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Retards: syfy is a respectable genera worthy of praise
>Entering the phone booth, he did a phone thing. Ring-ring-ring.
>Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly
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If there's a chart, it's probably not that important. A Scanner Darkly is my favorite, followed by Three Stigmata.
I would recommend starting with "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep".
It seems to be everyone's favorite, plus it's the basis for the movie "Blade Runner".

After that, it depends on your bent.
If you like horror, I recommend "The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch".
If you're into religion, the "VALIS" quadrilogy is pretty intense.
If you want to see postmodernism done right, I cannot recommend "Ubik" highly enough.

Or you could coast with one of his five short story collections.
That's a book about me going insane though
im reading this now and its awesome
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, it reads very smoothly and has great imagery.

File: cantos lit edition.jpg (135 KB, 733x1122)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
After the wild success of the /lit/ edition of Moby Dick, I propose that the world's foremost literary society combine its talents towards the aim of publishing first ever annotated edition of The Cantos of Ezra Pound.

"Fiendishly difficult," as the late Jonathan Bowden describes them, the Cantos reflect Pound's deep erudition and immersion in literature from throughout the history of not only Europe but the world. Even the best educated among us no longer receive the kind of education that Pound relied on his readers having.

It is high time that Pound's work receive a properly annotated publication so that the power of this great work can be experienced by the readers of now and beyond. As a controversial figure, most in academia speak of Pound in hushed tones. This work which I propose will not come from them. We, /lit/, must be the ones to do it.
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Anyone who participated in the past "event", kill yourself.
Anyone who owns the previous "book", kill yourself.
Anyone wanting to participate in this proposed "event", kill yourself.
Anyone who will participate in this "event", kill yourself.
Anyone who will purchase this "book" or plans to purchase this "book" should it be "made", kill yourself.
OP, kill yourself.
I'm the resident Pound retard who got genlit to read Ezra Pound after breaking my computer screen over a post someone made about Ezra Pound. I've read the cantos like two times already and know like a dozen cribs to work from, does somebody want me to create a telegram or something? I plan on cutting the chaff from the wheat with most of the cribs and making a minimalistic compilation of all of them to add our own cribs to it. It will take some money to honestly accomplish this considering how rare some of the more obscure cribs I know of but I will honestly put time into it. I also plan on going to Italy and searching through libraries that I know Pound has been to. I've reread Pound for like 3-4 years and would like to head the effort. The goal would be to create something like the Finnegans Wake skeletons key. add me on discord if you want to talk more about this david817#3366. Create a telegram and reply to this post if you personally want to create a group chat otherwise I will do it myself.
I was with you up to this point. Go back to ****it
fucking feds man baka kys

File: rilke.jpg (57 KB, 501x750)
57 KB
Which poet understood depression best?
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idk about depression but trauma is best from ww1 poets
Throwing one for Baudelaire in the hat.
He looks exactly like my uncle, specially the older Rilke
>omgf i just found someone who understands how complex i am

File: Rene-guenon-1925.jpg (21 KB, 346x350)
21 KB
Guenon is brilliant on this topic. Any others like him?
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"In the summer of 1939 I went to visit my friend in Cairo and when I was there the war broke out. I had a lectureship in Lithuania at that time and, being unable to return there, I was forced to stay in Egypt. My friend, who had become like a member of Guénon's household, collecting his mail from poste restante and doing many other things for him, took me to see Guénon.

A year later I was out riding in the desert with my friend when his horse ran away with him and he was killed as the result of an accident. I shall never forget having to go to tell Guénon of his death. When I did he just wept for an hour. I had no option but to take my friend's place. I had already been given the freedom of the household and very quickly I became like one of the family. It was a tremendous privilege of course. Guénon's wife could not read and she spoke only Arabic. I quickly learned Arabic so I was able to talk to her.

