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File: urrrr.jpg (81 KB, 771x585)
81 KB
Now that the dust has settled, was he right?

Is materialism debunked by Schopenhauer, Carl Jung, Jacques Vallee and Patrick Harpur ?
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Watching youtube = Materialism
File: 1545773781598.jpg (37 KB, 400x456)
37 KB
Cool story. Show me a number, Satan. Also, by your own view nothing you say is valid.
>I have no idea where you got this idea, but it is also wrong.
And how often does your eye sees its own seeing? Is your seeing separate from your eyes?

>No, I consider the -perception- of red to be non-physical.
Yet your perception is physical. You are just blind to the enabling mechanisms of it.
>And how often does your eye sees its own seeing? Is your seeing separate from your eyes?
This is irrelevant because it has nothing to do with my reasoning.

>Yet your perception is physical.
This is very far from being an argument to say the very least.

>You are just blind to the enabling mechanisms of it.
I've already stated that the brain could be creating consciousness. I'm talking about necessary aspects of perception, not its origin.
fucking christ I apologize, I fucked up reading your post.

>Is your seeing separate from your eyes?
Yes this is exactly what I'm saying.

File: 1.jpg (80 KB, 750x938)
80 KB
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it looks cool that way
I dig it quite a lot actually. I'd recommend considering punctuation, without it it feels a bit too breathless, but if that's the effect you're going for rock on.
>prose poem
Pick one, queer
Eat your heart out, Nabokov.
Tell me more about the pines

File: ivy-compton-burnett.jpg (94 KB, 570x597)
94 KB
i love this weird lady like you wouldn't believe
take your deranged fetish elsewhere weirdo
File: Ivy_Compton-Burnett.jpg (11 KB, 201x320)
11 KB

i love that she seems to have had this stupid hairstyle her whole life

File: harry-potter-books.jpg (128 KB, 742x649)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Memes, shitposts, and bitch fits aside, we're the Harry Potter books really that bad? I read them at the appropriate age and remember enjoying them.

Please... keep the thread civil.
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They're children's books worshipped by normies in their 20s
I was once stuck in the looney bin with nothing but the first and second harry potter books to read (and also a Grisham novel which stands as the worst thing I have ever read) and even that wasn't enough to make me really enjoy them. They're fine if you're a child, but adults pretending they're masterpieces are legitimately retarded.
I read them all as a young teenager. To be honest, now that so much time has passed, I wish I had better guidance towards better books. They are Marvel compared to The Godfather.
File: 1650098120548.jpg (7 KB, 209x211)
7 KB
Average Harry Poster

Hello, I am a spiritual essence in possession of a willing earthen vessel, which allows me to manifest what I refer to as, "enchantments". They are writings of any length, pertaining to any subject matter, and written in any style. Today I possess this form to ask the primitive souls of the lowest existential plane how I may improve upon my prose, instilling within it the eternal magical energy which permeates the very fabric of the cosmos?

This is an example. Is anyone on this plane of existence capable of imbuing more cosmic magic within this enchantment than I?

The essence of my spiritual destiny is released, and the enchanted fibers contained within are intricately interwoven, delicately forming the magical fabric of a pure and bohemian odyssey. This silken garb is painstakingly processed into a charming wizard's cape, and affixed about the neck of a free, and intellectually pure spirit.
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cool, application rejection. try again and this time make the bio longer.
Thanks but it won't work
my dark aura pulls me towards annihilation
Just say “I am pure. Everything is connected.” Less is more.
I am unable to sense the magical incantation or even the fragments of your soul, which of course you embedded within your enchantment?
That wasn’t my enchantment. It was your enchantment condensed down to the substance. If you can’t sense anything in it, it is because you do not sense substance at all, but superficiality. That is why you dress up your enchantment with many words in order to create the illusion of spiritual efficacy where none resides.

