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Which author would make for a kino biopic, and whom would you cast for their role?
You don't belong here. It's time to go back
But, he Driver has a head. You gonna use CG to flatten it?
I belong and I will not leave
He can style it in a way to give the illusion of flatter head, or yeah cgi

File: 2d3.png (275 KB, 785x619)
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275 KB PNG
Where did all the right wing intellectuals go?
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Aside Singapore virtually every single not shit country is some sort of democracy.
define not shit. Pozzed by globohomo? yes these is in democracies
Moldbug used to be good, I would go as far as to say UR makes him "good" despite whatever retardation he did recently.
>Where did all the right wing intellectuals go?
They're over at /pol/ arguing what is a Jew conspiracy. Pro-tip: apparently everything is.
>apparently everything is
why is this controversial?

File: 4chan_white.webm (2.91 MB, 1920x1080)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
If you saw this beautiful girl walk in front of you, what would you write? For example, an artist would do a quick drawing, but what would you write?
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It inspires me to tell you your post is low effort and off topic, that I've reported it, and am saging it.
How is it off-topic? You're just a piece of shit, aren't you?
Her fleshy skin under an umbrella
Saved from the beating sun’s heat
My penis stands erect proudly
AHHHHHHH uhhhhhhhhh . So i thought to myself as my testes buzzed with a deep masculine energy, the seminal ducts opening and filling. The luscious bountful nether bussoms bounced hypnotically, suggesting a vitality and smoothness that made my penis leak cum. As a ruddy apple does shine on a summers day, did those beauteous orbs transfix mine eye fr fr, yet their beauty lay not in the eye but in the penis which is the source of all propelling energy. "
Flat as a pancake.
The ass was flat as a pancake.
No ass on a woman.
She is clearly lacking.

Have you read posts here that were really brilliant?

This thread will probably be more suitable to people who have been here for a few years.

I'm not talking about jokes, ironies, humor and memes but about really serious posts, posts that showed great verbal aptitude and imagination: poems, or pieces of prose, or literary criticism, excerpts from work in progress or philosophical comments, etc., which, if they were inside the pages of some famous author's book (rather than on an obscure anonymous forum) would be considered brilliant and hailed by critics.

I've seen threads where Anons ask the best of /lit/ and the only things that are posted are memes and jokes. I'm not talking about this kind of thing. I'm talking about something that really struck you as out of the ordinary.

Do you ever find an original post by someone here, an excerpt in a critical thread, that showed something like a possible sign of developing genius?
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Holy shit fuck off
File: 1593116448352.jpg (348 KB, 960x1280)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
I miss this little schizo. Even in her ramblings, she was pretty original and knew a lot. What happened to her?
Effortposts always come off as weird to me. Whenever I start writing a long post, I stop half-way, think "What the fuck am I doing?", delete it and then make a shitpost instead.

File: 1622190315843.png (203 KB, 838x983)
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203 KB PNG
How realistic is it to become an author? Trying to find reasons to not regret my English Lit degree
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File: 1562294368977.gif (498 KB, 255x235)
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498 KB GIF
File: RP4253442.jpg (91 KB, 448x336)
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A peasant screeching in mockery of a noble man, his screech will never penetrate the majesty of nobility, Bakker will remain as the supreme ruler of /sffg/
File: 1608662948333.jpg (15 KB, 457x368)
15 KB
don't laugh... it wasn't my choice
File: 1663880740134471.png (566 KB, 2356x1254)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
It's not 1920 anymore, anon. You can't just be a "good writer" and get published.
File: 1609967811723.png (606 KB, 593x580)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Pure, unfiltered, autistic cringe right here
Kys and stop polluting this board

File: somewhat related.png (813 KB, 605x861)
813 KB
813 KB PNG
My BPD art hoe step sister recently went in to the psych ward for a very half hearted (pills) suicide attempt. Upon release, it became her entire personality. She wears drab colors, dresses in vintage styles, and carries around a beat up paperback of the Bell Jar prominently at all times. She is attempting to write confessional poetry now and it's very cringe.

She is very impressionable. Is there a poet or writer (will have to female, she refuses to read men) that will bring back her zest for life?
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>I am very very very glad you don't work in counseling any more.
disagree. I cured you, the OP and another guy in a few sentences.

