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Looking for Gothic Classics, anyone have a chart?
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Would the Gormeghast novels count? They feel gothic.
>no wieland
Is that Hogg book good?
pls help
also, is the Gide's intro worth it?
I can buy either a cheap ed w/o the intro or a $$$ ed with the intro
>No Carmilla
Because I made that chart and I don't like Le Fanu.

File: 1621965003537.jpg (264 KB, 1280x1895)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Tell me about the last book you read, or the book you're currently reading
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meant to add that I'm enjoying it but it's hard to find a good resource for mapping out all of the civilizations and cities as I go along reading it
Have only read the first section, dealing with the foundation of the Russian Empire, Qing, and Zungar Mongols. Interesting how both all states drew on the steppe culture, alongside the dominant settled (Russian, Chinese, Xinjiang Oasis) culture. For all the talk of multiculturalism in the west, we really are hesitant to adopt the systems of other cultures.
Just finished American Psycho. Am reading Foundation and Empire now; I'm worried the series is one long downward slide in quality
pic related
>Bacchae - Euripedes
>Poetics - Aristotle
>Mental Disorders and Spiritual Healing - Jean-Claude Larchet
>New Media Epidemic - Jean-Claude Larchet
>The Apostolic Fathers - Lightfoot
>Maximus the Confessor: Selected Writings
>The Best American Travel Writing
>Illuminatus Trilogy - Robert Anton Wilson, Robert Shea
>Speed Tribes - Karl Taro
>The Grand Chessboard - Zbignew Brzazanski
>A whole bunch of conspiracy """theory""" books that I tap in to here and there, like Daniel Estulin, Anthony Sutton, Robert Engdahl

File: gaddis.jpg (76 KB, 902x621)
76 KB
What authors give the most interesting, enjoyable interviews?
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No, it isn't. Thinking existed before books.
Read or heard or were taught. It's the same deal. You take things you learned from others and you find how they relate to each other in new ways. Then other people hear the connections you made and connect your stuff to other stuff.
Why are you drawing this out? My simple comment was that DFW, in interviews, doesn't seem to have any reflection, just references.
Bolaño but you are fucked if you dont know spanish
This, his interviews are very personal. You end up seeing him and his works completely differently.

I have a desire to express myself but have no artistic talent. Ive noticed lately that im also negative, contrarian and provocative and that my lone talent is rhetorical skill and making people upset with it. Its so frustrating, I wish I had a creative channel where I could contribute something positive instead. Im not even talking online either, even in person its like my skill is rhetorics and riling people up. It works like magic but only like 10% of people get that its like a performance act/theatre and everyone else takes it too seriously when im just being provocative and working to evoke an emotional reaction and wake people up from boring slumber. I wish i could just paint or play music and people would go oh yeah thats cool I like that and you actually have pieces of work you can look back upon and a CV as an artist, but my sole skill is real-time rhetorics, I only get hate even though Im just trying to create a cathartic experience.
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sounds like a novel man, write it
File: reject-the-blackpill.jpg (491 KB, 3737x2081)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
I just spoke to an artist who got a fulbright scholarship etc. etc. and all I said was "oh, so you're a fullbright guy, huh?" and the guy already got pissed off. I was honestly trying to ask that the most polite way possible just to keep the conversation going and let him elaborate on it, what he does, what is his story etc.. Then his gf chimed in and attacked me for being a dick to him and I asked the dude whether he thinks I was being a dick, that I wasn't trying to do it and that I can apologize if that's the case, don't need his gf to tell it to me and then they both started attacking me with the idea that I insulted his gf too, then the third guy sided with me and then the entire table started arguing in different directions and off tangents. I wasn't trying to do it, but now I think that my tone which is usually detached tends to piss people off, like I'm pretty unimpressed or emotionally flat about stuff like awards, achievements, major life events etc. unless it's a cool guy, like I cried when an old broke fisherman who was a buddy of mine died, but otherwise I find this "cool stuff" pretty flat. Probably why novels bore me, the thing that is supposed to be a grand emotional moment feels kind of flat, like yeah that shit happens in the world.
if your desire to create is strong enough you will find or develop a way to realize it
File: 1612163944522.jpg (55 KB, 489x627)
55 KB
Become the new Sam Hyde

