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File: wesnoth-1.14.0-12.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1080)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Opinions on this game?
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You are a retard any unit will get rekt by rng, expecialy by berserkers.
It's easy to deal with berserkers. They have low hp and are easy prey for ranged units. Select good terrain and avoid fighting them in the mountains.
If you think about applying that to all units, that would just be an unfair advantage to the attacker
Just reinstalled, tried playing some scenarios, uninstalled.
I forgot how much the RNG and save scumming dictates this game. Or did I get worse? I remember finishing some of the "Expert" campaigns and now I get filtered by Novice ones.
How can berzerks be real, just attack them with any lvl1 fighter.

The Virgin Kir'ko and the Chad Oathbound edition.
Keep Preserving the Future fellow swarmheralds

Previous thread:
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>sequential kill system
This is still one of the most BS mods in the entire game. No wonder Vanguard is the one that has access to it,
>copypaste rosters and low-tier units being useless past the early game.
Oh, true.
Low tier units are supposed to be useless in the late game otherwise nobody would build late game units.
Lategame units should obviously be stronger in a straight comparison, but not necessarily more efficient. Few things make for a blander endgame than just mindlessly spamming your faction's best unit and rolling over everything. 4x games already suffer from shitty endgames in general, so anything that creates more variety is a definite plus. By allowing low-tier units to remain relevant past the early game the way Planetfall does, you significantly diversify the way endgame battles can play out.
Late game units should be better, but rarer.

File: 20210120144751_1.jpg (344 KB, 1024x768)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
How can I recover from this
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What do you mean?
I like it just because they give you watchtowers after you capture a province.
In the options or at the start of the campaign you can change the unit size.
At the highest level you have normal infantry and ranged infantry of 120 men regiments, with 150 men regiments of massed units like spearmen, pikemen and cheap throwaway militias.
Otherwise all cavarly have a unit size of 80 with generals bodyguard having a size of 40(that number can be expanded to greater than 80 even I think).
Bigger unit scale serves better for stuff like sieges and strategic placing. Also battles are just cooler with it.
You should have no problem running on the highest unit scale with a modern Computer, not even one of the highend ones today but just a normal PC from maybe 3-5 years ago.
You can just test it out in the custom battles. Generally Medieval 2 has problems with fully stacked armies when it is around 3 - 4 armies of that type in one battle.
>game is basically won already
>how do i fix this?
Cut down on army stacks you don't need or send them into fray of enemies and loot and rape them for monies. easy.

File: deadbrand.jpg (22 KB, 679x245)
22 KB
Is that always going to happen when a game does well? The corporate types and accountants move in, the talent fucks off and the series enters a spiral of slow decline where the games get shinier but dumber, the DLC reproduces at rabbit rates and any soul the game once had is simply erased, choked to death by targets and politically correct hiring practices?

Not just Paradox, but CA probably went that way first and they're just the strategy focused studios, there are others we all know and hate.
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File: 1477661930749.jpg (29 KB, 395x401)
29 KB
kek nice bait. You made me laugh
Dumb tranny.
Just like, don't let other people buy into it
It's not that hard
I liked Stellaris even incomplete until they broke it by changing what the game.
paradox literally spawned out of a board gaming company because they thought video games would make more money

File: valkyrie.png (340 KB, 480x570)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
>nice push you got going there. would be a shame if someone were to make a... positive elixir trade.
cards for this feel?
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thank you great sage
Thank you great sage
Thank you, great sage.
Thank you, great sage.
File: 1610055216284.png (368 KB, 500x338)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
idiot moron retarded stupid

File: 2021.jpg (50 KB, 876x564)
50 KB
For me it's:
Age of Empire IV
Carrier Command 2
King's Bounty II
Gray Zone
HighFleet: Deus in Nobis
Endzone: A World Apart
Task Force Admiral
Dark Moon
Sea Power: Naval Combat in the Missile Age
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for me, it's Regiments
>Starship Troopers: Terran Command.
Slitherine hasn't dissatisfied me yet, hopefully they keep it up.
The dev is a cool dude and the game is fun. It actually calculates KIA, WIA and MIA based on losses.
King's Bounty II
Carrier Command II
Songx of Syx
Songs of Conquest
Starship Troopers: Terran Command.
Nebuchadnezzar, War Mongrel and Evil Genius II too
Nothing in particular, desu.

File: galciv3-logo.jpg (11 KB, 350x200)
11 KB
it's free on epic right now. has anyone played it ? any fun?
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Space 4x with hexagonal map.
I personally can't go back to that after playing endless space 2. Nodes and edges all the way.
I played Gal Civ 2 years ago and it was ok. Not GREAT but pretty good. I guess I will check GalCiv3 out eventually, thanks Epic.
The engine is impressive, AI thinks about it's turn while you do yours.
At first it wasn't so much. But after tons of DLCs its better than at start...though there are still some things that could've been massively improved.
This is the forgotten advantage of GalCiv
Actual AI scripts that chug your PC with their robustness.
But at least now our PCs are good enough to handle them at max setting.

File: pill-bottle-500x332.jpg (18 KB, 500x332)
18 KB
We all know that strategy freaks don't start on the hardcore shit.

So what was your entry drug?