BUT SEE this is what Reich figured out in 1920 and look what happened to his work.
>this made a whimsical philosopher
>before the spacious world, his tub prefer,
I already moved out years ago I should have mentioned but while my mom and I have slightly improved in our interactions, my sister stayed the same. It also doesn't help that my buddy/roommate cannot visit my parents when my sister is around because he's essentially a more alpha, unhinged version of me. Otherwise visiting my parents in Canfield, Ohio is a cakewalk (even if my roommate comes with) so its really just my college educated career feminist sister that causes occasional drama every now and then. Should mention she's married and I'm not and is also college educated and I'm not so she likes to hold those things over me as well. Mixing my roommate in there would cause problems because he would give her a piece of his mind and she would get extremely offended.
>This is the most common diagnosis ever for the slightest of complaints.
>999/1000 there's fuck all wrong with your sister
Oh I get it you were diagnosed with BPD and you're standing up for your sister-in-arms.
>Seriously, anon, if you're in that position you can do one of two things;
Lol. Lmao even.
3. Defuse the situation and then MOVE THE FUCK AWAY
Which it sounds like anon was already smart enough to do.

File: molly.jpg (13 KB, 235x350)
13 KB
I started reading Neuromancer a while back, and I'm not sure I really "get" it.

I liked some of Gibson's short stories, especially Burning Chrome and Johnny Mnemonic, so I thought Neuromancer would just be more of the same in a longer form, but it's actually been kinda boring and I've put it down and picked it back up a couple of times.

I feel like for most forms of niche media, there's always one or two exalted pieces that are guaranteed to be excellent - Blade Runner is this to cyberpunk movies, Akira and Bubblegum Crisis are this to cyberpunk anime, and so on - but I'm not sure if Neuromancer is this for cyberpunk literature, or if there even is such a thing for cyberpunk literature outside of a handful of short stories.

I could be wrong, I'm only roughly a third of the way through the book, so it could get really good all of the sudden and I might change my tune, but is this a normal first impression to have about Neuromancer?
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>it's not as compelling when you're just reading about a giant sprawling dystopian city cause you can sometimes fail to see how the world being described is different from just the present and near future
This was not a problem in 1984.
File: Deathburger-artwork2.jpg (727 KB, 1375x2048)
727 KB
727 KB JPG
Clearly, that was my point in mentioning it.

I'm glad opinion has been roughly divided 50/50, I thought I was just a retard for not instantly getting it but it seems like everyone agrees it's not a light read but still excellent. I'll have to keep reading
Excellent post anon, touched on everything I like about it better than I ever could.
The one time /sffg/ made some sensible posts.
What an historic day.

File: View recent photos.png (278 KB, 828x578)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Previous Thread:

/wg/ AUTHORS & FLASH FICTION: https://pastebin.com/ruwQj7xQ
RESOURCES & RECOMMENDATIONS: https://pastebin.com/nFxdiQvC

Please limit excerpts to one post.
Give advice as much as you receive it to the best of your ability.
Follow prompts made below and discuss written works for practice; contribute and you shall receive.
If you have not performed a cursory proofread, do not expect to be treated kindly. Edit your work for spelling and grammar before posting.
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I feel there's a little irony since Scribblehub is even more unfathomably irredeemable. Glad to see it back at least.
I’ve learned to not bother trying to engage people on the forums. They’re fairly stupid and believe they’re too good for things like outlines and revising.
File: 1657744609290.png (250 KB, 736x960)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Don't assume shared opinion based on a few bad eggs, there's no T'loran what everyone else thinks unless you ask
File: que.jpg (21 KB, 474x410)
21 KB
>there's no T'loran
Is.. this supposed to be southern slang?
That attitude is dumb. There are literal people that study shit you want to talk about throughout their lives. At this point you just want to rant for the sake of ranting

File: Favorite_Word.jpg (101 KB, 1480x1080)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Hey /lit/. My favorite word is "microcosm."
I learned about it in middle school, and it's my favorite word because it's the perfect word to describe, metaphorically, the small version of something big. Like if I described /lit/ as a microcosminc version of the editing world.
Another favorite word of mine is "exaggerate" because I learned that one in second grade and learning such a "big word" made me feel accomplished.
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I like "quibble"
exegesis because it sounds cool
My great uncle taught me this word when I was a kid and we’d play a game of going back and forth with rare words trying to stump one another on their definitions. I thought it was interesting how it describes something no other word seems to.
i like the word kaleidoscopic. baudelaire used it to describe lovers of modern life in his essay about constantin guys and it really struck a chord with me.

File: Jason Jorjani.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Is this guy actually a hack? All I know from him is that he's probably a crypto-fascist and that he pushes the absurd idea that Buddha and Lao Tzu were the same person.
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I mean, I doubt it's wrong. He lists himself as the co-founder of the Alt-Right Corporation on his website.
bump for question
not him but I heard pic related gives a decent overview as well as a reconstruction of rites of the mithraic mysteries
Used to know him online and we broke over a difference of opinion
Do you mean Roman or Persian Mithraism because they're pretty different? For Roman Mithraism, Britannica has a good encyclopediac entry by Reinhold Merkelbach. Brittanica tends to be much better than Wikipedia since it is normally written by one scholar. I think Roman Mithraism had more Neoplatonic influences, but there were some minor Persian influence.
The Mithraism of Persian was more like Indo-Iranian polytheism that preceded Zoroastrianism. Richard Foltz argued that too.

