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File: images.jpg (13 KB, 222x227)
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Hidden strategy games only you've played
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Holy shit so that's what that game was. I remember I used to have it on my pc as a young kid but forgot most of the name and could never manage to find it online. Didn't understand the game enough to do well so I always lost every time I tried to play it.
Looks like Sudden Strike?
that one looks kino, gonna check that it out
I think I seen few threads way back when when /vst/ was just created.
Just pirate it.
I liked it as a kid and it looked very pretty. Sadly never beat last two missions. I heard a rumor that if you beat Alexander's campaign you can unlock alt history campaigns for other factions, but I'm not sure if that is true.
I don't think it was hard, but I don't remember much. Just the map and those animations that played when firing at the enemy or something.
Oh that looks neat.

>you actually gain more experience, when you upgrade your town hall to another tier, +15% at tier 2 and +30% for tier 3
>as long as you only have a solo hero though
>this was never explained in any campaign or in any tooltip and it's also not in the manual or the typical wikis or the old classic battlenet unit roster
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didn't it take 8 years for people to figure out how trade in Victoria 2 works?
Older Paradox titles in general had nonexistent tutorials and documentation. By what I recall, the tutorials of Europa Universalis III were pretty much just "this is how you move ship from Europe to Cuba" and "this is how you move an army from one province to another province".
I never had the legit boxed version of it so no idea if manual was any better.
the system's such a mess that the designer didn't know how it worked himself
Ships of the desert
Also: wut?
Some armor classes were shared to conserve memory or something. Camels used to take extra damage from Heated Shot and for some reason the spearman bonus damage against ships was kept as it was (maybe as a joke because just how useful could that even be?).

Any games like Shadow Empire but with an AI that follows the same rules as the player?

I like wargames with good logistics systems, but I fucking hate it when the AI doesn't get impacted by me destroying their backbone economy because they just cheat for resources anyway.
>AI that follows the same rules
SE like games are rare enough.
But this part cuts out like 95% of the genre. Not to mention and not all of them do it even well.

File: 1652964908273.jpg (756 KB, 2560x1440)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
Discuss the mod
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imagine getting your region removed from the map
this post was made by bitbucket gang
File: BCC6.png (1.32 MB, 971x1080)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
bitbucket more like sneedbucket
If you want to avoid having to juggle coalitions then what he wrote is decent advise. Though you can also end up juggling coalitions in several directions.
>ywn throatsing with your bros while C*nnorian wenches are servicing your centaur horscock
why even live
>Idiot OP created a new thread before this one had archived again
When will he learn.

how do I git gud at ranked matches?
winning the radar/scouting war and being ready to cheap earlygame strats (ex: t1 bomber rush)
click quicker than the other guy

1. The most complex WW2 strategy games I’ve played were Darkest Hour and HOI4. How filtered will I get by this game?
2. Who the hell is Gary Grigsby?
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You've got to find the right opponents Anon. Lurk the forums more, you will see there is a strong pool of dedicated players who have a reputation to keep. Hit them up for a game but for God;s sake dont throw a hissy if they wipe you out quickly the first time. Just learn from your mistakes, they are usually happy to give you a few pointers. They are a close knit bunch and word gets around quick. If you are a sore loser you will never get a mp game with any of them again
That's why I'm doing the no early end 1941 grand campaign as the soviets. Germany would've hit sudden death at the end of 41 for too low of VPs otherwise.
Its fun and still takes some strategy. I'm in Jan '44 and am like ~6 months ahead of historical front lines, tho I held the Germans to Kherson/Poltava/Orel/Vyzama at their peak
Wait..what..FUCK NO! You should have been in Berlin by March 1942! June 1942 at the latest.What the fuck are you doing? This must be your first game. Dude listen, against the AI all you have to do is pick off the panzers. After the first few divisions it just snowballs from there. This isn't like hoi3 where the AI will just replace its army three times over with a shitload of Garrison troops.
What the fuck?
How is that in any way historically accurate?
Jesus Christ, look up. See that thing 40 km above your head? That thing which is quickly receding into the distance? Yeah that's the point. Its not historical, its what should happen if you are playing against the AI.

