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File: B.png (14 KB, 152x145)
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Lets rank and discuss Bukowski's semi-autobiographical novels.

Honestly speaking, Ham on Rye is the only one that isn't a drunken shitpost, but I love Women the most. Peak kino
Post Office = Ham on Rye > Women > Factorum > Hollywood
Let's not
Ham on Rye > Women > Post Office > Factorum > Hollywood
>peak kino
lol retard it's obvious you don't get pussy

File: fr04om2dx0u41.png (710 KB, 1102x1200)
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710 KB PNG
Are there any books on why politics and political ideologies are dumb and gay
My diary desu
File: 9780316377607-1.jpg (35 KB, 435x674)
35 KB
theres no way even a single human being has read that book. who the hell cares about biden's coom dumpster?

File: jewss.png (75 KB, 747x470)
75 KB
What should I read to better understand the cultural schism between right wing and left wing jews?
File: rbbs2apbb.gif (43 KB, 372x192)
43 KB
>Rabbi Moishe Arye Friedman, left, from Austria, give his business card to a Muslim clergyman, as Rabbi Ahron Cohen from England, looks on, at the Holocaust deniers conference in Tehran, Iran
You could read their literature. Strauss is a good primer on the right wing Jewish outlook. You have to understand Schmitt though to read Strauss and see how he's appropriating his ideas to be Kosher. There was a good Salo Forum thread on this dichotomy between Liberal Reform Jews and Chabad, but sadly it's down.
>fat loser working in the non-profit industrial complex as an attorney who LARPS as a leftist despite mommy and daddy giving her everything in life
File: 1640976983092.png (472 KB, 740x844)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
bronze age mindset is all you need to start
"To Eliminate The Opiate" by Marvin Antelman

File: burger.jpg (45 KB, 667x500)
45 KB
I believe that there is no meaning of anything at all, therefore an individual must create their own subjective meaning for their subjective view of reality, which nobody has a true grasp of. Am I an absurdist, and what books enforce and examine this belief I have (themes of subjectivity of reality and meaning in a meaningless world)?
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Fuck no. Nietzche is anti-philosophy and anti-meaning, not that he isn't worth reading, but certainly not as in introduction to philosophy. Just read Plato.
Thank you for this advice, I'll make another thread when I'm done with Plato and similar philosophers, which might be in a while.
No worries. Go for "The Five Dialogues", spanning the lead up to his trial and his death, it's a good introduction. From there you wanna read at least Republic and Symposium, then whatever takes your fancy really.
You're describing positive/optimistic nihilism. I'd start reading there.
>therefore an individual must

File: unknown.png (8 KB, 398x118)
8 KB
Why is seemingly every book on this website considered a 'good read'?
File: J.G. Keely.jpg (207 KB, 700x933)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Because J.G. Keely reviews books and forms opinions that /lit/ can't refute.
I like how makes wolfefags seethe.
I'll look into this, his profile looks quite comprehensive

File: 20220504_203140.jpg (31 KB, 1080x266)
31 KB
have never heard of this person
I'm the shortest trans man in Paraguay.
File: ellis.jpg (99 KB, 719x1251)
99 KB
are lindsay ellis and miragonz still beefing? they should go on Hot Ones
File: mira.jpg (498 KB, 1972x1106)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
mira seems both kind and funny

File: 1446144215985.png (29 KB, 1029x388)
29 KB
I enjoyed the last one, let's have amother
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I love his work. I reread it almost every year.
File: grey.jpg (135 KB, 1029x388)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
i loved this book
File: 1652561987304.png (131 KB, 224x371)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
THPS3????????? IM SOLD
yeah its pretty good for what it is, especially in the art subject analysis, i didn't expect that.
File: robot.jpg (139 KB, 1029x388)
139 KB
139 KB JPG

