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Nah, DoK was great.
Fucking Activishit-Blizzard.
File: 20190908201413_1.jpg (238 KB, 1920x1080)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I like the the remastered version but the scaling in 2 is just way out of whack, it's alright in 1 if you stay within the regular limits but going over it will also cause the game to overcompensate like a motherfucker.
play HW1 using a disc or other original version. The remastered HW1 has some nice QoL changes, but the engine port stripped a lot of mechanics. HW2 is totally fine to play remastered. Cataclysm is now called Emergence and on GoG, i'd recommend that as well. DoK is more like an interactive lore book, its not bad but its probably the worst of the franchise.
man, vaygr battlecruisers are so cool. those vertical launchers get my dick hard.

*blocks your path*

File: 13744103.jpg (31 KB, 529x469)
31 KB
>crpgs made a come back
>strategy has not
I just want my company of heroes 3.
>crpgs made a come back
lol no

File: Terrascaping.png (1.88 MB, 1267x995)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Which strategy games have the best nation and empire building?
As in which games give the most compelling experience when you're not working on directly engaging with the enemy in your opinion?
The better it is, the less important reaching for the win is, and you may even continue playing after winning

Roughly in genres I think it goes like this:
City building
grand strat
RTS, TBS(non 4x)

More specifically I'd probably put Victoria 2 and Crusader Kings 2 above Eu4, there isn't too much to improving the development in eu4, while the simulation of v2 makes it a bit more compelling and in ck2 there's the family managament and different holdings you can focus down on maximizing.
Between TBS games I'd give a slighty edge to homm over warlords, while the town buildup is very weak in homm it's basically non existent in warlords, and outside the towns you can get more out of homm just engaging neutral monsters and exploring the map.

City building is of course only that, but I don't really like them since i like building towards an external threat.
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civ4col do be like that
That's exactly what the OP is talking about
>not working directly engaging with the enemy
>less important reaching for the win
It's a matter of being a game, or a simulator/toy
Those two points doesn't necessarily just mean how well you feel like you're roleplaying a real world nation.
The gameplay mechanics on how you build your town, nation or empire matter, not just how well it simulates, even if that can add to it.
Drawing a road manually in a city builder can be more compelling as a game mechanic, than something more realistic and immersive like if you just changed policies and tax sliders to influence others for making roads.

The topic isn't just which game and which genre simulates the best.
Why is this remake generally considered bad? I liked the original but this one seems to get flak for some reason.
some major design flaws and lack of balance, little content so every game feels the same, and best way to win is rush while trying to use liberty mechanics can make the game unwinnable. ai is trash too. mods fix most of this


also anyone got a discord to just talk to people that aren't the aforementioned groups?
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>fucks up your game balance
>Now Soviet Union starts with massive infrastructure even beyond the urals
Eh who cares?
And this
Scroup added Stalliongrad. He's a total commie.
He's an awesome dev though
>implying /pol/fags don’t do the exact same but are way more overt and autistic about it
cold war iron curtain is breddy gud. also millenium dawn, black ice and red flood

File: sshot-3.png (2.55 MB, 1448x611)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
Games that let you command huge amount of units (from battalion to division or even field army level) within very large maps. Emphazise on attrition, coordinated attacks and combined arms.
>Real time tactics
Games that have small unit cap, small battlegrounds, emphasize on tactical maneuvering and quick decision making
>Real time strategy
Why is the classification between these 2 type of games in reverse? it's weird as fuck when games like CoH or DoW2 are RTS while Blitzkrieg and Sudden Strike are classified as RTT.
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>you forget that tactic is insignificant compared to strategic planning, in other word, scale does matter.
Saying it's insignificant is going way too far. Good tactics are needed for plans at a strategic level to come to fruition.

