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File: lol.png (51 KB, 596x423)
51 KB
Is reading a hierarchy and YA fiction should be read by teens and progress towards much serious works? The comment seems to have triggered so many left, liberal, LGBT gang on Twitter.
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>Bakker obviously isn't YA
Anon, Bakker is YA. Stop being in denial. He even threw an autistic fit when he wasn’t taken seriously by the literary community because a former teacher told him her child buys and reads his book.
Talking or knowing about Harry Potter is commonplace, and can be fun--sort of like in the way that it's fun to discuss astrology and magic with girls since they like that stuff. It's not a big deal though, and shouldn't be the forefront of every conversation. Just like everyone knows and will talk about their favourite aspects of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, super heroes, and other such trite; but it shouldn't be taken seriously and isn't high quality.
> He even threw an autistic fit
No he didn't. I've read the essay and can tell you haven't. You might call it YA but it has no characteristics of YA so it's meaningless.
No, the teacher only supposed it was a children's book without any knowledge of it, nowhere was any child reading it mentioned
Bakker is not good but he's not YA either; you have a poor memory and are ngmi
File: hate u give cover.jpg (12 KB, 220x330)
12 KB
>Can YA fiction be considered a serious literature?
Well, African American literary fiction in the 21st century is 99% period pieces, mostly about slavery. Angie Thomas is a YA writer and she's literally the only person writing fiction about BLM. Yes yes we're not allowed to say positive things about these things, but it's very possible that Angie Thomas could be remembered as the writer that captured a moment in history.

But I would unironically propose The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian as a contender for literary YA.

File: cahphye20d561.jpg (153 KB, 640x632)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>dark London or New York or generic large city afternoon
>for some reason I went to volunteer in a large department store
>the guy in charge of me watched me assist customers, including that upper tier type of qt that pathetic ugly men such as myself sometimes like a large amount because we have false hope we can get them
>guy in charge explains that I need to smile and act interested in customers
>I outright refuse and decide I should leave
>I leave and go walking around

File: 2021-05-11_08-35-24.png (19 KB, 147x84)
19 KB
New Scrivener just dropped.
is it going to get an android version? also how does the license work one PC at a time or one pc for life?

File deleted.
I'm sorry I don't know who else to ask. I have no friends or anyone who would read it. Anyways, here it is:

The tropes we live in,
The lies we embody,
Seething God, Seething God.

The birds screamed their songs behind the door. Shrill, passionate, dragged, melancholic, melodies echoed through. One must express disdain towards the monsters of song. Why must they sing? Why were they given a pedestal by God to express? Whilst I, stood behind the door, cursing Him.
Ignoring my instinctual urge to flee, my hand found itself closing the distance between the cold, metal door handle. The traditions of old had lied. The brooding door did not hold behind it treasures for man, nor did it promise the fountain whose drink made man immortal; even if such were true, I would much prefer to drink my own bile. To have lived past youth is to have let God won. The repugnant odor of bird droppings plagued my nose as I held back a sneeze from the feathers that violated me.
Bracing myself, I turned the handle. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. What did He want now?
I got on my knees, closed my eyes, and licked the door, lathering it with my saliva. I felt His wrath as the door burst open, letting out the hideous creatures. They pecked away, not pausing their song, devouring my skin. The difference between skin and sunflower seeds really is arbitrary.
I drowned in the pool of feathers and my own blood. The last memory that befell my eyes before they sustained a monster of flight was the glorious Being of Light.
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>Whilst I, stood behind the door, cursing Him.
Holy shit. It's bad. It's really gay. And it's really bad. You should close your ear to this calling, if you hear it any way it's your schizo showing.
It’s shit. But when you first start writing all you can write is shit cuz you’re inexperienced. Writing is a craft, so if you have the discipline to improve at it you will.
Did you rape a bird to death in a kiddie pool?
You're not bumping the thread now are you, faggot

File: 1618565827388.jpg (135 KB, 794x794)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>185 cm
>83 kg
Any good books about losing weight?
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File: IMG_0924.jpg (15 KB, 248x244)
15 KB
you dont need a book
Read: http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html
Anything past this guide is a motivation/determination problem, in which case you should seek counseling or medication.

