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Sup guise? Well I did it. I sat down last night and wrote a Burgerpunk short story (5K words) To legitimize the subgenre. Of which I shall now share with you. Please do not post a reply until the end. Feedback is always welcome.Thank you.
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Just cut and paste
>The blubbery sack of fat posing as a 10 year old
Honest question - is there any reason we shouldn't consider George Saunders short stories burgerpunk?
Op gets first billing
imo the most dystopic aspect of burgerpunk is that you actually find it comfy, probably from being raised by it.

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Why read Hegel when you can read the superior Krauts?
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Schopenhauer was not influenced what so ever by Hegel.
Well not really, his explanation is sufficient. It's more like complementary material.
Am I the only one that sees some similarities between Hegel and Schopenhauer? Granted, it's been a few years since I read Hegel but I understood both the spirit and the will to be something of a God-like overmind that controls the phenomenal world. The difference between the two is that Hegel evidently saw this as a positive in which spirit is constantly moving towards a greater eventually final goal while Schopenhauer saw this negatively in that the will is neverending careless striving and the only way to control it is to deny itself.
He was at least reacting to a lot of it. He was also influenced by Schellings Naturphilosophie
To get a full-scale view you must read Schopenhauer, but it is not necessary to read them in order to understand a decent amount. For instance, Nietzsche was one of the first philosophers from the past three hundred years I started with, and while some arguments failed to make an impression on me (because I did not have a thorough understanding of the men he was referencing), I did comprehend the arguments through context. Looking back, I would say the broad understanding I had of Nietzsche when I was younger compared to now is not too far off. Reading those who may have had an influence on one philosopher or another does enrich the process, but is not entirely necessary.

He was right in the diagnosis, wrong regarding the cause. Technology has only lead us down this path because it was appropriated by capitalism.
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File: 1578537823538.jpg (90 KB, 640x960)
90 KB
The eternal christcuck...
You're even more wrong than Ted, lmao
Yes, of course it does. Metal weapons always affect the societies they're introduced into. What matters is a critique of the specific technologies introduced, particularly at the massive rate since the industrial revolution.
File: heidegger-crop.jpg (494 KB, 1024x768)
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494 KB JPG
>critique of the specific technologies
I have not read, but this seems interesting. good post.

We were all tired of barracks food. Each time they brought in the soup in large zinc tubs suspended on poles, it made us all want to cry. We were ready to cry for fear that the soup would be thin. And when a miracle occurred and the soup was thick, we couldn’t believe it and ate it as slowly as possible. But even with thick soup in a warm stomach there remained a sucking pain; we’d been hungry for too long. All human emotions — love, friendship, envy, concern for one’s fellow man, compassion, longing for fame, honesty — had left us with the flesh that had melted from our bodies during their long fasts.
In the entirety of human history has anyone created worse horrors than the Russians in the 20th century? If so, where can i read about it?

File: generic.jpg (50 KB, 350x346)
50 KB
PLEASE give me your cheesiest, schlockiest sci-fi/high fantasy novels and short stories... please...
Michael Moorcock, Dancers at the End of Time
File: 51YqEZWp3fL.jpg (46 KB, 375x500)
46 KB

>The genesis of Greek tragedy now tells us with great clarity and definiteness how the tragic work of art of the Greeks was truly born from the spirit of music

OK Nitcher
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have you spent any time listening to the genuinely left wing politicians in america? most of them live in a permanent state of seethe over everything the working class supports. sanders is possibly the only exception, though he too is extremely disconnected from the working class both in a practical sense and politically.
Dogs are trash
They're good. Stop being a hipster about animals
The democratic party is not left wing.
Bowra echoes a similar sentiment with regards to homer, the Iliad, and its relationship the hymns and music that was it's accompaniement.

File: 1486920738799.png (12 KB, 420x420)
12 KB
>he 'reads' plays
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>he larps as moth
They always cut so many lines in a production
literally me
It's not the actors' faults that the play has a bunch of shit lines.
He 'thinks' corporeal tangibility

File: GreekVsRoman.png (54 KB, 651x481)
54 KB
Go through this list to yourself and at the beginning of your post just put
>x/10 you understand
I want to see if understanding Greek and Latin is pertinent to being an intellectual as an English speaker.
I doubt most people understand more than 3-4/10
Also Greek and Latin literature thread.
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File: PoweredHitler.jpg (26 KB, 320x284)
26 KB
I know that short fat tiddied bitch anywhere. You still lurk here?
File: hqdefault.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
i only understood 6/10 but now i understand the others

thanks, OP!
File: heat.jpg (138 KB, 1136x655)
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138 KB JPG
No, you're thinking of oncology, probably. Ontology is the study of being.
Study of knowledge and how we acquire it
Study of being
Logical discourse
If a is b and b is c, a must be c. Idk how to put it into words.
The origins of a word
Something that comes before

