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Did you like it ?

I have a confession to make: I leave most parties early because I'd rather read a book.
That's not what I tell people though.

Usually, I make up an excuse. Something like "Oh, I have early plans tomorrow." I don't like being deceptive, but there's no socially acceptable way to say, "I love how learning activates my mind so much that I'd rather spend the night with ideas than people."

See, the world comes to life when I'm surrounded by ideas. So much that I want to make up a word for the war I wage every night when I get a second rush of energy from mind-altering books and have to decide between following a rabbit hole until 3am or going to sleep so I can be well-rested the next day.

My feelings of intellectual loneliness used to be much worse. Crippling, even. Before I started using the Internet to find friends who shared my love for ideas, I'd go on YouTube where I watched professors talk about their subject with hearts on fire, only to return to the hollow drudgery of what passes for intellectual conversation these days. Mindless conversations about the news that regurgitate the same tired storylines.

Intellectual loneliness is a challenge that many people feel, but nobody talks about. Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows it’s a “thing.” It's built on a paradox where you feel alive when you're learning, but soul-crushed when you try to talk about those same ideas with friends and family. Or worse, you can’t bear to bring up things that interest you because you know nobody in your circle understands (or wants to).
Solving this problem is the #1 reason I started writing.
nice one mate. when's your next vid with ali abdaal coming out?
Thank you, sir! Hopefully soon. He’s a delight!
Actually really insightful.

File: gorf.jpg (93 KB, 880x644)
93 KB
>Got kicked out of the public library and banned for trying to act like Socrates
>Kept trying to start up conversations and ask people about their philosophical views, but someone reported me for causing a disturbance and I was asked to leave by the library workers
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hope you choke on hemlock anon
they just want to CONSOOM
You think you're allowed to have personality in 2023?

You are allowed to do drugs and overdose and die on the street, but talking philosophy to strangers? That's schizo shit dude.

To be fair, libraries themselves are places where homeless schizos go to sleep. As long as you're being quiet and not disrupting others it's tolerated, but if you start bothering others (as the OP did) that's when they have to limit you.

t. have gone to a major American downtown city library multiple times and seen/heard security limit feral schizos more than once. Of course, the atrium of the building was designed acoustically, so that once a person starts screaming in any one part of the building, absolutely everybody can be disturbed and distracted from whatever it was they were doing. One piece of covid culture that I wish were still in place/made permanent is the taking away of all the chairs and sofas in the libraries so the homeless can't use it as a spot to chill out and offend everyone with their existence.

752 pages of raw creamy goodness! What am I in for, o ye blackguards?
I wouldn't recommend powering through it all in one go. You'll get burned out pretty quick.
Two adjectives you wouldn’t assosciate with Sir ACD. What exactly are you planning to do with that copy, OP?
Comfy reading

My only regret is not savoring them more. Making an actual effort to solve the cases. I'm letting time pass so many I'll have forgotten the stories when I reread them
Peter Hitchens is an avid fan of Sir Arthur.

File: 1200px-Marquis_de_sade.jpg (406 KB, 1200x1198)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
>Hairy as a satyr, flat-backed, with slack, drooping buttocks that rather resembled a pair of dirty rags flapping upon his upper thighs; the skin of those buttocks was, thanks to whipstrokes, so deadened and toughened that you could seize up a handful and knead it without his feeling a thing. In the center of it all there was displayed — no need to spread those cheeks — an immense orifice whose enormous diameter, odor, and color bore a closer resemblance to the depths of a well-freighted privy than to an asshole; and, crowning touch to these allurements, there was numbered among this sodomizing pig's little idiosyncrasies that of always leaving this particular part of himself in such a state of uncleanliness that one was at all times able to observe there a rim or pad a good two inches thick.
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excellent writer. seethe and cope
I am disgusted
The last time I saw a colour I didn't like around a woman anus, I told her there'd be no rimming
I always expected girls I dated to be clean and I would do the same
How can anyone stand to hear this gibberish?
Not degenerate enough for you?
How's the larp going?

What is the main reason you did not finish reading the book that you had started?
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He's a /pol/ troll. Don't engage with the troll.
> The Tale of Genji

I fucking hate this honorless faggot. Stop fucking other men's wives, stop abandoning your own wives. You took the time to groom this poor girl at least spend time with her and stop cheating on her. What the fuck.
The scene where he walks in on his friend fucking that old courtesan and draws swords over her was really funny though, it's unironically one of my favorite scenes in literature.
>Bought a book
>It's about a victorian doctor solving a murder
>After a few pages his name gets revealed
>Close the book
I'm thinking about donating this shit honestly.
File: pepe_hands.jpg (28 KB, 400x387)
28 KB
Because I didn't finish it fast enough before the library due date.

File: 1.jpg (58 KB, 976x850)
58 KB
I consume all my literature through text to speech software
File: 1675394130585793.jpg (105 KB, 1000x1000)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
it doesn't count, that's invalid
I wish it becomes smoother, you know... like a real voice with tone variations. That would be great. I thkik it's close with AI
File: 1633223753261.jpg (12 KB, 248x204)
12 KB
i use the @voice app and have a nice british woman voice read de sade to me
miserable existence
What voice?

File: wrong.jpg (35 KB, 272x450)
35 KB
The realists are wrong. Imagination makes the future.


