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File: 9781434499455-1.jpg (19 KB, 259x400)
19 KB
I want to understand why communists are generally so ''open minded". From what I know about communism, being pro-women, pro-multiculturism have nothing to do with the fundamental goals of ideal, yet most communists, for some reason, are overwhelmingly just that. Do I have to read the main book to understand what makes them this way?
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>There is no point in Communists needing to deny reality about differences between humans when innate human equality was never a pre-requisite for Communist ideology
There is actually, because they need class warfare to be an objectively valid historical mechanism, which is only valid if we accept human behavior as being determined by economic mechanisms, rather than some other force or factor (root biology being one). Without it, the entire historical theory falls apart. If class warfare is only a modern phenomenon and restricted to liberal capitalist states, then there is no real reason to view communism as special or unique with respect to older, or new (eg fascist), regimes which have/had a system of class solidarity rather than class warfare.
Incel hands typed this
>Wrong. Free sex and free abortion was practiced in soviet russia directly after the revolution.
That doesn't mean it was policy.
>“You must be aware of the famous theory that in communist society the satisfaction of sexual desire, of love, will be as simple and unimportant as drinking a glass of water. The glass of water theory has made our young people mad, quite mad…I think this glass of water theory is completely un-Marxist, and moreover, anti-social. In sexual life there is not only simple nature to be considered, but also cultural characteristics, whether they are of a high or low order…Of course, thirst must be satisfied. But will the normal man in normal circumstances lie down in the gutter and drink out of a puddle, or out of a glass with a rim greasy from many lips?
>t. Lenin
Even the Communists understood feminists were fucking stupid deep down.
This is only necessarily if you seek to undermine the legitimacy of any other systems of thought. If you keep the goal focused on the relation between capital and labour the fact that other relations might interfere with that necessitates internationalism and women's rights (as workers such as day care provided by the employer) as a strategy rather than as a goal in of itself.

Any progress on your novels?

previous thread: >>17614381

For Prose:
>The Art of Fiction
>Story Genius: How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel (Before You Waste Three Years Writing 327 Pages That Go Nowhere)
>On Becoming A Novelist
>Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft
>How Fiction Works
>The Rhetoric of Fiction
>Steering the Craft

For Poetry:
>The Poetry Home Repair Manual

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Just write.
About what?
About whatever.
Combine your stupid ideas.
Whereas good ideas get worse when you write them down, bad ideas tend to improve, just write and see how it turns out

File: Hegel.jpg (1.44 MB, 1240x1499)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
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>I find this thing actually quite hillarious. Back then under commies there was more inequality amongst workers within the same profession, as they could become shock workers, or Stakhanovtsi based either on their hard work or coming up with novel ideas to improve production process. And those shock workers would receive extraordinary pay, get paraded as local heroes and if they desired so even political advancement.
Once of for all, get this straight: Libertarian Marxists do NOT endorse vanguardism. vanguard communism, Bolshevism, State Capitalism. Those bolsheviks weren't "commies". We have respect for the Paris commune (1871), some respect for the revolutionary Catalonia (1936-1937), the Budapest commune (1956). Personally, i have respect for the Israeli Kibbutz, or the Huterrite communities. Not for Castro or Lenin.
About what you said, of course, bolshevism wasn't communism, because the social relation, and the relation of production, were archaic, in this Russian country which only abolished serfdom in the 1860s. You do not abolish the social relation overnight with a law.
Competition, and hierarchy, in Capitalism or bolshevism (State Capitalism, vanguardism), were indeed hierarchy based on who can produce more, and/or more efficiently. It's not about wisdom, or spirituality. Today, the most real spiritual people get 10k view on youtube. Elon Musk gets millions.
It's not about the absence of hierarchy, it's about separating hierarchy relationship with money. How can you respect a Capitalist, who is high in the current social relation hierarchy, but who is a liar? The worse it gets, the worse they lie. Even some normies start to notice the lies.
You are an american, arent you? How disgusting...
everyone gets a lil plot of land to manage and make a living on, fuck the state, fuck big companies.
literally my dream

i would give up being a big brain and having the right to vote if it meant i could live a comfy life on a homestead with a wife and 8 children before i died at the age of 50 of dysentry and im not even memeing
Fascism didn't fail though, it was destroyed by outside forces(alliance of capitalists and communists in ww2 that vastly outnumbered it). You can argue that it would have failed anyway but that's not what happened.