Here, try following the story arch.
>Play against AI. If you are not a fucking moron you should win by spring 1942.
>I'm in Jan '44 and am like ~6 months ahead of historical front lines
>FUCK NO! You should have been in Berlin by March 1942! June 1942 at the latest

Also if you want "historical" then read a book. If you deviate from "historical" during a game by as much as one minute or one meter then its no longer fucking historical. If casualties deviate by as much as one kraut or Russian dead then its not historical. If your fucking tanks have as much as one MOTHER FUCKING screw missing then its not NOT FUCKING HISTORICAL! Jesus fucking save us all from "Oh its not historical!" asswipes! GRRRRR! They make me so angry! FUCK FUCK FUCK! GOD! I am going to smash something! I AM GOING TO SMASH SOMETHING RIGHT FUCKING NOW! FUCK! That vase looks good. Fucking cunt of a Vase! YOU FUCKING CUNT OF A VASE! Bet you are one of those "oh my history!" CUNTS! Well, FUCK YOU! MEET GRAVITY ASSHOLE! HAHHAHAH!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

success breeds jealousy
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Except that Yunru is flat like brains of a flat-earther
this mod's mental
because its anime
despite it being anime*
File: 1650366183838.jpg (44 KB, 500x375)
44 KB
>"scheduled derailment in 10 seconds, please hold on"

File: Angevin_Empire.png (2.86 MB, 1321x1738)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
Hey anons, a thread was here a while back discussing a CK2-ish game where you play as the ruler of England (I believe pre norman conquest)
It features an art style highly reminiscent if not directly emulating actual medieval tapestries and manuscripts

If anyone can help me with this I'd be greatly appreciated. The dev was around for that thread so I'd be glad to see him post some more teasers as well in a fully realized thread.
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File: 1667356784713482.jpg (197 KB, 720x692)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Thank you anon, I at first thought it was called something along the lines of Arboretum, close but so far.
I think we got 2 threads last year so maybe it'll actually be good.
Apparently devman thought he made up the word then, then looked it up and found one other mention ever in some Indian's PHD dissertation or something.
Makes me wonder how may other technically-words don't yet exist.
>I think we got 2 threads last year so maybe it'll actually be good.
Both threads were made by the dev...
File: ss.png (3.38 MB, 1280x1440)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
I'm actually around a fair bit. Not every day, but this board is one of the few places on the internet that I actually enjoy reading.
I do try to be cognizant of spam though, so I don't really promote DGR much anymore. I'm going to need testers soon, so I was sort of thinking about making a thread here for that.
Outside of major events like opening testing and release, me posting threads here sort of seems a bit too much on the shilling side.
That said, since you asked for it, a teaser from something I wrote today: if your wife is sufficiently sneaky, indulging her requests can have consequences.

Thanks for the link, anon.
Polygons and pixel art are definitely overdone. This idea was sort of inextricably bound to the medieval manuscript art in any case though.

I'm definitely trying to make it good.
It was some Indian dude's blog actually. When I chose the name, it was the only usage of the term that Google knew about. Amazingly, the blog is still online: arbitology dot wordpress dot com. Last post on March 18, 2007.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: header.jpg (45 KB, 460x215)
45 KB
COE thread
>What is it
Strategy game with a lot of factions, where every faction has at least a few unique units (often a lot) and a gimmick
>which should I buy
Each game is just the last + more, so buy whichever you can afford.
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Barbarian needs the tattoos to be cheaper and/or expanded to non-amazon units
Too much to list honestly, it's a straight upgrade. I think the changes that stand out the most are more fort types/buildings on the battle maps and ships/naval combat. Ships are pretty underwhelming desu, I rarely use them since you have to go in and out of port cities that tend to be rare
I don't think any class needs an overall buff but a lot of skills/abilities need changes. The first tier of Illusionist's phantasms (silver mirror ritual) shouldn't cost as many gems as it does just for 5 solid human dudes. The witch needs either flying or swamp walk without needing to turn to a lich. The dryad queen could use a higher freespawn rate and the baron should maybe be able to get the centaur knights if he takes over one of the special dryad forests. The enchanter needs to have less or no gold cost for golems since they need to already spend time, iron, and a map tile to create most golems. Statues should also move at normal speed since everything else does, and creating statues and terra cotta soldiers should just be a single ritual like the necro's one where they raise a battlefield and consume the resource, though I think temples should just have a fixed amount of statues, like how the game tracks corpses, and not be destroyed when using the ritual.