It was a very happy marriage. They had been married for seven years without children and Guénon, who was getting fairly old, he was much older than she was, had had no children with his first wife, so it was unexpected when they began to have children. They had four children altogether. I went to see Guénon nearly every day. I was the first person to read The Reign of Quantity, the only book he wrote while I knew him since the other books had all been written earlier. He gave it to me chapter by chapter. And I was able also to give him my own first book when I wrote it, The Book of Certainty, which I gave him also chapter by chapter. It was a very great privilege to have known such a person.

Guénon almost never went out except when he came to visit us. I would send a car to fetch him and he would come with his family to our house about twice a year. We lived at that time just near the pyramids outside of Cairo. I went out with him only once and we went to visit the mosque of Sayyidnâ Husayn near al-Azhar. He had a remarkable presence; it was striking to see the respect with which he was treated. As he entered the mosque you could hear people on all sides saying, 'May God rain blessings on the Prophet Muhammad', which is a way of expressing great reverence for someone. He had a luminous presence and his very beautiful eyes, one of his most striking features, retained their lustre into early old age."

Martin Lings
May God bless him and his memory.
Where is this from?
yeah this is a great read, i really dig him.
The Essential Rene Guenon

File: Donna Tartt.png (606 KB, 418x625)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
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No, some no-name that didn't go on to do anything of note. I forget his name but he was mentioned after Easton Ellis in the acknowledgements for the Secret History.
Her books are okay, but considering she spends like 10 years on each one they aren't really that good.
I've read some of her short fiction (basically "the ambush") and i found it nice.
Secret history wasnt bad
yes it was

File: brainlet-windmill.gif (2.34 MB, 378x498)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB GIF
Does anyone else love reading but struggle with it for being a fucking retard?
>have to pause every two minutes to look up a word I don't know
>write it down even though I know I won't be able to memorize it
>return to the book and forget what I was reading
>have to read sentences five times just to get the basic gist of what the author's trying to say
>forget the beginning of a sentence while still reading the sentence
>everything feels like it's sailing over my head
>by the time I've read one page I feel spent and like I need to sleep

Take Don Quixote. I got filtered by this book BEFORE THE BOOK EVEN STARTED.

>In belief of the good reception and honours that Your Excellency bestows on all sort of books, as prince so inclined to favor good arts, chiefly those who by their nobleness do not submit to the service and bribery of the vulgar, I have determined bringing to light The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of la Mancha, in shelter of Your Excellency’s glamorous name, to whom, with the obeisance I owe to such grandeur, I pray to receive it agreeably under his protection, so that in this shadow, though deprived of that precious ornament of elegance and erudition that clothe the works composed in the houses of those who know, it dares appear with assurance in the judgment of some who, trespassing the bounds of their own ignorance, use to condemn with more rigour and less justice the writings of others. It is my earnest hope that Your Excellency’s good counsel in regard to my honourable purpose, will not disdain the littleness of so humble a service.

The second sentence is all right for me but the first one has twelve asides and reduced me to reading in slow-motion and sounding out the words like a little boy. I had to read it many times and even now only feel I vaguely get it. This is the dedication. If the whole book were written this way, it would take me years to finish.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i am going to tell you something OP that is gonna blow your mind. the more you do something the better you get at it. if you see a word enough times you will memorize it
>>have to pause every two minutes to look up a word I don't know
ereader has built in dictionary
>>write it down even though I know I won't be able to memorize it
ereader has built in vocab learner
>>return to the book and forget what I was reading
>>have to read sentences five times just to get the basic gist of what the author's trying to say
>>forget the beginning of a sentence while still reading the sentence
>>everything feels like it's sailing over my head
>>by the time I've read one page I feel spent and like I need to sleep
anon, it's okay to read books that are your level. don't let /lit/ convince you that reading has to be a chore. If you're a dumbass, that's okay. You don't have to be ashamed, and you don't have to read shit that you can't enjoy.
You can't cure brainletism through repetition.
I struggle because I am only able to read 200 pages in one evening every 3-5 months.

File: phantomthread2.0.jpg (66 KB, 1200x800)
66 KB

And nothing else.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
this. Replace dosto with joyce.
Throw Goethe in there
>no proust
into the trash it goes
Tolstoy over Dostoevsky, and add Horace, Virgil, and Goethe.
proust is for prenltentious faggots.

