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The most based author of the 21st century, prove me wrong
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turtles can fly, prove me wrong
*throws turtles off of roof*
Is this guy a just a meme or is he actually influential/serious? Michael Millerman seems like a smart guy and clearly takes Dugin seriously, but others claim he’s just a meme...
He's only slightly influential in the west. In Russia he's a literal who.
Don't believe leftist who use his name to talk about how Russia is achieving his goals through Trump
Wasn't he the Head of the Sociology department at Moscow State University?

File: RY9MN9.jpg (75 KB, 1300x811)
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Ive never seen one with a book
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i had a black weaboo friend who read all the time and knew a lot about history in general. they're rare but they're there
Honest question: Why Egypt?
Egypt was so insular they never discovered iron and couldn't defend their territories from Hittites. They got conquered by Greeks and Romans and served as a vassal breadbasket. There is no Egyptian cultural descent in modern day Africa. Most of the African diaspora do not descend from that region.
There are so many interesting African cultures. Ethiopia, Benin, Nubia and so on. Why do so many Afrocentric scholars go with Egypt?
I have no explanation for what reasoning exists behind the behavior of Afrocentrists-I can't speak for them, and I'm not going to pretend to.

Egypt for me was because I had already read much about and much of Greece and Babylon. Mythology has always been of great interest me, and as soon as I began to hear about Gnosticism, and Hermeticism, I heard also about what they had inherited from Egypt. So, for these two reasons-the pursuit of religious knowledge, and the desire to know what was passed down from Egypt-I began to read about it. I don't have any real interest in their military history, or their technological level.
because Egypt is iconic and recognisable, which is what afrocentrists want: to be recognised

File: 45743211454.png (25 KB, 608x274)
25 KB
If one thinks there is nothing morally wrong with being homosexual then shouldn't it follow that there is nothing morally wrong with being attracted to minors? I don't understand how people can get so mad at the MAPs but turn around and be in full support of the LGBQ movement.
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>Merely that there's is an observable link between homosexuality and childhood sexual trauma and, therefore, pedophilia.
Care to explain why this world view has been peddled exclusively by right wing extremists and anti-gay movements and have never been tackled by the homosexual communities as HIV and the necessity of having safe sex?
because fags can have consensual sex and are very suitable to that (they're over-promiscuous). this is not so for children even if the sexualised media they are bombarded with makes them think it is, which you would know if you'd ever interacted with children outside of a fantastical object of desire.
>right wing extremists
because for the last 50 year the overton window of what is right wing has shifted so much that a radical leftist of the 60s would now be a far right persona non grata.
>have never been tackled by the homosexual communities
It literally has for fucks sake, just not on countries subjugated by LGBT rhetoric that make even the mention of the high risk of HIV among the homosexual community an offense worth losing your job and livelihood over.
In fact, and in contradiction with what was said before, a lot of homosexual communities are still openly engaging in this behavior. You can see it in pride parades where children are kissed and touched by adults. So it would not be in their best interests to "tackled" this issue.
File: img_0716.jpg (101 KB, 828x572)
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101 KB JPG
NAMBLA is its own thing. But what about NOMAPS (“non offending minor attracted people”)? These people are simply advocating for mental health services as the resources are sparse. Part of the reason for the sparsity is the extreme taboo as most mental health professionals aren't willing to risk their career/livelihood that comes with specializing in helping pedophiles.
I would be agreeable to the idea that pedophiles should be able to get treatment that is non-judgmental and confidential in order to discuss their condition, their urges, and the guilt and shame associated with their feelings, provided that the aim was rehabilitation. I am concerned, though, that this organization/movement/pressure group is acting in bad faith. You will of course understand my reservations in this matter, as people with this inclination have both patterns and histories of dishonest and predatory behavior. Any group that has been established for the welfare of sexual predators should be looked at with absolute suspicion and apprehension. To do otherwise would be foolish.

And said they could post a fuller conference paper on it.

Anons hear my cry and find him. I want that paper.
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Solid stuff, but I will always believe that Marcus Halberstam is the key to this novel.
Hows that
You may also enjoy this
If you look when the name 'Marcus Halberstam' appears in the book, you'll find that each appearance has one element in common. There's your hint.

