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Anyone still playing civ 5? Tell me about your games.
Seems like everyone's either moved onto 6 or still stuck on 4.
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What is wrong with it though?
I have my annoyances (I play only vanilla BNW with minor QoL mods) but I'm interested to hear a different opinion first.
>What is wrong with it though?
With 5?
Well the happiness really isn't balanced well for conquering civs or wide playing unless you turn resources up to abundant in the advanced set up menu.
And the AI often just fails if they don't take either Liberty or Tradition at the start.
And the AI isn't great at managing armies.
The problem is that In the beginning you have no food because you can't chop jungles and have barely anywhere to farm, and the AI surrounds your shit capital with settlemnts so you can't expand.
>his name is literally Kamehameha
lol someone should tell the Dragon Ball guys, they should sue the living fuck out of civ
conquering the world bit by bit
I like putting the army in a line and then rushing them forward to surround whatever the fuck

File: Nigger.png (1.2 MB, 707x1000)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Any fantasy game where you play as a fanatic religious group? With some sort of a story
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is it though? the story looks kino but the reviews s suggest it's meh
Yeah, having kids is called the "Crime in the Sky" because immortal parents are supernaturally compelled to devour their offspring. It still happens often enough that there are a club of outcast Long who committed the crime and are called Alukites.
to be fair if i was some immortal's child i'd probably inevitably kill and eat my parents to steal their magical powers so it makes sense. same shit with vampires
File: header.jpg (49 KB, 460x215)
49 KB
Try this. Unironically the best strategy I played in the last years. Extreme freedom of actions, every Name plays differently. Ai is pretty competent too, nobles can absolutely push your shit in, if you act without any long-term plan.
2. Is more like Tibet
4. I was thinking of Japan/China, with all those warrior monk sects.

File: BTNGrunt.png (172 KB, 360x450)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Oh no, you've just been selected! Say your line now!
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i fucking love foxhole
File: 1625366681184.jpg (89 KB, 1114x946)
89 KB
You want me to go WHERE?!
File: Capture.jpg (11 KB, 353x175)
11 KB
>What can the infantry do for you?
>Whaddya orders?
>It'll always come down to the infantry and his rifle
>If the enemy's in range then so are we
>Safeties off, waste the cunts
Move order.
>It aren't my war!
>We're moving out cunts, scout formation
>Bugger me, more bloody walking!
Leaving cover
>What are youse waiting for, breakfast in bed?
>Off ya arse and onya feet!

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the state of this thread lmao

>Oh no, you've just been selected! Say your line now!

File: Freeciv.png (450 KB, 1353x699)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
Freeciv is the quintessential civ experience. No bloat, no gimmiks. Just straight up empire management. Comes in isometric, hex or non hex, whatever you prefer
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you can make it look nice with the watercolor mod
How is Freeciv unintuitive? What confusing about >>680363?
File: 1563573328613.png (92 KB, 680x521)
92 KB
What are the best places to settle cities?
>What are the best places to settle cities?

Best place to settle is on a tile that has at least two food, that way you can grow your cities faster to pump out more settlers in the early game.

You can also improve the tile that your city is on, so later on you can improve it to three food.
>UI is absolutely fucking horrid
What? What's bad about it? It's as utilitarian as can be.

File: stainless steel.jpg (111 KB, 1024x676)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
itt we talk about based med 2 mods and why they are based

Post your favorite med 2 total war mods and why you like them.
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Third age total war is amazing
what version?
is planetwar actually good? or is it just a shitpost all the way through? I mean, an update that took 5 years to make must mean its half decent?
It's poorly balanced, nearly everything is a joke, crashes frequently, and is generally easy because of the retard AI. So yeah its basically perfect 10/10 would recommend.
is this an ironic recomendation or is it fun?

This game was so good and ahead of its time, especially the base building section of the games where you were still an individual but you built and supplied the base, it even had different factions. Is there any strategy game like this?
As in a RTS/FPS hybrid? Try the Battlezone series (they're on GOG) and Machines: Wired for War (which will be on GOG in the future, but somehow Nightdive has complete radio-silence on it).
The former has two factions who differ from each other in certain aspects, but the latter all the factions are simply recolors so no differences here.
Not sure if PC version has it, but Warzone 2100 had 3rd person mode on PS1.
It did not.

I love managing navy in Video games, whether it is managing few ships in aoe or building and managing a navy in hoi4 or any other game, I just love navy stuff. It is epic seeing these giant ships and controlling them or raiding with some submarines. Often times I find myself focusing on navy more than on my army.

What are some good games that focus on navy/are based around naval combat? Doesn't have to be a strategy game but I'd prefer one.

And no, not World of warships.

Thx for suggestions
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Don't know which Website you are referring to, Googling agyry gives me results about angry birds. Can find dowloads of rtw1 but not of rtw2. Any help?

Also, nice dubs
There's always war in the pacific, if you're committed enough. Best played in mp, but the ai should suffice until you stop sucking. Should be noted that some dev made a post in the forum with updated (experimental) ai files for the main map, which arent bundled with the game afaik.
File: 49546754356.png (702 KB, 1200x628)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
If you're looking for something more modern, Sea Power: Naval Combat in the Missile Age worth looking out for. There's also War on the Sea from Killerfish that's a pretty solid theater-level naval combat RTS.
Full grognard mode would be RTW2, and it's quite autistic when it comes to the ship design aspect.
that's his captcha lol. you can try cs.rin.ru and it seems you can create an account to view the download links here https://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=75551&hilit=rule+the+waves though i haven't used it as i don't play many new games, but it seems from the discussion that RTW2 was cracked.
Get From the Depths if you have intense autism and want to make your own ships.