File: 1629388786495.jpg (47 KB, 742x481)
47 KB
>China seems to me the most perfect symbol of the kind of social well-being that a highly centralized administration can offer to peoples who submit to it. Travelers tell us that the Chinese have tranquillity without prosperity, industry without progress, stability without force, and material order without public morality. Their society always gets on fairly well but never very well. I imagine that when China is opened to Europeans, they will find the finest model of administrative centralization that exists in the universe.
79 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
It seems much less likely compared to the other option, that is government agents who try to influence public opinion do exist, but most "shilling" stem not from the government's conscious effort it trying to sway it's or another nations people, but inertial cultural forces from nations, narratives like history, that create subgroups within a people that "shill" for an idea for free. Governments may help spread propaganda, but ultimately they originate from a narrative that was created from events, the history book's documentation of it, media's portrayal of it, and the individual's own preferencial aesthetics in regards to it. And ultimately I think the last one, and I'm bringing up the miracle of the house of Brandenburg as an example as though propaganda during that time was no way as sophisticated as it is now, is really the one that matters the most, and if it weren't for the existence of a idea to pin their interests on they would just move on to another one. (i.e non-ethnic Chinese China fans in the west exist because China simply is the only counterpart or option that can be chosen besides the US, as they're literally the 2nd most powerful country in the world. If the USSR still existed, or better yet, if it was still the 70s, the one's who were against America would just align themselves with the Soviet union simply because that was the only option there, except maybe the rare french communist hipster who liked Maoist China.)

Is this some kind of bait? I geniunely don't know what this has to do with my posts. You could have just posted cope if tldr. Sorry for my late reply though I was outside and for some reason my mobile IP is banned. Anyway, while one may think these guys are glowniggers, I actually believe they are China stans falseflagging as glowniggers because of how ESL it is. also cause I've done that before too.

That's interesting. May I have a quoted passage?
The day when the Persian North becomes Russian and the South perhaps British will not be an ordinary day in the history of the world. Its effects, its terrible effects, will not be late in coming. Here the conquerors will find hardy soldiers, easy to lead into battle; they will find dormant and really virgin earth; I saw people hardly scratching it with a bad rake and things soon shooting up. The mountains offer coal of fine quality, superb iron ore, native-made leather with beautiful patterns, sulphur and other minerals. Once these people receive permission together with enforceable protective laws they will develop their material interests as well as do Europeans. I do believe that they will never possess safe judgment, a healthy judiciary, and a reasonable consistency of ideas. I never met an Oriental, however distinguished, who does not have the most curiously incoherent mental processes. It is mainly to this that I attribute their incapacity to govern themselves. In one sentence, they are an intelligent people, they are able to comprehend their own interests in the restricted sense of the word, but they are a people incurably decadent.
Another thinly veiled CCP shilled thread. Can't shills just go back to their normal targets like YouTube comment section or twitter alike?
How is it a CCP shill thread when it's all anti-China?
>quoted passage
Do it. We need more quotes.

He loved the Greeks to the point of romanticizing boy pussy. Additionally he was considered to be ''the most German of Germans'' and as such massively autistic. He was also institutionalized for schizophrenia. One can only conclude that he is relatable for 100% of /lit/izens, yet he's never discussed here.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There were some good threads a while back.
I am currently reading Hyperion and it's absolutely great
Can someone actually tell me about him. What’s his Schlick, this tells me near nothing.

He looks vaguely 18th century which intrigues me in itself. Being attracted to assholes does not, however.
Bro he went full German. That's it. Completed the system of German Idealism. Found God. Everyone else just thought he went crazy.
Read the old threads. He's the opposite of a fag. He loved Diotima.

How /lit/ is your city? My city is not very /lit/ at all unfortunately.
149 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds pretty based to me friend
The fair in Güemes, you can get lots of books very cheap there.
And yes, Buenos Aires is the most /lit/ city on earth
I've had such shit luck meeting interesting /lit/ people at nyu I've been considering transferring. Probably not what you want to hear and maybe you'll have better luck than me but jesus christ most of the people are so uninteresting if you want to talk about anything beyond a surface level.

