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What’s a good way to get interesting writing prompts? Is there a book with such suggestions or any other kind of creative writing exercises?
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>Florida man trapped alone with hundreds of parrots
jesus fucking christ
>Florida Man Arrested For Trying to Circumcise Nephew With Kitchen Knife
File: florida man.png (202 KB, 608x726)
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202 KB PNG
uhhh based?
File: What the fuck.png (409 KB, 695x527)
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409 KB PNG
Christ in heaven what the fuck is wrong with Americans

>book about artsy overachieving metrosexuals
>all top of their class
>cost of living basically disregarded
>never explicitly stated any of the characters have double income rich / upper middle class parents
>instead focuses on all their horrible struggles and victimization
Why do these tiktok books always do this? Is it because the authors are themselves overachieving double income parent children insecure about their silver spoonery? It’s so dishonest to reality
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Suffering porn
And lots of it...
Enjoy your Pullitzer.
Oh man, you have your head on backwards. The rates of molestation in orthodox jewish communities is bafflingly high.
>jews are not reporting on cases of jew on child rape
>therefore jews don't rape kids
smashing good process

In its fallen mode of existence, while in the throes of Das Man, is Dasein governed by primarily by ready-to-hand or present-at-hand relations? It seems to me that readiness-to-hand is often portrayed as “better” when it could easily be dominant in a technological society.
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It makes a lot of sense in German
A lot of German philosophical terms are hard to translate: does Nietzsche mean guilt or debt in English when he says Schuld? Heideggerian terms are largely floating around German and Greek roots and their derived terms to indicate shadows of meaning between the concrete and abstract, so in German some of it is kind of like comfy stoner pun based reasoning, but in English it becomes a fucking mess.
He’ll never respond. It’s just one of those myths Heideboos take for granted. Most Heideggerians are unaware of the fact that most “Platonism” has nothing to do with what Plato actually believed, having imbibed a secondhand Neoplatonic distortion with an “ethereal realm of forms” instead of returning to the original text with fresh eyes.
Read one of his lectures. If you still don't like it then drop him. Time and Being is him being a tryhard
i didn't respond because the case can't be made any clearer within the limits of a 4chan thread. I've spergued out like a weirdo all over this thread, probably butchered Heidegger trying to explain his basic 1920s thought within said limits. If i'm wrong about him correct me
i'm tired. the books are all there, i think he's very important, paramount even, when we're talking about contemporary thought. this opinion is shared by most professional philosophers I know. I think thought can only advance by overcoming (not just) Heidegger. This means we should delve completely into his work and engage it in its own terms, only then can we go beyond him.

i genuinely don't understand what kind of problem you guys are trying to raise here with Plato and greek words and necromancy. Heidegger has tons and tons of shit explaining and justifying the return to the greeks and how he intends to do this. You're allowed to call him out on this (and he has been called out on it, which is fine), just make sure you've made the effort to understand him first

I said a couple things about greek words regarding Aristotle and, indirectly, Plato. I'm not 100% confident on what I said. If there's something wrong then quote me and criticise or correct me, but enough with the questions. how about you say what YOU think about how Plato uses words?

>Most Heideggerians are unaware of the fact that most “Platonism” has nothing to do with what Plato actually believed, having imbibed a secondhand Neoplatonic distortion with an “ethereal realm of forms” instead of returning to the original text with fresh eyes.
you're literally retarded. This "realm of forms" thing is just high school manual stuff. Furthermore, it'is actually how heideggerians DON'T see Plato. Point to me one place where Heidegger says Plato is a theory of realm of forms. I'll wait.
If they're not taking issue with something concrete, then no need to be concerned about addressing it, since what's to address? For my part, you've don a fine enough job summarizing Heidegger in this thread.

Re: Plato and Aristotle, I think your view above that Heidegger took Aristotle to be adopting important Platonic words and giving them a more technical meaning is borne out by the 20s lectures (especially the Sophist lectures). I would quibble then with Heidegger over how often that's the case in Aristotle; I think it definitely happens, but in some cases, I think could argue reasonably that it's the medieval scholastic tradition that makes Aristotle's language come across as more technical over time ("steresis" e.g. can reasonably be translated by its ordinary meaning, "a lack"). And getting into this might point to a bigger area one can argue with Heidegger over, namely whether Plato and Aristotle are somehow representative of "Greek thought" or prejudices, or whether they're exceptional thinkers in important ways opposed to the ways of thinking around them. Heidegger's lack of sensitivity to Plato's dialogicism seems to result in him missing the actual representatives of Greek thought, i.e., the interlocutors. And one might further begin to recover Plato and Aristotle somewhat against Heidegger by paying attention to how those two thinkers deal with political life as that which enables and also threatens philosophy (with Plato, one can take recourse in Heidegger's students Leo Strauss and Jacob Klein; with Aristotle, who's admittedly a trickier case, one can observe the difference between how he treats teleology in the Politics vs. the theoretical works, or how he treats religion in the Ethics and Politics vs. the Physics, Metaphysics, De Anima, and Parva Naturalia).

