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Practice writing with flash fiction and join anthology #3!

Flashes will be collected from these threads and turned into an anthology. Leave a prompt after your flash for the next person.

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1,000-word maximum. No porn, extreme abuse or gore, etc. Original fiction written from a thread prompt. Prompts cannot be used more than once.

October 31st

>Prompts (listing most recent/active only):

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Prompt bump:
>No one believes it was immaculate conception
it's over...
I concur
not yet it isn't
>Dead worms and Crystal Pepsi

File: 81lCOcgXfxL.jpg (364 KB, 1575x2475)
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This is great
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There's some okay stuff here on a sentence level and observationally, but I feel like the visualization of the internet thing is so old hat it actually precedes the internet proper. This idea of "entering" the virtual world as physically going into it doesn't work for me.
I suddenly feel a lot better about my own writing in comparison. Thanks for the self esteem boost bros.
reminds me a little of this classic pasta:

Women don't understand how male lust actually operates. Women think that men experience women as "the Beautiful," as something pleasant and trifling that can be enjoyed at a distance and then allowed to pass on. They think that a picture of themselves wearing clothing that shows off all their fat and all their soft skin and warm nice holes is like a postcard with a picture of a beach on it. But to men, female beauty is not the Beautiful, it's the Sublime, it's not trifling but great and terrible, and it stirs something great and terrible and daemonic in man's subterranean depths that impels him forward to fuck things from roughly below and behind the prostate area.

When a man sees a picture of a beautiful sexy woman he feels half a million years of race knowledge thrumming in his veins, an infinity of sexy women reaching around behind themselves to spread their asscheeks and pussy apart with one hand and say "fuck me." He hears the drums from the movie Jumanji, his soul tangibly but invisibly leans forward outside of him grasping desperately for the pussy and gnashing its teeth. He wants to taste her holes and squeeze her fat and smell that combination of smells girls have that when you ask them what it is they say it's just normal shampoo and fabric softener but you know it's something more.

It's not fair to post these hot sluts constantly. The jezebels guy is right and this post is not an homage. I'm going to kill myself if I can't escape from this feeling soon. Women don't understand what they're doing. I saw a girl on a bicycle yesterday and I started thinking about what it would be like to be a bicycle seat for 10 minutes.
Lockwood does some pretty good lit reviews. She doesn't really write for the audience here on /lit/, she's marketed more towards that young woman millennial worldview crowd. Still, I think she's a good writer. She's actually decently funny too.

Honestly, if people here actually read her books or lit reviews, they might come away liking her. For /lit/, she's the best shot you have at liking any author who writes primarily for young women.

Also, she's a good author to keep in the back pocket when talking to women. Name-dropping her has worked well for me.
based level-headed anon

File: E7sDwnqUUAEsr6z.jpg (360 KB, 1280x969)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
How was Kant's noumena or Land's "outside" any different from Plato's forms? What Land was doing with his experimental/diagrammatic/methamphetamine/croaking live on stage seems especially similar to what Plato was talking about about divine madness/mania as a way to reach the world of forms.
Land is not a philosopher. The difference between platonic forms and Kantian things in themselves is patently obvious.
>Land is not a philosopher
>The difference between platonic forms and Kantian things in themselves is patently obvious
Not helpful
For Plato, the closer you are to the forms the closer you are to knowing. For Kant, things in themselves are unknowable, so at least according to Kant, if we can speak of forms, they aren't things in themselves. Kant calls space and time the transcendental forms of intuition, because they presuppose any and all possible experience. These might be closer to something like platonic forms, but still, this is a far cry from what Plato was doing with his forms.
>What Land was doing with his experimental/diagrammatic/methamphetamine/croaking live on stage seems especially similar to what Plato was talking about about divine madness/mania as a way to reach the world of forms
No he was just embarrassing himself as usual
thanks, i obviously have not read kant
Kan'ts noumena~ when we perceive a flower, we perceive it as have a particular size, shape, color, but these are all phenoma. But we still assume there is some specific thing which lies behind the phenomen which is the flower. But there are billions of such specific flowers in the world, all of which we are incapable of knowing in themselves.
Platos forms: All specific flowers are manifestations of a single ideal flower
I don't know anything about Land

File: donkey hottie.jpg (1.6 MB, 1968x2862)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
>reading pic related
>half the jokes have to be explained with footnotes

a joke isn't really funny if it has to be explained. i already lel'd out loud several times in my surface level reading anyway, which is rare for a book, but at the same time i feel that too much of it will go over the average reader's head. you really have to be immersed in 16th/17th century spanish culture to get the full effect of this book as the author intended, which makes me suspect that many people who uphold it as the greatest novel of all time are just larpers. how the fuck is this going to be your favorite novel of all time when most of the content will fly over the head of just about every single person alive today.
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Not everyone is a drooling retard.
So go read the books it references. This is /lit/.

