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File: 411.png (155 KB, 683x218)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Are there any other browser games that have thousands of active players online? It's almost impossible to find decent ones that have an active playerbase

1 or 2, /vst/?
1 with dinosaurs and marine animals.
1 has way more content. 3D was a mistake, 2.5D is king.
File: zoo tycoon.png (1.31 MB, 1366x768)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
vanilla 1
1 but a retroclone where they removed the limits on the number of animals the game could run and increased map sizes.
I prefer the second one as it had actual sandbox mode and a lot of modding support. In the first one you had to use this one special map for it.

File: khar.png (830 KB, 1192x670)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
Kharak is burning...
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File: 20230926_07h58m52s_grim.png (153 KB, 1734x444)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Well it's never a goo news, but It isn't necessarily that bad for the end product. They were involved in many some projects after all
File: 1600624213659.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
it's fucking over
File: lmao.png (132 KB, 1235x935)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>T-they fired Quinn Duffy!
What of it?

In reality those 41 layoffs are directly related to some of blackbird's unannounced projects being canned, having 6 fucking games being developed at the same time by one studio was way too ambitious even for them so its not surprising this happened
HW3 is safe as might be one or two projects behind, layoffs are always concerning but i see it more as a bitter lesson in humility for them
That or the canuck government might've cut off welfare for them for some reason, can never trust the leafs
File: 1529225644596.jpg (19 KB, 485x352)
19 KB
>release date in feburary 2024
Maybe they wanted to leave on a high note yes, game's finished it's all testing from now on. They just did their best then left contempt that they have done a good job.
>Leaving the oven on when you go out...

why i can't understand this game, i can't win in normal diff, it reachs a point where every single faction declares war on you and you spend the rest of the game defending the territories that you still has

i never had this problem in twRome neither in TWWarhammer 1, where i play in hard easily, but shogun just stomps me?

there is a guide or something to understand this game? or i'm being just retarded
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This. They're good games but they're not really Total War games. Or, rather, games after Rome I (included) should've been named something else.
There was a game named Imperial Glory that basically was Napoleon in the style of Shogun 1, I would never compare it to a post-Rome Total War game, just like I would not compare it to Civ or AoE.
In my Uesugi campaign, I abandoned Echigo and relocated my army to Buzen in Kyushu. Made for a much easier experience.
>but who hasn't played S2?
An equal amount of people. Most people who discuss TW nowadays never played any and at best, their experience boils down to Warhammer 2.
>Imperial Glory
played it, no morale was really weird and units all fought to dead, manpower was really limited and recruits with sticks were more dangerous than 1st line infantry, it wasn't good but i played it like 15 years ago
>but who hasn't played S2?
most warhammer players I guess

File: English_bodyguard_info.png (106 KB, 191x280)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>I've tried whipping them sire, but the men are spent...
File: 20230912235458_1.jpg (434 KB, 1920x1080)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
Yea i still play it. Wish you and some AI would mod it.
Best Total War. Only because units change their model after upgrades. WHY THE FUCK IT'S THE ONLY TOTAL WAR THAT DOES THAT.
it sucks that the funnest factions have the fewest voice lines

Will we ever go back to this kino?

Idk. I'd play 3 more if there was more of a community for it like 2. The USA Gatling guns are beast.

File: file.png (980 KB, 606x847)
980 KB
980 KB PNG
catholic clergy in ck2
>every church in your realm belongs to various bishops
>this makes it practically impossible to sway literally every single one of them
>if they like the pope more than you, all their troops and gold goes to him, rather than you
>this ensures that to very broadly raise your opinion with the clergy, and get their allegiance, you have to lead a pious life and closely follow the tenets of Christianity
>you have to be a lot more subservient to the various bishops due to the general need for support among them and since they also share some "church's view" opinions
catholic clergy in ck3
>lmao just sway the 1 (one) bishop in your realm that owns all the churches
how the fuck did they drop the ball so fucking hard
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>Ck2 was literally not broken in any way doe retard. That game is perfectly complete
Pffft. There are lots of things in it that don’t work well.
Most people are functionally illiterate.
yes and you can also just conquer the entire world too
>wohhahu whaaa??? whaaTttt options???
I'm going to be honest, I never had the first problem because I exclusively played pagan, reformed into a merchant republic, and used my daughters to produce more sons. Levies? Who cares, my retinue is bigger than the entire population of Italy.
>Catholicism is obtuse to figure out but easy mode after that.
Just like real life desu

>ww2/modern strategy game
>regular infantry is a waste of time and resources because vehicles dominate the battle, infantry is only good if they have rockets
I'm tired of this. What are some games that are centered around infantry tactics?
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The newest update for Steel Division 2 did a bit of a rework Infantry and Infantry divisions are extremely powerful.
>whoever got the first tank controlled the map
Isn't that basically how early WWII went?
Men of War
Every squad has dudes armed with AT grenades and you can often blow up the tracks of the tank, making it useless and easy to flank
In Graviteam Tactics or Men of War/Gates of Hell vehicles without infantry are worthless, in Graviteam especially vehicles won't see shit around them, at night they are basically blind
File: ger at grenades.webm (2.66 MB, 960x540)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB WEBM

File: aoe_online_1.jpg (64 KB, 600x300)
64 KB
You might be wondering...
>Wait didn't this game get canned nearly a decade ago?
>Then why are you making a thread about it fag?
Well sinve 2017 there's been a revival for it with new content to for everyone to play. And everything is for free. Since it's a non-commertial product.
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Generally speaking yes. The people running it refuse to do any sort of orginized campaigning or ads for the server and would rather spend it all on a civ no one really wanted or needed than spend $50 a month on some facebook ads.
It costs time, not money to develop the civ. And it gives the 2d and 3d editors, animators and music composers something to put on a resume.