How the hell are you NEETing with rent being what it is? Genuinely curious.
File: DSC_6120.jpg (1.12 MB, 1500x996)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Pretty /lit/. The university has quite a lot of books and there is a silent pride in a centuries old tradition of intellect. Some of my friends tried starting a book club but the covid lockdowns fucked everything up.
We should have a meetup fellow /lit/erati. I suggest Leuven because it's easy for me hehe.

How do I market myself as a reclusive author?

Obviously no social media, interviews, or public events. But what else? How do I get it out there that I’m reclusive author?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This is gold
Maybe start with a pseudonym.
Then you can perhaps try going down the buckethead route. Using a mask that hides most of your facial features, so that noone would be able to recognise you.
I've been thinking about this a lot as I'm fairly reclusive and would like to maintain this state of affairs, as i find the whole networking and always having to be constantly engaged with social media makes me feel absolutely emotionally drained.
the buckethead route has nothing to do with being reclusive, being reclusive doesn't mean being a masked clown
as for the op,
you can't, now you're in charge of your own marketing and that means your people skills are just as important if not more than your writing skills. people like Pynch belong to another era where editors and publishers were in charge of your image and marketing, this is no longer the case. publishers want to know how popular your are before picking you up, they don't want to place bets on a nameless horse with no credit.
this is why we're in this situation where everyone is woke, and there will be more and more woke people who say the same things in every environment that relies on the internet to sell, you need connections and virality over the internet and you cannot achieve that going against the grain
>> Nothing to do with being reclusive.
He is reclusive m8. The mask helps maintain his reclusiveness especially when he's giving interviews (he comes across as weird)
I also see the mask as an instrument that helps conceal his identity.

I agree with your point regarding the fact that OP will find himself unable to achieve his goal by going against the grain.
However, do you think we shall see times where publishing might change course and literary agents will start representing authors like in Pinchon's time?
he’s 16 here???
I always thought he was in his mid 20’s.

File: King.jpg (25 KB, 491x625)
25 KB
His books have no literary value.
107 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>consneeding that jews are in fact over represented in the upper echelons of society
yes, we are over represented in successful positions because we are much smarter than the average member of society. There is nothing embarrassing about this it is just a fact.
>the current situation begs the question of whether or not the jews deserved it
Does it really matter? It can never happen again now that so many of us are in positions of power and influence. You can waste your time complaining about our success or you can try to make something of yourself. Jewish success doesn't prevent the average white man from succeeding, but your victim mentality will always hold you back in life.
bad larp, but it got me to reply. 2/10.
Yes, smarter. Smarter to false the IQ tests like the Chinese and that's it. Communautirism and the perseverance of the group permitted this and that's it.
No! desu~~
Then why have Jews succeeded where others haven't? Every group has Communautirism not just them

File: 71A7rmkJNHL.jpg (211 KB, 1494x2094)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>Fuck gluttony
>Fuck TV addiction
>Fuck pampered kids
Was this book just Dahl's way of ranting against things he didn't like?
I thought Violet's problem was that she always had to out-perform everybody else and be the best at everything, not necessarily excessive gum-chewing
The fat kid = gluttony
The kid addicted to video games = sloth
Veruca = greed
Violet = pride
Where the fuck do envy, wrath, and lust fit into this?
Lust - Charly
Wrath - Wonka
Envy - Charlie's grandfather
Mike Teavee wasn't even sad about being shrunk
Yeah, no shit.

Yeah, I think the modernized remake of the movie actually did a good job of making her as a character- the hyper-competitive kid that is ruined by their parents trying to vicariously live through them.

File: adam-and-eve.jpg (119 KB, 824x640)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Can somebody help me find this?

One of the first things I was shown on this board was a webpage talking about the proto-indo-european origin of the garden of eden story. I can't find it no matter how I check my history.

