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I hate him as much as you guys but I will grant him that he is at the very least the most well-read public intellectual of our time. Listen to any of his debates with charlatans like Sam Harris or Matt Dillahunty and it becomes evidently clear that Peterson has a strong grasp of existential philosophy.

Charlatans like Harris and Dillahunty seriously think Peterson is playing word games when he asks them about Metapsychics, Truth or Reality but these concepts are literally philosophy 101 that you should have learned reading Plato. It's like they have never engaged in a socratic dialogue either with another person or internally with themselves. The fact that they then go out there and pose as intellectuals while being philosophically retarded infuriates me. Their NPC audience eat it up.
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>I think the Is/Ought distinction is just semantics
The problem with this one and the topic of moral nihilism in general is that the new atheists do not understand it. If I was an atheist, I wouldn't believe a bunch of faggy neoliberal propaganda as my moral code, I'd be a moral nihilist, because that's a more coherent worldview.
Now, due to the decline of intelligence in society, a lot of Christians and atheists will give poorly understood versions of critical arguments. I think the big one is morality. Laymen theists might give the pitiful argument that, "you can't be a good person without God. What's to stop you from killing or raping?" Atheists will respond with the equally pitiful argument, "Well what's wrong with you that you would want to do that? I have no interest in doing those things because I'm a good person and don't need God to make me so." To be fair, this isn't altogether unreasonable for the atheist, if prompted with such a poorly made argument.
The problem is that leading new atheists intellectuals use this same kind of response when dealing with the proper and sophisticated question: "How do you ground your numerous moral claims?" Harris and Dillahunty make lots of unfounded moral claims based on presuppositions, and often misunderstand this question. In no way are they in the path of Hume or Nietzsche. If there is no God or a thing like God, or if you hold to an eliminative materialist worldview, there is no good. It would be nonsense we make up. There are mere descriptions of things like human evolution, which provide no true moral imperatives. Perhaps Hume's argument applies to even theistic worldviews, but that's a separate question.

But the new atheists do not study philosophy. They may not understand it, but their ideas are as much anti-metaphysics as they are anti-theist. That is, the very discipline of metaphysics is something they think should not be done, despite making metaphysical claims.
This is why Matt Dillahunty can so easily rip a quote from Hume, and not realize that Hume isn't a mere antagonist to religion. Hume's problem of induction is a problem for the whole scientific worldview and science itself. No surprise, these same new atheists only understand practical arguments, and ultimately sophistic ones.
This is why they make bizarre and unfounded philosophical claims while dismissing philosophy. They cite scientific innovations, yet have no comprehension that their moral and epistemological ideas are not, in any way, founded in science, nor proven through it. It's basically one giant canard when they talk about science, saying, "look how much science has done, compared to religion..." It's like saying, "your lawn mower sucks compared to McDonald's. It doesn't even sell hamburgers." And, irony of ironies, most of the new atheist authors aren't actually contributing to science.
Some certainly do, and yet, how much of it actually mattered to "improving the world?"
I hate new atheists so much it’s unreal and you just laid out everything I hate about them.
>or if you hold to an eliminative materialist worldview, there is no good. It would be nonsense we make up
at the very least, good is reflecting for caution at least once. and then you get worthiness, or something like it, instead of good. i think that is mostly English though.
Here it sounds like Peterson is presenting Nietzsche as pleading for us to keep Christianity to save Christian morality, which is completely wrong and confirms my instinct to not read Peterson
That’s not it at all, did you even listen to the time stamp? Also, why would that be your take away when the other retard Dillahunty just wrgonatly said that he will debunk Nietzsche in 2 minutes? Get your priorities straight.

File: 1695918715030561.jpg (247 KB, 755x1006)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Hey /lit/boys what kind of books do you read with your girlfriends? As in what is the overlap between your literary tastes and hers.
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Yukio Mishima was the most recent author that we shared an interest in. Both of us read Death in Midsummer and talked about it quite a bit recently. We've both read other Mishima works independently of another prior to that too.
Since then, we've mostly been talking about music and are going to read England's Secret Reverse together soon on foot of listening to a lot of Current 93, Coil and associated industrial bands as well as some books on film that we recently bought to watch some more kino together.
Both of us are engineers so we also talk about and exchange books on topics related to our respective disciplines, particularly aeronautical engineering, electronics, fluid dynamics, metamaterials, signal processing and submarines which we read together in the evenings as they're typically quite large coffee table books.
Having an autistic soulmate is pretty neat, /lit/.
File: 1584092554703.jpg (48 KB, 561x466)
48 KB
normie sex havers need to get out
>keeping a weird little mentally and physically stunted person as a pet
>wasting precious mental energy on managing their meaningless mental midget hormonal ebbs and flows
>wasting precious time on engaging in worthless activities they will inevitably pressure you into, as well as getting involved in their social circles and managing all of that
>always having to take this person into consideration and spending every day around them, never being alone and truly free
>your main reward is that you get to stick your weird flesh mushroom appendage into their slimy meat hole until it squirts some liquid of its own
imagine unironically doing any of that, how do people live like this?
it's all peak cringe, everything about it
Yea Italian women can be insane but I found myself able to handle them better than North-Europeans. It helps that I am used to my bpd cousins lmao.

