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File: mw124136.jpg (189 KB, 580x800)
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189 KB JPG
Are the Thomists right? Did picrel ruin everything?
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It was way before the nominalists even stated their bullshit, if you want to find out where things went wrong you have to back to the Presocratics and find Democritus and his cronies
Can I get a qrd on Scotism?
Berkeley tried to put it together and he was Anglo too.
>inb4 muh irish
Berkeley was a famous English family line. He was just born in Ireland.
Its not contradictory to Aquinas but a refreshing of his ideas.
This gives a quick summary.
Based Reeves poster

Did Aristotle really say this? It may be one of the most relevant quotes in relation to human reasoning. Let’s look at some examples:

To the people who believe in free will: what do you think a world without free will would look like?

To the people who don’t believe in genetic racial differences: what do you think a world with genetic racial differences would look like?

To the people who believe in God: what do you think a world without God would look like?

To the people who believe in objective morality: what do you think a world without objective morality would look like?

To the people who believe in souls: what do you think a world without souls would look like?

To those who believe the sun revolves around the earth: what do you think a world in which the earth revolves around the sun looks like?

In all cases, why would it not be exactly like this world? Too many people seem incapable of unwilling to even imagine the alternative and explore the possibility, either through pure ignorance and low intelligence, or some emotional cause, like not wanting to go to hell for believing the wrong thing, or simple human arrogance and pride. They would rather believe in an incoherent concept like free will rather than try to understand how a deterministic universe could look exactly like our own universe.
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>God’s existence is logically impossible. If God can exist for no reason, then so can the universe.
How does this relate to God's existence being "logically impossible"?
I was just mocking the original claim that the existence of the universe is impossible without God. God also is impossible without God-God. Obviously I don’t believe either of these claims, but it’s more consistent than what he wants to believe
>To the people who believe in free will: what do you think a world without free will would look like?
>To the people who believe in God: what do you think a world without God would look like?
>To the people who believe in souls: what do you think a world without souls would look like?
Oh boy are you in for a treat.
>you should follow the categorical imperative because..you just should OK?!?!?
>the good will is good in itself because…it just is OK?!?!??
stopped caring about Kant then and there
You should follow it because Achtung is the only non retarded moral motivator.
Sorry that you are spiritually too impaired to realise this.

File: 1646329107316.png (1.63 MB, 1612x1610)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Henlo 4chin /lit/,

Please, recommend me a book for that "internal spark of long term motivation"

I'm a former depressed lad, after 7~years I'm good now, but I'm lacking a sort of internal spark for purpouse, or long term motivation, you know, like the core that you always look to/remember yourself why you're striving in life

So, please, reccomend me a book for that "internal spark of long term motivation"

On this line I really appreciated mishima sun and steel, when I used to red (3-4 years ago) I red a lot of bukowski poems, italian romantic poetry, (Leopardi, Foscolo, Ungaretti) I enjoyed a lot mainlader philosophy of suicide, enjoyed Nietzsche Zarathustra, also loved Baricco's books if that's of any help regarding my tastes.

I like to read heavy-ish stuff, and I can read italian and english

also, if you have red anything that sparked the thing in you, please shill it to me
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Morning of the Magicians, Berger/Pauwels

Don't look for it outside of yourself.
Gnostics should be ritualistically exterminated.
Les Misérables
Seek to love unconditionally, Sacrifice for it Find God.
File: IMG-20220928-WA0002.jpg (368 KB, 1080x894)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Only stuff I know is a few blogs. Ryan Fleming's/A A Morain's is pretty good as an example of an actual o9a adherent (hagtaessa dot wordpress) though it's not really O9A now, more Jung/Spengler autism with a creepy cottagecore vibe.
Also o9a dot org and omega9alpha dot wordpress are really good for beginners

Was the genocide of Carn Dûm by Glorfindel justified?
The who by the what now?
It was a different time.
No, it was not.

are ereader worth it? i figure if im gonna wake up and look at a screen it might as well look at one that wont burn my eyes off and has a book on it.
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like a normal person.
So why exactly are you bitching when I specifically said "that's only an argument if you're reading like several different books a month" which includes you (40 book an year is 3-4 books a month).
File: 1656611240784.png (9 KB, 405x344)
9 KB
>(40 book an year is 3-4 books a month).
because it doesn't matter how long it takes you to read, the process is the same, it just takes longer. if you use an e-reader, and you're not some kind of wildly autistic, eventually you'll fill up your internal storage. it doesn't matter if you only read 5 books a year or 500
i've found it fantastic for building up a library of books to try impulsively, ones you're not sure you'll read anytime soon so it wouldn't make sense to add them to your probably already huge physical backlog, but which its still nice to have access to at a moments notice. Especially nice for non fiction since I'm less precious about that and academia is such a nepotistic bullshit joke that its even harder to predict quality before reading than with fiction.

