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File: 1584410668395.png (254 KB, 785x1000)
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All religious texts BTFO in one lecture. How will the schizos(god fags) of /lit/ ever recover?
Based. All religious fags are mentally handicapped and should check themselves into a psych ward ASAP.
Why would anyone be surprised that heresy leads to atheism?
When is this reddit-faggotry going to end? Could it be soon please?
Christcucks and other theists eternally btfo

File: amazong pottery.png (82 KB, 1173x787)
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>downloaded off bookzz just to see for myself
>still can't believe this isn't a shoop
imagine being a millionaire for making THIS
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its because men have become degenerate lazy gamer shits who wont read, other than a small percentage of bros who fucking reads anymore? ever seen a guy reading poetry? your bro ever send you a fucking poem?
Yep. Fags nowadays only eat hot chip and lie, same as the whores.
>men stopped reading
>market became women dominated
>9/10 books published are overhyped chicklit
>literary world is now a circle-jilling man-hating lesbian and roast beef leftover party devolving in a death spiral of fart-sniffing
are stupid
kikes are
my cock
is too
File: Cover Milked For Money 4.jpg (100 KB, 1026x1324)
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100 KB JPG

File: EUNtZ6mWoAAy6ZS.jpg (42 KB, 640x635)
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How does /lit/ feel about agnosticism?
File: 1584794476706.gif (3.31 MB, 1024x424)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB GIF
Ever since I was a lad I tried to find the right brand of belief for me but whenever I talked about it, even to myself, I felt silly. The reason being that I always knew it wasn't genuine. I simply lack belief one way or the other. Atheism being belief in absence is no different.
Having come to terms with this I feel no catharsis.
it's the ultimate expression of the worthlessness of human intelligence. our intelligence forces us to ponder at the nature of our existence only for us to inevitably conclude that we can know nothing for certain. Intelligence only solves the problems it creates for itself, and even that only happens some of the time.
It attempts to make an absolute statement that's an internal contradiction - that the only knowable truth is that all truth is unknowable. Even leaving aside all other problems (vis a vis knowable truths like mathematics), that it's based on a contradiction itself makes it nonsense. So, like other forms of relativism, it's inherently wrong.
the only knowable truth is that all OTHER truth is unknowable

>Language is a virus from outer space
-William S. Burroughs

Literally, what did he mean by this?
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traps aren't gay, nothing wrong about a girl with a feminine cock. post-op trannies are gay. Know the difference: it could save your life.
>guy that wants to reject language becomes an author
Also a pedo
He probably played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Burroughs is clearly talking about how tribal gathering early man only vocalized gruff sounds like an animal and communicated telepathically the way that animals do, until a reptilian extraterrestrial race enslaved humans and forced them to learn to communicate in speech so that their communications would be manifestly discernible, in this sense it was a disadvantageous transition in some ways and the fact that he metaphorically calls it a virus is probably due to the propulgation of language to take on attributes of other language the way a virulent strain of a disease would develop

Psychic geometry would be a far more useful module of communication for a life form than language at least in efficiency, and the confusions one abates when stringing dialogue together in a meaningful way is similar to the effects that a disease can have on mobility

File: Piero_Scaruffi.jpg (33 KB, 600x586)
33 KB
>Why are there age limits? Why is it illegal to marry a 12-year old? Helen of Troy was 12. Juliet and Cleopatra were still teenagers when they became famous. Most heroines of classic novels and poems were underage by today's laws. Thomas Edison married a 16-year-old. Medical studies show that the best age for a woman to have children is between 15 and 25 (lowest chances of miscarriage, of birth defects and, last but not least, of the woman dying while giving birth); while the worst age is after the mid 30s. And the younger you are, the more likely you are to cement a real friendship with your children; the older you are, the more likely that the "generational gap" will hurt your children's psychology. Therefore it is much more natural to have a child at 16 than at 40. In countless countries of the world women have their first child at a very young age, and stop having children at a relatively young age. Nonetheless, in the USA it is illegal to have sex before 18 (but, note, only if the partner is over 18, which is like saying that it is ok to rob a bank if you are a banker), while it is perfectly legal to get pregnant at 40 or (thanks to medical progress) even at 70.
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Based horny megaboomers, btfo litterally everyone with one Alzheimer flip out.
>so the English government had to make a move
importing millions of Arabs to do it instead?
based scaruffi poster
Scaruffi is /mu/ not /lit/
Why do paedophiles come here to discuss their fetishes? Why aren't they banned? Are the mods blind or also paedo

File: chillspot.jpg (2.07 MB, 4032x3024)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
do we do /lit/ stations here?
lets get one going. what kind of comfy spots are you doing your reading in?
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Kys tranny
Don’t be rude

File: tom.jpg (430 KB, 1300x969)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
What was his endgame?
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He has no endgame he was a representation of Gandalf's repressed homosexuality.
[insert reddit-tier one-liner]
Would you ask a tree this question?
Was he like that because he hung out with hobbits sometimes?
Or was his personality innate?
Yes, Treebeard was pretty clever

In The Pale King Chris Fogle goes from a wastoid Benny Profane type character to someone who takes on work at the IRS after a pseudo religious awakening (and Adderall). Was DFW commenting on how those who lack meaning could find happiness by finding work they feel called to, in a very Midwest Protestant ethic type of way, or was he suggesting that hopeless people will cling to vague notions to try to make up for past failures?
Probably both, to be honest. For all DFW's publicly stated intention to write straightforward, non-ironic, relatable fiction I doubt he would feel comfortable committing to basically telling people that working a boring job will save their lives and teach them a higher meaning. Then again maybe that was what he was getting at.

