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File: il_fullxfull.310242919.jpg (203 KB, 885x1500)
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best romance /lit/ for men?
There is no such thing as "romance" for men. Men strive for honesty in partner, someone who would smile and love them for who they really are. That doesn't exist in today's world where women twerk for attention on social media and whore themselves out for the dollar
Sons and Lovers
I love the part where he just randomly calls a someone "Nigger".
duh princess bride

File: Plato.jpg (142 KB, 570x712)
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In Gorgias from 488b-491d Callicles struggles to define the stronger/superior/better. Here an accurate definition of the stronger/superior/better that conforms with Callicles view could be: Those who are naturally the most powerful, that is those that have the greatest ability to influence outside all forms of nomos. What do you think of this definition? How would Socrates object to this definition?
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Also this just bring up the idea, I don't know if OP is specific enough in refering to a singular specific superior man, or a superior type of man.

The former is like every man in the world having to compete to prove their superiority? It just seems difficult to determine 1 over all the rest that is absolutely the current most superior man.

For then if things are branched out into groups of man, and types of man, then the changes the discussion. For surely the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th most superior men in the world together likely is more superior than the 1st
That's two men
Callicles’ argument never hinges on one individual but it was simply that the strongest make right.
This is like the continual war and competition of predators in the animal kingdom, in ones own species trying to prove the best of the group (elks smashing horns together), and in inter species, fighting over territory and access to prey.

Is it so, as with lions, and bears, and wolves, and top predators, they don't really fight and compete with other top predators? A top predator species pretty much takes control of a territory, and that's their prey hunting grounds, and other top predator species don't bother trying to challenge other top predator species, they just go to another territory rich in prey?
>Is it so, as with lions, and bears, and wolves, and top predators, they don't really fight and compete with other top predators? A top predator species pretty much takes control of a territory, and that's their prey hunting grounds, and other top predator species don't bother trying to challenge other top predator species, they just go to another territory rich in prey?
Is this generally true? In the animal kingdom weak creatures overcome their weakness with sheer numbers? There are more ants than lions and wolves?

File: 1652988200148.jpg (71 KB, 596x748)
71 KB
This harassment has gone too far, anons. The book will be released when it is finished. You can't rush creative genius.
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you all are retards. it has nothing to do with using fancy apps and more-so with using a modern operating system that has cloud back-up for a book that people have been waiting on a decade.

in case i need to break this down for you dumb niggers further: he's using a dos program from 1987. no dropbox. no google drive. no cloud backups. if his machine fries, it fries and whatever chapter he was working on was lost.

hopefully his publisher is smart enough to bully him into putting shit at least on a floppy disk as much as possible because LMAOOO otherwise.
>finished middle school
Anon, that was eleven years ago. People who finished middle school in 2011 are now 24 or 25 years old.
Almost half of my life has been spent waiting for this shit book

t. 23 years old
Checked and disappointed…

File: 105314.jpg (49 KB, 615x1000)
49 KB
ITT: books you dropped 20 pages in
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You shouldn't drop books. they could get damaged.
Michael Crichton is airplane fiction... If you had to drop the book you have the attention span of a squirrel
I was the opposite. Loved the beginning, but slogged through the rest
OP are you serious? It’s such a comfy read, and has a much warmer emotional core to it than GR, if that matter to you, as well as being much easier to follow/understand. I love it, read it two times - once with a guide to make sure I got everything - and planning a third read later this year.

Seriously, give it another try.

File: 1562746486175.png (348 KB, 1600x900)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
After reading both the Iliad and Blood Meridian, I've become fascinated by violence in literature

What are some other essential reads?
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Damn I fucked up, it's the lack of sleep
Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara
whats this meme based off of, Ive seen it alot over the years better never got the reference
Blood Meridian
Storm of Steel

File: 1621659272591.jpg (2.46 MB, 3016x3929)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
How do I read plays? i've found that 30 seconds into one, there seems to be an oppressing sense of dullness, probably coming from the bland, dispassionate detailing of every physical movement and details simply makes me feel aversion towards it.
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Read Oscar wilde
this. anon has no inner monologue or ability to imagine things.
Then your reading of the play will have a high-pitched eastern spin. We call this "dramatic reinterpretation."
>How do I read plays?
Ancient Greeks, Beckett (and Shakespeare of course). Every other playwright I have encountered (maybe like 5 or so others) have sucked. Therefore I conclude there have only been like 5 or so worthy playwrights (they even spell their profession(yeesh) foolishly.... you write the play, you don't wright it) I will be liberal and suggest there may be 7, in case there happens to be 2 more decent ones I've never heard of.
What were the top 10 best plays written in the last 60 years?

Best in terms of: Genius of ideas, language, characterization, brilliance, variety, energies, genius, epic, awesome, special, sublime, divine, grand, exhilarating, philosophical, poetic, important, technically impressive, inventively impressive, creatively impressive, uniquely novelly impressive, rare, etc.

Who are your favorites? Do you have any memorable aphorisms? Below are my favorite aphorists.

Joseph Joubert
Antonio Porchia
Baltasar Gracián
....post examples of theirs...........please
I got Gracian's works from my brother

File: 81eAPjAhPBL.jpg (285 KB, 1500x2400)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
What are some other page-turners?
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Hablemos de lai
File: theSuperiorMagicBook.jpg (40 KB, 333x500)
40 KB
Its honestly difficult to put down it's so good
File: Preacher.jpg (84 KB, 317x475)
84 KB
New York Trilogy
Corrección: Conde Lai

File: cover.jpg (487 KB, 740x1000)
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487 KB JPG
Wandering Rocks was so kino, bros. Makes me want to go outside and talk to people.
it's true. and the section where stephen runs into his sister was especially sad, especially because his little siblings pop up in a sad/sweet moment in portrait where they're all singing together
Absolutely based take, anon
It's one of my favorite chapters in Ulysses despite being one of the easiest ones to read and one of the least complex ones
>despite being one of the easiest ones to read and one of the least complex ones
why did you feel the need to add this
Agenbite of inwit!
It kind of made me feel angry at Stephen. It feels like he doesn't express any genuine sympathy for the fact that his sisters are literally starving.