When i reread ill keep this in mind

File: briseis.jpg (2.66 MB, 3722x2792)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
Why was Achilleus so personally distraught over Agamemnon's seizure of Briseis?
His anger is righteous in the face of the affront, but it seems disgraceful for a man of his prowess and stature to be reduced to tears, crying in his mother's arms and pleading with her to intervene on his behalf, like a child who has had his toy stolen by a slightly bigger boy.
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You mention how Paris pissed of Hera and Athena.
I’m not saying that Homer didn’t know the full story. I’m saying that Homer did know the full story and chose to only make use of part of it.
File: achilles.jpg (15 KB, 189x267)
15 KB
Kill yourself.
nigga's thumos was on fire

File: bukowski.jpg (23 KB, 474x315)
23 KB
Am I the only one here who absolutely loves him?
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literally who
File: 1289371209312.jpg (24 KB, 396x382)
24 KB

Lazy and uninspired, but still got me to respond.
Is there a Bukowski chart?
I can see what you mean. We're living in a time where a lot of people, particularly young people, are lost, jaded, unhappy etc. and they aren't afraid of making that known, especially since it can feel like the majority of their peers feel exactly the same. But as you said, we're led to this conclusion based on what we see online. Most of the people I interact with on a daily basis irl seem like they're holding up just fine and it makes me wonder if I'm the only one that's unhappy or they're just better at putting on a brave face. The internet has really skewed my perception of reality.

File: download (2).jpg (8 KB, 180x279)
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Any books about men with an electra complex?
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File: 1594284322728.jpg (171 KB, 800x814)
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171 KB JPG
Whine bitches
Freud is the reddit bugman, bud
I am so sorry for everything but I am not your friend nor do I have any interest in being your friend. I am being honest. Someone asking to leave them alone 1,000+ times isn't your friend. No amount of garbage off topic threads will change that.
What do you want me to say? I think Rose and her daughter are complete fucking morons. If you want I can smile up and down and say the opposite but I won't fucking mean it in the slightest.
I will say this. Rose is better than the tranny. As god awful and stupid as Rose is, her company is preferable to Buffalo Bill and Mr Bozinger.

I've been reading the so called early church fathers and i have no words to describe to which lengths they went to subvert ancient polytheist communities. They didn't simply twist the words of Homer and Hesiod to fit their judeo-christian narrative, but they also constantly quoted fake jewish authors who claimed to be the poets of antiquity to support their monotheist cult such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudo-Orpheus who hasn't ever been quoted by any polytheist author. Augustine went as far as to make up Gods to slander the roman and greek polytheists, Justin Martyr tried to convince them with hoaxes and fake documents. This is just ridiculously subversive and my trust in the church has fallen even more than before, why isn't anybody talking about how subversive christians were and still are?
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No we didn't. Romans has heated floors and aqueducts. Fastfoward 1k years, you had brain-dead Christians thinking Roman structures thinking they were built by giants. We would be colonising several galaxies by now if it wasn't by the retarded Christians ruining everything as usual
That's all? Heated floors and aqueducts? Forgetting the fact that the dark period you're alluding to was unlike the period the Romans went through, and other civilizations you also revile (i.e. Islamic) were flourishing at the time.

>We would be colonizing several galaxies by now
Why is this a good, or even necessary thing? How do you know we'd be colonizing several galaxies by now? These are all vague, baseless claims that even atheists make (which is really what the pagan is, albeit with a veneer of mysticism).
why does this matter? would it have been better to destroy their idols and their culture? subversion isn't bad in itself, what matters is the purpose.
>We would be colonising several galaxies by now
Probably not. Space travel will never happen. The moon landing was a hoax anyway, and the problem of the van Allen radiation belt will never be solved. Earth is all we got.

Have you read it /lit/?
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I, too, am autistic.

Mein Kampf is utter bullshit so don't bother reading it.
Arguing with nazies is like arguing with children
Deinen Kampf is probably bullshit
>calls others children
heckin cringereeno

File: rp2.jpg (40 KB, 395x600)
40 KB

someone post those pages from the first book, I only have a few
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Are these the people I shitpost with? Fuck I need to get my life together.
Wasn't there a part about anal masturbation or smoething?
File: crowele.jpg (49 KB, 550x453)
49 KB
>(Even though I now knew Aech was a actually a female in real life, her avatar was still male, so I decided to continue to refer to him as such)

>A roar swept through the crowd as I flew in

>He made a sweeping gesture, indicating the angry mob that surrounded him. "I must say, we are a bit surprised that so many of you showed up here today. By now it must be obvious, to even the most ignorant among you, that nothing can get past our shields'

>I waited a moment, then raised both my robot's hands, calling for quiet.

