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File: XPIRATEZ.png (736 KB, 826x670)
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736 KB PNG
Whatcha playin' anon ?
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well problem is on JS star gods have insane melee dodge, I estimated guardians have about 115 melee dodge which means at 115% melee accuracy is your chance to hit them is exactly 0 and I can't imagine getting to 200% with most melee weapons, not to say crap like early clubs this is why pike is awesome it avoids all of that bullshit
nope that's a peasant, gals can't fit into tanks they can however fit into armored cars and I would fit a gnome there if I had one
>JS star gods have insane melee dodge

Do they have it 360? I don't remember any particular difficulties in meleeing them, but I habitually go always from behind. And I don't play on the hardest because that's just modder trolling.
it's not 360 but psy units have back penalty halved, so attacking them from behind is only 25% less melee dodge, still a shitload
150 melee score is reasonable and 170-180 is veteran territory. With 160 melee you'll hit basic guardians roughly with every 2 attacks, so it's fine to engage them in melee with experienced combatants depending on your units positioning. It's the gray clowns who have monstrous dodge, but die to one kinetic projectile hit, who are never a valid melee target.
Yeah, they have 0 back dodge penalty.

>excellent base campaign
>excellent dlcs
lags like shit though
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R2 is actually the second most popular in terms of people playing it right now behind Warhammer 2 and ahead of Medieval 2. So I'd just ignore most of the complaints.

Still, I wish it had the 3 building slots of Warhammer with the garrison building that adds walls to unwalled settlements. Would have made not playing super aggressive a more viable option.
Is it really? It's, to date, the only TW that I dropped and haven't come back to due to hating it's gameplay so much.
Maybe I'll look into a Darth overhaul or something.
>excellent dlcs
>load up Charlemagne for the first time
>every single faction leader has the exact same voice

VAs cost too many charlemagnes I suppose
Why did they make christianity so shitty in Attila?
3K is like a mobile game tho, and it’s not a historical game at all it’s like total war Troy, plays like war hammer.

Portugal is in. Did you buy the NFP? Who is your favorite civ?

No cuck fanatics allowed
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Looks like Napoleonic era units will be added. That's good
I honestly think you should be able to buy defensive buildings with faith as Georgia
They're cleaning up bugs so as to not draw too much criticism when their game, with barebone features as with any other 4x on debut, gets released.
I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but loading times are back to normal
New thread?

File: space hd.jpg (549 KB, 1920x1200)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
Considering getting a stelaris dlc which one should i get? I know paradox makes to much dlc but i want to get one with some moeny ive saved up
just pirate them all.
Paradox does not deserve your money. If you need to save for DLC, consider arranging for a family member to manage your finances.
pirate the DLC you faggot. Do not give them money
Leviathans is only worth it for the War in Heaven event, which only matters if you're consistently getting to the end game of your playthroughs. Actually all of the storypack dlcs are like that, they just add interesting fluff like the Worm in Waiting or robot uprising events.

Utopia adds space megastructures and I think the other big expansions each add one megastructure on top of that. Apocalypse and Megacorp are pretty lackluster unless you are specifically wanting their features (eg a planet killer ship).

Really there's a lot of good little things in all of the expansions but only Utopia is worth its cost given that you'll always use Utopia's features in most playthroughs.
Utopia is the best and that is the one I might consider at full price. Buy the rest at heavy discounts.

What are some of /vst/‘s favorite autism games? I like command ops 2 but sometimes i feel like I’m having a stroke
Command Modern Operations. I spend a lot of time just fucking around in the editor, it's like Arma all over again.
>sometimes i feel like I’m having a stroke
What do you mean?
Games with active pause feature used to slow my progress to a crawl as I meticulously micromanaged stuff into perfection.
Especially in S.W.I.N.E. where I would always be a cheapskate with fuel and ammo trailers and had to make it count to get through these long ass missions.
It’s just so complex and it all hits me at one time.

File: Tom_Bombadil_03.jpg (35 KB, 800x600)
35 KB
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Best thread
Worst thread I have ever had the displeasure of posting in.
File: 1615774486717.png (43 KB, 214x215)
43 KB
if dey dont dance wel den dey no friends o mine
Do you play strategies tho?