File: file.png (179 KB, 318x450)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Next, I'll read through her entire oeuvre and then continue on to Evola. Any recommendations after that?
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Do you believe Hitler is an avatar of Vishnu?
>if you weren't a hack pseud you'd believe some roasty's batshit theory about Hitler being the reincarnation of Krishna
>I'm unironically a schizo now
>be Greek
>be racist
>be Pagan
>study geometry
>marry celibate Yogi
>claim to be celibate virgin
>make prophecies
She's basically an oracle. I would take her with the same pinch of salt as any oracle.
Literally what China is trying to stop the Uighurs from doing, completing the system of Celestial Islamic Finance

File: mizyj0nmpdfa1.jpg (129 KB, 896x843)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Presented without comment
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I tried to fuck a fat girl once and couldn’t get hard. My dick was disgusted with me, and it was right.
Years ago an editor here was talking about this phenomenon. Basically, he says one bestseller in the top 10 can give your publishing house years of profit in one semester if the initial deal was right, but the whole thing is too risky and it fades too fast. According to him, a good translation and a good edition of Dostoyevsky or Eco are safer and better for a medium size publishing house. He cited a book, I think from Thomas Mann, that sold like 40000 copies every single year for the last 20 years.
No, she's obviously off her rocker. Also fat + ugly. That's three strikes.
>According to him, a good translation and a good edition of Dostoyevsky or Eco are safer and better for a medium size publishing house. He cited a book, I think from Thomas Mann, that sold like 40000 copies every single year for the last 20 years.
That's because those books are regularly taught in high school and college level English courses. Every university in America teaches a class on modernism, so it's highly likely you have 40,000 people who need access to a translation of "Death in Venice". Now as long as your translation remains relevant, you have a steady revenue stream so long as the Western Canon still stands.
Only if I could kill her and maybe lightly defile her carcass afterwards with impunity

File: 23McCarthy-jumbo.jpg (142 KB, 821x1024)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>best piece of anticolonial literature was written by a WASP
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Pynchons my fav writer for sure because my fav thing in books is goofs, gags, jokes and rambunctious behavior, and his books are full to the brim of it. Every novel is like one of those novelty snake cans, you open the book & POP you get a face fulla snakes and you fall back cackling. The mad mind, the crack genius, to do it! and then you think hmmm whats he gonna do next, this trickster, and you pick the book back up and BZZZZZZZZZZ you get a shock and Hahahahahah you've been pranked again by the old pynchmeister, that card. "Did that Pynch?" he says, laughing yukyukyukyuk. Watch him as he shoves a pair of plastic buck teeth right up into his mouth and displays em for you- left, right, center- "you like dese? Do i look handsome???" Pulls out a mirror. "Ah!" Hand to naughty mouth. And you're on your ass again laughing as he snaps his suspenders, exits stage right, and appears again hauling a huge golden gong.
File: pynch.png (134 KB, 292x384)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
You're in the club and this guy pynches your boyfriend's ass.

What do you do?
I whirl around, whip out my pocket banana and tell him to get 'em up.
Pynchon would never be in a club to begin with so I would ask him why he is in public and not wearing the paper bag from the Simposns over his face.

OULIPO recommendations and discussion on writing prose within mathematical constraints and structures?
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Thank you for the great effort posts. Will look into above
bump for a good thread
File: camry.jpg (155 KB, 1600x1200)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Search wikipedia for mathmaticans.
Another way of meeting your requirements would be Leibniz or Port-Royal Logic. Here you have a link to Leibniz' dissertation on the art of combination https://www.math.ucla.edu/~pak/hidden/papers/Quotes/Leibniz-Arte-Combinatoria.pdf

I recently have been trying to get into reading seriously. Recommend me some good starter classics. At the moment I am reading Crime and Punishment and Gravity's Rainbow (I read The Crying Of Lot 49 before that)
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Ok thank you, I plan to read a lot of these anyway.
In Order:

The Bible
Greek Mythology (especially Homer)
Dante's Inferno

From there read Russian and German literature. They all build off of each other.
lol I plan to read the major books of the bible, and the rest. I am thinking about taking up the bible as a special side project.
Start with the 'preets
Continue with the Greeks
End with the chinks
>freedom of the working class and an end to war and injustice means dildos!!,!!!,!

Liberals got you turkeys beat and trained real good, bootlicker

File: Zugpsitze_mountain.jpg (1.68 MB, 4000x2200)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Any novels that have beautiful descriptions of nature? The novel itself can be about anything so long as it has a good appreciation of nature. It can also be about living things and not just the environment. (Thing like how Call of The Wild described dogs and wolves and other animals)
McCarthy, The Orchard Keeper and Suttree.
Check out vignettes by Hubert Crackanthorpe

Here’s the beginning.

