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Are the majority of female authors vacuous hacks? How so?
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You need a better chart. They only get the averages to match by age-restricting the data.
IQ is pseudoscientific nonsense.
based obsessive taleb poster
the majority of authors are vacuous hacks

File: DIY.jpg (46 KB, 640x774)
46 KB
We post our own scribblings, and find out it the critics of critics are right.

https://freetexthost.net/ IORlmVg
>We post our own scribblings, and find out it the critics of critics are right.

Is this just the new crit thread or is there something we're supposed to do with this website?
Like a crit thread I guess, but more for things you already have lying around, and different enough for me not to want to adopt the monniker and claim the bandwith. The site was just to accomodate larger text if anyone wanted to.

The crit of crit thing was just making fun of people who say "critique? How bout you make the X".

File: 1593104290032.jpg (31 KB, 519x423)
31 KB
mmmm g...ggoovvver...mmmm*falls asleep*
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Chomsky's speech isn't that hard to understand
Honestly it's kind of soothing.

File: d.jpg (353 KB, 1920x1080)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
The most based author of the 21st century, prove me wrong
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Does anyone have a link to Dugin's vision of utopia? The short schizo essay in which he describes his vision of a perfect society.
enjoy, I'm not a Duginist, but his essays are so much fun to read. Also have this one on Ungern Sternberg https://eurasianist-archive.com/2019/03/09/baron-ungern-god-of-war/
Thank you
take meds schizo
>be schizo
>take pills
>become dumb numb schizo

File: dumbbells.jpg (8 KB, 300x300)
8 KB
Is physical exercise fundamentally anti-intellectual?

My parents disapprove of me exercising because they believe that cultivation of the body is necessarily a rejection of the mind. They've said that when you're young, you should spend your time reading and finding out new ideas, any time spent obsessing over your physical form will have a negative impact on your studies, not least because it takes away time that would otherwise be spent reading.

Do you think they're right?
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Too bad there's no edit function like on reddit, am I right?
File: powerpuffkid.png (151 KB, 887x890)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>Do you think they're right?
No; your parents are idiotic.

The health of the spirit, and of the mind, is synergetically contingent on the health of the body, and vice versa; when all three are mutually synchronized in excellence, one moves perfectly, being able to attain to the exalted image of Spirit.

Incidentally: lifting "weights" in incremental manner is pessimal hypertrophic exercise which, beyond producing a surrogate sense of achievement within oneself, and/or a superficial impression within superfluous individuals, only serves to occlude freedom of motion within one's body, thereby, ultimately, and in recursive manner, pessimally effecting one's psykhe; the only aerobic and anaerobic exercises that one needs to practice regularly in order to optimally free, maintain alignment within, and build firmness of, the body, are those of: running, stretching, and corebased strengthening, in that order of importance, and in whatever manner one finds optimal for oneself (martial arts, calisthenics, yoga, etcetera).

Restore the purity, and freedom, of the child body, stop hastening its decay.

>"Whoever has come to know the world has discovered the body, and whoever has discovered the body, of that one the world is not worthy."
-- Jesus Christ, The Gospel of Thomas.
call me crazy, but i don't think it's possible to fetishize "the human body"
There’s nothing wrong with anti-intellectualism. You need a balance. Mens sana in corpore sano
>tfw often most fit and always best read (by a gargantuan margin) member of virtually all of my social circles
feels pretty okay, i don't get how others can settle for less in these realms

What does /lit/ listen to while reading?

For me, it's pic related.
File: snk1594183945203.jpg (667 KB, 3840x2160)
667 KB
667 KB JPG
The only thing I listen to while reading is sometimes an audio version of the book if one exists for free
Anything else is distracting.
>listening to music while reading

That's like browsing your phone while watching a movie.

Fucking plebs.
That's a valid point, but music (ambient music, that is) actually helps me focus and therefore commit to the text. Obviously I block out the music once I'm immersed, but it helps keep me engaged because it serves as leverage.