I think the point is that he has already warned about the dangers of over-indulgence and entertainment in IJ, and so now he presents more positive story about what one should do rather than what one shouldn't. I believe also that he compares the natural world (insects "all business, all the time") to human society, but also shows the IRS - or any kind of 'corporate' / 'square' job - not solely as a kind of morally vacuous place where boring robots serve "The Man", but instead as a place where people serve something higher than themselves quite often. In the one case it's the guy with a pregnant girlfriend, and then there's the girl who has a shitty upbringing, and so on. It's not the IRS itself which is the means to salvation, but it represents something necessary to society and also very boring. The story in a way is pretty much summed up with the image of the traffic jam where the one car tries to cheat the queue by driving ahead in a different lane then forcing its way in further down the line.

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (130 KB, 1280x720)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
What's the best book on yoga?
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that's an oxymoron.
>Yoga when separated from this context is Yoga at all instead of simply being a series of stretching exercises

But those stretching exercises ultimately still give you the spiritual benefits, whether you believe in them or not. Breaking up your old tensions allows you both physical and mental growth, and breaks you out of the modern era's confusion, stretch by stretch.
As the person who posted that I agree wholeheartedly and have experienced what you describe firsthand, but I still consider that to be greatly inferior to the actual practice of traditional Yoga in the Hindu context. Unfortunately, in the absence of any similar holistic mind-body practice for Christians and most westerners it's sort of a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" situation. The cat is already out of the bag but it would be better to change the name of western Yoga to something other than Yoga. Even in India you can find western/20th-century Yoga being sold as a product in most cities although traditional Yoga still exists and is taught there as well.
yoga isn't mere stretching you degenerate westoid

I'm not alone in thinking Gregor wanted to fuck Grete, am I?
There is some odd relationship between them. It's more like he wanted to keep her in a web and devour her
What would Gregor did if the curse transfered into her?

File: dfsagsdgf.png (231 KB, 280x341)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
They don't want you talking about TekWar - a series of science fiction novels created by Canadian actor William Shatner.
The novels gave rise to a comic book series, video game, and later TV movies and a series, both of the latter featuring Shatner.
But... what makes it so based as a franchise? Whats the secret of its power over fans of anti-nostalgia (a la Everything is Terrible) and so-bad-its-good fags? Lets discuss these questions - or just talk about the TekWar universe - a home for everyone!
You spelled "Jewish" wrong.

File: 1111.jpg (49 KB, 550x535)
49 KB
none of you actually finish entire books right? You just read the headings of the chapters that sound most interesting and move on right? I mean who seriously sits here and reads 1000 pages of nonsense that can be summed up in like 20 pages.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>I mean who seriously sits here and reads 1000 pages of nonsense that can be summed up in like 20 pages
"Hurr durr I simply read for plot, a single platitude, and to impress people at dinner parties, work, and casual conversations." I read because I enjoy it and to improve my writing, you're just a faggot bait or no bait
>You just read the headings of the chapters that sound most interesting and move on right?
Yeah it usually goes like this:
Nah, sounds boring.
Now this is a chapter that seems promising.

What do you do if the number of chapters in the book is even
Read the middle two
I watch cute girls on the tube talk about YA haha

File: _108612935_stephenfry.jpg (78 KB, 1024x576)
78 KB
holy shit, this guy knows basic greek mythology, he's a fucking genius.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nah man, dude is gonna live forever from fucking tight twink ass. He might look like shit, but that shit keeps you young as fuck
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 195x258)
8 KB
>Stephen Fry - A Stupid Person's idea of What an Intelligent Person is Like

I just happened to watch this an hour ago and also cringed
I do this with my roommates.
File: Bruh.jpg (66 KB, 1024x576)
66 KB
literally larping as a pederast

Are there any good resources for writing children? I would normally watch childrens behaviour for inspiration but cannot because of quarantine.

Also any adult books with well written children would be appreciated.
Read everything by Astrid Lindgren

What are your favorite encyclopedic novels? For me, it's pic related
infinite jest i guess
GR, Ulysses.
Gravity's Rainbow. It can be both sickeningly heartfelt and so cruelly detached in irony. I still get goosebumps for the Pokler and Lyle Bland episodes. Literally divine.

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