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File: 20210511_044908.jpg (1.72 MB, 2592x1944)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
So /lit/, what are you reading tonight and whats your tipple.
I remember being 16
I am actually well past 16, but I got curious (went grocery shopping drunk). Surprisingly good for 83%, one of the better high proof alcohols which I have had.

File: BNW.jpg (108 KB, 905x1279)
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108 KB JPG
>Is that a ...perfectly functional, prosperous nation where all people are given a way to maximize their potential while living in comfort and joy?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IM GOING INSAAAAAAAAAAAANE
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Huxley did some mescaline and wrote the Doors of Perception which was pretty cool
Yes all those iPhone engineers who work part time deep in the Congo at the mines to source the elements they need.
File: flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg (38 KB, 550x550)
38 KB
If you think living in that world would be good then you're an epsilon. I mean an epsilon in real life, not in the book.
They literally have a lobotomized slave caste. Are you fucking retarded?

File: davinci-1-594x900.jpg (81 KB, 594x900)
81 KB
Post the best book titles
disregard the quality of the story/writing of course.
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You should check out Dan Brown's newest title, 'Your mom da Deez Nutz.' Im sure you'll find it very compelling.
For whom the bell tolls
The sound and the fury
Things fall apart
Fear and loathing in las vegas has a great subtitle: a savage journey to the heart of the American Dream
Of mice and men

Moral of the story steal a line from a poem
the unbearable lightness of being
Depends on where in the world you are my dude. Where I live people most people commonly refer to him as Da Vinci
This is a cheap filk of Umberto Eco's _Foucault's Pendulum_

File: Claire Bear.jpg (185 KB, 844x1080)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>Sci-fi military story
>protagonist is a male with a buzz-cut
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Seriously, who is to blame for this shit?
She's beautiful by American standards.
No the short back and sides is
Define self inserting and power fantasy for context, I'm torn on this due to being almost guilty of it and just noticing it, I'm biased
>we share the same gender (my actual self insert is a literal woman with my personality but no one can tell anyways, that's private, I accept that one)
>they are slighty based on a thought experiment I created
>they have some of my flaws because I find them interesting and I did proper research as to exploit them
>they are an actual miserable character not to mention insufferable and a failure
>>we share the same gender (my actual self insert is a literal woman with my personality but no one can tell anyways, that's private, I accept that one)
no, firstly you have fucked the second rule, secondly, if you make her a lesbian it's a confirmed self-insert and thirdly you can't write a woman's personality like a man so you have to make some effort, not just let her be you but in a female body
self-insert is shitty wish-fulfilment with no evolution of the characters, like some guy being isekai'd and never encountering any hardship while building a new kingdom based on democracy, easily changing the culture of the natives like it was to be expected and the way he sees things as a modern person is so much better, or having so much sex because he discovered magic bla bla bla.
basically, people won't care if you're self-inserting or not as long as what you write is good, just write what you think is good and respect yourself anon

Post and Rate
Post AND Rate
Have fun
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If I’m being completely honest, it’s because I write my poetry primarily as a spiritual contemplation method, I don’t ever intend to publish and I only ever ask for critique here purely for technical refinement, as I believe critique is the best way to refine a skill other than study and practice. For me, I’m not so much writing to be understood by others as much as I am trying to encapsulate spiritual mystical attributes of nature into much more solid, graspable contemplative imagery and narrative.

Here’s a poem I wrote after waking up from a dream one night and I wanted to just describe the feeling, no hidden meaning or the like. While it may be worse or better I do not know, I’m sure you can see there’s a difference in passion poured into it.

in the night my mind’s light
shows me dreams of blue streams,
white feathers shining bright,
red seams which like gems gleams
on the old robe of gold
worn by a foreign born
man who looks at a book
seeking a spell to speak.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Whatever someone asks you about, you've thought about it before. It's quite admirable – and so is your meditative use of poetry. But sometimes I think you should do more ... "normal" poetry, lyrical stuff. stuff that is beautiful and easy to grasp, but powerful and contagious. If you are good at something, but don't let others have a share, even though you could, you have turned your back on them, in a way. I don't know. I guess you saying that you don't write your poems for the public has made me gloomy. There are not that many, I guess, who still take poetry seriously today. But it is even sadder when the members of this small circle close themselves off and keep to themselves.
I am the dog beaten by the hail,
But do not hate me-
Do not wonder why no new revelations
Spout from something I say;
It has all been said before
And I am but touching what has been.
The constant moaning and yelps,
The embers hurled, hurled,
Attest to a foresight I have claimed to possess,
And yet by their sparks, descendants of
Full halls in heavens unstated
By us in metal towers, in pathetic toys
Mothers make for children-
And yet ours did not make it,
Our mother is but decadence-

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That's a great poem. Perfectly ugly from front to back. Maybe the end. .. but your images worked flawlessly for me. A pleasure to read. Reminded me of Rilke, at the beginning, and of Heine then, especially Heine, albeit a bit more long-legged: the lyrical naivety that goes with strolling arm in arm with the devil. Maybe you have to be careful not to get stuck on the old imagery, the devil's hooves, the cobblestones, the toppled fruit carts. Somebody might reproach you by the tenth poem for being stuck in the early 19th century. I'm not too worried, though. Great stuff.
I love this

Who are some poets that capture the whimsy and cozy mystery of the suburbs?
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Betjeman and Larkin
Are you gonna cry? I’m not your mommy or daddy, lashing out at me won’t solve your issues.
Not everyone in life will follow the same journey as you, it's pretty immature to assume that your life experience is universal and solely valid.

