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File: 1620594595285.jpg (166 KB, 960x822)
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I'm an incel. Any good books for me?
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The sun also rises
4chan is full of normal people, we just don't go around saying it because the incel image is funny and talking about how normal you are isn't really the point of the website.
t. had sex yesterday
Ok, sex-haver
Starting strength by Marcus rippletits
File: zd.jpg (116 KB, 1000x1104)
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I am not the only one

File: gay-marriage-debate.jpg (27 KB, 446x282)
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Any good books on marriage debates, the ethics involved, etc.? Preferably one that addresses pros and cons of multiple perspectives.
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>This is what religion does to people it turns them into unthinking morons.

Imagine thinking that you need to be a christcuck in order to hate homos
Anyone with half a brain realizes the degenaracy of homosexuality
>trying to write off context that hard
Nigger, we are in a thread about gay marriage. What does this imply? Usually that only the union have procreative (simulation) sex. In this ocntext gays are sterile. You're eitehr steerile or unfaithfull, which pretty much makes any claims for marriage useless.

>>Yes you are sterile if you are a true homosexual individual.
Tell me how a human which only humps the same gender can procreate. If you only fuck other people of your sex, you are a true homosexual and therefore sterile.

Good fuck, get checked for Syphillis, your brain doesn't seem to work properly.
>marriage in a secular republic is not about God
This is a good thing. I intend to marry at the Church, and I'll 'marry' in front of the mayor for the legal aspect and taxes. I don't want the State to look over my religious life. They shouldn't call this a mariage, it is just a legal contract. You have a fair point about the laws changing all the time but that's true for every aspect of your life, your job, your right to get an abortion but not euthanasia, your right to leave the country...
What debate?
In the western world marriage is a legal status that guarantees certain rights to the couple.

It hasn't been about religion in a long time, you do not need to go to a church to get married. Churches are currently allowed to discriminate, so I really don't see what the problem is with allowing people who want to conduct marriage ceremonies for gay couples to do so.

File: Circumcision-FEATURE.png (61 KB, 1425x966)
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Please shill me some 文言文 language books from Vietnam and tell me how they might be acquired (which auction sites)
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Please tell me this is bait
File: 61PkrkHSk1L.jpg (96 KB, 907x1360)
96 KB
File: thisisbait.png (66 KB, 625x626)
66 KB
Why Slovenia..?

ITT books that made you cry
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It made me cry from how bad it was and how many tards claim it transformed their entire worldview when it's entire message is something a 10 year old could conjure by himself being "Follow your dreams"
Siddhartha is way better
Kritik der reinen Vernunft
I know a guy who got a tattoo from the book, instantly filtered me and I'm now convinced the book is pure horseshit and I will never read it.
Recently read Notre-Dame de Paris (the hunchback) for the first time. Ngl, I cried at quite a few parts throughout the story. I won't spoil for those who haven't read it, but those who have I'm sure will understand me when I say I wept toward the end as Quasimodo and Frollo watched from the balcony the scene unfolding below in the Place de Grève.
Also gotta say that I now prefer to call it by the French title, since I think it better captures the true essence of the book. After all, Esmeralda is the character which the whole story revolves around.

File: Martin_fierro_1894.jpg (115 KB, 713x1094)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
ITT what novel is traditionally seen as the flagship of your country's literature. With this I'm referring to stories typically more than a century old, with a historical setting (even if it's a fictional story) and, usually but not always, nationalistic themes, though just being set in an important time period of your nation's history works too.

In the case of Argentina, that novel is 1894's "El gaucho Martín Fierro" (the gaucho Martín Fierro).
>a gaucho is, basically, a cowboy
>Fierro means "piece of iron" but it can also be understood as "knife".

The story follows a typical gaucho, at a time when the government of Argentina was persecuting them because they were considered outlaws and criminals. The story seeks to be true to the way common rural people lived at the time, and shows the suffering the gauchos, and the people who lived in their communities, went through, due to poverty, abuse of authority and attacks by native American tribes.
The main character, Martín Fierro, gets into trouble with the law and if forced out of his home town, after which he travels along other border towns and eventually decides to get out of society and return to nature, going to what was known here as "El desierto" (literally "the desert", which wasn't actually a desert, the name refers to how it had no population aside from the natives).
The most famous scene in the book is a fight inside a tavern between the MC and a black man after Martín outright calls the man's wife a cow, with no provocation. He then says what are by far the most famous lines from the story:
"white people were made by god,
mulattoes by Saint Peter,
blacks were made by the Devil
to serve as Hell's fuel" (based)