Then again, I suppose there's nothing he can do. He's not in much better of a shape than they are, financially.

have you ever written someone a love poem?
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That’s a fairy story you christfags tell yourselves.
“Civilization” is humanity in a cage. And you worship it. Homosexuality has been and always will be.
I wrote my girlfriend a poem when her wisdom tooth got pulled, she was still really high from the surgery when she read it and I am not sure she fully got it desu
>She would give me many secret smiles and long gazes over the next few years when we went to college and remained friends.

>oh god, he's looking at me...just smile and nod and maybe he'll stop... oh my god please don't kill me
...in my family

From what I've read, I like the "unsureness" of post-modern fiction, and feel like there's gotta be some good horror stories out there that use the unreliability of the narrator and the subjectivity of language to paint a eerie mysterious, if not scary story setting.

Know anything like this?
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Say, a book about a succesful family man that is suddenly "chosen" by a higher being and bombarded with information on how the world works, every secret and every detail, all there for him to access at any time inside his mind.

And we follow this man, from a first person perspective, as he tells us why he's doing what he's doing, as he commits the unspeakable in the name of "fixing the world".
And so coincidences take place, and when said coincidences take place, he takes this as a chance to reinforce his delusions, when they don't, he already got new information in his head as to why that is.

Eventually, the police visits his house, as a neighbour complains of the rotten smell emanating from the house.
The man is taken into custody, and we get to read the report of the detective assigned to the case, shedding a new light into the events that just took place.

Lastly we see the man in his cell, anxious, furious, demanding.
"The events which he has set in motion" cannot be stopped, he says "It will be catastrophic" he exclaims, yet no one will give ears to a madman, doesn't matter if some of his predictions are disturbingly close to reality.
Call of the Crocodile
Laird Barron. I am doing a reread of his novels and short stories after almost a decade and I can honestly say he is the freshest voice in modern horror, or at least was in his peak from 2010-2014. Start with his novel The Croning then read Occultation
It is probably the one time I would say you need to have the book in your hands.
Ligotti strays into this territory.

File: lobsterfarm.jpg (657 KB, 3648x2736)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
Is there any other progression as satisfying as Kant->Schopenhauer->Nietzsche?
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how is Schopenhauer a bloomer? I can hardly think of a more miserable person
Spinoza -> Nietzsche -> Foucault
Kant > Schopenhauer > Nietzsche > Tony Robbins
I had read Foucault before Nietzsche and it was like Foucault took Nietzsche’s thoughts on Christianity and applied them to the justice system and sexuality. Made me lose some respect for Foucault
He meant gloomer to doomer being Nietzsche to Schopenhauer. Since the replies all came from starting with Nietzsche and then Schop.

File: classics.jpg (8 KB, 186x271)
8 KB
is there such thing as a true modern classic?

will any book written in the last 100 years be considered required reading for the next 1000?
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Thats ridiculous.
Last 100?
Yes, but not in English
Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning" has candidacy, but most classics were titled as "classics" hundreds of years after they were written. The same question could be asked five hundred years from now with five classics more since you asked this question, and the answer would be the same.

The only determining factor that is stopping "classics" from being written is the constant decline of intelligence in the modern world and over reliance on material that requires no thinking. I suppose the real question you should be asking is: will new classics ever have a chance to be made in the world we live in today? (and that isn't lost to time or only remembered by intellectuals)
No, it isn't. You don't understand what's going on. Right now, college students are writing essays about Eight Bites and that one-sentence story about Mary almost getting raped on her way home before getting on a bus to flee her shitty town, in literature classes, and they're not impressed.

None if those books will become classics, folx. The classics will be the books that embody our current countersubversive moment where "being a good Roman" ala Aurelius is making a comeback while everything else fights for its fucking life and gets buried. 12 Rules embodies that reality while not telling us anything we don't already know or at least tacitly understand.

That's all you need for a new classic.

File: image.jpg (23 KB, 473x410)
23 KB
feeling disgusted with the porn he just fapped to, anon got up from his desk and
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During his tangent about albania anon failed to notice that an old man was violently shouting and thrusting at him.
"I'll fuck your punk ass up", the old man ejaculated.
Anon quickly curled his fist, veins popping all over his forehead.
...exploded. He socked the old man so hard his head jerked back and popped back into place. Surprisingly, he seemed merely shaken, as if he wasn't hurt at all. Pulling up his sleeve, he showed Anon a mess of scarred tissue. "I've just gotten my 17th booster shot!" he declared.

What's your favorite work of LGBTQ literature? And don't just say anything by Mishima.
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Literally everyone in ancient Greece was a homosexual pedophile.
no,in fact that's a leftist psyop there's no evidence of Greeks treating pederasty and homosexuality with anything but absolute contempt while the Persians obviously DID partake.
You don't know what you're talking about, read Against Timarchus
>read Against Timarchus
Did *you* ever read it?
Against Timarchus doesn't make any point against homosexuality. Timarchus was deemed unworthy of having political rights because he used to be a prostitute, and Athenians believed people who sell their bodies could easily sell their opinions as well.
>Dude..every person in history who wasn't married was actually gay!

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