cultivation array. Or ask questions about and discuss the game, that's fine too.
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File: 20230202190420_1.jpg (76 KB, 374x396)
76 KB
I'm never going to look down on you for removing time gated stuff, especially if you've done that part to boredom already.
For example I can pretty much 100% reliably draw a 100 quality talisman every time, as long as I'm willing to sit there and slowly click every bit one at a time for half an hour, but once I got tired of that and would rather spend the half an hour elsewhere I just use great painter to remove that part of the game. At the end of the game this is a game and it's supposed to be fun for you. Do it the 'legit' way for as long as it is still fun for you, then remove that part once it no longer is. My first ever pre-core sun pill (not pictured) was my Talisman Law alchemist with 2.1m qi before doing his first talisman, all so I could get those results "legit" or close enough to them. Second time doing it on my second sect though I didn't give a fuck beyond just trying to make his core big still.
Reminder that qi burst is cheating.
Reminder that Qi burst is 100% mandatory for arrays past around 3500 to 4000 Qi gathering, as the game breaks down otherwise due to being unable to handle that much gathering in one area.
Also reminder: if you intentionally make your arrays worse to avoid this problem all simply to avoid Qi bursting, then you're the final boss of dumbfucks.
FUCK nimbus conquest

File: 31231313141.jpg (326 KB, 1600x740)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Why is there so few WW1 strategy games? Hopefully The Great War: Western Front will deliver..
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WW2 gets more attention and rightly so. It was the more interesting conflict.
WW1 is too static for the average consumer, but I could imagine a really neat logistic and spreadsheet simulator in that setting.
It's a filthy, senseless and absolutely depressing setting. The one aspect that has romantic appeal is the air battles with them biplanes, jolly high-brow gentlemen and downright chivalrous combat, but that is more suitable for other genres.
correct answer
Whatever world we are living in right now came from WWI, not WWII. It was the end of monarchy and when the divine right to rule was lost to the financiers. Many historians have viewed them both as the same conflict with an extended intermission. Anyway, done well, a WWI backdrop has the potential be the most immersive of all (in the modern world - nothing can top ancient Rome or the medieval eras)

AND Total War: Attila Thread FOLLOWED WITH HIM.


Abandon all hope.
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File: 20220621195749_1.jpg (413 KB, 1920x1080)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
to fight as the romans? the goths with their varied roster
to play as? either the alans or the vandals
Playing as the wre, the constant immigration penalty is a pin in the ass. Is it a good idea to raise taxes to decrease immigration?
Rome 2 had WAY too much of those 1 province jobber factions
I remember a time after the game was released and people were trying to outdo each other with dumb things to do like Jewish Frank kingdom in Egypt or island-only viking empires
>you have to settle in this province because... you just have to, ok?
This is the worst part of playing as a barbarian tribe. I want to make a pagan kingdom in Iraq/Egypt/Mauretania but the game forces me to go elsewhere or I won't get those delicious bonuses

File: 1666827556609450.jpg (80 KB, 790x918)
80 KB
How's your current run going?
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File: ck2_4.png (3.07 MB, 1920x1080)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
>my lord, what House should your bastard son belong to
>I dunno, make something up, just make sure it sounds hardcore
least it's not pisswater
why does pentos always get fucked?
Braavos is not to be fucked with.
File: ck2_150.png (3.49 MB, 1920x1080)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB PNG

File: file.png (445 KB, 616x353)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
>It's coming out in March
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>Why can't they just make a good game instead of adding furry shit?
Because furries are mentally ill? This honestly isn't that hard to understand.
>as if we don't have enough insect rape hentai
>now sjw gonna commisssion them more to piss off the nazis
The serious answer is that it's more marketable and approachable precisely because it's less human.
No its exclusively run by trannies including the /vg/ server.
It's fun to learn all the stuff that's been developed over the years but you will run into a tyrannical janny and their discord cliques so any enjoyment is on a countdown
>Some game is coming out soon
You are pretty terrible at selling your pitch, shill

Nodfags are so gay and delusional it isn't even funny
>their "prophet" is a Anton Lavey lapping hairless
>consistently btfo yet never learn
>uses Islamic suicide bombers because they literally can't afford ammunition for their troops
Can't really blame though, if I was a Nodfag I'd probably kms too.
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Good point.
They can make up to6 cultist squads at a time that just mind control any unit indefinitely until the cultists or the unit dies.
Also they have a "prodigy" that has AOE mind Control and can cap buildings like conyards.
Rise, my people. I have returned, never to leave your side again. Frogposters sought to destroy me, but they have only made me stronger. Today, we march forward into our future. A stronger people, a divined people, enhanced for the world of specialised boards. The time has come to claim this board as our own! The time has come to destroy the janny! One vision, one purpose! Peace through posting!
Yeah if Slavik hadn't been offed the Black Hand wouldn't have become a bunch of wannabe Sister of Battle pyromaniacs and would have allowed Nod to hold on to it's technology.
>TS was sillier than 3
How so?
Just curious.

