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File: images (33).png (13 KB, 601x511)
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How can literature recover the lost audience?
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File: book.jpg (65 KB, 327x741)
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There's no way it's that high (people are lying) and maybe they're counting audiobooks as Pew did when it did its study a couple years ago (although Pew's number is significantly higher than 43% and based around finishing a book of any type--it could be inflated due to non-fiction/technical books). My guess is that people are lying because reading is associated with intelligence and people don't want to admit they don't read.
Also, look at Goodreads members who claim that they read more than 50 books a year (I'm pulling that number out of my ass--the following could be applicable to a lower number of books). People include single poems in order to get their numbers up and I'm guessing a fraction of a minority of people use it simply to track reading and not to pump a high score toward for the sake of the gamification aspect of the website (e.g. I'm sure most people include DNFs and the number is again inflated by listening to audiobooks--the latter would be fine if you're using it to track but I doubt people leave such out of their Reading Goal).
t. salty readlet
50 a year is only 1 a week
100% this
So, rural, uneducated, poor, boomer hispanic men are the most based

Anybody read Capital by Karl Marx? What are your thoughts?
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It's unfortunate that literally nobody is interested in criticizing it anymore. All the various economic schools have essentially segregated into their own circlejerks which barely interact, even in academia. Marxists are quick to point out that critics have never read their literature, but how many of them read the neoclassical, marginalist or austrian economists without simply dismissing them as bourgeois? Even the most literate of marxists barely extend their attention to the classics, the (left)keynesians and the post-keynesians (esp: Sraffa and Robinson). Even in the few journals in which economists of all types write, they essentially just completely ignore each other. No big critique of value theory or capital theory from either side. In the early 900s it wasn't like this: Pareto, Mises, Neurath, Lange, all of them interacted in decade-long debates.
>Assume A is correct. It's not!
Your disagreement is not rooted in logic or a refutation of Marx's assertions, but is an emotional reaction in defense of capital
I could easily say the same about your critiques of capitalism
Marx's Theory of Labor (and all of them, really) did not accurately describe the world. The Marginal Revolution proved this.
Walras, Jevons, and Menger were three economists that discovered that value was subjective. The Austrian economists took Marx the most seriously, though, I'm not sure why. Menger, Bohm-Bawerk, and Wieser extensively wrote about Marxism.
Marx was trying to objectively describe the world (and threw in his own value judgments when it was convenient). His predictions were also largely proven false. That's really what it boils down to. His descriptions of the world are not nearly as accurate as modern economics. It's plain and simple.
Technology has been helping make people more productive rather than replacing them (and even made people richer).
The empirical evidence for the rate of profit to fall has shown to be false.
The labor theory of value never really described the world correctly.(Consider the Cherry Pie hypothesis)
One thing I will say that was important was his work on power dynamics. He modeled them incorrectly, but it was still a point that was worth bringing to the table.
When I say he modeled it incorrectly, I mean that he modeled it within a Marxists framework, which was fundamentally flawed. However, some post-Keynesian economists that respect Marx, they were able to model this power dynamic imbalance. Robinson is the one who did it. It's based on her model of imperfect competition that economists can make the argument for minimum wage not causing unemployment.
Bowles, Gintis, and Robinson are economists that respect the work of Marx, but don't believe he was correct. They still largely work within the frame of neoclassical economics.
The early Austrians like Menger, Bohm-Bawerk, and von Wieser were the ones that were highly critical of Marx.
Additionally, another factor is what is known as The Second Industrial Revolution, a combination of inventions from 1870 to 1914 in areas as diverse as electricification, chemistry, steel, transport and medicine that was associated with a widespread improvement in living standards of the working classes in countries like the UK, France and Germany. There also was a decline in income inequality in many developed countries in the early half of the 20th century. Both of these events are hard to reconcile with Marxist predictions.

File: bookshop-africa.jpg (113 KB, 880x1024)
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113 KB JPG
Asking for a fren...
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Luxury as opposed to necessity, try opening a dictionary sometimes you colossal gaylord.
File: awMAjP1_700b.jpg (96 KB, 700x696)
96 KB
Men have forgotten God
I would steal many books ngl.
"You wanna keep your money? Hide it in your books. Cause niggers don't read!" -Chris Rock
It would only makes sense if you're selling them. Lending books for free in this setting and returning them is the way to go because you save storage

File: file.png (839 KB, 1200x918)
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839 KB PNG
>Finnegans Wake took 17 years to write
I get that it's an impressive book but why did he decide to devote so much time and effort into it? Why not just stick to stuff that doesn't require years of esoteric knowledge and studying to fully be able to enjoy
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How did he pay the bills?
Pound gave him money early in his career, as did other people. After that he became a teacher in Italy.
Pound regretted them BECAUSE of Ulysses.
Read it in The Art of Fiction. The author defended him by saying by this point he was an alcoholic and neurotic struggling with the advanced stages of his illness.

