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File: 1664038363646.jpg (402 KB, 750x498)
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We should all be living in the woods and reading.

When I think about what was probably the best time to be alive in human history, the answer is always like 1700s, right before industrialization, but with most knowledge up to that point.

Unpolluted, no big corporations making you addicted to their products. Society existed. We had well water, you could send & recieve mail, books were available, we had guns, et cetera. It was quaint as long as you didn't develop a serious health problem.

Now, we have modern medicine. We're basically safe as long as we eat well & stay in shape at this point. Why should we force ourselves to live in gross polluted areas? The forest still exists and is waiting for us to go and build a hidden dwelling. You can read as much /lit/ as you want.
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File: 1663837746397.png (1.75 MB, 1500x1001)
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1.75 MB PNG
File: 166184343377.jpg (86 KB, 1080x648)
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might as well
File: forestanon-memri.jpg (133 KB, 862x525)
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133 KB JPG
File: 1661593036467313.jpg (134 KB, 1500x1088)
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>memri tv
Holy fuck that is poison oak. Legend.

File: tree-l.jpg (98 KB, 453x644)
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My diary desu
people practice eugenics all the time. Nobody is attracted to people of low social standing, ugly, etc.
>pro eugenics
>race pill
>he thinks his race is the one that would automatically survive / provide the best genes
I've got some bad news about the IQ scores of some of the guys you're about to send to those ovens
File: 1662325088973.png (28 KB, 730x1194)
28 KB
>Heh, I bet the Nazis didn't even consider that Jews could be smart too

File: images (75).jpg (35 KB, 304x499)
35 KB
Hi guys, looking for some "Space Fantasy" recommendations. Bonus points if they're adventures

Honestly, I want recent novels but I can't find any that aren't about women (usually lesbians)

I'm working on my own space fantasy novel so I just want more experience in the genre. Any recs? Already read pic related, it was exceptional.

On another note, are there any other good communities/websites/YouTubes for novels that aren't pozzed to hell and back?
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Agent Cormac series.

Space crabs, giant ducks that talk and eat people, sentient AI including smart weapons, teleporters that might actually be killing everyone who uses them
You had me at space crabs. I love stories about STDs
cs lewis' space trilogy
Lord of Light. It's science fiction meets Hinduism.
Tryin to write my own novel so I gotta see what sells to determine if it's worth writing it commercially

File: 51ASvFmg7-L.jpg (47 KB, 378x500)
47 KB
>Fire and Blood, but with images
Martin you fucking HACK
Don't read schlock, anon.
Lmao talk about selling your soul

File: file.png (780 KB, 1385x2048)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
Any recs for books on art history so that I may better appreciate the Recognitions?
File: file.png (368 KB, 1209x787)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
you dont need to know about art history for the recognitions, wyatt's opinion just boils down to "old good new bad" anyway

File: b57.jpg (144 KB, 618x597)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>Book gets banned because of "course/foul language"

Why is this a thing? Even in today's age, why have there always been people who get eternally fucking butthurt about "bad language" and actively try to curb it? How is it that old biddies get so eglffortlessly blown the fuck out by words like "shit" "fuck" or "cocksucker"?

Who are these people and how do they even survive?
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>ThErE iS nO rIgHt Or WrOnG wAy To WrItE oN 4ChAnNeL.oRg
Who the hell are you quoting? I asked you “Who taught you how to write on 4chan? You got 4chan writing classes in school?” because you claimed that reddit spacing was something you were taught to do on 4chan here >>21048304
I was never “taught” how to write on 4chan, I just acclimated to it over the years.
I’ll tell you, your teachers were wrong. Reddit spacing is not proper form on 4chan. Keep doing it though please, it’s nice to be able to instantly identify you as a worthless redditor
I’ve always been confused with censorship in general. Take for example when you’re listening to FM radio and the scramble a word or whatever during a song, you arnt confused or in anyway unaware of what the word or intention was. So in your brain you still interpret what they have actually said but with some arbitrary censor over top of it. So is it the word itself that’s bad even removed of context? Or is it the meaning of the word? Either way it’s all the same in your head so the whole purpose of censoring it is moot. I’m also rambling and this is a complete tangent and I’m also gay and retarded so take it for what it’s worth
File: Hitler_laugh.jpg (4 KB, 220x123)
4 KB
I never implied I was taught fuck-all by 4chan you fucking tard. You leave a space between paragraphs, that's literally taught in school, it's proper sentence.

You space seperate paragraphs apart. I can't for the life of me figure out why you would be actively butthurt about this concept. Did you not make it past the fourth fucking grade?

You're the idiot whining about "muh reddit spacing tho!" Not me.

Just finished this, what did I think of it?
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I've been smiling more because of him
you thought the priest was right when he told the kid to shoot the judge

you also became convinced (though only subconsciously because to admit it consciously even to yourself would seem cringe) that War is indeed God

you also think that Holden is the embodiment of faustian civilization that found its apogee in the american vision of Manifest Destiny AND that he is the literal devil
I don't, but I do think he's quite baste, if I might say so.
File: blood meridian.jpg (10 KB, 176x286)
10 KB
Does anyone know where to get the OP cover for BM? Mine just looks like picrel


File: 1569611666115.png (85 KB, 1007x834)
85 KB
Arthur Schlopenhauer
LOL XD, Literally me.
His eyes--, they're bolting into my soul! Ahh boisterous bolts of lightning! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The ice blue, the naive openness, please, just please, don't show me anymore!
Nietzsche made this image
i cried

File: Friedrich-Hegel-2.jpg (76 KB, 1000x1000)
76 KB
>open his first work
>he writes like a normal person
So he did it on purpose in his later works! How much of a fucking dick do you have to be to adopt an obscure writing style smfh.
You speak German, do you?
Only bugmen think style = clarity
Yeah why
Hegel explained the reason he writes the way he does in "who thinks abstractly?". You can take the essay as you will.