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Pic related supposedly marked a clear shift in swedish literature and heralded the advent of the swedish language as we know it today. Not sure how many people have read it though, I don't think it's first in line when people read the classics in school and it's all very bound to a specific context and a specific time period. But it's often dubbed the first ''modern swedish novel'' penned by possibly sweden's most important writer, at least in the modern era. This cover makes little sense as the story is a sausage fest.
Borges didn't like it that much he preferred Ascasubi over Hernandez when it came to gaucho poetry
Os Maias - Eça de Queiroz
Nonetheless, I'm bitter that he is such a bourgeois.
White, P. Tree of Man.

Martin Fierro was the only story I skipped in Dreamtigers

File: wittgenstein__!.jpg (53 KB, 374x262)
53 KB
Last thread: >>18186269

General for personal knowledge management, personal knowledge bases, Zettelkasten, person wiki software, Obsidian, Roam, Tiddlywiki, &c.

Let's get some resources together to start off the next thread with, as well as some example Zettelkasten notes to compare.
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What's GTD?
oh shit, OP, Cumgenius doesn't look too good
Get Things Done, an organisational / productivity method introduced by David Allen in the eponymous book 'Get Things Done'
Is this a knawledge documentation general
Basically. I don't know about the others, but in Obsidian, you can tie things together by directly linking them Wikipedia style—double brackets around the note name, "|alias" next to it for an alias (of whatever name you choose. The software will also pick up unlinked mentions of a note's name which you can find. The graph view lets you see the overall connexion between things. I don't think you should "rethink" them exactly, but try to find intersections on your own at first. After a while the pattern will develop.

For the experienced question, can't you just import your files?

The Obsidian benefit is mostly the graph and it's the most interconnected and versatile out of all the notes apps. Don't lean too hard on it.

No clue w/r/t these. I don't think so, though. It's basically just keeping notes.

I meant to do a pic of him with his friends.


File: download.png (10 KB, 214x236)
10 KB
How do you guys feel about 'The Art of Being Right' by Schopenhauer? Is there anything new wrong about?
>Is there anything new wrong about?
He himself thought it was retarded later. Read the paragraph on logic and dialectic in the P&P

File: BeFunky-collage (2).jpg (3.52 MB, 3264x3264)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
Want something weird, or surreal or absurd. Something that'll put me in another world. Similar shit is like Hitchhiker's Guide I guess (read) and definitely the Mighty Boosh.
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File: night_of_light.jpg (61 KB, 286x475)
61 KB
Inspired a Jimi Hendrix song of all things
I'm surprised Jimi Hendrix could read. Or did he not write the song?
File: jimi_writing.jpg (58 KB, 511x800)
58 KB
Oh he was well read and could write. He apparently was quite a big fan of sci-fi books, particularly after a UFO sighting in his youth.
Why? Because he was a Washingtonian?
I got some weird feels from John Crowley books.

File: 1620093967299.png (12 KB, 768x576)
12 KB
How would you spend the last day of your life if the world ended tomorrow ?
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I’d wander the streets committing low level hate crimes. Throwing pennies at Jews, asking black people what their favourite type of crime is and sarcastically saying herro to anyone of yellow descent. I’d want to go out knowing at least once in my life I was able to say and do what my mind threw at me during the day. It would be the based day of my life
Kill someone, steal a car, burn buildings, kidnap a cute girl and make her my girlfriend, do drugs, drink
What's wrong
Bump because i like thinking about this

File: 1610984434252.png (844 KB, 1024x724)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
Post your short story ideas.
It's not like they'll go anywhere.
college student wants to learn how to dance for the marriage party of his best friend, goes into a dance club and meets strange people that see dancing like Japanese do in anime
>It's not like they'll go anywhere.
Sure they will, right into the circular filling cabinet.
>world is about to end due to x
>people start killing themselves
>economy has collapsed
>people doing crazy shit before world ending
>turns out x did not actually happen, hurrah!
>wait didn't the economy collapse and millions and millions have people have died/killed themselves?
>only way for world to stablize itself after event is by going commie or someshit idfk
pretty sure this is a fucking family guy episode anyway fuck this
i want to write a cute story about a guy that moves to an old Victorian house in the countryside thats haunted by a maid that sort of looks like Allison Harvard
i am too lazy to write the plot
it is about 4 brothers and their personalities and their hoes and they do shit which leads to other shit and its very deep and philosophical because i am deep and philosophicsl i loose arguments but i love philosophy i havent read sny philosophy because i make it in the mystic factory that my mind is
so yeah its a novella basically i havent thought the plot through but itll come to me ya knaw dawg we be lit senpai