File: 84023.jpg (26 KB, 225x300)
26 KB
>Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake
>The King of Elfland's Daughter and The Sword of Welleran and Others by Lord Dunsany
>Kingdoms of Elfin by Sylvia Townsend Warner
>The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson
>Puck of Pook's Hill and Tales of Horror and Fantasy by Rudyard Kipling
>Gloriana by Michael Moorcock
>Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke
>Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar series
>Orlando by Virginia Woolf
>Conan The Barbarian by Robert E. Howard
>M. John Harrison's Viriconium Series
>The Worm Ouroboros by E.R. Eddison
>Dictionary of the Khazars by Milorad Pavic
>Jack Vance's Lyonesse
>Ursula K. Le Guin's Wizard of Earthsea and Orsinian Tales

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1648198127943.jpg (7 KB, 213x237)
7 KB
Gormenghast is pure, beautiful, schizophrenic poetry, it has nothing to do with the modern concept of 'fantasy'
>it has nothing to do with the modern concept of 'fantasy'
How about you read it before making a post about it.

His dismissal of Wolfe alone makes anything he's ever written in terms of review garbage.
There's not a single "critic" worth considering. All criticism is worthless for anyone not a sheep. I include the opinions of my favorite writers in that. Think for yourself.
File: 1480331993054.jpg (19 KB, 466x296)
19 KB
Clearly a contrarian

The last avatar of Vishnu.
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be weird. since he would find himself obscurest tripe. Of course the irony does not illude me.
Niggas what the fuck are you talking about
Read the Gita on duty and then Kant on God.
Kant believed that God spoke to men through reason.
File: 1661839927527940.jpg (273 KB, 1440x810)
273 KB
273 KB JPG

File: FS 42 gray_smallest.jpg (89 KB, 457x482)
89 KB
>Certain racial traits, which the white man tends to take for signs of inferiority, actually mark either a less mental — though not less spiritual — disposition than that of the average European or else a greater racial vitality. Here we must draw attention to the error of regarding prognathism, relatively low forehead or thick lips, as belonging to an obviously inferior type. [...] As for the forehead, its height or cranial volume denotes — if it denotes anything, which depends on a variety of factors — by no means always an intellectual quality, but more often a capacity which is solely creative or even merely inventive, a capacity which may, by luciferian deviation, become a veritable hypertrophy of the mind — a specific propensity to "thinking," but not at all to "knowledge."

>[...] The black man, for his part, seems an incarnation of the massiveness, at times volcanic, of the earth, whence comes the serene heaviness, or heavy serenity, that characterizes his beauty; his face can have the majesty of a mountain. Insofar as this both rough and sweet massiveness translates an aspect of Existence and can, for this reason, become the support for a contemplative attitude, it certainly is not a mark of inferiority. Let us add that the lugubrious side of Negro art and of animism in general as well as the sometimes rumbling, breathless and spasmodic tonality of African music are both connected with the element "earth," either in its cavernous, subterranean aspect or in its aspect of fertility and thus of sexuality.