File: 3711.jpg (120 KB, 307x475)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Thoughts on this book?
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>Generally speaking, genre fiction, like fantasy or romance — except for notable exceptions like Lord of the Rings or something
The only reason LOTR gets academic attention is because of its popularity; you don't see academics talking about Gormenghast or Book of the New Sun, even though they are probably more deserving of analysis than LOTR is.
This is the most inane point to argue. Argue, instead, with the OED:
>Exert influence upon, to affect by influence
>To affect the mind or action of; to move or induce by influence
>Affect the condition of, to have an effect on
Popular books are by definition influential because they have an effect on either the publishing industry (Rowling's fingerprints are all over contemporary YA fiction), consumer's interests/purchasing habits, etc. Most ticket stubs sold at Universal Studios now represent people who are ignoring the bulk of the park and beelining towards Hogwarts — in no way can Potter be seen as anything less than influential, regardless of how fucking awful the books are.

Agreed. I always thought Book of the New Sun was better written than LotR.
>Quoting a dictionary
In order for me to consider them influential, they must have a clear and sustainable influence on literature itself.
I acknowledge that Harry Potter at least has a temporary influence on people — I remember speaking to a professor from to University of Durham who was upset that the Uni is focussing more on literature since Chinese students come there because it was used in the HP films — but I have not seen any qualitative evidence that its influence is sustainable, or in any way notable after fifty years; one might as well call Marvel superhero films influential — they might be, but it is too early to tell. For my part, I hope they are not.
File: 1359564644283.jpg (41 KB, 352x315)
41 KB
>one might as well call Marvel superhero films influential
>they might be

File: Ruins.jpg (339 KB, 2048x970)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Ruins Edition

Previous Thread:>>18680118

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I was really disappointed by the sequels to Lies of Locke Lamora. I won’t be picking up the next one.
If he is consistent and good trough out and assuming he is able to deliver on his set ups then definitely a single epic. That, however is much much harder to do than simply write a couple of good books set in the same universe.

Even if one of the books is garbage as long as they are not dependent ton one another it doesn't diminish the "goodness" of the rest. Which is why consistency is so important in a saga, but not so much in one offs.
I'm a big fan of modular series like Bakker's Second Apocalypse or Cook's Garrett PI where you have either explicit groups of books or a cutoff every few volumes where the series can be considered done if you want to do something else or are hit by a bus.
It would seem like a shame to dedicate so much time to a single story, in the hopes that it doesn’t shit the bed in the end. Maybe I’ve just been burned by things like GoT (the show) and Lost and stuff like that to the point where I just want a book to end at the end.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (150 KB, 1280x720)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Anyone have a good list of the best non-pseud writers of /lit/?
1. Me.
>he has the same typewriter as Cormac McCarthy
>If me use duh Westelmans same tools, m-maybe me will be good as he!
chink logic

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I still don't understand why people cream their pants over Miazaki or however you spell his name. A friend recommended Princess Mononoke and it was one of the weirdest fucking movies I'd ever seen, made no sense at all. Beautiful (but very weird) visuals though
What was hard to follow? It's a disney movie compared his older stuff like Nausicaa.
amazing stuff.
we're reaching levels of plotfag that shouldnt even be possible

File: EE7O_3JWwAAKMVN.jpg (355 KB, 1280x800)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
Hi /lit/, I'm trying to find an old picture book I remember looking at when I was a kid. It was at my school's library and I loved it. It featured artwork about warfare from ancient history, Hitties, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, etc. Probably some Romans. It was at least 20 years old give or take.

I can find books similar but there is no definitive resource for things like this. It was probably aimed towards kids since there weren't many words, it was mainly pictures. Big pictures that filled the whole page. Very colorful and awe-inspiring as a kid. Similar to pic related.

