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File: wf.jpg (52 KB, 493x720)
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i've been quite enjoying a few things that fall under "southern gothic" what i think is a kind of silly genre name but stuff like Faulkner, McCuller's Heart is a lonely hunter, and some O'Connor, and was wondering if lit knows any more interesting or modern spins on the genre i could go to after

Wagwan my slime. Damn this shit is actually bussin bussin no damn cap. Like ahlie senpai all the waste commie tings breeze. Bare manz repping JBP, cuz he be reppin the 6ix. I was cheezed but then I read this BOK, and now I'm mossin. Wagwan to all my JBP yutes out there, those cuzos boolin. Those marxists aint lit, those sussy bakas be wilin', mans be looking like poggers, that just aint it, they aint it, no lie?
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All the midwits on this board seething and coping because they can't handle Jordan Peterson. They know that he speaks only the truth, and this infuriates them
>Nooooooo you can't just be based and destroy the establishment
ya he only speaks the truth brah. spittin' straight facts you feel me. destroy tha establishment like tyler durden straight up
File: 1603824055193.jpg (84 KB, 838x621)
84 KB
JP didn't take the daughter-pill and now he's facing the repercussions
fr dem nigga be jeluz n shieet
on god this nigga know tf up. yall be roasting peterson but yall tripping. he preach that real shit fr

File: file.png (981 KB, 650x551)
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981 KB PNG
I studied French and Russian at university and so I'm well acquainted with the 19th-century classics in those languages; Turgenev, Chekhov, Balzac, Zola etc. In fact, they were my main source of reading for a couple of years. I was always baffled when people used to complain that "old books" were so difficult, long and dense - it was never my experience, I loved all the authors listed above.

Recently, I've been trying to read the literature of my own language (English) and - oh my goodness. It is so wordy, almost without exception, until you get to the 20th Century.

I read Jane Eyre and Far From The Madding Crowd as tests, why are they so verbose? It legit borders on purple prose.

Not to mention the needless Frenchisms:

>It was enough that in yonder closet, opposite my dressing-table, garments said to be hers had already displaced my black stuff Lowood frock and straw bonnet: for not to me appertained that suit of wedding raiment; the pearl-coloured robe, the vapoury veil pendent from the usurped portmanteau.

("pendent" "portmanteau" "appertained").

Is this unique to English lit? I can't even imagine being an ESL speaker trying to read these books, whereas after only a couple of years of Russian I was reading Turgenev quite happily.
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>Muh Saxon roots
Calm down there Nazi chud
There's a difference between showing characters who speak French and narrating in an obtuse way.
Chud is the stupidest insult I think I've ever heard.

Also, check these digits.
Granted, but the novel is literally, not just saying
>he said in French,
But LITTERALLY half in French. Like you needed to know two languages to read the original. That’s a bit more than encorporating more Latinate words into your novel (and for English which already had a decent bit of Norman French and ecclesiastical/scholarly Latin terms This is more reasonable).
I don’t necessarily disagree, but I don’t mind some Latinate. I like the ingrained code switching in English between more frank (ironically given the term frank) Saxon terms and the more erudite Latinate ones. Though I do find Anglian interesting. Like the particle theory or whatever written in it with waterstuff and firststuff, etc.

Let's see how well an AI can write poetry!

>Choose New on top right
>Copy and paste the first few lines of your favorite poem
>Keep clicking the continue arrow
>Post what the AI dungeon spits out

pic related it's The Waste Land

Oscar bro wtf
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Whats different about the classical man vs now?
Imo ideas like self-actualization, our concepts of tyranny, and a "human race" or general human condition would be totally foreign to classical man.
How is that a cope its literally true you fucking ignoramus.
Don't post shit if you don't know what you're talking about dipshit.
video lags too much i stopped watching
more cope

Was he Jewish?

File: james baldwin.jpg (109 KB, 1080x1440)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
That Euro boypussy is making me question my loyalty to Africa!
File: 1634876687917.jpg (110 KB, 675x1200)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
who wouldn't!?
built for BWC

File: frater book.png (61 KB, 214x342)
61 KB
Did anyone read Frater Asemlen book? Is it good?
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/x/ general
This is the opening poem

Fantasm of crystal illume
The spectral delusions of my
Paradisal mental gloom,

I sing not of the earthen eye
Made resplendent by humanly
Acquired riches lacking I,

Songs from an ancient wrinkled sea
Engraved with sigil-vowels wrought
Writhing through the essence of me,

These songs I sing of sun and naught

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who the fuck is this?
Anon are you losing your hair? Try rosemary oil and thank me later.
someone translate I don’t speak autism

File: 9780593346303 (4.png (981 KB, 673x654)
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981 KB PNG
I think I might try to write some middle grade novels and sell them before transitioning to adult literary fiction. No rule that says I can't do this.