You've already been told this, though.
You also realize those people are getting paid right?

>But advertising doesn't work!

Imagine thinking this in current year. The team has done nothing to try and actually attract more people to the game in any way possible and then wonder why their donations are slipping.
They're volunteers lmao
and still no abomination like aoe 4 new civs

File: IMG_20230908_193810.jpg (381 KB, 1866x1080)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
A bunch of youtubers just got access to the game, from most of the videos i've seen, it look like shit. What's you're though about it?
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next question
I think it's just graphicsfags.
>the roads were spagehtti
I never understood why people hated this so much, I thought it was a fun challenge to get my traffic to not be congested. I guess if you're coming here from one of the boomer SimCities that didn't really have traffic then you'd be annoyed at having to pull away from putting buildings down.
>just start getting interested in city builders
>my computer recently broke down and I can't afford a new one
>my old pc can barely run cities: skylines when it's a small village. Not even going to attempt a large city
RIP, maybe I'll play when I have a new one in a couple months.
>building road straight
>the grid breaks
fuck it

File: how.png (25 KB, 800x800)
25 KB
While trying to make my own terrain map, I've been using Paradox's maps as references. However, the closer I look, the more I realize that this is a bad idea. For example, in picrelated the northwestern corner of Sutherland is taiga in CK3, but in HOI4 it's now mountains. I can understand marshes disappearing over about 1,000 years due to people draining them, but saying that mountains grew in the area over the same time period is silly. There also seems to be a lot of inconsistency between the Paradox map painters over deciding what counts as a mountain and what counts as a hill, which you can also see in picrelated, but as another example the Alps are either longer or shorter depending on what you're playing.

With that in mind, what resources would (You) use as references when making a terrain map?
15 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>OP doesn't even know what's ArcGIS or QGIS
Must be tough being retarded
>Could easily be fixed by giving every territory 2 terrain slots based on landscape and climate/vegetation with overlapping bonuses/penalties
Would be good to allow at least the latter to be changed midgame too, to represent bogs getting drained and areas deforested.
Fucking /thread

Imagine "learning" things from Paradox games.
I'm kinda surprised that I haven't seen this either. I know in Victoria 2 you can have hills with forests on them (forgot what they're called), but it's still strictly a single type of terrain instead of two of them put together.

If it was an original setting, I wouldn't need to reference other maps for it

Thanks, this seems like the type of thing that I was looking for

Gonna check this out too, thanks
File: topographyIta.png (360 KB, 1737x1331)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Just have a friend that makes a program that scans through nasa topography files and gives you the slope at any given 1km2 square

File: download.jpg (274 KB, 573x1024)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Anyone try this game? It's a simple tactics/rouge light that's actually pretty fun. Got it in sale due to the art but gameplay is addicting.

One question is the star mages miracle seems bugged in switch.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Can't you tell from the op?
I tried the demo because of big tit Egypt girl but then I found out that it's a rogue lite and immediately uninstalled.
How about you stop wasting my time and learn to design actual levels, huh? How about that?
There is a reason why rougelites sell so good now.
Entire demographic of "I'm too tired from work to remember what I was doing yesterday, and I have time to play games for 1 hour"
I partly agree on platformer type games but
This anon is right, this game is quick and fun. Beat it like 3x already.
Big tit girl is prob top3 .
Had a crazy op run with the big tit oneesan and her other form.
Early on got something where she starts in halo mode and a few range boosts, so essentially right off the start she was literally hitting half the map or more in one shot.

File: 1692487094532694.png (94 KB, 287x172)
94 KB
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Then just resign if you see them then.
If it's late game, you can unironically just hussar spam + mangudai with a few monks.
Convert a few elephants to tank, use hussars as a meatshield/run past the elephants to raid food eco, since elephants are so pricy. If they try to ignore hussar just kite and raid. Even if he batters your base down, if you did eco damage you cant lose simply because mangudai are so OP.
>Got a link? Preferably from Hera's perspective.
He put that stream behind a paywall (gotta subscribe to his Twitch channel to watch it).
fixing infantry is as simple as removing militas, and longswords so that there is only men at arms, two handed swordsmen and champions. (just like there is only scout, light cav, hussar) to cut down on time and cost needed to invest into it.

File: rulethewaves3.jpg (791 KB, 1200x675)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
What's the verdict?
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
If France was meant to have a navy then God would not have created the English.
I can't seem to make nice looking ships, especially not anything on par with the computer generated designs. Anyone have any (non video) tutorials for the graphical part of designing ships?
The game would really benefit from alt reality or far future lost space colony setting. Earth’s topology limits the potential for naval warfare to few crowded places, one of them the game chooses to ignore. Also the game has three brands of white people, two brands of germans two brands of chinese, italians, russians and eastern mexicans, not much reason to feel any emotional investment in these flags. Can’t we get real mexicans at the very least? More missions should be a thing too, don’t really enjoy doing 10 convoy attacks in a row.
I wish UA:D didn't got abandoned and actually had a decent campaign
Just pirate it if you want to try. RTW 3 is the most pathetic full game release, it's not even a DLC worth of updates from RTW2, and should have been a free patch.
Those lazy fucks can't even be bothered to make a dark theme.

File: 1576348261653.jpg (428 KB, 1920x840)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
So /vst/, whatcha playing?

I'm actually playing coh1 with an early version of BK mod and it's plenty of fun.
Can't seem to get into any of the new rts games.

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