File: mappos2.webm (1.78 MB, 1472x802)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB WEBM
is a grand STRATEGY GAME that I have been developing, it's not "off-topic", even if it isn't complete.
Set in pseudo-Europe and inspired by Imperator, it seeks not to be another map painter but an empire manager, with a focus on:
>resource management (you need wood to build ships, grain to feed pops, wool to prevent them from freezing, etc)
>pop management (who all have their wealth)
>character management
>closed economy with prepaid-model
>anti-omniscience (limited information, e.g. you don't know many troops other countries have)
>faction management (all characters belong to a faction, and everything you do impact the faction's loyalty, if you go to war against the faction's beloved country, they might revolt against you)
>army management (army depletes as you advance because you have to leave troops behind to garrison)
>making the world evolve (you turn forests into farmlands, build bridges over rivers, convert villages to cities)
240 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
do a experiment anon
take names of modern day politicians or 2nd WW figuers and short them to 2-3 letters names
>Winston Churchil = Win Chu
>Vladimir Putin = Vla Pu, etc
you can do same to sengoku jidai names, see how it sounds - it doesn't sound good
>Tolkien was autists about it
yep and he also know what he was doing
What is it?
try synonym instead

File: unknown (6).png (3.11 MB, 1920x1080)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
I cannot decide between Crimea mod, the grand campaign, and ending expansion mod

Crimea mod has the best AI and balance i.e no medical reform spam) BUT the grand campaign has the most historical content, pops, map, and even has new buildings. Don't like the new pops added this.

Ending extension mod is closest to HPM but has no bloat and overall plays like HPM up to 1956. I wish it had the ai improvements of Crimea mod.

So I can't decide which one if the definitive game. Each mod does something right and 5 things wrong. What are some things you want to see in a Victoria 2 mod? I know how to mod and I've been thinking of combining all the good mods together...

New era mod is also cool. Scratches my interest itch.

Gosh, Vicky 3 is so garbage by the way. I was SO looking forward to that. Guess not.
224 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Crimea river lmao
>that map
Might as well just port over EvW's map into Vic2 if you want the provinces to be so miniscule. After seeing how many players on here focus on replacing pops with the dominant culture of whatever country they're playing, I can never see the point of all these tiny cultures being represented instead of them getting the Minor African or Minor Caucasian treatment.

>What are some things you want to see in a Victoria 2 mod?
People cringe whenever I say this, but I want a mod with as few unique events as possible. During my last Prussian campaign in vanilla, I really noticed how many unique events Prussia gets that are either prestige spam or give them free reforms. I understand that it's done to help the game achieve more or less historical outcomes, but it just feels too railroady to me, and when mods double down on this railroadness with even more event spam (like CWE) it just makes me not want to play them because then I feel like I can't plan out strategies if my country gets railroaded in a specific direction anyway. Maybe I should just fuck off back to EU3 if I want less history and more silly shit.
>t. everyone who posts shit i dont like is american
or canadian
probably canadian considering that time flags were enabled for april fools'
Why would you still be playing Victoria 2 when Vicky 3 exists?

For me it's Oxygen Not Included, no game feels deeper and more fun than this one.
148 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretty sure this game is more CPU-reliant than GPU-reliant
the graphics are literally 2D
Some games are like that, despite being 2D they still require a decent GPU. I had the same issue with Stars in Shadow, meanwhile Farlanders came out recently and it works just fine here.
I send those, the niggers, and the pajets to be enslaved in other planets; while the ├╝berduplicants live without work in the utopian home planet.

My objective is always how can I improve the setup to sustain as many whites as possible
It's Unity, what you're seeing is a 3D space with technically 3D objects that have a single sprite face. That it runs as well as it does is not unremarkable. If it was made in Gamemaker or something, maybe it'd perform as well as you'd expect graphically

post obscure rts games that you like

I'll start with pic related, the War of the Worlds RTS, too bad it's a pain in the ass getting it running on modern hardware

102 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
rent free

>build your own vehicles with the modular construction system.

You might also be interested in this then.
it's a good game for Russian propoganda but the jews have to charge you for the skirmish mode as dlc
Real War.

File: 5119Q4PK9FL._AC_.jpg (30 KB, 413x480)
30 KB
2022, I am forgotten.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
now there's a blast from the past. I remember the demo of this
File: SWAT_2_05.jpg (121 KB, 800x544)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I still have no idea how to use snipers. How did they get there?
File: Police_Quest_Best_Quest.jpg (63 KB, 1032x225)
63 KB
I'm coming!
Ascend to the mountain peak
Exult in the fire storm

gotta shoot manually or give them the green light (next to the map, third button from the bottom)
Snipers were broken as fuck. In MP whoever got them up first won

File: Joao.png (365 KB, 474x574)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Civ 6 looks like a fucking mobile game. The characters are so cartoony and goofy.
222 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
you all suck
No, I'm good at the game.

Wu Zetian is just a shit leader. Yongle is overpowered and fun as fuck.
atleast Wu Zetian are thematic.
Nzinga is just fucking lazy since her powers are just flat bonus to everything, on top of Kongo's already gimmicked bonuses.

She doesnt even lead the fucking Kongo. Her own kingdom is called Ndongo and later Matamba, they literally berenstein bear her into leading Kongo.
File: Dido_(Civ5).jpg (852 KB, 1920x1080)
852 KB
852 KB JPG
the ruined my wife in civ 6, is it at all possible to replace the leader screen with the static one from civ 5? Phoenicia also seems like hot trash in the game
Gaul is an underrated fun civ, encouraging you to go pump out hordes with an absurd support bonus.

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