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File: Flag_of_Norway.png (1 KB, 800x582)
1 KB
Strategy games where I can play as Norway? Excluding Paradox shit
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Based game
shit gayers shitilization
File: rucksack.jpg (70 KB, 712x815)
70 KB
The first Commandos game had early missions set in Norway and I guess that's very appropriate considering the first commando units were formed with Norwegian men that fled to UK.
Just came back from a 3 day trip to Norway and playing Commandos, I get the impression the diver is basically your typical Norwegian dude - everyone wears that damn cap there and hiking boots with those retro-military styled backpacks. I asked the locals and they say it's impractical, but cool. Kinda based. Super clean country, no graffiti, almost no negros, no vegans, cause practically everyone goes hunting or fishing when they can and they eat what they catch. They all drive EVs but oil and gas is the main industry, super high tax even on corporations (75% on rich corpos, if I'm correct), but they're fine with it since they get their money's worth. Food is fucking awesome, booze is expensive so no alcoholics and the worst insult they have is "sack of shit". The only 'flaw' I found is pizza with nachos. Not bad at all, but normies should really chill about pineapple, if they insist to be dumb about cooking (it's actually properly called ananas - based). I'm seriously thinking about moving there, my Norwegian is still shit, but I'm working on it hard.
What's the Norwegian military like? Service is mandatory as I understand, wamen included. Based as fuck, and there really should be more games where you play as Norway-chads.

File: Shattered_Union.jpg (20 KB, 263x379)
20 KB
Come on by and talk about Shattered Union.
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Well it’s pretty much the same if they went out of business or if they just became code monkeys for NuXcom/NuCiv instead of building on their previous titles
Desperately needs a sequel. Would sell like hot cakes in the current year as well.
How would that even work?
Remake it with modern standards, slap a 2 in front of it.
Sounds lazy.

File: portugal.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1080)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB PNG
A couple of questions for you anons.

How do I wc as Bhutan in HoI4? I did it as fascist Czechs not joining Germans, but that was before nsb. With Bhutan I tried 3 strategies so far. First did the cas spam that apparently emerged after nsb. Was moderately successful, capitulated Tibet but got bogged down in Nepalese mountains. Second try made tanks but by the time I finished my first 20w tank division the Tibetans had 40w+ inf with artillery so that was a total failure. Third try I went for mechanized inf, grabbed an ahead of time bonus and managed to push a couple of tiles into Tibet but couldn't cross the river, this may have been due to a lack of engineering corps, I was in a hurry to invade and didn't include it in my divisions. So what worked for you in wc as minors? What tips can you give me?

Second question is about EU4. I've seen a lot of people taking loans and then waging war, making other countries pay them. Also, a big part of war strategy in this game apparently lies in juggling truces to manage aggressive expansion. I tried that as Portugal and failed. Conquered the northern half of Morocco, Granada and Tlemcen by 1490 (picrel), but ended up in such debt I triggered a Peasants' War, which I managed to crawl out of by sheer luck, and had to disband most of my army and navy to get back to making money. So how exactly do you manage to keep on top of your debt and use it to your advantage? How do you expand efficiently?
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>The obvious thing as Portugal is to ally with Aragon and take out Castile
It's actually better to just PU Castile, pretty sure there's a event for it when playing as Portugal.
I considered attacking Castile but they're allied with France and pu'd Aragon, there's no way I can win that even with mercs.
Yes, I know about the different faith ae impact, I also took loans from burghers but I think I did it too late, when I already had crossed the point of no return with regular debt.
Aragon rivaled me from the start and Castile allied France. Regarding Morocco and other muslims, I honestly don't know why I was losing money, I built up to my force limit before war and was actually making a profit, but after I conquered Moroccan land I suddenly started losing like 3 ducats a month. Is it because of religious unity? I mothballed the forts I acquired, couldn't lower army maintenance due to constant rebel threat though.
isn't that event for Castile PUing Portugal
when you conquer new land you get overextension, which gives corruption per month, which is a massive drain on money until you core the new provinces. This is temporary though, you probably took loans to deal with the corruption which you have to pay interest on further weakening your economy. Literally all your problems will be solved if you conquer slower, and as portugal you should focus on colonizing the new world and africa into asia. When you learn how trade works money will never be a problem again.
I see. I felt the need to conquer at such a pace because I wanted to cuck Castile out of North Africa, gain more resources and eventually take all of Spain but apparently this backfired horribly.