File: download.png (583 KB, 543x765)
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583 KB PNG
Wagner is the single most important writer on Shakespeare.
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File: 1650461125899.jpg (73 KB, 500x500)
73 KB
>Here our first business would be to discover the exact principle on which the mimetic naturalism of Shakespeare's dramas is to be distinguished from what we call by that name in the case of almost every other dramatic poet.
>I venture to deduce this principle from the one fact that Shakespeare's actors played upon a stage surrounded by spectators on all sides, whereas the modern stage has followed the lead of the French and Italians, displaying the actors only from one side, and that the front side, just like the painted 'wings.' Here we have the academic theatre of the art-Renaissance, modelled upon a misunderstanding of the antique stage, in which the scene is severed from the public by the orchestra. The special-privileged "friend of art," who erst preferred to sit on each side of this modern stage as well, our sense of seemliness has finally sent back into the parquet, to leave us an untroubled view of a theatrical picture which the skill of the decorator, machinist and costumier has almost raised to the rank of a generic work of art. Now, it is both surprising and instructive to see how a trend toward rhetorical Pathos, intensified by our great German poets to the didacto-poetic pitch, has always preponderated on this Neo-european stage, miscopied from the antique; whereas on Shakespeare's primitive folk-stage, which lacked all blinding scenic glitter, the interest was centred in the altogether realistic doings of the meanly clad play-actors. Whilst the later, academically ordered English Theatre made it the actor's imperative duty under no circumstances to turn his back on the audience, and left him to sidle off as best he could in case of any exit toward the rear, Shakespeare's performers moved before the spectator in all directions with the full reality of common life. We may judge what a power the naturalistic mode of acting had here to exert, since it was backed by no auxiliary illusion, but in every gesture had to set in closest neighbourhood to us the poet's marvellously true and yet so curiously uncommon figures, and make us believe in them to boot: here was need of the very highest dramatic pathos, if only to maintain our belief in the truthfulness of this playing, which would otherwise have proved quite laughable in situations of great tragic moment.
>In the antique Orchestra, almost completely surrounded by the amphitheatre, the tragic Chorus stood as in the public's heart: its songs and dances, instrumentally accompanied, rapt the nation of spectators to a state of clairvoyance in which the hero, now appearing in his mask upon the stage, had all the import of a ghostly vision. Now, if we think of Shakespeare's stage as pitched within the Orchestra itself, we at once perceive what an uncommon power of illusion must have been expected of the mime, if he was to bring the drama to convincing life under the spectator's very eyes. To this stage transplanted to the orchestra our modern proscenium bears the relation of that theatrum in theatro of which Shakespeare makes repeated use, presenting the performers of his actual drama with a second piece performed upon that doubly fictive stage by players playing at being players. I fancy this feature proves an almost conscious knowledge, on the poet's part, of the original ideality of those scenic conventions which he here employs according to their traditional misunderstanding and abuse! His Chorus had become the drama itself, and moved in the Orchestra with so realistic a naturalism that it well might end by feeling itself the audience, and expressing in that capacity its approval or disapproval of, or even but its interest in, a second stage-play acted to it.
Operas are kind of plays, although I doubt anyone would care about Wagner today without music
Wasn't he literally part african?

>Wagner's conversations with Gobineau during the philosopher's 5-week stay at Wahnfried in 1881 were punctuated with frequent arguments. Cosima Wagner's diary entry for June 3 recounts one exchange in which Wagner "positively exploded in favour of Christianity as compared to racial theory." Gobineau also believed that in order to have musical ability, one must have black ancestry.

Why do Americans do this?
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I want to see one of these stands composed entirely of Ted Kaczynski, Dugin, and shitty hand-stapled zines about necrophilia
I assume all these books have been banned at least in some curriculums at some fly-over state school and the shelf is a small statement for free speech coupled with the allure of an advertisable gimmick.
If you read too much into you might be obsessed with contemporary politics.
Only one post you replied to made that assumption, you clown
Several bookstores will have notecards on the shelves detailing exactly when, where and why the book in question was banned. These notecards will explicitly state that most of them were banned in specific counties or states
If they were going to put most of the modern English classics there they should've put Catcher in the Rye too, probably fits the definition of "banned" better too
i find it hilarious that you made this huge strawman post knowing full well i was referring to the gay shit

File: michel_houellebecq.jpg (76 KB, 1024x1001)
76 KB
Why aren't you reading the most important living author of this generation, /lit/?
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what bellow to start with
He announced it’s his last novel
>Implying I'm not.
For real?
File: jesus-2ndcentury.jpg (161 KB, 1200x900)
161 KB
161 KB JPG

File: barney.jpg (103 KB, 820x626)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Any non-fiction book about town losers (not necessarily drunks)? You the know the type: unemployed and virtually unemployable, no relationship history to speak of etc
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> no relationship history to speak of
I wish I was naive enough to think that this is a bad thing

not a book but it's based on a play so it's sort of literary adjacent maybe
File: 1652296492310.jpg (42 KB, 631x612)
42 KB
>Any non-fiction book about town losers (not necessarily drunks)? You the know the type: unemployed and virtually unemployable, no relationship history to speak of etc

Confederacy if Dunces. Instead of being a drunken loser though, Ignatius is an over-educated loser
Confederacy of Dunces, my bad for the typo
yeah vineland hits that town drunk kinda style.
i guess the first part of VALIS has a pretty "town drunk" as it's main character (Horselover Fats)

File: gettyimages-1134756820.jpg (419 KB, 1195x1200)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Does G.R.R.M. have a fetish for obesity?

