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ITT: we talk about cuties.

1. Phoebe, Catcher in the Rye.
2. Stoner's daughter(pre-slutified)
3. The Little Prince
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The correct answer is Mary Bolkonski

How the fuck did Edith know Stoner was cheating on her? Did Grace become a whore because she wanted an actual relationship after her mother ruined her chances to socialize as a child?
Legolas is the hottest chick in the series
Millie form The Wings of the Dove

File: ira-fighter-1970s.jpg (92 KB, 500x416)
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I didn't know weither to post this in /mu/ or here. I'm more familiar with /mu/ so I thought I'd give this board a try. /mu/ is an odd Korean soft-core porn board.

Myself and another from abroad have made a "Radio Play" series. 4chan is the boiler room of the internet. If I get three or four genuine responses I'll be glad.

Also is anyone doing something similar?

The Radio Play: youtu.be/krmKMx4QfKs
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Are you doing books? If not go back to /mu/

That’s a 10/10 Irish lass frendo
File: zj4i4vrxx9931.jpg (119 KB, 600x885)
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119 KB JPG
Whole book written. 175,000 words down. We decided to go the YT route because of general illiteracy.

/mu/ would be tempting but it'd just be about the supporting track. We're looking to tell a tale.

Perchance, do you know of any other similar YT posts? I wanna learn an' git gud
Its interesting that radio dramas are in vogue during the nadir of radio's popularity.
thats how irish girls are

File: 81JormtzPSL.jpg (461 KB, 1688x2531)
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461 KB JPG
What the fuck did I just read
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Te encargo todo, entiendes? Caballos, sillas, todo.
He stamped his feet twice on the boards and flared his arms like some wild thaumaturge out of an atavistic drama and reached and seized the black by his robes where he lay in the reddening waters and raised him up and stove in his head with his warclub.
The judge smiled. The kid spat and shook his head. They rode on.
Not him, but both. The last discussion the two had, the fire lighting the pits in the plains. Makes me wet.
> He would live to look upon the western sea and he was equal to whatever might follow for he was complete at every hour. Whether his history should run concomitant with men and nations, whether it should cease.

He'd long forsworn all weighing of consequence and allowing as he did that men's destinies are given yet he usurped to contain within him all that he would ever be in the world and all that the world would be to him and be his charter written in the orestone itself he claimed agency and said so and he'd drive the remorseless sun on to its final endarkenment as if he'd ordered it all ages since, before there were paths anywhere, before there were men or suns to go upon them.
my favorite part of blood meridian was the part where they rode on
I remember liking it when I read it. I like the idea of a literary western in general. More than a little highfalutin but it keeps.

Wood Beyond The World. Wow, I’m loving this. It’s mellow, lush and beautifully written. It just feels magical.

Any other pre-Tolkein fantasy recommendations?
clark ashton smith. a lot of his stories can be categorized by the settings in which they take place. averoigne is a made up principality in medieval france and most of the stories include elements of gothic fiction. his zothique stories are set at the end of the world's lifespan, where all life has congregated to a single desert continent beneath a blood-red sun. his hyperborea and poseidonis stories are set in the frigid north of 10,000+ years ago and the last isle of atlantis shortly before it sinks.

start with his (very) short story the last incantation to get a taste. his prose is a little strange (have a dictionary at hand) and his stories can be pretty somber but also very exotic and exciting.

also obligatory mention of the king of elfland's daughter by lord dunsany. i don't like his collection the gods of pegana (though many others do) but the above-mentioned book is quite beautiful at times
oh and all of smith's fiction can be found on the website the eldritch dark. i should mention that he was one of the big three of the weird tales days (the other two obviously being lovecraft and howard) but his stories had far greater depth and he himself was more of a mature adult than the other two
Thanks for the suggestions. That sounds right up my alley. I’ll check them out.

Gormenghast and The Worm Ouroborous.
sure thing. i'm sure a few others will come to me before i go to bed, so i'll check back in periodically.

i meant to also mention in the first post that anything published under the ballantine adult fantasy label is a safe bet. i frequently scan the spines of paperbacks at my local used bookstore for that unicorn colophon visible on the morris book.

i don't know how i could forget either of those. the gormenghast books are truly like nothing else and the worm ouroboros was way ahead of its time. great suggestions.