What do you guys think of Schopenhauer's 38 strategies to win an argument?
>Generalize Your Opponent's Specific Statements
>Conceal Your Game
>False Propositions
>Postulate What Has to Be Proved
>Yield Admissions Through Questions
>Make Your Opponent Angry
>Questions in Detouring Order
>Take Advantage of the Nay-Sayer
>Generalize Admissions of Specific Cases
>Choose Metaphors Favourable to Your Proposition
>Agree to Reject the Counter-Proposition
>Claim Victory Despite Defeat

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I think it's that last one, it's basically a strategy of people with no good counterargument.
File: 1608289671704.jpg (41 KB, 822x960)
41 KB
>"This Is Beyond Me"
What is the context of this meme?
There's lots of books on how to spread misinformation. I didn't feel Schopenhauer's was the most complete, the most effective, or even one of the easier ones to learn, some he can't figure out how to combine them to get fewer than 38 strategies.
Kevin samuels does all of these techniques. I’ve watched him do every single one of these points live on YouTube and his following has exploded.

File: Apu Knight.png (168 KB, 657x527)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Is there a chart for Knight literature? I couldn't find one in 4chanlit.wikia
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File: 41D2lHBIP6L.jpg (27 KB, 329x500)
27 KB
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
File: medieval mysticism.png (792 KB, 880x749)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
What's this from?
The book of the order of chivalry by Ramon Llull.

File: Trad_Days.jpg (88 KB, 680x487)
88 KB
Give me your best trad books. I mean no holds barred trad, poetry, prose, politics, rad trad, full trad, and total trad. Trad that critiques Islam, ultimate trad.
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Islam is pretty fucking traditional strictly speaking, which I never fail to make a commentary on if I'm talking to someone about immigration and that their Islamic pets aren't actually liberal in any way, they just shut their mouths and take the free stuff that guilty white lib cucks throw at them.
If that image represents "rad trad, full trad and total trad" to you, there's no hope.
Fuck off.
>If they do understand statistics they use them in an intellectually dishonest ways to make their point.
I'm curious what specifically you're referring to here, when I combine the words 'statistics', 'politics', and 'dishonesty' in my head it definitely brings up a certain topic but it's one that makes the progressives look bad not the right.
you have to go back

File: 13908470-writting.jpg (59 KB, 1300x870)
59 KB
>Every big idea, every story, verse, style, everything is already written.
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File: 1572934583511.png (217 KB, 680x778)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
>Every big idea, every story, verse, style, everything is already written.
Yeah, but this was true hundreds of years ago too. The Ancient Greeks had fucking isekais.

>Name one book in the last 20 years that is worth paper on which it is printed on?
Industrial Society And Its Future
The Jap who wrote that has recanted every word and admitted he was equal parts wrong and retarded. What does that make you?
What is right to left?
الله أكبر
Shakespeare only wrote two original stories in his entire career. He wrote plenty of masterpieces.
Creativity can not be conjured from a mind bred for mediocracy. There is plenty left to write, but your brain does not have the capacity for greatness, which is why all of your efforts are, and will always be, futile.

Eldritch Woman edition
Previous Thread:>>17638850

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



Never going to happen
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How's the war?
Have any Bakkerchads seen the recent "Hannibal" show with Mads Mikkelsen? It's extremely reminiscent of Neuropath and has shadows of TSA as well. The theme of a brilliant, charming, heartless psychopath who casually manipulates everyone around him to fall in love with him before setting them up for bizarre predicaments. The characters are constantly saying "Tell me... what do you see?" and at one point someone actually says "Does that trouble you?"
I watched valhalla rising because of you, ok film
Bakker's definitely shameless about his use of genre tropes, but each one is inverted, given some kind of fundamental twist which changes its core meaning. Combined with really interesting philosophy and dense, poetic, biblical prose and you have a really interesting series. A lot of annoying retards shill it, though.