File: Tory trees.jpg (83 KB, 1200x464)
83 KB
Any High Tory literature recommendations?>Examples of English High Tory views from the twentieth century onward would be those of the novelists Evelyn Waugh and Anthony Powell, poet T. S. Eliot, philosopher Sir Roger Scruton
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Thanks for the recs anons. Have a blessed day
The true history of the american revolution by Sydney Fisher
>anything at all relevant to say about something as ancient and noble as high toryism
Edmund Burke, obviously.
Thats the wrong kind of Tory

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What do you know? I don’t know. Why not? What does it mean to know? You know. You say that, but I do not. But you said you do not know. Hmm, maybe I should have said I do not know if I do not know. That is the same problem, imbecile. Words come out, but that does not mean I know what they mean, you know? I know. Good. So what do you “know” ? I still do not know. Surely you believe something. Belief....what is belief? You recognize a thing as true. What is truth? What is real. But I do not know reality. Do you not? If I do, I do not know that I do. Well, what do you want? There are particulars, but they are generally what make me feel good. That is all? That is all. What else is there to you? Nothing else, I guess. But in all of this there is knowing, belief, truth, yes? Hard to say; I only see experience. You must not know love, beauty, truth, or anything good. Let me alone, and be quiet.
The Jannie takes no holiday as he goes about his good works.
We blur the margins of his consciousness
Like smeared lines- imperfections in the ruling of his paper.
And he tries to correct them, taking the tool of his trade and tracing over the blue so that it looks as it should.
Only attention is drawn to the problem, for all his efforts
The shade, the width even the straightness of his correction can never mimc the factory finish.
And the consequences are almost too beautiful for us to bear.
I've let my quest for pussy and my obsession with managing expectations ruin me.

I hurt more people then I ever wanted to in my life on this journey and now I don't know what to do or make of myself.
Past 3 days I've been furiously horny. Can't concentrate levels of horny. Hit your wall levels of horny. I'd fuck a fatty levels of horny. Watch porn though I wasn't watching since long ago levels of horny. 50 diamond push ups in a row levels of horny. Intrusive thoughts of fucking all the women I'd never thought of having sex in my life levels of horny. Want to invite random women in the street to have sex levels of horny.

It's pretty funny that you can find real life examples of the Left using almost every concept from this book
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Oh look another abominable thread that belongs on /pol/
Progressive Left = 1984
Multinational Corporations = Brave New World
Both together = Neoliberal reality
File: iconoclast.png (1.54 MB, 2200x2200)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
>Found the part about the churchs funny with all the people flocking to destroy monuments and rewrite history wherever they don't agree with it.
the first part is basically what happened in the french revolution
this isn't a new thing the left does lol

they are certanly implementing newspeak for sure

File: GK-Chesterton.jpg (295 KB, 1268x1600)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
What does lit think of distributism
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I've thought about it.
It could come about with the abolition of private property and forcing it to be open source and government aid in financing of small firms.
Then everyone could be a cpu tradesman.
er I meant intellectual property not private property
Does any country? Also, what country are you from and what issues do you have with the CDP there?
American Solidarity Party. I'm voting it into every office I can, but it's tiny and insignificant.
You're a retard or a schizo. Either way take your meds.

I've been reading the so called early church fathers and i have no words to describe to which lengths they went to subvert ancient polytheist communities. They didn't simply twist the words of Homer and Hesiod to fit their judeo-christian narrative, but they also constantly quoted fake jewish authors who claimed to be the poets of antiquity to support their monotheist cult such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudo-Orpheus who hasn't ever been quoted by any polytheist author. Augustine went as far as to make up Gods to slander the roman and greek polytheists, Justin Martyr tried to convince them with hoaxes and fake documents. This is just ridiculously subversive and my trust in the church has fallen even more than before, why isn't anybody talking about how subversive christians were and still are?
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File: whitewashed.jpg (249 KB, 1024x576)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
>I haven't said anything about any gods except Yhwh in this thread
Without IDs, I couldn't have known.

> It's very common for someone to be critical of the ridiculous ideas in judaism and its descendants, the christians
Only a coward backs off where the fighting is the greatest.

> All kinds of people don't believe the monotheistic lie.
Good for them.

