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File: court.jpg (73 KB, 641x619)
73 KB
Are there any good books explaining what exactly "western values" are?
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Then stop worrying about what some retarded Italian thot does and start making white babies. Only low-tier white women mess around with non-whites. Whats so bad about purging out thots all while diluting brown people’s DNA?
Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and the list goes on, I am not saying they are lgbtq tier liberals, but they are not as Islamic as you may believe.
The diaspora is even more into the liberal koolaid, most muslims in the west are seculars, with a growing trend in atheism among the youngest.
Islam will also be rooted out from its core and sold as another commodity, it'll get the same treatement as Christianity.
China because they have no guilty like westerns
This. Most Arabs are pro neoliberalism. The culture differences are only surface level. Most people here in the middle east watch the same cringe mcu movies, shop at the same crappy chain stores like h&m or spend hours inside shopping malls like useless drones and go home to watch the newest episode of Brooklyn 1488. Americanmutts were surprised that I owned an Xbox when I moved to the US from Egypt. They all thought I lived in a tent in the desert or something

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True, but insightful affirmations can come from a personal personality flaw. Kant probably wouldnt've written much if any of his books if he wasn't an autistic virgin.
EMP pulse. Fix a bunch of shit.
>as long as men and women want to have sex
Fuck yeah, 4chan is gonna solve this problem for everybody

Holy shit. This is straight-up the world we live in. Replace soma with entertainment and internet access and this book is nonfiction.
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File: 1542548621413.jpg (60 KB, 699x485)
60 KB
You know what else is nonfiction? Your mom giving me a blowjob
File: 1564826205568.jpg (23 KB, 399x225)
23 KB

Lmao. It is unironically the most fun word ever created and always brings me joy
Cringe take, you didn't read Huxley's essay
File: n4254.jpg (16 KB, 316x467)
16 KB
Now read The Wanting Seed
You're correct that the book criticizes neoliberal values, but your assumption that fascism is the solution is ridiculous. The narrative of the book is that the excesses of capitalism will eventually lead to a degeneration of culture, as more and more people become content with cheap, approachable thrills, constantly being put out by those only in search of a profit. However, the belief that right wing ideology is the only way to combat the cultural excesses of capitalism is absolutely incorrect. Instead of resolving the structures that put us in this situation, fascism instead seeks to return us to "more virtuous" forms of pleasure, and only challenges the actual structures that create our current horseshit through censoring "degeneracy," despite censorship being something the far right falsely claims to oppose.

I’m so fucking pissed off and ready I finish this piece of shit
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Yes, my penis enjoys it very much.
No, it isn't.

There's nothing wrong with a man marrying a 12 year old girl. Nothing. You have no actual arguments outside of "b-but she's not an adult she can't make good decisions!!!". So what? It's not her decision to make, her only role in life is to make and raise children.
I prefer it done by rabid dogs
For a book about a pedophile it's not very disturbing. I expected rape and murder and it turned out to be a messed up love story.
Like I said, the concept of pedophilia is hysteria.

Men find 12 year old attractive, and they want to love them. Not rape or murder them. A dog can tell when someone loves them, saying a 12 year old isn't equipped to decide who they marry is dumb.

File: 1.jpg (59 KB, 456x600)
59 KB
The democratisation of education has killed literature.

Mass literacy of the middle and lower classes has resulted in publishing houses favouring pulp fiction, self-help dross and celebrity biographies for capital.
The masses have no cultivated taste and therefore read primarily for mindless entertainment with its artistic equivalent being reality television or pop radio.
Schools teach the masses to look for moral or allegorical meanings rather than aesthetics and craftsmanship. The masses do not develop any sense of style and are so inept they actually believe this to be a waste of time to study.
Poetry is dead because the masses are incapable of reading it. A perfect example is the monumentous popularity of Rupi Kaur, a non-poet charlatan penning slivers of tripe covered in glitter.
Even niche literary magazines are so swept up in nostalgia for yesteryear they utterly neglect to report or include any exciting contemporary literature, and even when they do, it is always a comparative style to bygone writers.
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t. lower middle class idiot who thinks they're something special because they've read mediocre books somebody else wrote
>complaining about education while knowing so little about history
pretty much this
t. stephen king
post your knowledge of history that negates OP

