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File: 71SMJPH9AgL.jpg (225 KB, 1684x2560)
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Five more days. Anyone else hyped? I am. Love Ishiguro.
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>Book of Numbers, published in 2015, is a metafiction novel written by author Joshua Cohen. The novel is about a writer named Joshua Cohen who is contracted to ghostwrite the autobiography of a tech billionaire called Joshua Cohen.

the big book of
I've only read his 'big two', Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go. What's the next one to read after those?
Honestly, I don't think Ishiguro needs a chart. I really enjoy him as an author but I believe he has only three essential novels:

1. Never Let Me Go
>Some snoots will criticize it for being entry level, but it's still a great book and definitely the most accessible of Ishiguro's novels.

2. Remains of the Day
>Short, excellent and, as another anon says, basically provides a better house for the themes Ishiguro was exploring in his first two novels

3. The Unconsoled
>More magical realist than anything else he's done. It's a wonderful book to get caught up in and lost.

When We Were Orphans is messy, and probably his least successful book. The Buried Giant I admit I still haven't fully digested. Noctures and the short stories therein are a real mixed bag - even the good ones are not very representative of the author.
Artist of the Floating World if you want a bit more with a similar feel, or The Unconsoled if you feel like something a bit more challenging.

I don't really get magical realism form The Unconsoled desu senpai. I can kind of see where you would, but I don't think it's really a realist novel. Dream logic is something different for me than magical realism.

Bros... I’m scared

I’ve started having two beers every time I write and I have never written better. I get so much more work done and have far better ideas than with no beer.

Am I going down a slippery slope?
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It's lowering your inhibitions which lets your ideas flow since you're not questioning yourself; you can tap more freely into your stream of consciousness. Similar stuff happens to me when I'm sleep-deprived. Find a healthier means of accomplishing this.
This. I was a functional alcoholic for almost a year, but then I stopped eating certain meals and drinking as much water as I should have at which point my creativity tanked. It can help, but be very goddamned careful
warm controlled buzz > being drunk

just stick to two beers or a big glass of wine
t. Watched Druk
>TWO beers
ur fine lol

File: 1614297567635.png (55 KB, 799x325)
55 KB
That's it, he isn't finishing the books.
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The man will do anything at all to avoid working on TWOW. They didn't have to offer him an adaptation of a writer he likes - even if it was an adaptation of a book he hates he'd jump at the chance.
He probably just doesn't care about it at this point. Imagine if you had writers block for 10 years on a project that you've been working on for 30. Put on top of that being an obese millionaire who has no obligation to do anything including finish your own story since someone else already did it for him. The guy just wants to watch football, write schlock and eat himself to death and desu I don't blame him. He fucked ASOIAF up so badly.
Tbh this is what you fucking deserve for reading bad teenage escapist fiction written by a burger.

I love it.
So how many side projects is he involved in right now? He published that huge targaryen history tome a couple of years ago, is working on Elden Ring, and now this. What else is he working on? I remember he had another thing going on as well.

File: 1508090177939.png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG
i've been depressed for years now and unable to read like i used to. has anyone here been able to overcome this and enjoy reading again?
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i go through phases. i barely read last year but this year i've become addicted again and already read over 20. the key to finding my way back in is usually abandoning the idea of reading the things that seem like a chore and just picking up something fresh that looks fun and soon enough the previous chores don't seem like chores at all any more
Was it a girl, did a girl do this?
I'm pretty sure I have sleep apnoe for years and am only having my first doctor's appointment in two weeks. My brain literally isn't working like it used to. Every morning I wake feeling dead. There's not much point in reading like this.
Then why are you here?
I did. I Loved reading since I can remember, but due to depression lost my will to do it for a few years. I forced myself to come back to literature to find some meaning in life, and it actually helped me overcome depression. At first it felt like a chore, but as the time went by it was giving me more and more satisfaction.

this book is 10/10
What's it about

File: 0ceeuco587hz.jpg (171 KB, 1000x1000)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Does anybody find that L-theanine helps them write better / more consistently, or does its sedative effect negatively affect writing?