File: Caocao_Final41.png (574 KB, 988x1000)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
Anyone can't stand people clamoring for synced combat to be back? It was fine in Shogun 2 because the stereotypical image of Samurai combat and in Empire/Napoleon it wasn't a big issue since the game wasn't centered around melee...

But in Rome 2 and Attila? Absolutely terrible.

>Any semblance of line cohesion is gone
>One dude is surrounded by 4 guys but is only attacked by one enemy at a time
>Repetitive canned animations keep playing over and over
>Soldiers trying to position themselves EXACTLY infront of each other to commence the animation

Warhammer is a scourge on this franchise, but the silver lining is that it has done away with synced combat for good.

And Three Kingdoms is better for it.
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if you are the imperial prime minister you DO get an emperor seat, you just become the han empire.
That's a quote from a TV show. Nothing like that in the history books.

Fictitious. The first two do seem loosely based on a historical anecdote, but it wasn't a "fortune teller," and he didn't murder the guy, just have him arrested.
I like it but the retinues system didn't look good desu.
It's the only way to focus on the actual meat of the story, the individual officers.
but officer system suck too

File: Bannerlord_BG.jpg (148 KB, 1152x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I haven't played warband, how is bannerlord compared to it? I see a lot of people say it lack tons of features from warband
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At least the pic contain a lot of developers perspective.

Interesting change, but it make me want boats.

note: haven't played Bannerlord 2, I'm just following development for now
It fucking sucked on release. A lot of promises and dispirit concepts but no execution or cohesion.
>dude you can make swords
The mechanic doesn't fold into anything. It feels like a mod. Same shit with executing leaders and so on. If it's improved I'd love to hear a still active anon's opinion on the matter. Also the battlefield control felt worse than vanilla Mountainblade despite the 1:1 combat feeling better.
Also when the FUCK are they going to change the block stabbing mechanics? It's harder to block a fucking lance than it is anything else, at least with a sword instead of a shield.
File: M&B Battania 2.jpg (530 KB, 1600x900)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
>If it's improved I'd love to hear a still active anon's opinion on the matter.
Bought it at launch but have only started playing it recently. Won't say its great but I've enjoyed myself, mostly just been dicking around with the Battanians. Gonna do some shit with the Empire next, haven't decided which faction but South Simplord seems fun enough.

Really something I think is done well is how Renown becomes less useful as the game goes on and Influence takes over as the more important of the two. You can do some pretty wacky shit with enough influence. It's a bit meta gamey because if you see a Lord getting fucked over it's not a great idea to rush and help him, letting him get captured (so he loses influence) and then liberating him (which still gives you positive relations with him) is the better option. Having your faction lose a few wars will help if you want to gain power quickly, which I guess you could argue is accurate.

Pic related
Recaptured Druimmor Castle and it was given to me by the King but we still ended up getting fucked over by the Vlandians with most of our lords being captured. We peace out and have to pay tribute.
Decided to propose that Car Banseth should be redistributed (200 Influence) the vote goes 50/50 but the King sides with me
Propose that I be the one to get Car Banseth (100 Influence) the vote goes 40/30/30 but because I'm the one with 40 I get the city.
Means my "Battania Only" run has worked out pretty well as all my fiefs are Battanian, my companians are Battanians and my wife is Battanian. The end goal is for Caladog to die in battle and for me to seize the throne.
fun fact: this new map was made very shortly before release, maybe a month or so. All testing and gamescom demos etc. all used the old map.
this is the one most baffling decision about bannerlord. the old map was good, had soul, and was very close to the old warband map for nostalgiabux. this new one is messy and ugly and only makes the balance worse for sturgia which never ever doesn't implode half a year into the game.
its like current bannerlord crew never played warband(not even mention mods) and hated that they are compared and need to compete with decades old game.
So they shit on everything that even was good in warband

