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File: 1635980428980.png (462 KB, 462x652)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
>Company of Heroes 2, huh? More like Company of Kino 2 if you ask me.
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I'm not, unlike the pvp esports metacucks. If you play ranked, you are a gelded chinaman twink for life.
>I'm not like other giiiiiirls
Holy cope
File: copium.png (14 KB, 76x74)
14 KB
It must sure take a looooooot of effort to win against shitty AI.

I saw a thread about this game last week and thought I would give it a try. Turns out it’s way more complicated than I bargained for, BUT that’s not a bad thing! I like more detail/options in my games than less and I’m looking forward to getting the hang of it.

Any tips or tricks to help me get started would be welcomed. I’ve been looking over some YouTube tutorials but I’m more interested to hear opinions from this fine community.
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The tutorial is really good, and while it doesn't by any means go into depth in the mechanics, it's short and a good starting point for a new player.
this but unironically
Anytime someone unironically compares DF to RW you can tell that they're sub 110 IQ midwits who have no idea what they're talking about.
t. DFpro and RWpro
You can learn the basics of Rimworld in 1/10th the time as Dwarf Fortress so no.
>t. DFpro and RWpro
So a diagnosed spectrum person?

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (89 KB, 616x353)
89 KB
Was it good?
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>Anna is desiged for devious outcomes
>I always either have Friendly or Aggressive outcomes when playing with her as a leader
I dunno, I tried both the T-Rex and the Velociraptors and both of them were slow but sure party wipes. I beat Rivaleaux every time I go up against him
Anna is good on the caribbean and emerged island expeditions which are a lot of aggressive encounters
I always do Caribbean by being friendly to the monkeys and devious to the smugglers
based & monkepilled
File: 20220517193715_2.jpg (284 KB, 2560x1080)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
This, except that it is deep and complex once you consider all the modifiers at play.
Steam release is fine. agreed with the rest.
your old-style woke is my based AF. Also probably part of why they haven't released a sequel
lots of adventures. Play more.

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Yeah I'm thinking based
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Its decent, I guess. Its not Jagged Alliance like I know and love, but it isnt poorly made either. Its just average. Although the fact that there are only 6 mercs to choose from is fucking garbage
It's a bit pathetic we can't even get a game like JA1.
Alright, hardest difficulty is unreasonably bullshit even compared to playing JA2 UB on Expert where they fill max level blackshirts in chokepoints you can't flank. Time to install the 1.15 patch and switch to normal.
File: unknown (1).png (801 KB, 1920x1080)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
The gap between hard and normal is massive.
>sounds familiar
Yeah that's like 50% of countries on the continent.

File: oh nonono.png (2 KB, 130x64)
2 KB
The tide is turning bros
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>Pioneer Natural Resources
Anon, I...
>Pioneer Natural Resources
So stupid this has to be bait
fuck pdx and their mobile gamification of their new titles
t. /biz/ intellectual
News is the game releases around October. I can't wait to see how they completely remake the base mechanics in 5 months!

File: 2258266-rampart_snes.jpg (16 KB, 320x233)
16 KB
Anybody remember this game?
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I played it at a dingy Tex-Mex place my parents used to go to. Very nostalgic. I still play it, every now and again, but the arcade version is far better.
Ahah, I had this on pc, it was pretty comfy and I'd pay for a remaster.

It also had a cool local versus mode.
used to play the arcade game but it was a coin chomper. better than the current stronghold games
So i hear there was an internet rework of this game that supported 4 way multiplayer..

This stupid ass song has been stuck in my head for 30 years.

File: WRD_CoverArt_EU (1).jpg (274 KB, 1063x1500)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
How's wargame nowadays? Worth getting into or is it worse than it was a year ago?
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I wish that was their policy toward divisions.
The first 6 divisions they made for steel division were interesting and distinct, the rest just became a clusterfuck and the WARNO divisions feel almost exactly the same.
>Eugen is french and given the massive cucks they are I highly doubt they will ever add Italy
No shit, they've already moved onto WARNO.
How long until they move back when WARNO doesn't click with WRD autists?
Wrd just needs more map. That's all we fucking need. Maybe some 5v5 6v6 7v7 maps too. Fuck eugen bunch of retards and cucks
eugen doesn't even have WRD map tool for themselves anymore lmfao. even if they did they wouldn't do piss with WRD because they've got warno to get shekels with their shitty divisions from now.

File: libra3.jpg (608 KB, 1715x2070)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
play mental omega
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File: 34657785.jpg (48 KB, 702x437)
48 KB
>Hitler existence prevents
>WW2 with more nukes
>MO war
>Chink anime
>Time fuckery
>Global mind rape
Bravo Einstein
>Hitler not existing ultimately brings about global peace and unity, no more wars or suffering
really makes you think
Do no forget about the loss of free will and worldwide genocide
>Hitler not existing ultimate traps most of humanity in the head of a mental ill anime loli
can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs

Please stop bullying me, Ming-san...
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File: for-what-purpose.jpg (25 KB, 323x454)
25 KB
You took expansion...?
Also you’re retarded because the guy we are talking about didn’t do that in one lifetime, it wasn’t a great conquest it was a slow grind of a state slowly growing over centuries and different rulers, which did happen in the medieval era.
File: Albanian (Memri-TV).jpg (36 KB, 948x669)
36 KB
Noice. Picture related, rare footage of your Ottoman sultan giving an interview right now.