Arguing that one or the other part of planning is useless is for complete brainlets. The objective is to have all parts of planning act in a coordinated manner to ensure a synergy between the two. If the people at the top say "tactics don't matter" or the people at the bottom say "strategy doesn't matter", you're bound to fail no matter what.
I agree. trategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat
>Germany trying to invade the Soviet Union
They lost Stalingrad, Kursk and Bagration you idiot.
South vietnam lost all the battles after US left.
>Second Punic War
Carthage lost all battles at home and half of them at sea.
>What if i tell you that's not the case and i can reinforce them
If the reinforcements are predetermined is still an RTT if you can change them it's an RTS
RTS unless it's field upgrades or veterancy
>Split them
Doesn't change anything.
The soviet losing almost 1 million people and 8 different campaigns trying to drive German out of the Rhzev-Vyazma salient and only take it back because the 9th army have to retreat to avoid circlement. Same thing happen at Kharkov when the soviet needs 4 attempt to finally recapture the city.
Wehrmacht have the best performance of the entire war and they could reach Moscow before being driven out if it wasn't for the stupid strategic decisions.
>Wehrmacht have the best performance of the entire war and they could reach Moscow before being driven out
They didn't they got driven out at Moscow. And the soviet winter counter attack forced them to retreat.

File: FG.jpg (2.87 MB, 1920x1080)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
>20+ hour campaign with multiple endings and replayability
>new troll faction with Battle Realms style unit customization and weapon crafting system
>two new player skill trees
>new ranked multiplayer mode
>gameplay overhauls for 5 existing factions
>new original soundtrack
>improved modding tools
>steam workshop integration
>$25 with launch discount for owners of vanilla or SH
>future content a possibility if strong sales
Now this is what I call a proper expansion, lads!
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Will there be waifus?
Because the possibility to fuck Yria in SH campaign was a nice bonus.
I wish they would have made it dlc like method for first game and improved the base game along with including dlc
Cause 3 different games are splitting the mp community hard
That's their long term goal to combine all three games into one at some point, together with updating the campaigns with the new mechanics. Allegedly.

I remember reading somewhere that they were going to do that for SH but then they got a green lite to make Fallen God so their team focused on that instead. Fallen God is the last game though, so they will work on combining all three games into one after.
Not a problem since there's crossplay between all three games.
Sort of. All three games will share a client, but you will need to purchase each game individually to access all of the features.
They claim to still be actively working on it, but it's taking much longer than they had expected.

>that cover quote lmao

Also, why aren't there more mafia related strategy games? I enjoyed both the Gangsters games (despite the second one being simplified to all hell) and even Omerta: Shitty of Gangsters just because I like the setting.

Empire of Sin is coming out in a few months, but it looks like just more Omerta.

I want at least some of that complexity that the first Gangsters game had. Maybe it went overboard with it, but I really liked giving orders and then reading in the newspaper about how they went and all the intricacies of bribing policemen and politicians and district attorneys and all that and setting up businesses and fronts and stuff like that strategically and closing them down when the feds started snooping around, etc.
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Where do you get this information? I've seen interviews with both of them concerning JA2 and spoken to Brenda myself about it, though I know little about Wizardry 8's development.
Brenda is a credit thief and an ugly goblin.
Speaking about gansters, I thought I had won when I found out where the enemy's HQ was.
sent my 7 best hitmens armed all with rifles and shotties to go in,

They all died.

Reloaded the save, sent my best bombers instead bomb the appartment block
They did the deed and I was like 'Job done'

Next week, no message that he died, apparently. I need to 'specificially' bomb the office to kill him.

Seriously, how do you kill rival mob bosses?
Overhyping it and generally behaving like a rockstar.
The rival gangs turn on you based on a combination of gamelength and how well you're doing. It's to keep it interesting and push you towards the obligatory mobwar.

I like Grand Strategy like the Total War Series and Paradox Games, but the last releases in both of these Series don‘t appeal to me anymore. I blame it on the gamified, arcadey design philosophy.

In Attila Total War you have to juggle Sanitation, Food and Public Order. Every single building which gives one of these lowers the others. Your building slots are also limited.
In Europa Universalis your province population is just a tax base, which never changes outside events. I only played EU 4 after release, but from what I understand they added equally gamey numbers like development, which are tacked on by DLC and it really shows.