What the fuck were they thinking?
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have you seen tomyris
I'm going to make her upset by raiding her suzerain CSs, settling near her and stealing her native archeology sites.
Maybe so, but Cultural impact plays a role. David IV would be a banger of an alt leader, but Tamar is more culturally significant for Georgians.
For me it's Gitarja
tfw no 4'0 indonesian gf

ten best mods for this game
10. the end of days (adds russia to the game and unlike rotr all are mostly real life vehicles. has a unique system where you can research 1 of 3 subfactions per team that each give you access to different units and special abilities. no superweapons either meaning games against hard ais are brutal at times. no hero units either)
9. progen (adds POW trucks for each faction which were cut from zh as well as boss generals for each team and generals 1 and zh campaigns in one mod)
8. destructive forces (very old but still adds a lot of new units and new generals for each team)
7. nproject (adds in a few new units but fixes a ton of problems zero hour had at launch. what zh should have been)
6. global crisis (adds israel and syria to the game / new units / israeli team sucks because slow build times)
5. shockwave chaos (tweaks shockwave units to be ridiculously op)
4. contra (too difficult on most maps to be one of the best mods but still adds tons of new units, new generals, new challenge maps for each of the new generals, and probably the best original soundtrack for any mod for zero hour)
3. zero hour continue (adds large amount of new units and 2 new generals per faction, new superweapons for the new generals, and included new campaigns for each team which are strangely absent from the latest version)
2. rise of the reds (one of the best mods period. adds two entirely new teams and over 100 new units and buildings, superweapons, generals abilities, maps, and more. sadly will probably never get completed and lags like shit with more than 2 players)
1. shockwave (best overall mod for zh. Takes everything that made the base game great and gives them upgrades by adding new units for all generals, new abilities, maps, voice acting, 3 new generals per side, and even taunts that play quotes from each general. ai is kind of fucked on certain maps and too hard)
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Awesome! I didn't know this site existed. You just breathed life into one of my favorite games. Does this help at all with multiplayer stability?
there's a beta version in their modding discord if you can find that, lots of new stuff + that's fixed.

probably not, I'd say it strains it a bit more because of the amount of stuff. there's not really anything to help zero hour's MP stability just because of how shit the engine is
command and conquer untitled i don't really like either. It doesn't offer many new things compared to normal zero hour, just makes the units look better. Also the ai is fucked where the gla builds tunnel after tunnel clustered around their whole base, hundreds of them.
File: the boys.jpg (60 KB, 620x465)
60 KB
you missed out the best mod
not finished

File: image.jpg (90 KB, 600x435)
90 KB
I don't get why they ported this shit to HOI4, unless people think mobile game tier complexity and improved graphics is a big improvement. Plus they added even more left-wing political circlejerking and lore changes in the name of 'realism'.
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KX is a corny mod.
No its just people bitching because they can bitch, the only issue with the mod is that they keep reworking stuff instead of, you know, adding new mechanics or just add new stuff without removing it.
>add new stuff without removing it
What stuffs are they removed from the mod recently?
All the ones that got replaced by their new content, old Italy, old China, old whatever other tree or nation they trashed.
Red World could have been a based 21st century WW3 mod but the guy died before he could add WW3. I'm blueballed.

File: anno 1800.png (563 KB, 1786x404)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
Was googling "games like anno 1800" because google suggestions are usually good in discovering somewhat similar games but this made me laugh.
Far Cry 6 is my favourite city builder.
ubisoft are such shitters
dont mind me just sodomizing the corpse of might and magic over here
>games like anno
>other results are nothing like anno

File: manor-lords-v1-644988.jpg (707 KB, 1920x1080)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
What does you think about this in-developed indie RTS game? Sound like a combined Bannerlord/Total War game with much in dept city building and battle strategy elements. And the devs sound like actuall unironically /our/guys

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbH_m9KWnP0 (city building features)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvRHIvAxZoE (battle features=

