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File: poster-780.jpg (106 KB, 780x1147)
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Any book recommendations that have the same atmosphere as this show? Vaguely wholesome late night trampsing through a sleepless city?

Does anyone notice how women tend to always talk about men, relationships, their looks, or how much of a “bad bitch” they are? Like legit just observing several women on twitter will showcase this.

Books on this phenomenon and that will help me understand women?
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Wuthering Heights
>Does anyone notice how men tend to always talk about women, how much they want sex, their dicks, or how much of a "chad” they are? Like legit just observing several men on 4chan will showcase this.
>Books on this phenomenon and that will help me understand men?
this is my first thread anon I’m not the other OP.

I’m not an incel either, but it’s genuinely something I noticed women tend to do.

I almost did, but I rejected her advances only to later realize she wanted to sex me
rei is cute I love all eva girls

The bible
in 19th century men were ruthless and full of pride.

File: 81b.png (561 KB, 1010x1200)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
Books to help me foster my love for the hard things?
I already read Nietzsche and it certainly helps so I was wondering if there are any similar authors? I've always had an innate disposition for discipline and taking action but I want to foster it as much as I can
Also don't recommend Evola, he's a digusting pseud for retards
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I already read it actually, but thank you anon :)
I'm reading Spengler, it sucks but I hate philosophy. Maybe you would like it, it's about hard things instead of art
I´ll give it a look thanks anon
What was your opinion on it?

File: 1613408534036.jpg (62 KB, 454x422)
62 KB
Jannies do your work and curb this plight on /lit/, fucking inbreed goat fucker are doing their psyops again, just plain ban their shit, or at least, let them concentrate in just one shill thread.
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Good morning, I hate women.
Christians hardly ever start threads here. When they do, they're almost always more respectful and better put together. That said, even if Christians did flock here and produce a lot of threads, that would be their right. 4Chan is a western image board and always will be; the west is a fundamental part of Christendom both intellectually and materially. If you don't like that, that is indeed your problem.
Go back to /pol/, fag, I’d rather read his threads than threads about trannies or twitter
>I’d rather read his threads

Imagine seething so hard you make an entire thread. Rent-free

File: Jmaistre.jpg (52 KB, 683x899)
52 KB
Today marks the 200th anniversary of Joseph de Maistre's death. ITT we discuss his writings, legacy and say some nice things about him.
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Other works of his available here in French
>incel monarchists spam him on a mongolian shepherding bulletin board. That is his legacy.
You think so because you are an incel spending all his time on a mongolian shepherding bulletin board. Joseph de Maistre is a well respected author who as influenced many people and who is considered as having an excellent prose. He is particularly interesting because he is one of the few who wrote about such ideas, although most people agreed with him before the French revolution.
He basically has a catholic view of politics, but since retards refuse to read anything written by a priest, a monk, a bishop or a pope, they only know de Maistre. Start anywhere.
Alright I'll let you know in another thread about him if I read it. Does he talk about sacrifice in other books? I've read Bloy recently and he talks a bit about de Maistre and sacrifice too, seems like an important idea to him.
This but also "Every nation has the government it deserves" is a really cool quote so at least he has that

File: 1.gif (35 B, 1x1)
35 B
35 B GIF
this board is transitioning from 50% serious threads 50% shitpost to 99% shitpost. just look at /tv/ or /v/
ban me
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File: 1604773562338.jpg (157 KB, 1216x937)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>this board is transitioning from 50% serious threads 50% shitpost to 99% shitpost. just look at /tv/ or /v/
>ban me
Thank you for helping improve the board by removing yourself. But as we all well know, OP is a faggot and will likely return despite being a faggot who doth protest too much. As such I urge you to do the honorable and the necessary, and kill yourself.
You had no intention of watching it and no-one is forcing you to do so. Have sex
File: 1594162446887.png (884 KB, 1000x563)
884 KB
884 KB PNG
>>Fifteen (15) percent concentrated power of will
This. Most ppl here lack willpower and are subconsciously in for the quick dopamine rush. Hating themselves for it they post metathreads projecting their self-hate towards fellow /lit/izens instead of accepting their failure. They are aiming for a better site but lack to see that it is not about the website but about their own betterment. Even if there is another site that gains enough traction it will eventually face similiar outcomes than /lit/ because the same weak willed people will be browsing it
Not wrong at all. The core of every issue /lit/ faces is that nobody actually fucking reads.
I got banned the other day for being part of an N chain

File: 1607136308176.jpg (537 KB, 1500x1500)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
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I just got the coronavirus vaccine and when I got home I decided I should start a subscription to the guardian, the times and a bunch of periodicals to better understand the British national spirit.
Maybe the vaccine is the next MK Ultra.
File: 1614329988253.webm (2.91 MB, 1496x1444)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
need more info. what was the fight about?

