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File: shelf1and2.jpg (2.2 MB, 4032x3024)
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Post your bookshelves. Other anons rate them.
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File: lk.jpg (128 KB, 576x938)
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File: lki.jpg (169 KB, 1184x888)
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Kill yourself or get better taste. Stop reading hacks.
>ready player one
you really shouldn't be rating any collections mate

File: EN50RpTXkAI2Otu.jpg (66 KB, 720x348)
66 KB
okay /lit/, what is the best translation of the bible? I'm not religious but some of the books of the OT are kino. I like the KJV for the prose but I don't know how accurate the translation is
please no religious opinions I don't care about God only books
If you don't care about God only books then why would you care about translation accuracy. KJV is a perfectly fine translation unless you care about theological issues. Also use the archive dummy
>you care about books why would you care about translation accuracy
think about that statement anon
>use the archive dummy
never mind just go back
why did you post this pic though
Kind of ironic that progressives, and by that I mean Jews, hate the New Testament.
It's new, ergo better.

Hey guys. I've got to write an essay for an assessment in the next couple of days on Hamlet (with an emphasis on the "Literary Mindscape" ie. the nature of Hamlet's enigmatic mind). Can you guys recommend me some related texts that I can bring into my essay? So far I've been thinking about using Crime and Punishment, The Picture of Dorian Gray or Fahrenheit 451. Let me know if you have some ideas. Thanks!
Rosencranz & Guildenstern Are Dead

What do you do when you understand that the metaphysics is eternal and the temporal is always becoming? Like, okay so there are rules which are required for a stable universe. What exactly does this revelation do for humanity other than further confuse us? Sure, you can say that this means there’s an intelligent creator, but can you really suspend disbelief to imagine with 100% certainty this justifies belief in an immaterial afterlife where you exist for eternity? As it seems, those who claim this intelligent creator haven’t peered beyond the origins. The irony of metaphysics is that metaphysics is the metaphysics of metaphysics ad infinitum. Simply put: we’re a spontaneous and autonomous process which arose from the determined mathematical requisites needed to form a material universe. Where is a God in all of this? Don’t you dare wipe it down to some unknown force. At any point you get to verifying the existence of god in an unknown force it self terminates into a repeating and lifeless process devoid of any meaning except to prove itself to be itself. Thereby, I challenge anyone to give me an example of extraordinary non-mathematical processes which proves to escape the bounds of reason.
>spontaneous and autonomous
Should read “spontaneous but non-autonomous”.
>Where is a God in all of this?
In the prior sentence.
God is the first matter or mass that developed the energy to exist (unlike a rock), everything is from that first cell and its impulse to exist and procreate

File: Garst_15450.jpg (432 KB, 1000x1500)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Hey depressed faggot here, just reminding you guys not to give up the great work you're writing. It's not about the publishing but the fire you enrich inside you.
Fellow depressed faggot here. I agree with the sentiment, but unfortunately I can't write due to fucking depression!!!!!
File: chie2.png (245 KB, 787x1016)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
>Reminder: don't trust depression. Here are all the signs you need that you are writing something extraordinary

so you want to be a writer? (Charles Bukowski)

if it doesn't come bursting out of you
in spite of everything,
don't do it.
unless it comes unasked out of your
heart and your mind and your mouth
and your gut,
don't do it.
if you have to sit for hours
staring at your computer screen

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File: 81YSdVhYX0L.jpg (472 KB, 1511x2560)
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472 KB JPG
Why do leftists hate this book so much?
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admitting leftists commit atrocities sometimes too puts a giant hole in their moral posturing and thus gives them even less justification for all the obnoxious and intrusive shit they pull off in the current year.
File: gulag.png (114 KB, 608x241)
114 KB
114 KB PNG


the whole "muh dignity of labour" thing in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich is really retarded.
File: Shrugginganimegirl.jpg (51 KB, 720x713)
51 KB
>What? If you're just going to namecall, instead of provide arguments, then it would seem you're not really refuting anything because you cannot.