Maybe finally CA will have some serious competition?
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>And the devs sound like actuall unironically /our/guys
/vst/ only has one guy and /our guy/ is Darren!
that depends developer anon, got any info to share?
Didn't he die?
>Not that interested in the city building aspect, we have enough of those.
there isnt many medieval city builders
Waporware that won't ever release

>nothing personnel, kiddo
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not anon youre replying to but some nights i just want to casually see explosions and a vet V jagtiger blow shit up
Understandable, but that anon seems to want to improve his skills, I figured the best way to do that is playing 1v1s.
i dont know what relics problem is
>we want the competitive audience
>but we cant be bothered to provide easy to access unit statistics, you have to go to dataminers with ugly spreadsheets to disseminate this shit
>used to be the king of voice acting but literally only the UKF and maybe most of the USF has even a modicum of effort into it
>retarded as all hell loot overhaul so the new system requires 100x times the grind to unlock commanders than before
>that shit where vehicles that path into each other can be bugged to go through each other
>that shit where vehicles that path into each other than be bugged to deflect off of each other
>convoluted menu for rebinding keys, if at all but this is probably the biggest issue where starcraft blatantly is better, in conjunction with ease of availability of unit stats
alot of other things honestly but they all combine into a big ugly issue in hindsight
are partisans back yet

Dragon Force thread. Ive been praying for a Steam re-release of this series for over 10 years now.

Who did you play as most?

Would you pay for a remastered bundle of 1 and 2 with newer graphics, if it had an option to switch to the old graphics while playing?

I never had the chance to play 2, as it was never released in the US in English. Those that played it, was it as good as the first game? What were the major differences?
"Bad" guys, the faction on the west IIRC, were literally unplayable in the pirated copies.[/spoiler

>Would you pay for (video games)?
Anon, I...

File: aoe2 elo.png (150 KB, 1180x666)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
thoughts about balance in this game? I think Portuguese are due for a buff on land (and a nerf on water to compensate). they are one of the only two civ that is missing the Squires tech, that is just absurd. since they also have no camels, they are often stuck chasing around enemy cavalry with slow as fuck pikemen
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Has Spain been massively broken with this update?
I haven't played for years but I don't remember Franks being this strong. Why are Franks so strong nowadays? Is it on pro levels as well or just noobs spamming Paladins in post imperial?
They are probably the most straightforward civ. Good eco bonus (and that bonus reduces the number of things you need to do) and knights and castles, which are easy to be good with and don't require a lot of micro to be good. As you get slightly better a scout rush is very hard for lower elo to defend against so you can get a lot of quick wins.
One of the best scout rush, Magyars are comparable because they are cheaper with forging, one of the best knight rush. Berry bonus was introduced in the forgotten which was a huge buff to Franks, the berries have gotten nerfed so they aren't as strong as they used to be
their high pick rate and win rate are consistent across all ELOs up to the 95th percentile (1500+ elo). then it drops to about balanced. my take away is that they are reasonably strong, but most importantly they are easy. with Franks the game plan is scouts -> knights -> tons of castles. all of their bonuses quietly work in the background to reinforce this strategy, and while predictable it's hard to stop. at a very high elo it stops working *as* well because pros are so good with quick walls and monks that melee units in general are less effective.


File: bb2.jpg (52 KB, 586x192)
52 KB
What am I in for? Will I be fine finding matches online? Do people mostly focus on single player campaigns or whatever they're called?
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In most ways yes. It's just missing some cool details like racial cheerleaders.
>It's just missing some cool details like racial cheerleaders.
This bothers me way more than it should. Loved that in BB1
I think so yeah. Generally speaking I found it to be a pure upgrade in terms of just adding content, providing nicer graphics, and just giving a lot of little things that individually wouldn't be difference makers but end up being nice.
played this a bit with a friend but found it weird that you could only pick a premade team if you just wanted to play a match.
File: it angers.jpg (6 KB, 180x229)
6 KB
It fucking infuriates me that you need to make an online team even if you just want to play some skirmishes with a custom team, because it means you have to use a completely original team name for every team you make, and of course all the good names are already taken.

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