Anyone have ideas or at least some sort of resource? Either way, I'll post some cool pics I've found while searching.
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it does and it's hot
Was it in a big compilation book with red color on the front?
File: 2485780.jpg (26 KB, 180x276)
26 KB
I don't remember what the cover was exactly. There are a lot of books like pic related but it's definitely not what I remember, what I remember was almost purely about warfare.
Not sure exactly what you mean by compilation book. If you mean a bunch of these sorts of books all wrapped up in one package, it very well could have been.

File: yeats_two_years_later.jpg (207 KB, 1024x1559)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
I want to play a game. I'll throw out a couple lines of poetry and you have to guess the poem. No cheating! It's not fun if you cheat.
The first to get the correct poem gets to have a turn, and so on and so forth.
Here goes:

"Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away."
A bit too easy OP Ozymandias
I wanted to start off easy. Good work! Your turn.
“Juno extracted those eyes and gave them a setting like sparkling
jewels in the feathers displayed on the tail of the peacock, her own bird”

File: nietjung.jpg (844 KB, 1999x1249)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
>In order that labor might have a claim on titles of honor, it would be necessary above all, that Existence itself, to which labor after all is only a painful means, should have more dignity and value than it appears to have had, up to the present, to serious philosophies and religions. What else may we find in the labor-need of all the millions but the impulse to exist at any price, the same all-powerful impulse by which stunted plants stretch their roots through earthless rocks!
>Out of this awful struggle for existence only individuals can emerge, and they are at once occupied with the noble phantoms of artistic culture, lest they should arrive at practical pessimism, which Nature abhors as her exact opposite. In the modern world, which, compared with the Greek, usually produces only abnormalities and centaurs.... Out of this unnatural amalgamation has originated the dilemma, to excuse and to consecrate that first greed before this need for art. Therefore we believe in the “dignity of man” and the “dignity of labor.”
>The Greeks did not require such conceptual hallucinations, for among them the idea that labor is a disgrace is expressed with startling frankness; and another piece of wisdom, more hidden and less articulate, but everywhere alive, added that the human thing also was an ignominious and piteous nothing and the “dream of a shadow.” Labor is a disgrace, because existence has no value in itself; but even though this very existence in the alluring embellishment of artistic illusions shines forth and really seems to have a value in itself, yet that proposition is still valid that labor is a disgraced disgrace indeed by the fact that it is impossible for man, fighting for the continuance of bare existence, to become an artist. In modern times it is not the art-needing man but the slave who determines the general conceptions, the slave who according to his nature must give deceptive names to all conditions in order to be able to live. Such phantoms as the dignity of man, the dignity of labor, are the needy products of slavedom hiding itself from itself. Woeful time, in which the slave requires such conceptions, in which he is incited to think about and beyond himself! Cursed seducers, who have destroyed the slave’s state of innocence by the fruit of the tree of knowledge! Now the slave must vainly scrape through from one day to another with transparent lies recognizable to every one of deeper insight, such as the alleged “equal rights of all” or the so-called “fundamental rights of man,” of man as such, or the “dignity of labor”: Indeed he is not to understand at what stage and at what height dignity can first be mentioned namely, at the point, where the individual goes wholly beyond himself and no longer has to work and to produce in order to preserve his individual existence.
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The Greek State
The Worker
God damn. What happened to the comfy Junger threads?
“Those who commend work. - In the glorification of 'work', in the unwearied talk of the 'blessing of work', I see the same covert idea as in the praise of useful impersonal actions: that of fear of everything individual. Fundamentally, one now feels at the sight of work - one always means by work that hard industriousness from early till late - that such work is the best policeman, that it keeps everyone in bounds and can mightily hinder the development of reason, covetousness, desire for independence. For it uses up an extraordinary amount of nervous energy, which is thus denied to reflection, brooding, dreaming, worrying, loving, hating; it sets a small goal always in sight and guarantees easy and regular satisfactions. Thus a society in which there is continual hard work will have more security: and security is now worshipped as the supreme divinity. - And now! Horror! Precisely the 'worker' has become dangerous! The place is swarming with 'dangerous individuals'! And behind them the danger of dangers - the individual!”