File: 1681935080025799_png.jpg (147 KB, 612x491)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
I wanna publish my work online for everyone to read. How do I do that? What is the best place to post my book where people are most likely to read it?
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I would like to bet all of my money on green and have the roulette wheel land on green. Can anybody tell me how to do that?
Just cheat, Anon.
File: pepolantern.png (151 KB, 420x420)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Difficulty: Must learn Japanese
Difficulty: Must learn HTML
Difficulty: There's no difficulty but everyone will think less of you
>Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Difficulty: Must learn to format / use Canva.com
>reddit forums for publishing writing
Difficulty: Must be able to stomach being around nonces
Difficulty: I have no idea how substack works
post pdf faggot

File: trans_marxism.jpg (69 KB, 607x1000)
69 KB
prove that you read theory.
name 5 transgender marxist theorists
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Wow. Thank you for this contribution. This is truly theory in the service of universal liberation.
Contrapoints and Sophie
bad bait
was on the fence but now im all for mandatory evidence based comprehensive sex education and critical race theory. The white privilege of these kiddoes is off the charts they dare to look at sex work as somethig beneath them.If you want to teach children about science you bring a scientist like the ones responsible for developping lfe saving vaccines to class likewise if you want to teach children about sex and gender, you bring a sex worker to class, because nobody knows more about sex and gender than sex workers. As leftists we are sex positive and we support workers, hence we support sex work. full decriminalization, normalization and destigmatization. whorephobia is white supremacy period. linked to forms of intersectional oppression as queer people and poor people and neurodivergent people are more likely to be sex workers, in fact one could even argue there will be even more sex work after the revolution because sexual liberation is essential for cultural decolonization.as fanon tells us decolonization is by necessity a traumatic and violent process for the colonizer yes but more so for the colonized.education must be compulsory decolonial and queer it is our job as queer decolonial educators to bteak the cycle of whiteness the nuclear family and individualistic eurocentric ideology through a traumatic and erotic shock in order to remake the identity of the child into a collectivelly oriented anti racist and antifascist queer identity fully loyal to FEDGOV BLM and sex work.
Ellul is a dangerous thinker because he's a crypto reactionary and a christian fundamentalist science denier hiding behind superficially left wing sounding arguments. he'd have you believe marginalized folks fighting for the right to exist are morally equal with fascist white supremacists because its all propaganda.

There is a problem with criticisms of technological society ignoring the whole context of white supremacy and settler colonialism its disingenous and cryptoconservative because it allows for middle class white cis males to act like they are oppressed instead of beneffitting from oppression, like you had no trouble at all with industrial society and compulsory schooling and big pharma the mass media when those clearly served you but the moment those institugions start recognizing historical injustices and demanding accountability from you and the responsibilities of an ethic of care are you really radical if you arent ready to say blacks lives matter if you arent ready to acknowledge you are in stolen land if you arent ready to protect trans kids or sex workers if you dont have the humillity to take a back seat and listen to marginalized people and adopt an empathy based mindset that places those most vulnerable first. Are you really against big pharma or are you just peddling right wing ableism and transphobia? This is the mindset of the entitled white boy who thinks he knows more than qualified women or PoC

ou think you are edgy but you are just parroting the hegemonic christofascist reaganite neoliberal ideology. selfish petty bourgeoisie individualism and white male settler frontier fantasies- fascism. you dont understand class struggle or are outright on the side of the enemy. you ignore the long running attempt to defund public education and squash teacher's unions. education is necessary for the same reason vaccination is neccesatry, homeschooling will always perpetuate inequalities, it benefits of ideologies such as white supremacy, christian fundamentalism, extremism that feed into the system of domestic terrorism. You show no understanding of how privilege works. Basically falling for the same old neoliberal trick that scapegoats marginalized folks such as queer or PoC or sexworkersand public sector unions,anti intellectualism against journalist scientists and academics in order to defund public services.the discomfort 'political correctness gone mad' makes you feel is not even one billionth of the humilliation queer people or people of color go through every instant of their existence in a cisheteropatriarchal white supremacist society. Yes i am a SJW, i am an antifascist, a feminist killjoy and the postmodern neomarxist jordan peterson warned you about, I would burn every last page of the western cannon if it meant ending racism and sexism, disinformation and white privilege and transphobia and whorephobia. and no this is not radical, but the least that should be expected of a decent empathetic human being.