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File: Beha-Henry-James.jpg (122 KB, 727x1046)
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122 KB JPG
Henry James thread
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Wasn’t he in this
In The Cage is his best work.
"This is the time of my life," he mused, in a patient, sadly cordial, careful manner, which suggested to him that he had made a mistake, that he had been neglectful, in having, in consequence of his devotion, bestowed a secondary meaning upon a secondary thing, the sudden appearance, in connection with a previous serendipitous result, of something so unaccountable that to it alone was due the shadow of responsibility. But he himself may have sensed this, for he shrugged his shoulders and added, "I may be sure that we shall soon have two prizes—one by the way of my dessert, the other by your desert."
Grimly contemplating the cake which he had been told to bring, his surprise and amusement grew, when, as a matter of fact, a very handsome girl, scarcely out of her teens, rushed upon him, brought him a large volume, and told him that he had better open it.
"I am sure the title of the book may be enough to put to sea an infinite number of ships," he added; "we must expect that there will soon be so many sails, that, at the first exertion of the harpooneers, no one of them will be able to clear his hook. This presents an interesting puzzle. You are not ashamed to call it a book, Mr. Creighton?"
The pretty girl, who, doubtless, was a Christian, with an odious stain on her beautiful countenance, said nothing, but gazed continually at him, with her chin in her hand, as if observing some minor quality of colour.
"Were you, now, going to give him the book?" said Rufus Dawes. "I've got it, but don't you think I'll stop in my tracks if I find it in the pocket of this pretty girl?"
"D—n us all, Dorian!" cried the pretty girl. "Have a match for me, and then, if you do not, I'll never see the book again."
"Then I will," said Dawes. "She can, however, have it, for she has an enormous chance for a second success. I will have a most beautiful bed, a most glorious table—everything on the high side of grand—a most welcome couching. But let us face these girls one at a time. You will see who is the hare and the hare-woman, and what will happen to me."
The girls passed a few pages and went away. Dorian looked at the back of the writing-table, whereupon he was startled to see where he'd pushed his own initials, C.R.S., into the last page. Dorian was perfectly aware of how simple it was to forge handwriting, especially on a business letter; a certain class of parlour-maid was famous for getting on close to her customers, pretending they were writing to her brother-in-law or her own mother, in order to slip them behind her back when the instant he looked at the address there would be a small ding, a mark forgery, signifying the number of the stamp office.
Read the portrait of a lady about a month ago. It reaffirmed my hatred toward women. Why are they so retarded, bros? Women don't know what's good for them.

File: 118918083_o.jpg (693 KB, 856x1053)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
Who is the best french writer ?
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So was LaForgue
Marguerite Duras
both of his parents were born in France. His father simply moved there because of his job.

David Foster Wallace
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Adam Sandler
Were bandanas popular in the 90s or what?
File: deconstruction.png (179 KB, 578x242)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
It was mostly the 80s but it echoed for a while.
They're a perennial favorite among the balding.
Sex gifs

File: Voltaire.jpg (432 KB, 1319x2048)
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432 KB JPG
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Do not talk about my woman that way. She can use whichever technology she finds suitable for this literary pursuit. You two need to stop being so jealous of Butterfly's beauty and charm. :3
Cultivate your garden.
I had the revelation earlier today that Candide was more true to reality than any other fictional book.
Butterfly is my garden. :3
I said cultivate your garden, not contaminate it.

File: schuon.kashmir.jpg (35 KB, 283x408)
35 KB
>Millions of threads about Guenon
>Not a single one about Frithjof Schuon
This really talks about us as a society
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if they're not muslims then why the fuck is pedophilia so common in islam
because it's based

File: IMG_3186 (2).jpg (2.83 MB, 3351x4578)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
The quarterly is out!

Winter 2020 edition has been received from the printers and is now available. Those who already ordered, yours shall be shipped out today.
USA: https://www.amazon.com/Lit-Quarterly-Winter-2020/dp/1773541811/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lit+quarterly&qid=1579286838&sr=8-1
Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Lit-Quarterly-Winter-2020/dp/1773541811/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lit+quarterly&qid=1579286865&sr=8-1
Outside Canada and US, please email litquarterly@gmail.com with mailing info.
Cost is $8CAD plus shipping.

Spring edition deadline is 31st January: accepting short fiction, poetry, and essays. Rules:
-original and not previously published
-no scifi, fantasy, romance genre
-serious, plausible, evocative, or satirical for content
-author must be open to feedback and editing

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Lots of good support, I will begin setting it up. It will be the Massachusetts Literature Review.

@the first responder, please email me and we can discuss pragmatics for the first publication. The email for this will be MassLitReview@gmail.com.

To those looking to submit, my primary goal for this publication is anonymous work from anons on lit, from the Mass. area or related to the Mass area (if you are not from the Mass area, you can write something in prose or poetry that is within the massachusetts 'setting'). We will publish with initials / pseudonyms only and maybe last names in the Masthead. I'm very serious about this project and the final product will be a very well put together booklet issued to look like the New Criterion (good colors, weight of pages). I have access to a print shop to do this at at my university (harvard). I'll also share this with the Boston lit group if I can contact them :P Atticus message me
sent you something
File: 1578628211414.jpg (45 KB, 680x507)
45 KB
Congratulations to the writers of the Winter Edition, and don't forget to send praise to the editor, founder, anon-wrangler!
Hear hear! KMD is da MVP!
This is a great thing. I've been wanting to show my essays to people and I'm really glad OP is undertaking this publishing adventure. I hope I get to be featured.

File: 1556508819152.jpg (331 KB, 800x666)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Hey it's Liam from Nanaimo. I really miss you and hope you're still alive.
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File: 1564878568716.jpg (135 KB, 685x900)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
We met on lit back in 2016, we were pretty close for a few years and even met up to see Takashi Murakami at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I really cared a lot about him and he was going through some pretty heavy stuff in his life and dropped off the face of the map for over 6 months now. Kik says his phone has been disconnected and I'm really worried he killed himself. The last book I remember talking to him about was Heart of a Dog and I remember he really liked The Blind Owl. When is it appropriate to mourn someone you deeply cared about when you don't even know with certainty they're dead?
I hope your friend is alright. Sincerest wishes to John.
Really sorry to hear that. Hopefully you two can meet up someday
File: 1556479831804.png (1.74 MB, 2099x1600)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
Thanks anons

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