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File: based.jpg (35 KB, 311x475)
35 KB
Currently reading pic related(lefties go REEEE somewhere else). Simple stuff but I find it weirdly entertaining/motivating.
Also loved Rilke's 'Letters to a Young Poet'
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That’s pretty wholesome
Yourbrainonporn and easypeasy method
File: 1571600048140.png (460 KB, 640x480)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
T Paine's Common Sense. Short, sweet, and to the point that government is a necessary evil at best and those who make up the government should be of the people, by the people, for the people.
Currently reading The Fountainhead after having read Atlas Shrugged and Anthem, but haven't gotten far enough to say how different it is from them. I do like Roark's "lol, you're buildings are fake and you're gay" attitude with the dean.
It's a very good book, story and theme wise, but I think it falls into the same trap as Sinclair's The Jungle in that it tells a great story that's very moving and the themes can be found throughout the entire book, like watching the guts of a grandfather clock come together to make the perfect storm at the end, but then she ham-fists her ideology into a 10 consecutive page monologue as if the reader hadn't picked up on it throughout the entire story. She sort of recovers at the end, but it's like a left hook that leaves you dazed, closing the story in a fog of "holy shit". May have been just me being a retarded late teenager when reading it, though. Might have to reread it.

>Dagny from Atlas Shrugged is about one of the few likeable woman characters ever written.
Agreed. Mary Sue-ish, but surrounded by other titans of competence, so it isn't glaringly obvious. And she does have her moments of weakness, too. Overall, very likeable character.
>Also, if you read atlas shrugged before fountainhead you're doing yourself a disservice.
Oh well. My dad had Atlas Shrugged and no others. Can't go back and unread it, so now I'm making up for it with Anthem (done), The Fountainhead (in progress), the Romantic Manifesto, The Voice of Reason, and We The Living (on my shelf).
>invents the entire field of philosophy new with her own lingo because she was to lazy to read the german philosophers
Why are femoids like this?
Ayn Rand's books are always motivating, she has a very romantic spirit about her characters.

File: galton.jpg (10 KB, 202x202)
10 KB
I want to read some biographies/autobiographies. I already read "my war: killing time in Iraq" and "american sniper", and some others in Dutch about Beethoven; and of course also read mein Kampf. Give me your most interesting books of said genre.
bonus points if they are about the following people:
>Hitler (objective biography pls)
pic unrelated

File: Jesus.jpg (600 KB, 1681x1623)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
Is it really and truly necessary to start with the Greeks? Meaning, read through a large portion of Plato and socrate's dialogues, and Aristotle's writings?

I am currently doing this along with an overview survey of the history of philosophy. It is so boring, I am truly not interested in this basic concepts. Tedious bickering back and forth page after page.

Every philosophy says they were influenced by Plato/Aristotle, and they must be read. Yet I have gained almost nothing from reading their writings. I find the writers in and after the 18th century to be most interesting.

So, must the greeks truly be read?
Read what you're interested in and spider-web out from there
You don't necessarily need to read each one of their writings, you can simply get a school-book kind of thing to understand their basics and then read what you're interested in
le ""start with the greeks"" is a retarded meme I once fell for. If you really wanted to go through Plato, Aristotle and every other major philosopher in chronological order (and I don't mean just reading them as one would usually read a novel, because simply looking at those texts once usually gives you little to none comprehension) it could take you good years before you would even reach enlightment. People spend a lifetime on Plato and Aristotle, so when exactly can one say, that they're done with the Greeks? Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Greeks, quite the opposite in fact, but it is absolutely not required to make your way through them in order to be able to catch up with later philosophy that actually interests you. Instead just try to get a possibly good overview of what they were about and come back whenever you feel like you need to.
Start with Hegel and work your way back to the pre-socratics.

I'm watching Samurai Jack now because it's an amazing show and I haven't seen it in almost 20 years. And I wonder could this atmosphere of the "slow" parts really be captured into prose? Could you think of any examples where it was successfully done?

I can't really find a suitable youtube clip, but here's some clip that kinda shows what I'm talking about:
I know exactly what you mean.
Blood Meridian does what you are looking for throughout a lot of the book.
Samurai Jack is Jewish trash with stupid humor. There are plenty of better anime or manga out there, especially ambient ones involving samurai. Why waste time with crappy 90s American cartoons? Go choke on a dick, OP.
Take your meds.
How the fuck did that guy make a video essay about Samurai Jack and not even mention Tim Biskup? Poor research.

File: 860960609009.png (821 KB, 1416x747)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
The thread for all of your Urantia needs.

>Next to the supreme satisfaction of worship is the exhilaration of philosophy. Never do you climb so high or advance so far that there do not remain a thousand mysteries which demand the employment of philosophy in an attempted solution.