Yes, i know, but the thing is: if you're baiting, by debating you i'm making a fool of myself, and that's no good. If you're actually this mentally retarded, then there's no point; first of all, i know well that an anonymous anime poster on the mongolian basket weaving forum it's not going to change anyone's mind when talking about politics, second, you probably have your head so up your ass that you wouldn't hear me even if i had a solid argument, so why even bother?
Besides, the only threads worth of a serious reply on /lit/ are those about metaphysics and theology anyways.
You might really enjoy this one from everyone favorite Jewish Holocaust revisionist

>i'm making a fool of myself
>an anonymous anime poster on the mongolian basket weaving forum

File: sumerians.jpg (1.24 MB, 3000x3559)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Could I get a bunch of "start with" pics? I want to see/hear of the different routes people take in exploring the literature topological map.
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fuck the rest just read the bieber book
Link the wiki?

I'd like to add my Mesoamerican chart (>>14558642) to it when I finish
I recently started getting into it. Here are the recs I've gotten so far (for my particular interests):
Buddhism as Philosophy
Engaging Buddhism
Siddartha's Brain (a bit popsci but apparently good. By a science reporter)
Why Buddhism is True (also popsci, by a Stanford professor)

Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook
Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy
Introducing Daoism (Livia Kohn)
Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings (Ziporyn)
The Complete Works of Zhuang Zi (Watson)
Tao Te Ching (Derek Lin)

Introducing Daoism is short and very interesting, I just finished it. I'd recommend starting with that if you're interested. It explains the context behind Laozi and Chuang Tzu's philosophical and political motivations, as well as daoism's shamanic roots. Then it goes into an overview of its history and development from ancient China to the way it's practiced as a religion today
File: 1556490578097.png (1.13 MB, 2000x900)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
You're doing Quetzalcoatl's work anon, thank you

>We must cultivate our garden
what did he mean by this?
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Bad thoughts are like weeds and you need to make sure to take them out quickly and not let them grow.

Good thoughts are like flowers, or vegetables. They take a while to grow, but if you tend to them, they will blossom and bring to you the fruit of such labor
Cultivate your garden is the retort trumper, you lost.
trim ur pubes
Work for your own and don't mind others. Live humbly like Candide.
File: banker.png (441 KB, 610x624)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
Prune the weeds (your vices) and set the soil with cow manure (good books) and watch the garden flourish (your ideas)

File: 1558752466418.gif (2.44 MB, 670x670)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB GIF
Something more of the like of the Throne of Glass. I want some strong, witted, sassy, ass-kicking girl that needs no man.

Thank you.
File: 27841061.jpg (155 KB, 314x475)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
I love bonbi

File: bg-clouds.jpg (111 KB, 1600x945)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
What makes someone a great writer? Is it a skill which you can improve, or is it based on your personality/intelligence etc?

Assuming it is based on your personality/intelligence, then what makes someone a great songwriter, or a great novelist etc? If it is a skill, then we can become great in whichever area we want.
Vision and humanity, much of which derives from experience (not exceptional experience) and natural talent
its God-given talent. if you don't have it, you will never be a great writer. you MUST roll with whatever gifts God give you in this life, you can't force anything.
>Is it a skill which you can improve, or is it based on your personality/intelligence etc?

Like most things its a mixture of both but mostly the latter.
It's definitely a skill. Good writers write constantly, and if they are not writing then they are thinking about it. Like painters learn to see the world in shades of colors instead of light and shadow, a writer learns to see experiences in their own abstract description, or to describe something with fluidity and cleverness.

What are good books about Hindu theology and metaphysics?
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We are all part of himself and also the Atman.
If you go and look at that thread in the archive you'll find that schizofag accused OP and others of that thread of samefagging and that people replied to him shortly afterwards with screencaps of (you)'s proving that they weren't samefagging. Despite being proven wrong he still made an autistic image and spams it constantly. Schizofag is so triggered by people posting about Hinduism and especially Vedanta that he can't help but accuse everyone who posts about Hinduism of samefagging.
ok guenonfag
I'm at least one of the people you call "Schizofag" constantly and I did not make that image. The guy who made that image is funny as fuck tho, legit talented. I only made some screencaps of you mass posting threads once.

