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Cradle and cultivating chaos for martial arts fantasy.

For comedy, blue mage raised by dragons, the sorta dark mage, I would recommend everybody loves large chests but it's slightly game litty.

For depression with a sunrise at the end, trysmoon saga.

For wondering if the author posts on 4chan, try contractor.

Fimbulwinter is okay if you ignore the blatant smut throughout the book.
I've done so multiple times before, but it was ignored so why bother again?
Because you are obviously insane, and doing the same action yet again shouldn't cause problems.
Here's one.

All Systems Red - Martha Wells
It was always published by TOR from the beginning. That's not self-published in the slightest.
Martha Wells has a long record of being not self-published and has never self-published.

That being said, the other self-published chart has even more that aren't self-published. It's failure from both people.
>this autism
Who the fuck cares autist? It is free books to read. Seek help.

Are screenwriting books actually helpful for storytelling or are they just paywalled memes pushed by Hollywood and film schools?
i don't feel i need a textbook to tell me what makes a good story. wrote my screenplay without consulting anything and then cleaned it up afterwards by reading articles on formalities etc. it's probably shit but i doubt some big book would help
Fun fact: The Last Psychiatrist called that book a "textbook of psychoanalysis", I think in his Amy Schumer post.

Worst book youve read, go
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File: 9781854875747.jpg (27 KB, 262x400)
27 KB
the cover art pretty much denounces the quality ahead, but I admire your courage for going through.
>You're the same people that call yourselves black metal fans but listen to shit like Deafheaven and Lantlos and were posting rants about Justin Bieber on Facebook in 2010.
kek, such a specific callout
haven’t listened to enough grausamkeit for the day have you yet?
its the most /lit/ of metal genres
File: Things fall apart.jpg (11 KB, 184x282)
11 KB
Granted, it was a 10th grade required reading. I'll give it another try once quarantine is over with and I can get it at the Goodwill bookstore for $3.

any book recommendations that are about life lessons / personal growth? where the character goes through changes ect

File: 1584983698391.jpg (10 KB, 190x272)
10 KB
Alright what's his best book?

hardmode: why
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it was a misguided question, Rene Guenon (pbuh) is beyond all dualistic distinctions
>.999... still does not equal 1
It's a sign of the intellectual decline of the Kali Yuga that this even needs to be said
Based thread
goodnight brothers

Where do I begin with this great man? /lit/'s obsession with him has convinced me to finally read him..
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Cringe retard trying to derail threads
Please redpill me on guenon (pbuh) I've seen too much about him recently
Just siooooo baased bros...
>Evidenced by the fact that you can't divide anything by it, clearly illustrating the qualitative dimension of mathematics.
>invoking girdle

File: 1585622800842.jpg (136 KB, 1280x720)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Does he have original ideas?
Why no serious philosopher has attempted a refutation or a continuation of his work?
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File: 1585344063193.jpg (44 KB, 400x400)
44 KB
holy based!
cringe hylic, that which modern civilization cannot understand says is "schizo". filthy juif loving decadent hylic of modernity -- BEGONE!
Guenon is fucking cringe and people who read Guenon are cringe and people who talk about Guenon are cringe

Guenon turned already refuted archiac ideas into esoteric schizobabble and you should avoid his work and read (anyone else)
t. hylic
trips of truth!

What kind of person likes Yukio Mishima? And why is he so liked on this board? Why do you like him? Is it because he's beta and you're beta?

I am drawn to this man, not because I admire him but because he's a train wreck and a warning sign of what NOT to be. I don't want to end up like him. I don't want to be this pathetic beta trying to be alpha. I relate to him too much and I don't want to be like him, I cringe at this man's story. I feel bad for this man and feel bad for myself for relating.
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Me. Mishima looked like a self-loathing bottom who secretly loved being submissive (and that's very hot).
File: EPpaVjBUEAADURz.jpg (40 KB, 811x534)
40 KB
OP, look at the picture you posted, and then look at yourself in the mirror. Capish?