File: yeats.jpg (51 KB, 509x649)
51 KB
>Be Yeats
>Not actually Irish but born out of an English transplant family
>Have nothing but contempt for the actual beliefs and customs of Irishmen
>Try to promote your own theosophical voodoo bullshit as the true irish religion
>Get proppet up by the anglo establishment while real irishmen hate you for being a blasphemous poof
>keep running back to America for money and die a LARPer.
Any other examples of ethnic fraud in literature?
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Ireland literally doesn't have a single anti immigrant party in Parliament, they're the only European country which doesn't have one.
Maybe they might have like 1 or two MPs, but that's it.
Like I said, if you walk around talking about blood and ancestry you'll be viewed as some Imperialist twat who belongs in the British upper class (i.e worse than the devil in Irland)
>American-Irish are Irish, they're accepted albeit distinguished as Americans but also Irish. It's not that complicated, if Joe Biden or Tom Brady call themselves Irish they'll be claimed as such.
Really depends on whether the American is deemed "Euro-acceptable". Ain't nobody ever claiming someone like Donald Trump or George Bush lmao, but if fucking Obama said "my true name is O'Barner I'm one of you!" you'd see circlejerking. John F Kennedy was also a borderline national hero.
We have approximately zero anti-immigration TD's (MP's) here in Ireland. If you go around talking about being 23% this and 35% that you'll be treated as someone to be wary of, slightly annoying, and obsessed with meaningless things.
Anyone in the world who has an Irish ancestor is welcome home, and anyone else who wants to come over and live here amongst us is also welcome. We aren't concerned about our culture being tarnished, if anything we can always improve on things with good new thinking and ideas and we aren't afraid that our culture will disappear as we've seen many waves upon waves of people washing upon the shore like so much flotsam and jetsam since time immemorial and change can be good
Obama is Irish, he went to the village his ancestor was from.

Everyone here thinks he's a cunt now because of the Flint water thing, where he pretended to drink the glass.
>We aren't concerned about our culture being tarnished, if anything we can always improve on things with good new thinking and ideas and we aren't afraid that our culture will disappear as we've seen many waves upon waves of people washing upon the shore like so much flotsam and jetsam since time immemorial and change can be good
Yeah, I'm sure a guy who parrots insipid diversity slogans from his local newspaper's editorial page is a fount of "good new thinking." I often find /pol/ people annoying with the boorishness and try-hard edginess, but still prefer them to creepy brainwashed zombies like this.

File: Werewolf.png (477 KB, 844x916)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
What is the werewolf equivalent of Dracula? Is there a classic story for it or no?
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Ab Urbe Condita Book I, the founding of Rome.
There’s the werewolf of paris, people consider that as the Dracula of werewolf novels. If you turn back time, There’s Wagner the Werewolf but there’s barely any werewolf in it and it’s more of a social novel. The short story called The Werewolf of Ponkert which was created as a response to H.P. Lovecraft’s comment about creating a story within the view of a werewolf personally i think the cycle of the wolf is by Stephen king is my favorite werewolf story. With includes some great illustrations.
>So is it just more of a folk lore thing
I know in the story of the Volsungs Sigmund puts on a wolf skin and is stuck as a wolf hunting and killing people for a while.
>woodblock prints
Woodcuts I mean
The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood

>How does /lit/ feel about him?
>Recall reading any of his books?
Personally a childhood favourite since I’ve only read his children books. Looking back though, some of his works fundamental concepts would be beyond a child’s understanding if they weren't presented so tamely.
>Are his books aimed at adults worth a read?
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it wasn't so much hate as much as a recognition of a difference in culture and a warning to keep you difference from mixing up to much with them. it's quaint at this point in time but thats how people thought back then, on the Jew or Anglo side of it
>Don’t know why people back then hated Jews so much
Same reason as now.
>Don’t know why people back then hated Jews so much
lmao yea, I wonder why
I'm a fan. I remember that my grade school's library had a little section with his books, and I read them all. Some more than once. The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will forever be a warm part of my childhood. Honorable mention to Louis Sachar's Wayside school series.
I had basically all of his children's stories read to me as a child
My favourite were the witches, Matilda and the BFG

File: 1641601850584.jpg (50 KB, 240x240)
50 KB
>You of all men are no stranger to that feeling, the emptiness and the despair.
A thread died for this.
Good if it's on /lit/ it's shit anyway
omg guys what if the judge and the kid were the same person?
Is he meant to be blue?
i hated blood meridian but i thought the end convo between the judge and the kid was kino

File: downloaded.png (6 KB, 206x245)
6 KB
What are some books on how to find a wife? I want to have sex everyday wthout going to hell.
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>so your sex life doesn’t die in 3 years like usual
Is that common? I had only one long-term relationship and sexual attraction disappeared after 3 years precisely, then the whole thing fell apart few months afterwards.
just get an onahole. men are so embarrassing.
bro it would be different if you were in your 40s. you're fucking 30 and you dont fuck anymore lol. i guarantee she doesnt feel the same way
>I want to have sex everyday
How about rising above this base animalistic desire? Imagine being a slave to your desires and eventually some woman and then getting controlled by and pushed around by the woman because she now has you by a leash.

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