File: IMG_20230928_195049.jpg (2.59 MB, 4000x3000)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
Military history edition
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File: IMG_20230917_011517.jpg (2.09 MB, 2640x3520)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
Shelf of "books I'll be reading next"
It's on my desk, also>>22545613
Hello Keith Woods.
Man erkennt nichts/10

Has it been done? Anyone been to one? What’s it like?
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Hobbit hole feast is my favourite fantasy.
File: JANNY.png (269 KB, 348x313)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
so...that's him...it finally starts making sense
File: 1685295446156822.png (375 KB, 653x505)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
>Only things that raise questions in this pic are the milk jugs and xbox controller
The milk is there because it's a racist meme /pol/ created (blacks can't drink milk) and went mainstream. Dunno about the controller, maybe anon just can't bear to be apart from his vidya.
File: 48m.gif (1.99 MB, 640x640)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF

Reading for pure pleasure is best done through the medium of audio. Thinking about it historically, everyone but the sage of society had stories read to them. You think reading the Illiad makes you better than every Greek who had it recited to them? This is how it has been done for ages. It is less distracting and allows the mind to become an attuned receiver for the world of imagination. Children experience literature this way, why should adult settle for less? Unless you fancy yourself a sage or poet, there is little to be gained from reading.

I now only listen to audio if the format is available.
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I can't listen to audiobooks, I get distracted too easily and I constantly rewind them, it would take me a couple of weeks to get through Fight Club and that's only 5 hours long.
File: sources.png (758 KB, 878x1331)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
instead of going through all of these you can read them summarized in "The Reader's Brain: How Neuroscience Can Make You a Better Writer" by Yellowlees Douglas
I hate his tone and source formatting but he does get the point across and does provide a LOT of sources (more than picrel)
>what is the skip-back button
With my audiobook player (mpv) I have a 'sleep timer' that pauses playback every 10 minutes. If I'm still paying attention, I just unpause it every 10 minutes. If stop paying attention, then the next time I start listening I first skip backwards 10 minutes to the last point when I confirmed my attention.

And if I miss a few moments, I just skip backwards and listen to it again until I understand.
If you have to focus why not read in the first place?
I often do read in the traditional manner. But I like audiobooks when I'm doing something else that's mindless, like cooking, driving, flying, or sometimes minecraft.

I can't always pay attention to the book, but I can pay attention to my attention to the book and pause/skip back when necessary.

File: american_religion.jpg (30 KB, 312x475)
30 KB
In The American Religion, Harold Bloom argues that American expressions of Christianity are fundamentally Gnostic: they involve direct, solitary, mystical experience of the divine and an subconscious belief in the divinity of the soul, contrasting with the fallen creation. This belief may be denied, but forms the basis of American religious experience and mindset. The role of the religious community and the task of building the kingdom of God on Earth are minimized. Bloom sees this as a general principle manifesting in diverse religions such as the Mormons, the Southern Baptists and in New Age beliefs.

Given these ideas, what will become of the current American trend of embracing Orthodoxy and Catholicism? These traditions are in many ways the opposite of Bloom's American Religion. Will we see them develop in a more selfish, inward, Gnostic direction?
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no one says that shit except jews, neocons, and boomers
>Nagasaki, the most Catholic city in Asia.
you have to be some kind of retard to have never heard of the Philippines, and this is all the more hilarious given your posturing as a Catholic tradlarper
This book sparked my interest in mormonism.
And I know I am not the only one.
I bought a used copy on ebay and it came out of the salt lake city public library, the mormonism chapters were so dingy I felt the need to wash my hands after turning through them.
There are no Catholics like this either. Not modern or old. American or otherwise. Some of the liberal boomers indeed wanted this, but they're losing their grip thankfully. Either way, the Mass is the center of Catholic life, and it's communal. And both saints and laity are called to war against the world and the devil. Whether it's standing up for what's right at school or work or taking over the Supreme Court. And those processions you sometimes see? It's based on military marches.