The guy himself is obviously fat, but has this given him some kind of complex? So many characters in his books are morbidly obese in a setting where that seems unlikely, even minor or 1-mention lore characters will get paragraphs of detail about how fat they are. It weirds me out even more than the clear rape fetish.
76 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tyrion once said he has strong arm and he doesn't weigh much. Even a dwarf can be strong, ableist.
>It weirds me out even more than the clear rape fetish
Boomer science fiction was infested by pederasts like Arthur Clark. Rapey bottom rung of sociosexual hierarchy invisble drone males writing this smut shouldn't surprise anyone. Aklso check early life history
You do know that obesity was viewed as a horrible flaw back then, right? A few centuries before the Gauls literally executed obese folks if they could not get it under control.
Lol with a name like Martin I wasn't expecting him to be one of them but suddenly everything makes sense
Wait he’s jewish? Oh no no no

Maybe a book about a NEET or low status man transcending his position in life. I’m done coping through reading isekai manga/manwha and cooming to copious amounts of degenerate pornography. Looking for something better and more relatable than a book like The Count of Monte Christo. Anything good?
117 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Talk to people
The storie is about how to recognize the chances for change and how effort can generate results,.the isekai aspect is only to generate contrast. Rudeus on the old world with the perspective that he had in the end of his second life could have turned things around cause he would have seen that he had a good family and endless oppoetunities still
Why would you want to leave Vegas? No income tax and nice weather. The only arguments against it is the population, tourists, and gambling.
File: 1647239253018.jpg (23 KB, 460x331)
23 KB
~120 replies and there's barely a handful of book recommendations, this is why I don't go to 4chan anymore it's just garbage /pol/ brainrot
This is really good advice, I read this book and it really shaped me up in my 20s. My life isn't perfect now but it's certainly better and it gave me a lot of tools and a wake up call, and it's specifically for people in your situation OP. A lot of people feel like you do OP, especially at your time in life. Also:
>Stop getting advice from 4chan.
Verrry important.
Also also
>What Color Is Your Parachute
helped me iron out a lot of details about what I wanted in work.
>Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up
Started a major shift in my life, built my confidence up, and changed a lot of my philosophy in life. Spark Joy helps.
>Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
Low key hate this book because of the kitschiness of it, but I have to admit that the advice given in it is good. Read a summary/summaries and if you need more detail get the book.
>You Are A Badass
Hate this for the same reasons as above, but it's a good gentle push towards spirituality, which can help uplift you from a bad period of life. It uses language your mom would use, it's like really hard to read, but again unfortunately it's got some alright advice, it works as a review of self-help books, but it's ultimately one of those "ooh manifesting" books, but read it anyway. This I would recommend you do not read a summary, read the book itself. I think if I read a summary I'd be really put off by it and it wouldn't have been as helpful as it was.

Always a great way to out yourself.

Is David Hume right about Protestant sects and why they always seem to eventually lose steam?

> On the other hand, it may be observed, that all enthusiasts have been free from the yoke of ecclesiastics, and have expressed great independence of devotion; with a contempt of forms, ceremonies, and traditions. The quakers [1] are the most egregious, though, at the same time, the most innocent enthusiasts that have yet been known; and are, perhaps, the only sect, that have never admitted priests amongst them. The independents [2], of all the English sectaries, approach nearest to the quakers in fanaticism, and in their freedom from priestly bondage. The presbyterians [3] follow after, at an equal distance in both particulars.

> My second reflection with regard to these species of false religion is, that religions, which partake of enthusiasm are, on their first rise, more furious and violent than those which partake of superstition; but in a little time become more gentle and moderate. The violence of this species of religion, when excited by novelty, and animated by opposition, appears from numberless instances; of the anabaptists [4] in GERMANY, the camisards [5] in FRANCE, and other fanatics in ENGLAND, and the covenanters [7] in SCOTLAND.

> It is thus enthusiasm produces the most cruel disorders in human society; but its fury is like that of thunder and tempest, which exhaust themselves in a little time, and leave the air more calm and serene than before. When the first fire of enthusiasm is spent, men naturally, in all fanatical sects, sink into the greatest remissness and coolness in sacred matters; there being no body of men among them, endowed with sufficient authority, whose interest is concerned to support the religious spirit: No rites, no ceremonies, no holy observances, which may enter into the common train of life, and preserve the sacred principles from oblivion. Superstition, on the contrary, steals in gradually and insensibly; renders men tame and submissive; is acceptable to the magistrate, and seems inoffensive to the people: Till at last the priest, having firmly established his authority, becomes the tyrant and disturber of human society, by his endless contentions, persecutions, and religious wars. How smoothly did the Romish church advance in her acquisition of power? But into what dismal convulsions did she throw all EUROPE, in order to maintain it? On the other hand, our sectaries, who were formerly such dangerous bigots, are now become very free reasoners; and the quakers seem to approach nearly the only regular body of deists [8] in the universe, the literati, or the disciples of CONFUSCIUS in CHINA.

File: MY RUSBANDO.png (464 KB, 577x718)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
what do you think about people who spell like they are children?
tey r baysed
Don’t care for it, honestly
If they have daring thoughts but aren’t able to spell every second word when conveying them, let them. For those daring thoughts are all they will ever have
I think she did it knowingly.
It's a common trend among zoomers and her media posts are almost certainly written by one.
Also, this is not the board for such shitty threads (actually it is, but shouldn't be).

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