Frithjof Schuon - Castes and Races

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>retarded shitskin leftist trying to recommend me books
Thanks for the laugh.
Lol, that's nothing compared to the pre-historical stories which Fabre d'Olivet wrote. Here you have it, from the man quoted by Guénon multiple times:
>The white men perceived for the first time by the light of their burned forests men of a colour different from theirs. But this difference alone did not strike them. These men covered with extraordinary garments, resplendent with cuirasses, handled with dexterity redoubtable arms unknown in these regions. They had numerous cavalry; they fought from chariots, and like colossi, advancing with formidable manoeuvres, flung death on every side. They were stupefied. Some white women, of whom these strangers had taken possession and whose good will they strove to win, were not difficult to seduce. They were too unhappy in their own country to have nourished any love for it. Returning to their caves they showed the brilliant necklaces, the pleasing and delicately shaded stuffs which they had received. Nothing more was needed for them to raise their heads above all others. A large number profiting by the shadows of night fled and rejoined the newcomers. Fathers and husbands, thinking only of their resentment, seized their feeble weapons and advanced to reclaim their daughters or their wives. Their movement had been anticipated and was awaited. The result of the combat which ensued was not doubtful. Many were killed, a great number taken prisoners; the rest fled.
To give a little bit of context, his book quoted here (Hermeneutic Interpretation of the Origin of the Social State of Man) is mainly about the history of the white race and its clashes with other civilizations, according to the author, the black race used to dominate the world until the white/hyperborean race managed to gather together and create a powerful civilization which gained supremacy over the world. Many of the hypothesis found in this book are based on weak etymological parallels and contrary to what Guénon thought, for example the author relates the Atlanteans to the black race instead of the red race. So far my reading of these esoteric french authors prior to Guénon have been a waste of time, not very different from theosophists.
>So far my reading of these esoteric french authors prior to Guénon have been a waste of time, not very different from theosophists.
Yeah it shows, Jesus. That's why I am careful with my reading. It's so hard to find the golden mean between weirdo schizos and conformist midwits where the real intellectuals reside.
Not surprised that guy is French either. I am reminded of that caricature where French colonialism is depicted as a love adventure for French soldiers.
So far, I've been convinced that there is no reason to read the traditionalists, least of all Evola.
Ya you shouldn't, they aren't for commoners or bourgeois wimps.

File: bob honey.jpg (26 KB, 254x391)
26 KB
What went right?
Not literature
Is Sean Penn a madlad who knew what he was doing? He has to be self-aware to know what this would look like, everyone already thinks he's a fart-huffing pseud and here he comes with this trash novel saying he's done with movies and focusing on writing
Not literature
Was just thinking about this last night, probably going to reread it this weekend. Fun and quick read, interesting overall but with a confusing style. He is amazing at setting scene and character, story and theme are solid; the prose is going to turn off most as the alliteration is a bit much but it does develop a wonderful rhythm and make it very quick and easy to read. Will probably develop a cult following in the future.

File: 221003_r41100.jpg (196 KB, 600x835)
196 KB
196 KB JPG

>review of a book about the German Romantics of the late 18 century, reviewer feel the need to constantly bring woke points
>compares her personal life with the authors to check privileges
>cant talk about the concept of self (ich) without bringing in the end a woke cautionary warning against corporate wokism and the corporations tactics disguised as claims for betterment of self
>hints about free love and spouse swapping but gives no spicy details, probably trying to force a poly/cuck reading into History when in fact it was just good ol cheating. Image also hints at sex and spouse sharing but nothing substancial in the text
>obligatoryly cites the present but less important women of the group, and feels the urge to say they were not a sisterhood (shock!), constantly tearing each other down (women doing that?!!)
I feel like this is the Japanesefication of the world. You cant say two sentences without having to apologize for something, privileges, some perceived prejudice, being misinformed about the latest woke terminology
When will this shit stop for Gods sake
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>reads jew yorker
So you're just lefty seething at other lefties because you don't like their brand of leftism. Why don't you make a Twitter thread about it tranny
Why would she complain about it when she is partaking in the salesmanship of it? i.e. she is doing what the corporation is doing: monetizing it.
You know it's possible to just avoid this stuff. I would never see any of this if you idiots didn't complain about it on here.
its been going on for 8 years now.

anyways, probably a refusal to be wholistic in any meaningful sense instead of going after an easily consumed thesis. this is what you get for letting retards think, but not actually promoting them to think well.

File: OIP(1).jpg (33 KB, 474x711)
33 KB
What did you think of her book?
92 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
i hate this dude, most annoying faggot ever.
Really good, at least raw sex does. I normally need to jerk off 2-3 time a week but I could fuck twice a day, maybe I'm weird but it's totally different. For me it's more about intimacy and getting my partner off but nothing feels better, and as cringey as it sounds, primal, than nutting raw in a girl, especially one that you love.
pre-pregnancy xev makes me so fucking horny bros
>armchair theoretical metaphysics of women from reading redpill blogs, /pol/-posts and mass shooter manifestos
jesus christ lmao
Overrated, it's the love part that's good.

File: 61U00HF-L0L.jpg (119 KB, 700x1084)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
There are two things I'd like to discuss: 'ABC of Reading' itself, and a thought Ezra had about the use of particular words based on their meaning.

Starting with the latter -
>The good writer chooses his words for their 'meaning ', but that meaning is not a set, cut-off thing like the move of knight or pawn on a chess-board. It comes up with roots, with associations, with how and where the word is familiarly used, or where it has been used brilliantly or memorably.
>You can hardly say 'incarnadine' without one or more of your auditors thinking of a particular line of verse. Numerals and words referring to human inventions have hard, cut-off meanings. That is, meanings which are more obtrusive than a word's 'associations'.
>Bicycle now has a cut-off meaning. But tandem, or 'bicycle built for two', will probably
throw the image of a past decade upon the reader's mental screen. '.