Mine was Civ 5, I would constantly try and make games go more historical on a massive earth, and after some frustrations with how the AI actually colonized and interacted with the world in a very stagnant and predictable way, I then tried Vicky 2, it was all downhill from there.
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Dune 2000. it was pretty fun as a kid
Grandpa bought me Risk for a Christmas gift. It was the first time I'd seen a game that was more than just "roll dice, move token on path, hand dice to next player". I never had any friends that liked those games so I'd spend hours obsessing over the map, daydreaming about what it would be like to have friends to play it with.
>We all know that strategy freaks don't start on the hardcore shit.
Master of Orion 2 and Total Annihilation. I got MOO2 when I was in 3rd grade. TA in 4th or 5th grade.
>not getting an autistic twin
made playing strategy without computer that much easier.
Problem is that it creates an environment that is too rational and organised for real world.
rare game and rare get

File: eb2.jpg (455 KB, 1920x1200)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
Has anyone here broken the Med2 or Rome EULA's, if so, what did you do, would you recommend .exe editing and the like, and should /vst/ try to find how far they can push the engine?
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Why is it so hard to distribute a modded EXE? People do it all the time with no CD patches, all my (legitimate) TW games were no CD patched before I got the Steam versions after my old hard drive died.
modders are so fucking retarded. have even one of you ever stopped to think if distributing .exes is a no go, maybe you could just fucking distribute some build files to modify a local .exe instead? jesus fucking christ why are so many programmers braindead?
Have you tried actually reading the website you downloaded the mod from? This is basic installation info
the what?

Aside from this title by my main man John Tiller, are there any other super crunchy mil-sim squad based modern combat games?

It mostly seems to be WWII- or really arcadey sci-fi stuff like nuXcom clones. I figured vst might be the grognardest place on 4chan and they might know better than I.
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Love 'em played all of em. Xenonauts > nuXcom, and I even played all the different styles in the OpenXcom 40k mod too.

Still, I've tapped that vein out p. hard.
I'm pretty sure that there are some lesser-known mods for openxcom that make the game more realistic, and not really about fighting ayys.
For a less realistic, but very fun game, try Jagged Alliance 2
yep, I mentioned JA, JA II and all of the new JAs that are set in like Siberia (and they're AWFUL!).

But thanks! It's good to know that I'm looking in the right areas.
Go check out Doorkickers 2 trailer
Alfa Antiterror

File: 6695.png (174 KB, 750x650)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
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If you set them to aggressive, they will deploy the drones automatically. It helps a lot in campaign.
they reduced the difficulty with the later patches, because there power-scaling was fucked in the base game.
It needs a mod? I never tried to change the resolution of Cataclysm, but both Homeworld 1 and 2 can have custom resolutions just by right clicking on the .exe and writing them as -h 1000 -w 500 or something. You can even force them to run on dual monitors this way.
You never do see it, though
Yeah but the UI is fucked

is this game worth it?
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>implying one dirt poor peasant is different from the other because muh ethnicity
do multiplayer
>implying there is no difference between 4'2 chink conscript and 5'3 European one
>implying a peasant manlet can easily kill a trained turbo manlet
most troops on European medieval battlefield were actually professional or semi professional soldiers when chinks relied in some periods on mass conscription
in pitched battles I can imagine Lu BU and his trained soldiers with their horses, weapons and skills cutting through enemy troops like hot knife through butter

File: Europa Universalis 4.jpg (223 KB, 680x772)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
How fares your Empire /vst/? Excited for the Naval Rework? Offered tribute to Johan so he may make the game good?
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Is the price of freedom.

At least it isn't the old EU3 England AI.
Anyone know how annexing vassals work when they dont border you
Just annex them
You cannot annex vassals outside of coring distance, you need them to touch you, be close via sea tile, or be connectrd via another vassal

File: crawlinginmyskin.png (92 KB, 734x283)
92 KB
What the fuck happened here?
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>AoE2 threads
no, this is the shitting on aoe3 de thread
In other words, it's the official AoE3 thread. How are your campaigns going anons? I'm playing the Chitaquaqkaqkelownshone and having a blast within reason.
File: OOOoo.gif (704 KB, 320x240)
704 KB
704 KB GIF
>pirates you c: drive
aoe2 is at starcraft levels of balance and strategic depth of multiplayer games.
There's a reason that those two are the only RTS games with real legs. A damn shame that modern devs are all such slop-headed retards that they can't make another great one.

File: Architectureee.png (3.81 MB, 1866x873)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB PNG
What is your opinion about the Slavs? Are they a good or a bad faction?
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Pretty bad I suspect
Elite upgrade is really strong, and you need Logistica to maximise their benefit as well

I'd argue that Mangudai is the best UU in Castle Age if you can micro well enough
In castle Conqs are better than mangudai, higher attack and the mangudai range isnt much butter than conqs in castle
I'm not big fan of cavalry but they're... okay, i think.
Too bad their defence is worse than... well... it's just worse.
File: fug.png (794 KB, 746x372)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
Gunpowder units are stupid and have a miss chance at greater ranges without any thumb ring to fix it. Not only that, but they have far slower firing rates and usually have inferior stats while also costing more. Not only THAT, but they're also more prone to overkill because they do so much damage, wasting dps. The only situation 20 conqs would be better than 20 mangudai is point blank, and at that point, why be using mobile ranged units (conqs are slower than mangudai by the way) in the first place?
I like 'em but that goes for every civ with good siege units. Mongols are still my favorite.

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