Does anyone know where it is? It went something like
>God creates 3 children (adam, eve, some third asshole)
>asshole reshapes himself to snake to spite god
>bites tree of eternal life
>adam goes to cleanse the tree by chopping it, cleansing it in the river, and replanting it
>snake bites him
>man kills snake
>replants tree
>since venom is in his veins eating from the tree of life wont keep him alive anymore
>God has even create the first human woman to be adams wife, so he can live forever through children instead

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It's probably gnostic lies anon. They believe Judith was the first woman created
What you're talking about is the gnostic version of the creation story.

However, the christian Garden of Eden borrows from multiple deluge and creation myths including the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Eridu Genesis. "Eden" is generally held to have been located within the Euphrates basin.
>What you're talking about is the gnostic version of the creation story.
I haven't found any that seem to follow this plot, someone said it was the apocryphon of john, but after reading it that seemed wrong.
I know a website exists, even if the story is fake. but how do i find it?

Marxists.org and other communist sites has the weirdest shit, like they have they translated trobodour songs for instance and stuff about mystical Christian texts

That’s all, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk
51 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

I've ordered stuff from anarchists and they've sent along amusing bonus content, including a small pamphlet of poetry and some symbolist/art nouveau drawing of a centaur.
Doing a violency doesnt count
>I would disagree with this. I think that the way leftist politics is framed within American discourse is as the naïve idealistic little brother of liberalism. Infantilism is the essential component. Communism, Socialism, Anarchism, "killed millions" but is "good in theory".
Exactly - at least they believe in equality but it's a childish belief, they need to grow up into good liberals.

>The far right is in America on the other hand seen as essentially a foreign object lodged in the fabric of the nation. Something alien and malignant and inherently incompatible with the founding precepts of civil society. It is essentially barbaric. Which fits nicely with the fact that those drawn to are mostly coming from rural, semi-rural, and post-industrial towns backgrounds in contrast with the shared cosmopolitanism of American Liberalism and Leftism. It is almost like a Urban/Rural tension exists prior to any particular ideological articulation.
The US's national mythology post-WW2 is "We defeated the Nazis abroad and proclaimed black equality at home". Within American mythology, the far right IS inherently evil, as it's against the project of expanding militant democracy worldwide in the name of protecting local "victim" groups, where victims are the local equivalent of American blacks, as dumb Americans see it. I don't think it's viewed as "foreign", rather, average people are likely to fall into the Fascism of the Rotary Club (= Not Being Very Nice to the blacks!) unless their betters in the intelligentsia are vigilant.
Yeah, the same guy runs a site called death metal underground (which has both metal reviews and cigarette reviews)
I am the person you responded to, and I think that you're mostly correct. At the risk of sounding like a dumbass liberal though, you need to take into account people beyond the white liberal class. Many nonwhite left-wing movements that fell outside of the liberal classes and demographics *were* crushed via heavy state force, and their leadership goes to jail and stays there.

I doubt the urban-rural divide is as essential as it is made to be. A large amount of the rural poor is basically completely politically inactive, 21% of people in the country are not white (and so ally themselves with the liberals more often than not), and a good deal of the rest have some other class interest that doesn't necessarily align with being "rural." My experience living in several of those semi-rural post-industrial towns speaks to this, but I have no stats to back this up out of hand.

Everything else you said is pretty much true. I don't know if there is a way out of this dialectic. An alliance of radicals against the center seems highly unlikely and would explode as soon as the liberals were dead, and would result in only one side being left standing in the end (or collapse of the country). On the other hand, one side taking down the center all on its own is even more laughable.

I think whatever change happens, it will have to come from a highly intelligent, opportunistic individual taking advantage of a temporary crisis to force through the change and reform necessary to save the country. Lincoln, Roosevelt, etc. for example, used the crisis of war to push through reforms that were impossible in normal times. I was hoping this might happen during the pandemic but everyone in the US gov is extremely lukewarm.

If Biden was someone with even an ounce more balls he could take more advantage of the situation, but who knows what his handlers have up their sleeves.


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