No it isn't. Without those references you might as well read someone's dream journal.
Cumgenius, did you change your trip? Go back to my filter.
I got the references, zoomer. Plebs, stay away of the Quixote, it's for you the masses
it's for not* you the masses

Anyone know what this password-protected 'Glowworm' page of the Pykewater Library leads to? RIP a real nigga

File: Yarvin.jpg (44 KB, 600x600)
44 KB
>"Protestantism is a halfway point to Atheism. I enter a protestant church and it resembles your average community library. Where's the grandeur, the history, the awe? Protestants would rather philosophize religion than worship, and so they imagine themselves peers of God, far more than his subjects. The true purpose of religion is to strike fear into your heart. You acquire a healthy fear of God, and this way, ritual overtakes philosophy and the religion retains its mythos and tradition. Protestants will never understand Catholicism."

Was he right?
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he asked a question which i provided an answer for. what are you upset about?
You make a point of “weathering” That I can agree to a point with, but that is not the entirety of a thing in itself. The rituals of Catholicism do preserve aspects of it, but if one is fundamentally opposed to it, thats a moot, and utilitarian, point. And if I am not mistaken, the Amish are going strong.
>Church fathers
No such thing, the church has one Father, God.
>protestants will die soon thankfully
>blablablabla... I'm incapable of making decisions
This is why you'll never be happy, anon. An indecisive life is an unfulfilling one.

File: 716ZuGJXc1L.jpg (215 KB, 1650x2475)
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215 KB JPG
Has a book ever helped you improve your mental health?
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I'm reading Leahy's book about anxiety and its literally just
>be yourself bro :)
What a waste of time
what about the Pierres, the Peters, the Pedros, the Pietros, the Piters.....?
what about them?
are they not rocks?
Quick guide to mental health
>Get enough sleep
>Eat well
>Regular exercise
>Talk to people you like
>Build fun projects
The whole concept behind mental health has been warped to produce a better corporate worker and consumer. Nothing more, nothing less.
Helped? Sure. Been the deciding factor? Probably not, but few single causes ever are. Reading Infinite Jest at a time where I was getting serious about quitting heroin probably helped me - still took half a year, but I managed eventually. Reading Steinbeck in periods of loneliness and creeping nihilism helped in seeing the beauty in people. Beauty in general gives me a lot of hope, and I guess you could say that helps my mental health in some way - Hamsun has a tendency to make my soul feel like it is springtime, and reading Shakespeare gives me a feeling of awe close to piety.

But books can equally be a source of suffering - I am not memeing when I say that the Book of Disquiet made me despondent for weeks on end. It is the only one that has ever done so - Schopenhauer, Cioran, Kafka, Houllebecq, Celan, writers like that, none of them ever really got close to affecting me on anything more than a level of pure intellectual curiosity. But Pessoa nearly killed me with the endless tedium.

File: 710DXGJXpuL.jpg (192 KB, 1050x1240)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Hi /lit/
After the recent hype around Dune i decided to give it a go but i don't know what edition of the books should i choose.
I read that the latest edition (the one in the pic) is edited to make it more family friendly.
I don't want that, i want the closest to the original that i can find.
And here i ask for your help. Which edition is the closest to the raw material and which should i choose?
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>decided to finally read dune because of the hype for the movie
>finish the first book
>It was okay, wouldn't mind reading more, realize some of the scifi and fantasy novels I've read have borrowed a lot from it
>get to book two
>It's boring, force myself to finish it
>get to book three
>about halfway in and will probably drop it
Is the first one the only good one? This might be the biggest drop in quality from a series I've read in a long time.
>more family friendly.
can someone elaborate on this?
Anyway, I got the Hodder edition (picrel) and although I've read only a third of it, it seemed to have the same content as my 90s German edition.
Those aren't the lastest editions.
Good book read the first one and move on unless you REALLY enjoyed it
I am nearing the end of the third book. I find it much more captivating than the second one, but not as "cool" as the first one.

