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File: E-tTG2hXsAMz5ON.jpg (80 KB, 749x499)
80 KB
>Monday to Thursday after work was the same every day: go driving, go walking while listening to podcasts, drink coffee in car, feel large discontent with my wasted potential and wasting of free time, browse internet at home, lie in bed before gym, realise I'm too tired to go to gym, sleep
>had remote interviews with various companies this week for higher paying but maybe in office jobs
>wake up today
>start work
>no work to do
>play vidya throughout day
>feel sad at how I'll never fit in with normies
>have lunch
>continue with very little work
>plan to do same stuff as Monday to Thursday except going to the gym
>currently walking about after work
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How do you mean “lost your mind”?
monday 2 friday shitposting all my working hours away except to compile some reports on (imaginary) work done. Making cynical inventions for ass cover and at the same feeling bad about it but having no collegue to relate it to because everyone is playing the same game and if i buckle and whine about i would be flushed just like that. This has been on for couple months. Also something new is up because managers are publically splitting hair regarding working hours and anything money related.
I just want to drink myself to sleep every night. Keep saying to myself this is unironically the best job so far and i cant blunder this.
Go to confession and receive the blessed sacrament again, anon.
>listening to podcasts,
Lol you were never going to do anything anyway
>At the beginning of this covid shitshow I completely lost my mind and I still haven't recovered
Same here but I'm too afraid to go to church.

File: wf.jpg (52 KB, 493x720)
52 KB
i've been quite enjoying a few things that fall under "southern gothic" what i think is a kind of silly genre name but stuff like Faulkner, McCuller's Heart is a lonely hunter, and some O'Connor, and was wondering if lit knows any more interesting or modern spins on the genre i could go to after

File: file.png (981 KB, 650x551)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
I studied French and Russian at university and so I'm well acquainted with the 19th-century classics in those languages; Turgenev, Chekhov, Balzac, Zola etc. In fact, they were my main source of reading for a couple of years. I was always baffled when people used to complain that "old books" were so difficult, long and dense - it was never my experience, I loved all the authors listed above.

Recently, I've been trying to read the literature of my own language (English) and - oh my goodness. It is so wordy, almost without exception, until you get to the 20th Century.

I read Jane Eyre and Far From The Madding Crowd as tests, why are they so verbose? It legit borders on purple prose.

Not to mention the needless Frenchisms:

>It was enough that in yonder closet, opposite my dressing-table, garments said to be hers had already displaced my black stuff Lowood frock and straw bonnet: for not to me appertained that suit of wedding raiment; the pearl-coloured robe, the vapoury veil pendent from the usurped portmanteau.

("pendent" "portmanteau" "appertained").

Is this unique to English lit? I can't even imagine being an ESL speaker trying to read these books, whereas after only a couple of years of Russian I was reading Turgenev quite happily.
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>Muh Saxon roots
Calm down there Nazi chud
There's a difference between showing characters who speak French and narrating in an obtuse way.
Chud is the stupidest insult I think I've ever heard.

Also, check these digits.
Granted, but the novel is literally, not just saying
>he said in French,
But LITTERALLY half in French. Like you needed to know two languages to read the original. That’s a bit more than encorporating more Latinate words into your novel (and for English which already had a decent bit of Norman French and ecclesiastical/scholarly Latin terms This is more reasonable).
I don’t necessarily disagree, but I don’t mind some Latinate. I like the ingrained code switching in English between more frank (ironically given the term frank) Saxon terms and the more erudite Latinate ones. Though I do find Anglian interesting. Like the particle theory or whatever written in it with waterstuff and firststuff, etc.

Let's see how well an AI can write poetry!

>Choose New on top right
>Copy and paste the first few lines of your favorite poem
>Keep clicking the continue arrow
>Post what the AI dungeon spits out

pic related it's The Waste Land

Oscar bro wtf
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Whats different about the classical man vs now?
Imo ideas like self-actualization, our concepts of tyranny, and a "human race" or general human condition would be totally foreign to classical man.
How is that a cope its literally true you fucking ignoramus.
Don't post shit if you don't know what you're talking about dipshit.
video lags too much i stopped watching
more cope

File: 9780593346303 (4.png (981 KB, 673x654)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
I think I might try to write some middle grade novels and sell them before transitioning to adult literary fiction. No rule that says I can't do this.

Hi /lit/

There was a book I read as a kid during the early to mid 2000s that I cannot remember the name of. I can only remember some vague details of the story. If anyone here can help me figure out the name of the book you'll have my gratitude.