Also, I drank one cup of green tea for the first time and felt nothing different. I currently have no access to any nearby local / online stores which sell L-theanine pills, so I'm stuck with green tea: how much cups should I drink to feel the effect?
I don't know if it's effective or not, but I can tell you how much you should drink to be equivalent to one L-Theanine pill.
According to https://www.thewhistlingkettle.com/a/info/blog/l-theanine-stacking-with-matcha-and-tea
>A typical 200ml cup of black tea contains roughly 18mg - 30mg of L-Theanine and about 40mg of Caffeine, while green tea typically produces 6mg - 12mg of L-Theanine and roughly 26mg of Caffeine
The lowest dosage pill I see on Amazon is 200 mg.
So it follows, assuming you're drinking green tea and you're getting the median dosage of L-Theanine (9mg), you'd have to drink approximately 2.2 L of green tea to get the same effect as a single pill. If you go with black tea instead, the median dosage is 24.5mg, which means you'd only have to drink approximately 816mL.
Either way, you're better off just going to Amazon.
File: DggMM2vUEAEeFEo.jpg (50 KB, 788x685)
50 KB
I find that I write my best pieces while completely hammered
coffee + l-theanine is excellent for reading/writing

try some (expensive) gyokuro green tea if you want to feel the theanine buzz...otherwise just get the pills

Anything goes.

I'm also looking for short books on nonfiction, more specifically philosophy, in case anyone's got any.
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The Sorrows of Young Werther. Really resonated with me as a sadboi
miss lonelyhearts
pedro paramo
the ice palace
doctor glas
the laws of the skies
Bernhard Yes
Bernhard Concrete
Bernhard The Loser

File: 194 1.jpg (84 KB, 604x403)
84 KB
Chronological order or publication order for a first time reader? I'm undecided.
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Why do you say that? I read them in chronological order as a kid and it made sense to me. It made the Witch (forgot her name just remember she was from a place called Charn) just seem like a returning character.
The magic and mystery and wonder of Wardrobe only works if you are discovering Narnia along with the kids. If you already know about it you lose the literal lost-in-the-woods feel of it.
Maybe you're right, but I got a totally different impression, one of vast scale and infinite possibilities. I loved the concept of the wood between the worlds when I was a kid and always imagined what the series could have been if Digory (I think that was his name?) had entered any one of the other pools. It made the Narnia universe seem more rich, full of life and potential for adventure. Even optimistic.
> Christian propaganda
> bad
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the best one. I've read that one a dozen times. The Silver Chair... I don't know why, but I could never finish it, even once.

Mostly asking because I lack of them.
St Vincent Mallay

Also Kerouac if you're into that.

Neoclassical economics is on its way out and doesn't have the scientific legitimacy it claims to have.
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File: von-mises.jpg (40 KB, 564x599)
40 KB
Correct, read Mises.
File: 1200px-Murray_Rothbard.jpg (259 KB, 1200x1513)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Yes, return to fundamentals
Mainstream economics is the new neoclassical synthesis – a combination of New-Keynesian (updated Keynesian) and new neoclassical (updated neoclassical). This is the economics that’s built entirely on math and empiricism. This is what’s taught in every accredited university and in every standard textbook, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Everything else (Austrian, Marxist, post Keynesian, etc) is heterodox and therefore retarded.
File: 16140918633540.jpg (3 KB, 125x125)
3 KB
reminder OP is a schizo.

Neoclassical economics will give way to what it was meant to, a market economy.

get rid of the central banks.
get rid of fiat currency.
privatize the public sectors
stop government bonds, loans and guarantees.
reduce taxes
stop bailing out big business!

File: FB_IMG_1614233575078.jpg (64 KB, 460x765)
64 KB
anyone knows where i can find a copy of Benjamin Bratton's The Internet Does Not Exist?
its on aaaaarg.fail and soulseek
Need invite for former

Hey guys, i wanted to get a new tattoo and while Murakami has been very inspiring to me lately, i would love a tattoo in the theme of Kafka on the Shore, but my drawing skills are low af. Any creative people here, who read the book and would share their creativity with me? Definitely black and white, minimalistic, a bit artsy.
I tried. Actual Murakami-fan though.
You better get this and report back op
I highly appreciate the effort

File: 1597621724473.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
Who are the best Latinx writers of today?
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La voluntad al poder sounds decent
No, it's just literally not Latinx, which refers to persons living in the US who are of Latin American origin.
what's the difference between chicano and latinx
>what's the difference between chicano and latinx
soul vs soulless

File: ac1.jpg (306 KB, 1680x1050)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
Best books about assassins/hitmen/serial killers?

Post the despair anons.
File: 4chan_b1d125_5419377.png (83 KB, 796x430)
83 KB
I'm normally not into defecation jokes, but this one got me.
File: 075.jpg (27 KB, 393x393)
27 KB
File: 1612529803910.jpg (335 KB, 680x798)
335 KB
335 KB JPG

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