>Dude lets make the last 1/5 of the book just my political essay

Why do authors think this is a good idea? I liked the book but I don't want to read 5 pages of a political speech that the author declares to be amazing because he wrote it and it agrees with him.
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Epic capitalist takedown
I tip my fedora to you good sir
If you think that book is hamfisted you should read Max Havelaar.
Not nearly as bad as Rand cramming 9/10th of all her books with her turgid polemic.
But authors do this to communicate to you. It’s not a bedtime story. It’s propaganda.

Are you awake?
I tip my fedora to you
cringe samefag

File: Pascal.jpg (24 KB, 303x475)
24 KB
how do atheists reconcile with Pascal's wager?
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Every religion is just a manifestation of the one true religion and none are better than the others (except for all of them being above atheism).
Worshipping Fortnite is just as acceptable as worshipping Jesus or Buddha.
I poo my pants
>how do atheists reconcile with Pascal's wager
The wager the other way?
You know, as a formerly fervent Catholic, (still am but not as zealous) this is the biggest dilemma for me. I find the cosmological arguments for the necessity of a God compelling enough, and can even justify the problem of evil in my head. The thing that keeps me up at night though is how do I know that I'm worshipping the right one? For the record, I don't think the pagan gods are at all possible, and I'm willing to argue that. So I feel that the choices come down to the Christian God or some necessary, omnipotent being. Thus, I believe the key to the puzzle is historiographical and not philosophical. That is, the confirmation of the divinity of Jesus through his miracles attested to in the New Testament.
You cannot force belief.

File: GreeKo.jpg (229 KB, 624x434)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
What's stopping you from reading the greatest works of mankind?
If you did, how did you learn and what books have you enjoyed so far?
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learning latin with dowling
though i feel like writing those tables 200 times is a complete waste of time, after writing them 30 times i can reproduce them perfectly without stopping to think, so i just do the rest of the repititions verbally while still writing them once per day
pretty sure that'll be sufficient
never gonna make it
correct, he fell for the "grammar first" meme and now all he can possibly become is yet another brainlet translator that laboriously decodes latin at the speed of 1 page/hour but will never actually read it like a normal language. take the krashen pill already
I was formally schooled. I've read the Aeneid and I've been reading Lucretius' De Rerum Natura on and off
lingua latina is part of dowling and literally based on the input hypothesis of comprehensible input

File: 1426560596794.jpg (247 KB, 528x539)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Why do Christians believe in omnibenevolence? There are many passages in the Bible which suggest God is entirely capable of evil action.

Isaiah 45:7 - I form light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil. I the LORD do all these things.

Joel 2:13 And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

Jeremiah 18:8 - If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them.

Micah 2:3 - Therefore thus saith the Lord; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil.

Zephaniah 1:12 - And it shall come to pass at that time, that I will search Jerusalem with candles, and punish the men that are settled on their lees: that say in their heart, The Lord will not do good, neither will he do evil.

In light of all such passages it seems like omnibenevolence is just an invention of wishful thinking on the part of Christians who are too afraid to admit God may also have an evil nature in addition to a Good one.
Here is my personal idea about it.
I believe god is playing both sides.
Think about it, he does plenty of evil deeds and couldn't care less about his creations having slaves (which is a pretty evil deed in itself), cursing people that simply acted through his design and simply destroying things, the tower of babel comes to mind but he BTFO's plenty of people just because he felt like it (like turning a woman into salt and killing a mans child and telling help to have faith).
Even when we go back to the first bible tale of adam and eve, he was the one that created the snake that tempted eve, and he was the one that created the tree of knowledge that would curse them out of eden. He knew all of this and still he did it just because he felt like it, it's the equivalent of telling a curious child not to do something, of course they will eventually.
I think hell is simply a place where he needed to put all those that are evil in his eyes that he tempted and that satan is simply his right hand man taking care of the B squad that didn't make the cut.
Do I think that these people are being tortured for all eternity? Not really, why torture these people instead of making a heaven for those that want to indulge in those kinds of things ?
Different people like different things as per his design, it makes no sense that he would create people that simply exist to fail and go to hell in the end.
My personal opinion of hell is a hedonistic wonderland where people that want to do those kinds of things go, it might not be something for the pure hearted folk that go to heaven but there just doesn't seem a reason for him to punish people he played a bad hand to at the start.

