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File: 1650112157685.jpg (52 KB, 786x786)
52 KB
Attempting deeper or more mature kid's stories is stupid.

Everyone seems to just never ever understand that kids are ridiculously superficial and only care about surface level entertainment. You know, because they are kids. That's not talking down and claiming kids are stupid and will consume anything, but they are attracted to the cool factor of cheap entertainment and love tie-ins. No child is going to give a fuck about classical entertainment or pursuing intellectual stimulating anything. Because it's boring.
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You guys are trying really hard to protest objective reality. When you're a kid, you enjoy all the flashy colors and self insert like crazy. Just accept that you're wrong and don't remember being a kid at all.
You're a manchild adult trying to project onto children and your own childhood experiences. Either you're lying to yourself or you're deluded.
>The people who make the movies are scared of silence, so they want to paper and plaster it over. They’re worried that the audience will get bored. But just because it’s 80 percent intense all the time, doesn’t mean the kids are going to bless you with their concentration. What really matters is the underlying emotions—that you never let go of those.
- Hayao Miyazaki, a.k.a the guy who made my favorite movies as a kid (which are still among my favorites)
I don't take it as granted that children only care about shallow entertainment. They certainly seem to prefer it, but a child raised on nothing but intellectual media would probably enjoy it plenty. Raise your child on a farm and read them Homer at bedtime and they'll start to idolize Ajax and Achilles instead of Power Rangers, while also absorbing the values of masculinity. "Let" them listen to classical music on special occasions and they'll find it beautiful too.

A child is only drawn to childish things because we allow them to be. They would drink soda and juice constantly too, but wise parents give them water and milk until they're older.
Miyazaki is proof that real art can connect to kids IF its aimed at kids. Totoro and Ponyo are literally thematic metaphors aimed at children that they can emotionally experience fully.

I’m like 120 pages into this book and I really can’t stand it. I have no fucking clue what’s going on, it feels like I’m reading a novel-length shitpost. There’s like a million different characters all on a million different tangents speaking and doing completely nonsensical bullshit. Does the book pick up at some point or is this sort of *it*? Not sure how much more patience I have for this.
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basado y catchopillado
it's bad, read Pynchon instead
true, only in this analogy Catch-22 is the Marvel blockbuster and you the Marvel person.
Haven't kek'd once.
Only ever smiled at A Confederacy of Dunces.
>everything is le absurd, ots ironic so funny teehee le war is actually bad!
It's funny the people in this thread that think you have to be refined and intellectual to comprehend Catch-22, and those that think it's one long shitpost. This book soils the shitpost, who's purpose is simply entertainment, rather than trying desperately to win over the masses with your cause.
post literature you kek'd at, sneed

File: P_20220519_233315_1.jpg (1.84 MB, 3063x3802)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
>no stack/latest purchase thread
Where my consumerist bros at?
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what would you recommend instead
5 bucks for two library of America editions? Considering how expensive they are, man are you insanely blessed with luck. Enjoy them, anon!
File: PXL_20220522_235320932.jpg (978 KB, 1512x2688)
978 KB
978 KB JPG
Thanks, my bookstore sells them for 2.00 to 18.00 each. Twain, dick, Faulkner Emerson, etc are up there, but Franklin, Jefferson, Melville, Cather's are all .75 cents to 5 bucks.

I bought leather to bind my classiques Garnier books. It was dirt cheap veg tanned 1mm thick, so I thought I'd try
File: PXL_20220522_200652177.jpg (637 KB, 2688x1512)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
This one was meh, I used 1/4 cherry for the boards, needs to be a bit thinner, next one is 1/8
>t. Crafted his own e-reader

File: iching.jpg (14 KB, 313x499)
14 KB
It's scary how good this is.
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wow, I've rarely seen someone make this many replies, dominate a thread, and yet deliver such a midwit appearance on each point respectively using so few words. it's incredible.
go back
Try another queries anon. Maybe some of these would be useful:

- What should I know about... (e.g my friend, my breakup, my job, my fight with my brother, ect.)
- Tell me about my current status\situation with... (Someone or something)
- I need advice about... (You can ask about people, situations, ect.)
- What do you think - What's your opinion about (someone or something also you doing or wanting to do something)
Computer Wyrd
I saw this at the bookstore and the edition I looked into was a divination system, gotta say I'm pretty skeptical of ching chong magic from centuries ago

Writers who beat their wives? I feel like domestic violence is essential to the creative process.
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File: 1651952144456.png (203 KB, 368x396)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
It's not the beating that's the prime creative catalyst. It's being with a woman whom you need to beat
>Studies of demographic differences, including gender and racial differences, have not shown systemic differences, but do suggest racial differences, with black people and African Americans having the lowest levels of belief in a just world.

This pretends at being rational by subverting rationality, the sort of self-rationalization trick typical of abusers. Clearly, one does not "put aside one's emotions" in order to carry out the "rational and necessary work" of beating a woman, but on the contrary it is precisely because a man is emotional and is simply able to physically overpower a woman that he beats her, and this act is still grounded in emotion, even when he does have, in principle, a good reason (the vocalizations the female organism may be making on that given night may be experienced by the male organism as annoying). The man plays at being rational when he is really an emotional ape, just like the woman, merely with a different angle.

The above is not meant to support "feminism", "chivalry", or to "white knight". Rather, it is objectively true that men are prone to violence, just as women are prone to lying and being annoying.

Misandry and misogyny are half-truths. Full and accurate perception of reality comes only with misanthropy, when you can feel disgust for the ways in which the various graceless apes tend cynically to their own imperatives. The weak, unprincipled and stupid woman with no agency tries to play nice so as to be accepted by her conquerors, ready to forget the slain men of her community. The angry, bestial and unremarkable man tries to assert himself because he has a Will to Fuck and has to mind his ego.