What makes all of this unfun is that it‘s completly unimmersive. You can‘t ever simply apply your geopolotical and strategical knowledge in these games and be succesful just based on that alone, because it‘s completly abstracted by their system, which they simulate it with. Talk to any Stratfor Analyst or even Napoleon himself and he wouldn‘t be able to give you good advice in these games, because the game mechanics are too abstracted compared to reality.

The worst thing is that both of these gaming series have become so much more popular with games, which applied more and more of that design philosophy. In Total War you can‘t even recruit normal units from cities. It all has to go through a General, which are slot limited by Imperial Authority Mechanics and Units just cost a flat amount of upkeep. Reinforcement doesn‘t cost anything.
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>Age of Empires 2
>not an arcade game
this is why i like meiou
Paradox is deviating from the storytelling approach to mechanics-based games since eu3.
Though they went full retarded in EU4 with the mana points, development and modifiers, it feels like a civ game.
Attila isn't the most recent TW game, it's half a decade old.

And all of these grand strategy games include autism mods that do all you're asking and more. They aren't popular, because turning videogames into work isn't fun, but they exist because people out there as autistic as you are willing to put the effort in to make them. Go be the architect of your own solution, anon.
Idk eu 4 mp is pretty fun
And vicky 2 sp is also pretty fun
You just have to play the game for what its primarily designed for

Anyone played Dynamic Campaign Generator mod?
>play as Germany in 1941 Eastern Front
>campaign starts easy enough, manage to win a few battles with few to no losses as the soviets have shit tier infantry and I manage to buy a Pz3 and a Pz4
>easily destroy their shitty T-26 and BT-7 tanks
>suddenly a KV-1 appears
>literally all my tanks and AT guns are useless
>have to literally sneak up on him with infantry and spam AT grenades
>finally destroy it while taking moderate losses
>next battle a swarm of T-34s appears
I thought Barbarossa was supposed to be a walk in the park.

Anyway, it's a great mod. Let's you play a shitloads of battles that carry over your forces from battle to battle, kind of like Close Combat does. You can play it either in Eastern Front, Western Front, North Africa and Pacific as both allies and axis and the equipment is historically accurately dated and is has a rarity value meaning, you can't just buy heavy tanks and win everything (for example Tiger only appears in late 1942 and it's very rarely available, while tanks like Pz3 and Pz4 are more common, you can buy basic infantry squads pretty much anytime while a more specialized ones (paratroopers, engineers, snipers) are more rare). You gain points for winning battles and destroying enemy units that you use to acquire new units and replenish losses.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
For some reason I've never managed to make it work for AS1(always crashed after the first mission), I'm considering reinstalling the first MoW just to try it
Never heard of it. Gates of Hell is supposed to have dynamic campaign generator by default.
>I thought Barbarossa was supposed to be a walk in the park.
Germans had about 800k dead, missing or wounded by December 1941. That’s double the anticipated casualties since they only had 400k reserves. Barbarossa was pretty intense senpai.
The vast majority of those being wounded.
File: 1601925940420.jpg (132 KB, 645x729)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>That’s double the anticipated casualties since they only had 400k reserves