File: blxxtwl05sj61.jpg (55 KB, 573x535)
55 KB
Books about slowly going crazy?
my diary desu
I have borderline paranoid schizophrenia. Shutters Island pretty well nailed what it's like to descend down the type of conspiracy that got me that diagnosis, after I broke down and got sectioned in a mental health facility.
Was a girl involved, or was it more a parental malign influence?
Going bald is one hell of a drug.
Creatine, not evento once

File: 1612581641550.png (483 KB, 640x640)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
This is a post and rate thread
So post your own shit
No rate = No feedback
You know the drill
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Just in case anyone anyone a literate in danish, here's my first poem:

Sælg din sjæl!
for bruttonationalproduktets skyld.
Klatr med os!
en endeløs stige - krakelerer nårsomhelst.
Ikke kig frem!
skridt som en chorofobisk trespringer på line.
Spørg ej hvor til!
systemet helliger midlet - og ignorerer målet.
Du er fri!
fra viljen - afkørslerne er blot en illusion.
Bliv på E-45!
for hvor der kun er en vilje, er der kun en vej.
Tjen Laplaces dæmon!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fuck you, Bush.

Fuck you, Bush.
It's time to get out of Iraq, Bush.
What were you even doing there in the first place, Bush?
You didn't even get properly elected, Bush.
Are you happy now, Bush?

Fuck you, Bush.
Checked and adored
Surprising. What is it about fren? Tell us how you wrote it.
I'm conjoined at the head
With my greatest nemesis
We think the same thoughts
We sing in the same key

At 2am when coming home
From another long shift at the factory
We sprawl out on the bed
Eyes affixed on opposite walls
Pretending we're alone

Why must I be tied to this monster?
Who invades my discoveries with his criticism
Antithetical and loud
He tries to bury me with words

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

is /lit/ looking forward to emily ratajkowski's debut book "my body" ?

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being a delicious piece of rapemeat. rotten little semen demon
just a famous model. she's been in a few movies - gone girl being the most notable one.
I just want a nice sweet woman who will poopy into my asshole
>woman writes a book
>has to make it about her appearance and physical body

well it's not like a woman's mind is interesting in any way

File: TM2-244x300-1.jpg (25 KB, 244x300)
25 KB
Books that guide me to ascend to a state of transcendence?
if you seek transcendece without facing all your biggest fears beforehand you´re a coward who lacks any sort of spirit
Here’s an absolutely god awful chart I made. Granted, most my knowledge doesn’t even comes from the books. I’ve just been browsing /lit/ long enough to know what’s up.
From logos to bios is outdated, read v2 from logos to uefi instead

File: ac1.jpg (306 KB, 1680x1050)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
Best books about assassins/hitmen/serial killers?
The Book of the New Sun
Those games are based on Alamut

File: abf1ec3.jpg (59 KB, 626x960)
59 KB
Which way /lit/ man?
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I like my women
like I like my coffee
dark and full of liquor
Take the antinatalist pill, bros.
I am the anti-natalistpill. It is my job to instill a sorts of which in each person that slowly inches the philosophy of all time to reach its final ascension to the heights of life.
The best way to make coffee is (afternoon making your espresso) to heat some milk up, put it in a French press, then smash it repeatedly with the plunger. Makes the milk all creamy. Then you pour it over your coffee and it’s better than any latte from a cafe.
After* not afternoon lol

File: IMG_6456.jpg (365 KB, 1134x1544)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
Don't roast me I'm learning to get into good lit

Currently reading Aeschylus
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I've never met anyone else who's read the Sot-Weed Factor. Have you read it? I think it's delightfully weird.
No anons with a Junger shelf? Reeeeeeeeeeeee
File: 1.jpg (247 KB, 1340x784)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
normie shelf
Its terrific I highly recommend it

I have a Yamaha sa-15, it goes alright
>/pol/braintlet that bought a bunch of race related books and never read them
Many such cases

File: 1611206141963.jpg (43 KB, 480x641)
43 KB
which one is worst ?
>God exist, He doesn't care
>God exist, He's a sick fuck
>God doesn't exist at all
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
First one would be based.
First one is the most horrible one by far.
The first one is pretty neutral, and invalidates the Bible. Not awful but just not interesting. The second one is the worst, because it's an omnipotent sadist and psychopath. The third is true, therefore it's the best.
The first option is true and it’s not even bad
Last is the best one of those options

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