File: 1620279373327.jpg (127 KB, 960x720)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
jesus fucking christ. what brought all that stinking pol over here?
It's been some time since I've seen so much shit pushed here.

Honestly, you know what? Fuck this board. I'm abandoning ship. I ain't the captain here. All other effort posters are gone as well. I don't even want to talk about books anymore looking at this place. You're all retards and I hope you fucking live wageslaving until your 89.

I said this the last time I posted a thread like this, but back then it was still bearable, it's just getting worse and worse. This place is literally just a meme at this point. Newfags, pol, unapologetic shilling, blogposting

>inb4 there are book threads
there aren't. posting a meme book isn't a book thread.

mods have actually given up. not even a joke. fuck this.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Leftcuck are the least likely to breed irl tho. Looks like you lost yet another logical argument to a poltard.
You = -12
Pol = over 9000
You will never be a woman
tl;dr but I personally am cool with NatSoc people and am friends online with people who are probably fascists despite personally finding it retarded and disturbing but I feel like… I feel like if you’re a genuine Nazi you’re gonna have to accept that’s pretty untenable position to have in 21st century virtually anywhere in Europe and America. It just comes with the territory. Your guys committed a fuck ton of war crimes, genocide, and attacked like every European country besides Spain and Switzerland…. Like damn that’s just a reality you’re going to have to accept. You won’t be able to get away without pushback and censure. Like Charlottesville for instance… you really thought identity Europa guys with Nazi flags and black sun shields doing “””””roman”””” salutes weren’t going to face stiff opposition?

Like I said idgaf what your politics are I’ll probably be friends with you as long as you’re aren’t a legit schizo and I’m not personally offended but fashy bros you need to face reality
Yeah I’ve noticed a lot of my Trumpfag friends are having kids while my berniefag cousin (he’s not really my cousin or related by blood thankfully) is “marrying” a tranny in Colorado.

I feel like the “being right wing precludes you from dating” is highly exaggerated and just doesn’t fit my reality.
you didn't mention literature even once

Why are so many people fascinated by the occult, hermeticism, and Gnosticism?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dunning Krueger effect is fake social sciences faggotry. Look at the methodology. The conclusion it reaches are insane given the actual retarded experiment they performed.

It was about some faggot failed comedians rated amateur stand up comedians. It’s bafflingly stupid and we’re supposed to draw a universally applicable cognitive bias from like 11 performances of open mic night judged by failures?
It appeals to people who consider themselves too smart for atheism but also too smart for orthodox Christianity. The idea of blaming everything wrong with the world on a big mean Demiurge who they can escape from by gaining super special knowledge and becoming one of the chosen elite who will return to the Pleroma is also very appealing.
literal retard describing yourself take. Try actually understanding something before mouthing off like a donkey about it.
Your entire ideology was refuted 1800 years ago.
Nope. Although they tried.

File: wr4545.jpg (54 KB, 700x442)
54 KB
>Great Spanish Novel: a badass wandering lunatic knight
>Great French Novel: a badass struggling ex-convict
>Great Italian Poem: a badass afterlife adventurer
>Great Mexican Novel: a badass cruel macho landowner
>Great American Novel: a badass vengeful sea captain
>Great Irish Novel: lame cuckold Jewish advertising salesman
Why did Joyce hate his people so much?
Go back
damn you sure are mad at Joyce.
File: soyak_2.jpg (53 KB, 600x800)
53 KB
File: 0912.png (10 KB, 233x216)
10 KB

File: 24224242.png (839 KB, 933x596)
839 KB
839 KB PNG
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The pope maybe, not me.
>never be an authoritarian government in that part of the world again.
You'll go to jail if you step into a bar without getting jabbed. Fucking bugmen.
Whiteout a family to take care of they malfunction hardcore
This is a valid assault of your feelings. Semites should be arrested for hate thought
This should be illegal. Worse than cancelling an entire author

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