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File: slurp.png (181 KB, 800x800)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
>Urantia General
alright shill, you're gonna have to lurk a little harder if you want this to work.
Why, and how do you lurk harder?
File: 098765676.gif (47 KB, 294x360)
47 KB
File: philo.jpg (40 KB, 777x602)
40 KB
Urantia doctrine is Trinitarian, do they embrace Trinitarianism? Highly doubt it.
meant for >>18219482

File: FREE PALESTINE.jpg (78 KB, 2048x1024)
78 KB
What is some Palestinian literature?
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File: ynzRpQf.png (567 KB, 1079x980)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
Your own source says it was Europeans who sold the slaves to the Muslims. Don't you faggots constantly deflect responsibility for the trans-Atlantic slave trade by putting the blame on the local African slavers who sold the slaves to the Europeans? Lmfao.
This is the only thing approximating a suggestion and its A ONE HOUR FUCKING LECTURE
Good post, anon. My attitude is as follows:

1. My position is simply pro-white. Islam is the political doctrine of the brown hordes, therefore it should be opposed.

2. re: China/Xinjiang
If I were Chinese, I'd support what they're supposedly doing. But I'm not. In fact, China is a rival. Therefore if I were a politician I wouldn't care whether the accusations are true I'd still push the Uyghur genocide meme (while cutting off aid to Muslims in the region), the Organ Theft meme and anything else that destablizes them (Falun Gong, Democracy, LGBT, feminism, negative historical reinterpretations of their history). Just like the BASED CCP repeat BLM crap when commenting on the affairs of white countries, not because they believe it, but purely for strategic reasons. But unfortunately white countries are absolutely cucked, and the most likely outcome of what's going on there is increased tensions with China to no benefit of us, while all we gain is hundreds of thousands of Uyghur refugees.

3. re: Israel/Palestine
Are Israel allies of white people? In the sense that they are waging a war on Islam, yes. But certainly not reliable allies. Pro-Israeli Jews in white countries have to play the two faced game of doing all they can to keep Israel Jewish, while undermining the White majority in their host nation because they rely on the power and influence minority groups are allowed to have there in order to achieve their ends. If, for example, Ben Shapiro were deported to Israel, his hypocrisy would end and he'd finally be an honorable man, defending his own people.
That's based though.
wow great job finding examples from 840 about Franks and "particularly Jewish merchants". when did islam get up to modern standards exactly? was it the 70s in Saudi Arabia? officially i mean

File: ha$h&che55.jpg (34 KB, 220x298)
34 KB
any toes?
>not pictured, Magdeline, Mary, Jesus' Wife.

File: file.png (164 KB, 1200x900)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Thoughts on audible? do you use it or does it take away from the fun of reading?
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- These are books on audible that I have listened to and really enjoyed. [[Books I have Read]]
- The first 5000 years of debt
- Food Politics
- The Fran Lebowitz Reader
- Guns Germs and Steel
- Goliath
- A people's History of the US
- Bullshit Jobs
- Atomic Habits
- Mastery
- The new JIm Crow
- Deep Work
- The age of surveillance capitalism
- make it stick
- the rise of theodore roosevelt

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Can help for near blind or dyslexic readers. Overall, with a good reader it helps. My mom had a fantasy book with a celeb guest, so it distracted her a little.

I plan to try other services to keep my audiobook options open.
pnin read by stephan rudnicki
Books read by the author are pure kino, and in my opinion much more enjoyable than reading the book normally.
No, audiobooks are trash. You cannot read deeply at all, you cannot make notes, going back and re-reading passages is a pain. To pause and reflect you have to dig out your phone, and then when you wish to resume listening, you must rewind those couple of seconds you were distracted getting your phone out.

You cannot look at a table of contents, nor and index, or flip forwards or backwards. Thinking "Hey, this passage mirrors the one I read a couple of pages back, I should look at it again" is an absolute chore with audiobooks.

File: cashstash.png (539 KB, 689x450)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
books for millionaires to read
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File: 1595956411480.gif (2.08 MB, 360x200)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB GIF
>Effective Altruism
Carl Marks (c. 1870) The Money. London: various.
That bitch barely can still pay Internet
It should you stupid retard faggot. Do you have shit for brains?
Based life extension bro.