Yea, we live in the Netherlands rn. Met her at a uni thing. I can speak it and write it well enough, so does she. This particular book seemed appealing enough, zooms in on a certain time and place instead of on the artists themselves.
We have a backlog of books we want to read together. Usually magic realism, sci-fi, or historic stuff.

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at what does his critique of being and time specifically aims to ?
dude is a damn good lecturer.
>been (being)
>century (time)
Ah you've read his work I see.
Reminder that Heidegger is very particular about his phrasings, and if you aren't reading in the original Deutsch then you are likely reading a translation which misconstrues his thoughts in an irredeemable way.
Sorry langlets
>Hegel is better
Nobody serious would say such thing

File: transferir (4).png (5 KB, 243x208)
5 KB
>read half a book this whole year

I was reading 70 books a year just 3 years ago, what the fuck happened.
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Covid isn't real soiboys
stop scrolling on your phone. stop making 4chan threads. just simply read book
I actively post in tv, v and lit every day despite not playing a single game, not watching a single movie and not reading a single book this year
I've had it in February and still can't concentrate like I could before. Does it ever stop?

File: vyza61d942rb1.png (967 KB, 1080x1221)
967 KB
967 KB PNG
this guy just mogged all the poets on here
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This. The person in the OP image didn't write it.
*is a flower*
*you can buy or stream this album*
Let's hear it anon
a man there once was
from nantucket was he
his cock sized in inches of three
I've heard a different translation of this one. Anybody got the king james version on hand?

>there is no atheism bro

so why do we go ape shit if peterson does this but when Dostoevsky does this it's ok?
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Dostoevsky was an atheist in denial.
>in their inmost being still follow the Christian ideal
Wouldn't a more eloquent thought be if this doesn't this beg the question if God created man and man somehow always manages to find inside traces of its Creator to aspire to or on the contrary man created God as some basic common denominator it can all come back to by default?

Neither of the two seem to explain subhumans though, who either flat-out behave nothing like Christians or pervert and twist Christianity to justify their own thoughts and behaviors.
God created man and virtue/good/etc help us see the trascendental and our connection to God. Your "inside traces" and more.

Subhumans eschew it to go headfirst into degeneracy and disgrace, often in search of pleasure or other such vapid and detrimental desires.
In another way of saying it, they become 'less than human', less reflecting the image of God they were made in, through sin.
This is what it really means. sin makes you 'less than human'/subhuman.

We become worse by our choice of turning away from the good, which is God.
We don’t. All serious people accept that nobody is really atheistic even though they might profess to be.
And this is why you have to clean your penis.

File: 1593992291999.jpg (2.52 MB, 2144x3000)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
For those learning a foreign language for literary purposes
>What is your native language?
>What is your target language?
>What authors do you want to read in the original?
>Have you read them in your native language before?
>How many hours a day do you study/practice?
>What are three books you like?

I tried learning Tagalog a couple of years ago while in the Philippines. But the Filipinos like to boast about being able to speak English. Anyway, I stopped trying to learn Tagalog.

I'm planning on ordering Spanish For Dummies and see if I can learn Spanish. Since Spanish is a Romance/Latin language, learning it should help with learning French another Romance language. Chamorro and even Tagalog are languages that have been influenced by Spanish so learning Spanish might make those languages easier to learn.
>1. Malay
>2. Arabic
>3. Numerous
>4. Some of them? Certainly
>5. 4 hours (I am independent wealthy)
>6. I enjoy:
1. Frenchman's Creek by Daphne du Maurier
2. Masnavi by Rumi
3. Shahnahmeh by Ferdowsi
Caesar, Sallust, Ammianus and Medieval Chronicles like William of Tyre with no good English translation.
All but Tyre yes
Caesar (duh), Ammianus (duh) and Livy