>For to fear death, men, is in fact nothing other than to seem to be wise, but not to be so. For it is to seem to know what one does not know: no one knows whether death does not even happen to be the greatest of all goods for the human being; but people fear it as though they knew well that it is the greatest of evils. And how is this not that reproachable ignorance of supposing that one knows what one does not know? But I, men, am perhaps distinguished from the many human beings also here in this, and if I were to say that I am wiser than anyone in anything, it would be in this: that since I do not know sufficiently about the things in Hades,so also I suppose that I do not know. But I do know that it is bad and shameful to do injustice and to disobey one’s better, whether god or human being. So compared to the bad things which I know are bad, I will never fear or flee the things about which I do not know whether they even happen to be good.
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The basic problem of consciousness has been mapped out, we know our behavior/experience is correlated to certain parts of the brain. The "hard" problem of consciousness is just a small knowledge gap rapidly being closed. I don't understand what math has to do with this. Care to explain?
>Muh higher maths
>Muh quantums
>Muh science says
Nor do you, quit pretending you do
Do you?
>ask me how I know you don't know much higher math
How do you know this?
How do you know?

File: 1634676889024.jpg (30 KB, 720x676)
30 KB
>the pansy at my feet doth the same tale repeat
>whither is fled the visionary gleam
>where is it now
>the glory and the dream
I am NOT going to try to match that. I am also not going to make any excuses.

File: file.png (2.15 MB, 1200x1843)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
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You have to get daily solitude within natural scenery while reading high-quality literature. It is also beneficial to keep self-reflection diary where you can write on your experiences.
There is a God, but I don't think it's easy to figure out His nature.
My roommate is on weed like 24/7.
Maybe its not as addictive as nicotine, but it seems to occupy way more of peoples time. Hell, he wakes up in the middle of the night just to take a rip then cough a lot, then go back to sleep. Imagine not being able to even sleep well without a rip.
i contemplate god unceasingly. i think it's been helping. you ever try candle meditation?
Absolutely i will personally hang shoot hack and vanquish every lgbt or other degenerate brought to me in chains and then personally kill myself to bring about a global khaliphate I'm not joking i would if i could
Engaging in Dhikir makes you enter a deep meditative state which lets you see lots of things.
Like these guys here led by Abdalqadir as-Sufi.
Interesting Sheikh. Read about him.

File: sdgsdfg.jpg (26 KB, 220x316)
26 KB
When does it get good?

I'm 200 pages in. While I've enjoyed certain scenes, the intro chapter, and the dialogue, this overall feels like second-rate Joyce or Pynchon. Feels like a claustrophobically bookish, stilted version of Pynchon.
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Yes that applies to TR, but not Moby-Dick
This isn't mentioned enough in Gaddis threads. The Recognitions and JR are both among the funniest books I've ever read.
I love how everyone talks shit to Otto lol.
J R is the funniest book I have ever read. The way the shitty apartment just fills with junk and things sent to J R or for J R and how its just constantly falling apart and getting more and more fucked up lol.
wtf how is the recognitions a european novel? most of the book is a satire of american society/consumerism

File: neet.jpg (63 KB, 300x348)
63 KB
What's some basic antiwork lit?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
In Praise of Idleness by Bertrand Russell
You sound lazy and like you need prowork /lit/.
I recommend Keep the Aspidistra Flying
File: 7lmdl9k260m31.jpg (69 KB, 636x637)
69 KB
Bertrand Russell On The Praise of Idle is absolute essential neetcore. Felt very comfy reading it

File: 2021books.png (472 KB, 505x860)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
> 2021 read challenge starts
> sets target 25
> starts strong 5 books in less than 2 months
> heartbroken from a girl
> rhythm slows down
> pull myself together, but too late
> 10 books until now
> total failure, feel ashamed

Need some boost anons. Recommend akin books to complete my challenge :(
23 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
That depends on the book, obviously.
Is the concept of some books being more complex and taking more time to appreciate foreign to you?
i don't exactly read YA bro. maybe you're just dim.
>i don't exactly read YA bro.
Never implied you did
>maybe you're just dim.
Never implied I wasn't
That's actually a bust of Epicurus.
Same here, OP. But I've finished Mason Dixon this year - which I'm proud of, specially for discovering that Pynchon is a fraud. And listening to the audiobook while I follow the words is helping me with Ulysses.

My mother got me the critique of pure reason for my birthday, as she knows I'm interested in philosophy, but a lot of this stuff is going over my head. What are some recommendations for prior reading so I can understand what this Prussian man is saying?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Literally just re-read it until you understand bro.
you can skip them
leibniz monadology. Read some books on german idealism and reread the intro to cpr until you get it.
My mother died from second hand Plato smoke :(
Get secondary literature and a basic mapping graph of his idea. Reading Kant is like reading a sex manual written by an autist

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