The greatest piece of satire ever written where he is literally feeding people their own shit. It's so poorly written that I felt like I was having a stroke whilst typing it out.
Too based for the catalog of soi
The first three seasons of Spongebob were great amusement/entertainment.

Sustained By Low Quality Posts Edition
How do you feel about combining high and low tech in a single setting?
archive https://warosu.org/lit/?task=search2&search_subject=sffg
charts https://mega.nz/folder/JrhSyY6S#7qmTPol52TnmpFOdbag7RQ
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Based, Moorcock hung out with the band Hawkwind back in the day
File: download (1).jpg (14 KB, 181x278)
14 KB
The fuck happened to Neal Stephenson? Everything since Anathem has been just pure garbage. A solid decade of doggerel. FUCK.
Oh shit I'll check him out hawkwind is b&r
>why yes let me blunt the tip of my sword on the gourd in order to rest my hands for a bit.

Is there a certain book or series that it's best to start with?

File: 1587782 Byron.jpg (85 KB, 733x944)
85 KB
Is Byron a good place to begin reading poetry? I read one of his about the apocalypse and it sounded cool as fuck.
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stay mad amerimutt
Yeats is the only one I've actually heard of. I'll check some of his stuff out, thank you king.
For Yeats, start with (in no particular order):
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Sailing to Byzantium
Leda and the Swan
The Second Coming
Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop
The Tower
The Swans at Coole
Among School Children
The Circus Animals’ Desertion

Don’t be too worried if you don’t “understand” them at first.
But don’t be a passive reader, either. Try to notice what you like, and maybe write them down along with why you like those particular aspects and how Yeats goes about achieving them.
>write them down
The reasons why you like them, I mean. But it doesn’t hurt to rewrite the poem on a piece of paper, too. It’ll give you a deeper appreciation for it.
Finally, here’s an AMAZING video that should serve as an introduction to reading poetry in general as well as an in-depth look at “Among School Children.”


Vendler is a great critic, and a totally engaging lecturer.

File: jm coetzee.jpg (44 KB, 416x416)
44 KB
So I found out two well respected literary authors are loaded:
>J.M. Coetzee is worth 233 million dollars
>Margaret Atwood is worth 20 million dollars
Compare this with some pulpy shit writers:
>Stephen King is worth 500 million dollars
>JK Rowling is worth 1 billion dollars
Post your favourite author and whatever their net worth is. Does this merely come from royalties, or do these people just get huge deals for books/adaptations?
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See >>15815804
>handing over your nation to immigrants.
Burgerland is literally a nation of immigrants. The US education...
>Margaret Atwood 20 mil

how is she worth so little?
Coetzee’s memoir trilogy is GOAT
File: greg.png (1.3 MB, 686x966)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
I'm worth a cool $100,000,000.

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The Jannie takes no holiday as he goes about his good works.
We blur the margins of his consciousness
Like smeared lines- imperfections in the ruling of his paper.
And he tries to correct them, taking the tool of his trade and tracing over the blue so that it looks as it should.
Only attention is drawn to the problem, for all his efforts
The shade, the width even the straightness of his correction can never mimc the factory finish.
And the consequences are almost too beautiful for us to bear.
I've let my quest for pussy and my obsession with managing expectations ruin me.

I hurt more people then I ever wanted to in my life on this journey and now I don't know what to do or make of myself.
Past 3 days I've been furiously horny. Can't concentrate levels of horny. Hit your wall levels of horny. I'd fuck a fatty levels of horny. Watch porn though I wasn't watching since long ago levels of horny. 50 diamond push ups in a row levels of horny. Intrusive thoughts of fucking all the women I'd never thought of having sex in my life levels of horny. Want to invite random women in the street to have sex levels of horny.
Theres seven kinds of loneliness in a week
I keep coming up with life formulas for not drinking. I don't drink when I work out. I don't drink when I work close to home. I don't drink when the day's work was good. They start like boulders, but I always start chiselling. I'd like to at least outlive my parents so they think they didn't screw up with me even if it's only me that's responsible.

Lancelot appreciation thread
My car was stolen. That was the last thing I had. I’m hitting rock bottom. I can feel it.

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