Objectively speaking, his image is not one who comes from insecurity, or "Betaness", he was a confident young man with the spirit of a vital Nippon empire. What does one take away from this? He had a fighting spirit, he did physical acts of rebellion and not just in writing, he took action and when it all went to shit because everyone else was too scared and pathetic (the real Betas) he took his own life in a ritual suicide. Respect this man, you are nothing OP, not worthy of breathing.
Cringe? Post your body phaggot. I could already picture how you look.
im in the military, this man's physique isn't that special
Speaking as a non-Japanese: I understand absolutely nothing about what he stood for, why he valued it, why he did what he did, etc. Viewed through a Western lens, however, he seemed like quite the f****t.

File: Rene Guenon.jpg (12 KB, 199x296)
12 KB
Are there any works of fiction inspired by nondual philosophy? /lit/'s obsession with Rene Guenon and Shankara has finally convinced me to try it out... but I am not yet ready for philosophy or meditation
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>"Guenon is nothing but a charlatan. He didn't even understand basic philosophy."
You are nothing but a cringe who doesn't understand based
A Guenon (pbuh) thread? on page seven? unacceptable, I must bump
Just... Based?

File: 46a.png (97 KB, 645x729)
97 KB
Have you guys heard of Kantbot? Do you guys think Evola and Guenon are based? Heh, I'd say so myself. We're definitely living in the kali yuga with all these prog midwits. Have you guys heard of Quentin? Based as fuck. The Unabomber is based, so is Nick Fuentes and Sam Hyde. I'm a trad anti-urbanite based cabin bro. Progs are cucks. HE WILL COMPLETE THE SYSTEM OF GERMAN IDEALISM!! lol (meme)

Huh? What books do I like? Oh, uh... I don't really read, I mostly just browse the internet.
This is your brain on /lit/
File: 80.jpg (709 KB, 1280x1611)
709 KB
709 KB JPG

File: Finally, Some Good News.jpg (322 KB, 955x1499)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
Once and for all: was it Burgerpunk or not?
Yeah somewhat. Gun store, trailer park, SEA sex tourism...

File: capitalistrealism.jpg (43 KB, 475x475)
43 KB
I liked to part in this about capitalism in relation to mental health/illness. Any books that talk about that more?
Didn't two French gay lovers write some shit about being schizo? You could read that
D&G's Anti-Oedipus, especially Volume 1, Capitalism and Schizophrenia. Secondary literature may be required if you have no prior experience with Lacan and Marx, from whom they frequently draw ideas (I wouldn't consider them Marxists or Lacanians though.)

Foucault's Madness and Civilization/History of Madness -- two different translations, the latter being the most recently -- are extremely accessible and requires no secondary, overall a great book.

Newest purchase. Trying to get back into poetry. Thoughts?
>Kaur, Rupi.
Extremely based.
•“Milk and Honey”. Third-greatest masterpiece of 21st-Century poetry. A splendid fantasy.
Nabokov approves

>the sounds of crying atheists
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>pick and choose which parts you want to believe
Yup Muslims really are just like the Jews.
Why the fuck don't mods do their jobs and delete these threads..
I imagine the mods are probably making threads themselves at this point to cynically nail the final coffin into this board
thank you for understanding, brother.......
So baaaased
Bros how do I get an initiation? I don't want to convert to Islam, so what options are left?

File: 72f.jpg (30 KB, 599x463)
30 KB
>become attached to a character
>they immediately die the next chapter
>get attached to a character
>they appear for three chapter tops
>they disappear for the rest of the book
>nobody mentions them ever again
>their plot dropped
>it’s like they faded into non-existence
File: wre.png (82 KB, 796x398)
82 KB
>get attached to a character
>follow their arc waiting for the logical next stepin the characters development
>character never develops
>character was a symbol for a point of view which the protagonist "btfo"

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