Why is he considered the Shakespeare of novels? His prose isn't all that impressive, and he never writes grandiose characters like Lear or Richard III.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
yeah and finch is a likeable character. but tkam is 300 pages too long, and thats what makes it insufferable
He isn't.
Not the best example you could pick. Austen is a footnote outside the anglosphere.
although i dont think highly of austen that isnt true. shes literally top 5 woman authors abroad. people identify with ordinary characters, which is why shakespeare and austen have huge appeal. anglo cinematic cultural power definitely helps with that
Stupida fucking post

File: Plato.png (1.35 MB, 1024x512)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
So, I'm tracking at least four major iterations of the forms:
>early-middle era Plato (e.g. Republic, Phaedrus, Meno, etc.)
Here, forms seem to be the "bread and butter" of metaphysics, knowledge, etc. They're "hyperuranion" (divine in some sense), but they can also be "collected." Yet, for some reason, dianoia (discursive reasoning) and noesis (intuitive reasoning) are not the same. But we somehow "knew" them in a past life, which is what makes thinking possible at all.
>late era Plato (e.g. Sophist, Philebus, etc.)
The forms now seem to be derivative of higher principles (e.g. the One and the Indefinite, the Limit and the Unlimited, etc.) The forms seem to be both stable and definitive *and* flexible and in flux for this reason. There also is a prelude to Aristotle's "Categories" here, e.g. Sameness, Difference, Rest, Motion, etc.
>Aristotle (e.g. hylomorphism)
Form is explicitly defined as the pattern, arrangement, etc., of something, and is again directly linked to substance. However, it is (usually) inseparable from matter (except when it is not, e.g. the active intellect and the unmoved mover (and somehow does not fail the "Third Man" self-predication argument). It is directly apprehended by the intellect, which becomes the form. Finally, you have what appears to be two kinds of forms, genera (e.g. Aristotle's taxonomy of beings) and qualities (e.g. red, soft, etc.), and they both function like universals but the former is contingent and the latter is necessary (but somehow must always be instantiated in matter, and also we don't have to worry about self-predication for some reason).
Forms are described in "sensual" metaphors and emerge from the sensibles, almost as if there is a spectrum of intelligibles from the sensible to the formal, the latter obviously being superior to the former.

Now, are forms akin to concepts, abstractions, etc., at least that the latter tries to map onto the former, with mixed results? Is an object's "form" the totality of all its patterns? When the mind apprehends a form, but only partially, is this an abstraction (e.g. our mind only "becomes" part of the intelligible, sensible and formal, and thus we only take away part of it)? When we only intentionally focus on one element of an object, are we only focusing on a single or a handful of its forms (and thus is an abstraction in that sense)? Is it a mistake to assume that "noetic thinking" is thinking at all?

Sorry if this is all over the place and if I butcher some of the narrative details. I'm mostly trying to get a sense of the "architecture" here.
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You are a bitter dumbass
>my woo woo is better than your other woo woo because I slapped a cool buzz phrase on top of it
An error in judgment resulting from a lack of understanding of the central nervous system.

File: Eric_Rohmer.jpg (121 KB, 578x722)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Who's the literary equivalent?
Films of the Lozenge

File: IMG_3336.jpg (192 KB, 767x767)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
My Noumenal Insight just revealed to me that Intellektuelle Anschauung isn’t real.
>Intellektuelle Anschauung
wat is this
this phenomenal conclusions tells me I have no taste
Intellectual intuition.
whyd u say it in german bro
Because this thread is part of my campaign against that autistic kant poster

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