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File: images.jpg (40 KB, 592x900)
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He's right you know. Israel has every right to exist. If you disagree with that you are an anti-Semite.
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>He's a pedophile you know
As long as they don't have an independent state in Europe. Jews explicitly meddling in EU policy would cause antisemitism spikes and would make it easier to gather together against a common enemy. But that'd be the case for an Arab state in Europe as well; only Jews are highly active politically which would make it much worse. Anyway, establishing a new state would be impossible; it's like you'd expect that America could establish a state for Kurds in the middle east. Geopolitics don't work like that
the only people who still talk about the holocaust are you idiots
>it's like you'd expect that America could establish a state for Kurds in the middle east.

I... I kind of did think that.
That would explain why you think a Jewish state in Europe is anything else but ridiculous

And said they could post a fuller conference paper on it.

Anons hear my cry and find him. I want that paper.
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>Price’s gradual realization seems to be moving in the opposite direction, the growing conviction that the inside is the only thing that matters. Success has a greater dimension than economics, than wealth and power or being physically attractive; it is a moral and spiritual matter. Price’s return makes Bateman uneasy because it implies that his rationalization of the world they inhabit is no more than the shape of his despair. The sign that he reads, whose words are the last of this novel and the mirror to ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE does not say “no exit.” It simply states that there is no exit in the direction of Bateman’s gaze. “THIS IS NOT AN EXIT” does not state the absence of an exit: it implies an error in the seeking. Bateman, in his fear, has ruined any chance of finding grace. Unlike Price, or Dante, he insists his experience has “meant nothing” because he is terrified of acknowledging what it might really mean—that he is not the world’s victim, not its judge, but merely poisoned by his own despair. Blind, weak, and afraid to live, Bateman abandoned all hope long ago.
Just realized the text limit was actually 3000 characters, and not 2000. Apologies for the excerpts being so fragmented, in that case. But that is all I remember being posted by that anon, who I believe had said the paper entered into a greater depth.
Thank you anon!
Solid stuff, but I will always believe that Marcus Halberstam is the key to this novel.
Hows that
You may also enjoy this

File: 20200709_145923.jpg (3.7 MB, 4624x3468)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB JPG
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Lattimore gang, also is that hesiod loeb any good? I was thinking of buying it
File: IMG_20200709_223848.jpg (543 KB, 2000x1500)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
Slavic based bookshelf:
-Oswald Spengler - Decline of the West
-Alexander Dugin - Postphilosophy
-Martin Heidegger - Being and Time
-Paul Feyerabend - Farewell to Reason
-Plato - Republic
-Ludwig Wittgenstein - Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus(Use knowledges from it to destroy opponents(not really))
-Henry David Thoreau - Walden; or, Life in the Woods (proto-Unabomber)
-Aristotle - Politics(Literally the book I keep near me all my life since teenage years - it was used as a schoolbook in my school)
-Eugen Ritter von Böhm-Bawerk - Karl Marx and the Close of His System
-Nikolay Danilevsky - Russia and Europe (Slavic proto-Spengler, not present in the photo cause' gave it to a friend)
-Yukio Mishima - The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
-Franz Kafka - The Trial
-Stanisław Lem - Return from the Stars(I interpret in such a strange way, btw ending sucks)
very nice selection
Uni shelf, I tend to give away/donate the stuff I don't think is worth keeping.
Is that BCP the 1662 in French morocco leather?

'ate Turks
'ate Catholics
'ate Muslims
'ate Jews
'ate socialists
'ate atheists
'ate nihilists
'ate Prots
'ate Liberals
how many letters have he recieved from the Based Department?
but the most important thing is what he loves

File: oeajeilwa;kgf.png (397 KB, 418x582)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
For the amount of time you put into learning a classical language, is it actually worth it?