It might have even been after Dubliners as well
no he didn't lol. After finishing the wake, Joyce spend three more years going over the book. He died a few months later.
Schizotypical tendencies. Joyce had just the right balance of sanity and craziness to be a creative master; it ended up manifesting into full blown schizophrenia in his daughter.

for me its Natasha Rostova
Look at that neck
That's Auguste Strobl you faggot

File: Egg 4.png (2.49 MB, 1080x1845)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
I mostly read non-fiction analysis of philosophical and religious works. If I'm reading fiction I'm working my way through ancient and modern classics but they all demand a good degree of attention and effort. I want to something that I can start reading for a light enjoyment on the subway and such, instead of scrolling on the phone. Something that's entertaining and light but still not empty trash like mainstream fantasy literature
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Think about what you’re asking lol
Link's Awakening is unironically more /lit than most books
Classic scifi is probably a good way to go
Time Machine
Invisible man
Not like you have to be hyper focused to understand but they're deeper than fantasy novel 5 from 2 years ago
It’s comfy fantasy kino

File: 1674932328544891.jpg (476 KB, 1400x800)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
>rules of the game
>post novels by male authors younger than 35
>doesn't matter if they are excellent writers or dogshit hacks
>if we get to 100, I'll do a roll chart
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You may need to open this list up to poetry collections, plays(Heroes of the Fourth Turning by Will Arbery), nonfic etc to fill it out to 100. This is still a great list regardless. You are doing god's work. I have a few of these but will definitely check some more out.
I'm currently about 2/3 of the way through a web novel that I could easily adapt into eight light novels and publish... if I was born with a pussy. Unfortunately, I was born with a cock and balls between my legs so no publisher will even look at my work unless I promise I'm going to cut it off or I take dicks in the ass. That's just the world we live in, thank you women. I sure do love being judged not by the content of my character, but by my place in the Marxist oppression hierarchy.
Why would they?
thanks. we stick to the rules in this thread. novels by male authors born after 1987 is the name of the game. but we might search for other types of books another day.
checked and added. it's #65 btw.
can't find it.
no, it's non-fiction. most likely a self-help type memoir.
generate an AI photo of a woman and larp

File: 2961.jpg (24 KB, 465x279)
24 KB
What are some reasons why people might stop reading books once they become adults?
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But also wageslaving, as others mentioned, drains your energy and it's sometimes hard to find the energy to read a book or watch a non-dumb movie.
In my case it’s been the opposite.
I stopped reading as much because I literally have no time or energy.
You realize most of the information you need is out there in terms of social capital and psychology and you learn more by actually sailing the ship rather than reading about sailing the ship. Most information is completely useless. The few percent of that information that are actually applied are everything. Hence academics and others like them are stuck in their little tard boxes away from everyone else.
They're plebs seeking instant gratification

File: TigerPoem[1].jpg (85 KB, 900x756)
85 KB
File: crossing-the-bar.jpg (713 KB, 1191x1165)
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713 KB JPG

File: 1678531423069954.jpg (161 KB, 975x1024)
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161 KB JPG
I'm thinking about reading Gibbon's Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire. There's the whole work, but also an abridgement available. If any of you have read the whole thing, is it worthwhile?
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>Evelyn Waugh is a woman
There’s more than the abridged version to consider, you also want an edition with the footnotes, ideally the sidenote format. Many editions omit them. It helps to be oriented in the history from another source given the level of detail.
>Decline & Fall
more like decline and wall
That pussy ain’t gonna taste ugh. Cigarettes ruin it
>ain’t gonna taste *good though

File: ernst-junger.jpg (121 KB, 900x880)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I just finished Storm of Steel. Despite all he's gone through and what must be an unparalleled understanding of the role in war of mere fate, chance, or dumb luck, Junger still sees something profound and worth learning or experiencing in it. What does he see? Why is this view virtually incomprehensible to citizens of western nations today?

By far the best war memoir I've ever read.
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So what? He was also very interested in Schopenhauer, Stirner and he was friends with Emil Cioran.
>I don't understand his thought process behind this.
Basically, the NSDAP was tyrannical as even people with full liberties would be in the grips of political panic and so live in fear, which easily transforms into hatred. This impinges on personal freedom, and in the face of tyranny self-assertion involves personal risk. The human essence, as God created them, is free. Freedom impinged results in people who become technocratic automatons. So, the NSDAP curbed the human essence and advanced technological automaton-ism.
Keep in mind, post-ww2, Jünger's metaphysics (I think (this part is a wip)) only committed to a notion of human essence. So tribalism would just be ideology.
>Basically, the NSDAP was tyrannical as even people with full liberties would be in the grips of political panic and so live in fear, which easily transforms into hatred.
God bless liberalism!
>people with full liberties would be in the grips of political panic and so live in fear, which easily transforms into hatred
Funnily enough I can't think of any political order this wouldn't apply to besides maybe certain parts of 19th century liberalism. Neo-liberalism though is obviously "tyrannical" in the abovementioned sense.
What about EU? Or Midwestern Muricans or Siberians?