File: 9780141181264.jpg (41 KB, 290x450)
41 KB
I am a bit embarrassed to say, but I literally wept reading this masterpiece. Did anyone else fall to their knees?
I’m shit tier and got lost in what little I read but it struck me as a weird rush of information from the point of view of a dead person or maybe that weird aura you get sometimes when you’re on the verge of fully waking up
That’s interesting. When I tried to I read it in high school I also felt like it was narrated by a ghost. I only got about 40 pages in and had to put it down to focus on my classes, but I liked what I read and don’t know why.
Was it your first time? I wouldn't say you were shit tier if that is the case. I had to read it 3 times. The first time I was completely lost and thought it was a bit of a joke. The second time (after reading discussions about it) I started to get into it, but only on a surface level the 3rd time...my knees buckled. I hate to give a stupid cliche and say third time's the charm, but my god was I overwhelmed with emotion. I would honestly say I read the last 1/4 of the work with tears in my eyes.

File: 1586305413532.jpg (71 KB, 912x1024)
71 KB
>reading multiple-times translated, heavily transliterated, heavily edited ancient rhyming poetry rendered in blank verse in pious silence, between shitposting on 4channel and having sex with girlfriend every day during lockdown
>ancient rhyming
Ƿes hāl
>having sex with girlfriend
>on /lit/
What is the world coming to?
he already figured it out

File: echoes.png (2.34 MB, 1916x1176)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG
just a SINGLE book, what book would you give him? Let's assume he is 21. Can't be your book either. Personally? I'd give him The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. I'd want him to know how I lived at his age.
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File: transurfing.jpg (106 KB, 946x1360)
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106 KB JPG
Transurfing complete 1-5
Or Shankaras commentary on upanisads
The Holy Bible
By Baltasar Gracian, a fantastic book. This is what Robert whatever strip-mined to write the 48 Laws of Power. Read it.
Knowing what I do about how I felt in my early 20s, I think the best book I could give him would be Hesse's Siddhartha. The sooner he figures out that a critical key to happiness is peace within yourself, the happier he'll be in the long run. I wanted to give him Kokoro after that to somber his experience, but I think he needs another 4-6 years of life before he can appreciate it even remotely.

File: bueno-8296603.png (167 KB, 500x522)
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167 KB PNG
#9 /SpGT/ - "No puedo creer que ya vayamos por la novena" Edition

Welcome to the official thread for Spanish /lit/erature (español).

Feel free to contribute with reviews on your favourite authors, books, fragments, own works (so we can criticize them :), new editions or publications, and the like...

Last threads:
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This one is very boom and post-boom oriented. Not to mention the astounding lack of Spaniard literature.

Hot take: Spaniard literature is at least as rich as Latin American literature as a whole.
It's a bit difficult at first because of his complex syntax and his superposition of images till they reach a zenith. Also because of the narratives he chooses to portray, which combine actual winners of competitions with myths. In reality, Pindar hasn't had much influence on Hispanic literature (although there is some indeed), but that's maybe because of his difficult Greek (one of the most difficult authors along with Thucydides).
El Bumperino.

The poetry of Nezahualcóyotl is based.
>Spanish thread
>Post Nahuatl literature

Based yet unrelated
I know it's unrelated, I was just looking to a 100 pesos bill.

File: 51rNO5W907L.jpg (63 KB, 314x500)
63 KB
Which is the correct interpretation of Qur'an 2:178? The Sufi one, which says it is a metaphor for purification of the heart, or Ibn Taymiyyah's and Bin Laden's interpretation, which is that it advocates terrorism?
The jews did this.
Laziness did this
>This is an alleviation and a mercy from your Lord.
Its a karmic lesson.
Mohammed was a figure just like L ron hubbard or the likes. There is no spirituality to it, he just wanted to bang bitches and influence people. Source: ex muslim, still know many verses by heart.
I've never understood the Quran; comparing it to the Bible is perhaps my mistake, but when I read the Bible the moral and spiritual lessons are made rather obvious in the writing (although some of it has cultural references that I need help to understand obviously). As for the Quran, I read the poems, and I don't understand a damned thing.

The Cow for instance, is just an extremely long recount of Jewish Scripture and then a bunch of glosses on Jewish law. How is that supposed to be of value?