The protagonist is female.
The story takes place in the afterlife to a significant extent at least.
At some point the story makes mention of chain stores in the afterlife. The protagonist has hand made items she got previously in the story and late in the story she entered a store that was essentially an afterlife Walmart and saw all the mass produced cheap shit there.
She couldn't defeat the main antagonist. This was a plot point.
A male ghost companion of hers sacrificed himself at the story to save her and to destroy the antagonist.

That's all I can really remember. I will figuratively suck the dick of the anon that can tell me what this book is.
darude sandstorm
File: 69663513.jpg (133 KB, 1200x900)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Not sure, but it just kind of reminded me of the Bartimaeus trilogy. The last book in particular. Haven't read it since it came out, but I still remember the idea of the book at least very fondly - pretty sure these were the books that got me into reading. Don't want to read them now after all these years, because i'm pretty sure that now they would seem pretty dumb, but for a kid - hey they seemed amazing.
>female protag
you'll be doing yourself a favour by forgetting it
now read some MANLY greeks instead
Since we're talking forgotten books from long ago:

>each nation in fantasy world has a High Wizard
>All the High Wizards have a special telepath channel only they can use because of rank
>Some goddess decides to give all her power to old Wizard guy
>Old Wizard guy can't use any magic anymore cause it's all God-tier power beyond his compression
>Uses telepathy channel to let the other High Wizards know he can't use magic anymore, even though several are enemies
>Enemy nations invade knowing they don't have a Wizard anymore

It was a random book on an English teacher's shelf over ten years ago.

I want to learn skills to help me communicate with people better so that I can be more understanding, prevent/stop conflicts, help them and have meaningful emotional connections with them. Most books I see about communication seem to be focused on how to bullshit people, public relations and business. I know that probably many techniques could be applicable and also that there are probably books about relationship advice, but ideally I’d like to read a book on how to use ethical social/psychological skills to positively impact friends, acquaintances, lovers, family, etc. and your relationship with them.
I think the cleanest information you will find on the subject is by studying actual linguistics. It's a vast subject but you can easily find texts that explain to you how communication works on a social level, which is inextricable from the mechanics of language. Language is a social skill so the whole subject of linguistics is drenched in sociology and history.
I have been curious about linguistics, as I’ve always wondered about the social implications of the semantic limitations inherent in human language. But I’ve never actually learned or read any texts on linguistics. If you know a good place to start, let me know. Either way, thank you.
dale carnegie maybe?

File: 51uOPTbnRGL.jpg (44 KB, 324x500)
44 KB
>TFW you're too much of a brainlet to read the second section of The Sound and the Fury in one sitting.
>tfw you're too retarded to understand the retard section

Are Tarantino’s scripts /lit?
Not really. He's a good (not amazing, but good) director, but his screenplays are really nothing special.
for me, it's La Collectionneuse
Pulp fiction is semi-decent although too reliant on wanna-be tough behavior usually seen in middle school kids. If it wasn't for the actors, it would be mediocre at best.
The other movies directed by Tarantino are somewhat self-contradictory or lack in narrative consistency. Django is an good example of a movie that actually doesn't make any sense.

In a lot of Christian and Jewish writings, the omnipotence of God seems to be taken a priori, While in Islam, they seem to always repeat how great God is. IDK, to me it seems very projective, shouldn’t the word God in itself be simply enough to express his greatness. Of course, this might be me, but I have always found that that particular element takes away from the sublime absoluteness of the idea of God when you so often add qualifiers to him.
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“So make remembrance of Me, and I will make remembrance of you. And show thanks to Me, and do not be ungrateful.” [Qur’an 2:152]
Our God is one, our God is big, our God is perfect but Christian god is 3, it's weak, it's idolatric and Jewish God is temperamental and imperfect.
This is what is about, Islam is an upgrade of Christianism
Thanks for the semi non-meme reply.