>Geographically, Albania is in a great spot to fight the ottomans, lots of mountains
Oh absolutely. A fort in Zeta has played such a pivotal role in my Naples campaign a long time ago that ever since I've always built one whenever I play in that area. Coastal mountains are borderline broken. Getting the AI to siege and being able to drop a stack of defenders onto them with transport ships is a guaranteed stackwipe against an equal foe and a resounding victory against a superior foe. Absolute meatgrinders.
You called like 5 different conquests common, that’s more then once

File: 6gflgv.jpg (65 KB, 500x523)
65 KB
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>comparing being straight or a homo to judging the quality of videogames

found the guy who hasn't read any fallacy list
I'm not a queer so wouldn't look up a list of dicks.
Civ 3 is so far ahead of the pack its unreal. Someone that prefers 4 to 3 just never tried it.
>be civ 5 bab
>try civ 4
>music is random caveman noises
>units don't have anything that make them stand out on the map
>stacks don't have nay indicator over them that there are other units underneath the top one
>when you click on a unit the game takes a full second delay before you get a ring around the unit that confirms it is selected
>combat always end in one unit or the other getting killed, no option to ever withdraw
>tooltip info is placed in the corner of the screen instead of at the cursor so you constantly have to move your eyes back and fourth
what a bad game. I recon it's just autists who can't handle any change who prefer civ 4 over 5 (or even 6).
I haven't watched the movie but 'm pretty sure the top image isn't supposed to contain a popular and uncontroversial opinion.

File: Just Davion Things.jpg (2.68 MB, 3840x2164)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
>when you bring a light mech worth of heatsinks and ammo into a 4v4 lance battle
>Less than 3t ammo per cannon
yeah, it gets close on attack/defend missions since buildings cannot be hit by melee
The hell is this
I enjoy the stuff that roguetech adds but 3062 runs so much better.
I also with you could search for a mech outright sometimes. Maybe like once a year or SOMETHING. I need my fucking Axman.

File: SongsofConquest.jpg (31 KB, 180x220)
31 KB
Homm is back. Talk about it lads.
Where? I haven't seen Ubishats make any announcements about it.
Not literally homm. Check the game on pic.
File: homm3 maps.jpg (131 KB, 700x740)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
HoMM can't be back, because it never left.
>Homm is back
When did it leave?
Fuck your pozzed early access shit.

File: Democracy_Coverart.png (191 KB, 256x358)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Let's talk about a game that lets you play a democratic country.
Interesting premise but the gameplay is just a linear optimization problem
Latest Democracy 4 is just a globohomo propaganda, I hate it. It has no reality and it has no sense. I hope they will bring some mods to correct this globohomo unreality
I modded it for a bit but gave up. Had a system that splits of the nonsensical "liberals" into libertarians and progressives.
Who the fuck makes a game about politics while they still think "liberals" exist that are both pro-affirmative action and pro-gun?
I did stuff like have affirmative action reduce "ethnic inequality" but at the same time actually raise "ethnic tensions" and far right membership, especially if unemployment was high.
Gave up, though.
>become a neolib shithole
great game
Its a game made for an inexistant demographic

So I did a thing. I enjoy AGOT for CK2, but all the submods are a mess.
So I merged them myself. It's far from finished (some provinces miss history for specific dates, etc), but it's a start and perfectly playable as opposed to using all these mods separated. The mods in question will be in the next post.

Download here:
Works with the latest CK2 patch, based on the latest versions of each submod.

General A Game of Thrones thread games, I guess.
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This one adds pop system to the game but isn't adapted to the map changes of MB
File: 1506096699177.png (261 KB, 436x323)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
none at all, I was just fucking around with the files trying to change the retarded hair the dornish have and make the free folk look like the northmen because I thought it was stupid that they dont look the same
OP, where can we follow the mods progress? Github? Probably not the citadel since they're sticklers about asking about mod permissions.
Thanks holmes, I'll see if I can incorporate them.

Of course, the More Ethnicities used Faces Improvement by default.

I'll take a look.

I don't have anything set up atm except for the Mega. I'm not sure if Github would be autist-reporting-stolen-mods-proof.
A public repository would be nice for suggestions/feedback/content tracking, as for a place GitGud permits all sorts of degenerate porno shit so I doubt they'd mind about petty mod piracy.

File: header.jpg (57 KB, 460x215)
57 KB
Is this any good? On sale right now
>t. retarded tourist who's incapable of forming his own opinions
the game is great but you should try thinking and maybe reading a book once in a while
File: 1469017472350.jpg (94 KB, 400x464)
94 KB
>dude read a book lmao
>never says what to read
Don Quixote
Yes it's fun and I recommend it highly. Good focus on tactics instead of grinding, lots of choices for units and abilities. I also find the graphics quite pretty.

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