Weird question to articulate but are there any philosophers who recognized and spoke of the archetypes and myths that existed in romantic Germanic culture and their importance? Perhaps Evola or Jung?
Where that image from?

File: 823.png (29 KB, 426x364)
29 KB
Which language would give me access to better literature, Mandarin or Arabic?
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Are you implying the gooks are civilized, let alone have a future?
I know how their systems work, I've looked into how these languages work. Their literature's though are terra incognita to me and I'm trying to figure out which one is better in this department.
I mean, I know that China has the ancient classics, the histories, and the romance. I also know that Arabic has really good poetry and philosophy but otherwise I'm kind of barren in knowledge of them.
>group of women = noisy
very precise and expressive
wouldn't you say a system of symbols and pictorial representation is less abstract
if westerner learn arabic since islam is basically your future

Favorite work of fiction
Favorite work of poetry
Favorite work of philosophy
Number of sex partners

>Swann's Way
>Ovid's Metamorphoses
>The World as Will and Representation
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File: 1550253303453.jpg (24 KB, 336x500)
24 KB
21 (havent read that much)
the seven madmen, by roberto arlt
four quartets, by t. s. elliot
man in search of meaning, by frankl

looking for recs
>don quijote - cervantes
>odas- fray luis de león
>tratado de la tribulación - pedro de ribadeneyra
take the hispanicpill
The Outsider by HP Lovecraft
I dont read poetry
>Favorite work of fiction
portrait of the artist as a young man
>Favorite work of poetry
paradise lost
>Favorite work of philosophy
critique of judgement
>Number of sex partners
>The Shadow Over Innsmouth
>Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Shelf/stack rate thread.

I try and find the ones I want in charity shops/second hand bookstores but there are some I can only find online new.

>inb4 no leather bound first editions
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Only got into reading recently so pls no bulli.

Read these since the start of summer. So im still figuring out.

my favorites so far :

Want to get into philosophy now.

Recommendations are welcomed
My bad anon I need to fix this. I just moved and threw the books up there for the sake of time. Need to organize better.
>reading the digital jew
>12 memersons for life
Like i said I just read everything I can get my hands on. I know he is a meme but hey, this book was on our shelf for a year or so so I gave it a try.

Pretty avarage imo

File: schopenhauer.jpg (19 KB, 250x328)
19 KB
*Unsheathes pen*

>Women are...big children all their life--a kind of intermediary stage between the child and the full-grown man.
>The fundamental fault of the female character is that it has no sense of justice.
>Instead of calling them beautiful, there would be more warrant for describing women as the unaesthetic sex. Neither for music, nor for poetry, nor for fine art, have they really and truly any sense or susceptibility; it is a mockery if they make a pretense of it in order to assist their endeavor to please.
His essay On Women was not that impressive, honestly. I prefer his essay On Love or Otto Weininger's Sex and Character, which is more complete.
t roastie
t. brainlet
Have you ever read Sex and Character, dumbass?

File: JoseOrtegayGasset.jpg (78 KB, 350x457)
78 KB
ITT writers who tackled the JQ well.

OyG writes about the JQ in "Los escaparates mandan"; very subtle and well-done writing. He confronted the problem perfectly without sperging out like most who wrote on the subject. He heavily implies the reason why the elite are so anti-Christian and anti-white (basically, this allows them to consolidate the political and social power that their wealth gives them, reducing political power to financial power and hence giving (((them))) a superlative amount of political capital).

Please drop some names of people who wrote about the JQ in a non-retarded manner, thanks.

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