File: 81I4Jd0myuL._SL1500_.jpg (190 KB, 930x1500)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Redpill me on this one, ameribros.
In 1915, Edgar Lee Masters published a book of dramatic monologues written in free verse about a fictional town called Spoon River, based on the Midwestern towns where he grew up. The shocking scandals and secret tragedies of Spoon River were immediately recognized by readers as authentic. Masters raises the dead "sleeping on the hill" in their village cemetery to tell the truth about their lives, and their testimony topples the American myth of the moral superiority of small-town life. Spoon River, as undeniably corrupt and cruel as the big city, is home to murderers, drunkards, crooked bankers, lechers, bitter wives, abusive husbands, failed dreamers, and a few good souls. The freshness of this masterpiece undiminished, Spoon River Anthology remains a landmark of American literature.
Worth reading?
My only experience with Spoon River Anthologies is that I had to use it for acting classes, but it was a pretty fun monologue

>Sometimes a man's life turns into a cancer
>From being bruised and continually bruised,
>And swells into a purplish mass
>Like growths on stalks of corn.
there isnt anything to redpill you on to be honest

its a very good collection of poetry

its an act similar to ulysses communing with the dead,or dante's inferno, but wholly american in its languege and character

read it, and if by redpill you on it you mean encourage you to read it, then yes

read it!

File: ms_darcy.jpg (168 KB, 623x937)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>mfw DFW is detailing his feelings
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I like that the sluts in ed edd n eddy were trailer trash and named the herpes sisters
The blue haired one gives me a boner to this day
You just know that the blue haired white trash sister wants to peg Double D.
It's like white people who have a fetish of being raped by an animal or an african, the idea of humiliation by an inferior creature turns them on

Pregnancy test is a go. Need to know how to make my kid a reader
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My son was raped and they left a scar on his face with the knife. I hope that happens to your son too. New boypussy, new buck breaking.
(Nah, in reality was my brother, i don't have sons)
That's what you did fucktard, and you weren't worse off than kids today
File: DUWeAueV4AA9Jzf.jpg (66 KB, 620x679)
66 KB
>i don't have sons
That's a relief
my interests make me an anomaly amongst my peers and i developed them in spite of the compulsory school system not because of it.

Has it been done? Anyone been to one? What’s it like?
66 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
for this location... it would have to be DIY, and if it's DIY some chud will nuke it
>/lit/ is the whitest 4chan board
Are you him? Lmao he looks like a pussy that is trying to be an even bigger pussy
Hobbit hole feast is my favourite fantasy.
File: JANNY.png (269 KB, 348x313)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
so...that's him...it finally starts making sense

File: 1695573150526184.jpg (61 KB, 570x540)
61 KB
I recently got divorced. It's a lot between raising kids and trying to get back out there. What are good books for my current state of mind, preferably novels.
File: origin of the family.jpg (138 KB, 792x1024)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
starting strength
But I already lift

File: La_nausee.jpg (44 KB, 257x390)
44 KB
It's so fucking boring
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
20th century french "philosophers" are nothing but pretentious pseuds who used philosophy as a means to have sex with college girls. They're just degens who like to give their hedonism an intellectual veneer because that makes it more palatable to people who think they're too smart to admit they're just as hedonistic as the normies they think they are superior to.
Can you please leave the board? It would improve this place a lot. Thanks
So they weaponize their minds to conquer pussy? Oh no
>has not experienced an existential dissatisfaction with life
But wouldn't part of that be also being sick and tired of pretentious, pointless bafflegab?
They won't leave, and even if they did, we'd get a new batch of pseuds with tiny brains to do the same thing. Just assume any thread with a book cover image and a single low effort line like 'it's boring' or 'what did he mean by this' as containment threads for people who pretend to read.

Please post misogyny-core books
Bonus points if written by a woman
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Stoner.png (1002 KB, 650x1040)
1002 KB
1002 KB PNG
He didn't rape her.
The Sanskrit word for mother is Amahaba.
An Amazon, thus, is the Indo-European woman par excellence.
Misogynism btfo
love me a good stroke
>early life
>Actually check.
>Vilar's parents were German emigrants.

>society ruled by women since its inception
>queens constantly backstab each other and treat their underlings like shit
>still in the stone age
What did the author mean by this?
stone age just means further from end age
not sure
people trying to change society
Is this a girly series?
What do you think the cover artists thinks about painting the same shit over and over and still getting paid for it
Not really. It has surprisingly mature themes and tackles them somewhat well, but you can save book 11 to 14
but if i were to ask you why is fucking sucks so much?

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