>government institutions hold power over you. did you know that? bet you didnt

why is he considered a philosopher again
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This is accurate. People go to scripture and religion because they provide psychological healing.
You are a bombast incapable of saying anything so you just keep talking hoping nobody will notice.
Foucault's philosophy is full of contradictions and absurdities when taken to its logical conclusion. He claims to be a critic of modern society, but what he is really is just a critic of common sense. Anything that people agree on must be bad and forced upon them, we should all just be monkeys flinging shit at each other and running around naked in the forest.
At our core, that is all we really are
File: gmagik_1.gif (1.89 MB, 225x159)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
>Printers never worked like that
That doesn't matter.
>Troubleshooting printers has been a PITA for decades.
My post literally says "it was bad before too"

>itt zoomer anon finds out
I'm 39.
I could design a printer, today, that would run a simple print server over a LAN cable. No setup required.

File: burke.jpg (19 KB, 277x320)
19 KB
Are there any conservative theorists of the same calibre of the conservatives of old? (Hobbes, Burke etc).
To clarify, I'm looking for contemporary thinkers who have a rather cynical view of human nature, value tradition, view society as an organic entity, value hierarchy, value private property and view mobs and revolutions with complete disdain.

Please don't recommend polemicists, podcasters, yootubers or American, "conservative" "culture wars" pundits, neo-libs, neocons, libertarians etc......also by "contemporary" I mean post 1970's.

I know I'm being pedantic but the meaning of "conservative" has become kind of wooly in recent years and I'd like to stress that I'm interested in actual conservative theorists and not
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File: Spoiler Image (78 KB, 274x363)
78 KB
File: images (1).jpg (13 KB, 400x606)
13 KB
His position on human nature is the foundation of conservative ideology. People are individualistic, security seeking, driven by their needs and desires , but have a poor sense of reason to keep these desires in check.
I wonder if people have much awareness of contemporary political theorists and thinkers at all, be it within academia or not. See>>21842260 first thing that pops into his head is fucking zizek and peterson. Two muppets who's position in the public eye is based on their personality and other such nonsense. The idea that you could study their work in academia beyond undergrad-tier literature reviews is ridiculous (for example, outside of the university of essex in the UK, a couple of places in France, lubjana university and a handful of departments in Argentina Zizek is completely irrelevant.).
Interest in actual contemporary political theory beyond dumbshit polemacists and podcasters trying to nurture outrage to sell their shoddy books is entirely fringe.
On top of this, conservative ideology was largely been supplanted by "new right" type thought that prioritises rehashed classical liberalism stripped of its nuance and ethics.

I've gone off on a tangent but you're probably largely right.
You're like a needy toddler demanding to be the centre of attention and refusing to shut the fuck up.

File: 1671643018762198.png (875 KB, 553x824)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
It's becoming increasingly obvious that the near future is trending towards chud domination. In anticipation for this looming certainty, I propose the creation of an official Chud Canon, so we can all prepare ourselves to become more in tune with the waves of chud rippling through time and space like a sunburst.

What works should be included? Don't just list Evola and Spengler and the obvious; chud-fiction (especially that which isn't chud-genre-fiction) is especially appreciated.
Otto Weininger
No Longer Human
Camp of the Saints
The Turner Diaries
>trending towards chud domination
Who do you think dominated before and always? Nerds?
but he has sex

File: fe.jpg (214 KB, 1200x500)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
There are many books set in the future like science fiction that predicts what human life and technology will be like in the future.

Are there any books from hundreds of years ago that were likewise set in the 20th or 21st century, predicting what life would be like?
Sure. Go crazy:
Not really because most people believed the Second Coming of Christ would happen within their lifetime or their children's lifetime.
There's nothing incorrect about what I said. Keep coping gaytheist.
I'm a Christian, you stupid faggot. What you said is refuted by >>21843896 (people DID imagine futures set in the 20th and 21st centuries that weren't about the 2nd coming)

File: file.png (1.33 MB, 1274x1700)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
If will to power governs everything, even philosophers who claim to search for truth are really only seeking their own power by projecting their own biases upon the world, then by what reason should we trust Nietzsche himself? Is he not himself not just another power hungry manifestation of the will to power? In that sense we have no reason give regard to anything he says, and ultimately no reason to give regard to the very concept of the will to power itself. Which means we can then go back to the world of reason and truth and falsehood.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just because everything is will to power doesn’t mean you shouldn’t heed that. There is no “truth”, “truth” is just another tool that is ever evolving.
keep reading him, maybe you will understand what he means
You don't understand what the will to power is. Read more.
Not an arguument.

File: TSD.jpg (59 KB, 353x557)
59 KB
>filters you
Nothing personal plebs, you just got filtered is all
Why'd you get filtered by the secret doctrine tho?
no you fag

File: Bakker.jpg (41 KB, 337x500)
41 KB
I'd like to read something with his skill in prose imagery and philosophical ideas, but without all the fetishistic faggots, cuckoldry, and demonic semen that frequently plagues the plot.
173 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not clicking on spoilers but kino, thanks.
post an excerpt of Bakker's prose you think is good
Read Neuropath and this was my conclusion. Whole thing read like he really wanted the villain to fuck his self-insert MC but was too cowardly to commit
Plenty in this thread

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