File: 1606148721452.jpg (34 KB, 400x400)
34 KB
What are some books about being a rebel?
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Von Salomon, The Outlaws
Burroughs, The Wild Boys
How did he end up like this, was it the heroin
Niccolo is the only sane one

yeah i noticed this. salo forum right? all these twitter clout chasers come from the same place
File: 51kL1PUnhoL.jpg (36 KB, 316x500)
36 KB

File: 9780143111382.jpg (56 KB, 293x450)
56 KB
Wtf I love science now
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Op here, I'm trans btw if that mattered
What's the run down on this? Surely in it's 500+ pages it says something more than
>Reason good! Dogma bad! Trust every scientist without hesitation!
more like the case for status quo capitalism
Couldnt get past his introduction

File: Osho_HD_020.jpg (118 KB, 1032x736)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
The Most Useless Activity in the World Is Philosophy

“Philosophy has not reached to any conclusion and it will never reach – it is an exercise in utter futility. It is a good game if you want to play an intellectual game, an intellectual gymnastics; it is hair splitting.

“But I am not interested in it at all – and I know it from the inside: I have been a student of philosophy and a professor of philosophy too. I know it as an insider that the most useless activity in the world is philosophy, the most uncreative, the most pretentious – but very ego-fulfilling, gives you great ideas of knowledgeability without making you wise at all.

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are u fucking retarded
Seethe as much as you want, but he's right.
No, i think it was tuna.
if you only engage in philosophy, you are stupid. if you never engage in philosophy, you are stupid.
File: 1614344226430.jpg (9 KB, 235x215)
9 KB
>You know the right thing from the beginning, but your impulses and external obligations pull you away from it.
Holy fuck hahahaha

File: 450[1].jpg (29 KB, 360x450)
29 KB
Which thinker can brain mog every other thinker in existence? I'm thinking it's a tie between plato, buddha and lao tzu
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jesus christ
He has read 150,000 books, fucked 400 white american bitches with psychology degrees and owned 93 rolls royces.

loa tzu btfo confucius
hylics get the rope
plato and lao tzu has the same philosophy only expressed differently. buddha is a literal nobody in philosophical comparison
If anyone would read B.F. Skinner in a truthful manner they’d agree he could box them in no problem. Half the time it seems like he has to hold back in what he’d truly like to say in regards to his psychological approach and philosophical outlook.

File: books.jpg (1.29 MB, 3000x1384)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
70s - Gravity's Rainbow
80s - Blood Meridian
90s - Infinite Jest
00s - ???
10s - ???

What are some notable books of the last 2 decades?
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my twisted world
I wasn't talking what people thought of them here, I am expressing my personal opinion that they never belonged on the list, and it was hilarious seeing 4 pynchon novels on the charts after 2016; reason? I already guessed at above.
And Lot 49 certainly was never liked better than V.
The thread you are referencing was brought to Lot 49 discussion only after some anons disparaged the book and 'Not Bill murray' swept in.
Salman rushdie is good.
Negarestani is way ahead of our times
Btw, do you get banned now for mentioning call of the crocodile now or why wasn't it memed in this thread yet? Or is it perhaps true that all the memes are from the author himself and he's asleep right now lol

File: 1614086285619.png (225 KB, 818x960)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
I just finished reading the road by McCarthy. Recommend me something else
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This. Blood Meridian and the Outer Dark are the most mystical of McCarthys works. If Blood Meridian is an OT apocalypse of the soul, Outer Dark is a Yockelized Greek play that is also an apocalypse of the soul..
File: 1590361674657.gif (38 KB, 128x128)
38 KB
Someone saved the meme I made
Read Outer dark. Apocalyptic but way better than the Road. If anyone loves Blood Meridian, you owe it to yourself to read it. It's the first true McCarthy book.
>don't care for characters
>read Suttree
Why would you blatantly lie like that?

File: Download.jpg (155 KB, 1076x872)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
books about pedophilia and child abuse?

>inb4 Lolita
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When Rabbit Howls
File: han.jpg (55 KB, 797x797)
55 KB
Get a load of this guy!
Plato's dialogues Charmides and Lysis involve pederasty.
No Longer Human

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