Ones I am considering
> Classical Greek
Pros: New Testament, Greek philosophy, Hermetic stuff, Illiad/Odyssey
Downsides: Obviously doesn't have anything modern. Relatively difficult to learn
> Latin
Pros: Easier to Learn. Lots of medieval and Roman works. Some relatively modern works (Spinoza, etc.)
Cons: Much of Roman literature is based off Greek stuff in the first place.
> Sanskrit
Pros: Much different cultural background from western classical languages.
Cons: Probably the hardest of the languages mentioned. More niche texts that might not be interesting to the average reader.
> Classical Chinese
Pros: Similar to Sanskrit, lots of texts still left untranslated. Lots of things you would have never come into contact with if you hadn't learned the language.
> Cons: Lots of memorization of characters. Might need to learn Mandarin first in order to use many of the best resources.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yes, I am Catholic. So Latin is obviously something I am gravitating towards.

It took me 5 years so be able to read Dazai. But it was slow and I definitely wasn't fluent. It is a different progression since I did it mainly for literature, not spoken conversation or casual speech.

Yeah I was thinking about this. Even if I spent the time needed to learn a language like Sanskrit, the cultural and anthropological differences would almost be another thing that I would need to learn. At that point, maybe a specialist is just the better thing.
I felt that some Japanese translators did a better job at getting the feel through than I could do after multiple years of studying, even though I could literally understand it. I was still missing some of the cultural backing since I never lived in Japan or went through their education system.
What’s the proper response if you see a girl reading Decline of the West?
>It took me 5 years so be able to read Dazai.
Did you study every day? How many days a week if not?
Thinking about picking up Sanskrit since I already know Nepali. How hard would it be for someone who already speaks an indic language and what did you mean on it being similar to classical Chinese?
I studied off and on. It wasn't in school or anything so I went a bit slower than I probably should have. I just studied whenever I felt like it.
So probably 3-5 days a week. 1 - 2 hours each day. But that's really rough. Some weeks I didn't study at all. Others I studied a ton. I was just doing it for fun.

Similar in the regard that there is a lot of untranslated stuff and they are both difficult for a westerner to learn.

What do i read to become like him?
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my diary desu
File: EcX6afBXgAABPjh.png (450 KB, 702x714)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
continentals BTFO
Top is nigh-nonsensical, bottom is soulless lit/shit/tery. It's the literary equivalent of a soulless Pajeet being a research drone for some scientist. A machine can do all those syllogisms and formal logic for you, no need to become one, and fat too boot
110 IQ
all you have to do is read secondary on Goethe, which is all he did. You get basically enough background information on Kant, Fichte, and Schelling through a few secondary books to throw out titles and vague platitudes about them

File: EcalxGaWAAI5VP2.jpg (162 KB, 960x947)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Is Tolkien rich enough to ground a philosophy or religion, like Homer for the Greeks?
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anyone suggest re reading LOTR? is it better to re read the hobbit and lotr or start a new fantasy novel? i bought a fantasy novel called "malazan book of the fallen" it looks interesting.
When I was younger I would reread the trilogy + Hobbit every year. I only read the Silmarillion twice. But I found that other fantasy novels couldn't compare. Or maybe I just hadn't found a good fantasy novel. In any case, I would say that it's worth a reread every now and then
i only read Hobbit and LOTR once. its been a long time and sometimes i want to re read them. i think i will re read them before reading the Silmarillion.
Is 'the moomins' rich enough to ground a philosophy or religion, like Homer for the Greeks?
>flipping the colors but keeping the good guys on the left
What's up with that op?

File: images (4).jpg (41 KB, 836x367)
41 KB
I am trying to get into philosophy and started with plato, what is the logical next step?
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Truth by Portagoras and then the completed works of Thrasymachus

I'd like to help you out but I don't feel like it.
Been there tried that. It's remarkably difficult and expensive
Since when was that the point of philosophy? Lmao philosophy is much broader than that.
I think parmenides, heraclitus is fine. If you want to dive deeper then pythagoras had a huge influence on some of Plato's dialogues, particularly Timaeus. An interesting guy besides that is Empedocles and Anaximander and Anaximenes. Besides them an overview is fine and the last three are if you're looking for different instances of your own metaphysics that may align with them (like if your metaphysics is concerned w entropy and what underlies it empedocles love strife plus heraclitus is good to see older interpretations or applications of it)
Philosophy is simply about metaphysics and its derivatives. The point of man is to engage.