File: bookchart.jpg (1.58 MB, 2593x2540)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
picrel whats on my shelf right now
22 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
good collection
File: 1663805398870081.png (1.5 MB, 2277x1867)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
someone repost without the cartoon
Edit it out yourself you lazy bastard
What kind of person reads not one but 2 books on basic-ass high school-level algebra, an entire book on geometry (instead of just reading about function graphs and conic sections in an algebra book), an entire fucking book of proofs and set theory (even though an ordinary person should get the gist of what sets are and how to write proofs within less than a week), and after that read a book on real analysis before going through calculus?

It'd probably be more useful to read Euler's Elements of Algebra and Hardy's A Course on Pure Mathematics than most of that redundant and hard-to-find shit.

>Shilov for Linear Algebra but Spivak for Calculus

File: Pepe.jpg (58 KB, 976x850)
58 KB
>read the scene in blood meridian where they all piss on the judge
>get hard
What did I mean by this?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>the brave new world scene where the omega black pilot suspends the helicopter in the air, raping the big titty beta blonde for 3 straight days
>the 1001 nights scene where the queen and her dozen female friends call out for all the black slaves to come fuck them all
Ezekiel 16 and 23
No you fucking retard it specifically says in the text that it gets on him
I thought "Bricked up" meant working out, now I know why nobody talks to me at the Gym any more when I ask them if they are getting Bricked up :|
provide exact quote

File: index.png (79 KB, 333x230)
79 KB
Dirty Diaper Davey has deleted his accounts like a scared little boy. Too bad for him some people saved his final post. What are you so ashamed of Dave? I know that stories about pedophilia are dishonorable and magian when FBI agents write them but this is you Dave. You're special. Come back and have one of your Muppets explain to us why grooming 12 year olds is numinous.

Literally who?

The sissy hypno is a hypnotic trance technique used to create a trance like state which can then be exploited.

The sissy hypno is a way to take the subconscious mind through a trance. The way it does this is by asking the subconscious mind a question. A question which if you answered would cause the subconscious mind to go to a different state.

The sissy hypno works by asking a question that makes the person want to stay in the desired state.

Make sure the person is in a trance like state. Then ask the right question that will transfer the thought to the person’s subconscious mind. Then ask the right answer to the question.

This is called using “Hypnotic Suggestion”. This can be done by looking at the person’s eyes for a few minutes. You can then transfer your thoughts to the subconscious mind of the person. You can do this by counting. If you count slowly to 10, then say a statement such as “You are doing really well, if you want to be better just say 1 2 3 4 5”

Then when the person says this statement. It transfers the thought to their subconscious mind. Now you can ask a question about the person’s desire state. A question such as “Have you ever thought about being a sissy?” If the person says “Yes” and wants to be a sissy, then they have transferred the thought to their mind. Now you can ask another question about your desired state.

Now your goal is to make them say “Yes” or “Yes, I have always wanted to be a sissy”. It doesn’t matter which it is. The key is to make them say “Yes” and if they do then you will be in the desired state.

The reason that you ask a question such as “Do you want to be a sissy?” is because by doing this it is very possible that you will get them to say “Yes”. If you get them to say “Yes”. Then you can make them say “yes, I have always wanted to be a sissy”.
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>What was this effect of media indoctrination called before media influence?
More people have died because of Darwinism not being refuted (by their perception) than by anything else being not refuted, except for mosquitoes.
Just feminine and masculine.
The ancient Romans and Greeks would designate you as feminine if you took dickings and masculine if you gave them. Sometimes a brojob is just a brojob however.
I beg to differ
Sissies all top from the bottom. They are the worst subs.

Here is what amounts effectively to a library on all issues Jewish. How they operate, how it sustains itself, what their effects are, and how to most effectively combat the disease.

Anti-Judea books must be promoted and studied.
40 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Have read some of these, would definitely recommend central banking, well written and easy to follow. Anyone that has any favorites from the list
You don't need to read all that. You can get all of this info and more by reading three books by W. Cleon Skousen:
>The Naked Communist
>The Naked Capitalist
>The Naked Socialist
>Anti-Judea books must be promoted and studied.
Go back to /pol/.
>Go back to /pol/.
I got banned for 3 days, and I'm bored. I can spread Antisemitism here, so I will.

You will hate them one day
>no hitlers second book

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