On the roof of the ruined church we lay, basking amid the hot, powdery heather; the cinder-coloured roofs of the town flattened out beneath us—a ragged patch of dead, decayed colour, burnt, as it seemed, out of the rank, luscious green of the Rhône valley. Overhead, a thick, blue sky hung heavy, and away and away, into the steamy haze of midday heat, filtered the Tarascon road, a streak of dazzling white. To the east, the sun was beating on the sandy slopes; to the west, the old Papal palace, like a great, grey, sleeping beast, lifted its long, bare back above the roofs of Avignon.
The lizards scurried from cranny to cranny across the crumbling wall. Below, in the cloister, a cat was curled by a black stack of brushwood. The little place stood empty, and stillness seemed to have fallen over all things.
The warmth lulled one to a delicious 2torpor. I was thinking of the bustling Regent Street pavement, of the rumble of Piccadilly, of newsboys yelling special editions in the Strand, drowsily conjuring up these and other commonplace contrasts.
Have you read the rest of London’s works? Most of them have similar descriptions

File: the-flammarion-engraving.jpg (624 KB, 1425x1189)
624 KB
624 KB JPG
I would like books, as many books as possible, arguing FOR the supernatural and arguing AGAINST the supernatural. I really want to know if anything exists beyond the material
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Keith woods has a few good youtube videos on God. There's one where he talks about a book which argues for God because the scientific constants are set perfectly to permit life + existence.
Try "Natural Supernaturalism". Sounds up your alley.
The plural of anecdote is data. What else are you going to base a hunt for evidence of something beyond material?
Read the Journal of Parapsychology studies.
As someone who wasted his parent's hard-earned income by taking a parapsychology course in university, I can tell you that yes, paranormal phenomena does exists, but they are incredibly rare and the ones we have proof of are the most nonsensical ones, like Poltergeists.
The moment someone tells you something which is easily understandable, like "I can bend spoons with my mind" or "pick a number I'll read your mind" you got a scam.
Yikes that’s a lot of Jews agaianf supernatirlsim

File: 1675712681034056.gif (1.64 MB, 221x244)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF
>get perfect creative idea while in bed
>forget what it was in the morning, just remember that it was perfect
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I was writing a screenplay for a short film and had come up with the perfect last line while on public transport but my phone was dead so I couldn’t write it down. I forgot about it, sadly.
who cares, writing is 1% ideas and 99% hard work, it's like being sad that your document with only the first sentence got corrupted
Just keep a notebook next to your bed a dream diary can serve both purposes.
>get perfect creative idea while in bed
you were already sleeping?
>keep notebook by bed
>write it down
>forget nothing
I will use my ideas while you forget yours.

File: poetry op.png (483 KB, 640x640)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
This is your fortnightly UN-mandated /lit/ poetry thread.
Make it rhyme this time edition.

Prompts of the thread are: "sheep dipped" "rat fucked" and "golden calf".

Have fun with it, post some OC, give helpful feedback.

starting with a reading of some oc:
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh uh I haven’t written today I’ll begin writing one in a little while and try to finish it today so I can post it.

In the most for a medium length.
lol no im just goofy and forgot to spell Yeats's name right.

thanks for scannin. I was planning on keeping the internal gag going on for all the stanzas but it seemed to be outliving its welcome, I ended up enjoying the sort of doggerel-esque turns from the first 2 stanzas to the final 2. It gives it a sort of hooligan chant appeal. I have to insist on "basted" lmao, its a poem of Auden being a pervert and Yeats in his own Golden Dawn ass way is being one himself as well, or so the poem jokes. That third stanza is sort of the turnaround as I see it, and the final stanza a sort of modified return to the head.

I have in fact played with pentameter, I prefer it and often revert to it to be honest. Thanks again for the detailed reply its appreciated!
If you’re into the golden dawn related writers, have you checked out any Arthur machen? His little bit of verse is only okay but his prose is really nice and his few works on occultism itself are worth the read.

I dont! Ill have to check that out; thank you. I found it interesting lately to find our Pound was in pretty regular correspondence with editors of the New Age; which had alot of an occult bent itself; if not entirely.
Recent excerpt from enormous 9000+ word poem. Still in progress.

File: Untitled.jpg (9 KB, 235x214)
9 KB
What do you think of his books? To me he seems ok only if you don't know anything on the subject of otherworldly phenomena otherwise it seems he's just a grifter.

File: dfwlight.jpg (82 KB, 960x720)
82 KB
This man really tried to save us all. Nowadays everything is coated in sarcasm, irony and cynicism.

What makes him such a manchild magnet?
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I'm ESL and I think I could do far better than Sanderson, but at the same time I suspect that what makes him so popular is precisely that he's not very good. If someone studied him and tried to do "Sanderson but better" I have a feeling it wouldn't do nearly as well.
Yep, his audience is Tumblr/Reddit fanfic readers whose only point of reference is teenage amateur writing on the internet.
this literally reads like a reddit post lmao

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