However, that doesn’t quite explain why “God is great” is such a common phrase even today.
Not saying it doesn’t exist, it just seems that Islam seems particulary dogged and in adding qualifiers. In Christianity you often hear praise god (Not having to say he is powerful), or God, the almighty, part of a title, not the focus of the statement. IDK if I am explains it well. It’s not that its not there in the others, it just doesn’t feel like it needs to be mentioned as much.
Daimon (δαίμων) is a concept from Greek mythology and religion whose meaning may be different depending on the context in which it appears. In Homer's texts it usually had the meaning of an indeterminate divinity; when applied to the life of man, it amounted to fortune, luck, a protective genius, fate, or doom. For Hesiod the men of the Golden Age had become by the will of Zeus in demons that protected mortals. The Pythagoreans distinguished between gods, demons, heroes and men and, later, Plato, in The Banquet, defined a demon as an intermediate being between mortals and immortals, since it had to transmit human affairs to the gods and divine affairs to the men. Within this Platonic conception, the main functions of the demons were to serve as guides to men throughout their lives and lead them to Hades in the δαίμων) is a concept of Greek mythology and religion whose meaning may be different depending on the context in which it appears. In Homer's texts it usually had the meaning of an indeterminate divinity; when applied to the life of man, it amounted to fortune, luck, a protective genius, fate, or doom. For Hesiod the men of the Golden Age had become by the will of Zeus in demons that protected mortals. The Pythagoreans distinguished between gods, demons, heroes and men and, later, Plato, in The Banquet, defined a demon as an intermediate being between mortals and immortals, since it had to transmit human affairs to the gods and divine affairs to the men. Within this Platonic conception, the main functions of the demons were to serve as guides to men throughout their lives and lead them to Hades at the time of death.
Lol, leave it to the Jews and Christians to criticise praising God.

Post and Rate
Do Both
No Rate = No Feedback.
Don't post paragraphs of text if possible.
Have fun
For, my fate

It suck
I wanna fuck

Some whore
Raise my score, till I'm sore

But I'm broke
That's, the cope
Zoomy content, but if that's what your into than I'm proud of you. Not very descriptive and the prose could probably be made to be more eloquent but all in all I enjoyed reading it 7/10.

here's mine

"From the white cliffs
to the sordid red tiffs

I roam in peace and bliss
But when I hear that dreaded hiss

I know that my end has come"

the ending feels off to me, open to suggestions.
IDK about the ending. Something that flows a bit better with the rest of the poem would be nice.

>"From, white cliffs, to sordid red tiffs
>I roam, in peace and bliss

>But I hear, the dreaded hiss
>Of my last kiss, and cum

>The end, has come

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Here’s the real one:

The Towers have been hit
The Towers are down
File: 1634728108866.gif (1.84 MB, 202x360)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
>implying osama did it
>implying it wasn't masterminded by the cia
>mastermind of a history changing attack
Who even believes this anymore?
After 9/11 the US was in negotiations to have Bin Laden handed over. These fell apart when people asked for any evidence that he had done it. Meanwhile the US Intelligence shut down any investigation into the Saudis even though a majority of the hijackers were ex-Saudi intelligence assets.
Bin Laden is just some reactionary stooge they didn't need once the Soviets were gone, a loose end that had to get cut
I'm thinking about the fact his son is now an """artist""" that lives in the North part of France.

File: marx.png (1.4 MB, 1200x1200)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
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Don't MAGA heads believe that a crooked billionaire sex offender who mingled with Epstein and the Clinton's is going to wrest control of society from crooked billionaire sed offenders like Epstein and the Clintons?

That's pretty Lumpen
>does lumpen proletariat group still exist?
kind of, in the form of surplus populations
File: 1406914990397.jpg (2.93 MB, 2880x2016)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB JPG
how is this chart?
>the verso edition of on practice/on contradiction with the zizek intro
You might be on to something anon.... I don't like anyone in haute Bourgeois. Not a single one of those oppressors. But some of them in the haute group... some are so evil.. so foul that they haunt my mind in my every waking hour and even in my dreams. Maybe we put these guys down as actually Lumpen instead, it would take some of the sting off. And it would probably take them down a peg or two if they knew they really in bottom pile... below even us heh.

>self determination
"Guy" in Free Guy breaks away from the mainstream thoughts and traditions of his society - wants to be more than just an NPC
Guy is faced with immense hardship but instead of regressing to his previous unaware state he pursues challenges despite countless setbacks, both physically and emotionally. he goes through a phase of nihilism after his previous understanding of the world is shattered but he is able to create his own meaning afterwards
>amor fati
learns to accept all the faucets of life and pursue struggle
consistant cheerfulness and postive mood. he brings joy to those around him and has a naturally positive disposition

obvious parallels can be drawn between Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Free Guy (2021) as well - the other NPCs in Guy's world can be viewed as the townspeople in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. when Guy starts to express ideals of individuality and creation rather than conformity and consumption he is met with backlash and doubt from his peers. this is most notable in the bank heist scene and coffee shop scene.

many more parallels can be drawn but i will not delve into it now
File: monkshidechao.jpg (13 KB, 230x230)
13 KB
Thats why it is bullshit. It's just a change from one servitude of desire to another servitude of desire.
This might be the worst trailer I have ever watched.
i don't see the issue with desire

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