File: o3Zn3edZAQz9Yg1J8PgE.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
I want to write a poem to my literature teacher about the attraction I feel for her.
This is my last year and I want to tell her everything I feel, think and long for with her. I need ideas, inspiration, I am new to writing poems but I want to make her understand that this is serious, she is young and my native language is spanish.
I hope someone can help me and thank you very much in advance.
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Whats wrong with poetry?
File: 1618871876075.png (1.15 MB, 704x960)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Yo Onions Very Horny Boy
>after class
>I smell your farts
>sniff your chair
>where you place your ass
>so good I cum
>we ride off into the sun
>eat my sausage hot pocket
>lap at the milky cream shake
>no, no
>it was no mistake
>I love you so
>my boner it grows
>see you on monday

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
When You say that it is your "last year", please tell me that You are not a teenager !!! My humble recommendation is that: 1- If You're an adult (+18 and if You are over 21 better) do not write a poem. It is something very noble and sweet, but for a first approach it can be strange. It is better that You invite her to have something or something like that and talk appropriately about your interest. The poems can come later, when You are already in a relationship with her, if She likes those gestures. 2- If You are a high school boy, my advice is that You don't tell her what You feel. It may be a problem for her. It is a very serious thing that can happen if things are misunderstood. I advise You that, if it is not really a question of hormones and You appreciate her a lot, and therefore You want to say something to her, do it without the love component. As someone who is studying to be a professor, I think She could greatly appreciate having a student tell her how much He enjoyed or was inspired by a class or a whole course. Let her know that She is significant, but as a teacher. It will most probably makes her happy. It is my little advice, which is not such, it is rather a possibility that I help You visualize.
>I hope someone can help me and thank you very much in advance.
That would entail talking you out of this silly idea of yours, and that's not happening, so...

File: 1605033203747.jpg (3.04 MB, 1500x9002)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
What are the best (shortest) commentaries on the Nag Hamadi?
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File: 1604861992383.jpg (66 KB, 1249x637)
66 KB
I love my namefag filer. Death to narcissistic dykes.
>Why am I in the Gnosticism thread?
She didn't want to be in your lousy thread, fag.
File: 1503429126121.jpg (636 KB, 1737x784)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
From namefag to samefag. Goddamn you're pathetic.

Old & busted, too.
File: 1608650303195.png (251 KB, 2544x1868)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
File: 1612027453322.jpg (127 KB, 750x1064)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

File: 1581412655685.jpg (17 KB, 300x400)
17 KB
>Alas, how unfathomable, inscrutable, and variegated is this Māyā, that every creature, though in reality identical with the supreme Entity, and is instructed as such, does not grasp the fact, "I am the supreme Self", while even without being told, he accepts as his Self the non-selves, viz the aggregate of body and senses, under the idea, "I am the son of such a one", though these (latter) are objects of perception (and are hence not his selves) like pots etc.! Verily, it is through the Māyā of the supreme Being, that every man moves, again and again (through birth and death). There is this Smṛti on this point: "I am not revealed to all, being veiled by my Yoga-Māyā" etc. (G. VII. 25)
based Catholicism bro

y'all made in the image of God
this fact is obscured to most by attachment to sin
our goal is to become one with God
without whom there is nothing

Books on Mayday, or any festivals related to Mayday?
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File: m'aidez.jpg.jpg (34 KB, 358x494)
34 KB
You idiot, he wasn't talking about May Day and communism, he said Mayday!
The distress signal used by gentleman is CQD
H mp
Do you speak any other Germanic language? You're not going to find much in English.

File: 1598403901768.jpg (94 KB, 750x625)
94 KB
Write a short story on him
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Read the meme correctly or don't bother posting newfag reddit tourist. Imagine being unable to conceive of someone who doesn't piss his time down the drain with video games or anime. Also the image alludes the 4channer struggles with yet detests masturbation. You do it without remorse. Kys.
Whoever made this meme needs beaten with a baseball bat.
File: 1609621563091.jpg (12 KB, 215x235)
12 KB
This is a perfectly normal person I would be friends with except for "doesn't get out of his chair very often, and, doesn't talk about his hobbies"

File: apusad.png (48 KB, 657x527)
48 KB
>live in south
>about as many churches as there are burger restaurants
>lot of fucking burger restaurants
>15/20 bookstores are christian bookstores
>4/20 bookstores are school supply or comic book stores
>1 big chain bookstore, has only a single floor
>all libraries are closed on Sunday
>most libraries are closed on Monday too
>most libraries close at 2PM, all libraries closed past 6PM can't even go after work

anons I'm pretty sad
is this what modernity looks like? Just giving amazon and ebay my click data, or else being forced to read on a screen
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The problem isn't the religion, its that you're in the South. Heat = stupid. And the south is real hot. Dojt take this as a knock on religion, people far smarter are religious and im very aware of that. Its just that the circumstances in the south make them all sorts of things. One of them is hot, and that heat makes them braindead. The religion part probably comes from the whole................?
>lots of churches and Christian book stores
high kino
Who wants to tell him?
>>Comic book stores

I am in.
The early modern period lasted from 1500 to 1800.
We have been modern for over 500 years, the term is contemporary.

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