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File: 1606464228175.jpg (115 KB, 484x485)
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115 KB JPG
Give me the most based /lit/ take on porn, sexuality and NoFap. In my opinion collective modern sexuality is headed in a very bad direction. Sexuality and masturbation is being tied to artificial imagery with no emotional depth instead of the bodily sexual feelings themselves and most importantly emotional human connection. The orgastic potency of the individual is also being reduced by warping sexual desire towards artificial compulsion instead of natural sexual drive and lust thus creating a disconnect between the masturbating individual and his body and emotions which is fucking horrible since the orgasm in it's most intense and pure form is fucking full of emotions, maybe even some of the strongest. My theory is that this disconnect has a highly lobotimizing effect which is pretty fucking scary to think about. If the orgastic experience is reduced to basically nothing it kinda sheds a dim light on other emotional experiences. This also kinda reminds me of 1984 (I know i know this book has gotten pretty reddit-y over the years but I still think it's good) where it is stated that one of the goals of the party is to eliminate the orgasm to wipe out any emotional force that could pose a threat iirc. However I don't think that NoFap is a viable alternative either. It sort of is the other side of the same coin in that instead of overindulgence to the point of numbness it's total abstinence which I too find a little neurotical. In my opinion the way to sexual and masturbatory health lies somewhere in the middle where artificial imagery and fantasies are gone or atleast highly reduced and where instead the sexual bodily feelings and emotions are point and center. Anyway, these are just my ramblings and I'm interested in your guys opinions on this. Any book recommendations on this topic? Also, how does homosexuality tie into all of this, if there even is a link? These are by no means fully fleshed out ideas of mine and I'm not very well versed in sexual and psychological theory besides knowing a little about Wilhelm Reichs ideas so pls go easy on me.
You don't need to read Wilhelm Reich to understand these things. Just visit /gif/. Porn is mostly responsible for a fetish-oriented approach to sexuality, instead of a sentiment-driven approach. Porn makes you forget that having an orgasm while thinking to the soul of your beloved woman is infinitely better than having an orgasm while watching the shape of her breast or ass (not to descend into filthier details). Overall you're right anyway.

File: images (2).jpg (39 KB, 439x698)
39 KB
"At last I see...that I have a Heart Of Darkness."
Really Conrad?
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>After hooking twenty-one fishes, Yossarian says, reeling in the line, "This will be Catch 22."
What's Conrad's "must-reads", if any, do you lot honestly think?
“I’ve just found a saddle in a dungeon chest,” Evola typed into the Minecraft server’s chat. “Now I can finally Ride the Tiger!”
>Sebastian turned around as I entered his lair. 'Well,' said he quietly, 'I suppose this is how you find out about the Real Life of Sebastian Knight.'
Not his strongest work
>All the stories are true Harry Potter, and the deathly hallows part too

what was his best work?
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Warum sprechen hier alle Deutsch?
Frage ich mich auch, habe im echten Leben noch nie jemanden gesehen der von 4chan gehört hat.
ich hab 3 in meinem Studium von denen ich weiß dass sie auf 4chan posten.
Ein rassistischer autist - /pol/
und zwei "art hoes" die auf /lit/ lauern (lurk)
can you guys speak english

File: 1606363053973.jpg (255 KB, 2048x1950)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>current readings
>favorite philosophers
>favorite poets
Others rate and recommend stuff
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Anything written by non-spics. Anything.
Absolutamente basado e Hispastillado.
File: 1601405956503.jpg (240 KB, 1100x1380)
240 KB
240 KB JPG

File: quote.jpg (42 KB, 850x400)
42 KB
Now that both The Recognitions and J R are out, what does /lit/ think of them? Will I die of boredom while reading them? Are they really that hard to read or are people just being stupid?
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Why did you find it annoying?
J R is fine once you get accustomed to it but I found The Recognitions genuinely difficult. Have put it down several times now, maybe someday
Did you like J R?
Dialogue only and marketing/economy.

File: hollaback.jpg (723 KB, 2970x1671)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
>It's a fact that in societies like ours sex truly represents a second system of differentiation, completely independent of money; and as a system of differentiation it functions just as mercilessly. The effects of these two systems are, furthermore, strictly equivalent. Just like unrestrained economic liberalism, and for similar reasons, sexual liberalism produces phenomena of absolute pauperization . Some men make love every day; others five or six times in their life, or never. Some make love with dozens of women; others with none. It's what's known as 'the law of the market'...Economic liberalism is an extension of the domain of the struggle, its extension to all ages and all classes of society. Sexual liberalism is likewise an extension of the domain of the struggle, its extension to all ages and all classes of society

Are incels our last hope in being the seedbed of great literature and art in general?
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They would certainly become isolated terrorists before any sort of revolutionary movement
When will people recognize anime/manga as a legitimate artistic movement?
Can Hollerback fanboys post ANY other of his passages other than this one and the "Raphael, you will never represent a girl's erotic desire" one?
>He's not "blackpilled"
Thank you for outing yourself as a psued
Im not a fanboy but the passage where Brunos grandma died had me in tears,and the whole part with the death of Michels grandma and Anabelle hit me hard too,specially the end of that chapter

File: 1_1Wk7S1za8Ml-cGwJjr6Cjg.jpg (365 KB, 1400x2092)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
Can I just start with Brothers Karamazov or is it better to start with something else like The Idiot?
As a side note, I've been reading Boys in Zinc (book of interviews about the Soviet Afghan war). Dostoevsky is mentioned multiple times by people of all ranks and professions, was reading his books standard in Soviet schools?
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You save TBK until you've read NftU, C&P, The Idiot, and Demons.
At least read Notes from Underground. Also, read the Constance Garnett translations.
The Idiot is his worst. I read everything by this guy and I can't even get halfway through that one.
File: Alyosha Karamazov.png (137 KB, 231x388)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Why is Alyosha so cute? I just want to make him my wife <3
>Lebedev cringed




File: ETC0MihUYAEElfz.jpg (137 KB, 960x768)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Books about how we're all enslaved to the banks?
Bonus points for any that can help break us out.
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In what world is spending time on this shithole even remotely equivalent to committing wage theft on the scale of billions of dollars

In what fuckinh world
>surplus value
Doesn't exist, all value is subjective, there's no such thing as objective value.