If you don't have the Word on Fire Bible by Bishop Barron, you might be an NPC.
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>Explaining your religion is the definition of apologetics.
Technically, it's catechesis, but there's a lot of overlap.
I mean, assuming you're speaking to believers.
>a Catholic shilling a product exclusively available from and produced by his megacorporation "church"

lmao. Catholics. sell me some indulgences too while you're at it so I can fuck your mother
Christianity is hemorrhaging so bad it's on a steady rise
>Muh no religion statistics from western yuro countries
Half the people who answered that believe in angels
No, it literally isn't. To apologize is to defend.

File: philmap_v0-25.png (1.47 MB, 6919x4913)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Some months ago anon started this 'map of western philosophers' project.
It's far from good, but i still think it's a nice overview.
Does anyone know where it went, if the project was abandoned and if this is the most current version?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
/lit/s autistic need to put everything into chart form is pretty funny.
Trying to do it not just with one topic or author but with philosophy in general despite not having read 1% is the perfect culmination of that whole show.
>magic school bus
What the fuck is this? A Deleuzian would slap you in the face rn
i also have several problems with that image
i just recently thought about it and wanted to know if it went further
This project became gay when the author took out the dildo so it's SFW. It's now a Twitter project.

File: 51GiwF2wwjL.jpg (49 KB, 378x500)
49 KB
Why did Jews hate this book so much (and more so in America than Israel)?

Probably because she painted the perpetrators of the genocide as normal people, implying that any nation, when conducted by the right set of causes and consequences, would be capable of something like the holocaust.

That implies not only that Nazis were not as monstrous as many people would like them to be, but also that there’s nothing particularly unique about the Holocaust other than the meticulosos way it was conducted. Great cruelty can arise at any time, and who knows, maybe even be consecrated upon Earth by the jewish nation itself.

I guess that some people got angered because they wanted to demonize the men who made them suffer so much, and what the author did was the contrary: she humanized them.

Perhaps others got offended because of the use of words and concepts like “banal” and “banality”, words whose connotations would make the holocaust seem like some normal consequence of certain causes, and not as some minor form of cataclysmic and second-deluge drowning entire populations on dry land.
People wanted to believe the Nazis were this uniquely evil thing.
It went against their overly simplified narrative of evil in the world.
By saying that regularly, ordinary people who were just trying to live their lives, provide for their families and do their jobs, are capable of the worst evil imaginable.

It certainly puts a dampener on the myth of American greatness when you say no, actually we are all capable of committing great evil and in fact, nationalism or patriotism may be the driving force behind that evil.

Who are some poets that capture the whimsy and cozy mystery of the suburbs?
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Are you gonna cry? I’m not your mommy or daddy, lashing out at me won’t solve your issues.
Not everyone in life will follow the same journey as you, it's pretty immature to assume that your life experience is universal and solely valid.

There are plenty of cities in the world one can live in an have a house, a garden, good schools nearby and still have access to restaurants that aren't applebees, public museums, beautiful public spaces etc.
William Blake
English: Stevie Smith was sometimes called the 'poet of surburbia'.

American: Carl Dennis always struck me as a little surburban.

File: William_Barnes.jpg (199 KB, 1119x1715)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Thoughts on English purism? Is sticking to Germanic words the way to go?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
language is created on the streets not in academic eggheads brains

i am objectively correct in this statement
That's what the jews want you to think so you let your language and culture rot. Meanwhile (((they))) resurrect a dead language and return to their traditional lands.
mate you are the epitome of rot
I have no particular reaction to ebonics. It's not even especially muttish, from what I've seen, i.e. it doesn't adapt foreign words.

>the goal is to de-mutt English
So, to reverse no less than a millennium of historical development? Not even the most insane linguist could pull that off, and to produce a meaningful language for the everyday life.
I myself know nothing about Icelandic. However, it is not precise to say that a language strives for purism. It is some speakers of the language that strive for it, usually some of the academics.
England is a French nation that speaks English
90% of Latin or French words in English were borrowed during the 14th-18th centuries. Well after Norman rule.
Why stop at removing the Latin words? Why not the Norse ones as well?

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