Was he right?
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>and our hellish industrial capitalist society is still around.
only action will change that. how did russia turned from monarchist to communist? with action and violence.
File: 618J5H3dOWL._AC_SL1000_.jpg (57 KB, 1000x583)
57 KB
anarcho cowboyism?
cowboys are degenerate and weren't the least bit "anti-technology" or "anti-civilization"
File: boundaries.jpg (412 KB, 720x479)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
anarcho nativism?
File: 51hylzZ85KL.jpg (36 KB, 328x500)
36 KB
read this. i will read anti tech after it. should i read the essay collection first? "technological slavery"

what are howard's top 10 stories?
literally who?
The one with the cat, what was his name, I can't remember...... Nick German?
Howard Phillips L.
The n
The ngr
The ger
The enger
The Nger
The negr
The eniger
The nig
The niggr
The nigger
File: niggermane0.jpg (212 KB, 1600x1067)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
The Hound desu

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File: EXFv-TgXYAEeLbX.jpg (54 KB, 510x620)
54 KB
And how often is that actually the case? Women simply seem better at the whole friendship thing if you just look at the statistics over how comparatively lonely men are.
u guys do realize that there's probably 10x more people with a nose like that that aren't jewish
All Jews have big noses, but not all big noses are Jews.
I agree anon, what I am describing is exceedingly rare. Does not mean it doesn’t occur. Though, I will concede that there is a conditionality in all relationships. Everyone seeks some personal utility from them. That’s why I’m sceptical of unconditional friendships. At the end of the day what is it? It’s two parties being able to confide in each other because the inability to do so would drive them mad. Ask me how I know.
I will also add that men also feel lonely because the world frankly does not give a fuck about male suffering.

File: 1594251220712.jpg (123 KB, 1122x801)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Evangelical run classical Christian schools are saving Western civilization.

The guiding principle is the Trivium. The Trivium provides both language, logic, and leadership mastery in three parts or phases– grammar (typically emphasized in k-6), Logic (typically in 7-9) and Rhetoric (typically in 10-12). The quadrivium provides a philosophical approach to learning about our world including number, geometry (shape), astronomy (motion), and music (ratio’s and proportions).

Classical Christian education is characterized by a reliance on classical works by authors such Homer, Sophocles, Plato, Josephus, Dante, and Shakespeare, and an integration of a Christian worldview into all subjects. In addition, classical Christian education exposes students to Western Civilization's history, art and culture, teaching Latin as early as the second grade and often offering several years of Greek.
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Patrick Henry College
I thought the answer was Wheaton? It was so based when they fired that black tenured professor last year for wearing a burqa and saying Muslims and Christians worship the same god. How they do things like that and still maintain a strong reputation in the world at large is beyond me.
>wanting weirdo kids
I want my children to be sex-obsessed materialist consumers in touch with the hive mind, not incels
Actually one of the first couple posts shows that kids who graduate from these schools get married more frequently and have larger social groups. It's true that the stereotype is small religious schools produce weird kids, but a large scale study suggests otherwise pretty clearly.
Moody Bible Institute

Sustained By Low Quality Posts Edition
How do you feel about combining high and low tech in a single setting?
archive https://warosu.org/lit/?task=search2&search_subject=sffg
charts https://mega.nz/folder/JrhSyY6S#7qmTPol52TnmpFOdbag7RQ
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He has nice standalone books, and two other series. Try Pushing Ice or something.
give me the lit fantasy book image or any variations pls

I'm at a dead end with reading

i recently tried goblin emperor, but its just

'half-jewish kid becomes emperor and has to overcome racism' and i found the plot boring
File: 1592436849485.jpg (567 KB, 650x589)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
>reading modern fantasy
pretty cringe desu
Based, Moorcock hung out with the band Hawkwind back in the day
File: download (1).jpg (14 KB, 181x278)
14 KB
The fuck happened to Neal Stephenson? Everything since Anathem has been just pure garbage. A solid decade of doggerel. FUCK.

I just added this board to the bookmarks bar, so I guess I'm not going anywhere
How about making a good thread and then adding that to the bookmarks bar?
i do make good threads occasionally.

>got ran out of
This is incorrect English, isn't it?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
thats a yikes from me
Are you prescribing your opinion on us anon?
no i'm just saying yikes chill out buddy
I'm midwestern and we say it the same way here.
>the cheese got ate by a mouse
>the beer was drank by my friend
that's retard speak

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