File: kw.png (1.82 MB, 1362x762)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Discuss, watch, play. Top tier campaign, addictive gameplay. Expansion also adds series staple kino soundtrack.
I rediscovered this game recently and it's even better than I remember. I stumbled upon some casts of some MP games and it's honestly more enjoyable for me to watch than Starcraft 2. No deathball meta, no instakills, everything moves at a nice pace.
I'm particularly surprised by how well the visuals hold up. I'm actually convinced that if it got an update to 60fps, some marketing and the multiplayer became F2P ala SC2 (provided no EA p2w bullshit) it could get big.
>How do I get the game?
Get the ultimate collection on Origin, or buy it on Steam, or just pirate it
>How do I play singleplayer?
Balance changes for the base game fucked up the campaign economy, install this mod: https://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-reloaded/downloads/cc3-original
Kane's Wrath is fine.
>How do I play online?
>Where do I watch?
Sybert, C&C Caster: https://www.youtube.com/user/CNCSybert
SpartacusTV (inactive):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1555395269409.png (283 KB, 2584x1052)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Not a fan with their Global Conquest campaign. I didn't like it on Dawn of War, i didn't like it here. Maybe i'd approve if they could vary their maps more, put some unique events etc. but it's a bunch of glorified skirmish levels basically which sucks.
As for the units in this, I love their huge units. MARVs, the Scrin Walker and that NOD Gundam is a great late game addition
Yeah, sadly the problem with these modes is that you really need to put a lot of work into it, more than just a sidemode. Though to be fair I like it as a wrapper for some compstomp.
For some reason the console port doesn't even have a world map, it just has a gauntlet of altered skirmishes.
>fight with huge but MCV-less force
>vs. a small squad that has Firehawks or Venoms
>my troops have no direct anti-air so "tactical AI" decides the Firehawks solo my whole army even though they can fire only once and can't survive if you destroy the airfield
If you're playing vs. GDI this comes up so often and you have to sit through the piss-easy battle, not to mention the Firehawks lose their HP so slowly when running out of fuel.
Any good mods aside from One Vision?

File: om.jpg (29 KB, 256x398)
29 KB
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>They'll change the art style to be less 'insulting' to 'minorities' like they did with AOE3
This literally did not happen.
So I haven't played the campaigns in Titan difficulty and I plan to start now. Are there any differences from the Hard difficulty that I should be aware of?
I think you'll enjoy the way SMITE portrays the goddesses
File: 1562386070426.jpg (56 KB, 684x569)
56 KB
>tfw we live in the universe where AOE2 blew up (relatively) and not AOM
One major gameplay flaw with AoM is how units always want to march in formations, so they become really clunky and unresponsive. When you want them to retreat they just wait for their friends to catch up, while being under attack.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (61 KB, 616x353)
61 KB
>What if one of the factions in our RTS was just one huge fucking monster? We'll have the tech/gun guys, the spirit/magic guys, and Godzilla.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I just bought this game, what am I in for?
Creative mashup of a shooter, RTS and Godzilla simulator, fun British humour, and big-titted naked siren lady with a cute voice. It's not exactly Sacrifice, but it a pretty fun game. Although you can clearly see the game starts falling apart halfway through Delphi's story, where they were clearly starting to run out of budget.
Fuck that Mecc base mission.
It just showcases how easy and fun to play Delphi base missions are, with her zipping around the map and one-shotting the enemies with her OP sword and magic like it's nothing.
File: 1592745222193.jpg (68 KB, 890x839)
68 KB
>Mecc AI companions eventually start spawning underneath the level and become useless
And the Mecc companion AI is completely retarded anyway. They can't defend the base to save their lives and you have to do everything yourself from gathering food to capturing Smarties, while being assaulted from every side and you can't be in several places at once.
On the other hand Delphi is so ridiculously fast, hard-hitting and she gathers resources so quickly, her base missions are a blast to play.

File: Flanders.png (67 KB, 200x155)
67 KB
stop making new hoi4 mods
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Play Equestria At War
fpbp of all time on /vst/
>not playing as Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift and taking over the planet to a great pop soundtrack
come on man
well then don't complain

File: eu2 gog giveaway.png (1.28 MB, 1193x564)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
gog is currently giving away EU2 for free. If you ever wanted to play it, now's the time to pick it up.
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Does this not have a forum code coming with it?
>And there are no decisions, barely any significant random events, the game is just a history simulation where the randomness comes from sometimes taking an ahistorical option B.
I always enjoyed mods like this, I remember there being one for Victoria 1 with a huge number of events. I figure if you're going to go railroaded, you might as well go all out.
I'll be honest, I don't even want any Paradox games for free.
I gave it a go and just like Civ4 was the perfection of Civ4 eu3 is the perfection of eu2
the game are quite similar but eu3 is just better in every way than eu2
really only reason to play eu2 over eu3 is the fantasia mod
Last chance to pick it up, it ends in a few hours

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