There are plenty of cities in the world one can live in an have a house, a garden, good schools nearby and still have access to restaurants that aren't applebees, public museums, beautiful public spaces etc.
William Blake

This is your reminder that the new atheists trashed public discourse on philosophy and birthed an entire generation of sophists. This is your reminder to direct your hatred toward these absolute pieces of trash.
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It's gonna be alright, anon...
>and then in hell
Better in hell with my family than in heaven with my family's enemies.


excuse me for posting the abridged text.
Zizek is as much of a faggot as Jordan B Peterson the only difference between the two being that Peterson didn't waste his life and has an actual family that will cry for him on his death bed.
Zizek is married and has 2 children. The communist facade is just his grift to appeal to lefty subhumans
Kek based

What does /lit think of Feser? Any other neo-scholastics around today?
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Every Republican I know is going to vote for Bruce Jenner
You know what is another good way to get into Aristotle?
Read Aristotle. I know, crazy right?
I exclusively read secondary literature
They want people to believe that christianity was a united, coherent and undisputed chain of philosophers, while in fact they were mostly larpers using greek philosophy for their question begging metaphysics. Few exceptions remain.
>question begging metaphysics
What other type of metaphysics is there

File: vlFZI2Oh.jpg (68 KB, 600x814)
68 KB
>tfw no Númenórean gf
File: RotK extra.jpg (175 KB, 560x798)
175 KB
175 KB JPG

File: 1558185098732.jpg (613 KB, 1920x878)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
Cyberpunk Stadium Edition
Previous Thread:>>18200518

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent.
>>>/t/1023504 #

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Is the 1632 series isekai?
Yes of course, it's quite similar to the Russian stuff posted itt imo, unless the MC has to be some sadistic Jap virgin to qualify lel
Then it is isekai.

Well, considering that some anons refuse to see the overlap between the west and east, you can never be too sure.
Harry Potter goes to a "magic world", that is a different one so then I guess Harry Potter is the ultimate isekai protagonist of our time.
Series where the character learns of a hidden aspect of our world are obviously excluded. Otherwise Twilight, and every horror novel would be isekai.
As a simple example, Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan and Pellucidar (the hollow earth series) books are not isekai. Tarzan goes to New York, which is obviously a new world and fantastical to him, but it isn't isekai. Likewise, while the hollow earth in The Land that Time Forgot is fantastical and hidden away, they manage to find it using normal means.
The Barsoom series (John Carter of Mars), on the other hand, are isekai. Carter dies and wakes up on Mars where he has superhuman powers owing to his growing up in higher gravity. The people there have no knowledge of Earth, and in general the world is entirely different.
>The Barsoom series (John Carter of Mars),
Careful, anon, you might upset some people.

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File: t0TOnnA.png (316 KB, 398x456)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
The opposite of latter is former, not first. Former and latter only apply to binary choices. You have stumbled upon the answer to your question however, with three options you would say first, middle, and last; or first, second, and third. Of these two I think the latter sounds most natural.
I have interest in ww1 and ww2 or generally wars and stuff? Give me some books?
The median.
For WW2 there is a hoard of war memoirs. What sort of historical books about war do you like? Memoirs, biographies, dramatized retellings, dry factual recollections, books on tactics, books which focus on just the war itself and goes into detail on every battle, or broader discussions that forgo the former to focus instead on society and the world at large during the war, etc.? There are a lot of different types of books about war.

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non linear dynamics and chaos by strogatz
Thanks for letting us know you were filtered
1984 desu
Unironically made me consider Catholicism
I thought Orwell was against religion

File: 1617435852671.gif (3.43 MB, 512x512)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB GIF
How does one kill all the voices from society that have been internalized? What literature deals with this?

