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File: image.jpg (13 KB, 220x282)
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Ezra Pound has a popular poem called "In a Station of the Metro". It is only 2 lines and has no verbs. I'll give you the skeleton of the poem and see if you can write something of value using it.
Poem -
>The apparition of these faces in the crowd:
>Petals on a wet, black bough

Here is the skeleton:
>Article, noun, preposition, adjective, noun, preposition, article, noun
>Noun, preposition, article, adjective, adjective, noun

Easy, right? Here's an example of what this may look like...
>A girl with no eyes before the judge:
>Men in somber, grey suits.

This is bullshit, words just thrown in where they fit randomly, but the skeleton alone makes it sound poetic. Try for yourself. Here's a few examples of what the grammatical words mean, if you don't know about that stuff:

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File: 1549227796047s.jpg (6 KB, 250x206)
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>>Article, noun, preposition, adjective, noun, preposition, article, noun
>>Noun, preposition, article, adjective, adjective, noun
>The floor over blue skies under the sun:
>Emptiness throughout the vast, wide landscape

Can't argue with this, quite based
Smoky haze in the sunlit hall
Pale faces cast in shadow
It's fine not to 'get' grammar; most people don't study it in school anymore. If you're interested, here's a quick rundown (from what I remember).

Think of an 'article' as either definite (specific) or indefinite (vague). The former would be 'a', the latter 'the'. It's the difference between "John got on a train" and "John got on the train". See how the article can make nouns more or less important?

Since I've mentioned it, a noun is a thing, essentially. It can be abstract (an emotion, justice, words like "dream", etc.) or concrete (something made of matter which Kant might call sensible).

A verb (the word you're not allowed to use) is any action. Generally, verbs tell you what a noun does (e.g. A boy ran, a boy died, a boy jumped). Without verbs, Pound makes quite an interesting sense of motion.

A preposition is slightly harder to understand. It tells you the position of a noun in relation to another noun. It's usually words like "under", "in" and "below". These words kind of allow a writer to create layers, in a painter's sense.

Finally, adjective, these are just words that describe nouns. Think angry, green, stormy, quixotic, horrible, etc.
OP here. I only made this thread because a frog poster in another thread wanted help being inspired writing poetry. If you like these sorts of posts, with a skeleton and a thread of interpretations, just say and I'll make a few of them every once and a while. It's been nice seeing the amount of people trying it; it might have even made some people 'get' Pound a bit more!
You /phil/fags need to go back. You're killing this board.

i dont get it, will my view change when i have someone to be in love with?
Nah, Neruda it's overrated. I have that same edition, so i assume that you're from south america too. Academia here likes to pretend that he's great, and just like with Garcia Marquez or Cortazar, people actually believe what they say.
who would you recommend? I'm trying to get my hispanophile stage going.
As an hispanic who's actually studying litterature, I'll recomend you anyone who just try to copy the british/germans/italians instead of making something "purely hispanic" ('cause our culture is bullshit anyway).

I dunno, maybe Zorrilla or Espronceda, or Jorge Manrique if you want to go for the old ones. On the XX century I personally like Angel Gonzalez, or -if you have the balls to deal with him- Borges (who is the kind of guy you'll pray for not sharing a cab with)
Chilean who hates Neruda here. He is oly famous because of his Politics. His work is not enjoyable at all.
also a chilean here
i say the same
they only push this guy and gabriella mistral for their politics
thats also why they keep naming streets after them
like 2000 fucking streets

The great protector is gone.
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Beautifully put
File: 1571442022862.png (1.21 MB, 1278x717)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG

Brehs are Finnish women elves
i just bought children of hurin, what am i in for?
File: 1565687640665.jpg (204 KB, 675x372)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
He stole from the Finns

File: franken no.jpg (13 KB, 300x335)
13 KB
Was good fun. What did you all think of it?
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What I think is you should stop shitting up the catalog with nonsense.
double trips
Modern Prometheus > "Society novels"
Dracula was written nearly a century after Frankenstein.....
Your teacher was a brainlet who watched too many Frankenstein movies and then read the book and thought, "Why isn't it like da moovies?" The creature's education and appeal in speech vs. how he's perceived visually is a huge part of the novel.

File: HEGEL.png (323 KB, 1399x1084)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
What is currently the best English translation for the Phenomenology?
Is the debate between Pinkard and Inwood settled? Or do I stick with Miller?
Read it in Greek like it's meant to be read.

File: 48037.jpg (46 KB, 297x475)
46 KB
>be me, autismo
>get on kick about vampires
>read Bram Stoker's Dracula
>first half is amazing but quickly lose interest after perspective change
>discover pic related
>released couple of decades before Dracula, which I thought was first vampire story because am dumbass
>decide to check it out
>its just lesbian vampire pussy licking
>fap any way
What is the essential vampire lit?
Please don't say Twilight. I've also read IT which kinda vampire-adjacent according to Dark Tower lore and I enjoyed it well enough.
Interview with the Vampire and Lestat by Anne Rice. I am always triggered when I hear people say vampires are overdone when there's literally only a handful of decent vampire novels and even those are in the range of average, not even good, certainly far from great.
Polidori, The Vampyre
>its just lesbian vampire pussy licking
How he get away with publishing something like that in the Victorian era?