File: meme arrow.jpg (60 KB, 616x353)
60 KB
Anyone tried Duskers? Reviews make it sound pretty good besides the lack of a solid ending/endgame. Is the content there worth the price?
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>abandoned universe
>abandoned game
Fuck the devs.
Cause it was made by Mandalore
Hes here
I bought this on release and really liked it - but as is with the case with games like this, I suck and can't beat it. I fucking hate Mandalore's attention so hearing there's a video does nothing but annoy me.
It's really wasted potential, the game could easily be much more, what's there is already good it just falls slightly short of enough content to be amazing
You can just see them on camera. They are rendered in the same way as ambient terrain so they are hard to spot, but you can coax them into your airlock just the same.
Don't actually do it.
The dog randomly barking 'behind the screen' has made me shit myself more than any sudden attack

As a new player, should I bother with any of the base game or should I immediately install Renaissance mod?
Go straight for Renaissance

When are they adding the sex mini-game to CK3? Plotting to murder children is alright but no sjex?
22 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Cossacks alone mogged AoE so hard, 3 failed due to Cossacks existing.
Besides, the point was that "if you aren't Japan, you can't make a game and be successful". All of those did great on MUCH smaller markets.
>Settlers on the list
>hOw MaNy Of ThEsE gReW aS lArGe As StArCraFt oR aGe Of EmPiReS?
So you're a zoomer, American, or both?
I bet you post on /vr/ without a hint irony how much Nintendo saved gaming
somone post anon's ideacrafting of the sex minigame where there's a badly drawn woman in the middle with speed buttons on the side with a satisfaction bar
it came out of a similar kind of thread
File: 1656655529657.png (23 KB, 722x93)
23 KB
>smaller markets
a game getting popular in eastern europe and nowhere outside of it means nothing
3 or 4 autists claiming that it's so much better changes nothing
>>1196749 was right about japan because japan's market is so powerful that it doesn't even have to export anything while western european or american markets will always go global
just for you i took the effort to see if settlers is anywhere close age of empires
and given that none of the relevant ones are on steam it's up to you to prove it
go on, show the stats, i don't care where you'll tahe them from, it can even be your ass, i just want to see you try
>a game getting popular in eastern europe and nowhere outside of it means nothing
A game getting popular in Japan and nowhere outside of it means even less. Several games posted had a strong presence outside of the home market. Cossacks in particular had wide success in France and the UK, to the point the sequel was focused on Napoleonic Wars instead.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (82 KB, 616x353)
82 KB
What's the consensus on the newest update, is the AI good now?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's slightly more competent but the game is still easy as fuck
Came to ask if it worth the (unlimited) bandwidth. Guess I'll wait another year before asking again.
hopefully there will be a decent mod or two by then that isn't about vampires
It's good for a Paradox title.
this website will forever say CK3 is shit even if it does eventually become good, first impressions are everything with the users on this site

File: header.jpg (45 KB, 460x215)
45 KB
I've seen people posting lets plays of this game on online forums, with viewers having varying degrees of interaction from pawn name submissions to full on succession games - but for the sake of having a coherent playthrough on a normally anonymous imageboard, I'll try to do something inbetween.

But first, I'd like to know what mods /vst/ anons would like to see in this playthrough; within reason (no moonrunes, broken stuff, anything that would require relearning how to play, etc). I'll make sure to include as many suggested mods as feasible, but in case of conflicts, I'll prioritize earlier posts.

When the playthrough starts, decisions will be made via GETs (if allowed by jannies on /vst/, if not then it'll be first come first serve or strawpoll votes for more impactful decisions). These include stuff like colony/faction names, starting scenario, general playstyle, ideoligion setup, pawn names, and more.

>shut the fuck up and play already
But it's late in the night for me, and I want people to have time to submit mods they want to see me play with, including ones that can't be added to new savegames.
>what about mod dependencies
I'll make sure to get them don't worry
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it would be interesting if the game didn't ran like shit after 6 hours
How does one set up a multiplayer game like you and the anon are suggesting?
There's a multiplayer mod that allows joining people on your steam friends list.
Organizing that will be the main requirement for this - maybe I could setup a chatroom on discord/element/etc for that.
it’s over
File: Megascarab.png (3 KB, 128x128)
3 KB
it truly is

>be russia
>own siberia
>become republic
>create a dozen siberian states and confederate for the economic benefit of all members
>fully developed and prosperous siberia because the tiles arent the size of texas like in eu4