File: yes i am sure.png (405 KB, 555x472)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
Who is the paragon philosopher for the eternal gremlin, troll, asshole, contrarian who has no actual position they want to defend, other than just to stir people up?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not really, they had ataraxia as the endgoal by showing the impossibility of knowledge leading to suspension of judgment. The academic sceptics just lived to dunk on stoics though.
Ayn Rand easily
Cioran. Nobody assblasted bourgeois liberal sensibilities quite like he did.
File: Stirner.jpg (12 KB, 170x198)
12 KB
Stirner dropped a masterpiece out of nowhere that destroyed everything all his friends were working on at the time. He even made Marx seethe so hard that Marx wrote a polemic against Stirner that was longer than Stirner's entire oeuvre. He destroyed the classics, christfags, hegelians, liberals, socialists and humanists, monarchists, democratics, leftoids, rightoids. He even rekt whole movements that came after him pre-emptively.

He did this simply because he wanted to. He even admits as much:

>I see how men are fretted in dark superstition by a swarm of ghosts. If to the extent of my powers I let a bit of daylight fall in on the nocturnal spookery, is it perchance because love to you inspires this in me? Do I write out of love to men? No, I write because I want to procure for my thoughts an existence in the world; and, even if I foresaw that these thoughts would deprive you of your rest and your peace, even if I saw the bloodiest wars and the fall of many generations springing up from this seed of thought — I would nevertheless scatter it. Do with it what you will and can, that is your affair and does not trouble me. You will perhaps have only trouble, combat, and death from it, very few will draw joy from it. If your weal lay at my heart, I should act as the church did in withholding the Bible from the laity, or Christian governments, which make it a sacred duty for themselves to “protect the common people from bad books.”

>But not only not for your sake, not even for truth’s sake either do I speak out what I think. No —
>I sing as the bird sings
>That on the bough alights;
>The song that from me springs
>Is pay that well requites.
>I sing because — I am a singer. But I use[gebrauche] you for it because I — need [brauche] ears.
File: 9C4w.gif (475 KB, 490x265)
475 KB
475 KB GIF
*SNIFF* and so on

File: White_Noise.jpg (37 KB, 295x443)
37 KB
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Why does this feels like a King of the Hill episode?
Dylar isn't black
I'll take the blame on this one desu
File: elephant.jpg (364 KB, 1500x1500)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
so I watched the movie and thought it was pretty bad, am I right to judge all of Delilo as mopey pomo pastiche without any succinct insights?

File: 1679962075922.jpg (45 KB, 450x685)
45 KB
How to cope with being a child of the winter?
30 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
**eant holy fucking hell don't do drugs kids
hm, so my son, I guess.
Your son will eventually become your daughter, chud
don't assume my it-baby's gender you fucking pignose bigot

what's up with goodreads? As if this shitty site was not shitty enough, now translators are listed as authors of the books? And no employee seems to care. Is there any alternative to goodreads?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
They're not. Also, you can sort out by language.
Is there an alternative for to read lists?
Goodreads has a great database but it's so slow and bloated because of stuff I don't need.
>go to add book to my list
>get 20 different editions of the same book all listed as different books
>get 20 more translations listed also as all different books
>1 author listed as having written 300 fucking books, when in fact he's written 5
>same book listed in 5 different versions by 5 different authors, depending on who did translation and foreward, neither of whom are the actual author

it's because goodreads is run by amazon tech-bugs who do not actually read books themselves. i have met in person some of the creatures hired to code for the website. it would be like hiring people who despise video games to create games, or people who loathe cars to design cars. but amazon doesn't care about service quality, they only care about quantity, making more and more sales. it's also why their rating system is worthless.

but since all of them maxvaxxed we'll be rid of their kind within a few years. tick tock, vaxxie. here comes the heart-attacksie.

getting paid six figures to be incompetent code-crawling retards and ruin what should be a simple database-based site.
Another example: currently there is an author page for "author unknown" (distinct from Unknown and Anonymous) which consists solely of books that have been auto-imported from amazon (and often a search of the title should make it very clear who the author is). The amount of books it has? Only three million.
And meanwhile the little librarian group has cleanup "projects" for some fantasy series or other: it's endearing really, mopping up a square inch of floor in an ocean of shit.

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