File: 20200117_135138.jpg (1.94 MB, 1908x1691)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
Is this a sign from heavenly father . I keep seeing girls reading the alchemist in my college . I just got the book . What am I in for ?
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File: 158449903223.jpg (47 KB, 1280x720)
47 KB
>one off from trips
I usually avoid what collage girls read OP, but you do you.
checked, king

>Reading Don Quixote
>Got to the windmill part
>Got a sincere chuckle out of me
Thanks Don Quixote
I liked the part when he and sancho panza are projectile vomiting into each other’s faces
best book ever written and I'll fight anyone that says otherwise; i mean themes such as courage and perseverance, reality and illusion, love and friendship, society and the individual combined in a humorous tone. first book I've ever cryied too and might had single-handedly flamed my passion for reading; any spaniards here can afirm how diffrent is the book in spanish versus modern spoken spanish, cause I'm considering learning it only to read this book in it's original.

File: Meister Eckhart works.jpg (237 KB, 503x762)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Is there a single thread on this board about an actual book?

I like this book, lets talk about it.
One ought to treat very carefully with Meister Eckhart. Many propositions attributed to him have been brought under censure. Regardless of the status of Eckhart himself, his work has not received compelling imprimaturs. From a distance, it seems like the Dominicans have not treated Rome with enough respect in regards to Eckhart. Having not read him, I can offer nothing in regards to the content. All I can offer is that there is clear danger around him, even if there is no danger in him.
File: Fftbox.jpg (16 KB, 220x220)
16 KB
That looks like a Final Fantasy game cover from the 90s
Is this what the thought process of the average tradcath larper actually looks like?
Pretty cool right?
What is your counter, then?

File: pepeneet.jpg (117 KB, 1024x752)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Without suffering we wouldnt be able to break out of Maya- illusion, we would have no incentive .
>Suffering dispels all that is false forcing us to seek that essence without ever changing duality ; to find and realize our true nature experience endless bliss in doing so we transcend suffering ; uniting ones will with will of infinite essence(micro-macrocosm) to find effortless action in work beyond karma and sin.
Do you have a single fact to back that up?
File: 1576526506483.jpg (77 KB, 1125x789)
77 KB

File: 1579233922626.jpg (48 KB, 540x540)
48 KB
What happens when Ai can write stories more compelling than humans?
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I dont consider it pessimistic. There's nothing wrong with child species succeeding parent species. Do you hope for humanity to exist forever? Such stillness is morbid to me
i will kill myself
what about if you design a computer and software by mapping brains? it can work i read it in a video game novel.
Yes, a lot longer at least
AI are sea monkeys in a way and they should be used as aids. Coexistence is possible
Yeah, but then he goes on to say how we have no idea what the brain processes are and that the scientific approach to understanding consciousness should be through them. Nice try at cherry picking.

File: 11.png (1.24 MB, 705x924)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
I have a very serious long term partner who i'm probably going to marry at some point. They are extremely competent and intelligent, doing well in the work life and in their classes. The only issue is they are severely dyslexic along with some other health issues. I want to have children and show them all of my favorite childhood series, but dyslexia is highly heritable and my partner has even expressed to me how torturous it was learning just to read as a child. Should I reconsider the relationship as a whole or am I overthinking things?
52 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Y pipo they be dyslexic and be di asking /lit/ should be I fuck Jamal sharp-sharp instead.

Calm down ted
Is "they" a schizo with multiple personality disorder?
Based Ted Kaczynski misused idiom poster

File: understanding quran.jpg (446 KB, 1400x600)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
What do I read or do after I'm done with the Quran? Noticing a lot of people glorifying it on here.

File: Thomas_Middleton.jpg (86 KB, 477x635)
86 KB
>writes Macbeth
>doesn't get credit

File: Alzur's Legacy.jpg (134 KB, 1280x720)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
that doesn't spend pages upon pages describing things like mountains and forests and valleys (like Lord of the Rings)?
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hope Mirrlees - Lud-in-the-Mist
John Crowley - Little, Big
Mervyn Peake - The Gormenghast Trilogy (though you get quite extensive descriptions here, so it may not be your cup of tea)

Spaceships, lasguns, the spice from the Sandworms of Arrakis that lengthens life and enables people to bend space and time in order to travel across the stars, energy shields, and many other things. Dune is science fiction no matter what you say and Dune is to science fiction what Lord of the Rings is to fantasy.


Le Guin's Wizard of Earthsea books are great, although I've only just read Wizard of Earthsea and haven't yet read the other novels.Ged's adventure and journey to becoming a wizard after messing around with some magic that released some kind of evil force that follows and hunts him. I don't know why the liberals over at Hollywood haven't made a faithful live action adaptation of the Earthsea books. Although the Sci Fi/SyFy channel did make a miniseries that white washed the protagonist.
>Fi/SyFy channel did make a miniseries that white washed the protagonist.
Did they? What the hell were they thinking?


I have no idea what the liberals who were making the film were thinking.
The Brontës' Gondal poems

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