Take Quran 2:178 from the same poem

O ye who believe!
The law of equality
Is prescribed to you
In cases of murder:
The free for the free,
The slave for the slave,
The woman for the woman.
But if any remission

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 20200408_225810.jpg (1.14 MB, 1440x2126)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Is there a more based man in the arts? Also that trap scene

From how people describe it, it sounds pretty convoluted, which I also think is strange because DFW's big gripe was the loss of sincerity in the modern age
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you have to say that clinton and obama were indeed pretty slick and gimmicky
I enjoy the vulgarity and the odd honesty that comes with it
Honestly, Pale King (his last book) is a lot better and tackles America much more beautifully
That's true
absolutely worth reading. just did it in two weeks during this shit ass quarantine, 100 pages a day on average, 9 hours ish? jury's out on my autism diagnosis

book isn't convoluted, lemme lay this out for you.

the book and its multiple "sub plots" (misnomer, retards. there's just one huge plot) had to be intensely confluential in a super satisfying way because DFW is placing his text in direct opposition to the fictional film Infinite Jest, which is the career culmination of a famously anti-confluential director.

this director killed himself (yes because he was cucked) because he had faith in nothing, couldn't find a way to make entertainment that was fulfilling of anything besides base kicks. all of his (the director's) convoluted ass works of art were inscrutable and served to obfuscate the actual things that the director truly loved.

the book, therefore, has to make clear what DFW loves. he loves unbridled experience, and open communication. sincerity kind of captures it but gets bogged down by the way its used (even by DFW) in opposition to irony.

DFW values openness to the extremes of pleasure and pain, and thinks that life's ultimate goal shouldn't be sincerity but should be mindfulness, living in between heartbeats like gately does on his deathbed.

notice gately and hal, on opposite ends of the dedication spectrum as far as raisons d'etre are concerned, both turn infantile. gately relives his personal bottom as a result of attempting to do something truly good and noble. hal finds nothing in his life to believe in but brainless work, ultimately falling silent like his father feared (and hallucinated.)

DFW believes in genuine faith and experience and openness. i guess that is sincerity in a word

File: s-l1600.jpg (305 KB, 1200x1600)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>Beautiful Japanese girls are photographed in casts and bandages, victims of unknown traumas in the neon streets and hospital rooms. These are the “broken dolls” of Romain Slocombe’s Tokyo, a city seething with undercurrents of violent fantasy, fetishism and bondage.

Why are art books always like this?
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This is literally a fetish. Kudos to him for publishing an artbook about it.
A book that says possibly nothing about the author, but a great deal about the reader.
>I fucking love Japanese culture!

There is nothing the least bit wrong with that prose. It is perfectly reasonable and natural for a monograph art book (let's assume artist A and editor E) about A's art, to be written in a sympathetic prose style, saying the things that the artist had shown, not told, plus whatever cultural comparisons E cares to mention. You're basically thinking of one genre of art book, OP: the artist/editor monograph, the whole point of which is to show, promote and discuss the artist's work. You don't get a book of large, lovingly rendered reproductions accompanied by essays to the effect of "this stuff sucks and is gay, why are you reading this book". For art criticism, look for surveys, newspaper columns, or prose-dominated books by the critics with occasional illustration to make the points, not the above monographs. And in these cases, they will also enjoy slightly flowery prose which is germane to their subject. Art is usually touchy/feely/psychological, so the accompanying prose will naturally follow suit.
Because everything holy and pure has been written and only the dirt beneath the rocks remain

File: Paul_Verlaine.jpeg.jpg (19 KB, 260x353)
19 KB
Where should I start with Paul Verlaine?
In Rimbaud's asshole
(That, or Fêtes galantes)
If you don't read French I'd go on the Poetry Foundation website read the brief bio and a few of the poems in translation there
a bottle of absinthe

It always delights me to know that this hideous old balding weirdo got that sweet sweet B0IPUCCI.

File: hombre.jpg (85 KB, 650x488)
85 KB
Literature that features characters with schizophrenia?
My diary desu
Your dogs diary desu
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

File: 1585972403735.png (32 KB, 499x536)
32 KB
Slavoj Zizek on the failure of Corbyn in the UK. Can his theories be applied to Sanders in the US as well?

87 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
What's going on with the way Zizek rolls his R's? It literally sounds like he's purring.

Is this some kind of Slovene thing? All the other Yugoslavs I've met just sound like normal FOB balkanshits.
Typical Jew
>Southern seats
Labour will never, ever win another election again as long as they give a shit about competing with the lib dems for middle-class southern seats. Fuck those seats, you don't want those voters, let the lib dems and the Tories battle for them.
Sure thing, bro, centrism is the way. Remember how well Ed Miliband did?
This. Labour is nothing without working class voters in the industrial midlands and north, just as the US Dems are nothing without the workers in the midwest (rust belt). Catering to elite liberal "centrists" will always be electoral poison.

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