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File: 1606229694276.jpg (387 KB, 1052x1312)
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philosophers that refuted "free" will?
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Free will was proven right by Luis de Molina in the 1500s

only at the request of some deeper desire
We don't. Baby torture is legal. The only reason to have laws is for some to own slaves. Laws are completely useless beyond that.
>self-generated motion of the subject is always contingent on non-self generated characteristics and conditions
Not really, there is no object without the subject, they're inseparable. You can't say the subject is contingent on reality's properties, since subject itself is a necessary property of reality. Although it's not exactly like the object is contingent on the subject either.

Existance is essentially choosing to exist, since reality has to choose itself to be what it can be, out of that which it cannot be. Therefore what it can be is not truly up to a choice - despite the term "choose" - but the will of the subject to make the choice - to exist or not - is.

I scan old ship logs into digital. most of it is largely just busness work, but often times pasted in the very front and back cover the logger put newspaper clipings and other writings they found worthwhile.

just thought it was neat, here you go.
Make an archive with annotations.
Hell, make the annotations vague enough and you could sell it as a book.
Nice. Do you have a place where you collect them online?
File: andy.jpg (53 KB, 600x646)
53 KB

Just finished this, and I don’t know why but I’m addicted. It’s as if Donna Tartte put a group of /lit/ psueds in a class together, the characters are absolute dumbasses about the real world. For some reason it’s far less emotional than I would have expected based on the premise, it’s actually rather bleak. General discussion, feed me your thoughts.
tldr; Bunny did literally nothing wrong
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1. The Secret History
2. The Little Friend (I don't know why nobody talks about this one)
3. The Goldfinch
>She's a Catholic herself though.
Had Donna Tartt converted to Catholicism before The Secret History was published?
>I don't know why nobody talks about this one
Because they've never read it.
So which dumbass did you see yourself as?
For self-perservation. He simply could not keep quiet. It would have led to trouble sooner or later.

File: book-girl.jpg (72 KB, 700x442)
72 KB
A lot of you guys keep asking how to appeal to lit chicks, art hoes, etc.
Here's a good example of what you have to do:
Step 1: be good looking
Step 2: have money
Step 3: climb social hierarchy

Alternatively and ancientpilled
Step 1: kill all the men
Step 2: enslave and rape

Will romanticism ever make a comeback?
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Romanticism has never left us and it's outlook on life is so ingrained in us that few even notice. Think about how we talk about education/learning, it's about "finding your own voice" or "helping you become the best version of yourself."This is pure romanticism, the notion that a person innately is good and knows their own best course in life and that they need no shaping by other people or institutions to help them flourish. And this is taken to its extreme conclusion with the postmodern "personal truth." And culturally look at any action movie to take the easiest example, how often is the hero somebody who follows his "own code" which breaks the laws? I shouldn't even need to talk about popular music which has absolutely no standards whatsoever, proportion, measure, harmony are all secondary to visceral emotion. And in politics think of the many progressives talk. What is the idea behind defund the police or abolish prisons? That people are innately good and that it's the system that treats people unfairly and unjustly, this is pure Rousseau. Likewise with poverty, that it isn't the natural condition of mankind but the result of society (Ayanna Pressley, a Democratic congresswoman literally said this last week). And on the opposite side of the political spectrum the basic tenet of libertarians is that individuals allowed to do whatever they each personally think is best will create the best society. Romanticism is a fucking blight and the poetry of Keats, Byron, Wordsworth et al Is not enough to justify even the fraction of the havoc it has wreaked these last two hundred years.
Include me in the screenshot
Was gonna post this, romanticism never ended
hopefully it won't
fuck lit is cringe now, last couple of days it seems

Whom do I read after Plato
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>Explanation: The traditional rule is that the case after variants of 'to be' agrees with the case before.
I don’t know for sure, but this is not the case in German, so Im pretty sure you’re wrong. Maybe you got the idea from Latin or Greek where this rule holds (and is mostly apparenta in infinitive propositions)
milk truk arive
This list is only good at the start, then gets really shit really fast
>go straight from -360s to 1880s
niezschefags are the worst.
What would you recommend?

File: EdRiOKdUEAco0QY.jpg (84 KB, 743x900)
84 KB
A Man in full
The Old Man and the Sea
The Odyssey

File: dbhnt.jpg (15 KB, 331x500)
15 KB
Now that the dust has settled, is there any rival?
The ESV is a better translation.
I know you haven't read it.
yea, that's true, but I've read enough of it. Plus, I've watched a few of his youtube videos.

What does /lit/ think of Latin American literature? Who are your favorites?
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The issue isn’t shitposting. You thought I got a word wrong and tried to correct me on a basic thing to feel smart and it backfired.
Finally, someone on /lit/ with taste.
nicolas gomez davila

File: left vs right.png (1.75 MB, 2178x930)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
The great debate. Left wing philosophers vs Right wing philosophers. Who wins?
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Why is hitler a philosopher lol
oh boy, to understand that you need to educate yourself about neo-Hyperborean thought
The final reduction is good vs evil
yes, everyone vs the Jews (with the exception of those who renounce their Judaism)
>left wing
>right wing
No such thing. Stop being a niggercattle.

Hey, bros.

Recently replayed this old gem and now I have an itch for similar stories.

Any suggestions on stories about fucked up families that explores their perversions and supernatural angle.

Think Brothers Karamazov and, well, Clive Barker (who wrote this game's plot)

Thanks in advance
ada or ardor

What books do I like?
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The Iliad
lost horizon?
I'm guessing that you are some tribal living in the Amazon. So, probably some manual about how you can weaponize poisonous frogs.
Biology and geography textbooks?

File: Rrttt.jpg (667 KB, 1363x2048)
667 KB
667 KB JPG
Why was the literary art yielded to women? Why isn't the modern male reading anymore?
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Hey big boy, the smart word you wanted to use is spelled *casuistry
Do you think aristocratic men sat around an read fiction? It has always been a female domain
Videogames changed a lot
Verne was popular among aristocrats, as was Sherlock Holmes. Mythology was more their thing, with stories of heroism and such being common. Some even wrote fiction. Though it's a different matter if they ever published them.

File: schmitt.png (976 KB, 1408x1078)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
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right about what?
>couldn't conserve anything
Sounds like he wasn't
yeah he was right wing
Even Derrida likes this nigga. Of course
hoo dat

File: 1579976155469.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>First one to define art in a holistic manner that can include all works accepted by the art world as art (up to the present time), but does not allow everything to be called art, gets to stay on my aircraft

What literature would help you in this situation?

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