File: images (3).jpg (31 KB, 464x661)
31 KB
How did the madman do it?
Pure genetics
thinking about it magically
He knew 6 ways to eat pussy

File: crossman.png (6 KB, 500x500)
6 KB
I decided it would be interesting in reading the Bible.

Which version should I read?
don't, it's actually really boring.
Really any version, but KJV has the nicest language.
More important thing than the version is to start with the Gospels and not try and read it like a novel cover to cover like some autists do on here.
nrsv for accuracy
KJV is best, but the NKJV is more accessible, imho. It's a wonderful wonderful thing. You don't have to read it straight through either. I started with the Gospel of Mark.

File: bolano1-jumbo.jpg (136 KB, 1024x683)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I'm Puerto Rican and have barely read any latin american literature. What should I read (besides 100 years of solitude?)
pic related. Some people have told me Bolaño is one of the best writers of the century. Is this true or is he being overhyped?
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Mario Levrero
Everything with his name on it.
>Ricardo Piglia
Pick one randomly and two of the most famous titles.
>Guillermo Cabrera Infante
He's a monster that no one talks about. Look for "Cuerpos divinos" and "Tres Tristes Tigres".
>Murilo Rubião
Only if it's cheap because the company responsible for the rights are a monopoly fucking the editorial market here.
>José J. Veiga
I saw some people saying it's good, buy one if it's cheap for the same reason I posted above.
>Euclides da Cunha
Look for "Os Sertões". Borges talked about it, so it was translated to Spanish, and you'll love it if you survive the first 170 pages of geological autism.
>Monteiro Lobato
He's famous for his books for kids, but his "adult" short stories have an unique style and are amazing.
>Clarice Lispector

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>who acted like the mafia.
kinda sounds based though
>be me, a modernist
>put shit on paper/canvas
>it's art
>random guy said it's shit
>called my modernist friends to help me destroy this random guy
>told random guy's boss to fire him
>called my rich friends and told them to not hire of make business with random guy
>go to the newspapers and radios to attack random guy
>repeat until there is nothing buy praise for your shit
Extremely BASED
Fuck shit talking cucks ; north korea these scum
ala o mpbesta tosco
não tem uma roda de maconha na usp pra ir tocar violão não?

File: sailor.jpg (51 KB, 359x499)
51 KB
Just read this. It's incredibly well written and entertaining to read, just as Temple of the Golden Pavilion was. However, I'm not sure what the takeaway is, if there is supposed to be one. The conflict of manly traditions of glory versus bourgeois comfort and compromise are understandable but what are we supposed to make of murder as a resolution or answer to this conundrum? Did Mishima actually want to glorify having an iron heart devoid of empathy - and willing to murder, in fact to do "anything, no matter how awful" - as an expression of manliness?
I don’t really like to talk about books in terms of take aways but. . . I think Mishima would have thought the kid to be an expression of masculinity.
Has anyone seen Schrader’s movie? I was thinking about watching it tonight. I haven’t read the texts it draws from though
There isn't much of a takeaway. Mishima just didn't like how japan (A country that was merciless, with bloodthirsty samurai held to the highest esteem) succumbed to westernization when America nuked them. He felt betrayed by his country, who Ryuji probably represents, who threw away his "Glory" for a woman who was is the representation of westernization in the story (Fusako). Mishima most likely self inserted as Noburu, the devoid of empathy part is something that stems from his samurai heritage which he wished to express through Noburu.
>Devoid of empathy
Where are you getting this from? Noboru was conflicted about what the boys were going to do. The chief is devoid of any, but he is the arrogant character.
Perhaps that it's difficult for dreamers like Ryuji to sharpen their claws and fulfil their destiny in part because they are so rare and lack like-minded companions. He believed that a free life at sea could potentially lead to the glory but was an aloof individual among the sailors. In the audience of seemingly spirited children his faith was roused, but by then it was too late.
neat. this was my second of his after confessions of a mask. im gonna read temple next. it was soo good.

im not sure mishima was glorifying the actions of the children. he was good at getting inside the head of those who become deranged & aesthetically obsessed from the bounds of bourgeois comfort

the schrader movie is really good & you dont need to have read the stories to watch it. its seriously one of the best movies ive ever watched

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