Surely this will work
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>not playing as the KGB and trying to herd the cats that are the Warsaw Pact
>No, Poland, stop taking retarded loans from the West.
The Mississippi Basin is basically the best river network on the planet.
>He doesnt want to play as Cuba and foster revolutions all over africa just like Cuba was doing historically
mods shouldn't have to fix it
>I can't believe the wehraboo game's community is full of wehraboos!
>I can't believe a wehraboo community would have bad actors!
Whoever this redditard is should just stick to single player then if being called a bad word causes them to fall apart. When I first heard about Paradox games during high school, it was through a stormfag that was on a forum where we all shared our autistic alternate history maps, so these people have been in this community literally as far back as I can remember, and if you can't deal with them then don't interact with them.

File: gigach.jpg (81 KB, 465x600)
81 KB
>I got the naval encirclement
>delete your fleet
104 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
and yet you gave it a bump despite that
Boko is seething at spud? Any videos of it?
Only rundown vid of it, but it wss streamed and disconnected. Description has funny link/screenshots.

lol I was going to write the same thing, they are talking about some gay e-celeb I think
binga binga! my favorite youtubers HAVE to get the MOST views!!!!

File: New.png (3.31 MB, 1920x1080)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
Garbage day soon, Comrades!

531 replies and 113 images omitted. Click here to view.
Based flat enjoyer
I know, that's the problem, I end up spending too much on random shit I don't really need and still not making enough in exports
It's probably because I'm trying to hard to "future-proof" rather than just get the basics running
File: 20220925122154_1.jpg (1.85 MB, 3840x2160)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
construction zone #3 is almost ready. my pollution seems high. i have sewage treatment plants on every discharge. and all my industries are at least 1km away. except for my one of my starters is only about 500 km away...still all the dots are green from pollution monitor. also, hit a billion rubles right before y2k
500m *
What's the sale value in rubles of one unit of livestock? I want to see how much of that is inflation. Livestock is a good example because people typically don't import/export it en masse and it starts at almost exactly 100 rubles.
My experience has been similar to yours in that the population lived far from any pollution sources but I still had a high value. I've decided that the pollution % up there is irrelevant, either it's something like pollution effect on [all] buildings (i.e. including industries) which is irrelevant, or it's total pollution effect on beautiful nature which is also irrelevant. Your lifespan is 86 which is only a few short of what I believe to be the maximum (90), if you're playing on Hard citizens reactions you're doing about as good as possible at 86.

File: 174[1].jpg (21 KB, 460x215)
21 KB
How does DoW1 compare to AoE and SC in terms of multiplayer? Does it have the same depth?

Which is the most balanced expansion for PvP?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
better than both
Absolutely, squad ai breaks very hard when they start getting inevitably split up because of some formation disruption or something with a lot of mass walking through them. I was just playing Winter Assault yesterday and got stuck on the escort mission because my guardsmen refused to move. After like 30 minutes I ended up figuring out it was because a guardsman was stuck on a sentinel like 3 blocks away
Across all of the games, definitely Eldar. In DC both the Tau and Necrons were very strong with the Necrons being nerfed a bit later on.
The ultimate cheese strategy, however, is Chaos. Just make a metric fuckload of cultists and give them infiltration and grenade launchers.
Chaos infiltration doesn't become available until t2. If you're using cultists in t1, you have to actually play well and it's not cheesy at all.
You don't play it for balance. You play it for fun mechanics and awesome moments.
DC was developed by Eldar players and it shows.
Aside from them, the Tau have ridiculous range+mobility. And while Necrons are already strong due to their durability, they can break the game with infinite units if you toggle off corpse despawn.

shilling this new rts that I know nothing about
Devs are Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games
Publishers are THQ Nordic and 3D Realms

104 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: COCKBALLS.png (1.02 MB, 332x400)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
play mental omega
i am
So there's some kind of Red Weed that'll probably fulfill the deadly terrain requirement of tiberium but was it some kind of demonic thing? The temple appearance and abyssal pits make it look satanic in nature
>The temple appearance and abyssal pits make it look satanic in nature
It would be cool if it was tied to a secret cult faction in the campaign.

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