File: 1651386247337.jpg (27 KB, 672x618)
27 KB
Does anyone have the chart for Iranian literature?
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based mitskiposter
Learn what an ampersand signifies.
Sorry, I can't find a book entitled My Uncle Napoleon & Hafez in Love. Seems kind of confusing and a poor way to form an infographic, thanks!
>t. beyond retarded
File: persian_chart_2.jpg (819 KB, 2985x2340)
819 KB
819 KB JPG
Here's another chart.

File: faustus.jpg (21 KB, 267x400)
21 KB
Mann's Faustus, some of Bernhard, I know murakami is a classical fan and puts that in some of his books. Looking for fiction by authors with a strong knowledge of classical/music theory who make this a central part of their work.
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Melancholy of Resistance has a character that’s a musicologist. The world goes on has a story about a guy giving an incredibly intense lecture on music theory, which the audience doesn’t understand at all. So start with one of those two. They’re also easier than his other works
Check out Alejo Carpentier.
That book was bad. After the narrator retold the same little anecdote for the one-hundredth time I wished he'd've been the one to kill himself, and that he'd done it 180 pages earlier.
Gass - Middle C
Gaddis - Agape Agape
How could you not mention Agape Agape?
The Lost Steps by Carpentier.
I dropped the book in the middle because Mouche is a piece of shit and because I had to check the dictionary 4 or 5 times at every paragraph. The foreword in my edition said there is another layer in the story for musicians.

File: A1-2Tn2UGlL.jpg (1.15 MB, 1536x2560)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Why was Norwegian Wood the book that brought Murakami fame?
It's just a normal literary novel, not the weird genre bending stuff Murakami writes otherwise.
File: 1653163944042.jpg (1.07 MB, 1604x1114)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
More to do with whatever publisher wanted to push at the time, and other circumstances of chance, probably.

"Deserved" recognition is hardly ever granted, since the gate keepers of literature are poofters, innit?

File: judith decap.jpg (398 KB, 2056x2500)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
ITT: post a painting, get recommended a book
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>Book of Judith
File: waynebarloweartist.jpg (283 KB, 1152x1024)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Norm was such a good dude. Inspirational. His book was pretty good.
File: images (2).jpg (25 KB, 496x618)
25 KB
File: turkey.png (7 KB, 320x333)
7 KB

File: Dwest.jpg (1.99 MB, 3264x3264)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Books to make me feel less pessimistic about the future of western civilization? Pic very much not related.
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Idk maybe some history book, so you can realize that life has never been all that great. I recently read Fat Gladiators, Naked Statues, & War Elephants which is about various aspects of life in Ancient Rome and Greece.
It's interesting to see their similarities to us, but like any history book will make you grateful for the modern conveniences we enjoy.
Otherwise I'd recommend documentaries about 3rd world shitholes. There's a good one on Amazon Video about Somalia.
t.smelly hippy.
>you should care about muh boogeyman
t. stupid MKUltra'd faggot
I literally gave Rand Corporation video and peer-reviewed journal articles. Kys, Jews. Have fun frying from EMFs.
so what's your solution then, go live innawoods like ted, build some bombs?

Evola wanted to make three things clear:
>(1) The Grail was not a Christian but a Hyperborean mystery.
>(2) The Grail legend deals with an initiatory mystery.
>(3) The Grail is a symbolic expression of hope and of the will of specific ruling classes in the Middle Ages (namely, the Ghibellines), who wanted to reorganize and reunite the entire Western world as it was at the time into a Holy Empire, that is, one based on a transcendental, spiritual basis.

Let us discuss Arthurian /lit/ not merely from a literary or historical POV, but also an initiatic POV

I will post sole bits from the book to help provide more insight to the average /lit/izen
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Initiation is a meme when you can literally partake in the flesh and blood of God, and can acquire the Holy Spirit and struggle towards deification
i believe first skull and cross bones used by the pirate navy of mithradates
>noo i *need* to follow some old guy around for years acting as his servant with the hopes he will pass down knowledge!!!
>noo i cant find such knowledge by myself I need structure and to be taught im an npc ree!!!
Maybe you should shill Guenon to your friend so he stops reading Manly P Hall.
>my friend keeps shilling me to read peterson, for years now, even though hes seen my collection of evola and guenon books
So I kind of can relate.
hes an old drunk set in his ways sadly, he thinks he has it figured out. It is what it is.

File: 1632684184595.jpg (274 KB, 892x1080)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
i have the weird intuition that if i started reading at a sickly rate i would be much more interesting and would be able to better conceptualize my thoughts.
how do i force myself to read tons of literature non stop (i already know what to read, i just want to know how).
join a reading club. or create one with friend(s).

What are the best libleft books?
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murray bookchin
Guenon is unironically libleft tho
Bakunin writes good stuff, I disagree with him on much but I must recognize he's not just sneeding like Marx
A thread died for this.
Good. Probably a shitty frog thread.

File: books.jpg (83 KB, 1024x640)
83 KB
who here loves books? i sure do
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thank you , for not being very racist. i love books, please be more racist in your next reply.
Hello fellow readers, I love books like the Anarchist Cookbook. Does anyone want to exchange emails and talk about subversive activities?
File: 1652791910438.jpg (3.73 MB, 4256x2832)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB JPG

File: Graham_Swift.jpg (39 KB, 330x486)
39 KB
What's /lit/'s opinion of Graham Swift? Have any favourite novels by him? So far, this is my ranking of the novels I have read by him:
>Last Orders
>The Sweet-Shop Owner
>Mothering Sunday

Waterland is still possibly my favourite British Post-Modern novel I have ever read.

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