It's not actually "words referring to human inventions" that have cut-off meanings, its words that have not been around long enough to have accreted a 'cloud' of associations. By accrete, I mean to become charged with meaning through their use over time.
Going by that definition, words like 'television' and 'plane' have become useable in a way that 'smartphone' or 'streamer' are not quite yet.
There is a lot to investigate here - does using already existing words with an overriding new meaning diminish their charge? Is creating compound words or portmanteaux from familiar words (hangry, mansplain, catfish) better or worse for building a charge than completely 'new' ones based on Latin, Greek or other languages?
Each word has its own capacity for charge and it seems that some, no matter their use in art and everyday life, are hyper-specific, therefore low-capacity, therefore will never really work in poetry.

On 'ABC of Reading' I have only this to say - I'm a quarter through the book and Ezra's meandering and determination to never elucidate his observations annoys me a lot. And some of his observations are really, really interesting. Instead of getting whole chapters of those, I get a single paragraph which either devolves into a slew of condescending remarks or just starts a tangentially relevant thought that never goes anywhere. Even his 'recommendations' aren't structured and leap between historical periods and languages making me have to tease apart his intentions.
I really don't want to trudge through this mind-soup for another 150 pages just to get at the few actually important paragraphs.
82 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is true, but it's also the reason he isn't usually mentioned along with Scatman and the Catman, when he was the primus motor organizing the whole Modernist wave
>Going by that definition, words like 'television' and 'plane' have become useable in a way that 'smartphone' or 'streamer' are not quite yet.

Broadcast, whereas now it's Livestream.
Aviation (golden age, Lindbergh, Earhart), now just Travel.

Point source light (laser) has coherence, is vivid; the incandescent is just lilting around all over, soft, familiar, indistinct.

>does using already existing words with an overriding new meaning diminish their charge?
It's the ensemble. Reclaiming a word should recover it from that. Skirting contemporary spurious associations and usage takes some orchestration.

>compounds, neologisms, ect.
conceptual ellision/asonance determine the charge, and ought to be the compelling reason for engaging with new constructions

>I really don't want to trudge through this mind-soup for another 150 pages just to get at the few actually important paragraphs

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ezra taught TS Elliot and James Joyce how to be successful. Clearly filtered
>Simply not true.
Yes it is. Even societies with no written languages had oral poetry.
>It peaked where it began and never developed into an actual TRADITION.
There is at least a thousand years (from before the Han to Li Po) of Chinese verse, and more past that.

Pretending that it's a European thing is retarded eurocentrism.
I'm guessing he had to LARP to convey how technical the whole thing is, how serious a craft it is. The book is supposedly for beginners.

File: the-book-of-enoch-38.jpg (226 KB, 1200x1200)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
why do christians fear it?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
why would they fear it when it's quoted in jude?
idk anon but they did and for a while they wanted to exclude Jude from canon because of it
Jews and Catholics are closed-minded bigots
Christians don't have any problem with Enoch
File: 2.png (1.75 MB, 842x1191)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
You are wrong. Most Christians, including myself, that know of it and read it like it because it is the most blatant prophecy about Jesus from the ancient times
yet it's not canon

What does /lit think of BAP’s ‘conversion package’?
179 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Actually, no. The medieval university was a way for the middle class to set their kids up with a not-quite aristocratic but nonetheless upper-class profession. The three main disciplines were theology, law, and medicine.
ill bet im taller than you and lift heavier weights than you and overall i would kick your ass 100 out of 100 times, also im smarter than you and definitely more handsome and well-adjusted. i probably have more money in my savings account and im overall in a better position of life and happier than you. i and this poster you reply to are tough guys in your world, yes.
>declension of verbs
Only Conrad Chads know

File: img.png (51 KB, 1002x1200)
51 KB
>American recommends a book
>Read it
>It's another novel about a retarded redneck who rapes his best friend's childhood crush Dolly-Sue in front of him down by the river and snaps the necks of mice
Why are American "classics" like this and why do Americans think anyone else would be interested in reading this degenerate rubbish? Our countries have actual literature.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>American novel
>It is about niggers
Many such cases
Niggers are to Americans what the Pantheon was to the Greeks.
Good point. Mythical and they kneel before their avatars.
What book is this ?

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