>In this case there is no reason to believe that christianity is any better than anything else, being as its adherents are "imperfect and sinful".
All adherents are imperfect and sinful. If anything, it is these "imperfect and sinful" adherents that need Christianity the most, let alone those in other religions that exalt what (mind you) Christianity sees as sinful.

>Couple that with blatantly false historical claims that Christianity is necessarily dependent on
That's a different argument

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
No we didn't. Romans has heated floors and aqueducts. Fastfoward 1k years, you had brain-dead Christians thinking Roman structures thinking they were built by giants. We would be colonising several galaxies by now if it wasn't by the retarded Christians ruining everything as usual
That's all? Heated floors and aqueducts? Forgetting the fact that the dark period you're alluding to was unlike the period the Romans went through, and other civilizations you also revile (i.e. Islamic) were flourishing at the time.

>We would be colonizing several galaxies by now
Why is this a good, or even necessary thing? How do you know we'd be colonizing several galaxies by now? These are all vague, baseless claims that even atheists make (which is really what the pagan is, albeit with a veneer of mysticism).
why does this matter? would it have been better to destroy their idols and their culture? subversion isn't bad in itself, what matters is the purpose.

Any good surrealist literature? I’m looking for something like pic related but as a novel. Last time I made this thread I was recommended the book “the trial” by Franz Kafka which I really enjoyed but it wasn’t really what I was looking for
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One Hundred Years of Solitude

Locus Solus is okish

Valeria and Her Week of Wonders is cool

Complete Stories by Kafka is a must read

My body and I is better than Babylon if you crave some Crevel

Those are the ones I've read from the list sxo far. Most of them are pretty hard to find honestly

Saramago is the official king of Magical Surrealism though.
Hawkes is your man. Filename extremely related.
Hawkes is what you're looking for, because it was what I was looking for. Trust me
Okay fuck yes I’ll for sure read this.

File: faulkner pipe.jpg (159 KB, 800x800)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
You do smoke a pipe while reading, don't you /lit/? There's nothing like kicking back on the porch with a good book, a cup of tea and a /lit/ pipe to puff on. What's anon's favourite blend?
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I'm a pleb beginner in a country that doesn't have much of a pipe tradition, so it's either meh national blends or imported "pharmacy" blends. Thus far I'm sticking to aromatics, and captain black's regular is my preferred blend, next up I'm thinking of getting some borkum riff or 7 seas - which are pretty much all I can find here.
Atheism is always cringe because its core is a dogmatic certainty in nothing even while it attacks the dogmatic certainty of any other beliefs. At least with the Jewish line of religions we see Faith offered up as an open admission of this dogmatism; the atheist is dogmatic while thinking he somehow isn't, he puts himself over others despite being exactly on their level, or actually below it in self-awareness. So you get cringe. The way to not be cringe is to either be agnostic or fully admit to dogmatism.
How old are you and from what country?
The resin is going to make the wood crack if you do that for too long plus the cleaning process for weed is way more damaging to wood. They use glass pipes for weed for a reason.
Based, my man.

File: Malick.jpg (1.19 MB, 1354x2048)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Post film director, get his literature equivalent
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What are some heideggerian novels?
Based Malick
File: saulnier.jpg (23 KB, 474x316)
23 KB
Blue Ruin / Green Room director

Sartre's Nausea
ITT: filmfags who don’t read but want to pretend they will someday

File: manifiesto.jpg (34 KB, 330x573)
34 KB
Anyone read this?
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you were 14 nigger. no-one rational would care, and no-one not rational would care after the initial revulsion
File: 1465297341675.gif (160 KB, 400x388)
160 KB
160 KB GIF
Except it's plainly obvious that while everyone else was a normal 14 year old, getting their first girlfriends and hanging out with friends after school, I was a loser living on an online world radicalised by random nazi nonsense and spewing vile things at people I never met

It shows a tendency to be a big fat loser from an early age, something deeply wrong with you. And nevermind the shame it will bring to me, it would be humiliating for my family to find out I've said these things and for people to think they didn't raise me right.
what's this about?
literally every american adult claims to have been a loser outcast as a teen for good boy points
Who the fuck cares dude

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