Here's some elaboration if needed. There are only a few things I want to do and they make me feel bad when I do them not because I don't enjoy them but because of all the opinions and "wants" from others that they have drilled into my head, some systematically, others individually. All of these voices are actually not good for me, it's just other people wanting me to do what they want in the end, get me to think like them because that makes it easier for them. I feel like I have been trained like a dog to react to certain things not how I do, but how others want, being concious while it's getting drilled into you doesn't even make a difference if it's repeated often enough. Let's assume I have enough money not to work and I can do what I want all day, and I opt for playing video games because I like that. Obviously only to the degree I can naturally enjoy them without burnt-out dopamine receptors making me unhappy. Then the voices (not literally voices, I mean the drilling of other people's (or really the systems) opinion of how you should feel) makes me feel bad for """wasting your life""" when without them I would actually be enjoying my life right now, and what does that even mean """wasting""" life? You mean not doing what YOU want me to do. Supposedly what you want has some higher meaning out of nowhere? There is no higher entity dictating what it means, only power hungry with a god-complex, it's all just empty words for the purpose of manipulation and psychological warfare. Who can claim to be sincere? Only the dead.
>inb4 some faggot "intellectual" slave attacks my example situation instead of the actual issue at hand
>inb4 haha just don't give a fuck bro
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File: 1616092182170.jpg (49 KB, 855x495)
49 KB
> Scroll through
> No stirner
Op you need to get rid of these spooks
File: 1601468386839.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
not OP but thanks a lot.
File: OIP.jpg (20 KB, 273x417)
20 KB
You must partake in schizophrenia as a process. It's the only way to kill the cop in your head.
This is a very old question with a multiplicity of different answers. It is also incredibly difficult to answer.
Here's a potential answer, experiment with it if you want...
Take all of the ideals that have been forced on you by this status quo... examples: "freedom" (especially "freedom from ignorance"), "enlightenment", "fame"/"status", "virility", "being a winner", and ESPECIALLY "health"/"happiness"...
and prioritize their opposites, make an ideal out of their opposites.
Take "happiness" for example: we are living in a neurotic culture (this should be self-evident at this point)... do you really think whatever the fuck this culture thinks "happiness" consists of is genuine health? Is it possible to generalize "happiness" at all? Are institutions actually concerned with your happiness, or just overwriting it with whatever their "happiness" consists of?
Do animals actually think about being "happy"? Like go watch a cat, does that cat ever concern itself with "being happy"?
Once you "decide" to "try" to be "unhappy", you are free to do literally whatever the fuck you want. You are no longer interested in the religion of "happiness".
And above all, cut the fucking media out of your life. I know I contradict myself (slightly) by posting here when this place also stinks of media, but I do it because it is fringe enough to be bearable.
File: 1616029502496.png (6 KB, 235x215)
6 KB
woah, actual good advice? you can't post that here sir this is a literature board for people who don't read, thank you my dear

File: 20210510_135317.jpg (1.81 MB, 1669x2227)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Bros.. it came
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This one still works. Knocks 15% ($2.68) off the price.
Good to know thanks
so this quality reading or just shitposting?
File: dawg.png (152 KB, 1196x425)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
I never really like the academic-style articles, but the long letter about being bitten by someone's dog was nice.

Any books that explain Buddhism to Christians?
Tibetan Buddhism seems like demon worship
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it's craving
>>why could the buddha recall his previous lives?
there is nothing specific about this. it's part of the insights in buddhism and ''it just happens''.
Recalling the previosu lives is not improtant to end suffering. What matters is to understand that the aggregates are conditioned, which makes them suffering, and everything suffering is non-self, from this , dispassion for the aggregates kicks in.

"What is the purpose of skillful virtues? What is their reward?"

"Skillful virtues have freedom from remorse as their purpose, Ananda, and freedom from remorse as their reward."

"And what is the purpose of freedom from remorse? What is its reward?"

"Freedom from remorse has joy as its purpose, joy as its reward."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> people who cant think outside the soul meme dont understand dependent origination
dependent origination was refuted by Sri Shankaracharya (pbuh)

>"No one, they (Buddhists) claim, can possibly deny this chain of causation (Pratītyasamutpāda) beginning with nescience. And once the whole causal chain beginning with nescience is admitted to exist, and to be revolving continually like a wheel with buckets at a well, it is found to imply that the formation of aggregates must be possible. But this is not right, as the causes so far mentioned lead to production (of the next effect in the series) only (and not to aggregation of any kind). An aggregate could be admitted if an intelligible cause were assigned for it. But it is not. Nescience and the rest may cause one another mutually in your cycle, but they only cause the rise of the next link in the chain. There is nothing to show that anything could be the cause of an aggregate. True, you claimed that if nescience and the rest were admitted, an aggregate was necessarily implied.

>To this, however, we reply as follows. If you mean that nescience and the rest cannot arise except in the presence of some aggregate and so are dependent on it, then you still have to explain what could be the cause of the aggregate. Now, we have already shown in the course of our criticism of the Vaisesikas that aggregation is unintelligible even when supported by such assumptions as that of the existence of eternal atoms along with eternal individual experiencers who serve as permanent loci for the conservation of the effects of past action. So it will be all the less intelligible in a theory in which only atoms of momentary existence are admitted, without any permanent experiencer or any permanent locus for anything. If the Buddhist now claims that it is this causal chain beginning with nescience that is the cause of aggregation, we ask how this causal chain could ever be the cause of aggregation when it depends on aggregation for its own existence?
File: 7949.jpg (68 KB, 846x376)
68 KB
>Any books that explain Buddhism to Christians?
Journey to the West. Filmed and then dubbed as Monkey Magic and televised in the Commonwealth. Yes the TV show is an authentic religious text. Yes she is a reverse trap. Yes the Bodhisattva has a hot beard.
The end of suffering is the end of individual life unless you as a Buddha (or a select few bodhisattva) choose to continue to remain in the world and teach

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