Any books that explain the phenomenon of ‘zoomer humour’ and its relation to nihilism and postmodernism?
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Didn't read anything in this thread because there are no interesting takes. Blah fucking blah
sounds like a skill issue
funny how this video owes its existence to /lit/
First they want to "ironically" fuck traps. Now they dress up as catgirls unironically

Hi /lit/

There was a book I read as a kid during the early to mid 2000s that I cannot remember the name of. I can only remember some vague details of the story. If anyone here can help me figure out the name of the book you'll have my gratitude.

The protagonist is female.
The story takes place in the afterlife to a significant extent at least.
At some point the story makes mention of chain stores in the afterlife. The protagonist has hand made items she got previously in the story and late in the story she entered a store that was essentially an afterlife Walmart and saw all the mass produced cheap shit there.
She couldn't defeat the main antagonist. This was a plot point.
A male ghost companion of hers sacrificed himself at the story to save her and to destroy the antagonist.

That's all I can really remember. I will figuratively suck the dick of the anon that can tell me what this book is.
darude sandstorm
File: 69663513.jpg (133 KB, 1200x900)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Not sure, but it just kind of reminded me of the Bartimaeus trilogy. The last book in particular. Haven't read it since it came out, but I still remember the idea of the book at least very fondly - pretty sure these were the books that got me into reading. Don't want to read them now after all these years, because i'm pretty sure that now they would seem pretty dumb, but for a kid - hey they seemed amazing.
>female protag
you'll be doing yourself a favour by forgetting it
now read some MANLY greeks instead
Since we're talking forgotten books from long ago:

>each nation in fantasy world has a High Wizard
>All the High Wizards have a special telepath channel only they can use because of rank
>Some goddess decides to give all her power to old Wizard guy
>Old Wizard guy can't use any magic anymore cause it's all God-tier power beyond his compression
>Uses telepathy channel to let the other High Wizards know he can't use magic anymore, even though several are enemies
>Enemy nations invade knowing they don't have a Wizard anymore

It was a random book on an English teacher's shelf over ten years ago.

File: BookOfTheNewSun.jpg (710 KB, 1145x1685)
710 KB
710 KB JPG
What am I in for, /lit/? Is Wolfe just a meme or one of the greatest, if not the greatest, scifi writer of all time?
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It is very good. I would say it is overrated on /lit/, underrated everywhere else
Moral messages are for children. You should have worked out your notions of morality by the time you enter adult life.
It's got some of the best linear plotting ever devised. There are plot threads that take multiple volumes to resolve, so that you have to refer back to the earlier books just to confirm what happened. Clearly you weren't paying attention.
Literally this. It's amazing how these books transition from random shit happening to seeing all the connections and meaning by the end.
File: 1596934745618.png (11 KB, 413x243)
11 KB
>Literally this
The books are fucking gay

I want to learn skills to help me communicate with people better so that I can be more understanding, prevent/stop conflicts, help them and have meaningful emotional connections with them. Most books I see about communication seem to be focused on how to bullshit people, public relations and business. I know that probably many techniques could be applicable and also that there are probably books about relationship advice, but ideally I’d like to read a book on how to use ethical social/psychological skills to positively impact friends, acquaintances, lovers, family, etc. and your relationship with them.
I think the cleanest information you will find on the subject is by studying actual linguistics. It's a vast subject but you can easily find texts that explain to you how communication works on a social level, which is inextricable from the mechanics of language. Language is a social skill so the whole subject of linguistics is drenched in sociology and history.
I have been curious about linguistics, as I’ve always wondered about the social implications of the semantic limitations inherent in human language. But I’ve never actually learned or read any texts on linguistics. If you know a good place to start, let me know. Either way, thank you.
dale carnegie maybe?

File: 51uOPTbnRGL.jpg (44 KB, 324x500)
44 KB
>TFW you're too much of a brainlet to read the second section of The Sound and the Fury in one sitting.
>tfw you're too retarded to understand the retard section

Are Tarantino’s scripts /lit?
Not really. He's a good (not amazing, but good) director, but his screenplays are really nothing special.
for me, it's La Collectionneuse
Pulp fiction is semi-decent although too reliant on wanna-be tough behavior usually seen in middle school kids. If it wasn't for the actors, it would be mediocre at best.
The other movies directed by Tarantino are somewhat self-contradictory or lack in narrative consistency. Django is an good example of a movie that actually doesn't make any sense.

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