As my college nutrition professor once said "there are no great diets, the only good ones are ones you can stick to". If you must choose a plan, use one you think you can stick to.
Clenbuterol my nigga
It's really just about counting calories. Calories in vs calories out. That's what matters, everything else is just window dressing.

Or, I guess also don't eat a lot of fast food.
>185 cm
>96 kg
Nothing personel, kid

File: de-tocqueville.jpg (9 KB, 184x224)
9 KB
"I think that democratic communities have a natural taste for freedom: left to themselves, they will seek it, cherish it, and view any privation of it with regret. But for equality, their passion is ardent, insatiable, incessant, invincible: they call for equality in freedom; and if they cannot obtain that, they still call for equality in slavery. They will endure poverty, servitude, barbarism – but they will not endure aristocracy. This is true at all times, and especially true in our own. All men and all powers seeking to cope with this irresistible passion, will be overthrown and destroyed by it. In our age, freedom cannot be established without it, and despotism itself cannot reign without its support."

"Democracy In America" Alexis De Tocqueville

Book 2.
Influence Of Democracy On The Feelings Of Americans

Chapter I: Why Democratic Nations Show A More Ardent And Enduring Love Of Equality Than Of Liberty

Why people would rather live under equal tyranny than have aristocracy?
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Because the less talented, able, or smart are about to punish their betters for the crime of being better.
anymore good quotes?
Democracy will always devolve into a Orwellian total state, or a soft-Orwellian information state. How anyone can think popular consensus is a good engine for national level political decision making after the disaster that was the 1900s is beyond me.
>Democracy will always devolve into a Orwellian total state, or a soft-Orwellian information state.
As opposed to what? A totalitarian state from the get go?
>the world wars were caused by the democrats
How historically illiterate are you anon?

File: 1620093967299.png (12 KB, 768x576)
12 KB
How would you spend the last day of your life if the world ended tomorrow ?
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Family, friends, games, food, somenthing nice to drink, music, pray, poetry.
I’d wander the streets committing low level hate crimes. Throwing pennies at Jews, asking black people what their favourite type of crime is and sarcastically saying herro to anyone of yellow descent. I’d want to go out knowing at least once in my life I was able to say and do what my mind threw at me during the day. It would be the based day of my life
Kill someone, steal a car, burn buildings, kidnap a cute girl and make her my girlfriend, do drugs, drink
What's wrong

how do i get into mysticism?
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bump for interests
Ignore the cringe-tier Evola recommendations and so forth. Evelyn Underhill and FC Happold aren't bad as far as general introductions go, even if they might seem a bit dated

If you are interested in Christian Mysticism I would strongly recommend Bernard McGinn - he is the gold standard in this realm, and his Essential Writings compilation is a great place to start
Jus believe in God and that America is the best country in the world. There you are, mysticism
File: SantaTeresa.jpg (105 KB, 838x1050)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Take Saint Teresa of Avila as your teacher. She is one of the greatest mystics in history, and she actually wrote a fair bit about mysticism.
Not him, but Frater is one of the very few namefags I don't filter.

File: what a weird cover choice.jpg (455 KB, 1526x2341)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
I'm looking for fiction written in the 1950s-1960s postwar era, related to the events of WWII. Things like 'Closely Watched Trains,' and 'This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen.'

I've come to realize that historical fiction set in WWII written by modern writers is either overly sanitized or almost fantasy-like or focuses too much on fictional, overdramatic romances than capturing real experiences.

Any recommendations? Or if anyone is up for a discussion on modern WWII historical fiction and how it has evolved from postwar fiction, that too.
File: 2966927.jpg (63 KB, 285x475)
63 KB
If you don't mind gay characters, I recommend The Charioteer by Mary Renault. It follows a wounded British soldier in a military hospital during the war. First published in 1953. Quite nice novel.

File: Meditating-1.jpg (115 KB, 640x427)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Does anyone know the source of this short story? I can't remember where I read it:

It's basically about a prisoner that manages to escape his cell, but his new house found outside starts feeling like a limit to what he can do, a new prison. Then he flees to live in nature, but nature too starts feeling like a prison, so he goes around the world, but then the world feels like a prison. Eventually he understands the prison is within himself, and willingly goes back to his cell and meditates for the rest of his life.
think its a buddhist story
I have not heard of it.