>Anon you baked five pies in one hour and they sell for ten dollars a piece
>Wow so I just made fifty bucks?
>Lol no you made $7.25.

File: 1605863077693.jpg (762 KB, 1366x1479)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
Sorry that trash pie you baked has 0$ value to me, a rock in the ground has more value than it.

File: Pier-Paolo-Pasolini.jpg (80 KB, 960x639)
80 KB
>Who is in favour of abortion? No one evidently. One would have to be mad to be in favour of abortion. The problem is not to be for or against abortion but for or against its legalization.
>But this freedom of sexual intercourse for the “couple” such as it is conceived by the majority—this marvelous permissiveness towards it—who has tacitly desired it, who has tacitly promulgated it, and tacitly introduced it, so that it is now an irreversible trend in people’s habits? The consumerist power, the power of the new fascism.
When did leftists loose their minds? When did the consumerist power turn them into such deplorable coomers? Would they call Pasolini an incel for talking common sense?
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Keep believing your gay fairy tales
Do you have any doubts about why they were fed to the lions in Rome?
He WAS the coomer.
and it is perfectly OK. homicide is new invention, to make slaves multiply for experiments disguised as free health care.
It's not in our nature to comb our hair.

This is the best book to learn economics
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What do you mean?
I haven't read it but if it doesn't speak about how nominalism, platonism etc developed an economic system then it's just some consequentualist chronology which should necessarily be drier and without hot takes. It's just some jerry-rigging of an historicism on top of a regular chronology. I'd be interested in a platonist economics just like I'm interested in a platonist architecture as informed by his solids in Timaeus
The book is just a short summary of what each author had to say about economics plus excerpts from the primary texts. You use it to get a general idea of it and know what to read later.
It starts on Aristotle, it jumps to Aquinas and then it jumps again to Mercantilist

You learn about

Classical Economists
Marginal Revolution
Keynesianism and macro economics
American Institutionalists

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Study this book, study the primary texts this book refences, study the german historical school, austrian school, mmt and contemporary orthodox economics and you will know everything that has ever been said about it. From there you can correct everyone and write about how the economy actually works.
best books on any of these
>pre capitalist and socialist systems

Is there merit to owning books like this or is it just a way to show off wealth and larp sophistication?

12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>the vast majority use them solely for decoration, and never open them up
That's a certainty. I prefer to buy clean, monochrome softcovers and every once in a while give myself a gift buying an old beautiful quality book from eBay.
>The problem is that these modern imitations are tacky and quite ugly because of poor materials.

They're good for self-defense though. I'm holding one now and I could definitely beat someone to death with this thing.
File: image.jpg (662 KB, 2020x1836)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
Look at these. The difference in the material is almost palpable.

Nice trips and based. Who are you gonna hit though?
File: 20201127_170525_HDR~2.jpg (1.52 MB, 2980x3140)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
It depends. I made sure to buy different sizes for different types of enemies. I could kill a goblin or cow with Balzac or Faulkner but for an ogre I would likely need to equip Ulysses.

Is this a good score for an aspiring writer?
207 replies and 64 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Can't post, as he watches every thread

you'd think he'd figure out you're cheating from context, no
no. bc I'm using a method for solving a problem, not giving the problem for you to solve
can you post what this is about later? i really wanna know
ok, but I'll take a while. I might ask around here again

File: sadism.jpg (36 KB, 640x436)
36 KB
Assuming (correctly) that god is a complete sadist only interested in making people suffer, what is the correct course of action?
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How are normies this angry about me having a well-developed and mutually enjoyable sex life?
this, god would tell his he's omnipotent no matter what. Maybe he doesn't even know he's not.
you forgot your meds again?
you must ignore suffering. if you shit your pants know: it was god testing you, making you suffer.

File: 1606415828975.jpg (188 KB, 900x1212)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Is being forced to go to school to learn subjects and topics such as Literature good for (you)th?
In other words...

is school good for you?

10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
In the past education was focused on subjects such as history, philosophy, the classics, rhetoric, logic and grammar. It was meant to create virtuous, well educated individuals and active citizens.
Nowadays schools have become employee factories, and even the humanities focus way too much on social justice and critical theory instead of the other subjects listed.
Weren't schools always employee factories? I thought they were made to teach people so they could do harder jobs in the industrial revolution? Retard here, so please be patient
File: 1441137517717.jpg (164 KB, 936x1200)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
alright mom i'll go to school but only if i can have a shiburin gf
>he didn't bully weebs while enjoying anime
File: 1582179125778.png (24 KB, 1334x59)
24 KB
No, elites were sent to schools to learn things like rhetoric since ancient times. It's true in ancient Greece a lot of the education was geared towards participation in the city-state's politics and civic life but they didn't consider that to be labor and they also learned mathematics and philosophy for the sake of becoming more cultured. In the middle ages the trivium (logic, rhetoric and grammar) formed the basis of an elite education. The idea that an university education is meant to be something pragmatic and a means to an end for getting a job came a while after the industrial revolution, when more specialized labor was needed.

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