Boats need so much work. The game still registers the right and left sides wrong when a boat is flipped and the boats themselves don't matter much in battle. They should probably just put in the effort and make a sub-engine for boat combat. Maybe also make tiles that are too deep for things to float over to reduce that question of why you would use a boat when you can just swim/float/walk under water.(this isn't even the only game that has that question)
>since you have to go in and out of port cities that tend to be rare
No you don't. You can walk from a boat to any land tile or from any land tile to a boat; you just have to transfer the boat out of the army.(you don't have to have the boat in the army to stand on it.) You only need the port to make boats.
>Maybe also make tiles that are too deep for things to float over to reduce that question of why you would use a boat when you can just swim/float/walk under water.
I think it'd be better if boats let you go through coastal water at 1 action per tile. Flying is balanced by the limited range and floating is balanced by its rarity.
Boats right now are just a shittier version of amphibian you have to spend resources on.
For Pale Ones they need to make Agartha much more interesting and less of a hassle to explore - PO are so hopelessly unfun to play right now that the idea of just turtling up in the unnerground and then boiling up with a ton of forces after a while sounds a lot more fun than what pale ones do now - which is basically nothing. They also need mre interesting lategame summons and to share less shit with the warlock. The sealed chamber in agartha should actually y'know - do SOMETHING as well; and that goes for any faction, not just Pale Ones.
I didn't mention flying because boats are actually good for that, since they can be used as perches. Boats are better used as bridges and for bridging than anything.

>floating is balanced by its rarity.
Floating is about as rare as ethereal, which means every third thing has it. I wish there was something that screwed over offensive magic as commonly as that.

File: 1672020579029549.jpg (330 KB, 1200x1031)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Will this game ever get a remaster?
51 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Not a single QuadCannon
Just asking to get raptored
Full-sized image:
It breaks a lot of C&C series rules, but people are okay with it because the game kicks ass. It didn't change things just to change things.
you. an get a RA3 remake.
what rules? this is the only c&c i play.

File: b3.png (235 KB, 706x706)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Best Starsector mods?

Who doesn't love to break a buck:

UAF, Noah and Shell got nothin' on this.
800 replies and 116 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1658172582086140.gif (3.06 MB, 640x640)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB GIF
ships for this feel?
Not that Anon, but I'm actually gonna give a try to making more Stable Diffusion portraits like >>1314612 using Severian Void's model:
File: officer7.png (342 KB, 512x512)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
nice, I got some good ones earlier honestly with the waifu generator https://waifus.nemusona.com/
I would prefer something less animoo though yeah.*
Good link on that one, that is more what I would like.
File: andrada1.png (21 KB, 128x128)
21 KB
Just got the ship and 3 hull mods (again), did I complete the mod or there are something else?

Anyone here playing this? I think it has a lot of potential but it's lackluster in some aspects.
Namely defending your own town.
For those who don't know soc, it's a spiritual successor of HoMM apparently, I never played HoMM so I wouldn't really know.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'll wait 5 year until it's out of early access.
the only thing this game has going for it are the pixel graphics the rest is shallow and mediocre at best
holy shit this board is so dead and here I thought we were gonna discuss meta and so on keeek
Good game
Needs more factions though
CoH3 in 6 weeks, Age of Wonders 4 might as well.
The devs should hurry the fuck up instead of "balancing" to give people material to talk about.

File: 915598topdown2.png (466 KB, 620x360)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
>Literally lives in a country torn apart by war with his city being shelled and bombed by a major C&C faction
>Has to flee to the west due relentless conscript and arty spam
>Still manages to bring a better remaster than major multi-million gaming corporations.

How can someone be such a gigachad?
File: 1664662139170364.jpg (72 KB, 701x518)
72 KB
>Survived the Mariupol Charnel house

File: pobrane (1).jpg (14 KB, 284x178)
14 KB
Hands down the best strategy game ever made.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I played this years ago but it felt like a bare-bones alpha version of what it might eventually become. Way too simplistic and with barely any content. Is it actually worth playing now?
it's a mount&blade like
no retard
ew vertical screen?
I want to play something like this but not this. I know it will come out any year now.

File: file.png (410 KB, 819x374)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
Just got this on sale. Why is it 25x bigger than the original? Are all the assets and FMVs in 4k or something?
It has 4K support, and all FMVs have been digitally upscaled.
>Are all the assets and FMVs in 4k or something?
yeah pretty much

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