File: image0-2.jpg (36 KB, 552x307)
36 KB
>downloads book cover thumbnails on /lit/ to find book later
>never looks up or buys the book to read
>continue browsing /lit/
>save more book thumbnails
book recommendations for this feel?
File: 20191220181440.jpg (134 KB, 1600x900)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Read your books.
Borges said it was better to write a summary of a book rather than waste time writing the whole book. Better also to glance at a cover than to read a whole book. The idea you form of it will be probably be more interesting anyway

Has the dust finally settled? Can we talk about this with all the autism now?
How was this and all the other books this dude wrote?
It’s the first (or at least most memeable) instance of anyone from this board attempting to write a book from this board. What did you guys think? No meme answers please.
24 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
No there is. Call of the Arcade was pretty much a string of increasingly ridiculous twists.
How can I get those books? I'm curious. English is not my native language but it will be a nice training too.
i got arcade from amazon. i think their all there
>written with clear intent to be as edgy as possible


File: jung.jpg (364 KB, 1200x1801)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
>“Christ exemplifies the archetype of the self. He represents a totality of a divine or heavenly kind, a glorified man, a son of God sine macula peccati, unspotted by sin”.

>“If we see the traditional figure of Christ as a parallel to the psychic manifestation of the self, then the Antichrist would correspond to the shadow of the self, namely the dark half of the human totality, which ought not to be judged too optimistically. So far as we can judge from experience, light and shadow are so evenly distributed in man’s nature that his psychic totality appears, to say the least of it, in a somewhat murky light. The psychological concept of the self, in part derived from our knowledge of the whole man, but for the rest depicting itself spontaneously in the products of the unconscious as an archetypal quaternity bound together by inner antinomies, cannot omit the shadow that belongs to the light figure, for without it this figure lacks body and humanity. In the empirical self, light and shadow form a paradoxical unity. In the Christian concept, on the other hand, the archetype is hopelessly split into two irreconcilable halves, leading ultimately to a metaphysical dualism—the final separation of the kingdom of heaven from the fiery world of the damned.”

>“It is, in fact, so one-sidedly perfect that it demands a psychic complement to restore the balance. This inevitable opposition led very early to the doctrine of the two sons of God, of whom the elder was called Satanaël. The coming of the Antichrist is not just a prophetic prediction—it is an inexorable psychological law whose existence, though unknown to the author of the Johannine Epistles, brought him a sure knowledge of the impending enantiodromia.”

J- Jung bros? I'm scared.
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The worst concept ever devised by Jung.
His hyper individuation is extremely Satanic.
>This inevitable opposition led very early to the doctrine of the two sons of God, of whom the elder was called Satanaël.
That's a 12th century Gnostic belief which originated in Bulgaria. Hardly "very early," and hardly evidence that his theory of such a "perfect complement" "demands" anything. Jung was such a pseud, and his followers are worse.
He literally said Christ was a mere archetype.

File: borgeano.jpg (89 KB, 1024x917)
89 KB
Name authors that never attended university and wrote amazing literature.

Pic is the first one that comes to mind.
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It didn’t really matter to me either. I just felt like a retard and didn’t want to face my family as a dropout or be a NEET. It was a huge mistake in retrospect.
You mean the majority of all writers?
No, just writers of amazing literature.
>It was a huge mistake in retrospect.
pretty sure dude went to harvard

File: BeFunky-collage (2).jpg (3.52 MB, 3264x3264)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
Want something weird, or surreal or absurd. Something that'll put me in another world. Similar shit is like Hitchhiker's Guide I guess (read) and definitely the Mighty Boosh.
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File: night_of_light.jpg (61 KB, 286x475)
61 KB
Inspired a Jimi Hendrix song of all things
I'm surprised Jimi Hendrix could read. Or did he not write the song?
File: jimi_writing.jpg (58 KB, 511x800)
58 KB
Oh he was well read and could write. He apparently was quite a big fan of sci-fi books, particularly after a UFO sighting in his youth.
Why? Because he was a Washingtonian?

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