File: Russia.png (281 KB, 1200x800)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
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>having problem with money
>as scandinavia
What? Don't you have very big and profitable gold/precious goods provinces? Just research market techs and investement under commerce tab and you should be golden.
NTA but I hate retarded strawman arguments like the one you're giving. Just because one dogshit mechanic exists in one game doesn't suddenly make that dogshit mechanic any better in the second one. Not only that, but the mana mechanics were some of the things complained about the most (aside from the economy) so your post is completely disingenuous. It's like when someone complains about finding rat feces in their soup, only to have the manager say "well, your drink was diluted with cat piss so can you really complain?" You're a complete retard.
shut the fuck up
where do I see migration pop/rate?

File: 234324.png (1.62 MB, 1422x800)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
YOU are fighting for MANKIND, right?
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Reinstalling to version 2.7 of ELCP and reloading the save seems to have fixed the problem, thanks. That fix should have been part of the autopatch, tho
File: wesker.png (137 KB, 300x300)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
For the God Emperor.
Kinda wish the Hissho had the same sword-wielding combat animations as the Yuusho. Seeing them only with guns is kinda boring
A bishop, aka one of the guys who actually rule the place
>Deep Mining Probes deplete planet resources
Oh shit I was I fucking up my nearby systems and not by some overlooked craver expac

Any game where you just control one ship and do different kind of jobs in a space sector/galaxy like resource gathering/transporting, mercenary work, data hacking, etc.? It'd be cool if the work you did altered the political landscape too.
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Should i play 2 or the HD version in steam? is the first one worth the time?
I see people dissing the HD for certain changes so if you actually have a way to grab 2, go for it.

it's freeware, and it's excellent.
This, thread should have ended at this point, but retards just don't fucking know shit.
The setting is very nice but damn the combat is clunky, even worse that i suck at fast paced gameplay in general, any tip for the game?

File: loading_screen_2.jpg (1.02 MB, 1024x768)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
>Look up Bulat Steel after some anon shilled it here
>It looks fucking amazing
>Download 12gb of this mod
>Can't download english translation and patch because devs said that they will release new patch soon™ and so they removed old downloads
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File: moddb autism.png (30 KB, 610x338)
30 KB
yeah, but when you enter them it turns out they are all dead. Save for this one google drive link I found while googling >>689781
I only played it for few turns for now so I can't really tell, but it seems to be SS+ basically.

also lmao at that moddb autism, made me laugh
>removed old downloads
hate when they do that...
what do you expect from a mf called Zahav88
Play Tsardoms Total War, it's great.
Is that supposed to be a negative nowadays? Better than a bunch of trannies.

File: Cleopatra.jpg (1.23 MB, 1439x1697)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Anyone else simp for Cleopatra in Civilization 6?
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Calm down, friend.
Nah, she just has a big butt.
People really like sex
Don't you?

File: Medieval2.jpg.jpg (91 KB, 640x911)
91 KB
Game is older than the average /v/ user and doesn't seem to have aged that well. Is the whole thing just because of the setting or does the game have actual redeemable qualities?
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Rome 1 cav felt full retard: could spin on a dime and weird momentum physics
Med 2 cav crashes into enemy lines and can send dozens of them flying into the air (especially weaker units and units that aren't braced for the charge). General's bodyguard basically carries the entire early game. The only annoying thing was the wonkyness of getting the lances back out and properly setup, but I eventually figured out how to get them ready and then lowered.
Just like actual cav charges, they need to start at a trot and then go into a gallop in order to work properly. Code would go spaghetti if the order sequence wasn't right.
I love rome 1 cavalry charges, you can take out entire armies with one generals body guard, my favorite thing with that is sending out some shit tier family member against rebels alone,
Crushing the army and getting a bunch of good traits always hilarious especially against the gaul area rebels. Its always like a few naked swords men some shitty cav and a few war bands,
>source:my ass
only zoomers hate on m2

Talk about the greatest RTS of all time
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HARMS are irritating, you're supposed to torp them into oblivion or abuse groundfire.

Alternately, just go around the Harms. Roanoake is a big map, they can't feasibly defend everywhere. Also you can nuke it or focus on winning the strategic weapons game.
Aeon has the best navy since you can mix in T2 hover shields from a land factory. UEF's also solid with shield boats, Neptune, and Atlantis, but Aeon is probably the best for an early/mid naval rush, and with naval once you push your enemy out of the water it tends to be hard for them to get back in. They also have a wider variety of naval bombers. I have always had my best naval successes with Aeon.

HARMS is a joke, just switch your destroyers / battleships to targeted fire and click just beside the HARMS, since you're not trying to target the HARMS the game will let you do it, and splash damage will still hurt them.
Holy shit imagine going against even a shitty human player as a turtle. Enjoy losing.
I realized something was wrong when I built my first factory and it took up a significant portion of the total map space. Then I paused, looked at the economic system closely, the build tiers closely and immediately uninstalled. To date those 15 or so minutes is all I've ever played of 2. Which is impressive considering I bought the first one release day and still have it installed to this day.
It's fun as fuck. There's wacky units like the noah cannon and giant lizards plus the research tree lets you focus on one strategy so it's beginner friendly. Compared to SupCom it's shallow and the maps are tiny but it's still a good game, plus it runs silky smooth even in the late game unlike SC.

File: HotA.jpg (48 KB, 516x480)
48 KB
Are there any HoM&M III players on this board who want to play LANs through the fanmade expansion client?
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Yeah, which is why I'm asking if someone from /vst/ wants to get together and play it.
Which template you wanna play?
sure, why not
My computer is broken for now but it would be nice to play online

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